Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, December 17, 1853, Image 4

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1 • ~•,
N Fri &.• .NlfAlir 'Gt3ODS.
hry nrri ril/ T . l
-1111.1.. U•
thf!ht Ei' z
th,t they h cc. 41.1,inctd at ISo. I
Row. 144 fy occupied /It nry Ca•nphvll, aqd .tuk.k of
Cog, Cktils nil Tritutuittgs,
than e..-r he Coe iu Oaf,' tnarLet. curairtitng of
o , ar, p.rN. Frork and sack Coati r Paatt, Fate.
tt.o)ha, Cassitner.a, Veatiugot. and Triiu Wing.;
White end Fatry ruiLts,
To%ea U r-irly, tta:.
We volol.l e atten:ion CO our
rilaunfacturing Ilspartmaut.
L. v•lneti cce Enski to oTJer, clturt u nioe, nll ,tylcs
Catlin dV:10 to utde•
JERE ciit.LlN7 4 .
‘V E
Towable, ninr. 3 1938
IVOTICE is hereby given that the em . par i net o„ i ,
herctarore the ftrul of J Sr ts.
Alexanler- was thi. day dt..s...lved by the trubdrawsl
Nathdn Alexander.
:She hu.ine..+ will herearer be conducted by ti.e
underbiened firm, (C.On:•i lin: only Of Jai obi Alex
ander. 8.1 1
...mon Alexan.irr and 11. F,. Solomon) et
nld gland in Art`c , e. hall. !S 7 Water +l.
ri; an.! at !in. 2 ‘tercue's DI .ck. .I . owanda, P.t :
whera the und..r-tgned ne happy re c e ive a
continuance of the patronage which has bet.n so lib,
erally exten - Jed 1...1 their Tir...l;•eo.,sors.
ALEXA_NItEiis st sor.olros.
All a... , onnts due 1. 4 8 Mex....der must
he .ctlezi in thirty d.y.. from th:s date.
T,-.,..r 3 -I.!a. net. 13. Is.o. •
.6.7.IXELAWDMI ed. SO:11107v7.01'4,
TN the 'it 1,?.%. Les' .!?:11,) ?incurs
ju,t athlt4l tbe",l - stock, a 1:.: - ge and
tla .v.,so: - ,mcnt of
11.e,ac:v C:cdthirg,
•- rt , &StrN,
f e‘ ory vtliey,bo.b pr;:e, lo v.h;Clt
ther atilt Cie at:en. Lin cf lee puLlic. This is now
the lirgest etocl.
Erer Offered in Toreanda
1111 .1 . 3 , %1d at pr: e, ernbileral , le lower that.
ever ,own in ent: place. Our goo3s are
releeled with a rer:r,i b s,t 1, and pt
r.frer t,.) be at, t vslth at any other
wiil f -1
Tim LARc.r.iT A"-f ) .IR - IMIENT
at clur t. • ; , , ditto bt the acTatry.
and made iu su.h Innteriati, as to ensure
AVe ,13:01 endo-ti v by
LOW' PAICES 6.4). ClLotr.xmava,
to secure p , •;ronaze. feeimg con:qient that our arti
cles will give b aligt a tion to the purch t-er.
The asortinent comp, ev, art.cle required
for a centiernan'i. TEI.NIB--C tsH.
9 ccrv ,,o s , U:rcrr.l's Cups
A TIONS.—Next a o •r south of Mereu:'s Main
at "' ; and No. 7 V, titer it. Arnout4
,-.r `,S'ip, I f,c.,tok
co it: excharge f..a• Good
T, wards, Clc!nber 13. 1853
artrf'B. 3 :Br r-VlO7
(Ivcr J iingcbcd-y•s Store— Eutralice.n(xt (Loot to
111.).it trp stars.
RATEFVL f,r fist f.rtars, announces to his
• 3 friends as 1 Oil ribflc in general. that he stilt
heeric on hand a gaol a.,Aortnwrit of RX.IDT SIADI
I "l."trurtro, which he at soll cheap fur Caste. He
!te?!cres that a Nimble rt-nce is vmrth in •re
-n a Flow He also has commenced
manufacturing Ciotning —selecting the (loth% him.
self in the city, a d emp'oys none but the best of
workmen in malting them up. He would assure
his customers that his Clothing is manufactured no-
d r his ntrn eye, and in his own shop. and not let
;`, by the job to unexperienced or incompetent work
men. Thus. persons wishing a suit or any portion
tn.,7i.r01. ran order the same with a perfect certainty
f ge.ti lig a c,..10d 64
lie has also on hand a ecneral are-rtment (.1 gen.
t!emea'e Shit f±i and Co Wulf, he wtli sell
cheap for rash.
rr;:r Custom work promply done as usual. Tie
incites his friends ki call on him at his n r quarters,
over J. King,,bery's store, and itnroodri e;y opposite
U. !demur's Law Office, buying else eehefe
Now if you are wanting. you surely can and,
Coats, Pants and Vests just made to your mind.
Pio nice and so snug they'd suit to a T..
, perfectly flue, there's no room for a dia.r,
Ifyourlinen wants chlng:ng.ancl sornetimealt trill,
Y null find Shirts anal e.illars fora very small bin; then one nodal!, who are out clothes hunting,
Ant you can be cued by GEORGE H. Lk:STING I .
N. H. He is sole Agent for ELIAS Howes Jr. ;
Patent Sewing Machine,
for the coon ties of Bradford and SuNuehanna. Any
person wishing to purehsse the right for using the
above Machine in said counties. can he occommo
dated by calling on him. where they can see it ape•
rate. It is well demonstr.tied that this machine is
the best patent now in use. ha validity has been
established by trial at law in Boston, in July. 1652.
This trial resulted In folly cimtirming and establish
trig the claims of liowe's Original Patent to the ex
clusive right and use of all needle and shuttle Afa-
Chines. or their equivalents, and the etitch and seam
formed thereby• G. H. 8,.
The public are cautioned against purchssine spu
rious Mac'tines, as ail ecwimg Machines now in use
infringe upon this invention, and all parties who
Aare infrthged; by usin; Machines or otherwise,
who wish to sare legal ei pen,ses, may ulna in proper
license unJer the original patent by applying as
Towanda, August 17 , , 185.3.
The Waverly Ready Made, Cloihing,
Mott dc 4 Toils , litZerchant Tailors,
LT AVE the hnnor of announcing to the citizens of
Bradford County, that they bare jast received
the largest and most fashionable stock of
seer brought into' old Tins,' tonribting in pr, of the
following articles:
Onr. Dress. Frock and Back Cont. ; Vests, Pants,
Shirts.. Drawers, Wrappers;o,: ers it s. to o“ ,
Cravats.Coltars, Pocket b'd kfa &c.
Cloths and Trimmings constantly on hand—also
the fall fashion of flats and Caps.
Our stock of Furnishing Goods Is nrunrspassed In
Mg.. and comprising everything necessary for a gen.
thrtuau's outfit. Partly 'Or attention will be paid to our
(9333D111 WAsY,4III/4=Nir3e
Having received , the latest :sew Torll.l'B444one, we are
preptied to get up suits eii the ;hermit notice and in a
superior Manner. CUTLINCI - done on abort notice,
an i rarrattteli to dt if properly
_made up. •
-AlO rr WELLs.
. s 13,roadart.,,Anit door east of the Pnat Office.
4 7 6 4. r. 10. 18531, _ •
3 or). NEW B . OI .I3EL% fit fid pork 'or Uiifer;
7 4. ; for 'sate at Itch, hy S. FELON *CO.
torusda. Aug. to, lca.
lELE: vs-nmns,"Mg
tA ante being replenished with a Cull and comp'ete
I of
nruf. , S.=edidnes,
Patnl , Oils, rcum4heis, Window Glass, Pere W;nc%
and Diquors. ,
in aliort, every thrrig e4nneeted with the trade. The
h tee been bought , gtretnely low. far
and teal be told accordingly.
N. 11. A superior article of Tanner's and N. at%
Font Oil 11Nt received.. •
r , 7 I:ent34 HER the place-3 (hots anuth of Mon ,
tance's corner—acme building of the • Argus Office.'
NO. 3:7O7CLCL". a OW, .7.raIST otrt%
r: ,ii•VED to , lies.trre rPern.ll oecnried pr .
s. ro , t &I - rce 3 ,tr , rc
of %% r tvlIA•0 •h••recrirel
a w R.• i • rt MCD!.
ers;r:s oR')• will sell chezip ,
, f•r cas'o
con sriaex , l 3 re, articles :
Serra A;ex.. 1 ,F. , ;'s Cordial
Al EX INlw.ri,
Lt. fOL.iNiCt:Y.
.1-r"...... -sr -, •'o,_ to
-.--,----- rat. . " 7... 11 l
• 7C 7 - 47 7:I rCt OCF: R 3 s-Q). Iv
. Lt __-, 1,
, 43.
, .,- *III
- orti , :11
i i.„,1 , :it TIV „'!
do • lodic o„,i
Cream Tartar I FT 1 y's Liniuteot
C Soda Dyu
Manns, IlAilem Oil
Nlagnesi- , Calc'd itintrie l eio, Pia:ANN
do C I do P.X.y's
do do Mr Alle , ter
do Henry's !Shakers Hefts
C.)!szynill I d• r r , rAgti
, en's .11,•,,eulic Eft
Cochineal Fa'ra:t
Trusses li-I.ll;atract
do 1`.1.7..0.i s Vanilla Ex t
to Sloiker, i di Lemon do
Balsam rrs do Mace d. ,
do Clie.....narog, 1 do Almond do
d r l do Cares
' do Allspice do
Tido ol do Not.neo do
do Pero do reach di'
do Pulmonary do Ginger (Li
c i o st,'phar do Cinnamon do
%cid Tarta tc -do ()range do
do Acetic. d Tonita d,
'do Benzonic LIN Springtl•'u er
do Citric do Musk do
Nitric l do Violette do
dn. Oxalic I do Magnolia do
do II rocyane do sweet ISri'r do
So phurtc do Jesinin do
Linseed Jorli'v
sperm ' do Caroline do
do Olives do Jenny Lind do
do Castor du Briquet do
do Pleatsfoot .4yrings, Pewter as'm'nt
do Almonds do Class do
do Amber Rect Nursing Bottles, Glass
do Amber Red do d' G. E.
do Anisi Rad Ithei Turk
do Caraway do do
do Croton do Ipecac
do Cubehs du Jalap
do Cummio do 0 ogee White
do Fennel. • do Orris
de. Lemon Gum Camphor
dot assia do Ord 'Pork
do Cod Liver • do rrh Tur!.
do Lavandula 0 do Arabic do
do Neroli . do Copal
do desmin do Aloes Poet
do Nutmeg do Aloes Cape
do Orange !Cli'oride Lime
'do Rhodium do Soda
do Rose icast.o Russ
do Cedrat ,I.inolace do•
do Copabia ens' Lancets
do Ergot INitra silver, Op't
do % erbena 'neat Bisnoth
do V to.ette lßliie Fill ,} mar,
do Mellesse lodide ?masa
do Mellefluer Tart do
do 'Patchonly Carb do
Brushes, Paint I:.iulph do
du Varnish 10austie do
do Hair Citrate Ferri
do Hair,Camel lodide do
do Nail Taunin
do Tooth Prot. , Ind Mercury
do Shaving sir,chnia
do Flesh Piperio
do Cloth Elaterium
do Hat
Soap. Yankee %'erati in
do Crystalline R.reiotrite
do Eng. Wind LoVS hydra Corn Crete
d o Coopers • Morphine &doh
do Rose do Act
do V imora Calomel, American
do Orange . do Ei1.211 , 11,
do Tooth Precipitate Red
do E-rasive I do White
do Castile tSutph Zinei
do Military Bronze, Cri m son
do Sarin. do Pale Gold
do Brown do Dark do
Frieopherous do kVhite
Pain Killer !Gold Leaf. Op't
Ayers Cherry Pectoral IChina Vertutilion
Oxygenated Bitters America
Stoughton Bitters Prussian 1 2.!ite
Chloroform F. do ,
Hotlman'ls Anodyne Venition Red, Euglish
Together with Paints, Turpentine, Vzoiish, Dye-
Woods & Dye• Stu Glass, Putty, choice Groceries,
pure %Vines and liquors for Medicit,al purposes--
Also, Cigars of the best brand ; and all articles con
nested with the trade.
Having secured the services of Dr. S. Hcatos,
whr keeps his office at this store, and will give me
dical advice gratis to people, they paying for the
medicines only. Physicians can rely upon having
their prescriptions careful:y compounded and put
up. The stock has been selected with great care,
and the goods will be warranted as represented.
All of Dr. D. Jaynes' medicines, Ayres Cherry Pec,
torte!, scheneks Putrnonic Syrup of Yellow Dock
Root, Orrick's, HobensaCks, soil Jayne,' Vermifuge.
Together with all of the most popular Patent medicines
now In use constantly on hand'and for sale at
REED'S Drug Store._
• Three Doors below Montanye's :corner.
Towanda, January 3,
60DARRELISofold Ohio Whiskey just received
and for sald wholesale and retail. at Reed's
Drug store,
4!3PITLEB et CA' Afish, 20 boxes or Herring;
is barrels of Sateratas, wartented prime
order s . let Ott sale ai,lew York cult ,t)riees at
REED*. Drug Stoie,' Totsantle. J0i0. : 3,8, 1853.
• - Boots .and Shoes;
01":"Y description,: for ladles and misses; mess'
boys' and sbildreoe irsttr f lass ree'd , by -
Oept 40„ POW PLT:4
AA • ;tiiin Oleic 'as so r 6f.btic pist4-*n4 colored
dre*Ssiiki_=-411 1 41attsielnift.i,uumsditt4i1frinets
WNW% posaaut Mt& *a, _phi - rokuir.
a t • -J. POWVLL
3:lr,Starat(itt's - •
Aden for which it is c f.
fered ; hemg those incidental to the respectable fie.
male. wheLher married ur single, and usually known
by .the name of -
.rzayuum ofnarLianirs.
Of these are Proinputs Uteri, or falling of the
Woml , +inn!' loft ,matinn and Ulceration of the
Womb , Inctlenid litemorrhige. or flooding. rata.
tot, .:Itto l irested and Irrezular Menstruation. &c..
with all their accompanying evil.. (Cancer except.
)no matter how severe of of how long stand
That thoi CATNILICON i. in eve," Wyly worthy
or.he confidonee of the afilieled toi a .to-ressf , d,
•afr, wed rheap rpmPily. lx voc-herl f-ir by the (se,
of its having received the apprA•tion and liberal
rotronage of many prominent members of the
Medical Faculty
ja the United states, and al>o by the voluntary t•s
,Ainnnials given in the te‘iimonial• given in lhr
j,,,n la t he* and Phv , ieian of .he high
,st irs.reei.thility as certified by the most satisfac•
t..Tv sn ho'itV•
This nr.-parati , .n 14 not a •' cure NIL' hut it i 4 in
tentlcki expre. , lr for the above named complaint , .
vr.rr ril , res%ing in their nature and con,equeni
:1,(1 VAll'h hare hereuofr•re re,i4fed the -kill And
exe,ll,.ns the nio4t arcompliphod Physicians of
an cowit/ les. to a degree heyon.l that of perhaps
Inv other rnala , ly to which the human (Airily is
The ingrrdiento, *• certified hv Web medical
th ( - ee parnrlll•c ) are all Vt.:GET-OLE. and
are ant **spy taird with any II nide unfriendly io the
Fry , stNrr...—P D. Peckham. M. D. 17 , 1C:1, N.
Y.. 1.. D r,trilne. M. D l%anandaguia. N V. D. Y.
Foote. M. D. St raru.e. N. Y. M. H. Milk. M. R.
Rochester N. Y., Pb.f. Dunbar, M. D. llaliimnre,
W. llre , e, m. 0.. Cov ~r New York, W. Pres—
cott. M. D.. oneorrl. Ft
had crabs at my Drne Prorr
Towatttia. i'a. Sttttf by all the , lending Druggists
in the adj tr - ttn;
DR. H. C.`POIITER, &merit
.1. ti. Marehisi & Co., Proprietors, Uevral Depot,
101 Dr‘..adway, N. Y. innels
1 ,1\1.6 1 _,C 0:110
HAVEc-nripieled a large and finsly finished
Store nn he site of the two they had hurtle ,
and filled it .ttli the largest and most coniiirehens
lye stock of
Groceries, Provis.lons, Tanhee Notions,
rruit, Confecticn-ry, Toys, dt.c.,
ever exhinoed tlua side th- city.
We hive hoit.thi rash. articles of the hest
consennelitly are pi spared in sell at ss
ow prove.. av , he •anie ipta.ite can he L. . nein at
any other Oa. e. And we Muter tlllf•elye,, that if
fortune has been ttgainst (tire having eomiurn.
eel two stoles and nne shock of g.'nd) our old can
linnets will not follow the precedent, if they call
and see our stock and hear the exceedingly tote
prices. Among the m3nv articles we have are
swear, coffee, chocol rte, cocna, motaeses,
Stewart's wrap, ainger pepper, Ince, clove 4, nut.
mego, esnrimon, saleratu-, ',oda, cream tartar,
ground mustard, pepper sauce, catsup, can
dles, bar soap, vitte2ar, starch &c., &c.
Me , s pork and beef, hams and shoulders,
wheat flour, buckwheat flower. corn meal,
soda and buta•r crackers, mackere . codfish,
,had. nerrang, proames beans onion &c., &c
Pre-rice Ipi line , . enrol - 1 , , Engl,ll currant-, rat-ins.
grren and dried apple , . Nlninnd,, fulhe , rtts, genoltle
an.l maderta walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, chest
pub., hickory nub., arr.
Ivory. horn and wood pocket combs, toilet combs,
line combs. hair, cloth. teeth, infants, and til irk
brushes. wallets. ;note monies. and purses of many
styles. pocket ink stands, pockeit and small' fancy
mirrors, lebacco, buses, snuff tioxes, and almost
every article in this •ine. Work boxes. billet cases,
secretaries. plain and embroidered, work basket,, of
many sty lea.
German.rrench and American Toys of every
serum:on my! priee. A lew etririen and pewter tea
gett , . fur little girls. and a few boy , ' steirdt,.
81:0WN's WISH Ito\NDM. SITGAIt 150XFS,
. l o.htun tllirir salt, ground rock salt. Salina a>,)l
rare an 1 6.. e. A ko, a quantity of White Shme
CANDY wholesale or
. retail. of all kinds and
inntonerthle other art irks, for sale at the new store
orpn<ite the Court 1-L•use.
Towanda, Dec. I. 1852 BAILEY 4 NEVINS.
Grocery and PrcytEien Store.
Oat dwr South el J.ll. Phimicy . .s Stare. Main Street
THE .nh.criher brine desiron. of enlarging his
hu•ote , a, w-uhl re , pectfully announce to the
ci , :zeng Towandi nnti vii inity ihdt he i. 'wit re
crlvinc Corn New Yolk and is now opening 'or
Pale a large asNortment of
aGe - CIZtiGIU - _III.II.MEII. 4,
Tea. Sugar, Coffee. Rice ,Volasses. Stuart's Syrup,
Tobacco Ginger, Pepper. Spice Cloves 11lace, Nut
meg. Cinnamon. Sateratuv, Cream Tarter. Soda
Ground Mustard Peppee Satire. Catnip Candles
Bar and Shaving Soap. Vinegar, Stu rch, Cigars. etc
He has also on hand and for sale a large stock of
111 P" OHL ICIOIIICr ZIE.Wrd 111M:111 NW ME,
Hams and shauhterr, Mackerel. 11.10i1641. Herring.
Potatoe., Beans. Dried Apples, Wheat Flour. Lard,
Butter, Cheese. soda, Butter and Boston Crackers.
Also—most kinds of Fruit and Nuts, Preserved
Prune". Citron. Fig., Raisins, Oranges and Lemon.,
together with a large sock of German. French and
American Toys of all descriptions and' price.
(a. Please give him a pall. A. J. NOBLE.
Towanda. August 1653-
Millinery and Manianmaluna
aIRS. IC D. FOWLER has the pleasure to an—
noonce to the Ladies of Duren and its vicini—
ty,thnt ahe hart established herself at the house of
J. M -Bishop. where she will with pleasure wait up
on them In-her line of busineas. She respectfully
solicits their parronati t e, and trusts that her moder—
litrprices aritt• her desire- to please, sill be an in.
duireinent for them to'arive her a call.
:Sltirell. Sept_ 1553.
Notice to Collectors.
kt•batatte& doe the Treasary moat he paid by
the let weeiVtif December Coon or COM uillba
may; •• I. Y.. PECK, Treall,
Vottaltaa, not. 15, 1995:
THE undersipnth.
lying been duly at} '
tinted Acent (dr tht
Ile of this truly IN
lINE, would.. respect.
fitly iavite the *Hen
na of Ladies and
iraciitioners of To
panda and vicinity, to
we gratifying sneers ,
tat has 'flooded it,
se, wherever inrredue..
d. and its happy sdap
than to the cure at
II the (listresing
rlU'll - 1011Kr PW",
. , - - . , - - - • . ' , -
' "..V....;;•" . ..;;...., --.• • .---_`-iltr..., . t .„- :
:z „,:,.,.,...„_. 1 _, :::
- ;;Itlf , -"Ar. ,- II:-'",:t4 ,4 : • " : 4 7::...),...4 . .,- . : , 4 2 . * - : .,
-,..-. --,.....10,r ..,_.: "-- • t ",,;,,-..._ :-.-
-. • ••1 ' _.: 5 4 1 .'.":"; etit,:.
tv% I 4 • ; . *' \ ''"
- .-.# 4 4 . I
.4: ..i.‘. " i1.,-,.
),, 1, _r k ~/!, 1 ,
. y.l
.. ‘...
). e• ' f lat.. I
SIORL - .'
. _
iii ,
^S' a - . ./.
. ..V 2O ' . 4 .0 % ,
.! .7-11 r,
t _lt2 t ' , i' '' .- .( - A .cC )
~.. ' =
,v ) )
r r in - -..--
- r- --. ,- .. •-..:-•-•-•-•-_ --,
, •
hi the South end or the Ward 11QUSef
DR. 11. C. PORTER,
NVhalesate and Retail Dealer in
GROC=I, 7.4Q1707A.5, dt.c.
THE: iptsortment is large and very extensive. an,
J. rmt.rarev almost t very &tilde used in the Aril.
rich .r for medicinal, chemical or meehenical purposes
Particular attention w ill be piston to all woe mti
wish to examine the stock, the cheapness of which.
the quality considered, can not fail to satisfy thow.
ta tin purclutae.
Medical ioformstion will be cheerfully and grafru•
;tot, Given to those who rn - tv wish to consult con
cerning themselves or then friends. Continuous stip
plie. of fresh and recently repined articles will ho
n•oeived carefully aelecieil with a view to their use
fotn ss. nn t :my tonere wanted not u.tially kept
either w ill he found here or procured by Express Get
thte‘e I, nvittit their order.
rierk4herea ly to
eOMPOtin'i .nv preserpti n and endeavor try
make it (a•nan.v.r tn. poreha..) mutually agreeable.
All e“. , (14 -hill he warranted as repre
oeftted• and being Agent for the best and p.-nular
Patent m.• - twines, nll tho,e found in this Stole can
i.e relied upit, in nil unAes as (wing genuine.
The stock comprises all kinds of
Gl' MS, FLOW Ell 5, 'Ol Ls.
PILLS,&LC., &C. &C.
_ _ _ _ _
All kinds snaps, perlumery. fancy goods and mi.,.
cell anent h; articlea, brushes., stivporter.,,
nurAing bottles Ire est pumps. Lberrnonloerv. ettc.
All kinds of dye stuffs, Paints, Oda, Varnishes,
Wint c.
New and lieauitful pitterns of Lamp.*. fresh burn
ing tlui.. and camphenc, choice brands of pure Ha
vana Cigars, tobacco, &e.
Sugar, Cnffee and Tea of all kinds, molasses, 'vice, mustard, nutmeg, mice, fiph,
riirrAnt.a, salmi oil, c chne,dste, soda,
hu+t.•r crackers rice starch, ginger, salerolus, white
an d b ar %oa f , aysrrn and tet:ow candle.., jugs, bottles,
ittprh, rep[4.4 Vallee
ntmi :1,1,1 oo•rican Brandy, hit. Croix - .
New Ellg'atl.l Rum, pore Holland
R od Ara. 1:11. Irish mid Monotte9hcli IVhltrh,y, Ms•
dci.s Totiere• Port,, Clon t
xrd ( 7 t1 , 1 NV 1 , ---CovoltalA, 'Rose, Amour M o .
kre. &e , cheaper than ever offered.
Patent medicine., from Dr. Jayne, Fnch, Sw4yne,
Brtnis Orrick•,l'o,risettd. Keeler, Solienk, H toil and.
(: , sefeuberg, Peoxin,l;irttllng Cholagoatte
rmuct c Oil. i)v , pep-ri Bitter.. Lyon'. Rat Pills,
Pun Killers, Pile Mi1...10c.., snit, lit enm, Tetter.
spavin, Founder. M'AllisierA Ointinont, &r. Verm
in:4e, allranie uratire.., Ile.tvc and Condition
Powders, Cherry Pcctoral, Rock Boric, Catholicno,
Tooth Ache Drop.. Hur I fie icor:110r rind Bair pre.
Bed Bug Poiofit, Ere A'ster., \V right's te.inith' , .
Bennett . . 'souk..., .1 4y O&M Phinnrv's, anti noinernua
other kind., of POI , . All of whwii will be sold at
ant...n.14 low rve..
Remember Dr Port - nr.u'is Dru? and Ch •mica)
Store Is in ihe South end of the ir I II •n+e fr tit'
in? Ptii.hc C. I'M{ VEIL M. D.
PEOPLE, of ftratlf.rd Comity wkitintx anythinty„
I,:ce t o the wnv „1 .
Tnt , les, Centre fables td Italian and Atnttrt
'can Matt , le. or 13 trk :•ttorie, of all si„tec, ran
( have then no Ilttb Ot , trte.t n ice by s end ing i n
'their ordet,. cheaper and hewer than can be I ur- i
:chat.ed rl.rwhere.
(117,-Ch,..s.ter eahtnet Nf4ker and underta)
1(.1 . . hearty ort,,,tute the Ward H. , u-c. Towanda,
;Agent. G. W. PHILLIPS.
'rovrantia. Varrh 3', 18,53.
- t - ummu:_tvo vi wZ'OOiYC,
Important to housekeepers:
THE ~t ibscriber thankful for the
' liberal patronage heretofore re
ceived, begs leave to inform hui
friends and the Iliadic get..tallc.
and those commenctna
-keeping in particular that he has
bf o n
F w
u o n n
\ h i e i u l g w e h ?;
h s I i h r
e t m w e
warrant to he mode in a surnitanttalinanner, and Of
the beat inab-rial,
BURE %US. such as mahogany and walnut dress
ing bureaus- marble ano plain tops ;mahogany and
(walnut wvilistanda. marble tops, plain, of dif
ferent patterns, Card and end tattles, Sofas Couch
es, whatnots. Are.
BEAINTE ADS —High, Field, French and low
prim bead-teal. finished •n handsome style and of
approved patterns, together with other furniture usu
ally calle , ' for, all of which will be sold on the moat
aceionmodating terms.
IZJThe aiths•criber is also provided with a plain
and fashionable HE 111 . -E, and will hold htinself
readiness to attend u. all orders in undertaking. ;
He will furnish ice hoses when desired, by the aid '
of which the corpse may be kept fo'r a week. COP.!
N. B.—Furniture of all kind: made to order, and
warranted to be of the best matt rials and workman
Towanda. January 17, 1852.
77 (4 ,
i i
THE subscribers respectfully inform the public that
they base'taken the shop formerly occupied by;
Adam Esenwine, on Main street, nearly opposite
Drake's wagon shop, where they are prepared to do all
kinds of BLACKSMITDING upon reasonable terms
They are determined by doing their work well art
promptly, to merit, as they hope to receive a share o
public patronage.
HORSE-8140E1NQ done in the best manner. A
kinds of repairing Machinery, executed in the moat ski
ful manner.
WOOD WORK for wagons will also be made ani
repaired when desired.
All work done at their shop, will be-vratrenteAl robe
well done, and manufactured from the best materiele.
The public are requested to Ore us a• trial, end judge
for themeelterr. ESCN WINE doISEEBISCHIL
Towsinia,Nly 2, - 1851. •
Tfiß quota of Pamphlet lava of the Session
the legintature of ISM for Bradford coon
have been reed. at th ,, Prothonotary'. office, an'
are ready for distribution to thttie entitled to Tel
cetve them. ALLEN ArKEAN, Pro'ty.
Oct. B. 18 8.
FLOUR:—kquantity of quiwrfltae flour, juir r
coved. glad tur sale by 1(1110$BIIRV.
Toirsnan t Feb. 16, 1-1116.9.
To!. sinotixv.*rxto Al& .a saT
Doyou want to sell or mortgage any real estate
Hare you a. bond and mortgage you w ish to sell t
Hari, you houses, ravens, or lots, that you wish to
sell or lease
Hasp you a mill, factory. foundry. tannery oth.
er manufacturing establishment. that you wish to sell
or rest I
Aa e you iron ore, coal, potters' or fire clay, or
other- . inerals, you wish 'to Pell or have worked on
.hares I
Ha e you land that you would like to have drain
ed Or cleared by contract or on shares I
Haie you water power that you wile] to tell, im
proyeJor mt. V ; •
Do Yeti want additional cupid!, or a partner is,
your toteinees
Dwyoti want to aril your socket' morrhend We 1
Ds. you w nt to room a Company to create capital
for sniy epecufic object 1
D.) you wish to exchange your property (or other
property 1
Do you want in your ntilthhorhood mills, found
nee, fAnnener. or other manufactories 1
H VP you linV well leafed improvement in machine.
rv. nr l in the arty.. which you went to Ina Of which
your Want means to manufacture
If You have any of the above wants, or others of a
.4n* character, and will inelose to our address.
(post-paid.) a legible, clear and exact description of.
them ; and if property.. its locality. proximity to ca
nal. railroad. or navigable water, to churches, schools.
mills, stores, sage.. the lowest terms on which you
will sell, mortgage. lease, exchanee , or otherwise dirt.
para . of it ; and if you will also inclose to us a Reg
i!dralion fee of SI, (the receipt.. of which will he ac
knoWledcerl.) y, ur want shall be recorded in our
Pegister, and your letter placed on the file &tn.:mated
for your State and County, for the inspection, free of
charge, of those who Ore seeking to purchuae, lease.
exchange, or invest.
We make no charge to any for examining our
Ref:taster and files. When they make known their
wishes, they are referred to your own statement of
your wants : and' rs we have Maps of the duff rent
States, and of such Counties as we have been able
to procure: and as we employ agents to visit the ves
sels and steamers that arrive with Immigtants, (of
whom from I,ooo'to 5,000 are daily arri win. ,) and we
ChM have agents to distribute our Circulars among the
strangers at the hotels; and as we advertise in the
principal papers of the city of New York, and in vari
ous forms throughout all of the states, as well WI the
different countries of Europe, from which Immigrants
come, and where we expect one of our Firm will for
the present reside, and where also we shall scents in
the principal ports of embarkation, inviting all who
with to purchase, exchange, I.sae, or invest, to vi , it
our office, teithoof charge—
We are confident that we offer a better medium of
making your wants known to those who des re to
know them, and of securing the end you desire, than
any other mode yet practised.
The heat place for you to effect a safe, (wise, ex ,
change or loon on your property, is in its immeditte
vicinity. If you einnre do it there, the next hett place
is in the city of New York. Or if you want Inni
grants or settlers of any class here is the place .o obr
lain then,:
Be-arse here at all times and eeesons, there are from
30,000 to 70,000 strangers, many ortshoin are seeking
for investments or horn. a,
'l3..enti4e th •re arr pi - 01)1111y 100 noo ta !,,., es ant ID
r er n r.te front the my or OA siritlity.
Because here is enateentraterl s great proporti”i rl
the .erplea capital f the Uni.m. seeking•tment.
Because here, inor.y iA on!, truly a. onit faun 5 to ,
7 per rent. per annum, nn unlnut,te+l serurVe. w'ole
YOU ran tiff .r6l to t iee ax oto:,1.• seCuri.v, or nt'tor
dpeement, where it would iiruitere greater fate of jun. ,
nest, either in annual inviimo or 'inert 4...1 value.
, .
Became here, sit elaminfttion of our fle. v.i;ln,fetre
those seeking, to invest or .attic, tshere the proper
10 to found whirl) tl.s rock.
liecas-e heir., there is an npnortunity . t exch.rige
country or other city property, fir I.l...perty in a:is city
or its vicinity.
Becange a rereon, by spen,ling a fc.w boors in ni,r
!Are. without rherCe. CRI ohlain more inf.onnyi !”
the prnpertv in trrylit t throu2h nut the roni'ry 1!!!
the want: of community, than by month!: ot'irt..l.
finally. lu c re !n the commercial metr !
s!tin•te concentrated the money and want• t!!!
m'thitu le throuchn, t this 'lntl I,l:ier coonir ,b,
r.aintr‘ wen, it.‘th partiv•, those v p u •ch A .. e
and those a h,, d. iire t , sell, t an be mutu.:llv Ittntetitr.l
In 11, " rrperty, Is' Ca et - ‘ll not ht
osrr estimav its advantaLtee in any re-ite , -1- fur if sou
doe, e n d we should -en.l a porch his comystt.
son of the realit• with yinr stAtentetti isti_tht defeat
.yt , ur object. ‘V hen yeur rroperty ie sold, tr other.
wise tlisposetl of, it is required that we shall be imme
diately init.-timed of the tact. .1s we do not prop.tse
to sell, but negotiate. and semi purchasers 14 ti c own
ers. no special authority to us is reqtti-Its; hut when
it is tlesvetlthat we should sell, ant hot ity must he given.
Our commissions on salts., eschsrtzes. are 2
per cent. The raising of compsroes, „ml oth..r
ters requiting special negotiation, will he sulleet t
,special agreement.
Several farms in the same neighborhood ~ teen
'find a MVP TP1.13 , sale than a aisle
grants desire to ,Pm ,in in e.nnn.n,...
Refer fo'entullantli Palmer E-q. 177 Broadway, N.
Y.; Hon Rh/DI Bronson, Oswego. N.Y ; Gay.Woot.i.
Ohio Ex r v. Ford. Ohio; Hon. R. W.Thottipsno,
Ir.: If D. A. Noble, Mieh ; Nan. f. R.
Rot.•, Smith. : Hon. J. R Underwood,
Ky ; Hon. is. C. Dndeo, fawn ; Hon. J. R. Doi r .
O: For (miner information inquire of Fl A UEY
MeALPIN Loral Aemnt, (nt the Ltw Office of Wm.
Elwell. flag.) roomfl's. Bradford r.mniv, Pa. 41y
THE subscriber would an
. nounce to the public that he
hay,. now on hand, and will make
to order all kinds of
Cabinet Furniture,
e l eer such as Sofas. Divans, Lounges
• \ Center, Card, Dining and Break.
fast Tables. Mahogany, Wal
nut. Maple and Cherry Bureaus,
stands of various kinds. Chairs
and Bedsteads of every description, which are, and
will he made of the best material and workmanlike
manner, and which they will sell for cash cheaper
than can be bought mutiny ether Ware-room in the
on hand on the most reasonable terms. A good
HEARSE will be furniehedon Funeral occasions.
Towanda, June 1. 1852.
Sohn W. Wilcox,
HAS removed his establishment to H. Mix's store,
corner of main street and the public square, end
Will C0101:11113 the manufacture of Boots and Shoes, as
He has just received from New York a large assort
ment of has .
Children'iand Misses' Shoes, which
are offered at tow prices. Thei_attimtion cf the Ladies
le par icUltirly'directed to
_his assorttnent, cOtnp,rising
the following nevi , atyleif 'Enamelled Jenny Lirid gai
ter boots; do, shoes -lasting mad silk gaiters;
walking shoes. buskipsAc.. Misses! gaiters end shoes,
of every dea'cription, A large assortment of Children's
fancy gaiters, bents and:shoes, of all kinds.
Per the Gentlemen. almost every pit* of gaiters and
shoes., 11,i stock has been personally selected with
care, and he belieVes he can offer superior snicks at
, . 03. The atrieteat attentiortpalit. to JVanufaqtsrlOg•
and he hopes by, doing work well to merits continu
ance oftba liberal patronage be has hitberto_received.
Toseandi,,Mly 8.3453.
ROfIR 19
" .O.T. A quantity of Ttarkti island Silt
•~tipie4:uneo~ss~ -=
Bk'lN••tN. ICS 11'1' do an
12.41 F;wt•te wi 1 Pr
116 Br•ot•lovgiv. :V..w York
ireo ER VAN'S
pm3eF- 1 - : , rut:No:tic
*-4 WAVER%
rrHIS extraordinary preparation has beep ford
11 ny years the most certstn and speedy ren ted ,
for Cuenns,Cot.os, Arralla. DRONCRITrII,Ivrtimr.
at. • 517 DIaZA , "La OP Tata Cats? AND Ltlal T o
those suffering from obstinate and confirmed C m *,
they g i ve t h e twat immediate and perfecriefiet;app
when great habil my to take cold estrus, and at tedt.
iesome Cowell succeeds the slightest exposareott,
WAFERS produce the most merited resorts,
at once relieve the tough and other syn i p tcyne, ;'T iak
entirely renlnve that -merl‘id irrivato py ahtl
ne.s of the Lung• which give rir.e to the comprem
ri t e medical prof ertie, are combined man sp ell.
itte firm and rletviant to the mete, so that aoyehild
rea .iti v - take them : and they are urartaatedte
,tee relief in ten minutes after use in all eases
Price 25 cents per box. Put sale by Dr,
PORTER. Tolra min. Pa.
Tosrentla. Feb. 9,1553.
Attention , Regiment I
TON E. EI I ; PH, would tot,- to hi. old friends ult)
the pod„'ei i.r j e, that he has constantly on band
1111.1 I`l4 nulari or' Rdles and Shot Guns dm..—
.Among los assortment of (torts may he (mind Doh*
ar, 11 slti,tle l•arrelleil(;uns.Rttleit o ( all kinds warranted.
Pow der Flasks. J hot P)uches, Game Bag*, Cap
Primers,Po , Sh.c Caps of the best quill
tv. Allem. six li.irrelled Revoking Pistols, du slush
ittelied eoekint; RI& Pistols, double
Pidoli and enmotoo ',dee! and bras. Pistol*.
F C., F. F. G., F. F. F. G., Powder in Cans cos ,
stgotly on hsn,l.
Any of the abuse articles will Le sok' awful chin
for the Heat h/ Pay.
Keys of any kind fiat d to Doors. Tindal);
other kind of icicks on Nhiot notice rod reFo-tinoble trims
Repairing done with neatness and despatch. Shop i
tew rode north of the Bradford Roux.
Towanda., May 22, 1852. .1. E. GEIGER.
TI I E Subscribers havtne form. d a copartnership
under the firm of S. FEL I ON & M.
ing a Rea ,y a l Liquor nosine%N, reapee,fully
a'i Hotel keener% and all others in aant rf anv,
ih mg in their line to grra them a car. We 0 11 ,4,i
k• eping CITI hand a general aecortment of Fore tr,
Log nors. erirli we can sell cheaper than any oite
et-e in the comity. friwn the f /h.r .. Opy
fr. , m the impnu. r, and thereby •ate a large putt
charged he the N.Y Jobbers; I..quors are warrm.
p.' pure are free from adnl - eration. Alan catsiar.:.
I. ore hand Whiskey of the hest quality. We har,
made arrancement, by whi,eli we can fornidt
et, ' , tiers b rib tiny iriantor IlmF.hart,ton BEER
tr..- h from the ilrewore. Pierre rise in a ra..-
11 - .- n• ;Ir. I irr t• • r: r fj:
.n & Co. a.e to our he ds
T. f,,:c
-p •-
1. 1 ci2
El V.. -4 9 e M. fl—ms
Sat die. I! Tim ess Trunk Ibnufarion
& co., respertho 105 .
I 013; 111.,.. t• In •vrd 1,,
It b‘ 11111111 nev,
'!It• Wlt'd v41.a.—0 they ntL ..evp ou hind
lyrTr otowl,:pr
Tit \R. • ViLl,r WUIP.,
All artICI., in lb. rr i , ne Malttlf.tultP. tl to order
•‘ r
IT of 111, inat. n... • In i for n .rkr u ar.l.., nrt
~nrpr-e.•.IN. ,rt h-rn k VOA. t . rt Vitt
t fr..rTr I tsl4l4iNg 1.1 porchace. 1,1
ran in , e Ir, .- To Ind price.
FI id. 4 '''•-•,-;• 0:‘ tur stork
T. , 11l •
• '-' • r. 11.1 nen
l+r s.:!‘ :,r1 any
()N of t m•,l nt the late fire.
ore to to us tut
prosuut e l oll l rMilflll, 33 we atr 1.11 00 1 /01 1 13011111
haVlll l 4 011.1 13 0% if to us. 'e itust this notice
• e 0 Ith. , tv. rs•-ortit 4 to other weans.
ih-e. •2. 111,2.
Heloo‘vil lo B. Blu
tr ,1. ("11 ot'terlia,
92:--. 1 i AN !net returned from the
T. 1 i ~t Net. Vial, aith a I
rTh •tippl, 14 Watches, Jewell'!
A: A: , ( f .,J Silver Ware. comprising in
i the F ! . olioln,
d ing i
, nirli w cies:c ,
e rt i ,.,, f ,.., LH :e t z:- , ,, ..,...'
ir t n n v e k a t t e i P s o tri virne :t t c o r i
Jewelry, such as Ear Rini ,
get Bin ?,f ,Breast Pins, Bracelets, Lockets,Gc
G. , 1.1 Potts, Kept, etc. Also, all sorts of So
and Rua . quantity of steel Beailta—all of which
lot sale exeeeetlingly cheap for CASH.
Watches repaired 'on short notice, and
to run well,or the money will he refunded. at
ten Rereetnent Ql'o' ll l o that effect if required.
N. 1.1.—‘1 A I.E :SI - GA It and Country
taken in payment f,,r wmk ; an.l akr. /rant
wyrrr,thal the Produce insist be paid toie ,
IA done—l war against credit In all its loran
Towanda. April 1452.
T (JOKING GLASS PI. ATI> cut arid ti:tr: ,
any star, to be had at the Jewelry vor , ' ,l
May 15. 18:4. W. A. CIIAIIBERLO
A horse ! a horse' my kingtos
a horse and cu,..1.,1nnr, 1, , lake sal
!e,if the goods. Noio!fa,:and'ar. t he
• ths:astrous fire, A. M. " . . t13611i
himself again!
And at No. 1 Brick Row you'll find
Moat anything that's in ht ,, I,ne,
From a cambric needle of the finest lon i .
To a jewelled watch of eighteen live :o
Clocks which keep time accurate and tort
Ureast- Pins of every sty le and hue.
Gold, silver, steel and plated chan.,
Selected with the greatest rams.
Finger rings, my g 0.4, why , hat
Of every shape and every style.
.To suit the old the puns, the g rim
May there be seen in elegant array. ,
And WA NER, whir is h t trt self a it bus;
Is always ready and at hts 1 , , at.
To wait upon his customers and all
Who chance upon 'im to give a calf.
So with good advice make up your 11° '
cell J T e o wel
on or him e ver and y there you'll find
Such sights. tuy eyes, 0 !. what A Vie!
co'Don't mistake th st e yle p a l. n o t • i pla c e N"• I. Dad '
where he is prepared to do all kinds of
in his line of bovines, at the cheipestrate so
portaibly be afforded He wilt also eel ko„,,i
at 520 per cent lower, than seat ever bt foredi
this:market. (0.4.:a1l and see. DD
Towanda Nov. IS. 1852. A. M.
_ -
PAPER s.arioxrias
'THE only assortment of Paper Hango.P„o
• this iricirrity, with • fre,h rticliiO4,le.""
at unusually low prices. 0. P . H
Towen.le, A prtl '2 1,