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-A horse ! a horse ! my kingdom for
a hone and customers'• to take tawny
the goods. Notwithmanding the late
, • diaastrous fire, A. M. WA IiNF.I2 is
him again!
And at No. t Brick How you'll find
Most anyinuin that's iu his line,
From acanabricneedle of the lineal kind,
To &jewelled u etch of eighteen karat fine.
Clocks which keep tone accurate and true;
Breast pins of every style and hue.
Gold, silver, steel and plated chains,
Selected vs ith the greatest paina.
Finger rings, my gosh, why what a pile
flf every shape and every style. .
To snit the old the yaongolte grave. the gay,
May there he seen in degant array.
And WAussa, who is himself a - host,"
Is always ready and at his post.
Te wait upon kip ca-tomes and all
Who chance open lan to give* cal- •
So with gond advice make up your et:intl.,.
• To call' or, 'him and ahere you'll find
teeels sights. na y eyes, 01' what a view
Jewelry of every style and hue.
tij•Don't mistake the place No. I. Brick row
where be Is prepared in do all kinds of
in his line of bovines, at the ere:west rates that can
poosobly be afforded. He will also Fell his jewelry
at 20 per cent lower, than was over, before offered in
this market. ( ry. Call and see. rj)
Towanda, Nov; I. 1002. A. M. WARNER.-
. .
Removed B. Ringsbery's Block
' Tr.!. C7t er irs•te ri in,
....6 H AS just returned from the city
41.:. of New York with a large
.: .iik ripply of Watches,. Jewe lry and.
% • °' , :1.7 Silver ware, comprising in part.
~, ;;(.. the following articles:—Lever.
.----\ e 4 j = ' . % =pine and Plain Watches, with
C . `•
q)ii, -- . -61----ii a• complete assortment of Gold
itttelry, such as Ear Rings, Pin.
gee Ili n TIN Breast Pins, Bracelets, Lockets, Gold chains,
Gold Pens, Keys, etc. Also, all sorts of Silverware,
and any quantitY of Steel Beads,all of which he offer,
for rale azceeedingly cheap for CASH.
Watches repaired on short notice, and tvarranted
to run well,or thauioney will-be refunded. and a wri'
ten agreement given to that effect if required.
N. 8.--MAPLE SUGAR. and Country Produc
taken in - pastaeut for work.; and alai. learn riaw, an
armee, taint the Produce mnst.he paid when the war
it done...l:war against credit in ell its forms.
. Ttrantada, April 28, 1852:
• _
Public Sa!e of Property in Rome.
13Y sinus of an order of the Orphan's Court o
Bradford County, the undersigned guardian o
1.. 8. litsynard's minors, will sell at public sale in the
village of Rome. in said county, 00
rride,r, September ad,
at 1 o'clock, P. M. the following Real Estate, via—
l. A lot of ground in Rome village at the inter
section of the Wpm: and Owego road, with the road
from Rome to B. Taylor's, having thereon erected a
Balms Dwitutro Hoc's, a frame barn and mart
improvements, formerly occupied by L. S. Maynard.
2. A lot of land west of said village, containing
about 13 ames all improved with an orchard end small
barn thereon, adjoining Martha Cranmer, Lewis
Barnes, the town road and others.
,Another lot in Rome vil l agecaptaining about 1
*lire,' adjoining J. M. Crannier, Judson Holcomb. Wm
Claggelt ar.d the - Baptist Church lot, with a frame
granary building thereon.
4. Another lot in Rome village, bounded by !thin
street; the Baptist parsonage lot, Louisa Wattles and
Wm E Maynard, with • frame store house thereon.
now occupied by John W Woodburn and nearly op
posite No. 1.
S. Alsoanother lot in Rome township above Bean
bounded by Newton Frost, the main road,
Silas Seely and Martha Cranmer.
6. Also the undivided half of another lot containing
11 acres in said township, near the Taylor road ad
joining lands of Wm F. M ivnard and Jahn Passmare
Terms made known on day or sale.
August 1, 103.
ALL peisons indebted tc the estate of Obediah
Makesley, deemed, late of Burlington twp
are hereby requested to make im-nediate payment,
and those having claims against said estate, will
iMiase present them duly authenticated for settle
trot . J V. DANIELS,
Aug. 30. 1853
I - 1 to 50.000 ft. Maple, 5i by 0-2 11 to 30,000 ft
‘, do. t by 4.-10, 0 00 feet 4 by 4, Poplar.—.
10 to 20,000 ft. 3 inch Ash plank.-20 to 30.000 ft.
inch Ash plank.—lo,ooo tt. prime 4 by 4 cher.
ry.--10,000 ft. prime I inch cherry boards, 15 inch
es wide or over, to be delivered this coining F.lll
Spring on the bank of the River at Harrisburg.
Lumber of good quality and strait grained is wanted.
Proposals will he received till September let, for
furnishing the above, and persona sending propo
sals will state the quantity and quality of the differ
ent kinds they can furnish, and at what price and
CY" Lumbermen having such lumber would al
aray,s do well to stop. as Harrisburg.
Terms of paymerii.—Cash OD deilVery and in
Address (post—paid) •
W. 0. HICKOK, Harrisburg, Pa.
Harrisburg, July 5, 1853.
Chance to make Money.
To canvass for subscribers " Ilayward's Unit
ed States Gazetteer." Lbe • Cotta g e Bible" and
otbtr valuable and popular works.
Any intelli g ent and enterpri4iirz man can make
g ood wa g es by acceptin g an a g ency far tlie‘e
works, which are in hi g h favor and very easily
Apply to .1. F. BROWN. at this plare. until Tne
day next, 'and thereafter, at the office of the Brad-
And'Reporter. jnneB Y. F. lIRCYWN.
Ow S.
arr Totz-.4"Er. 2",Lalt ,
Offigis with the Register end Recorder,
TowArros, P►.
Am.persons knowing themselves indebted to the
estate of E'd'ward' ratterson, deceased, late of
Booth Towanda tp., are hereby requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims ngaimit
said estate will please present them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
Jove 27, 1853
To Contractors and Others.
WE have on hand. pork. beef, butter. corn. oats,
wheat, buckwheat, beans, dried apples, flour,
feed iron, steel, shovels, bars, powder, fuse, fish,
iea,?eor' es; rope, molasses, soap, tobacco, salt and
cement far sale as cheap as at any other house.
Athena. April 23, 1853. WELLS 4 HARRIS.
finsgenbaena Collegiate Institute.
HOME who have subscribed towards the even
?Wciiii the building for this institution in To
wanda, are requested tonal] and pay into the Tree.
Bury 26 per cent. on the amount of their respective
subscriptions. the building having been com•
menced. J. D. MONTANYE,
Towanda, May 11, /053. • Treasurer
Those Indebted to Vs
lop T 'note ,ur book account will please take NOTICE
that we Its in tram of money. and mug ham it.
All who neglect to attend to this timely warning,
may aspect a 'visa 40111 the little Constable. Nojo
king this time. HALL Is RUSSELL.
'l,.4antia, Merck 24 less.
• Dr. Starehisi's
tation to iho cure of
all the tiktressing die
easea fur which it i. t
iered ; being those incidental to the re , pectable ,
male, whether merrieti rtspiugle, and ti,aally kilo n
by the name of
rraruma COVIZI•4-11V1Z3.
Of these are Prof:ipso:4 Uteri, or falling of the
Womb ; Floor Intitination and Ulceration of the
Womb ; Incidental rtr flooding. Pain•
rut, Suppres,ed and Irregular Menstruation. &c..
with all their accompan)ing ev.l•. (Cancer except
ed ) no matter how
. severe or trf how long rtaud•
Thai this cATEOLiCON i* in # Tel , way worthy
arthe confidence of the afflicted as a aarcessful
sate. and cheap remedy, is vouched for bribe fac
of its having received the approbation and libera
patronage of many prominent members of the
Medical Faculty
in the United States, and also by the voluntary vs
timonials given in the testimonials given in the
pamphlets, fram ladies and Phy,ician of .he high
est respectability as certified by the roost satisfac•
tory authority.
This preparation is not 'a " cure all," but it is in
tended expresrty for the above nailed Complaints,
so very distressing in their-nature and consequent
ces and which have heretofore resisted the skill and
exertions of the most accomplished Physicians of
all countries, to a degree beyond that of perhaps
any other malady to which the human family is
The ingredients, air certified by high medical au
thority, (.ee pamphiet ) err all VEGETABLE. and
are not associated uith any article unfriendly to the
animal economy.
RrrnaaNcas.-I'. B. Peckham, M. D. Utica, N.
Y., 1.. D. Fleming, M. 1) Canandaguia. N Y. D. Y.
Foote, M. P.'Syracu , e. N. Y. M. H. Mills. M. D.
RticheAer N. Y.. Prof. Dunbar, M. D. Baltimore,
W. W, Re , e e. M. D.. City of New York, W. Pres
cott. M. D. 4 'oncord, N 7. H
.." -. Pantobleis can I.e had gratis at my Drog store
in Towanda, Pa. Sold by all the leading Druggists
in the adjoining counties.
HR. H. C. POUTER, Agent
I. B. Marchi:ti & Ca., Proprietors. Central Depot,
304 Broadway, N. Y. jumels
Farr, Farrier & Stage Proprietor
IMPLIItaLLZLIM IN TIIII =roar or eseleue
is the most remarimble Walla Appnotion Mr
- 4 - 00 lIIMAN
aPcpcp atA -
"They can't Keep House without it."
Experience of more than aixteenyear s establw•hed
the fact that Merchant's Celebrated Gargling Oil, or Cul.
' , caul Family Embrocation, will cure moat casea, and rs,
have all much au
Spavins, Sweeney, Ringl;o ne, Windgalls, Poll
Evil, Callous, Cracked Heels,. Galls of all
kinds, Fresh Wounds, Sprains, Bruises, Fis
tala, Sitfast,Sand Cracks, Strains, Lameness,
Foundered Feet. Scratches or Grease, Mange,
RheumaLsin. Bites of Animals. External Poi
sons, Painful Nervous Affections, Frost Bites,
Boils, Corns. Whitlows. Burns and Scalds,
Chillhlains„ Chapped Hands, Cramps, Cori.:
tractions of the Muscles, Swellings, Weakness
of rite Joints. Caked Breasts. &c, dm. he.
The unperalleled success of this Oil, 1a the cure of the•
eases in horses and Cattle, and even in human flesh, Is
daily becoming more known to the farming community.
It ainitardly be credited, except by those who have been
in the habit of keeping It in their stables and houses, what
a vast amount of pain. suffering and time, are Saved by
the timely application of this Oil.
oar Re sure the name of the sole roprietor, GEORGE
NY. MERCHANT, Lockport. N. Y., p is blown In the aids
of the bottle, and in his handwriting over the cork.
All orders addressed to the propnetor will be promptly
a lm
nde la to Phlet of the Agent, and see what wonders ass.
ammuiplished by the use of this medicine
Sold by respectable dealers generally, in the Unite
States nod Canada. Also by
AOENTS.-11. C. Porter: Towanda—Wm. Kill
Athens—Eli Baird, Troy—D. Y. Barnes, Columbia
Flats—L. D. Taylor, Burlington —Frisbie & Bron•
on, Otwell—E. Dyer, Covington—D. M. Bailey.
Mansfield—Humphrey & Place, 'logs—Turret'
Montrose—Perry & Ogden, Elmira. Wholesale
agents are Ward, Close & Cu., 83 Maiden st., New
THE undersigned Cnmmi-sinners appointed in
pnrsuance of the Charter incorporating. said
company will open Books for subscriptions ofstrick
al the Bradford House, in the borough of Towanda,
at 10 o'clortk, A. M., on Saturday, the 25th of June
next. G. F. MASON.
C. H. HERRICK, }Comers.
Toikanda, May 2 , er,
PosTroswastrr.—The opening of books for sub.
seri pitons or stock to the' Ganton and Athens Rail
Road is postponed to July 31st in
Auditor's Notice.
Estate of Allen Moody, deceased
THE auditor appointed by the Court to distribute
the fund in the hands of the administrator+ of
said estefe, will attend to said business, at his office
in Towanda boro', on the 7th day of July 1859. at
1 o'clock, P. M., when all persons interested are re
quired to present tleir claims or else be debarred
from said fund. H. BOOTH.
June 4, 1853. Auditor.
Auditor's notice.
John Hamra) vs lames A Payne, Bradford Com.
Pleas . IVo. 264. Sept T 1852
THE auditor appointed by the Court to distribute
money raised by Sheriff's sale, of the proprety
of the defendant in the above suit, will attend to
said business at bis office in Towanda bore. on the
Bth day of July 1651, at I o'clock, P. H., when all
persons interested are required to present the ir claims
or else be debarred from said fund. H. BOOTH,
Jurie 4, 1863. Auditor
DREii* GOODB.—A good assortment of almost
eveiy style of dress goods worn by ladies and
children. for sale at deal MERCURB.
20 0 ,000 Light* • Bash of all size., just
reed by B. Krniespufor •
Towanda. Mareb 28, 1858. - - • -
500 NEW 40 Oalk:ga Casks, a first ate istials
car saltily P. FELTON & Co.
TIN AND 71 1
TITS undersigned.
having been duly ap
I , intrd Atient for the
Ilf th'it trn!y IN-
CIN respect
fully invite the atten—
tion of Ladies and
Practitioners tif To—
v.-anda and vicinity, to
the gr atifying suceels
that has :mended its
use wherever intradne.
ed. and - its happy adsp
fUerchanbi3e, IZ•t.
ps Al r.T!
Mmory's Patent Phaagoable Sorsa Vow
ers, Threshers, Separators, &0., die.
OWING to the great advenJe id the price ofiron.
the manufacturers have found it necessary to
o advance the as to enable them to man
ufacture powrrs equally good with other seasons.
rather than use a cheaper material is their constru
These-machines are invariably procounced by
eninpetent judges, to be the best treadmill Horse-
Power that are known.
Prices for the Beason, 1833
Emrry's Patent Changeable Horse Power,
1 ! Thresher, Separator, Bands, &c., for two
Horoes.slso 00
Emery's Patent Changeable Horse Power,
Thresher, deparater, Band, &0., for one
H0ree..... 1
Emery's Patent Changeable Two horse Pow
er, with Thresher and Cleaner combined, 235 00
Emery's Patent Two•horse Power alone. 116 00
" One-horse " 83 00
Threshing Machine, with Separator and fixtures,
26 inch cylinder, . 97 00
24 inch cylinder, 35 00
Sett of Bands for Machine, with extras. Scc. 5 00
Wheeler's Patent 2 horse Threshing machine ! 50 00
Wheeler's " 1 .. LIM 00
" 2 horse machine with self-
• Do
cleaner..... ....... .
Clover Hullers for 1 or 2 horse power,.
Emery's Patent Reaping and Mowing Ma-
chine combined. 120 00
Mowing Machine alone,l lo 00
. . . _
In addition to the above prices, but two-thirds of
th nctualfreight from Albany (which, on my mat
chines,. is. , very low, and arranged by special, con
tract) will be charged ; by which arrangement. pur.
chasers of machines of me, will save from four to
six dollar on each machine. Machines will be de
livered at any place on canal or railroad.
Tsars—Cash or approved notes with interest.
payable in 4 and 6 months. All machines war
ranted, and in case of failure. may be returned
within 9 months and pay refunded. Those wanting
machines should apply early in the season.
For further particulars apply to the subscriber.
Athena, Ps., lane 22, !M.
3.3333111 W PrraILCIZI.
John AI: Evans vs. Jane Evans, in Bradford County
Coin. Pleas, No. 34. Febg. Term 1853
JANE EVANS, defendant in the above cause:-
0 You are hereby notified that John M. Evans,
your husband, has filed his petition for a divorce
from the bondi of Matrimony. - And an alias sub.
mita has been retut ned, and proof made that You
are not to he found in said county. You are, there
fore, hereby required to appear at the Court House,
in the boro of Towanda, on Monday the sth day of
September next, being the Ist day of September
term of said court of common pleas, to answer the
said complaint, and show cause, if ony you have,
üby the said John shall not be divorced from you.
C. THOMAS. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda June 30. 1853.
LOST, between Towanda and Monroefon.on Mon
day, 13th June last, a Green changeable Para.
sol, with red satin flowers. The finder is requested
to let me know where it can be found, or leave it at
the office of the Bradford Reporter, where they will
be suitably rewarded for their trouble.
Wysni, June 28. 1853. M. C. ALLEN.
THEREBY forbid persons Prim trusting any
one on my account, without a written order from
me. as I will pay no, debts so contracted, unless
compelled by law. HUGH O'HARA.
Towanda, June 30,1853.
THE only assortment of Paper Hangings kept in
I this vicinity, with a fresh stock jolt coming in
at unusually low prices. O. D. BARTLET I'.
Towanda, April 21, 1853.
"r 4 LOUR --A quantity of superfine flour, just re
ceived, and for sale by B. KINGSBURY.
Towanda, Feb. Ift, 1853.
AILs, TUBS AND MATS —A new supply of
painted tubs and pails, also Alicani masc, just
received at may2.s MERCUR S
1553, } SPRING.
rrHE subscribers would inf"rm their friends and
1 customers that they have increased their faccil
ities fur manufacturing
(tr , r ,- tririfc4e
and intend keeping the largest stock and assort
ment of
that can be found in the States. Terms and pri
ces satisfactory. HANFORD & BROTHER.
29 Park Row. opposite the Astor House
New York, March 9, 18.53.
United States Hotel,
soltsr 0. WILSON, rztoParirrort.
Formerly of the" Laporte Hold."
SALT FOR eALE.—iOO Barrels of daft received
this day and for sale by
June 15, 1853. BAILEY & NEVINS..
ARKS FOR SALE.-5 Arlts for sale on liberal
terms by junelb BAILEY .0 NEVINS.
LOOKING GLASS PLATES cut and fitted or
any size, to be had at the Jewelry store of
May 15, ten. W. A. CHAMBERLIN
Clover Seed.
4OBUSHELS of Clover Seed just received and
for sale by the subscribers at the lowest cash
plies, or exchanged for most kinds of produce.
Towanda, Feb. 5.1853. BAILEY & NEVINS.
00BARRELet utold Ohio Whiskey just received
and tor said wholesale and retail, at Reed's
Drug Store.
QQUINTLES of Codfish, 20 boxes of Herring,
h barrels of Balera
s, warrented in prime
order, left on sale at New York cash prices at
REED'S Drug Store, Towanda, Jan, 28, 1853,
PEOPLE of Bradford County wishing apythin
n:ce in the way of Monuments, Headstones
Tomb Tables. Centre Tables of Italian and Amer.
ken Marble, or Bleck Stones of all sizes. can
have them on the shortest notiee by sending in!
their orders, cheaper and better than can be ferry
ichased elsewhere.
g:I• Chester Wells, Cabinet Maker and wisteria.
kor. early opposite the Ward House. Towanda,
Agent. 0. W. PHILLIPS.
Towanda, March. Bt, ISM '
(Rover Seed.
iftrecttatiLa quantity of very superior Clover
Seed. Rumen would do well topurchalie their
aced early.
Towanda, Pbe. Clan
• John W. Wilcox,
ETAS retooved In establishment to IL Mix's store.
LI corner of Main street and the public square, and
continue-the manufacture of Boots and Shoes, sr
Ho bat just received from New York a large assort
ment of Wonsen's,Childms's and Kisses' Shoes, which
are offered at low prises. The attention ef the Ladies
is parlor:lorry directed to his assortment. comprising
the following new styles :—Enamelled Jenny Lind gai.
ter boots; do. shoes; black lasting and silk gaiters ;
walking shoes, buskinsSitc. Misses' gaiters end shoes.
of every description. A large assortment of Children's
fancy gaiters, boots and shoes, of all tinds.
For the Gentlemen. almost every style of gaiters and
shoes. This stock has been personally selected with
°are, and be believes he an offer superior articles at
reasonable prices.
irr The strictest attention paid to lifantsfadurtng
and he hopes by debug watt well to merit • eontinu
saee of the liberstpatronsge he has hitherto received.
Towanda. Miry i 9. 1851.
L• 45a• 1111TX11=37f=111E:11X-AMi,
COliaTT SU V T aa.
HAVOW located in Towanda,
his services may
ybe obtiined by addressinga line through the Post
Office, or by calling at the came of Ulysses Mercur,
Esq., where he will be found, or where a written ap
licatpion may be left. Nov. 1, 1850.
THE subscribers respectfully inform the public that
they have taken the shop formerly occupied by
Adam Esenwine, on Main street, nearly opposite
Drake's wagon shop. where they are prepared to do all
kinds of BLACKSMITHING upon reasonable terms.
They are determined by doing their work well and
proinptly, to merit, as they hope to receive a share of
public .patronsge.
HORSE—SHOEING done in the best manner. All
kinds of repairing Machinery, executed in the moat skil
ful manner.
WOOD WORK for wagons will also be made and
repaired when desired.
AU work done at their shop, will be warranted to be
well done, and manufactured from the best materials.
The public are requested to give us a trial, and judge
for themselves. ESEN INE & SEE RISC HH.
Towanda, May 2, 1851.
125 00
235 00
3() 00
Important to housekeepers:
_...J. (azu, THE subscriber thankful for the
4 -z-- 1-1 ;:.“." -: " 1 "' liberal patronage heretofore re
'°- 2 `.:" . `. - ceived, begs leave to inform big
Is--1-:-- i . - 6 - , a .. ,friends and the public gen.sally,
'and those commencing. House
,--- - - - keeping in particular that he has
it inl now on hand a large assortment
' of FURNITURE, which he trill
warrant to be made in a substantial manner, and of
the hest materials.
BUREAUS, such as mahogany and walnut drfas
ing bureaus, marble and plain tops ; mahogany and
fwkluut washstands, marble tops, and plain, of dif.
ferent patterns, Card and end tables,Sofas. Couch
es, whatnots, &c.
BEADSTEADS.—High, Field, French and low
post beadsteads, finished in handsome style and of
approved patterns, together with other furniture usu
ally called for t all of ivhich will be sold on the moat
accommodating terms.
cO"' The subscriber is also provided with a plain
and fashionable HEAR'E. and will hold himself in
readine-s to attend to all orders in undertaking.
He will furnish ice boxes when desired. by the aid
of which the corpse may be kept for a week. COF-
N. D.—Furniture of all kind: made to order, and
warranted to be of the best matt rials and workman.
Towanda, January 17, 1852.
NONE Clenume unless SCCOlTlpatlirtl 9 w .0C virril
le of the above Engraved Wrapper of Dr. E. L
SOULE & Co., upon each box.
In offering to the public this justly celebrated SOY
EREION BALM OF LIFE, it is nit our wish to
make any false statements or wilil assertions of their
superior efficiency in restoring to health the rick and
suffering, well knowing that their repnration as a
STANDARD MEDICINE is of itself suffieient refer
once for the afflicted.
Many proofs might he given of their value on paper.
hitt we prefer those unacquainted with them to sntisfy
themselves bv enquiring of living witnesses and trying
the Pills. They wi.t find them perfectly safe and reli
ahle in all cases. being purciv vegetable, and a midi
eine worthy their best confidence and patronage.
The following certificate was sent us for the public
Hmenywrrs, Monroe Co. N. Y., May 10, IFISI
We the undersigned, citizens of Henrietta. haring
used personally Dr. Souk's Sovereign Bohn Pill.. e nd
witnessed the health-restoring effects thereof. cheerfully
recommend these Pills to the afflicted as the best with
which we are acquainted
P. s.—You are at liberty to publish this for the pub
ic good.
BEWARE OT COCIFTEIIIPfiITa ! We are not aware the
any one who is tanking a spurious article has yet dar
ed to make use of our name ; but some of them has
had the impudence to imltatenur boxes and' copy ow
Circtlars, Certificates, &c. Unless the public are
careful when 'hey purchase, they will be deceived.
'Cry rhe genuine Sneteeig,n Bohn Pills can he had
wholesale and fetal of Dr. SOCLE & Co., Syracuse
Onondaga Co. N. Y•
Sold by Dr. H. C PORTER, Towanda Pa., and by
heir Agents in every town in the country. 21y
Lafayette Burr Mill Stone
THE undersigned, formerly foreman for many
years of the Lafayette Burr Mill Stone Manu
factory. 240 Washington Bt.. N. Y., (W. Tyack,
agent.) would inform his friends and the public in
era 1, that he has established a
In Leroy buildings, opposite Exchange Hotel, and
solicits a share of their patronage.
He will have constantly on hand *a large stook
of French Burr Mill Stones, as also a :arge supply
of French Burr Blocks, Bolting Cloth, Screen
Wire. Calcined Plaster, and Patent Self- Digefiting
The undersigned assures his friends and the
public. that he will faithfullye.xecute all Orders en.
trusted to his care, not only in quality but in pri•
ces of articles furnished, and solicits their kind pat.
ORDERS by letter will be executed with as much
care and as cheap as when purchasers are on the
REFERENCES—Hon. D. S. Dickinson, Hon.
John A. Collier, Hon. A. Birdsall, Hon. V. Whit
ney, Dr. Eldridge, Col. H. Lewis. W. 9. Weed, & Co.
Binghamton. D. Searle. Isaac Post, Judge Jessup,
s a l s buyy,& Co, Montrose, Pa. Caleb Carmalt.
Friendsville. Thomas Phinney, Dundaff. 0. 0.
&H. Shipman, Waverly. N. Y. Thomas Pearsall.
Smithbomugh, N. Y. Major D. Mersereau. Union,
N. Y. M. T. Nichols. Owego, N. •Y. Royal &-
Whitaker, Waverly, N. Y. JOHN W. SULLIVAN.
Binghamton. Nov. 8. 1852.y23
jj & A CAMPBELL, having been purified by
XI. the recent fire, have again fitted up their
in the same place as before and are now offering
for sale, a dadiable assortment of fall and winter
They being desirous of making up their recent loss,
will sell at unusually-low prices.
Towanda, Nov.B, 1852.
Cistern and Well Pumps I
T EATIPIPE Hydraulic Rams t of any kind,
.11.4 she, &e.. cheap for ready pay, for sale by
Jan. 8, 1859. R. M. WELLER.
1). G. 0 PIS,
Do you want to sell or' mortgage any real estate ?
Have you a bond and mortgage you wish In sell
Have you houses, taverns, or lots, that you wish to
sell or tease
Have you a mill, factory. foundry, tannery, or oth
er manufacturing establishment. that you *bib to sell
or rent?
Have you iron ore, coal, potters' or fire clay, or
other minerals, you mar to cell or have worked or
shares 1
Have you latttl that you would like to have drain
/A or cleared tiy contract or on shares I
Have you water power that you wish to cell, im
prove, or rent
Do yen wank additional capital, or a. partner in
your business
Do ybu want to sell your stock of merchandise ?
Do you w lA, to form a Company to cresto capital
for any specific object ?
Do you wish to exchange your property for other
Do you want in your neighborhood mills, found
ries, tanneries, or other manufactories
Have you any well reetedimprovemeig in machine.
ry, or in the arts, which you want to sell, Or which
you want means to manufacture I
If you have any of the above wants, or others of a
similar character, and will inclose to our address,
(post-paid.) ! a 'legible; clear and exact description of
them ; end itproperly,its locality, proximity to ca
nal. railroad, dr navigable water, to churches, schools,
milts, stores, Arc., the lowest terms on which you
will sell, mortgage, lease, exchange, or otherwise dig.
pose of it ; and if you will also enclose to us a Reg
istration fee of $l, (the receipt of which will be ac
knowledgedlyour want shall ho recorded in our
Register, and your letter placed on the file designated
for your State and County, for the inspection, free of
charge, of these who are seeking to purchase, lease,
exchange, or. invest.
We make no chance to any for examinim our
Gies. Register and When they make known 'heir
wishes, they are referred to your own statement of
year wants ::and as we have Maps of the duff rent
States, and of such Counties as we have been Ow
to procure : and as we employ agents to visit the ves
sels and steamers that arrive with Immigrants, (of
whom from 1,000 to 5,000 are daily arrivin .) and we
also have agents to distribute our Circulars among the
, strangers at the hotels; and as we advertise in the
' principal papers of the city of New York, and in van
oils forms throughout all of the states, as well as the
different countries of Europt, from which Immigrants
come, and where we expect one of our Firm will for
the present reside, and where also we shall scents in
the principal ports of embarkation, inviting ell who
wish to purchase. exchange, Lase, or invest, to visit
our office, toithoutchurge.—
We are confident that we offer a better medium of
making your wants known to those who des re to
know them, and of securing the end you desire, than
any other mode yet practised.
Th e b es t pl ace f o r you to effect • sale, lease, ex.
change or loan on yonr property, is in its immediate
vicinity. If you cantla do it there, the next best place
is in the city of New York. Qr if you want Immi
grants or settlers of any class he l m is the place ,o ob,
lain them: t
Be 'AMU . here at all times and seasons, there are from
30.c00 to 70,000 strangers, many of whom are welting
lot investments or horn, a.
Because th •re are probably 100,000 who want to
remove from the city or its vicinity.
Because here is concentra.ed a great proportion of
the surplus capital i.f the Union. seeking investment.
Because here, money is ordinarily wiirilt from 5 to
7 per cent. per annum, on undoubted. seetirtry,
you can atrerd to give as ample security, or other in•
ducement, where it would produce greater rate of trite
rest. either in annual income or incretsed
Becausetere, an examination of our files will inform
those seeking to inve:•l or t•cttle, where the properly is
to t'e found which they seek.
pecan -et here, there is on opportunity to exeh.oge
country or other city property, fur property itt this city
or its vicinity.
Becatnte a rerron, by 'Tending; a few hours in our
trire. w i thout charae, can obtain more intminatemi
the rol—rtv it , market throughout the - eimtitry and
the o suit. of community, than by months of travel.
Becat:e. finally. here in the conitnereiat
where is concentrated the money and wants of a va-t
nrilfitude throughout this and usher countrics, by re
cording the opposite, hut corrc;ponding wants of o•
countrymen, both p a rtie., th o s e o h o wi s h to p ute h.,
and those' who desire to seri, f an be mutually benefited
In the description of property, he ca eful not to
over estimate its advantages in any respect: for if you
do, mini we should send you a purchaser, his comparo
son of the reality with your statement might &feat
your of jest. When your property is sold, or other.
wise disposed of, it is required that we shall be imme
diately informed of the fact. As we do not propose
to sell, but negotiate. and send purchasers to the own
ers. no special authority to us is requisite; but when
it is denied that we :rho* sell, authority must be given.
Our commissions oft sale:, exelmr.ges, &c., are 2
per cent. The raising of coi»p onic.. and other tnnt•
tern requiring special negotiation, will be subject to
special agreement.
Several farms in the same neighborhocaPoften
find a more ready sale than a single farm, as Immi
grants desire to remain in companies.
Beal Estate and Property Wolters,.
116 Broadway, New York.
Refer to Courtlanalt Palmer Esq. 177 Broadway, N.
Y.; Hon. Alvin Bronson, Oswego, N.Y.; Gov. Wood.
Ohio ; Ex Gov. Prod. Ohio; lion. R. W.Thompson,
Is-; Hon. D. A. Noble, Mich ; Hon. J. IL. Williams.
Mich ; Hon. Rohl Smith, Hon. J. R. Underwood,
Ky ; Hon. A. C. Dodge, laws; H0n..1. R. Doty, Wis
(:0" - • For runner information inquire of HARVEY
McA LPIN. Local .Agent. (at the Law Office of Wm.
Elwell. Esq.) Towanda. Bradford county, Pa. 44y
THF. subsc . riber would an
nounce to the public that h,
hare now on hand, and will make
to order all kinds of
Cabinet Furniture,
such as SofaOti vans, Lounges
Center, Card, Dining. and Break
fast Tables. Mahogany, Wal
nut, Maple and Cherry Bureaus.
Stands of various kinds, Chair.
and Bedsteads of every description, which are, and
will he made of the best material and workmanlike
manner, and which they will sell for cash cheaper
than can be bought in any other Ware-room in the
on hand on the most reasonable terms. A good
HEARSE will be furnisbedon Funeral occasions.
Totbanda, June 1, 1852.
MR. OLMSTED. Paorairron of the .a,then.s
Exchange, gives his thanks to his friends.
and the traveling public generally. for their liberal
patronage,' and solicits the continuance of the same.
will run regularly to and from the Waverley Depot
to meet the Mail Trains for the accommodation of
strangers and travelers, who wish to visit a pleas.
ant village on business or otherwise. A daily line
of first rate
Four Horse Coaches,
•rr running through to Towanda- Thor , e
will be insured a seat in the coach from this place
and those going to the
can stop at Athens, and spend an hour or tw
and be insured a conveyance in time to meet the
regular trains of cars going East or West.
Also those who wish to leave their teams here
can he conveyed to and from the cars free of charge
Athens, Sept., 4, 1832
`"p < Ps Li BRYAN
~ < Z• A`
1:,-4,1-N priotonac
pHIS extraordinary Preparation has been tot
ny years the most certain and speed, 4 ,
'hose sefibring from obstinate and confirm'
they g i ve t h e most immediate and perfect ren,q7
when great liability to take cold erten', and ant
tevome Cough succeeds the slightest twi t:lmo,.
WAFERS produce the most matted res u l ts ,
at once relieve the Cough and other symp, ml 7 4,l
entirely remove that morbid irritabtlity and s tsk,
ness of the Lungs which give rise t o ' h e eotwoa
The medical properties are combined iota ap z l i :
ble form and pleasant to the taste, so that auy oir ,
will readily take them : and they ere war tuktit :
give relief io ten minutes after use in all eases.
Price 15 cents
PORTER. Towan da. Pa box. For sale by fn. H. C.
Towanda. Feb. 9,1853.
~Tgwyr,D BY V• 11. Di YTICYLS to,
And Pntrnted April 2;
I , (go this CHURN wan awarded ihe Prerreara
1 the late Fair of all Nations held in Londor
ft also took the Premium at he Canadian Narita
Fair, held in Toronto, U C., in WI. It also ran
ed a silver Medal and Diploma at the Fair of
New England Met hanic's Charitable Avsneiat,
held in Boston, October, 11350, 1 n shun halii
en the first Premium at all stare and Conte F.
whertiver it bas been exhibited, and is usurers;
approved by all Darry .Wen and Dairy tir m ,
where they have Lecome arquaintrd loth ita men.
This CHURN is consirucied for cat'UNlNGlii4n.
a7The , e Co LER R ATER CHCIINS. are Mani:he:a.
ed and sold by WELLS & CO , Towanda,?.
nearly opposite the Ward House.
Tow., min April 21. 11,:.3.
Attention Regiment!
. ,
JN E. GEIGER, would say to his old for
the public at large, that he has constant], st
and mem/factoring Rifles and Shot Guns &r,
Among his assortment of Guns may he found'
and single barrelled Conc. Riflean( all kindsinnak
Powder Flank., Shot P mrhea, Game hp. Cr
Prime ca. Mao. Powder. :Shot, Caps of tiv hnt
v six h rrrlb i R, volsmc Piatok, do to
barrel Rol self corking Pb•tols, Pistolr, d-th,la oral rnmmnn4fil.Pl and
F F. F. G., F. F. P. G., Powder 10 Cant ea•
gtqfltlV on liana.
Any of the above article's will e eieel saki!
for the Ready Pi,y.
K, v , of on• hind Ertlt J to No m ! fon t,
other I Ind of tort.<. , n -h „ t and rri-nntible If
Itep.lir I ~12 1in...., ,16
less re'. nor '• Of lb , r 3 . 11 !!I
ttrui 11. \I.• 2. I,• J. F. GE'(; ES.
rr I E !,av , 1.1! ;
und , r 111.. 111111 i•I s FEL IA A r d,
, n;' • a gr.nerai I..qu. n nil rNtelNi.l
e , ti am .
hnl n 1 thr.t g;ra , '.eta a ca':. e tle;
,ping on i 1 3 •111 a Cra 31 , -o/1 , 11(5111 f,.ree
h nr ran ..e:! c^,Pai - er Ikon Ira
iu the C•alliry. ((tan the I tar
from th• imporier.. and lh. ret r a ;arre pr
charged hr the o n uo.• are Italie
pure and Ire fr,m a•inr•erat . r.r.. r
Iv nn hard Pr I f the Iro hai
inade arran2erner,t , t.y tr., we can •,tro,a
wt , h any Tiat,wv I It rehare:. , n BEI
tr.- , h from the nrewrry. Pleier E•v , u , ara
The in and a r,ou , t. .•I te.
n & Co.. are in our !rand` I o e-I.le-den.
F. T. Fll.
Tom anvil. Per. 1.
viT It. 1.1 %IR ~r Bradt' Cm. Pa.
• is still engiireil woh the firnr tit railds.e•
anti Jagger. alio Itit r the 'am rem r , l to :1 ,
new and spacious sure JO Vii,ey ,rret, car
of Church, (in the rear of the Witi•e) at
they are prepared t eshdiii a a crj large at
general a•sortment of Fi reign and Domes
DRY GOODS, adapted td the ciiumry trade
will keep a large stock id % errmac.Co ht),lLd
er desirable styles cf Prints Cii•h an sr:.
first clans credit customers w,ll find it to tats,
(crest to call.
They have al.' a department "decnte , ' , a
BOOT and SHOE hii•iness. and feel cotis
ran ofler better bargains in that line than acre' ,
sive Boot and Shoe house to New York, fi.i.n
fact that the expense is much less in propadia
the amount of sales. Mr. Baird firers h
that having the benefit of 15 year. eaper:encein
mercantile business err Braittirit knee
of the style of goods adapted tii the Ng.heri ,
cylvania trade, said make it an etieg-dor Y
ant ' s doing business in that r
call. I.
Any orders G r goods in the above lays
promptly attended to. and the articles warratrxd
give satifiiirtion.
New York. March. 1. 1/1t53.
Saddle. harness C Trunk )lannfartt
JJERE CI - LP & Co., respectfully inform Mr
that they have removed lochs shop on Mat
recently occulted by Smith & Soo. nev' ' 3 .
the Ward House, whore they will keepOa he
large stock If
TAtrrit Ks, iILIIU, waifs, tic.
Titara(3324%., 2.W.D:D5.834
All snicks in their line crisnufsctuml wonky'
made of the best material, sod for viorlasei
be snap:weed in Northern P•rinsylvanis.
a call from those wishing to purchase. Om
they ran give satisfaction both as toqmility
f'Hirles and Sheep Pelts received fix wok
account, at the lowest rates.
Sale Leather, Upper Leather. Harness
Calf skins, fur sale in any quantity.
V ( 'IN account of Itessetiso-voned at the ler f §r. I
ore obliged to call on tho'r iniebtej to Ink .
Prompt settlement. as we ye undo , the sc r ' al
having what is owing to as, we trust this nal
' 0 sufficient without resorting toothe coos
Towanda. Dec. 2, 191+2.
AB-. cc Ai, ea PP*
wH• formerly of Bradford
• Pa, return• his than to hi, friend ,
favors and .oi:cos the commuation of their
age. Having made 4,rangenienti a ono'
the firm of Fuller 4 Dayton N° 143 West'
tween Barclay and Ve ey streets, where Re
found always ready to supply his Gush/tars
ins GROCERIES, with a supply at lure pert
on favorable terms. Particular pains Will
to keep on hand desirable gads for mat
the country.
• New-York, Feb. 9, 1059.