Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, May 28, 1853, Image 4

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A.7777.7111.72=EM1TT !
Zttrm Cutters.
Tl=Ltil'atert spiel Knife liay end straw
11'1 1 611Frti ', 2, a.
, Si; rsls and $20.-=-
These Stra#,Putters are better and cheerer than
the straight kiaife cutter;with litliCett set diagonally
on the shaft:
The Icniires ,ap f!ritter are spiral. which
enaVes them to cut at right angles against ;he raw
Whey cut steadily, with no jerking--
era kept in repair. Each knife can be taken
isr and sharpened without disturbing the shaft (or
uthirknives,)and if necessary each knife can beset
out pc in, so as to keep them all truer if one knife
shoug wear faster than soother. Every farmer
t.heuld have one of these labor and feed wine ma
chines. ; R. M. WELLES.
Athens. Pa., Jan. a. 1833.
Cern Shone's. ,
THE very best atticle to be found in the county,
and cheapest—(Warranted)—for ale at the
Agricultural anti Stove Store of R, M. WF,I,I,Es.
Stoves) Stoves 1
000KiNG, Stoves of various and excellent pm
ters, siz e s and ptizes. Fuur patterns of eleva
ted Oven Cooking Stoves, the best to he found in
Bradford, for sale cheap. Vegan! Parlor Stores, for
wood or coal, of different patterns, dro. Brix and
Cacti Stoves fur liana, Stores, Churches, shops,
E 4 choof !louses, &c., very cheap. Call at the fOh.
ensinosre store or
Jan.. 8, 103.
Bathing. Vcbs,
QPONGE TIATFIS and (not Lath pans for sale
cheap. My bathing tubs are equal to the Lest
city bade.
Oils ! Oils!
Cortuns . s celebrated winter strsiaeLl Lail OIL,
for machiaers, warranted not to gum. Also,
an e_Tcglle,nt, but cheaper article. for Limps, LIo..
Foot Om for Leniher, Harness, &r.. all
for ItS.lo:l2ithe quantity or less; cheap fur cash or
reidSinTy, at 'the Athens Agricultural s tore of
- _
, Elatent Loathcz Belting! •
Xilrsizes of Patent oak and hemlock tanned
Belting and Lace Leather. at 10 per cent. less
than city retail prices to be had for cash at the AM
ersi Agricultural Store of It. M. WELLES.
Jan. 8, 1853.
OF all kmds in Mu, Shed Iron, Copper, Braes, &c,
done on short notice. Workmanship &c., war•
Tin roofing 'dons in such a !manner as shall please
Call on R. ht. W ELLEN.
Athms January 8, 15'53.
r t f•
— Aies! Alms! • -
rOft ! i f ireat 'very low prices for ready pay; tha
to be found in this vicinity,
made out' of the best cast and silver steel, of var,:ous
patterns faclambermq - and wood chopper+, and
warranted attliniAthens Actriculturalstorenf
Jan. 8r1853.- „ _ R. U. WELGEt:4.
A horsil a horse ' m) kingdom for
R. a heretand customers to taLe :tway
the goods. rio , Aithvandins , the late
dis.strot a fire, A. M. WARNER is
himself again!
And at No. l Brick Row you'll find
Most aqttling that's in his line,
Frullanambric needle of the finest kind,
° attired watch of eighteen karat fire.
Clue aeakh keep time accurate Ind true ;
Mrdwit*hieof every style and true,
H44 4 llfter., steel and plated chains,
1 ,, levied Leith The greatest pains.
Finer tangs, e. gum, why what a I•de
91 ever) t hare nod every
'to suit the old. the young, the grave, the gq
May there be seen in rlezant array.
And 1.% AIINER. who is hirnse a " host,"
alrlys ready and at his pro,
To watt upon his cu tomer.; and all
_Who chance upon to give a call.
Bo vrith goad advice make up your mind,
'to call on him and there you'll find
Bach sights. nay eyes, 0 what a view
Jewelry of every style and hue.
(„?Don't :metal.° the place No. 1. Brick row,
where he Is prepared to do all kinds of
in his hoc of bnsines, at the cheapest rates that can
passlbly be afforded. He will also sell his jewelry
at 20 per tent lower, than v•as ever before offered in
this market. Call and see. .0)
'llrowanda Nov. 12, 1852. A. M. WARNER.
Removed to B. Kingsbcry's Block !
F. 4. Clusnibertin,
....- 1 , 24 TTAB justretomed fronithe city
Cir.:: 11. Of New York with a large
~ . ,
~.; , ...., . ,1 4
s su il p ve pl r y w o a f Watches , a c t o e m lies pr , is J in e g we in lry p a e n a d ,
1 • J.
~ ,7 0. the following., articles :—Lever,
, ...,
-.- . • • • ..0 L'Epine end Plain Watches, with , .
. 7 \ S'
\- I la.. ;!=- 7. :e.;- . 7.: a complete assortment of Gold'
• Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin
trervEirrgs, Breast Pins, Bracelets, Lockets, Gold chains,
Gold Pens, Keys, etc. Also, all sorts of Silverware,
and any quantity of steel Beads—all of which he offers
fur sakokcceedingly cheap for CASH.
Woll'esi, reptdred , o ri - short notice, and team:7W
to run well,or t he' money will be refunded, and a wri•
ten agreement given to that effect if required.
N. Mt—MAPLE SUGAR, and Country Produc - 1
taken in payment for work; and ein, learn now, an .
oreoer,that the, Produce must be paid when the wor
is doitti—ljear against credit in all its forme.
Towanda, April 28, 1852. - •
T OOKING GLASS PLATES cot and hued or
1.4 any size, to be had at the Jewelry store of
Miry lb, 1852. W. A. CHAMBEftLIN
Saddle, & Trunk Mannfactory.
``ERE CULP & Co. respectfully inform the public
,g 4 T '
;pt they have removed to tho shop on Main street,
riuonill Occupied by Smith & Son, nearly opposite
. . - theNara House, where they will keep on hand- a
fitigt . ,:stock of
It R 1 1Wahl 0:4,WM1 tas UMUDN3OO
.711.11 SICS, TALII . Ea r %MINI, arc.
) A l ltlitictel in their line manufactured to order. and,
amidof the best material,and for workmanship cannot
be surpassed in Northern Pennsylvania,' They solicit
• a call from those Wishing to purchase, confident ti t .
they can give satisfaction both as to quality and price.
03"Ilides arid-l3beep Pelts received for work and on
-sectanl, Who lowest rates. -
kicither,.Upßer. Leather, Harne,ss Leather and
;; CDltkPinsi`for sale in any quantity.
Aexount of losses sustained at ithe late fire, we
1 - 1 ore.obliged to call on those inkebted to us for a.
picimptireitlerninit; is we are under the necessity of
. %Nitali Violist' is owing to us, we trust this. notice will
1 e.s4eient•without resorting towhee • weans...
T.9.144, - toie.. 2, 1052.
VTHITE . GOODFL—A large and desirable titan*
meat of bishop lawns, swiu and book. , alas
iaconem canabuica and bared muAlins at
Dec I. 1852. MERCUR.9.
l~1tDi~11:-.~:~; ~..
R P . f)11, , T
'Wholente V
aal, Retail Dealer in ''
GILOCZMIES -1441701 Le - 7 46 c.
STOIZE in the south end of the Wartl.Houiroveil
is- known as the largest, cheapest and most extensive
assortment west of the city. Particular attention will
be given to any or all 'who muyr wish to cell; either to
examine or purchase+, and. any medical information
Sill be cheetfuily and gratuitionsiy given to those who
who wish to consult conocrniug.thetoselvoa•or_friends.
Confine:us supplies a fresh and recently prepared eir
tides the weekly arriving, having been carefully se
leered with 'a •ilew to their usrfuhresi, and any article
wanted not usually kept, either will he found here, or
procured at the shortest notice by ,Express,, for those
Laving their'order. Aceounintidating - clerks always
will ha easily to aufely compound any ,prescriptiun arid
endeavor tomako -(whattwer the purchase) .mutually
agreeable.. All goods shall be considered warruided
s represented, and I cing Agent for the
lily. Patent Medicines, all those found.3n this store
CM be relied upon, in all cases, beilla; ire.. Thi
stock now comprises everTarticle in the trade, amour
which may he 'found ttSe following :
• 'Prefrs and 'Medicines.
I ASSI foetid a knit]
Nitric camphor eenego
NSuriatic copal sarsapan".l
Agonfortia gamboge ginger etc
Sulphuric guaiac
Tartaric etc myrrh .
n LRAMS. Khellac
tragacanth etc.
07 W.
neats foot
Life etc
Ilay berry isperm
Cinnamon ‘ orig.attnri
Peruvian (les'o j . bergarnont
Lim etc lemon '
ass Ea r El. Will tergreen
Peppermint cinnamon
Cinnamon !cloves
Wintergreen etc 11` , fillOCk
EXTRACTS. ;th,iper
Sarsaparilla vavin
Dandelion t.‘risey Ulf
tiOrehOtllla W.f.:ll:lU
Aconit orange
Vanilla !nem' i
Lemon etc peppermint
STETS. ilEgPed
Fenigreek cod liver etc
Anise LT.AY LE,
caTraVTSY ibuchu
Canary ova tarsi etc
Rape - nnora.
trden refit - mil:co
Mustard 'gentian
Cardamom ljalap
Colchicum etc turmeric
?Low E ns. apijeil.l (pink)
Chamomile hellebore
Arnica ipicac
Lavender etc liquorice
OEMs. marsh rosemary
Swat, Coffee and Tea of all kinds, molasses, spice .
pepper. cloves, rou‘tard, nutmeg, mace, fish, resins,
citrons, currants, salad oil, cocoa, chocolate, soda,
butter crackers. rice, starch, ginger, saleratua, white
and bar soap, sperm and tallow candles, jugs, bottles,
pipes, pepper sauce &c.
Cognise, Otard and American Brandy, St. Croix.
Old Jnmaii and New England Rum, pore Holland
and Am. Gin. Irish and Monongahela Whiskey, Ma.
dei.a Lisbon, Sherry, 'Compri& Port, Muscat, Claret
and Champaign Wines—Cordials, Rose, Amour Mo•
kee, Noyeau Sze , cheaper than ever offered.
• Sap, Paromrry ad Fancy Goods.
Shaving clown, military, windsor, medicated, sand,
almond, palm, french, toilet, rose, null transpa
row -'cps, Lubin , . French, an I W rights extracts of
ocisey club. patehnully. ho_, de caronne. musk, milk+
[lours, verbrna, htliotrepe, sweet brier, geranium
spring flowers, nest end and new mown hay &e.—
Cachous, colcgric, tray and rose waters. Lilly white
•partish part powder, vitro hair dyes, hair invigors
tora, hair eradeatams, hair oil, pomades, court plaster,
perfume sachets, playing cards. pencil points, stet!
pens, 6Th hook c, drawing pencils, percussion cops, re I
black, and indelige into, eorobs, purses, pocket books,
port monaia, cv fete, porkea ruinora napkin rings an I
travelling conipani,ns
Trait, hat, stove. scrub, shoe, paint, marking, varnish
caA, artist cArr,'el's hair, striping bletsder'v and badger's
tshitervaidt. counter, flesh. tooth, nail comb broom cloth
infant, lather, tabli, hotrx and blacking brushes.
Tobacco and :Thud ' boxes, nipple shells, nursing but
ties, breast pumps, teeth rings betl pens, syringes, shuul
der braces, trusses, supporters, pessaries, c Alreters,oup
ins c glasses, graduates, mortars, spatula, furceps lancets
thermometers, lurid mei spread adhesive plasters, &c.
Paints and Dye Stuffs.
Nk. red, cam and log wood f lustic, lac dye, cud Lear
red sounders, madder, alum, copperas, idue vitri,d, gal.
tin, composition chemic oil, vitriol, oxalic and all the
acids, grain tin, pumice and rotten stone, American &
Chinese vermillion, Spanish brown, American & Eng
hall Venetian verdigris, Paris green, white,llaik and
red lead, chrome yellow and green, japan, coach and
copal varnish, lampblack, litharge, putty, whiting ochre
spirits turpentine. linseed oil, rosin, chalk, umber, sien
na, gold leaf, bronze, &c.
French Glass 24-30, 22 30, 20-30, 20-24, 22-24,14-
18, 12-20, 12-18, 12.16, 10.14, 10-12, 8-10, 7-9.
Patent P/Zedicines.
601.5 AGENT Von
Dr. Jaynes' Alterative Expectorant, Sanative &c.
Fitche's expectorant, tonic humor corrector, 4c.
Merchant's Gargling Oil for horses, 4c.
Swaynu'a medicines, wild cherry. 4e.
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam and Extract, etc.
Orrick's Vermifuge.
Houghton's Pepsin or Gastric juice for dyspepsia.
Osgood's Indian Cholagogue, fur fever and ague.
ttcarpa's Acoustic oil for Deafness.
N. P. To;vneet d's Sarsaparilla.
Schenck's Thalmonic Syrup.
Dr. Keeler's Fatuity m divines.
Hutching's Dyspepsia Bitters.
Houfland's German Bitters, for Dyspepsia and Debility
Brown's Essence Jamaica Ginger.
Duboy's Rat and Mice Exterminator.
Also agent for Herrick's medicines, plasters, etc., An
drow's and Davis' Pain Killer, Graefenberg medi
cities, Pile Elertuaries etc., salt 'heum, teller, tint
worm, spasm's and founder ointments, etc.; troll
cordial, plasters, poor man's salves, eye waters, lini
ments, erasive soap, bed bug poison. Hobentack's
and Clark's Worm syrup, Christie's Galvanic cum-.
tires, Mofrnt's Phoenix Haters, Trask's magnetic,
Sloan's, Dailey's, and McAllister's Ointments. Dil
low's Heave Powder, Condition Powder, &c. All
the numerous kinds of Pills.
,Phosgene, sugetioourning fluid, Camphene,wha.c.
lard and aperwoil ; new and beautiful patterns of fluid
amps now being opened: Camphene, side and hang
ing lamps for ball and store use, girandoles, etc.
Cavendish, James, Natural Iva& Turkish scartalatti
John Anderson's fine cut. Bogg'e Jenny Lind chewing
etc.; choice brand., pate Havana Cigars, etc. etc.
All ofwhich will he sold at unusually low rates.—
Remember that Dr. Porter's Cheap Drug and Chemi
cal Store is in the south end of the Ward House, a few
.doors above the post.ofEce
H. C. PORTER, M. 'D.
Towanda, Jane 4, 1852.
500 NEW 40 Gana° Casks, a first rate article
for sale by P. FELTQN & Co.
DREG good assortmeat 'of almost
every style isfdreargoo4 worn by ladies and
children. for,sals at , del IIERCUIIB.
20000 Lights Bash of all sizes, jOst
9 rrc'd by B. KLNGSBURY
Towanda, March 23, 1853.
sTo !
RESTOVED to the store recently occupied by S.
J.l. S. Bailey as grocery and Post office 3 doors
south of Sloutanyes corner, whets he has received
a full, new and complete • stuck of DRUGS. MEDI
CIN ES, dec. cihich he will sell cheap.
er for cash than even
brimatt cm
cream tartar
, -psorn
corro sublimate
red precipitate
, ther
shakka herbs
gold teal
astile soap
Ireniee turpentine
awl ammonia
brittish lustre
I burg. pitch
that'll brick
foind paper
white sltM
otter or anima°
Here you will find annexed a few leading articles
Senna Alex.,
do Win
Cream Tartar
sup 13 Soda.
Magnesia Caled
do Cnrb,
do i k
do enry 'a
do A NIL!
Trusses Hulls
lb, Shaker,
Balsam AN isiers
do I 'heesinans
do Fir
do Copabia
do Tofu
do Peru
do Pulinotrary
do Sulphur
A cid Tartaric
do Acetic
do Benzonic
do Citric
do Nitric
do Oxalic
do Hy droeyanc
do Sulphuric
Oil Linseed
do Sperm
do Olives
do Castor
do NeatrOot
do Almonds
do Amber Rect
do Amber Red
do An isi
do Caraway
do Croton
do Cubebs
do Cummin
do Fennel,
do Lemon
do Cassia
do Cod Liver
do Lavandula G
do Nerolt
do Jesmin
do Nutmeg •
do Orange
do Rhodium
do Rose
do Cedrat
do Copabia
do Ergot
do Verbena
du Vio:etie
do Mellesse
do MeDelluer
do Patchauly
Brushes, Paint
do Varnish
do Hair
do Hair,Cainel
do Nail
do Tooth
• do Shaving
do Flesh
do Cloth
do Hat
Soap, Yankee
do Crystalline
do Eng. Wind Low's
do Coopers
do Rose
do Vietora
do Orange
do Tooth
do Erasive
do Castile
do Military
do Sevin
do Brown
Pain Killer
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
Orygenated Bitters
Stoughton Bitters
Hoffman's Anodyne
Together with Paints, Turpentine, Varnish, Dye
Woods & Dye-Stuffs, Glass, Putty, choice Groceries
pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal purposes.
Also, Cigars of the best brand ; and all articles con
fleeted with the trade.
Having secured the services of Dr. S. Hcirroy,
whr keeps his office at this store, and will give me•
dical advice gratis to people, they paying • for the
medicines only. Physicians can rely upon having
their prescriptions carefully compounded and put
op. The stock has been selected with great care,
and the goods will be warranted as represented.
All of Dr. D. Jaynes' medicines. Ayres Cherry Pee.
tonal, scheneks Polmonic Syrup of Yellow Dock
Root, Orrick's, Hobensacks, and Jaynes' Vermifuge.
Together with all of the most popular Patent medicines
now in use constantly on hand and for sale at
REED'S Drug Store.
Three Doors below Montanye's :omer.
Towanda, January 8, 1853.
60BARREL8 ofold Ohio Whiskey just received
and for said wholesale and retail, at Reed's
Drug Store,
j‘BQUINTLES et Codfish, 20 boxes of Herring,
barrels or Saleratns, warrented In prime
order, left on sale at New York cash' prices at
HEED'S Ting Store, Towanda. lan, 28, 1853.
DEOM of. Bradford County wishing anything
nice in the way of Monuments, Headstones
Tomb Tables, ',entre Tables of Italian and Amer
Man Marble. or Blank Stones of al . sizes. can
have them owthe shortest notice by sending', in
ettonders s cheaper and better than can be pur
chased elsewhere. •
42• Chester Wells, Cabinet Makei and underta
ker. n.eady . Opposite the Wird Koine. Towanda,
Agent G. W.' Pliiiiiin% I
Towandk, March, vilest '
. Clover Seed..
PAST Meeivid a quantity of very superior Clover
Seed. Farmers would do well to pamhase their
seed early. .1. KINGSBERY.
Towanda, Feb.s, 1853.
jEltlll3oWE!=ll,, t si;
Fosgate's Cordial
Elix Opi
Hay's Liniment
Hair Dye
1 - larlern 0,1
ointment, frasks
di+ Dalley's
,10 ItlcAlleNter
:Makers Herbs •
do Extracts
Til.len's Aleueolic Ex't
11l ei Extract
Nap Extract
Nlea'sim•s Vanilla Ex't
do Lemon do
do Mace do
do Almond do
do Cloves
do A :;-pice do
do Nuttnegs do
do Peach do
1 do Ginger do
do Cinnamon do
do Orange do
&I Tonka du
1 Lubin'. Spri ogflower
I do Musk do
do V iolette do
do Magnolia do
do Sweet Bri'r do
do Jemin do
do Jock 'y CCh do
do Caroline do
do Jenny Lind do
do Bonnet do
syrings, Pewter as'm'nt
do Glass do
Nursing Bottles, Glass
do do U. E.
Rad Rhei Turk
ao do
do Ipecac
do Jalap
do Ginger White
do Orris
Gum Camphor
do Opt Turk
do Myrrh Tut!:
do Arabic do
do Copal
do Aloes eoet
do Aloes Cape
Chloride Lime
do Soda
Castor Russ
'lsinglass do
'Evens' Lancets
litiitra silver, Op't
Oxid Bisnoth
Blue Pill 1 mer.
lodide Putass
Tart do
Carb do
Sulph do
Oaustie do
Citr,ite Fel ri
lodide do
Preto Lod Mercury
Pi perin
1 Veratrin
Hydra Cum Crete.
Morphine Sylph
do Act
Calomel, American
do English,
Precipitate Red
do White
Bulph Ztnei
Bronze, Crimson
do Pale Gold
do Dark do
do While
Gold Leaf, Op't
China Vermillion
America do
Prussian Blue
Fig do
Venitian Red, English
AnOther"Xtesinely •
w as on the verge of ,
thepatio,. and so far sopa that
1. my family and friends bad led all hopes of
cowry ; and'arbeia in this situation, having been res
cued by the use of Schenck's Pulmonic •Syrup t . Tties
site to testify, with grateful emotion to Dr. Schenck,
'the unspeakable benefit I 'have received from the use
of his invaluable medicine. •
Early last fall, I contracted a violent cold, and in
consequence of which I had chills, alternated with fe
ver. pains iu my right breast and shoulder blade, with
bad cough, and no expectoration., I kept getting
worse until I took my bed, and had the attendance of
.»y family physician. I was under his care about four
weeks, and at the expiration, of that time was reduced
so low that despair took hold of • myself and friends,
and even my physician abandoned me and 'gave me
up to die with the haat" Consumption. My appetite
was gone, my bowels' very irregular, fever and night.
sweats, pain in my breast and shoulder, attended with
a distressing cough, which was very tight ; my flesh
b a d near ly all gone, and was so weak that I confd
scarcely raise my head Croat the, pillow, and was truly
an object of pity to behold. _My friends had been sent
for to see me die, and my sick licd was surrounded by
kind and swmpathiLing rit igldors, who had come to
%witness my departure from this world.
W ben all rays of hope had fled of my recovery i a
neighbor, Mr. David Conrad, proposed to try Schenck's
Pulmonic Syrup, with a view of loosening my cough
and relieving me of the tough phlegm, and as a means
of affording temporary relief, remarking at the time,
"that I was too far gone for the Syrup to be of any
permanent benefit." My wife, anxious for the relief
of my intense sufferings, procured some of the Pul
monic Syrup. I found it afforded me relief,:and con
tinued using it. I could feel its healing influence
upon my lungs.
I continue to improve under its use, and my friends
were much gratified to witness my unexpected im
provement ; many of my nci6hbors came to look at me
as one raised from the dead.
My cough now became loose, arid I felt something
break, w en I had the pain in my breast, and I dia.
charged large quantities of yellow matter. I have for
weeks discharged and raised a spit box fullrof ,matter
every day, with hard lumps like grains of ampigipg.
My bowels now became regular and nitriral,roy
appetite was so far improved, that I could scarcely re
frain from eating too much. My strength improved,
and I reizained my flesh.
I cohnnuc'd to improve in every respect soon after I
commenced usieg, the Syrup, and the improvement
continued until I was restored to try health. I have
pa-sad through the inch-mint eve,' iter of the latter
part of e. titter and the spring, and ti el us well flow as
ever I fi it in my life, and I am this day a living testi
mony of the great efficacy of Schenck 's l'ultn.onic
Syrop in curing . pulmonary diseases.
Lest this statement be thought too highly col red by
sonic people, I subjoin certificates of a number of the
inhabitants of Tacony, who saw me at different times
during my disaase, and never expected to see me restor
ed. I also append the certificate of the brothers of
Mystic Lodge, So. 270. L 0. of 0. F., who kindly
watched over me, and fully believed they would con
sign my'remaine to the tomb ; lint, thanks to Dr.
Schenck for his invaluable I'ulnionic Syrup, my life
has been spared, and 1 am permitted to make the fore
going statement for the benefit of sl.lBr:ring mankind.
I :aside at Tawny, and am well known by most o
the people there, and will be gratified to have any
person call upon me arid lean] inure particulars of the
virtues of this medicine. JOHN C. GREEN.
June 24th, 1851.
The subscribers, members of the Mystic / GI le, No.
270, I. 0. of 0. F. of Hulmesburg, Pa. do hereby cer
tify that we know John C. Green. (and is a member
in good standing in No. 270 I. 0. of 0. F.) who was
dangerously ill with a low Pulmonary Consumption,
last er int. r, su that they give him rp .o die ; that he
is now fully restored to perfect health, and they believe
his recovery was produced by Schenck's Yu/ear:Tito
Sy nip.
We believe his certiAcate is correct in every par
ticular. DENBY NEFF. P. H.
JOSH 1.7 A I N 01011 E.
Holinesburg, Philadelphia Co., J.ine 25, iKSI.
The undersigned, residents of Tammy, eight miles
above Philadelphia, bring well acquatuted with Julio
C. Green, and the circumstances etter.ding his case,
feel impelled by a deep sense of haperative duty, to
make universally known to the putitic his entire recov
ery from the very last stages of Pulmonary Corisuinp
non. So entirely helpless was his condition, having
been but a brief period since in that ropid.y sinking
and emaciate state, as to ut'erly preclude, in the opin
ion of his phy. and friends, who watched by hie
bedside, all hopes of even a temporary recovery and
restoration to his present rohnst health. Thus the care
ful use of your iovatnaide Specific., the Pulmonie Syr
up, makes it our Lelief, under the eireunistances of his
previous prostrate, not to say dying condition, one of
the most startliog res , ilis that the whole annals of merli
cadsk ill ..r science can produce. It deserves to he im
perishably reeerded to your credit, and secure to you,
the greetest discoverer of this hitherto remedile , ss •dts
ease, a lasting monument and a world-;side reputation
in the healing art, that no tune tn.,y ether diminish or
destroy. Having witnessed Mr. Green's distressing
strugcles and sufferings from a continued cough, su
permitted to the other symptoms consequent upon, or
attending to the last stages of a pulmonary disease;
and moreover, it being so generally believed by his nu
merous friends that no human power could relieve, or
protract his life, much less restore him back again to
his former health, we feel it thus our duty to give our
unqualified testimony of Mr. Green's perfect recovery,
by means of the - exclusive use of your wonderful Syr
up ; and we should indeed rejoice if we could be made
the humble instruments of relief and cure to others who
may be so unfortunate as to be similarly infidel
David Conrad, Jesse Duffield,
C. flinckle, A. Heath,
Joseph Hearl,.ll., Jesse Watson,
Stephen Lukens, Robert Allyn,
Matthew Toden, James Torbert,
John Bloomesbury, Allen VandegrilL
Prepdred only by Dr. Schenck, and sold, whole
sale and retail, by his sole agents,' John Gilbert & Co.,
Wholesale Druggists, 177 North Third street, Phii'a,
Clicken & Cro‘fil Berelaystreet,..N. V. Redding & Co.
No. 8 State st..Bostori ; IL Blakeley, corner Third and
Chestnut streets. St. Louis ; and by principal Druggists
throeghout the United States. And by
. the following
Agents in Bradford County :
H. C. Porter, Towanda ; D. Bailey & Son, Leßays.
villa ; T. Humphrey, Orwell ; Maynard & Woodburn,
Rome; J. J. Warlord, Monroe ; D. D. Parkhurst„
Leßoy; C. B. Rathbun°, Canton; King & Vosburg
Troy; G. A. Perkins, Athens.
ol'A IT letters addressed to DR. J. H. SCHENCK,
Cate of .1014 n Gilbert 4 Co., lilholt sate Druggists, No.
177 North Third 'street, PhliaddiThi
'Attention Regiment
JOAN E. GEIGER, would say to his old friends and
the public at largo, that be has 'constantly on band
and manufacturing Rides and Shot Guns (Am., i&e.—
Among his assortment of Guns may be found Double
and single barrelled Guns, Rifles of kinds warranted.
Pritsder Flasks, Shot Pouches, Game Bags, Cap
Also, Poirdentilbor, Caps of the beat quail
ty. . six barnilled Revolving Pistols, do single
barrelled self•cockingPlitols; Rifle Platels, double
Pistols and common steel brass,Pistols.
F 0„ F. P.G..E.E'r,•II, Powder in Cans con.
"4"Y oq banyl., •
Any_o(tiusitsive articles will be sold awful, cheap
tor the Beady Pay:
Keya ot
.soy hind &tillto DTrunkse. True or 'any
other kind of lochs on *holt tinticetindresiiditable tents:
fe ße w pairi rods north of done t he wth
h B radford '
House. eref deipiteb. Shop a
Towanda;` May 22; 1852. 7 1 .1. E. GEIGER:
GLOVES and HOSIERS' of every description at
Dec. 1, 1b62. 111ERB1.7R.
ill p 1 „
-_ems:. - rvr , ...s„'icrN,t~E:~ k:;;:`r
nu&inan ona:
- „„ egos ,
_,, i1e .„ . .:, -.- 0 ---
Sob* W. Wilcoz,-,
H 4ks, removed bis Soho;
to H. Miles store,
cornet of itiatetitreet end ilia publie tgtiare; anti
will continue the manufacttifet of Boots and Shoes, as
heretofore, ' • , , .
Be has just receiiedlrcim New York a latge assort.
ment of Women's, dhifdrcres Muses' Shoes,which
'are offered at low prices. the attention e.f the Ladies
is paricularly directed to, .his assortment, comprising
the following neit'sfylas t--EnamelleiliennyLind gai
ter boots; Jo. siitteA t black - lasting' and 'silk gaiters ;
walking shoes, busitfris,tte. Misses' gaiters,
of every description.! A large assortment of Children's
fancy gaiters,•boots and shoes, of alt kinds..
For the Gentlemen, niftiest every style of gaiters end
shoes. This stock has been personally selected with
care, and he sr, ite, can otTer superior articles at
reason lif e e paces. •
cl' be strictest attention paid to lifanufctetyring,
and he'hopes by doing work Well to merit a c:oritinu:
once of the liberal patronage -Its hastitherto received.
'Towanda. ; May 8; 1851. . „
11E7 as
HAVING located in Towanda, his services may
be obtained by addressing a line through the Past
Office, or by calling at the ofilee of Ulysses Menai . ,
Esq., where he will be found, or where a written ap
licatpum may be Mt. Nov. 1, 1850.
THE subseriberarespectfully inform the public that
they have taken the shop formerly occupied by
Adam Esenwine, on Main street, nearly opposite
Drake's wagon shop. where they are prepared to do all
Linda of I.ILACKISMITIIING upon reasonable terms.
They are determined by doing their work well and
promptly, to merit, as they hope to receive a share of
public patronage.
lIOIIE—SIIOEING done in the best manner. All
kinds of repairing Machinery, executed in the inoa skil
ful mariner.
WOOD WORK fur wagons will also be made and
repaired when desired.
All work done at their shop, will be warranted to be
well done, and manufactured from the beat water - Ws.
The public are requcaled to give WI a trial, and judge
for themselves. 'ESEN WINE 86 SEEBISCHIL
Towanda, May 2, 11851.
ff.a !.NEC - re ILIVH
Zmportont toE.2onseheoperri:
‘ ,... 7 ....471; 'I:HE subscriber thankful for the
-,.,: ;.. ..‘ CP ~- . ...-- -,,,,,- ;; ;;Iberal patronage heretofore re
t.,.....„. Aceivcd, begs leave to inform his
1:' - i it -. -- q1,2-2. 4 ?': - . friends and tie public ;vicinity,
'''• 81:*r. 1. 1 I those
-*. tutt4 tt,.. .. ,ani commencing House-
L: 7 . =-:-4
...- ~ keeping in particular Ilia, he has
inow on hand a large assortment
of FURINITI.;1(11, which he will
warrant to be made in a substantial manner, and of
the beat materials.
"BUREAUS, such as mahogany and walnut drfss
ing, iiiureaus, marble and plain tops ; mahogany and
f walnut washstands, marble top-, and plain, of dif
ferent patterns, Card and end tables, Sofas Couch
whatnots, dcc.
BEADSTEADS.—ffizh, Field, French and low
pod beadsteads, finished in handsome style and of
approved patterns, together with other furniture usu
ally called for, all of which will be sold on the most
accommodating terms,
(r":sr The subscriber is also provided with a plain
and fashionable HEARSE, and will hold himself in
readine-s 10 attend to all orders la undertaking.
He cv1:1 iorni,h ice boxes 'when desired, by the aid
of which he corpse may be kept for a week. COF
N. D.—Furniture of all kind: made to order, and
I warranted to be of the best matt nets and workman
! ship.
Tipratida. January 17. 1852.
,N UAL: 64111U1liC UIIICSB accompanteu aMC 1.1
le of the above Engraved Wrapper of Dr. E. L
sOI:LE 6r Cu., upon each box.
In offering to the public this justly celebrated SOY
EIIEiGN BALM OF LIFE, it is nut our wish to
mac any false statements or wild assertions of ti.t it
superior effieleney in rebturing to health the swk and
suffering, well knowing that their reputation as a
STANDARD ME It I rIN E is n: itselisualcieut refer
epee for the afflicted.
Many prbufs - Light Le giver, of their value on poi et
but we prefer those unacquainted with them to satisfy
thenmelves by enquiring
of living witnesses and trying
the Pills. They w'ul find them perfectly sale and reli
able in all cases ; thing, purely rogclulilc, and a mcdi
tine worthy their best conGdence and patronage.
The following certifleate was sent us for the public
Efutinirrr I, Monroe Co. N.Y., Ma) 10, ISSI
We the und.rsigned, cn! . zens of Henrieth, baring
used per.onally Dr. SouYB B,;rerrign Ba!tn PM. and
witne,sed the he:dth•restoring eirects thereof, overfutly
recommend these l'il!s to the arlticted as the Lest with
which We are acquainted.
G. 11. ROBER'N, 0. H. BROWN.
NT. D. PHTLI,IPs, D. G. 0 TN.
P.S.—You ire at liberty to publish this for the pub
lic good.
. BEWARE OF Cor Ear - Errs t. We' are not aware the
any one who is making a spurious article hag yet dar
ed to make use of our name ; but some of them has
bad the impudence to imitate our boxes and copy our
Circclars. Certificates, Ar.e. Un!ess the public are
careful when 'hey purchase, they will he deceived.
(07,The genuine Sort'reign• Men Pills can be had
trholesalittind rotaili, of Dr4SOULE & CO., Slmetie
OnOndagit to. fir. Y•; •
Sold by Dr. H. C PORTER, Towanda Pa., and h
their Agents in every town in the Country. 21y
Lafayette Barr Mill Stone.
THE undersigned, formerly foreman for many
years of the Lafayette burr Mill Stone Manu
factory, 240 Washingthn St., N. Y., (W. Tack,
agent.) would inform his friends and the public in
era I, that he tras established a
In Leroy buildings, opposite Eschange Hotel, and
solicits a share of their patronager
He will have constantly on hand a large stook
of French Burr Mill Stones, a. 4 also a large supply
of French Burr Blocks, Bolting Cloth,. Screen
Wire, Calcined Plaster, and Patentelf- Digesting
Ettighea.' i . • - - - -
edit - nodeist,trietrneinr4 ilia Metal, anti the
public, that he will fatthfullyeiecuie all Orders en.
trusiedicihia care,•not only in quality but in pri.
ces of articles furnished, and solicits their kind pat.
ORDERS by letter willbe ex . ecuted with as much
care and as 'cheap as when
.. purchasers are on the
REFERENCES—Hon e D. S. , Dickinson, Hon.
John A. Collier, Hon.. A. llirdaall., Hog, V. Whit
ney, Dr. Eldridge, Col. H.l.eivis. W.D. Weed, & Co.
Binghamton. D. Searle. Isaac Pust, Jtidgc Jessup.
Salshury,& C 0.., Montrose, Pa. Caleb Caro:mit,
Friendsville. Thomas Phinney, Dundatt 0. 0.
& H. Shipman, Waverly, N,, Y. • Thomas Pearsall,
Smithborough, N. Y. Major P. Mersereati, Union,
N. Y. M. 71-Nichols, Owego, N. Y. Royal &
Whitaker, Waverly, N. Y—JOHN.W. SULLIVAN.
Binghamton, Nov. 8,,142:424 . ,
CLOT ET. 'G! !
A _CAMPBELL:bac-Mg been purified by
11.. the recent fire, have again fitted np their
tin the same place as'before and are now offering
for sale,Vdesitable assortment ...of fall and winter
They being desirous of thtiriecetii loss,
will eilikeasoszacttriow Pricm.roi4 - g r,
~- -T imhda, Nov:4IOTM
Cistern and !Welt maim X.
_LEAD PIPE ! Hydraulic Rattiall - of kind,
size, &c., cheap for ready per; for sale by
Jan. 8, 1858. R. 'A. WELLES.
frANUFACTURE Steam Engines snit B oil
jxj - fm us 8 to' 1000 horses power. fl as i onl
ginns; on heavy iron bed plates, cast in one pi es ia e.
halve espltheibn valves; all joints ground a o o „ to L i s
steam 'tight' withlnt packing or paint ; all l efifinot
wearing surfaces large, and running in adjustabl e fifit r.4
of bronze or Babbitt metal all balaaceAcheeh
turned belt face, The Regulator is attached to th e k.)
plate. The Force Pump is in an' indepe a d e „
arranged with crank 'haft and tight and haf ts ready to receive a belt from the engine shaft ,„ fi
any other shaft. The whole style of work i s eoe : t°
passed by any engine builders in the Unitod atc4.
Boilers of the bear American or English iro st i„
cast or wrotight iron—,-either tubular or with
made in the most thorough manner.
' Engines from Bto 100 horses power colus soi
hand or ifs progress, tia be delivered within a fe s q,'
of the receipt of an order.
Also, Steam Saw Mills, capable orgasm ] , 6000 ,
b oar d measure, of one inch boards, in 12 ho wl , ,: t h
one Muley saw; and requiring no other fael ma sae
sa T w h m e
chimney, complete OBI" irons ;
meleY se ss ,
setters ; feed, and aft bolts and irona for 30 feet
carriage, complete,
Steam engine, 10 in. diameter of cy finde r 25 in. str o k e
with beating
tub s uLa r r ac h e o , i a le n r d , c a o li n l ea n i s n t i i I n t ggii,
other parts necessary to set it JD complete ope n
Steam engine, 12 in. diameter of cylinder. 30 $1525
i r n e stroke
with tubular boiler, containing 480 s
heating surface, complete as before, qua fee t
Delivered on the cars of the Boston and M $1775
road at Lawrence,26 miles from Bo s t on . Termi yd
,el 4
on delivery.
Boilers' for the al.ove modified M snit par c h tk ,„ ,
and prices accordingly.
McKay. h Hondley, late of Pittsfield, Mass., alza me
steam ens.ines are already widely known, haw rece nt l y
taken charge of the works of the Essex Crept:llmnd
will be able, with their increased facilities and rsprs
m , '..C.eir approved en:nes cheaper nn i
1: , r th'.n her: t rxe.
May 8, 1g:,72.y
liDaN M(KAY,
11 - ' II TEVE If concerns :he health and *pa %
ti of a p.npr , ', bt at all rimes of the most 'Cala
trvportanee. I take it fir granted that every m u
u.,1 do all in their power to save the Sires of U m
children, and that every per-on will endeavor to lro
mote their own health at all sacrifices. I feel it to
my defy solemnly to assure you that WOl6lB, ac to the opinion of the most celebrated pysictias
are the primary elitist s of a large majority of &seam
to which children and adults are liable ; if you bre
an appetite continually clanging Irons one k,i,.10f fool
to another, bad breath, pain in di, sto mac h , p , c ki ngu
the nose, hardness and I allbess of the belly, dry cotte.
slow freer, pulse irregular—rernemhe r that ill
denote Worms, and you :h , ul!dtonceapply th g
Medy •
33obensacli's War. Syrtp
An article founded upon • ;11K,p,e.,
pounded with purt.! y Yea. t 11 le ....uie.t a
featly safe when tale n, and det,re.n.ed in al', r• t il a u
and not leav toz the en, in a d •014..! ran ./u.,a,
most advertised noistru onlpe,.l e,t Ca!en.,l,forEte
removal of Wortni:, Fuck zs I.:,zengeg, l'e• li r uget
&c., but has performal the roost care w d
saved the Hilts of thou , inds, t , oth young an d „.„L„.l ‘
have teen pronounced h in.curable L) pe r ,,
clans. Read the folluwinz, and , 1 , 0 co „i rti .
its efficacy over others:
Mot.;:t• Rivre,N,J.
Ma. J. N. llons.Nsaex—TLis is lo aornly that ur
child, 13 )t-nts of age, baling Leen srl. tot tfarsald
was attended by Drs. Loper, Whtitti a;ttl l'ho!er rola
lung titre without receoing any be; t:tl, Aiss Vier
geing her up as incurable, I nem to l'h , idetttland
consulted Grit oT the 1.4,4 pltsrc,•ins; her clere g l a
Vowing VVOIsr:. It Wat , of e I wa,
try 1f.(2,-,,t., 4 ,•, Worn , ;.A.e.;
bottles the reg.t,rted 1,1 teLlt. 11 , 0;e:it Wlll prole a ,en,Lt.t., 1,:,:uz4f0
nebe=a,cli'f_ Lircr
No part of the FYS'CM I - m
the 1.11... a, ,:,;, a J -
or giv,s.44 a prula-r .errtal•,.. • . t .
part. (~f •t. •
Ll%l r I)
watell c,c:y
acu , til..,t
mut ly
secrelion rtol2ll tthr pulinor. iry L.enarine; or
pr..quotc,4 the u,>• ;._ r.4t-• .., r 1•; vi vF.
.11 rrut:tr, Lich vs in
explicalde ma:,ner, 11. e rerta.n rn ri I awn. , t,r
tYstem. 3d—a nnt^, hi,h rive. .one and J ingth
to the nervous n y s t, i . i . to: tenhh arm n_,•rtoell
pens of the body. 4.h — a whirl) am, la
perfect harmony with other indnnient, , . and 0 1 4 rium
en the bowebt, and expe'in Er •!e VaS Ot meant
and vittated matter. arid ;Nr, , :.:lz ti.c 1...033. 11 'XCh""
strops disease and re....t.:re , ben;:!).
.42:entspr Braerrd —Dr. 11. C. Porter.v.
J. AL Reed, Tou;M:.l., ; Athrns ; ‘!
Bullock & Co. 9 . mii!.tield; Bsroei A: Barley, ro•
leV ;H. Spear, Spri:.;•;:e1.1; 'Lira, Troy ;L D.
'Taylor, Burlington ; llrot; n Monreetn.
Parkhust & Lamb, Leroy; Chas. tallibone, Clam"'.
also T. B. H.,wland, Columbia, travels in the tifrez
counties. 4.4
THE i•u!)-ert: , (ir
nounce :u the putO.o
have now
to orde! all of
Cabinet Furniture,
such ac Sofadhvaos, LOU!
Center, C;!rd. Plaineand
fast To w r s. Niaho2;thr. 1-
nut, Maple and (Merry Hareaz,.
Standi a non. j
and Bedsteads of every description, which art, a , •
will be made of the hest unoc,•rtal and workiseuir
manner, and which they will sell for cash ^aft!'
than can be bought, in any other 11 4rt:-/WX
on hand on the most reasonable terw. A,N"'
HEARSE will be furnished on Pun era!
JANIE'S 31.1. M.W 3
Towanda. June 1, 1852.
ITR. OLMSTED, 'Norm rron of the Ittbel s
Yi nd the rl I traveli ng eha
patronage, and solicits the continuance of 'newt!
p , tt g bi i i % c •es ge h n k er t a tl i a l n y k , s
i t o o
r h ib lset ;',
will run regularly to and from the Ware'" P ': '
to meet the Mail Trains for the s eem:llllhr" •
strangers and travelers, who wish to visit 3
ant village on business or otherwise. 9 3"'
of first rate .
- Four Horse Coaches ,
are running through to Towanda. • Those
wilt be insured - a seat in the coach from thy'
and those going to the
RA I L-11 0 D
ca l i . stoP at Athens, and spend an boar or
vet s:
and tie insttred a conveyance in time to 4 'l
fegnlar trains of cars going East or West .
"Also those who wish to leave their teams fun
be conveyed to and from the cars free ot chart'.
'Athens; Sept., 1, 1852
ceived, and for sale by U. tit quantity ()Ist:put-tine dour,
Tcwantla, IG. I 93:1 •
I! L
% 11, -0