Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, April 23, 1853, Image 3

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,Apprentie Irsuat,o2.
BOT ab° at. 17 Tea l* of WI who can wine
o ft recommended as_to moral. ammeter. &a—
get ;situation as
applyingprenoe to he TIN.
LIG Witless by immediately to
wads, April 15,1853. HALL i f RUSSELL.
A D. BARTLETT. is now receiving a large
U. and carefully selected stock OT
• inirar 00028,
is gbt for cash since the., late decline in prices,
ili a be will otTer for teady pay at prices which
lot fail to give satisfaction—among other things'
o g e e particular attention to his assortment of
p re is Goods.
Apnl 15. 1859.1
'OTICE is hereby given, that a Special Court of .
, Corn. plea' will be held at the Court House in
boro of Towanda, commencing on Monday,
the 20th day orient next, at 10 o'clock,
nd io continue one week , at which the Hon. Rob,
l eo
G. White will preside for the trial of the follow
lee Wises to wit:
Ro be . rt Spalding vs Nathaniel Clapp et al
yeadletoo Riley & Co vs Henry W Tracey
Thomas Elliott vs Israel Smith
Welch, I,ongnecker & Co vs John Wood et al
Rohn Yowell vs H W Tracey, Minden. deei
tail Itichols vs Wm Coryell et al
Lpset Matson vs Ira Jennings et al
C vs DeCbastelaux Lyman Matson
Jae Beidleman vs Nedebrah Smith
Bono & Rebecca McGeorge vs Ebenezer Dun ,
ewton liompy vs Wm Humphrey
C L C DeChastelaux vs Ira Jennings et al
A. McKEAN t .Prothonotary.
Prothonotary's Office, Towanda, April 11, 1953
OLLECTORS of Bradford County are hereby
Cauthorized to make a deduction office per cent.
phis en he State Tax of every individual shall
or her State end County Taxes in who full, on
rrbefore the 2181 day of JUNE next, and the .same
steal: be allowed you in your settlement—provided
paid into the County Treasury
the same is by you
a or before the 22d or .22d days ofJune neat.
It, order of the C o mmissioners.
ComM'rs. Office, Towanda, April 1, 1853.
AI T just received at
O Towanda. Dec.__1:22._1852
IS lOW lIKEIVING • vskir
nick arc offered to the public at tchoksale or retail,
at very lora priccs.
Towanda, March 31, 1853.
Bats, Caps and' Bonnets.
RENCH Sdk, Cassimere, Kossuth, Panama,
FLeghorn, Canadian, Straw and Palm Lea( Hats.
Aim, a large assortment of Ladies' and Misses'
florae., Straw, French Lace, &c., Bonnets just
receivod at - , • . • . MERCUR'S.
April 5, 1853. . _
Boots & Shoos.
l ir:NS, \Cornetts, and Children' Boots and shoes
11 a very large assortment at ItIERCUR'S.
T ARGE addition to the aizivrtment of common
L Ind Sadlery Hardware now arriving at
April 6. 1853. MERCUIVS.
111PDS. more id' ihose cheap Brown Sugars.
I Cuiree, Crushed and Powdered Sugars, common
gA u ses,stuart's Syrup, superior Green and Brk.
Teas, Rio, Jars and Mocha Coffee. Also, all other
Imhof Groceries, except liquors. at wholesale or
read at MERCUR'S.
A ni i, 1853. •
French Embroidery.
rm BROWER ED collars. chemintts, flouncing.
tr Ceder sleeves, linen handkerchiefs. edgings and
!oserws at MERCUR'S.
WHITE CRAPE. brk silk andtottnd sbawls
IT for sale at MERCUR'S.
Those Indebted to Qs
Di' note ur book account will please take NOTICE
I/ that we ate in want of money, and must kare it.
Ail who neglect to vexed to this timely ,warning,
sty expect a visit febtnihe We' Constable. , No jo
kisz this amt. HALL. & RUSSELL.
loieanda, March 24, tRS3.
163- lICIII illtio WO SS 0
lizontsze2nrits & CO.,
Ciit'SY,lt of the Public Square and Main Street,
Towanda, Pa., respectfully give notice that
they are now opening and receiving direct from the
-City of New York, their NE W STOCK of SPRING
Sod SUMMER GOODS, which, with. their former
Rock on hand,comprtses one of tire largest and best
Rimed assanments to be found west of New York.
lining been purchased at
They are enabled to offer them cheaper than ever.—
They Invite particular attention to their assortment
• `f Ladies' Dress Goods
Consisting of Jaconet and Swiss Mastitis, Printed
ea Muslins, Merrimac,
Cocheea,Fr.ll Rites and other styles of
American Prints, irr endless variety, a
large assertment and for sale „
cheap. They have also a
- •large variety of YANKEE NO
TIC INS, embracing almost every thing
from a Crochet Needle to a Lady's Batch
el• They invite particular attention to their
ano, meat of Carpeting of alfpricesand styles.
Also, Spring and Surarael Hats, Boots and..
Shoes, Shoe Findings and Leather, Oro
cenes, Crockery, Shelf Hardware 4.e.,
Their Stock has heen selected with care, and will
be sold cheap. Farther comment is unnecessary
—give us a tall, and we will show you our goods
ana Prices, and convince you that the above is no
fiction. Oar motto is, " Small - Profits & Quick
Returns. - - MONTANYES & CO.
Towanda. March 16, ma.. ,
innv TORN.
tiv H. BAIRD, formerly of Bradford Co-. Pa
t' is still engaged with the firm of VanDusen,
and Jagger, oho hays this day removed to their
rev and spacious store N° d 0 Vesey street. corner
tteborch, (in the rear of the Astor Mouse) where
het' are prepared to exhibit a very large and
Eeteril assortment of Foreign and Domestic
uRY GOODS, adapted tothe cottatty trade' They
1411 krep a large stock of Merimac,Cochmh
et desirable styles of Prints. and oth-
Cash as, well as
tut class credit customers Will find it to their ia.
*,,,°° to call.
They have also a department 'devoted to the
SOOT and SHOE butanes', mulled confident they
ca t aerttetter bargains in that r line then - any exclu
lin Soot and IShoe house in New York, from the
het that the,expense is much less in proportion to
!t,e_ amount of hales. Mr. Baird flatters himself
losing the benefit of 15 Years experience the
11 licatitile business in Bradfford Co..his knowledge
- auk style of goods adapted to the Northern Penn
tiirania trade, will make it an, object for tnercb.
" I ' s doing business in that section to give him a
A °Tan/en fpr goods in the above limas will . be
Immptly attended to, and the articles warranted to
f-,;t satifutiop•
Ntw York,l‘lareh, 1,1)153.
to of of Leitsri Pnciat bitted - 61M Of
the CO* if ()Demon 'Pleas, ettlivadford4lo
[hand to me.dieeeted, butppsed to public sale.
at the Court•Bouse, in the bore- .of. Towenda...on,.
Monday,. the 24 day of MAY, at 1. „o'clock, P. Mat
the following lot, place or parcel land,
Ridgberry twills Bradford 00unty, State of Penn's-
Beginning at an elm tree standing on the west bank
o: Bentley Creek and running thence south 6 0 east
8 perches and 2.10 to the nonh.east curner of Abi
al Fuller's farm, from thence S. 1 I E. 30 perches to
a certain butternut tree Media; on the west aide of
the west embankment of the mill run; thence 8.3°
10" E. 10 perches to a post and stones, standing by
a white pine stump; thence 8.54 W. 8 perches and
7-10 to a postand stones; thence 8.2 E. 9 perches
an the south east corner of said Abiah Puller's farm,
being a butternut tree ; thence north 27 E. 14 per
ches to a. post, S. Be E.lB-7 to a hemlock tree stand.
ing on the east bank of said Bentley Creek a thence
N. 22 West 495 to s corner on the east bank of
said creek ; thence N. Be W. 8 perches to the place
of beginning. Containing-4 acres and 60 perches,
more or less, all improved, anti having thereon erec
ted a one and a half story frame house and a saw
mill together with the mill run and priviliges thereto
' belonging
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of S. B
tinning* Co. vs Asaph Colbom and C. T. Mut"
phe '
ALSO—A 'plece - or parcel of land in Wysoi twp.
and beginning at a black oak the north corner of
said tract deeded same day to party of first pan . ;
thence north 97° east 220 perches to a hickory on
the north litie - of said lot ; thence west 102 perches
to a maple standing on the east bank of the 'creek;
thence south 90 perches to a corner; thence west 32
perches to the west line of said lot ; thence south
along said line 146 perches to the beginning.—
Containing 67 acres and lUperches strictmeasnre,
be the same more or less. It being part of a larger
tract in the warrantee cf Martin Smith granted by
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. About 30
acres improved, be the same more or less, 1 small
framed house, 1 log house, 2 log sheds and a few
fruit trees thereon. •
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of An
na Dickinson. Maria Meredith, John Read. John M.
Read, and Margaret M. Read, who survived Prisciii
' la M. Read, vs Amos J. Vergnson, John Wood and
Levi Wood, terre tenants. _ .
ALSO—Piece or parcel of land in Granville twp.
end beginning at a hemlock south-east corner of a
lot originally contracted to Thos. Bailey Jr.; thence
north 115 perches to a post, north-east corner of said
Bailey's lot ; thence east 95 perches to the west
line of lot No. 133; thence west 95 perches to the
beginning. Containing 50 acrei and 75 perches,
strict measure, from the south end of lot No. 132 on
warrant lot No. 1473. About 35 acres improved.
with one log and framed house attached tnereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ste
phen Pierce, vs Barnabas Vroman and Lewis Pratt,
terre tenant.
ALSO—A piece of parcel of land in Franklin tp
and beginning at the north east corner of a lot run
out for Natha Wilcox. on the south bank of the
Towanda crek ; thence south sar east 64 and
5-to perchesot a post: thence south 169 5-10 per
ches to a heap of stones for a corner : thence north
84° east 48 perches to a post and stones ; thence
north 249 3-10 perches to a white maple for a cor
ner on the bank of the Towanda creek : thence up
the bank of the said creek, according to the several
course= thereof, to the beginning. Containing 77
and 120 7-10 perches and the usual allowance, &c.
About 90 acres improved. t trained house, 1 fram
ed barn, and an orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the
Bank of No th America to the use of Stephen ,
Pierce, vs Stuart
ALSO—A certain single Saw Mill situated on
Towanda creek, in the township of Monroe and
being the second saw mill from the mouth of 'to
wanda creek and,about two and a half miles from its
mouth, or where the same empties into the river,
being 64 feet in-length, 28 feet wide. and the lot or
piece of ground and curtilage appurtenants to the
said mill, together with all privileges pertaining
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of-Rte
land R. Rockwell and Myran A. Rockwell, vs Sy!.
wester White, Geo. W. White, Win. White and Eli
ALSO—By virtue of sundry writs of Vend.Eirpo.
nes a piece or parcel of land in Sheshequin twp ,
and bounded on the north by lands of Wm. Ste
, phenson and Clark Baxter, en the east by lands a
Patrick Murphey and U. J. Lent, on the south by
lands of Wm. Stephenson and Beni. Stephenson,
and an the west by lands of Win. Stephenson.—
!.Containing about 51. acres, about IC acres improv
ed, one steam saw mill two framed houses, 2 shan
tees and one log barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Pat.
rick Murphey now to the use of Win. Horton, vs.
Daniel Hill Jr. and Morris Murphey.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Sheshequin
and bounded on the north by lands of Abram
Paine. on the east by lands of John Horton, on the
south and west by lands of Samuel Vancise. Con
taining about 50 acres more or less, about 30 acres
I improved. one log and framed house attached to•
gether, one framed barn and a small orchard of fruit
trees thereon.
Seized and taken in executioc at the suit of
Welles & Harris, vs J. L. Vansice.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Albany twp.
and bounded on the north by lands of Freeman Wil
cox, on the east by lands of Augustus Sterriger, on
the south by lands of Jacob Jackson, and on the
west by lands belonging to the heirs of flora to
Ladd, deed. Containing about 100 acres, be the
same more or less. about 30 acres improved, one
block house, one framed barn, and t small orchard
of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at l the suit of John
Hanson, vs. James A. Paine.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land - in Rome twp.,
and beginning at the south east corner of a lot deed.
ed to Roderick Merely, thence south 65 perches to
a post due east from themorth east corner of a lot
heretofore deeded to John Cowley ; thence 89° west
passing along the F north line of said Cowley's lot
210 8-10 perches - -to the outline of the Leßoy tract
to a post, thence-north 1° east on said warrant or
out line 65 perches. to the south-west corner of the
said deeded lot, to Roderic Moreley's, thence south
69° east 240 8-10 perches to the beginning. Coo
tainine 9 j ‘ acres and 132 perches strict measure, be
the same more oil lest. about 90 acres improved, 3
framed hotises. 2 framed bans and a small orchard
of fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—One other lot piece cr parcel of land in
Rome twp., and bounded on the north by lanai of
Silas Gore, on. the east b) , lands of Silas Gore Jr.,
on, the booth by lands of Roderic Mdeeley.; on the
,west by lands of Geo. Horton and Warn Elliott. Con
taining49s acres, be the same more orless, about
50 acres improved, one large framed barn, aria two
story framed dwelling house and an orchard of
fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of C.
N. Shipman vs Richard C. Len}, Frederick Morley,
'F. M. Lent and Agathy Lent.
I rL/30—A piece or parcel of land in Smithfield tp.
d bounded on the north by lands of E, 8. Tracey
and C. Corse, on the east by lands of U.. Moody,
B.Batisbery. H. M. Hall and A. Phelps, on the south
bY, lands of A. Phelps and J. Phelps, and on the
west by lands of A. Jones, A. Pierce, J. C. Aldrich;
D, Holmes and L. IL Pierce., Containing about 26
acres, be the same more or less, about 10 acres ims
proved. with one steam grist millions waggon shop
and lumber shop attetchetttwo dwelling houses and
ono grocery building thereon.,
I ALSO—One other lot piece or parcel of land in
Sinitbfield twig, and bounded on the north by lands
of Aldrich; east by lands of E. S. Tracey,
south by the Public highway. sad west by lands-of
IT. Moody. 'Containing about Oar% all improved
with one framed dwelling house, and one framed
barn thereon: 4
Seized and' taken in exeenriorr at the suitof C. W.
Shipman, vs H. M. and Q. 8. Peck,
ALSO—Apiece or parcel of land in Ulster pipp..
and hounded on the north by lands of ebates -Rol
comb, on the east by lands of Horace Heath,
south by the highway leading from Ulster to Smith'
field. on the west by lands of Opel . Sweet.. Con•
mining about one-fourth °l v an acre, all improved.
with one framed house thereon..
Seized and taken in execution' at the suit of
Smith, J. Culp and E. T. Smith, copartners, &e.
Nathan Olmsted. •
ALEIOA piece or parcel Oland In - Warren tp. 1
and beenaingsda post earner:a knit No. 211 and
k:that:Swot* reastakros the littulOthttlisiSS•
.1010-tO. perches to a posfeareer: or istd,l6o4li.
21 & BS whklice - cif IA . .876'.. -- 211, Niece' aloniC !he
line of lot No. 20 'nibs*. 67° vat AO - pirChes to i
Post, corner of icit#l6#. 19. 20. 21 and IS 10 11 Oh'
lic road; thence alone said. ro and.the line
No, 18, south 32 3-4° West I I 340 perches to a
post corner of lot No. 18 and S in the said baundai
ry line. thence along the said Hie; south fat alit
105 9-10 perches to the begirning. Contain ing 49
acres, bounded south by Caleb Carmales land
north by lot No, 20, east by lot No. 22, and west by
lot No. 0, and being part of a larger tract of land
granted to "Said Charles S. Cox. . ,
ALSO—One other lot of landknown Si No. 29 in
Trcwbr dge's, resin:ay of bid Charles M. Cox's
lands in Warted twp. aforesaid; Beginning at the
45 milestone in the boundary line between the State
ofPa. and, N. Y..thence along said State line - am*
86 I, deg. east 73 3-10 "perches to a post Corner of lot
N 0.24, thence south 3 deg. west 9$ 8-10 perches to
a past: a dorner of lots No. 22, 23 and 24, lbeoce
north 87 deg. West 129 8-10 perches to a post, as a
public road cornet of lots No. 18, 19 and-21, thence
alongsaid road and boundary line of lot No M.
north 32 3-4 deg. east 1183-10 perches to the begin
blew, mile stone corner of lot No. 19.- Containing
61 9-10 acre', be the sattie more or 'less, bounded
north by the State of N. Y, south by lots No. St and
22, east by lot No. 24, and West by said public road
and lot No. 19, About 76 acres improved on the 2
lot# No. 21, and.22,as above described, one framed
honie. one framed barn and" small °related of
fruit trees thereon. , . . •
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of WM.
P. Russell, vs. Asaph Bascom. -
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Ridgberry
twp. and bounded on the north by lauds of Wm.
Ball, on the Batterson road, on the east by landsof
Wm. Seely. on the south by lands of Wm. Stevens,
and ou the west by lands of J. F. Seely, D. S. Brown
and C. G. Doty. Containing , about 40 acres, be the
same more or less, about 24 acres improved, one
framed dwelling honie, one small stable, ohs shed
and some fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Chas.
Westbrook, vs. B. Seely, Phebe Seely and Wm.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Tuscarora
twp., and bounded on the north by lands of Samuel
Bennett, on the eas: by lands of John Clapper, Wm.
P. Clapper and Chandler Bixby, on the south by
lands of N. P. Babcock. and on the west by lands of
Franklin Babcock and P. M. Bostwick. Containing
about IN acres, be the same more or l^ss. about 90
acres improved, one log house and one framed barn
and a young tipple orchard thereon.
Seised and taken in execution at the suit of Wil.
son 4 en, vs. J. C. Culver.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Bowe twp.
and bounded on the north by the estate of M. Can
non, east by land of G. Vought, south by estate of
M Cannon, and west by land of M. S. Maynard.--
Containing 45 acres with 25 acres improved, with I
framed house and an apple orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Elka•
na Smith, vs John L. Cannon.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Herrick twp.
and bounded on the north by binds Of Daugherty,
east by lands of Joseph and Buttersill, south by
tae lands of the Dupont's, and west by land. of
Myers Read, Hiram Gordon & Brothers. Contain
ing shoat 115 acres. be the same mure or less,
about 2 acres improved, and a few fruit trees
ALSO—One other piece or parcel of land in
Herrick twp., bounded north and east by lands
of Edwin 8111, south and west by the Dupont lands.
Containing about one acre, be the a; me more or
less, one framed house and one framed barn there.:
Seised and taken in execution at the suit of
Septor Brown, vs Charles Sill.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Albany tp.,
and bounded op the north by lands of N. N Bens,
on the east by lands of Daniel English. on the south
by lands belonging to the heirs of Harriet C. Mill.
er, on the west by lands belonging to the Coal
Company. Containing 100 acres, about 30 acres
improved, and log dwelling and one log barn there
on erected.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Geo.
E. Shipman & Charles Gordon ors Rollin - Wit.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Canton tp.,
and bounded un the north by lands of L. J. Andrus,
on the east by lands of A. D. Spalding. on a e south
by lands of Mammy and Henry Tinklepatigh. and
on the west bylands of Eli Rockwell. Containing
about 20 acres, 15 improved, and one framed house
ALSO—One other piece or parcel of land in Can.
ton twp, and bounded on the north by lands of A.S.
Spalding, on the east by lands of L. 1. Andros, on
the south by lands of Chauncey and Henry Tick.
lepaugh and on the west by lands ofJoel Taylor.—
Containing about 15 acres.
Seized and taken in ex. cation at the snit of Geo.
W Ketchum vs Wm. D. Elliot.
ALSO—A piece or parcel 'Aland in South Creek
twp, and bounded on the north by lands formerly in
the occupancy of Calvin Bud and lands of Wil
liam J. Fuller. east b! lands of Vincent Owen, south
by lauds of Henry Spencer, and west by lands of
Charles White. Containing about 52 acres be
the same more or less, about 3. acres improved,
framed house, 1 framed barn ar a small orchard
of fruit trees thereon.
Seivd and taken is executi at the suit of Ed
ward Mead now to the use of Johu Thompson. vs.
Henry T. Graves.
ALSO—A piece or parcel land in Shrshequin
twp, and beginning at a hemlock sapling the north.
west corner of Wattle's and Allen's lot, thence north
89 deg. west 50 perches to a post by lot of Win.
Stephenson's, thence by rail, lot north 1 deg west
182 4-10 perches to a post on lands of Benj. Ste.
phenson, thence south 89 deg east 50 perches to a
beech corner, thence north 1 deg east 162 4-10 per.
ches - to the place of beginning. Containing 50 acres
and 120 perches. be the same .more or less. about
12 acres improved, one steam saw mill. two framed
houses, two shantees and one Ingham thereon erect
Seized and taken in execution at the sok of Rus
sel 8 Ayre and Francis 8. Ayre now to the use of
N. L' a ltelph vs. Asa F. Eastman &I Patrick Mar,
phy, and tore tenants.
Alherifrs Office, Towanda, April 6, 1853.
• Notice is hereby gi•en, that an antormt equal to
the costs, will be required to be paid upon each sale
whet week down to the bidder, and upon a failure
to comply with this regulation, the tract of land will
again be offered fur sale.
sniar.trr se=
BY virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa. issued out of the
Court of Com. Pleas of Bradford County and to
me directed, will be exposed to public sale at the
Court House in the hero' of Towanda. on Saturday
'the 30th day of APRIL, at I o'clock, P. M.„ the fol
lowing piece or parcel of land situated in Sheshe.
gain twp., end bounded on the north by lands of.loo.
Runde% east by lands of Daniel B. Collier, south
by lands of Jeremiah Kilmer and the creek and
west by lands of John McMahon. Stephen Newell,
Albert Tattle, Wm. Tattle and E. B. Tuttle. Coro
taming 72 terve. be the same more or leaf, about 50
acres thereof improved, with a framed house and
framed barn thereon erected.
Seized and taken in execktion at slur snit of Dan.
iel.B. Culver, va, Timothy Middaugh.
O. THOMAS, Sheriff.
Siberia's Office, Towandit,APril 6; BOK+
Notice is hereby given - , &at an' anlbtdlW equal to
the costa,"will be rillAted' to k tea tra each
sale !ben struck downle the bidder. and upon a
&Bari to domply with [hi') regulation; the tract of
land' wilf sgaiw be oared KW sale..
AD/instant:tows Nol , a.
A LL persons indebted to tbe estate of Wm. L.
XL Grenell, deed, lame Barliegton township, are
hereby requested to make payment without delay ;
and all' persons having demands against Bei& estate
are requested to present them duly authenticated
tbr settlement ANN E. GUNNELL.
i • - Administrators.
, i - 19arebr 111; 195 a
:I:09' 1 11e as of' 8A!..5,..,-ItitActertidiv• add fo
Towanda, March - =; 165.
r:::7T , TI)
:1853. 1853 .
t; •
Irak 4b
11 410e171 # "104' "eiits Mid
eatiiiiirithiatite l y
hies ter P ll 4. Cleo_ g.#l,lF
alae Mane 1 ' )
and intend k epi ij !fie largest"stock, "ad assort
ment of
that can be found in the States. Terms and pri•
ces bausfactor,'' ' HANFORD & BROTHER.
99 Pmt ROi. opposite the Astor House.
New York. Birth 9,1858.
C. iIIOMAS, Sheriff.
• • THE subscribers titer for rent for a
; 4 1 . 1 tenireir Pearl, their - TAVERN •,ICrAND
1111'? andATORE at Bornbrook; io Shet,ltego in
Mieraddp. The . Tavern Is a large and
well-arrange 4 binding. With itabling attached. well
caloOlitted for ifHotel,andis well li.cateil rat busi
ness. Tivii of three ains.will be .rented With the
Tavern, with an diehard. Tbilitore Is
a new building. or good eize.and ibelicaticin a first
rate one fur the mercantile toisinetior Will be
rented riparately or together at ihe :will O the ap
plicant.,o; .7 .. • • - . BRINIC..4BON.
HornbroOli 11;"1 - M .
" . 111C211-111L7 1 3r/111 • -
VHERtAS, niy 'wife. OATH/AM. has left
my bed and board. without any just cam
or_ProTocation, this .is herebY to , forbid all peisoris
from harboring or trusting her on my , account, a"
I shall pay no debts of her contracting.
Asylum. Feb. 15, 1853. oElt HASFORD:
Alas persons indebted to the estate of CHARLES
FORTES, deed late of Rome twp., are hereby
requested to make payment without delay : and all
those having demands against said estate will pre.
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
WILLIAM FORBES, Adm i n istrators
Feb. 17, 1853.
der 31145..11011J1GM9
18 this day receiving from New York. an assort-
J mcnt of New Winter Goods,
which will be disposed of on the most reasonable
terms_ fur ready pay.
Towanda, Feb. 16. 1853.
SURE Relief for Disease and Pain, warranted to
give Relief, or the money refunded. A written
guarantee Is given to each purchaser. and if the ar
ticle is not all it is represented to be, the money
will be refunded. Cures all Nervous complaints.,
&c. Sold by Dr. H. C. PORTER, Towanda. Pa.
Feb. 16, 1853.
/IL 411:::1111L1B3LX1114.
VN. WILSON, formerly of Bradford County,
• Pa, re n ns his thanks to his friends fur past
favors, and .elicits the continuation of their patron
age. Having made arrangements It. continue with
the km of Fuller 4 Dayton Na 143 West street, be
tween Barclay and Ye-ey streets, where he can be
found always ready to supply his customers want
ing GROCERIES, with a supply at low prices and
on favorable terms. Particular pains will be taken
to keep on band desirable goods fur that section of
the country.
New-Yrnir, Feb: 9,1852.
es A\
..:t• rtunoxic
i?k ‘
441 . 1 '.ei; 44- :,/ 1 RAVERS.
MN'S extraordinary preparation .has been fur ma.
-L ny years the most cation and speedy remedy
those suffering from obstinate and confirmed Coughs,
they give the moat immediate and perfect relief, end
when great liability to take cold exists, and &troub
lesome Coeglr succeeds the slightest exposure, these
WAFERS produce the most marked results , They
at once relieve tfie Cough and other symptoms. and
entirely remove that morbid irritability and weak.
ness of the Lungs which give rise to the complaint.
The medical propeltles are combined in an agreea
ble form and ptealant to the taste, so that any child
will readily take then► : and they' are, warranted to
give relief in tea minutes after use in all cases.
Price 25 cents per flex. For sale by Dr. H. C.
PORTER, Towanda. Pa.
Towanda, Feb. 9,18,53.
Clover need.
A n BUSHELS of Clover Seed just received and
'1 for Pale by the subscribers at the lowest cash
pike, or ezcbanged for most kinds of produce.
Towanda, Feb. b, 1883. BAILEY &lIEVINS.
- -
THE subscribers have made arrangements for a
quantity of Plaster, to be delivered in the Spring
which will be sold for 1.6,50 per ton for ready pay.
Wheat, Rye, Corn, Oats sod Buckwheat will be re
ceived in payment at the going cash price.
'Towanda, Jan. 27, 1959. BAILEY *NEVINS.
L O. of o. r.
1111? EGMAR Meeting of tradford Eneaummen
are held at the Odd Fellows Hall on the even
ing of the Ist and' 3d Fridays of eaeh month.
C. 8. FLURSEI.I.. Heribe.
AL Friendly Call
THE subscribers are compelled by the necessity
of liability to ask those knowing themselves
indebted, to came and settle and make payment,
etheratise they need not be surprised to find their act
coasts lodged where payment can be enforced.
Towanda, Feb. 4;1853. MONTANYWS & Co.
The accounts and notes of ISAAC POST deed,
are at the,store cC the above firm, and immediate at
tention to their settlement will save cost.
THOMAS ELtiorr. '
Towanda, Peb. 4, 1953: Admiriistrators.
te-s :; • 1 e.-• -zo : ii.",
1P33.094730X13 0 252.190.15.
HL' citizens of the bor . o' Tonlantea and vicin
ity.. are respectfully informed that the subscri
ber has commenced fintidets on the south corner
of Main and Bridge sireeis, where be will keep on
hand and for sale, every attainable article in his
line: It it his intention to keep a constant supply
of Groceries and Provisions
to meet the wants of the community, which will be
selected with care. and sold at the lowest price.
He has a large stock of Confectiosary and nuts.
and all other artieles ih.the'grocery
Pamir. Fish, Cimdles, Eggs, ' , Ned all the different
kinds ofproVision2 lebrobetined, will be kept on
Cash pate for Butter. Lard • and Eggs, and
most of the articles sold by the farmer.
Oysters, received every day by Egress fiom New
York. and screed upin * superior style. and sole
. by the gam, quart or pin&
Give the a stilt— as tam deterannert by MP
stant attention to buSiness to desires, as [,Rope to
secure a share of public patronage:
Towanda. Jan. 8.1852. ?matt.
liesubscriber having dincontinued lilt business
thia place, word Mtn eighteen months ago,
and m Omell sit months itince k would.respectfolly
meant every personknoWing -himself indebted to
him. so call and up be thodeth of April next,
or their notes or accounts will he left with, a awn;
ote for collection. • ,„N.N. BEM,
Towanda, March Itlu. •
HH &Lek- itETURN
orsilivitil4k9l4.fSkOitl ` ca+ l ;no g4itaitz
ciliation', Max 114 , NE Wll MD
IMPOSITE TIM WAIL!) 11011111.11.
BUNTLI4CI respectfully informs his friends and
the public generally. in teen and the surround.
log country. together with " all the -rest of man.
kind," that he has just received frdm Pew York.
one of the-most complete assortments of Mens and
Boys Ready Made Cldthing.ever before offered in
Towanda.together with Cloths. Cessimeres. Vest•
lugs, and Timings which be will! make -up in the
most approved style. and at the lowest price.
He has - also on hand one uf the must fashionable
stock otiournishing Goods. such as Woolen Co.
&robins, Overshirta, Overalls. Drawer.. and every
article in his line pertaining to Gentiemens' War
drobe, which will be sold cheaper than any • other
Clothing Store in Bradford Coonty.'
Heim confident that frota his lung experience that
he can give general satisfaction. Ile employs none
but the most expert workmen,. and; feels assuo.d that
his work a 111 not suffer by comparison with the best
city shops either in elegance of workmanship or el,
egance of atyle; and hopes by strict attention to
business. to..merit a continuanceof that litter"' pat
ronage whit* has been extended to him heretofore.
Returning sincere thanks for, past invoioe asks
the public to give him a call end see for themselves.
CCDVITINO done as want and warranted,, to
fit if properly : made np,CI) „ „
Don't. mistake the place, on the Corner of
Main at.. and the public square, oOposite the Ward
'Tis even so, this world is!' all a stsgs," . •
And gents Mist dress in this.progiessive age, •
Each have their taste of :style, of cut and dress—
The question asked where can we get the best! ,
Where can the largest stock of goods be found?
Say when the Cheapest find best abound
Where can we at the shortest notice g et
A coat, a vest and pantaloons that ut I
To answer these, I frankly say to all
The cheapest place is " Bunting's Clothing Hall."
Towanda, Den: 29, 1881. _
Aratuminni, & do.
TN the Brick Block, next door to Atercurs store have
.1- jest added to their stuck, a large and fashiona
ble assortment of
!Ready made Clothing,
of every variety, both of style and price, to which
they ask the attention of the public. This is now
the largest stuck
Ever Offered in 7bwanda 1!
and will be sold at prices considerable lower than
ever before known in this place.; Our goods are
selected with a regard both to style and price, and
offer indacements,not to be met with at any other
__Tooranda, or_oth
ors in want ofOZOCI will find
at our establishment, in this- section of the coy, ntry,
and made in such style and materials as to ensure
satisfaction. We shall endeavor by
to secure patronage'. feeling confident that our arti
cles will glee satisfiction to the purchaser.
The assortment comprises every article required
for a gentleman's outfit. TERMS--CASH.
Overcoats, Coats Pants, Chrysalis Caps 4-c.
Locarroas.—Next door south of Mercur's Main
st. Towanda ; and No. 7 Water st. Arnofirs Han l e
Elmira; and tinder A: C. Porters
. Hotel, Tioga Vill
age, Tioga Co. Pa.
Towanda May 29th 1851.
_ _ _
NAM' MCaal
WitZnr &
AVE just completed a large and fine
yy finished
Store on the site of the two they bad borne?,
and filled it with the largest and most comprehens
ive stack of
Ctroteries, Provisions, ranked Notions;
Fruit, Confeationory, 'toys, *e l dm
ever exhibited thiS aide of the city.
We h aye bought:: for cash, articles of the best
quality ; consequently are prepared to sell at es
low prices as the same quality can be bought at
any other place. And we flatter ourselves that if
fortune has been against us, (fire having consum
ed two stores and one stock of goods) our old cos•
o ners will not follow the precedent, if they call
and see our stock and bear the exceellingiy foto
prices. Among the many articles we have are
Tea, sugar, coffee, chocolate,. cocoa, molasses,
Ste :ran t s syrup, ginger pepper, spice, cloves, nut
megs, Oarsman, saleratu+, soda, cream tarter,
ground mustard, pepper sauce, catsup, can•
dies, bar soap, vinegar, starch &c., &c.
Mess pork and beef, hams and shoulders,
wheat flour, buckwheat flower; corn meal.
soda and butter crackers, mackerel', codfish,
shad. nearing, potatoes, beans : onions, &c., &c
PRIIIT .1121r3) NtrirtS_,
Preserved prunes. citrons, English coriants,raTsins,
green and dried apples. Almonds, filberts, &noble
and rnaderia walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, chest
nuts, hickory nuts, &c.
PeLVELEE Jr07164.4"9
Ivory, born and wood pocket combs, toilet, combs, '
fine combs; hair, cloth, teed?, Wash% and bfacking
brushes, wallete.pone monies, and purses of many
styles, pocket , ink stands, pbcket and sittaif fancy
mirrors, lobaceo, boxes, snuff' boles. and almost
every article re thif •fritv. • Walt boles. toiletcases,
secretatnee, prin . and Custiroidered, work baskets of
many styles.
Gerrson,Frenth - and Ansericran 'TOYS of every de
scription andpriee. re* Obrtherr ang pewter tea
setts, for little girls, and'a few boys' slerghs.
*Asfiron dairy salt, ground rock salf,SaApa salt boils
,coarse and Abe:, Agso, a cinanti.o of ihiti Stone
Lime. •
. CA*II)Y . wholesale or retail; alr kind's and
innumerable - other articles, for the new dtore
opposite the Oiturtlifonse.
• Towanda, Dec. 1 , 1852 BAILEY 1 . Itt DIS.
_ -
Borough Ordinance,
BE it ordained •by theoroverr Coar.cil of the Hord
of Towanda, in cannel, assembled, ov the sib
day of April,' A . -D., 1853. That if any person or
penions shall pile. lay, or store, any fiTrards, plank.
or acintrog, shingles' or timber, upon the Ohne
squire,for within any of the politic streets, such
person or persons shall forfeit' and• pay for every
each offence the, stint of' /lie Dollars for every day
the said property shall remain upon the said square
or in any - pun of said streets, after notice from a
street ContMintiorier ortha TOFU Council to tv ,
move the same.
Prookkil that while any person shall be 'reedits
a building. be may occupy opposite his land foe
reasonable length of time a portion of the Mores
for the purposes aforesaid. out Itroweifer in a manlier
to °borne% travel.
WM EI.WSIAIk, %pips's.
3.. F. MEANS,
N. N. DETTS k room Conned.
Attest—H- MaPtipiu,
Towasda. April 15.1853. •
iILOYEA and HOSIERY oftevety delteriagoa at
" Dec.),1.0;t52..
8.. Cr -
f ,. SAVE
inintalatthittt9WLlMP“MAlMlV • ._
• . RideaDery, oat
pot on • ' . •. • Wit ft. every '
%finlike. aing
vissaar andllistar at A o'clock A. S I AM attic*
at diode* in time to tits the analog Mil of i
either east or nest. same 'day. ' •
Returning Tocsiat, Ina
after the arrival of the-Eastern trniN sing --abn,disii
We. tern cars from Jefferson; Elmira, Ike.;" toff*
rive Sit Towanda moos day. ,
Fiat r-z-Tentfaida to Mercer's Ohi o . -
to Burlington.'
" •to Eastl mttb eld. _
tv Rldisebery. 1.00
-to VVEllsburg depot., 1,2$
Express packages to or froth the Rail Road care
fully delivered at moderate charger.. hi -
..iltJa •
Towanda. Oct 8. 1852.
RROISTER'S NOTlCE .— Notice is hereby
• en that there hare been Bled and settled in thi
office of the Register of ills, in and fur the amity
ef Bradford, accounts of adminiatiation iipto thong.
towing estates
Final account of Thomas, ,Mather guardian of
Thos. Mather - --2d. minor child of John Mather late
of Ulster, deed.
Final aceonni of Francis Tyler & D. Forbes
wita'rs. of the estate of.lnst in Forbes hue of Athens,
-Final savant ofJohn Watkins and Befal l =
adders:. of the'estato of Israel Stone late Of
Final account of Henry Drake adm'r of the iits:
tate of Francis Drake late of Athens born'. deed...
Final NisiidniorN. P. Aspenwall and L' M.
enwait adnirs of the estate of Edson Aspinwall. lists
of Towanda_ bow'. deed.
Final account of J. W. Vannest .adm'r. of the
estate of . Leonard Webb, late of Standing . OW*
deo'd., -; •
Final account ofHollin Wilc& eer,of,the esMte
of Harriett IC. Miller late of Annul, deed.,
And the same will be presented to the Orphan's
Court of Bradford county, on Monday. the 4th day
May nest„,for confirmation and allowance. -
H. L. SCOTT, Register. ,
Register's Office, Towanda, April 1,1853
A LL persona indebted to the estate of MIN
ri M. DEN A RI'SI; deeined, tam of Windhain
are tierety requested to MateMimediate plyn len&
and thbse having claims against dad estate, *ill
please present them duly authenticated for settle•
March V. and.
EA• .1F•,
itettben knead, vs Lydia Smead, in Bradford Cowt.
ty, Com Pleps, No. 361 Sept Term 1852.
YDIA RIAU It; defendant in the above ceder r
[4 You are herby notified that - IftentWn linseed;
your husband, has filed his Milian fae a ditofed
from the bonds of matrimony. /tad an alias sub. -
pcena has been returned, and proof made that pit
are not to be found in said county. You am_ gm":
fore, hereby required to appear at he Court Mob*
in the born of Towanda. on Monday the 2d day tit
May nest, being the first day of May term of said
court of toca pleas. to answer the said coalplaint.
and show cause, ifany you have, wby the said
Reuben shall not be divorced from you.
C. THOMAS. 811eriff,
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, M veli, 9 11151
see wirdacti.
Jonathan P Ipt, rs Mary Jaffe Phelps. in Brd:'
ford County, Corn. Please No. 287 DeS. item
ARY JANE PH ELPS.defeodant n the above
cause : You are hereby Dotted that Jollathan
H. Phelphs, your husband. has sled his petition
for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony.
an alias subprens has beon ovum:eh:Land proof sada
that you are not to be found in' said County. You
are, therefore, bereby requite a id appear at the
Court House. in' the born' of Trowandi. on Monday.
the 2d day offM l ay next, being the firit day of Mar
term of said court of com. pleas, to answer the itaid
complaint. and show cause, if any you have. -
the said Jonathan shall not be divorced from you.
C. THOMAS, Sheriff.
Sherill's Office. Towanda, Marchp, 1135.2.
persons indebted to the estate of BEM.
All PRATT, dec'd. late of Troy. are hereby
requested to make payment without delay, and those
having claims against said• estate, will please pcir
sent !berm duty emthentiCattil for settlement
LEON 4i upliAm.
March 23. 1253.
11.1.11.'. • 1177 - .Ttil AI.II r,l
Oitiee in the norib end o`the Ward House, itatsly
by Laporte, Mason & Co.)
Towanda, March, 5. 1853.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Bragfard Countg,
in hie mal'er of Daniel Brink vs S. D' Axon.
TH B undersigned having been appointed by de
Hon. the Court of Corn. Pleas, of Bradford
County, an Auditor to make distribution of de
funds raised by Sheriff's sale of th'e real estate of 8.,
D. Horton. Notice Is hereby giVon that the and',
tor will attends% Wm. Elwell's office in the hermit*
of - Tow:rads, on Saturday the 23d day of April nest.
at 1 o'clock, P. AT., lo' attend to the duties pertaitv
ins to his pike, Ift Which time and place_all pet ‘ s ,
one having claims upon said fund ao a required ter
peseta' them, or be. furever debarred from coming
in upon the.aame. HARVEY McALMi t Auditor.
Towanda, March 21,11163. -
In the Court Coot/firm Plots of firrtrifork County,
in fhe molter of Theodore lilidetami triad*
rey. vs../cAu4 Baker •
THE undersigted having Wert apptitatellbylbe
Han. the Court of Com. nese. of; lltadfirt
_County an auditor fet make distrihetiod 6T the funds
raised by lthreirs safe of the:tekT enact! of Joshga
Baker. Istoefelt hereby given that the Auditor
will autocrat _Win'. Efwelre /Ake to the borough of
Towanda. on Banirdey the 23d day of April nut.
at 3 o'clock; P. Rt. to attend to the duties pertaining
to ht., office. at which time and place all• perm*.
having Claims Own' imidlotd, are required to pm
bent them or be foreier debarred from corning lib
upon-the same. , HARVEY McALPIN, Auditors
Towanda. March ttl, 18153.
THE Subsc J iihers having formed a copernvikrip
under the firm of S%TELTON & CO, fordeft
ing • genera l business. wcpld respectfully:
ask Vote' keepers and all others in want: cf any.
thing in their litre to give them a call. We intend
keeping on' trod a general assortment of Foreign
Liquors, which we mitt sell cheaper than.any one
else India County. from the fact tbm we buy direct
from the importers. and thereby save a large profit
-charged by theN.Y. Jobbers ; Liquors are erarreat.
ed pure and free from adulteration. Also onasuutt
ly on hand Whiskey of the best:quality. 1 We Wet.
made arrangeme.its by which we Gas faraisle. oar
customers with my quantity of 'Binglarearee BE Zit
fresh freka the Brewery. Fleece. give al a calbt.-.
Toe notes and accounts of the *Wirral of. S. Fel.
ton & Co., rue in our bands foie seulatmen;.
8. FELTON...
B. T. PDX.
Towanda. Dec. 1,183 t:
reap* C.U. LYON, have established
ill themselves in Mintrottoo. intend carrying en
.the'above business In all its various branches. and
respectfully solicit ashore of the ppblic patroller.
•A -choice stock of • .
will be kept on hand and for sale at ths , kisiestpri;
cm: Miss Lyon will becoastantly udvisettor the ,
latest fashions by the copse: ion • in thpUityoktkirrin
endeavours will be spared to rbtaat,
Monroeton, Nov. LAU..