Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, March 19, 1853, Image 3

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Aorougti Ordipasice..
couscies 9mcs,Februm 21, 110
a T a stlebqkg of the Titre .Contril ofthe borough
d Towanda, the . following Ordinance was
thrMs : Be it ordained by the Town Con& if
ou gh of Towanda, that hereafter no building
s hell be erected or moved within the limits of said
bomo gb without application first - made to the Conn.
i n writing, stating the kind of building materials
io be grante d use its construction, and its locality—and
a pe rmit g by said Council in pursuance of
y d application ;also, that no wooden building shall
temo r mr be erected within the following limit, to
mi; On Bridge Street, within 80 feet of either side
;laid R
street, from theßiver to Main street ; on
s i n; Street within 10(1 feet of either side of said
wed f ro m Bridge street to State street ; and within
f o f e e; of either side of the Public Square. And
metbereafter oo wooden building shall be moved
within said limits from any place without the same
And any woolen building erected upon, or moved
m io ! aid limits in violation of this ordinance, shall
be deemed and the person so et 'cling
or mov ing su ch building shall be punished accord-
WM. ELWELL, Burgess.
tati • -
-Ma f
rch 15,1153. If Multi. PIN E. Clerk.
LIZZL usr 2.1170.11021. 1
Reu b en Smead, vs. Lydia Smead, in Bradford Coun
ty Com Pleas. !'o. 361 ....Sept Term 18b2.
•T• yiNASMEAII, defendant in iht. aboie causf :
L Toe are herby notified that Reuben Smead.
your husband. ha. filed his petition for a divorce
from the bonds of matrimony. -And an alias sub.
pctaa hie been returned. and proof made that you
are hot to be found in said county. ird u are , t h ere ,
fore. hereby required to appear at .he Court House.
ths born of Towanda, on Monday the 2d day of
miy „,,, being the first day of May term of said
nun of corn. pleas. to answer the said complaint.
and rho. , cause, truly you have, why the said
Ruben >hall no! be divorced from you.
C. THOMAS, Sherd.
stein Mee, Towanda, Margh, 9 IBM
.11L ., U , L . L . 1 .. 1 . J111,• 1 •o-
j oiw ian 114 helps. rs Mary Jane Phelps in Brad
ford County, Corn. Please .No. 267 Dee. Term
iIARY SINE PHELPS. defendant in the above
cause: You are hereby notified that Jonathon
Iph e i rt hß, your husband, has filed his pet.tion
hr4divrce from the bonds, of matrimony. And
in subpen a has beon returned, and proof mode
mat rou are not I.( be found in said county. You
re. therefore, hereby required to appear at the
coon !loose. In the Ivoro' of Towanda. on Monday.
the 2d (lay of May next, being the first day of May
win of said court of corn. plas, to answer the 'raid
eeraplamt. and show cause, if any you have, r why
the said Jonathan shall not he divorced from you.
C. THOMAS, Sheriff.
Sheritts Ottice, Towanda, March 9, 1953..
ZAILICUIS ratxrearairna
the north end of the Ward House, (lately occupied
o Laporte, Maenh & Ca.)
Towanda, March, 5, 1953.
Br virtue of a writ of Levari Facia. issued Out of
he Court of Coumon Pleas, of Bradford 'oun-
•:,and to me directed, will be exposed to public sale,
at the Court House, in the boro' of Towanda, on
ttatorday the 9th day of April, at I o'clock, P. M.,
be following lot, piece or parcel of land situated in
Ralaberry twp., Bradford County, state of Penn's-
Beginning at an elm tree standing on the west bank
3:l3entley Creek and running thence south 6° east
I terches and 2-10 to the north-east corner of A bi-
Fuller's farm, from thence S. II E. 30 perches to
'mum butternut tree otanding on the went side of
.r west embankment of the mill run ; thence S. 2°
'C• E. 10 perches to a pot and , tones.-standing by
grime tune stump; thence S. 54 W. 6 perches and
r-lOto a pod and stones ; thence 8.2 E. 9 perches
Is the tomb east corner of said A hiah Fuller's farm,
14.:ng a butternut tree ; thence north 27 E. 14 per
to a post, 8. r• 8 E. 8-7 to a hemlock tree stands
•; on the east hank of said Bentley Creek ; tl-nee
N.!: West 4'35 In a zorner on the east bank of
str.!eretk ; thence N. PS W. 9 perches to the place
sclninnine. Containing 4 acres and GO perches,
ante or les., all improved, and having there,•n
edscne and a half story frame house sand a saw.
..eether with the mill run and prtviliges thereto
!, And taken jn execution al the suit of S`l3
rrin g 4 Co. va A . ssph eblhorn and C. T Mut-
C• THOMAS. Sheriff.
Saer,ls O,ace , Towanda; March. 1 - 7, 18341.
Nance t. hereby ei.ett. that an amount equal to
. .)econ, will be required to be paid apart each sale
von 'track down to Ihr-bidder; and upon a failure
, i , epir with this reanlatiOni the matt bf tend will
Rea he offered for sale,
1. •
Ir H. BAIRD, formerly of Bradford Co.. Pa.
II I rs ern eng * aged with the firm of VanDusen,
Wirth, who have this day removed to their
reartous - stoVe.N° 40 Vesey street. corner
iC l lstelt. fin the re.r of the Astor. House) where
I" ire prepared to eshibit a very farce and
leenl s.sorirlient . of Foreign) and Domestic
kV GOODS, adapted to the country trade. Tlary.,
In e stak of Merinsac. Co • heo. and oth
de,trable sly It a of Piin IP. ,Cash as well as
eiars emit customers will find it to their in.
to ra il.
They have also a department devoted to the
iT and SHOE business , . and feel eonfrdent they
der better 'narstains in that fine.tMen any e xclu
ttsk,st and shoe house in Kew York, from the
I :hat the expense is much less in' propoi lion to
'arsvint of sales. Mr. Baird ,fiatirri himself
naviae the benefit 0f.,15 yearn experience m the
` a ortic business in Bradford Co.. his km - mm.4T
qyle pi goods adapted to the Nor hern Penn•
trade, awl make it an object for merch
dcrig bastuess ut that section to give him a
it, 0 46ert 14 r eno4h ih the above lines wiU be
'I'FLF attended to, and the articles warranted - to
441 :fitioo.
Net York, March, I. 1853. • •
IM Illa.41:1111111C. ine:lir
citlie ns of the bore' o( Towanda and vicin
''Y.'re ret.pectlulty inftkrroed that the subscri
lla‘eommenced busine , s on the south corner
and Bridge streets, wberelms will kee p on
It tuvi fnr r•alP, every attainable article in his
It us ills Intilltion to keep a constant cuPPLT
tircs teries and Provisions
-i•et the wants of the toininunity, which wil l he
ttrd wait care, and sold at the lowest price.
L. has a large. mock of Confectionary and nuts,
other firtlcle, to the grncery line.' • •
Car, Fish, Candies. Eggc, - .nil all the different
'of provisions to be obtained, *all be kept on
Cash paid for Butter, Lard and Eggs, and
oribe articles !old by the farmer.
'lie ". received every day by Express from New
4 d served up in a superior style, and sold
tallon, quart or pint.
(4 e are a eall—as lam determined by eon
2atretbn to business to deserve, as I hope to
7 t Ith Ste orpublic patronage.
.sanda, Jan. 8. 1852. A. J. NOBLE.
11111:1173E• 3111G-"11Ell
ANDRE W JACKsON, Physician and Bor.
r,eos. respectfully inform s the cititens of Tt,
k4.rand .
for vicinity that he has established him
•,: the purpose of exercising
ng in his profess Ulster
or Jackson has been practising f or
for the thre last years, and
MT bald responsible medical appointments
Sited and Scotland
'ls bound when not professianally ' ed
L'l, ;;;A boarding house, 2d door eOit-o
lloce Rersaxscr—Dr. Roston. •
'llda,March 10, 1833: A'. JACKSON It D
Arte - ,
I ' LI M En ror every deveriptkm it
Slits.:: stuiti.
Tug fubscilbeis 97991 ii Walla their friends and
hies for i customers, that, Out bairsinartasid their fawn-
nann4etqing ' •
(L", (11) rit liTeri
and intend keeping thelargEsi 'stock and: 21101 1-
meat , of •• • -• • • • • , '
that can be found in the: States. Terme and pri
tes satisfactory. HANFORD & BROTHER.
29 Park Row. opposite the Astor House.
New York. Mardi 9, HUI
Tateen and Store to Rent.
THE subscribers offer for rent for a
leg ; term of years. their TAVERN STAND
II and STORE et BRlsttbelsok. in Shexbetinin
township. The Tavern is • large and
well-arranged building, with .-tabling attsched.well
calculated fur a Hotel, and is well keeled for , busi
ness. Two or three acres will he rented with the
Tavern. if desired, with an orchard. The Store is
• new 'building. of good size, and the location a first
rate one fur the mercantile business- They will be
rented or together at the will of the ap
plicant. D. BRINK &SON.
Hurnbrook, Feb. 17, 1P53.
1111.111LJ . 711 C• WIN NIV
WHEREAS. my wife CATHARINE, has left
my bed and board. without any just cause
or provocation. this is hereby to fotbid all persons
from harboring or trosling her on my account, as
I shall pay no debts of her contracting.
Asylol7). Feb. 15. tes3. GEO. HARFORD.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of JOHN
HORTON, deed, late of Rome township, are
hereby requeSted to make immediate payment. and
those having claims against said estate, will please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
11. MORGAN. 5
February 16, 1853,
A M. persons indebted to the estate cif CHARLES
'I FORBES, decd late of Rome twp., are hereby
requested to make payment without delay : and all
those having demands against said estate will pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
F.-h. 17. 1853.
TS thil day receiving from Ne Yp an assort
.' merit of New Winter
which will be disposed of on the most reasonable
terms, for ready pay..
Towanda, Feb. 16, 1653.
F LOUR. -A quantity of superfine flour. just re
ceived, and for sale by B. KINGSBURY.
Towanda. Feb. 18, 1853.
S URE Relief tbr Disease and Pain, warranted to
give Relief, or the money refunded. A written
guarantee is given to each purchaser, and if the or
tide is not all it is represented to be, the money
will be refunded. Cures all Nervous complaints.,
ate. Sold by Dr. H. C. PORTER, Towanda, Pa.
Feb. 16, 1853.
AL . 2%R - irn:Do
1 r H. WILSON. formerly of Bradford County,
V • Pa., returns his thanks to his friends furpast
favors.-and solicits the continuation of their patron
age. Having made arrangements k—eontlaise with
the firm of Fuller 1r Dayton N° 143 West street, be
tween Barclay and Ve-ey streets, where he ettn be
found always ready to supply his customers want
ing GROCERIES, with a supply at low prices and
on favorsbre terms. Particular pains will betaken
to keep no hand desirable.goods for teat section of
the country.
New-York. Feb. 9, 1852. '
THIS extraordltilry preparation has been forma
ny year. fhe roost e:crtaifr and speedy remedy
for Cocoas, ASTIIII A, It anxcasTrs, INTLCIL.3.
lA. AND •r/191,11ittfor TDIC CINIVVr' AND Iscyras. To
those suffering from obstinate and confirmed Coughs,
they give the most immediate and perfect relief, and
whet. creat liability to take cold exists. and a troub
le.inmeofJoUxh selceeedis the 'lig hte-st exposure, these
W A F4frq produce the most marked results. • They
at (mei relieve the Cough and other symptofns, and
entirely remove that morbid irritability and weak.
nest' of the Nov *Melt give•Klie to the corbplaint.
The medical properties aite combined in an ggreri
hle form and pleasant to the taste, so lhat any child
will readily take them : and they are warranted to
give relief in ten minutes-afiei use in all eases. •
Price 25 cerils per box. For sale by Dr. H. C
PORTER. Towanda. Pa.
Towanda. Feb. 9.1853.
Clover' Seed.
L I AJ BUhHELS of Clover Need just received and•
for sale by the subscribers at the lowest cash
pins, or eschanced to. most kitrds of pnxittee.
Towanda, reh.S. 11463. BAILEY k NEVINS.
SUBSCRIBERS to Mr. Knapp, for the History of
the World, (by H Bill.) Webster'. Diction'',
and the Bible, are respectfully informed that They
well 6e delivered as soon as Mr. Rogers can get
•round tvith them, who will deliver them instead of
myself, on account of my health being so poor that
I am unable to do it—which is also the cause, flu•
gelber with the'.catcity of money) of their not be
ing 'delivered before. F• M. BABCOCK.
Jan. 28,.185.1.
Clo*er, Sad.
4(1 BUSH. CLOVER SEED, for sale jir the
7, lowest rate by, E. W. HALE.
Woodside. (near Towanda) Jan. 28. 1853.
TILE subscriber. have made arrangements for
quantity of Planer, in be delivered iuthe Spring
which will be sold for $13,50 per ton for ready pay.
Wheat, Rye, Corn, Oats and Buckwheat will be re
ceived in payment at the going cash price. ,
Towanda, Jan. 27, 1953. BAILEY 4 NEYIIII.
Clover Seed.
TEST received a quantity of very superior Clover
Seed. Farmers would do well to purchase their
seed early. J. KINGIBIIERY.
Towanda, Peb. 5, 1853.
O. of co. P.
IQ ECM. AIR Meeting of Iradford Encampment
are held at the Odd Fellows Hall on the even•
itig of the , let and 3d Fridays of each month.
C. S. RUSSELL &rib...
A Priendly, Can..
THE subscribers are, compelled by the necessity
of liability to ask those knowing themsettea
indebted., to come and settle and make payment,
etherwise they need not be surprised to Bud their aci
countsiOged where payment can be . enforced.
Towanda, P l eb. 4,11 1 85. MONTANYE'S do Co.
The aaconnisand notes . of ISAAC POST deed.
are at the store cf the above firm, and immediate at
tention to their settlement will save coat.
Towanda, Feb. 4.1868. Administrators.
Au an tity OflaTe and Bmall CECIVtIi et gD
lust reed toy J. PG WELL
- inctriombilt; t;Pc.
• • T -411 k CliL
AA RE now reeeivin weekly over the above tho.
roughfare, all t he latest and most fashionable
styles of Goods arriving in Sew York, fresh from
the hands of the importers. •
Also, the choice.t and beat of heavy Staple Goods
and at price* that cannot tail to please.
Their arrangements are Such that thereat, sell
goods it wholesale RIP eta, as low as they can be
portholld of the jobbers in New York city.
With an humble acknowledguolu of past favors,
an examination of Their yeti , extensivh assortment
of Goods is respectfully solicited.
Towanda. Jane 15, 1852.
• aid Shoes.
A LARGE stock of Ladies', Children's and kisses'
Gaiters. Buskins, Slippe rs. Polkas and Boots.—
Also a one glio'llitiesit of men ► a and hoes calf. kip and
morocco Boots. Shoes and Brogans. and • pod 1:71
of gent's Gaiters anal Congress Boots just For June I. kIERCUR'EI.
Of Sir John Franklin, should cause no ;realer is
eitement, than the NEW STOCKED
TEE Wasp no trait
BUNTING respectfully informs his friends and
the public generally, in town and the sorround
ing country. together with " all WIC rest of man.
kind," that he has just received from New York.
one of the moat complete assortments of Mens and
Boys Ready Made Clothing, ever before offered in
Towanda, together with Cloths, Cassimeres. Vest.
ings, and Trimings which he will make up in the
most approved style, and at the lowest price.
He has also on hand one of the most faitbionable
stock of Furnishing Goods, such as Woolen Un,
dershins, Overshirts, Overalls, Drawers, and every
article in his line pertaining to Gentlemens' War ,
drohe, Which Will IA sold Cheaper than any other
Clothing Store 'n Bradford County.
He is confident that fro.a his long expenence that
he' can give general satisfaction. He employs none
but the most expert Workmen, and feerls assured that
his work sill not suffer by comparison with the best
city shops either in elegance of workmanship or el,
egance of style; and hopes by strict attention to
business, to merit a continuance of that libersl pat.
ronage which has been extended to him heretof.lre.
Returning sincere thanks for past favors he asks
the public to give him a call and see for themselves.
a:j'CUT TING done as usual and warranted to
61 if properly made op.-CD
CCr Don't mistake the place, on the corner of
Main at., and the public square„ opposite the Ward
'Tie even so, this world is " all a stage,"
And gents must dress in this propessive ag•,
Each have their taste of style, of cut and dress—
The question asked where can we get the best 1
Where can the largest stock of goods be found!
Say where the cheapest and best abound 1
Where can we at the shortest notice get
A coat, a vest and pantaloons that fit 1
To answer these, I frankly say to all
The cheapest place is " Bunting's Clothing Hall."
Towanda. Dec. 29, 1852.
Mtn I r aTala3Sto
WOULD say to his friends and the public gener
ally that he has located hiniseif in the
Ia the Basement cies 'Union Block,
next doer to Hriggs' Hotel, (formerly occupied by
W. R. Smalley.) where be will be receiving Oysters
three times a week by express, and will serve 'bent
up in the uteli approved style. He has spaied no
pains orexpense to make it one of tha best
this side of ri ewAtork.
Oysters, by the gallon/ quart or pint, at the fowl
est rates.
Towanda, Gel. 27, 1852.
Cistern and Ural' Paings ! •
LEAD PIPE ! Hydraulic Rams ! of any kind,
rize, fur ready pay.4.r sale br 4
Jan. 8, 1553. ' R. 1 0 ; W HUES.
serranr & zinlims,
HAVEjust completed a large and finely finished
Store on the site of the two they had hornet,
sire filled it with the largest and most comprehens
ive stock of•
Groceries, .Provisions, Yankee Notions,
.Fruit, Confectionary, Toys, tom, diAs.
ever exhibited this side of the city.
We hive bought for cash, articles of the best
Valify ; co'foe/nentif tire prepared to sell at as
low prices as the same quality can be bought at
any other Wares. AAd tie flatter ourselves that if
fortune has bleff against as. (fire having consum
ed two stores and one atnek of gonritij our old cos.
miners will not 1'011(4 the precediirf, if they call
and see our stock an hear the exceedingly low
prices. Among the many articles we have are
Tea, Pilger, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, molasses,
Stewart's syrup, ginger pepper, spice, cloves, nuf.
megs, cinamon, saleratus, soda. cream 'tartar,
ground mustard. pepper sauce, catsup, tan
tiles, bar asap, vinegar. starch &c., &c.
PH0V1141 . 01,04,
Mess pork and beef/ hams and stfourders,
wheat Ontir, bockwhe.,t flower, curb meal,
soda and butter crackers, mackerel!, codfish;
shad, nerring. potatoes beans onions, Arc. , &c
..• P 17 LT AND rif IT 2'
Preserved prates, cilions, English currants, raisins,
green and dried apples. Almonds, filberts, genobte
and madejia walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, chest
nuts, bielfovy net, &e.
Jr 0110. 4 -44
ivory, horn and wood pocket combs, toilet. combs,
One combs, hair, cloth, teeth, infants. and blacking
brushes, wallets. porte monies. and„purses of many
styles, pocket ink stands, pocket and small fancy
trurrors,Jobaueo, boxes, ante boxes, and almost
every artiett in this -ins. Work boxes, toilet cases,
decretaries, plain and embitidefed, work baskets of
many styles.
. - zirersivirPso,
Germen,Frjench and American TOYS of i efe,ery de
scription all 4 prim. A few eanhin and pewter tea
setts, for little girls,iand a few boys' !kerbs.
11 L, ,
Ashton Ashy salt. grodnid rock salt , frallAle son bath
coarse and fine. Also, A' ifuatility of White Stone
CANDY whAesale or rebfit of all kinds and
innumerable other articles, for tiali it the new store
opposite the Court House.
Towanda, Dec. I. 1835 DAlfett 4 REVfNe.
te"An i ittiPLl,
ghavehaagavlti ‘ tr e e d e op p t e h ri . bed by
in the same place as before and are new offering
for dudish!. Assortment of Gill sal winter
0" 0 D . •
They being desirous of making up their meat Its.e.
will sell stsmustrally low prices..
Tinned', `hr. 8, Me.
- q
ITEM ? Wet)
Legal , Miefitileitatte.
A lbparsons indebted lb the tittle d(
_ Nansess,lleil latoitiltsodtiteStitite. are hiri.
by r . equr ted makeitamediste payment and those
hating thdnitt - iitabisfiahrestatEotinlalie pre.
sent thentioly Andteadentrd M r settlement.
Feb'y. 11.111.13. ;
A DMINIdrrRATOIFti istaricE.
ALLltersons indebted to the estate of Curtis Fri nk
deed late of Wryitot. are • hereby retpiesteJ to
Make immediate payment and those havoix claims
against said petal?. sill please Prisout them duly
authenticated for sOtlement. _H. MOW AN.
Feb. 10.18 M:
A LL persona kgowing themselves indebted to the
late of Monroe tp., are hereby requested to make
immediate payment. and those baying claims against
said estate will please *event them duly authenti-
cated for settlement. E. ILCOOLIJAUGH.
Monroe- Feb Administrator.
A LL„persons indebted to ,ihe estate of CEO.
JARWAt, deed , late of Windham, are hereby
requetted to make payment Without dela.f. abd those
baringclaims against said estate. will please pre.
sent them duly authenticated for settlement
Windham, Dee. IC, 452. Admini.nrators.
ALT. persons indebted to the estate of JACOB
HEYMAN dec'd late of Ridgberry twp., are
hereby requested to make immediate payment and
those having claims against said estate, will
plea,' presentthem duly authenticated for settle
ment. t r'
Feb. 10. 1059
A LLpersona indebted to the estate of LAMES M. DEM ARtST, deceased. late of Windham tp.
are hereby requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against said estate, will
please present them duly authenticated for settle
March 9, 1953. Administrator
pliE Commissioners of Bradfoid County. have
1 axed upon the following days and places ret
speed eel) , for holding appeals, viz:
Durell—at S. Decker's—Tuesday Feb. 22d
Asylum —at Jacob Frutchy's—Wednesday Feb 23d.
Wilmot—at J. P. Horton's—Thursday Feb. 24th
Albany—at Sheffield Wilcox's—Frid ly Feb. 25th
Mt nrue—at J. P. Smith's—Saturday Feb. 26th
Wyenx—at Wysox Academy—Monday Feb. 28th
Standing Stone—at S Stephens' —Tue.. March Ist
Wyslusing—at .1. U. Black's—Wed. March 2d
Tuseamra—al C. E. Wells'—Thursday March 3d
Pike--at 8. Canfield's—Friday March 4 h
Herrick—at N. B. Wetnsore's—Saturday March sth
Rome—at H. Hick's—Monday March 7111
Orwell—at F. C. Woodrutr—Tuesday March Bth
Warren—at R. Cooper's—Wednesday March 9th
Windham—at Mrs. Russel's—Thurs. March 10th
Litchfieldat C Bloodgood's—Friday March 11th
Sheshequin—at H. Kinney's Satorda) March 12th
Athena born' & twp—at W.Olmsted'a—Monday
March 14 rh
Elster—at A. Olmsted's—Tuesday March 15th
Burlington—at A. McKesn's--Wed. March 16th
Smithfield—at A. J. Germ!lcFm—Thurs. March 17th
Springfield -•-at A. Knapp's—Friday March 16th
Ridaberry—at C. French's—Saturday March 19:h
South Creek— at P. Fassetes—Monday March 21st
Wells—at R R. Beckwith's—Tuesday March 22.1
Columbia-ssat James Moron's—Wed. March 23d
Troy boro' & tp.—L. B. Morse's--Thurs. March 24th
Armenia—at J. S. Brecker's—Friday ' , larch 25th
Granville-4-o J. Bailey's—Saturday March 26th
Canton—at It Coolhatigh's—Monday March 28th
Leroy—tt D; Morse's—Tuesday March 29th
Franklin—at J. Brinks—atednestlay March 30th
North & South Towsnda—Lat Commissioners' office
—Thursday March 3lst
Towanda boro'—at Conn's office—Friday April lit
'1 he Assessors will he punctual in de r ivering die
notices to the taxables. and in making their returns
on the day designated in their Warrants, at which
time and (lace the Hoard of Revision will attend
and heaid(f such as think themselves aggrieved by
said assessment, and make such deduction and al
terations, if to them shall seem jest.
By order of the Com*rs.
E. M. FARRAP, Clerk.
Com'ra Office, Towanda, Feb. 9. 185.1.
nr - 111-IING STORE.
J. sk a. Arati.ANDER, de. CO.
TN the Wick' Block, next door to Mercers :fort hose
1. just added to their stock, a large and fishions
bls assortment of
Ready made Clothing,
•D• 1 1 ,1011) TA TIE SLASOI►,
of every variety, both of stylt and price, to which
they ask the attention of the public. This is now
the largest stock.
Ever Offered in Towanda !!
and will be sold at prices eonsiderable lower than
Bier befone known in this plaee. Oar goods are
selected with a regard both to style and price, and
offer indueements,not to be met with at any other
re Strangers visiti_Towanda, or oth
ers in want ofCLOTEDING will find
at our establishment. is this section of the coyntry.
and mader 19 such style and materials as to ensure
satisfaction. We - shall endeavor ly
to secure rwironace. feeling confident mat our arti
cles will gi yr satisfaction to the purchaser.
The assortment comprises every article required
for a gentleman's outfit. TERMS—.CASH.
Overcoats, Coats Pants, ()trawlls raps tc
LOCATIO3IN.—Next .dont eolith of Meetur's Main
st, Towanda ; aid No. 7 Water ft! Animus Hall.
Elmira; and under A. C. Porters Hotel, Tioga Y ill.
see. Tioga Co. Pa.
Towanda May 29th IRM. . , -
1 1 QUO. L.4uons !
THE Subscribers haring fi irmed a . copartnership
under the firm of S.. fELTOrq & co
'ing • general Liquor business. orunld respectfully
auk Hotel beepers and all others in rant cf :la
thing in their line to gira them a call. Welntend
keeping on hand a general assorfinitie of Foreign
Liguori., which' ri'e can sell cheaper. 'hon.., any of e
else in the count, from 'Me fact that we 'oily direct
from the importers, and thefeby care a large profit
charged by the N.P. Jobbers ; Liquors are warrant..
ed pure and free from adtitteration. Also constant.
ly on hand Whiskey of the best cuatity. We have
made arrangements by which we can furnish our . :
eta4)6lin with any iv:anat., of Binghamton BEER
fresh from the literally. Plesee give us a call.—
The notes and aneounts of the otrllrm of B. Fel
ton & Co., are in our hands for settfimen.
ts. et LTON
E; T. rat
Witt likß,l 1.4,1:: 'Z'
MKam C. O.& M. A. LYON. have established
themselves in Itlonroeton. intend carrying on
the abOveNbusiness in all its various branches. and
respectfully. solicit a share of the public patronage.
A ehofde stock at
Will Welter two hand and for sale at the lowest pri
ces.. Miss Lyon will he constantly advised of the
latest fasbibite by the connexion in the city. and no
endelioars will be spared to please.
Mamma: Now. 20. 1882.
D" Goops.—A good "economist of ramose
LP every Ptyle of dm!, goods irons by ladies . aid
ebllll4n, for rale et led I.lll"Retlitik
Soseph Powell,
IS now receiving from New York the moat corn.
plete and •ar ed assortment of Dre.a and Family
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Dom*
and Shoes,Hats and Caps, Leather &c., ever ex,
hibited in Towanda. 111 r Flock of Dry- Goods will.
be found to conta:n most decided bargains in.shawls,
Metin,,es, plain and figured delaines, thaw cloths,
alpacas, ladies flannek &e., a good stock of glove,
and hosiery. every ~.tyle of
D'Oc23 - 0;2U:9 ZSV - Jao
such as tickings, stripes, bleached and unb!esched
muslirlso,hartic.r, %hinting, eneheeo and meri;
mac print.. WOOLEN GOODS, of eve
ry description.comprising Jesno, sheeps grey.
and linsey plaids, which will be - sold cheap and to
which I invite the attention of close buyers fur cash.
Towanda, Dee. I, 18.52.
IGHTS.—Frelh.Csnwhine and Burning FluiJ
ept concttmilv (-Ft 113nd at - MERCURB.
CAI; jun received at
L..? Towanda. DEC. t 5. 1852
Cm a Pamphlet of the Agent, and sae what wonders ae►
aceerolitiehed by the ore of this meilwine.
Fold h• teeyettabls dealers gtnerally, In the Piths
*Jots any! Canada. Also by
Anerrr.,-11. C. Porter, Towanda—W:3l Kin
thens—r,:i Baird, Tray—D. V. Darnel. Columbia
Flats-1.. D. Tayl , r, Durlintztln—Pri , .bie & Dr. , n•, 1)) er. Co4ingurn—D. M. DailAT
Mansfield--Mmplifey . & Place, Tioga—Terrell
Montpaqt- , -Prrry & Ogden. F.'llnira. WlD.lesale
afzenta are Ward, Close & Co., 6'3 Maiden st., New
Hs..- M. C. MERCUR, have in received a
. very large and general aimortment of
FA 1. 1. q 0D 8 ,
which they otter to the publics at their usual low
price.. sem 15
mecoomairxes t zoos wax
CARPENTERS & JOINERS will find a full an
sortment of plane., gauges;saWs, equates, trying
quarts, bevels, cempasses, iron and wood spirit levels,
augers, gimlet, center and roger bills, broad, hand and
bench axes, adzes, hammers, chisel., gouge*, chalk
lines and speols, brid and scratch awls, tapeilinak&e.
BLACKSSIMHS will find anvils, micas, bellows,
sledges, hand And shooter hammers, esspg. Nes. iron
braces, bins, hand drills, horse shoes "rid nails,' serest
plates,and a general assortment of caskfliorman i spdag
English aid American blister steel, Swam Asisriesm
and English iroo. •
MASONS will 444 . brick and.. trowels.
stew bamsora, lathing hatchet% tai wash breatow,
tkt., eiestantly on band atlitlTlrS,
LoAvg Towauda, tot Maces
nalls,Bylington,East Stradifteld
Ridgetiery,,adir Wellsbnne
m de
pot We Z. It:every -Atalirlat t Was'
assns., and Fattier at 8 eticick A. M., and arrive
at the time to take the craoia& train of cars
either east or west, same 'dap
Returning Tessnst, Tstuasner and SsTi7libAT,
after the arrival of the Easterturain, and also the
We, tern care from ..laffersori p Elmira. die, and ar
rive at Towanda. Same day.
Pass :—Towanda to Meteor's mills... 971
"- to Burlington. 50
• " to East Sokith4eld. 421
to Ridgebery, 1,00
" to Wellsburg depot. 1.25
Express packages to or from the Rail Road care
fully delivered at moderate charges.
D. 31; BULL,
Towanda. Oct. R. I t3S:i.,
1121111/Mntr• VOW /KC WC Mir
proprietrrs are now run
,pißgrg;isti' robe a daily line tit' four horse
4%. coaches. between Towanda and
the New York and Erie Railroad. at Waverly.
They are devermined that no efforts or expense
shall be spared to keep this line stocked and run, in
a manner worthy the encouragement of the public.
Leave 'Waverly every day, at 9 o'clock. A- M., or
after the arrival of the morning trains, and arriv•
ing at Towanda. at 12 o'clock A. M., in time to con
nect with a line of stages, to Tunkannock. .
Leave Towanda every day at 2 P. M.. arriving at
Waverly in time to take the evening Italica. east
Or Crest.
At Toe•anria, pessengera cnn take stages fur Wil•
liamsporieWells4orough and Montrose. and carriag
es can always be obtained, as may be desired.
The Proprietors are prenared to take any num
ber of passenger s by ilitilt3S of extra stzues, if nee.
essary. (rj` (Mice in Ton arida, at the Ward House,
from which all the stages take their departure.
tn, !sr:2
, 1181. 4 01:21 MEC
T 111; subscribers are now ran
, ' ,- A nirg a coach de:lv from Waver
IS to Towandn.they may be found
rn4.rning and evening at O. H Hallett's Claremont
Hou.e, Waverly, and a: noon al Wm. Brizge"fo.
wanna.`The patronage of friends and travelers will
be diankfully received.
till 1W ¢ BIACKM.I7I.
Shreiequin, Nay. 15, 1852.
()au] r.\m-w
. .
tra:aer, Farrier & Stage Proprielot
visraws.icutr to ram 111170111' Of KIIIDIft“
is tika most rasszksbls Mammal Applimittat s,
-„ -- tocc*
" They can't Keep House without it."
Experience of more than sixteen year. bta ertatilinhad
he fact that Merchant'. relekratal Gargling OV, or is&
crul Fami;y Ennarogataun, will cars met cams, eat en
lave ail such al
Spavits,, Sweeney, Ringivne, Windgslle, Poll
Evil, Callous, Cracked Heels, Galls of ail
kinds, Fresh Wounds, Sprains, Bruises. Fis
tula, Sidast, Sand Cracks, Strains, Lameness,
Foundered Feet, Scratches or Grease, Mange,
Elieumatsm, Bites of Animals. External Poi
sons, Painful Nervous Affections. Frost Bites.
Boils, Corns, Whitlows.. Burns and Scalds.
Chillhlains, Chapped Hands, Cramps, Con
tractions of the bluatica, Swellings, Weakness
"of the Joints., Caked Breasts, &c. dre. cte.
The nunaraneled success of this to the rots or das.
*Sees to lioness and Cattle, and even to human desk, to
daily becoming more known to the fanning community.
It ran hardly be credited, extent by those Who have hoe*
to dui habit of keeping It id their stables lost hone*, what
• rain amount of pain, cufferptg and thee, us sawed by
the timely Application of ibis Oil.
Sir Re -ore tba name of the sale prorrfitter. GEORGE
W. MERCHANT. Lockport. N. V., is blown In the
it the bottle, and in Ms hitmlerntinA over the cork.
All onion addressed to the proprietor will be prompt)/
responded to.
Corn She Horst. • -
T HE very best atticle to be found is tba aearify,
and eheipest — (Warranted)—for . eiii ai
Agricultural end Slove of R. 11. WELLE&
Stoves! Stoves! . •
(MOONING Stoves of various and excellent pat-•
ter.. sizes and prices. Four patterns of sieve•
tell Oven rooking Stoves, the best to be found la"
Bradford, foe sale cheep. Efegasil Parlor Sqopts, for;
s ood or coal, of different pattern., &e. Bow sad•
C.a/ St,res fur Halls, Stores, Churehre,
School Houses, Ate., very Cheap. Call at ihs Ath
ens st4c store of R. M. WZLLES.
Jan. 8;1853.
Bathing Tubs, •
cPoNGE nATHS and foot bath pans foi Wei
L. cheap. My bathing tuba are equal to the best
city male. R. M. WELLEII
Jan. 8, ISS3. .
Oils I Oils !
fIOOLT.N . St eelebt.Lted winter strnined Lard .011..•
f-r n.achinerv, warranted not to gum. Ala°,
an excellent but Cheaper article for Lamps,
NEAT'II FOO7 OIL t•+r Leather, Harness, me. ; all
for We by the quanti'y or less. cheap fur cash at
ready pdy, at the Athens Agricu:tural of ' •
'Jan. 8. I PSS. R. M. WELLES.
Patent tscathez Se:tire!
ALT. sizes of Patent oak and hemlock tanned
Petting and Laee Leather. at 10 per cent. le.or
than ctty retail prices to be had for cash at the A&&.
ens Agriculiural Start of R. M. Wk;LLS.S.
tan. B. 1853.
O• •
F all k.nds in Tin. Sheet Iron. - Copper, Brescia/
done on shot nouee. Wurkruansuip duo., was.
ranted to gi‘e sati:.fpction.
Tin roofing done in such a manner's shillirlitaa•
Call no R.N. WELLES,
Athens, January 8, 1553.
F OR We. at very luar prices for reedy pay t tbai
very hest Azes to be found in tbis vicinity;
made outs,: th e Leet east and silver steel , of ear:esti
pattern. fur .UntlJermrn and wood chopiat - s, ant
warranted. Call at the Athens Ag,rie:ultural stoma
Jan. 8. 1953. N. M. WELLEs.
A hors• ! a h,rte ! ray kingdom fisA
a hcr.e and enstsmers to take away
,),,goals • :%; , t standing the lat 4
fi-e. A. M. WARN;II
dirm , e:r again !
And at No. I lir: , :k find
Most ant thinz's in t.:s I ne,
From a cam' r;cneed,e the finest kind.
To a jer.eilPd watch of eighteen kv-st Ans.
Clocks whirh p ume iientriee sod vas I
Breast pun , of every style and hue.
Gold, silver, steel en,! f4ated CIS/1114S,
Selected with the r eyest rains.
Finger ringi, mo gosh, wily'what a pile
O( every shnpr ..nd every style,
To suit the old the young. the grave. the /mo w
May ifiel'e be -...en in e:egant array.
And IV/VINVIL who is himself a "
Is slways ready and at his pcst.
To wa,t upon hi., eu4torners and all
C,'11., chance upon 'tin to give a eadf. •
Fro with cued adv;re make up your miadAta
To cell on him and there you'll find ' •
Much sights, my eyes, U I what a view •
Jewelry of every etyle and hue. • • • • •
,O' 'lsl4l't mistake the !Zara No. rim ii
where he is prepared to do all kinds of
Sadt.› . 4
in his line eiflyncines, nt the ehespest rates that
possibly be afforded. lin will Mau se.l his Jewett . ?
al 2 0 per cm/ /owe-. than wac ever befure offered ler
Owl market. tT Call ani. see...CD
Towanda Nov. 11. 1652. A. M. WARNER
Removed to B. Kingsbery's Bletk
• . fl 4. (7tangbie7lidi .• •
A§ lost returned from the ettr
cf .Kees / York with • laity
2,5„." . 13 1 e'!ppli of %rectum, Jewelry and,• • Riker w, comprising in pin:
• the.- 4811 r-wing articles r—Lissent
and Plain Watches. witkti
\ a romptxte nsiortment of Gold•
Jewelry. such as Ear Einga,Tinj.
_ger Rin is, roast Fins. Bracelet a. Lock cts,,Gold rhaintria
•Gold Pena. Keys, etc. Also, ad vale of Silsetwswf,„ !
and any quatntity o(Steel Deals—a of wilicti he-wilfers
for ask ft screed in g!, cheep fort l .'At 4 r. - • r
Watches r.:waired on ,h,c! mik e . a n d fi nso ram m i e
to run weil.r r Ole nt•tncy aid 1,0 rerun Ind, earl • wri•
ten iscreetnenegivan to Clal if
N. Ft.—Nl A Pl.ll et.:o IR, and Country node,
taken in pny in e n t frr toltk : and es,. fem.,' vfm, 1141 ' '
orertr, 'till the 1%-hluee 777•481 be paid when the mei
u done--I war against credit in all it. romp. „
W. A. efiANltiEftLfN,
• Towieda; April 'JR, 1852.
T OnNING G1..1503 kTEst cut and fitted
!WV /j7:1", to be had at the Jecrel4 7 .itora of
May 15, lE l .'l. W. A. CITANIDERLIN.
. .
zrz. IEO ZO,ZE QM) liir AlOltime•
Saddle, Harness & Trunkßanafactory.
TER); CULP & Cn., respeetfolly inform the peas
J that they have removed to the shop on Main eine%
reerodly n.-cupied by Smith & Son s newly opposite
the Ward House, where they will keep CIA band 11
!ergo stock of"
a 11233292 ca57;421% anitame t *
TIM!Zlit • 4./.ln CI, were e,
All articles in tbsit line,
made of the 'wet material. and for wroltre'mturp
hs wigwam] in Northernihipsylvania. They mallet
a call from those wishing to pooches°. confides' OM
they Mn rive satisfaction hob as to quality sod prim.
OCYSities and Sheep Peltareosivai for wort mad ea
account. stilts lowest rates.
Sale Leather. Upper Leather. Harness Ledge. 4
Coy dins, for sale in any quantity.
n N account of losses sustained se ;the hge 11Ms,elfi
VV ore obliged $o call on those inhebted to ti li» ig
prompt settlement, u we are odd*/ the nessniti
hawing what is owing to was frost this tisane erfa
Pie stgreiwat whin% reaming to other mina
?iamb, VA,
Baer! Axes!