Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, January 15, 1853, Image 4

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: ,,Tivo i finowigit r o!trii.ti d kell,whpaitrz i miiFfi .w
kiiW t ilii,letirritt4. hhy; straw ete. iteitt
stock. S , tmeAtittg depenitilmi if
- ortl11,e;:t I qtt.;ltti,ynnr 4iil;eit
itits , ixttpkt: Vll.4rin Cu MIA you tile,
#lli, i! yout kt l lei id mocly poor. or ci it has tit",
jurce.l4A-mukim4, yrni well vi 0,1 i i P hal
%tilt it to mike it more pilau'.
. , . .
coarse fodder rut. tine, and sprinll
rd.3l'on'lit.; mat by nddhg 14 Mile Meal, and
mixtitg-thelittlis together and eagle have bf.ei,
ist'perise Matron trunchantillt!ehi,iit
Coh Jzi,•l nt l4 4. •
Mi' lice well upon it and it -eern to be
the 4 7 4 y brifispinsireg of a iinaiiitity kit 'ha) : that ei not‘.1 may be i-posed ai n t his rnet't
husks wnl.prun lon whets will saved,. Int
mueli shine in them ; and . most of it goes intehlie
manyrre heap.nnless rirtictilar aheittion is paid to
Ca!tfe h;4l, it ilitlieCit to 'bre rift lily
sterns,thotigh they plate oneloot on the part id
them, %Vile they pull with the teeth Mitt gums.—
Same farmers cut them imp fine for their cable, and
say they would - do it even though the irems t-hould
be worth nothing for fAideihecitte.e of the trouble
thermiillte in oserlythlitiirlho manure.' When all
coarse fodder is rut slioit, theta sA ill he on loll!;
nisnOret a Ffinrel /0 heap and - when
Opr .r ead a kat - rxx, Lt.i - y
?tnctlcxi c risava:.
• The' the beauniul, in every beholder,
reerikei an extinisite gireifica hnt in gozi-g mots
f diage, the invole ol 11%6;14 green, the
vegetable array d during the season of
growing and AleVelopitmit. Firv, ho:yever i ale
11V.I• of the ir1111:11!allt filnetiu:.3 w Lich those count
less leaves pat fihrn in the tvorrtti of plants. To the
common eye, they In the emu
men! whirh beau tly itie verwl I.tnilrai‘e, and in.
vet each n!e 511t.1 4 ) twirls a g.trinctit u. loveli-
-nese: The sect et but vital limelons are ill-sorted
only to the .ey &of ecielico. They rte to,'ha plant,
whahrip; thet:stotit.reh, 'the ale to
the4rilrnal!' It'is thrtOtirer them yhtic'the-imrortrat breatiting,:ili.4e..:ion; at:.(
vr .eztorripoli•lieJs like animals, breatie,
digest 1:0* - fwell,amj - Ihrslw wfl their,eallies mois
taro, aifiris;:ltapa'altiot'..ion of th'e' 60st:in:yes coo
t i led 4 tri. ITu — ide„ by purFpratriin:yarra these
sisal operations are 311 per hauled by the leaves
which adorn them.
The sap, which is-abscibed ly ;he roots, con
'tautly ascends up the, vessels cif the plait!, ilut nig
its growth, to the leaves. Here it undergoes a
change, anelegous to that:elrelted iti the find o n•
unals, in the process of Zligestiorr. The super ous
9, t(
waver is•thitiWn nff by the persyiraticla of the /eaves
while that which rernainals coattfei in the jince,
called this titre sap, which, like the blood I f ani
mals, ill ill after circulation, funiishes the various
substances found in planet. • -
The leave., ns in'imated, are -the preSp::atory
organs of the plant. The office of persperatton or.
transpiri lion is performed by the underside of the
leaf, mid may be almost entir,ly stopped by spread
ing varnish on the surface. Thu quanti yof mciF.
lure . ..thus thrown ell is muoh larger during the day
than during the night. Dr Dale found that a cab.
bags tranomieed daily a quarrity of weer nearly
to flail its weight.
The leaves of plants absorb from the atmosphere
.ear s eaniO acid, in the harm of gas. This acid is a
combination of carbon or charcoal, with oxygen,
one-of the constituent gases of the atmosphere. The
acid „ is decomposed, the carbon being tetained by
- theplate and compcsing, a large part of its sub
stance, while the oxygen is emitted. The elasorp.
ti m of carbonic acid takes place in tho light, the
inffitetice of which is esiential to the process. This
,fact'ekplains the phenomenon that plants cease to
'grow and that they languish and perish when de
prived of light. It is ascertained that - trees derive
a large portion of their carbon' or wood substance
from the carbonic acid absorbed by their leaves
from the nit. Van Helmer' planted a willow, which
weighed Gee pounds, in a pot coutainiog two bun
bred pounds ef earth. This he watered fur five
years, and, at the gad of that time, the nee was
forted to weigh one hundred and sixty nine and a
(parte/ pounds, while the earth in which- it stood
'was found to have lost ont two ounces From
whence did the tree derive that large mass of ear•
boo which constituted the 'chief portion of is in
t rased irei,;ht 7 Undoubtedly from the atmosphere
;=-the carbonic acid absorbed by its leaves; the wa•
ter, with which it was reapplied; holding a portion
of carbon in solution, may have furnished a part of
it; but the carbonic acid of the air mss: have been
the chief spume of supply.
•Plants during the day emit oxygen, tha vitalizing
•elsment of our common air, through their leaver.—
ffliirt is derived Lem the carbonic acid as it is de
•oomposod, for vegetables are found not to omit ex.- carbonic acid be present. i
• During the night the leaves of :he plants absorb ,
oxygen, and form wi h it carbonic acid, a pan t I
•which they emit, and part is re'ained.
By this process of absorption of carbonic,:teid by
the leaves ofQllests,.the atmosphere is purified of
that portion ol it which, in the farm of gas, is so
noxious, and, when concentra'ed, so fatal to
anlmaldife, it being the noxious air found i t deep
wells, and which rises in the fumes of burningchar
OS4I. Thus is this substance in•mture—breathed
into the atmosphere from the lungs nt rn)tiad anti
mats, and diffused frrim the decbmposition of ani
mal and vege•able substances, and which if not di
n:limit/lied, would render the air we breathe ut fit to
sustain life—absorbed and- converted into the tirni
,pubstanee of innumerable trees and shrubs, while
iV ocygeo is returned . to the:atmosphere to revivi
-4 it- .
Finally, the leaves of plants absorb water as well
1-Icarboa: aci I and oxygen. Tt is iound that a
plant which dying for want of moisture it the .root
reiU revivi and Vow when a branch with leaves is
planed in a vessel of water. A beautiful illustra
liOn of this fact is also behold in the renewed green
f.,pss.of ihe,leaves after summer shower—the parch.
rd ;landscape appears to smile with „gladness, as if
cannons of the blessing ithu receivett4reitucky
Cultivator, •
0:7"-Aa escellent CEMBPI lot broken
glise Rey be snake-by dissolving in a piplcin'Over
tbe fire taking especial zero that it ,t14e1 1. 1 1 0 1 boil
over, one ounce of isinglam wiin two ar ias-glesoee of
some of wine.
TYR'. C Oit T
Wholesale 25a!er
i L‘ fqES,DR DIG
STORE in the south end : of; 40:,*llrd.Houff:1 - wtq'
known as-the hrgest..cluspeirtund,rnost estensiv.
n=snrtmcnt.west of the city. raAticulir attention wth
beuiveu to any or nil who wry. wish, to cal), Riiher le
examine to purchase,: DO, 09Y tOrAitill 'ittforintetion
will he cheerfully an4gralnifi ri (N - g Tonal thrioe:Whc
who , w,ish, to consult concerning thevarelvos et friends.
Conti:rano supplies of fre t h and recently prepared at
me weekly arriving, having hern„ carefully. se
!acted pith a to their usrfufnesi, end atty. : o,6dr'
warted not :malty kept, either will hr found here, or
procured nt the shortest "express, for those
kavinu their order. Aecotomirdating clerks always
n ill ho eddy to nips/ eoutpound any. Pre-eription and
endeavor to mike it (whatever therpurchase) mutually
n 014.11,10. All goods shall he considered warrantee
as represented, nod being Agent for 'the . beat sod pop
.rlar Patent Medicines, all those found in thin stew
can be...relied upon, in till eases, ni being genuine. Thi
stock now comprises every article in. nu trade, =anti
which may* found the fullowing
Drrgs and !Medicines.
all DS. _
.n 4101.11, . ItirTlN •
14g4:11'nerikta lAqirill
7ratric !veer . ..rat
amphor ' ' tieriego
ltrogacanth ate.
Aqua Gulls
Tartaric etc
nrnts f,wt
IR o
Liru etc
14 ',MLR.
Elm etc
or!g mum
reppernaist -
Wintergreen etc
4litreh ,, cr,l
Lemon etc
i peppermint
Ilve,r etc
!tape ♦♦
Colchicum etc
qya Ursi etc
:or irinl , o
urzneri , l
apijelia (pink)
Luaarsh rosemary
Arnica '
Laren:ler etc
Sugar, Colroa and Tea of all kin/as, molasses, spice
pepper. closes, mustard, nutmeg, mace, fish, clamp,
citrons, currants, salad oil, cocoa, chocolate, 'sotra,
butter crackers, rice, starch, ginger, saleratus, white
and bar soap, Fperrn and tal:ow candles, jugs, bottles,
pipes, pepper eauce &c. .
Cogniac, Otard and American Brandy, St. Croix.
Old Jamaica and New England Rum, pure Holland
and Am. Gin. and Monongahela Whiskey. Ma
dei,a Lisbon. Sherry, Tomtit& Port, Muscat, Claret
an d Champaign Wines—Cordials, Roan, Amour Mrs
kee, Nuyeau &a , cheaper than ever offered.
Soaps, Parnmery anit rarity Goods.
Shaving mane, military, windsor, medicated, san,l,
musk, almond, palm, french, toilet, rose, and transpa
rent soaps, Lubin!, Frerrh, anal W rights extracts of
jockey club, patchoutly. hog, do caroline, musk, milks
fleurs, verbena, heliotrope, sweet brier, geranium
pring flowers, west end and new mown hay &c.- -
laclaous, cologne, bey and rose waters. I.illy whit.[
iipacii , h pearl powder, rouge hair dyes, hair invigora
tors, hair eraLicaturri, hair oil, pomades, court plaster,
perfume sachels, playing cards, pencil points, Ater I
pens, fish hooks, draw ing pencils, percussion cops, re I
black, and indelible inks, combs, purses, pocket hooks,
port monais, wafers, pocket mirrors napkin rings an I
travelling Com panions &c,
. _
Mit, hat, stove, scrub, shoe, paint, marking, varnish
sub, artist c,:iinel's hair, striping blender's and b'adger's
whitewash. counter, flesh, tooth, nail comb broom cloth
infant, killer, table, horse and
g, hlocking brushes.
Tobacco and snuff boxes, nipple shell., nursing but
tics, breast purbps, teeth rings bed pans, syringes, shoul
der braces, trusses, supporters. pessaries, catheters,cup
ing glasses, graduates, mortars, spatula, forceps lancets
thermometers, liquid amd spread adhesive plasters, &c.
Paints and Dye Stun.
Nit. red, cam and log wood, rustic, lac dye, cuill,ear
red saianders, madder, alum, ccpperas, blue vitriol, 501.
tin, composition chernic oil, vitriol, oxalic and all the
acids, grain tin, pumice and rotten stone, American &
Chinese vermillion, Spanish brown, American & Eng
fish Venetian verdigris, Paris green, white, black and
red lead, chrome yellow and green, japan, roach, and
copal varnish, lampblack, litharge, putty, whitingrachre
spirits turpentine, linseed oil, rosin, chalk, umber, sien
na, gold lea, bronze, &c.
French Gas 24-30, 22 30, 20-30, 20.24, 2244,14-
18, 12-20, 12-18, 12-16, 10-14. 10-12, 8-10, 7-9.
Patent Wiedieines.
Dr. Jaynes' Alterative Expectorant, Sanative &c.
Fitche's expectorant, tonic humor corrector. 4.0.
Merchants Gargling Oil lot horses, Fre.
Stesyne's medicines, wild cherry. M.
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam and Extract, etc.
Orrick'. Vermifuge.
Eirsi,, , hton's Pepsin or Gastric juice fur dripePsia.
Osgood's Indian Cholegoitne, for fever and ague.
Scarpa's Acoustic oil for Deafness.
S. P. Townset d's Sarsaparilla.
Sehenck's Pulmonic Syrup.
Dr. Keeler's Family m (Heine&
Hutching's Dyspepsia Bitters.
Hoofland's German Bitters, for Dyspepsia and Debility.
Prown's Essence Jamaica Ginger.
Duboy's Rat and Mice Exterminator.
Also agent fur fferrick's medicines, plasters, etc., An •
drew's and Davis Pain Killer, Graefenberg medi
cince, Pile Elcctuariea etc., salt 'heum, totter, ring
worm, spavin and founder ointments, etc4,l toot!
cordial, plasters, poor man's salves, eye waterllini
ments, erasive'soap, bed burr poison. Hobena ck's
and Clerk's Worm syrup, Christie's Gslvaniii cura
tives, Moffat's Phoenix Bitters, Trash's magnetic,
Sloan's, Dailey's, and McAllister's Ointments, Dii
Lives Heaves Powder, Condition Powder, &cl All
the numerous kinds of Pills.
Phosgene, superior - I:Smiling fluid. Camphene,rwhi.e.
lard and sperm oil ;new and beautiful patterns cf fluid
amps now being opened: Compbene: side and bans
ing lamps for ball and store ore, girandoles, etc.
Cavendish, James, Natural Turkish scarfalatti
John Anderson'. fine ent,llogg's Jenny Lind chewing
etc.; choice brands. pure Flavans Cigars, ete. etc.
All of which will be sold at unusually low rates.—
Remember that Dr. Pori m's Cheap Drug and Chemi
cal Store is in the south end of the Ward House, a few
doors above the post office
Towanda. June 4, 1852..
500 7 .0 E,
sa Var te 4o by 6!lion Castilz,FaEns.:3trar.aLtoicle
HEREAB, my wife Polly has left uty.bed and
VT hoard without any cause or provocation.—
therefore; this is to forbid all persons not to trust
or harbor her on my account, as I shall payao debts
of hor contracting after this date.
Ridgebery, Nov. 22, I e 52. J. RICHARDSON.
'ginger etc
,inieli gi (ref
item. n 3
I ,
cream tartar
1,4 tit itnony
'corm sublimate
''quinine precipitate
bakers herbs
4.4.1 leaf
icastilo soap .
venire turpentine
Ivo ammonia
brittibla jtistio = •
burg. pitch •
cant har ides
ath britic
;and paper
white glue
altcr or (mutat°
zlio. a muctioNt livasta("o“
REMOVED to the store recently pccapied by S.
S. Bailey as grocery and Post office 3 doors
south of Mootanyes corner, where he has 'received
a full, new and complete stock of ptivils;biEnl i
CINEz4, GROCERIES, &c. which he kill sell cheat':
er fa. cash ihati ever
here you, will find annexed a few leading articles :
settna Ales.. ' ' Fosgate's Cordial
do Indio it:l'x Opt
Creaaa Tart,,r nay's Liniment. . ,
S'ap,C 8.).t1a Dom Dyo r .
/Tonna, ' . 1 - Harlem Oil • - f .
M aghesire Ca Ic'd i hotment, 'Freaky ~-, -
do - Carp, do ' Dailey's
do S S . ~ do ItlcAlleater
du !Teary's Shakers Ile - rbs
Colo eyntli do Extracts
do Anil Tilden% A Icoeulic Eet
Cochineal !Mei Extract
Trusses Bulk lalap Extract
do Marshes, Meakim's Vanilla Eet - I
AO Shaker, do . Le,mott -do
Balsam W liters du Mace do
do C bees mans do Almond do
do Fir i Ju . Cloves
d o c, , paLiai do Aflapice dip
do Tula do Nutmegs db
do Peru du Peach do
do Pulmoffary , do Ginger do
do Sulphur du Cinnamon do
Acid Tartaric do Orange do
do Acetic , do Tunka do
do Benzonic Luhin's Springflower
do Citric do .31u , k do
du Nitric do V aolette do
do Dart lic do Magnolia do
do Hydrocyanc du Sweet Wird°
do Sulphuric Ido Jesmin do
Oil Linseed do Jocify Cl'b do
do Sperm do Caroline' do
do Olives do Jenny Lind do
do Castor du Briquet do
do Neatafoot Ayringa, Pewter aern'nt
do Almonds Jo Class do
do Amber Reel Nursing Bottles, Glass
do Amber Rcil do do- G. E.
do A n isi Rad Riled Turk
do Caraway do do
do Croton t do Ipecac
do Cubebs I do - leap
du Cummin , ... • _ do Ging er White
do Fennel, do Orris
do Lemon Oum Camphor
do Cassia do Opi Turk
do Cod Liver do Myrrh Toe- -
do Lavandula U do Arabic do
do Neroli do Copal
do Jesmin • do Aloes Soet
do Nutmeg do Aloes Cape
do Orange - Chloride Lime
do Rhodium I du Soda
do Ruse Castor Russ
do Cedrat ;Isinglass do
do Copabia (Evens' Lancets
do Ergot 'Nitro Silver. ffrp't. •
do Verbena dOxid Disnoth
do Vio:ette flue Pill I Incr.
do Mellesse lodide Potass.
do Mellefluer Tart do
do Patchouly Carb do
Brushes; Paint ItSulph do
do Varnish Oausite do
do Hair Citrate Ferri
do Ifair,Camel lodide du
do Nail Tannin
do Tno th
.. 'Prot° lod Mercury .
do Sharing Stryebnia , . .
• :
do Flesh Piptrin '
do Cloth Elaterium
do Hat lodine
Soap. Yankee Veratrin
do Crystalline . Kreosote
do Eng. Wind Low's Hydra Cum Crete
do Coopers ! Morphine Sulph
do Rose du Act
do Victora Calomel, American
do Orange I do English,
do Tooth Precipitate Red
do Erosive do White
do Castile Sulph Eruct ~,
do Military Bronze, Crl'in Son
do Savin do Pale Gold
do Drown .I do Dark do
Ft icopherous do Whire .
Pain Killer Gold Leaf, Op't
Ayers Cherry Pectoral China Vermillion '
Oxygenated Bitters America do
Stoughton Bitters Prussian Blue
Chloroform . Fig do • .
Hoffman's Anodyne Venitian Red, English
Together with Paints, Turpentine, Varnish, Dye-
Woods & Dy e.St uffs,Olass, Putty, choice Groceries,
Pure Wines and - Liquors for Medicinal pioposeLL
Also, Cigars of the best brand' ; and all articles eon
nected with the trade.
Having secured the services of Dr. S. Hrirros,
, whir keeps his office at this store, and will give me
dical advice gratis to people, they paying for the
medicines only. Physicians can-rely upon having
their prescriptions careful:y compounded arid put
up. The stock has been selected with great care,
and the goods will be warranted as represented.
' All of Dr. D. Jaynes' medicines, Ayres Cherry Ne
wts!. egehencks Pulmonic Syrup of Yellow Dock
Root, Orrick's, Hobensaeks, and Jaynes' Vermifuge,
Together with all of the most popolar-Patent medicines
now in use constantly on hand and for sale ad
J. M. REED. No. 2, Brick Row.
Towanda, November ,3 It:.
IR. OLMSTED, Pnneairron of the Athens
iVI Exchange, gives his thanks to his friends.
and the traveling public generally. fortheir liberal
patronage, and solicits the continuance of the same.
AN OM :\ I US ,
will run regularly to and from the %recency Depot
to meet the, Mail Trains for the accommodation of
strangers and wavelets, who wish to visit a pleas
ant village on business or otherwise. A daily line
of first rate
Four Horse Coaches,
ore running through to Towanda. Those wishing
will be insured a seat in thit;roach from this , place,
and those going to. the; •
TVA is let it'
can stop tait and ;friend anhotir'-oi two
and be insured a conveyance in time to meet' the
regular trains of cam going East or West.
Also.those who wish to leave their teams here
can be conveyed to and from the cars free of charge.
Athens. Sept., 4. 1852
BLAKES Patent Pire Proof Paint, the only place
you can get the pyre article. is at
Tolrani°, Oct. 8, 1852.- D. KINGSBUR.
'' >C "'~Jf~.~F,'Ctrl9'K'}['.:.t~!i?r2n~CJj~.;:^wYu!..y!l3tt+'lL:.T»~-:=_" ° 'Ca:.'.LC :G. ~ -
T fi° l °S tha t;
L rid* family - 46d friable hatlott all Impel of ,My tel
eetry ; end *healed& eittnitiow. •hastillfl been .100-
cued by theme of Ochench'ScPalmonic Syrup, I de-.
site to testify, with grateful• *motion to Dr.. Sehettell.
amsperthable:beneflt - 1 Mee relived frees the use
°Chia therduahle medians..: • '-
-,Early last fallsi•thintraded - a _violent add, an.) in
consequence of which I bad thills.elternsted twkh fee
vee4aine iu righttinrome and shoeldet bhale. with
bad cough. end no .expeetonnion. I kept getting
More until I` took: my bed. ind• had the attendance of
.ny fatally physician. was wider his care about four
weeks!, and -at the expinaitranf that time was reduced
eo low that despair took hold of myraelf end , frleltde,
I end even my physician abandoned me and vitro me
up to ille4lth the hasty consumption. My appetite
was gone; my bowels very irregular. fever,end night
sweats, pain in my breast and shoulder, attended with
itrii#ll4o3.2(o4 vice • veer tight ;in fie*
her nearly al gone', and' wad to `leak' that I ' mid
scarcely - hide-I:4lnd frolifthe pillotr, end'erts truly
an abistisnites bol • seholde itiesoltim4 been. mull
for to see me die, and my sick bed fibs iurroiandetrhy
kind and sympathizing neighbors, who had tome- to
Witness my departure.froM this Medd- .
• , When_ all rayst.of hope Melted or my recovery,a
neighbor, Mr. David Conrad, proposed to try„Bchenerai
Pula - aortic .Syrups with a view of loosening my cough
teed 'relieving me of the tough phlegm, and as a means
of affording temponuy r.marking the time,
"that Leras too farmme for the Syrup 1p be_ of may
prratenenthenefit.” My wife, anxious for .thy relief
of my intense suffaings, procured some of the-PO
ITIOnic Syrup. 1 Pend it afforded me relief, and cot.-
tinued,using 'it. I could feel its healing influence
upon my lungs..,.. .
I continue to improve under its use, and my friends
were much gratified to witness my unexpected im
provement; many , of my cleighbore came to look atm.
as one raised from the dead.
My cough now became loose, and I felt something
break, w etc I had the pain in my breast, and I dis
charged large quantities of yellow matter. I have for
weeks discharged and roliaed a spit has full of mailer
every day, with hard lumps like grains of something. 1
My bowels now became regular and mound, and my
appetite was so far improved, that I could scarcely re
frain fearrteatimetoo much. My strength improved,
arid I regained my Ifetrb.
I continued to improve in every respect soon- after I
commenced using the Syrup, and the improvemedt
continued until I was restored to my health. I have
passed through the inclement weather of the letter
part of winter and the spring, and feel as well now Mr
ever I felt io my life, end I ern this day a living testi.
mony of the great efficacy of Schenck's Puhnonte
Syrup in curing pulmonary diseases.
Lest this statement be thought too highly coli red by
some people, I subjoin Cerli6C2lltO of a number of the
inhabitants of Tseony, who saw me at dilkrent times
during my ilisaue, and never expected to see me restor
ed. I also append the certificate of the brothers of
Mystic Larlge.•No.ll7o;l. 0. of 0. F., who kindly
watehodever me, and fully hefieved they would any
sign my remains to the tomb ; but, thanks to Dr.l
Schenck for his invalu'tblo Pulmonic Syrup, my fife
has been spared, arid I am permitted to make the fore
going statement fur the benefit of suffering mankind.
1 resEe at Tacony, and am well known by most of,
the people there, and will be gratified to have any
person call upon me and learn more particulars of the
virtues of this medicine. JOHN C. GREEN.
June 24th. 18.51.
The subscribers, members of the Mystic Lord ge, No.
270. I. 0. of 0. F. of Holmesborg. Pe- do hereby cer
tify that we know John C. Green. (and- is • member
in good standing in No. 270 I. (1. of U. P..)-who was
dangerously ill with s low Pulm +Wary Consumption,
last w int r, so that they give him rp .o die ; that he
is now fully restiired to perfect health, and they believe
hie recovery utaa produced by Schenck's Pulmonie
We believe his certificate to correct In every par
ticular. HENRY NEFF, P. G.
J. K. OSMAN. N.G.'
Irlohneelrerg, Philadelphia Co., Jena2s, 1551.
The undersigned, residents of Tacony. eieht miler
above Philadelphia, being well acquainted with John
C. Green, and the circumstances attending his case,
feel impelled by a deep sense of imperative duty, to
make universally known to the public his entire recov
ery from the very last stages of Pulmonary Consump
tion. So entirely helpless was his condition, having
been but a brief period since, in that rapid.y sinking
and emaciate state, es to overly preclude, in the opin
ion of his physicians and friends, who watched by his
bedside, all hopes of even a temporary recovery and
restoration to his present robust health. Thos the care
ful use of your invaluable Specific, the Pulmonic
up, makesit our belief, under the circumstances of his
previous prostrate, not,to say dying condition, , one of
the most startling results that the whole annals of medi
cal skill sr science can produce. It deserves to be im
perishably reco-del to your credit, and secure to you,
the greatest discoverer of this hitherto remediless dis
ease, a lasting' monument and a world-wide repuiation
in the healing art, that no tune may either, diminish or
destroy. Having witnessed Mr. Green's distressing
struggles and sufferings from a continued cough, se
peradded to the other symptoms consequent upon, , or
attending to the last stages of a pulmonary disease;
and moreover, it being so generally believed by his nu
merous friends that no human power could relieve, or
protractile' life, much less restore him back again to
his former health, we feel it thus oar duty to give our
unqualified testimony of Mr. Green's perfect recovery,
by means of the exclusive use of your wonderful Syr
up ; and we should indeed rejoice if we confines made
the humbler instruments of relief and cure to others vibe
may beau unfortunate as similarly afficted.
- David Conrad, Jesse Duffield,
C. Hinckte, A. Heath,
Joseph Head, Jr. , Jesse Watecm,
Stephen Lukens, Robert Allyn,
Matthew Terkel, James Torbert.
John Bloomesbury, Allen Vandegrift.
Prepared only by Dr. Schenck, and sold, whole
sale anti retail, by his sole agents, John Gilbert &
Wholesale Druggists. 177 North Thud Street. Phil's,
Clicken & Co. al Barclay street, N. Y. Redding & CO.
No. 8 Stalest, Boston; H. Blakeley,'cornecThird and
Chestnut streets. St. Louis ; end by principal Druggists
throughout the United States. And by th. following
Agents in Bradford County :
H. C. Potter, Towanda ; D. Bailey & don,Leßays
villa ; T. Humphrey, Orwell; Maynard & Woodburn.
Rome; J. J. Warlord, Monroe; 1). I). Parkhurst.
Leßoy; C. E. Rathbone, Cantors; King & Vosburg
Troy ; G. A. Perk ins, Athens .
0: 1•A II letter, addressed to DR. J.H.SCHENCK,
Eine of John Gilbert 4 Co., Whole sate Druggists, No.
177 North Third street, Philadelphia.
dtt.ention Regiment!
TORN E. GEIGER, would say to hiS old friends and
the public at large, that he has constantly on hand
and manufacturing Rifles and Shot Guns etc., ecoq--
Among his assortment of Guns may be found Double
and barrelled Guns. Rifles of all kinds warranted,
Pi:wider:Flasks, Shot PSchea„ Gam& BagS, Cap
Prinks,. Alto, - Polr'der, Mkt, Calis of the best qual4
ty. six barrelled Revoking Pistols, do single
barrelled self•cocking Pistols, Rine Pistobs, double bbl
Pistols and common steel and brass Pistols.
F 0., P. F. G., F: P. F: G., Powder in Cans con.
stonily on hand.
- Any of the above articles will to sold awful cheap
for the Beady Puy. • • '
'Keys of any kind Bttr d to Doors. Trunks or any
other kind of locks on short notice and reasonable terms.
Repairing done with neatness and despatch. Shop a
few rods north of the Bradford House.
Towanda, May 22, 1852. J. E. GEIGER.!
SHOES—the largest and beat stock
in town at octB B, KINGSBURY*B.'
- • Zoka-VA•Nifilsoz,g -•.! •
TJAS removed his establishment to 0. Mix's star*.
1 7 .1 'Conker of main street and the public square. and
wftfconiintie the inanufaiturettß6our and Show, as
luereadore. -
Ne kits just received - from .New York a large assort
went of Women's, Children's and MissatShoes. which
ate offered at low prices. • The attention d the Ladies
is parientarly directed to his aisownwnt. comprising
dm 'following new wyles i--Ensmelled ;cony .Lind
ter boots; do. sham ; black listing and silk gaiters;
walking shoes. beskinselke. . Misses' /miters and shoes,
of evary'd‘cription. A large smortment Of Children's
fancy gaiters; boots and shoes, of all kinds.
lot the Gentleinew, "lomat every styki;gf gaiters and
shoes. This stock has been personiTly *elected with
care, and he. believes he can offsr.supezior aides at
reasonable friers. 4 •
07,The wrictest attention paid to. Alnnufaeisning.
sod be hopes by skiing work well to meritri continu
ance of the liberal patronage ha hie hitherto teceived.
Towanda. May 8, 1851. .
/0111 . 11 C. Agi 1 IAMIGA WAClAlltittlt
£DA:as at•tosuumatrz,
_Cessallp Pa.
AVTNG foiii . ed in Towinds, his services may
1-1 be obtained - by addressing's line through the Poat
Mee, or by calling at the °Mee of Ulysses Meteor,
.Where he will be found, or Where a written sp.
liettplon may be rrft. Ndi. 1. 1850.
TH.Fsnbsgrihera respectfully inform Abe public. that
they have taken the shop - formerly occupied by
Main Esenwine, on Main street, nearly opposite
Drape's wagon shop, where they are prepared to-do-all
kinds of IIILACKSMITHING upon reasonable terms.
They are determined by doing their work well and
promptly, to merit, as they hope to receive a share. of
public patronage.
HORSE—SHOEING done in the beat manner. All
kinds of repairing Machinery, executed in the moat skil
ful manner. • , .
, WOOD WORK for wagons will also be made and
repaired when desired. -
All work done at their shop, will be warranted to be
well done, and manufactured from the beat materials.
The public are requested to give us a trial, and judge
for themselves. EDEN W ENE 6c SEEBISCH H.
Towanda, May Z. 1851.
Important to Housekeepers:
THE subscriber thankful for the
,• --
_,•---_-:,,...:-_, I.. .liberal patronage beretolore re -
- -e.,-- , -.:. it 12,:iSt's' delved, begs leave so inform his
•' -- "is -.. 47 - , i friends and the public. generally-.
t j,.. i . •• and those commencing Hciuse
-4..1-..... — ,, .' keeping in particular that he has
11 , , mi , now on hand a large assortment
''''. of FURNITURE, which he will
warrant to be made in a substantial manner, and of
tht heat materials.
BUREAUS, such as mahogany and walnut drf ss-
Mg bureaus. marble and plain tops ; mahogany and
walnut washstands, marble tops. sod plain, of dif
ferent patterns. Card and end tables, sofas Couch-
es, whatnots. &c.
BEADSTEADS.—High', Field, French and low
post bead.teadc, finished in handsome ~tole and of
approved patterns, together with other furniture usu
ally called for, all ul which will bit sold on the moot
accommodating terms.
cr:rThe subscriber is also provided with a plain
and fashionable HEARSE, and will hOld himself in
readiness to attend to all orders in undertaking.
He will furnish ice boxes when desired, by the aid
of which the corpse may be kept for a week. COF
N. 11.—Furniture of all kin& made to order, and
warranted to be of the best matt rials and workman
Towanda. January 17. 1852.
NOeir• Genuine Gonna accompamoo u •me aim
le of theaboveZngrareil Wrapper of Dr. E. Lai
SOULE ek Co., upon each box.
In offering to the public this justly celebrated SOV
EREDI2I DAL AI OF LIFE. it is nut our wish to
make any false statements or wild assertions of their
superior of in restonng, to health the sick and
suffering, well knowing that their reputation as a
STANDARD MEDICIiCE is of itself sufficient refer
coca for the afflicted.
Many proofs might be given of their value on paper,
but we prefer 111 Ore unecquainted with them to satisfy
themselves by enquiring of living whoesaes and trying
the Pills. They wi.l find them perfectly sate end reli
able in all cases, being purely rrgelable, and a wadi
eine worthy their best confidence sod patronage.
The following certificate was sent us fin the public
Monroe CO. N. Y., May 10, 1851
We the undersigned, citizens of Henrietta, having
used personally Dr. Soule'. Sorereign Rain! Pills, end
witnesseJ the health-restoring effects thereof, cheerfully
recommend these Pills to the afflicted as the best with
which we are sequainteiL
P. B.—You am at liberty to publish this for the pie
he good.
Bawsita op COUSTIIIVIITS ! We ere not aware tha
any one who is making a spurious article-has yet dar
ed to make use of our name ; but some of them has
had the impudence to imitate our boxes and copy our
Ciftelais, Certificates &c. Unless the public are
careful when 'hey pur chase, they will be deceived.
• 03 The genuine SavereigiA Balm Pills can be had
wholesale and niter, of Dr. SOULE & Co:, Syracuse
Onondaga Co. N. Y•
Sold by Dr. H. C PORTIER,Towanda Pa., and bj
their Agents in ever' town in the country. 71y
finettat'i 'Salt, (thrum and Scrofula (Hutment.
RHEUM. . •'
Three boxes warranted to cure a surface as large
as our hands.
NORNON'S Ssltrlieum and Scrofula 0 4,16 m l:h as
no equal in curing &lit-hewn. Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Darbrr's Itch, Fever Sores, Scald Heads, Ringworms
&c., &c.
For sale in Towanda.' by Dr. H. C. PORTER
Lafayette Burr Mill Stone
THE undersigned, formerly foreman for many
years of the Lafayette Burr Mill :Stone Manu
factory. 240 Washington St.. N. Y., (W. Tyack,
agent.) would inform his friends and the public in
general, that he has established a
fo Leroy buildings, opposite Exchange Hotel, and
solicits a share of their patronage. -
He will have constantly on hand a large stook
of French Burr Mill Btohes, as also t !urge supply
of French Burr Bloch, Bolting Cloth, Screen
Wire. Calcined Plaster, and Patent self• Digesting
The undersigned as,sures his friends and the
public, that he will faithfullyexecuie all Orders en.
trusted to his care, not only in quality but in pri•
es' of articles furnished, and solicits their kind pat.
ORDERS by letter will be executed with as much
care and as cheap as when purchasers are on the
REFERENCES—Hon. D. S. Dickinson, Hon.
John A. Collier, Hon. A. Birdsall, Hon. V. Whit.
ney, Dr. Eldridge; Cot. H. Lewis, W. S. Weed, & Pe-
Ilinghan.ton. D. Searle. Isaac Post, Judge Jessup.
Balsbuty, dr C 0.,. Montrose, Pa. Caleb Carmalt,
Thomgg Phinney, m il der . Q . 0 .
& B.'Shipman,' Waverly, N. Y. Thomas Pearsall,
Bmithborough, N. Y. Major);), Mersereau. Union,
N. Y. M. T. Nichols, Owego, N. Y. Royal &
Whitaker, Waverly, N. Y. JOHN W. SULLIVAN.
Binghamton, Nov. El, 185T.y23.
T EAS—The best 4 shilling to in Owego, is se
ing at GOODRiCH'It & Co.
D. G. 0 Pis,
. en* 0 1 -
• LA WRElfe£,
ItirANUPACTURP. Stearn lEngi
1.11.1 from ft to 1006 bereft power,
Once, of heavy iron be& Otte., cm i n
ham expeneirin'ethreir; all joints gr ay
steam tight withoot gweiiing or g l o m;
wearing etulbees Large, and tannin in adi
ninrcmnior ffahhitt metal ; all W u ,'
turned belt. fbee. Theßegolotor is in k
Ode. 'The 'Pore. 'Pump is itsdep,
arranged with crank Shaft and tight eni
ready to +retire a belt froni the e ng i ne
any, other shaft. The whole style or w o n ;
pa:wet/by 'any engine builders in the r il e
Boilere'of the beat American or Eno,
east or wrought irtmzi-either tubular o r
made to the most thcoottgh manner.
Engine. from 8 to tit) bory►s poen
hind or in- proven, to be delivered
of the receipt of in order.
Also,'Stiam Fla* Mills, capable di nt
board measure, of mid inch boirclo,
Mier Aluley as's, and requiting Do ofb, 4 ,11
iaardusr. '
The following are the prices of a fee
Saw MN, including steam 'engine, boiler
chimney. complete; pitman item ; q u a,
setter.; feed. e4d Wu and iroqfurlC
carriage. complete,
Steam engine, I Li ie
r taz nh ete in ro in f a ry 3 ll 6 n o tle r , 2
beating audio., and all castings, pipe, ,
other parts necessary to set it to comp'
gl eam engine, 12 in. diameter of ry lonic,. 3;
with tubular boiler. comaining 480
heating surface, complete as before,
Delivered an the can of the Bost on i m
road at Lawrence-26 miles front Bosun.
OD delivery.
Boilers fir the above modified to sun
and accordingly.
McKay ¢ lionilley, late of Pittsfield, M,
steam engines are already widely known, tui
taken charge of the works of the
will be able, with their inereatied faribut
fiance, to make their approved engines ci
better than heretofore.
May 8, 11; 1 52.y GORDON MtK '
AAT H TE VER concerns the health and
of a people, is at all times of the .
importance. 1 take it for granted that
will do all in their power. unease the 11%,
children, and that 'eery person will ender,,
mote their own health at all sacrificr.s,
my duty solemnly to azure you that IA u
cording to the opinion of the most relented
are the primary camw a of a love maj.irit s
to which children and adult. are liable ;tl
an appetite continually cbangiiig from one
to windier, bad breath, pain in the stomact
the nose, hardness and fullness of the belly,
slow fever, pulse irregular—remember that
denote Worms, and you should at °area,*
mealy :
flobensack's Wenn Syrup,
An article founded updti scirnnfic fmnnf
pounded with purely vegetable su bo i ,,, cm
fecdy safe when taken, and detetinitiol ii
and not leaving the s)stem in s dtieriel
most advertised nostrums, complied of k
removal of Worms, such as Lozenrs,
dec., but has 'perfoonad the mast ast.totany
saved the livis of thousands, both y nunz
have bet n pronounced tiop,l,-s—irroui r
clans. Read the followinc, and laco¢r ai
its efficacy over all others:
Mu. J. N. HOZIENSACK.ThIS a to mutt
child, 15 yams of age, having been mit foi.
was attended by Drs. Loper, IVhlllty and'
long time without reee.virbi any betefil:
g ring ber up as incurable, 1 went to Pheatt
consulted one of the best physicians; he,'
growing worse, It was at this tune I se,
try flubensuek's Wurni Syrup. sad after .
bottles she entirely regained het health. /Id
this will prove a benefit to parentr winos et ,
similarly affected,
I am yours, &c,
Uobensack's Liver Pa.
No part of the orystem to more Gable to
be large, it aorvice as a fi tem to pun
or giving a proper secretion to the bile; re
wrong action of the Liver efircts the other
parts of the system, and results .arwo•h in
Liver complaint, Dyiipepsia, &e. We bhool
watch every symptom that it it:in induct
action of the Liver. The , e Pilh hem; Dv
Roots and Plemis, furnished by nature to '
Namely, :Au Expecorant. which
secretion from the putmoniry mum
pmnyttes the discharge of secreted maw.
Alteralite, which changes in some intecol
explicable manner, the certain mewl to'
system. 3d—a Tunic, which rives tat ta
to the nerve aa system. renewing health tar
parts of the body. 4.h—a Ceti/atic. '
perfect harmony a ith usher inenrotenn,
on _the bowels, and expelling the whole aa.
and vacated matter, sod pyrifyir g ttie totaa? ,
strays disease and restores health.
Agents 16r Bradford Coun . y —Dr.rt.c,
J. M. Reed, Towanda ; C. H. Herrick, .V:211:
Bullock & Co. Smithfield ; Barnes & Wry.'
teT : H. spear, Springfield ; E'i Bsini,
Taylor, Burlington ; Brown & Rotkarell.
Parkhust & Lamb, Leroy ; Ch ll . Nibh w
also T. B. Howland, Columbia, travels in e
THE subferiter nxct
nnunce to the rc'!:
have now on haal,an't
to order all kinds
Cabinet Itnaitla
%itch a, Sofa... Thom
Center, Card, Ihnat:a:
fast Tables. Maittl,g!
nut, Maide anti fhtrY
Stands of vartua ,
and Bedsteads of every de,cnptien.nb l° ,
will be made of the best matertal ttntl
manner, and which they will sell f'r
than can be bought in any other Wart-rc-1
on band on the most reasonable
HEARSE will be furnished on Funeral
Towanda. June 1, 185'2.
••• CNE a the !are . :
ment ever 011e ,01. `
• ford County. esn he 10 0 . 4 '
Alexander's notn,:i
fir“ door :rushof ‘lerclf
G it) ,fft 6
Bonds Poore, en . *
XL a. Taxuararza
of Elmira. has established a Branch st
place. All our work will he I , okt at the 81 1
ed and no deviation in price : and iv
direct from the Manufacturer or made by '—
and warranted to give en tire sansfacties. Erc'j
sCripLion or
/Wens, Woolens, Chihli - ens and rands A?,.;
and IPonens Calf and &gado and
Robber OtYr Moss cheap forcasi
Cr Please call and examine for d
Towanda. Oct. 22, 1E152
ral'ilit negroaras 0
THE only complete assortment of Parr .
1- jogs kept in this re.eion. for 521 e 11 ,r11 .
nwest rates by 0, D. BASTi.v
4--- - - -- rte!
C"Hpaid for Polk, whole h.c..o r 4 1 0.,
mess style tiecl IiAILFS3INt• '
Nlonaii Rata