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Mae of sundry writs of Vertd. Esponai
out of the Court of COMmolit Pleas, of
;,Ann, and to me directed, will be expos
•al,.at the Court House in the bons' of
Meonday the 7th day of February, at I
tots'fl let, piece cr parcel of
rated ta Ahes p• ,B radturd Coargy,stAte
•,. bounded and described as follows to wit:
„ l b old east by land of Daniel and Hugh
a , l b, south by lands of Jesse, Spalding,
cat by lands of Isaac aberson.. Contain.
tcs and 54 perches or L thereabouts, m JO acres
e a re , I framed house thereon.
and taken to esecution at the suit of
iHarris, vs Orson L. Lamberson. •
t—The following lot, piece or parcel of
dgbeiry rep., and bounded on the north
is formerly in the occupancy of Calvin Bud
0, o f Win. Fuller, east by lands of Vino.
south by of Henry• Spencer, and
ds of Chas. White. Containing about 52
same m
theore or less, about 35 acres int.
,one framed house, one ft - ailed barn and a
orchard of fruit trees thereon.
r ed and taken in execution at the suit of • Ed:
}lead nose to the use of John Thompson, v,
.2.4)—A piece or parcel of land in North Tow
ogp , and bounded on the north by lands in
mn ef .1. C. Powell and Isaac Aaiun, west
IcorWm. Elwell, south by lands of Ezra
led east by Sugar Creek. Containing abdu t
VIl or less, about 60 acres improved,
;a stone tavern house, two framed barns, I
ceice and an orchard of fruit trees thereon.
rd and taken in execution at the suit of E. W.
Ts R. 11. Mason & S. A. Mills.
,so—The following piece or parcel of land in
tvp., and bounded on the north by lands be.
go prd Chapman. on the east by lands beg
Amasa Hancock, on the south and west
it to
ore or Wok P. Corson. Containing about
:t less, about 120 acres improved, I
roue, one framed barn, one;,old log house
gee orchards thereon.
and taken in execution at the suit of Beach
co.. vs Rollin Wilcox.
a>—The following pieces or parcels of land
:geld and Burlington townships. First lot
rd on the north by lands of Henry Phelps and
Pierce, on the east by lands of Henry Phelps
.iinev Clark, on the South by lands of Daniel
:is and Lewis Kelly. and on the west by lands
trry Pierce. Containing about 50 acres, about
Ts improved, and a framed bara thereon
.o—One other lot in Smithfield twp., and
rd on the north by lands of Lewis Kelly, on
t by the public highway, on the south and
v lands of Daniel Andrus. Containing about
~ all improved. 1 large new grist mill, new
I house not quite finished, one old framed
one new hog pen framed, not quite finished
law fruit trees thereon.
t .)...1'w0 other lots of about 100 acres each,
together, one lying
in Smithfield and the
Burlington two., and bounded on the north
t,,pf Jacob Fletcher, on the east by land in
ion of Beals Spalding and Robertson, on the
in lands of Silas Betts, and on the west by
Wa,hington Campbell and the Bingham
they being the same lots purchased some 10
izo jr. as agent for the Car'
Lids by Alvin Seward, unimproved.
ted and taken in execution at the suit of Benj.
and Ira Gardner, late co-partners in the
of Smith & Gardner, vs Lumen Kellogg, Alv
rani and Elijah B. Georgie, terre tenant.
, O—A piece sar parcel of land in Rome twp.,
ended on the north by lands of Hiram Dob,
the east be lands of Patrick Murphey, on the
leads of Eli Rolls estate, on the west by
, 1 Thomas Austin. Containing about 70
noNur less, about thirty acres improved, one
e house, use log barn and a few fruit trees
it'd and taken in execution at the suit of J. M.
It ider of the estate of D. M. Wattles 'deed,
end 11111 jr.
,SO—A piece or parcel of land in. Leroy twp.,
',Amid on the north, east and south by land'
hn Hammond, and on the west by lands of
• films. Containing 4i acres mere or less,
rum!, one block house and one framed barn
ti in! Laken in execution at the suit ot Geo.
.)L—A piece or parcel of land in- Ridgberry
tct boaoded on the North by lands- of Isaac
%tau and south by Lands of David Burt, west
a. W. Burnham. , Containing about 10
~re or less, about one acre improved, one
taw mill, three log houses, one framed barn,
in and framed house.
and taken in execution at the suit .of
, hacci and Beckwith vs Asaph Colburn and
t une or parcel of land in Wyalasing
untied on the north by lands belonging
:e of Joseph Ingham, east by lands in
;of Harvey Ingham, South and west by
)osesaion-of Charles Ingham. Contain
:loo acres, more or less, abbot 40 acres
2framed dwellingihooses, I framed
e harn,
11,1 framed sash factory, I framed spring
Ifr . amed shed, a framed corn house • and a
it trees thereon.
and taken in execution at the suit of Ja•
aldeman, vs John Ingham.
1---A piece or parcel of land in Athens twp.,
led and described as follows : Beginning
opte sugar tree the south east corner of a lot
.th conveyed to Daniel Orcutt, thence south
nd 7-10 perches to a post, thence west 106
%It perches to a post, thence north t 37 and
1: pitch pine for scorner, standing on the
no of said, Orcutt's lot, thence south 86°
irl a the south line of the said Orcutt's lot
ad 6-10 perches to the beginning. Contain-
Kris and 'at perches more or less, it being
rd fur the•who'e of lot No. 122 on warrantlot
i l 2..ibout 40 acres improved, two log houses,
barn, a small log corn house and a few
;ices thereon.
::zed and taken in execution at the scat of a a
.s Albert Van Gorder.
A)—A piece or parcel of land in Sheshequin
and bounded on the north by the public high
tast tot , lands of C. W. Bullis, south and west
vie of Daniel Drink, Containing half an acre
same more or less, all improved one (rained
one slab shed or stable, and a few fruit trees
and taken in execution at the suit of Dan
k, Ts B. D. Horton.
.80—All the defendants interest in the follow
t. piece or perzel (Aland in Ridgberry
forks of the Terurilleger run, surrounded by
Graf David Burke, and bounded and. described as
'vs' Beginning ata hemlock tree, marked and
' , Az on the north hank, and near the foika of
r,am. thence N. 69 F.. 30 perches to a pine,
90 E. 35 rods to apine tree, thence S. 88
rods to a hemlock and thence the nearest
rlo the beginning. Containing about 5 acres
same more or less,about one..acre improved
' l 'm saw mill with the appurtenances thereto
Ig. one framed house, one • log AtouFe sad
used barn thereon.
30—The •individed half, part of a dot, piece
tl of land in Ridgberry twp., and beginning
stn tree standing on the west bank of Bentley
tad running thence south 6°
2-10 east. 8 perches
the north east corner of Abiall Fullers
from thence S. 11 El 30 perches to a certain
tree standing on the west side orthe west,
Linen! of the mill run, thence 8. 2° 10" E. 10
Ito a post and .tones standing by a white
1111 1 1 , thence 8. 54 W. 6 perches and 7 , 1-0 An
lilt' stones, thence 8. 2 E. 9 perches to the
istonte r of said Abiab Fuller ' s Farni, being
that tree. thence north 27'E,14 perches 1°- a
111 E. 18-7 to a hemlock tree, standing on
it bank of said Bentley creek, thence 18. 22
st o a corner the east bank of said creek,
N.BB W. 8 perches 'to the place of begin-
C ontaining 4 acres and 60 perches more
Nether with the undivided half of the saw
3 nion and mill run and pfiviliges - therclo, at
all improved.
30—Otte other lot piece or parcel df land in
*ll 7 top, and bounded on the north by lands
ruimia Perkins; east I.y lass- of 11 . F. Burt,
Booth by lands itif 'lsmael Wallboard - west be- the
an feedlot km El4ta to riq t ,
aboni eine'ista idrimproia. one friudedigintetanV
one framed storwhotagaurrineitkaad barn there
Seized and Aitken ihezecution , at the suittofSA.
Strang & en. vs Aisaph.Colbomt do O. T..Murphei
ALSO—A piece or parcel of laud in Wyalusiog:
twp.. and Beginning at a post the south west corder
of William Nesbit's lot. thence east i5B and 1-19
perches to a. post.cornerof Wm. Nesbit& A. Dough.
arty'a f thence south 16 perches to a hemlock, south
west-corner of A. Dougherty'asiot, thence west 158 ,
and 1-19 , perchesalong unsold land to • post, comer
of a lot surveyed to John Irskineoheoce honk-116
parebeslo theTbeginning.- Containing. 115 :acres
and 32 perchm - stricrmeasure, Pint atm'
larger tracts of land originally• Nathan
Cook and lobo Taylor by the authority of the State
of Pennsylvania, about 55 acres improved. one .fratni.
ed dwelling house, and small plank - house one
blackitnith shcipv one old • tog house not occupied,
and one saw mill, an •orchard of fruit trees thereon;
Seized and taken in•execution at the suit of A. B.
Peckham, vs Eleazar Morble..
ALSO-4 piece. or parcel ()Nand in Pike twp.~
and bounded on the north byy, thc. school louse lot
and alot in prisiesidon of Griffin MaGeei• kickers as
the Tannery lot; on the Cist. - 14. lanai ()I'M. N. &
Elisha Dewolf, on .the month by :lands , belonging to
Juliallogers„.orohe west by the , highway leading
froirMeßayaritle,ln rht - Wyllusitireireek. 'Cif
taining.ab ! ant Sore's More or less, all improved,
one (Tamed . dwellingliOuse, and a !knit' Gorse bard
thereon crocted. .
Seized and taken in execution at the snit '4f Wm.
R. MaGee. now to the use of Eugene Keeler, vs Nich.
ols Cogadill.
ALI;10-..-A piece or parcel of land In Athens boro'
and bounded on the north by a public alley leading,
to the Baptistehurch,on'the east by the highway lea
ding:tom At hena bore to Pactmville, on the south
by lands of James Smith, on the west by lands of
C. N. Shipman. Containing about ofteleorth acre.
all improved, one two story framed house and a
few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of G.
B. K. Wade, vs Levi Potter.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of rand in Litchfield
twp., and bounded on . the north by lands of West.
cott, on the east by lands vacant, on the south by
land ofStephen Evans; on the - west by lands of W.
Cotton.‘ ,Containing about 50 acres,' be the same
more or less. about ten acres improved, one log
house and one framed barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
Welles & Harris, vs Wm. Sackett.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of lanitin Albany twp.
and bounded on the north by lands belonging to Da.
vid Chapman, on the east by lands belonging to
Amasa liandOck, on the south and west by. lands
belonging to Zadock P. Corson. Containing about
168 acres, more or less, about 120 acres improved.
one framed bottle. one old, log house, one flamed
barn. and three large orchards thereon.'
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Titus
& Barnes, vs Rollin Wilcox.
A piece or parcel of land in Burlington twp. Bet
ginning at a birch the north east corner of warrant
No, 1418, thence west 105 and 5-10 perches to a
post, thence north 76 and 3-10 perches to a birch,
thence east 105 and 6-111 perches to:the place of Be
ginning. Containing 50 acres- and 107 perches, be
the same more or less, about one acre improved,
one log house and one log shed thereon.
Seized and taken .n execution at the suit of The
odore Wilder . and William Covey vs Joshua Ba
ALSO—The following piece or parcel of land in
Sheshequin tw.p.. and bounded on the north and
west by landsof Ralph Gwre, on the east by lands of
Reuben Thompson, on the south by lands of Alfred
Gore. Containing about one acre. more or less.
about 3-4 of an acre improved, one fra.ned house
Seized and taken in exeeution at the suit of .1. P.
Wickham to the use of Wickham & Woodhull and
woodbutki Co., vs. Itisirin Tompkins.
ALSO—By writ of Levert Facias, the following
lot piece 'or parcel of land in Monroe' ' ' twp. Begin.
ning at a post in the centre of the Main road, thence
along the line of said road. stood:L.s ° west 7 and 3-10
perches to a post, thenCe trlon,,.zlhe line of J. B.
Smith. north 79° wers,, 20 and 3-10 perebes to tt
post, thenci north 6° east 61f perches to a post,
thence alotie a .4ne of S. L. Fowler, south 82° east
20 and 3-10 perches to the place of beginning.—
Containing 135 and 740, perches, be the same-move
or less. all improved, one frame dwelling house and
store connected, two small. framed barns and some
fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jo.
seph Hornet, vs Delanson C. Salsberry and Orlando
N I s berry.
ALSO—AII the following described lot piece or
parcel of land in Springfield township ; Beginning
at an Iron Wood south east corner of lot No. 3 on
warrant lot No. 944, thence east 96 perches to a
beech sapling for a corner, south west cornerof lot
No. 5. thence south 168 perches to a post, thence
west 96 perches to a post. thence north 169 perches
to the beginning. Containing 107 acres and-33 per
ches strict measure, it being intended for the whole
of lot No. 9 on said warrant lot No. 944, with about
l 4 acres improved, one old frame or plank house
and a far fruit trees . thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John
Arnot assignee ire,. vs Eli Tarbell, Richard Hazle
ton 4-John Harkins, Terre Tenant.
C. THOMAS, Sheriff,
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, January 5,4853.
Notice is hereby given, that an amount equal to
the cost, will be required to be paid upon each sale
when struck down to the bidder. and upon a failure
to comply , with this regulation, the tract of land will
again be offered for sale.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of AUSTIN
121.;SSELL, dec'd late of Orwell, are , hereby
requested to make payment without delay : and all
those baying demands against said estate will pre
sent them duly'authenticated for , settlement.'
Orwell, Dee. 2, 1852
Auditors Notice.
THE undrsigned auditor appointed by the Orph
an's Court of Bradford County, to distribute
funds raised by administrator's sale of the real
tate of Peter Johnson. late of said county dec'd, will
attend to the business aforesaid at the tavern of
Hugh Hicks, in Rome village on the 17th day of
January,lBsll, at 1 o'clock P. M., when all persons
having claims against said estate, are required to
present thetn.or else be debarred from any portion
of said fund. ' HENRY. BOOTH,
-Dec.-17.1852 , . - ' , Anditor
• =zit zer prtroacE.:=
aria E. Dubois. by her next friend Charles .lttarey
vs David Dubois,-in Bradford County, Ctit7l. Pleas
No. 94 Noy Term, 1852.
DAM DUBOIS, defendant in the abcve cause :
Yon are hereby notified that Maria E. Dubois
your wife, has filed her petition fora divorce' from
the bonds or_matrimeny. And an alias sap:ens has
been returned, and proof made that you are not to
be found in said county. You are therefore hereby
required to appear at the Court House, in the bort?
of Towanda. on Monday, the 7th day of FebrtlarY
next. being the first day of February term i , of said
court of coin. pleas, to answer the said complaint,
and show cause. if any you have, why the said . Ma.
ria shall not be divorced from
T you.
C. HOM.A. , ..Sheriff,
Sheriff's Office, Towanda,Dec. 31. 1892.
In the molter of the y olication of the Collegiate' in
stitute of the Presbytery 41 Susquehanna.' in the
Court of Cain. Pleas, of Bradford Cotudy,lfq.los,
Dee. Term 1849.
NOTICE is hereby given that' on the 18th Jai of
,Pecember,lB s 3, the Trustees, of the Collegiate
Institute of the Piesbytery.o rfinagiehanna,,present.„
ed to said couit, a peutont praying,, that, certain
amendments and allerations,nl; the article.s anicon.
d4tons of their chatter'be made by said .cotirt,
specified in the articles aoneied torwid Petitition.—
Wherefore the Coundirectett said , wnting to be
is the office of the Prothonotary. and that„notiee
•thereof, be inserted in one neirapaper - , printed in
Bradford . CoOnty.foritt least three weeks before the.
next term of said COurt; ,
ALLEN WEE - AN, Prothaititiary.
Prothonotary's Office, Towanda, Jan. 6, 1853. •
t h --:• - , 0re — r . ........- - ' Aft 411illikrOjPgrces
• - • , c p- - ••, i.--. %, i
-:!_•-... -:1 1 z.....y•-• .
-!...---':' -- -._ Rolgeberg; landliNalhiburig 'def
pot on; the MN. & El. Ri-Re. every; Mortomf, Wan.
aassar.and/Tatitss , at ;8 o'clock/A: itl.; and arrive
at die deporin time•tolelfe theeliening train of cars
either east/nr west, same dot: ,•,- • : . .
•›•-Rettitchig/ Tumour; Tatnisear•And , Brentaust,
after the arrival of the Easterrtmin, and -ahas the
Weitern Care from Jefferson; Ehnira.dreio and ar
riveStTotranda; saMe•day./1 - !/! - - ; •;-.- ..
rasa r/..-ITOwandaio-Mertnine.milla, ..' : .-1111
- ' " ; - to Burlington. . be
'es / ,-. 'to-Ea* Smithfield; ' . • '62i
it '' to ilidgebety, . - I,:.1.00
0 : ;/' 'to. Wellsburg depot; 1.25
-Express packages to of from the- Rail Road care.
folly delivered at ;moderate charges. .
Towanda; 0dt.,8, 1852
TOWa!4= 4l : 4UNM VrAr‘n3",r•
7.1' ' ' THE proprietors - are now run
s•...„tt.-.27tb.1!"( mug a daily line of four horse
-40 - 0*= 4 4 4 ciaclies;• between Towanda and
the 'eat ark 'and Erie Railroad, it Waterly.
They' . ire determined that nt, , ;efforts or expense
apitied tn,keeri thin line alocked-and'rart,in
a Mintier Worthy thnebitturigement 'fir the ptiblie.
'LeatteoWairerly 'ever* day; at :9 tOctoctri A. M q 'or
Ethel' theirriVal - oldie morning trains, and arriv
ing at Towanda, at 12 o'clock A.M.. in time to con
nect with a line vistiges, tr . !, Tunkannoek.
Leave Towanda every day at t P. M., arriving at
Waverly in time to take the evening trains. east
or west.
At Towanda, passengers can take stages for Wil
lianispon, Wellsborough and Montroie, and camag
es can always be obtained, as may be desired.
The Proprietors are preuared to take any num
ber of passengers by means of extra stages. if nec
essary. 00 Office in Towanda, at the Ward House,
'rourwhich all the stages take their departure.
A. KENNAR & Co..
Nov. 20, 1852
orroirrsoig LINE
THE subscribers are now sun
ning a coach daily from Waver
to Towanda. they may be found
morning r- and evening at G. H Hallett's Claremont
House, Waverly. and at noon at Win. Briggs' To,
wanda. The patronage of friends and travelers will
be •hankfully received.
Sheabequin. Nov. 15, 1852.
ri t IFIE late attempt to burn our town should re
-I_, mind every property bolder of the necessity
of being insured before it is too late—all persons
wishing to be insured, can be by calling upon the
undersigned, who, having agencies for several of
the most popular companies in this country, and is
prepared to take all kinds of risks on the most rea
sonable terms.
Towanda, Oct. 7, 1852. C. IS. RUSSELL.
IvOULD say to his friends and the public getter
ally that he has located himself in the
In the Basement of the Union Bloch,
next door to Briggs' Hotel, (formerly occupied by
W. R. Smalley.) where be will be receiving Oysters
three times a week by express, and will Nerve them
up in the most approved style. He has spared no
pains or expense to make it one of the best
this side of I(ew York.
Oysters, by the gallon, quart or pint, at the low!
est rates.
Towanda, 0ct..27, 1852.
3..0 B. AL=ONSICIL, di CO.
TN the Brick Block. next door to Mercurs More have
1 just added to their stock, a large and fashiona
ble assortment of
of eVery variety,b,oth ofstyle and price, to which
they ask the attention of the public. Tbis is now
the largest stock
Ever ffered in T owanda
and will be sold at ptices eonsideiable lower than
ever before known id thit place. our goods are
selected with a retard both to style and price, and
offer inducements, not to be met with at any other
LT - Strangers 01.1 _ith3 o Fasidator. oth
ers in want ofCROTI will and
at oar eitablishment, in this section of the coyntry,
and made in such style and materials as to ensure
satisfaction, We shall endeavor by
to secure patronage. feeling confident that our arti
cles will give satisfaction to the porchaser.
The assortment comprises every article required
for a gentleutan'soiltdi. TERMS—GASH.
Overcoats, Coati Pants, Overalls Caps 4e.
LocsTrons.—Nest door south of Meteor's Main
st. Towanda ; and No. 7 Water at. Arnonts Hall.
Elmira; and under A. C. Porters Hotel, Tioga Till
age, Tioga Co. Pa. -
Towanda May 29th 1851.
Sadie, Harness & Trunk Manufactory.
TRUE CULP & Co., respectfully inform the public
that they have removed to the shop on Main street,
recently occupied by Smith & Son, nearly opposite
the Ward House,"whers they will keep on band a
large stock of
LEatil32ol6 O.WYDIMCID laaasl3e.
All articles in their line manufactured to order, and
made of the best wraterial,and for workmanship cannot
be surpassed in Northern Pennsylvania, They solicit
a call from those whiting to purchase, confident that
they ran give,mtistaction both as to quality and price.
o:3llii4al and Sheep Pelts vezeived for wort and on
accountiat the lowest rates.
sale Leather;,Upper Letdher,Harnesa Leather and
Calf skins t foisalo in my quantity.
(IN account of kisses sustained at [the bite fire, we
kl,ote Obliged to calfou those inkebted to ui for
prOmpt seitletneet, as we aro under the necessity of
bliving,What is owing to us, we trust this notice will
be sufficient without resorting to other means.
Tolands, Dec. 2, 1,962.
GLO T 'll. I N
& A CAMPBELL. having been purified by:
thereeent fire spin hued op their
CLOT 111111) s 4 sS, .
In the sane Place as before and are now offering
for.mtle,p , deobable .asoortment of ,tall And wittier
000DIs • •
They being desirous of making ty theirrecent lots,
will sell at unusually-low prices.
Towanda, Nov. 8, 1859.,
UrF,Ai4O ROBES—A lot of Dotal. Robes, lust
1-1 received by J. POWILL.
Towanda Dec. I, UM.
Ready made Clothing,
1 f=1.46, C• X W
. •
Of Sir, Jobe 'Kenktio;' 4;l:td aiwt ilurlalercx
alquxquthai as NEW STOCAA b
WAid' um=
-iotuNTwa .rettpentfullt:infomii hie friends and
the public ritertillysnt taint etid Abs-surround
ing country, tamper- with " all--the4ent of man
kind," that he bas lovt'recelvedt . frodillew York:
one of the moat complete assortments of Mens and
Boys Ready Hide Clothing, ever,'betore offered in
Towanda, together With Mest a Otiiiimeres, Vest.
ingi; and Waltrip Which he sallVlnake up in the
most approved style, and at the lowest price.
Hebei also on hand.oneibf the most- fashionable
stack of rurikhing - Domin i ' such es Woolen Um
dent) iris, Cherished', Overalls, Drivers,-and every
article in his line pertaining to Gentiemens'• War
drobe, which:WM be sold eheapet - thaii•frany other
Clothing Stimi in Stadford'Coooty.
He is confident that (tiro Ids ltimieipepence that
he cad give ginerjd satisfaction.,He employs none
but the Most expert workritep, an feeleassured that
his work will not suffer try compirison with the best
city shopireither in t elegance of workmanship or el,
eganeerofstylefi-arid bepetriti • itriet . ' latent too to
bistr4o.metit e,coutinuanecof Th at
which bar been emended to him heretofore.
Returning sincere thanks for past favor. he asks
the public to sive him a call and see for themselves.
O:7•C_UITING done as usual and warranted to
Al if properly made op..CD
(C). Don't mistake the place, on the corner of
Main at. and the public square, opposite the Ward
House.. CD
Towanda. Dec. 29, 1852.
V 2117 E3WOMI
HAVE just completed a large and finely finished
Store on the site of the Iwo they had borne?,
and filled it with the largest and most comprehens
ive stock of
Groceries, Provisions, Yankee Notions
Pratt, Confectionory, Toys, &c., &c.
ever exhibited this side of the city.
We have bought for cash, articles of the best
quality ; consequently are prepared to sell at es
low prices as the same quality carrbe bought at
any other place. And we flatter ourselves that if
fortune has been against us, (fire having consum
ed two stores and one stock of goods) out old cus
tomers will not follow the precedent, if they call
and see our stock and hear the exceedingly low
prices: Among the many articles we have are
Tea, sugar, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, molasses
Stewart's syrup, ginger pepper, spice, cloves, nut
mega, cinamon, saleratue, soda, cream tartar,
ground mustard, pepper sauce, catsup, can
dles, bar soap, vinegar, starch &c., &c.
Mess pork and beef, barns and shoulders,
Wheat flour, buckwheat flower, corn meal,
soda and butter crackers, mackerel, codfish,
shad, herring, potatoes, beans onions, dm., &c
Preserved prunes, citrons, English currants, raisins,
green and dried apples. Almonds, filberts, genoble
and maderia walnuts, brazil nuts, peanuts, chest
nuts, hickory nuts, &c.
Ivory, horn and wood pocket combs, toilet, combs,
fine combs, hair, cloth, teeth, infants, and blacking
brushes, wallets, porte monies, and purses of many
styles, pocket ink stands, pocket and small fancy
mirrors, lobacco, boxes, snuff boxes, and almost
every article in this cine. Work boxes, toilet cases,
secretaries, plain and embroidered, work baskets u
many styles.
Oerman,French and American TOYS of every de
scription and price. A few earthen and pewter tea
setts, for little girls, and a few boys' sleighs.
Ashton dairy salt, ground rock salt, Salina salt both
coarse and fine. Also, a quantity of White Stone
CANDY wholesale or retail, of all kinds and
innumerable other articles, for sale at the new store
opposite the Court House.
Towanda, Dec. 1, 1852 BAILEY 4 NEVINS.
Joseph Powell,
T 8 now receiving from New York the most com
plete and varied assortment of Dress and Family
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Boots
and Shoes,Hats and Caps, Leather &c., ever es,
hibited in Towanda. My stock of Dry Goods will
be found to.contain most decided bargains in shawls,
Merinoes, plain and figured delaines, thibet cloths,
alpacas, ladies flannels, &c., a good stock of gloves
and hosiery, every Fly le of
. osmium) evaack,
such as Unhinge, stripes, bleached and unbleached
muslins, shining, coeheco and meri
mac prints. WOOLEN GOODP,of eve
ry desetiption,comprising Jeans, sheep. grey,
and llnse' plaids, which will be sold cheap and to
which I invite the attention of close buyers for cash.
Towanda, Dec. 1, 18:4.
- - --
S A L T—A quant!ty of Salt just received thy
deal J. POWELL,
TIIST received from New York, new de laines,
new shawls, merinoes, new cashmeres, new
plaids, new prints, and
Iffiliiir CFOODS
of every description, which will positively be sold
cheap. The subscriber invites public attention to
this superb and unrivalled selection of winter goods.
Towanda. Nov. 12, 1852. J. KINGSBURY.
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned having been appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas, of Bradford County,
an Auditor to distribute the fund raised by the Sher
ill's sale of real estate in the ease of J. C. Marna
& U. ?demur. vs. Ethel Taylor, No. 81 Sept. Term,
1852. sill attend to the dudes of his appointment at
his office in the born' ofTowanda. on - Saturday, the
~day of February next. at 1 o'clock, P. M., at
which time and place, all personshaving claims up
on said fund are required to•present the same for
adjustment and distribution, or be debarred from
coming-in for a share of said fund.
Towanda, Dee 51, 1852. • Auditor.
H& A. CAMPBELL. have just received a nev
. supply of fall end' winter CLOTHING, which
will be sold cherati for Cash. novll
CLOTHING. The ,attention of tbe public is
called to theitesortineol . of &dreg and boy's
clotting just received at nortg ItIgRGURtt.
LOOKING GLASS PLATES cut and fitted or
any size, to be bad at the jewelry store of
May 141854. " W. A. CM AIN B ERLIN.
BY the subscribers in the Susquehanna River.
near the month of Horobrook, in Sheshequin.
twp, on the 3d inst., a Ferry Boat. The owner Is
requested to prove property, and pay charges. or
the said boat will be disposal of according to liw
Sheshiqum, Nov. 1101 M,
Raliro adt A)1011FITI 'GOODS
Vi.tititt;redervitig4etlib atm:tie-the !
roughStre., all-,the latest anti most,fashionsble
styles - otOoods' arriving in New'irtirl4 - freithz froth
the hands of the importers.
Also. the ehoiceSt and tiro of beady Staple Goods
and at prices that cannot fail to please.
Their arrangements are each• that they can sell
goods at wholesale for tow as they can be
pnrchto•ed of the jobbers in New YOrk city.
With en humble acknowledgm it of past favors.
an examination of their very exteUsivb assortment
of Goods is respectfully solicited. ,
Towanda. June 15. 1852.
N.- 'V,
;oats and Shoe!.
A LARGE stock of Ladies', Children's and Misses
Gaiters, Oilskins, Slippers, Polk", and flints.—
Also a fine assortment of men a and biiy's calf, kip and
morocco Booty Shoes and Orogen', and a goad supply
of cent's Gaiters and.Congres" Boot" just receives! at
Jane 1. M
SUMMER HATS . —A fine assortment of the latest
styles of Moleskin, Kossuth, Hungarian; Panama,
pedal and palm led Hats, just opened at
June I. ; : MERCUR'S.
selection of ladies and mimosa Bonnets, and at
great variety of Bonnet Trimmings, how opening at
hoe 1. MERCURII.
(IRV'S* extra quality CORN STA RCH, tosnufac-
V Lured expressly for eulinavy and dietetic purposes,
for sale at junel MEROUR'Et .
DRESS GOODS-in variety, from India silks, to
3 cent Calicos. Also the latest style of Dress
Trimmings, at apl:0 B. KINGSBERY'd.
BEFORE kinking elsewhere, it Would be well for
Ladies to look at the Spring Bonnets, Artificial
Flowers and pibbons i which are sold so very cheap.
CROOKERY.—The largest stock In town. Ful
dinner and tea setts, of white granite and blue
ware, which will be sold cheap et FOX'S.
GROCERIES: ROCERIPShe quality and prices of Teas.
Sugars and Coffee, always speak for them-
selves. at apl 1 0 13. gISGABERY"S.
20 QUINTALS CODFISH—They tire worth
looking at, if not buying, for sale by
April 10. B. KINUSBERY.
MESS PORK! —:)0 bbls. Prime, for which a high
price was paid,and for which a high price will
be asked, by apllo B. KINGSBERY.
PORK and Flour,a quantity of Purk and Flour
just received and for sale by
May 27 J. POW ELT..
T"undersigned has purchased a large, and
choice selection of NEW GOODS, bought
under the moat favorable circumstances, and for
sale as low for cash as can be bought elsewhere,
and lower than any braggadocia.can or will sell.
May 5, 1052. 0. D. BAhTLETT.
7Z2.43,1 (ti'VQ:934
Hs. M. C. MERCUR, have just received a
. very large and general ao•ortment of
which they offer to the public at their usual low
prices. sept 16
riAtiPENFERS & JOINERS' will find a full as.
sortment of planes, gauges, sews, squares, trying
squares, bevels, compasses, Iron and wood spirit levels,
augers, gimlet, center and roger bills, broad, band and
bench axes, adzes, hammers, chisels, gouges, chalk
lines and speols, brad and scratch' awls, tape lines, &c.
BLACKSMIRHS will find anvils, vices, bellows,
sledges, hand and shoeing hammers, rasps, files, iron
braces, bitta, hand drills, horse aims and nails, screw
plstes i and a general assortment of cast,Oerman, spring
English and American blister steel, Swedes, American
and English iron.
MASONS will find brick and plastering trowels,
stone hammers, lathing hatchets, while wash brushes,
&c., constantly on hand at MERCER'S.
ILTATS—A large stpck of fine silk Hungarian
IA Kossuth, Panama and palm leaf hats just re
ceived by je23, J. POWELL.
, I\32l` , SN' •
inner= szeiresstraw
I 8
now receiving a very large and general assort
/ now
of every description of goods. which are
now offered and will be sold al, prices that cannot
fail to
I would ask an examination of my large stock of
Sugars, Teas, Coffee, Molasses, Stewart's Syrup,
&c. &c., which are altogether ahead of any thing
for quality and price in the county.
Towanda, tict. 8, 1852.
A horse ! a horse ! my kingdom for
4 ...4 a horse and customers to lake away
the goods. Notwithstanding the late
disastrous fire. A. M. WARNER is
himself again!
And at No. 1 Brick Row find
Most anything that's in his line,
From a cambric needle of the finest kind,
To a jewelled watch of eighteen karat fine.
Clocks which keep time accurate and true t
Brat pins of every style and hue,
Hold, silver, steel and [diked chains,
Selected with the greatest pains.
Finger rings, my gosh, why what a pile
01 every shape and every style,
To suit the old, the young, the grave, the gay,
Indy there he seen in elegant array.
And ‘Vsasr.n, who is hiniself a host,"
Is always ready and at his post.
To wait upon his customers and all
Who chance upon 'itu to give a call.
So with good advice make up your minds;
To call on him and there you'll find
Such sights, my eyes, o ! what a view
Jewelry of every style and hue.
T'Don't mistake the place No. I. Brick row,
where he isprepared to do all kinds of
its his line of busines, at the Cheapest rates that can
possibly be afforded. He Wilfalso sell his jewelry
at 20 per cent lower. than was ever before offered in
this market. Call and see. c.
Towanda. Nov. 12, 1852. A. M. WARNER.
Andttor's Notice.
IN the matter of the estate of Morris Maloney dec'd
The undersigned having been appointed by the
Orphan's Court of Bradford County an auditor to
distribute the funds in the hands.of the Administra
tor. raided by the sale of real and persdnal estate
Notice is hereby given that the auditor will attend
at Wm. Elwell's c.ffice in the boro' of Towanda.on
Saturday, the sth day of February, 1853.nt 1 o'clock
P. M.. at which time and plane. all pert:nos hav
ing claims upon the said estate, tire required to
prevent them or be fureverdetiarred from coming
in upon said 'fund. HARVEY AIcALPIN.
Towanda. Den. 29. 1852. • Auditor.
Auditor's Notice.
TN the matter of the estate of A. A. Beckwith.
, decd, and A. A. Beekwith l surviving partner of
H. W. Strung. The undersigned having been ap-
pointed bp, the Oiphan's Court of Bradford County
an auditor to make distribution of the funds (n the
hands of the Administrator. (E. R. Beckwith.) No.
lice is hereby given that the Auditor still attend to
the duties of his office, at Wei Elwell's law office.
on Tuesday; the fithdly of irebniat'y. 155% at 3
P.M.. at which time and place all persons
having claims against said estate. are requited to
present them or be forever debarred from comics in
upon said fund- HARVEY MCAT:PIN.
ningt4.l.4C, 155.. Auditor.
s. 0. aural. azumra,
Towanda, NOW. 19. 1852,
DRESS GOOD .—A good assortment of almost
every style oldies. goods worn by ladies awl
children, for sale at decl 1111ERCURts.
B LACK Sll.Kr3.—The room 'beautiful and bars
lot of black silkr, ever dared in•Towenclie foe
*Me al &el NEUCCIIS.
B rn tl e T t. t o ; r o b o i. r p — la ftt wn la l4 rge ow a i n n d tiae:ijabob:ue:siusort
line. itomets. embrics and bared muslin. at
Der. I. 1852. MERCURIO.
sod HOSIERY of every description' 14
‘fi Dec. I, 1b52. MERBURS.:
'ZEPHYR WORBTEH, for ibe viand al
!;inallerquontity fur sale at
Dec. V. 1852,
Dec. 2, 1352,
LllGHll 4 .—Fresh Gouiphine and Burning Pluitl
if Ppt con oatitly on hand at ERCURS.
SALT just received at
Tnufanda, Dec. 13. 11452
111'1i:1;113T aaV
Missr.s C. 1.1.4 k M. A. I.VON. have established
themselves in MOnroeton, intend carrying 09
the above business in all its various branches. and
respectfully solicit a share of the public patrobege.
A choice stock of
will be kept on hand and for vale at ele lowest pri•
ees. Ails Lyon will be constantly advised of the
latest fashions by the connexion in the city, and no
endeavours will be spared to please.
Monroeton. goy. 21). 1852.
Z. O. of O.
Rtc ULAR Meeting of Iradford Encampment
. are held at the Odd Fellows Hall on the even'
ng of the Ist and 3d Fridays of each month.
C.S. 1111;SSELL. Fcribe.
Fo:-.:2dr, Farrier & Stage Proprietor
As the most remarkable Estonia ApplicftU oat
• discovered.
- I - 0S RAN Z.
"They can't Keep House without it:
Experient• of mom than sixteen saes has erabliabsal
the tact that )ferchant'a Cc:ebrattni tiargllng 01. or Our
'tarsal Family Embrocation, will curs mast cases, sod
liars all such as
Swills. Sweeney, Ringbone, Winagalls. Pod
Evil, CalloUSi Cracked lieels. Galls ofall
kinds. Fresh Wounds, Sprains, Bruises. Yiik ,
tub, Sitfast. Sand Cracks. Strains. Lameness.
Folindered Feet, Scratches or Grease, Mane. Bites of Animals, External Fol•
sons. Painful Nervous Affections, Frost Bitcy
Boils, Corns, Whitlows, Burns and Si-skits
Chillhlnins, Chapped Hands, Cramps, ettrd
tractions of the Muscles, Swellings. Wollner+.
of the Joints, Caked Breasts, eke- &e.
The unparalleled sneezes of this Oil, M the cure of Mar
eases In lionies and Cattle, and even in human nosh, Ic
daily becoming more known to the farming community.
can hardly be credited, except by those who bare bees
In the habit of keeping it In Their stables and home.. what
a vast amount of pain, suffering mid time, are eared hy
the timely application of that
Re sure the name of the wale proprietor. GEORGIA
W. IdERCILANT, Loclmn. N. Y., is blown in the sato
to( the bottle, and in his handwriting over the cork.
All olden addressed itaihe proprietor sill be promptly
responded to.
Get a Pamphlet of the Agent. and eve what wonder" ilia
areciauttuthed by the use of this medicine.
Sold by calgsrtsbla dealers generally, la IL. Gabes
SWIM mid Canada. Also by
Al 7 iNTS.-1 - 1. C. Porter, Tomands—..Wm. Kid
Athens—Eli Baird. Troy—D. V. Barnes, Columbia
Plats—l,. D. Thylor, Burlington—FrNbie & Won.
son, Orwell—E. Dyer, Covington—D. M. Bailey.
Mansfield—kkamphrey & Place, Tiogs—Turrell.
Montrose—Peery & Ogden, Ellmira. Wholesale
agents are Ward, Close & Co., EIS Maidee sb i tiint
York'. - -
HE Subscribers havingformed a copartnership
under the firm of 8. FELTON eg k ed , tor
ink a general Liquor business, toonli, re pectfully
ask Hotel keepers and all othetg In want a any
thing in their line to giva them a call: We intent
keeping on hand a general assortment of Foreign
Liquors, which we can sell cheaper than any opi
else to the county. from the fact that we tiny direct
from the importers. and thereby save a large profit
charged by the N.Y. Jobbers ; Liquors are warrant
ed pure and free from adulteration. Also constant
ly on hand Whiskey of the best quality. We have
made arrangetttenti by which we can furnish our
customers with any quantity of Binghanitan BEER
fresh from the Brewery. Piratie give us a call.—
The noies and accounts of the old firm of S. Felt.
ton & Ce., are in our bands fur settlem en.
E. T. Fox.
Towanda, Dec. 1, 1952
D AINTS &OILS—A large stook of while lead.
and other kinds of paints and linseed oil jaat
lesoived by &el J. PO 117E1,1..
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Renters
Park, dec'd. late of Litchfield township. aro
hereby requested to make payment without delay ;
and all persons having demands agaidst said pilaw
are requested to present them duly authenticated
fur settlement. MARII PARK. Adinitistratai,
Litchfield, Dec. 15,. 1852
A LL persons indebted to the estate of GEO.
JAKW AY, dc'd, late of NV indham, are hereby
requested to make payment without delay. and those
hsvineclaims against said estate, will please prey
sent them .duly authenticated for settlement
Windham, Dec. 16. 1852. Administrators
A LL persona indebted to the estate of SILAS'
BCOVELL dee'd, late of Smith Towanda are
hereby requested to make immediate payment. and
'hone having claims against said estate, will please:
preient them duly authenticatrd for settlement.
South Towanda. Nov. 17, 1852. Aliniaisteaoint,i
A LL permits indebted tit the estate of 111.18 HA
It COLE, dec'd late of Monroe, are berebe re
quested to make immediate payment and those hart
ibg claims against said estate, will please piesens
them duly authenticated for settlement..
Dec. 8, 1854.