Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, October 09, 1852, Image 1

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I ' Qtornsnp, t~cta6eft~_9;'~BS'3:
t;,'Firttt A 3 .41 I Fri
Fpm the I.l6:iitlle
jir J. n. Lialittg
nt Id Oenber months come
In all her pomp again ;
!irsce her in the vaned nab
Of form, held. and plain ;
!bey her sad and solemn cv . iji l ds —
Sigh thro' the leafy trees.
I hear the daze of summer 00-wer3
Borne on the passing breeze.
Moth of my heart I I ever love
In the domains to be;
loee the blue and sunny skies—
tbet d.nt , to see ;
;Jtly from the crowd I turn
th c . , Lir,e to wood and wild,
t , reothe the hie of autumn air,
As uhea a sinless chtbd..
The wands are clothed in cridison hue
fh helclt in auburn dye ;
1:aao nut en the trple earth round,
.Ir.! n the b,• 1; ,,,ke.0 sky—
Ilr it filled with a sweet thought
(1. leanly and 01 love,
e p, ace ltro,ding, o'er each scene,
tr m., , 1 me and a' ore.
ui of earth must fade
-1:.e; hut to .1:e.
4;..1 w /11c cold and ~ i lent ground
ti man lt,,gt,.en tie—
: hedying leaves and fi.mer3
e mac tram,
is Mordl leach our hearts
mere on earth to yearn.
Earn lea( lens' the of
.adlng h, , pe of earth.
E ch dotter that, waitinc,,,(4,ling ties,
wits backward to 4s...birth •
in 'pang' " dime,
I on I)4lmy dew.
Ars: ihn: , urnmer's ;,uniand rain,
Ts tender bhhisani, grew.
Artl'a , I mark its tranQient course
eanh In earth again
, , he •arnmer day, it lived,
He. riled in autumn's reign—
L:e---11, changing clay,
t); -hone and of gloom,
1k iv 5.1t , 11 eat Al's proudest, noblest forms
the ...I:eut comb.
Au .Artist s Stratagem.
A 1:i pe*.ilori in
tine:won 01 placing it
The lady al:hough for a
, tate , rirta e f 1,4 her beauty, had arrived at
ru i
•, -he ilir,m,u:.oett aid vas
..:1 111 to , r younger days.; POA.
.11 rire 10 be ob-
Of; lite A" Una, of iline
!,ii 1. , r taken Rl tl.e mom
lala:'iu,l•,possible ail contagett, in' a
-.ret... Nr.J ,•at,i(l2 tffi arm Chair, OMII
n ittrti t•tintild return her
r , titt,.lllmtt• The painter made
diettv-- Inn !hi% was a great mis-
-`A ot.r was expected, and come
-1.1.e did not recognize betscl(
a ;! t o por%talt teas fen un the pain
was a iloviqe arty. Attacked in hi• pride
• i ;,I L i . fi,aiices. he had not phtinsnphy
tvolih three thottsi.nd francs
hAnd., and an idea 6f vengeance'
~.• 1,1! t mind which he put into
:T Oa Ve
A fra . ,'4)..: befole du one fixed for the final re.
The Loocre, the In fy was se
t rr.rd .11. st her poi trail W.ifl oroameoled
filet v 5 ,.." 1 le, itfo conipt iiiii 11.111 her
To t arirLedia'rly to the arko, and theta Ix - at , ,,
',e none ~o,kittg likeness certainly ;
er Lad Iluuued the hair on the head oi
I;C . re. and 'he lady' so faithfully painted, hell
„i ;ovu i.arge of false hair. On the
eqr ~e veral ildeoun of small bdoilea. labelled
• " Vegetable Red," " Cos
, :1 1 e Wiunkles," " BlondeWater to 4e
,eke,; 01 a minute." t
1. ❑ aoomiliable," said the lady, greatly exoit
..)! a hat do you complain 1" coldly replied the
Have you not declared that it is not your
'at( You are right, ii is a mere fancy sketch,
iri:s that v iew I shall present. it to the pub-
!ia . , sir, yoli intend to exhibit this painting!"
Ler .14, ; but as a lableu de genre,
tr:ntr, la the catalogue will indicate it
c , •1 The Coquette of forry five
• , r ,,., ‘iyfair.tek!, and on her recove
" ?lel ter !he portrait. The rtece..lst?.
4 . , • ff.. e.t. pre.enee, the portrait re.
Nia:e Aral three thousand francs
... r , e41:0 the flume of he paigier.
(gt home the other eight, was
• ,•• .t ;Ade b.: 1 ; ry howe eha'
l'^m Up C.. 1 1, le (* . tee( -On
rezi , oited with ; " Is Iltitt mnd
) " (hiccup) II it's mud,
' " bid ins, I'm slightly
indt'v V}'ltedi we lett, he w"
tri persaado a loe-Fdocte sump that ir wao;
"quia ma l lU tedve awitity, pint cult oid.f.oors after
m. , erly 01 , i termer, who had lost one of his
"rm halide le the midst of haymaking, remarked to,ott as he was filling up the poor felloW's
ra 'el
Its a sad thing to loose a good mower at
/'use like this—but ; after all, poor Tom was a
itit as :c
=.-- - f,-.: , , , ,_;:.-,-..,:-,., , .-,•,,;.
" -#l-7191410V,W.;5-7
agaofii*Offrsititl a .
The it . io44o(iiri"
Itrlfirlitiltlifyratired in hirt*ebtatiijOrwiti
and sipping a cap of pure Mocha betilee l
then at the height of hiA popularity in Parris, when
hiciraletenteretl, and praaenta . tl him a dello'o
pirfrodeti - note upon a4tifrei,
The gain' lazily ezamne.l the seal ; %he t vie"
lof:Aithiblii;.were quaint lint Pretty, but ttreAantta
-I rreiriMifthose of any noble ttuse he coulti'lm the
'moment recall. ' -Tice supersc i riptipa, ; war ; irpa ; fme r
female kitntl,liat 4111, vrai unknown. In coy
siilerittinif of their" cirtniniitinies cietied the,
note with of ititeiest, and said as id.
lowa :
' • , • 1.1
"MT DSAft COUNT YOU will be without .lail,
at the opera ball to-night; it is the last one ritt' the
Carnival 1 0 will be ' 3 9 gay.. — But it ..
i ,1101 for 'tun
Lbid you must See you in relation to mat
Mrs of impriitanhe. You will' know nie by - wearing °
a pink domino with. a star on the shoulder. I shall
know you in whatever 'disguise I . on 'may 4issiime...
The heart is the treat clairvoyant. . 4
; ; •
• i n
Yours, A sub:" '
Marmont !molted the ,iota froth' him rath-ei'riare
antrredomertianCed slpititti his &flea, ftlttt.,!
let ir , g, mean tiln*l l— .". Wit°, VT this be I.
But inhaw ! why need I bother my head about the
matter at all ; em I tial togased to lillieldiffon
tanze, the finest little' - Peri 'out of Paraißtiel"" And
h av e I notromiqed her to cut those ba,lls
,13 , ut,
this is the last one 6f the'seatioti, - a'At'f Stioalte
I ike to go' Ntitiv Ustiould like tci;to
lot the lust time."
Does monsieur', think of the bin Mai;
qne to-m 21): asked the obsettercip4 vale, ,fieet .
ompte, who had been watching his master's fete
keen eyes, such-a-to:Ili as a tartlet dOg'inight:
re2ard a sokricious: hole, in ihei.flour. 9 Altl
be 'nag', divert t ! All The (191;4es will-be
and monsieur looks so well in the neW;hlue and
silver suit."
" Silence I" cried Marmon!:
The..countenanee of the valet fell. If he had lost
his, father or mother, he could not have looked more
.1,(-,1 artists in Paris
ifnei , d—lorly yea 1.-
' =1.4 •
.11* 1/1 ^I , / ;31.* , A, - •31i) t
Vt ", = ' = " fq =; I yip 47/ `4lil,:k=';/://',==',l'.: Or DENVIWILTION raoii INT " '
• fl 0,/ „ + 144:5' •
_ _
_ L e/
Mom.leur will be the death 'of me," he said' '
" Well, then I am gpim4;" toad Marmoni t rising ;
but, you say nothing of my, purpose , to any one."
" Yes, mon4eur "
" Remember."
" I shall be dumb, mon.lieut "
The vide( lard hrs hand' upon 1.44 hart, as he thus
prorifise.l to obey his inas , e're injsn'c:
lion, anti Marmot went to the mew ritlingt;sohocil,
with ati the confidence in the integrity 01
In the course of the mornitt2, however. tho valet
met in the garden of the Patios itoyttle
selte Adele ; the plump and , predr: wantiiteirMitr . 4 . l
Mdte Julie 151. Foroan2e These two characteis
offielatirm as the winged Mercurio's tit their num&
and mistress„ were fregneittl, Drought into contaci
with each other, and to i preserve the idratria•iti
nn:ty" as Mr. Locomp'e averred, they fell in leve l .
Of coarse when,they, 'met 'thafilayi the ball 'of •the
evening was the topic of the inwhetit, aetd toi• Le.
eottmle's, master had promised A.dele'sr mistress
Mat he would not flo to anbifier'inA'sq - uveLaii;
it was ot course very namrat And pilyer' that the
faithful servant should inform the 'young lady that
tw was going, and that he, was zonig Woe
and silver suit, and that, moreover, he had come to
this decision immediately after receiving a note di
rected in a female hand.
Hay Ma obtained this little morsel of gossip Millie.
Adele Milled away with it ion very brit like man
ner in communicate it to Mdlle. Julie de Foniange.
When you ask a lady who told her such antisuch a
Ming, she will generally smile and answer that a
little bird brought her the intelligence. Now rine
times 001 of ten, this same hale bird is a light built
lass, with a roguish eye, a slender waist, and a lout
like a laity's. • . ••••
Some women in the position of Julie de. Fon•
tango, would have been thrown into a fit of jealmsi
ra_e, at hearing such a piece of news as she had
just received, but Julie was a good and sensible
gill, and knew very well that Mansion( loved her
dearly, and FO she said very gently to hiCmaid
" Very well. I shall be there myself !"
" You, Mademoiselle V'
" Yes, Adele, why not ?"
" Certainly, it madam pleases."
The little waitinv maid clapped her little . hands
together and 'Shimst dinied'for joy. •
" And what' dress Wirniedaine 'wear 'Pr she
asked. . _
" That is my secret," replied the mistress mil
ing qnieily.
Miss Adele pouted, but asked no mere questions,
for she, knew, her mistress was firm ; and eneourag-.
ed Ro farniliarily.
Gaily aid brithintlY did the ball Oriti 3 .
mu-te, flowers, perfurnetl array Crowd , universal
Ittlatily, gave it a peculiar and titioicat!tig rhaimr
Yea hardly regretted that Melodies wale' masked!
it Wag ititei l er fin g, to wlikt iheirtree migh!:
be horn the imfieatiktiS and f,AO , t ., , f rii l
the contain of the white and finely chin,
a men riitg bitteith ihir I Att i'!t triage - of illervizaaltl;
Alarrnont ‘Sas them Sielcifirr for"
the pink domino He foliMl her at :her
figure was sti disguised in • the loos*, fold* of : her
dress that its contour wii4l allhlislinguishable, but it
was tall curl Communifipt, UMW distend Mg, the feet
that peeped, forth in the high.heeled -slippers were
beauttfally'ismail, and - the jeweled -hand laid upon
Marcrionee Arm 'cartileallYiind'lightly, Wait
whifeso4utistneratic . .
•' fiere,at last V' whispered the mask to hi i m.r i
" you are 'no ; ku 444", m hisperc4' r ptkii re 4
the nittistatttlicat 'facts he - had ever-listetted-io;&-
" 1 1 7 04•4 1 1v44 61111 4 11, yOkr-Ag.nie wait in, "cain ifof
you. Now, tell me can you guest Mrti ,
Coale, trylei : Ou can."'
a. -) 7 • ".e, t•• iftf.,• 11 .` V f •
Vf - -try ft •
• i/ •f) :•:: : ;31'1111141 - bi
- _ DA, 1311, - ADrO,II,D, ',C . "Pl; EN"D'HAItA 110QDRICII.
p. A
'''•ellP3l6/gPiTe,ii.-seclUvrelitWriiiifsi I ,
-- iininieffirneneirtii a minniiiintioneet deserip•
(ion fr.mthvi . ulr„„ gartl!no/kisirladyship's boo
_ . : . „r• i'flifeti Prlo}xtliiiti4Al4l If Ore delighted to
pliNlind liiirtnlVityiri she riieitin nted a thousand
illfileitif# s 4, /144,1:01 4 lifiii' l Ifirbits, even his
,:erll4'.uhfrlll'. iriXstiplattilit• perplexed and
her:adept!. . , •
• •'ev I iiiir itriiii r eli*itrfiekii - Chirald Xi, lengt l
. if , The riddle °take Sphini 'urea rtothin&fld link ,
1 7 413 multi - , 1 10. FiWi l iqd.FPYo3llßPl9.* t being, the
pod angel whir, takes such ariimerolt i ir fr . ly 44likkg. r
1 iii feel thell Mal C4'601046(1 iiiep as ide iviifi .
ineTind:lill:toui "'dash. -I ihrinjaiii 'ion; '&0 )- 1 F
N ay . e .
• •• 4 " But I insist."
" Perhaps you will not like me as well."
,cNot 11r , e lj not ttioitl, the vulgar crowd/ ' replied;
the' pink tlominci, go ' wit h 17 ' 1e . to my hotel,
Whele Were ire shine friends Of 'millet . til4O an, de=
drone c;Cilteritionorot making; TOW ictiuttintiniee,
will thank fortune for having drought you here to.
izhtit) ,
. 14 40ori't accept the invitation," said another voice
in a low 4 whisper rr so low indeed, that
, it reap/led
r nhiy '6ll4alisceint:l . I
He tamed siidillnty ea* beiidebiro ilybengt
lad, veming his own blue and silver livery, but
Olagkid ;
f t •
i yhttagli, sogh . ht was observed, shook
his head; held up a warning finger and then disap
peared in. the brillihhr orored thiesurreuhded theta'.
t4csnnso,,,Marrnorti paid nOlattentieri; tn.*.
impertinnot, intrterence of a strange Int ippling, l onti,
yiettling tot iMpUtse"6l , liiii curiosity ,' left he tall
•monilvith fai r friend; and:watt SOUR: iftei Seat.'
eJ;bevide hOr in her carriage, • Helvits so &seiner.
ed by the,,tv4 and gaiety, of her, by his sjde, that he
did Out notice the direction the cailaje took, only that
the course waiver). rapid. When the driver' rein
ed •up and the foreman threw open the door, ; •the
pink domino gave her Mini to Mamoru, sprang
lightly out of the carriage, •auti then hurtled bite,the hotise arid up a dark staircase, and then
nattered hitn MI6 a.rdorn which was tilea in com
plete dprklieee,
4 ‘Vlilte Can my lackeys be 1" she said pettish
ly. "'They / have taken advantage 0 1 m y a l oen ce ;
but wait here for a moment, and,l will .quickly
ntedy 114neglent. , "
' 'Marnichit - was in'the'tiekness, but riot entire:
,ly °tole, tot he thought, for a light bandionclied his
•fiettl ter.
T I:4W a voice that thrilled to his very
JtAref Fcmarege I . ' 'exclaimed die young
man. You here I ate you a partner in this ntys.
fiery , „ : ,
• "-A las, nit "- Finding thitr you
rejected :art} v. arttingi got fup, behind. tltd carriege f
raid followed, ynavo?histrore.' Iferarlsur , ere be
trayed If so, though unable to save you I at
. /
least die o ith you." '
She twuld s say no mote. Lights .hppeared, nod
with them three rufftantly felloWs, With long rapiers
at their sides, preceded by the punk domino, whose
' face, now that she Was; UnmeSked, exhibit -glen
tares of great regularity—but which were stamped
by the unmistakable sign of cunning and cruelty,
" So you are riot alone, I furry she said, glanc
ing at Julie, who was dressed in blue and white
livery. " Who is this boy I" . .
" My , page„madame," replied Marmont, with
perfect coolness. " But pardon ma. Ido not ree:-
ugnixe you even unmasked. ' Will you not give
me your name; then may associate it in my mem
ory with the pleasant mysteries of this evening V'
" You will learn that soon enough," replied the
woman, with a mocking smile. '6 You must ex
cuse me now, while 1 retire ; these gentlemen
will keep you company in the mean ...time)?—.
As the pink domino,left, the three men
seated themselves, motioning Marmont with chin.'
sy courtesy to follow their example. They were
evidently cut throats and robbers. Marmon; now
bittsrly repented having left his sevotd at home, for
he was a master of his weapon, and though against
such fearful odds, could at least hope to save his
I lireTilelliiiihrtif yuliu iiio;involvetrin the emir,
mortal peril with himself, and his heart sunk with
in him.• But he Irepi . ep the appearance of perfect
kngwing 'braille slightest in'anitestation of
distrust would be the signal for hie.instant essasek.
nation. . s
" Long live the Carnival !" he exelaiMeil gaily
There is nothing like it for intrigue and romance;
and dila aeems one - of the Arabian nights' enter.
The ruffians had clever beard of the Arabian
dlstable tpeiVetgb,
apd (Oa: 1104400' dulitt theionaeltilptrii
PraFftWiToiSPCltii;if n;firtiPtlV7t44ans,
"'hare you`the time about yeti r T
-4.ptie(l ity;,,c.npnt,,49c‘ll,l
,ing an elegantgolil trutct► art in brilliants.
ihal'a a pretty toy,"lintlaiMehithe ruffian,
.51r -etching out his hand, and groping the watch.'
like it !" eaitl the Count, heettly detaching
it from the chain. "rieracceet it as a aliztAisau-
That's, a splendid diamond ring of 4rpririal
daid-ano►her-ot the rattans.-
" Do you thMk,so I".anstreretl Me.coont
"-pray acceptiedor:my eake. I sat little store
ti What a precious gem mattered thelhlra
hi* Yellow L fang-like•leeth.• •
Itisrmout kaeleaesltoptesenttitt% with a lies.,
1, 4:1
. 4) . Zi.14,tial ;Ad; 1.13, ..;AT jy,Lit zwronla), i , Ittf in Pll - ,1 *--014 taf - fit orArs'*l7.llY-1 ,?f,ttr
"IltirittAmettidillellaftd•Who hatildaVapokeWi
ft this is dry work. Lot's have a dridkoall adidadi
in Wet Or add iery ilbotuttnetito' ' Ol
Wine Wag bibughtbtarifil Of nit gisqgokinl theY
a w f in p a i m it ghitier , to -arr , !me.
fruited'ft nd thee set 'deem Val Oda
wilt's wy j i !k e el .•• 0. , .
AvElense die, 7 ..geritTemen;obe said. inv go./
irig to-beiude, trioarf, bat 1 - taint •say -that 'low
w i de i s ese em blei,, , r • 4 ,
o that I
Ls What," exclaimed one of the ruffians, slatting'
up, , finilitalftindreathing hie rapier; glid:of tbef pre
text fora qtrattell rou mestlll6lnsuft es'T'
üßy no means," repliedideirriront: Yl I ; 8o not
dispute your testa—but -yOur 'wine merchant' is 'a
cheat. - NOW 1 have got some good Burgundi , of
the first qualiir; if you 'trill 'permit *me 'to seed - my
psge trivny'hittel; in five minutes we' shall 'be-sip
ping a nettartt for the gods. "What say you!"
" Agreed ! agreed !" cried the man who appenr-L
ed to be' Wel - trader of the gang ; u but the boy must
be Tuck —lot we are thirsty; and cannot wait,"' be
added with a sinister look et hiscompanions. I
"'Yon hearotty boy," said Marmot, addressing'
Julie, and fiting his keen look upon her InteUigeni
countenance. "Go us quick as you can, end bring
me a dozen - Wiles of that wine PP
Julie vanished. The brief space of her absence
was an age of agony•to Marment. Had she under'
stood him I Was her fiend elear,''and her foot
sore Would no accidenrbefall het ',told drops ,
of perspiration stood orlon his brtivt. Llin the mean'
time the nasals . talked- together in whis - pers ;ir
was evident they weteimpatient to fin islx.plunderi
ing him;• and' - then killing hinsi,s to coneicat , xhe
Young, rich, fortunate r careet seemed destin•
ed to an abitpitenditangatmuy Maar:anon. He
secretly cursed the camivat,.aod the credulous lolly
that ta r ok hint the bail: 13iit'lltes s e reteetions_
come too lite Alas, his late seemed to beliealed.'
Soddenly the moor opened; and Julie appeared.
a (Joel! God eiiettilarnMel, "'have you for.
gotten the wine r '
It is here," she answered ; andstandang (Cr one
side from the doorway, idozen gena,earmea with
fixed bayonets, rushed into the room, and secured
the roboers as well as their accomplice—the wo
man who had allured him thither by means of a
deep laid plot, and after linking for weeks his pri•
vale life her study.
Soon after this, the gang were tried and all sen•
fenced to the galleys.
Hardly four months subsequent to this date, Mar
morn and Julie were happily married, and a life
time of peaceful joys repaid the lovely wife for the
foresight, courage and intelligence that had enabled
her to frustrate the machinations of the pink domi
no, and save the life of 114 r betrOthed.
The forests of Tyrol and-Styria by , their 'magni
tude and number form one the distinguished lea.
lures of those countries when compared with
Switzerland. They cover the middle regions of the
Alps, and encroach more :open the verge of the
cultivated fields, which occupy tills lower Tart of
the valleys, in Switzerland. II might at first be
supposed that "thirsis vese - siiiiidfciiiiii of timber,
from their extreme remoteness and difficulty -of
access, would hardly beat any valve, to man, : and,
that trees, would be allowed to flourish
,and tot, on.,
disturbed by the..axe, on, the spot where. Nature
planted them. This is by no,rneans the case; there
many remote districts of,ipe Austrian Alps where
timber is the sole produce, where. the peoplkdraur,
their 1 übsistence entirely -limn the forest; and hu
man ingenuity has.contrivoil means by whichi the
stately stem of the Tyrolese larch, which has grown
to maturity close to the Glaciers of the Orteler Spitz,
is transported so the Arsenal of Venice or -the , port ;
of Trieste: while--thar which has flourished •nean
the fountain head of tee Balza may •be found in the-.
course of a law monthssrom the time when it has
quitted its native forests serving as a mast to some
vessel of war or merchandise on the Black. Sena.
There can be no difficutryin the transport of timber
growing on the borders of.a . navi,gable river ; but it
is a different thing when it grown at the distance of
many miles from any stream capable of floating a
log, or where the steams flow in-a direction oppo
site to that in which the wood is to be carried.
hera:thri navigable stream is wanting the aiffi.
cult) , has for many years been overcome by means
of .fides, (called in Austria Riesen.) which-are in
fact semi-circulai troughs rotated of six or eight fir
trees, placed side by side, and smoothed by strip
ping off the bark. These sometimes extend many
miles. They are so constructed is to preserve a
gradual descent—are not always straight, but are
made to curve round the shoulders of the mountain
being avirnesCarried in tunnels through projecting
rocks,.and at others conducted over ravines and
hollows on the,tops of email stem., like the piers.
of a bridge until they terminate en , the bordeii 'of
some stream capable of carrying the timber onward.
The, Auier:en Feitple arti i everywbele 'traversed by,
these-contrivances ; whirls form in-Lect a rude rail•
warfrierhe toga her the traveler take heed in
pasiing 'these slides after ,hold , 'rain has fall
The visiddscutter:waita. jerruch ittvorabli °pito; anti
tielovhen the ground is slippery, anti.the rivemare
high, to launch forth the timber which - bas'. been ,
cut weeka,before. ~The logs dercentl,with,the,
pitlity of an arrow, and,it would be certain destrue
lion to•enconnter one ih its coarser; so great is the
force they ticgaira, that if by r!lante a in; strikes
against any ittipedinieOt in the
,o(the slide it
is tossed out by the.shock,an.l. paw , snapped in
two like wax, or shivered toeplinlera..
(*- Me dear Polly, I am surprised t your taste
in wearing sirlo)nar iyomarj'alrair
said /
"-My-dear Billy, t am emmlly. astonished -that
you-persist in f.tviriii# inethee,theifp's argot bn
yeaylkati. l9l- pti' bletti4 marioat to Atli troffirs:
~...• • • •••• • • •
• . gyms wishioihumsstir. naldiar
parties or dry goods. '
4 44 1,1 1 0 a 4,-ti,eatt3
Timber Slides In Austria.
4:71.c , 11
S- C---•••••.: ~r•
I, l A,conaapen4ept fj thaßulou.,fierald . fella itor
.441owthig,:, •=.l.
gal; hataholittylaah. Kim ( York, and Jell Jo. , with.
leo itajmoo s ,AhoilPiiilolsl4.4iiv4il) thisicoulalTY3
, who aqw, io,qupst i ofa Nothec mho cams to,,this
oquotty before hica l ami feicte4.,iosome of Ass . thfkt
ging& , ,
- PatAt.s4ol*trogg Atbietic, wan ;.,a.true Cothcdie r
suglitad• nevistaipefea. the interior• of a protestant
obowit. • -,•• . • - •- . -
lea-good...pions man. Ile told- ;Pat he
W0'11, 0 4410 church himself, and invited his COM
ilukikiult.te keep him company thither, his place oi•
deadruaion•being a klethodist . church nearby. Otte
01 like deacons Oared brother Ingalls a seat. •
He.accepted the invitation, and walked in•, !al
lowed by Patorho Looked itllllllitt Alt the alatroke.
AStn ha-wee Ileatial he hinted to Walla and in a
whisper which could-be beard all. around, he
asked; • • •
" Isn't this a herctioshureh
" Hush, hob," said-brothes iugalls, 4 1 , if you
speak a loud word they will.put you out immedi.
ately." •
" Niver a wo(J will I speak alt, et, 44", re
plied -PAL
, Thajrneeting was °penal with prayer by the
pester, whom Pat was eyeing very closely, when.
suddenly an ohlgentlemani who was standing di
reply front of Pet, shouted ,i.glory,!" I
ye spelpeen,l rejoined ,Psi, with. his
loud whispet, 1 4 .; be decent, and doles. makcyour.
; 11 0f tt 1 44Cki1t14 1 ( 1 4- '
gartiori,.grew more and more (ervent• in the.
l i tiFlP4ions,‘,4".reaently Madonna uttered, sta autli-
Wa groan.. ,
,i4.1te.5.1 ye bischgusril, have, ye no 'lucency at•
all;' said , Pst, at the same time punching him itt
tile. t lbs., ~ . , . ,
suit ister mopped, and exteediag his .hands
suppljeatingly,.said : '
" Brenham, we cannot, be ilistuibed in this min
i:et ; will not some person put that man out!"
" Yes sir, your riretence," shouted Pat, " I
will" .
So suiting the action to the word, he collared the
deacon, to the utter astrinighment of the cong,rega
tion, he dragged the deacon through the aisle, and
with a itetnendous kick landed httri in the ♦eeti
Learning ad Currency.
Of allihe close dealers among as, the Dutchmen
lives on the least, and shave closest.. 4 is astonish.
ing how soon they learn our •currency. A goal
thing occurred, ho.vever a few days since, with
the keeper of a small ‘4 Lager Bier" saloon, in this
neighborhood, who undertook to teach his assistant,
a thick headed spraut of Faderland," the differ.
ence between " five pence anal six.pence."
You see John, tie piece mit de vomans ish de
ftve•pence, and de piece midout de vomans, i•h de
4, " Yilb !" said John, with adult twinkle of Intel
A wag of a loafer, who overheard the lecture,
immediately, conceived the idea of a " saw" and
" J,ager Bier'? gratis, for that day at least. Procur
ing a three cent piece, he watched the departure of
the " boss," and going up to John, he called for a
mug of '► bier,'stitrowitig clown the , coin and look.
ing as if be expected. his clangs.. John, who re
membered his recent lesson, took up the piece, and
muttered to himself: - -
" Midout de vornans—'64l vdn sixpence," he
handed over three coppers change. •
How often the aforesaid was drunk that day, we
know not ;it . depended t upon his thirst and
number of tunes he could exchange. three coppers
fouthree.cent pieces: but when the 44 boas" came
home at.ftiglit, the•nutriber of small coin astonisb—
ed him. .
Vat ish dams, John; you take, se many 1"
"Six Pence,". replied John, with a peculiarly
satisfied leer.
"Six..-pence! Dander and bietzeu: You take all
dose for six-pence! .11:ho from 1"
"De man mit peard like Kossuth; he think alt
day mit himself." ,
"Der.teuful You. gave liinx change every
tune , . .
" Y-a-h!" said John, w i th a vacant stare.
" Der teufel catchdp , Yrkeas," was all the
astonished Dutchmen could say.
t Ben-rivet. Scent —.Night is upon the • earth.—•
darkness lir in the valley End upon the hill top. But
the moon rising and cheating away the clouds, die.
pets the gloom. - - As she-tolls upward, the stars
gather round her.. ?Come with ins and look upon a
scene of 'intensity exciting interest. • '
Enter thiachamber softly-Li-it is the sarielnary of .
innocence—the abode of love and peace: , Betid
ing beside-n tablej behold a maiden—blooming
gift of severittieft....oTl her kuees. Her cherry lipa
retrivei)her grubeful - lorm is anxiously swaying to
and ire She is laboring under an excitement.
Theeent sir gnshevtin upon het through theepen
lettiee: She iN %hew/Monett—Cook! , we view a
rfterti intereiting pletime
n'Ah !" leas that avoid or along dtawn sigh I
List eg ifl..
" Ah !" can she be unconscious of our preserve.?
Her hanti,grnyls upnn,thii, she.,/oht a
jewel' Her dark eye MAIM frenzy fleshes The
sweet smile havi vanished from - her • femme*. But
lo returns in •triumph! She speaks ! "'glary !
Mary 5 /*retina that old bug at tad
It Have you sad Tour prayens,..iim 1"
h'ain'trdy workl . Bill says As.
preyerd;=and , Li he amens! Weikgree , !adult* 'cause
t it ootriersborter." ; • , V 1 7::
I , Encinomicatvosti, that. --;. • -
"TEO `ietAirctluiflePtiefeeir CAA Slime
;died of the otrolera
1 1 11 CI 1 4 :;r7
xv,4t. 1 , 1•11. ,stEpagiil 'Ca
• • First . on - the Railroad. —•
We have often thought' says the naratur , Thai to
: 5 ; Pell' 6ll " 410 t'n u - )ISi si tl,f4 , `'itio,thsir“?lk'n ter the
first tinleithe sight must be must rniracnintut end
aitoinsisiug, Ali Jack DOwiting'oritfe said, "'hares;
0 we4o,insi cfritek . fall Of
gOirsveff at the( ere speed, and,
no hose to dra v 'em"
A genius of die sort referred trt„lately , mede his
experimeniifiiiti.' l litrtirits graiiithitnn;'a genu
ine back woodsman, , who feared nothing in the
chap! of amp or beast, hut anyi s hing that he coald
not unjersiand Puzxierthini even more Ilion it did,
perhaps, the ordinary run of his fellows. Well, he
came to- Centel-twine r A Short time since, for the
purpose of tidniti a railroad trip. 'Hd'd hein telt
or. 'em, but didn't believe, he said, half the non-
sense folks said ow 'em.
at - thei ;hie; !Our 144'
was there pat ietly t; Waiting, and Jnuch excited, nett ?
' chiled anticipat i ng 'interiti&Adis: this
cars approached, he stnad gazing with wonder and
awe, at the enjine, puffing and smoking.
ingthe example of the - other, terscron as the cars
striped he hurried aboard, with hiss saddle bags we
h.s arm, and seated himself neat a window. Then
looking around at .the passengers, manifested much
surprise, he put his head out oldie window to see
the crater start" While in this position, watch%
ing with anxiety, the whistle sounds4...9ur hero,
much suptiie.taint evio limo
eittli not a' alarmed,
drew back :nix. head with a motion that aright be
called. a jest, and turtling to a gentleman sitting
near him, said: , .
Wai t strair, did ~ you,ever hear such &enure
as that?" • - - • •-•
!• The-engine !'" suggested the other.
Wal, 1 don't know whet tie, but hone how she
goes ,
!.!Guess you are not acq•ut;ated with railroad
" Hang it, no ! hain't they run away 1 Creation
how it jerks '2
!!' It's Silioile,eqptigh, you may, rely, - the &its are
" That's all ; well, stranger, I ain't a 7raid. you
know, but kinder.suprised like, that's all," said the
mountain boy, ball ashamed " I golly, stranger
did you hear that em snort ! it beat dad's jackass,
and he's a-roarer, and no mistake. Whew, how it
does pull, something busting, I'm sure."
"0 fudge, it's all rignt," said the other, seating
himself-for a nap.
" I swow! 1 don't see how you can sleep, darn.
ed of l do."
" Nothing like geting used to it," said the other,
"You've heard of the eels amnia,: been so
many times that they rather liked it, and used to
come ashore every few di to get heir hide* ta
ken off. haven't yttu.'
- You're a ga,stri:, stranger "
The bell rang and the enginefrOverl off, away
wei,t the cars at a rapid 'Teed, and before our he
rocould recover from the shock which the "snort"
had produced, the cars were moving slowly ovtr
Etowah Eitidge. Discovering a change in i:s gait,
he poppedihs head out at the window agin,
see how it moved," saw that lie was some distance
from the earth, and supposing the " critter" was
flying, swooned, and fell tram Ills seat entirely
Several gentlemen sitting near, caught hold of
him, raised him up, 61106 g him and rubbed him
Until be revived a little. A hearty laugh rang
through the cars, as the cause of the scene was
explained to the passengers, ivlireh had the effect
of arousing him, for his brexli began to come and go
more regularly, and at last he opened his eyes, as
large as saucers, and seei - g several of the gentle.,
men who had just came thra assistance about him
he looked up most beceeohorg in the face of one of
them, and said :
" &ranger, has it lit r'
STEPII EN ALLEN s POCK El Puce—Among the
victims of the Henry Clay disaster, was Stephen
Allen, Req., an aged man of the purest character,
formerly a Mayor of New York. beloved and es
teemed by all who knew him. In his pocket book
was lohnd a printed slip, appwantly Put from al
news aof Which the following le a copy
- "Keep good company' or none. Never be idle .
If your hands can't be usefully employed ; attend to
the cultivation of your mind. Always speak the
truth. Make few promiies. Live up to }our en•
gagementa Keep your own secrete, if you have
any. When you speak to a person, took him in
the face. Good cednpany and good conversation
are the very sinews of virtue. Good character id
above all things else You character cannot be
essentially injured except by your' own acts. If
aitY'ohe speaks evil of you, let }ou life be so fluff
none Will believe him Drink no kind - of ihteni‘
citing liquors. Ever five (misfortune excepted,)
within yonr income. IYhen you retire to bed,
think over what you have been Jong during the'
Jay. Make no haste toriet:,if you would roe
per. Small and steady sins give competency
with tranquility of mind. Never play at any game
of chance. Avcid temptation ; through fear you
may not withstand it. Earn money before you
spend it. 'Never run into debt unless you see a
way to get. out again. Ncyer borrow, if you can
possibly avo . o„tt . .„,ll)Lytot : triatry, toil you, are attla
to support a t.. ire. Nei er speak eril of any one
Be just before yon are generous. Keep yourself
innocent; if yon vvonid be happy. Save when you
are young totapend when you are old. Read - over
the above mailing at least once a week."
i)tr, , Tase. a wits, Tom, said Rtcbard Brinaley his-wild son Tom, " take a wife Torn,
and: recent!! -
- u With all•my heart," replied Torn innoceuily,
Wltoterefile then I take !"
fry. Pa, hate many legs has a tarp I " A 'ship
has no legs, my cluld." it Why, pa, the paperaaya
she dinar to en' fel, and .I:et 'he bcfoil thif
.Pr ,
it: Ego