Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, August 28, 1852, Image 3

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    Nstu 'Abvertnumento
%.'"" . : -- " ---- soot t, en d w;Xtby lands of kiiisnel Vancise.
.'u t i b 6 i n i n g about fifty acres, more or les, about thirty
6 improved, one log end framed helm, one frame
o d a small orchard of fruit trees thereon.
taken in execution at the snit of H P
2. ,Rised and
r t , to the use ol I P Kirby vs. Jas. L Vendee,
3 1 7 ,v 0......5. piece or parcel of land in Leroy tp.,
n j e j nor.h by lurid—of. Hosea Haxton, west by
„ Paine Shoemaker, south by land of Den l Foss
,„,t by land of .I.,6ehua Griswold. Containing
fitly acres, more or Jesup, about eighteen acres
one log barn and a few fruit trees thereon.
lerreil and taken in execution st the suit of Geo
s s
I v.4 o—nl piece or parcel of land in Pike township
honied „ n it, by lands now in possession of P
V stsrmnt w rdate pf F Waterman dec'd, east b land
r heslee south by land of lames Sh ore &
ot . tr
prsthir t bee, west by 'etc's of E. Sandeis &
Barons. Containing 75 acres more or less.
Inthsbaut 30 acres Improved, with one framed house
r i one Gamed barn and an apple orchird thereon.
s,,,sed end taken in execution at the suit of W.
iv. well , vs Lyman Blakeslee, & Geo. Blakeslee.
ALt ..O--A piece or parcel of land in Ulster village
on the north and east by lan 's of Norman
no be synth by lands of James McCarty, on
ty ,, ne ,A by the highway leading, horn Towanda to
C o ntaining about one fourth acre, all
one framed building occupied as wagon
;31; •.,,iiin; house and ono slab shed thereon.
• -.! t .ben in exeention at the suit of Wells
it. s m i t h.
41 tt_ \ piece er parcel of total in Ulster twp.,
, , rlll by !ands of Lockwood deed
In I= of C. 1%. Holcomb, on the south
road le - ding to the Susquehanna
I.IIIA cf C. W. Holcomb, All
about one-half acre, one framed latbe shop, one lumber s hop there.
in ex - rent:on at the suit of Chester
r,, • l'hostinn Bennett.
e or twee' of land in Warrer, twp,,
(lot by land of Albert Ty r
:awl 4 , f David Brainard, west by lands of
m 11,4 nliCer Corbin. Containing 25
tt , IS r•Troved, one framed house, one fram
ed barn 3nJ a 1 . 1 ., C fruit trees thereon.
ir.d taken in .txrcution at the suit of Nathan-
Ettenitzer Lamson is Witborn Tyr,
rIP7C Or parcel or land in Warren tp.,
t, at „ p. n e !rer, at the north west, corner,
tve , ,t 129 perches to a stake,
50 ., 28' R perches; to a stake ; thence
.5t 70 pclrh s to a beech tree, thence
. 1:11 oreh.. , t, a stake, thence north
;-• ;- en. Les 1. th , idace of begin nine. Con
: is,
„ rh 3 , 0 perc h es , about 25 acrec
• - fr.:flied houf.c, one obi barn and a
1 taken in execution at the snit nf Rufus
an•l G,les N DewolcExt's-' of the es.
won ilrc'd. vs. Curtis Beeman.
1- -, --‘lly writ of LecariFncias, the foll twin.; dc,
• ,•1:, , t piece or parcel of land in Athens twp, he.
• r.• at a sugar maple tree the south east corner of
rmerly wed to 11,10 Orcott, thence south
0 perches to a post, thenci west 1066-10 per ,
a p ,st, thence n-arth 137 5-10 perches to a
a corner standing on the south line of
, • . !hence smith Rri ° east along the south
• t`,,• Oreutes 1..t . 106 610 perches to the
Containing 92,,. acres and 131 perches,
•.• it being intendrd for the whole of lot No.
IA shout 40 acre , , improveil,
, •,-, -, (me log harts, a small log corn house,
irn't trees thereat:
I 1,4 en in execution at the suit of A lmy S
f Thomas Hale deceased, now to
ill.t W. 11/ercur, vs.Sartatil 6, Cl ar k an d
• ..,! 'erre ten.ent.
'wine' described building and lot
•' 1.r.vl sn.ith reputed owner and contract.
I and Vm. Dell purchasers and
lie nrst contract and also contractorEi,
on 1 H situated on the west side of the:
k ip, ; .er, in the twp. of Durell, on a lot
Cle ii.trth by lands m possession of Dam
, he (`.l t bv the said river, and on the
v..• • i • 11. lands of Julius I folden. with. a two
. k mill and about one acre of land, all
o! the
sonic more or lk sa.
em:M kt.t ti in execution at the sui' of Gordon
r v'rr to:d William Douglass, millwright vs.
- •tt r. l n'ed owner and contractor, Get. M.
lia., . ttn.i V,,: Dell purchasers and owners
~-.k r, m , int and al.o ccntractors.
voile of writs of levart facias the
v •'7 !e-t r Fed irk', piece or parcel of land sit
te. ;to of Granville. Begin: ing at,
• v. r• north, from the north-west corner
dee,iled to David Paine, by the
t.r Fart. a beech for the said cor
r.- 1.. t. now in possession of the
: • •..••• r for y-nine and two-tenths per
•• . ::;.: e•- south :i_ perches to a pilot ;
. • .1 ~• to a Posi, on (he west line
N ; (7s ; •t..•ac e north 18 perches to a
v •••I 14 perches to a poplar; thence
-! • 'esto a post ; thence west, 97 perches
line nt t No. 160 ; thence
• •••••hes to the begintrinz. Containing
r,s 31.1 4-10 perches, strict measure
. a, n trim warrant lot No. 1471.
k tat: tr: in acres improved, one log house, one
7 arn. slie.l, nod a small frame nut fin
! a :eq. Iraq trees thereon.
•••• a• -1 taken in execution at. the suit of Ste-
Rensalser Champney and Ca
fo:ton ing described lot piece or par
iankl sonaie:l in the township of Springfield,
r' :fle at a hemlock sapling, north-east corner
r. al.( it No. 914 ; thence east
:tee pee a post north-west
.“-ph Robinson's Tot; thence south 81
perches to the north-east cor.-
': .• t.•• I. : thenee lwezo 99 and three
••e: nkkrtik•v.:est earner of said
; : • north Si and 73 one hun
t .• b.:ono:lig. Containing 50
nth, ikerches, strict mess
'.l 'ii the north baifol lot No,
\,:.9ll—about ten acres tin-
, i
Ts execution at the suit cf
..1.1n,.•5 4. tlatlce,ess.
lot piece er parcel
• ~ tm% n..hip of Granville. Be.
mh eaot corner of It No.
• rh and sln perches to the ccn
d.,wn the nr.rth branch of
; thence along said road south
• I aril 3-10 of a perch thence
r to the sou.h line of lot No. IS2
ea , t 51 perches to a beech nonh-
:c •"r 1,.t 21)0 ; thence north 127 per
• 4 1' I tt:inirnm. Containing 19 acres 57 . and
'tart measure ; about 30 acres hp
it 1..1, frame.! house and framed barn, and 'a
art of Irutt trees thereon.
z-. 1 artaken in execution at the suit of Rob
-1 It. 1/.1 • adm . r of Win. Davidson, deed
vlr.•:...ett im ,, thy Parson to the uee of U. F.
ltcn i 'n F. Taylor and Luman D. Tay
' ~f ierermait Thylor, dec'd and Geo. Vro•
the following described lot piece or
of land snowed in the township of Graiivilte
at a berch sonih.east corner of lot No.
rclw. 1.4 No. 1 7, 17; thence north 144
a r ,,, t.; thence east 52 arid 4-10 perches
a pow, north. west corner of Int obsded to Thomas
t'r , o't; thence south t 44 perches to a post south-i
I corner nf l'ratt's lot ; thence wea. 52 and
In the beginning ; containing 47 ...Teal
5-10 perches. strict measure, be tn.
.nte 5101.- or le.s ; it being intended for the west
a:t at lot N. Ifr,3, on said warrant lot ; about 10
he,7...4 and taken in erecatinn at the snit of Rob-
David -on adm'r of Wm. Davidson d'ec'd, who
P:tx on to the Use of G. F. Mason
1 `'Fain ar.d rein ten's.
followinv, described lot, piece or par
-1,,0h.! ~:u.ned in the township of Granville.—
a t a s„ t e corner of lot No.
1 • o ;^nr. , w^.:l MOB 4-10 perches to hemlock for
a c , trpr,thenrii north 73 13-10 perches to the south
-1.4'1 curnyr of Win. Woman's lot, thence .east 108
perches to the south east corner of said Vro
-1111)6 hit, thence south 73 13-10 perches to the be-
Containing 50 acres strict measure, about
thlrY acres improved, 1 plank house and log barn
Legal 2arotilistments
and a small orchard of young fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Roh
ert B,Pasidson adm'r of Wm. Davidson, dec'd who
survived Timothy Paxson to the use of 0.1 7 . Ma
son vs.9liver M. Nelson and Jackson. Robbi ns ter.
tenants. • . - •
ALSO—The foll Owing described lot piece par
cel of land situated in the _ township of Granville.
Beginni4 at beech sapling,northtweateornei-orlot
No. 118 ; thence south 160 perches -to a post ; thence
west 11l ietches to a post; thence north 161tpercis.
es to a post ; thence emit one hundred end eleven
perches to the beginning; containing 11t acres,
strict measure,-it being intended for the whole
of lot No: lta - in warrant lot No. 1489, aboat two
acres improve& and one lcfg house thereon.
Seized and taken in , execution at the suit of G F.
Mason's use vs. Thomas Card, who survived Datil
Johnson and Abagail Agney, late Abagail Johnson
James Rosa, and Jehial McKean,' Ear's of Daniel
Johnson,dec'd, and Robert Rockaway and Wm-
Mead, ter. tenants.
ALSO—The following described lot piece or par
cel of land situated In the township of Granville.—
Beginning at a hemlock north-east corner of lot No.
131 ' • thence east 108 4-10 perches to an iron wood
tree for a corner, thence south 80 perches to a post ;
thence west 108 4.10 perches to a post ; thence
north 80 perches to the place of beginning; con
taining 01 acres. and 30 perches,strict measure, it
being iniended for the north half of lot No. 135 on
warrant lot No. 1481 ; about 25 acres improved, 1
log house I log barn thereon erected.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Rob
ert B. Davidson. adtn'r of William Davidson dec'd,
who survived Timothy Paxson. to the use of G. F.
Mason vs. Jamet Sands,and Nathan C. Ballard, ter.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, A ng. 11, 1832.
Notice is hereby given, that an amount i equal to
the cost, will be required to be paid upon each sale,
when struck down to the bidder, and upon a failure
to comply with this regulation. the tract of land will
strain be offered for sale.
Sheriff's Sale.
QI virtue of a writ of Fieri facial, issued out
I/ of the Court of Common Pleas, ofßradford Co.
and to me directed, will be exposed to public sale,
at the Court House in the borough of Towan—
da on Saturday September 4th 1852 at 1 o'clock
P. M the following lot piece or parcel of land
situated in Troy borough, Bounded and describ
ed as follows to wit.:—On the 11 otth by lan& of 0.
P- Ballard ; On the East by an alley about 16 feet
wide used for said lot which joins on to lands of V.
M. Long ; on the South by Main st ; and on the
West by lands of 0. P. Ballard, Containing Thirty
three feet front• and seventy-two :eet back with the
right of way on the back or north side of said lot
of 16 feet wide, all improved, with a large brick
building thereon, occupied as stores, shops, &c.,
it being the east part of the brick block in Troy bo
rough. Levy entered Aug. 7, /BA.
Seized and taken in the suit of 'Francis Tyler Vs.
Sidney Hayden.
C. THOMAS,Sherifr.
ShPritrs Claim Aug:lr, 1852.
BY virtue of a writ of alias Vend. Expo., issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford
County, and to me directed, will be exposed to pubs
tic sale, at the house of V. M. Long, in Troy borough
on Saturday the 28th of Augut.t, at I o'clock P. M.,
the following lot piece or parcel of land situated in
Troy born.. Bradford Co., bounded and de, , cribed as
follows to wit : on the east by the highway leading
from Troy to Williamsport ; on the south by S. E.
shepard's lot, the line between this lot and the said
Shepard'a lot, passing through the center of the
building recently erected by the said Shepard d-. L.
13 Hyatt, (said building having since been burned;)
on the west and north by land: of I. N. Pomeroy.
Containing about 1300 square feet, he the same more
or less, with a two story' framed store house there.
on erected, (said building having since been burn
ed )
seize,l and taken in execution at the suit of Lew.
is B. Hyatt vs. Seeley Mann.
ALSO.—By a writ of fi. fa. the fid:owing lot,
piece or parcel of land situated in the township of
'Troy, Bradford County Pa., bounded on the North
by the highway ; on the East by lands belonging to
the heirs of Seba C. Taylor, deceased ; on the S outh
by land: Volney M. Long ;on the West by lands
of Eli Baird. Containing two acres thereabouts,
with a framed house and cow shed thereon all im
Seized and taken in exectbsion, at the suit of J. E.
Goodrich, vs. Bernard Hanaway.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, July 26, 1852.
Lt. persons indebted to the estate of Horatio
11 Ladd dec'd late of Albany township, are here
by requested In make payment without delay ; and
those haring claims against said estate. will plea,e
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Albany township. July 17 1 , 52. Administrators
LI. persons indeb . ied to the estate of Jonathan
CI Brink decd, late of Pike, are hereby requested
to make payment without delay, and those braing,
claims against said estate, will please present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
Pike, July 17, IS3
-2.ardians Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans court of the
County of Bradford, the subscriber will e xpose
to / public sale upon the premises, on Saturday the
28th of Airgiwt, 102. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
all that certain lot piece or parcel of land situated
in tp., of Pike. (subject In the widows right of Dow
er, )bounded and de,cribeil as follows 'to wit :—on
the North by rands of Catt:lrilie Pierce; East by
lands of sail Pierce and liroiel Ab , iot ; Sough by
lands belonging to. the hell , of Hubble Pritt dec'd ;
W4st by lands belonging to said heirs and William
DrinloN ater, Catharine Pierce and the public high
way. Containing about one hundred acres, thirty.
five acres 'hereof improved with a frame.barn there
on erected.
Attendance given and terms made known at the
time of sale, by James Hodge, guardian -of Evaline
A. Pierce.
Pike, July 26. 1852.
administrator's Sale.
DI" virtue of an orikr of the Orphan- court of the
County of Brsdforil will be exposed to sale by
publ•c vendee, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of Wed
nesday the Ist day of September next, at the- Mans.
ion house, lately occupied by Peter Johnson deed.
in Ihirne tp., in -said county the following described
sreal estate, late the property of the said Peter John
son, to wit that certain tract of hind situated
in Rome tp , atoresaid, bounded on the North by
lands of David Barnes; on the East by lands of
Hiram Johnson ; on the booth by lands of H. E.
Whitney; and on the West by lands ofJoseph Al
len and Aranch Wattles; (excepting about one and
a half acres in the North' East corner in possession
of Hiram Johnson). Containing one hundred and
eighty-one acres ; about Seventy thereof improved ;
with two dwelling houses, one large barn, two large
sheds, one saw mill, and one cider mill thereon
erected, also an apple orchard thereon.
Terms wade known on the day of sale.
Administrators with the will annexed of Peter
Johnson dec.d.
Towanda, July 29, 1852.
• - - -
Apersons indebted to the estate of LYMAN
"N DYKE: ilec'd, late of Albany, are hereby
equested Is make immediate payment, and those
havinfrelaimssgainst said estate. will please pre
vent them duly at.hentieated for sett! nient.
Albany, July 29. 185.. A i l inistrator.
- - ; ---
T" Subscriber will sell the balance 0... is mock of
GOODS it auction. commencing on "n day
the Gth day of September, and continue every" ~,t v
and evening until all is sold.
Towanda, Aug. 7,1852. E. FOX.
GZIODAZA. rbuzzurs,
H AS opened a Clothing store at. ATHENS. Pa.,
on the ready pay rystem. A good stock of new
and fashionable garments for sale at very low pri•
ces. Most of the assortment is of
Verne Nanufacture.
The cutting is node, the dirsetion of an experi
enced tailor, and in this manner durability in work
manship and good trate in style are secured.
has been adopted, as the best method for doing the
business, as it enables the merchant to sell low, as
it saves bad debts, and is the best plan ' for every
body Here is the place where men and boss, old
and yonng may be suited on fair and economical
I have hut one price which gives me the advan
tage of
R fl 1 1
than those who sometimes raise on the price in or
der to make up a loss, occasioned by the Niggling
tedious, unbusiness-like process, which customers
are usually obliged to undergo at moat country
stores. With a good assortment of new and styltsn
C~i~ ~fl2S ~ ~l~C4},
can make it to the advantage of every man and
boy to call a: the one price Clothing Store in Athens
Pa. -
Athens, July 17., Ifin GEO. B. PERKINS
N. B. Dealers in want of clothing to sell again
will had goods here, as cheep, if nor tome cheaper
than can be bought in the New York jobbing bonse
es—and better made..CO
More New Goods.
TUST received and now opening 1)3 , 1. POWELL,
J a large stock. of Dry Good, Hoots & Shoes, Hats
Groceries, Fish &c., which are now offered for sale
at extremely low prices. Having been selected
with care and bought for cash, they can be afforded
and will be sold at prices that cannot fail to suit
the purchasers. An examination of his stock is
respectfully solizited J. POWELL.
SUM M El 2 GOODS—An assortment of Ginghams,
De Lains, Chambrays, Lawns, just receives)
and for sale by jc23, J. POWELL.
GROCERIES—A large stock of Sugars, Teas,
Coffee, Molasses, and all other articles of gro
ceries just received and for bale by
June 23, 1852. J. t DWELL.
BOOTS & SHOES—The largest stock in town
of ladies, misses, and childrens tine and coarse
shoes. Mens, boys and youths calf, morocco and
coarse boots and shoes just received by
June 23, lan. J PO WELL.
FISH -A fresh stuck of Codfish anti Mackerel at
June 23, 1952. J.POWELL.
.&DAIIES & ntrAcranzarba,
TOIMILVD.I Bradford Pewit, Pa
LOOKING GLASS PLATES cut and fitted or
any size, to be had at the Jewelry store of
May 15, 1852. W. A. CHAMBERLIN.
211E031.113 NEW GOODS 1
BILTRTON KINGSBURY, would again earl the at,
tention of all persons desirous of buying goods
cheap, to the large stock which he is now receiving
from New York ; embracing a full assortment of all
kinds of Goods which are adapted to the wants of
the town and count!). trade.
Towanda, June 24, 1952.
N. Y. & E. Railroad !
A RE now receiving weekly over the above tho
roughfare, all the latest and most fashionable
styles of Goods arriving in New York, fresh from
the hands of the importers.
Also, the choice:t and he , t of heavy Staple Good.
and at prices that cannot fail to please.
'rheir arrangements are such that they can sell
goods at wholesale for cash as low as they can be
purehri•eil of the jobbers in New YnTiL city.
With an humble acknowledgm et of past favors,
an examination of their very exieristrh assortment
of Goods is respectfully solicited.
Towanda, June 15. 1952.
ANTIIEREAS my wile LINDA, has recently len
V toy Bed and Bony(' without any just canal or
prorocation, ihis is to forbide all persons harboring
or tru=ting her t n my account as I shall not pay no
debts of her contracting. after this dale.
Bentley Creek, Aug. 6th.. I 552. 4w
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
.1. 1 1 lately existing between E. 11. Myer & Jesse
Allen under the firm of Myer & Allen, is this day
desolved by mutual concert, all debts owing to the
partnership are to be paid to E. R. Myer, and all
demands against the firm are to be presented to him
for plyment.
Myersburg, Aug. Ifith. 1852.
subPerber. wishing to close np the business
T of the late firm of Myer & Allen, gives a.peci•
al natio!, that all indebted to the same by bunk ac'
ceuut,nnte, or other% ise. must pay up. All acc,:unts ,
that a:e unt settle 4 by the first day of December
next will be sucd without further notice.
, E. R. MYER.
Mycrsburg, Aug. 16th, 1852.
Express Office Waverly Y.
17 4 ' , 0R the delivery and focwardingof g - rods pact:-
1 ages, collections, &c.. daily on the N. Y. St E.
R. R. by the American Express Co, Going east,
at 8 o'clock and 28 minutes, A. M. Going west,
at 1 o'clock and 49 minutes, P. M.
0:11.-e in the store of C. WARFURD Agent.
Waverly, July 17, 1852.
CAME to the enclosure of the subscriber in Ridg.
bury township, on Tuesday, the 22d day of
June, a small red yearling heifer, with little whi4
spots on the head, and about the belly. The owner
is requested to prove property, pay charges, and
take her away.
Ridgebury. July 22, 1852. J. M. EASTON.
Lathe Orphans court of Bradford Coanly, in the
'natier of the partition if the real estate 11 STER
1- O Peter Holcomb, Hiram Holcomb, Horace
Holcomb, Chester Holcomb, Andrew Spalding
and Cynthia his wife, Elan Bailey and Sarah his
wife, Lnman Taylor and Matilda his wife, Hannah
Bliss, Andrew Royce, Samuel Royce, ,stison Cra
mer and Louisa his wife, Cynthn, Matilda, Albert,
Benjamin, Judson and 'at alter Royce,who have for
their guardian ad 'item, Orison Royce, Denton Per
ry and Alvira his wife, Hiram Reynold and Lemi
ra his wife, Volney Taylor, Sterling Taylor. Hollis
Se!ama.Adelia and Harriet Holcomb. who have for
their guardian ad !item, Julia Ann Holcomb—Rush
Mary, Guy, Anna, Sterling and Burr Holcomb, who
have for their Guardian ad 'item, Benjamin Hol
comb, Alvah. Lucinda, Mahlon, Jane, Cyntha and
Andrew Holcomb, who have for their guardian od
Nem. Vharles Stockwell—And all other persons in
terestell in the estate of Sterling Holcomb dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given, that at an Orphans
Cocirrheld atTowanda, in,and for the' County of
Bradf..rd, on the I 1 th day of May, 1852. The court
grant a rule upon the persons entitled to come into
court on the second Monday of September next, and
elect (if so allowed) the several items of property.
I valued by the inquest in this Case---and tf
not. to,,show cause why the same shall not be sold.
By order of the court. H. L. SCOTT,
' l %)wanda, July 20,1852. clerk of Orphans court.
H. S. & N. O. =RCM,
A RE now opening awl o ff ering for sale at Whole.
Z - 1 sale arid Retail an este:env. stock of SUMMER
GOODS, embracing • fell assortment of goods woof
!" kept by them, which were purchased at extremely
low prices, and will be sold at lower prices than the
same quality of goods are sold in any town west of
New York. We say to all, come and examine our
stock ; and those who pay Cash for goods will find it
greatly for their interest to boy at the Cash store.
Towanda, June 1, 18152.
Moots and Shoes.
ALARGE stock of Ladies', Children's and Misses'
Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, Polkas and Boots.—
Also a fine assortment of men's and boy's calf, kip and
morocco Boots, Shoes and Brogans, and a good supply
of sent's Gaiters and Congress Boots just received at
dime I. M MGM'S.
SUMMER HATS.--A fine assortment of the latest
styles of moleskin, Kossuth, Hungarian, Panama,
pedal and palm leaf Hats, just opened at
Jane 1. MERCUR'S.
selection of ladies' and misses' Bonnets, and at
great variety of Bonnet Trimmings, now opening at
Jvne 1. INERCUR'S.
OHMS' extra quality CORN STARCH, manufac
tared expressly fur cannel) , and dietetic purposes,
for sale at Janet , ERCUR'S.
BY virtue of a deed of assignment, Ishall expose
to public sale on friday the 3d. day of Peptem
ber, at the store of J. G. Brown, in Durell, the fol
lowing lots of landt-65 acres known as the little
Derick lot joining John Butts, & others; also 50 acres
known as Sam Pool's lot, adjoining Lewis Johnson
and others ; also one saw m.ll with the timber on
100 acres adjoining Charles Thomson and others ;
also one shoe shop with the land on which It stands;
al4n the homestead of 0. D. Chamberlain, containing
some JO acres with two dwelling houses, two barns,
one store house &c,
All the Interest of 0. D. Chamberlain, in the
abate named property. will be sold together with a
lot of furhiture, consisting of bureaus, tables, stands
and chairs iStc.. with a variety of other personal
property too numerous to mention. sale to com
mence at I o'clock P.M., where attendence will be
given, and terms and titles made known by
Apiirmee of O. D Chamberlain
Duren, July 15, 1852.
TARESS GOODS--in variety, frum India silks, to
3 rent Calicos. Also the latest style of Dress
Trimmings, at ap1:0 B. KINGSBERY'S.
BEFORE looking elsewhere, it would be well for
Ladies to look at the Spring Bonnets, Artificial
Flowers and Ribbons, which are sold so very cheap.
CROCKERY .—Tho iargeat 'dock in town. Ful
dinner and tea setts, of white granite and blue
ware, which will be sold cheap at FOX'S.
GROCERIES.—The quality and prices of Teas,
Sugars and Coffee, always speak for them
selves. at apl 10 11. KINGsBERY's.
MACKEREL. -59 half barrels, and 25 quarter
barrels, at B. KINGSBERY.S.
;In QUINTALS (301)FIB—They are worth
Z.A./ looking at, if not buying, for tale by
April 10. 11. KINGSBERY.
MESS PORK blds. Prime, for which a high
price was paid,and for which a high price will
be asked, by split) D. KINGSBERY.
ARPENTERS & JOINERS will find a full as
sortment of planes, gauges, saws, squares, trying
squares, levels, compasses, iron and wood spirit levels,
augers, gimlet, center and nicer bitta, broad, hand and
bench axes, adzes, hammers, chisels, gouges, chalk
lines and speols, brad and scratch awls, tape lines,&c.
BLACKSMIRHS will find anvils, vices, !Yellows,
sledges, hand and shoeing hammers, rasps, files, iron
braces, bitter, hand drills, horse show' and nails, screw
plates, and a general assortment of cast,German, spring
English and American blister steel, Swedes, American
and English iron.
hIASONS will find brick and plastering trowels,
stone tiammars, lathing hatchets, white wash brushes,
eke.. constantly on hand at
PERSON S indebted to the subscribers either nn
book account or by note', are hereby mulled that
they must be pa 111 without further delay. Immedi
ate attention to this call will save Cost.
Towanda, June 10, 1852.
.s THE sub'scriber offers 'at public sale,
Its valuable FARM, situated in blieshe
quin township, Bradford county, Pa.,
containing one hundred and forty-nine
acres. ne hundred acres thereof are in a good
state of cultivation, and the remainder is wood
and TIM BER lam!. There are two good dwelling
houses, a barn, carriage house, Acc., situated upon
the main or river road, and a barn and tenant house
on the back part of the farm. Fify acres of the
improved laud lies upon the flat between the main ,
road and the river. and exceedingly fertile.
ALSO, the undivided half of a Saw Mill with the
appurtenances, situated within half a mile of the
farm. and conveniently near to limbed and. The
whole property is situated within'about eight miles
or :he N. Y. (IL E. R.., and present... , a rare induce ,
meat to purchasers. It will he sold eery tow and a
reasonable credit be given for one halt of the purch
ase money. For further particulars enquire of C.
M Earl- E-q.. of Towanda, or of the subscriber.
Cini,!y 21. 18.12 if. KINGSBFRI.
LAMB in the enclosure of the imbseriher in She.
tiequin tp , about the loth of Joly last, a pair
of steers. One of them is brown With a star an the
face, the other is brindle, obqut 4 years old. The
owner is requested to prove property, pay charges,
and take them away.
Shesheqn in, August 3, 1852. J. S. SPENCER
In the Crphans Ccurt nf Bradford County, In Me
matter of the tstate rf 1V1LL1,431 At YE It deed.
THE undersigned having been appointed by the
Orphan's court of said county an an ,4 itor to
mike distritmti.m of the motley in the hands of the
administrator of said estate, hereby give notice that
he wilt attend to the duties of sa;d appointment at
his office in the borno,gh of Towanda, in said coun
ty on Friday, the 27th day of August neat at
o'clock in the afternoon, at which place and
time all persons having claims against *aid estate,
are required to present the same before said audi
tor nr be debarred from coming in fur a share of
said fund.
July 20, 1852
To the Sheriff of Bradford County, Greeting:—We
command you that you attach James G. Fountain.
late of your county, by all and singular his goods and
ebonies. lands and tenements, monies, rights and
credits, in whose hands or possession scever the satne
may be, so that he be and appear before our court of
Common Om to be holden at the b,rough of To
wanda, in and for said county, on the first Monday of
Sepietn bet next, there to answer Herbert T. Moore,
assignee of Chas Thwing and Ebenezer W Thwing
in a plea of debt on jud.inent obtained in the state
of New York. not exceeding one thousand dollars,
and bail required in that sum ; end ihat you sumre.:,
ail persons in whose hands or pOssess.doc, the
goods, chattlea, rights or credits, cr. ' any of them may
be attached, so that they SP!! every of them be and
appear before said co-,,}t,
at the day and place a
said. to answe fir e
': what shall be objected against them
and abi ,l .e the judgment of the court therein ; and
h2.), , e you then and there this writ.
Witness the Hon. DAvtn.Witsroy, President of
our said court, at the borough of Towanda aforesaid.
the 3d day of /term, A. It.. 1852.
ALLta MeKcs, Prothonotary.
AL:rchanbil, ac.
Pay Up ! Pay Irp !
111 TPA r.
litor's Notice.
E. W. BAIRD. Andiinr
Foreign Attachment.
Ready Made Clothing
lOM EMITS N. Y., have just arrived in To.
andai with one of the larger* and most com
plete assortment of clothing ever offered in this sec
tion of the country. They are. manufactured by
themselves exclusively, at rates which will make it
an object for the public to buy. Their goods are
made and trimmed iD the latest styles and from su
perior cloth and will be sold for one price and for
CASH 01111 LI.
Give us a call and if we do'not satisfy the public
of our ability to make good our promises. we shall
not ask their patronage. Customers can be fitted
with whole suits by leaving their measures et our
store at the shortest notice.
LockTross.—Next door south or Meteor's Main
se. Thwanda ; and No. 7 Water et. Amorfts Hall.
Elmira; and undir A. C. Porters Hotel, Tioga VIII
age, Tioga Co. Pa.
Towanda May r.9th
Attention Regiment !
ii..... 4 1
i'. 1.
i- ...
JOHN E. GEIGER, would say to hi! old Merida and
the public at large, that he has constantly on hand
and manufacturing Rifles and Shot Guns Ste., drc.—
Among his assortment of Guns may be found Double
and single barrelled Guns, Ritlesof all kinds warranted.
Powder Flaaks, Shot P.auches, Game Bags, Cap
Primers. Also, Powder, Shot, Cape of the best gash:
ty. Aliens' six barrelled Revolving Plank, do rongle
barrelled aelf•eocking Pistols, Rifle Pistola, double bb'l
Pi-tola and common steel and brass Pistols.
F G., F. F. G., F. F. F. G., Powder in Cans con
stantly on hand.
Any of the above articles will i.e sold awful cheap
for the Ready Pay.
Keys of any kind Gttt d to Doors, Trunks or any
other kind of locks on stunt notice and reasonable terms .
Repairing done with neatness and despatch. Shop a
few rods north of the Bradford House.
Towanda, May 22, 1852. J. E. GEIGER.
H& A. I IAMPBELL would again call the alien
. lion of their friends arid customers to their
large and new assortment of Goods, just received
and now opening at their Furnishing Depot, con
slating of all things necessary to clothe. the outer
man, all to be sold r little cheaper fur the ready pay
than ever. Come and examine, and be satisfied.
Towanda, May 14, 1852.
'l 4 to 142, at CA M PBELL'S.
YELLOW, huff and white Vests, Coats & Pants,
a large lot for sale at MPBELL"S.
Books Books!
A Complete assortment of School, Blank, Classi,
al\ cal & Miscellaneous Books, constantly lop up
and for sale at the lowest rates by.
Nov. 29,1851. 0. B. BA lITLNITT.
1 r 7 CHESTS YcIUNG HS SON, Imperial, Hyson
/ Skin and Diorlc Teas. Also 15 . Bag* Rio and
Java Coffee, Imo received at MEECUR'S.
V I H EAT, Oats, Rye end Corn, taken in Px ch en ge
for gonli. PHIN NEY & BOWMAN
LL persons indebted to the estate of John
1.1.. Welch deed, late of the township of Durell are
hereby requested to make payment without delay,
and those having claims against said estate, will please
present then; duly authenticate(' for settlement.
purell. June 25, 1852
Libel in Divorce.
Rachel McCann, vs Joseph McCann, in Bradford
Corn. No 245 May 5 1852.
JAMES McCANN, defendant in the above cause :
You are hereby . notified that Rachel McCann,
ur wife, has filed her petition for a divorce from
e bonds of mattimony.--And an alias subpocena
' a been returned. and proof made that you are not
tope found in said county. YOU are therefore here
by required to appear at the Court House in the bor
ough of Towanda, on Monday, the Gib day of Sep
tember next, being the first day of Rrptember term
of :aid court of common pleas. to answer the said
complaint, and show cause, if any you hare, why
the said Rachel, shall not be divorced from you.
C. THOMAS, Sheriff.
Sheriff's ofiicc...lumist 4, 1852.
ALL persons are hereby cautioned against pnreh•
acing a note given by me, to Silas Scoville dat
ed June.-1852, for forty-five dollars. As I have
not reed any equivalent for said note, I shall not
pay the same unlesq compelled hr law.
Towanda. July 30,1852. JOHN McNIAIION.
Pierre J. Deratcrt rt. fix to the vat of Alpheus Gnstin
Jr., rt.' Itaiah Y. Inhn'ilmi 4. Vincent Tuttle terry
tenant Bradford Com. Pleat, September :ler-ei 1850,
No 73
THE undersigned auditor appointed by the Court
to distribute moneys raised by writ of Levari
facias. issued in the above suit, will attend to the
duties of his appointment at his office in Towanda
bor'o, on Saturday, the 4th day of September. 1852,
at 1 o'clock, P M.. when all persons interested are
required to present their claims or else be debarred
from any share of said funds. HEN RY,BOOTH,
Towanda. August 5, 1852. Auditor.
REGISTER'S NOTlCE:—Nntice is hereby CIACTI
that there have been filed and-settled in the of
fice ot . the Register of \Vil a in and fur the county of
Bradford. accounts ofadministratiun upon the fol.
lowing ektates, viz :
Final account of Wm. J. Delpuch one of the Es
ecutor's of Abram Freits late of Sheshequin deed.
Final account of Delita Underwood Administra
triz of the estate of James Underwood late of Ath
ena deceased.
Final account of F. Blackman and lialriet A.
Minier Administrators o f the estate of Cpf;sier W.
Minter late of She , hequin deceased.
Final Account of Main W. Thomas, Samuel
Case and Susanah Thomas Administrators of the
estate ef Jacob Thomas, late nt Troy deceased.
Final account of Marviret Fries Executrix of the
last will and testament ofiames Fries, late of Wells,
Final accounts °flames v. Wilcox Adm's of the
estate of Morris Malony, , late of Monroe, deed.
\Account of C. P, Freeman 4. David Palmer. CT.
ecutors of the last will and te4tament of Richard J.
Eldridge, late of Canton der'd.
Final account ofJohn McKean Adin's of the es
tate of Edward Lay, late of Columbia, dec'd.
And the Fame will be presented to the Orphans
Court of Bradford county, on Monday, the 6th day
of September nest, for confirmation and allowance.
H. LA WRECE SCOTT, Register.
Register's Office, Towanda, July 30, 1852.
Orphan's Court Bale.
TN pursuance of an order of the Orphans court of
1 Bradford County. will be exposed to public sale,
on Thursday the 2d day of September next, at two
o'clock. P. M., at the Public House of P. Morse in
Leroy t A certain tract of Land contaio7,i about
50 acres, situated in Leroy tr
~ bounded by--
lcock on the East I ° ..iuth by lands of the Bar
clay estate • est by lands belonging to the es
tate Sterling Holcomb dcc'd ; North by Towan
da creek. 16 or 17 acres improved with a frame
barn thereon erected—Terms of sale one fourth
cash. the remainder one years credit with interest,
from confirmation of sale. 'C. STOCKWELL,
Ailmini-trator of the estate of Seely Holcomb.
Towanda. July 24, 1852.
Selling off at Cost ! !
T HE subscriber will sell ill balnceo of bill stock
1 of Goods. at COST, for cast
Towanda, May 1, 1852,. Z. T. rex.
MHE undersigned baa purcbased se large, and
Choice selection of NEW GOODS , Wooght
ander tbe ,most favorable circumstances,and for
sale as low for cash as can be bought elsewhere;
and lower than Any braggadocio can or will sell.
• May 5, BMW. 0. D. BARTLETT.
=lv oannazu; nrzw,ll4l,WlL
rpHE subscriber having purchased and refur
.1 wished the stock r.f DRUIitS, MEDICINES dm.,
in No. 2 Brick Row, which now makes it a choice
and well selected assortment of Drug and Medi
tines for family.use, at wholesale and retail, Alai
he cheerfilly recommends to the public,and crave*
a share of public patronage,'
The Goods will be sold as cheap or cheaper than,
any other establishment West of New York for, 'rub
and cash only. ,
Here you will find annexed a few leading articles
Foagatea Cordial .
Eli Opi
Hay's Liniment
. _
Senna Alex.,
do India
Cream Tenni
Sup C Soda
Magnesia Caled
do Carb,
do 8 S
do Henry's
du Appit
Trusses Hulls
do Marshes.
do Shaker.
Balsam Wisters
do (•beesmana
do Fir
do Copabia .
.do Tofu
do Peru
do Pulmonary
do Sulphur
Acid Tartaric
do Acetic
do Benzonic
du Citric
du Nitric
do Oxalic
do Hy drocyana
do Sulphuric
Oil Linseed
do sperm
do Olive.
do Castor
do Neatsfoot
do. Almonds
do Amber Rect
do , Amber Rad
do Anisi
do Caraway
do Croton
do Cubebs
do Commit,
do Fennel.
do Lemon
do Cassia
do Cod Liver
do Lavandula G
do Neroli
do Jesmin
do Nutmeg
do Cirange
do Rhodium
do Rose
do Cedrat
do Copabia
do Ergot
do Verbena
do Vio!ette
do Mellesse
do MeHauer
du Patelicitzly
Brushes, -Pa ini
do Varnish
do Hair
do Hair,Catne I
do Nail
do Tooth
do Shaving
do Flesh
do Cloth ,
do Hat
Soap, Yankee
do Crystalline
do Eng. Wind Low's
do Coopers
do Rose
do Victora
do Orange
do Tooth
do Erasy're
do Castile
do Military
do Ravin
do Brown
Pain Killer
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
Olyeenated Bitters
Stoughton Bitters
Hoffman's Anodyne t enitian Red, English
Together with Paintlt, Turpentine, Verni...h, Dye-
Wood s & Dye• Stuffs, Glass, Putty, choice Groceries,
pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal purposes.—
Also, Cigars of the best brand ; and all articles cots
fleeted with the trade.
Having secured the services of Dr. S. Hrorrow,
whr keeps his office at this store, and will give me
dical advice gratis to people, they paying for the
medicines only. Physicians can rely upon having
their prescriptions careful:y compounded and put
up. The stock has been selected with great care,
and the goods will be warranted as represented.
All of Dr. D. Jaynes' metlicipes. Ayres Cherry Pec
toris:. schsncks Pulmonic Syrup of Yellow Dock
Root, Orrick's, Robensacks, and Jaynes' Vermifuge.
Together with all of the most popular Patent medicines
now in use constantly on blind and fur sale at
J. M. REED. No. 2, Brick Row..
Towanda, May 14. 18'•2.
TjORK and Floor—a quantity of Pork and Flour
I just received and for sate by
DRY GOOD'S—A goof - assortment of Merinos's,
Cashmere's. De tains, Alpacas, end prints now
ALT. persons having unsettled accounts wilt the
subscribers, are requested to call immediately,
and arrange them either by note ot,paymenr. An 4
all notes that are over doe, must be paid.
Towanda, April 6, 1852.
H.: 4 . dr, T. C. 'HERM 7R.
A LL persons indebted to the estate of JOHN
11 FEE, dec'd, late of Monroe townahip, are
hereby requested to make payment withont delay.
and all persons haying demands against said mate
are requested to present them, duly authenticatotifor
settlement. T. M. WILSON.
Orphoo's Court Bradford County in the matter of
the eAtate of SAMUEL MeDUFFEE deed.
'['HE undersigned haying been appiiiitted auditor
I. to distribute the funds rrti - ed by the sale ofthe,
real estate of Sar - dei MeDuffee late of Athena,
P r adf°" / f. uunty,deeeftsed hereby gives notice that
~e will attend to the duties of said appointment at
his office in the borough of Athens, in said county
on Monday the 16th day of August next at 1 o'clock
in the afternoon of said day, at which time and
place, all persons loncerned may attend.
Athens, July 14, 1852. H. WILLISTON.
ALL pre.ons indebted to the estate of .1011iV M.
DAVIDSON dee:ll.l3%a of Albany tpt., are here
by requested to make ir, eme diate payment and three
havinz. cleimn again7, l maid eptate will Fleece pre
sent them duly a , , A ih er ji . cated for settlement ; '
'Drug Store, No. MI Brick &ow.
Hair Dy.
Harlem Oil .
thou:lent, Traidta
do Dalley's
do McAllester
Shakers Herbs
' do Extracts
Tilden's Alcoeolic Ex't
Rbei Extract
lalap Extract
I Meakim'a Vanilla En't
do Lemon do
do Mace do.
do Almond do
I do Cloves
Ido Allspice de
do Nutmegs de
do Peach do
do Ginger d•
- do Cinnamon 4o
do Orange de
do Tonkit 4
Lubin's Springdower. . •
do Musk , do,
do Violette do'.
do Magnolia do
do sweet Hri'r do
do Jesmin do
do Jock'y crb do
do Caroline do.
do Jenny Lind do
do Boquet do
Syringe, Pewter as'm'at
do Class do
Nursing Bottles, Glees
do do G. E.
nad-Rhei Tart
do do
do Ipecac
do Jalap
do Ginger Ma:
do Orris
Gum Camphor
do Opi Turk
do Myrrh Turk
do Arabic do
do Copal
[ . do Aloes Soet
do Aloes Cape
Chloride Lime
do Soda
Castor RUMS
ileinglass do
lEvene' Lancets
!Nitre Silver, Op't
maid Bisnoth
'Blue Pill } mer:
lodide Poles,
Tart do
Carl) do•
'tnlph do
(laustie do
Citrate Ferri
lodide do
kProto Ind Mercer)!
Piperin i
Elaieriam [
I,.dine -
K reosote
Hrdra Coro Crete
Sl;srphine Sulph'
do Act
Calomel, American
do English,
Precipitate Red
do White
s'ulph Zinei
Bronze, Crimson
do Pale Gobi
do bark do
do White
Gold Leaf, Op't
f'hina Vermillion
America do
Prusaian Blue
Fig dr;
Ma v 27
')Wing at
tiTonrne tp., Idly 29, 1952
Auditor's Notice.
etV. 3111c.2% 1°52,
'A.FB-1111t FUSE.—Contractoya can find
L. 3 itkieti of Sofrty Tuve at NIERCI7e •
.1. roWELr.