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    so. Pox IN OWEGO —The Owe e le - Gaintie give
. " w ino account of the Small Pox in that
iir to
...The first case of Small Paz, in this oe
j about seven weeks ago, and there-have ben
t " 03 11 pox and Vorioloid, Ifl-or 12 cases In all ;
„ e . a child of seven weeks old ; -resulted' in-death.
three cases now remain under treatment,
l a each of these the disease is rapidly detlin•
"Th fnrther spreading of the diseases;bailey
. b a e i
been effectually prevented; by the - prompt
efficint action of the Board of Healthi and the
preevalence ol the disease in our 'village is
r'..,',rpliended by those acquainted with its pres
• e‘teet and the precautionary measures which
r o . e tern adopted. The houses where it .exis:s
cloed, and in addition the whole town
en vaccinated, which is without doubt, a
:•;.,lecnon against Small Pox.
Crie facts exactly as they exist and the
;,,, , ii;e country will see tiat they may visit
ji entire impunity—without the least
I'.i.: 0! o exposure. ,
o. !.,,:: a g entleman ; being a member of the South
levon i; it iit Corps, was at Turf, practicing in order
t test a new rifle sent to him for that purpose by a
idesman ttf Exeter. lie fired one shot at a mark
o Valli, di-cant : the mark was situated half way
, iisteep hill (Po' lehill) on the Devon estate, 'the
at being 100 feet high The bullet struck against
wiece of rock, glanced over the hill, and at a dis
irce of 30 feet perpendicular descent on the 0p
.41t, Ee struck woman totally out of sight of
ic m ark d sman. as a
the hill actually intervened be.
root; thorn. It inflicted a flesh u ound in the
rh, and the gentleman learning the extraiardina
tact, doected every attention to be paid to the
itierer, who has expressed hetself thoroughly sat-
ea with the handsome treatment she has receiv
. The distance has been measured under the sus
ntilendenre of Mr 1 Dow, of Powileiliant, and
was found that-from tire spot where the shot was
Id to the place wh9re the woman stood was 1,-
6 yards, actuallygnore than three quarters of a
Pe. This fact has excited weal interest, and
icw's thaudi which has been predicted of the Mi.
tale as an offensive weapon will he realized-,
rd tom the ground for practice should have a clear
'.o,ce of a mile at least.
F„,111 THE WE-T INDIES — A Frizzrrtenl ofa wreck
t 0 ,,, th e Peescacnt—lid the arrival of the
impeller Levantine, at Halifax. from Bermu
i. kid es n.ive been received to April 23. The po.
crop planed at liermtitia in Decemberlast pro
-I.,thi a tine return.
foe ilretia.l.l Chronicle has a statement that on
le 4 ult. a ship's figure head of unusual dimen
ic,„ , xa . c ast a :-;;nre on the windward part of the
; ha I on2inally been fully eight feet high,
trx n: a , e:dnr in the act of speaking: he
I. an.l holds ascrcll in his rigid hand,
”: ;t .,, n_ a =cor!, which is partially th ro w n
~.a I: 0 , cut of white pine, and gilt, and the
..,-er,oo:;.trture that it may he the remnant of
imer President, though what grounds
ire for such a supposition we tiave Lot yet
-:':J e
: , -I . l.!•rinn hal arrived at Detriarara from the
ur the peipo4e of introducing the cul
-4.4 lice ode the island. _
leVPr ,rag zratlnally abating at Barbadoes,
now confined to 4a dots and foreigners.—
e • ::,etintetidelit_of Police and Lt. Geo. Bolt hat!
:I..%C..tDENT —We regret to announce, that
et this week. Jona.: Markel, a ton el
i,OO Markel, nt townshy in this coun-
MCI writ a sad and fatal accident from the (I is
: a un. \Ve lace heard tall ;es of the
iiec , ars. Our information is, that it liappetied in
; when tputtit, lie was ho,ing upon the
~,s let re,tiii , 4 upon a chair, a:.d the t
•..!e. It is suppo,e I that I,eit C • mall, he had
erl ihe chair for the poTnze nl b:owing 1.:'o
11 to vcerraiii wheiher luaileyi-or not, agd
• .; in Contact wrh the chair rung. .I.ein;. , , we
and wa , The I
• - ' (-1 - 0 ::;..! out a: t:o? ! pat t t.i Coe.
~ -v:t•rt I ,Ct t a low rr,i tt:c4.
rJ wattlintzs, to ittos..kc°ii ~lies
11 , 1 IV. IVonov....Y.:ry; to itoia
t.y the death of Judge
yro:ne Jude shall be elected 6, 1 . ..2
t. I,t accordance with the e•X-
I;.' CO:I;plitUt1071 of this Stale. ;ht
al the next general . elee..l ,11
dice Jrl the tun lerm—filteen rear:.
zve . . - ky Station N.T. el.
001\1: IV !ST. H.
:i4,•Ni=ht Express,A.:r.'s 2:3
r.•:. 2 I Day Express, r.m. 426
L:1 %la] I train, P.M. 9
In. ; t! CCOITI Mn(in tilll),P.n. 145
• 2•Express freight. A.M. 2 OR
at V: av,rley
W.t vo!rley fur Towanda, tcrtre
A. 1:„ :. It : , 011 the arrival of the Da)
. .!•1. 1",!.
• r t•••`,- x day fur Waverit-y—at 9
r -;1-c' woh the D.iy Express goinrr east
ai , J at 3 P. M., connecting, with
p.AI4 wr
r. 7 on C 31 inst., by Rev. H.H.Wolleq.
, ' , t. au,,
111 !tr. of Roelie.ster. N. 1., to
. !.11t4,1a.,,,R1er Of C. Et,q.
2i. by Rev. C. E. Tay-
VA!: A. of Sprlllgtllll, Brad. Co..
• Yull.t:l",:r E. NEWMAN ; of the former
In As)inm, on the morning of
1., Nh. - EL' ZA ETU LArontE, wife of the
Laperte, in the iLt year/of her
her a most exemplary c'narac
i 'l , ..tard s forty years she was a consist.
Ihc Il pti chu rch,and educated her
the precepts and practices of the Chris
ti .r acquaintance with the scriptures
.tigh, and she always labored to apply
of daily life. §he died
k. - 11 ttrung faith' in the merits of
at and Towanda Mailrood.
to persons interested in
the Commi
r' • ' o - poration will hold their its
LIP , I I:. t 0 !: , ultivan co.. on TC.l›-
d, :v mAy next, for Inc purpose of
" I eccir inz subscriptions to the
a 6. The following are the
- • Cu
m•l'h'Pk:mon, Wm. Colley, Geo.
II \ Mihlenber7, .1. S. James, N. H.
s.„, wham,Megargee. Mark
\V . B. Clymer, G. A. Nicolla, John 'Cu
u. It. Joseph Paxton, C.
larkson, Emanuel Lazarus, J.
liqp , rt, J. F. Cowan, C. ll`:Eldred,
\l Ni 'chart Mevlrrt, James Taylor, W.
r '• Zan,r, A. J. Dietrick. Josiah Jack-
V .l e.ot, G. F. Mason, C. L. Ward. Ed.
i" 1 1 Laprie, Wm. Elwell, B. S. Russell,
A. McKean. Henry Gibbs, Charles
jr. David Landis, John Heller, Daniel
Pr„ Jr.
Mae 8, 185'2.
!—Ntackrrel by the bbl.. half and qr
•."' • atot pound. Also a choice quality of Cud
' icceived and for safe by
THE undersigned has purchased a large, antt
choice selection of NEW GOODS, bought
under the most favorable circumstances, .and for
sale as low for cash as can be bought elsewhere,
and lower than any braggadocia can or will sell.
May 5, 1052. O. D. BARTLETT.
• •
Sellmg off at Cost 1 .1
rpHE sabicriber mill sell the balance of his Crock
of Goods, at COST, for cash,
Towanda. May I, 1852.
STONE WARE—a fine assortment, selling, for
cost, at FOX'S.
THE copartnership beretoforeexisting between the
subscribers under the firm of P.S.AvEus & E.ll.
TUTTLE, ie this day, by mutual consent. dissolved.
All debts due the firm, are to be paid to P. S. Avzits,
who will also pay all the liabilities of said firm.
Smithfield APri129th,1652. F.S. AYERS.
Land Warrants.
LAND WARRANTS, leaded under the act of
1851, bought by
April 241 h, 1852. LAP3RTE, MASON Zia Co.
THE subscriber is now receiving the most eaten•
sive assortment of SPRING AND SUMMER
GOODS that can be found in this section of country.
Towanda. April 30. JOS. KINGSBERY.
A LL persons having unsettled accounts with the
fa- subscribers, are requested to call immediately,
and arrange them either by note or payment. And
all notes that are over dqe, must be paid.
Towanda; April 6, 1852.
H. S. & M. C. MERCUR.
ATOTICE.—Is hereby given to all persons indebt
ed to HORATIO BLACK, (late Register and-
Recorder) of Bradford County, that their accounts
must positively be settled immediately, or they will
be placed in the hands of art Attorney for collection.
The first week of May Court wili(be•the limit of for
bearance. HORATIO BLACK.
Towanda. April 9, 1852.
NNITACTURE Steam Engines and Boilers
from Bto 1000 horses power. Hoeizonlal En•
gines, on heavy iron bed plates, cast in one piece. All
have expansion valves; all joints ground so as to be
steam tight without packing or pint ; all bearings and
wearing surfaces large, and running in adjustable boxes
of bronze or Babbitt metal; all balance wheels with
turned belt face. The Regulator is attached to the bed
plate. The Porch Pump is in an independent stand,
stringed with crank shaft and tight and loose pulley,
ready to receive a belt from the engine shaft or from
any other shaft. The whole style of work is not sur•
passed by any engina builders in the Unitod States.
Boilers of the best'American or English iron heads,
cast or wrought iron—either tubular or with dues—
made in the most thorough manner.
Engines from 8 to 100 horses power constantly on
hand or in progress, to be delivered within a fete days
of the receipt of
, art•Foider.
A Iso,-Steanit-aw r Mills, capable of sawing 6000 feet
board Mee-sure, of one inch boards, in 1:1 hours, with
one Mulcy 6.,w, and requiring no other fuel than the
The folrewing are the prices of a few of these ea-
genes :
Saw Mill,• including steam, engine, boiler and iron
chimney, completc; iiitrnan irons; muley saw irons;
setters ; feed, andVl bolts and irons for. 06 feet of
carriage, complete, $l3OO,
Steam engine, 10 in. diameter oiCylinder, 25in. stroke
with tubular boiler, sontaining 3CO square feet of
heating surface, and all castings, pipes, valves, and
other parts necessary to set it in complete opera
. ,
Steam engine, 12 in. dianiet,.'r of cylinler. 30 in. stroke
with tubular hotter, containing 480 square feet of
heating surface, complete as before, $1715
De:leered on the cars of the Borten and Maine Hal
ran lat La..yrence,9.6 miles from BJsdon. Terms, cash
on clelivery:
Boiler.: for the :Love modified to suit purchasers,
and vricPs acc”ditudy.
MrKay v. late of Pit:stiel I, M.1&74., wheat.
st , .rn en-ire. sr' already lzmolr., 'lave recently
1 , 11. Fm f the works of the C. rx Cornpony,and
will with their increa=el factittiet and expe
rience, to appr.)ved cagines cheaper and
better than-heretafdre. .
May 8, Itas?..y GORDON McliA.Y. Agent.
$ 5 0 0. CEALL 11 Tif G-.E!
A'rl+V ER concerns the health ..and happiness
• of a people, is at all times of the most valuable
importance: I take it for granted that every perm
will do all in their power to save the lives of their
children, and that every person endeavor to pro
mote their own health nt all vat-Wires. I feel it to be
my duty sr h•mnly to a..ure you that WO/FtNIS, ac
cording to the opinion of the most •ebrated phy , icians
are 0:e primary canars of a large majority of diseases
to which children and aloha are Kahle ; if ycu have
an appetite continually changing front one kind of food
to another, bad breath, pain in the ctoctach, picking at
the nose, hardness and fullness of the belly, dry cough,
slow fever, pulse irregular—remember that till these
denote Worms, and you bhould at once apply the re•
medy :
MobenEach's Worm Syrup.
An article loundedupon sc ientific principles, corn
pounded with purely vegetable substances, peing per•
f, fly sale vvh‘.n taken, and determined in all its effects
ural not leaving, the ar. stern in a dise ased condi !ion, as
rrioQt vertis , ll n.:switn.:.coinposcil of Calm/H.1,10r the
rernovab,of Worms, such as Lozenges, Vermifuges,.
&c., but - has performed the most astonishing eures,and
saved the Its, s of thousands, both young and old,who
have been pronounced limiclevs—incurable by Physi
cians. Head the following, and become convinced or
its cfacacy over all others
Mn. J. N. Hon r.7s-s.ica..—This is to certify that my
chi1d...15 years of age, having been sick for sYorirs,and
was at!tended hw Dra. Loper, Whillis and Phisler for a
long time without receiving any benefit ; when after
g , ving her-op asrincurable, I went to/Philadelphia and
consulted one of the best physicians i t her disease still
growing worse. It.was at this time I was induced to
try Ifobrmark'A Worm Syrup, and after taking two
bottles she entirely regained her health. Hoping that
this will prose a benefit to parents whose children are
similarly affected,
I am yours, &c.,
No part of the system is more liable to disease than
the LIVER', it serving as a fi:terer to purify the blood,
or a proper secretion to the bile; so that any
wrong, action of the Liver-ell ects the other important
arts of the system, atn t l results variously in Jaundice,
Liver complaint, Dyspepsia, We should, therefore
watch every symptom that n ight indicate a wrong
action of tho Liver. These Pills being composed of
Ruots and Plants, furwsliell by nature to heal the sick
—Namely, Ist : Au Expectorant, which augments the
secretion from the pulmonary mucus membrane, or
promotes the discharge of secreted matter. 2nd—an
Alteratite, which changes in some insensible and in
explicable manner, the certain morbid action of the
ustern. 3d—a Tonic, which gives tone and strength
to the nervous system, renewing health and vigor to all
parts of the body. 4th—a Cathartic, which acts in
perfect harmony with other ingrenients, and-operating
on the bowels, and-expelling the whole mass of corrupt
and vitiated matter, and pyrifying, the blood, which de
stroys disease and restores health.
Agents for Bradford Court W—Dr. Ff . C. Porter and
J. M. Reed, Towanda; C. H. Herrick, Athens; M.
Bullock & Co. Smithfield ; Barnes & Bailey, Waver
ley ; It. Spear, Springfield ; Eli Baird, Troy.; L. D.
Taylor, Burlington ; Brown & Rockwell, Monroeton ;
Parkhust - & Lamb, Leroy; Chas. Rathbone, Canton;
alsoT. B. Howland, Columbia, travels in the adjaceu
counties. •
Watts RIVER, N, J
Hobensaelt's Liver Pills.
Treasurer's Bale of Unseated Lands'
purauance of the provisicinti of an 'Act of 'the
General, Assembly, passed the. 13th day of March
1815, and other Acts - of Assemlily, will be exposed
to public sale at the Commissioners Office, in the
Borough of Towanda, on the 2d Monday of June
1852, the tracts of Land described in the following
list, unless the tales due ° on them are paid before
that time.
No ofNo. Warrantee Ain't of
Went Acres I
Names. I
400 Joseph Anderson,
107 John Barron, jr.
78 pt Frederick Castatur,
93 pt Moses Bush,
400 Peter Benson,
418 Andrew Buokhart,
175 pt Adam Waggoner,
JiLniocy in) moxion
387 Joseph Thompson,
300 Philip Brown,
181 pt Christopher Avery,
80 pt Hannah Hubbard,
218 pt Barret Joel,
89 pt Hannah Hibbard,
5 pt Hibbard William,
100 pt Thomas Jackson,
100 pt Jackson,
100 pt Thomas Edwards,
ASYLUM AND 31031101.
4371 John Kidd,
300 Charles Carrol,
550 same.
191 pt James Wilson,
129 pt Hughs & Fisher,
57' Tot James Wilson,
310 pt same.
63 pt same,
68 pt same,
COLUNDU •ND syeacsorm.n.
170 pt Myers Fisher,
28 pc same Columbia,
66 pt same do,
239 pt same dc.,
108 pt Myers Fisher, Springfield,
C • vr .
4101 Casper Shafner jr.. • :63
405 i John Morgan, Canton . .y, 851
202 pt James N. Barker, 4 24
211 pt John Vaughn, 4 24
3! pt same, 65
88 pt Charles Carrol,
195 pt same,
100 pt same,
437 i F. phra m McAdams,
434 k Thomas Hamilton,
400 Hobert Hampton,
400 Samuel North,
400 Peter Shuts,
400 Samuel Anderson,
400 Harmon Castator,
400 Jonathan North,
400 Peter North,
400 Frederick Shots,
272 Mary Ellis,
400 George Shots,
390 Ann H.irris,
230 Mary Willis,
400 Joseph Castator,
393 John Moore,
280 Hannah Woodruff,
400 Peter Hampton, I
400 James North,
99 pt Sarah Lebo,
419 Isaac Manor,
121 176 pt James Pope,
J4BB 100 pt Charles Carrol,
1192, 450 same,
1491 181 pt
182 Prim George,
217 Peter Henry,
49 pt James Wilson,
167 pt • same,
100 pt same Troy,
121 124 pt James Pope,
ALSO—At the same time and place will be ex
posed to sale the following Real Estate,.in pursu
ance of the forty-first section of an Act of General
Assembly, passed the 29th day of April A. D.
R. BowkiN
year. To venom
Asseesed.t f
L nialwil.
1848 Benjamin Coolbaugh, 200
1819 .. •• 2017
1850 . N, ~ 200
1819 John Bates,
" Abram Miller,
1848 John Griffin. 94
Thomas Whaling, 92
Chester Butler, 194
" Edmund Whaling, 70
" Seth Rogers, 20 10
" Susan Ill'AtTee 190
1849 do , 190
1849 Charles Green 93
" L. McKee
1829 _William Breck 110
William Dyer
" Jarvis Plait
“ John Goodwin 40
1848 Henry COOper 155
1949 Elias & ban'l Dimmock 07
Andrew Hardy, 24-00
Sainuerilaga, 24 00
Samuel Hardy, 24 00
Samuel Siddisna, 24 00
Samuel Temple, 21' 00
Samuel Betz, 20 60
Joseph Betz, 20 60
lames Betz, , 20 60
John Betz, 20 60
Henry Dyson, 24 00
Samuel Cooly, 22 47
Peter Edge, 20 60
Samuel Edge, '24 00
Samuel Fritz, 20 60
Simon Hardy, 24 00
George Moore, 22 47
Joseph Seely, 24 00
Henry Seely, 24 00
Peter Temple, 24 00
George Temple, 24 00
James Hardy, 24 00
Nathan Hardy, 24 00
Joseph Siddans, 24 00
George Edge, 20 60
Paul Hardy, 24 00
James Siddons, 24 00
Stephen Hollingsworth, 24 CO
Peter Siddons, 24 00
George Castatur, . 24 00
.Joshua Cooly, 24 00
Henry Hardy, 24 00
Deborah Stuart, 15 89
Peter Seely, 24 00
Samuel Nichols, 18 00
Wm. Gray, Franklin & Monroe 28 18
James Wilson,
904 pt
I d pt
202 of Frederick Beates
200 3 of Henry Beck
600 Charles Carrol,
250 same,
169 pt same,
994 Julmson &Jilin,
128 pt same,
Unno- Ilniprov c Am't o
pved ea. I Tnx.
Saben Rockwell, 100
848 Saral Stevens
Ingbium 131013;
, ,
850 Samuel
" • Earn Chandler
". Daniel Hill
848 Edmond Hagar
848 William Roe
Wm. J. Rose
a' Georee Cook
" John 0. Sterns
ai Geo. Cunningham
849 Tho's Howland
" John 0. Sterns
$24 00
6 40
4 68
6 55
24 00
25 07
10 50
850 Geo. Tanner
" Michael Bogart
4 Geo; Maxfield
848 Egbert Bickler
23 20
849 'Cams Williams
" William.Greeno
ie 00
850 James Gazley
10 83
3 80
12 95
6 35
6 00
6 00
I 00
847 Seth T. Barstow boo's 3
Harry Parks 60
John & Dennis Whits 70 10
849 Jae. L. Gosline
“ William Vaught
,4 • Ira Owen .25
John Owens' est. 20 50
1850 Jacob Corsatt
If," Abram Minier
" Geo. H. Shepard
a 30
10 14
3 89
2 73
846 Lather L. Stewart
" . Sam'i Fish
1 05
6 51
1 33
1 43
850 Caleb Carmalt 198
" Henry Blanchard 125
" Stephen Sherwood 100
" James Sherwood 50
9 57
1 38
6 04
2 27
849 James Hari ing 25
Tr , surer's Offiee, Towanda, April 6, 1852.
DR. H. C. PORTER has just added to his assort
ment d large stock of Fresh Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, Oils, Paints, Groceries and Liquors which
are now offered to the public at low rates.
1 84
4 10
2 10
is the largest and most complete ever offered in this
Also a choice assortment of pore WINES & LI
QUORS, suitable for medical purposes.
A large variety of Camphene, Phospene, Pluid,Lard
and Oil LAMPS, containing many new and beautiful
Being agent for all the best Patent Medicines of the
day, purchasers may depend upon procuring a genuine
article in 01l cases.
All the Drugs and Medicines kept at his establish
ments may be relied upon as genuine and of the best
quality, having been carefully selected with a view to
their usefulness. .
7 South stole of the Ward House, and N 0.2, Brick
Row. Towanda, March,2o, 1852,
Special Court.
NOTICE is hereby given that a special court- of
' common pleas will be held in and for the coun
ty of Bradford, at Towanda, commencing on Mon
day the 17th day of May next, at one o'clock, P.M.,
and to continue during the week, (if necessary) at
which time the Hon. R. G. WHITE will preside,
for the trial of the following causes, to wit :
Pendleton. Riley & Co. vs. Henry W. Tracy.
Henry W. Tracy vs. Ethel Taylor.
David L. Scott vs. W. B. Clymer, eJ al.
Thomas Elliott vs. Israel Smith.
Welch, Lungnecker Sc. Co. vs. John Wood, et al.
Stephen Powell vs. Henry W. Tracy, garnishee.
Earl Nichols vs. W. Coryell, et al.
John Beidlemon vs. Nebediali Smith.
H. & R McGeorge vs. E. Dunham, et al.
Subpoenas for special court as above, returnable
Monday, May 17, 1852,.at 10 o'clock. A. M.
April I. ALLEN MCKEAN, Prot.
42 85
5 42
8 75
A Lb persons indebted to the estate of WILLIAM
11 BOWEN, dec'd, late of Warren township. are
hereby requested to make payment without delay,
and all persons having demands against said estate
are•requesied to present them, duly authenticated for
settlement. JAMES M. BOWEN, Executor.
Warren, March 25, 1852.
2 S 3
2 80
Corner of Front and Walnut streets,
DANIEL 71/33148, Proprietor.
(3[l.ctmbermeta and others visiting Columbia, are
requested to pay the Washington Hotel a visit, where
they may be assured no exertions will he spared
tor their gratification. March 20, 1832.
To announce the arrival of a new and splendid
assortment of
Spring and Summer Goods,
from New York & Philadelphia. They were bour e , ,ht
for cash at unusually low prices, and wtli be sold
to per cent. cheaper for cash, than at any other es
tablishment in this place or the county.
12 CO
5 18
S 55
DRESS GOODS—in variety, from India silks, to
3 cent Calicos. Also the latest style of Dress
Trimmings, at . ap1:0 B. KINGSBERY'S.
3 61
BEFORE looking elsewhere, it would be well for
Ladies to look at :he Spring Bonnets, Artificial
Flowers and Ribbons, which are sold so very cheap.
April 9 B. KINGsBERY.
2 10
9 45
3 SO
(-JAI'S, HATS. BOOTS 4 SHOES—a large as
sortment, sold very cheap for cash, by
April 9 B. KINGSt3ERY.
67 87
7 88
rtROCKERY & HARDWARE—a large asctort
k-) ment, cheap, by B. KINGSBERY.
10 56
13 60
GROCERIES.—The quality and prices of 'Peas,
Sugars and Coffee, always speak for them
selves. at apllo B. KINGz•TERY's.
1 02
9 50
2 10
MA CK EREL-50 half barrels, and 25 quarter
barrels, at B. KINGSUERY'S.
2 59
90QUINTALS CODFISH—They are worth
looking at, if not buying, for sale by
April 10. D. KINGSBERY.
ME SS PORK!-50 bbls. Prime, fur which a high
price was paid,and for which a high price will
be asked, by aptlO B. KINGSBERY.
THE subscriber, ha line concluded to close up his
business, offers for sale the balance of his stock
cash. Persons wishing to avail themselves of this
opportunity for getting Goods cheap, will find it to
their advantage to call soon. And he would also
request all who have accounts on his books to close
the same immediately,either by payment or bv note.
April 1, 1852. E. T. FOX.
$2 50
2 25
1 75
8 3 76
2 93
6 1 95
27 1 05
69 16 59
I 26
2 32
2 28
A SMALL FARM of about fifty acres,
in Burlington, Township, about four miles
"••• "rv:- ..7- from Towanda, with thirty acres improv
ed, and a framed house and barn-erected
he reon. Fur further particulars enquire of Rev.
Jeremiah Ahern 'or Michael Ronin, Towanda; or
by letter post paid' to DENNIS McMAHON, La
pone, Sullivan county,,fa. • April 1, 1852.
41 5 52
23 3 96
B 51
10 1 29
10 s 1 11
10 1 50
RICH Ribbons, Bonnet Silks, liaise'and Crapes et
ap26 , FOX'S.
Clover: Seed for glzde.
srl BUSH. CLOVER SEED, a first-rate article,
Y. for sale by E. W. HALE.
Mortrott tp., February 21, 1851
10 2 33
10 15
rixs. -
50: 50 o 01
Grist Milt . 05
38 12 171
100' 141
138 1 86
100 1 56
192 saw mill 3 66
80 1 32
7 20 1 56
192 saw mil; 3 66
42 $
25 ' 85
112 85
70 " 5
40 15
70 1 08
10 20 200
275 . 6 6 67
73 140
geed 2thantsculents•
_— - -- - - ,
11.11332113PV11 RAWL
B " Wile 'ot ti-writ of Test: Vend. Expo. * : issued.
m i tt ; of the Court of COMaXili 'Pleas of Tioga
COuntkand,t4i ins, dkreettl, will be exposed to.
publi ; sale..atthe Court Howie in,the, bnro‘ of,To.
wand ,on Siiiirday,the 22d day Of May, at fo'cloelt
M. the following Piece or parcel oflarid situated
in Or ovine township, Bradford Co.. bounded and
described as follows, to wit : on the north by lands
of Ex& Baxter. on the east by lands of Zotastus
and 4hn Ana,ble, on the south by lands of lobo
%roman, on the west by lands of nabs Bailey.—
Con4ning about 76 acres, about 60 acres improved.
withre lima! l framed house, two frame barns, and
a sm II apple orchard' thereon.
Se' ed and taken in execution at the suit of Laac
Beau vs. C Baxter and Naahen Baxter.
siff's Offme 4 Towanda,Aprir 29,1852. ,
jSh :
}I F.
ill following .- :uses are on the list for trial for
A_ lay Term 1852.
nowt. WEER.
: Job Kirby, vl. JW& N M Decker.
.I'P Boll's ex et at vs. William Warfield, 1
John Vanderines ad'm vs. The Com'th of Pa,
Jesse Benjamin vs. David Benjamin,
P 11 & W H Titus vs Daniel Foss;
Davi M Bull vs. 3 P Bull errs, . ...
Reub n Doane vs. 'Wrallussell bail &c.,
A H 'ozerl vs. Wm A Lane,
0 D Bartlett vs. A Dunham et et,
Cha'. Leoyds use vs. Geo A Mix , t al,
J N Weston's ex vs. Begley Morley & Hyde • .
same vs. 0 P Ilaitard,
same vs. Abiram Pierce,
i f
L 8 Ilsworth vs - 11 R Backus,
Job hepard use vs Athens Bridge Co,
Pete Benjamin vs David Benjamin,
P J eCaters et use vs Silas A Fos, . .
1, 5 Ilsworth vs Guy Tozer,
M C ereui'S cise vs Joseph Kingsbery's ex,
1 80
2 25
1 86
4 20
6 37
1 23
1 62
2 22
2 61
7 88
saws!, wr;Er•
A & F M'Keib i et al vs John M'Kean et al,
Silad, Clark vs Sanf),Baird,
Wm;11 Spencer vs Akkgevine Bull,
E S Stephenson vs J Calvin Wells,
David Barber vs. Benj. Stephenson.
J K Worrell & Son vs Coolbaugh & Alden,
Johnl Gill vs J N-Freelone,
Wm (Bingham's trustees vs Isaac Cash & terre ten.
Eben Dunning vs John Reed,
J Hd'comb vs Pomeroy Goaline,
U T h ompson vs C E Rathbone, 1
The duro Wilder vs Almon Eaton,
Elijah Horton vs Wm Trout.
G lyohnson vs William 11 Brown,
Wm F Cole vs II G Goff et al,
Elias Micier vs. M S Warner,
E B Coolbaugh S Dobbins et al,
A A Post vs Geo Sanderson,
O P Ballard &c vs Timothy Case,
Jesse Edsall vsS W Paine,
W'A Rice et al i vs Anthony Snell et al,
Wm Bingham's trustees vs ‘Villiam Chapmar.,
Guy Tozer assignee &c vs J E - Cantield,
Wm Bingham's trustees Lorenzo Irving,
David Burt vs David Hapemao,
Wm Bingham's trustees vs Humphrey Mosher,
Lyman Matson vs Ira Sr. Richard Jennnings,
J B Stevenson & Co vs A Clarks adm.
C J. & C De Chasteleaux vs Lyman Matson,
W Brooks vs The Township of Springfield,
Euclid Chadsey's use vs John Selover,
1) A) Burt vs David Hapeman,
James Philips vs John W Miller,
Willard Farnsworth vs James H Vaness,
1 Wm II Clymer vs C H Lewis,
John Read et al vs Wm Carl,
0 P Ballard vs S H Fitch,
G W Buck vs A Back,
A & C Fitch vs Geo Manley,
Beni Chilson vs The Township of Duren,
0 M Nelson vs Charles Drake,
School Directors of Towanda tp vs G B Taylor et al
R E Baker vs Emanuel Sylvaria,
A B Smith vs J A Record,
John Bird vs Wm A Phelps,
Jacob C Stevens vs Aaron Ostrander,
Newton Humphrey vs Wm Humphrey,
0 P Ballard vs Justus Sturdevant,
Reuben Case vs Wm S Dobbins,
John M'Canles vs Geo Beck jr,
Clement Paine's adm vs Geo Fritcher,
Morton vs Wm Gibson et al,
Nicholas Stnpert vs Jonathan Bush jr,
John Strung vs Wm S bpi( et al.; '
Sanderson & Kingsbery vs J A Weller,
Clement Paine's adm vs James U Grace,
Boor Davis vs Wm DeGraw,
D R Mver's use vs Hiram Knapp,
James Wood use vs James Lee,
John Van Antwerp et al vs Chauncey Blakeslee,
G F Mason's use vs C & J N Lewis et at,
same vs Remington S Lewis et al,
S 77
1 80
1 66
Subpoenas for the first week are made returnable
on Thursday the 6th day of May at 10 o'clock A.M.
Fur the second week on Monday the 10th at 10 o'
clock A: M., and for third week on Monday the 17th
May 1852 at 10 o'clock A. M.
ALLEN M'KEAN, Prothonotary.
Towanda, April 17, 1852.
A 1.1, persons indebVid to the estate of JEREMI
4-1. All SMI f 11, dec'd tale of Canton township are
hereby requested to make payment without delay ;
and all persons having demands against said estate
are requested to present t:lem to A• G. Pickard
duly authenticated fur settlement.
Canton, April 17, 1852. Administrator's
800 1300 E 40.151EZTTEI IVA2O 9 TED.
ANY good, active and intelligent man, with a
small capital of from $3O to $lOO, can make
large profits by engaging in the sole of the following
'Popular and Useful Books.
Chambers' Info, ti.'., for The People: or Popular
Encyclopedia (A I ' Knowledge. Two large
tinp , rial octavo IV.. , containing 1:00 pawis.
Peter,on's History t f the American Revolution.
500 large octavo pages. with 200 floe engravings.
Peterson's History of the Vreited' States Navy.-
600 large way() pages, andlso flue Engratings.
Frost's Remarkable Events in the History of
America. Two large octavo volumes, containing
1660 pagos and 700 Engravings. the best History
of America publkhed.
Frost's Pictcy ial Life Of Washington. A splend
id book, coataining 600 octavo pages and 1.50 ele
gant Engravings. The cheapest Li& of
ton ever putdished.
Moore', History of the Indian Wars. Fine col
ored and Plain Plates.
The True Republican. Containing the Inaugural
Addresses and the Firtt Annual Addresses ant( btes•
sages of all the Presidentsof the United States, the
Constitutions of the most important States in the
Union, &c. Embellished with Vortraits of all the
Pre , idenis, engraved ou steel, and a view of the
Capital of the United States. 500 pages. PJ,mo.
Foes Book of Martyr's. A Splendid Family Edi•
tion, large quarto. wiih ns EngraViugs, beautifully
bound in,
De Cormenin's 'History of the Popes. 000 large
octavo pages, with illustrations.
Josephus'• Works. Fiue Edition, one iarge vol
Sturm's Reflcctiotis on the Works of God.
St. Pierre's Studies of Nature.
W bite's History of the World. A Valuable Gene
ral History. 0130 large octavo volume, with hand
some Engravings.
Lives of Great and Celebrated Characters: of all
ages and countries. One large volume of 800 pa
ges, with numerous Engravings.
Together with a number of other Works particu
larly adapted for Popular Reading. .
Cr The most liberal discount will be given to Ageotts
'mho nzay engage in the salo of the above Valnable
For further particiilars, address (postage paid.)
J. dr, J. L. GIHON, Publishers,
No. 99 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Towanda, Era& Co.; Fa.
- Doom over the store Store fonotrly occupied by
IL N. N. Betts, Main street. .• Feb. 13,
Pail and ,VTinter.:;Goods.
ll seozrz aunties , "
. . . .
.nosy in Store it lame dock r Good, fro
NevrAtorkrand other markets, which- are .offesed
wholesale and retail, et ere lowest possible prices.—
Nye mention a few things that may always be foiand•at
Our Store. Prints; ginghami, poplinr,l4: dlaines, "Ito.
of the latest styles,• •
Groceries, Hardwire, Crockery; floats' and Shams
Hits, Caps, &c. &c. Of which we have a hike as
sortment. selected with great cave and offered: ftlow
prices, and will not be undersold. Also, hogelY,
gloves, wooden ware, glass, solo leather, besides ■
thousand other articles which we need not • encnuarath,
ell of which wo offer Eto our ' , customers at plicei'that
must give great satisfaction, as oat entire Stock ham
been laid in al.& time when the market was uncap:49u
ly depressed, and goods wen: hinny per ceni. lower
than usual. 13y attention and promptt.ess in 'meeting
the wants.of our customers, we hope to went aces,
tinuance of the patronage that has hitherto Items&
liberally bestowed 111ONTAI / IYE*'
Towanda, Oct. 11, 11351.
ET.FOX, would respectfully inform his old friends
and the citizens of Bradford in general that ha
is now receiving a full stock of FALL GOODS, which
he is desirourrof disposing of at a very small advance
from first cost, being satisfied that his goads am select
'ed with as much care, and bought at least, at as low
prices a 4 his neighbors, be is now anxious to convince
his customers that they will be sold at' the right kindof
prices. Please call and see, as there is surely no.itarm
in knowing how cheep some folks do sell goods—call
soon. Cornet of Main and Pine street.
rooks ! Stooks!
A Complete twortment of School, Blank. Classi
-11 cal & kliecellaneons Books, constantly kep op
and for sale at the lowest rates by.
Nov. 29, lels l . 0. D. DARTLMTT.
11,.. , e =I.E.-v.
Fall and Winter Goods,
E. T. TO'S,
is now receiving direct from New York a large and
splendid assortment of Goads which he offers for
vale at prices whi:h cannot fail to suit the closest buy
ers,.for CAse, Puoneca, on Aresovan Caaurr. lie
respectfully asks a call from all persons wishing to buy
goods_ cheap,is he is determined not to be undersold.
Towanda, November 34, 1851.
VICTORINES AND CUFFS—a few setts for ealo
cheap at m2l FOX'S.
6/1 BAY STATE SHALLP„vartais patterns, cal
k/ ors and qualities, just received at
Oct. 14, 1851. MERCUTVBI,
$8,3 68 W ea O sh rß' by H of Sheep Pelts
a loa A ntelfor
Execution of Lopez ! - -
STILL later news via New York & E. R. IL of the
k.-3 arrival of a very large stock, of : . Merchandise at
PHINNEY & 'BO WM ANS N'o."3 Brick Row which
they are prepared to sell at wholesale or retail for Cesh
or Ready Pay, cheaper than the cheapest, from the tact
that they purchased their stock for cash in a very deo
pressed state of the market. Don't mistake the place,
No. 3 Brick Row next door to Dr. Hustons.Drug store.
5 TONS SUGAR, just received, at wholesale and
retail. PHIN.NEY & BOWMAN.,
SALT, a iltge lot, also Iron, Nails, Hardware, are ;
and Mackerel in bbls., / and / bbls, for sale by
itCHESTS more of those threo and four shillings
QUEETINGS, shillings, stripes, and ticks, for salo
BOOTS & SHOES, the largest and cheapest assort.
ment in town—and Hats and Caps, at wholesale
an.' retail
CROCKERY, Glassware. Paints, Oils, Glass, Dyes,
‘.../ &e. PHINNEY & BOWMAN.
Dt'SS GOODS, a large variety—Bonnets and
Shawls, a good asportment, f vale by
M A N'S, for which ce“h will be paid. 522
WHEAT, Oats, Bye and Corn, taken in exchange
for goods. PHINNEY & BOWMAN.
BITTTER-100 Firkins wanied, fur which part cash
will be gatd. PHTNNEY & BOWMAN.
COME ONE, COME ALL, and examine the New
Goods, which'are now being exhibited
175 13; 1 7811ELS RYE & CORN for sale Ry
8. B. T. FOX.
- - -
"WASTING POWDER.-50 kets B:asting, Pow
tler, by tflB MONTANYES & CO.
CROCKERY.—The largebt stock In town. Full
dinner and tea setts, of white granite and blue
Ware, which will be sold cheap at
Cat your 711 , :tyr &. Straw.
STRAW eurrrts and CORN SFIELLERS, will be
sold very low for Cash or approved credit at
Towanda. April 17, 1952.
DRY GOODS—A good assortment of Merinoes,
Cashmeres, Do Lair's, Alpacas, and prints now
°ening at jlB ERC UR'S,
0 lIIF D. of Sugar at prices positively less than any
0 before sold in town, within pne year, also, Moles
ses sweet and goo] ftom 31 to fin els. Rio, Laguira
and Old Java Co ice that cant he beat. Fine bunt
Raisins;!Pepper, Spices, Saleratna, Ginger, and a gen
oral assortment of groceries; also a full supply of fresh
new Teas warranted as usual, good and right or the
money retuned in all cases ; just received and for sale
at son 12 l• FOX'S.
2n BALES OF SHEETING, common and fine
1 -. 1 a t , l 10-4 nide. A nice assortment of Bleach
ed Geode, bkfached and brown Crash and Dra
pery, brown and bleached Table Linnen, Checks, Lin
Revs Tickinc, Cotten Yarn, Batting, Wicking and
Wadding, selling cheap at FOX'S.
A M. persons indebted to the estate of A. W. B.
Vangorder, tlec'd, late of the township of Durel.
are hereby requested to make payment without delay,
and those having claims against said estate, will please
present them duly authenticated for settloarent.
buret!, September 22, ISSI. Xelministratrie.
By Express, Bind from tte Mannincturen !
JUST receired by ext. toss another case of Bay
State Shawls, spler,did styles. at
Towanda, Nov. 1851. . J. KINGSBERV.
Aperson', tndebted to the mgate of WILLIAM
LUREr,OK, late of Litehfieli township detfil,
are heretri notified to make payment withoutrle
lay ; ar , ..t all persons having demands agsinst said
estate,- will present them properly attested for settle.
me•at to •J A M ES I.UR.COCK:
Litchfield, 4pril 17, 187+2. Frtecittnrs.',-,
Towanda 'Bridge.
rrIE Stockholders of tha Towanda Brills:
pany, are hereby notified that on MONDAY
the 9d day of May next. an election will be held at
the Toll House. a Pre,ident, Treasurer and six
managers of said Company. The polls will be open
ed at 2 and chi-A.4 at 4 o'clock PT M.
M. C. MERCUR, /St ey.
- Towanda. A pril 17. 1q.52
ry GUEST*, YOUNG - HYBON,ltOpOrial:Hison
Skis and 111.Ick Teaa. Also *l5 Rin and
Vist ?e:::‘ el it (MY"'