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Meat is Manuiet
Any snbstance which castor:n=44e elements of lei
-1,44y to i he ;4 , 4 ; rnsiy f e tililVeda4ililino:7‘Cila i,•
the tango:l;le Prefesspi Norton, I may
_be druid
rd i n to two el a E ses ; .-oigat. it- and inorgai tie on;anie
%%hen rilnains of or . 4 r a a,, e ,f-'i t ,ir,g,,
es-plants and anent.''.; ittor.nnie, when produced
o , ou , fti en ,; ; ,er s ,l kioftdritn. Vegreable differs nitwit
its 'action Iion:F.IIMA matter,- (;:eenvecetables
v.hen dep; iced of iitaiity, rao idly decay ; their stead
sereulettey ass teal by ah.f.w.
Waled no doubt by the azori-ed matt r ol the sap
which impurt rite putiel.wtiVe tendettry. teduring
the fibrous 01,I31:1:.111 to o.irliottie acid Milt'', and
ammoria; at the Fate,: time iit.ettemg its smithy
mid Italine ingrediele. [h . !: vegetal-les decay slow
ly--the sap being dried no i- fr ss inclined to
; but hoc i' canim-ores when moistened
or mixed wait animal rriallel4, as whim straw is
employed as line( Peat is a ve, l eiable manure
in which t h. u orni.osi•icto is sin s I.rd, , 'Ot only by
untisepi:: matter-, bin ci,iotty expessive moisture;
and the couseqoeot exciusiou Ye., whet'
dried, and mixed with aoimai 1:1,1111/reS or caustic
lime, how spee l lily it inon'dert down! The p
eipal supply of vegetables for manure is detiyed
from the few/ and stein. of grain crops, gasses,
the collection of weeds, thec. - mtpm[eion of green
crops, and, in some ca s es, ol the seeds u I plant.
Seeds of pheitsare nut directly used as manitte4,
being too valual lo as at. (wide of food. Seeds
cordain the richest cleaun'ans for fertiliswiou—the
• phosphates an:l t,i'iogenon.. products ;henee the
iieh ma:.ure obtained horn f•at vn oilcake or
Linseed grail. The refuse -of some seeds is used
ha manure, a, bran, rape c..lie r nlidi
dust area"—
Green vegetables are sometimes used as a cheap
method of lertiksing the tuft , eider . upon • which
they grow, or by lemming them to an miter field
lit this country Coe principal peen clop coal for
manure is clover. The o asto of substance which
tt uuld term v41...1. le manure, if SAVcd anicom post
c.l, upon nta y Lams, and by sating, economical
farms, too, ‘t ran he them tide eyes e I II
nsionisflmeul 11 they could only see the truth: We
have known many careful, yea stingy Nele Eng-
Lurid farmers, who has all his • hletime snuffed the
tainted air of the privy, xt latch has diffused its fertil
izing gases abroad upoif %sae air, instead of -apply
big its substance as a manure upon his growing
How mat y of you, n y readers, are at this mo
ment complaining' of short crops, and yet have
piles of stable manure lying exposed to the bleach
/mg effects of winter rain, or under the evaporating
power of the scotcltidg sun? How many of you
hare a barrel of ground plaster etanding in your
,-'able, with which yon daily sprinkle the fluor, 'and
thus rilssorb the ammonia which is so offensive,
and xvould oilieruise escape atid be lost?
That old giea.y coat ; hat, and boots, which I saw
last week disti . ;ui u.g the land:A:lye near your house.
%%here they have datigled as a scare.crow ever
since list spring,. would make more corn than they
saved, 11 you luul used them as a manure. For the
same purpose, we beg of you to save the blond and
b:i t:es of your bulelletiog—it is a ,valuable ma-
Filially, bear M mind that almost every organ'k
sUbstance, is capable ol being converted into ma•
Hure. and increasiirg Ihe production of the earth for
the benefit ol the whole human family.
Farming and the Professions.
Our city is fast filling np %AIM young men, mostly
from the country, and at many instances the sons
of fa-Mers, to eider upon the study of medicine.—
While we sincerely believe there are no better
medical schools in the Union than those in this
city, and that nowhere can a medical education be
more perfectly or more cheaply obtained than at
the Philadelph .8 colleges, yet we think those young
Men make a mistaken estimate of the true nobility
of profession, in n'iantionitig, the culture of the soil
for the pursuit of arty of the " lezimed profes%ions."
All honest toil is honorable and dignified just in
proportiiM a• it answers the necessities of man, and
wide to human comfort and indepenilenctl. • The
tiller of the soil, therefore, ranks lirs:l--he is the
king of laborers, for tile soil provides fOr the first
and greatest necessities, food and raiment. The
farmer, standing in his furrow, is more substantially
a king than he who sits on a regular throne, and de:
lenktts fir ..:$ &lily hread or the ti ler of the
The first independent ;he creates for Itimself.
The latter is dependent for all he eats, thinks of
wears Next to the tiller of the soil in essential
ta.litl.ty, are the mechanic and attisark z —the men
vrltit,;l3 hrowtrhands build houses and ships, and
foolish the endless appliances of every day life
Who does most to bless mankind ?—the shoemaker
ulio keeps our feet from the damp and cold; the
man who covers our head and fashions our gar
men's, or, he who, without creating for us a single
comfort, calls himself i Ling and is himself a ty
, rant—a-citiontner of the !weal and blood of nations
Does it nerd %raping - to answer so simple a ques
tion ! Sorely not. We can see at once that he is
mit,t. noble in Jill pursuit who most relieves the
I.tMe=Siure and dtly.tnees the comforts of mat:kind
W inell 'm earth co imperial as the possessor of
acres fiom which hia own Soil can draw a supply.
tor every need lle is not forced to do homage to
so any human being, nor to depend upon any
lance (or l'velkhood. The young man who leaves
she fa - mfield for the merchant's desk, or the law•
yerts or doctor's office, thinking to dignify or en
sioLte his toll, makes a sail mistake. He passes
by that step from independence to vassalage, lie
barters a natural for an artificial pursuit, and he nust
be the shire of the cap re of customers and chi
cane of ha le, caber to snp ir imselt or acquire a
1 1 ,ruite. The rr.r,T artiti,tial a man's pursuit, the
mnreilel aii:tg is fit morally and physically. To
test it, contrast ,the merchant's clerk with the
plougp bay. The former may have - The most ex
terior polish, but the latter, utl.ler his rough outside
i, a much nobler . man. Would that young men
might judge of the dignity of labor by its usefulness
ntnt•manliness, rather than by the supeificiat pus
se'- es the true stamina. We never see a man's
untaley in his kid gloves and toilet adornments,
lint in the sinewy arm,'vhnse outlines; browned by
the enn,bet•rken_a hardy, honest tdiler, within whose
bosom the noblest heart may
FATTENIV: POULTIIY.—Coap up roultry to Lltert
and they witl .to well up to twelve or fourteen days.
Keep them in-the coop beyond that time, and feed,
them as much as you like, they will grow leaner
every day until !hey grow a 6kinfuf of 1-.6uea, end
',rt., - tar:... 2, 77'1 - .7:0% a
- - 1.
• t';'t, ~ :t +
Tilt _
Blackurood's lif/.6gasincr, • • .-•
Important Reduction in, the kite; of - Postoreq—. ,
Preipitinis to Nilo 'Subscriber° •
FONAltll sCorr & c0.,t40.54. Gold st.„ . New
1,-/York, continue to publish , thefollowiog'irittalt
periodicals, vi 7 !
The Quarterly Review, (Conservative),
The £dinburvh Retie*, (Whig),
'Me North British Review, (Free Church),
Wesiminister Review. (Liberal).
Blackwood's Edinburgh. Magazine, (Tory)..
Although these - workS are distinguished by the
Political shades above indicated, yet but a - mull
portion of their contents is devoted to poliiicgl sub
jects. It is their Glenn./ character which gives
them their chief value, and in that they stand con
fessedly above all other joarnsfls of their class.
Blackwood, still under the masterly guidance of
Christopher North, maintains its ancient' celebrity,
and is, at this time .unusually attractive, from Ibe
serial works of Bulwer. and other literary notables,
wi it ten for that magazine. and first aprearing in its
columns, both in Great Britain and in the United
States. SuCh works as "The Castor's" and "My
New Novel." (both by Ilutweri. "My Peninsular
Medal," " The Green Hand," and other serials, of
which numerous rival editions are issued by the
leading publishers in this conatry, have to be re=
printed b', those publishers from the pages of Black
wood, after it has been issued by Messrs. Scott, &
Co., so that Subscribers to the Reprint of that Ma
gazine may always rely on having the earliest read.
ing of these fascinating tales.
These liepi-ints have now been in ccessful op
eration in this country for hreniy years, and their
circulation i 9 constantly on the increase, notceith
s anding the competition they encounter from Amer
ican periodicals of a similar class and from flume..
rotas Medics and Magazines made tip of selections
fmm foreign pericdicals. This fact shows clearly
the high estimation in which they are held by the
' intelligent - reading public. and affords a guarantee
that they are established on a firm basis, and will'
' be continued without interruption.
TERMS AND P11631111)13.'
(See list of Premium Volumes below.]
Per. ann..
For any one of the fuur B's and uric V'm vol. $3 00
For any two " " " one " 500
For any three " " " two " 700
For all fou r of the IlevieWs " two " 800
For Blackwood's Magazine" one " 800
For Blackwood & 3 Rev's " three " 9 90
Fur Black & four Rev's" three " 10 00
Irayments to be made in ail cases In advance.]
The Premiums consist of the following works
hack volumes of which will be given to new Sub
scribers, according to the number of periudicals or
tiered, as above explained.
doreign Quarterly Review (one ear).
Blackwood's htagazine (six months)
London Quarterly Review (one year)
Bentley's Miscellany (six months).
Edinburgh Review (one year).
Metropolitan Magazine (six months).
Vi'estminister Review (one year).
Consecutive Premium volumes tannot in all ca
ses be furnished, except of the Foreign Quarterly
Review. 're prevent disappointment, therefore,
where that work is not alone wanted, Subscribers
will please order as many different works for pre
miums as there arc volumes to which they may be
A discount of twenty.five per cent. from the
above prices will be allowed to Clubs ordering four
or more copies of any one or more of the above
works.' Thus: Four copies Of Blackwood or of
one Review will be sent to one address for $9; four
copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for $3O;
and so-on.
*.* No_premiumt will he given where the above
allowance is made to Clubs, nor will premiums in
any case be furnished, nnleos the subscription mu
ney is paid in full to the Publishers without re
course to an agent. Money current in the state
where issued will be received at par.
The postage on these Periodicals has, by the late
taw been reduced, on 'the average, about forty per
ent ! The follcwing are the present 'rates, vie: .
Any IFeirinre not exceeding 500 macs, 0 cents per quarter
Over NM and " " 1500 19 "
Over 1500 and " " 2500 " 24 rr
Any distance not exceeding 500 miles, 4 cents per Tarter.
Over son and ' 1800 8 64
Over 1500 and" " 2500 " 10 "
At these rates no objection should be made, as
heretofore, to receiving the works by mail. and thus
ensuring their speedy, safe, sod regular delivery.
cry Remittances and communications should be
alwoye addremsed, post-paid. to the Publishers,
79 Fulton Street, Near York,
Entrance 54 Gold st
N. B.—L. S. .do CO. have recently published,
and have now for sale, the " FARMER'S GUIDE,"
by Henry Stephens of Edinburgh, and Prof. Norton
of Yale College, nes , Haven, complete in 2' vols..
royal octavo, containing 1600 pages, 14 steel and,
800 wood engravings. Price, in muslin binding
$6 ; in paper covers, for the mail, $5.
New Chair and Bedstead Wareroom,
RESPECTFULLY informs the public that he has
opened • shop at his new house, corner of Main
and Painc streets, nearly opposite Edward Overton's,
Towanda, where he *ill keep offhand or manufacture
to order, Flag.svated, Cottage, Windsor, Fancy, Cane
seated and Common CHAIRS, made of the best ma.
turista, and of superior durability.
He hall also for sale an assortment of Bursrsams,
at tow prices
Repairing and Seating Common, Cane-bottom and
Flag-uated Chairs, on reasonable terms,
Cherry, Basswood, Whitewood and Cucumber lum
ber taken in payment for work.
He trusts that his long acquaintance in this county,
and the durability of his work as tested by many years
experience, will secant him a share of public patron
age. Towanta, March 1, 1851.
John W. Wilcox,
HAS removed his establishment to H. Miz's store,
corner of main street and the public square, and
will continua the manufacture of Boots and Shoes, as
lie has just received from New York a 'large assort
ment of Wooten's, Children's and Misses' Shoes, which
are offered at low prices. The attention of the Ladies
is par' icularly directed to his assortment, comprising
the following new styles :—Enamelled Jenny Lind gai
ter boots; do. shove ; black lasting and silk gaiters;
walking shoes, buskins, &c. Misses' gaiters and shoes,
of every de,cription. A large assortment of Childmo's
fancy gaiters, borne and shoes, of all kinds.
For the Gentlemen, almost every style of gaiters and
shoes. This stoek..hni been personally selected with
care, and he believes he can offer superior articles at
reasonable prices. ,
try The strictest attention paid th Manufacturing,
and ho hopes by doing work well to merit a continu
ance of the liberalintronage ho hall hitherto received.
Towanda, 'May 8, 1851; • •
Row, (up maim) in the room formerly occupied
hg Hon. D. Wilmot as a law office, where he will be
pleased to ace those requirin his professional services.
Towanda. November 18, 18.51.
Slit, Gs 2 4 11sTWIIC311E10112111011(-4M.
HAVING located in Towseda, his services may
be obtained' by addressing.] line through the Post
Office, or bY Calling at the office of Ulysses Mercer,
Esq., where ho will be failed. or where a written lip.
licetpton may be left. Nov. 1, 1850.,:.
FLOUR, of the best quality , also good Wheat eon
. study on bald and for tele, cheap at
Towanda, Jan. 21, 1852. FOX'S.
'.:i.::,,:XL.<i.t: ce.1az;,,.'...,~.•: f" • ~: ~3": " - .Es L e'c'x'.a n.^
1, ..
14764':-Fir-AmrPg.ri ,-5?"
,ffgatritii, Stoves, Copper, Bahl* Tin,
:' sir itOtiltAßE; '
do--RUSSELL hafted ••- 1 nel"
NU. airship, respectfolfy Olt the tibiation tint
lin to their assortment, to which large addition, how
recently been made, making it the largeit end fetid
varied cur offered in this region. Atoms the
ide of articles a few will be enumerated • • -
. •
Iron and Nagai
English, American and Swett, " square and round
English sind American refined ; hoop, band NW horse.
shoe iron; nail rods and makable Iron of all descrip•
&e.; with a good assortment ,of iVsilN-Bd, 4d,
ed, tod, 12d and 20d ; 4,.6 and 6 inch sp:lres
wrought nails and horse nails, by the pound, keg or
ton. Also, cast, German, English blister, American
spring and tire steel, Ice.
Ctirpenter's and lather's gods,
Of all descriptions, viz : broad, siterciw and hand axes;
hatchets, adz, joiner's cut steel mortice, firmer and
framing chisels ; common and cast steel augurs, of all
sizes, from to - 2 inch ; braces and bitty '• augur and
pod bats eztra ; planes and plane irons • band, tenant,
X eut,, keyhole and slitting,saws; iron sod steel and
try squares of all saes, fromni to 15 inches; hammers,
spirit levels, bevels, tape lines, mortice gorges, of all
sizes, screw drivers, scratches, hollow augurs, &c.
Blat~ksenitb's 'fools.
Anvils, bellows, vices, hammers, sledges, rintiog
hammers, stocks 'and dies, drilling machines, &c.
Farmer's! Tads.
Shovels, square or round points ; picks, hoes, hay,'
straw and manure forks; log, cable and bindingcbaina,
crowbars, grubbing hoes, rakes, grass scythes, scythe
wishes, scythe MOMS and rides, cradle scythes, bush
cy thee, corn cutters, shovel plough moulds, garden
ekes, hoes and trowels, scoop shovels, &c.
Carriage Trizruniap.
Carriage bows, top leather and cloth ; patent leather;
sndis rubber cloth; brass and silver plated bub bands,
roncave and Boston patterns ; brass and silver ?listed
curtain frames, fining natls,carriage knobs, apron rings
and hooks, stump joints ; brass and silver plated joints ;
seaming cord ; striped lace. wide and narrow ; silk
striped lace, new style; top lining, worsted fringe,moss,
varnish cloth, patent axles and ails arms; springs, §e.
Harness Trimmings mid Saddlery Wart of the lat
est and most approved atylves, and of
House Trimmings,
We have on hand a full assortment. Also a large quan
tity of LEAD-PIPE, which we ate prepared to furnish
at the lowest prices, together with copper and britsonitY
stop cocks and cork stops. Any quantity of Pump
chains and Well Riggings. A general assortment of
Saw mill, circular and wood saws ; plastering and
brick trowels ; lathing hammers, shovels and longs ;
files and rasps of all sizes; shoe and tack hammers;
drawing knives, turner'. chisels and gouges, saw. setts,
callipers, pincers. knives and forki, carving knives anti
forks and steels; butcher, pocket and pallet knives;
coach wrenches, trunk, chest and till locks; tailors and
sheep shears; table and bed castor.; dinner and tea
bells, glue and enamelled sauce kettles; brass kettles,
from two quarts to half a barrel ; Hollow ware and
cauldron kettles ; tea and coffee pots ; brass and bri
tennis candlesticks and snuffers; trays, fruit trays and
large servers ; curtain arms and pins of the latest styles ;
stair rods and holders; ladies' and gentlemen's pocket
scissrs; razors anti razor strops; German silver and
blitannit . table and tea spoons; hair, clothes and shoe
brushes ; brass and steel barrelled pistols and revolvers;
gun locks, steel nipples and nipple wrenches; shot, shot
pouches and powder flasks; barn door, strap and T
binges. Also manufacturing and will keep constantly
on band a large assortment of
Tin and Japanned Ware.
We have also just received 30 tons o/ STOVES
composed in part of the following patterns end sizes:
Republican air tight Cooking Stove, Number 4
Farmer's do do :: 9
Lady of the Lan, do :: 9
Queen of the West, do
Iron King, do
Improved Ptemium do
Eastern Premium, . do
Jenny Lind Parlor Stoves,
Cottage do
Cylinder do
Air tight do
Air tight 6 plate Stoves,
Sir plate Stoves,
The above comprises but a feu/ ankles of the assort
ment which they offer to the public, and all of which
will be disposed at extremely low tales. In proof of
this, please call at Hall's old stand, south side of public
square, and extending to Pine street.
t 1 3 .. Old Copper, Iron, Brass and most kinds of Pro.
duce, taken in payment. Towanda, June 6, 1951.
Is Still in Operation !
TAE subeeribers have moved to the new building on
Pine street, one doorbelow Mercury store where
they will keepon hand end tusks to order, ploughs,
stove and mill irons of almost all descriptions. Turn
ing and fitting op work, will be done also on reasonable
terms as at Elmira N Owego. Old iron will be taken
in payment. JOHN CARMAN & CO.
Towanda, April 26, 1851.
Saddle, Harness & Trunk Manufactory.
TERE CULP & Co., respectfully inform the public
J that they have taken the,hop lately occupied by
C. F. Harder, on Main street, a few doors below the
Brick Row, where they will keep on hand a large
stork of
ultatrama% Wa,aslMog)
All articles in their line manufactured to order, and
made of the beet material, and for workmanship cannot
be empassed in Northern Nnnaylvania, They solicit
a call from those wishing to purchase, confident that
they can give satisfaction both as to quality and price.
Cf. Cash will he paid for Hides and Sheep Pelts,
the highest rates, at our shop.
Sale Leather, Upper Leather, Harness Leather and
Calf skins, for sate in any quantity.
Towanda, November 19th, 1850. ,
THE subscribers respectfully inform the public that
they have taken the ramp formerly occupied by
Adam Esenwine, on Main street, nearly opposite
Drake's wagon shop, where they are prepared to do all
kinds of I3LACKSMITHING upon reasonable terms.
They are determined by doing their work well sod
promptly. to as they give to receive a share of
public patronage. .
HORSE—SHOEING done in the beat manner. All
kinds of repairing Machinery, executed in the most skil
ful manner.
WOOD WORK for wagons will also be made and
repaired when desired.
AU Work done at their Atm, will be warranted to be
well done, and mantifsetured from the best materiel*.
The public are requested to give us a trial, and judge
for themselves. ESENWINEA BEEBISCHH.
Towanda, May 2, 1851.
ADAM ESENWINE respectfully informs the pub
lie that he now occupies the shop where himsel
and brother have fin -:eats Walked, nearly opposite
Toinkine foundry, where' be ik ready to do work
in his line, as formerly in the best manner. He is de
termined the: , reputation he has attained as a skilful
workman Stall not sutTer by any neglect of the inter
ests of customers or by any inattention to business.
TOOLS, manufactured to order—machinery of all
kinds repaired in the best manner, and every kind of
Repairing and Manufacturing will be done at short
nonce, and in-the style desired.
Home Shoeing, on reasonable terms. He will else
take Country Produce in payment for work, but ob
jects strongly to credit.
Towanda, Jan. 17, 1851.
101111Y8ICIAN AND DUDGEON, Office in the
=" Union Block," up stairs; North side of the
Public Square, over Elvrell'a Law Office. Entrance
between Elwell'', and Adams' law offices; where he
may always be found when not professionally engaged.
Towanda, July 12, 1850.
t •A' al ‘ mg.
T lid* fkaiabiti
Or - I NJOre'r
nPIIII , . :
Tits Medians Conferee-no nor ley Other
Millerui etekrfogel Alt Par L i Vadable•
This retold! nir worths is pete .of must ezfreer.
tartan, ern Asa. It i eftwoinay eta tliattes ittgitte: 4 l l ;
an sets from• children tied adults.
Thotteande wish by worms 'dawn the reel cense
being OWN Sims other reason, is whined for dm
sicker*, unlit too Nieto cure au mat cause.
What krill/Mae responsibility rest* upon the parent
who does not know and the doctor who does not un
derstand, the compl aint which is destroying those pre
cious Bowers of life—ehildrew •
Whet should be done T
The answer is plain. Give the Vermifuge, which
will be sore to do good' if they have, no worms, and if
they have, it will destroy and eradicate them with a
certainty and precision truly astonifiting.
There is no mercury or mineral in it. Mercury is
the basis of most worm remedies ; and the remedy is
sometimes wore than the disease. no never use las
enges, but rely upon this. Every person will be con
vinced on one trial that it le the most perfect cure
ever invented. I
The immense sale that this Vermifuge has, Is a sure
test of its value and the estimation in which ills field
by families. It would be quite too expensive to pub
lab. the volumes of certificates that have been given
for this article, and the users of it are 'requested to
spread the name to a persons whom they think will
be benefitted by it.
Speak of it in ell families, land you will do your do.
ty to your follow creatures, and 4 feet assured of the ap
probilion of all good men, said will receive your reward
in heaven.
We call on all good citizens to make known the of
feels of this wonderful remedy.
Remember. and ask for Orrick's Vermifuge.
Staltiillf a r ias.
Hundreds of children and adults are lost yearly with
worms, when some other cause has been supposed to
be the true one.
ft is admitted by all doctors that SCATO2).I men, wo.
man. or child exists, but! what sooner or later are
troubled with worms, and ifol hundreds of cases. sad to
relate, a supposed fever, seerlatina, cold, or some other
ailing carries of the doefet of the human family—
while in truth" they die of worms! and these could
have been eradicated ins 4sy , by the use of one bottle
How sickening the' thol l ght that these thing, should
be—and who can ever for ive themselves for not try
ing this WORM EXThRMINATOR, when they
know that even if the case was not worms, this reme
dy could not by any poskibility do hurt—but always
good as a purgative, let the disease be what it may.
How important then to bee it, and who will dare to
take the responsibility .to ',do without it? Let all pa
rents ask themselves thisVestiou in truth and sober
For sale by Dr. H. C. PORTER, Towanda, oe
neraf-A genus. IBy
Tire ! Tire! Tire !
ARE you insured I application received and incur
lances effected by J.;E. CANFIELD, Agent' for
the following safe and popular companies :
The Stetson River Tire Insurance Co.
The St. UT/Fence Company.
Capital ssoo,ooo.
The Empire ;State Company.
Capital $200,000.
The Wasldigton Company.
Capital over $1200,000.
The - State mutflal at Ilarrisburg Pa.
With • large Capital Ind large increasing Cash Fund
the Great P. , nnsylvania Company.
The United Slates Lill Intonate inanity is Trod
Capital. $250,000
On the new principleT i by which the insured partici
pates in the profits. 1
J. E; CANFIELD, Athens, Pa.
4 to 6
arzw rszas.
7 - et ivicrtgaita ninva-rcii.
4 and 5
7 to 10
S and 4
'BE subscribers would afl
ame to the public that they
now on hand, an'd will make
order all kinds of
Cabinet Furniture,
ich as Sofas,Divans, Lounges,
mar, Card, Dining and Break
4st Tables. Mahogany, Wa11..,
l .., Mst, Maple and Cherry Bureaus,
tands of various kinds, Chairs
and Bedsteads of every description, which are, and
will be made of the hat material and workmanlike
manner. and which they will sell for cash cheaper
than can be bought in any other Ware-room in the
:: 2 and 3
:: 3 and 4
:: Ito 9
:: 2to 6
:: 3to 7
on hand on the most reasonable terms. A good
HEARSE will be furnished on Funeral occasions.
Towanda, Jan. 24,1852. JOHN RUTAN.
T17,W3H1TT1378 'W/N.IIMDDM.
Important to Zonseiceopers:
. 4;
of FURNITURE, which be wit
warrant to be made in a. substantial manner, and ci
the best materials.!
BUREAUS, such its mahogany and walnut dress
ing bureaus, marble and plain tops'; mahogany and
walnut washstands, marble tops, and plain, of dif
ferent patterns, Cad and end tables, Sofas Couch
es, whatnots, &e.
BEADSTEADS.—High, Field, French and low
post beadsteads, *shed in handsome style and of
approved patterns,;togeiher with other furniture usu
ally called for, all of which will be sold on the moat
accommodating terms.
(0- The subscriber is also provided with a plain
and fashionable HEARSE, and will hold himself in
readiness to attend to all orders in undertaking.
He will furnish ice bores when desired, by the aid
of which the corpse may be kept for a week. COF
N. D.—Furniture of all kinds made to order, and
warranted to be.of the best materials and workman-
Towanda,•January 17, 1812
DISSOLUTION.—Notice is hereby given, that the
partnership heretofore existing between the sub
scribers in the Harness and Trunk making business is
this day dissolved by muturl consent. E. Smith &
Sonwill settle the business of the late firm. Those
indebted mist make immediate payment', and those who
have agreed to pay grain, are notified that unless de
liverid at the time agreed, Cash* will be expected.
0. T. SMITH,
November 6, Sl3. JERE CULP.
E. Smith if Son,
RESPECTFULLY inform the public that they
will continue the business at their old stand, north
side of the Public square, and will keep on hand. and
manufacture to order, every variety of SADDLES,
HARNESS, TRUNKS, V ALICES, &c., of the beat
materials and of workmanship, not to be surpassed.
By strict attention to business, and promptness in
fullfilling engagements, they hope to continue the lib
eral patronoe they have heretofore enjoyed.
°infuses TIUMNINO•wiII be done on short notice,
in the neatest manner. • -
All kinds of Grain, Produce, Hides, Sheep Pelts,
will be taken in exchange for work.
- IDVERY variety of Harrison's Columbian Ink, just
.I}received by the subscriber—he has made ar
rangements by which he can supply Merchants &
Dealers, on as favorable terms as can he had of lite
pmprietors. 0. D. BARTLETT.
Towanda, Nov. 29. 1851.
LOOK HERE We are now selling the best:Sirti
cle of Molasses al 311 cents per gallon.
PU E subscriber thankful for the
iliberal patronige heretofore re
theived, begs leave to inform his
!friends and the public generally,
!nod those commencing House
;keeping in particular that be has
\ now on hand a large assortment
Zak at Wholesale.
.:s;+Q..'.~r-u'?Y"~:~%^aT' ... .:x..^.r.. Wit:: .-..
va,t7 AvirtAta
1$ 191 souls Buss ow idIIII3MTL
The following equalled series of Family Medicines
may,/ . be depended upon with the utmost confukoce.
They have the approbation of the best pitysi
mins in the country, and are recom
mended by all who have used them
as superior to any medicines.
They have beta before the Public for five years,
During which time more than 51900 certificates have
been received from eminent public men
and others, and are now on file
at the Company's office.
They are Compounded
With the utmost care and skill, and the ingredients
Itre thoroughly tested:by scientific chemists, so
that medicines of a uniform and reliable qua
lily are guaranteed in all cases,
Are particularly valuable for the prevention and cure of
Fevers in general, all Bilious and Liver Complaints.
Jaundice, General Debility, Common and Sick
Headache. HYOpepsi a. Heart Burn, Costiveness,
Griping. Urinary Diseases, Obstructions of
the Menses, Influenza, Asthma, and for a
variety of othe. Chronic Diseases; in
fine, for all ordinary family uses.
arVull directions for the various Diseases accompany
each box. Prise.2s cents a box.
The Graetrabe_rg Dytentary Syrup,
A speedy and infallible - remedy in Diarrhms, Dysenta
ry. Bloody Flux, Cholera Moen's, Cholera Infantorn
and the Astarte Ctioistia, if taken with the flist
symptoms, viz: vomiting and diarrhcea. It ne
ver fails to cure the worst possible cases of
bowel complaints, generally in a few hours,
sbldom beyond a day. It is Poaxt.T
VzsizrabLa, and taken in any quan
tity is perfectly harmless.
The Graetenberg Green Mountain Ointment.
Invaluable for Barns, Wounds, Sprains, Chillblains
Coma, Sores, Swel'ings of all kinds ( Rheumatism,
Erysipelas, Bronchitis, Scrofula, Ulcers, Pains in
the aide and hack immediately relieved, Inflam
mation of the Bowels, and for all cases where
there is inflammation.
Marshall's Uterine Mholicon.
A certain care for Prolapses Uteri, and for most oldie
distressing complaints incident to females. Pre•
pared by Dr. THEO. POMEROY, of Utica,
solely for the Oraefenberg Company.
Eye Lotion, Health Bitters,
Consumptive Balm, Fever and Ague Pills,
Children Panacea, Libby's Pile Ointment,
Sarsaparilla Compound.
The Graefenberg Manual of Health, a complete
hand-book of medicine for families. Price fifty cents.
Office, V 4 Broadway, New York.
Carreios.—The public is requested to,bear in mind
the t euerything prepared by the Graefenberg Company
has their seal epon i►
Spurious articles have been issued closely tesembling
the genuine in every particular, except the seal, and
the utmost care should be used trefore purchasing.
Agent for Bradford County—Dr. PORTER, To
wanda. Iy3B
Charter Perpetual... Cash system... Capital $250.000
Office No. 29, Merchants Exchange.
ORGANIZED upon the " mixed principle," Stock
and Mutual. which combined features offer to in
sured members double the usual security, The Cash
system of painnents_hai also been adopted, thus avoid.
ing the heavy drawbacks created by unpaid premium
notes. The 'table rates of premium, upon which its po
licies are being issued, is the only scale experience has
proven should be adopted, as affording requisite secur
ity to be insured, and an undoubted guarantee for the
perpetuity of such institutions. An experimental ta
ble may be found worthless, at the very instant a poli
cy should possess its greatest value. - Life Insurance,
very properly, is inputting the attention of the world.
rho public htivrever, in their commendable willingness
to embrace and employ its wise and salutary provisions,
should make ultimate security the primary and most
important object, which can only be attained by so ad
justing the premiums as to anticipate unexpected loss
es and fluctuation . , of every kind. It is the purpose
of this company annually to credit, upon the polices
'of holders and books of the Company, such an amount
of profits as shall not affect the stability, or impair the
sacredness of its contracts. Premiums may, at the op
tion of the insured, be. paid annually, semi-annually,
or quarterly, in advance. All necessary information,
together with blanks. pamphlets, .Icc.„ may be obtained
gratis, at the office of 'J. E. CANFI LLD, Athens, Pa.
Stephen R. Crawford, Paul B Goddard,
Ambrose W. Thompson, Lawrence Johnson,
Benjamin W. Tingley, George Wllenry,
Jacob L. Florence, James Devereux,
Rhein Mi Goodwin, John L. Linton.
Animism W. Tuoxraciar, Vice President.
Qua. G. INLAY, Secretary and Treasurer
ARTDAiT—Manuel Eyre.
F. S. HOYT, Medical Examiner for Athena.
December 27, 850.
Clock, Watch, and Jewelry Store !
A.M. WARNER takes this method
• of informing his old customers and the
public generally, that he has purchased
of J.P.But , his stock of Watches, Clocks.
• 41 ' and Jewelry, and commenced the above
business in all of its various branches at the old stand
of the latter, on Main street, two doors south of Brick
Row. His reputation as a watch. repairer is so well
established in this community, that it is hardly neces
sary to say it word on that point. With his long ex.
perience and great advantages for acquiring a thorough
knowledge of the business, he has confidence in saying
to the public, bring on your watches and clocks, I will
do them justice.
All goods sold,or Repelling done, warranted as I
recommend, or the money refunded.
A good assortment of Clocks, Watches 111141 Jewelry
kept constantly on band.
My motto shall be—quick safes. small profits, cuh
down, and no credit given. Credit need not be asked
63e—as I am bound not to make its acquaintance.
Towanda, July 18, 1850. A. M. WARNER.
Removed to B. Kingsbery's Block !
- tr A. Chamberlin,
A S just returned from the city
AP.:: 11 of New York with a large
_ 7
~ A i supply of Watches, Jewelry and
/ . 0 0 .0 i li. Silver ware, comprising in part,
rs : )?S., the following articles :—Lever,
4 '4: - L'Epine and Plain Watches, with
' . i
) 1 ,,„,:.._ --•:'- a .complete assortment of Cold
Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin
ger Rin ;a, Breast Pinu, Bracelets, Lockets, Gold chains,
Gold Pens, Keys, etc. Also, all sorts of Silverware,
and any quantity of Steel Bends—all of which he offers
for sale exceeedingly cheap for CASH.
Watches repaired on short notice, and warranted
to run well, or the money will he refunded, and a writ
ten agreement given to that efrect if required:
N. B.—MAPLE SUCA 11, and Country Produce
taken in payment for work ; and ale,. learn now, and
orerer,lhid the Produce must 6e - paid when the work
is done—T war against credit in all its forms.
. • W.A . CHAMBERLIN, Agent.
Towanda, April 2EI, 1850.
50 KEGS Crescent" Nails jus i‘ t i
E r e e ft vuedwilt.
-- -
(lIIIVD BROWN SUGAR. Also, Coffee, Crushed
JJ and Powdered Sugars, now arriving and for salo
wholckalt of %cry drop 17 111 E Is( (L';.
AT,I2 - '
P•e tire Cato
cam, COLDS, uotastNEss,
OF a n the numerous medicines estant,
of them valuable) for the core of p a
complaints, nothing hits ever been found winch
compare in its effect. with this Preparation,
care sometimes, but at all times and in all disn a ,
the longs and throat where medicine can gn e
this will do it. It is pleasant to take, and
safe in accordance with the directions. Vv e
advertise for the information of those who k tre
it but those who have not. Families that h.. e
its value will not be without it, and by its um
they are secure from the dangerous conseq w , sl
Coughs and Colds which neglected. ripen a do
The- Diploma of the Massachusetts !me m ,
awarded to this preparation by the Sunni of
S eptem b er 1847 ; also, the Medals of the thre e A
Institutes of Art, in this country ; also the bL7I
of the Ohio Institute at Cincinnati, has been g 7 til j
the Career PIGTOULL, by their Governmeot is 7
eideranon of its extraordinary excellence
ness in curing affections of the Lungs and It,:
Read the following opinion founded on 'h a t'
experience of the eminent Physician uf th 4 pen ce
City of
Dr. J. Ayer BT. JOEINII, May 8.1% , 1 1
Five years trial of your Cherry Pectoral in ml
tica, has proven what I foresaw from j , vos
must be true, that it eradicates and cores be
'7 l ,
and colds to which we, in this section, are p e ,l ,ll 9 mm
liable. I think its equal has not yet been di 7
nor do I know how a better remedy can be
the distempers of the throat and lungs.
.1. Scums, M.D.,P4,4
See whet it ha. done on a wasted constitens4;
only in the following eases, but a thousand mot 4 7
Dr. Ayer: Sun a enr, Jan. 211,2%":1
In the month of July last, I was mocked tu g ':
lent diarrhces in the miner of Califorina. l i mit "
to San Francisco in hope of reeeiving bereft Ira ? ,
ehengepf climate and diet.—My diarbei cr a w
was followed by a severe cough-and may " vim :
I finally Alerted for home, but received
from the voyage. My cough continuedtaeo e
end when I arrived in New York. I was stow
ed by my acquaintances as a iictim of cote
I must confess that I saw no sufficient reale
what my friends all believed. At this time
menced taking your truly invaluable medic
little expectation of deriving any rwirient fro
You would not receive these lines did I not,
my duty to state to the afflicted, through y en
health in the space, of eight months is MI !
ed. I attribute it to the use of your CHERP
TOR.i.L. Youni truly,
WaroßtlonTo3l, Pa, April 2.
Dear Sir i Feeling that I have been spared
premature grave, through your instromentallin
providence or God, I will take the liberty
my gratitude
Cough, and the alarming symptoms oft .
had reduced me too low to leave me ear
hope, when my physician brought me a butt
" PECTottAL. ' It seemed to afford Mime
and now in a few weeks time has rendered
If it gill do for others what it has dot.
are certainly one of the heneferom of monks!.
Sincerely wishing yOu every blessing, Ila
Yery.respeerfully yours,
JOHN J. CLARK. Rector of St. Pet(
With such 'assurance and. from such me,
ger proof can be adduced unless it be from
upon trial.
Prepared and sold by JAMES C. AYEI
Chemist, Lowell, Mess.
Sold by Dr. H. C. PORTER. Towanda;
Welliboro'; E. Dyer. Covington; Hes*
Borden, *Flogs ; W. H. Elliott, Elmira ;
Montrose ; and by all Druggists everywhere.
ental or Sovereign calm
NTONE Genuine unless accompanied bi
111 le of the above Engraved Wrapper of
SOULE & Co., upon each box.
In offering to the lrublie this justly Mc-
make any false statements or wild
superior efficiency in restoring to health Ile at'
suffering, well knowing that their repo"
STANDARD MEDICINE is ot itself sal
euce for the afflicted.
Many proofs might be given of their mci ,
but we prefer those unacquainted with thrall
themselves by enquiring of living wine'
the Pills. They wi.) find them perfectly ae
able in all cases. being pare/ti rearla44, in
tine worthy their best confidence and prirtet
The following certificate wits sent 55 '
HuuturrrA, Nonme Co. N. 1"..111c I
' We the undersigned, citizen. of Hennem
used personally Dr. Soulea Surtreivi Babas.
witnessed the health-restoring effect. thereoi.6 o .
recommend these Pills to the afflicted as the Ai,
which we are acquainted.
G. M. ROBERTS, G. H. 13RO".
M. D. PHILLIPS, a 0. Orli
P. S.—You are at liberty to pubh.h tbstlY'
lie good.
Bew•rta OT COUNTEnyErre r We eretlonfO
any one who is making a spurious article
ed to make use of our name ; hut some of
had the impudence to imitate our Foie§ end er 4
Ciretlars, Certificates, &c. Unief.s the P I
careful when .hey purchase, they will he 4( 0
CC, The genuine Sorereign Balm Ptilt ;
wholesale and Tsui', of Dr. SOCLE tt C°"
Onondaga Co. N, Nir•
Sold by Dr. H. C. PORTE R, T o ward:N A '
their Agents in every town in the countm
W'msport & Athens Railroad I 1
G "r". H. BUNTING, respecilulh nifero',
tic that he has reinov , d his ,Iore C44' ;/
building, one door below Wamet"s %%316 di e t
he will be happy to ewe all V. ho m3y
Good and Cheap Ciothi Ile is cota 3 "!. r ,l
to his stock all the new nor deArJblc
terns, and feels confident he can 63u,1y JaY :6
may give him a call.
Just receiving from New Vork, a farce
ble assortment of Soria , and Sallimrr 041.4.
in the ;winner, and s which will be aA t
, , j v orfe'
He has Also received, , • i:ze on v• -
(1 1 - 111.DHENS' CLOTtli.“;, to which bear'
•?ntioni and which will be iiohl ni low " 16 : if i
mado arraugetnents by which he can send
tide desired, with the certainty of proc o64 1
Culling and making up, done as 1 00( 064 1
fashionable manner, promptly anti to odes-----V
Towanda, May t, 18,51 y.
. e
( - MOCKERY & WAVE.' l ir rrk
1..' fad fur •ialc by