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    VIE =I)
p Ittonibtp, Umtata M. 1852.
tlettrt Vuttni.
If rim bright stars which gem the night,
Be each a blissful divelliog sphere,
Where kindred spirits reunite.
Whom death has torn asunder here,
}low sweet it were at oneeto die—
To leave this blight/41 orb afar—.
'ix soul with siotl, to cleave •he sky,
And soar away from from start,. roar.
it. fib! how dark, 'how drear, how lone I F
Would seem the hrizbtest wee* of bliss,
wandering tbronth each radiant oyes
We failed to find the loved o r this(
Mere no mare the ties should twine.
Which death's cold band alone can sever,
! then ihoee stars in mockery Witte.
►fore hateful as they shine forevet.
Annot be!—each hope. each fear
That lieht4ihe eye or clouds the brow.
lociaime there , is a happier ~{Pere
Thsn this bleak world that holds us now I
here is a voice which sorrow bears,
When heaviest weißhs Ides galling chain
'te heaven that enliven dry thy tears—
The pore in heart :Arap frieet again
lb 1111 VIRCJISNA.
tlttrr ER 1. .(
the lon. and narrow street running from the
del Painzan to the magnificent chinch of
Cioee. snood the offiee of -Ite*Gitardia of Flor
one of the civic funeitntries, who, about the
te of the- fourteenth century, exercised juiis
corresponding with that of our sheriff. One
in the year 1354, an immense crowdgathered
it, attracted by the sale of lbegnoils in a ctti-
Orr sei7nre for debt : and the more than usti
lher of bargaimbonters dra wri r thither—fa class
irons then amongst the good cit icons Flor
amongst thernabitains of any of ourcountry
in the present v gaist--p-MY,O - 1 ciecasion
rte of no ti,44 4 . ittifinonnia. did they
likely to,Lierli4atOilierl in th f . object, for
iert b y,Piligh, - cOrixiating of rich iputf.;, spien
oottled-atins,:arki furniture in the most ex
' 104i.-.wit.P6l/1111-7. of lat 41:m.1i:wrist prices.
ley seent„deternitineit Mtam tlet man, that's
pad a heaver of thrOrtda'ael Carmine,
in his shOutdeni it thtiairti'Aime with a most
id if that infattrifut4ria t? 1 Athena had not
I everything., : ' rejoined a womatt mind
:ct him, " what bargains crbeautiful gowns
!ze! nna• !"
Att't but think," said the weaver, " that the
Guarclia bears the owner some ill-w•IlI ; it
•ery like it at all eients; and atter all it is a
itt scandalous ; it i 9 inttmooe, friend," ex
,ol a cNzeu, who now carne
watt the owner of the_ seized enotta; anit the
;lan dictum be tote that after's— .
On the brow end in the ere.
The lade' of the maid Both Its"
id oat a noble, an upright, an honorable
there a lrown on the lofty brow, and
if indignation wa r n' the intelligent eye, as
zed on the Guaidia,iviho returned the glance
a look of irrepressible eanhation in the evident
tpotent anger of victim. For some time,
ter, the latter remained a silent spectator of
ter tacrifice of his i pmperty bot, at length, as
ig all patience : he made his why to the (Arl
and beggeif . that he would discharge his duty
ha )
Ile le harshly. and a little more impartkatty.
the Gu. dia whom;an old rivalry in a tote af ,
had rem erect hit implacable enemy, noticed
smonstiaiice only by a contemplenns snide I
the tal , ?, went on as before. The citizen+ loud
loosed their ink:lllton at th‘odinus proceed
ol th&Guatilia ; an 'inclination; however, that
way seemed to leasen their enlnymetit in the
ins of rich stuffs the , . mete securing at the ex-
of the ontottunaio owner. No sooner was
.te over, and the crodt of .polianon completed
he 60,11 y mane hie way' through the crowd,
enticing leaping Cyan the platform erected Cot
irpnee of the auction, , esdly, hot calmly and
addienned the aeirembled throng.
odour of Florenc, 4 he eriet, "Gorritnowea.
tally of you, my foliate-countrymen, know
141 I 'hale lived it al) 11(1110ei honesty, and
until this day . Why tau say that % have'
borne millet or hatred td d ti. ng man? Harm.
and quietly have I gone M mid out among
but the work of this clay),ltas changed my
Is nature. - I amino what t i aras when I first
this morning's light'. Let him who has male
.11 tsy ; for he shall Yet dearly
. i• 4,ty's alutc I W,i( not use sword Of dug.
It ot stn (11"111 . Veai) . ll 11)1 M)
, iier.l has. I
.1 1 1,1 rne‘ 1,. 1 ) 11 4,, tlrar vw In:l% itilt)q* flint
teAca . " +Apr Jain: .1 "Ili.
dow i•
,er , ! itri,l I 1:11.
v -11.1ichr.1 lief
r.,t4 I tr;Lay U. mid I tit Vali.
d ~:ttlt•rrr.atv,ty
the rom 4, 1 ati tames riwrn Yet.
a P. ra;.. m i , do well hint.
1 .4.! 4 1 4"1 , ) :tue h, Aii.iir;4 Ot.
Wt'll St hard had ;inn.
writ) et to came. Vial have, %rucked ) 011 '
I .111r11; arid here f w llr, twfurr
•ttibled Flu,viree, that l will plunge iou uhilr
Care, itiitt hell."
le the luvtwoida were yet u?on 1,4141:4.
Ainter g to the ground, and the crowd givint
re t ie w en t off in the thlldViion of nta
la Li Novella.
• If w e did not know trim to be Antics&°reaps,
painter'," arid a woman in the crowd, " ws
:. „,E,,„,..,,,. : . ; T,...,.....•:
. I -
might take him to be A:ecco d' Await, the great ma
gician, with - his spellsand hie witeltentft. To heat
him talk of sending a man town to hell alive makes
my blood run cold."
" To my thinking he had tmoil reason to corn.
plain,"ittaid a respeciablt.4ooking cicisen, " He de.
_serves better of the citizens el Florence, than that
they should quietly stand by to see him rained. Why,
he is not only a painter 4 but a poet, a sculptor, and
an architect, and, What,. is better, a friend of the peo
ple, always ready to stand up for'on• rights"
•' That's true, friend's' , ' sant the weaver " and
wir' f fe he acss,speakinc, 1 could not help thinkin
it *as Alightere fkinte's ghost come up to upbraid
Florence with Es ingratitude, But the Guardia has
ortletred the streets to be cleared ; au we had better
tie utf."
Six months after, a crowd was again ;assembled
in the streets of Florence ; and again on ttegettitt of
Andrea Orcagna. But this time the Baia* was the
voluntary and gratifies! cause of its assembling
He had just finished attuning the church of .fisrua
mewithihe two • t Ise' and
MS. erpincro, ill I
" design conceived from Dante's great epic
—and he announced to the nobles of Florence that
his tabors were completed, and solicited the honor
of their presence oil the day when they were to be
first presented to the public gaze.
The attist'e mi-sion was then n ;rattled st , a high
and 1111 e ; pen or.peneit w..s not theft prost
tee to lire service of ileSpoli.m. Half are y had
ocalcely elap.eilshrier the Florentine I li eo.
thusiastic admits( ion,Joad borne tit triumph through
the streets that lliladonna of Giovanni Can:Awe;
nor were they now less ready to Trail the protluc
lions of a genius, the glory offireir rily The prir
locked to the spot as well as the nobles ; and
foremost in thwAirotig, impelled by malignant envy,
was the Guardia The splendid patittnigs called
forth acclaiming bursts ofadmiration, alike Isom
noble and from artiXan, and dome, who were near
est to him were eongiatelating Oicagna ou his b.d.
liars success, when *a peal of laughter made the
lay ai-lee re-echo. It was followed by the cry ;
"The Guardi t. ! it e Guardia !—Look at him ! Sure
enninsh, theme he is! in the vety middle of hell.—
Bravo, painter. You have kept your word."
Ar.d the weaver of the Snails del Carmine, for.
hit was the exclamation, pointed to a full lernytt fig
ure of the Guardia, distinguished by the lines criin.
soh tellies in his white cap, pored by a demon
With a hery crook. Close beside film was the judge
who had signed the warrant against the attist, and
also the likeness of Cecco Ascoli, a celebrated
magician of that day.
A shout broke from the assembled populace, and
the pitiless offieial, who before the weaver's excla
mation, had half stairiected, notskithstantling thett
hideous distortion, that he was gazing on his own
lineaments rushed towards the door, actually howl
ing, with indignation, followed by the jeers and
hisses of the 4:lewd
" I am at last avenged I" murmured °league
Friend,'' said Sylver to di Medici, emphati
cally ; beware ot,.thie man ;he littit the 'canning
as well as the vertnm of the Ferret '4.
1, Well ! at all events," said die earelesfly,
" I have filled his teeth tolerably, and mxtratted a
fev , of his fangs,"
" Nevertheless, Otcagna4l said a voice from the
crowd, "beware of the Guardia, for he wilt folio
you, Were-ii inileV to hell."
And .the elotekt dispersed, leaving Andrea to tri
umph itrivn*,i?i, vengeance which he was the_
first tcr devits ( ttiOugh several instances of as' tar
kind by celebrated artists have been handed down,)
and the terrors of which, in a superstitious age, we
can now scarcely estimate.
Orcagna had received from monks of Santa Croce
only a small sum in advance, and, confident of the
enitiOsiasm excited by his gigantic work, he imme
diately repaired to the abbot to request payment of
the Mipulated sum. The revered lather gave him
to understand it was not possible to Meet his de.
r...aud. The church was poor ; they had fallen upon
evil days ; the first love was growing cold, and the
faithful no longer gave their wtmitedabibidant alms:
In short, he *as told that he must daft; whether
patiently or not, was his own. °flair. In vain he
appealed to the civil authorities ; ,the Gnardia's in
_ fuente was at wutil, and his complaint was dis.
And no .. commenced a series of persecutions.
till at length the artist telt thin he had no- resource
bin to quit Fiormice y aml, unfootunatel), he gave
tun loud expression to his determinating.'. • '
Before he quitted forever his tin:trait:Nl country,
the great painter wished to rematch the frescoes
with which he and his brother Beniardo had adorn
ed the Capella di St'dzzi, in Santa Musa La Novel , .
la. In order that the work might not be sreetrupl.
et!, the chapel was shut up. and nonebnt the pie,.
er admitted. 0.1 the eve di the day when it was
, attain 'it be ilnown open to the public, and while uo st was yet putting the iii,.- .mg stroke to his
work, it was discovered o'.f" a retiquaty of g ea
value and a pyx with 11, 1 '. -: had been abcractei
WWI the chapel. All F. - -qe was an cm:m - 1106mi
at the twits ; t..e fir,' day eager Mimi) a:AN pass
ing from !pipit to mouth as to who the sacrilegi
.'ns plunderer, could be ; the hex' day, the name of
()traipse ,was whispered ; and the lhii day, the
ti'tiardia, exulting in such a pietext for the rein of
ii.e eis my, openly denotnice4 him before the Gin
-lA.iitieve of the republic, and the celebratvtl lintel
ti.a3 IlitoWit , i n to pil.oll.
hi the middle ages, the penalty for saorileae was
firth or perpetual imprisountent. Heavy, there.
(ute, was the ohatze ag.ittitu the unhappy Onsagna;
and, innocent as he was his heart sunk whhais hitv,
for he wtell knew the fickt %meter of the Flor
efitiues ; and beside., its.l and ignomy mug
rest upon his once honotet
He underwent two e
twenty, prtionately indigo
cnarTga Il
1e , hi,
tril 4e
al Oita',
I tar
ivations, and vehe•
rtus his protest against
rat c:a ,i h r":s Y.aY urs »scg
_.- .. :ia : ws.r.- ~ r".~.`—a.~'a '+ ersic =, bl±.'wa':F •; 3+:s`.~:, >; z+w"..=.s:.:a »w : .'` n om ~...~ .~ ~.7: :.,;l+R;~Fi+~ixior~. ' cs::.a!aa . a..w.:.:z ' Jet.cs r.'u.^•. .~.. 'mac ....» ...
"amisezzits or DENUNCLaTIC From AN! waning?'
the aectiation of then. 4 , Many may have been
my faults and mats," he said ; " but thus to der,,rade
myself to the vilest of criminals—my lords, you
do not yourself believe it possible. This hand, that
has obeyed the inspiration of my high and'hoty an,
in sdnre:ng the sluing,. of Santa Mat ia and San Pie.
tro Mag2iore—think you this hand could be that of
the nightly marauder, the base &titterer of the sa
cred ves-els of the chapel of the Strnzzi I In any
other city but Florence, Andrea Occagua neetl nut
have asserted his innocence."
Dm what were , purte•tations and ,assertions
minds prediS'prwed to believe in the gnat of the ae
met! ; or, at least, determined to condemn him as
guilty. The Guardia had gained over ti e Goidalo '
r sere, and prejoilicril him against the unfortunate
artist, by insinuations that the party of the virihles
wrth' strain e;ery nerve to preen him from the
just indignaion of the Florentine people ;since ,
the expulsion of the Duke of Athens, the Whole
power was vested in the hands ot the popular par
ty The Gortfatnnivire, himself a afraight , forward,
honest man, had no surpic.ons of , the malignant
motives of the Guardia, arid seconeed him vigor
ously,,believing that tie was thereby thwarting the
Guelf faction. All seemed to promise a triumph to
the Guardia, and the. unhappy Andrea was about to
be pat to torture, had not Sylvestro di Medici, .a
noble, but on the popular side, made strong oiler..
tints, and sueceetled in influencing some others to
interfere in favor of the artist.
Hat availed to alter the determi
nation of the head of the republic, whom the Gust
dis completely influenced; mid he had sworn to
be eiiineni nigh nothing short of the utter ruin of
Andres. At length proclamation W 54 matte that
the last day of trial was nY43r i and the day appoint
ed for paitaing sentence.
Florence heard that the scaffold was to rob her
of tier most Mutations painter; and that city of the
art. was moved to its very centre ; and her cry of
indignation and regret was re-echoed by the tritium.
ry towns The Aretitti and the inhabitants of Rm.
Villa came in crowds, mid the citizens of Pisa sent
a d•pntetion to demand the release of that An lrea
who had immortalized their Campo Santo. Bit alt
was in vain.
The tribunal assemlileil to pas, ?sentence. Vast
was the concourse of the people. The lips of the
inexorable Gorikloniere were, already parting to
utter the terrible decree, and a thrill flamed in pass
through the Iknmense multitude, as it it had been
one man, w4n iittililen'y a voice was heard, cry
ing. " Make way make way !" and a koire rush
ed through the crowd, and aiwd in hunt of judg
Tb. intruder was a yowl, man, and he now ye
hemently exclaimed, "The great artist ii inno
"Thanks be to God," bum from a ihowiand voi
The flush of triumph to lately kindling the Guar
dia's brow, gave place to a deadly paleneisi, but he
stooped, and whispered a few -words in die ear of
the Gonfalon iere.
1 ;1 was wandering in the Valle di Chitin," re
sumed the stranger, " when 1 learned that the life
orAndrea Orcagna was in jeopardy, and as 1 had
my own good reasons for knowing he wats i iiino.
cent, I thought it best to lose no time in coming
here." •
" And who are y9ar" asked the Gonfaloniere,
in stern tones
" I am called Ciro Sirtiettn, the bandit; for it may
be that you have some oiiitosity to know my trade
as well as -my name. Three months ago I was a
prisoner in one of your man cages here. .One night
I heard the door of my dungeon grate upon its hin
ges al an unusual late hour, and s man stood be
fore me. He was masked so I did not see Ins lice
but what he said was more to my porpose. " I
come to Mier you bream," he said, rt m u t more
over, fifty ducats, it you he wlllittg to earn them "
I waswillitig as tie could desire, Witt I obeyed his
command to lot tow him. Ile told me that fie only
waisted me to steal away the Smizzi ' re v i v al
This was no trifier,.bui rafter a little hesitation, f un
dertook the job ; and having been let into the church,
I got over the rood screen, and soon had the
((nary in my possession While my hand was in,
I thought I might do a little business for myfelf ; so
I broke open the tabernacle with my poniard, and
took ofl with me the Pyl. which is just now with a
Jew in
. Ferrara. As to the reliquary, I put it hoit
crab' y-wdut there is honor r tbongst thieves—into the
hands of my employer. and having received the
promised fifty ducats, I made the best of my way
to Areuo, hoping to escape to Rome."
The name of Met man SAMS! I say !"
cried Cicaoria; and his demand was echoed by the
now shouting multitude.
"His name I cannot tell yon," answered the rob.,
ber ; "" and, for the best reason, I do not know it,--:
But what I havi—earil is not the lose tree, I solemn
ly protest to on, my lords. I was horror-struck
whet ! , I heard that the ecniteqtrence s tif thiright's
work was death, or perpetual impris nment to the
good o.,,sgive It is not, however, Decennia he is
the pst,'- . and boast of our conr.try, 141 1 rim so
ready to t my head for hit, b u t tie tinc ,a saved
my hie horn thitt t
I :tatte coo tree in
1 "k1alt what he w">< n o t to part with, and
in the hdpe that as 1 ',vas iTien young, 1 might 'entre
off Ini e!" .11 ":'lys, he did not give rue. over to
!Ice, and t:twititoistro is not the 'Bait to forget thii
good tom."
Gain was the excitement in the vast asvemblage,
and many heart• throbbed with p i ty far the sell•suc•
riticing bandit. But thelluartlia was tin% Ming, that
Ins vu•utn shout ii ilitis escape him, and soon Lis
hands voice was heard above the murmurs of won.
der and satislaction,exclaiming, Was there e'er
latch manifest colluNion It his tine story, an lords,
and dues some credit In those who have got it up
It is easily seen that this poor wretch has been
bribed. Oteagna is guilty ; he must die."
Muttered exclamations were heard in the assem•
hty at this petseveting malipity ; but the shrill
voice of the robber was again raised and gate
fresh stimulus to the est:neaten' of that excitable
multitude. it Signor theagria,"- raid he, 1, yon tidi
ed me the name of my liberator; I knew- not,
nor do I yet know it, but tell the what nauie
borne by the signor there'!" And as he 'puke, he
pointed to the Guardia.
"The Guardia, the Guardia !" exclaimed oreag.
ra, to whom the question was as
_a blaczti of light
on the whole Ireneaetion. , " Well, then, it is the
Guardia• who has in his possession the Swizz' re.
liquary ; he it is who opened my prison doors.
recd :Mari! at once the voice that offered ins liberty
a person is seldom I.kety to tar net it."
The eye of the magEnart adversary (mailed be
fore the eo nc e. t trated uam of the v.i.t multitude,
and for an instant, he boiled his face in his lands;
but the next mu.nent he raised his head, and he
haughtily exclaimed the protection of the court
against- such WO and calumnious imputations.
The antis now endeavored to plead hi. oa n
c , Let your excellencies bat deign in consider the
rancorous hatred. borne In me by this man. It is
well known that he has Irma MOM to wo►k my,
ruin ; a►►d what else could have hail influence
sufficient to release a criminal from the dungeons
of the state."
" All this Is mere assertion ; nothing has been
proved," said the tionfalonier ; we are but waste
ing time to no impose."
" Bat here is proof to some purpose—proof Ml
ticient that a viler wretch than the guerilla walks
not the earth, and S)lvestro di Medici mad, his
appearance, triamphantly holding .tp to the gaze
of al) the missing reliquary. No sooner had the
bandit uttered ~ T e words," I put it into the hands
of my employer'," than the young noble, actuated
by icstaut and intuitive suspicion, left the cour t,
taking with him four arches of the guard, searched
the hone of Oreagnas enemy, and returned with
his prize' the irrefrisable proof of his triend'e in
inocenee, and of the guilt of his implacable foe.
Amid the acclamations of the whole court, die
wretched Guardia was seat eneed to die the death
lie would have afftirted the innocent. Napa we tell
bow the people htsa Orcrigna in triumph through
ed the streets of Florence—how, from that day faith
the government loaded him with favors—how no
bly he evinced his sense of them by that wonder•
ful monument of his genius and his gratitude, the
Liwda di Lanzia, and by those master-pieces of art
still seen in the climates of their city I Need we
say that the poor bandit was pardoned, and proved
his penitence by the whole course of his alter life :
under the protection of the grateful Orcagna
The Fast Mae.
Who is this celebrated individual, whom nobody' ,
nun undertake ? Even time himself, swift as he is ,
represented, may be taken hold of by the foretop;
bet toe fist man shows nothing but his back, as he
is eutstripping all pursue's. He is undoubtedly ar.
American, Who can tun Through ten miles or a for
tune cinii•ker - than any teelyelse. Certainly he sails
the fleetest ships, and (hives the steamer the most
rapidly. Who eats so quick as he ? The Ameri
cans are the greatest riders in the world. 'train
Franklin is now turning the parisans' dizzy heads.
with his round of Circus feats, thereby perpe:ua
frog the fame of the philosopher of the same name
still remembered in the gaycapitol of France For
the Paranoia adore genius, and do not much,: mind
whether their homage is paid to a conqueror or a
cook. Eton Some—their very names betray their
Yankee origin—is likewise vaulting into the saddle
of ciflibtity in London and riding and reigning in
the admiration of the people.
Tga Fast Man must certainly be an American,
becabse no body lives and propagates so fast as he
and jibe is so when wide awake, be shore he is,
when fast asleep. If he falls short of being fast in
anything it is in this, that he is not quite so stead
fast 'as would be for his good. See how he spends!
Übe once sets on the road to ruin no one ran make
an en d of the jaurney sooner their he. : Rut If he
can ran to the dell with greater expedition than any
other man, it is but justice tu iwkitowleil, that tie
can run bark again with a similar Speed. An
AmeiWatt Inneral is . sometimes seen upon a trot,
and, if patience alone sits upo.t a monument, our
countrymen most be content to go to the grave
without one. Of coarse, he has, horn a mere feel
ing of impatience, been obliged to apply steam
navigation and invent the Telegraph. Neither
etrohl he possibly submit to the old slow way of
cradling his wheat and other grain crops ; en he
invented McCormick's "Reaper ;" and that men
might not die any longer in the slow e process of one
at a time. Cult has presented Ili a Revolver" as
it will settle the matter for a dozen at once An
American is not slow at breakfast ; so attache'
he indeed, to creature zomforts, and so • i"
tied to the appellation we have gie well mill-.
some States a particular d 9 .en him, that in
been set aside for p•• j, called " Fast," has
Fast Man, r• opecial accommodation of the
.. on it his execution at tho table is
.ae usual rate.
fhe diseases of %ha country risseme the Charne•
ieristic:type. We hear but bile n 1 slow leveti and
I inget ing yer, ; gallop' , mg consuinptions are
are the rage, and il.e ald qu.oertan be found
in Websters dictionary I and so we suppose it has
neither become eXtinet, or been converted into a dal ,
ly fit.
In one part of the land at least, the city of New
Yolk, extraordinary halt has been exhibited - to
leave the world, Children who have just come in
it, stay out a year ca tyro before they area in d hurry
to depart ,: So great as the universal love 61 . pro.
gm.* through the country, that even caodidates for
office, who wont rtn:, ate dropped immediately.
Such a thing as a stand still utter imoherable, No
Constitution : of uny n the States call be suffered to
real for more than ten years or so, when it is march.
ed oil at double quick time io make room for math
er.—The temper ut the people has affected the lan.
wrap ; for we cannot real y su.ipose lint a_ 44
actually confirms ht r naturally graceful pace toitie
coma on E11:10 of her American gal'ant, when he
invites her to " trot nut" with him, and ;titre her
friend, Mrs: Win, a fl)ing cal In contmunitipe
00 wire, one must make op his mimi to meet
much hasty temper as well as pudding but it will
be no great matter iGtho proper sweets are ed.
One thin* more ; however nue it may be thon2ll l
-for Inv' end aid. to leap over -itte barrier tlutt di.
videkthemirom umulemen and lather; however
fLitteA* to tuitional pride fur An erica to be run
ning the 'zee of empire in.her tally youth, thejoili
ci net, whose aye, have been pin in:- i I tart tore
p .rt of their Ileum' purpi se to vee where it liar
beet to step, and 00 they may ba k before they leap
will nut deem it proper to quote for the benefit of
fact people., the 01d . 1.4 maxim, . 1 Fe tins kohl,"
make hate slowly.
Tba Shop Girls of Paris.
The following is an extract from " Fresh .lean
ings'' by Ike Marvel, and his fait specimen of the
~rightly stsle which pervades the whole work :
" But if it be areal phinaeophy to bear meekly
with the characteristic" atlas shopmer.—it is doubt
be's so with the chop girls. -
"The high heeled shoes and "high headgear,
that turned the soul of poor Lawrence Sterne, have
Muted gone by, but the grissena worthies over
gloves and silks yet, and whatever she may do
with the heart-stringa she makes the purseattingr
yield. You will find her in every shop of Paris—
(except that of the exchange brokers, whine are fat
middle aged faille', who would adorn the circlesof
Wall-st.) there she stands, with her hair laid s;noo
on her cheek, over her forehead in the prettiest
blue mu-hen OMNI can possibly imagine—a bit of
narrow white lace running around the neck, and
each little hand set oil with the same—and a very
witch at the bargain. He who makes the shop girl
of Feria bate one jot of price, mast needs to have
FrJitch at his tongue's end.
There may be two at a time theta may be six she
is ottaba-hed elle has the same pleasing smile—the
same genilecourtisq for each, and her eyes M arisa
like thought from (memo the other. You may laugh
she will laugh back ; amid may chat; she will vliat
back ; you may pcold, -he will scold back. She,
4tieesee you want ; thins they are, the prettiest and
beet gloves, she says, in Paris —You cannot utter,
half a semence, but she wle:Nati& the la hole ;.
y:Oti cannot pronounce so badly but what bite has
your meaning in a moment.—She takes down peek.
age upon package ; she measures your hand, het
light fingers over yours—Quells Julie petite main
She assists in putting a Laney pair on—and how
many pair does Monsieur wt-h
But one !--nll, Monsieur is ehurely joking —See
what pretty colors—and she gathers a duster tuber
lingers ; and so nice a fit—atal site takes hold of
the gloves upon your hand,
'Only two, ah, it is indeed too few, and so cheap.
Only fifteen francs for six pair—which is too ii
lot Amalfi); ;and she rolls them in a paper.look
mg you all the time fixedly in the eye—Add there
is no refusal— you slip the three pieces of money
on the counter and thanks yaw in a way that makes
you think as you- go ore, that you have teen pay
ing fur the smiles and nothing lot the gloves
beer You,' BACK Whnao.—About twenty years
ago, I red a medical treaties which stated that the
back is the moat vulnerable part of the human sys
trm, through which most of the colds enter."
Recollecting that who.. I usnic .•otJ muddle:ay, I
noticed that my back was generally cold, I had, my
wistertat cushioned along the hack, six or eight inch
es wide, since which time I have not taken cot I
onc-quarter as oltenas before. Several men whir
have tried the experiment at my euggestion, have
informed me that in their opinion they have beet,
materially benefited thereby.
The philnirophy of it is, that by patting more
clothing alms; the 'pine than elite% here, other parer
become chilly firt.t, awl warm to go:1M against talc ,
ing cold, while the incremed clothing at the POMO
!late pret en to coati a ati.likt Change of temperature
" Take care," comaig from the b.tek i 4 otter."
too late—the cold has already become tear- , "Y
I hold that coot auJ damp feet cm*. .1.
more because the conduce to many colds, they back than
because they cool the- wrote.'
Gaws.—lnstruel Y" . .ir On well, or rilLets.. will
hi " l N° '
-' 11 a() 4110 7..ther untaught
send him la :hoot of w;,. , '„„,„, , or h e will go I.ff
a hin"ell i ' te :, the
6 ' ll/ ac " . ." -
ca ..tny, kept by the lady ith ll n" onc .I ": ere trays teachimpgoing 3
"sort, ere
as in fields— Tel:m.l6oo is hover
it licher/ extremely difficult in the Wilied things
of this world to act truly and Tertialir Ica; i but there.
in lies of thegreat trials of man—;•thit his ainherity
should hive kindness in it, and his kindneis truth.
NatAs in a stain of war are ItSea friths ithials in
a state of intoxication; they fisignisntly contract
Onto when drunk, Which they are cb!iod to pay
when sober. •
It never was a wise thing yet to make men des
perate, Vol. one who bath no hope of good hath no
fear of evil.
Neither the evil nor chit 2ooil pint men atr is ev
er interred %volt iheir b.ities, bin lived after them.
Goon siva to A PPMENTiCi:.‘.—the faithful ap
prentice will, at nine cases out of ten, make a
successful business man, and the unfaithful will be
unsuccessful. And any one with half an eye can
see the philoscyhy of the mutter. The faithful
boy acquires eurrect business habits ; he learr s ro
do well fur his employer and has a business habit
formed *ltwh in due time he rail appropilate in
doing heftiness for himself. o.i thp other ban +,
the unfaithful boy be auguiies at not at ending to
his employ -to business, and when lie wishes in
stan I for hintse U that habit will prevent his attend.
ing to his own business. We see this dernonstrit
I td t vry tlity wis 4 live.
()::r A. rood Ida dcwe not silence ctirunifty. hot ;I
certainly tlis4rme it.
KUM for a Proyerleaspotber. 4V"'
Ala little boy Pal looking at hia mother one (tiy
lie aeid, "Giani'papa ail be up in heaven ! i td
will he in heaven !—Mary will be in liearee.
Baby it, in bearen !—But mama f--" But *lb - .
the rhild pangeil and lroiked oolenr.;
"Weil, dear," wind about mama Will not,-.;
mama be in heaven r
The lade fellow ►hook his head very gravely,
and replie 1 , O. no, Oa 1.9
it Why do, you say so 4 'Aoked the mother, Jeep.
" You do not pray,; l- he replied," " so you wilt
not go to heaven."
'. Yes, in. ilea!, t do ; I Mien prey fin you whoa
you do not ree me—xcry often / iittlerd,"
"Ai*, F tie-ter. Fett yt u thed: Kama aown now
arid l►ei me see if ran p roi y.ll
The m a knek by her child, and prayed aloud
for lierfelf and title one, and that day learned a
lesson that ahe w ill never ((Krt.
Girt l'oca (*milli A PAM —A child be; uning
to read becomes delighted with a newspaper, be
cause he reads the names of things which are very
familiar and will make progress accordin;lly. A
newspaper in one year to uorth a glacier's !school.
ing to ach I l r and every father mu-t dist
substancial information is connected with advance
ment. The mother of a firnifir, being tnie,of the
heads and havnig a mart:rimmed iate charge °feint
dreu, should her•self iworticied. A mind occu.
pied,, becomes - lc/stifled against the ilk of file, and
is braised for emergency. Children franked by
reading or study are of course more considerate
and more easily governed. flow many parents,
who have not spent twenty dollars fir books for
their families would have given hundreds lo re
claim a Mn or a daughter who had ignorantly of
thoughtless fallen i n to teminationl
Mr' Tilt DEITY OP IslANcy—Ai the infant be .
gins to disecover rate countenance that ever smiles.
upon it with peculiarly bent:wily. When it awa
kens Iron) its pleep, there is one watchful form bent
over its cradle. by some unhappy dream. an . 4 - 1 seems over ready to 'oaths its
ears It cold, the mitdtsiering spirit btir,gs warmth
if hungry, she Weds it ;in joy or sorrow, in weal of
woe slir is 4 1111. filet object of its thoughts Her pre*
en..e is as heaven. rho motitet"ts t:.e deity of in.
EXTIRORDINAKT.-" Ah 1 . Mr. C—, when diC,
you retuiu from Rockaway?'
" Jost airiveil, Sic."
Any newt:?''
"None of importance—eanltt a shalt to-ilay."
" Ah!how long was V'
T! . ity five feet, air."
"41 , nv much did it weigh r' t •
I. Eleven tons and a half,"
By this time the Ir:teners crowded around C., but
not a smile Wag to be seen"upon his couutenanr,
or anything, else to denote that he was telling au ght
but the truth.
" By tt e wiry, Mo:Tor," continued I hare
forgot to tell }on how we found the New York
Brass Band'. You recollect Wh ni I come up last
week 1 told you they took their instruments with
them, and went out in a sail boat. The boat/was
seen to capsize, and they were supposed to be'lost '
but when we opened the shark we caught to-lay„
wiedlimid them all alive amt hearty, th.i. liquor
route emry, aAld Patterson the bugler silting neat
14, gill, playiog, "emite rest in mid, !mom."
R EPA aTK —A ePrif!triale for mei'
Off., having thrown himself Omits% i n "
his eitii.wity to answer the (incline
one of the prclee<nrs ilo•-
pattient In the rheurtiroi
fend him here to be
toe Bu-is E-s —N-Fretiehman being about
Ave his shop, his landlord inquired the reason
.wring at the gime time, that it was eolisidered a
very good stand fut. business. The Frenchman re
plied with the shut; of the shoulders, " Olt yes, be
very good stand for de business ;ma IM, t y, stand
all day; nobody come to make tnejnovn."
Wat.t.trosm.; Conte rest in this bourn u the,"
turkey .ail to the I rthn
" Oars h. no common 1; t," as the toads said when
they gni intil a clover field.
" That's„ny I r ptemsi .; ,' ; s fle die slid Jo tl
!I yon bit irs Fl! veil as the rerper [od
saki In the boy.
ppeak within to:lab," as theiprisoner said to
ih+ jailor
"I'm bloated if I de," as the trumpet said, when .
it wait asked to give a wee.
"Terrible pressure in the money market," as the
mouse said to the keg of specie When it rolled °Or
"Our nets are flying We," as tkie outs 'lista to
their ribbons.
Tut Frat PED PIG OC TO" r ••-•• Dti Wn Eitfq W here
the ingenuity df :he law4akers had been taxed to
the: utmost to frame a law could not be pori•
blp waded , an acute one on the followinz ex
pedient to rs..ti 11 the critter without incur! in; the pe
nalty for isellin; by the class, dill, pint, or other
lignid measure, &c. nroeured a tin yard
girt, with a rarity sutt..terti to hold eta ordinary
dam" he r,tailed the pi:rn by the yard I"
A county editor thinks that _cilumbuit is net en=
titled to much credit for ilist•overing Americe,las
he co:4*y is solar4e he cuii:tl nut have %Liaised
AY' TUE (I I ilerefice ben weer, a pme.offiee stamp
and a donkey is, that you stick one With a lick, and
you lick the o her with a stick.
rs D o yon m to yourselves at home ladies gall
on e day to her viAters " at home 'myself and
I wish von ell were.'
seal hoi,-
, a (ever (tom
ib was asked by
. would you sweat 1s
in 1 .11e replied, ,J would