Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, January 24, 1852, Image 3

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Washington County
I.ecatt'.d at Granvide, Washington Co., N. Y.
'FIE largest and safest Mutual Insurance Corn•
pany in the World ! Capital, $936,986 33
rrr 110.001) members. Charter renewed for thirty
naler (he General Insurance Law of the state
New York.
REPORT. giving the whole amount or bilsiness
rf :he l'ompany,%tuce May 15, 145, to October
I,!, 1 , 51:
Whole number of policies issued to October Ist,
r amount of properly ini.ured
.J 0:1.1, 1851, • $90,458,988 00
et;LICI amount of risks expired and
tang amount of property] at ritdr,
Oct. i, rssl. $89,153,407 00
hole aMoUnt of Pretniurn' cotes re
-elyed to Oct. I. 1851, . $1,131,077 15
.trt amount of .Notes exp red and
car e Ld,
ito, amount of premium notes in
orn• Oct 1, 1851,
tw!t• sm . ( ufraNn pre
: am: rec'd to Octo
,-er 1,1551,
$406,497 44
col. on assessment, 144,813 90—5551,311 34
I lases ant. expenses paid to
ul,er I, 1851,
I'r!,rl cash in Treasury and in. the
a:„1,, ti .Agents,
'l,:, , frla;ms fur losses, gtuilited and
9 , ?.. and not yettlue by the terms
f •11 ,, Pnliciel, to be deducted from
,42O:ve balance. as follows, viz:
itetaer, 1851, :1,035 50
comber, " 4,048 10
Ifreember, 7,205 20
laio.:ary,lBs2, 9,651 20—521,640 06
iteg a balance in faroC of the Coin
tit!, nu th,s tsr day of October, 1851,
ravirz all claims allciwed, of $40,888 08
Th r.b.icatton of the above report is made
nfetnii:y the Act of Assembly passed the
or April, 1351. LW
J. E. (;ANFIELti, - Agent.
Jannacy 12, 1852.
. .
To the Collectors. •
ono: I. here',v given to the Collectorg of Stdie
and liwinty taxes, that the duplicates must be
d by February Court. or costs will be made.
.17Al. PECK. Deputy Treasurer.
rn.iiry ellice. January - 8, 1851. '
1 - ICREAR, the Hun. DAVID W I Lmor, Pre Went
Judge of the 13th Judicial district, comtposed
counties of Bradford, Susquehanna and 5u1.1,11
.1,11 Myron Ballard and Harry Ackley, Esqrs.
and for the county ofßradford, have
precept, bearing dale the Ist day of
any, 1852. to me di,rected, for holding a court
u tier .tesaions of the peace, common pleas and
uu's court. at Towanda, fur the county bf Brad
n the first Monday of February next, to con
tree n ceks.
cc therefore hereby given, to the Coroners,
1 . (1'? Peeee, and Constables of the county
.radforl,.[ll9i they he tht?n and there in their
er r - :•r nt, 10 .t . t - l-ek in the ftirenoon of said
~1 ;i, cord. , , inquisitions, examinations, and
r .^.,r remembrances, to do those things which
bar nitire appertains to be done ; and those whT
"il 1 7 l'a'ottaixance or' otherwise to prose
,l,-!0",‘! '.e pr -.ont're who are or may he in the
~: 'aid ccur.ty. or who are or shall be bound to
'a' at lb' , and court, are to be then and there to
1 ,, ...:. agenst them as "thrall be just. Jurors
r!oe , ted i:. be punctual in their attendance,
teat s. to their notice.
I a; "I,canda, the .sth day of January. in the
.cur Lord 1862, and of the 'lndependence
Statec th- seventv..f.ixth.
havlnz, business with me, may call
ir ,1 17, my ab'ence on ROBERT C. SIMPSON
!In I!horizA to trantaet any business on
4na;C. lie mat• be found either at the office of
NlAfion.& Co., or in the old Towanda Bank
are I, IA
:YsTER'S NOTlCE.—Notice is hereby given
.tihe.e have been filed and settled in the of
' f ItMster of Wills in and for the county of
•ac-' OII T sof administration upon the fol
viv estates, iz :
in al aCi:ohnt of Thomas Manley guardian of
~:. Mary and Lrasto. Manley, minor children of
Manley decd late of Cantons
I ' ll 'e:count of %elan Halo administratrix of
tvate df George Hakes dec'd, la'e of Albany.
' e "nnt of Hiram Drake administrator of
of John Moore deceased, lute of Rome.
aI areount of John Elliott, one of the admin.
14 e.tate of Humphrey Drown deceased,
if va
al account of John V. Driels, administrator
~. taie of Mark Preston, deceased, late of Bur-
"' ac^ , unt of George litakesley and Wm. C.
ra''. a, ;rooi;slrators_ of the estate of Albert R:
r ,. .)•et:, late of To:Wanda boro%
'' l / c^urit of Charles Hornet, one of the ad.
'.... 11 .rs rt the estate of Humphrey Brown de.
, f. .a. of Wyalusine;
a'connt of Chauncv Frisbie, guardian of
" " 1 ..1-r, minor child of Joseph Webster,
r Wirritizon
It , al ace
moot of Asa Stevens administrator of
!)ali Stevens deceased late of Standing Stone
I' '' s' the same will be presented to the Orphan's
: f Bradrurd county, on Mdnday the 2d day-of
'"Y next, for confirmation : and allowance.
H. L. SCOTT, Register.
ler''. Office, Towanta, January 3, 1852.
M New Goods.
& A. CAN PBELL, are again receiving a large
nsiwtment of goods for the fall and winter trade.
suds, August 28,1851.
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29 30
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1011 1
17 18
,24 25
6 71
13 14
L 20121
8,298,58 t 00
257,019 88
$874,067 27
488,382 28
$62,829 08
r IST OF JUROIIB Drawn for Feb. Sessions and
Oyei and Terminer. 1852.
, oitian seaman. ,
Burlington—John Arthur, John litatt - ji.
Wysos—Jesse Allen, Chester Pierce.
Troy boro.— William Bush.
Orwell—Jarvis Bottles.
Springfield—A. W. Bailey L. Leonard.
Smithfield—Lark Bird: - •• • -
Athens twp.—Solonion,BOstirorth.
Sheshequin-4bram Dingman.
Standing Stone—Alexander Ennis.
Towanda, twp.—Richard Horton.
Wyalusing—X. K. Ingerham, J. R. Wells.
Columbia--Demon Keyes,
Ulster—E. B. Minter.
Towanda bitiortA. D. Montanye.
Ridgbery—Jacob Mitchel.
Leroy—Elijah Runyan.
Windham—George Smith.
Durerl—George Stone.
Asylum—John Stafford.
Herrick—H. M. Titus.
Burlingtonr—John 810301, Alanson Camphill.„
Warren-of Allen Bowen,Mires Eitiffington, E. C,
Dewing, Nathan Pendleton.
Orwell—H, Beckwith, Jta Brewer, Nelson Barnes.
Smithfield.S. R. Crane, A.B. Childs, A. J. Geroulds
Patrick Sullivan, Richardson Wood.
Durell—Geo. Coolbaugh.
Monroe...A. L. Cranmer, Goy C. Irvine, T. M.
Springfield—Qoareters Macadam], Hiram Horton,
John Roper jr. Frederick White.
Tuscarora—J. B. Corbin.
Windham..-Joseph Doan, Win. Sibley; .1: Modre.
Towanda boro.Thomas Elliott.
Franklin—Justice Fairchild. •
Rome—Lewis Goff.
Towanda twp.—Francis Gregg.,,
Canton—Samnel Griffin, Geo. W. Griffid.
Leroy—David N. Hickok, John Kelley, Everit
Albany—A. Ladd, Peter Sterigere.
Ulster—Darius Myres.
Athens twp. Joel McAlpin, Samuel Ovenshire jr.
Wyroz—V. E. Piolett.
Ridgbery—Joel Peterson. •
Pike—Sheldon Payne. )
Asylum—Paul Quick.
Sheshequin.-Silas Gore. '-_,
Troy twp.—A. W. Thomas..
South Creek—Gideon H. Aderson, A. M. Brow, A
Litchfield—Elias Ball,
Monroe—E. R. Blawlailt, Joseph Hornet.
Troy twp.--Smith Baxter.
Trdy boro.—F. L Ballard, I. A. Pieke.
Wytor— Daniel Bull.
Windham—E. R. Collins, Ralph W Russel. _
Rome—J. N. Dunham,Timothy Hiney, J M. Moody
Towanda trip.—James Elliott.
Canton—Samuel Fitzwater, John Newell.
Asylum—Wm. Gamble.
Athens twp.—Giles ftoyt, I. M. Tozer.
Durell--A. V. Hu'bus:
Pike—Edward Jones.
Tuscarora—Geo. R Johnstin.
Burlintrton—Charles Knapp.
Franklin—Wm. Lantz.
Springfield—Walter Mattocks.
Albany—James 1. Miller,
Herrick—Nathaniel Nesbit,
Wilmot—Wm. Norconk. .
Sheshequin—Myeri Osburn, A. Wishb.
Smithfield—Gilbert Randall.
Granville—Russel Spalding.
Standing Stone—Erastus Vannest.
IRD sorycsK.
Tuscaroia—Alfred i Ackley, W. Barrowcliff, P M.
Bostwick. •
Athens boro.—J. B. Brockaway.
Ridgbery—Patrick Butler, John Wallace.
Orwell—Blair binus.
Canton- , -Redman Bagley, Asa Pratt jr.
WidharnStephen Bus wick.
Pike—Simeon Brink, Wm. Bradshaw, A. Farchilds,
C. W. Reynolds.
Columbia—C..l Bradford, Albion Budd•Benj.Sh4de
South Oreek—lra Crape.
Smithfield—E..a. Duffey, L. C. King, 1. W. Miller,
Elias Rinker. •
Burlington—Morgan Dewitt, John H. Furman, L. D.
Wyalusing—Ransom Fuller, Bascom Taylor.
Asylum—ElmoeHorton, Charles Thompson.
Towanda boro.—John F: Moss, Percival Powell.
Troy twp.—Darius Manley. •
Armenia—Doha Morgan.
Springfield—Joseph Thomas.
Du yell—Daniel Trumble.
Ulster—Edmund Walker.
In the m ailer the Estate lames Bennett deed.
TIM Undersigned auditor appointed by the Or
phan's Ccmrt of Bradford County to settle the
accounts of the administrator of said estate, upon
exceptions filed, and make distribution of the assetts
oftaill estate, will attend fbt that purpose at his of
fice. iii Towanda boro' tin the 27th day of Jarittaty,
A. D. 1852, at one o'clock P. M., when all per
sons having claims against said estate ate re4dired
to present theni or be debarred from any share of
said funds. HENRY BOOTH,
Dec. 24, 'lB5l. Auditor.
HE auditor appointed By the Orphan's Court of
-L Bradford county to settle the account of Aden
Calkins as guardian of the , estate of Maria Calk
ins, ution exceptions filed, will attend for that puns
pose at his office in Towanda boro on the 28th day
of . Januar) A.D. 1852, at one o'clock P.M. of which
all persons interested will take notice.
Dec. 24. 1851. HENRY BOOTH, Auditor.
Job P. Kirby vs. James Goff and Goff—
No. 60, Feb'y T., 1850. James W. Decker & Wil
son M. Decker vs. James Goff—No. 272, Dec. T.,
1851. Bradford. Com: Pleas.
rrtHE undersigned auditor appointed by the - Court
X of Common Picas to distribute funds raised by
Sheriffls sale of personal property on writs of Fie
ri lamas, issued in the above edits, will atten il to
the duties of iaid appointment at his office, in To
da Borough, on the 24th day of January. A. D.
1852, at 10 *trick, A. M., whPre all persons inter
ested are requested to present their claials or be de
barred from any portion of said fund..
Dec. 24, 1851. HENRY BOOTH, Auditor.
Delilah Pincher ve. John Fineher. No. 96. Febrna•
ry T. 1831. In Bradford
_Common •Pleal—Libel
for Divorce.
qIOJOHN FINCHER, the defendant in the above
1111 cage. You are hereby notified that Delilah
Fincher, by hCr next friend E. S. Mathewson, has
filed her petition for divorce Irom you from the
bonds of matrimony. ,And that an alias subpdma
has been returned, and proof made that you were
not to be found in said county. You are therefore
hereby required to appear at the Court House in the
Borough of Towanda, at the February term of said
common pleas, on Monday the 2d day of February
nett, to answer the said complaint, and show cause
if any yon have, why the said Delilah should not
be .divorted from you.
SherifFs Mire. Towanda, January 3, 1852.
Seth M. Miller vs. Charlotte A. Miller. N 0.320, Dec.
1 1851, Bradford Corn. Plea, Libel for Divorce.
Tb CHARLOT TE A. MILLER, the defendant in
the above case. You are hereby notified that
Seth M. Miller, your husband, has filed his pEtition
far divorce front you from the bonds of matrimony.
And that an alias subpcena has been received, and
proof made that you were not to be found in said
county. You are therefore required to appear at the
Conn House in the borough of Towanda. at the Feb.
ruary term of said Common Pleas, on Monday, the
2d da's of February nest, to answer to the said
complaint,: and show cause, if any you. have, why
the said Seth should not be divorced from yon.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, Jan. 2, 1862:
Ink at WhoWaal&
EVERY variety of Harrison's Colambi:mink, just
. received by the subscriber—he has made nr
ran.rements by which he can supply Merchants &
Dealers, on as favorable terms as can be had of the
proprietors. O. D, BA RKLETT.. •
Towanda; Nov. 29, 1851.
-4, -
Segal abvertzscmatto.
Sheriff's Sale. - •
Y virtue of a writ of _Vend. Exponas issued
Out of the Court of Common Pleas, of Bradford
County, and to me directed, will be exposed to pub
lic sale, at the Court:Honse in the born.' ofTowanda
ith Monday the 2d day of February at I o'clock, P.
M., the following lot piece or parcel of land situate
in Rome tp., bounded and described as follows to
w't : on the north by lands of Phillip Bartlett and
Simeon Dimock and John Alger. on the south by
lands of Chestei Wage and Joseph Voice, on the
west by Chester Prince and Phillip Bartlett. Con
taining twe hundred acres more or less. about 'one
hundred acres improved, one framed house
one fretted barn and a small orchard of fruit trees
_ Seized and takon in execution at the suit of Jo
seph Kingsbery vs. David Etcklor.
ALSO—The following lot or piece of land shim
led in the borough of Towanda and bounded and
described as follows to wit : beginning on the north
fide of the state road at the south west corner of _a,
.lot owned by James Mclntyre, thence_ along the
. Borth side of said road, south eighty three degrees
'West fifty feet to a corner, thence north two degrees
east, one hundred and four feet to the south line of
J. W. Mercur's lot, thence nearly east fifty feet to
Mrs. Rice's west line, thence south two degrees
West to the place of beginning. Containing 6,200
feet more or less, With a framed church building
thereon erected.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John
Bridleman Vs. Solomon Cooper.
ALSO—A piece or parcel - of land in Ridgburr,
bounded north by lands of Griswold, eas t by
lands of Sturges Squires, south by lands of Rickey
and Burt, and west by lands of D. A Smith. Con
taining about eighty acres, more or less, about forty
ocres improved, one hewed lbg house, one framed
barti, one log barn, andlwo •apple orchards thereon.
S.eited and taken in ezecution at the suit of Wm.
Peterson, td the use of C. V. Wilson vs. Peter Squires.
ALSO—A piece of land situate in Springfield tp.
bounded add described as follows, to wit : north by
the road feadien frcim,Springfield centre to Ridgbu
ry, east by hinds of Aleiander Leonard, south by
lands of .I. Pitts, and on the ardst by lands of Hen
ry Teed and others—containing about seventy acres,
with about twenty-five acres impioted, with two
log houses and one log barn and a fhti fruit trees
Sei2ed and taken in execution at the stilt df T.
P. Wolcott vs. Caleb T. Wilcox and J. P. McAffe.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Leroy town
ship, bounded on the north, east and south by lands
of John Hammond, on the west by lands of Francis
Harris. Containing four and a half acres, more or
less, all improved, one block house, one framed barn
Seined od taken in execution at the suit of M. 0
Arnoht vs. Nedebiah Smith 2d.
ALSO--A piece or parcel of land situated in the
township of Rome, bounded north and west by land
of Thomas Bartlett, south by lands of Jos. Vought
and C. Wedge and east by Simeon Dimock. Con
taining ono huhdred and ftfly acres, more or less,
about sixty:flve notes ithproved, one frame house,
one frame barn and apple orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in exeegtion at the snit of C. F.
Harder. to the use of John Frost, vs. David Etcklor
and Sally blicklor.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Asylum
Beginning at a corner of Harry Birney's lot, a pitch
pine tree, standing on the east side of the road—
thence south 18° east along said road 79 p lo a cog•
ner; thence south 10 ° east along said road, 71i p to
a corner in Seymour Beeman's line ; thence along
Beeman's line north 80 ° east 157 p to a corner ;
thence north 116 p to a corner, a stone heap; thence
west 190 pto the beginnin!. Containing one hun
dred and thirty-seven acres,, and forty-six perches,
about eighty-five acres improved, one frame house,
frame barn, frame carpenter's shop, and two apple
orchards thereon.
'Seized add taken hi execution at the sui: of Geo
Bramhall vs.Mosesßramhall. " _
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Smithfield
twp., bounded on the north by the public highway
leading from East Smithfield to Tray, on the east
and south by A. Phelps and west by E. S. Tracey.
Containing about one acreoll improved, one frame
hmise and one fraum barn thereon erected.
ALSO—Another lot of land in Smithfield town
ship, bounded north by E. S. Tracy and John Hev
ener, east by the public highway, south by T. M.
Harding, and west by E. S. Tracy. Containing
about one-half acre, - all improved. . _
:Ceiz d and taken in execution at the suit of Geo
Burt & Co., vv. L. FL Pierce.
ALSO—A piecd or parcel of land situate in She
shequin township, bounded north by lands of Wm
Horton, west by land lately belonging td Chas Hor
ton, on the west by Andrew Webb. Containing
about thirty-sis acres, more or less, about tvrenly
acres improved.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of An
drew Webb (now to the use of David Cash) vs.
Wm Horton, Jr.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in the town
ships of Franklin and Leroy, bounded on the north
by lands of Richatd Morse, on the east by lands of
Francis Morse, on the solith by lands of Allen Rock
well, Luther Morse & Richard Morse and on the west
by lands of Richard Morse. Containing about fifty
sit acres, more or lesi.
ALSO—One other tract of land in Frinklin town
ship, bounded on the north by lands of Joseph Ma
leer, on the east by the highway leading from Frank
lin to Granville, on the south by lands of Sylvanns
Gee, and weal by lands of Joseph Mateer. Con
toining about seven aces, more or lest, about five
scree improved, with one frame two story house and
a small orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the ttit of Mary
Hart es. Sidney Burnham.
ALSO-13y virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, all
the right, title and interest of the defendant in a
piece or parcel of land in Franklin township, Be
ginning at a post earner, being the.south east cor
ner, thence by land in the warrantee name of Peter
Ladley, sodth 293° west 220 p to a hemlock ; thence
-by law's in the warrantee names of Samuel Stddons
and Nathan Hurley, north 60° west 320 p to a post ;
thence by land in the warrantee name of Josph Lad
ley. nort;: 29i . east 226 p to a maple ; thence south
60° east 321 i ;') to the beginning, being an undivided
one-third part, of the above described tract. Said
tract containing four hundred and fifty two acres.
Seized and tak'n in execution at the suit ni A.G.
Waterman, assignee of George Wood. vs. James S.
Pringle and Wm. Kay and Thos. chambers, terre
Sheri B's Mee, Towanda, Jan.. 1, 1852.
John Winters vs. Caroline Winter. No. 318, Deeem•
ber Term, tB5l, Brtuiford Corn. Pleas. Libel fur
MCI CAROLINE WINTERS, the defendant in the
JL above case. You are hereby notified that John
Winters, your husband, has filed his petition for di•
vorce from you from the bonds of matrimony. And
that an alias sbpcena has been returned, and proof
made that you were not to be found to said county.
You are therefore hereby required to appeal at the
Court House,in the Borough of fowanda, ft: the
-February fern). of said common Pleas, on Monday
the 2d day of February next, to answer the said
complaint ; and show cause if any you have, why
the said derhit Should not he divorced from you.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, January 3, 1852.
\ - v HEREAS, my wife MARY has this day left
my bed and board, without any just canse or
provocation, this is to forbid all persons harboring
or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debts
of he'r contracting after this date.
.Towanda, Dec. 27, 1851,
ALL persons indebted to the estate of IRA
BRONSON, late of Orwell totrnship deceas
ed, are hereby notified to make payment without de
lay ; and all persons having . demands against said
estate will present them properly attested for settle
Orwell; Nay. 17, 1851. Executor's.
c 0" ALSO, all persons indebted to the late firm
of BRONSON* HUMPHREY, are hereby called
upon to come forward and-settle their respective ac
counts in due time. I. D. HUMPHREY.
; . •
T 8
now receiting an extensive assortment of GOODS, purchased - since the late decline Hi - prices, and
.11: - which cannot fail to suit the taste and wishes of purchasers, and Meet the wants of the public; and
as - every body knows that he ilways sells Goods very cheap, it is not,necessary . to make any remarks
on that subject
I shall in a few d iys receive sk very large catalogue of New Books 'and Stationary, and being desirous
of disposing of daubte the usual quantity this season, shall reduce the prices to 'a very for figure.
1111141W11 MICPCIT.
Being agept for the sale of the Bay State Shawlain this Borottgh, am enabled to offer them mach
wer and in larger variety than any other estahli, neat this side of New York. Large 'applies of
hese shawls will be received during the wittier.
. • music asmeglazus
rich. Nails, thus, Oils, ilaniwfire, Crockery, Boot nd Shoes, dolt, 4c.,
To tie anise Ons of Bridford Co.
MR. G. would say to the reading public that now
is an age of literature, an age of unprecedent
ed magazine popularity. The basis of every Re-
public rests upon the great and broad principles of
universal intelligence disseminated among the body
politic. Trusiing to the patronage of an intelligent
dublic, extensive arrangements have been made with,
the leading American publishing houses, to supply
the best products of the press, written by the most
eminent writers. Books supplied to order,in large
or small quantities. New publications and books
on hand as soon as issued. Magazines, &c., paid
for by the number, on delivery.
List of Magazines and Reviews, for 1852
North Ant. Review, Litters Living Age,
Eclectic. . International Maga, !tie,
Knickerbocker. Harper's
Democratic Review. Co aham's 46
Hunt's Merchant's Mag.
Stillman's Journal, • Sartain's 64
Nineteenth Century, IPetersonts ..
TORSION. Ladles' Repository,
North British Review, Drawing Room Comp i ti,
Edinburg Review, Eliza Cook's Journal,
Westminster Review, - PhronolOgieal Journal,
London Quarterly Rev'w, Water Cure Journal,
Blackwood's Magazine, Parlor Magatine,
London Punch, Ladies' Wreath,
London Art Journal, &c. &c. &c.
All of the above magazines will be furnished at
city prices. Harper's Magazine commences a new
volume with the Dec. number—the others with the
January. A large quantity of Brother Jonathan's
received roe holiday presents. Please call and sub
scribe at the stores of the following agents I—Dr.
H. C. Porter, Towanda ; Dr. C. Drake, Troy; M.
Bullock, Smithfield C. H. Herrick, Athens ; Judson
Holcomb, Rome. Dec. 1851.
Sheriff's Bile,
BY virtue of a writ of Fieri Facifis, ibsued out of
the Court of Common Pleas l and to me dirieted
will be exposed to public sale at the Court House,
in the born; of Towanda, on Saturday, the 3lst day.
of January, at 1 o'clock P. M., the following piece of
land situate in South Towanda township, boanded
as follows, to wit : on the north by lands of Samuel
Gilbert and Nelson Gilbert, on the east by lands of
Wm. Patton, on the south , by lands of Wellington
Cox and. Wm. Gregg, on the west by Lorenzo
Bowman, and north-west by the public highway,
being the southern part of No. 11 in the sub-divi
sion of the Franklin college lands—cuiltaining
about forty acre-, with about twenty-fivp , acres
pro7ed, a small frame house anci , ba.rd and apple
orchard thireon.
Seized and taken in etecution at the snit of Geo.
H. Bull and 1). Goodenough vs. Samuel Gilbert,
Administrator of Daniel Gilbert, deceased.
. - -
ALSO—A certain piece or parcel of landsitnaleil
in Towanda ho., beginning on the east line yf 2d sh t
on the line between the land of the late Elizabeth
Means and the lot herein described, thence south
33 degrees west 100 feet alobg the east line of 2d st.
to a stake for' a corner, thence south 863 degree,
east 1463 feet, thence north 33 degrees eatt 100 fee
ore or less to said Means line, thence north 861
grees west 1463 feet to the place of beginning.—
ontaining 14650 feet mote or less. Reserving 6i
f et from the east end of said lot for an alley ; all
proved, with stone walls for an ice house thereon
e ected.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Full
er, Waller & Co. vs. 1.. W. Tiffany.
Sheritre Office,
Toiranda, Dec. 27, IPSI.
Administrator's Notice
ALL perions indebted to the estate of GEORGE
SMITH, deceased, late of Tuscarora township,
are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay, and all persons having demands against said
estate are requested to present them duly authenti
cated for se ttlem en t. GEO. W. SMITH,
Tuscarora, Dec. 2, 1851. Administrator.
Books ! Books!
A Complete assortment of school, Blank. Classi
-11. cal do Miscellaneous Books, constantly kep up
and for sale at the lbwest rates by.
Nov. 29. 1851: 0: D. BARTLMTT.
Fall and Winter Goods.
E. T. rox,
TsPow receiving direct from New York a large and
1 splendid assortment of Goods which he offers for
sale at prices ThltheahnOt fail to suit the closest buy
ers, for Cssa, Prioneez, on Apenovka CREDIT. He
respectfully asks a tall from all pertains wishing to buy
goods cheap, ay he-is determined not to he undersold.
Towanda, November 24.1851.
VVICT6RIN ES AND CUFFS—a few setts for sale
cheap at nv2l FOX'S.
a Y d ST qu A a T lit E ie S s H ju A s L t I r .: c , e 4s c ri d ot a 7 patterns, eel
-6 0 ors p l k
14, 1851. ) IVIE;TICUR'S.
B,3`:Q WORTH of Sheep Pelts wanted for
Cesh by ft. & A. C.
By Exprtssj hired from the Illonfacturrrs
JUST received by express another case of Bay
State Shawls, Splendid styles, at
Towanda, Nov. 28. 1851• J. XINGSBERY .
ALL persons knowing themselves indebted to the
estate of CHARLES ROGERS deed, late of
Canton tp., are hereby notified to make immediate
payment, and those having claims against said es
tate, are requested to present them duly authentica
ted for settlement. EMILY ROGERS.
Canton. Nov: 29, Mt. Administratrix.
CLOVER SEED.—Large and small Clover Seed for
sale by fIS MONTANYES eir CO.
ALL persons . indebted to the estate of WILLIAM
BRADFORD deceased, latent Warren township,
are hereby requested to make payment teal - tut delay,
and all persons having demands against said estate are
requested to-present them, duly authenticated ter set
tlement. . GEORGE MANNING.
Warren, Oct. 17, 1851. Administrators
11 - Ms 111rafw 11117 - 111111bllnit031 1 . 1 1 F;,
covx•ry apavirßa.
HAVING located in Towanda., prvices may
be obtained by addressinv k ihrough the Post
Office, of by calling at the 07.;e0 of Ulysses Mercur,
Esq., where be will be rutin& or where a written op
licatPloll may be left, Nov. 1, 1850.
CLOTIgN3.—.A new assortment of reirdy made
Clothing just received at ,
Sept. 9. 10.51.
Li Me mailer of the Estate of lloratio Ladd dec'd,
THE auditor appointed by the Orphan's Court
of Bradford. County upon exceptions filed to the
partial account of Arunah Ladd, one of the execu
tors of said decedent, will attend to the duties of
said appointment• at his office:in Towanda boro' on
the '24th day of Jannark, ar one o'clock. P. M., of
which, all persons interested will please take notice.
December, 24, 1851.
13002111 Ainl STAIIVIONANSt.
lEaLkild 111191'.k.IPM .Lgrlbrailo
Addams Qc TlEFActhrlano,
HANING entered into co-partnership in the practice,
of law, have aleo 'established an agency fur the
sale of teal Eddie In the county "of Bradford. Permit's
having real estate which they desire to sell, by calling
and leaving a docriptiort of their property with the
terms ofeale, will undoUttedly Sad it to
_their @Amin
Persons desirous of pdithasing can kith *hew prop.
erty is for rile--a i description of the saints With the
price and terms of payment and be informal as to the
trAldlty of title. J. C. ADAMS.
Towanda, Mey 2,1851. J. MACFARLANE.
HUSTON & PORTER have jdst ridded to their
assortment a large stock of Fresh Dams, Medi
eines, Chemicals, Oils, Paints, Groceries and Liquors,
which are now offered to the public at low rates.
is the largest and most , complete ever offeret t l in this
Alm a choice assortment of pure WINES & LI
QUORS, suitable for medical purnmi:
A large variety of Camphene,Phirspene, Fluid,Lard
and Oil LAMPS, containing many new and beautiful
Being agents fat all the best Paled Mecticind of the
day, purchasers mea depend upon procuring a genuine
article ib all cases.
All the Drugs and Medicines kept at their establish•
merits may be relied upon as genuine and of the best
quality, hawing been carefully @elected with a stew to
their usefulness.
Cr South stme of the Ward House, and N 0.2. Stick
Row. Towanda, May 21, 1851.
- - .
tress Goods. ,
RICH FOPLARD, Chameleon Chehe, Brk Dress
Bilks, French and Barege DeLanes, a new article
for summer dresses. French and English Lawns, Bilk
Tissues, Linnen Lustres and any quantity of other dress
goods at FOX'S.
MBE subscriber offers for sale his Farm sttnatal in
Wysoz township Bradford comity, about 3 miles
from Towanda and 1 4 from the river. Containing
about 120 acres, about 65 or 70 acres improved, and
well watered, with several good springs of water.' The
buildings upon the fu;nl consist of a large frathe barn,
and log house. These premises offer Many ltidneeelehts
to those ;slatting to purchase, anti will be sold at a bar-
Pie.. Credit will be given for one-half of the purchase
money if required. For further particulars enquire of,
or address the subscriber at Wysos F. 0.
Wysox. Aug. 16, 1851. WM. D. BTRO PE.
• .6.llflight at . the Furnishing Depot.
LiELIi; fat Urn their sincere thanks
• for the libe al patronftge heretofore bestowed.
would again call attention of their friends and cos.
to era to their late arrival of New See ran GOODE.
Qonsistliig of all things necessary for clothing the out
er man whioh will be gold at a little lower prices than
has hithertofore been asked.
aper. Itafigirtgs. - •
'HE only com P plete asssortrueitt of Paper Hanliar.
11 Borders, Window Paper, and Fire hoard Views,
kept in this region, and at . prices ns .low as can he
found at retail either in or out of the principal cities, at
May S. O. D. BA RTLET T.
IN N pu finance of an order of the Orphaa's Court of
1 Bradford county, will be exposed to public sale
'on Saturday. the 31st day of January, 1852, at two
o'clock, P. M., at the public house of S. C, Vats feet,
a certain tract of land, about 50 acres, late Part of
the estate of Seeley Holcomb, deceased, situate in
Leroy township, Bounded by Hecock. on the
east, and south by lands of the Barcley estate, west
by lands belonging to the estate of Sterling Hol
comb, dec'd, north by Tovranda creek ; 16 or IT
acres improved. with one framed barn etected tht re.
on, the remainder Wocklland. Terms dna fourth casb,
on confirthatidn of sale, the remainder in three
equal yearly instalments, with interest from date.—
Payments sanitrad by bend grid morMagt . on the
premises. g. sTocalwtl4.
December 10, 1851. Administrators.
Farm fbr Bales
Please give use 'call Wore purchasingelaewhere
Administrator's Sale.
.Orphaa's Court Sale.
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court,a
Bradford county, there will be exposed to public
sale, on Sapdtday, the 91st day of January next,
at 1 o'clock P. M., on the premises, a certain tract
of land situate in Durel township, late the estate of
Allen Moody, deceased, bounded .on the north by
lands of Simon Stevens, east by the main road, and
lands of said Stevens. south and west by lands of
Francis X. Hornet. Containing one and one fourth
acre, or thereabouts, all improved, With a two story
framed house thereon erected.
Attendance gi vett, arid terms of sale made known
December 12. 1851. Administrators.
HART) WARE —A very large and general assort
ment of hard-ware of every deseription,rincluding
Carpenters, Joiners and Blacksrhiths Tools, Harness
and Carriage Makeea Trimmings rind Tools, Building
Materials Are., t•onstant!y on hand and for sale at very
low prices by ME ROTR'S.
A LL persona knowing themselves to be IndrbteA to
dec'd late of South Creek, tp„ are herby requested
to make immediate payment, and those having claims
against said estatewill please present them immediately
duly authenticated for settlement.
South Creek, Oct. 17, 1851. Admin;."„ tors.
Am.persons indebted to the est-, 1 , o f A. W. B.
Vangorder, dee'd, late of dr: torenship of Dune!,
aro hereby requested to make . without delay .
and those hating claim. said plea se
prestni then% doly ,, au o .ent:eatett for settlement.
laurel% SeP l ' lot*,r 22, 1851. Administratriz.
T.T. persons indebted to the estate of LEMEEJ.
-A A-3.MAYNARD deceased. late of Rome town
ship. are hereby requested td make payment with
out delay, and those haejnir claims against "said es
tate, will please prescti t them ilulY, and authenticated
for settlement. WM. E. MAYNARD.
Administrators with the will annexed
Towanda, Anl.7. 9, 1851
riROCKERY & GLASS WARE, a large stock 0,
NJ rered for sale by FON.
T OOK HERE !—We aro now selling the best arti
-1-4 do of Mo!agree at 31} cent. per gallon.
S COTCH YARN very fine,aleo same common qual
ty at FOES.
1 r 7 CHESTS YOUNG IVISDN. Imperial, Hymn
1 I Skin and Black Teas. Bags Rin and
lava Coffee, just received at M EPOCH'S.
QI/ KB, an rTtsnsive treortniett °Mack and Uuloi•
ed Dress Bilks sod Ulna, also Florence. , ,of oray
c►'v will be f0ar.4.4
Fall and. Winter Goods.
HAVE now Store a large suet .4 Good. from
Newtlatk• and other market., which are offered
wholesale and retail. at La lowest possible priors.-r ,
mention a fete things that may always be found at
our Store. PrinU, gihghamo, poplins, M. 'Hokin, he.
of the latest sty fro ;
Grocenes, Harihaste, Crockery, Deets and Sheet.
Hats, Caps, &c. Of which we base a large sot
sortmsal. selected with great cats and offered at low
prices, and Mill fttit be undersold. Also, hosiery.
gloves, wooden ware, glass, able death ,r. besides a
thousand orher articles which we neer o 4 0111anera
all of which we offer !to our customers at prices that
must give great satisfaction, is cuts entire block has
been laid in a a time *ben the itiarkiit was uncommon ,
ly depressed,, and goods were many par rant. lowa
that usual. fly attention and proMptotas in meeting
the wants of our customers; we hope to merit a caw
tinuarree of the patronage that has hitherto berm ad
liberally bestowed upon ts. MONTAN YEB' 4- Cm
Towanda, Oct. 11. 1851.
ET. FOX, would respectfully inform his old frirmea
. and the cilivhs of Bradford in genets! that he
is now receiving a full stock of FALL 0001/3, which
he is desitons of divposing of ate very stnsll advance
frotn first coa t beifig satisfied that Ids goods afti select
ed with as Mud care, and bought at least, at as low
prices as his beighbors, he is now en:felts to Convince
his customers that they will be sold at the right kind of
prices. Please call and ser i es there is surely no harm
lh knowing how cheap rooms folks do sell goods--call
soon. Corner of Main and Pine street
Pall & Winter Goods.
.11171 MON
TS now receiving a large assoftmeht of Pall arid
W in
ter Goods, direct from New York which is offered
at Greatly reduced prices to cash buyers.
Towanda, Oct. 11, 1351.
The rirst Iltnei of Askihts
ADIVORCE having lately been effected betsrees
the present Register and Recorder of Bra!fold
County, and the office be now holds, to take us final
effect on the first day of December neat. It beatings
indispensable that all debts duo to the subscriber hi
his official capacity should he immediately liquidated.
The parties interested in this white *ill INTO them.
selves trouble, and the Register much personal 'Willy
atiee by a prompt attention to its content!: rho affair,
of the office must be settled immediately. and the Stabs
lazes remitted. end to enafile him to st.complish this
the parties indebted to him moat pay at Ones..
Oct. 8, 1851. HORATIO HI.ACK, Rairofffel:
New Arrival of
HN. & M.. C. MERCUIt are new nag/fin is a
. very estensive assortment ef,fkioods (mil* Pall
trade, wilkh Will be sofa it wholesale er retail theaper
than at any other aloiv itt the twinty.
Towanda, Sept. 4; iASI,
ExecutiOn !Apes !
STILL later news Oa New York & E. It. R: Of the
arrival of a • very large stock of nerehandith at
PHINNEY & BO Ar 11A N 8 No. 3 Brick Row Winch
they are prepared to sell at wholesale or retail lot bash
or Ready Pay, cheaper,than the cheapest / troth this bet
that they purchased their Stock fot cash in a 'bit do.
pressed state of thc market. Don't mistake the place,
No. 3 Brick Row neat door to Di. liustontaruf !tune.
p; TONS SUGAR, just retriSed, et itliclll4lllb end
-I retail. PHINNEY & BOWMAN.
large kit, also Iron, Nails, Ha►dridre, &c ;
S and Ntackorial in bbls.ol and bbls, Cot Oa by
iiopt2l PHINNEY & tIOWMAN.
1 0 !,, r :
E ll E4T B S t.
E t lif r Pe a :
t f i nas
i t: t h .4l l 14n s
SHEtTINUS, r°r " le
OOtA & S H OES, the largeit ahti cheephit
I 3 io totird—and 'feta and Cap '
s, *flatmate
an.' retail. PHINNEt dr. BOWMAN.
CROCKERY, Glassware, Paints, blare', Dyes,
RES:4 GOODS, a lugs
,yariciy—Bonneta and
bihavils; a good assortment. for PIIIC by
MAN'S, for which cash will be paid. .22
lITHEAT, date, Rye anFE3iii, liken in exchange .
1r for goods. PHINNEi &
`irking Irani/ for which pert egohl,
-1—) will be geid
HATS, baps. lotdiand 6 eases nen Idyl,.
of Hate, end taps, Also a large rtoek of rams,
Woolens end Children Boots and Shoes }oat remise&
COME ONE, COM ALL, and eternise etio riferar
Goode, which are now being exhibited mil
J.r7," 1317§IfEIS IiYE & COIIN for sale b:e
.1 July s. E. ": . Fen;
AN assarinient of READY-M%Dr: Conifics wisp
be kept constantly on P . . Nye., old mar .] 4 ,„
Main street, where the au' we... oe , i s TA!o r r evarcic i
make and wpair all kie.s ir um ia art ,.
Towanda, July 19, PAI, C. WILLS;
BLASTING YO Wllig.-50 kegs Muting Pow
-1-3 der, by II 9 M ONTANZES & CO.
CROCK r _,Rlr.—The largest stock in torn. roU
di^ . .,er and tea setts, of whito granite and !qua
war•, which wilt be sold cheap at Fors.
AVERY one knows tho.t '.ne place to find the lerges
/LI assortment and Ina. quality of gloves of 01 Met
eriptions is et apf26 FOX'S.
30D ( 1 3 . Plr.ams, Leghorn, Palm Leaf and Canada Rau at ap26
pi 'K.:silk and Bek Silk Lace ter MAN rILLAs se
sp26 FOX 'N.
DDRYGOODS—A good .assortment of Medial:mei.
Cashmeres. Do Lain., Aliraeas, and priors now
' , ening at ji g MERCIIR's.
HH'D. of Sugar at prices positively lee. thin any
hifore sold in town within one year, also. Mots*.
'sea rivreet.and gond from 31 to 50 eta. Rin, Lsguini
and Old .fava Coffee that cant he heat. Fine bunt+
Haisine, 'Pepper, Spices, Selenium, (finger, and a gen
mat assortment of groceries ; also a full supply effresli
new Teas warranted as usual, geed and right or lids
money returned in all cases ; just received and Ati
at sep. 12 FtlX'S.
R ICH Ribbons, Bonnet Silks, Untie and Crapes at
apVi FOX'S.
2,0 BALES OF SHEETING, common and fine
to 10-4 a ide. A nice sasnement of Bleach".
ed Geod;3, bleached and brown Dtills3 Crash and Dta•
pert, hmvrn and bleached Table Linnen, Cheeks, Lin/
seys Ticking. Cotten Yarn, Batting, Wicking. and
Wadding, selling cheap at FOX'S:
M BROIDEItt ES, A very :num stork of S i ssies end
LI Muslin Eilainesirmi Insernrins, Swiss and Mus
lin Bands, needle wrought Collars and Cuffs, fine
arrou4ht Linen flandit,erhirfs, and in ( act the largest
and best assortment of L'aibruidereif Goods ever before
offered in Towanda at FOX'S.
BLACK Sfilt§, also few patterns of farm
which win be sold cheap at FOX'S.
BOOTS & SITIOER, ft good assorsment of Lutioo.
Irk Clents, Childrens and Infants Shoes for
1.0. end sni , lor o iwypert.