Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, January 10, 1852, Image 3

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Tar ARllli,
h Troy, on the 17th tilt., by Dr. L. B. Hyatt, Mr. A.
D. beAt.ntroa to Misi &nut McDown,r., both of
Troy. t. ,
On 25th ult., by Rev. Isaac Todd. Mr. litlin WI Lgtos
of Carton corners, to Miss SCSVI MAxi.r.rolaugh
ter of Darius Manley, of Troyy.
In Shishequin, December 24, by Rev. S. J. Gibson
ttAvrxt. COLE to Miss Aisussa J►ss Da►ALbr
both of Dore 11.
At the same time and place. by the same, CRION
or Durell. ief"
to Sheshermin, December 31st, by the same, Wit.
DEB U. CHAF FEE of Warren, to Miss Leer A
lions, of the former place.
Wysox, on the 3lstgilt., by Rev. Julius Foster,
Jot in Mira REED to ?tft STELLA GOODAICD, both
i Wysux. I rk,,
I Orestes Creek, on the 31st ult., by David Gard
ner, 541., Hlnsst RuntsuAter to Miss CASSANDRA
VisnAtoss, both of Athens.
THE subscriber offers at private sale,
.hat valuable FARM, heretofore occupied
by Wm. S. Bayden, situate in the town
ship of South Towatida, Bradford coon
contains about SIXTY ACRES of ins-
,ed land, and about thirty-gve acres of wood
d. There is a keind hbuse and bafa, and other
thoildins, and in apple orchard thereon. it is
ll watered, and situated within about 3} miles of
borough of Towanda.
A credit will be given .for a portion of the_pur
lase woney. For further information enquire of
'Munn 11, Esq., or of the subicriber at Elmira, N.
Jan. 9, 1952. WILLIAM WELSH.
To the Collectors.
-yawn is hereby given to the Collectors of State
i and County taxes, that the duplicates must be
Sled by February Court, or costs will be made.
J. M. PECK, Deputy Treasbrer.
Treasury Office, January 8, 1851.
• Proclamation.
tiEREAs, the Hon. DAr to W :meat, President
Judge of the 13th Judictal district, composed
!lie counties of Bradford, Susquehanna and Sul
ran, and 'Myron Ballard and Harry Ackley, Esqrs.
simaies, in and for the county of Bradford, have
sued their precept, bearing dale the Ist day of
souan•, 18.5 . 2, to use clireetk% for holding a court
quarter sessions of the peace, common pleas and
conrt, at Towanda, for the county of Brad
on the first Monday of February naaf i to con-
therefore hereby given, lo the Coroners,
/tie three
Not.ce is
he Peace, and .Constables of the county
,Bradford, that they be then ar.d there in their
ups? persons, at to o'clock in the forenoon'oftaid
ay, with record., inquisitions, examinations, and
her their remembrances, to do those things which
their ntßce appertains to be done ; and those who
e bound by recoznizance or .otherwise to prose
tie against the prisoners who are or may be in the
il of said county. or who are or shall be bound to
year al (he said contt, are to be then and there to
'isecute against them as shall be just. Jurors
requested to be 'punctual in their attendance,
reably to their notice.
ted at Towanda, the sth day of January, in the
year of oar Lord 1852, and et the Independence
oldie United Stales the seyenty.tirth.
.iSONS having business with' me, may eat!'
during my absence on ROBERT C. SIMPSON
fatly anthoriimi to tpneact any businesS on
Walt. He may be found either arfhe office of
ipurte, Mason & Co., or in the old Tovianda Bank
January 1, 1852. MICHAEL MEYLERT.
jfBTER'B NOTlCE.—Notice is hereby given
that the'e have been filed and settle in the of
: of the Register of Wills in and for the county of
milord, accounts of administtation open the fol-
ITion estates, viz :
Final atcooht of Theme's Manley guatdian of
, hloe, Mary and Brutus Manley,,,minar chitdren of
,sa Manley dec'd late of
account of Mirian Hakestt i & . alS . littri; of
to estate of George Hake! dec'd, la'e of:Altiany.
Final account of HiraM Drake administritor of
to estate,of John Moore deceased, lute of Rome.
Partial account of John Elliott, one of the admio
strakss of the estate of Humphrey Brawn deceased,
ate of Wyalosing.
Full account of John V. Daniels, administrator
die estate of Mark Preston, deceased, late of Bur
Final account of George Makesley and Win. C.
aYeard, administrators of the estate of Albert IL
'tier deceas ed, late of Towanda boro'.
Partial account of Charles Homet, one of the ad.
m lairators of the estate of Humphrey Brown de
'aced late of Wyalusing.
Final account of Chauncy Frisbie, guardian of
tisait Webster, minor child of Joseph Webster,
4. of Windham -
Final account of Asa Stevens administrator of
hnathan Stevens deceased late of Standing Stune ,
And the same will be presented to the Orphan's
, etin of Bradford county. on Monday the 2d day of
brassy next, for confirmation and allowance. ,
H. L.
islet's OfSCOTT,Register.
fice, Towanda. January 1852.
more New ooods.
& A. CAMPBELL, aro agailkrectivinta lar g e
auortment of goode for thejall and , wittier trade.
Towanda, August 28,
IHCTE'Fancy Colored Hickory Shirts for all
',.:Pricrs at • H. 4. A. C.
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LIST OF JURORS Drawn - for Feb. Sessions and
Oyer and-Terminer, 185 S. - •• -
Burlington--i John Arthur. John Pratt jr.
Wysox—Jesse Allen, Chester Pierce.
Troy boro.—William Bush.
Orwell—Jarvis Bottles. -. ,
Springfield—A..W. Bailey L. Leonard.
Smithfield—Lark Bird.
Athens tap.--Sokanon Bosworth. .
Standing Suine--Alexander,Ennis.
Toianda tap.--Richard•Borton.
Wyalusing—C. &Urania 3. R. Welb..
Columbia—Demon Keyes, • .
Ulster—E. B. Minier.
Towanda boro.—A. D. Montanve.
Ridgbery—ja636 Mitchel. -
Leroy—Elijah Runyan.
Windhant-leorge Smith. '
Durell—George Stone.
Asylum—John Stafford. • •
Herrick—M. M. Timm , :
1 6 1111,1MSZ JITACIRS-111II8T
Burlington—Sohn Moms. Alanson Campbell.
Warren—Allen Bowen, Rufus Buffington, O.
Dewing, Nathan Pendleton.
Orwell—H. Beckwith, Ira Brewer, Nelson Barnes.
BmithOeld-8. ft.Crane,"A. E. Childs, A. J. Geroulds
Patrick Sullivan, Richardson Wood.
Monroe—A. L. Crannser, Guy C. Irvine, T. M. Wil
son. -
Springfield--Quareters Madertuna, Hiram Horton
John Roperjr. Frederick White.
Tuscarora—J. B. Corbin.
Windham—Joseph Doan, Wm. Sibley, J. Moore.
Towanda boro.—Thomas Elliott.
Franklin—Justice Fairchild.
Rome—Lewis Goff.
Towsnda Iwp.—Francis Gregg.
Canton—Samuel Griffin, Gem W, Griffin.
Leroy—David N. Hickok, John Kelley, Everit
Albany—A. Ladd, Peter Sterigere.
Ulster—Danes Myres.
Athens twp.L—Joel McAlpia, Samuel Overrshire jr.
Ridgbery—Joel Peterson.
Pike—Sheldon Payne.
Asylum—Paul Quick.
Sheshequ in.—Silas Gore.
Troy twp.—A. W. Thomas.
ascoso! WZLIC
South Creek--GideonH. Aderson, A. M. Brow, A
Litchfield—Elias Ball.
Monroe—E. R. Blawvilt, Joseph Hornet. -
Troy twp.—Smith Halter.
Troy boro.—F. 1.. Ballard, I. A: Pierce.
Wysox— Daniel Bull.
Windham--.E. R. Collins, Ralph W Russel.
ROme—J. N. Dunham, Timothy Hiney, .1 M. Moody
Towanda twp.--James Elliott.
Canton—Samuel Fitzwater, John Newell.
Asylum—Wm. Gamble.
Athens twp.—Giles Hoyt, -J. M. Tozer.
Durell—A. V. Hulbert.
Pike—Edward Jones.
Tuscarora—Geo. R Johnson. '"
Burlington—Charles Knapp.
Franklin•.. Wm. Lantz.
Springfield—Walter Mattocks":
Albany—James L Miller,
Herrick—Nathaniel Nesbit,
Wilmot—Wm. Norconk.
Sheshequin—Myers Osburn, A. Webb.
gdithfield—Gilbert Randall.
Granville—Russel Spalding.,
Standing Stone—Erastus Vaunest.
Tuscarora—Alfred Ackley, W. BarrowcHlL
Athens born.—J. B. Brockaway.
Ridgbery—Patrick Butler, John Wallace. •
Orwell—Blair 'Anus.
Canton—Redman Bagley, Asa Pratt jr.
Widham—Stephen Boswick.
Pike—Simeon Brink, Wm. Bradshaw, A. Parchilds,
C. W. Reynolds.
Columbia—C. J. Bradfurit, Albion Budd, Benj. Slade
South Creek—lra Crane.
Smithfield-:-E. G. Duffey, L. C. King, J. W. Miller,
Elias Rinker.
Burlington—Morgan Dewitt, John H. Furman, L. D
Wyalusing—Ransom Fuller, Bascom Taylor.
Asylum—Elmor Horton, Charles Thompson.
Towanda boro.--john F. Means, Percival Powell.
Troy twp.—Darius Manley.
Armenia—John Morgan.
Springfield—Joseph Thomas.
Durell—Daniel Trumble.
Ulster—Edmund Walker.
In the matter of the Estate of James Bennett dee'd.
THE undersigned auditor appointed by the Or
phan's Court of Bradford County to settle the
accounts of the administrator of said estate, upon
exceptions filed. and make distribution of the assetts
of said estate, will attend for that purpose at his of
fice. in Towanda boro' on the 27th day of January,
A. D. 1852, et one o'clock P. M., when all per
sons having claims against said estate are required
tOpresencthem or be debarred from any share of
said funds. HENRY BOOTH.
Dec. 24;1851. - 1 Auditor.
- -
'(SHE auditor appointed by the Orphan'e Conn of
J. Bradford county to settle the account of Aden
Calkins as guardian of the estate of Maria Calk
ins, upon exceptions filed, will attend for that pun
pose at his office in Towanda tioro on the 28th day
of Januar),A.D. 1852, at one o'clock P.M. of which
all persons interested will take notice.
Dec. 24. 1851. HENRY BOOTH,Auditor.
Job P. kirby vs. James Goff and Will,am Goff—
No. 60, Feb'y T., 1850. James W. Decker & Wil
son M. Decker vs. Joifies Goff—No. 272, Dec. T.,
1851. Bradford'edn. Pleas.
rpHE undersigned auditor appointed by the Court
of Common Pleas to distribtfte fends raised by
Sheriff's sale of personal property on writs of tie ;
ri facias, issued in the above suits, wilt attend to
the duiles of said appointment at his office, in To
da Borough, on the 24th day of January, - A. D.
1852, at 10 o'clock, A. M., where all persons inter
ested iire -requested to-present their claims or be de
barred from any portion of said rands.
Dec 24, 1851. , -HENRY BOOTH, Auditor.
Delilah Pincher es. John Fischer. N. 986 Februa•
ry T. 1851. , Nirs Bradford .Common Pleas—Libel
i for Divorce.
r NCHER, the defendant in the above
11 Case. Yoo are hereby notified that Delilah
' her next friend E. S. Mathewson', has
.filed her petition for divorce from you from the
bandiof matrimony. And that an alias subprena
has Brett returned, and proof made that yon were
not to be found in said county You are therefore
hereby required to appear at the Court House in the
Borough of Towanda, at the February term of said
common pleas, on Monday the 2d day of February
next, to answer the said complaint, and show cause
if any you have, why the said Delilah should not
be divorced from you.
Sheriff's Office, Tooranda4anuary 3 1852.
Seth M. Miller vs. Charlotte A. Miller. N0.320.-Dee.
T. 1851, Brettlfiird Com. Pleas. ,Libe' 1 far Divorce.
TO CHARLOTTE A. MILLER, the defendant in
the above case. You are hereby notified that
Seth M. Miller, your husband, has filed his petition
for .divorce from youlrom the bonds of matrimony.
Aud that an alias subpoena has been received, and
proof mode that you were not to be found in said
county. You are therefore required to appear at the
Court House in the borcmgh of Towanda. at the Feb
ruary term of said Conlrgion Pleas,'oo Monday, the
2d day of February nest, to answer to' the said
ccimplaintt mid stmis cause, if any you have,' why
the said Seth should not be divorced from you.
. Sherirs Office; Towanda. Jan. 2,1852, .
Zak at Whops&le.
EVER!variety of Harrison s Columbian Mt, just
I received by the enbscriberbb•has made sr
rangetnenth by which - he can atiftply Merchants &
Dealers, on as favorable terms as can be hid of the
proprietors. • O. D. BARTLETT.
Tciwanda, N0v.:29, 1851.
' - ' - ',•: -- ':'-ftqi4iPMMWitme;
illkerini Bale.
By virtie'of:sf writ oflreid. Esponas issued
out of the Conti of Commim Pleas.of Bradford
COunty, and to me directed, Will be exposed to pub.,
tic sale, at the-Court House lathe barn,' of Towanda
on Monday the 2d day of february of t o'clock. P.
M., the following rot piece or parcel 'of land situate
in Rome tp., bounded and described as follows to
w!t on the north bAlands of Phillip' "Harden and
Simeon Diniock'and %Ad Alger, on the snisth by
lands of Chester Wage - and Joseph Yoke; OS the
west by Chester Prince and Phillip Bartlett. Con
taining two hindred acres more or less, about one
hundred acres improved, one framed 'dose
otkp framed bath and a mail orchard of bait trees
Seised and takon in execution at the snit of Jo
seph Kingsbery vs. David Eicklor.
ALSO—The following lot or piece of land Anal
ted in the borough of Towanda and bounded and
described as follows to wit : beginning on the Mirth
side of the state road at the south west corner of a
lot owned by James Meintyre,%thence along the
north side of said road, south eighty three degrees
west fitly feet to a corner, thence north two degrees
east, one hundred and four feet to_ the south line of
J. W. Mercur's lot, thence nearly east filly feet to
Mrs. Rice's west line, thence south two degrees
west to the place of be g inning." Containing 5.200
feet more or less, with a framed church building
thereon erected. •
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John
Bridleman vs. Solomon Cooper.
ALfiO—A piece or parcel of land in Ridgbury;
bounded north by lends of —Griswold, easlt by
lands of Sturg es Noires, south by lands of Rickey
and Burt, an pest by lands of D. A Smith. Con
taining about eighty acres, more or less, about forty
ocres improved, one hewed lug borne, one framed
barn, one log barn, and two apple orchards thereon.
Seized and taken in ezecutton at the suit of Win
Peterson .to the use of C. F. Wilsen vs. Peter Squires.
ALSO—A piece of land situate in Springfield tp.
bounded and described as follows, to wit : north by
the road leading from Springfield centre to Ridgba
ry, east by lands of Alexander Leonard, south by
lands of J. Pitts, and on the west by lands of Hen
ry Teed and others—containing about seventy acres,
with about twenty-five acres improved. with two
log houses and one log ham and a few fruit trees
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of T
P. Wolcott vs. Caleb T. Wilcox and J. P. McAffe.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Leroy tout
ship, bounded on the north, east and south by lends
of John Hammond, on the west by lands of Francis
Harris. Crintaining four and a half acres, more or
less, all ; improved, one block house, one framedbarn
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of M. C.
Arnout vs. Nedebiah Smith 2d.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land situated in the
township of Rome, bounded north and west by land.
of Thomas Bartlett, south by lands of Jos. Vought
and C. Wedge and east by Simeon Dimock. Con
taining ono hundred and fifty acres, more or less,
about sixty-five acres improved, one frame house,
one frame barn and apple orchard thereon. •
Seized and taken in execution at the bait of C. F.
Harder, to the use of John Frost, vs. David Eicklor
and Sally Eicklor.
ALSO—A piece or parcet of land in AsytOm tp.,
Beginning at a corner of Harty Birney's lot,a pitch
pine tree, standing on the east side of 'he road—
thence south 18 ° east along said road 79 p to' a cor
ner; thence south 10 ° east along said r0ad.714 p to
a corner in Seymour Beeman's line ; thrice along
Beeman's line north se east 157 p to a corner ;
thence north 116 p to :a corner, a stone heap ; thence
west 190 pto the beginnin!. Containing one hun
dred and thirty-seven acres, and forty-six perches,
about,eighty-five acres improved, one frame house,
frame barn, frame carpenter's shop, and two apple
orchards thereon.
Seized and taken in eaecution at the snit of Geo
Bramhall v.i.Moses Bramhall.
ALSiit—A piece or parcel of land in Smithfield
twp., bounded on the north by the public highivay
leading from East Smithfield to Troy on the east
and south by 'A. Phelps and west by E. S. Tracey.
Containing about one aere,all improved, one frame
house and,One frame barrt thereon erected.
ALSCL , 'Another lot of Smithfield town
ship, bounded north by E. EP: Tracy and John Hev
ener, east by the public highway, south by T. M.
Harding, and west by E. S. Tracy. Containing
about one-half acre, all improved.
Seiziti and taken in execution at the suit of Geo.
Burt & Coo ye. L. H. Pierce.
ALSO—A piece or. parcel ot - laud situate in She
shequin township, bounded north by lands of Wm
Horton, west by land lately belonging to Chas Hor
ton, on the west by Andrew Webb. Containing
about.thirty.six acres, more or less, about twenty
acres improved.
Seized and taken in execution at the snit of An.
drew Webb (now to the use of David Cash.) vs.
Wm. Horton, Jr.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in the town
ships of Franklin end Leroy, bounded on the north
by nada of Richard Morse, on the east by lands of
Francis Morse, on the south by lands of Allen Rock
well, Luther Morse &Richard Morse and on the west
by lands of Richard Morse. Containing about fifty
six acres, more or less.
ALSO—One other tract of land in Franklin town
ship, bounded on the north by lands of Joseph Ma
leer, on the east by the highway leading from Frank
linjo Granville. on the south by lands of Sylvaaus
Gee, and west by lands of Joseph Mateer. Con
teining about seven' awes, more or less, about five
acres' improved, with one frame two story house and
a small orchard thereon. •
Seized and taken in execution at the snit of Mary
Hart vs. Sidney Burnham
ALSO—By virtue of a writ of Levari Facies, alt
the right, title and interest or the °defendant in •
piece or parcel of land'in Franklin township, Be-'
ginning at a post corner; bciirg the south' east cor
ner, thence by land in the watTartle mane of Peter
Ladley, south 291° west 226 p to a hemlock ; thence
by lands in the warrantee names of Sambet Siddons
and Nathan Hurley, north GO° tegsf-320 p to tt post;
thence by land in the Warrantee haute of Josph Lad
ley. north 29f ° east 226 p to a maple ; thenersonth
60° east .120 p to the beginning, being an undivided
one-third part of the above described tract. Said
tract containhig four hundred and fifty two acres.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit , of A.G.
Waterman, assignee of George Wood. vs. James S.
Pringle and Wm. Kay and Thos. Chambers, terre
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, Jan. U. 1852.
John Mein ea. Caroline Winter. No. 315, Decem
ber Term, 1851, Bre:fjord Com:Pkgs. Libel for
'TUT CAROLINE -WINTERS,Ihe defendant in the
1 abode case. Tod are hereby notified that John
Winters, your husband, has filed his petition fordi
voreafrour you (ma the bronfs of matrimony. And
that an alias abpcona has been returned, and proof
Wade that you were not to be found m said county.
You are therefore Hereby appear at the
Court the Borough of Towanda. a: the
February term. of said comnion Pleas. on Monday
the 2d day of February next; to answer the said
complaint. and show cause if any you have, why
the said Jobn should not be divorced from you.
' Sheers Office, Towanda, ,January 3, 1862.
11711EREAS, my wife MARY has this day left
V , my bed and board, strithoukany just cause or
provocation, forbid all persona harbistint
or trusting her on my iikehuni. as I shalt pay neclibts
ifher contracting afferthis date,
Towdolla, fitec.27,lBl.
ALT. persons indefitecrto the Mee of TRA
BRONSON, fare of OrWeli toohiship . dee.eas
ell, are hereby notified to make' payment niitllontda
lay ; ansl aft persons haviag. demands ttgalifst said
estate will pre:ol4 . llmM prOperlyafiested for settle
ment to' , CHAUNCY molt
Orwell, Nov. 17, tedf. '• - sQeatitor s.
O"ALSO aU ` peesona indebted ti) the Wei firm
of BRONSON & HUMPHREY, are hereby tailed
upon to come forward and` aitite their respective ac•
counts in due time. I. D. HUMPHREY,
NEW - r - ff - A . - I":' , - IND - TWINTER -- GOODS:'
la now receiVing an - exTensiv i tassortmentof .GOODtkpurelfaSed since the late decline - lin.Prices, and
whiglingutthfleil to suit tb taateraad;teishee of purchasers, and meet the wants of the public ; end
as every body knows that he always sell; Good:, eery cheap, it is not necessary to make.any remarks
--- - z
on that 'subject - ' - •.,
. _
I shall in a few days tecelvela very large natal - 4;1)114 - o( New Books 'Anil Stationary, and being desirOus
of traposPng of double the usual quantity Ibis season, shall reducE the pules to a very low figure.
Being agent for the sale of the Bay State Shawls in this %rough, I am enabled to offer them much
lower and in larger variety than. any other estahlir nent this side of New York. Large supplies of
these shawls will be received during the winter.
Fish. Nails, Glats.tlits, Hardware, Crockery, Boot ad Shoes, Salt, dte.. JOB. MUSTIER
' To the Citizens of IBradford Co.
IUR. G. would say to the reading public that now
IV-11, is an age of literature, an age of unprecedent
ed magazibe popularity. The basis of every Re
public rests upon the great and broad principles 'of
universal intelligence disseminated among the body
politic. Trusiing to the patrdnage of an intelligent
dublic, extensive arrangements have been Made with
the leading Amerienn publishing honses,,to supply
the best products of the press. written by the most
eminent writers. Books supplied to orler,in large
or small quantities. New publications and books
on hand ar troop- as issued. ,Magazines, &c., paid
for by the number, on delivery.
List of Magazines and Reviews, for 185:—'
North Ave. Review, Litters Living Aar,
Eclectic, . International Maga, Me,
Knickerbocker, Harper's
Democratic Review, to aham's "
Hunt's Merchant's Map Godey's "
Silliman's Journal, Sartain's "
Nineteenth Century, 'Peterson's , "
volt tralt. 'Ladies' Repository,
North British Review, Drawing Room Courp'u;
Edinburg Review, - Eliza Cook's Journal.
Westminster Review, Phronological Journal,
Loudon Quarterly Rcv'w, Water Cure Journal,
Blackwood's Magazine, Parlor Magazine,
London Punch, Ladies' Wreath,
London Art Journal, &c. &c. &c.
1 1 All of the above magazines will be furnished at
city prices. Harper's Magazine commences a new
volume with the Dec. number—the others with the
January.A large quantity of Brother Jonathan's
received far holiday presents. Please call and sub
scribe at the stores of the following agents ro—Dr.
H. C. porter, Towanda ; Dr. C. Drake, Troy ; M.
Belloeir,Sraithfteld ? C. H. Derrick, Athens ; Judson
Holcomb, Rome. Dec. 1851.
Sheriff 's Sale.
BY virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued out of
1-/the Court of Common Pleas, and to me directed
will be exposed to public sale at the Court House,
in. the born,' of Towanda, on Saturday, the 31st day
of January, at I o'clock P. the following piece of
land situate in South Towanda township, bolnded
as follows, to wit : on the north by lands of Samuel
Gilbert and Nelson Gilbert, on the east by lauds of
Wm. Patton, on the south by lands of Wellington
Cox and Wm. Gregg, on the west by Lorenzo
Bowman, and north-west by the public highway,
being the 'southern part of No. It in the snb-divt
siim of the Franklin college lands—containing
about forty acre, with about twenty-five acres ini•
pro7ed, a small franie house and barn and apple
orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in exeention at the suit of Geo.
H. Butt and J. D. Goodenough vs, Samuel Gilbert,
Administrator of Daniel Gilbert, deceased.
ALSO—A certain piece or parcel of !and situated
in Towanda tic., beginning on the east line of 241 st.,
on the line between the land of the late Elizabeth
Means and the lot herein described, thence south
31 degrees west 100 feet along the east line of 2d st.
to,a stake for a corner, thence south 861 degrees
east 1461 feet, thence north 31 degrees east 100 feet
more or less to said Means line, thence north 864
degrees west 1401 feet to the place of beginning.—.
Containing 14650 feet more or less. Reserving 63
feet from the east end of said lot for an alley ; all
improved, with stone walls fur an ice house thereon
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Full
er, Waller & Co. vs. 1.. W. Tiffany.
Sheriff's Office,
Towanda, Dec. 27,1851.
Administrator's Notice.
A M. persons indebted to the estate of GEORGE
SMITH, deceased, late of Tuscarora township,
are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay, and all persons having demands against said
estate are requested to present them duty authenti
cated for settlement. GEO. W. SMITH.
Tuscarora, Dec. 2. 1851. Administrator.
Books ! Books !
A Complete assortenent of Bchool, Blank. Classi
-471. cal & Miscellaneous Books, constantly kep up
and for saleat the lowest rates by.
Nov. 29, 1851. 0. D. BABTLAITT.
lIIT 1110111 -
Fall and Winter Goods.
33. T. rox,
Is now receiving direct from New York a lame and
splendid assortment of floods which be offers for
sale at prices which cannot fail to suit the closest buy
ers, for Cm', Paanccs, os ArectovEn C1161)171 He
respectfully asks a call from all persons wishing to buy
goods cheap, as - he is determined not to be undersold.
Towanda, November 24, 1851.
•••• -
Vlcrom Es AND CITFFS—a few setts for sale
sheep at nv2l . FOX'S.
an BAY STATE SHALLS, Various patterns, col
.t/k/ ors and qualities, just received at
Oct. 14, 1851. MERCER'S.
$8,368 N a r i l: 1 11 8 , beep
Dt Enrol, Direct from the Manufacturers
'FIST received by express anothet case of Ba 3
J State Shawls, splendid styles, at
Towanda. Nov. 28,1851• • J. KINGSBERY.
ALL petsons knoising themselyes indebted to the
estate of CHART. t 9; WGERE! Oec'd, late of
Canton (rt., ard heteby' 'notified to make ftnanedia'e
payment, and dime having siair:as against said es.
tate, are requested to present them duly authentica
ted for settlement .
Canton. N0v. 26, 1651. Administratrix.
CLOVER SEED.—Large and small Clover Seed for
sale by fl 6 MONTANYES & CO.
A I.T. persona indebted to the Fatale • of.WILLIAM
E. BRADFORD deceased, istanlWarretitownship;
ire hereby rill:muted to make payment *Mont delay,
and all persons having demands against said estate are
requested to present them,fduty authenticated for set.
Warren, Oct: It 11451:, Administrators.
immo •11- a 1411TWAIIIBIEICII.11r-i l i,
COMM A7111'611114
locateil in Towiinle, eeririees dray
Eie' obtained by addreising a fine through the Post
dike, of 14 Walling M the oftiee of tifydese Metter,
Esq., where ft 0 will be rattail; of aihea a Mitten ap
ficattilon lief Go leo. Nov, I. teat).
ethOTHING.-..k nerwl assortment of reedy made
kJ Clothing just reetheit-et - MERCURIEf.
Sept, 0. VW. - • •
Ai Up,ITOR,3 .IgOtieg.
to ge. molly of the Ude of Horatio" Ladd deed,
Tf: auditor appointedla the . Clipltsii's Court
of Bradford County upon eireptions filed to the
partial account of A runali Ladil, one 9f the eiren.,
tors of salAdeeedOht.i *ill attend , t o the duties of
said appiiinnitent at his of f ice bora' on
!lie 24tt dny'or •Ystittary,, o'clock,: V. M., of
' which, •ditteiloris intereited will Piaui take notice.
l ib
- " HENRI' D00T11.../inditor.
DeOe • cr, "4, I 8.5 l. • .t
50088 4pin sirAnomAss.
lElll.lla 11101 4 &110 Loartao
Adams & Effacilirlane,
HA VING entered into copuitnenihip in the practice
of law, hove alto established an agency for the
sale of real estate in the county of Bradford. Pewits.
having real estate which they desire to sell, by railing
and fearing a descriptiow of their property with the
s terna; dealer, will undoubtedly fit.d it .to their 'dean
Pc►anns desirous of purchasing can team where prop
erty is for sale—s description of the same with the
price and terms of payment and le as it) the
Tutiaity of title. .1. C. ADAMS.
Towanda, Mey 2,1851. .1. MACFARLANE.
HusToN & PORTER have just added to their
assortment a large stock of Fresh Drees. Medi
cines, Chemicals, Oils, Paints, Groceries and Liquors,
which are now offered to the puhlio at' low rates.
Their stocked FANCY GOODS & PF ItFUM Ell Y
is the largest and most complete ever offered its this
Also a-choke assortment of pure WINES &
QUORS, suit Ale for medical purposes.
A large variety of Comphene.Phospene. Fluid,Lard
and Oil LAMPS, containing 'many new and beautiful
sty les.
Being agents for all the best Pa!ent .Iledicinrs of the
day. purchasers m la depend upon procuring a genuine
article in all eases.
MI the Drugs and ➢Tedicines kept at their eatabliah
crrents may be relied upon as genuine and of the beat
qqality, having bein carefully selectea with a view to
their awfulness.
nv South stir e 4 tho Ward Howse. and No .% Brick
Row. Towanda, May 27, 1851.
RICH FOULARD, Chameleon Chene, Dl'lt Dress
Silks, French and Rarege Detanes, a new article
for summer dresses. French and English Lawns, Sirk
Tissues, Linnen Lustre s and any quantify of other dress
goods at FOX'S.
THE abbscriber offers for sale his Farm situated in
Wysot township Bradford couty, about 3 miles
from Towanda and 1 from the river. Containing
about 120 acres, about 65 or 70. acres improved, and
well watered, Asia' several good apringe of wider. , The
buildings upon the farm consist of a largo frame tarn,
and log house. These premises offer many inducement,
to those wishing to purchase, and will be sad at a bar-
gain. Credit will be given for one-half of the purchase
money if minim& For further particulars enquire of,
or address the subscriber at W:yelo% I', 0,
Wysnr. Aria. 16, IF3I, WM: D. STROM.
LLB DJght at the Furnishing Depot.
N& A. CA MPBEII,I., return theh etagere thanks
• for the tibe al patronage heretofore beutowed.
and would again call attention of their friends and rag
tomets to their late arrival of NEW SPdINIII
Consisting of all things necessary for elothing the out
er man ; whiah will be sold at a littlelower pitces than
has hithertofore been asked.
.Dress Goods.
Yarm for Sale
Please give. us a dell before purehasingelsesiliere
Paper gangings.
MITE only complete ussortnieut of Paper Honiings,
1 Borders; Window Paper. and Fire board, Views,
kept in this region, and at prices as low as can be
found at retail eithcein or out of the principal cities, at
May 8. 0. D. BA RT.I.F.T .
Administratcr's Sala.
N pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court of
ltradfurd county, will be exposed to pubne sale
on Saturday. the 3I st of January, 1f52, at two
O'clock, P. M., at the public house of S. C. \rantfeet,
a certain tract of land, about 50 acres, late part of
the estate of Se - ley Malcom:,, deceased, situate in
Leroy township, Buttn?.ed by Hecock, on the
east, and south b 7 lands of the Hardee estate, west
by lands belonging to the estate of Steriing Hol
comb, dee'd, north by Towanda creek; Ifi or 17
acres improved, with one framed barn erected thcre•
on, the remainder woodland. Terms one fourth cash,
on confirmation of sale, the remainder in three
equal yearly instalments, frit h
Payments secured by bond and mortgage on the
premises. U. STOOKWELEI,
M. L. wbosTER.
December 19. 1851.
Orphan's Ocairt. Bald. ,
I N pursuance of aft order of the Orphaiii Cdurt, of
Bradford countji, there rill be exposed to public
sale, on Saturday, the 31st dr, of Jatiaary next,
at I o'clock P. M.. on the premises, a certain tract
of land sildate in Dorel lownstlp,-lAte the estate of
Allen goody, deceased,
_bounded, on the north by
lands of Simoh Sierrea,"east by the main road, and
lands of said Stereos. goiith and'west by lands of
Francis X. Hornet. Containing one and one fourth
acre, or thereabouts, all improved, with a two story
framed house thereon erected.
Attendance given, and terms of :11c made known
by FRANCIS X. Hower,
December 12, 1851. Adthinistrathrs.
UARD W A RE.—A very largo and general assort
11 mew of hardware of eves) , description/including
Carpenrus; Joiners and Blacksmitkot Harness
and Carriage Maker's Trimmings and Toolb, Building
Materials &c.. constantly on baud and for sale at very
low prices by MEM: UR'S.
_____,_ _ _ ___ _________
ALLper.... knowing them.selses to be indebted to
tho estate „nr AEI AII !Cld NV OAT E.N E,
deed late of Benith Creeg, tp„ ore heretY retreated
lb make imtheiliiie payment,. and theie claims
against said iststewill please preseiit: them inanaediately
duly sethentkatid for settlement.
Bonth Creek, Oct. 11, 1R:511 7 Admitii.trntom
persons indebted to the estate of A. W. B.
Vangorder, deed, late of the Morfohip of Dore!,
are fetteby requested to' mare paYtrient Without delay,
and those having claims against said estate, will please
present theft duly authenticated for s,ettivment.
1,14111,DA VANtIORDER,
September W. tB5l. Administrotiz.
persons indebted to the esiate of LESII3EL
MAI NARDrdaceased. fate of Rome town
ship. are hereby, requested to make payment with
out delay, and &AO hiding claims against said
tale, tdilf pfe'ase pitegent them duly and auther•:,„ ted
for BeTtlemt,ol; ". E. M Ar . :l A RD.
JOHN PA: A smo ttE.
Administt'ators with the will anne- ace d
ToWanda -Au , *• 9 1851.
(I ROCKERY & GLASS . WAIIE, a large. stork o 1
‘.l fared fur sale by FOX.
T OOK HE1: 1 2,!-.44 are now selling the best arti
.LA clot 4 nohow; at 311 ients : per gallon.
811 A &
6 — _ , CorCH YARS Ter/ fine t absO solne kosinnon qnsli-
L 7 1 9 at. • . 1 PDX'S.
?to CIIkSTS YOUlsid HYSO,N. ilieon
I' I . Skin' and Black Teag. Mao 15 iligP Rio and
.1011,M:free, jult reeni.ed iC ' • ' MEPCTIII'S. •
SH KS. an extensive asmortineof of Muck and Color.
ed D Mei Bilke and Sitina v olso Floreneoirof oveq
cclos will lm found at . ft 'B.
Fall and Winter Goode.
.14:02g 1 1 1 Janni r g.W . : 4L:Co.
HAVE now lit Store s large teak of Good. from
New-York and other markets, whiel are afeted
wholesale and retail. at t..e. , lowest pteatirda, pricers--
Y e agintion a few things that may alsrayithe found at
our Slorei. Piihtir, gingham's, poplins, M.siliittes. Bsc..
of the latest stjf '
Grorenes. Ifiraware. Crockery. Baca. and Simms.
Hats, Caps. die. he.- Of which we have a largo 41s.
sortment. selected with great cote and offered atlow
prices, and will not be waderauld. Alan. hos iery.
gloves, woOen ware, glass; ear leather, besides a
thousand other articles which we need nor eneausratss
all-of which we offevlto our customers at prices disc
must give great satisfaction. as our entire Stock IMO,
laid in s wrinto when. the inarket was mometa
ly depressed. entt geode were marry per rent. lower
than usual. By attention ant promptuela in westing
the want of our eustomere, We hops to meet s eon.
tionance of the patronage that . thr tiiihertn berm out
hrstowed upon ia. MONTAN YES' 4 CO.
'Fourarerehi, Urs. 1 I . 185 I
E . T. FOX, would respentfully inform his old friyne:a
1:4• and the cilia. ns of Ilrasfrm ceneWel that ho
is any receiving a full stock of F.U. t.:01)118, which.
he is desirous of disposing of at a very stnall- advance,
from first cost, being satisfied that his goods am select•
ed with as much care, add bought at least, at as law
prices as his neighbors, he iA , now anxious to convince ,
his customers that they will be sold at the riubt kind of
prices. Please o 11 and sew, as therm is surely nu harm
in knowing how cheap some tolls do sell goods—call
wain. Corner of Main and Pine street.
Fall & Winter GoodE.
ISTIRTON zsavasrzior.
IR now receiving a large assortment of Fall void Win
ter Gonds, direct from New York Which is glared
at Greatly reduced prices to casts buyers.
Towanda, Oci. I 1 951.
The First Mime of asking.
ADIVORCE having lately been effected betweeor
the present Register and Recorder of Uradtkowl
County, and the office he now holds, to take its il nal
effect on the first day of December nest•. It becomes
indispensable that all debts duo to the subscribe, in
his official capacity should be immediately liquidated.
The peptic.: interested in this notice will
_sass them
selves trouble, and the Register much personal annoy
ance by a prompt attention to itit contents. Tbeaffairs
of the effico must be settled immediately, end the State
tales remitted, and to enable him to e nccomplish this
the parties indelowl to him most pry at once.
let. ft. tn..% CK, Records,.
New Arrival of
Q. & M.. C. MgRCUR are now receiving •
very extensive , ninnwnnont et Uoode for the 1%11
trade, a hi‘h will be sold at erludeattle or - retail cheaper
then nt any other store in the County.
Tawarelo, :Sept. 4, lits l.
ELEOGOtiOD of ZiOpeZ !
QTII,I, loser news Oa New 'Yolk & E. N. R, of the
Li arrival of a very large stock of Wrchaniltza at
PHIN NE Y & LOY M ANS No. 3 Mick Rein' which
they are prepared to sell at wholesale ur retail tow Cash
or Ready Pay, cheaper than the cheapest, from the Ines
that they purchased their stock for cash in re eery Jr
prem.,' state of the market. Don't mistake the places.
No. 3 Brick Row next door to Ur. If ustornr.Drug aura.
r.,„ TONS SUGAR, jug received, at crholeaste snd
e.-/ retail. PHINNEY & BOWMAN.
QAI3, n lame lot, also Iron, Nails, ffardware, &c.
143 and Mackerel bbla., J and } bble, for ode by
CH EST 6 more of those three ne;:. your *hitting.
Ikl Th.AB,.at 1 3 11INNTi & HO WMAN.
(ZH EE'rlNO*, stiir.;oos, stripre, utig ticks, for sale
lr.;otyrs & 61-16 ES, the littgest cheapest assort
!neat in town--and Huts antl,,COps, at wholesale
an ' mail. PIIINNEY k BOWMAN.
CI;0 (.7 KEH V, Olesswarr. l'aiitt4, Oils. Glass, Dyes,
IDBESS GOODS, • large earlety— Bonnets aod
Shawls, a good a.asorirnsid. for sale by
•ep22 - I'HLNNEV & BOWMAN.
-1 MAN'S. , A'kr whirti cash 4.61) be paid. • 142
1 - ,1 HEAT. Oats, Rye and Corn, taken in exchange
11 fer
,goods. NE 4. BOWMAN-
BliTTEß—koo Firkina wanted, fur which part cash,
will La gait. PIiISNEY & BOW :0.44X.
ATS. Caps. ltontsewl Shoes ; 6 eases new atyle
of'Huts and Caps, Also a large rtock of tnens.
Woolens end Chi rend Boots and Shoes just received
at ' AtEltCUl 'S
COME ONE, bdME ALL, and examine ;cop.:lnm
Goods, whieE 9re now being exbibliod
ap26. • U. Kr; G3BEllersll!
Ryg & CORN f sale by
July b . EL - T: FOX.
N asoirment of READY-MADE: COEFINS wilt
A' N
Rept constantly on band M Nye § old stand ow
Main street, where the subscriber is- altoprefiart4 to
make and r. I, tr all kinds of Fun:tit:arc.
.uly 12, 'MI. 111. Wll - 1.1.0t.
81. ACTING POWDER.-50 kivg Wasting , Pbws
der, by 1 f'lB 15111N'T_ANVES , & PO.
CROCKERY.—The largeat• Rork in town. Full
dinner and tea sena, al white granite and Wu*
ware, which will he sold cheap at FOX'S.
LIVERY one knows thatntte place to God the limes
-LI assortment and best wA.lity of gloves of ell dere
criptione is nt splf; FOX'S.
d rADOZ. Pitfiatnn, negilorn,Pndm Leal end Cattida
PM Straw Loa at nlllll FOX'S.
131'k.:3111 Laco for MAN rILT AS at,
0p26 FOX'S.
B I:K Silk mil
n RC COODri—A &NI assortment
Cashmeres. De Loins, Alpacas, r. f ut TIOVir
owning; at jib • MERetin's.
Grocerf- 39 .
6H H' D. of Sugar at Prie"-s positively les, than any
before 1°1(1 in town aitbin one year. also, Moine
pee sweet and gool tio; o1 31 t o . 50 eta. . Din. Laguira
and Old Java DOM.,
that cant he beat. Fine bun&
Raisinr.'rePPer• 'Apices. Sateratns. Ginger, and • On
(nal assortmer:, of grocer i es alma full supply_ o t tfrea'a
new Teat, n t e d o „ Los i t eco o . oat, right or 1 1;,,,
moot! r.rternerl ire stresses ; jnai received'an4 fur eat
at sers.l2. rOVS.
R ICH Ribbonsi Donne! Silks, Lelia and Crawl" .at
ap2fl FOX'S.
2(1 DALES OF SHEETTNg, csgrupopl and fins
In 10-4 - lahle. A vice assortment of Bleach
ed Geode, bleacheir snit bensan Dritial Crash and Dra
pery, ianoven and blushed Taidel.innen,Chreks.
"Ts Ticking, Cotten"., Yarn, tling, Wiekina and
Wadding, sePing cheap at • FOX's.
EMBROIDERIES, A very .ergo stock of ..4svies an&
Muslin gdgings arid (interlines, SPIII:13 and. 144*-
lin Bands. ,nerdre wintrght Collars and Cuff:,
wrought Linen Handierehiefs, aria in fact the hunt
and best wwortment of Enobroidow.i Cowkiwover
offered in Towanda at F(44":-.4.
BI•ACK SILKS. aiwl n kw patterns of Wray Silks.
•which will be sold cheaper.: YOT'S.
1111,1001'8 6c EMDEN. w -good aarorurient •Tod4.a.
Gen 4, Misieg . . (Matthew' and lufaut• Shoe+ fur
irkRAPERY 1141:81.1N..• largo wad forltitilid gavot.
•-....•••• "flees at • "wil.