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. ir t v —r o r i t,„
• Abrubs*
4!.• • 4
p,.!ratuitiamipg,„sttptp, as %yell as
tree - ,la iomntoa err Mis plactstheui4loo sleep : in
fiMii the nisi. t)
ieceiving mole moisture they Often' stieceetrbet.'
nil the Drat-- - summer,- 110, 'he
their sifosequertilr healthy , gruw.tb: It is Inner
b4ltif to plant
mo,-ture by meatihr rJi
•untl by nieleliing — abOve. The multrutb- t. 4 tholo
ice May'beislionalitter manure. moes-. cnent tan,iti
verterlturriir lealor leaf tuoul 1. A ais l ett faee,
eonsisinig. of these materi4,.. to the he:ght
Mates, Ooratiltattvl injury whatever, ler a year cm
IN% rlmirab!y equalize the moisture bt the
sail. Manure •used in this way operates bel l eaei
ul4h, not.oll : the preserving pf.. the. moisture, .b u t
rt i :r3.1, the liquid - marrgrecarFie.l I
down in solution blrraisa .. especially - if applied in
autumn or winter. —The contrast between the hard
at d 'baker) surface, too opener) witnessed when the
graund is left bare', and the moist arid' soften earth
between, a coat of manure. or Utter, citify suf
ficiently:under stood by actual experiment. It 4 ad
vartage4 were strikingly exemplified a year nr two
since .MPlarits or bed of straWber . ries in the:"rivid
rthe et an excessive dry summer. The root., after
being 4 fiXeri by 'a
-Merin transplanting, wore p;otee.
led frera,atltoutla by a coat of mature three incites
th4;,k, although they wero, , tratererlbpl once, .nut a
plarn.:perishea,: , • ~
Slaking may begin someinatanees, necessary to
-prevent swaying by the wind, or a one-ruled growth'
Where they are . imperfect or unequal roots. Out
usually, if .he shrub is furnished with good roots,
and itcare is taken, witilelthe earth i 3 shovelled
m, to spread them all out like the arms of un um
& brella, they will serve to brace it erienly, and pre
went a one-sided growth. Fixing by wheer.'a: it is
le:Mellor. often sufficient, alone, to predate- the
-necetlitr of Making. lilts most conveniently iten'e
,by three persons—one spreading out theroots with
hisfingers,n second t‘iiiing in the each, while the
third seities it bypouring water from the nose of a
icatering pot: Although soh at first, the soil in a
few hours thies,a4tl hardens sullicentty to hold
firmly the new set Toots. An 244116041 stiffening,
it needed, may be given, encircling the bteam with
ir small temporary mound of east!,
In transplanting roses, and sumo other F.nall
shrubs, bulficent pruning of the top is rarely given .
Climbing rotes, and those generally whit;li throw
np rapid and vigorous shoots, will make a better
growth by antumn, by coning down to a lew good
buds when set out, than by leaving a long portion;
of the stem and branches, v-hich, indeed, not nn
frequently draws gallant upon the toots as to cause
the death of the plant. On.the other ham ) , we have
seen shrubs transplaritfal bi wet weather with en.
tile-suer:es., after haviug grown six inches by tak
ing op roots, and .thenelting the soil well with wo.
far, at the same tisnevtry lrei7lly shortening• bark
the shoots, and hopping most to the 1ea4? , ...-- Albany
Pulverizing Song.
-. It is believed, and indee94 the fact has been
"abundantly demonstrated, that the finer the stnl, iF,
the mote fertile w•iUl it he Tell *typoseil drat
minute disintegraimil comminution all that was
—essentially nece4.ary to tender any land luridly.
live mid fruitful, and no matter what might he int
. original eltaracior, the plir.v freely used would tun.
der the implication of stimulating manures or. pitir
/um tit any kind, unnecessary, This, however even
his own experiments, instituted:for the exprTs pur.
p of establishing the vaiiely of his ittiloitzed
theory, prove untrue. Still, in all cases, minute
pulveriiition is a vast benefit to any
_suit.; and
the.more perfect the cotruninution or division of
the constituent particles is, themore confidently
, •an we relayiupon the success of the futore crop,
whatever ii.may be.
By frequent plowinge, even the most tenacious
and adhesive lands will be ameliorated ; they will
be espof•ed more thoroughly and eget:to:llly to the
finalizing effects of dews, rains ; atmospheric in ,
fluences, and the et riching 'action of solar heat.—
The plants Ad also in sods thus pteParcil
n much more tavorali edinm ; they-are not ar
-tes ed in the progress, extralid freely in quest of
fool, and are not contorted and thrown wide
opposing ol , Neles which are iiimiiieralite:to a WA:ti
dal-form. Manure also acts muck_ more energet
(cally on fine soil than on that whi i cli is coarse, anZI
in compact masses; it doesnot so soon yield
humidity in seasons of drimalq, dud is , far
absorbent in time of rain.—Dem. Urt.
Rout' Cattle MU Trees
It is a noticable fact that a tree ever so thrifty and
uhatever kind, to which cattle gain access, and un
der which they become habituated to stand, will
very soon die. In the case of a solitary shade
tree in a pasture, or by the roadside, ibis is of com
mon occurenee. The query may have been sug
gested, to what this is Owing., In . the first place.
rubbing - a tree by the tie,Fk of cattle ie hiDhly per
nicious, and if persisted in, it will commonly des
troy it sooner or later ; but it the' body of the tree
be cased that their necks cannot touch it,' dea:lt
will ensue just as certainly if they ate allowed to
tramp :he earth about ,it. But shy should tram.
pia; the earth destroy the tree ? Tht reasda is one
of the wide important application to. the laws of
vegetable growth. The roots of pianist:et:ld air, il ,
pot sti coach yet as truly, 6:stilt:sleeves Mid branch
ae. rg* is apaLiguus to &it'd fishes,Whieli
though their: must have air also 1.1, just about as
much as permeates the water, If it,bertill shut eft,
so that none Which is fresh . can• gel to theta, they
ill psi:it:it the oupplc,op and then die' fp:
• Me want' pf• more.
• Act e too ts of (lees and • vegatables want
‘Vhen tho eitth is in a-normal or natural conilitLln
it is full,of interstices and channels by which air
gets to them. But if thecattle are allowed to-tramp
down the earth and the son aids their work by ba
king it at the same time; a crust like a brick is form
wholly impervious to the atmosphere and the
tree yields to its,f4te. Sa r a treelcimmii live if its
roots are covered with a pavement. They will
struggle for bfe by creeping to the surface and
hni-tirig out a talc% here and a atone there, or find
a crack where their noses can snuff a little
breath ;but if fon,ght down and covered over will
finally give it up So if a tree be ttuust into a elven
clay, or ire locits ore:kept wider water; it refries
io he an agouti': et to s put up w , ith
..!w the fin
43r 1 9 11 0Fa1'1P4 1 . 1 1.4 0116, v-
AgiiitailiAl; Stoic, ata
N w- Tang isTATI: ,;rrasT
. ,
Rail Road liorse Power -A Vresiier,
flith the kith-4 ci;!(1 linprovemenls,
I) , lleht is . seerired.
rp 11 ol..mriher takes tide method to inform;the
J- Farmer, of iltatlfortt urid the adjmning.coontias,
that he i.: scent fOr, and,has lot sale, the above ceh pre
trd and unequiited.HOnte Power and Threahing.ida•
chines, which he is pteptued to furnish on. the seine
terms as tip the manufactures. -with the. addition otthe
netual coat of transportation, contracted fur atAbeloye
eat nod Deft ratca.
The subscrilter has sold a 'number of 41m Ettinve ma
ehines,ln this, and the arlibining counties of Cbctriung
and Tioa,a, N. Y.,tand all wiihatiresseption have given
the very beet satisfaction, and where they are known,
all farmers dire them the prefergnce, on account of
peonotny in, threshing, being operated with much Jess
expense, and crackingrand wasting much leas grain
than any other machine in use.
The Two.Horae Power Threiher-And: Separator is
capable, with three or four men, of threshing-from lr
1 0.200 bushels of wheat or rye, or double that 'quantity
oats, per day.
The prizes- for Emery =es. Co.'s one
Hor-e Power, $1 500 .
Ao Thresher and Separator. 35-00
• •
do Bands, wrench, oiler and •
extra pieces, - 5 00—5125 00
Two-horse Power, .$llO 00
do Tre.ter and Separator. 35 00
do Banda, oiler, wrench. ece., .5 ..00--$151) 00
Also,Wheeler's ono-horse powir,Thresher,
and Separator, complete, (Improved this
mown) $l2O 00
Wheeler's two•honor Power, Thrtiber and •
Separator, complete, 145 00
Price of Emery's Treiber and Cleaner,
with booth., wrenches, Ste., 75 00
do Saw Mill, complete for'use, 35 00
Price of Grant's Fan Mills, adapted for
hand or power, from 22 00 to 25 00
The subscriber will, also the-coming season be pre
pared to furnish to order
The Cleaner-bair all the advantages of a good fan
oing mill, cleaning the grain fit for market, wasting
none? The additional cost being but little store than
a fanning mill, or about thirty dollars--Metahg the
whole Thresher and Cleaner cost 575 to the Painter,
and with Enter:. & Co,'s tun-horse power.slos 00.
Ci On account of the largo demand for the above
machines, and the difficulty of immediately filling or•
den for them, persons wishing to purchase mach i nes
should give me timely notice as to what kind and at
what time they wish to procure them.
Farmers wishing to do their threshing immediately
after harvest, should procure their machines as early as
tire first of July. Also for sale
441 manufneitarr's retail prises, sash as
::- k-w - „d.~
Rrnall's Grain 'Reaper.
&colriatg Horse Rakes, Buy, Straw and. 211tinurt
Forks„Zyc. Also,
Cast Iron and Wood Cistern and Well Pump,
LEAD PIPE of all sizes, in large or small quenti
les, cheap for cash.
N stock of Stoves, and prices, will compare favors.
Lily with those of any Stove Store iu any or - the Urge
noighbolius , towns.
Tin, Japanned anti . Sheet Ir©n Warr,
niona4ctured -811t1 fee sale wpaieliale and ietasl, Cheap
or Cash.
A large antl full Catalogue of Agrkultural
i.l ;engrninK futitiithed
either heri, or 'tar iipOicsniiin by m/il-poet+eid.
• • ;,111.% Y.l4lo . itiD M. CIA,ES.
'Athens, Pe., NOVaraber :iO, 1850. 1,20
THE subscribers respectfully inform the public that
thee have taken the shop formerly ocenpied by
Adam Esenwine, on Main street, nearly opposite
Drake's 'wagon shop, where they are prepared to do all
kinds of lId;ACKSMI•i'HING upon reasonable terms.
arc determined by doing their WO* well and
promptly; to merit, as they hope to receive a share' of
public p3trorregr.
IiORSEILSHOEING - done in the beet manner. All
kinds of repairiErz Macbinery,executed in the taost skil
ful manner. •
WOOD:WORK-col - wagons will also be made and
repaired when deirired.
All work done at their shop, will be warranted to he
well done, end Maaticactured from the best materiels.
The publiNem 'reqiiested to give be e! trial, tied' judge
for tlierneettiee. • IESENWINE & SEEBISCHIL .
;Towanda, May g, 1851. ' =
ADAM EtkErilt.,lNEl respectfully informs, the pub.
£l. lie tharlie 'neear °carpet ttie shop where hi4el
anti brother have for • ears' wiitlred; nearly • opposite
'romitia loundryoPhete ,heis ressly,.to,tlo , all work
in his line, as forrperly An Abe bi 4 Taupe*. He
tor/nine,' ,thelToputatiois ho has attained as skajtilftili
workman ,
not suffer by 'any neglect of the inter-s
este Of astotneirit iii•by any inattetnieit to litiaillCA • ,
TOOtS, itiiitrifkettited to order—miebitiery hf
kinds repaired in the beet maelter,seil,e,serY //lied of '
Repairing and iffou'uldefitring be dem et 4 1 ° 11
notice. and In the style &area;
• -.florae awing, ontreasonable Lenus.ri Re will olio
take , Country Product ittpayanent for work bat •*-ob-•
jests +strongly to eseslit fr , ,z: -. _
Tooladei tai. 17, 4851.
Saddle, Hariess & Trmalitanufactoiy.
Jvgg Cij.o do Co., r e sPegtruitY ids4 . A
a. public
that they have taken tho shop lately occupied by
C. F. Barrier. on Main toren, a few doors below the
Brick Row, wham they will keep on had a largo
stock of •
wl,lw4a. _ ezzvlizai, piaaraw3ch,
- ,
71114Caf ir TALISSO, MUM, atC,
articf.iin their Jjnp manufactured to order, and
made of the itest material, andlur worlimanihip cannot
be SUlPaille in Northern Nrmsylsattio..„They solicit
s e csil tonktitisso wishing to puiettaSe, conAtieS, that
they ran MVO satisfaction both th. to quality end price.
c3qitiip phill•foi iffideis and , E3hitepMeltSit
allharlatemst rates, at our shot:: '
Towanda, November I 9th, 1:50.
WEW;s7lR.ttit,4ol, .17-,N06t,„ - ••00ti91
Hardware,- b7tovoi•Uoppere Brassf
• -,••• • -
• - - WARE
A`zA OS c:' 8
ELL basing ! (ttono , ,,,eftlailler*
nenthip. respectfully call the attention at tll Pub.,
lic to their3iioitinebtif Its )*hiettAirgbltidltions have
riiitiltrylken suede; =eking :it:,the Atinpatt- ant fttoot
estied ever, '..soffered m ails- regiOnt!.:4 mans tinvinuiti
nide et articles ,a fele-arili be :enutnernted:
English,'Arnericau firtd'Elivedeeltittarit-otel• fauna;
Enl.llish nnE i 4 Ainerie'in 'refined ; hoop, bend-tifilliorwe
shoe froth nniti.roge tibit malleable Iron of Ilkdescrip
tione. &c. ; Witff ii'Gdo3.iicaiiitrfippr of N f id,
sa, 6d, Bd, lett; and , 2o4; 4:s tour , 6 ineffitintiee ;
wrought nails on) Worse .nnikt.,., by dho •pound, keg or
Am. • Mgr!, east , Orman, English blister; -Arnerieen
spring gut tin!: WO, .
=Carpenter's ••and•aeiner's ,Toelso • :
Of all descriptions, siztt broad, routine and hand new;
hatchets;•ndu joiner's- cast steel mortice, -firmer and
framimuchisets ;•cOreirlon,end east steel augurs, ~ o r all
aizes, from to. 2 inch ; braces and..liitts t. angue.and
pod tints extra; planes-and-plane. irons; - hands tenant.
Cut, keyhole • bnil saivs ; iron and steel and
try squares of tillthAilk. from'sl to 15 inches ; hammers.
spirit 1eve1 , ,,-bevels, tape lines, monied. guages r of all
sizes, eF,rets drivers,,serstchgs haktow angms,
Anvils, hellows; ekes', ' hammers.. Sledgea '
hammers, snicks and dies, drilling mtebinekdtc. •
I" . .areiees Tools.
Shovels, square or round pints ;;Tielts, hoes, hey,
straw and ruanure forks; log, cable and binding chains,
crowbars, grubbing hoes, rakes, grass soythei, scythe
snathes, scythe stones and rifles, Cradle scythes, bush
scyttuts, corn cotters, shovel plough moulds,, garden,
rakes; hogs anti troieept, scoop sboirele, ?Sze,'
Carriage trinir6.lnge.
Carriage bows, top leather and cloth ; Patent leather ;
India rubber cloth; -bras* and silver plated hub bands,
concave' end Boston patterns 9
• brass and silver ?kited
curtain frames, lining nails, carrhige knobs, apron rings
and!hooks, stump joints ; brass and silver plated joints ;
seaming cord ; striped' fees. aide and narrow; silk
striped lase, new style . ; top lilting, worsted fringe,mosi,
varnish cloth, patent axles anti ails arms ; springs, 0-c.
• Harness Trimmings and Spdofferu Ware of the lat
est and most approved stylves, and of
nous° Trimmings,
We have on hand a full assortment. Also a large quan
tity of LEAD PIPE, which we are prepared to furnish
at the lowest prices, together with - copper and britannia
stop cocks And cork stops. Any quantity of Pump
chains and %WI Riggiugs. A general assortment of
Saw mill, circular and wood saws; plastering and
brick trowels; lathing hammers, shovels Tirol tongs ;
files and rasps of all sizes; shoe and tack hammers;
drawing knives, turner's chisels and gouges, saw setts,
callipers, pincers, knives and forks, carving knives and
forks and roes; butcher, pocket and pallet knives;
coach wrenches, trunk, chest and till locks; tailors and
sheep shears;
,and bed castors ; Allover Wild ma
bells, glue and enam elled sauce kettles; brass kettles,
from tam quarts to half a harm! ; Hollow ware and
cauldron kettles ;
. tea and coffee pots; dues* and
tenuis candle'sticks and snuffers; trays, fruit trays
. and
large servers ; '
curtain arms and Ornt.,.of the latent , styls ;
stair rods and huldars; ladies' andArentlemen's pocket
schism; razors and razor strops; German silver and
tnitann'a table-and tea spoons; hair, clothes owl shoe
brushes ; brass and steel barrelled pistols bud revolvers;
gun locks, steel nipples and nipple wrenches; shot, shot
pouches and piawiler flasks; barn door strap and T
binges. Also nisnufact piing end :will keep constantly
on band a large assortment of .
• Tin and .Taganned Ware.
We have. also jolt received 30 tons of srov P. 9
composid in put of t hi. following patterns arta sizes;
Republican air tight CookinirdliAve, .1 Number —4
Farmer's 9
of 030 LAN
Queeq, cf
ifilprek,eli Pr. - n(111r
1;11e , .l . 111 .'.•
ir, l'n ZC
I' , .1;•1 ',l
Ax 11,,,1t
Sit plate Btriveli.
The nh.ier r(irrinrii I.ut n f-•ic t.
ment wtnrh t hey ntier in'the itti:lle., .I,i .1: ot oto.ll
w ill be i r e ,p ee ed at extremely kw totes.. of
this. please Call at HALIVs phi stand. south side of
square. and extending to Pine street.
Otd Copper, lion, Brow and most kinds of Pro.
duce, liken in payment. Towanda, lone 6. //461„
Now !York Importers and Jobbers,
58 Libertgx street, between Broadway and Nastau
street, near the Pant Office. New York.
AXTE arc receiving: 3 .. by daily arrivals from 'Europe,
Y V our Fall and Winter assortment of rich fashion
tildo.Fancy Silk and Millinery Goods
• •
We respectfully invite all cash purchasers thoiough
ly to examine our atock:vind prices; and, Is intermit
govern's, we feel cool - id - ant our goods @ttd prices ! Avill
induce them to, selec' from our fstatilistament, Par
ticular atteytion is devoted to nillitiery Good, and
ninny of itc articles are manorachired expressly to oar
order, and cannot be rOrpaseed in beauty, biylo
- ,Beautiful Paris Ribbons, for Hat, Cap, Neck and
E mbroideries. Capes, Collars, Lrtidorsleeres and Cuff's.
Fine(Embroideted Reviero and Hemstitch Cambric
Crapes', Lisses, l'arletong, tiluSAVin and Csp [.aces.
Valencienes, Urns - owls. Thread, Silk, and 1.61 e T bread
Ki r, Silk,Sewing Silk, Lisle Threitl, Merino Gluvea
and MittP.
Figured and Plain Sails, Boo'4, Bishop Lawn snd
Jacionet Mu:lnns.
Sept. 6, 1851.
lIISSOLUTION.—Notice is hereby . given, that the
-L. , partnership heretofore existing between the sub
scribers in the Harness and Trunk makina business is
this day dissolved by muturl consent. L. Smith &
SOW Will settle the business of the late firm. Those
indebted must make immediate payine'nt, aridthose who
hive agreed 'to pay grain, ate notified that Imleis de;
-iblited at' the time egreed,'Etish Will be expected.
" - E. warty,
• u. sMITH,
NovemUif 15, 1850. : - ;JERE DELP:
.7 ? •
E. ,•1 t
REBPEctruLts inform the publie" that Hwy.
- will continue the bUsinessattheit old stand, *forth :
aide of the Public square,- and-wilLkespem heed: anti
:manufacture to order; every variety of - SADDLES,
HARNESS, 'TRUNRS,NALICES, dui., of the best
staterials and of workmanship, not to be surpassed.
‘Hylaft*Aitentiokti; Lsisieeis, and e,WDm,*new in
Llllol l l4,eplisgtementp, thAy, r hopeleLeirtinue the lib•
erai patronage they hariheretotoreenjoyed.
' ' ,
be 1190 6!libblitt ichice t
in the iikatiiit tharinki l / 4 , • , • • "
All kiridi
will her • -
0. U. re KINNEY, ~
vovtAutua,'llo73::VN rs!
(gr . 0 .04`1 41 Qh. .12r,0e fraldic. r e.
in Pllol74l:biPt-:. .
Frntsulwefibers balw.meTed th thd new building on_
Pine street, one doie.below blernow: Aotei wthPre
they will keep on_ hand end .:wake pidugtip,
001 , 15.1endlnill ittintronelmnet Ail tiesetiptions. Turn=
ingr end fitting op work. will be tictriealeo.on,timolieblev
tiros iiv•si. Mint* oi& Wilt bet e en
ftrffreenreo- .To tftg .
Tatl enda, Aryil ;
7 :4 .9 # 0,410.,CR14q-/:
tzatin mid Taffita Ribbon•, of el widths and rotors
Satio.:Velvets, and [limit Vevrhs, 4' Hats
Feathers, :American and French Artiil.:ial Flowers
Puffing., and Cap Trimmings.
Drrss Tiiinmiugs, largo assortment.
English; Breach, kmariaan and Italian Straw Goods
TV irP SI/
. ~-:Ii.
~ --'q,
Jfie, ‘O7IH it9rteo l 4
~ibfiedcpeacle4 upon .thiiii.iii - e!vtaitiii.cp#ho f ce,..
.41/.9:44!:e ih, upprpftutio*ctiMe
. .
: CitißB; iJ ~e. ' yuu?Vt::a ir ~ t ; ar e
, refolai•
mended Ind all who harp it i sOrlizem4
„ as4nperiok i lorney meclitine •.j
• r-
They have bertilittote the futile :ior,lite pats,
more celifiesi!ea have
TrchneiMiiieht public tgen
and Abele and a/orb:pia on filo
. Cont', l4 ° ritiPY*9 ll icP, , .
thikr CO tailitiblisied•
With the utmo . s,t 41" re, en 4 skill, m ! thie ingMmente
are ihritoughly test a scient ific cheiniSts, so
• that iiterlftinerof a uniforrn 'and reliable Ira-
My are guaranteed in all eases: . • ' •
Are particularly valuable forth'e preirention and cure of
Fevers in gene's!. all Bilious and Liver Complaints,
.laundiee, General Debility, Comitiors etld Sick
Headache. Dy s pepsia, Heart Dorn, Go,sti!etiAss,
Griping, Urinary Disease'', Obstruetions 'Of
the Menses, Influensi, 'Mana, and for a
variety of othe, Chronic Diseases; in
fine, for all ordinary family uses.
rb•Pull directiens.for tho-variona Messes accompany
each box. Pri•ce 25 tante a' box.
The Graetraberg Dysentary Syrup,.
A speedy and , infallibleiretowly in Diarrhma,Dysenta
ryi Bloody Flux, CboleraMorbini. Cholera Infentum
— l and the ASIATIC CnoLass, if taker . ' milli the ant
symptoms, viz: vomiting and diarrheas. It ne
ver fails to cure the worst possible ! came of
bowel complaints, generally in a few hours,
Ebldom beyond a day. It is Pe eaLr
VZGITASLZ, end taken hi any gain•
lily is perfectly harmless.
The Graefenberg Green !fountain Ointment.
Invaluable for Burris. Wounds. Sprains, Chiltbtaina,
Corns. Sores. Sorel iugs.of all kinds, Rheumatism,
Erysipelas, Bronchitis. Scroiule, Meet,, Pains in
the side and hack immediately relieved, Inflam
mation of the Bowels, and filial cases where
there is inflammation.
Marshall's Uterine Catholicon.
A certain cure for Prolapses Uteri, and for moat of the
distressing complaints incident to females. Pre-'
pared by Dr. THEO. POMEROY, of Utica,
solely for the Gitteferibegornpany.
TUt 011111 0111ETZNISIKAO sleDttrttt •nt
Eye Lahore, - Health Bitters, °
Constimptive- Balm, Fear tmd Ague Pills,
Children's panacea, Libby's Pile Ointment,
- Sarsaparilla compound.
c,"-"I'lle G raefenbergM anuttl of Health, asipmplete
hiiiid-bixik'of medielhe Csr *allies. Pate ifij Mts.
" Office,2l4 Broadvai o Nets ]lrk."',. :. •
Cstrrilx.—The public is re4tiested to bear in mind
tht t euery thing prepared by the Graefenberg Company
has their seal upon i% • ; ''' -
Spurious articles have been issued closely tesembling
the genuine in every particular, except the seal, and
the utmost care should be used before purchasing.
Azenta far Bradford Ccrunty ! ..-Dr. Butfroisi and
Dr. PORSER, Towandi; Iy3B,
T _ T As removed to rt few doors below Bridge street,
14. on the Gast tide of in the building for
n•r'y nrollvit t l by j. P. mow,,y,• Esq.
A 4 • ”1.• i f. 1 0 14 nn, Or l'co h non f.»l
tt r
:1 7
Ct.l. ,
(VW.% IVA) . 1: ," rr rut , -tp:e,"
and Mutual. a " ' ~/',,,e t 4-at u res ~tk to to .
'lured members 111- •sretaity, The Cash
syste..i of payments 11.4 also been adopted, thus
lug the heavy draiirbaeks created by unpaid premium
notes. .The tafile'rates of premium, upon which its po
licies are bailie issued, is the only ecale experience has
proven should:he adopted ; its nifuiding requisite mew
ltY:to her inserts!. etel.eruetruloubted guarantee feeithe
,perpeniity otauelf• institutions. ,Ant esPerintental
We may be found worthless, at the veto instant a„poli.
cy should possess its greatest value. Life Insuriwee,
seryitroperly. iis,itiresting the attention of, the world.
The public however, in their corentendable willingness
to embrace and employ its wise and salutary provisions,
should make ultimate SVCurily the primary and most
important object; which reit only he 'attained by so edi•
just,itig, the premiums as t anticipate unexpected bn
ea itlll'llUCtlltltiorlS of every kind. It is the.puipos
of this company ant.ualiy to credit, upon the polices
of h o ld ers an d book, of the Company, such an amount
of Profits as shall tro. street the stability, or impair the
sacredness of its contract , . PrerniOnlS may, at the op.
Lion of the insured, be puiJ annually, semi-annually,
or quarterly, in advsucc. neress try information,
together with thinks, pamphlets, ikr., may be olosintal
gratis, at the office of J. E. (uc - sit-am, Athens, ra.
• AIfECTonS.
Stephen R. Crawford, l'atil•B Goddard,
Ambrose W. Thompson, L awrence Johnson,
Benjamin W. ling,ley, George M' Henry,
Jacob L. Florence, James Devereuv.,
Miniarn fit. Gobdwin. . John L. Linton.
Am arum: W. Taws esov, Vice President.
CRAB. G. [miss, Secretary and Treasurer
AliTrA T---Mantlel Eyre.
COUNSEL IND A rrowsr.T—Thomas Balch.
F. S. HOYT, Medical Examir Ar for Athens.
Orcomber 7T, 1850.
Clock, Watch, and Jewelry Store !
A.M. W A ItiN tilt takes this method
of informing his old customers and the
eldilie*ncrally, that he has purchased
• of1.1 1 :13u1 , his mock of 'Watches. Clocks
, and iewelryorid commenced thit i sbova
business in all 'of its sariousibranehes at the old stand
viral* Jaren Oft Main street, two dorwit `South 4 Brick
; Ilia rapatatiorr as a watch rifpkirer is , {so well
irr this'corniminity, that it isharilty-neces
sary to say, a, woril,on th,r propt., With his Jong O=-
parlance and greltmlitatitsges for acquiring a thorough
knowledas of thebofi nor, hp hap confidence in saying
to tho maitre, bripg of, ' your Watabe4 Ana clocks, 11in
da. the,lo ,
Alf goods sOM,,pc IzeraVn g done, warragtO op
recommend, ot„'the money refunded. ,
good itsitortrrienf elokka,yatel l esima j ew o ) ,
kept, cOprontiTon hand.
'My btr—iptiFit,salos t
~profits, ,cuir
41Mittn,' and no fr4ii,nlyen.,',Critln j neq not. be asked
foi—si I am bnitrur nor tit matte it: scqnsintio4,
,Jowtrula, l luly /2, ,
umousto tot:m.l4oz
tuotstAttopToictugyrtment ot
' l o# I ^4 ""IPPOPR aPolcs akstolloN•
VIRY 'era' itroteit in dim market, glut at fiery loar Wieso
now,:i 4 owning I°, Q. P., D*4130.211"8.
SMITH & BON iime4iitheii toddle &
Ed. If arnetqr l lB,4ev, :butAling nearly opposite
the :WerdAlbeee. lOW the, " PeansybrAnien "
printing otreeoT-en mkt affect.'.,:.
OHAR.Lts LAW . Ni"
AND 81.711DDi),N, Oftioto,!in the
Un i9n - up if tskirs ; Ruh. ,4 1. 4,-Cf.the
Pititlii'linfild;irtei' ea _peke. 'l•Aeretpe
I:loo , lo4•Mreiri stir) fati'''efliOtre*heira tic
fdlifri , e row). when not proletsidnlqtngftged.
leAdn;ll, July 1: t 1550,
caicai .
1 ~l K,
jai ^ •
j 3. : l 2ttil c
r jte :011 •
- • -
R J ,F• govNPL,v,
rm. 12
No. IT Pitied itr . frid,i'New -
ilitewitager !Alb* irts.letlad Mete.
urtfiteonfidetice+irivite.the trade:before:they
Alb:: purchase elsewhere, to give e: a call at.NO
128 Fulton-street, New , Yorkf ,'No.il7.Carialitt.
Row New Orleanne , where..l am !feady* W furnish
th'eettiridrall-kinda of • .( :,.,!
otthe nevestand:inosbrautiftastyle: , ,,-I, ant *No
prepared to supplythe much admired Bcolch.leutr,
haping , lntely i procured.lfrent .Bcotland a series: of
these beautiful faces, together with every 'variety of
form and pattern of 4 , ..;,.,
-. Bordering, Arc.. I feel Assured that the elegance
and.accunacy-of all the,Type manufactured by me
cannot be surpassedby any Founder , irs , therUnion.
By , atredtirely new method in the miring , and ;east-
Sin; I ant enabled tetetain the ristues , of Ike temper
nent parts of the metal, and thus to produce, in
lb ats elegant the most ' ;' •
heretofore offered the public., To this last,frature/
-would in particular call attention. for solidity and
.durability of Type is cm the principle.of economy,
of the greatest importance to all typographers. The
members Of the craft will also. find me ready to sup
ply all kinds. of
for the establishment of complete Printing _Offices,
such as Presses, WOW Type. Cases, Stands. Brass,
Press. and Wood Au les, Imposing, Stones, Com pos•
ing,Stick, Brass And Wood Galleys, Riglets, Closet
Racks, de., &c.
Old Type.taken in exchange for new at• 9 Cents
per Th. The Trade dealt with on the.most .liberal
terms, and patronage solicited:on the ground offur
nishing to the purchaser of an article with which
he will be pleased and WWI will bring him, the
Worth of his money;
Editors or Printerti'wiiliingtcrettablish s News
or Job Printing Office, will be furnished with
an estimate in detail of the cost by stating lite of
paper and kind of worlito he executed.
Publiihers of Newspapers who Will insert this
advertisement three' months and send me the tapers
containing it addressed to' " /Yetrbitf's Reguder:',"
Nen? York, will be paid in materials of-My Mann
facture; provided they purchase six times the anionnt
of their bills for advertising.
No. 128 Pulton=sf: New, York, and'
m 45 - No. 17 Caoal•sr. Row, New Grleatt*.
rdOstrrActiGitir. •
THE undersigned, foimerly Foreman for many years
of the Lafayette Burr Mill !Stone manufactory,
230 Washington street N. 'Y., (W. Track, Agent)
would inform his friends and the public in general, that
he has established a BURR MILL STONE MANU
FACTORY at Binghamton, N. Y. in " Leroy Build
ingsr opposite ; ":Thenix.ilotelA and splicits a 'Oro
of their patronage.:
He will have constantly on bend a large stock of
Frene& Burr M 1 Stones, as also 'a large supple of
Esopus 4. Kubs - Stones, also Frene Nei lgockt,Hoil
ing Cloth, Screen Wire'atid" Calcined Plaster.
The undersigned assures his friends 'and the public,
that he will faithfully executt aft Weil entrusted' to
his elite, not only in quality, 'but 1 perces Oratticlia
furnished, and solicits their kind patronage.
`Onlera by letter will be executed with as meeb' cam
and is cheaply cis when purchasers are on the spot.
Binghamton, May 24, Ir4§l.
Removed to B. 'Kinasbery's Block !
. 1,
H' a. Chainbertin,
Ly A S just returned from the ally
JO:. 2 Xi •of New York with a !Age
• supply of Watches, - Jewelry and
.I , .p r Sliver ware, " 02 /P 6147.2 Z itr
•.11 G :Able following ankles i--Leves,
' 4
• ,L'Eripe and Plata Watches, with
R ;complete atisorlthent of Cal
Jewelry, such as Ear
i?•n 4 . A =east Pins. 13raceleta, Lockets. GoW eb4ine.
t : Also, elf eerie '.'of Bilge/ware,
4.4:lltesels—ell I.i. ii tie *au
' • , ti• ror CASH.
. • warreinfed
wcr„ * .l •1 , ; - ••• 1:tn and a wilt.
7:.• • • ;..•it1170.1.
N. 13,-. ! NI Al' • .% Ic, Produce
Iggitgal 1).1V tier gg i "ggi ggi gat , g. &aril :COW. cind
fartver,tliai the Pradare m.arbe paid when the work
Ea flone—l war nicfnnst credit in sit itit forrits. •
W. A . 4, 11 - AMBERIAN. Agint.
Towanda, April 1:950. .
V. a -1- AVID a:4l73Stai,Altlt.
l'ilE-iubseriber has removed
p= to hie new anvils fewsolliAlin2ve
• his former location and an their:op
posite side of the street, where he
continues to Manufacture and
keep* on hand, all kisds of , cane
I:4l.l E d r7E ES o
f v
t r:rio
ilA ti a kinds , l a nd
DEDSTEADzYof every descnp
-4.-- lion, which I will sell low, for
mill or Produce, or Pine or Cherry !Amber, or of air
plank, wiit be received for work: TURNING ddne to
order in the neatest manner. Also,
make and kept on !laud, or made to order, in the Les
Towanda, starch 9, 1949,
New tliair and BetWead Warerooui.
R ESPECTFULLY Worms the public that b. has
-.opened * tamp at hi new house, corset of Main
and Paine steels, nearly opposite, Edwaai Overton's,
Towanda, where he will hiwp,on'haptr or msnufscture
to order, Fiag-sated, Cottage, Windsor. fancy, Cane
seated and Common (MAIER., made of thirbest ma
terials, and of superior durability.
He has atso for. sale 411 assortment oratorrs•na,
at low prices
Repairing and Seating Com Mon, Cano4tottom and
Flag seated Chairs, on reasonable terms.
Cherry, Basswood, Whitewood andeueumtr s ium.
her taken in paymeat, fee work.
Ho trusts that his long aequantance hi Ilia county,
and the durability atria work - as tested by many yeant
experience, will secure him a share of public patron-
age. Towan/a, March 4,1851.
3112U0 Ca d 2'CbrXIIIGIF3NDIOCD3Or-s-Wiij
CtitINTY BURT Et lift,
TJAVING, located' iwToliariare, his serviced may
4.-1. be obtained by addraming a line through the Post
Deice, or by eallintrat: the, °Mee of Viruses, Mercer,
Esq.. wbenite will birfountl, or where a written sp
lit:Oman tnay be left. Nov. 1. 1850. . • -
E. 44. MASON, M. D„,
Lnitrsr,,MMEM tra/VsM=st
FFI6E on Pitolo.street, loin Awns, below 'Maize
onset, where he leg ,f99lldol.whp% not prof. S
s ionally engaged. Tow111004N4,141:050.
-fpHE subsetibet nspowfjelios the. public Ab et
Jr' tie tieltiteit pimp:l)W 4irfrErobiitandriti - the
south part,of the Itcrega riAturni,, . be will bet*
all times hitipftti stela (Pilule:MA Witteedeevqr tA 4
Ingot theiiiday hitli - Igie*W'lleltOtir tag 411
eseidoot*ittetitiOlf thitaistihrferlfie pub
lie Will seitarelinriltti old patter'', of the
. " 'Marifirwit." sod the tisk 'of 'theiie 'Who - desire • ;e: Ciiro
r„riso, staptiVettlet.
liiilTiste Waive the beet
•. e •
quore be procured for the BAR. e
Orley Siitit.iie lif etteitiiti witlfeereforild ktten
live ' • '" - '"
to tuttib q s Wifl Gibe tkidei t iy
tion. Carrjciasitniers to end ftorn eyety east
oi t keet: ' 'Zit MATHEWSON.
ALlrm 40E180854. •
" 41 '
got"i11' 1 11NEt1
'POZEN &ore .ar i ose c tap
• - 1 1 COATLit,"drii tiny `received by
3i ay .72. fi . & cAttiPpiLL.
J!,4 4 1 is .Vfit 541.! !11:-.1.i
..i.. , •.:....‘....LGA: 4 1..6.-4,,,,...9,...k...4.....,
" .-7.l. Atinitil.llCifot a neilliii' ..
Anotherjelloto beingsalcuedfrom Death. by.Schen c ki
.-, ' , .. 1 .4 : , :f-f , :l ifluktortir4rap.. , l; eli) .- ‘ .
' .Ttiefollewitrif essisisrabil of the ressatist telt:Mph*
of niediCitteaverdleettse everpithikthedle Medial Its.
Wig Wad its ,) • _: • vicil. rt-ezt., :11 : 94.. 7 ,:. fTY
PrO6Pfea try acteiberithantheYeelhigaflieneiraence.
arid for . tbro bettelit id• by' alllieted tete* *fp, tde.
sleet to make IntairMi`dttiirt detieriptlimetlf qty Aim*
and' the; anespected eerie I bbtaittfriffiniet lIIVUENCIEB
PULMONIC SYRUP: :IffbagittliiiiiiYeitilt lige /wit
iilllidied arita a TAMAit ceoldpiddeliiiatiled tei my breast
told sideli rittd Mitre teer , dtiylrialiourfittitise tortridera.,
Me blodd;• toinlitgh wee tlettitid•llistritidtig: Every
day' I bi ll sfokinv fever creepier . Chills? Ind •-profuse
rwebtatillnight; grithireardifneolty of .brea thing . and
great:ker. of appetite fonlY Sydeni was entirely pros.
tested; being eottftnert toilaY bed mess & ttnik' time.-
Tad of the moat inuttent-physiciads of IMP city at.
'tended me. and 'after • eshansting ion- . their 'skill. pro
beamed' nij case , Inintrible. . indeell,•one- said my
tulip were 'tiniest goce;faug a . I could 'tint Passibly re.
sdidin,- - • At this stage of my disease; 1 wu prevailed
liPoit tor try• Dr. Seherreks l'ulmonitAprup, end before
4flitirt taken half a damn bottles, was so far recovered
es to be to go about the house. •It seenaltomorength.
-misty whole system—it loosened the cough and stop.
pad -the bleeding.—my bowels became winner, rind
every thing I•are, seemed to digest easily and twelfth
Any-whole system. • Indeed, such veils the , rapid pro.
Owlet tiny health and so sudden Ih...change, that I
became too sanguine of a speedy-cure, and•ebeeden.
ed the use of the medicine before the raiser'se was
thoroughly eradicated, which resulted in anotherattack
of bleeding at the longs last tall, accompanied by a die
Inissiiig cough. I. again commenced taking the Pul.
, movie , 'Syrup, and rent tor . Dr. Schenck whir, upon a
careful examination. advised me to continue using it.
I before I had taken four bottles, sit abscess form e d i ii
1 toy side, which Stuttered and brokei discharging, ar near
as I an judge, a pint of very disagreeable.yellow mat-
ter. This seemed- tofiemnse and puffy my: whole rye.
tem, . Frain this time I began to get better, and am
happy to say entirely recovered. I ant sure at this
time I enjoy better health than I have for the last len
yearn. Since I commenced taking the Rulmonic Syr
up, I have never failed to recommend it wherever I
went, that others, ar well, as myself, might be eared
saved born that awful dieriase; for I feel it a duty I
owe to the afflicted to publish it to the world. Permit
me to mention a tow eases which have come under my
immediate observation: Being - oir a visit to Camden,
N r .".1., last somber, I saw a child, evidently its the lan
stage of bowel consumption . . The Mother informal
me that the physicians bad given .the child up as in.
curable. I told her what benefit I•had received from
the use of Schenck's Pulmonkt Syrup, and induced
her to pitmen a bottle. I beard nothing mom from
the little sufferer until shoat three month after; bein g
in the market, my attention was drawn to a lady who
observed me very. auentieely. She filially approached
me. and asked if I warn:nth* lady - who reenennend.
ed Schenek's Pulincmie Syrup to tier dying ehild last
summer in i lauttlen. I repked that•l ate. She said
that her child had entirely recovered: and was unece•
monly healthy., Her name is Hrs. Wilson, and now
meklesin Bridesburg. -- AnOther lady /mould mention
in particulan-who had a scrofulous affeetion. Her face
sal seek presented one continued mecum, one ortro
eyes was variously affected with it.. - 'sibs had b eeoma
greatly emacisted, and to all appearances past recovery.
/ induced her to try Schenck's Pciturtere Syrup, which
she did, end perfectly cured, Another lady,
Mrs. McMullen, whose residence I will give ou appli.
cation, was evidently in the last stage of Consumption,
I prevailed upon her to try the Pohnonie Synip. In
very short time she was entirely recovered, and none
iota wallet:it health, having become egieedingly fierily
Thus are three casts within my knowledge, which I
know 'were cured by Schenck's Pelt:node - Sy rop, All
Who doubt ibis statement, and will take the trouble to
call on me et' my residence Parrish - Wed Ave doors
abuse tenth north side,'l think I will be able to 'mil.
fscrarily, convince them by own cave, and * others that
',know have been curia' by this Syrup. Since my
cure. - there have been so many to see me to knew what
I took, that I have had a very geed Critxmariftv of
knowing e grist many that have tiken it, Mid' herb
been greatly beneatied thereby. and I think if *Mont
afflicted with Consumption or Liver Complaint, would
send, for Dr. Schenck, and let • him reare,fellf. sinifnir.
their hinge. end if ho says he,ean cute thern.follow the
directions, end prevent taking colds they will rapidly
i recover.
Philadelphia.3 , :sey 29; I titl6..
J. H. ktcysscxm.—..Dear.,,4•,-L . , hive known._ Mn.
Leibert for severat,toite .ae..a. snernhet. of my chord
and have all,cOna,dontejulitir staiso•ent,.,acal am
joiced ; n ftudlo:ejain resioteXtt; health, oy thug
more, in addititietio hey el stoniest, is neetlL . cac.
truth, THOS. L. JA N E Y,
Pastor of Jac presbyteresnrChU/cb,
Thilad4lphia„ June 'iftf, 709. 6th at. above Green.
Peepared and icdt.l by J. H.SCHENCX, at his U.
orratory - H/E:enrner Coates tic - Marshall sts., sad !-!
thajolluvrin:g Agents in Bradford Countyi
tied A. Prertieri; Athens; D. Panay, Leraysyille;
Humphrey, Urwrll ; filsynard & Woodburn, Rom
L J. Warkeed,'Monroeton ; D. D. Parkhurst, Le Roy.
C. E. Rathhone Canyon ; King Yosburg, Ton
• and by , MIX . ,dc. 141 *SON, Tosianda. •
Price, $1 per bottle or 15 per half dozen.
The belt and- chiajTsTriFirtfiaicine is the Tro
ttlieilrt t or4ioind
Au eitertitire, Tank, Diaiefie land mild +Air
Price 25 cents per beiz`,' eontshning 56 pJls. .
Each box contains fifty pills, z'ishicly .nialcis them is
cheap again as any other standard pill, and fi , ct tir3o
cheaper, and wareanted riiiiMatiperior in 0., cue rt
v.trious diseases, to any of the Byrn') turt , s :
besides beihg a mote convenient anu proper far.
(or use.
'This astonishing sucass w hich boa attended ihr
of pr,RobertAkCauppop.O;Sanrspaolla,,, Pills is p'
abundant and conclusive that they Are truly
Natire's 01;411 nemediez.
and that they will cure all curable diseases, Q uiet ,
and more pleasantly ' than any other' tnecticine
known. The Pllla are principally an 'alterative es.
eine; (their basis being the solid extract of ti:trv:apeo;.
prepared inir superior 'manner.) but aufficiewly ae
tote to gently waist trature,nertheut purging untie/
aatily.tahich make them peculiarly adapted to sru
'atiditriteebkrd'perso — mr, Insigne:ding - and 'strengthen;
the body, purifying the system, producing u, Y 1 r 4
blood and a healthy action of the stomach and lire/.
They are acknowledged by our ablest physician"
he not only uneseepuonable, but effleaciona in d! , h
eat degree, And as a„ gruerat
Medieine Unequalled.
The 'Compound Sarstparilla ore used lot
permanent "cure of tbon diseases which nris? from
impure elite of the blood; and morbid were'l9ng
liver and stomechwltie w erynipcies, fer,full or lir
uleerraki.lieedol?stiume clitantokri erupw
bletehee, boill,pemflee, lore, weak, or in . flotned e
'stigmata& mieniugii, etreiiione; it
bones j rime; dropsjrayepepii Rath tea. dir
nnolliyeenterr, cenntbe. - celd4eonanmption wber.
L i
cd by capilla y obstructions of gaeOtings in per ,ol
scrofulous e nstitutio,
_no inthination of tho tune.
tueniii,Tnili - t" —. lii: :1; ica — arili7iclaui&e:VArerand
chill fevers, , end fevet i i+Vi lilair general and
i i ii
debility. -Aitken* *fish* Anna an injudieidel
tum l ti
y. a .so heavier nislitiiiteris required to
monad, rify ilitaryaltiaft,P := 1..1... , . •'''
~ T tery4Omperelytwegetabisairspoond, and I
I tA lie d 11 7i/# 54 "0. 11 0 tilhaVeit... , ..eTlite ens pleasant ingwes.mniasinesi Of
ittfLiaGtinglon. If andrid,o(4leenfiliates
i n With vest
We ask no persoli r wont as totke
-arta; n4alittitbreiilltir'Pliiki.'ilietit . tind 1)0
diiz,rand if 9 i t rlarli t tibtaifofikiie theinost p
lifinitiott;th'ereentiettiantikawiilalieieive ,
" 1 104' Elf th sti, •• PlitothaitVri' i•e p 3
to 'ail(' fat • . 'Rabat's CompOund S3P
end obaorve that ttloilrt:en ceroppet " 1
Luis has.alfic. swine of,;t,ber Opposite of .100.
. _qqz - ilib 19 .1 44•Pur.chlte no n ' ' 1
AllaPptwittiapalt,tr agancias and letters on ,
0:P. VaY,t 0 0 tegti;intti: 010 .•;-$. Y.•
.. Nioittlal? - 4.14U,5T/41*: . 4.1 3 bItTER,soic
Tomaa4alP,,, . f t
" Iron ! ben
120 and Swstips
-*gonna iiisortnient of Naos of roan
flat tit;i; Nana :lad hoop, now reed r and re( •
he tou or sursllcr quantify, et An; RI-t•'