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Food' lb, 1111 ft Cows..
It is Scaumely ponibla to feed the cow , tat high
',basil* is in . milk. Iler-food should bit always
et th e , ti4ist and most stimulating kind, and sop.
plied vilth genermis liberality, and it proper ieasons.
Many persons who keep cews m:ss ,thelgure
prodigionslv in restricting their :flitch cows to poor
and innutrioos feed. Often indeed, , is it the case
thatirre find cows -to pastures with heifets, steers,
sheep, homes and ox en , , with no further , provision
for them than is allowed to'the other animals.—
Caws treated in _ this nigoinlly and parsimonious
manner;cannot reasonably be expected to be very
pnifitable; they may afford milk for family uses,
arid perhaps a small surplus, but this is not attain
ing the object for which cows should be a intim of
profit, and they will be if proper attention is exer
cised in managing and feeding them..
It is said that a large milk establishment near
England, ,1 the cowiere fed in the fol.
lowing manner. viz: tot lbs. of clover hay, cut or
chopped; 168 lbs - brewer's grains 12 lbs ground
Sax• seed; 2 lbs. self. These ingtedients.are mix
ed together and equally 'divided the daily food Of
twelve cows,. The hay after being cut, is put into
s mash tub and sewed with boiling water. The
Other articles are then mixed with it." It is assert
ed that the average yield, per day, of good ants,
fed in fflis manner and carfully milked, is fourteim
Outs, for a• period of eight months is sticeessiir.
WM, Arundile, The owner of the establisment, as
usyte 'het he once had a cow which had not borne a
calf for two years and a half, and that she averaged
eight quarts oemilk per day. rechn this manner,
cows never fall off in condition; they are healthy,
rarity. in good spirits, and afford the best and rich
Id seasons when there is scarcity of feed in the
pastures, 'it is an excellent plan to supply the .de
ficiency by given fodder,—such as corn, buck
wheat, or, indeed, any nutritive matter of which
the animals will pa-tukef Failing to command
these, grains ground into meal, and mixed with
swarm water, should be daily given. Roots and
pumpkins promote lactescent secretions, • and are
condactlrehtt health in an eminent degree. In the
WI sweet apples; or . apples of any kind, may be
- profitably fed to the cows, Their effects are very
' similar upon :the secretary system, to those pro
duced by roots, and gremi fodder generally.
Every farmer 'who keeps cows should sow a
snitch of cam to cut and teed to them green. It is
, the cheapest method one can adopt, to souly the
deficiemly occasioned by short pastures, and as this
crop never fails to produce stalks, it is one of the
sorest and most infallible resources possible against
s time of need. The expense is a mere trifle, as
no ipdtivation is required, So,.
ing the grain and
cutting it, are the only duties involved on this en-
Sequise.m.-Ofire branch. ,
Irrigation of Gardens.
This is a subject that receives but very time at
tention from cultivators, and yet from the nearness
of prdena to buildings where there is ofien a good
. supply of water, they might frequently be Irrigated
with convenience and prollt. We copy the lot
judkioas article tram J. J. Thomas, in the
Albany Cultivator:
"From repeated experiments, we are induced
to draw the conclusion, that next to ma'am, the
great prime mover in successful culture, there is
4tothin,g more important to vegetable growth, in
marry eases than irrigation. Practical gardeners,
in counties far MOTE moist than our own, regard it.
as indispensable, ande large shave of. theirsuccess
. depends on copioui watering,.
Some intetesing instances, • which have recently
'marred, may be worth stating. Two rows of
raspberries stand on grohnd in every respect alike,
melt that one receives the dripping: from a wood
house, and the other does not. The w atered row
is folly four times as large in grtrarth as the other
Again: the berries on the bushes of the tastolf and
Franconia raspberries were all at least twice as
when the soil was kept welt moistened, as
ahetwards when allowed to become dry; a repeti
titm or the watering again doubted their size.—
Again: a'near neighbor, who' cultivates strawber
des for market, and ;whouses , * water.catt for irri
'lath's the rows, raised at the rate of one hundred
tusbels to the acre on common good sell by Ibis
means; and he noticed that where the cart .was
Celt standing over night, so that the water gradually
dripped from, it for Acme hours upon a portion of
the plants, the fruit hail groan - to double the size
of the rest, in twenty.faur hours.
It should be observed dist these advantages of a
lookers 'ripply of water pertain chiefly teernall or
' missal plants. ;The roots of, fruit trees, being larger
aid deem', are to be supplied with moisture iu a dif
-• faint wrey.l that is, bY, a deep rich, mellow boil,
kect,inoire by coitivation, or by covering thickly
with liner.: Water applied to the surface rarely
demdsi so tow as tbalonts, and only hardens• the
soil to t omit." • -
Campo...Young calvea should never be coufin.
is yards with yearlings or cattle older Ain
thomsetres. As they are Older, in strimgth, they
are COMNlqUelllty often seriously maimed or de.
tejredectright. Um: have a flock ci•shoep, to. n
Tear. yang • calves amour them. They will 11.1
there. quite safe v oadfreo from all turrioyance.—.
The:. will Pertelut_hheir . hied , elill.:ille sheep,
without quarrellingduld•at night, will be kept more
eauittottable, them if tied
,np, er put m a pet! by
•dims thr es. In many dlietasett to Which mute are
sultaie4s toil* sheep dung ia tho aureir remedy
-t i`et.eatt begivee: When ilanaiiig with sheep, the
alveefieeergiT eatteueui, whit avidity tile straw
littet osiehich theseanimals Moos oil which
to &terrain tratent biomes impregnated with the
tpecultat virtues of tie " apeeifiC and are thereby
Prefeeteil pew *ling sick. ; Time who have ad
-opted this preatitiet'speak Of it l in terms (tithe high.
Conriatitnene for wateriogi fee!.
tg, Eas t should be arranged, and the animals pro.
Tided _with' esit sat often as'-uceessity requires..
Bennantotore Telegraph.
Feentlo.-7Always be regular and systmentin in
'haling your "Jock. Regularity is the bestbellance
wheel or Airieulcural enterprise; derange, Mk,
'jogai Maine tuna down." Stated hours, end,
, opeFifieetituirititigritioato f f, emoting to ekt
-mummuteea, ahofttil invariably be obeerved. - _
'them* little nor too ;Muck too iiDen. too
'ititir" this bl the uSiikter, Tbe - islitsett Odder.
abOnld be led out in inicl.winter ; Animals. hue;
then sharp - appetites ; and will eat 'what ',Mild be
rejected at other times. ha modtate Maim,
4xiasy be led i s par; ,
' rr r".
.;:-I*l . -344141.ti.., - ::4*, - :.:i...
Stove,' and T ai Sti4e,
EZW•Taai *That atatcossuaat:. sauna's nosy
Rail. Road lime Power LTresber,
With the Latest and Important Improvements, for
which Psitent is secure&
THE subscriber takes , this method to inform the
Farmer* of Bradford and the adjoining counties,
that he is agent for '
Sad has for sale. the above net bra.
ter and unequalled Horse Power and Threshing Me•
chines, which he is prepared to furnish en the same
terms as by the manufacturer. with Ms addition of the
actual oast of transportation, contracted for at dm low
best rates.
The subscriber has sold a number of the shove me
chines in this. end the adjoining counties of Chemung
and Tiogs, N. Y., end all wiihout exception have given
the very best satisfaction, and where they are known,
all farmers give them the preference on account of
economy in threshing, being operstelwith mu& leas
expense, and clicking and westing much less - vain
than any other machine 'in use.
The Twallorse rower Thresher and Separator is
capable, with three or four tier*, of threshing from ISO
to 200 bushels of wheat or rye or double-that quantity
f oats, pia day.
• rum. •
The prices for Emery & Co.'. one
Mine Power, $B5 00
do Throbs,' and Separator. 35 00
do Bands, wrench, oiler and
extra pieces, 5 00—5125 00
do Twoihonse Power, - $llO 00
do Treiber and Separator. 35 00
do Bands, oiler, meta, &c.. 6 00-41150 00
Also,Wheeler's one-horse power,Thraiber,
and Separator, complete, (improtal this
Wheeler's two-horse Power, Thresher sod
Separator, complete,
Price of Emery's Tresher and Cleaner,
with bands, wrenches, &c., 75 00
do tilf i w Mill, complete for use
Price of Grant's Fan Mills, adapted - for
.-band or power, from 22 00 to 25 00
The subscriber will also the coming season be pro
pared to furnish to order
" wip
4 I
Emery & Co. tor nearly two years put have been
experimenting to perfect a cleaner, to be operated with
their Power for public and field threshing ; and with
I much time end , expense have succeeded to their entire
satisfaction, and are now prepared to furnish a &If
' cleaner, combined with all the advantages of their
overshot cylinder, and at the seine time requiring less
force to operate its rotary motion than is required, by
the vibrating separator. It has been thoroughly tested
during the last harvest, and some of them have been
need the put season for threshing in the best grain
growing sections of the state of New York with the
best success—threshing months together an equal am
ount and at less _expense, than thetomition threshers
with the vibrating separators. •
The Cleaner has all the advantages of a good fan
ning mill, cleaning the grain fit for 'market, wasting
none. - The additional cost being but little more than
a fanning mill, or about thirty dallans.--making the
whole Thresher and Clasher coat $75 to the Farmer,
and with Eater: & Co.'s twe.tionepower.slBs
The Cleaner can be &tube% and the Thresher us.
ed alone when desired.: Thenew Thresher sod Clean.
at are destined to take the place of the old, expensive
and cumbrous thresher and cleaner now in uses.
Farmers and others wishhtg to procure sny or the
above-mentioned HMO Powers sod Threshers will
save trouble, risk Ind expense, by purehadng them of
the subscriber.
Cr Oa account of throlarge demand for the above
machines, and , the difficulty of inunedititely Ailing or
ders for them, prisons swishing to purr -ham machines
should give me timely notice as to what kind , and at
what time they' wish to procure them. - . -
Farmers whiting to do their threshing immediately
alter harvest, shotild procure their muhinas as early as
the'AM of July. Also for sale
At asanufadunaosselail pricer, nub as
Revolting Horse Rakes, Ray, Straw and Mamrre
Forks, Ore. tc. Also,
Cast Ira ad Wood Cistera and Well Pamps,
•LEAD PIES of all aims, in large or small quanti•
ties, cheap for cash.
IL M., WELLES will, the coming Num. as pr&
pared to furnish J.T.Grant & celebi lei patent
Pritmium Qrn4n Cresifi,
a:hole:eh and retail. 'rho cradle will be furnished
with Dunn's celebrated Scythe, the best made in the
Union and 'warranted. Orders - -respectfully solicited
front town and country Meithanis.
Also In sale, a largo and well selected semettnent of
Tattoo sturrim rmsnws
stogy. tapes, and . Oen, lei 1 eompare *we
bly Withthoei of any thim Store 'tore! the huge
neiftbbinint towns. '
Tin, ialian nett and Sheet bon .. Warr,
atenefeetured and . 4r tile witotesele and Map
• A large sod, foil Catalog, of 4griealibrel Imple.
'lip emit BMims,:_ wLh eopaetings, furnished .;gratis,
either inthi, Of on appliegion by ling4podz_psid• ,
, __••• RAYMOND M.
cweether 36 0E54' 42-
N . •
Em• 740 -
• .
ty,.Grocery 77 - • • ,:i;
'Varie Store.
7w. TIFTANT hai ittnaved sitabliStueent
dirietif iciossAbir street from his.* !dead, jet
the itere Gael, occupied bylitr., whet. he mill
ba happy to. see j is ,old'eustoitent., end iiitheity new
Wm es laity be desirous afp Imbuing ankles in hi
maths lowest poodle:ate o, 'Nov. 14,1950.
' svihntette
- - _
. _
The Vatted Stalls llittelasiersions e'TegnillT•e.
On - the new pincipkybyvhidi theinsured
- In the prdiff. , ',
etuoMfr Perrin& .. " ' ' Cepitel $250000.
F. Is. HOrT. Medical EXimirMr; Asbeasi•Pm , Jam-
minion given,lind appiiatioris ri,ogiehl by;
J. E. cApautak. Athens, Pa.
Also 'Opplientions for insininee4 ' against less by lire in
The Washlogeion Co. 1111,su4t1 Inenrimee
'l'h• 4 1 11114 Mutual Comfurny in the *odd.
Capi4l'ever $1,600,001 .oser 100,000 members,
The State, Mutual, at' ilardsluirig, IP s.
The great Pennsylvania Company. being a Farmers
and Merchant's Company - , with a large and increasing
cash fund,, being both a stook and mutual Company.
E. CANFIELD; Agent, Athens, Pa.'
Pension and 'limit*, Land .gang.
The subscriber bandit received all the Pension laws
neceswity instructions and furors„ from the, proper de
perunerit at Maabington, will attend to theapplitiation
of *Wier'. Widows, and minor childiewof ISoldiers,
who•by the tote lew are entitled to Doody Lands for
sondem' modeled during the war of 1812, or any of the
Indian wars since 1700. And all Pension claims Mr
der the Various acts of Congress. The late pension
laws and - decisions giving to many pensions not here
tofore entitled to Mem. Prompt attention given to all
post paid conunanirations, by ,
Athens. Ver- 28. 1850. 1. E. CANFIELD.
Charter Perpetual—cash systent...Cetitital $240.000
Office No. i 9. Merchants Exchange.
ORGANIZED upon the "mixed principle," Stock
and Mutual, which combined features offer to in
sured members double the usual security, The Cash
syste.a of payments hat also' been adopted, thus avoid.
log the heir, drawbacti created by unpaid premium
notes. The table raise of premium, upon which its pa,
Heirs are being issued, is the obly scale experience has
proven should be, adopted, as affording cequisite seen.
tty to be inebred, and an undoubted guarantee for the
perpetuity of, such institutions. An experimental Is.
ble may, be found worthless, at the very instant a poll.
fly should possess its greatest value. Life Insurance,
very,properly, is arresting the attention of the world.
Ph* public however, in their commendable willingness
to embrace and employ its wise and salutary provisions,
should make ultimate security the primary and most
important object, which can only'be attained by so ad
justing the premiums as to anticipate unexpected loss.
es and fluctuations of every kind. It is - the purpose
of this company annually to credit, upon the polices
of holders and books of the Company,such all amount
of profits as shall not affect the stability, or impair the
sacredness of its contracts. Premiums may, at the op
tion of the insured, be paid annually. semi-annually,
or quarterly. in advance. All necessary information,
together with blanks, pamphlets, &e., may be obtained
gratis, at the office of .1. E. CANTI&LD, Athens, Pa.
$l2O 00
145 00
Stephen R. Crawford, Paul B Goddard.
Ambrose W. Thompson, Lawrence Johnson, •
Benjamin W. Tingley, George WHenry.
Jacob L. Florence, Deivererni,
illiam M. Goodwin, John L. "Anton.
Annaosa W. Teunarsos. Vice President.
Cars. G. bruit. Secretary and. Treasurer
Aterase—Manuel Eyre.
COMIS2g. AND Arronwxy—Tbomas Belch.
P. 8. Herr, Medical Examiner Gm Athens.
December 27, 1850.
TVISSOLUTION.—Notice is hereby given, that the
relstership heretofore existing between the sub.
scribers in the Harness end Trunk making business is
this day dissolved by muted conical: E. Smith &
Son will settle the business of the. Isar fi'rra. Those
indebted moat make immediate payment, and those who
have agreed to pay grain, are noti fi ed that unless de.
livered at the time agreed, Cash will be expected.
_ Nivrensbev 15„ 1850. JERE CULP.
E. Stidelt i 8/01e,
RESPECTFULLY, inform the public that they
will continue the ousiness at their old stand, north
side of the Public square, sad will keep on hand. and
manufacture to order. every variety of SADDLES,
HARNESS, TRUNKS, VALICES, &c., of the best
materiehl and of workmanship,. not to be surpassed.
By, atria attention to business. sod promptness in
(balling engagerilents, they hope to Continue the lib.
oral . pt ttonage they have heretofereenjoyed.
Cattetarrit Titmouse will be done on short notice,
in the neaten, manner.
MI kinds'of Grain. Produce, Hiles, Sheep Pelts,
will be taken in exchange for walk. '
Clock. Watch, and Jewelry Store !
A.M. WARNER takes this- method
w ,_ of informing his old customers and the
-, public generally, that be ha. purchase d
~ ,. of J.P.flul ~ his stock of Watches. Clocks
" '• , Jewelry, and commenced the above
business lit all of fix. various branches at the old stand
of the latter. on Main snort, two doors south of Brick
Row. His reputation as s watch retainer is so well
established in Ude community, that it is hardly Emcee.
easy Maya word on thatpoin' t. With his long ,es
and great advantages for acquiring . a thorough
knowledsm of the business, bs hal confidence in saying
to the public, bring on your witches sAd clocks, I will
do them justice.
All goods sold,or - Repairing dote, varmints! as 1
nicotined, Of tbe miner refunded.
' A good asscatteent of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry
kept conittindr on hand.
My motto shall be—quick sales. small prod* cash
dewy, and no credit given. Credit need . not be asked
for—as I em bound not to maktvits acquaintance.
' Towanda', July 12,18b0..A. M. WARNER.
`J. "Union Block," iaii stain; North side of the
Public Squire. over Elwell'a Law Office. Entrance
between Elwell's and Maine' law offices; where be
way ilway. be Bernd when nofprofassionally Osage&
Tainted.. July 12, WO.
UZI; Pit ccs ac.
BB Liberty Street, Sew York.
2 (Between Broadway sod Name )
• -A RE now receiving a rich end %mindful assortment
11 of Felt, Bilk and Millinery. Gonds, to which we
wield puttcalar ly invite the, attention of a ll Cash
Pirchnsers., aid will mate it an'obieci 'for than to
give as a earl, As we are detestained,to Sell our assort.
for Cash. leper than au before offered in this market.
Millions eau supply theinselvas with snide;
in their line, at about the cast 'of bipartition or Au&
Aris prices.; Many of our goods are iranufactured
openly for oar own sale, end cumnelre SittrprOell
for beauty or tow prices.
; jthir Boland Cap Ribbons, a large variety: •
Bilks and Satins for Bonnets. '
Craps, emit Wises, Tarlatans and Etivaion Local.
- Trimmings &egg; VIPs and Dtrarn.'.
jenny` Lind Caps; and Patty OperaideidEresses,
:Eintirtiidered Cakes, Coils's, Cuffs; and Chetahs:lts.
Embroidered, Edgings & liniertings,Ssriss <tc
ThreadiSnistals, 3 7 41mi:tens, Silt: and Lisle Thread
Embroidered; Raveira'and Plain Cimbrla Hkes,,
• "aloft* and Witty - , Kid, Silk, Liale Thread and
Sewing Silk.
affs;Cril '
Eln riia sad Drew like..
• - Pigs % hone% Book Mnalina, and Blain, Lawni.
fEentavidettatllannuk and Plain %Canton Utslis
Atilt assodarard of Straw Goods.
Firma and.Attwaricati Anificial Flowers. -
With rgijiivietisot Mentioned
s abwrit._,
Oid lontyrios Inas,
tobitiy - "
,T ABM r eispitOtebe or Maw- Casio. ,and
ie4 'Sstthistli.alsto;CallecVand other 110:13 , GOoda io
cheep thittrfies ' etoopetios at PRINNEY'S.
Dad . •
's- -, t;el;z2...riev..!
Aititiv' 1-:‘,•.:':77'_-7-
Dr:,Celebratede mutes.
Paluionary Balsam; - thllitstive Syrup,:.: - .
Peaozal Expectstit, i-- Ileut Corrector. p;
Pulmonary las:Went. , Humor-Cortoctor,' •
Antispeptic Mixture , ' Cough antiCathistie Pau,
Nennne,. • retold's Pills. •• ;•• • '
Vennifoge, • . - &mode Specific,
Pure and Medicinal Cod Liver Oil, &c.,
Used byheneonstantly and with unpreadcsferfeee
eat in the , treaameot of touirhe, colds, Cimiumpluns-
Asthma". ;Resat Diseases. Dyspepsia, Sertitkia, - Shin
Di7seaffs, Ahettiftufism.Pemefe Complaints, Piles, i f f
Dr. Pitch ' s Unequal! , gent otter . ? , a,om na
tialiPorieniy Improved plated steel spingshimider'
brace; Dr. Pitclisiallvier inbalizig tube. .
Dr. Pilafs Cdibrated Six Lcatire4
On the prevention and Cure of Consumption, Anhui*
;Dimas.* of the Heart, dte., and on - the method o
preserving health and beauty to an old age.
This bath should be in every.fainig. To tbe Con.
semptive it pointe out the only reasonable hope Air re
lief. To mothers, thedisectiarn itgivas to thecarear.d
education of childn'tt are invaluable. 78,000 copies o
this book have passed through the press, and,the-, sale
continues unabated._ ,
Far sale by 8.8. Frees & Co.. 700 Dreading, N.
Y., and HUSTON & PORTER, Towanda, and by
C. E. RATHBONE, Canton.
l'j• Dr. Fiteh's Guide to Invalids, or directions to
persons using Dr. Fitch's remedies, to be had vatie;of
all the agents. 137
titan. es•
The fillowlit ;quailed eerier of Family Medicines
may be depended upon with the utmost cOnfaleace.
They hate (he approbation of the kit physi- ,
cians in tote country, and are ream.
mended by all who hate *lied them
as superior to any medicines.
They have been before the Public for tile lean,
During which time snore than 5000 certificates have
been received from eminent public men
and others, and are now on file
at the Company's office.
They are Compociaded
With the utmost CM and skill, and the ingredients
are thoroughly tested by scientific themista, so
that medicines of a uniform and reliable qua.
lity are guaranteed in ell cases.
Are perticalarlyvaluable for the prevention" and cure of
. Fevers in general, all Bilious and LiverCourplaints,
Jaundice, General DebiMY, Common and Sick
.Hesdattre. Dyspepsia. Heart Burn, Costiveness,
Griping, Urinary Diseases,' Obstructions - of.
the Menses, Influenza, Asthma, and for a
variety of othe. Chronic Diseases; in
fine. for all ordinary family uses.
0:2•Full directions for the various Diseases accompany
k each box. Prim, 25 cents a box.
The Ontetenberg Dyseotary Syrup,
A speedy and infallible remedy in Diarrhces, Dyesmft.
ry, Bloody Flux, Cholera Moho; Cholera [uranium
smiths Amalie Caroxsas,,if taken with the first
symptom; via: vomiting and diarrheas. It no
' ear Ws to core the worst- possible me* of
bowel complaints, generally in a few hours,
abtdom beyond s day. It is Pinny
Vaaresata; and taken in any gush.
thy is perfectly harmless.
The Oraetenberg Green Notintalti Ointment. •
Invalciable for Bums, Wounds,' Sprain; Chillblains,
Corns, Sores,_Swel inp of all kinds, Rheumatism,
Equipoise, bronchitis., Scrofula, Ulm; Pains in
the side and back immediately relieved, Inflam
mation of the Bowels, and for all cases where .
there is Intlannation:,
Marshall's Maine Catholleon.
A certain care for Protapas Uteri, end for most of the
distressing 'complaints incident to females. Pro.
pared by Or. THEO. POMEROY, of Utica,
solely fur the Graefe4hheg Company.
Eye Lotion, Health Bitters,
Consnmptive Balm, Fever and Ague Pills,
Children's Panacea, Libby's ,Pile Ointment,
' ca. The.Graefenberg Manual of Health, a complete
hand•hook of 'medicine for families. Price fifty cents.
011ce, 214 Broadway, New York.
Comma:v.—The public is requested to bear in mind
that etterything prepared by. the Draefenberg Company
has their sad upon it.
Spurious articles hs•e been issued closely leaembling
the genuine• in every particulir, except the seal, and
the utmost care should be used before purchasing.
Agents for Bradford County Dr. HUSTON and
Dr. PORTER, Towanda. ly3B
Sir Twenty-Five Cts.
rf` ESQULAPIUB. or. Every
to his own Physician! Tata
tree edition, with upwards of
..uodred engravings, showing
Ante diseases in every shape
and fovea, and malformations of
motive system.
'The time has now arrived, that
persons suffering from secret dis
eases. need no more become the
Ns by the preseriptians contained
any 0r... _ cere hinaselt, without 'hind.
ranee to business, or the knowledge of the most in
mate friend. and with one tenth the usual expellee.--
In addition to the general routine of. Ovate disease,
it fully orphans the cause.of manhood's early decline.
with obeetvatione on marriage—besides many other,
derangements which it would not be proper to mum:
ate in the public prints. .
rs, Any person sending 25 cents enclosed in a let
ter, will receive one copy of this book, by mail, or
five copies Ititt be sent for one dollar. Address. "Dr. '
W. Young, No, 152 Spruce street, Philidelphle—
C• Dr. YOUNG dean be consulted rain any cf toe
Diseases described itr his different publications, at his
Offwet 162 Brute Street, every day between 8 and 3'
o'clock, (Bkuda) , " excepted.)
..1118"rtatirval to 'a few doors .bittow Bridge street,
011 the Ent side Of Kitimat. in -the bidding for
'platy oeSupied by J. 0. - Montanye Esq. -
All operation amounting to $5O, or over, one - hal
foist paid down , the remainder in 'three months;
the operation proves utisatisfmtary, the money paid will
be refunded. A note of bind however mustasenre the
pipnent ofths baffle), unpaid. *hit a proviso. • •
aczymitas HOTEL 2
vat. spnsortratit. eaiin g now completed his
'1" arrattgatfienti foi the accommodation of the Travel- :
ing Public, kele stininted in soliciting , his 'sham of
'Public Patronage. Ws Tulle shone furnished with
the best the marketatfordirr, His Stablitig Large and
,Warm. His Bar shall lei fitted with'aa
as are to be found idibe - Ouritry. • •
BESIDES. for the oacorteinoilatioti =of Mini,' , - the
subscribet la mactuGuituring Boots, Shoes Saddlesaiiir.:,
neei, .Treas yithies,,lic.. 4v.. And keep* o n ;
hand a scrod assortment of PATENVMEDICINEtt,t
for SILOr which his'Otidne wfill bet:extedlni",a*de•
Cotne one, comenll,loth far and, neat % ;
..:' , .`Alitiate gal dud, a twine to cheer,
And"a cheep article!! von sroaldhuy'. „
CAB seXaceinillejand --- •
• .Por latibet`,4olecriitte and' fitOrs.' the - rialto 'wilt
plitainiticeirt the s incere thanks of D, SPRIPHI'
Laceiville, Feb., 13,1851.
a tlnnlioulid.
_-...':.~.Yr C`~~~tfi.~ti it'':~:" -,
~';75,"~:n~ ~'i.'l~,~~-`ili~.~:Y'vF'.
- 7/01111;111CIIICOlt0.-
rGR Wart andtuilait, ;deluding OtthegriplOCsa..
idg`; Writing,Ariihurotic. Algebra, 040k4rettpiag,i
English Oranuner. Iltretotic, Comporsition,fosicephr,
Ilse of ibeGieber,Alinerelogy. Natural Phileriophiand
'AsiPlD ll6 76 , ( 4 ilh use of 61 2004.44*,rittus to Oink
ustethoseptudiei,)!' Moral Philesipby atilt Eheriditifi
PSyshle quad?* ivt advance, ei ennairs, 000 00
Day scholars , Pa4tatter, ' : 4' 00
- • , *TILL CiAlllO2l. • •I '
French, per quartet, $4 00
Lady, •
,; j 400
S P aphdit •‘" •• ; • ,OO
Muse4ogi. the Piino,) quinter•; 1.. 10!00
Embroidery and twg Work;*' 2 00
'young Tidy receiving instrucdon on thr jditnii;
privileged to 'learn' rag-work, or any anent - the, above
languages, and the same time, without additional, *me:
To a young fail who studies the English britteltcs,
the tetras of learning each of the above kindles s erg
per quarter,' 11 - : ; • ; $3;00,
instructions on' ?
,ihe Guitar, . 4 00
Use of Pianos, „ 75
Diswing and 'iodating in ',mai', cans. g,
the tura of sne(erials. such drawinitiNTeri•-
' paints, pencils, &c. ; 4 - 60
Oil painting ortpauvass. . , ~ 10 00
Painting transpinent window shadei,lncloding
the supply ofwt medals, each
Formula painting on paper, silk and velvet, per
twelve lessons. .
Gilding on alai crape., dm. do. 3 00
Wax flowers, ler quarter, 5 00
Pens,and ink, i .i . a
Washing, ' : 2AO
Board in eaMillon.lo3 .00 per week, • '
Letters posit paid , addressed to the Mimi WHITE
ifoGRIFFIIY, Binghamton, Broom eo., N. Ir., will a.
alai prompt attention. r ' ' 1 •
, A
, :44111H,
TORN W. WILCOX, has 'removed his establiab
s) meat to; the shop between Xingsbery'a and Ban.
left's stoic!, and where be II solicits a e>Zare of
public patronage. He intends, by a carefil se lec tion
of stock, sull by attention to the interests of his oust°.
men to make as neat trd durable work as can be ma
nufactured in this pan It the country. • 4
Re will keep constanfy on hand, and manufacture
to order, Morocco, Calf and Coarse Boots and Shoes;
Ladies' Gliters, Shoes and Slips ; Children's do.,
Gent's' Gaiters and Pumps, de.
Cotintry Produce, of most descriptions, taken In
payrnentlir work, at the market price.
Towanda. April 28, 1830,
p, , m,vissifouTtprivek
rrHE subscribers have commenced the FOUN
-1.• DRY business at the old stand sprawly occupi
ed as a Chair and Bedstead' Factory in the Borough of
Towanda, where we will bold oursebres in readiness to
attend tothe wants of any. and all persons who May
favor tie with a call. We hope by strict attention to
business to merit a share of Public patronage.
Wp are fitting up a MACHINE SHOP connected
with the Furnace, where we hope to be able to do any
and all kinds off jaiahing and felting up 4.r. We will
endeavor at all times to kee a good assortment of work
on band so that customers 'may be accommodated on
the shortest notice,
HAVING taken pains to secure the services of ex
perienced workmen from the state of N. Y.. we flatter
onnelves we shall ba able to turn off work in a work
manlike manner and u good as can be done in any
other •establishment.
We shall also be prepared for the manufacture of
stoves by the quentity,and will keep constantly on,hand
a few select patterns for retail.
Tbssubscribenrinvite all persons who may be in want
o any thing in our line Waive us a call and we guaran
tee they will not go away dissatisnad.
Saw Mill Rods or Paralell alirleir , Mill cranks, gad
- geons trc , kept constantly on hand.
Alp plows of the most approved patterns and
Points by the piece or quantity to suit purchasers, lie
low as can be procured at say other establishment.
Cultivators of the most approied
. patterns, alto r e
superior article of Cont Plow , for sale by
Towanda Jun! Istso.
Q" Old castings taken in exchange for work.
Removed to B. Kingsbery's 8104 !
Tr• di. Chamberifti,
~. Ti A 8 just returned from the city
lett .1.1 of New York with a large
. --, ,Alk .dipply Of Watches, Jewelry snit
, 4 7 eilver ware, comprising in part,
4 /1 1 ..,, ( .. the following articles :—Lever,
i 1 ' L'Epineand Plain Watches, with
E ( - 4,... '--' a complete assortment of Gold
Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin
ger Rings, Breast Pins, Bracelets. Lockets, Gold chains,
Gold Pens, Keys, ere. Also, all sorts of Silverware,
and any quantity of Steel Beads—all of which he offers
(or sale eaceeedingly cheap for CASH.
Watches repaired on short notice, and tear/wrath
to run well, or the money will be refunded, and a writ
ten agreement given to that effect if required.
N. B.—MAPLE SUGAR, and Country Produce
taken in payment for work; 'and ales. learn now, and
torever,lUl the Produce must be paid un i te% the work
u done—l war against cieditini all its forms.
Towanda, April 28, 1850.
RAVING resumed the,butdoese of SURVEYINO:
all.wetk•cant Wed to toy caro will be dons with
accuracy and despreb. Protices left at the ".Wand
House" will ensure attention.
May 24, 1850. JOS. CAIRN SIMPSON.
Relent to—O. P. Miam i ! 1 Michael Meylarts
C. Witr ,
a, 8. Buda,.
3111 3 3 re140 , 111T31101171E1ILIICIkk-aalli9
ISAVING. located in Towande, hie menicel msy
; .1.1., be obtained by addressinwe line _ through theßost
Office, or by calling at the offiee of Ulysses Mercer,
ag.; Wham ho wilt beround, or where a:written ap,
licatrneu*Ny lat.' .Nov. I, .1850.'
E., H. M A SON,AO M a •
manyeacii44l-,Yr 01072:453010V9
Anima oa ?dam street, four doors bolo* Urjdgo
street. where be _ : may, be found, when ootiorofus.
atonally some& ToSrands. Nov: po,
rilk 'Mgr Ei P QOM CLOTllSlce,==lllood all trod
t." :gape* also betaiir F100iV181600621 'OM Pianos
juittecibrotaad Sale itrY 16* -
Darr 28.1850. Taltf4l7ll:-.4
11W D Bttaigat,sad Illolaaupee, also 10 cleite..Nore,pf
Tei tbisintinW
Wonted; Coffee, Saleratue,Rice,lialt Tobaebo;4ll
of wbiebt will be soli Ghee? a%
- .4ge_bit' al. T
fib 'it'ff t '
e o,)no esprit
*g.iirjoiiiigingrexileflfroln Dead/ ly i ,
.F'ulnieniii Syrup.
The follinving esti* is one of the inestest m ftit hc n4n
of medicine over &sew ever published in
toy. Read iti
Promptest by nit atlteritign att i re, ling of benevoleies;
and for the benefit of ed afflicted fellow beings,
sire to make kisowkstellort description
and the unexpected erni l attained from SCRENCIIII
PULMONIC SYRUP. *out Buse yeareggo tWe
aftlictedwits a violent mg' Whde eietdadtittmybsead
and side, and every few days' woad, taus congdie.:
Me blood; my , cough was tight and digressing. leggy
day I heir vioteat frier creeping chills, and profuse
sweats at night, with great difficulty of breathing and'
great loss of appetite; my Teem teal entirely mew:
trated, being confided to my bed moil of the
Two of the numgenunent ',byelaw of this cky
tended me, and after exhausting all their 'kilt pro.
'bounced; my ease incurable. ',lndeed, one esid,my
lungs Were shning gone, and I coots } not pork* re.,
corer. At this stage of my disease. twee prevailed
upon to try Dr. Sehendes Pubmmie Syrup, and before,
had taken half a dozen battiest, was so far recovered
as to-be to go about the home. It seemed to strength. ,
en my whole system—ft loosened the covet and atop. j
ped the bleeding—my bowels became regular;nad ,
every thing I ate, seemed to digest easily and neuriale
my whole system. Indeed, such was the rapid pm.;
great of my health and so sudden the digit. that If
became too Sanguine of a speedy ewe. and abendoise
ed the
,use of I the medicine before the diseue Vas
thorOughly eradicated, which resulted in another attack'
of bleeding at the fangs last tall, accompanied by a des. '
tressiag cough. I smun commenced taking the Pal.
monk Syrup. and .ent toe Dr. Schenck who. upon a
careful examination, advised me to continue using it.
Before I had taken four bottles, an dwell formed in
my side.which gathered end broke, discharging, maxim
as I can judge, a pint of
,very disagreeable yellow mat. -
ter. This seemed to cleanse and purify my whole sp.
tent, Friss this time I begmt to get better, and am
happy to say entirely recovered. I ;in sure at this
tune I enjoy better health than I have for the last ten
years. Since I commenced taking the Puhnonie Syr
up, t< have never tailed to recommend it wherever I
went, that others, as well as myself, might be saved
saved from that awful disease; for I feet it a duty I
owe to the afflicted to publish it to the world. Permit
me to mention a few cases which have come under my
, immediate observation. Being on a visit to Camden.
N. 1., last summer, I caw a child, evidently in the last
, stage of bowel consumption. The mother informed
me that the physicians bad given ,the childap as in.
curable. I told her what benefit I had received from
the use of Schenck's Pulmonie Syrup, and induced
tier to procure a bottle. I tumid nothing mote from
the little sufferer until about three month, alter; being
in the market, my attention was drawn to a lady who
observed me very attentively. She finally approached
me, add asked if I was not the lady who recommend
ed Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup to her dying child last
summer in camden. I replied that I was. She said
that her child bad entirely recovered, end was uncom
monly healthy. Her name is Mrs. Wilson, and now
resides is Bridesburg. • Another lady I would mention
in particular, who had a scrofulous affection. Her face
and neck presented one continued sore, end one of bet
eyes - was seriously affected with it. She bad become
greatly emaciated, and to all appearances pad recovery.
I induced her to try Schenck's Puhrionrc Syrup, which
she did, and is now perfectly cured. Agatha Islay.
Mir ( McMullen, whose residence I will give on appli
cation, was evidently - in the last stage of Consumption,
I prevailed upon het to try the Pulmonie Syrup. T In
very short time she was entirely recovered, and amen•
joys excellent health, having become exceedingly fleshy
These are three cues within my ktiowtedge, which
know were cured by Schenck's Puhnonic Syrup, All / 1
who doubt this statement, and will take the trouble to
call on me at my redder= Parrish street hap doors
above tenth north side, !think I will be able to satis
factorily convinces them by awn ease, and others theft
I know have, been cured by this Syrup. Since ray
cure, there have been so many to see me to know what
I took, that I have had a eery good opportunity of
knowing a - great many that have taken it, and have
been greatly benefited thereby, and f think if persons
afflicted with Consumption or Liver Couiplaint, would
send for Dr. Schenck, and let hint carefully examine
their lungs, end if he says he can cure them, follow the
directions, and prevent taking cold, they will rapidly
4 00
Philadelphia, May 29, 1849.
J. if; Senna - cr.—Dear Sir—l. hive known Mrs.
Leibert for several years, as a member of my church,
and have all confidence in -her statement, and am re
joiced to find her again restored to health. Any thing
more, in addition to her statement, is needless.
Yours, truly. THOS. L. JANE WAY,
Pastor of the North Presbyterian Church,
Philadelphia; June 20, 1849. 6th st. above Green.
Prepared and sold by J. H. SCIIENCK, at his Lab
orratory S. E. corner Coates & Marshall sts., and by
the following Agents in Bradford County.
Geo. A. Perkins, Athens; II Bailey, Leraysville ; T.
Humphrey, Orwell; Maynard & Woodburn. Rome;
J. J. Warford, Monroeton; D. D. Paktum, Le Roy ;
Rathbone ' Canton ; King & Vosburg,.Troy
and by MIX do MASON, Towanda:
$1 per bottle or $5 per half dozen.
71. M
Many. era ofer periencra and more than a liffstatheell Thole
gad thereat or Ceseamottve Complain:J.. base mural -to
the Undoubted satisfaction of all persons who have become sc.
quainted with chic reedeltil meek, that it is treacly superior,
because it is souk and kcaltag, and. awe vermin to ears
Causumpthen of the Lunge, than any other IteMedy th e
world. We know, however, that it is said 'by atone that Consume.
Von can not be cared. Be that the opinion or the many or the fell
we shall not, attempt to argue with such. but this we anti any, sad
do amyl as a Gickwhk.ll can be proved ita thousand* of rases,
that this medicine leas cared Omaha and dines whack, /stk.-a the
sure, war effected, were called real Cousaimptiatt, sad width
were attended milli systyttoes that resembled, and were in an Th.
spat, ttbe theoymptonts of those tatotlie, and ohea deal are said to
have diet with that fatal disuse Clateletaydes. This' Balsam
cured thoraces' person! awasaid tote hope at.
1 / haa 4 6s —wbobatiAantd of who ri: recltutestashe—Bassin Wei/ lculy retail,
and Bark—Diftlealty of nreatulug--Pusher A-Newer.-
tics—Hectic Aver ...14414-Siareet—atd wasting away of the
Mob and Blood. Tenons baring latch can have been
clued sites it was Jae they could sal lII* a week Wager. TM.
Medicine bas cared sane abo.vrens meowed W be in t dtiod
s good healtate, bu & t, by the use of this remedy, they mow Btu, and enjoy
Tido Balsa. k pugs a ruing& Canova&it is pleasaat to
aka, and MUT doe Spay La any au orthoclase or under any dr•
camstenea. ll,llllldieffia ar
Ind sne
Cm by raeltYlalt animgra_ and isrvidorattlilladraealo
whole tryinenr—by assamv SAS tad pdia:be akesialt
ocriao—ibuo g cosials—asodkau Bearesta—and aidar
assi fiseMeerier BY‘Peetaratlom. Le Cues the Iblio*ing
means and 04 pmemik, Arthise, tbsetkrawd, Sad
tivAt Wts .raise• Po Ibiza; Sas. sat Nervour."
r k— A - ouli....d.anyaium WEAK.
8818/3 lerrehm therefrom, Madera Wm*
jr Fox Yr sof fortienlaro of . tolto, we ow Pow
Mots oat Notai-411 our Agents have Mom to gtire
--. •
'For sale by HUSTON & PORTER, Tomo& ;
C. H A Herrick, Athens ; C. E. Rathbone. Canton ;
,D.D.Parkhurst, Leroy ; Hanson, Monmeton; E
W. Baird, Rummetalleld; D. Halley & Boa. Leßaya•
'Rh); T. Humphrey, Orwell ; Maynard & Woodburn ,
Rome; E.B. Tracy, ldricithlield ; Coryelt & Gee, Bur•
lin kton ; L. &E. Runyon, Troy.
All orders mild be addressed 0. WALLACE t
Co. 304 Broadway, 34eowly
Very 'filtrittlge bat true.
A Gentlemen of Utica, N. Y., has obtained from
it the Witch-haxel, a simple remedy, which lays a
more just claim to the name of " family cure all" than
any Medicine we hate ever before-known. Nothing
is connected with it but a Mils Alcohol to preserve i t '
and'yet It acts with great certainty in removing Pin
andidl local inflamathin, curing all coves, burns, brui
aes and lameness, rapidly. Piles, bowel complain" ,
eholera-morbas, heinorrhago, earache, tooth-ache, ssm
eyes, and all nervous affections. It is-white as moil
and as harmless, audit is called
" Pana'sPatti Degroger and Healing Extract. ),
None is genuine Accept " Pond's Extract" is blown in
the hottio. Pond first introduced this medicine°
thepatlic and hai'expttett a v as t deal of time l and
.money In ininglag It to a
~hiigh at t er ep-ccifeetiou , sod
.wit now 'Warrant evety.bottle to give saiidect"' .L
A :man by the natnegf Sponear ham pat fo rth sa;
liccicid mated . " The Coyle P.utt
see' wtdch claims tO
fluti) Ott .Witch•hagel._ If from that shinb, its, name
q.pminct ; deception, aid it lea very ImeerAtel mii"
ClOhe mii:diriietv,444 get a pamphlet sad see.
For ale si'lifoateayc's &(. Torteft, Bes. in
men Mono:micas . ' Parkhurst dr, .I,lmb Leßoy, Monaca
Franklin.. .luno 6th 1850.