Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, February 13, 1851, Image 4

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I. t 0 , c at) a 11a g, tver!ma
Nell ailticated
. nam a - • •
Weals in lot
to This iftiv*einelit.
1004 goo - L.. AglicuAutal_si
r ti 6 ninuas iti
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Ftlienee ould have mule mtwb:pqktet
if t:it . lutre~iiamu ,oith
every Wriciit•Cetiolikesociimectp . aniTltie ` e'x%i r era
in which Ilirillaiesocoeeded : lutazto ritardedThiv
jrOV I P II . ,
We Can eeperiment either by means of Di:l4l►
. iibscitiatitvill, ciaminitig
pfaeStfin iodation with each other, and _hyponsid.
*ring 'Their reciprocal . r,ttfliefli andiolpterying its re- .
Sults,' or. by means of trials or ispOrirturnis;
Irig . seme Ithowfl situations • • v . , •
Astermitted with precision,•obscriing their reCipro;
cal acmcfivanki preventing as mite), a+ we can, any
faieirn or'untlibirn body hem lidlueociflg MeM.-
eultiofour*Operiments. •
trial is a cuestion athhisett to nature- ; w ten
'fia4 . 2 question is propetly - pet, nature will.fleeeti.:
jardy reply either yes, 0rti0.,•.. '
ii is only %tilde the last ceniary; that,,,The art i. of
esPerimlnts,has *been clearly apprettene.
c 4 4,, It isoo this art that the pfulcipal power Of
'man Over The Material world is toinured,„O r d that
. 011 become es'ended in pr:porifon ,as he
:teirigethitari nearer' perfection, and carries
'full.praCtice. 4 There is a particular Lind of
esOriirtents• which have, arriCed almost to
:pasfeloiaa„.and' - ahich. can .1;i regulated with a de•
gMa of preeision equal to rhat which is attained in
110 . 6ther . 'practical . scitinceshesc .are•-cortipara
. •
.11te Atisiii in ,The open' ,
It Is true that experiments:of this: kind are not
elteily made; but, ,nevertheless, they are in the
power of every retlecting-agriculturitit: - Wliciever
has accomPiished one experiment, whatever may
lithe peculiarity of the circumstances undei 'Which
,it wakninite, and has given a faitTiful,acrount,of
batt:welreontribilted to theadatincemeidof - Science,
and eoi.sigtrentty_to useful piactiet!, and has enti•
tied himself to ilia giatituder !O. coeemporaries
,autl•of prospelity. It would tartan AO power of
an single ingindual to accomplish any &atoll
*ratite number of . these experiments and 'it could
not b e expected from him.—Toe er.
Pusan nT Austst.s.—l have thonght• that, as a
general thing, oar farmers do not consider sufficient.
ly the value of this valuable agent el fertility. In
how IsYCiits'envoi indeed, tin we find any efforts
made to economize it, or reader its, great wealth
tirailablelor the soatenance turd /*Port of iegeta
tie life. Aceonling to an English agriceltund ;au
Om or great iatellgence, the quantit, of liquid Ma
nure prodeeed by a single cow iw one year is
eqrial to fertilizing one and one fourth acres (S EP,
producrng effects as permanent as do the solid ex ;
leretusents-soided b 3 the same animal in w
tervil °flint& A cord of good loairOltoroughly
sat 4a with thii - energetic and fectindating
hums as equal fur all practical. purposes, to
. a cord of the best, Well:rotted manure. If them
quid and solid evacuations; iccleditiOlte straw or
other materials used as litter, are- kept aspirate,
andel:taking 1704 former by tibsorbent loam, pre
ticably well dried; it has been.found that they will
manure land, in proportion by bulk,Of seven liquid'
Go iiixtpolid; white their actual Value, is as two to
one.' One hundred pounds ot covr'S :urine, aye
btfr inthotity, produce thirty.five - , Pounds of the
most powerful salts, which have ever been applied
in agriculture. No one therefori,• can - doubt for
into moment that by neglecting to ecownniso this
powerful and valuable agent, at once the most tle..
cidedly ealutaiyiwits- permanent effects II the
'uld araenitions of our stock 'equals One•Itall the
value of the.solid excrement, and if there be aty
shapitedeircese be relied on the recent experiments
Orchernical men, this is a very moderate, apptisar,
ia italpt, r richly,wctith saving.4Gmnantown Tee
Sesau.. FAttitii.=There are 'bewail& or s ierma 7 in
this New f.ugllaill States, varying in size from
; • twrintyfireto Dile hundred acres upon tsbicb thnu
panrinoftarnithas not antyPre, but are
in'tbs• and bate target firn i ties
aunkutlyttlprovparity. It is travOtiediilitren, ror
wa4ari4ogriT 4ve tO gp,yt „eclat/4414
11n41 it this atmesaity that hus filled the abuts
eonnt - ci with Yankee ooroiraueis cif: all kiwis,
iIPRI I!. lass c14P41/Planicia. steam C 1 01e•
!-Oue grtadeive'railigstiodimiiiisiive lams,
Is,. thniinuentluetellies which .charactertzea the .
urbrole'Na '''srankee clock liver run wi L th
more regnlmiti. than the übcds - lif The operations
ealModetruitlf sena of - the small fisruieti. - Look
at their cattle, foils's; hog", sheep, geese, ducks,
and ehicketos• Tnerif is appeamuce of onriaif•
tisk** ibrift ab o ut prerphing animate, Sr, ioartimate
upcMlOnikof tlfese;pleme. Uis true, Many of the
occupant's work with the same °idle:dila* mole
their littera and follow all tbe same time-grin.
ova Practicer' ;but the next gettratioliviillbidore
alive to the sph it ef inipronutett. ,
reinICTINi. CURC AWL any potion
afinald. ba siva: by a bee of other insect ; ttdreolne
spitts ot unpentifter so tit! phtte,.ant! the pain wilt
net*, eaiwer in One tainate: ft is 5 151 , l iltSt
strootiliOnFanibite ol a coppeibensianake mayini
ilitrained in a liKiriiiiAtinned pp*
ast#of ti4s ar,ucl!,o"4,*l.lmYl,.iw/ORnlrla
4310 Aleit4sl4 o thet caiehitivi. lo l 0 31 leolk
.3 ou bt 04. , The effect of ail poison is tio minuet
Okblai'd iessOsi*9 :prove"! Wfiree
*tee pafeie4 ongequeuee . i4 c Pall:•"a:. ' 4 ) 111 9 6 64,
itanta . liateito of tu4entlue r ot weir, peas/
mainland espanding tptalities eutst'ittottonto the
difilraltsw.FasetexCattirrip 7 .ll7. • ,
V. 4 11.13 rat seiiaratoly 'Whites on&
yolks 'Atwell', no; 1134 1 Oa 4 1 k of
dertol elite naval whisk 01l into babbles . ; add
Itx of Sane toll tha grated tierdsel two lemma
Yi1". 11284 " 43 lial"skgrate ,
Ofill;t1,01k la a 'pick oven.'
teciPivitUXUALeOPio kitiOtitti V1191•041:10
stimt tiii - Ltw — lietio: viidOiroot for
cl as , "keg Vtay; , S , - Thy , yrodii#2 000 heridia
it9r,„r4l anstrateTOorbiri#4l#theivi.
ugr of s so ). oo 'Peviwimell!Mg 00 iiefr4" 0 , 1 ?* 4 ki
veil not 5000' :16*
theto mt9OPOCrc:,
:, t.
' ._ .r)_
~~ ~Yl~af~.
, _ . , - .': -. 1-".4ii.titliiitiOutigni . ooii':*
Agricartifilif §leves Storef
- AT-- '14.714E144‘ PA
witizaims; _-
Bait Rota - lone. rote, resher,
With the Latist snit Impoqatzt -Inffiroreitentr, - Ar'
• • • rrhinirPriteof iisecureiL • •
THE subscriber taloa this rorthoti ,inforrn the
. ranners'of -Bradford and that:adjoining mind*
that be is agent for, and ha, fOr salF. the itioie eel ki
ted and unequalled IfOrse Powsr and Threshing-Ow
ehines,,which be is prepared to runtish on IlinAarne
terms the mannfacturer.Arith Ibis-addition of the.
Actual 'cost of transportation, contracted for at dui
*stand best rates. -
The subscriber has sot& a. number of the above ma. ;
chine* in this. and the adj sitting counties of Chemune
and Tipp. IC liwand all viittout exception harwgiven
the very beeifsatisfaction, and where they are-known.
all farownegivo them the praferenee.-eit, 'tenant of
economy in.-threshing, beingoperated. with - much le
expense, mol .iracking and untatioginach less grain
than..any other machine inane -
The; orodicove Poorer Thresher and Sepanttor is
.capable. With three or fain turn, of threshing frond 1,50
t 0.200 Wishers of wheat Pr sye. or double that quantity .
duals; per daj.
The prizes for Emery dr. Co.'s Ono • j
from Power, 05 00
do , Thresher Ind Separator. 35 00
do 'Bends, wiench,oilsr and
• extra pieces.. ' 5 00•;4125 00
Two4torse Power, • sflo .O 0 ,
do. Tresber'and Separator. 35 00
• . do oiler, wrench; Ow., 5 00-4150 00
Also*heeler's ons•hiwierpower,Threaber„-, .
. and:Separator, Complete, (improved this •
season) . • - • $1.20 00
Wheeler's two-horse Power, Thresher and
Separator. complete.,
Price Or Emery's Treiber and Cleaner,
• . with bande. wrenches, &c., • 75 00
do Saw- KW. complete for Mr 33 00
Price of Grant's Fan Mills, ado led for •
band or power, front 22 00 to 25 00
!rho subscriber will also the tinning season be *-
rased to furnish to order
fi, • Co..s NEW
Emery; le Co.' tor nearly twolesra past hare been
experimenting t&?errect a elesneroo be twisted :with
their Power for public and field three/116g mid'with
much time and expense hive pueeeeded -to their' entire
satisfactima o and ate now prepared to furitist e• *Ulf
cleaner, combined with all the• advantageif of _their
overshot eyfirtib r. and at the same time requiring leis
fore, to operate its rotary motion than •is required by
the 'vibes** separator. it his been thoroughly tested
during the -fait harvest. and some of them have been
used the past aeisciri '
( or threshing_ in the best grain
growleg sections of the itite of New York the
bast sueeeti=threshing months together an'equal am
ount and at. less expense; than the common threshers
with die vibrating separators. •
• The Cleaner his an the" tileantagelf of i good'fatt;
ning mill, cleaning the grain fit for market, waiting
none. The additional Cost being but iittialaUre than
a fanning mill; otabont fiirty - dellerrt-feehhilt the
whole Thresher - arid Clarice inst. s73' to. the ,kmariner,
rod with puny fir.CON tsiohirrse.slBs - '00;
'ollte Cieatiereaft bel'ibusebel;' Mid the Ttereafter ite•
44 alone when desired. ' Dined Thresberind Clean
er sre.destined to take the .platm of the old. expeliiivi
sere cumbrous thresher and cleaner now in nee.
Variners and otiters'etsliing to 'pieictsier:ltni of' the
abovo4nentioned Horse Amens lid Threshes, will
savelmoble, risk sod expense, by pin:basing them of
the subscriber.
t o -On account or 'the large demand fur the allot.
Machines, and the diflieulty of immediately filling or.
tiers for them, ,persons wishing to putehiss Machines
should give me tinkly notice ai to- what' hind sod at
wbaf tune they• Wish 116 Paean , the= 1
Farmers wishing to do their threshing immediately
after hones, should procure their machines as early as
the first of Juiy. Alio fur sale • •
it; .
At mernufadurees retail price., etteA" ai „
Revel* g -Horse -Rakes. ,:livp-Shtstr and . Namto
• ; • forks; §%.
. •
Cait 'lrratui 'Wood chitin and tell :fittnpl;.'
LEAD PfPßof sit 4014 in bar oirsata ll 4o l 4 l :
tier, cheap . for '• - • : • -
H. 111.1VELLES the routiet 'sealer,. be pm.
paced o turnhh I.T.Grant & Co.' cetebrated patent
- 1) •
Pr/salmis rata : ertitfle,-
whisksib and' retk • The entitle sillier furnished
with Man'. etlarated Bc7the, the bettirisdiiis
Uniint 'tura warranted. Wen respeethillrsofirtinl
froth town anarxerattY nrchaitisr.
A tio for sale, 'literati and weft eetetted ireartneator,
Va 22017 6 . 2 . 747111114 pAttc;sysrtv,,,,ripets,
MS.oo l Ptg!e,s, sad Hail , will comPui fat %
14; with those of en; ?la.!, Otorcia Amy of the Cup
nelekt ' 7.7::
trii;loooll434 and' Skeet ~Tron.,:treit,
4 i r cash.
Ana full Catalogue of 'Agriet
men* slut- tkoses, , funsished
either here; or olt spidestift bywril
r., RAYMOND M. 11/
.ELLE& .-
Aditsts, Ps, No ember 1841:4 .. -
; mt. t tab 11lir "-.101.11r-ei i iiv'
w ittiii4a4U vstO
OR !ant - .34swatblig -4
bobsperup,:lat isio 410041merk. aitisilfaari
aisle on be6l,broiflripwriusitepldellcidi
int stabenj,gosntitet No..
„ .
-Th•vatiitstiiat.ittsisuiritiiiievriss -a Ti
Oa Ike ier i, - by glid dige
r dot:ortyras.
Ohaitit xlifiled StU.OOO. l
F. rd.; ii4vr; Moodiest gaamitai, A(tava; Es =dAir*
mike giteu; atidapplieatiaa* jeer rarot by ":. : ` z::
1 • = • r'l;:klPlEl.l);Atitini,ll.
6 0 1 *.qin, Agi!!lst lute bfries
•th Wet • •• • , •
• The . larpsj 4onspany'jytllii§VOila:
Cepitafivir Chrat,loo,oloo atepbafs:
Tits-State lkitaiit; at tiastitabattiii
'1 be groat Penaayleenie 1. twin* Pinnate'
:and.licinhauCkkampsay. witWi larva and ilm(44sidokt,
ceeb Awl), Br i t both's stock and mutualAkmpiinte
• -
J. Agent, Atbein, Pi.• • '•' Bonin" Land , ' weireiter.',
`Tire subraftier him; yreerred tat the Pension tont,
nocersaty inotruitioits' awl tonnes stwin the Pu• Per de
potlment Wasbiattooorlll otteutl.lo' the Ipplication
of 15oldirrily Widen, ood;.nilsioiettikhio of g EOdiers;
aim by ibo late foie are entitled - 0 llothitj , LW* fur
Amite* rendered during war of 1512, or soy-of the
Indian 4irs 'We 1780. :And Penibis
der tbe set, of 'Oontifoo.' The Kati "pension
kiwi and &Arlon* 0,14 to aioy pexsioOo not titre
lame 'entidea to •thdro. " Prompt 'attention „ Overt
post. itabl eommonirstiont, by •
Atlt•nr, Dee. 28, 1550.' .% .1. E. cANntiM:'
'• -Office No. 29.1 literchants* Exchange. ,
ORGAIZZI) upon. the ‘a rabid plineiple," Meek
and Mutual, which cotrAincd features otter to, in
sured minabers double the nodal treeurity. The Cash
vte.) of paymenb hat sten been adopted, thus almi,l.
ing the heavy dnitebacts treated by unpaid Premstnix
notes. The' UM* rate* of premiurnnipon which - la-N.'
lithe are being issued, is the Nati stale experienee this
protesi 'sheik, be adopted, es affording requisite reier
ay to be injured, snd en undoubted guarantee fur the
perpetuity of such intentions. •• An experimental te
bV) may:kelouinT,lrcthlers,st tba;aety Itistao a poli
cy shreld - Obiaits' ts greatest value. . Life -Insurance , .
ve r croperly, is arresting - the attention of the world.
We public howeier, In commendable iviilingness
to embricieed employ its wise and saltitary mansion),
should make ultimate l security • the primary and roost
important object, which can only be attained by io ad
justing the premiums as to antieipite unexpected lust
re and lincumtions of evrty lint' It u •the purpose
of this annpany annually to credit, upon the Wine
of bolsters and book* of th e Company,such an ommant
o profits as shall not affect the stability; or impair the
sacredness of its contracts. Premiums um, at-theop
tion Grilse insured, be paid annually; sent 'annuity,
or quarterly; in advance: All necessary information,
together with Hanks, pamphlets, ite.; may be obtained
gratis, at the office of J. E. Cantszve, Athens, Pa.
Stepiten It. Crairtord; Paul 11 Doddard. -
Ambrose W. Thompson, • Lawrence 34:Omar, '
Benjamin W. Tingley. -^ Gunge M'llenly.
• -Jseeb L. nuance. • James Deserves,
Williams if; GendstlN - -; • - Jobn:L...Linton:
• t STEPHEN W. ERA WPOHD; President.
Autumn W. Termite" Vice President.
- • Dula. C. Irtisit; Secretary andl'realirer
A savant anuel Eyre.
Cprinuts- arm Arrossaa—.Thoutie p a r c h.
;P:ALNEkliw•StadiarLEsarnirrer for Athens.
December 27,1850. , •.*) fi.r
.- ' , , - -• L. ti, unrietwr; -:; ,'•
53.16111.5L1M15T, :P AATIP 23 tei,
Avow., I), tike: thia `it ithrid;to irifoiM r
Wr trona lid 'ibis Cotiiiminity it% gene*, - that, she
may Is tonna at'his olDer in Troy Imo' the weak
fiillowilictbe 10,ationti mut Frailkth •titnalaituin each
month t and at the Ward Hattie, in Towanda, the
first yak' orvitab Coati. '. Also, at Wirfiiirdilattitai
in Jiloarmetoty. the week followiag Abe lint Soodaya la
Jannarydtpril,, July. and Oeloi•cr.. - Also at 'Canton
emlers, the week following ,tha.33 Sundays in iraeh
of the above months. Alsa. at Burlington Comers,
the week faUowila the third ,Ruitilaya in Feb.,. May.
A ug . an d N o v. Also at Smithfield Ceram •tlin wieek
following the third Barrage in . Ike.. March, Jerre,
and ,Sept._ , And also, at Athena, at Misted% Hotel.
theweeks following
the first Sun day.ilayi in iddrch,, , Jana.
Aug„ and Noy. At the alaive time and places hero ;
poses to °Petals rofessionally. in all the dew:manta
of,Dentat Stymy and Mechanism'.
' Troy. Nov. t8;1850.
, , .
INISSOUTTION.--Notice is hereby given, that the
Jur: partneoship heretofore existing between the ,sub.
scribers in the harness and Trunk making bushiest is
Ibis day dissolied by Mind consent. 'E. Smith &
Son will Settle the business of the later firm. Those
indebted must make immediate payment. and those who
have agreed to pay grain, are notified that unless de.
livered at the time agreed, Cash will be expected.
IKasegithesl3, JERE'VULP.
": .1, • • • • .%
pppECITIXJ:Ey: Anfoinl the the y
41- VwileVniitintie :huaideite eattetrAtietariti, am%
4 1 .0 cit Public iminire,. alit) Will keep hirid.tin4
masinfacitire to order. every variety of #ADDLES,
HARNESS, TRItIIikCB;VALICES, Ace.,of the beat
material awl or Warkmanahlp, not to be surpassed.
Bp etnet Mention to -bulkiness, and promptnees :it;
rnUtilling enitegemente, they hope to' einitioue the fib;
awl patronage they" have heretaore enjoyed.
. VanntAosirenarattea will be dolman shoat netioe,
in the neateatninner.
- All kinds of Grain. Produce. Hides, p belt . Pei*
*4 • • .! n Szch!Pge Zt , •
jt,;(04 1. ..,:. and, Je..*4l4,LStere
A w MINER takes this AMMO of informing
1l r ktintobteusttmtent and the pnblie.gtmerallyi , that
hi hasparchased of 3. T - his stock of Watches,
Clocks and Jawelry.'•liii hal couitheneed the above
boohoos i t 4 ill of it..wariois Ostithestl the old stand
drier lane/r o an Mefriirtroci, two doom sontleif With
/fie reputation , as a. yratclt,repairer lase wen
eseddislmod in this stommunity . , that it be litindirAutOrti.
t 0 ay's ' , taco 4 0 is .es-
Pengnee anAlifcsd Ith.sollaigs Ely cflirincit atherough,
InOwlidgeof dm business, be has confidence in saying
to thepublie„ bring colour watches and clocks, till
A Pm& 1014 or Iteptdring doe...warranted as I
recommend, or the some refunded.-
A good aimmtment ell:flocks, Watilierritni
'keit moinsarderintisod.; ; • '• ; -
lady mono shall he—ittick Cult
doern, ad no credit Credit need•not be asked
fini-irss I lat barna not tri *take iti
owards; telly-11; A*. M. WARNER:';
, . .
• - : .K,
, ANO- 7 " . 81.1,4113£0rNi 0168 1
CA than :Dia l ek:_t' Midi- liar the
Stiaio.iiver 'Etwelfir' tiovv'efro* l
befotoefi' EtwOlro oto,L l A.lonoet law , oirtepo tow)!ent tie
.41„wrays - briktiat; engoireA.,
1 ';ViViiid l o‘o7ll. o .. aStt; I,
" 1 .,c , r
a Is i 44. Apant-144*. Aiidat
mull' oectillied ' .. b bd!. Lik MdaturnYtt 44. : :Nil , ''' r'
MI operations, antorrotlng to 1650, or. over: - ono 6ll
pitivimia aj.o;* Mmaintler , in ' three morrOw:" , #
the opted 'proves ereptistiiiitey,the atooeyiiehtigi
be .' A, woo *nand however mot &two the
prong 'o tfithelflett uhpeitl; with's proviso: ~,. -,,,,
' 131 " 11 "ToNATORTER-7
' IJIMONS t 4 irleet
4401 641
r.1 4141 1( 4 111 8 " S op*, 1 0$7
eMtjto ... s
attoda goe_all4 ma k&
rig4niEß4 l o till* IMAM 161 '
' 44 anikaar. tkicalt for,saltle,,,Too.:X:*,cchi
V 11110/Piirortikida W
ihaspivet&itiii - , f l al , ratinfri 9 l47
- ' • •,'
i y.~~•
~~"'''~`r #'
. s:;.r.
: . .
' k it . ,.... : , A1110,01 2 41).,,. DmilrTT •
jiiiiker'itUdltlea)o=V44o; * e
-"-Phi firlkstritig cam It one of the 'greatest Di pits ,
of medicine over dame ever poldisloid it kka
city_ *need it! : ' ...", '. - f . ..,i,,...q):t..-,;-r,i
PrOnilited by noottimPunt 1644 1 n5:0f (Inaba
41' foe the .kenekl At, my, afilick:felie**DP l ;API
sire to ono timpsi . sorKeilocilithiPritir 411.1 " 14 -
and the.cfiesPie(ial Init . ) 'Obtained friti - fltlit4NCKS
PlitiltiONlC SYRUP. AlintAteeyilMaaffo':, i- we.
AIWA - wit a violent cold; WitiehirenledePSwllgi.
"anOlde sad every feir days woblkl `Mini Wirt :
kleN6nti: my ednahwttilli4wwitlitii:. Ittnt:
'Ai I had violent, (Biter porplag 2 thille," Nadi prafoa
.eirfate At Altai with Oil 40 40* 4,Akatittitti ;and
'treat or appetiti:/toy,iyitifii vu :ma*, IMP':
Crated. Will it . .wthtted *co WY hetrati,!..or the ihnti,—;
x*o,o' 149 #lll moment physiciina of thirk city at-,
Maid me, .and aßer .finhiestMgoall,their• slOilli.,pofr,
' nounced my ceselneurible:. itirteed,::Mil.sadd :m y?
• fling's were almost govitt.Mid,4 ion*. not l
cover.: At this stage Or 'my irmie . o *sit pinuodleili
Open tot if . Di; Same k's rsilmolite AO* koabgfors'
I hid lake!) half a dirt A WO* WU/ 0 ) far, **AV
as to be la in iabeilt the hetain f ...
_''lt seemed to sttengthal
raspy. whole s ystem -- it kkiee - 140d'ilie, =Ugh dad atop 4
'Ped the'idevding-!-MT. bnieeill,lvettai,• l olltOrtVird'.
Avery,thint I . ate; sainedlti 4 1100. as endirill4l,
my whole system. Indeekancli." w a s` r
ifteseittiny !width and so widdrot.the.atingkithat 11
hewtoW` Oa sanguine els speedy Bare, mod s
-ed • ttieiise ,ir the:ineXcifte r ber*; the disuse ; was
tboroughlyividleatidliihichteibitediniinethif shack
of bleedinglit lbeatings, lilt tril;tietiompitiled Ily . " dis-,
fivislng tough. I "'gem commenced taking th e Pol.
movie Syrup, and twit foe Dr. Schenck whia,Jran a ;
examination.carefulexamination. advisedwm to continue rig it.,
Before I had Mien four bottles; an *Weis - formed in'
iiiiiide. which gathered and broke, disclougini *a near
as l can judge, a pint of very,disagreeable yellow mat
ter. This seetnid to cleanse and purify kny'aikole-sys-,
test; Fran this Alan I Swop get bole", ,and AM
happy to say entirely recovernl;. I am' site at this'
tame I enjoy bitter health then T have for the last ten.
yetivO. Since commenceditaking the Polypi&
-144 have ne Ser /ailed to *encamped )t Wherever I
went; test other; in well as myself. might ; 'be saved
avid from *hit MORA &inapt !Joe I feet it'll duty I
owe to the afflicted to ptaudi'itio the Weald:: Permit
me to mention's fey eases which have come tinder my
ittitialiate observation. Being on a visit ta Camden,
N. J.; last summer, saw a child, evidently la the last
siege of bowel' consumption. The mother' Informed
me that the philriciiins had given the ehild:up as in
carabfo. I told bee' whet benefit. I had 're **red frorra
the tint of Schencitie. Putmonic 13yrup,and, Induced
her to procure a bottle. I beard nothing aim° from
the little sufferer until abotit.thrce month . after; being
hi the market, my sitention was , drawn to W lady who
Vbseried me very attentively.;. She finally approached
me, and asked if f etas not the lady whir recommend.
ed Schenck's full:mule thrup teller dylng child last
summer in flatrileir: I replied that I wink. Site said
that her child had entirely - recovered, and 'was oneoln-
Monlihealthy. Her name is MIL Wition,„and now
resides in Dridesburg. Another lady I would 'mention
in pairticidaroddl had, a scrofulous affection.. Her face
and neck presented one continued sore, and one of her
ryes Was .eriously affected with ,it. dhe had become
greatly emaciated, and to all'appearwes past ricovery.
I induced her to try Schenck" Palmenrc Syrup, which
she did, and is now perfectly. mired. Martha lady,
Hai. 'McMullen; arktbse residence I will give on appli.
cation, was evidently in the last stage of Coniutoption,
I perailed upon her to try the Palmer& Syrup. In a
very , short time she was entirely Ilt , eoverat, and now en:
joss escellent health, hating became exceedinglY fieshy
Ilharre me threijsmeu!seithiailmyknowtaleg,i z erhielt I
know were wed b 7 Schenck a rolmonWtifrop, " All
Who doubt thiiitstement, end Sill tabeihe 'trouble to
Wien me at fitY residence 'Polish Iwo isle doom
does lenth north side,4 think, t rill be ibleli lads
riettleity convince them by own `case, aid: others that
Iktiew have been, cured by this Syrup, cilr,ies my
cure. theta havibin AO maw ' i 4 are me III t DCW what
("look, that I kirk' bad i verygood '' rigidly of
oi F po
iiniiiing • roil - rainy that' have taken 444 have.
been greatly be:nattier] illemby.iiuld I ' g Orients
afflicted with Crirtinption off User Coen int, would
lend 'tor Dr. Wrack, and let him li *Sambre
their lunge , and if he say, he can ern e : ;fiftieths
dircetkins, and prevent taking e a / 4 mi Wilt :rapidly
PhiladelphiOdiii 29, 18419, • :1 •_ 1 •
J. H. ElensieiZl ; Dear hart l lintotett
Zii6eri for several years, u a member fif my itbuftb,
inelievo all taps Menem in her augment,.amt eta INN
joked to find her again restated pi health:: Ai thing
more, in additiou to.her rtatimient• is mid/sup
- Yours. truly,,; THOS. - L. JAHRWAY.,.
, Pastdr the North nesbyteritin Pnch,
• Philadelphia. June 20, 184 g. 6th st:altiemareen.
-Prepared and sold by 1. If. scHeNck, at his Lab'
Military S. E. eorues Coati:L.& Marshall sta.; and by
the Mowing Agents in Bradford County.
Gea, A. Perkin!, Athens; D. Balky, LerayesiDet T.
Humphrey, Orwell f:Msynskl , dr, Woodburn, Rome;
J. J. Winfina, Mottreeton; D.V; Parkhurst, La Roy;
Witatlibooe, Genton; King, & YpiktrgTrojr.
*rid byllllX de - MOON,Tdituida.
' „. $1 Per bolt* or ss'xier half &zeal, ,• • •
Oral& Gmecnberg
/tidal& Pitts;" •
itiodieed into the Ut 8.
teat 1846 _ Theirex
1.4 ,4%.
try : virtue., and:
ler all °the 4 It.
in :this Axton ''
,' btu,
tiabed the m as fAe afttattl
fedidne bf fie tral•
eale.tngethet with the
• Graelimbeig Etk, by , I
in' 1.1 " 111 P4S APS by;
:stints appointed in each town in„thaeionfy. ~_, ._, ~. ~ .: , •
' Abel; for este, the Grrafenbetg Menial of Flialth, a .
complete 11111 100 X for Familia*, containing informs.
tion relative to the treatment of almost every lona of
ef - diattese; "UOO pager—price, 60 Cents.
_ N;'. 11. A Tinnily Newspaper will' lie even; free of
dargi; for one year, tit All oWh Plualiss 431 fuledaborl
Dfitikeinat. ‘''' '
All citnimonicath be 'es must to l O. In.
iptraak- Elmira, Chemong trendy, N. Y.,Genentl Ag't.
: 7 ;k. Very Strausige hat trate.,
lk-.gentlemen 'of Utica, N. Xi, ha oblianid from
• the Witeh-huel a simile remedy Welt -lays a
trmrciatt claim Whop name of ," family can alrthan
soy fa st
we dare ever bergIMICIVIK. t . Nothing
ie coatutoted with it-bat s little Wieobol to preserve it,
stid jpl,it eras with ghat certainty in eetnovint pain
mid all tocatisitosiiikni, faring - Mt *or* bartintmhz
' rora and lameness, rapidly... fillfw , loreereirrirphiliii4.
etiolertatorl as. hemorrhage, ear ache; hMth.soiter tale
nelr#l 4l an corm affectioiwAs -.: 1 .4 1 0 1 1 Ao.Water
end ss hrmialli, and it is called—
:-liiitair,i,Parn Destroyer and Healing Zegad."
this Wittlair..lllo...Poeilioniintrodieo ttiir Inkirelise
*log& tad liotrooviolota is 44bYtlois 4 Mid
tteoe)3Albri~sßbtctoli~bi~b'wairdl~ 'pd'
we now warrantecany bottle to gi7o,'•
' i A man by the namirof gleam tinfif
artiele.milledAtThrte abide 'lelsitaii.lti
he from the Wileb-bs If{ taiiit4shrib; Winne
• a raga deception. Jimd it is a. troy imperfeptm4.
elerhelowheeenttAillitier"' : -
For sale atkllealifilkelMo:frallaho, 8.- 8. kin
insn,Simintejou v .tarh, Ltyab l4ll l l 7lAblniler
Itilkyl;Aohltal : • flans 41k 1 1850
, 03
'.:llo,Mitirottb 0APP 1 46 ,4
TTyttetri roused tbri iireiCrw" f divarems9,
A-a.• ail work mirrored tis iuj erwelriEr ke#Eo. teA
Meunier etittricepwek: - Notice" kit at , ther d!Ward
Rorwil wilt ensure ittecirioth • Ll • •
214 24; 1 eso: . 1 i Jos: cAifor Bl Iti?!lOL
Fibril Word. r. umn,_ .1
.104101‘1111,3r , / 1 oto
42 :i7"ili 10.1.404
Wil4-131,41 crfi
. 2 " 1 " 1- 14- Vois —t ori
Wag/Igo Vilify!, re
tap olio!! 'IMRE . :UV
Bilotti* Win tau zuw•
T .. :!0 2 r-J7 :e ftr ' ''
. f",, , :« ,SA. f;,11:- - i
.1 - a a ~ ...;4-4,- ...,: ;,.. -
citv' - •
I,k 47:41,
1.4.4 t ' 4
'''' 3 '''''''' % ' t.' ' ' ' ,_ %• , *' ' ~. 1.. :.1:' ''''' ,:' ',.. ..?, ..:
'F'R •sloatitze-4-dvit -- •Nimi9
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gni4llolello4l4;PlalPiakii.' -- :
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tioneilicre *WO4 fiord Ptglosiihy nodtbensintry,
g/als Vane* 10 slI s s 110 !: *4,0 1 0 4 -. it *"
*hakes , Pis 'Pik; i L i t - ._ '; • ' o '''''' 4 A 1 , 4),
, - t arse, c wag!. t v, . ,- -•—
l'iieseji, pei quotes.. '', 1" . 4 , , ', 'St O!
lionh 4l . ," —,' , : 1 , -
altiiic l 4. on trim) , quilbOli pl -,; ~,!,Wfick
= Srisigpidev nisAiel,,ps! )- ,
, . Ail young hidireeelviogiartruencia . oa -us phut..
i rlini e ged go 641 * hirlN 9C,lo l P! , a,shogork i
illthig 'Pail ,*#t Wrig o, higkilidelicirk:
9 11 01 tIllai lit.l°l I t U IS EulAelscWieetteeL
--:. 01 111 nossfiesnuni es, l l
tier quoilaili c .. - .-- ..•'. N • .71 .., -.- • .." : 1 - --, $1- 00
,_' -, 7 ,'.-
Priaikag and Oath% hi w ater edam hiehidiag. . 4
die asa °f alai s,ol,,imilki*kliearr. -•- . _.,,,' !I
potato r poii#4, &e. ,:i - ~ ,*•OW,
on P llOlOl B OO Mks -* -, "- - - . • 10 OD
-gainting usnonnint iiinatilsOnsilonlwons)
6 1 0 ‘ 00 10/ 01- '0 1 i 11 .. ..1 . d s . , 44 0
ionnufs paint* on i sag and wee, * -
Wein ,- . , 8 OW
`Ci l .4 ll B 00 • 111 4 as;l , - ilk - - - -8 -08
Wis - nswere,Pei 4 1 , :
'. ; .' -
Winhing; . '
*saki twallotiti 4so'lier lierlt. ,L ..,.. -,........
tenere posup*K,niii 'lnner!' $3 , the'. NEWS' wilrrp
.&108IFFIN.B101 1 0 . _
4*,860";* Y:•; *DI:. I.
- cepa, piomptitientb - 1 1 - .4 . ,• • ~•,, .i.
'BOOT - 14; ,BliOt.iltilta ACTORY
joiiN W. I#o64:,iltii:nica6r3 ittairitsbiidr
meat to - tha *ltuanaingsberes and Ban
ks?. att . ores,', and. wberW ha. still solicits - Csobarti nt
public patronage. ,Ha in btrobt. , by a earefaL redaction
of stuck, and by ittAnttowto tint •interests dbl. mow
merkto make's. peat v.:l.l4BmM° wart mean ba.ssi
nufactured in tbia put 7,,tbaoolletrY•
He will keep emeweietY on bands Ind =antedate.
‘ciotlfet• Morocco, Call and -Coarsalfoottaad Nicol
Lcidise Gaiters., ages, .41rti ON: Mares da. I
Genes Gaiters and I'urnps4 , e,
-. _
, (a Country Produce: wfwwwt dew/ iPlagan,tekelim in
mutant for work. at,tboutortat prig.
- Towanda. April 28 , 1850.
1.1 H M'
E subacribers hsve commeliced the TO:
DRY bbsiness at the ord Stand. Rowdy , - occepl.
led m a Chair and Bedsteiri Facia, in thelleiroughyf
rowenda, where vie :will hold ourselves in renulineM to
!attend to the want* of MI; mil an persons who may
!favor us with s can. We tope by strict .mention to
;business to merit a *bare of Pat& Winn* , •
We are Siting ip'aMACAW'S `-`BIIGP etherwilid
with the FenesolN ?Ark tiro`. beilklile *We to dearly
mail{ Midi ifjimaliess.amijitting up, 4r. -We Win
endigrear heelitgoodemiectuieniat eieel
on Wyk so; that ;iwitceners sons : beiemeamodeted so
the shamed notice,
HAYING Wine piano to *MEM the genies of ei;
petiMeced worimits from dm Sadie of ft. Y., we &wee
etnieives ire shin offpont:he a 'verb;
:Mainho tarattet fiaa ae ititej is ears 'be done in 'any
Mint :establishment.
We shall &bolo 'repined be the - loanufacture •of
ateMitry the rpnintity,and Wiltheep cardinal:yin hind
.11 610; select patients; for **it. .
6 11 it subtaibereit to Pemonsisba may twin rival
O any thing Kent kilitvoup s can tbd wig 131. !.4 1 i
Tel they will.not go itwaidissitistied.
pt6ttin Rodiror rangier! slt4es, Mill cranks, Old
- geonsiki ,c2sl tonstanfig on hand.
Also plows of &rpm!, spired patterns We& Plow
Paints by the piece ;or InsulitYlo suit' Pierchami,: as
tow as me be ptioMea at mil other establishment.
Colrivators of the meat appioved pattansoelio a
superior artkle 'Of Cori Pki, fir sate by,
• . "N. C. TOMPKINS,
Towanda Aim Rath, Ill*
a;; Cr Old medial eaten in exchange firuwcielt.
Rewind 'to' B. Kingsbery's Block!
st':a.l L thflattberift,
• - .... ~" •
T A 8 jail etturned fiointbeeity
.410: I.
-1. of New York 'with a large
Ai i sniPly offratchmi, .levielry end
~.e ARter wore, comprising in part,
- • 'lthe" &Roils% .'artirles:—Lever,
, ,
‘: '.-., ..: L'Epirmind Plain Watches, with
' jit.„, ', - , -- - a -complete assoitreent of Gold
.Jewelry, such SI Ear Rings. Fin
'ar' Rio ;a, Breast Pins, Riscelets.Lockeer, Gold chains,
Gold Pens. Keys, etc.Atm.' alt sorts: Of Mier***
and sky qacerritirftaial Beideall of which he, Caen
, fdr sole exceeedingte cheep-for CASH. - • ,
; Metres repaired; on short maim, and toositrated
to ran well, or be money will be refunded, and a writ.
ten agreement siren to effect if required.
f:b1: , B.—MAPLE SUGAR, sod. Conniri Produce
taken In pascuent:forwork; and aims. : learn am, and
Ppm:, hint Ike Produce mustAcpautrakeithercor*
is dolie--I war against , credit iti &tits forms;
: , L. •,,W. A .: CHAMBERLIN. Agent. -
~ Towsnda, mil 28, lap., ,„ , ~. s , 1
order in tbit
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'of:the streatorbere he
Pcto Alsoofsetors sod
Itend,c_allAilds:of coast
'4l seat CHAIRS; end:
13 of various kinds, 1
ADS of every deserip•
it •I will sell low for
i Chevy Lumer. or el tor
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reeofffil for . TIIreeING dose to
located moo _ ..
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_ . cip banc l / 4 orttode in' 4;aer; in
' ' /lms ItAKso ha m -
"Opporo.lMsreit 9,1849.
- '1
SielittiOn of tliel'Alvil=
-wlicithig his shame('
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itit,4olo,4l l ior-
Moe* SalAtlN')g4,
JE&'-ediei'llie Shoe '
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.I.A l l l .**l- 0 0440.**,
I # l l o , l 4 l4 PffliM
by I -
D. Di urruar.
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Ude ; Creek 414 5ei4.4 1 1 12 4ei• ' te
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N° ic/ 4411 0"ill -11 . 0 : 1 e4-iieli.** tikae due
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Eehelareetit4Oni idterl44, Onisineeteept and
before the middle of arinairer wilt, be charged fi x
reeribobi`ipserret • . '•
Sarni eseborobialned in_prioatefinillies On res.
sonable terms:. „ J. 14 MONTANIMPren
L. eve rad Das/ of Trostees:
Towanda. lktAllllllso. s'
Di. ;Celebititr...lialienies
Pefoioney Itslass; roe splivio.
Pemotal Expretera, out Conresia/P,"";
Polawoity Linfasent. arner:Conamer_
And Dyspeptic Miatute, Coughold WitMatie Pills
Ifereine, Fermi* Fife- -
y ou gr oge , • • Fatah lipeddier'
Pim and Abadan! codl iter•Oilotte.,
ihalOy Una carload a And teak ary . '; - rrreMdeated
esigio th e treatment of Cough Pith; Coonnoph os
*Mimi p.e -`lil7ofsk, iski n
Itiolloudisio, , Fesiote - Oisfkotb s Pilot 4
pi' rdchla ommosa viii.taited 'mow
laipiiied omit diet iong:stmoda
Dr. Stifi f o;! inlSing Step
. . ,
Ott tbe yr/Tendon and ede d Consumption. Aaiun.
Dimmed theZesn, ohe4- and an the meshed o
yreserring health rot ham, to ah oW a g e,
, — //tbs baldrabtadd 441 To the Coe.
I funsP4lo l. lx6ds out the onli•namnalk hope AN Is.
lid. To mothers, the direct** beams-me theorem)
amino otnltildren rueinsalosida. -7d,oooermisse
this book have 'passed through the pees, and the ems
condones unabated. L
rei Uri fly 8: S. Frrce & Co., 768 Brosolysy,
Imam & poßrEu r Tavilladar lod by
U. E. RATRBONE; Canton...
casAr. MA's" Guide inraliciii ;rie directions to
periods using Dr. ritcki retmdie4 to be bad gratis:of
ell the isonts.
' liar; Bak Stove, &tab, Shea, Paint, %Aim Yu
elk; Bash. Artists reined end Sable, Camels Rah and
stripping Pencils Blenders dr Daggers, Whits Walt
3Counter, Fled. Tondo; Neil, Omit Broom; Clothes
lu6o, Lathei. Tame; Wan) & bleckaig Brushes.
-Tobacco and. sear Baia, Panda Shells, Nargh4
Itattlea, Breast %lisps, Teeth Rings, bed 'pals, 'yoga
sheakki beseus, house and isbilinniner at:Trues*
paserkai esthetes*, eirAt irlatisee, pavan* themes
sere, apasalates6 forceps, tante% Liquid and speed's&
sits Vasty &e.
liiiingtis; ,
wi and log:war. rasa, Er lop
;Wood, lied's. end beer, red siundent,Sudikr, eh as, cop
pixie; bine vitriol, solution tin,eoiuposition dunk, od
,itricd, oxalic acid and all to
,aeidsdpain miss
ar . 4434, venation • phlar k aiel English,
it filt *own, `pars Om whisk
b ban& kaiak , * 44 11 0 i. Ltd km% *oh
i 0.41 and copal_ varnieh. tatipbtitelt. lithely, put!Y ,
*biting, ye Ochre, kits tu r ne4(2‘eama,
;chalk, terra di Unite, ati ISaf, tittaLieksiki
teififfirafett/b101 1 041041 141116.. -
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Lb?! b; So. to b"
f 4 ;** bill; 1 4 V.- 1 4 1 , 12'400211,18, 12 by us,
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C a rr: Plea* -baba, -inneeelear; necklace and ist
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' goods Mintrionine rafitiateded alto New cbar
Chemical 8104 &nub Store in the Wit
,44„ 1:4; 2
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114661111:21-4. - 4iuge . stock 'of Teas, sgfuli
liflidejta ceots,) Cone, Nile:
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a 4 S. &. COL.
DAV. 3117160rDETA EVILTrat,
Nv6piL4de apantiadealer in
To the South attain the Ward How,
Tkrheta they are .nrow . /miring and opening s
new ne and ext ensive asiorimentof thugs, Med.
leittesiCheminsils„Taints. Oil. Glass, Varnish. Dy•
Wood mita Dye Suits, Family Groceries, Choice
Wines and Liqiors; Fire Works; Toys, Peeps:wry
Fancy Articles, Brushes, combs,- Stone, Glass and
Wooden Ware, Blacking, Tobaea. Duo/ and Ci
gars. All the popular, patent medicines Ake dz.--
Their stook . 1101 r. compnser every, article nstudly
kept. strong ,srbich'may be found the tallowy,
Ram, C
.niTartar. Cstsphar, Csaser Boy, Liao*
ies, Alcoltocilsra Capsibs, Webs* Aloes, &am
ebassomils, castor oil. dins nil. ' gaidunivet, nagsmil,
=re, sulphur; borax ted!'wft'ipirstn,
epr salts. cons unbUniatrok aqua stostanis.
Soda. tartaric acid, tindsnans. pink: sews quinine. At
the.twendal Wiwi's, myrrh, tragiousth ariddn,pno
bogs dke. Corks of all Mods; bath kick;aniss reed,
coriander .kaugreek, . isinglass. Otte. nests toot and .
Lassen oil peruilan bark, mynas popper, emery, sad
paper, opideidoe, ,haler" herbs, sarsapardh, bonne
Sigari toffee and tea of all kinds, molests, epics
pepper : mustard. eluven. , tiutmeg, - mace, 'h i ruin
citruses] ante comas; salad oil chocolate, men, wo
ds,and butter timbers, rice, carets. Omer,
varigated,sebite and bar soap, .sperm_ and altar as
dies, jags and bodes pipes; mustar, catsup, pepper
saucer, stied, mackerel:salmon &c. &c.
Crignise, oterd and american brandy, St Croir,Old .1•1
max aid New Ettestridrunt,pure Hand and sai.sio,
Irish anitidoziongshek whiskey %Otos, roosts, duet,
Won; port nil 'clannpaisn sines eordi4 moo dr
cite* 'some, wee: staiffe, be Moor, catielle. Orangery
miskit,, amen and argent, deeper that) ever And. r
beg ?errantry aid Fancy Goods.
Shaving cream, soaps, mihlarY sad windier, Gonluds
medicated pmfansed Nam) mew imperial *baring Math
es mitlaW4l, totki, violet, mask., almond and
transparent soap, wash baRS, Lubin" extracts joekey
slat, patehonily, bon qtret die:mane, most, wills Fleme
‘150:41111.0.- arsinatiiner'cskwar. bay sad '
rose, water, sparkish lily white, do tongs, penis to il et
ai4 paweer,-hafe Ayes hair ihrigisaiot, bait eradicator
*fume satebsks,. EMI pbmer, playing card*, dice
panoil point*; eilloea meal pint, Liiaerie deb hooker
dnirwing pencils • pammaskin espy,- inks, red, black and
indahlle, *Mobs, puma% pocks basks, trump:nag fa*
to.wafers ilea. ilea
311Erbille set *Ear •
in bbls:, ipnim , b b b' effr
Mat asol piella&CadeskAtai akw tom
;4 116 1101:E&Wri for sale at die 4, e Cash- 00* 8,
flOrt ".‘ -•.N. IL & 1111. P.IERCVB.