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~,NITED in one large and varied exhibition, consisting of all the rare animals now extant, numbering
over one hundred opeaimens, will exhibit at TOWAIS LA, on TUESDAY, OCT. 15, 1850; open at
~'eloelr,T. M. Admission 25 cents; children under 10 years, l 2 cents.
Amongst this great collection , whietr is the largbst ever exhibited in America, is the RHINFCEROS,
sr, the Uicorn'of Holy Writ; the first and only one in America since 1836. The great diffic .lip in
waiting this huge and savage creature, together "with the almost Impossibility of keeping. him alive in
a d.mate so uncongenial to his habits and constitution, renders the exhibition of a living Rhinoceros the
prarest curiosity in the Animal Kingdom Also, the
In this great collection of animals will be seen FOURTEEN LIONS, of the finest specimens. from
Ekren( countries, some of which were presented to the renowned Van Amborgb, by Her Majesty.
queen Victoria, in his recent tonr through Europe,.
The Monster Elephant, COLUMBUS. the largest in, weighing 10,730 pounds. Also the beau
fol Elephant TIPPOO SULTAN, which has caused such, a great sensation' all over Europe, will go
lroagh a variety of Performances, such as Waltzing,' Balancing, Ringing the Bell, Creeping on his fore
el ., Walking over his Keeper, Picking him up, Drawing a Cork cram a Bottle, &c, etc.
Mr.; CALM A MBVIGII, (the rime' celebrated of WI - Asimal Performers.)
11, 5 perfirmances with the Terrific Groupe of Lions, lifers, Leopards , Cougars. Panthers, The
onse as performed bf -him in all the principal cities of E rope, with such great renown.
HIDERALGO, the Lion Tamer, will give a performance in a DEN OF 'WILD ANIMALS, separate,
2,4 altogether differFn t from Mr. Van Amburgh's, making two grand Animal Performances in the same
Exhibition. .
. . .
Many other Performances will be given in the course of the Exhibition. such as Ponies, Monkeys, &c.
A full description of the Animals, which the great experience, enterprise and resources of the proprie
,rr have enabled them to bring together in one large and splendid collection, will be found in the Bills,
at the principal hotels, previous to the arrival o the Company.
The Company will exhibit at ROMP:, Wednesday, October 16 ; at LTIE %YBVIILLE, Thursday, Octo
r 17. ocl2w B. J. HUNT, Agent.
censtable's Sales, Attimai't P=otations,
Receipts, Eirecutii as,
Wartiments, Deeds. .
%ItrAUllofts. ti Mortgages,
%.bpOoss, Notes, Le.
„ol on paper. for C ILI 111.• Oftllo. /'tanks,
re•- , dellerlrn On, rioted to or d er .
leinnifying Bonds just printeci,and
Lk ot this office
Dian' led,
la Shesbego n, Sept. 17. by Rev. S. I. Gibson, Mr.
Joics J. WALLOr to Miss C. FOX, both of
At Athens. Oct. 14, by the same, So LOIION Mi • r-n,
orElmtrn. N. Y., to Miss H6]RILTTA ht•Rtf OLM
STU, of the former place.
In Monroe, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Johns
Foster, N.D. W A 411 , 01/11 to 111LIS ULTRA NIL Habil:T.
fro .HEM'. MR. SAWYER, arniver,alist,)
will preach at toe Court House, in thi4
tsunday evening. 20th inst.
Ncul Abocrtisemcnts
DV virtue of a writ of Venditiona Expo. issued
1) out of the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford
Courtty, and to me directed; will be exposed to pub.
he slle, at the Court House, in the boa of 'ToWan
da, on Saturday, the 2d day of November .at one
°clock. P. H., the fol!owing piece or parcel of land
, itaa‘te in the township of Columbia, and bounded
'nonh by lands of 'Franklin Baker. 'west by M. B.
Canfield, south by AuStin and RUbbing, and east by
f - nah Ferguson and H. Robbins. Containing one
hiindred and fi:ly acres, seventy acres improved
sub one framed house and barn And apple orchard
seized and taken in execution at the suit. of C. ti.
Russell's use, as. John Benson. virtue of a writ of revari Facias. the
following niece or'parcel of and in Herrick Dup..'
tesintring at the south-west cu er of Jonathan B ut-
Hes' lot. thence south 1° west t 540 perches to a
T°O on the north line , of 173, th nce south 89° cast
157 7.10 perches to the nonh sat corner of said- -
thence I° east 51 4-10 pert to the etorth-easr cor
ner.of Bottles' lot, thence gorrh 75 ° west 162'2-10
perches to the place of beginning. Containing se
renty acres, thirty acres iinprovel, one lug house,
framed addition, one log barn, one other frame, not
enclosed, erected for a dish-mill, and a few fruit
trees thereon.
• B...tzed and taken in execution at the suit of Ze
phut) Flower vs Eli Gibbs, administrator of Nelson
li"li,!l's, deceased.
'WM. 8. DOBUTSS, Sheriff.
Aherirs Office Towanda, Oct. 10, 1850.
Orphan's Court S#le.
-PT virtue cif an order of the Orphans' court of brad;
LI ford roan*, will be exposed to public sale on the
Premises, at 1 O'clock, P. M., of Saturday, the 9th day
November next, the following tract of lam, in Wyalus•
mg township, late the property of Nirem Ackley, dec'd
^detaining two- hundred acres, bounded north by Den
'lasso and Sterling Aeiley, east by C. Donevan, sleuth
b:r Benjamin Ackley, west by the highway.
Attendance given and terms made known on the'day
of ule. JOHN H. BLACK,
wyslusing. Oct. 10, 1850. Administrator..
- _
pARMERtir can find CIDER BARRELS; 'meshing
8000 at • 010 TIFFANY'S.
flßocEprmex and LAN DLORDs will find an
excellent article of Binghamton ALE. by the bbL,
at oil) TIFFANY'S.
Orphases Court Bye.
AiY virtue of an order of the Orphans' mini of Brad
ford county. there will be exposed to public sale
on the premises, at 2 o'clock, P. M., of traced's'', the
19th day of November next. the followingjrast of land
sam e in Springfield township, bounded—Beginning
at • post in the highway leading.trom the Elmira .wad
to Smithfield on the firm of J. IC Watson, and run
north 44° West 12. rods to i poet in the brook.
0 , 710 north 74° Mt 4 rods to a post, thence south 36°
nag 14 rode to spoe thanes south 33° west 16 rods
1, ) a sunup in the higlioray,thence north 40° west along
led highway le 4-10 rode to the.beginning. Contain
-41 one acre and forty-eleven square rods of land—be
be late residence of Jason Watson, decrees&
Attendance will be given and the terms of sale Male
Springfield, Oct. •8, 1850. ' ' Administrator.
Jae befallen the merchants, in consequence of 4he
subscriber* baying revived No. 3; BRICK ROW
asarly opposite Mature, with • large and general as
sowatent of FALL & WINTER, GOODS. especially
adapted to the town and country Wade, consisting of
DI Goods, Groceries, northeast, .Crothery,,Glau
ware, Points, Oils, Pyes;4euilur,
poets 4. Shoes, Liquor,,tc. ,
MI of which, lb. subscriber &uteri himself, that from
as mperienee Sheen years in the business bo• can
and will sail as Asap as any other establishment in
Towanda. Ladies and gentlemen are moat respect-
WI invited to cell and examine my stock.
Cr Moot kinds of Cowry Produce taken in ce
llular for goods, and CASH paid for Lumber.
Ttenrilla. October 12, 1850,.
LerEATHER—SoIe and Upper Learn ;• also Kip
and Cal( skins, fog sale by m3O K. & CO.
ALL persons indebted to the astute of EDSON AS
PEN WALL, deceased, late of Towinda bore',
are hereby requested to make payment without delay,
and those having claims against said estate will please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
; October I 0,,J1 850 . Administralora.
, _
la the Matter - of the Estate rf Win. Myer deed.
NOTICE is hereby given to al2 persona interested in
the estate of Wm. Myer, dec'd, that the under
signed having been appointed an auditor by the Orphans
Court of Bradford County. to Audit. marline and re
port upon the areount of E. R. Myer, 'administrator
upon said estate, will aural to the duties of his ap
pointment at the Grand Jury Room in the Court
House at Towanda, on the 11th 'day of November 1850,
a' one o'clock, P. M.
H. W. PATRICK. Auditor
Oci 12
AM. WARNER has just received from the city a
, large and splendid assortment of WATCHES,
JE W ELR Y, _ate, of the most fashionable styles, to
which the attention of ladies and gentlemen is invited.
an I which will be sold at prices to defy competition.
A taiga assortment of Clot ki and Fancy Voods at the
lowest rates October 10, 1850.
- -
-,_, - f - ?:o:-0- .N.*t--j.r--r
ii--. -,-„,,, t • -
:-- - 7 . - _ - :- :}-, :iW7. --; •..c 4 .PrV7r,,‘- s ,
:-.4..^3 . 4.;-ci . j. ',..'-::" 1, - ' "*
;_ - '74 , Zir • \ ' =— • 1"
op •
iv • t o, .4 A .., iii..ll
' - Air *-A kr4, 4,... - /A10•2! '.• -
r 4 te Z 4 - al- lir ' -it - rdivi u)
p--,... ....,.... - • _..„......,, m c ...-1, ~„.„. .
s 41 ., '. 4 - 0-0 . -- . ---- ,../c - L - .:- .... 1 04 -- .---• •
f > , ,,,l".li 'as.__, - er - ... ---, --.. 47.."11 : -If%;1•7 .-
..era . . ; T
..,.....—.....-.".• , ,..:T. :
......„- .
... 6 .-,
A...., lisv i,
1 .,4
........ „.. , „......10 1 . 1 . .
~ I• ~_ •
.. , ...... .... _
, .
,4, A ..._
. --, i ‘4,.; ,..A
4...,.. )
- -....,..----- •
Embracing by far the largest establishment ever pr
eanixed, formed of the principle equestrian and gym
nastic talent to be found on either cribtinent. consist
PONIES. The establishment on entering town, will
be preceded by the Monster DP.AGON CHARIOT,
drawn by TEN CAMELS, of the Syrian bevel. lately
imported from the deserts of Arabia fur Crane & Ca
Next the FAIRY CHARIOT, devoted to the convey.
ance of the Juvenile Corps, and drawn hp. 12 DI-
MINUTIVE PONIES, e'er more than 30 to 36
isruss pa DEIDEIT driven hy .the celebrated Mast
A. WARD, and ollowed by the highly ornamented
carriages of the atablishment. The whole 'forming
the most imposingescene ever witnessed in America.
Will perform at TOWANDA on MONDAY Oct.
14th. Doors open at 14 and 64 o'clock. P. M.
Admission, 25 as. Children noder , lo years. 124 cte..
The Managers takes pleasure in announcing that an
engagement for the meson with the beautiful and gift.
ed M'LLE ROSA, the knit Female Artist in Europe
and America. also JOE - 1 PENTL AND, the Clown of
all Clowns; Mr. H. P.A.A MOAN, the great Eques
trian; Mr. H. GARDNER, the celebrated Dramatic
Kinsman ; JOHN SHAY. the Eastern Juggler: Mr.
L'NINO. the Trick Clown; Sig. BLISS, the Contor.
tiniest; Meson MURRAY, and REED, the Acrobat'
Artists; The beautiful Twin• Ponies. DAMON and
PYT'HIAS, also the Pet Poesy, DON,N,Q. who
will dance, waltz, and perform other n,„,,441. feats.
Also-following the above perfonnae4 of ,D on j s j n.
will be presented the most wonderful exhibition est!!
introdneid into the Ring, end now for the most /-
fared to the public, entided - the CHARIOTEER'S DI
LEMA. greed object of introducing the Camel*,
is to finable the Managers teprodoce, with ample dreg;
the raegnilicent Oriental Pageant ofibe ARAB SLAVE,
Each entertainment will conclude with a most COMIC
Volt which CAKH will be paid, at the establish
ment": of the subscriber.
Towanda. XI. 11. t 8 tO,
®tl74l 2 : TrllirlES!(ls9
T EVELING, Tlaying out Road. and Lola, Dividing
Estates, Measuring Masonry. Embankments, acs,
accurately -doOs by E.G. NICHOLS. Office at Acme
Bradford county. Pa. Persons at a distance, needing
his services, shall by writing him a line a few days bs
[wetland, have their business promptly attemicd to.
GROCERIES- , -A large stock .of Teas, Sara. Ts,
(a good article for 6 costs.) Coffee, Pepper.
poke, tobacco &c., can be bought cheap for cash
at alb K. ar. CO.
HAT..., superior article hoe kSilk Hat& also
palm leaf &ad - Leghorn bats, for sale at
a 25 IC. & CO.
BOOTS &SHOES, Mena' Women and childrens
the best assortment in town, can be found at
April 24, '5O. MERCURB'.
OF jillA l / 1 1118MNIUDI. PA.
nits company respectfully call the then •
.1. publie to the Lillriwbsg advantagee, which
ensiled to offer to tbeinenred:
Plist--The Direetree . have rimed a
tat of $75,000. -
Seased—The 'Unwed ebans,anauelly, in ir
prnilts, Sod in no event Ere reepeneade for 1
the amount of presaieles paid in.
Thinl—One-half of die annual rentints ,
taken in notes, if the insured desire A; or IM ; '
may be paid quarterly or sead.snoualy.
Fourth—Wives may insure toe lives °MIAs h
or husbands may insert tit* lives in favor
wives, thtuX securing their familise •um du;
10111 cannot reach iathe event of the death of
For thither inWrnation, aPPIy. ei th er in
by letter to the undersigned, an Agent of the C.
at his office in Towanda wherecireulars and pa
explaining the objects of the company—may •
Towanda, Sept. 17th, 1850.
The subecniiers are now receiving motto , '
General assortment of. New G i l
Arm. 8. 1850. • H. 8. do M. C. HER i
10111rNOTICE - !
ALL persona indebted to WALLIB
Good/ are hereby, notified, that his notes
counts are transferred to me, and immediate pay
Towanda August 17, 1850
T HE business of this company is cond ted on the
only true and equitable method in a system of
Mutual Insurance — that of Classifying is risk; sad
be Directors, hare accordingly adopted It itt? „i c i laesart.,—
First, the Faftner's glass, in which they re no
property except Dwelling Houses, Out Howes r and per
sonal property therein. In the Second Class, the safer
kind of town risks, merchazdiae. &c., and 'their charter
provides that no part of the fundr of one class can be
appropriated fur pitmen of tweet occurring in the
, The Directors are confident that the rates they have
adopted will enable them to pay theft losses with
promptness and libersOty.
The swears of•thie'Company is unparalkled with
any Company in the Skate, having insuml over half a
millian in the months bf May and June, and on the
safest kind of property.
J. P. RUTHERFORD, President.
A. J. GILLETT Atterelary.
The agent for Bradford, is C. 8. RUSSELL, To
wanda, who is prepared to rercire applications for In
surance, and from whom all necessary information can
be obtained. •
Towanda, Atm. 9. 1950.
SMITH d< CULP, -respectfully inform their old
friends and customers, aml the public generally,
that they still carry on the Saddle, Harness and Trunk
making busint ss at the old atand, a few doors below
Mix dt Mason's drug store, North side of the public
square where they keep constantly on hand and make
to order the following articles in their line all of whioh
for material and workmanship will bear comparison
with the best that can he produced anywhere. viz;
Men's best saddles, conimon saddles, waggon saddles,
carriage harness, of all ,kinds. Heavy team harness,
roller., Bridles, waggon soil carriage whips. Also a
large assortment of Iron and wood frame Travelling
Trunk's, Porlfolio Carpel Bugs; and all other articles
in the travelling line
They solicit a call from all who wish to purchase.
any of the above, confident that they can give satialac
lion, both as to the quality and price.
Tau sada, July 12,-1850. SMurti & CULP.
1r TIERRA.% my wife Almina Ernba, has left my
It bed and hoard Without any just cause or pro
vocation. and I hereby forbid atl persons harboring
or trusting her on my. account , as I shall pay no
debts of h er contracting after this date.
Towanda July 24. !SW. JACOB Y. ANSON
MACKEREL for sale by ths bbl half barrel or
pound at Boll's eheap store, No. 3 B. Row.
Towandh, June , .l3th '5O.
GRIND BTONES,`• a superior article of Nova
Scotia, grind stones, for sale at
a 24 s Ai ERCURB'.
Wow opening' at "the above establishment • very
lr laree and destrable assortment of SPRING &
SUMMER GOODS, which will be sold et very low
rates. Busbies' at this estahlishnsent conducted upon
tan sod honest
. princirilea. You have our thanks for
pad favors and we bops for • continuance of the mum
*awe are bound to Nell Goods Cheap.
Towanda, July 4. 1840. N. N. BETTS.
OTICE le hereby given tothe several eolieetore o
Bradford County. that the Commintinners will
attend:at their office in Towanda, on Wednesday.Tburr
day and Friday the I Ith. 11th. 13th, day. of KePlewt
bet hest to mike Exoneration front the Duplicates of
State, Co. and Military' Tates for 1%0 at which time
they are respectfully requested to attend and lay theit
claims before the board;
By miler of the Commismioners.
Towanda, July 17, 101.50, C. R. RUSSELL. elk.
50 bbls. Flour, 1000 lbs. Smoked Hams & Shoul
ders, and 100 bushels of Rye & Corn for sale
at nil. FOX'S
ERASIVE SOAP, for removing tar, paints. oils, &e.
warranted, at dl H. &. P'S.
CALICOES—A splendid assortment of those
cheap Coat.° and Merrimack prints. (colors
warranted.) can be fobnd at a 25 K. & CO.
MACK EREL by the bbl :. bbls., bbl. also
some superior codfish, can be found at
a 25 K.& CO.
VITIRE COVERS, ' ice Flower • Voce', and every:
V V thing else that ever appertained in toy line of
business, on band, and for , sale very low fee Cash. If
you don't believe it call and try once; and if you do I
31r0 sure you will be satisfiedvf ,our interest in con
tinuing to buy of L. W. TIFFANY.
' Towanda, July
L be kept on hand a large assortment, anal
Tmade to order on shorter notice and for less mo ,
ney than can be prodocid at any other esublishment in
the land. Thome who ire ander the necessity of pus.
curing that article will and shall be satisfied. A goal
hearseand pall may be bad in attendance when desired.
September 1. 1847 L. M. NY,E & CO.
THE quota of Pamphlet laws fortradford county
for the year 1856; have been received st the
Prothonotary's office for distribution, and are rea
dy for those entitled to receive them.
Towanda. Sept. 2671:8150. Prothy.,
Those Cheap , Goods at. FOX'S !
I►JTUBI' and will be Odd for cash at the lowest rates.
111 A beautiful article of Sugar at 61 cents ; fine
fresh Teas, warranted good or ad vale. at 371 to 50c.;
syrup Molasses at 50e.' Also. a large assortment of
Crockery of the newest pattern, very chap; and ht
fact every ••• .g in their Dye win be sold as cheap as
the cheapest. et the corset of Male and Irmo ses
April 18. I . . E. T. FOX.
250 New . Snits it:Two & Fifty, Cools
each at No. 16 Bela Itaw.
IC)t AY WATER, Colipgara, Hair Oils, and Perfume
-14 rya all kin4ls, at N 0.1,11. R. - 11. &P.
- •
ANN E. 13
End eilbentis" nacos.
A LI. pereene indebted I* the esiele of JA s:
wooarnlLD deed hie of Wysluing.6We
alp. ate beeeby esquesied to sake payment widow de.
lay.ead throe laving dawn against avid entitle will
pines resent tbees dulyantbendeete M.
WHITNEY felt eenlesset.
Wyelusing, Ass. 6, 1856. Adoinietnitens.
ALL persona isdeleed to the estate of fiGULD
SEYMOUR. datempesal, tete of Me township
ere hereby requested Wings payment vrithoutdelay, sod
those harlot anise eauhset said estate will please pre.
sent these duty iilrdientiosted fey asitlement.
- Pike, lona $7, 1115 k 41dnahriekstriz.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of GILBERT
IMMON deed, tale of Pits, are hereby request
ed to 'make payment without 'delay, and those
having claims against said estate wilt please
present them dily authenticated for settlement.
Orwell, Sept. 7 - ISISO
CA ME to the encloinne of the subscriber in this born.
a few days since. a Brindled Cow, marked with
white about 7 years old. The owner will prove his
property,,pay charges and take her away.
Towson* Sept. 14.'50. SAMUEL HUSTON.
AL,, persons knowin g themselves indebted to the
subscriber by note or book amount, are requested
to make innwdiale payment of the wane, end save owls
Towanda Sept-,t3.'50. B. lUNGSVIERY & Co.
r l r Store
sad so.
eot 111
I.i L/..
'TWENTY Horses, Carts and Beers ; and three two
hone Wa g ons and harms a, for sale by canin g on
undearigned in Albany township Bradford Co.
T UST received at FOX'S a full Mock of NEW FALL
a/ GOODS. eoatpining all the new styles in market.
which are respectfully offered at the lowest oricea. A
call is solicited from all wbo wish to purchase goods
right. apt 13 E. T. FOX.
A I.T. Wool DeLeine, and "terbium beautiful colon,
Thibet el.dha, Alparess prints &e., able Florentie,
Swans down, Jenny Lind and other trimmings, a first
rate assortment of Gloves, Hosiery and Scotch yarnAlke.,
at 4PiIS FOX
6 Hirt/ Sugar and Molasses. also 10 chests more of
that fresh new Tea warranted cord of the money
returned. Coffee. lialeratos,Thee, rish and Tobacco, all
of which will be sold cheap st • FOX'S.
1 000 BUSHELS evilest. Rye and Halm, who
10,000 in New York and Jersey retie
notes wanted immediately in exchange for goods et
)UR arrangements are etch es to enable tra to deliv
er at any point along line of cadal ; Beef, Pork
Fh s, Flour. Powder Paces, Picks, Wheelbarrows
Am es Shovels, carts harness, lumber or in fact almos
every thing wanted. - Orders promptly attended
Athens. Aug. 23 1850. WELLS & HAR 8.
N AT E ire prepared to furnish at short notice and of
VV the hest quality, any gunplay of powder and
fuse it any point on line of Canal at the lowest mar
ket price. Orden, promptly filled by us.
Athens, Aug. 23.1850. WELLES & HARRIS.
OHRICK'S VER.MIFUGE, by the dozen or trial a
RINTS, GINGH 4MM. LA WNES &c., a beam'
ful assortment can be found at
April 24, IRSO,
plat received, and is still receiving from New
HNork New Goods, and lilts of them. Yankee No
time, • variety. Toys, innumerable ; Grocnies without
excepting any kind ; Liquors of all descriptions. kinds
and qualities, and every body knows he sells very low
for cash. 1.. W. F.
Towanda. June 10th. 1850.
MIIE next term of this Institution will commence
on Wednesday the 2.1 day October next, neder
the charge of 0. li. B - as Principal, and Miss
E. C. DA RSTOW, Preceptreas. •
Tuition per term of Eleren weeks:
Orthography, Reading, Writing, Geogra
phy and Mental Arithmetic,
The same, with Wells' Grammar, Adams
Arithmetic and Town's Analysis,
Philosophy, Chemistry. Rhetoric, Logic, As
tronomy and Book Keeping,
Algebra, Gecimmry, Trigonometry, Survey
ing, Coale Sectibita, Analytical Geometry.
4 50
Latin, Greek - and French I:wipers, 5 00
Fuel, Ist and 2d terms, 25
Scholars received at any period of the term, and
charged only from the time of their entrance.
Board can be obtained in private families on rea
sonable term% J. D, MONTANYE, Pres't.
e. Wsan, Sec'y. of Board of Trustees.
Towanda, June Lk 1 8 50 . •
A Gold fine Discovered
No 1, Brick Tow.
fru% Subscribers havi-ig just received from New
A. York a large assortment of ready made Cloth
ing, Hata 4c.. offer them for sale cheaper than has
ever before been sold in this market. Fine new
suits consi.tin z of a fine Broadcloth Coat. satin
Vest, Cassonere Punta, two Shirts. one Cravat and
a fine Leghorn or Silk Hat, all for $lB,OO.
Towanda May 30, '5O. H. &A. CAMPBELL.
A"quantity of wool wanted for which the
highest price in Cash will be paid. at the New
Clothing Store. No. 1. brick row. H. &A. C.
Towanda, May 30. 1850.
HA9 removed to a few doom below Bridge atom.
on the East sidle of Main-.t. in the building fur
wetly occupied by .1. I). Montanye Esq.
All operations amounting to $5O, or over, one half
to be paid down, the remainder in three mouths. If
the operation proves onsatisfactory, the money paid will
be refunded. Noah? of band however mart 'score the
payment ofihs halfleft unpaid, with a proviso. •
NOTICE is hereby gi4en , thr t the copartnership
heretofore existing between Har.i. & W is
'this day dirsolved by enthral consent. Alil demands
due to said firm. will be received by L. C. Hall, who
will setae all the business of the Iste 6rm.
Toorenda. August 12, 10. W. K. WALKER:
A N extensive assortment ofTlenes and Tools of ev
rh. ery description will be found at "MERCURS'._
More Particulars about the late : Flood.
T INGHAM & 80N, would respectfillly announce
•r to their costousers that notyvithetendinir their recent
heavy lose they will be prepared ty the Ist, of Sept.
peat to weeinenodste all that may give them • call in
all the various brambles of their busimem.
N. 11.—.1t is very desirable that we should have our
dues nada the prevent eirtanntanCelk, thinefose ell those
that know. themselves indebted will oblige us by call
ing end settling op immediately. we wish every one to
do it of their own free will, but we would just hint
that those that do not• obey this all may pamibly be
compelled to Meet us elsewhere.
Monroe, August. lit. 1880.
SPERIOR Wine" and I.:iguana-30 Ws. that to
mine WM MI Ml' jam received at H. &P.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR, of a superior qua li ty,
for sale at
Aladianbig, Sr.
Medkal Department of Pen* 011ege,
Noah, below &wet street, rkileutilphia. •
TSE La:tures forth. make 01 com
metres so Momlay. Ck.ober- latkoad coothme,
without iaterroPikm until the mete* Id of march.--
The Frioalty is martitated ap fallouts:—
Vim Dattaaat, M. D. PriociEles ...s1 Practice of
Mediate. •
- .
Joao Wtvratra U. Mame. sod
it sasm of
Woolley mid CbAdrem
Meal 8. Paresasou. M D. Nor wica saJ
We. R. Casey; 711. QAoatnurj Phyriology.
Davis Ur D. Priori** ant Praitice of
Wassisirros 1.. Arias, M. D Metios/ Meads;
Clinic st 16e Pennaslaania ak the ticket of
which is finuisbed to may scoed.couree student
without charge. Feesillatrieut.tion. 11500; for each
dello $l5 00 ; Graduetila 1444.90; The Anatomical
rooms will be opened nn the lit of Ortuber, undo the
care of DR. JAMES HUNTER Demonstrator. •
HENRY 8. PATTERSON. M.D. Register.
No 02 Arch street Philadelphia.
atom in the Ward noose where they may be fauna
ready to attaad to calla of their peoremioo..
THE vubscribera have commenced the FOUN
DRYJL busmen+ at the old stand windy occupi
ed as a Chair and Bedstead Factory in the Borough of
Towanda, where we will hold ourselves in readiness to
attend to the wants of any. and all persons who may
favor us with a call. We hope by strict attention to
business to merit a share of Public patmnage.
We-are fitting up a MACHINE SHOP connected
with the Furnace, where_ we hope to be able to do any
and all kinds offinisking and filling up 4e. We will
endeavor at all times to keep a gond assortment of work
on band so that customers may be accommodated on
the shortast notice.
HAVING taken pains to venire the services of es
perieneed workmen from the state of .N. Y., we flatter
ourselves we shall be able to turn a wort in a work
manlike manner and as, good as can be done in any
other establishment.
We-shall also be prepared for the manufacture of
stoves by the quentity.and wilt keep constantly on hand
• kw select patterns for retail.
The subscribers invite all persons who may be in want
o (any thing in our line to give us • call and we guaran
tee they will not go away dissatisfiad.
Saw Mill Rods or Paralrll slides, Mill cranks, gud
geons ;'r , kept consign/ 11y on hand.
Also plows of the most approved patterns and Plow
Points by the piece or quantity to suit purchasers, is
low as ran be procured at any oche: establishment.
Cu:fission; of , the most approved patterns, also a
superior article of Corn Plow, fi t r lisle by
N. C. TOM P KIN 8,
Towanda lune 214th, l‘so.
17,0' . Old castings taken in exchange for work.
Sheet Iran and Copper. Store.
liC. HALL having made large additions to bis
s stook, invites the attention of the citizensof Nor-
Pdnnsylvania to his sworiinent. -
In the Hardware Dcparinsent, I challenge " the
world," and " all the rest of mankind," (not forgetting
any c a ".
in Tovrandai to sell us cheap as I
can. shall and will. -
The stock of Hardware consists of every article :rm
ally kept in a Hardw ire store—among which may be
found Iron; Nails, Zinc, Tin, Sheet iron, manure and'
bay Forks, shovels and spades; blacksmith's bellows,
anvils and vices, screw ,plakik,'strel springs, min t -N.O,A
circular and panel saws, chisels, augurs, *leg chains.
honks and hinges, shovels and tone,,, nut a and screws,
brads • and tacks vragg,ma-kOxes,srk-ropes, well and cis
tern pumps, Lead. ropes, of all sizes, any quantity of
Carpenters and Joiner's tools, all kinds of Saddlery
Hardwire, House Trimmings, of all kinds and at all
prices in fact every thing that any body ever saw in a
Hardware store, or can reasonably expect ever to ere,
in the Store Department, I have—oh! there's no
ore in trying to tell all—but I have Bandbox stoves,
Keystone patent, radiator, parlor. cannon, six plate, air
plate stoves, air tight stoves, Buckeye hot air oven
with rotary top, premium stoves from No. 4 to No. 6,
central N. 1. stoves, Republican stoics, Albany city
*toys*, IllasOrarts air tight stoves, rough and seedy stove*
air tight complete, in fact all kinds and sizes of stove
if not mere.
I alto kette, anti intend to keep on band, any quan
tity of . Russia end American wove pipe. A general
assortment or Bram, Copper and Tin ware, from .•
big brass kettle down to a small tie pepper bor.
All kinds of tin, copper and .Beetlron ware manrk
factored to order, and every article warranted to give
3 00
4 00
The place of businees is on the Public Square an
Pine street, in Montan) es' . New Brick Block, the store
running through tram the Square to Pine street,* A.
to' people's 6m6ng it. we hawswe fears, for nf, course
every body who Wants to buy deep .will inquire for
Hall's establishment. •
ga' No credit given over four montfs..
Towarels. A nutlet 14.1850. • I
Vainable Steam Mill & Land for Sale.
THE subecribera offer at private sale. ONE HUN
DRED ACRES OF LAND, well timbered, sit-
uate in the township of Smithfield, about four miles
from the Susquehanna river. Upon said land is erect.
ed a large and new STEAM MA W MILL capable of
manufacturing , 1.000,000 feet of Lumber pet year. The
lot is surrounded by other well timbered lands, so that
the mill can early be supplied with timber for many
years. The mill is in good running condition, and pre.
went* every facility for the cheap and rapid manufac•
tore of lumber, and would he a safe - and profitable in
vestment of ctipit,il. A portion only of the payment
would he required at the time of sale.
For further put:L:om apply to the subscribers opm
the premises. P. & F. S. ACRES & CO.
Smithfield, Sept. 8. 1850.
FORTY Thousand pounds of WOOL is wanted at
the rectory in Miry"lusing. in exchange for cloths.
Broad and narrow cloths; Cassimenrs *c., Flannel
' Shawls and Blankets, swilled or plain.) will be made
on shares or otherwise as is' desired; The &acne of
Bradford. and the adjoining Counties; are invited to
tall at the Hoo4 Fodor's/ before disposing- of their
Wool elsewhere. The sabscriber he'ing again taken
charge ..f this estahr hment, is determined to do busi
ness eatisfactorily to those who patronize bin.
CO Castling and loth Dressing done on short no
tice. - 11.8. INGHAM.
Wyalnsing, May 15, 11150.
GEO. IL BUNTING. respectfully informs the pat
lie. that he is just receivina from New York in
assortment of ready-made Clothing. w which he in
vites the attention of purchasers. Among _his stock
may he „formal • ,
Oyer Coats, Sack Coats, Business Coats, Frock and
Dress Coats, Cloaks, Pantaloons. rests, Round
abouts, 4z., in all styles and' all•prices.
lie is determined to sell Ms Clothing at unusually
low prices for CABII. and believes he can maks it the in
tereat of those Wishing to purchase to give him • call.
(I:s' At the old stand. between Bartlett and Kings.
bergs Stores, up stairs.
Cutting and making up. done asmerail in the most
fashionable maneer, promptly and to order.
Towanda. October 20,1849 y.
lIDB. SUGAR, at very low pneew—tho;a large
I ■trek of Molasses, including Stuart's syrup, just
received at opl7 MERCUIra.
ONE rase sprinenryle moleskin Ham; also Leahorn
V and Palm leaf lists at
H. M. *ME &CO'S
' , row waivedy nosy .
mar PAT n *OM, 1/11.1114119 EMMA.
II N. MOORE &still misdate! theft regniar
44 • Forwarding Line Co` .
~h their 816 n' nollot lOW
,the - Depot, in Waverly, wkor.. fRODUCE of ell kinile
will be received and inweniee by the New. York &
Erie Railroad. direct to . New, York to' Capt. A. W.
Thompson. who will Mike tide Of the sums; WM looks
return. every two weeks; (in etulcint 11184 0 frnis the
time Produce is mot.,
Cape Thompson. takes this opportunity of rearming
* thank■ 1w p. 4 liberal patronage, and hopes, by strict
attention to Dst io,lntnitaVl bis alsfitutme .to "111.114
share fix the Lowe.
Liberal ark advances sone en Praise* at ell timer,
if required. M. M. MOORE & Co.
H. M. MOORE & Co. are receiving daily from
New York, a large mad well assorted stock of Dry
Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Boots. Shoes.
Pork. Flour; Fish, Nails, Butler. Csttle,and - T. I. Self.
Clover sod Timothy Need, &e. *bleb will be
sold as cheap for cash or country produce, as at any
place in Western New I(ark.
Waverly Aug. 1 1850- ' U 14. MOORE dt Ga.
Dr. Fitch's Celebrated Medicines
Pulmonary Balnm,
Proofs I Expectant,
Pulmonary Liniment. Humor Corrector,
Anti-Dyspeptic Mixture, tCouth and Cathartic
Nertimi, Female Pill* I
Vet etifuee. Fentale-Speeillt,
Pure end Medicinal Cod Liver Oil, &c.,
Used by him constantly and :pith unprecedented AU'
eta in the treatment of Coughs, 'Colds, Conn:asylums.
Asthma, lleart Diseases. Dyapepsia, Serofsla, Ski's
Diseases. Rheumatism, Female Complainti, Piles, I s e,
Dr. Fitch's unequalled Patent silver
supporters; improved pleted start spring shoultles
brace; 'Dr. Fitch's silvcrinhaling tube,
Dr. Fiich 9 a Celebrated Six .Lectiores,
On the prevention and etrie of Consumption, Asthma.
Diseases of the Heart, &c., and on the method of
preserving health' and beauty to an old age.
This book should be in every family. TO the Con
aumptive it points out the only reasonable hope for re
lief, To mothers, the directions it gives in eble Cars end
education of children are invaluable. 78,000 copies of
'isth book hare liassed through the. ions,. and the sale
nonce unabated,.
For sale by 8.8. Preen & Co., 700 Broadway, N.
and HUSTON & PORTER, Tdwanda. , ,
e n. ./k. Fetch's Guide to lipyllida. o r directions to
pet using Dr. Fitch's remedies, to be had gratisof
all the agents. . l3y
DAL% XVILesvON Yerowevia,
Wholesale arm' retail dealers in
Have removed their . •
To the South store in the Ward House, -
Where they arc now receiving and opening a
new and extensive assortment of Drugs, Med
icines, Chemicals, Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish. Dye
Wood and Dye Stuffs, Family Groceries.
Wines and Liquors, Fire Works, Toys, Perfumery.
Fancy Articles, Brushes, COmbs, Stone, Glass and
Wooden Ware, Biackiug, Tobaco. Snuff and
gars. All the popular,patent medicines &e
Their.stock npw compres • every article usually
kept, among shith may be found the following,
Opium, Crilern Tartar, Camphor, Castle Soap, Liquor
ice, A.kohol, Dal's Capaitia, Rheubarn, Aloes, Flowers
ellahromile, castor oil, olive oil, quickening, magnesia,
roll and flower sulphur, borax. red precipitate, venire
turpentine, epa salts, corro sublimative, aqua ammonia,
soda, tartaric arid, laud.inum, pink, gonna quinine. All
the essential oils, gums, myrrh, tragsemth arible,gam
bop ate. Corks of all kinds, bath brick:an* aced,
coriander fenugreek, isinglass, gra?, treats feat 'mat
tanners oil peruvian bark, cayenne pepper, emery, sand
paper, opideltoc, shakers herbs, sarsaparilla, boneeet.
horehound, &:.
Sant, eoree and tea of all kinds, molasses, spice,
pepper, ,mustard, chives, nutmeg, mace, fish, min!
citron and zante currants, salad oil chocolate, cocoa r so
da, and butter crackers, rice, starch, ginger, isalwratas,
earignied, white and bat soap, sperm and tallow e/Or
dles, jugs and, bottles pipes, mustard, catsup, pepper
sauce, shad, mackereLsalmon &c oke. .
Cognise, oven) and asnerican brandy;et Croli, Ohl Ja
mes and New England rum, pure Holland and. sm.
Irish and Monongahela whiskey Medina, nesest, claret.
'Won, port and, champaign wines canna's, creme. ,de
citron anise. rode, caoilla, or etnanr, esnelle. Oranges.
woks, 'mesa and arglit, cheaper than ever offered. •
laps Palmistry sad Fury Goods.
filming cream, soaps, military and window, Goulards
meditated perfumed sand soap, imperial shaving Brach.
es national, Renck talk!, violet, musk, almond anal
transparent soap, walk balls, Labials extracts jockey
club, patehoully, bouquet de caroline, musk, mills Flans
verbena &c. Cachous aromatique, cologne, bay anal
rose water: Spanish lily wbite, fin rouge, persian toilet
aid pawl et, hair dyes hair invigorator, hair eradicator
perfume satchels, court plaster, playing mots. dice
- pencil points, auk.. steel pins, Limmic bah hooks,
drawing. pencils, 'rem:ninon caps, inks, red, black anti
t ombs, purses, pocket books, transparent mot•
to valeta die. fire.
Hair, Hat,ltove, Scrub, Shoe, Paint, Marking, Var.
nigh, Sash. Artist" round and sable, Camek Hair and
stripping Pencils, Blenders & Badgers. %Raw Wash,
Counter, Plesh, Tooth, Nail, Comb, Broom, Clothes,
Infant, Lather, Table; Horse & btacking Brushes.
Tobacco and stain" Bosco., Nipple Nursini
Bottles, reast Pumpe,Teeth Rings. bed pine, syringes,
shoulder braves. Dunes ands abdaminal supporters.,
pessaries, catheters.' cup glasses, graduates, thasnome
lens, spatulates, forceps, lancets, Liquid and spread /Whet
sire piaster ,
Nicaragua, red, cam and log rustic, Es logs
weird, lac dye, rod beer, red sa-,:aule e s, madder, alum, cop
peras„ blue, vitriol, solte:on tin,cmarosiliort chrojet nil
vitrinl, oxalic acid r:ad all th acids, grain tin, pumice
and rotten, stn., vemillion Anus Chines and English,
tapsnieh br,sm, venetian, verdigris, paris green, white.
black Plot red lead, chrome yellow and green, isPan,
crneti and' copal varnish, lampblack. lithaae, putty,
orbiting, yellow Ochre, slits turpentine, line oil, main.
chalk, terra de - sienna, umber, gob I leaf, bronzei, and •
general assortment of paints for Artists,
411 - 4 7r' 11C-4 AIL SSA
French glass 24 by 30,22 by 30. 20 by 30, 20 by
24. 21 by 21.14 by 111. 12 by 20.-12 by 19, 1$ by 16,
10 by 14, 10 .by 12, 9 by .10, 7 by 9.
Orricks vennifuge, mothers relief, Dr Jaynes family
medicine., all the saraereirilla. Wistars and Swavnes
syrupof wild cherry.lipbams Pile Electuary and other..
Brants Indian Ileonedies.varietieg of pill., anger coifed
bilious. Indian vegetable, tar, oriental &c. 4lre. Dr.
Christie. galvanic belts, bracelets, necklace and. gal..
vahie finid.
Dr. FiteWs very aslebratea medicines,
PhanTenn lamps and phosepos,. pnrc eltamphicia and
burning fluid, whale. lard,iind sperin nil.
All gnixikwarranted as reprrsenuml at the , Near Ciir'enp
Thug• and Chemical Store, Knuth Shwa in the War
House. ju2B 171 USTO,N & PORTER.
.11E .11E-311r •
MA CKEREL, bhls., half bbls„ quarter hble. and
- kitts ; 430 aim! pickled Codfish; atm a. fe or boxes
first rata Dry Iferrine.for vale at the ".Cash Prom "
of apt? . 5. & M. C llrfEßCrit.
Bi..Acti.smn . h.... will find ALvils, Vir-i•s,ll,,ws
Tongs, 45;c -4f • +p-11 MERCURte.
Deparative Syrup,
Heart Corrector.