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EtrelSollVEiree Speech, Free Meal
Primedsim f.r Pres rervillorp.
toianda,'Satarilay, Sept'mber 21,1850.
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WM. T. MORISON, or Marroomsar Co
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HENRY G 1885„....
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Adams' and Elwelrs low offices.
The Certainty of Victory I
The enthusiasm viith which the people are rally.
ing to the support of the nomination °llion. DA VI 1
‘VILMOT is the sure precursor of Victory. The
party in this Colnity is thoroughly united. The
bolteis and Barcrivrcii men of 1848, are trying to'
divide that party with a bolter of 1846 and 1848,
but their schemes' ate unavailing. The people are
disgusted with their alliance with teltiVeoders, and
the transparent veil they seek to throw over their
disgraceful recreancy and abandoment of principle,
will not answer. Their motives are known, and
their characters sufficient to,stamp with odium their
proceedings. They cannot deceive the people
with hypocritical professions of , friendship for the
principles they have so often and bitterly ridiculed
and denounced, and im indignant. and intelligent
people will rebuke their pretensions at the
I From Susquehanna County,tre have mo-t cheer
ing accounts. Our nominee is addressing himself
directly to the great popular heats, in vindication of
the principle which ambitious men would prostrate.
They are responding with enthusiasm. The peo
ple are always right—and there is a point beyond
which self-consti.uted leaders cannot sway them
They are asked now to give - up all their principles
—to support JAMES I.O*RET, whops opposed their
pridciples and their nominations for the past four
years. Thei will not do it—and, will redder at the
ballot box a righteous verdict. Honor to the glor
ious, staunch, uncompromising eitizens of our sister
County !
Tioga, is the home of the boater's vandidate.-
There they know factious course towards. regu
lar nominations, his bitter opposition to the princi
ple of Freedom. Tho' a citizen of that county, they
will repudiate him as they did JONAH Bagwsrica,
when he too, was a candidate in the hands - of the
Slavery-prociagandirts,to overthrow their principles.
The result is not a doubtful one. There is vir
tue and intelligence in the people. They are not
prepared to say they have been acting a foolish or
childish part in their repealed maintenance of their
principles. They will not seethe standard of Free
• dom struck down. They are rallying cum more
under its glorious folds, with the battle cry of "NO
second Tuesday of October will witness•
termination, and carry to the ears of the expectant
but baffled Slaveoeracy the triumphant shouts of
,VICTORY which will go up from thousands of Free
men, for the success of DAVID WILSIOT, while
•IJK - eliends of our institutiorli, and of free labor will
, rejoice that he has such a noble and upright con
Oar.whici• 'Ticket.
We cannot too strongly urge upon our Minder\
tic friends the necessity of an active and energetic
support of all the candidates on our county ticket.
Let every one remember that our motto is "princi
ples not men." As it is impossible for all to be
gratified in the ,selection of candidates we adopt
the delegate system, as the most democratic, and
- the one best calculated to unite the action of the
party'upon Oaf candidate for each office, and in do
ing so, there mint of course, and of necessity, be a
sacrifice to some extent of personal preferences to
preserve union of strength. Hence, it is the duty
of the delegates, when they assemble in conven
tion, to pursue a system of conciliation ; otherwise
their 'deliberations would be characterized by dis
cord, and result in disunion, distractim, and defeat ;
and thus enable our enemies to strike widow, which
would defeat our, candidates and prostrate our re
publican principles.
When a county ticket is formed, as it now is, by
the • hannonioug action of the convention of dele
gates, composed of men who maintain and advo:
caw true republican principles, tt certainly becomes
the duty, and should hie the pleasure of every one
who professes the name of Democrat-,who it go
v'erned by the principles he professes, to give the
whole ticket hts cheerful, ardent and undivided
support. .1 •
We . have a ticket composed of men, who + in point
of Moral and political integrity, are entirely unex
ceptionable, anti. democrats_ should remember that
urn our next Legislature will devolve the electitan
a United States . Senator.
Jo short let every democrat go to the polls irith
this motto for his guide: llama) we STAND—
Divmeo wi F 44.1.;" and with • determination to
sus tain the principles of his political faith; then,
when the battle is ended and the victory won, he
will be able to mingle in the feelings of general joy,
with the friends of. Denhieurey. in a complete and
glorious triwaph over his enemies.
- The impoetance r of • the present struggle in Os
Congreettionsbliarkiaehould not be underrated
shy.. Irwilt electfde evil or good, the destinies el
oar ommtry,foreorning years. It isacontset between'.
Rear and Right. - It a contest between the 80114
of Fr_iiedtam be the sal side , mod the iltrange and
dangerous demands of did Slaveocracy on the other
side. Here, is to be determined, mostempliatical
ly, whether a Repeat' mettles WhO, amidst all the
corruption of our National Metropolis, Raids a
, shining example for the friends of Northern rights,
I shall be Retained by his antstitoene7—by aceostit
uency who have with their own hands sebdned the
forest, and made the srOdemess bleisoan like the
rose--a constituency distinguished for their intelli
.gence, independence, virtue and, miloatiyor
whether the spirit of intolerance and dictation en
gendered by the vast slave capital of the South,
shall be obeyed when. it asks of that ocirmitorner:
to rebuke and put down their Rep resientativih- -
whom they bare thrice sustained, and again end
again shielded from the attacks of recreant friends
and the impotent assaults of capital.
Northern men—laborers of the North ! why
should you not be as trot to the men who are true
to your interests, as the South are to their Repre
sentatives, trlio second the loudest their most ra.
pacions demands! There, the man who asserts
the boldest the divinity of Slavery, who cleans that
it is a feature of our Free Grivemment, and asks
for it the support of Government, is the best sus
pined. Shall the men, who in the North, attempt
to stay the tide of Slivery propagandism, who deny
the Right of this government to perpetuate and fos
ter slavery, who claim for Freemen and their
children Freedom's heritage,and endeavor faithfully
to subserve the interests of our common country
and of the North, be put down, because they offend
Southern men, from their opposition to Southern
schemes! Will you pay recreancy a tribute—will
you reward doughfacism I Shall not your faithful
men be sustained I How long will you continue
to have men in the Noah, who dare be faithful to
your interests, it you do not stand by and uphold
..o► CaAwn= Co,-
or bfirrux CO
or Benuturrob,
.::.or OttireLL.
or Rome .
or ATness
These are questions which address themselves
at once to the People: Party considerations are of
minnitonsequence, where our country, and the
perpetuity of our Free instiintions, as promulgated
by Jefferson an 4 the wise aril patriotic men of his
age, stein the scale. They address themselves to
the masses. = They go home to the bosom of every
Freeman, and demand his calm and serious con
templation. Let it be given now, for if ever the
attention of Freemen should be directed to the at
tempts of the slave power of our country, that time
is at present.
The contest between Slavery and FreedoM,eow
going on in this District should receive the att
tion of Freemen. Its magnitude is incalculable.—
By making war upon Hon,Divm Wumcrt, the Sla
very interest hopes to bredk up the foundations of
that great principle which has so strong a hold up
on the. people of this District. Freemen of the -
nth Congressional District, it is your duty to stand
by him, against the selfish and vindictive war which
is, waged against him. It is due to him, for his
-unflinching adherence to your principles—it isdue
to those principles—it is needed as encouragement
to the noble band in the North, who have stood
firm in Congress—it is due to your self respect to
maintain now the doctrine you have so often as
serted—and it is necessary to rebuke the foreign
influences which have set at work the servile tools
of Presidential aspirants in this District.
You can put your finger on every zealous op
ponent he has in this district, and tell the influ
ences which move 'each one. You knoli that vis
its to Wheatland and Philadelphia and-Washing
ton bare ripened the plot Which is now disclosed.
You know that a senile and mercenary pr6s has
been brought into this district—and an' ostensible
editor imported from the Pennsylvanian office at
Philadelphia, as accessories. Are you twilling to
be dictated to from such source'? Are you willing
at the bidding of such men to give up your princi•
plea ? Are you willing for such selfish and unprin
cipled purposes, to see your Representative struck
down ? Are you willing to see such monstrous in
justice, that mercenary men hers, when certain
men are elevated to die Presidency, can claim their
reward at their Mode Are you willing to second
the schemes of men who look to southern influence
and for southern patronage u the wages of the at
tempt which is now making to put down DAVID
Witarcrr? He has done mach to secure the emmi
•ty of the Slaveossacy. He has battled gallantly for
Freedom. He has withstood all the seductions of
patronage and place, be has braved all the mena
ces of that mighty influence. Uncorrupted he has
borne aloft the standard of Freedom, and beer) tree
to your cause. For this tkey may seek to destroy
him, but it should be your pride, as it is.your duty,
to gloriously sustain him. Because the South bate
him, end would put him down for devotion layout
interests, you shoild the more firmly stand by him
He Us been true to you—will you not be true to
him.? When Davro Wuatar falls at the bidding
of Slavery, joined with selfish men, who look to
' that interest for pay—when his constituents refuse
'to support him, and desert him—farewell •to Free
dom in the Keystone. Recreancy sad doughta
cism will riot unmolested amidst the triumph of
Slavery'and the wreck of Northern hopes--for it
will be countenancing them, and be paying a pre
mium for villainy. .
You can only fully carry out those principles by
his triumphant re-election. It should be the spon
taneous voice of every Freeman of this Dicier. .-
With one accord they should rise up to testify their
approval of - his devotion to their cause, and to re
buke signally the mercenary war made upon *bite
The vote of every Freeman should be casChe hi&
return to Coarse& Hire were ta -- fliouthern man,
and had shown as great d ono° to Soothers ha/t
-esti, es he has lot interests i of the North, no
voice would raised against him. The expres-
Irian Which would approre his course would be tre
menthls and effective. ?hers there are no traitors
—no servile, sycophantic, sneaking doughfices,
who loot to other itrerests to reward their trench.-
, ry. They sustain their public servants, who are
true to their interests, and the coesequenCe that
through a small portion,of our Republic, they have
controlled its destinies, and Wielded its patronage.
How keg shall. this be ?—h cosh be until the North
I .
is willing to amnd op to support - her cuirass.
We bay. said that the defeat of•lldr. , Wilmot at
ibis critical time, would be a coeseeolgteat joy to
the Slavery interest, and will stake is the liveliest
degree the satisfaction of Doestierm 'lt Matters.
not by whom be may be epposed--Dsvid WAIN .
'Mikis contest, is the Proviso, and the Praise is
the lineation *Woad. 0
abler is, FWPnied
fold be in vele youpuee
Mi. 'Amoy te rra mitt.
Free Soil. Ph,tdreisie
RePitaP iatill i i **PO lb
plan west* velee. II
Freedoia would be io a la
—but pledges only last. •
Mr. Lowarr, - it will be
to the cpwstion. *his
to set at vationto ill his
lesions —Hs has not pat
to give the lie to • paat - •
It tostaisod bribe Ca
Itiotott wart tbo tame w
upon the people. We ba
sing be bus dialoged sleet
by the company be keeps
James Lown :In tbi
ridiculed the doctrines of
District—who have
and "abolitionists," mad vie
probions epithet they could
Lowrey's cause has been e
they slave met with a great
ardent lies-milers these
Mr. ADAMS, is, or will be
any eztent. He has seen th
'the Union in great danger, b
As a citizen and a neighbor,
Tem. But we must say, In
man we would trust wit.% ihi
Enthusiastic and impulsive,
undoubtedly be right, but we
ty to mind up under the *7,
press upon Northern men In
his ability to hold out for
schemes of Slavery—we lea
by the threatening. menaces
timid ; or cajoled by the Win
weak. Al all events we are
by a tried and faithful servant
disposed to displace a man 1
ly tried and not found wrntitt
one of whom we have strong
not be understood as wishing
arts' honesty of purpose, but
carrying oat the dictates of hi
heart, against the mighty advi
would beset him.
There are issues involved
than any questions of party .
pinizen feeling. When the
try are at stake—when ( ' the ti
attempted to be stay-when
ciples of our free institute.
claiming she most preposte
'comes every philanthropist,
man in whose breast beats a s i
• ride, every friend to Freedo
tikqrreach, regardless of peu
only for,* good of bin coon
any Presidia,
And give up to*atly what was /
And when there istriie
tative be should be sustained
wrests of the 'North should
Northern men may make it I
truly to serve their commit ,
Davin Wimsov you can do
encouraging Northern men.
cause of Freedom in Pennsy
will languish and die. It "
you will allow the plans of
aspirants to be carried out,
your principles to be tritunp
decide, calmly and delibem
appreciation of the good or t.
inevitably result.
' Thirst
The ?toga Banner rayon
Hon. D. Wiuscrr, in the toll
will tell a good story at th
those bolters, who, now for
roving to defeat the nomin
We have the pleasure of
'der, this week the premed'
Meeting at Towanda, wit' -
It seems that the Con
county, withdrew from the
Bradford and Tioga Cottle
nation. The Conferees i .
afterwards met a couple of
wbo claimed to be the Con
Wion Mr. Lowam •
opposition candidate. •
effrontery to rail the nomi
the regular nomination ! It
Menu'. Enos and' Donald,
rity to act as Conferees
lion," held at Taos' cm the
molly known to the • •
ibis meeting was assemb
single member of the •
ly had the sartetioa l •of two
mittee. it is silo known
this Committee was = • •
therefore had no power to
ly legitimate course to be
ple to assemble in Mass
their own nomination.
This wm done at the
st.Tiop Tinsels. This
maws of a call by six
miss., and by a)a
tbs Coonty,-- - TbAs Coo
Wilsootior Congress, and
Amid lost Irbat bs is do
sevso-ohilitbi of Ilse
If the action of the •
Then the action-oca ma' • '
But lithe power 4:4 the • •
be nomination made by
amemblet in Mass, is
made by selkonstituted
There is armusin cliq
hive always been bed
They are pined to their
NATIVE Nonntrnoss.
Mid s Castled= at
tbekilowite Basietickel;
Caul Con.=,Dr. Jaws D
'_ 11 , 1 1.9w151 1 00-ICiisaiasC
Andider - Geneial—E 114,N
.Thee Wen 'boo se
Qtr The Anions'
mobbed is London, by
id bin s and bandy
.w the laser ma the
and abandoned. It
that Mc.; Adana and,
I 014;04 in ,or. of
- at now.a•dapti, and
• as only so miry all.
pledges wool Osiris(
_ majority in Moven
INNIS Phigal
decency enough not
Lis, by moot Iwo
into his own month
whisk • acuminated
• is intended av "fraud
e:no apeman Joe steppe'
OWL Ainan is known
in -whose keeping is
of men who have
Ithe'Demeemey of this
them is "fanatics"
ed them by every op-
i command. Since Mr.
'rooted to their hand.,
;hangs. Presto! what
liable gentlemen are
loubtless, pledged to
time when bethought
it we will let that pass.
he has our highest re.
nkly, that he is not the
question in Congress.
his tendences would
greatly doubt hisabili
uy influences which
Congress. We doubt
months• against the
he would be awed
.hich are used for the
aces addressed to the
not disposed to put
for him,—*.e are mot
ho has been thorough.
g, to make room for
doubts. We would
I to impeach Mr. AD
giber hts capacity for
; judgment am! his
eve influences which
this con test higher
;the gratification o
tercets of our coon
Pre of progression is
the antagnaiitic prin•
is are rampant, and
vs osorpationso—it be
tery patriot, every
of tree Northern
i . to cast himsell into
r differences, caring
. It is no time for
hi. slued
Isietant fix mankind.°'
d faithful Represen
evotion to the in
be encouraged, that
eir greatest ambition
ts. By re-electing
great deal towards
U not elected, the
yenta is prostrated, it
a question whether
tweeted and selfish
r whether you wish
ant. Let every man
ly, and with a proper
disaster _which must
s to the nomination of
wing mantles. Tioga
election, and rebuke
Ihe third tiers are ender
laying belay ow ma
ga of the Conference
put in nomination the
from Susquehanna
forgoes, leaving the
- to make the nomi.
Susquehanna county
tiemen from Tags,
rues of Tags county,
ox, and upon consul
. heated by them as an
e of the clique bundle
ation of Mr. Lowry u
is sufficient to say, that
obtained their autho
the gt ewe watt Count
29th August. It is ge.
e of the County that
upon the call of a
mg Committee, and on
t of nine of that Coo-
the year tor which
toe, had espitedrand
4at all. Then the on.
maned, was for the peo•
Convention • and make
i ovation on the 2d int.,
wanton met in par
old Standing cam
:. ty ihnnocralie voters of
' lion nominated David
lone doable for a mo.
en choice of at I.
PAY of riaga
mills. is varid at all,
mem of ewes govern.
Mee had expimd, then
Ate people thentielves,
tier than a nomination
about Wellsbowo wilco
Sad always will be.—
Let them go.
Monigamety Co
at:Loy y ligt Co.
4 " Dekgetsa ia at
, Harur was Web;
pimpearwbo isoopiu
witi his IUL
nod - aticititahopkti
We cconmenumilloot week, upon the trist ii
toispiod to lbeitßilfrord!oF, by do Conieronverbo
gore Mr.liorrakrr Itisooalled nornincion,inirkopt
ins dio riwy reiolstisns w)rictirliso3r Ind reflosi
neept in we sl Mr. Gosanny, and dioolniedibe
pWlcss. and plans of ikons who snanagid thong'
Let any candid and impartial man examine
thirprneeedinp of the Codsmiet*lmd the fir
poutim!menifemed by the-Semestianna
and he Cannot fail to discover that there an
Seems at Work somewhere, which was opposed
to any amicable sad satishetory a4Msteneet of the
quemiter:.-egmoted to any arrangement which
should bring into the field a candidate upon wham
the Democracy of this District could unite. On the
contrary it seemed to be determined that the Free
man of this district should give up all their cherish
ed principles, and be made to support a man whom
whole life has been in lintagonism to those princi
ples. the most' obnoxious man in Tioga County
(politically speaking) was fixed upon--a Man who
has been a Most bitter opponent of the 'rated 1846,
and the principles of that act, who was the Vice
Preirident of a public meeting held at Wellsboro'
in Sept. 1846, (when Mr. Wilmot was the regular
nominee, beyond the shadow of u doubt) to di.
nounce that tariff and its supporters, and to bring
into the field a candidate upon that question to op
pose Mr! W lurk. Again, in 1848, he had oppos.
ed the regular nominee, upon principle, and sup
ported JONAH Baelmrsa, who was the pro.r4avery
candidate in opposition to the Champion of Free
such was the - Man whom Conferees from Susque
hanna—a county preeminent for devotion to the
principles which Mr. Witrecrr has so ably advoca
ted—were determined to tome upon the Democracy
of the District for their support. lie was, a man
who had noiclaim, on the score of the support of
regular nominations, for the support of Democrats,
and he stood identified with, and the zealous sup
porter of, principles the Democracy of this District
had twice repudiated. That Mr. -Wilmot did not
desire to be again a candidate was well known—
lica he would be a candidate, if an attempt was made
to compromise and trample tinder foot our glorious
principles, if requested by his friends, was also well
known. The slavery eitensionisis here, were de
termined he should be a candidate, provided they
could force him- inn) a position where he would be
likely to be defeated, that they might claim his de
feat as a triumph over the Proviso, and its author.
They knew that agriinst Imes Lowerr, who was a
an open opponent of the Proviso, and Apposed to
every cardinal principle of the Democracy of this
District, he would be a candidate, and they would,
have no other man. They knew his position for sup
port from Democrats was worse than any other man
in Tioga County. The' determination has been, to
create division that the principles of Freedom migtit
be overthrown. 'lt is a part of the plan concocted
by Presidential aspirants and their witting- tools
here, to set aside the will of the people, and by trickery
andfraud to. subvert Agit principles.
How plain and glaring the whole performance
becomes when JAuc? Lowaa is nominated upon
the very resolutions but a few hours before repu
diated ! The fraud becomes palpable and disgrace.
ful. The actors in it have earned for themselves
an one:unable reputation, for duplicity and double
dealing. Bat it was necessary to carry out the.plans
of the allies of Slavery extensionista here, that the
voice and feelings of the Freeman of this District
should not be disregarded plainly. To hoist the sa
ble banner of Slavery-propagation—to Mil under
true colors, would be to consign to utter disgrace
their candidate, and would make all their plots and
plans futile and unavailing. It was necessary to
give a fraudulent end false coloring to their pro
ceedings, and consequently James Lowaev IS EN
Ten it not in Gaih! Freemen of the Binh Congres
sional District, lanes Loware its presented to you
as a Free-Soil candidate ! The man who supported
Basverrea, on 4eco o nt of hiLopposidon to the Pro
viso, is now offered for your support as a Free-Soil
candidate! The sae:ailed Convention which nom
inated him in Tioga County, REJECTED the fol
lowing sound. resolution:—
. Relelved, That we will suppewt no man for Con
gress, unlearle is an avowed and faithful friend to
the Wilmot Proviso, and will use his influence in
favor ofactivesed efliciant measures for the pre
vention of the extension of Human Slavery.
True, they thought they had gone too far, and no
considered the vole, and laid the resolution on the
table. The killnwina milk-and-ismer concern, ex
pnieses the sense of the Convention,- which may
mean something, or may not, just as you please
to construe it:
Reeked, Tbst we retard slavery as a moral.
and social evil, which ought to be confined to
the States in which it - exists. anti not to be extend
ed into the free territories of the Union.
We know that Mr. LOWICIT was opposing Mr.
Wilmot in 18*5, upon this very same principle—
that be WIAS enrolled and fighting under the banner
of the Slavery-emensiouists at that time, and what
reason have we for supposing that be has changed
his viewat You have seen the action of the Coo
-vomit' of his friends—how they repudiated the
Wilmot Proviso—how stands James Lowrey at this
time, for men / may honestly change their views.—
Yon may be relerred to hie letter to the Soequehan
na Cosines previous to his nomination. That
letter contains no sentiment the veriest dmhface
;would not subscribe to. We will give it in his own
In reply, permit me 4:stolidly sod briefly to say—
that [cancer entirely in the views expressed by your
convention is reliance to the exemption of slavery ;
sad of those =pressed Is the resolutions passed by
the late Dentotratic Convestion of Tioga Co.—
Should I. hovered blur nommation. be so fortu
nate se to be elected the Democracy of the Dis
trict. I shall take p • and pleasure in hithfully
sestaiming. as far as my humble abilities will permit,
the doctrines and measures to which your instroc
does refer. And also, in mosiotieget all times, the
great principki and 'imbibed usages of the party
to which we in edition belonc. •
,A have the honor to be
Your ob't servant. .
To andeniand the grtinede upon which be
unlade we refer Wise resolution of the Zags
Convention, above quoted-4hr weak one passed,
Tr • This is certainly cool, coining hem the man
who supported Rosser G. Werra in 111414 against
'14414;14er notnination—who supportedp r sam for
re:ratite, in opposition to hem C. ex, the
kontineerho sopportediesan Bisweran
in opposition to the regular nomination in 11144!
A bean who can pledge himself with sock awe to
Lineipies and a came of conduct conaticmas
as=life meld be the Mt to Mt
bis convenience -. The people =
ratheSuust a am whoa Abey KNOW is One
110. SeUellitir A . 1 *
Sisirehatuta recolutioe, which is mote =meaning
still; - as Allklrs:-- -
illesolved. That* Coregressinial Cankless. ll l o *
pointed by theinevestion be iostrueiedt to 'lmport
ao manic this of Representative is CinVelli
wles is sin avewedlyepposed to the 'farther:a:tem
"km. *Calamity tato Territory now (stew -
:-Ccreht :there he-weir* complete evasion of the
question than is attempted in the shove resolution.
helm the Argos( doesbime
that diAlralso, the Meth, wild give an allinsauve
answer to all that was Mlted.
Here ) then, was a candidate, pot forward, who
had not cane up to the question. The various
County ccmvenfiens had ended the ism. Under
such cinmenstanam ) it was well understood, no can•
didigircoeld dtew of 'enough vote ,"to Make Men:
a demonstration strong enough to be palpable.—
To make this haul more perfect, the Simpiettanni
conferees, nominated Mr. Lowrey upon Free Soil
resolutions ! They . pass mutilations offering the
mime doctrine meat does, in Mr. Lowrey's Titian
Convention...the action of which he says he will be
guided by. He is caught im p end supported as a
Free Soil Candidate, by men who have been the
fondest in dencromeg the measure heretofore.—
The malt virulent opponents of the Proviso; are
now the warmest supporters of Mr. Lowrey, and
most vehement in their professions of friendship for
Free toil!
Fellow citizens, this is a fraud ! a disgraceful' at
tempt to swindle the people is on foot, and the per
petrators have cloaked their designs umlerithe
sacred banner of Freedom. What guarantee have
you that their candidate has changed in any respect!
What security hive you that those who are aiding
his cause, have abated one tinier of the malignancy
they have on many occasions manifested towards
the principles you advocate! Trust them not:
their professions are hypocritical--their pretended
friendship for your cause false.hearted and base....
The result they would bring about, would divide
the Democratic party; would defeat your candidates,
*rigid overthrow the true hearted, fearless, incorrup
tible Representative, would be a signal rebuke to
your long continual advocacy of your principles, ,
and would be construed into au abandonment of the
doctrines of the Jeffersonian On] inane.
If they can defeat David Wilmot., by epoch trickery
and fraud, the hutarasof Slaveholders will go,,up—
Slavery-propagruidism may fire its "salutes of joy,
but Freedom will lose a gallant champion, and
Truth a brave defender. If this is to be, for God's
sake, let it not be done, under, the guise of. friend
ship for the cause we all have at heart—let it be
understood u the ; victory of Oppression offer Free
dom, that in future time, Northern men may learn,
that devotion to Southern interests ;only can assure
them support from Free Northern men.
no.. David Wilmot.
The re-nomination of this gentleman ; as scan - di.
date for Congress, by the Democracy of this Dis
trict, will everywhere be hailed with joy by the
friends of Freedom and popular Rights. His incor
ruptible integrity—his fearlessness 3n the discharge
of his duty, and in the maintenance of Principle,
has gaindd for him a high and honorable distinction
among the .leading Statesmen of the country. The
people reel that in hint they have an upright and
faithful Representative—one upon whom they can
rely with confidence under all circumstances, and;
in every emergency—one who will not betray
them through fear or flattery—who is nelthe? se
duced by the smile , of Power,. nor awed by its
threatenings. His position, at this time, as keen
didater is one of peculiar and Intense interest, and
upon this District is fixed the anxious attention of
the whole country. Whatever may be said here,
by personal enemies, or interested political oppo
nents, the country will see in our Congressiolial
election only the great issue with which the name
of Mr.WlLsor is so closely associated. His success
sip give new hopes and new courage to the friends
of Freedom—his dekat would be hailed by shouts
of triumph .throughout the entire dominions of Sla
very., Will the North sustain those who fearless.
ly uphold the rights and interests of the . Notth I Or
will she strike down het own ehamplins at the
bidding of the Smith I Can no man bej upheld in
this Republic, unless he bends his neck to the ar-:
rogant dictation of the Slave Power! Those are
questions of the first moment, and in ctx judgment,
are directly involved in-the re-election Or defeat of
Mr. WILMOT. Of his re-election, we cannot, and
do not, entertain a doubt. His unanimous re-nomi
nation by the Democratic Convention of this Cacm
ty, composed nn seventy delegates, in unmistakea
ble evidence of the feelings of our people. To us it
seems as if there should be but one voice upon the
question of Mr. WIUIOT's retool 'to Congress, as
there is but Otte judgment as to the propriety and
justice of his course.: All *parties in the South,
would smolt in bis dehret—then why should not all
parties here unite in his Inman Such we firmly
believe would be the case, if patriotism and the
public good were alloyed to control the movements
of, certain politicians in this county, instead of pre
. judice, passion, and feelings of personal hate and
ill-w ill
Are you Assessed.
Next Saturday is the hug day, the law requiring
ten days before `the election. Look to your own
names, Democrats, and then those of your neigh
bors. Let not It vote lost by inattention to_ the as-
sessments. ri . -
It should be ioown that to entitle a man to vole
at the coning election, it is necessary that hiieluall
have Wren a resident of the Stale one year, and of
the district or township where be offers his vote,
'tee days, and that be has paid a Stale or County
tax which was amassed at least ten days previous
to the day of election.
Young men, however, between tirentv•cme - and
twenty-two, who are qualified in other inspects, are
entitled to rote without the payment of tax.
And few kimono who have cmcwbeen Telesis in
the State and removed therefrom and returned, a
residence of six,moothe in the Slats is sufficint:
but in all cases where the payment' of a tax is ne
cessary, kraut have been assessed ten days pre
vious to the : election. We hope, • therefore, that
every democrat in the wanly will go to the, Nee*
erti and see that his name is on the lisr—and see to
it in time. The coming election is oneof mon:ten
uous interest, and 'y is necessary That every demo
cnit ahnuld be fully armed and,eqsiped as the law
Otr- Doughhwe Derw, of NOW York, decline.
• raelcoon at the bands of the people. He will
probably be rewarded.** hie treachery by the ad
otiaietratirar. Doeshieee WILSON, of N. H., has al.
ready teen appointed Wen ofte iu Catifonnia.-
.. .. . „. _
k i -
1111111 2/ 11 0r ills.
• •
... ,
• - '.
AID= Illietheff eirebeirrimills ell Free
tectiterir all, be MN ,at
ilairost, Batuday, 840. 28, 1850,
' At 1 o'clock. P. 111..
Will certainly be present to addressthe meeting, '
having written. "that nothing bat death should pre.
vent his attendance." _The
.meeting will aL so rb e
addressed by .
Hot D. Whig, Ho.llhirtia Grover,
And probably by other distinguished speakers. L ei
it be a glorious turn-oist r -such a demonstrition as
will make the alavery-estetudonists and their allies
quake at thedeterminatien of the People. Let. the
Freemen of Bitsquehatina. and Bradford and Ting',
welcome the brass and gifted- defender of their
Rights. who comes fresh from the work of cement
lig the union of the great democratic party of Ne w
York. midis now ready to say a, word for Freedom
in the battle against the Alayaryipropagandists now
waged in this District.
Already has the agitation of thellavery question
pnwlucedlby the ininsduction of the Wilmot Ptort.
an, been of incalculable advantage to the cause of
Freedom. It has been
. the means of the express
prohibition by legislative enactment, of Slavery in
Oregon, toward which the views of Slaveholden
were turning. > bore brilliant still has beer. its el
feet in the new star just added to the galaxp-dn the•
Golden State of the Pacific, just admitted to the
Sisterhood. California ie a-Pree State—de such the
true legitimate fruiti of the Proviso. With her *id&
spread boundaries.-with her rivers flowing over
anklets sands—with her fertile. plains and snowy
rierradsts- - -whe is free forever from the blight of
Will any one pretend to say, that California
would have deemed action upon the subject of
slavery necessary, had it not been for the present
agitation of the subject. The friends of the peculiar
institution might' have gone into its borders With
their property until by the unity and concert of ac.,
tion and interest 'which distinguishes Slavery, they
could have controlled the character of the initial.
lions'of that El Dorado. - No where id Slavery more
profitable than in mining regions. fln the mines
of Pere, in the diamond hunting f Brazil—in ail
those regions- where precirine metals abound, I
slavery tolerated, us being the most profitable mode
of labor. Had it not been for the agitation produced
by the Proviso, and the consequent danger and in.
security of taking Slaves to California, that Free
State would now be filled by
„Slaveholder's and
their chattles, and' the Free white man be denied
the right of mining, or be obliged to Work side by
side with Slavery. It is against this-very result we war
—we Would not be obliged to labor in company
with human Slaves, and we dehire to . keep them
out of our .FreelTerritory, that free white Men may
have achance tr!l improve that territory, and leave
it as a poseesaion to their- children'. Slavery da.
grades labor wherever it goes—and no tree laborer
should desire-to see it extended to any territory to.
ward which he or his children may, in some frame
time, direct thhir steps.
The action of Congreivt i in adopting territorial
bills for Near- Mexico and Utah, in passing the
Texas boundary bill, and the Slave-catching bill, me
said by those who desire the success of the South
to " settle the question." This is a mistake—it u
a frand,lto blind the friends of Freedom. It but
fairly op..ns the question. It shows' who my the
in the North, and who are recreant. It shows that
Southern perseverance can worry weak 'Northern
Representatives into submission—that administrais %
Lion patronage can buy the mercenary—that men ;
ces have frightened the timid. The - pillion Owl
settled, but isowfairly opened. The contest between
slavery and Freedom has not ended—it never will
end, until Slavery is confined ter its present limits
The bills tot the govemmen t of New Mexico and
Utah settle nothing permanently. They lovely .
evade or put off the Slivery question. The . gov
ernments provided for those countries are open for
amendment. Already a movement has been made
to apply the Wilmot Proviso telhese
If the North would now echo the cry of Southern
partizans, that ,the rr question is now settled''-the-
North beaten,the South triumphant—Slavery would
soon steal its way into those regions, and ere lon:
control their future character. Such shall not bethe
ease. Next to an express prohibition, Slavery-T( 6
pagandists dread the agitation of the question. It
awakens a true sense of the ..blighting infloencei
Slavery'. This shall be 'kept up—it must not sine
bar—..and let the South be answerable for the agd
lion. When they cease to arrogate all the patretine,
ant) privileges of our government for Slavery, "
will case to agitate.. , They ma enjoy all the Pm'
legesguarnteed them by-the Constitution in pert
But when they assert the policy of this givernmer
is to perpetuate and extend Slavery, and seek t'
seize upon the .fairest ponion of our terrible/O ff ,
shall continue by all constitiutional means to refs
their demands and pretensions. Let Slam! is
content with its present boundaries, and there in;•
be no agitation.
The fugitivc slave bill is a disgrace to OUT Sato
book, and should-be amended. fly its provisiona
I'citizen of the. Northern States;arrested under a 414
charge of being a slave, is stripped of the right
trial by jury, and carried off to a remote put ei ii
Union, when it may be" impossible fir hoe tin°
cure proofs of his'freedom.
The question of admiring New , Mexico ss s
State, will come worts near c o ngress. So i l
will resist' the request of this new State, and '"
shall need all our true men to admit her. 4:0,
even while-the South is felicitating herselt upon
v ictor)", she has gabled, and congratulating belle'
that the Mirth will 'be lulled boo security w
cry, • Congress is wrangling about this verl' B ie
Lion and will .he natitrho d a y 4;4 . 0 a t ijouDlOlSl t •
. Nothing is settled but this one truth t that w he ''
then is en Wiest, firm, unyielding Represents . °
from the North,. he should be sustained and st;
ed whatever may he his political oo xici
haa proved thi necessity of true "meat—fli ha s P:
tsd the iPtieeel disposition there is to PM'
doogh.face. • It is a bad time now, to aoag e .
tried,men, the untried and unoertain one& WS'
true men be stunned, and the petition wiN
be settled, in a manner which shall atiese o° -
welfare utegt country,
The Mulvey Quell Sea.