Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, September 14, 1850, Image 4

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fur sc i licet; ankthe fiVe ,Inte 51e.u 1 NR..5...
or the ;wheel ctiltivator, is ttudTlSing_Pre*Re 7 e r t
fiat Every-renson, fset-and favkirTit
Itet in e, and tire 'retvlt endorse iE4 Tertrlci -
Wet:4 old:systerm.of.three .91 *re plowings
;Alf there is any one.fact in vegetable phYsiokgy
settled, it ie, that the food of plants are, gases, and
tiitnefew soluble mineral subkatices, held in so
!alien by water as the mensimum of violation. anti
distribution: The principal loud of .plants; iaihe
production of the decomposition of regerable'onn
ter, from the change that takes place when expos
t o maimurev—forming. a new _material called
'fi;onur, or an incipient ehareoal,iltateases the 'dark
c":tlering of rich soils, and Possesses a strong affini
ty for. the oxygen of the air; which combining, with
the carbonaceous prieciples, forms earbonio: 4 iicid ,
which combines with wate: bulk for bolt, and is
the greatierntiotilie-produrtion of live fibre-in the
gorving plant.
The nntriment expended upon, and Which con
stitutes the value of the relation of crops and the
constant seeding with grasses, is the mots and her
bage—the toll tlfille surface; and its true and only
available tLe :!urtare, nuexposed
tothe sun, wind slid air., and in'a.eonstant state of
moisture, which is a c-.nilition “bsolate to its per
fect and ripikl klee.omposilon.
Itt die old prneeßF, t4e vegetable matter is: Mined
in ont, expoAed to e.variration and lerithinj; of the'
surla:re; , without the ability . of becoming' rented or"
decomposed, and a great portion Of it lays in a
p. Lien that escapes withrint charging: and saturat•
ing"the soil and its contents, t witli the very4fap and
• pabulum of the baby plants- The tlec4posiogt.
material should be below the robts.of the'plant. 1
never wolk4 well above, for all the gases ascend
in Moist or heated soils, %id come in direct contact
with the months—the pong jolt!! of the roots. Every
one will admit that this is true p ith the Indian
corn and' potato clop—as both those articles are
never so sure, as orlion planted on a fresh turned
green sward, and the same eflectare produced with
thltosioter ave. 't -
Let the foul grass swards be turned fiom 7.t0 8
inches in depth, al -the ordinary time of summer
fallowing, or even later; and be carefully kept un•
der by the cultivator, and our word for it, it w illbe
thoroughly converteddre gasses kilted,' and the
result prove the beneficial effects ol this course.—.
C!ean clover and timothy lays may be advantag,.e
-misty sown a fortnight after being plowed, or even
the same weeki—ilicu.;h it is pieferred that an in
cipient decomposition i-hould hare Commenced, to
feed the young 'lt:tilt
There is not flinch care taken in :preparing, seed
wheat, in regard to pertly, as is important and proth
table to the sower. Ited-r,-ot, cockle and chess are
the three great impurities fo be guarded againSt ;
far if any (4 these are sown, they multiplyeNceed
in4ly, rednee the ern,, depreciate the price in mar
ket and inflict a lasting evil to the laud that years
cannot obliterate.
Whet, there is no other cone for a farmer but to
Le ob:iged to use seed that is foul, the best method
- to pursue is, ltaviiig a good fan mitt, to'draw out
chess board to near it: middle, and toyer throngtt
one quarter or two-thirds more wheat than he in.
tends to use—blow ieg over withg rapid motion all
the light and foul seeds, and all the light kernels of
wheat, leaving belried full.grown and perfectly de
veloped and ripener! grains fat the future crop. iff
°rice through does dot pet - free it7repey the opera
-lion until it is clean and 3'4li:factory.
It is generally supposed that red root is sown
with the seed, as its seed is so small that it must
be separated in `pacing the last or screen in
the fanning mill: This is a mistake, as the exami
nation Of wheat grown where red rots prevails will
sho'w. The jokt containing die seed is mach
stronger and barder at the knot where the steeds is
produced than ony other part of the stem, and con-
qnently is broken oft_ above and below, holtliiie
the seed in its capsule!, on a stem too large to pass
he ca•k,e screen, and goes down with the wheat.
Management of Pear trees
The practice Of what is termlecl root-Pruning has
of late years attracted a good deal of noise. Root
pruning is, however, no modell discovery. It has
been followed, less or more, fora century,. and per
haps even longer; but the System of docking the
rOo's,, and dwarfing trees i. sqmewitat new in tl ii.
eoun . ry, although well undesstood in the Celestial
Empire The tesnli-ot this practice has been the
production of stunted, balk boned :trees, the fruit
from which partikes more of the character of the
wood of the tree than that which ire desire to fird
plump, well grown pears. I therefore take this op
poriunity. of cautioning my amateur readers on a
print which, to my pent.tnal-know ledge, has sadly
%islet! !many of them. It, may be slated in fact
vecognizett as nu axiom, that unless a tree is in a
'kindly growing condition, the froit wilt at all times
be' inferior. Let it not be interredirom this that 1
mesa ovetdasuriance; et that ease wood alone will .
be made.
rears shoe — generously used when they are
'lf ret planted: the gmand - should -I:te‘ in. good heart,
and rnannred neat the surface. this-curse of
aW. years the trees indicate a tentleucylo produce
mote-mod than is desirable then as reepecta the
t t' e= or -irol.maring the limits
ten eau to
Iti,gitially.ststrqued them, thertrlt tst),,,,_
Ale roots, and' varefully cutiail their azoberanei,
tot this should be done by Degrees, met the rdtmth
. efltognq should be pre:cried to any oilier for the
The most important. point in the. management of
Mt tree*. hinges'ori the summer pruning; imagine
that when the trees are ,planted them is nothing
orbs to be done, except picking the fruit.
notion has converted somelittle gardens into lime
forests. _tiuring the summer let the superfluous
shoots be stopped hack to within
.3,inchesot the old
bearing ?food, brckeu all rather than, cut. This
wpi cause floyre:butis to, be formed at the baster
the shoots so treated. The projeeting . pan ean
removed in autumn or 'winter close to the fruit
talf-, by 1(;11owing this modtrof treatraesstAsi tees
litil!pe kept within a limited space, and their pro.'
ductiveuess secured.—Ga r d ene v, ammide.
Sew elover very'deep—at *marts Assiut:est the
.We in.bavb4smali fereas'ioa ihoreegb
cellintiona •
1 41 1 /10WANDAC a
445 i 74"
4 11 1 . 1 . Z fiftArannit4histbagklitkii
4'.00)M" y. he t! t:
fi; Bas:/a<" IkgriPc!PAgLi•
Ttiafon per let*
~Orthitgraiatfit:. R eediagOVtlititit Astlyit,V%irA *
• phy and Mental Arithmetic. ,< , 402.:01/
The. same; frith - :Welle•Giiiimar.- Adams' ..,•••. • 4.
Arithmettt and To urn's Analysis.,
Pldlciseithy, Cherrititei.Rhatnrib, Logiedlts. •
trotiomy and Book, 'Keeping, • , 4. 00
Algebra.Vetithetry..Trigonometry. Etas-eye • •
Attie Seetioae f Analytical Ueumetry.
&e. • -460
Latin, creek aid Freda' tantinegis, •.•• = 500
Fuel. Ist and 2,1 terms, 26
' Tehnhtneteeeived it - any terind of the•term, and
Charged only from the Owe their-entranue.
Board. can be obtained in private famibes on rea
sonable terms. - 'J. D. MONTANYE:Pres't.
C. i...Wstut. Bec'y. of Hoard of Trustees. .1 -
Towanda:Um* 15,4850. • • • .
TU Gaming, Matins sail BulTalo Line. having .re
duregl the fare from any pun on the ebetnooo CA
nal to BuB"slo, aflurJ facilities nut heretofore olreml to Others seeking a home and fortune in
its Great West.
A flooi of tins line will leave
Coroing. l .& Elmira for Buffalo
ttr- 2' • fAIL
rtj taetk dnriog ttivsemint. in the Allnatitit Lott*
hcaee Cn rang Turstley'd at 10 o'clock. A. M.
naletPElniita, Wt-dtienday's at 2 o'clock. P. lll.
•Leaica Hour*. Tituraday'a at . • ,P. M.
:TOWS down Senate Lake Friday,
Touching at-114 Stream, Starkey. Lodi, Dresden,
passing GenevieW,atterlao and Senasa Falls on Sat
Leaves Buffalo for ElMira and Condor - every Sat
urday morning, leaves Rochester every Monday rooro.
Bost CORNING, Capt. E. H. CALEB,
Boat BUFFALO, Captain
For Freight or Passage apply to the C 'plains .or the
I.flowing Acents:
W. M. Mallory, Corning-8. B. Strang & Co. A.
G. RAI nolds, m.. Rey wads, Horseheads,
Wititermate, Hittophoarls—E. S. Hinman, Ilaysto*
G. 'foton.wsend, Dig Si rest m— Wxalworth ,&
LoSli- , -HssOngs & Clonera.;—(inty • ilk Sweet.
Senaca Falls—L. Boated°, Mon.
Ir-soma—H. L. Fish, Rochester—N:los & Wheeler,
British) .
Provi4ops for - ratio by tho Captains on board.
Elmira. Aril 4..1850.
Annexation of Cuba
GLORIOUS NEWS TO THE PEOPLE ! HAYDEN, grateful for the liberal pa.
trdnage he has received Since his compence
meluin huainesa, would inform the people or frradford
county that he has just re,Neired direct from New York
a WO supply of .
Dry Goods, Groceries. Livors Ready made aothing,
Boots and Shots, C'igare, Sc.,e
all of which be offers fin sale at an exceedingly low
price for cash. Haw g extraordinary facilities of pule
chat ing, and such as few in countrx towns can acquire
he flatters himself that he cap 'ridgedl make it the in
arrest those wishing to purchase to give him a cal
lrfore furchahing elsewhere. ' Landlords and Indiii
duals Wanting a superior article of
. CZ", COl) liit.ld9
we would call your special attention to those old Otani
Cognise, Champaign and American Brandy ; pure
Holland and A merit...) Gin ; old. Jamaica and St.Croja
Rum; fine Port, Sherry, Claret, Madetra. Malaga, Gir.•
ger end Raspberry Wines;, a felt baskets Champaign;
a superior erticle,.still on hand. We are determined
to pot our Liquirs down to the 14wast figure, being de.
sirous to quit She liquor business. ;Our terms are tV
all cases, Cash+ Ready Pay—and no second price.—
Don't mistake the place—the west corner of Main and
fridge sta., in the store formerly occupied by I. Kbiga
bery. VV M. HAYDEN.
Towanda, June 4 . , 1850.
WOULD respectfully inform the ladies and gentle
men of Towanda, that be has taken the store
Immediately oppowite the - Ward House, one door north
of Mies drug store, in Main street, wnerc he is prepar
ed to tectice and promptly fulfill all orders with which
he may he favored. To the gentlemen ho would say.
thtd. his Boots. of whatever description or quality, are
made under his immediste supervision, and will be war
ranted for durability and neatness. • He would 1114111 in
form the Ladies that he is prepared to make to order
Gaiters, Slippers, Shoes, &e.
• From long exper ence in business , and a determine
tio to give general satisfaction, he. es peel* to !revive a
share 'of public patronage. May 10. 1850.
. Very. Strange but true.
II Gentleman of Utica, N. Ir., has obtained from
.1 I, the Witch-hazel, a simple remedy, which !ayes!,
more just claim to the name of " family cure all" Utast
any Medicine we have ever before knowc 4 Nothing
is connected with it but a little Alcohot to preserve it,
and yet it acts with peat certainty in-removing pain
and all local intimation citing all sores, burn*, brui•
ace and lameness, vapidly._ Piles, bowel complaints,
cholera-morbus, hemorrhigc, ear sem, toothache, Pore
eyes, and all cervous affections. It is white as water
-and a* harmless, and it is called
"Antra Fain Derimmand Healing Extract."
Nome it genuine except " kind's Extract" L blown in
the bottle. Mr. Pond first Introduced this .mcvlicine to
the public and lies expended a vast deal' of tide and
money in bringing it to a .high state of perfection, and
we now warrant every bottle to give eatisfaction.
. A. men by the name of :Spencer has put forth lan
rticle celled " The Coyle Extract" shich claims to
e from the Witch-hazel. If from that shrub, its name
a a.perfect deception, and it is a very imperfect arti
cle; be not deceived, get 'a pamphlet and sea.
For sale at Montanye s & ro. Towanda, 8. 8. Elio
man Moan:ram • Parkhurst & Lamb Leßoy, Illwrace
Miley Franklin. • Jane sth 1850
Clock; W .we Jr Store !
. • WAILVER takis this . —of informing
- .. as old customers and the , tic generally, that
be has purchased Of J. J. Builihis stick of Watches.
Clocks and jewelry, and hal commenced the Were
bualein all of iissarkosupwenelte s at As old anted
of_ t h e. fie; on Maw got% two doors south of Dm* Row. Row. petition it a watch i.e . LreLe is so well
sestaWiehed in ' anationit that it is hardly nicer
sary issay,a it o point. With his long az
piaci:tee and ' advantages for acquiring a thorough
knowied of the business, be has confidenits in saying
to - the public, bring on your watches and 0434.1 will
do' thew justice.
. All goods sold, or Repining done, - warranted, as' I
recommend, or the money refunded. r
A good assortment of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry
kept constantly on hand.
hfy motto shall be-quiek sales, wadi- mats, cash
down, and no credit given. endit need not .tos asked
for—as I am bound not to make its seqnsiettance.-
1850:. 1 A. AILWARDIER.
1Tet34131 , -IEr`.IIErACMPNI.
'LL be kept. cie - taa& 'a large asiottafeti and
we& to orderogaborter notice aadroirlele Ole!
-ley tbaa me be prodeestat any othereaablisbatesida
the haat - Thom glebe are wake the neeekaity pt,co ,
elietarthet article triH sad "ball beaathiled. A geed
beereeend pall may be had in atteadepiewbat 4eitreal.
tteptemberl. Imr 111:11YE & .CO.
SUCVAS Or #1101411841.
HDS. SUGWit fjeiv
spep. jut
'tizsiiiiTai- 1 epPI , ' '.XEROUVEte
Tait eptufipurlsi 4
-• - ' 2 4thsiralerAPA,*
' Winigkrint Oftile
tediCitia '
f'l- 1
f3).l`4 - A Dizi;,BwA
•74ekliniklraillpOlit Spin
4":474: 5 •1 4 INA ?I g: No o r ttia r i t
• •• I
• w#iihl 11
16,11 011 - elie 1
pouvrino, P,.
Cheery,fortislr a
ot!ttf preparatinna:
the popish& ohm,- but'
rivalled for the eine- Of
"Airy; fa P'frifin e tits, . Cori
Spitting of LlohJ,'-Ps
Whooping pough.•Tirldfh
in the Tirroic-BOonehir,
neap of ilia figrvpus!
• ' pairtaVerigistittition
anti It present
toiling joie tr '
• - die., this , 1 1
• . has. nut
• -eg aai
(heat euru Elyerl4ll,
Pettit.' Factory; corner of.
Spring Garden. More an
wonderful enrratice propere
pound Syrup of Mid Ch .
. Pittuanu
Dr,-Sivayne--INar Sir
with is Ylokint Cold and C
my Innp, attended watt •
my' si4e, that d could suarcel
no appetite. could git'no
@grant, of toy pottAtt, 'moult
.filootl it a timer: Thisa4
tinned until I almost deeptti
tried physkietri and 'mine
tint hoeing heard. of "tbe!gr
pound Sytup of Wild'Clo !
of by physicians of the tire;
make s'urial of it, and am
bottle■ performed a perfect ;
Jimerbeitl and sweet, and I
urdieina I am imlebtral for
shall be glad to eororn
the aulifeCt . autio may be plr
rOborate what I Lace Flail
th-e roomy or thy resideo •
(0` Be irery particular
genuine preparation of W
Dr. Swayne, N. W.. come
Philadelphia ; all others
••A safe awl effertuil re
sia, Cholera Morbus, sickly
*auks; and the nmoi4 wefts
fared to the Public."
Da. S. .—Dear Si'
dons nauseous Vermirage
highly applauded by the
;lightest good effect, and .
speaking in the highest to
its delightful taste and w'
felt somewhat discouraged
cles I-had forced upon m
dytpeptic looking child,
ardrn out frame the Worm
their ravages; I concluded
usblo Vermifuge, which, t.
had to let go their deadly
the vitals. Such was the
mijuge on my child whi
assuming all the color of t
fu!nesa of an innrce nt an.
Yours &c.,
No. 4 Howell street, be
Four h.
Bewari of Misitikes!
Vennifuge is now 'put up
the name is spelt correctly
Dr. Swaync: S l ogur Co,
. A mild and effective pa
blood, they cerrea
ss an alterative im Limp*
valuable. Giddiness of 11
depression of spirits, bead
purifying Pills.
Remember always to
Swayne's Sarsaparilla an.
that the signature of Dr,
The above valuable •
Dr. H. Swam". corner o
dalplLia, to whom all onle
Hosreoa & Pon
qrs.. Rathbone, Canton,
Beitlleman & Brown,
then. Talky.
D. D. Parkhurst. Leßoy.
C.l'. Murphy. ()envoill
I. Daniels, BurlMeton.
a. W. & D. P. Pomero
Troy. Ity
N 0 other medicine:hie
public that hag met'
else. le DF.sovizi Ori
..h,eit but. gig yea
etrieetigang ettmll.eotopm
*trilogy have meshed the
tlatueet and Courage.
the flting*LMeilier
**table mid mind
ken in urge doses they
armee* female, and has
beds Aga all . cam
IE ft the iame of I* Dr..-`
- None
are -siskeseare that any •
pone eI Arm hive W
ise:Os and copy our -
time piblie its eateful w •
be deceives'.
Tbe genuine ROVE
he had wholesale and mai
Euclid, N. Y. and in Tow
TER. and by Aipwo,aln
New Arrangemen
HMIX do DR E. A.
copulae/11MP in the
most respectfully solicits
of Es4.lish, French, Gcr
---,- Pmfutieny,Pausit
cumbers sod by '
'mentot all iiltulitof Liq •
him* dips a 1 . 1 7 gegr ll 4
limas, remisiol ift*
t4e_pilfes qr.
M' t
Otis froirlituni
31mt I, tub,
vo x :
5i 44 ,44 4. rcriftd•
o t
Ile et
, Vick
tint of any
lisve Witt aN
tiffs eoro•*:- .
the folhetht;" the:
• 'Ctohliir'Coriiiimp.
gittitiefii of the Heart,
at *Meg gehimitoti
, Aeh reior *fah
-81 stem, of ith••'•e
pop• from
inP, &e.
1 'vnintl4r 4 neer, at M r.
loth" . Wallace its.
otivii evidence of the
of Di. iiivrarira's Com-
yin*, April 16, 1960:
!Being revendy afflicted
ugh, which settled upon
at difficulty c ;oreneas in
breathe, ipitting of blood
it night, owing to: the
4 "spit as much es a pint
urnliilitikte of thingi con
gf being cured, having
us things without relief;
t virtues of your COED
, and : its being approved
eminence. I concluded to
appy to &tate that .three
are ; my steep is now on
firmly believe thesis your
this great cure.
nicate with any person on
aca to call on Ale, Ind tor
the above certificate, at
o get the original and only
Cherry, as prepared by
of Eighth and. Race'streent„
H , " Ilectitious and counter-
edy for Worms. Dyspep
or Dyspeptic children or
replay Medicine ever of,
C eziTtticATz.
Pni LA
LPIITA, Murch 20, 1849
i—Haying mole use of vi•
teclicines, which bad been
r proprietors, without the
atringheant my neighbors
I iof your Mum Medicines.
nderful effect. although I
frem the result of the arti
Ireads sand
emaciated, sickly,
h pat
d ak trial already
ad ral bei cr y tcl our 11 .' l e
,o -
,; our great jay, the Wrthirts
n 'lll.l and strong bolds upon
Tel of Dr. Neveyne's Ver.
Iv is now perfectly healthy.
o row , with all the mirth.
i ; playful child.
ecn Schuylkill Third and
!Remember, Dr. Swayne'
n Pc! are baffles. See th.t
led Sarsiparilla and Ez
tract of
ar Pills.,
;atilt., great porifyer of the
fain-trona of the liver, and
cal affections they are very
1 kii head, dimness of eight,
che, &c., are cured by these
nquire partirolarly for Dr.
Ex tract of Tar Pills. Sec
i'wsyno is on each Box.
licines are prepared only . by
Bth an& Race streets. Philo
s should bo addressed.
en, Towanda Pa.
IBrmen • & Rockwell, Mali
-1. roman,
C. H. Herrick, Athens.
•Kmney & Haterfee, She.
M. Bullock & Co., Ewa
Smithfield. •
.King & Yosborg, Troy.
A SOVER imeimm
eTfr been introduced to the
I with such unparalleled sue.
old Suvereign Bohn Pilo..
briore the public. and.the
with most other sued - miner.
1 . bate - libecome
the day. Theyttre &rely
compounded thscir -
ily cure the most delicate.
raised numbers from their
..-: r. ". , : hate* celled Ori
be were eel eeetefoio. you bity
. L. Soak.} Co." is osi the
' .ea 1 ..- TTO - Pining. W.
ii tilee l ie melting e spurious
he- us of ins awes; but
lit li=ersta to imitate ,00e
r fiesta.... Celia
they Phu, they will
- . 1 try. •
or Dr. R. L. le 6c Co.,
oda by RUSTON PAR-
i~N.~ d
g, ami, New Firm.
80N.: Lam *mood a
iDoiskiedesGo= late__N k iiilN
sod Aeolis* brow
' -, Pabst, : Odik Dye
Widnes, Alio.
G relax lawmen
la roti Oa; togeth
1-6f - Tioey ; i9Oodo: , We er
Goods;Aber intnte
ir stock before tairchitiang
all wbolaat feel 01044 to
• Ato*ll on•ea liberal
meat tbie 'Wept New Toll.
_7,7777 41
eedolretl •
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• • • tristiliffroll:Dialsivitildienctri
i nUiPat*lna--Optikeim !.--
nihdatitan eVeethlll.o4 4 4nts
- acid lor.*lienefil of my afflicted ngyl di.
eirettimil. ItrittwnniiheitdeiCriptioit of my.dowirre, -
plia unexpected - tura I otttaine,d Item tiCAENVIVO I
figoloNic earuttp. Aho l tt threeltoill-agSii4
. 14210 4 4.1.4: 1 6.lnolent cold k whieh
and side ; s Seery' far d fd *se eon
tile blood; My ariftliiirititigillieritdt. Every
ant fliadlyhddlt fever de i tiePi; :id profuse
-sweats at nighto kith arra' ti.Orhleathing and
great l 7of Anrisyggew Tie aniteatfPnaa ,
testedibeing confined toss, bed moat of ; the,-On,a,eeri
reit:yet-the moat eminent- phleicierte of -thigAity
tended tne.iond after eglateetint,.all,their. sell, pro.
aannoad my CV! .One gni 4,
tuMgr . temer almostiene, and: fecrtrid - not--posslihiy re-.
meet: At this,stage of 4iratiejlies - previdled .
Mion tottribt'Scheisdr's PtelstrinitSyruirisna
Lhad taken half a ikrenAritles.,..was r ito far, ,leenvcrial_
Seto be to . go #Seetned to atreriatb•
itr My :allele state*-'Litlocislened the cinigli s eilatoki
the . tileeding y lio4Eta'ireiiiinir 'flutist ing.
every . thing tkte; seeined, to digeit easily atukirmiritth
my *hole system. Indeed, such, rapid' Pro!
gross df berafth and -- so iridd'en - thi chinge e - thit
became too sanguine of a Speedy curkand'affinittirf
ed . the tine of the atedichur befOre, the disestre'*as
thoroughly. eradicated, which iesplied antithiv atticli
of bkeding at the lungs l ast tall, acetimpaided'hY
tree:dim again ' commenced tilting (hi Pit:
Morrie Syrup; arid sent for 13r: &bend whis.'Ciprix's'
careful ..egnnitiation;ledvised rue to continue - rising it:
Before fhitl tarp feta bottles, an &twice's - formed in
my side;whichitinherid and broke, discherging, ashier
as I can judge, a_pint of Very di , vigreeatile yttlfriw melt=
ter. This seemed to cleanse auditor* my whole sys
tem, From this time I began to get ,better, and , ate
happy to say entirely recosered: I and *treat -this .
time I enjoy better health than I have for the' last ten
years. Slone 1 commenced - taking the Pulmonic Syr
up. I have . never tailed to recommend it veheriter I
went, that others, as well 'air myself, might be saved
saved from that awful disease; for Ir feel it a duty 1,
ewe to the afflicted to priblish it fir 'Me world.' Permit
me to mention a few cases whidh have come under my
immediate observation. Elting on a visit to Camden,'
N. J., last summer, I saw a child, eel& ally in the last
stage of bowel 'ermaumption. The mother' informed
moth* the physicians bad given the chind up as in.
curable. 1 told her what benefit I bad received from
the use of Scbenck'i Pulinonie Syrup, aril
her to procure a bottle. I beard nothing more from
the little sufferer until about three - month after; being
in the market, my attention was drawn to a lady who
obeenred me very attentively. She finally approached
me. and asked if I was not the lady who recommend
ed Schenck's Pnlmonic Syrup to her dying child last
summer in Camden. I replied that I was. She said
that her child bad entirely recovered. and was uncom
monly healthy. Her name is Mrs. Wilson, and now
resides in Bridesburg. Another lady I would mention
in particular, who had a scrofulous affection. Her face
and neck presented one continued sore, and on,e_of her
eyes was veriously affected with it. She bag liecome
greatly emaciated, and to all appearances past recovery.
I induced her to try Schrock's PulmonreSyrup, which
she did, and is now perfectly cured. AnOther lady,
Mrs. hie/dollen, whose residence I will give an appli
cation, was evidently in the last stage, of Comiumptinn,
I prevailed upon her to trg. the Pub/ionic Syrur. In a
very short time she was entirely recovered, end now-en
joys excellent health, having becomeexeeedingly Geshy
These are three cases within try knowledge, which I
know were cured by Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, All
who doubt this statement, and will take the trouble to
call on me at my residence Parrish street five doors
shove tenth north side, I think I will he awe to sativ
tietorily.convinee them by own cave, and others that
I know have been cured by this Syrup. Since my
-cure, there have been so many to see me to know what
I took, that I have bad a very
,gOod opportunity of
'Eariaring a great many that bare taken it, and have
been greatly benefited thereby. and I think if persons
afflicted with Consumption or Liver Complaint, would
send for Dr. Schenck, and let him carefully examine
their lungs, and if he says he can care - them, follow the
directions; and prevent taking cold, rapidly ,
/ a.
Ptah&!phis, May 29, 1849.
J. H. Scat:rex—Dear Sir—l have known Mrs;
!Albert for sew rah years. as a member of my church.
and have all confidence in her statement, and am re.
juiced to Boa her again restored to health. mid thing
more, in addition to heir statement, is needless.
Yours, truly, THOS.L.JANEWAY.
Pastor of the North Presbytrrian Chinch,
Philadelphia, June 20, 1849. 6th st. shove (liven.
Prepared and sold by J. 11. SCH ENCK. at his Lab
orratory S. E. corner Coates & Marshall sta., and
the following-Agents in Bradford. County.
Geo. A. Perkins, Athens; D. Bailey. Lerayrvillc ; T.
Itanphrey, Orwell; Maynard & Woodburn, Rome;
IL. J. Watford, Monroeton t D. O. Parkhurst, Le Roy ;
C. E. Rathbone, Canton ; King & Vosburg, Troy .
and by MIX & MASON, Towanda.
Price, $1 per bottle or $5 per half dozen.
To the Victor belongs 11le Spoh it.
A LT01:161f mane preparations in th form .I'vpu.
tar Medicinea, 4 have been before the public, claim
ma to give relief, anal eve cure the moat inveterate
diseases, yet none have so well answered the purpose
as Or. Sherman's Medicated Lozenges. They are agreea
ble 'to the taste, easily administered, and from , the un
precedented success which they have mat with, and the.
remarkable cures which they_ have performed, may
justly lay claim pr the title of Cooquezor over the di
seases for which they have been recommended. p i t.
Cure the most obstinsteeises of Cough in a few hours.
They have cored a large number of . rireana who have
been given up by theirphysicians and frtenils,anatnanY
swim have been , - . of the grave by
spitting blood, , by their
use have had haggard
cheek end rir of this
invaluable Its
Have been pr•
felliable in fa
Medicine eirei
Then they au
When the brew aye, and
Acre is, piekinf :4)0110. mind
kw 01 the teed out the: lips
with al ttehed el ring st the • acme. headache,
tieuritinces,, starting during sleep, disuiehed dreams,
iris - king With Weaning screams. troublesome efongb,
remishlle" 4 4 5 4 tmlekqui*PPotiter sickness at-thi
stoineeh sad-blostsil stoesseb—aniseare Arnim. ok.
twiny' prominent' symptoms of *Mao and can
veisord-by these iacompamble Lamm. They
atevetebterr known to fol., - Di. filtertnari's
Retrains headache, nervou s sick heidache.lmiita
of the heart and 'sickness in a few minuets. They cu
lownesi of spirit% despondaney,faittness, weir, imam
cramps of the stomach, summer or bowel complain
they keep up the 'mints, dispel all the -distressing of
diropation,snd enable s person to undergo great non-.
taw badly, toil. Dr. Sherman's
Is marrow! by all who haverver used it to be th
best'ix Flekken in Abe-World an -it - Soo!
renstarfar pains and weakness ifs Idins,Sitl -
Wants need limbs. Joints, emulation, lumbago. &
ne million a year will-rsot supplyl the _demand.
. • - is there ars Many anpriocip
petionswdm mold (Om • spurious articletb
Community. "Be Careful to get Shearm's Poorilla? '
Plate iOith w 'fire allele" of his written Mime on t• .
"bas ki-noirs others are genuine, and will:da more 'kart
then ipaid. Sold in Towanda binprlTAlcitr. Pp •
R. No. 1, Beek ROw. • lay
BAYING restaseethe BOA* of 811111LTypsto;
entrusted to my ear. will be done• with
iteasnay and-N
despi'etu• ot!eee lea ,
ensure sttentitms • • -
- 47 12-4 M. 150 1: 7 ,
'. 1 biediseatai
' ' l o:l:Ward, " I •
.1 .
N : ,
"4 - itliri:
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- r-L# swam coatibioirilirrNis,,,,,..T.
'-..i_t:- y;•7.i - .: 1, ::' ,, 4 ":10 107 4t 7 4 1 . 8 .4** •-, "'"I *-
• •,.. -- •. .".;'...
„e.,,,,„..411q1L10f•! 1 _ 1 0W:,., ,_2, 0 4#1 0 " . 10...-4 , - ~
_.,,, 5 ,
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AliTlloFi h i t #L4; . and -to ivi?ame
stinmois ~ . .
-ilatiost thm ....4 -
7 -Thaetainf af Tent Peatraltit VW' SAM EILIILta: Ma • .
all Other may In Roam tame= be nedendood
'iltnirtbe Merin Sacra: tsar--booture it sof oily toommeta,: al '
forthemor its romteadaa, the Pori Tunica of . --.- • - •,,., •
• Sarsapitailit„ Yellow Dock, :--
% Cherry\ nesi,,dliasat Bark”,
- stiv a iefe‘isink~d4fieseinuskand De. •at
writ the partlient in ettt.batilenf tt Win =Lb* =rte. .
.bude of inedetaeoadled - dWeirter fitunwswithi ' '' - • "
Bid dtottaatisTalsuravlllerekerweiresstbe End.
fitel,eotanA4Afeku 'WWI! 51- kri Ithcr. - • •
• ' • '''''`lfietai . lifirkasa4Vajetniles, - "•• •
. the PnaiiiitailAartas of Which are mai serettot ta i girra . •
= mi l . .. w h o:t a m Irlf...ccig wills , 49tratrfarilia, raw
Asaliattabwa they make - da watkieitheatosturta.S.:
Aindneki sirlasi edir dtaßleed ia Me helm Aillikeletbia:
' Ouit l ha have oar dpvirei,evekal, ore; the Dose is •
'I • ,•• WV Q uo. Tillidstaitettfalsd?rs Ouse Pink',
... , .
BUB 1 a cat c apiiiiti Esirsklif forlasensetwetee of
taraidditim (itleree kali) Isdecitrauth weakened tad'
• tedneed the Doer of Sarraperilla_im to bet Two, Three,:
or Mere TaiWartejah--Ttiaaa. "inon, - Of'filaiirtiat. t r We
.to bare amp wahcai erect; Nand'ars bottle of austawate 7
holds Airriplisr apao!Vala,.therefeeeieo.laday. epoonfata at a dose,
aid so atm dam a thty, witrasetanibettleafitht •
_. • • - - Viwari ltiSi;- of tiiiirktiev -- - •, • •
vueb'llhow- the li' 1 ...1it. .tf BranthrAPstirtdie,Wlll lut due
. Twelve /0 Si /teen Itsys twasw,thsa. A )route of 4auaParalat
tad If lei 'daily needled oflica*r enaltd,') be as Pointrein
W 4. Surute as, thi,dadra doW7- ef , deruwidlei , tint. le..
?aorta dad Ong bottle of air. amnia fa locals ThetcYfew,.o r,
lehe tiewevaorittfent Choate id; Satiating:titer ' ' ,:-•
• The ebony catapayientf doeattot3et show the peek direin
Limier between the sealiaadafiltatfof 81iX1.5 Einu ma and l a w.
tanutia';'-Tbfeseitl tiphear , by•thereentacitee of , eares In lanes
:Assintsa.Abowlngthit.,. v , ... ,
„.,... . . . • . .
,0111 , 130rtLE,b,„,8 ANT. '8 PURIFIER
!iicifio;:iiii;ingi " :' d • - Vii,'swe fe,;ol46;mc , iban
- - : ' OE!: latiti4 if ltiutitiestrfilra. . .
tr, thick ttoinar of:Pihuvicii' sells for One Dou4l , Oar
&Mem tfanutp!iwilfs should seklloe-Tpalk.Cesittik,
settii. S. Mime of. Rosw;Closida Co:;1 4 1.-11%, wbo moutof .
In 1a46, swore to the Mb at relauxi below.. to en action
r e
ashm the SCPITAL Comte In th e Citg Tf One York, on,the 230 of , underthe
A ProccklA the Cite V tDik i=e e sit initstan Secured std ITThird
a spy' suSele' of medicine, call% It Saayse's Inman Item
scglns of the panther ,He was to
damages, le dm Supreme curt of th e City or= d erk;
sad the easserui surerrect hir the pa Esq.,
51. liberty au, to eminent Lawyer se Wove to take the Med
P on ropr y..
ie.Ttors he
of dea ßowes edielnehad ndant pleaded in
asap eqf damages, that the
au. sbed
-ersucathrrs of mmatund ld thus had mamboed afined on the public,
and. therefore; was um entitled td damages. The ease of .31r.
'ent adleall4 IS briaofia.e. end Haskins wee mow la • witness
in Mini to the FACTS ILI published, and his testimony swan tour
sterminsun the publicatios.
XL gib/MIX maid, • on well nertnaintsal with grant'. Plarlerinty kettle"—
bathe ashf it for .9nfoln. Abut three yours *owe, I *nu 'nary hollyediahni
by Ni I wit• attsnard by manna dart..n--they ell told m.I emild mit tom.,
that on 11041 LIDO ennld cum toe. In a mwgoese. of seri infrottantbso, fire ord
ennstAr bean., I used itromee Porifetr. I tool no tredletnek When 1 coninalee
mad tth Parviert hest team roollned le my bed ~lent times 1 toohl sal
mt. my halal to 1111, bed: my no* user nor afar in front From ter re taw met
tar was noentest out Aland U. lima llredd be Wee ortorte, heady
bollard by a pare at the lop ; . hole Iran ram Arendt my, so that
my breath reseed in and oat at dee Imlay an akar nee on toy • r sie tune
array hbotLanallor do ender tayeembegnelly an I.4g.;whais
tmy b&d...oahat , my body rotdd be of mm ea
from my eh:dder to my etbomattlid la.s la 6.4 emelt in tbe Woe ; I bad teem/
albeit eke., .1... 1 tmed Brewer Parijits in null frtuks, the Jiro boule troll
ea Ohms Syr. •I meow freak 1 oily limb ram ntir dr of a ry.r.t.nl6l at • doer;
that bottle . str , aatheoed me, as to enable roe. to get ox 4 b ed; emend
bottle 1 toot the NI don ta ermonfelL hided. w stretaat beaterl
my t 0.... ea time I Ina able to weak am mks to the'dradstme of Rind
Leonard, or name Centnahloqe I got the third bottle; thin bottle BEALE I)
•14. M i ULCERS,bist Meta weer( ewes sbuut on luta+ ••• owl. alma*
sad 1 to.. worked male at eitspstial xaod. I old .ris Byte mart, whtelt
'mantel' CURE..nd 44..1 w to Pmd /4.4. Arcia FULL
P41.77CL11,41a. SEA: 11114.1iTS PAM
Mr. 0. B. KINNEY. merchant, Mato., Olddz miray. r.. to
fbrmed us ttre n dineer-docor to eaul couOy Pt. , car , tio:r Wnl2 .
derful - alum of Csucaas thnstgh the efEcwey of BRANT'S'PIAtt.
PlablO EXTRACT. A carcerdocsor to G MFRIC CULL , Iiy, N. Y., te
abet rid Pourtta. btr. A. B. Sextt.r.; draggle% et Canajte
Wok. MeettXOniery creamy, N. Y. hoe Wormed w of an important
ears of a Ctaccn of long Candor: which ear eTrcied on an aged
lady of Thai pi tee. If. therefore'. thlt Pesistes. elm+ Caserr. by its
purtfyg, Waling power, whet impure Ow.° of the Wood can
It not cute I Seven lean experience nth" triuntistr lays there are
mane but what it rum.
The Bev. RICHARD DrNl/7110, Pastor of the Treslayteriars
church, Adams Basin, Monroe county. N- Y., wrote to as: "Fl have
just !weaved a letter from Mr. CHMIINEY DUNPIRIG, retains to the
nate of has Fever-sore. You may depend on what H states; for he
•II Christian man and an elder to the church. Some years sine*
had to have moo( his lege Cut al to st.vit 6u life, is eunsettoence
if a Fever-sore. The othir leg be nu. mrtt• affected; and about to
se ILMERltatetl, I recommended Bar tees MEDICLVE., Bead the re
sult- lie soya: Arm sued vela THREE BoTTLES of BRANT'S
MEDICINE. I pfdard •r.t. HOPE. f Tent wwwiwaufatiun t fq that
and I can now say that, With the lideesina of God, t has
crtitted a cozy of asp " SeePa.lets for full particulate.,
Di. NATHAN HUBBARD, of Stanford, C 0.,..., ono of the West
and moat reveetablo physicians was ualthrted with tierr-Aces.
Sand' mane rent, tend Ivy perfk/y cored 6 s , asion BRANT'S IT.
cG. * EXTRACT. 'We cuidd unite hundreds of ether awn
No remedy offered to die public hue ever been half ea acerb end
ifrenia/ is rooming au. the incidental restnomes sad &remakeilia
'tiAbeer ne Burrr's PULMO NARY Brassie. It mahes oo direr %
,ebee whether ÜbeU be d be appronricra, ester, or other moth
REOULATES ALL, by stretyaming the sysTrAL apea / ith.
lir dIRCVLATioN, Mid soothing en d adapted - tecryous IRRITABO.27II
far floe pamphlets.
Qum the Olio the. inegena. and the mem at eirldir Me—the one
ewe la agreferukd, and the other to prodagsgte emerged. as to pre
rent any of the fatal disarm third frequently ease ut coosemenat of
each change.
Dpapapsi'a—Sour Stomach !
"Arms, Genesee Co., Fable:yr 1, 1349.
" WALLACE CO.—Graffeamen I was, far more than
a year, afflicted with a d4aeese of the stomach. 1 could not eat any
fat or greaay. Substance without causing great pain, a - leafless, and
vomiting. and was cutalmially afflicted with a emir stomach. 1, na
an experisneot. trkd ate bottle of !RANT'S diEDICINE, odd*
to say atter disappointment, mad end 'slimed the ortual poia %fter
es . I therefore need *second bottle , which has completelyeured
the disease..l iam now well and hearty, MO can eat ahead rim
thing without being pai icor the stomach becoming soar.
Tour. T. 8. WILCOX.
Mr. Wilcox la a roves:Le merchant of..Affica.
• Gies:lei Co, N. Y.. net. tk. lam
"Merin. M. T. WALLACE a. CO,: Some time last winter my
with became so debilitated hum the effects of Lasserksia and .Tsrs.
by *IC MOUS, that 4tte could not lift ber child or perform any house.
sold labor. Her medical treatment was. carted IwcOrdcug to the
advice and preacripdons of the most eminent physicians, until oar
*St was eshasated in useless efforts. She became so eery a skele•
ton, that at the time she commenced takinu Bract's Medical* she
welched no more than eiclitylive noiends; bse•hy the ties. she bed
tsketa flow boats*, she beate perfbctlYysialL The cute is so sesfein.
that she I. now etabled to do all n.cemisry household work, and
slated thirty +pounds of Resksto lbw week •
.Yonrs-tealy, • C. B. OLLENTLICTj
The reader IrM obverse-Met Mr. GALISTIMIC nye . ..Mr SKILL."
ete me
e~m e. me di informed by B. !raw, Esse, of the fame Oxalis
WI cine.
BRANT'S XITRIFYIXO EXTRA CT hi • pope dad thoreepA read
WOW Of air ILOClCriffebf E MIXT, Or Ony lbe +orlon. pr
love of CALOMEL,or CleenTtr4f i ree OSA thetheth th e.
ldosd, emote% and dee porta their original. lITALYKT
Mr. A. MOLTSTANBER. zuercinuti.o6crifa. bone Ca, Me,
emote. December 19, lip, and after Lavine stated how like a charm
.erected th e cute of his wire's
eousamptive =mk t mod: . 1 1 hEi e, Triassally used BRANT'S PM
RJ'IIY/Nng =neer. Par debilitir of my system, and I
have 110_beebetiett in saying. it Is the beat medicine to emarcom
•-• lomiCONATit Site IriZelhat I hare ed. elts
share where 7 have B RANTS
pod Bar e 4
mod gesea Me IMST 1 1 / 1 9159ACTIOV' •
RHEUM, . •
sad an Impure Arm* Ammo ef Ms atom, are liar cunt by
MILANVS X..1"111L4C7.. • ,
For sale by HUSTON & PORTER,. Towanda
G. H. Herrick, Athens ; :C. E. Rathbeno, Canton; Es
D. Parkhurst, :Leßoy t. Brown & Rockwell. Monroe.
,tonl Bairdeßummerfield ; M. H. Welles, Wy.
'lasing; D.Hailey:?rSt 800, Leßayssille ; T. H tampbry
sOfireP t:MIIY.I4nI &. Woodburn. ..g outs E. 0. Trac ey b4lM Pmell 4c, Gee, Darlington ; 1.. dr; E.R,uo
yort,.Troy. .
Alfle l 4lll.o4ordeili must be addressed to Wsl
- AtafßlP7a7; i k i•• Y- .13 _ :
,Msdro Ong
eat them
cif meth•
. _ .
NEW - ESTA-BLIS - 111 I,E . NZ' .
.4*.limlimss •
. .•..., .
' . st NYE & CO., would
'.----- .- ly inform the eilikens ot Tow
. - .f. - • ' , -":•-'.: , :% - r . an a and - the publiegenendlY, that
r , ,,i71 ry to t Ith have on hand & tpannfactarr
'7, 11; ; if i :,`, Ito rder -all kinds of CABINET
t- -; 1 - A F NITURE, of the best mate
-__. _ .......,„
. is , . is i • lit; and worktinnship that Cannot
.—‘ add itionto the usual
assortmentip eiinntry shops, we will. keep on hand and
make to order SOFA , , of ',minus and most approved'
patterns; soa.Rocki -Chairs, upholstered in sopa*
st7ln. and for.ease; durability tanner be surpassed
even in our large . ol . • Also, the half -French lia ,-
happy Clin; heauti Uyspholstered, ‘ with ,carled hair,
which never icnes . i ilastiektY, atid-Onished With, the
beat hair imatiiig, , ,e.,iiiitint ouritei!tia that haying
; bed muili'Aviriero irOttehinitientorealtalt he,. able
to, satisfy" alt who iftiek4lisPosed to toll, both ai to
quakily an 4 pticO,, d ; :hy,_strict Attention to% basin •
'hope' thnierit iltid-• '
L. 'lts
of a Beta - Icon
enmity. , • • L.ltr.` NYE . 4. - go: ..
''Tifyandi lieliteintsifVU49 ;,. . - -,z. •
.I.TATa et
t,recerred !leR 4 OPP I 7 , 404; veleb zate
'A lit i ll)l 4( o 4 o9 YerY4 3l ,l*- 14 ** IMP
• 4 of 'Atte:hew Ckhing,inid-Hitstisyrip.
I - Brick Row, H.* A. cluenEa,
• . , ••
. - - ,
toisilviii,' wow scoot.
Vi i: .„ - •
F9A i rei - Mlitt4iP.o 344l l/iog.PrthegiaPhy,rite a d,
•,-, tlag! _1 .bo44 4 .itimilif• *igekat 811 - keeping.
47.4,1fili _ Vtattniii e 4 ; 14414 1 1 . ed iaPPailiaal,9 4 01P1Phy,
' tlai,.4the 61/011.1 . ktti,. NitalallobiWoo l y az i
Astroneniy.:(_witb, theihte_tif a good apperatne lb w ol ,„
irate thoseinu - dieslieriii`aUy,kikrihy and ,Chealiat r y,
'Pagabletilaitie#, itf2litfragAC a! abno. l *, *lOO 00
DsjeettelEra4oriatialtii,%" , ":'• - '1 '• - • 4 00 .
nem h.pee - tria4l -. quarter;.: ' ll.-° " 7cilA • !Is".. - •
14 00
Win: '- . .• ..,‘ q ;:- , • 7• •; 4
'Spanish:- ••-• •:, ---":-.' , t 4 lt - : 47 '- - -- , -' - - 400
Mum: (on.the ,*tule,.T , .i• - . 10 00
pntanidety- endivrark . 'P' -;
faV suction
200 .
...Any young•ladyreeecerint on the pian o ,
a, pri•ileged to leanz•vagootork4e soy one cribs abov e
anguages..antl iheseme, time, without edditionalehirge.
To* y , ,elaidyr who . studies-4Np :English hntneh eN
.the tenni; Of learning:tech-4 Altaic's. branch es , an ‘ .
'.. per : guider, . - .. - ~, • • .4 , 4' .t. -,-.. -.1 `. • - .43 00
Iftstruetiene on, the Itinilee,..i•-... 1. ...-. • '' 400
tiaa.a ( Pianal•... L .r.-..-f , •.".! •-3,::-:3 - . .. - 73
Dittyring.endpajetincln:welet celera.-ieeleding
dia.:Rita, qPlAteiliklit *Rah, as , ,4O I O II MPRI!,,
v iiaiiiie, pencils , &e. 4 00
itia Pimtill* au aanY. l3l4, - .. • '',- , il: - 1 0 00
Pain#ng,learegainniarindow aitainepapelftding
the iitiVly,orineterials, each. .. I. 404
Pininala. 041.0114. on paper, silk and rilel,,Re! , '
tivelve lelaqiie t -j, "
Gilding nn aill4„,,letape. Ace., do. •3 00
Wax tldieers, per tuaT,ter, '• . .. .. 6
, Pens and ink
- , ..
, ' ,, -
• - •
. .
Weehine ' ''.- -.. '<. . 2M
Elitard'in rteathoh42 00 pelt week, r
Letterii post=pOid, eichlreareato the lapel; WHITE
&GRIFFIN. ;13ingbearti:4;llioom ea, N.. Y., will re•
eel,. prompt atteritiiii: -'-'• t . • ' * .
BOOT ~ !,f‘ i isl. ! ot; MANVFACTORI,
"45.4r05.,. •
ToTTINT, w , Wi - -red Ids estahlidis
.1, [pent to.'the sl shery's and Ban.
letea ;Atoms and oficha, si dude et
publid patronage. ciitidol'actection
•of /cock, and • by attention Wale •intcresta of biaAtuato.
mere to neat u d. dnrablework as can be ma
nufactnied in . tkia pall thecctontrg.
lie constant I, an band. and ntantriaetare
:a ordCr, Jforokco, Valf and OParae- POO. and Shoes:
&dies' Giqteei, Shoes' and hlipa A Childrnis do.,
Cent's Callers and ruivii,.4-0 : .
- 03. - CountrY gtoduce, of mostilescriptions, taken iv
payment far work, at the marltakprice.
Towanda. April' 26, VISO.
A rm sow. IT IS,
VgIWO WXN..316 MiraitT237
. .
el F. HARDER respectfully wishes to inform
V. citizen,' of TOwaialii,iind the public that ba
czominenced Abe •
in Towanda, on Main street, a few doors aheee Bridge
street, where - he will.keep constantly on hand or mate
to orator, .Plated and common Ilarnees. frun4" and
Mink nidice-&, and all kinds of Work in lahne. CAR
to order . From his experience in the business, sal
punctuality in it, he hopes he may teems
char= of putdic patronage.
All kinds of work may he had at his shop cheap
ter than at any oilier shop in this 'county.
Towanda, June 12. :1450
Removed to uo'th side Public Square!
.1. Chamberlin,
rc i Li Ati just returned from the cil . t
11. of New York antra large
- . isnyply of Watches, Jeuelrraral
• :V? Silver ware, comprking in pan,
744 - 'the' following. articles :—Leser.
• . I .; t •VEpineand Math Watches, aith
la :ft roinplete assortment of (;41
.Jirvietry. such Ear !tines, Fic ,
eer Rin ts, Breast Pins, Bracelets. Lockets. Elmira,
Gold Pens. 'Keys, etc. Also ; all sorts of Silt-mum,
and any rivantity of Sleet Brads--all of which he afro,
fix sale emnoef , dinetv cheap for CASH.
Watches repaired on short notice. and tdarrialal
to run well; or the money will he refunded, and a writ.
ten eereemOnt given to that effect if required.
14. 13.-M A PLE SUGAR. and Country Produce
cotton in 02T thent for work; and alma, karn
farrrer, Me Produce must be paid when the work
is done-} war against credit in ill its farms. , •
W. A A CH.A %MERLIN, ,kgent
T6mrailds, April 281, 1850. •
1C• q; .e . The Celdtrated G.raffenbng
' ...I'rgetable Filit
-:Yrr Writ' introduced into the
" . the year 1846. Their ri•
rtiordinayy -virtues, and sure
over all other.PlLV
A snown in this country. hu
_ established them as the shad.
and Medicine of the day.
- For sale,together with ihr
epatations of the Graelenlierir
& Porter,, h 11. Mix in Towanda, and by
agents appointed irate-itch town in the county.
Also. toe sale, the Grrafenbeig Manual of Health.'
complete train BOOK for Families, conta4ning inform*
tion relative. to .the treatment of almost °eery lone al
of disease; 300 pages—price, 50 Cents.
N. A Family Newspaper will be giren, let of
charge, for one year,jo all who purchase Graelenbetg
Medicines.: - • 7
• Ail commatilieffioni Missile addressed to P. P.C.
getout, Elmira)Chetnang coresty..N. Y., Genera? Agl.
. .
Or Nature& Pain .Dealnyth and Remedy for flismit
THIS Extract pure fi q uid, free from every diet
j. Inconvenient or dangerous, As a pain eattraxa:
this medicine is superior to every thing yet ifiselivendl
end as an application' to reduce intlamstion, the Ail) of
mankind-1i challen to equal Nature in. it. It scrota
the Nervousayetern—heads.Wounds. bruises, sprain
and cleanses ulcers—reduces all manners of swelling
“andlamunat trod cure; Summer Complaints, Eireaten
in.,_filnlile.l:futeares,Pentalo-complaints, and most of lb'.
nnlinarj• Family Ailments.
Afte:r li;have stated, you will not be
the 4echtration of ray, opinion and firm conviction.
by - youthat. Tar, WI
- lax /pile ;;—arid that it 114 11 prove a most effectual
remedy for all nervous affecnoris, and a cure for infix*•
mations; acute and chionic, wire seasonably
sly applied. Further observation and .experiment will
be necessary to determine the best node of its applict,
lion, whether internally or externally, and the quantttt
-to be administered.
Your obTservanti y Jolts C.
The above medicine natty be found at all the Aro*
cies fin the isle of• the -celebrated ,Griefenberg MaJi•
eines, in the Wanntiet named
argtAllren — - , IgIELTOBLaiII-` O3
TH E - subscriber bite. le 2 W" d
.11:11 4 f i o ll r n me ew ir l a oesi h" tio a n f e e n w d r cl a lh a e t* ;
polite side of tliCe street, when'
continues to Manufacture 0 3
‘teep on band, an kitds of rot
tad .wood scat CHAIRS; ettd
IETTEES . of various kilds,.. 4 t
lEDereAtts of every doerl*
too. which t will sell low kr
'tlish"cir'Pivoilticer, or Tine or Cherry !mintier. or d Sl y
plank, will be feectiiell for work. TUHNING.dose
order in the - neatesit - manner. Also.
- . •
... . -
, ...
' • ....- .. '.. CABINET WORK, •
,make iiiiikeit gii;664...0r made to order. jm the WI
utanner: / JAMES MAKINSO4II.
• TowanlaMatch 9, 1819. • '