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Fiee Soh, Free Speech, Free Slept
l'avoloso for Pros Territory.
Towanda, Saturday, September 7,1850.
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subject to the concurrence of the SenatoriaL Confeteece.
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'on corsrr stlivnas,
• rot AVDtToll,
Tema of tke Keporter.
SO SO per annum ; dand withini tLcnyear b 0 cents trill
be deducted, for cash paid actually in advance, 6l 00 will lie
Atovitarunremrs. per square of ten cents for the
first. and IA cents (or ?mob subsequent insertion.
Office on the Union Bkoelc. - north ride of the'Pablie
folquare • next door to the Bradford lintel. Entrance heowecto
Messes. Adams` and Elwell's law °dices.
Centremional Nomination.
We refer our readers to the statementbf the Con
gressionat Conferees from Bradford and Tioga, in
regard to the nomination of a Representative in
Congress, from this district. It will be seen that
they have placed before the people, the -name of
Hon. DAVID WILMOT, as their candidate, and
give a full and fair account of their reasons for do.
iog so. Of the regularitygand correctness of their
proceedings there can be no question. They have
assumed a position which will be sustained by the
Democracy of this District, as the only course left
open for then' to pursue, while representing' the
wishes of their constituency, or having any regard
for their principles.
The'Democrary of this District are 'thus driven
once more to do battle for their principles. The
slavery-propaganda have arrayed themselves in
hostile attitude to strike down those principles into
the dust, and it becomeh every Freemal to gird
himself up for the fight. The issue is a plain and
direct one. Are the Democracy prepared to aban
don all their professions—are they prepared to be
branded as recreants—and support a man - who
holds no principle in common with them: This is
no question of men—it is a battle for principle.—
Our candidate stands on the broad and cbinprehen.
sive platform which has sustained the Democracy
for years. We would have been content T nay,
Were anxious for, any other sound man as a candi
date, standing upon the same principle. This has
beeil denied us. The battle is forced upon us.—
There is no evading it—except in giving up our
principle into the fiends of the Whites and Brews
ten and lowreys of Tinga, and the bolters and die
organizers of Bradford. The crisis demands of
every man activity, vigilance and zeal. It is no
time for hesitancy or doubt. Every man should
inscribe his principles upon his front, and do-baffle
for freedom, or join the slavery propagandists.
The statement of the conferees shows conclusi re
ly that the conferees from Tioga with whom they
acted, were the legitimate and regular representa
tives of the democracy of Tioga. Their utomina
tion is the cmly regular one which could be made,
and as such is binding upon every Democrat. It
,}rill receive the cordial support of all—exc ept- the
bcr,us, bolting squad who supported Brewster in
1848. , To those let there be joined every loan in
favor of the extension of slavery into Free Territo
ry. Against this parti-colored band, composed of
disorganizers, '42 tariff; Cameron men, Will be ar
rayed the Democracy of Bradford, firm as the ever
lasting hills in support of their cherished principles,
and determined to uphold the man who is assailed
for his steadfast adherence to those principles.
We understand that the Conferees hom Susque
hanna, united with the bogus conferees from Tioga,
and placed in Domination Jaws LOUILXIr, of Tioga.
The fears we expressed last week, that the 'leaders
of Susquehanna were endeavoring to deceive the
democracy of that County, hare proved too true.—
Their Conferees have united with the Brewster
men of Tioga in placing before them a candidate
whose life and principles have been directly an
'agonistical to every feeling of the radical democra.
cy of Susquehanna. ]ogles LOWERT, a Tariff of
'42, White man—;an opponent i ol the Proviso, and a
Brewster man, to be supported by the Democtiey
of Susquehanna! It is insulting their intelligence
and consistency to suppose such an absordity.
We have a disposition to examine the pretensions
of the man, whoa' , bolters and traitors ask the De
mocracy to sapport. Passing over his ancient
Federalism, be was in 1818, one of the active
spats in placing Weirs the people Ronal G.
Witrre, in opposition to Mr. Wilmot. Mr. White's
opposition and nomination it is well known was
based upon Mr. Wilmot's support of the mill of
1.846. On the 24th of September, 1846, a public
meeting was held at Wellsboro, to denounce Mr
Wilmot's 4arifl vote, and to second Mr. White's
nomination; of which JAMES LOWREY was l ire
President, and which, among otherseiqually *spiv*.
sive, passed.the following resolutions:—
"Resolved. That the course pursued in relation
to the Tariftby our Democratic Senators the Hon.
Simon Cameron and the Hon. Daniel Sturgeon and
ell the Democratic members of Congress from
Pennsylvania, except David Wihuot, meets our
hearty appsobation.
"Resolved, That we regard the fiction of this
county who are supporting the Tariff of 1846, as
traitors to the best interests of our 401111132ooreallb,
and as enemies to-the great democratic party of the
That principle was mistimed by the .party of the
district, and'Mr. Wilmot elected, in spite oldie op
position of Mr. Lowrey and the erpiad who have
brought him forward now.
...or BIUDFORD Coutrry
or Buauxordr,
or oowsi.L
.or Itivostarr
....or Romm
...or 'Araess
in 1818,the . giviat question or Homan Freedom
was the pnecipte at issue. The bolting disotgan
sere of Tioga County begs ht *ward Mr. While*.
their candidate. Sampiehaana refused to accept
him, end Mr. Wilmcit Wa• nominated. The. most
active and prominent in bringing Mr White for.
ward, was James Lowrey, and findini; that Mr.
White would not submit to be a candidate in oppo:
anion to the regular nomination, a plan was con
cocted in Mr Lowrey's office at Wellsboro, in con
nection with Grime half dozen of their unprincipled
leaders to bring' nut Jonah Brewster, an aged and
respectable democrat—and'a messenger was des
patched to the Tioga conferees to obtain their se
qciesence in the fraud. -In. these disreputable
transactions Mr. Lowrey was the chiel actor. In the
contest against bfir. W ilmot be took an active and
prominent part, ti,aversing the county and attending
Brewster meetin4m, and making speeches against
the regular nominee.
The broad ground was then taken against the
Proviso, and in favor of an.equality of rights for
the South, to transport their property to our newly
acquired territories. The principles of the party in
,this district-were opposed, the regular 'nomination
bolted from as it had been 'in 1816, by the Fame
lean, whom men*retending to Jbe democrats, have
the audacity to pit forward as a Deititicratic candi
date for the anppotl of a party distinguished fur its
attachment to principle !
That the Susquehanna conferees would concur
in the notnination'of a White and Brewster man,
i.l an opponent to the tariff of 1846, and a toe to
the Provi4o, was more than was expected by those
who know theleelings of the people of that county.
True, it was boasted by the Slavery extensionists,
the convention had been managed in-inch a man
ner that ifie . voice of the people was' disregarded
and suppressed, and that their Conferees would as
sent to any man from Tioga however obnoxious,—
that influences from abroad 'had prostrated in that
Convention the principle of the Proviso, but an
abiding confidence in the integrity of the mimes,
forbade thc'thought of such a dereliction from du y
and principle on the-part Abbe Conferees. That they
will accede to the pretended nomination of Mr.
Lowrey, we do loot believe—the . principle which
they have professed, will not so easily put aside,
at the bidding of those whose motives are purely
selfish and ambitious.
T. the'Demeealeq Sr the Twelfth Cowrie-
Maul Marti
The undersigned, Congressional Conferees ap
pointed by the Democratic convention of Bradford
'county held at Towanda on the 3d instant, deem it
proper to lay before the pOblic a full statement of
the facts touching their action, and the manner in
which they have discharged the duty assigned
The day following our appointment we met the
two conferees from Susquehanna county, and or
ganized by choosing. Stephen Pierce President, and
C. M. Gere Secretary. Two sets of conferees ap
peared from Tioga County, claiming the right to
seats in the conference ; George Knox and .1. F.
Donaldson claiming under one pretended organize,-
lion, and A. P. Cone and C. C. Green under . anoth
er. The contestants were fully beard; and clear
ly appeared from the smements made p and facts ad
duced, that, by the usages of the democratic par
ty of Tioga, a county mass meeting had been held
in May of each year, at which was aroarolly appoin
ted the central county committee. fThe.central
committee thus appointed, lever heretofore, pre
tended to exercise any functions but for the single
year foreCbich they were chosen. Their office as
the central county committee, expired with the year
for which thevere appointed. The May meeting
held in 1849, appointed accontingto usage,a central
committee composed of .nine persons. In May,
1850, no meeting was held,and of comae nu central
committee was appointed for the present year.-.
Thus the very basis of organization was lost, by
the -neglect of the party 10 bold the usual animal
meeting in May last. No one democrat of Tioga,
had any better right than - 4,30(6er, to usurp the au
thority to act for, or on behalf of the democratic
party of that county. Their organization was com
pletely defunct, and it belonged to the whole body
of the party—to each and all of its members to
move in the work of reoianization. In this con •
dition of affairs, two members of the old committee,
appointed for 1849, usurped the prerogative, to ap
point committees of vigilanct; for the several town
ships, and to call a county convention of the party.
This they clearly had nri more rightful authority to
do, than any other two democrats of the county of
Tioga.. It was wholly without warrant, or the sem
blance of rightful authority. It was under this ir
regular and unauthorized call, thus made by tiro
members of an expired committee, and the assem
blage calling itself a convention, which met under
it,.that Messrs Knox and Donaldson, claimed the
right to seats in. the conference.
Six members of the okl central committee ap-.I
pointed for the year 1849,actinappon the ground that
their functions had ceased, and that the whole body
of the party alone had the right to set in the work
of its re-organization, put forth a call. addressed 'to
the democratic voters of the county, asking them to
assemble in mass convention, and to reconstruct
and re-establish that organization which has been
suffered to be dissolved by neglect. This call was
endorsed and approved by a large number of the
democratic citizens in various parts of the county.
Publication of it was made through the press, and
by publics notices distributed over the county. le
pursuance of this call thus publicly made by six of
the eine gentlemen composing the central commit.
tee for the year 111149, the densecreey of Tipp
met in general masa convention at Tuna vdtaige,
and appointed a esetitral °suety committee be the
year, and abided Messrs Cone and Green Cower
sional conferees with instructions
. to support the
nomination of David Wilmot as a candidate lot
Congress. •
under this state of facts—hots not disputed, the
ondensignedl could not for a moment doubt as to
the right 01 Messrs. Cenci and Green to seats in the
conference, as the ally regular or rightful represen
tatives of the democratic party of Tioga County,—
Much to our regret, the conferees of Susquehanna,
took rE different visw, r of their duty, anJ curtained the
pretensions of Messrs. Knox and Donaldson. A
motion was made by Mr. 13rowriof Susquehanna to
admit into conference Messrs Knox and Donald
son,, which was lost by ,a tie vote, the Susquehanna
Conferees voting for the motion, audthe under
signed against it. Thus it became imp&sible to
organize a full conference. We are unable to see
upon _what principle the Susqbehanna conferees
could resist the admission of Mesas. Cone and
Green. If they claim authority for the old com
mittals appointed for the year 1818, theta must cer-
Minty they should mogul= the
of that committee, and not the ads
than mserlourth of its members. U
ever is for tide committee
f the whole num'
was composed, ;inked in giving I
tion to the mg& &short under
Green claimed their seats in the
ing unable to agree tqicm the adm
ferees front Tioga, the midersiwr
by the conferees from Susqueha
they bad come to the determine
and act with the unauthorized an.
tees from Tinge, Messrs Knox
thus inumming to settle without oil!
ence, the question of the contested
Under such circumstances, we nod
left, and recognizing the confereei
golly and rightfully ippointed, un
the nomination of Duero Wt
of the democratic party of this di
Every Minn consistent with se
maintainence of principle, that
made by ,uszto bring about a
tine. We were rmanintoesly in ,
the re-nomination of Hos. DAVI
well understood his personal •
to being again made a candid
the gentlemen from Sump .
them that we had received f
letter to that elect. He in cote
ed, with the great mass of the
trier had no other desire than
plea upon which we hed mood
should be consistently andhon
Looking to principle alone, kn.
Mr. Wruscri himself, and rely*
tism of the party Of Bradford to
the responsibility to go back of
informed the eanferees from
would willing ind chee4tolly
the nomination of any dem.
past course and presenfpositi.
confidence and support of the
Upon being reqnested to n
from Toga in whose nominati
we promptly, nave the names
C: C. Green Esq. and Josiah
there went many others wb
comae entitled them to equal
named. The ennfinees from
ed to unite with us in the no .
the above named gentlemen.
gaged in these efforts to bri
and united action, the conb
informed us the rthey would n
Guernsey Esq. of Tinge.. TEL
ful assent, only asking that r
passed clearly setting forth the
upon which he was nominate(
conferees from Susquehanna t
news to tuna such tesolicions,
Might be, and reque•ted of tie
lotions and submit them to th
were encouraged al this time
at length principle would be
mony prevail. • We framed
gave them to the conferees f
after sleeping upon them,
next morning that they won
man on the basis and principle
Here then was made a direct
principle—principle sacred wi ,
the democracy of this; Conn ty ,a
ion, they will never comprain
had feared from the first, that
rence of pnnciple between
tivea of Susquehanna,, ahhoug
claimed to stand on the same
We were willing to compro
principle. We were willing
mot; the unanimous choice
pressed through the convent
willing to surrender one jot of
upon 'Which Mr. Wit.sicrr
man. The resolutions upo
Zing to nominate Mr. Gae
which we have made th
Wilmot, the only change be
the name •ol David Wilmo'
The refusal to accept Mr.
sis of these resolutions, el..
possibility of arrangement,
in that direction was made
whole controversy was na
and naked point of principle
agree on men—we did _ .
sey, but we could not _ •
upon which he shotild,stand
democracy of this dish ict. us the issue of prin
ciple is presented, naked I unembarrassed with
questioos of minor impo e, or with controver-
sies about men. The dem . racy of this Congres
sional District have the IV - tendered, arid they
will say by their votes whet er they adhere to the
ground upon which they ba e hauled PO gallantly
for years, or whether it is to ;. - abandoned, and all
for which they have cant dad surrendered op
without a struzgle. ' We ha a presented again the
name of the Hon. David limos as the regular and
rightful candidate of the i.moeirstiii party of this
District. In this we feel t at we require of him
the sacrifice of personal el - and interest, but we
also feel that we have a t to demand this sae
rifice at his him* In this great conflict for princi
ple, he is the roper and I . himate standard bearer
He. has so-far borne it in nroph, and relyingopon
'God and the People, we h se an abiding faith that
it williet now be struck
letee• hoes Bradford.
Ace veneer in the taus of all the farts
abcrre:stated, falling 'with our knowledge ; ark!
specially those connecie with the organization of
the democratic party of Tillage County.
Fonferees from Ticrja..•
Sept. 5, 1850.
The following is the ptt,
mittee for the Mass Con
Messrs. Green and o Co)
were the names of some ,
abte and
The undersigned m
Standing Committee of -
1849, having taken no pa
city of said committee, in
the present-year; and boil
mate and valid organ" •
pommy, must emanate fro
assembled in Mass : do
said patty, respectfully - •
critic electors of rings;
ventlon at Tioga Villap
• , -04 e,
Or a myonty
of two only, less
y Power what.
I -fixer its
- ' of which it
y and sane
bieh Cone and
lever,. Be.
ion of the con-
. , ,
Oepsember next, at one echielc. P. III; far the - per►
pose of adopting such measuresasmtiglit be thought
proper is relation to the approaching October elec
tion. SZ. H. POTTER,
r CALVIN a ,awm,
Wellsboro'. August 27.1850.
were informed
na County, that
to recognize
irregular conics
.d Donaldson ;
seats from Tugs
k the only coarse
from Tioga le.
ned with them in
as the candidate
Itrict for Congress.
1 respect, and the
mld barnacle, was
mations n. mina
codedmed to support
Ws war, bet we
ingot to be adverse
'We so stated to
a, and infonned
Mt Mr. %Islam a
mon, as wit belies.
people of ;this (ha
at the great princi
ed tattled for years,
mtly 'maintained.—
wing the wishes of
upon the patrio.
sustain us, we took
r instructions, and
.oehanna that we
[ nits With theon in
t hoe Timm, whpee
entitled him to the
rty of this Distict.
te any gentlemen
we would concur.
tf A. P, Cone F.sq.,
kmery Esq., stating
firm and consistent
confidence with those
incinebanna declin
lination of either of
While earnestly eu
lig about harmonious
from Sosemehanna
'l ste upon John W•
we gave a cheer
tions shook' be
princ ip intet. basis
I. We understood the
express a willing
lowever itmog d ey
in draw up the
it inspect nn . We
with the hope that' ,
indicated, anti her
Ithe resolutions and
rumored to us the
Mcactia, Esq. presstritellowing moni
tions, which were ituargmon.sly adoptes
Resolved; That our Congressional Conferees be
instructed to use all honorable exertions to secii
the nomination of David Wilmot as Representative
12 this Congressional district ; and also
Resolved, That they be instructed to support no
pan as such Represebtative who is not a sound and
adical:democrat.' And one who is not only avos'ed
hr opposed to the extension of Slavery into Free
Territory : hut his opinions upon that questions
must be well known : and unequivocally expressed,
and his past course of action must have been such
as to afford a sure guaranty that we can safely rejy
upon his integrity and firmness.
r not nominate any
of the remit:6one
nil naked iseue ppm
•th the great body of
which in our °pin
sier or abandon. We
therd pelf:led a.
is and the representa+
up to this time, they
ground as ooreelvee.
Ise everything but
surrender Mr. Wil
kif our party as ex
'nn, but we were not
tittle of the principles
ad stood as a public
i which we were wh
itey, are those upon
nomination of Mr.
lig, the substitution of
for that ofJohn W.
:nemsey opcni the ha
!l the door against any
il no further attempt
1 1 'y either side. The
',wed down to • clear
we could, it seemed,
upon John W .Guem
• upon the principles
the can %late of the
I of the Standing Corn
ention which appointed
. Attached to the call,
mired of the moat tell
of that county:
rs ef the Democratiqp
'oga county for the year
in the action of a minis
!ling a Convention for
ing that the only
of the party in this
the voters of said party
Woos, as members of
assaend that the demo
ty meet in Mass Con
a Monday, the Rd day of
.4. _
A. ....
,/ A Convention of , Halogen% t ot th•digesentaisc-
Aion districts of Bradford county, was held at the
Court House, in the borough of Towanda, on
i nesday evening, Sept. 3, 1850.
STEPHEN PIERCE of Troy, being called to the
hair, Luca FL W EMI of Ridgbery, and Wm. IL
'Annette of Canton were elected Secretaries.—
following named delegates then appeared and
..k their seats; 6is4—
lbany-8. Wilcox, James Wilma;
nnenia r —[Not represented];
syltim—B. P. Ingham. J. H. Morrow;
' thens boro.—Guy Tozer, J. E., Caefieldi
tp.—David Gardner, N. Edmituaer ;
• orlington—Hiram Gee, R. R. Phelps;
Canton—W. H. Vandyke,'E. Pratt;
' , Colambia—Volney Furman. Peleg Peck ;
• rell=ll. Laporte, J. M. Bishop ;
ranklin—Stewart Smiley, N. 1.. Dodge;
ranville—B. A. Bailey, D. B. Roo ;
errick—W in. Durand, Charles Sill ;
Roy—J. Hunt, A.G. Pickard;
itelifield—C. Merrill, R. Merrill;
onroe—G. H. Bull, Geo. Smith ;
rwell—E. M. Farrar. Jarvis Dilutes ;
ike—Eclivin Taylor. lihelden Payne ;
Ridgberry—Jas. B. Webb. Geo. Cooper
Rrame—P. E. Maynard. Simeon Rockwelt7
Sheshednin--Charles Chaffee. Somers Kinney;
Smithfield—M. P. Ransom, C. B. Reggs ;
South Creek—B. Quick, D. Bardsrell ; ,
Hpriaglield-11. spear, T. Wilder;
14priaghill—J. J. Green, H. Shorn way ;
etanding Stone—A. Ennis, W. R. store;
Towanda boro.—U. Mereur, J. Bridletnan ;
tp,.--N. L. Odeon. James Nestor;
Troy boro.-41. Pierce. A. B. More
tp.—A. D. Spalding. L. B. Morse ;
Ulster—Geo. W. Russell. John Bowman ;
Warren—James M. Bowen, S. B. Chaffee,
Wells—Jimes Calkins, R. Spencer ;
Windham—A. Donhans.Jr., J. A. Anthony;
Wyalusina-8. W. Bilen. J. R. Smith ;
Wysoz—lL J. Madill. Corns Prink ;
Wilmot—J. Corson, K. Como ;
The seals of the delegate* from Towanda borough
beirit contested by John F. Means and William
Elwell the matter was taken up. and on motion
the gentlemattlwesenting credentials admitted to
the Convention.
The seats of the delegates from Ulster township
being also contested, on motion Messrs. Russell
arritikarman were Omitted.
On motion ( the convention proceeded to elect
CongressicmaltMtlerees, when B. LAPORTE and
STEPHEN PIERCE ;Puce unanimously-elected,
The convention froreeded to the telection of a
candidate fur Senator:—
Mr. Mercer nominated GEORGE SA RD4I.RON
Mr. Bull it G F. NlA.Oftl.
Go) SsmucasoN was nominated upon the firm
ballot, as foltuwa
Messrs. B. IVilcox, Tozer, Canfield, Etlniitister,
Gardner, Phelps, Gee, Pratt. Peek, Furman. Russ,
Pickard, R. Merrill, Taylor, Payne. Cooper,. Webb,
Maynant. Ransom, Quick, Bard we 11, Green, Shorn
way, Wilder, Ennis, Storrs, !demur, Bridleman,
More, Spalding. More, Spencer, Dunliatn,Anthony,
Biles, It Smith and Frir.k-37, voted for GEO.
Mfmtsrs .1. Wilcox, Tris.rham, Morrow, Laporte,
Bishop, Smiley, Dodge, Vandyke. Bailey, Durand,
Sill, hunt , C Merrill, 11. G. Smith, Farrar, Bet
ties, Rockwell, Charle Cha ff ee, Kinney, Rigg,,
Spencer', Scott, Nestor,- terse, Rumell. Bowman,
S. H. Chaffee. Calkins, .1. Corson. M. Corson. and
Madtll-33, voted for G. F. MASON. . .
On motion E. 0. Goomuen, lona &Lewin, B.
:LAPORTE, L. W. TirrAmv, T. J. Dictum and A. S.
Smrrn, were appointed Conferees to meet Confe
rees from Susquehanna and Wyoming, for the pur
pose of nominating a candidate for Senator.
The following fesolution was adopted on a call
of the yeas and naya, by a vote of 57 'yeas, to 11
Resolved, That the position adopted by the Demo
cratic meeting of Nay last, appointing Senatorial
Conferees, is just and equitable, and the action of
said Conferees, meets our approbation.
On motion, the conferees were authorized to
substitute in case of their inability to attend.
The Convention then proceeded to the nomina
tion of Candidates for Representative. The names
of Addison McKean, Henry Gibbs, Wm E. Barton,
Julius Russell, Simon Stevens and James M. Read,
being placed before the Convention, the following
ballotinps were had :
Addison Kean
Wen. E. Barton.. 4 . . '• • •
Henry Gibbs..
Julien itnimel. "
James M. Real "
Simon Stove= "
The clerks not agreeing in the tally, upon the
second ballot, the vote was retaken, as follows :
Henry Gibbs hat 61 votes, Simon Stevens 7 votes
—the names of James M. Read, Julius Rasselland
1111n..,K Barton being withdrawn.
mg received a majority of all the votes given, were
declared duly nominated.
The Convention then proceeded to_ nominate a
candidate for Comm issioner, and the names of Stur
ges Squires, John Porter, ,James M. tdsall, D. B.
Cotton, H. M'Clelland and Allred Gore, were plac
ed before the Convention, which proceeded to bat
lot, u follows
,: Ist balk*. Id ballot_
IttariresiSquites had. 31 42 votes.
John Porter " ........19 .19 "
D. B. Cotton *. . 9 withdrawn.
Alfred Gore.... ...... 8
James U. Edsall "
H. liit'CleUatid,
STURGES SQUIRES, upon the second ballot,
having a msjonty of all the votes given, was de
clared duly nominated..
The Convention then proceeded to nominate a
candidate for Prosecuting Attorney—Tho's.Smead,
Francis Smith and J. Canfield being named to
ifia toniintioiripoifla *oleo; As
MEAD was nominated, he having 42 votes, Fran
cis finiitli 21 voles, J, $. Canfield 3 votes.
.=For County. Sorvsiori Edgar G. Niebols,georgit
Siiiivenviand 3. W. Vandyke, was balkitleOr tN
la ballot. IM biffot.
&gar 0 ittiettole..sahad 26 30' , ..votei.
George.ihvens " . 28 . 23 N
J. W. Vandyke.. - 11 withdrawn.
EDGAR G. NICHOLS having a m tiority of an
the voter, upon the second • ballot, was declared
duly nominated.
The Convention, proceeded tp nominate a candi
date for Auditor, thP names of W. H. Overton, Jo.
aeph Matiardi, hi: H. F. Hinds, Wm. A. Benedict,
and Jonin_ Kelly, being plar..e,d before the Cowen_
lion—as follows
• tin ham se banns
Wm. H.Overton.l....liad 25 ' 37 votes.
J. Menardi. "
• .1 'l3 16 "
M q 'D. F. Hines " ' 7 5 "
John Kelly.. , " 6 withdniwn.
Wm. A. Benedict.... a 4 a
W. H:OVERTON having rreived a majority of
all the votes was declared nominated.
On motion, the President appointed the follow
ing gentlemen as a Skidding Committed for Brad
ford County for the ensuing year:—Joseph It. Smithy
Junes H.-Webb, Nathan Eihninster, P. E. May.
nard, W. H. Vandyke, H. Lawrence Scott, Joseph
Mewed', John H. Black, E. C. Oliver. , •
The following resolutirms, offered by U. Manor
were unanimously adopted
Resolved, That William T. Morrison, Ephraim
Banks and. J. Pi Brawky the nominees of the Demo
emtic Bute Convention, 'merit the confidence of
the party, and eminently deserve the support of the
Democratic party of this County.
Resolved, That the democracy of Bradford Coun
ty is competent to vindicate its principles-against
the assaults and machinations of profligate:and cor
rupt politicians, both at home and abroad, and ifoc
cation demand. -
lion before the
Resolved, Thi
nue Laws of thi
the policy of the
of justice and eqi
Country; and •
croakers who so
disaster" es the
Resolved, Tim
trpon the North
utmost pleasure
That we regard
and trust the Hi
of the boric:
tains, and an out
ral treasures.
Resolved, Thal steporter
ly reflects the views and feelings of the Democracy
of Bradford county, and is entitled to their confidence
and support.
Resolved. That the proceedings of this Conven
tion be published in the "Bradford Reporter "' and
the democratic paper, of Susquehanna and Wyo
ming counties.
On motion the Convention then adjourned.
The proceedings al the Democratic County Con
venti•m of Tuesday night.last, will be found in an
other column., The action of that body was char
acterized with great unamnity, and the spirit mani
fested truly cheering No doubt Cliff he entertained
that the Democracy of Bradford are sound and radi
';l4---that they maintain /With firmness and conbis
ert cherished principles, and will . nerr
the machinations and schemes of
give them
the ambitious and
We point with pride
awn of that Convention in la'?
Freedom, and to the enthosiaSi
lion given ho Hon. DAVID ‘VII.3IOT, Tlr
racy of Bradford have again gloriously man;
'themapprectation of his devotion to that cause, an;
their determination to shield him from •the persecu
hints with which he is so malignantly followed.
The County Ticket placed in nomination is an
excellent one—composed of honest and capable
men, in every way worthy of support, and will un
doubtedly be triumphantly elected. Want of space
prevents ns from noticing in a more extended form ,
the qualiticationa of each candidate, but we take!
weal pleasure in recommending them to the hearty
support of the Democracy.
While we are deep!y grateful to the members of
the Democratic •Convention for the handsome
compliment paid us in theirrescrintiim, declaring that
our humble crib:iris meet with the approbation of
the Democracy of Bradford, r.-e are none the lees
indebted for the friendship manifested in the fol.
lowing resolutions adopted at the delegate meeting
held in Herrick township on Saturday last :
Resolved; That we deem it our duty to support
the "Bradford Reporter " as the Organ of the Demo
cratic party of this. County.
Resolved, That we think another Democratic pa
per in this county antagonistic to the " Rrporter"
unnecessary tied uncalled for, and the cause of in
jurious results to the Democratic party.
Our democratic friends in Sprmghill, also have
our thanks for the 'following resolutions adopted at
their delegate meeting, of Saturday last:—
Resolved, That we fully approve of the course
taken by ;the Bradford Reporter and believe it to be
a fair an full exposition of the Democratic faith as
held by Democracy of this Township, upon the
n l
Questio now agitating the minds of the people.
Resolved, That the establishment of•the "North
Pennsylvanian " was uncalled for by the wants of
theiDemocracy :of Bradford, and is calculated to
disturb the harmony of the Democratic Organization,
thus giving to the whigs efficient aid in securing a
triumph of their men and measures.
Ist ballot. Stballot.
Such manifestations of confidence and esteem
are encouraging, and the more highly valued that
they an the spontaneous expretsicms of the people,
*hose good will. we value more than all the scheines
and purposes of intriguers and demagigues. While
they continue to endorse and sustain us, we shall
do our duty fearlessly and zealously.
47 M
13 - "
4 "
The Whig County Convention, which met on
Wednesday evening last, placed in nomination-die
knowing ticket
Congress-Jobs. C. ADAMS, of Towanda. .
Senate—[No preference expressed j
Representatire—lampn C. Powsu.,.of Towanda.
.1 ,-.S. BOSWORTH, of Pike.
Commissioner—Asset. Scow of Smithfield.
Pros. Atry.-0. P. KINNEY, of Towanda.
Sairecyor—Osoos Ricers . , of Athens.
Auditor—W. H. - Ovsavosi of Athens.
Me Democratic candidate for Auditor, it wilt be
Been has been accepted by the Whigs, and placed
upon their ticket. c
, It ertainly manifests a dispo
sition in them to secure to the County the services
of an efficient and able officer.
%%Tromso CotraTT.—The Democratic Conven
tion of this county, which met last week, omen's
unt B. S. Wintamwrrat, for the Senate, and appoint.
ditnee*Coniarees to meet Bradford and Sagas
Tits County Coavealloa•
o onantmoos eNjuee
f the prireiple of
A 'co First-rat• Seiler,"
“ trammetby Isibeesee,snd unbribed by gain.”
Wk, astimaliaiktions.
-- coareasssueLatvairimesice:
At a meeting of the Con gressional Conferees of
Bradford aid Two counties, held at To*undo, 01{
the Sth day t of September, leak the fetleirfna gen
tlelfrn preseUted;their credentials:
Bdford. Pumas and B. Lainira ;
rioga—e.t. Glossa and A. F. Coss.
No conferees appeariatfrons Susqoehaana, on
ntotio a B. LAPORTE ,iras chosen chairman, and
A. P. Cows Secretary.
The follniptg re„spltitioita
_were then noanimously
adopted : •
Resolved, That we acknowledge no tesi but prin
ciple in parts , politics; and as Democrats, it is oar
duly boldly to proclaim our principles, and..hrmly
toi maintain them.
Resolved, Thit we are !Malleably opposed to the
Xstension of Slavery into Territory now free, and
tbat we hold it to be the-duty of Congress to prohi
bigSy pdsitive Itiw its introduction ibereitt.
Resolved, That standing upon these principles,
and relying with confidence upon the integrity of
Mon. DAVID WILMOT faithfully to carry them
oaf in our National councils, we present him to the
Democratic voters of this county as our candidat A
for Congress.
Resolved. Thkt the bold and unflinching
in which the Hon. D. WIUIOT has advo
preservation of Free Territory from the tl
encroachments of Slavery. meets the ad
approbation of the democracy of this
On motion, the Conference adjoo,
A. P. Cost, Secretary.
(For iba Brad
blit i Ewou —I pert r
the ltiorg Penns* r
thoroughly ;mak
intercepts eve - •
swept the e
but wool r
of the
ap I
lve that the eagle eye or
Ilan its not slumbering, brit
,and so vigilant that it not only
/ray Of falsehood that is likely to
(orals of the Democracy of this county,
Aso gladly intertept, I imagine, a few
/ Aye of troth. And not content merely wit) )
(ding before us the light of its countenance,
leading, is to the ." green pastures and pure wa.
"tens," seems M. desires sometimes, •
tempting ray
To tend us If 'forgave them
The other way, the other war.'
But I fear we prose en unruly drove, somewhat
ungrateful for the fostering care of our new Shep.
herds, and as tar from being led " the other way,:i
as we are from believing. things to be Take which
we know to be true. We were convinced a few
years-ego that the Wilmot' proviso was ;Kinder
among the Demociacy of the North. We did not
suppose that any very determined oppositionLwas
made to it by Southern members of Congress at
the time it was brat offered as an amendment to
the two million bill. We did believe that Demo.
cratic leaders,Democratic newspapers, Democratic
Goverion, and Democratic legislatures had endors.
ed it; but it seems we have all been wrongled .
astray—newspapers have lied, Senators have been
mistaken, the one who assured us that -, a gr eat
change had taken yl ace in the publid mind . ' labor.
ed tinder a misapprehension, Congressional Globes
hare misrepresented--or the North- Pennryirearan
lies—under a mistake. For this veracious sheet
assures us that it is " unblushing effrontery.' which
" has little faith in the incredulity of the people."
to declare that " when DAVID WILMOT first offered
hhe Proviso as an amendment to the two million
ill the Democracy were as unanimous m r:s favor
as they were in favor of the Tariff of 1846'' And
it is not content with the mere assertion. 0 no.• i t
gives us the proof of the
. Proviso's- unpopularity
" Benton denounced it." The lamented Polkl with
almost his entire cabinet, conceived it to be imprac
ticable and impolitic," g , scores of Democrats
(southern) declared their opposition :'' find more
than all this the " Democratic party were battling
to maintain a just add honorable war." and ..: our
army in Mexico, was pushing the banners of the
•epublic, While such men as Wii.son were de
noencing 'the principle of the war, and: throwing
every possible obstacle in the way of its honorable
termination." No' it is qrnie possible that tOmo
will haematite to perceive the hearing of these lit
ter arguments upon the Proviso's popularity; icon
fees myself one of that unfortunate class : but their
bearing upon facts_ I shall consider before 1 con
clude. , For the Eli o r of the North Pemsyhersea
has manifested a lau dable anxiety to keeirnicyritls
in the bqunds of truth, and I shall try to show turn
equal cointelsy - by seeking to correct seise of An
little slips of memory, of which there are several o
his strictures upon t' Radical" He says - when
Dave .Wiemor first Offered the Proviso the Deface
racy were's% unanimous in its favor as they were
in favor of the Tar,ft'of 1846." This is certainly ,
not a very hazardous assertion, nor will it seem one
*hen we recollect that the Democracy were rely
far from being unanimous in favor of die Tahff.- ! ,
It is-true that southern Democrats have been oppp i
sed to the Proviso from the first; but where it we!'
first offered, was this opposition equal to the Den's
ocratic opposition to thp Truittof 18 . 46 r The only
speakers who opposed I tlte proviso in the - Home, at
that time, I think wereiMr. Sims and Mr..Wiek,
neither of thud dwelt but a . very tew moments
upon the ambient. The amendment w as
, adopted
bra vote of 83 to 64, and On the final passage of
the bill the 'vote stood 87 to 64---only two Northern
Democrats yoting'againet it., It was taken up in
the Senate by-a vote of 19 to 10. Mr. Lewis mos'.
ed to strike oat the Proviso, Nit hts_motion was not
acted upon. Mr. Davis obtained thetlooranlikePt
it until the hour for final adjournment. Thi4 is t
brief history of the transaction and certainly doer
riot show any bitter opposition to- the Proviso, from
any quarter. But the Tariff of 1846 did meet with
most bitter hostility.from those whO should have
been its friends. The Democratic rotei, of the
great state of Pennsylvania, with one exception,
were against it. The • Democratic votes of Nes
Jeresy were against it., It received nothing_bot oP
position from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Coss
neeticut, and Vermont, New York was divided,
and'io was Maryland—l allnde of course to the
Democracy of these stolen. And it received more .
or less opposition in several other states. TM Pro
vier) met with opposition also, but mainly in the
Southern States. 1 will bring"some extracts sea
resolutions. to scow the standing of the Proviso, 11
days of Democratic independence. First isar e '
lotion- adopted by the legislature of Peunsytous ,
with only three dissenting-voices,
.and introduced
by no leas.* personage than Cpl. Piolfet.. " ' Besit' ir.
61, - That our Senators and Representative la Cis
drew be requested to vote spinet any mare
whatever, by . which territoacenue to th t
Union, unless es a, part of the fundamental by .
upon which any compact or treaty for this portt! l
la based, slavery :or involuntary servitude, es'
dept for crime, shall be forever prohibited.' Hen
'also is resolution passed by the Democratic ll
islature of New Hampshire; " Re.lohod, Tha t tag
territory which shall 'heretofore be added to or '''.
quired`by.the United States, where slavery d o s
not exist at the time of such adtlitiii or tolu tre.
Went, neither slaveiY nor involunts servitulith e ! .. ..
ty t
cept forth. houthiituble! °t aunt), ought evelloci
'ration and