Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, August 03, 1850, Image 4

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Main buil 'ilia' RAUL
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iv„,4,..1449-I,i4TErut, , r
Alove;11,1.• prrp..rty ; or inorital,mtiay
,prceure :1
m :et Ate ail Vat it4tte nl tseattltxt' l *^pmertn:iii
latt,l t , ,tvery hint much mine than this. ttgjwe.4
a glace la the (Inmate ut the timid ; 4,p:ems hit
Ind with-ant tile that animate* 6111 creation. liletiq
nn inAtroter,nt Ity which men can proenre the
b..t.lit•taation of hie wattlzt Anti tleajreP. I.futtlett [en
ihoesiabliAlenent cif man twat) verei:4ll. in the
mitbil of online It eatirties not poly blowout:Rand
Isis desires, but taQtes deeply hi:planted in hie na
tune. Ica he family it creates that tlereestit code
try. (-idled ismer, with air the )iiitig 14) nipiellieF
Ana all the twerp hopes aml Prtjects, which peo
ple It. And whilst properly in' land is more con
sotrant than any other to the nature of man, it also
affords a field of activity the mixt favorable to hip
moral development—the most snitril to inspire a
p5...1 sentiment of his nature and his povrers. Gt
altnov.t atl the other trades or periessions, whether
commercial or eciun !fie MUT. eitip appears to tlepeiid
; solely uixbr. Infuse.ll,--oit his 14ents, address, pru
dence and vizilatteo. In a;” oltural lire, leant is
constantly in the preoenee of 1.1 . 1k1 and otitis power.
talent, prndencAr and vigilance, are as
.-necessary here.ik ekewAre, to the success of his
labors: but they arc no less insufTicieut than they
are necessary. It is (iod, *tin rules theseasen and
the temperature, the sun and the rani, anti nit those
phenomena of nature' which determine the success
or the failure of the latxus of man int die soil which
lie cultivates. There is no pride w4ich cell resist
this 'dependence, no ruldress which eau escape it.
Nor is it only a sentiment ol humility as to his pow
er over his own destiny which is thus inculcated
noon man ; he learns also tranquility and patience.
Ile cannot ILittet himself that the most ingenious
invention; or the most restless activity, will insure
his success; when he has done all that depend
upon him for the cultivation and the fertilization 61
the soil, he must wait with resignation. The more
profoundly we examine the siltation in which utfid e its
placed by the possession and cultivation-of the soil
the morn we discover hod , rich it is in salutary les
sons to his teason, and betiign Mane:ice on his
character. This preponderance in a natural, legiti
mate, and salutary which, especially in a great
country, society at large has strong interest in le
cognizing and respecting.
NEEDING llocsc.4.—The report of the committee
hor,.e=, fur the Chittenden Co. (Vermont) .luri
co ItOral Society, contained Rime good rentatks.—
in alluzion to the heredmoy iranstiti.isiott of quali
ties, it observed :
"The - preog»y n ill inherit the united qualities of
their Parents. The gued as well as the bract quali
ties will ite:.cen,l Dorn gencratilll) to generation--
Hence you will see the importance of a knowledge
01 the parentage, not only as to the sire, but also
to the dam. Peen:rarity of structure anti r•ottst:tu
(tun will also be inherited. This 1$ III; important
consideration, dimigh ten much neglected, lot how
ever per feet the sire may be, every goof quality
to .y'be tientrali7cd, if not overcome by the defec
tive 611136111 e of the dam. let.the essential points
c good in both parer is ; but if there must be some
ti i :or deter'- ; In the 0110, let them be met and
oveicorne, by excellencies in those particular porta:
i I Vie other parent. We l w0u!,.1 also advise you,
to (et your breeding mares be in full viviol life.
Vo riot commence bleeding with them too young,
a:1,1 especially do link let your mares be incapacita
t•d for %%elk by reason 'of old age. If in, you may
e‘pect that the foal w ill have a varreApousliteg weak
ness, and scarcely Will a single organ possess(' its
naturalstrength. Our tarmers are usually ton lieg
ir, the selection bf their males. They ale
tempted to part with their best mares, and to breed
hum tho e whit!' are itifetior.'l
Titalrry Firers Tessa.—flavirig Len a eta:e
inem., some time ago, in an agricultural paper, that
to make fruit trees thrifty, in the month of March,
wa-li them as high as a man can reach, with one
r,iiait 01 n hale eiJ soap diluted in fifteen gallons of
water, and it in Arid there are caterpillers, give
anotheidose; then round - the roots of the ap- I
ple and pear trees pot two or three shoielsful of
charcoal dust, or indhracite ashes. "To peachmid
pfurp,... lie says. I have tried vai'ions experiments,
tel bare Wien() been most pleased' with lobaccia
stems. Half a peck of stems round each lien is
sufficient. The roots are first laid bare, the tol.iic-•
ce rs Olem placed over them arid covered with soil.'
To this three or fair sliovelstul ol at ashes
may he added with advantage: The past spring I
lc.! 4.11 all toy orchard-:tare on suds peach trees
as were so diseased by wormit that, 7 l 4.let4ll;eitil.
4-,it up—an apple-noon of warm.' (hot Itioo'reahltiir
twin the gas house. • We first removed the earth
Irmo the roots ; picked out of woirrui, and then with
a hrush covered the trunk of the free eight inches
up horn the roots, after this the soil was immedi ,
utely roirlace.l mound the tree. The efllect was stia--
14 , tilshilig hi May we applierha half-pint of nano
a 4. 0 to d .tressing to each tree,
.apd• thrift* treed,
trikn of fruit - and with a deeper,,riclicr green foliage
cannot be seen. 1 mean to treat all my pushes in
this wry, as the . clarapest and best manner of pro
tecting them. The above method 1 lialctried, rind
t - coulmeotl all to try it, as certain it kt bow mil
( ) heap rernedy.
Porx - rok: rt.119%.4 —A correspriti.leot s of the Ni
-1 , tleliphia I)..•lhar t wspaper, give* Ito experiefice
in potato iitsingijas follows.: •
T will merrry telt you my plael or raPitiefolt
t'"*.' fur the last Three years, period I
h Ave held :Toth' crop., little rot anti first rate ittOcesa
1.1 my ..11nrtls. For early potatoes 1 plough the
rroirtil early, turn two 'furrows nearly together,
14.4'0 bow - veil them manure aril lime liberally,
drop my potatoes, rover them, hoe them as obeli
.1. I cat until they began kossom. A stink tune
.0 1 er, the potatoes are lit for use am! no t rot ;Imam:
them. For later pre -atoms I
plough 31141440 t about
16.• 11111 e I 14:m11i:urn, ciwy the 15th May 4 twithout
the. emoure or lime, bet see that the grotal felt
rm.l ut tir-t 141 e outaMen, and plant ripe ttee.l but .
tilV! }J:111,44,`,4 1011 ;,;,rO4ll kind, I ran select, fot
) .iting awl energetic secil is better thairo•4l. anal itt;
lint. fin aul crops • diet/ WO4 k the grouoti titorp,rll-
ly usurp the tilnisnltH a ,, pear, ivlice I cease/ a.
Intoi The more the plant 13 tli:atirbeil afterwtirils ,
t tie mote you will injure the gt :bid the greal.-:
er I,your proryeet of 41.01111 C 01 sai/LO
The firtt eneversetion !reth.„the
fIPNt gotpi SC:ISO, the ZLirJ ;nod it tru r ae,f 'the
- 7 ,-- -firt - iiii=AdAttiky% ii::
THE next 0 - 141PfAit4VitiniCIPILV9Inulenee
• _ an M o nday the .14, t day of nue, tinder_ ttie
' !titre afr tOrlpitipthi4 - ribeitak ' ' . ' "
. •
ntri4o,,Kkregi fcirvree t ,,,,'
Cirthograrhyipiltelfiall ritiW gal'.
phymittl kilentid Arithursir4
T i helommliki trittr.:l4lello4.4rammur, Adagio? -- .t* ..
.. A*4lll4ol= Ind Viuttrula-Analyeks. - ui .41134141.
Philosophy, Chemistry. Mien:nide Logic, Oka. - • - '
trnutnny and Book Keeping" 4 ' " -Pi • - "' ll ''"
.%Lebra, Grutnetty, Trigonamcgi. eurreY
-11%, Cut& Beetisirtritualytieat Llessuetry, '
Ike: , •t: . ' ' ' • ' ' ...4 60 1
Lattitl Gereitatat treuektliitiglugePt• !'•• .11 1 ou,
Poet. ii.t Roil . senti... ---4
• . ,' , • .1 .„ sr,
Bchedurs teeeivrd at asp-period di the !onion&
charr.r4 Only inns the *joie et tibeir-etitrauce.
thntal can-heutdate!dissyritote Meshes toe es
„ fla w. i tki =NTANICJK, Pres't
r. Bea* qrtigAnts.
Towanda. Joan 1ta,1104, „ , „ •
.1 f) 5414WM*10110-
00L a. IN vaspONSIN I
C'orni - O f g,
thica4 ilia fan! horn any' ioort
on the f.'~ictr~bh ca
nui to Iliiltaft.Zarora'factflies isetetufore olt r oad to
emigninia and oiliora seeking a hum ma lunatic iu
ba Uteri WON. • ,
• u 1 Boat of thiA lint will leave
Coring-4 Elmira for .Beffa .
Every wed ring The sessoit, in the l'..lloaring
Leaves Cumin Tuesday's at L. Md
Leaves Elmira, Wrsincialay's at.9l o'clock, P. M.
local* Itivima, Thursday's at P. M.
Tows &wt. Irma Lake- FOday,_
Touching lit Dig Stream, Starkey, LititiAlrrvgien,
ImgPint - GtiVWWIM(IO OO and Or-rtnorriProPlik to.
Leaves Buttsla for Elmira and G.. ' g every,lSet
bray esernieg, leaves Rache.ster every Monday sower
in;. •
float CORNING. Capt. E.H. (3 V EI L
Boat ELMIRA Cart. It. P FE,
• RIS,
Boat BUFFALO, Captain
For Freight orTsisaageoppl, la the C Oahu. al the..
W. M. Mallory, Corning-8. R. Strang & Co. A.
Rryitolds,,Eltnira—Wen. Reynothls, ifoiaettaisdi I.
Winterrrntr, Ilorseheacts—E. 8. 1-Inprein, Hays 4 rilf 1..
O. Town swsen.l„ tai kNneiva—rwtoodv•lgirth & Pool,
Lodi— H aatinge & Y ic tleneva—Ciniy & Sweet.
Waterloo -1. Miner, Seriaca Bosteilo, Mog
i test:rts-11. L. Fish, Roehester—files & Wheelet,
rjPrevipions for sale by the Captains OD board.
E)Mini, Ap•it 4.
HAYDEN, grateful for the liberal pa.
ponnge ho has received since his commence.
ip busine,s, would inform the people of Bradford
county that lie has just remised direct from New York
a la gc supply of
Dry Goode, Groccrim, Liquors, Relay wok Clothing,
800 and Shots, Cogurs, iyc.,
all of whiciehe offers for sale at an exceedingly low
price for cash. lia*ii g extraordinary facilities of pur.
chating. and such as few in country towns can acquire
he flatters himself that be ran and will make It the in
terest of those wishing to purchase to give tail • call
liefiare purchasing elsewhere. Landlords add ludiais
duals tiracitinra superior snick of
IILY AVM/ Mt Mi/.9
we orottfd rail your special attention to those old Chard
Coiniac, Champaigne and American ; pure
Holland and American Gin ; old Jamaica and St. Croix
Rum ; fine runt, Sherry, Claret, Madeira. Malaga, Gin
ger and Raspberry Wines; a few baskets Champaign*,
a superior article, still oti hand. WC` are determined
to pin Our Liquors down to the lowest figure. being de
sirmis to quit the Ilium harm.... Our terms are its
a ll cases, (.!ashrir Ready Pay—and no second price.—
lJon't mistake the place—the west corner of Hain and
Bridge its., in the store formerly occupied by J. Kings
herr. WM. HAYDEN.
'Towanda, June 4, ISSN
WouLD respectfully inform the ladies and gentle
men of Towanda., that he bas taken the slum
Immi dime!) , opposite the Ward !louse, one door north
of Mix's r:rug store, in Main street, wnero ho is prepar
ed to receive and promptly fulfill all orders with which
he may he favored. To thn gentlemen he would say,
dial his floors, of vrhaterar description or quality, are
made under iris immediste rupert i ,and will be war
ranted for dumb/lily and neatness. Ile would alsJ in
form the Ladies that he is prilared Str , make to order
Gat iris, Sbnes, Ste.
`Flom long raper enee in baldness, and a 'determina
tion to give general satisfaction, be reports to teethe a
share of public patronage. May 10, IRSO. "
Gentleman, of Utica, N. Y., has obtained (Mtn
ill the - Witch-Mize,, a wimple remedy, *Web lays a
more just claim to the name of u family cure all" then
any Medicine' we have ever bcfinie know[,, Nothing
is connected with it but a little Alcohol tofireserve it,
and yet it acts with great certainty in removing pain
and all local intlamation , curing all soles, burns, loni
ans an d lameness, rapidly. Tilei r bowel "complaints,
cholera-nimbus, hemorrhate, ear ache, toothache, sore
eyes, and all rervous affections. It la — w hit e a s w a t er
and as lisrinteso, and it is celled
" Amer a Pain DWroyet and ikaling Edract."
None is geboinelnterpt " Pond's Extract" to blown in
the bottle. Mr. Pond first introduced this mtdicine to
the pittlie ind has ripended a vast deal of lime and
mon.7 in briniinrit to of perfeetion, and
we "now icarrantirvery 'bottle to give satisfaction.
A twin by the name of Spencer has pm forth an
article called " TheCoyle ll:tram" which claim's to
be from the WitchAtazel. If from that shrub, its inure
is a jai Ityt tirception, and it is a very impeded arti
cle; be nut deceived, get a pamphlet and ace.
Fur sale stlinntanyea & 'o."Fuwancl•, 8. 8. /lin
man Monrorton, Parkhurst & Lamh Leßoy, Item-ace
Willey Franklin. June sth 1850
Clock, Watch, and Jewelry Store
A As. WARNER takes this method of informing
• his old mummers and the public generally, that
he has iieritliased 00. P. full; his *lmhof Wileles,
Opt-Ls and Jewelry:, and has othinineneed the ahoy.
linsiaelkiti,al( of its s: , atious Gram-bee s o the old mend
of the latter, un.ltlain litres, two !loot) Routh of Brink
reilif;tion• ti watch repairs! arLwrig
comatunity,,,th4l4‘,,handly. weges.
serf to my s VVOId on that „point. ,WahL, his long A..
pertenceend great advantages tott.lteriding-4,PloSquilk.
know o 7 tlielmorness. he fasimmitkimewsks2434lli
to the public, bring en year watches and clucks, I will
do than justice. •
till goods sold, or Repairing done, warranted as I
recommend, or the metres witindril.
A goad ausontamt of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry
kepi conotaaily on hand.-
Ng motto shall be,-quielt sole% innall profits. cash
401 Ins and no credit given. Credit need not tie asked
tur—em l air hound nod to mato its acquaintance.
To*and'. July 12-. 1859. A. M. WARNER.
-,,_ _ _ •
11122111 121 , 11W.111W/gLIIIIT
WILL he kept on hand a large saaottalcati and
male to onlerop ittsotter natio; sod Owlets que
ney than can lie produneil nevi, Wier establishateniio
the land, Thois:l who are mule; she nemesis, at pro
curing that ttetiele will and Audi by matierod- A gond'
beareesitsd,iialltney he had in attendance swben darinid.
Sepiensher 1,1t1t7 _ L. .31.
• - . .
.VlA t t, , resintird the hue/unwed suussvop,
till work eutru.ted to toy care be done with
licenser., anddespa-ch. Notices kit at the " Wart"
IlOuse" will ensure attention.
May 21 lgul. JUS. t .VI It`.l; sI NI
to—CI. P.I Itlirtiowl Pik,
• .e. L. Wart!, b.ftlyydeth
Very Strstntre but true.
0 'OW
pound Ityruia •Wi
Ik. tieerte-=Orae
With a violent Cold anti C
my fungi; attrinda with
tny ride, that I ;Mold
to Etritetite,emiki get no rev
ireveritk of thy toner, woultl
of Wand MAI limo. Ttristni
timed until 1 almost deepoin
-tried physielamt and nosier&
jut tureineltenni-of the gre
ponntiVrtiit of Wild t:tirrir
of [i i i' ploy Mans of tile Oat ,
neater i triatof it, end emit
Waite 'perforated s perfect et
dierarbea anitinreet, ind i 61
roeditiner i **indebted for" ll
:hall berelaCto etwomoni;
the anbjeci who toay,bii
rota:orate wbat 1 Lave said •. 1
the factory or my tesidiriee:
CO' He very particular to
virtues Oreparation of W
Ur. Surayne, N. W. (mewl n
Pk/Isar/Oda ; an others are
" A safe and effectual rem
Aia, Cholera Horbtm, sickly
adults, and the mast maul
tereil to the Public."
Da. Swat-cc—Dear Sir
rious nauseous Yennifuge Mt
highly applauded by their I
slightest good etrect„ and ha
speaking in the highest terms
its delightful taste and won
lelt . somewhat discouraged
clot I had gored upon my a
dyspeptic looking • child. min
worn out Erase the Worms
"their ravages; I Concluded 03
aside Yertnifune, which. to
bed to let go their deadly OW
the vitals. Such was the eft
ndfuge on my child which
assuming all the color of the
fulness of en innocent and p
Yours Ate-,
No. 4. Howell street, betw
Four h.
Beware of Mistakeil Re'
Verinifuge is now put up in
the name is spelt correctly,
Dr. Stedynes tegirr Co&eti
trod of To
A mild and gaols* purged
Wood, they ei.iiret all the fu
as awalleretive in Droptical
valuable.' Gidtßness of the
demraion orapirits, headset
purify* Pills.
Remember always to Ingo
BWayne's Nampa/ill* and Ex
that the signature or Dr..Swa
The above valuable Irtediei
Dr. If. Mirrayne, tomer of tith
drAphia, to whom all orders ab
Husrox & Foul qr.
'Chas. Rathbun", Canton, Ilk
Beidleman & Omen,
thew valley. 'C.
D. D. Perkbursi. Lent?). iKi
C. T. Atorti&y. Centreville
1. Denials. Hallianten.
8. W. 4D. F. Pomctoy,. •
Troy. 22y IKi
Cimpithtti end 6intnt'itutd-
Meng - 4sB Olds of Litioceit
with in
hivelairs altity general vih
deltinpffi .
Hawing treeieed scriesh alp
the public to eiateen - os "hat
elembere,prehtleing nee apa.*l
Cittll4 to them Cheri
Wins as any othe'rehtai)tishett
One of the pion eeforeleitti
tends tun& gnarantos of the t
ties anld it their prorr.
Tvereete, June 1, 1850
trp.k, 4irrif
Being sesirely sehe' ted
which settled upon
t difficulty, orreries: le
breathe, spitting of Woo&
at night,' °Wing' to the
"pit as mug 'air phi!
rani 'Kate otthingif
of beOg
O Atop sir ithor# r
virtues of Oat 1?;
;Ana its bring Ortivect--
turner, It t onelturd to
py to itaiettiat 'ire
ir ; my detail' is now an
, • l belie that to your
weft ram
tk`with 'int person on
, nte, - and cnr ,
tho. above rertifitite,
I •
tovVriets 1141iso7t.
the ot)sivtall add Oat,
- Chewy:ea prrpaetgt •t
Eighth and Rage ehreebt.
" flectitibas kid counter-
y fur Vi T oes. Dy.pep•
:r Dyspeptic children et
amity 'Medicine over of-
Ira. Week 20, 1849.
Hewing made upe of es.
Miciues, which had been
r iproprietora„ without the
jug heard my neighbors
f your WQIIn Medicines.
earful effect, although '1
Lmthe result of the oni•
ready. emaciated, sickly,
&fiesta and almost
already begun to make
wake trial of your val
or great joy. the Worms
arJ strong holds upon
of Dr. Sonsynes
-WOW perbrody healthy.
with all the mirth
Third an d
tuber, Dr. Scrayne'4,
! gate battled. &e that
Sarsaparilla and Ex.
, vest purifier of the
(liens of the liver, and
,affections they are very
, esd, dimness of sight,
El lo
dte. are cured by these
paitirolarly for Dr.
red of Tar Dills. See
jne is'on each Dos.
Only h 9
i9l ll ;a rrePa ce wte rr ete, a
old be addressed.
ITowanda Pa.
n & Rockwell, Moo-
H. Herrick. Athens.
& eatults, She-
*allkra & Co., Eggi
g do Vorlorg, Troy.-
and the
in the
11 1 MY
viten ts-
Inini *eh'
i t M " Plit
& CO,
it Maio
formed a
.&e. Also:
elOrM's vet) , large asion
and Groceriet, ogether
,a. rancy Goods t . Wi
'ty: of Letups of veriaela•
hof Good', they invite
..,. -balm pOrthimi'ng
".,. - 614 Oetittstiered to
to" veif ;tins phi
tit this 141 e nitiew York:
i regular Physieiotr t if
....nine iwoity of .11 era:
. 0 5414. t it,m. ti f ikat
Am:44okm. • otamgm.AWßA
.10 1 km," ••,« -“441,
g fp, Ik
' 11/1184slidlliegetniarte swot 'die tinitiestiettonlphr
of niedielotedwirdlitilititgrtehlhibillifiediatlidditid his ,
tarya 4 lHeeilhire ,•• ,- 11. ,s , - 4 w‘: _V .9 -e 4
andtlitrthe tendlli ad irjesillinedlladied4iiiipolkire ,
,loilosiodte kuinmioralied deacriptiencedapyrdweasa,:
atellhe vier Spine* ciifi-I obtainYalkstme WAR /18:1103
0 I 11040 NllOl5 YHVH. , sthait : duto rear ago 1 was
Ahead oaf% elflike*, -col4,4llfnebrollictaals, breast
andoolfey andereey' teur• day. etredlit raise cenridem
hie Wall ; my edtegh was eightandikstnoubig..i 'Every
.by I bad violent fever creepiug chiUswatid profuse
sweats et aright, with great didkulty of Matadi:lg and
greenbes of :appetite rely "Islam was smissey peso,
trated being condor-I to my bed most of the tutee—.
Tweitflheigast mamma - pleesittienweLdisoeityst.
tended 4ne:liiOl `after iklikneathig . rellitbeiekfakilleprii
nonmeirif niji ears inetindie: , 4eilead. tareViaiik , ant:
lungs were almost gone, sad I could niehrimilip•4o:' ,
cover.. At ibis star of lay &sou% 1 oak I poostifed
upon tisq n Dr. Seize YabooiiieSpospi Old before
1 hake lid( a &deo bettleircwas gofer 4er:event&
as to i.e t ,go tiara dis•house. ft seenerdte strength,
eh My eiliede eynteow—it tenesnal eke we* senhatep
ped lbs itleeding—tay bowels became ierderf bid -
everyrthhis InitiWasemetee digest easily sot *mai*
Ivey wholreertes. indeed Omit "
was'ille.repii pros
grew of my heath and so seidderrthershinarcthat I
became toe sanguine Ws speedy cuts, ltd uleieisk' ii 4
'eel the use 'of thWatelicine `beforeAlie, discos was
thorough!, minding; which remdledin weraher attack
of hfrediagat the lunge flirt tail. aimintpatried try a ilia
tresahreeengh. 1 agent emersion's:a -taking '‘elltil. ,
moose Syrnp,•lind not for Dr. Iteenewk who; upon sr
careful elaminatioa, Welded me to edatinuo-using in
Before I had taken Ifour bottles, an abscess formed ih
soy aide, whichrthked and twalm, dischs%it' tgoistreare
as i can judge ' s of very diYagreeable yellow mat.
. This to cleanse and purify my whaler:ye
on. Er esi this. time I began to Pi better, and am
'happy to any entirely moweeed. lam sere st din
tune henjny dieter beehtetinus thin:elm the 'last tan
years. :fie I commentead (skies the Puhrienie Syr
upi.l has. never tailed to recentmeed it wherever I
went, that eilienr, as welt as myself Might 'bogeyed
saved from that awful 'disease ; for I Seel it' a duty I
owe to dm el/lined to publish it to the world. Permit
me is neentiou a few eases which have wine wider my
immediate observation. Dying on a visit to tAsneden,
N. .1., last summer. I seer a child, evileady-ii the lint
stage of bowel coasuniption. The mother •Andeigned
woe that the physicians bad given the child up as in
curable. I told-her whit Inwefit I bad received from
the nee of fleheeielre Polnionic 'Byrop, and Woe d
rto procure .a bottle. I heard nuking- mete from
t tilde aniferer anti) about then monde .iifter; :being
i the market, my attention wade:pro tea lady who
o ved me very attentirety. Bhellnaiirmiprimebid
gne, and asked if I was writ the lady who reeononend
ea Sebenek's Pub:Donk Syrup to her dying -child last
stormier in I :louden. I replied that I was. bite mid
that her child had entirely moaned, and was unconw
manly healthy. Her natne is Mrs. %laws. and now
resides in Brideaborg. Another lady I gnash/ mention
in punkahs', whetted a actofeleas aStetion. Heeler*
and neck presented one continued oete,and into of her
eyes was 'el-toasty affected with it. ethe had became
greatly emaciated, and to all appearances pastryteovely.
I induced her to sty elehencles Palma= Syrup, which
she did, and is now perfectly eared. Another lady,
Mrs. McMullen, whose residence I grill-give en appli
cation, was evidently in the last stage of Cetunsatritiba,
/ prevailed open her 110 try the Pulmonie Syrup. In I/
very short time she was entirely-recovenol, and now en
joys excellent',health, having become exceedingly fleshy
Them are three cases within my knowledite which I
know were cured by Schenck's Pahnonie4rup, All
who doebt this lastament, and willYake the trouble to
call on sae at my renames Parrish street Ave doors
alleys tenth north side, I think I will be able to satis
factorily convince them by own caw, and othe4s that
I know have been cured by this Syrup. Since my
cure, there have bernan many to we me to know what
I took, that I have had a vary geed opportunity of
knowing • great many that have taken it, and have
been greatly benefitted thereby. and I think if persons
afflicted with Consumption or Liver Complaint, Would
send for Dr. Schenck, and let him carefully' examine
their lunge, and if be says be , can cure them. followthe
-directions, and Firma taking cold, they - will rapidly
recover. • '
-1111 fi
1 ' J
0 %h.
ice los.
of 'fee
'a Coto-
Philadelphia, May :9, 1849.
J. H. IStenzves—Dear Sir-4 have known- Mre.
Leiben for seversl years, as a member of my church,
and have all confidence in her statement, and ant re
joked to find her again reward to health. Arty thing
more. in addition to her sateinent, is needles..
1 : Your., truly, THOS. L. JANE WAY,
Nitta of the North Prorbyterian t'hurch,
Philadelphia. June Mt, 1849. 6th at. above Green.
Prepared and sold by J. H. SCHENCK, st his Lab
oratory M. E. corner Coates & Marshall sta., and by
the following Agent. in Bradford County.
Gen A. Perkins, Athena; D. Bailey. Leraystrillet T.
Humphay a fell; Maynard & Woodburn, Rome;
J. J. We Monrooton ; D: D. Parkhurst, Le Boy;
C. E. R base; Canton ; King & Vadat& Troy,
and by MIX & MASON, Towanda.
Price, $1 per bottle or $5 per half down,
To Use Victor belongs Ike Spoils.
ALTOUGH . Insay prevention' in th bircenf* Priths.
far diedianes." - ban'been hrforeempridie, dein.
Inc to giverebef, and 'bets mint the Moe' inveterate
dimities, yet nene.liave so melt anaentral tint purpose
as Pr. Shaman's 011etlieeted Larengna. They ere,t ,omses,.
ble to the twee, easily edunniatered, and from the ne•
prereclen4y , sneeess which they have met with, and ibe
•rernstrics ante whieh they have performed,
if justly lay claim to the title of Con gum? otter-11e di
mmest for whioh. they have twee reecunsmnikci.' Dr.
skcotian I.O3ZEMAW
Coes the - room MutitimasassentlDeoeli in a bar home
They here core 4 els* somber of persons whit bite
hers given' op bylbrirphysieuntaand friends, and many
who have been reduced to die scree of the Steve by
spittinghload, Consomption and Hectic Fetes, by their
use have had rose of health melted to the haggard
cheek mud new live to speak forth thole-4w of this
invaluable meillenie; Dr. tinverinim's
Have been pievedlis more than 400,000 cases to be in
falliabby in feet the ceitain, Worm 'Destroying
Medicine ever discovered. • 'Children wilt' eat them
Then they COMMA be forced to take any ether mevlicine
and the benefit deriver honk the administration of medi
cine to them in this nano is great horrid conception.
When the breath of the-child liceetnes offensive. and
there is picking of the nowi,Jgrinding of tbenose.gritid
nig if the tee di daring slam , Mimeo iikopelhe Drile
with. Bushed chests, Weeding •nt die' now; heeled*
drowsiness, searting•doring "sleep, disturbed dreamt*,
awskilig with frightuing screams. treibleawnicteriugh,
fewrisharsaf thirst, veradons appetite, sickness at the
statrachwed bloaled . minisch—theas are irdetryp 'the
MOW. psamifirni of worms, and - eafi • fie
iAtititilsittossnitas. They have
newer boaaltnoilft taloa 'ithinitants
RONevirtglandlichernereets sairkheashehe,perpittlien
of the liesifind Meknes, ink frierointftra. TheY core
lowness of - spirits ; despondency, flannels, mute, spawns,
cramps of the stomach, summer or barrel complaints—
they 'keep tayi the spirits, dispei all the distressing of
dissipation, and enable a person to undergo grpst men,
tat or bodly toil. Dr. Rhermen's
to thet
4od Ori.
ypu buy
'On th e
Is opelmowledged by all who have ever used it to he the
ben atrengthing Piaster in the world and e sovereign
' remedy Rie pains roil wraingsin the hack, lninj , aide
breast, neck, limbs, toinis , rheunatiantinirdiago. eta
One million a yearril), not g liPPic the demand.--
Caution hi necessa - y,as-therit wail ny unprincipled
persons who would /dims spurious inside udiai :17
coronniaity, lie careful to get tilienoarea Poor Man's
Plaster, with a' !Tao simile of birWrittert name ea the
hee ***Pw' ether% ana gettaiPas and will do maw hurt
than Ord. tiold , takTiriran. byji USTON ar, POR
TE--R No. t, Brack Row.
078 ON : NV Al,
Of Tray, Drailkord twenty, Pa.
T )ROPOSES making :periodical visit at Towanda
'divine the wisfonr - of every court. He may Tie
found at the IhNsc of J. B. Cross, commencing on . the
3if of September. Reference can be bad hom any part
a the county. An work trananted..'
tli:' un 1:
r.. Prbuy—ft,
im . AttiG A E44111C, i•
kfibbot *its ART DOPTILION . i bit Jo' of elf Wails
•• ego/ tit ssmbiukiret
an. rot I ts, ?quint.* tom St tem KILLA '
fots aorpciatbiminkosavill-
Impitbe it allr wiaCgvi; rwri,besserie itmg,
" portlier or nmseir dor rtits zsurr,sce of" .
• 1 311411 1 01421114 VtiglOW
"W M:. • l iarfl " '
ORM droughw mote poikthilily tooringtokiliforia to6W *Wince of
4oOloneon.ielfoo broooi Jim* of airs isot Joe /wad ito vy
beetle of rod icOmo, card .k.eftd if Otruripkwela
00.4fasiitie ir,-boookeTho Potofilre jolomma son
.. . .
v is ,,, r tia o( Witiettiffe peaty scrums to &ma .
*NI t i Ude Ns +crumpet idaywith tion•yerid•;renee
god dertlemy they ta•ke dirati•Oltiesesteraho ,
~.abdeciVelliber if the Mead t• d• ioeitit. $u in.. i s _thi..
_ ditto sa site" &mild eatiOdUae.110•11•1411. Ar - '
. flobilduaildtatuededeut. **wands Ow
AtallA.l.o.....,:rtnteist,./hosenenotrootaaortueoeo al
„Is e•Ra.ties - no WO) being or Otreakelotal ad
tauddesll - tips . 'at lhompoutile kr kr la..esmbip ee . .
'at Ape! l'arpVel•-litii_sic._ Yam at Moss ! a DT.
jilt, blew
t o
reef T `llvbf us a bottle
frialrAtu'lltuethits tatateßaa.••••••••p 4. ~Z 1.7
se 08 114 0 0:4 0 4.10._ei1l me up It bear . die „ :
'your, tilyc l er at: Dayi, , .
which thew thee& imiefeerldieuatto riviiier,vrtn laie 'tines `-
,Vireihreiro , kastiß o PporA haw chow It ie 7 airly!
1•4 it Ueda) , poi (fa b e . as roatrutuo
Aid RULING 'll/0 : OW 'H - awn awn) it muLtstilluh - ewe *
Tuertotird,Olut 40111..0 rditrus he trunk Tatnii.Yeariat, ,
'Fin dee ma* thoea' baffle, et lieril
Ilealtres thadothuar earit.nsupet -dtaventr purl ditirebt., is'
'wet bitilrEmthi iimaniktkagroGuluirr. Panama and 4dirrj.c
.-turet.t.a:` Tom ettlppear loy-the Patio:um at rem hiMaiet•
ftexpii" thotriar doe ! • • ..
O$L 607111.11 OF *SANTA MOM*
boa Lyre efilawy.m4nro, mon! uritint Wag it
. kmar a IhM
s9lllos ::solleit of iffresparilba,
tforo,Chrt ikrryt.t a ',ells 'Or Our. Ihmt.As
araiso a M ell uri Tear Cowl.
'1 ..l.l.iZ:Lt) i
lir. J. B. !haste of Maw, Oneida Ca, X. T.; edigi ' foreieseet of
Strafe* to tail, mare se dole* oe tamer bedoends es-sedge •
In the Scriutroz COVIT kt the Cif!' 1 Sae Pr*, ort Mrs 7601 el De
twerp. eorder tie Ilberrorhrretrearosemeoro-4 ,-,
A pereuu in the Cltp of Nino }ink had ateaatattarad•ll4
4t re snide of mccilciac, .callle It Hewes INOWl t eu 'll it;
cent. Ike initatice if ille• Orem wituryroadighlt
Moore dower* hr. the. depeorm— Ceur,t at the e i t i, g o i %op
root the cue wee Inferno. sty " the Amor WI: "11.*
dl Weer in7 u a eedomoit Lawyer, as Weer lo; thirdent:
-04010.• TIM de
_pdooded inmaisso.o44. Oat the
of tale/ Weaklier lid iirsamelaripoibilbed PAYAa
olowelogrorepf9oreir.l4o4 l . b 5 t . 00 . 001 41 7 104 oftaile_l4 ll4 l4.
mad, therefore, was nit eaddled" 41 - a we came Cif air lits.
Ali. was WhoodremiiiiiiAlimvabil Haft wag Wawa NO a seesaw
le impel to.;110 AM , s is,peWitcgrdoice• Cie ladjawei stags 11 W ,
.1114M71tatit tAr peNkrzaos.
HASltletrakleitAell 11E:it Cant's P.4.4I4ICTIM6fig
tON•4II ago. osoOrolsOo. Meet :.),Awartm, 1 awe ewl tray efiktad
by it't t enee,ll4l by cow.; tn&l Apo ...It rc tnr
eat ce mike. oleic (acme, -eworecesecd wit coluseitec. ler sr
seoesbs tof,ro I mood Rfter's Pro Vier. Oloil No wedirier. When lateestewe
ell Amen ar awes iAer 1 bid heel wseisetle ay Cahn Nastkow Letratd fait
isky,yedi try ley IM,ParkplotiOklPT fn.& IMO ccoqr4 ewe
er ce eaccrece OW &wad behlatePelpeeilifies,itaily ,
b proteeSA thates: ahoieww." es that
ro , brea th plut.d ii add a; *o hide ceas
IWWWwa.wirUentett q welkaolrrotterblwileeleti throw
Ont ell., No del .4 toddy lonood loos u 4 ovos 044 ave.. 441
Awn sat dweller to oroilmwir *MIA hid Itewalwilet boateil. www/
Wiwi eke." elee. S wed //meet Priam to sewn Nah a O. Ass
It kz4 icct ,
-.idiom days. 1 wog of .nor or sweeirel • dee;
tietissak taterwestlemed VIM eit 1.11 *wad, see le. svA %Aid bedi We ware
bottle I teed 11.. adld.wattyrtetetelVailth es Awegthesed nit tort‘d
wy mew. as ant war aft witer.then witile.te the anomie of M0.,11
temeenl, et Rel. Cele" when I got the elaint toady OaLloollo If
ALL NS U LlClSKSiWAthiwilelitswes ;lbw* sallasseetheast•twrdsewb.
wet I thee atat.d.sesae es dessAws,. wawa 1 tared tax vt,,ch
wade • VICRFICCT ClllllL'ibdtedneed eel. swat &WA& .gOAr NMI
Jfe. 0. B. KINNEY. sureasat. Maw, theeila county. X. Y., in
fretted la that a cancer-doctor In said county was' t,Thr WOO.
drrftl tortilof rectitAthrivab the e•l6tacy of RILINI"la
ItYSNU EXTRACT. A sameccrolmtar to Unceno county, N. is
aho wiln; said Minim ire. A. o.ltErri.R. /tnn,Tl4. nr Canajo.
bane. llowConllnT aanwaY, N. Y.. has Wormed to art
cant of a Cawat.a of,lowg, atandinc. winch was elfin:tot On saliged
lady of that Owe. IC, thferefote, Ptaterta carrot Clow& by tI
g u r .?"% i l le , lill rl i = yl'4'
sod ot the *sad can
penmen sod triumph says there ans
was h as a what hr w/S4llle.
The see. RICHARD DUNNI. NO. - Pastor of the TresiTerries
demob, Adams Beata, Monroe county, N. Y. wrote to :
he Jeer reeolwer &Setae from Coutersitir Dosoortd. relater to the
:are of by rerrer.rare, You our &prod .xt what tt .statto, for lot
Christian man slot 11111 elder in rtleMuryS. *MD rift' 10=0
se hod to hose oue ofbie logos:us AC to aces ht liferJef
of a 'reser-sore. The other_ leg being now antU to
asetratated, I romomombed - Bousres Illitracat a. she re.
salt.. He says: • f Ones mud cry retur. of 13.11.4.Nra1,
signiclNE. I Moroi ALL 110 TE, /Ma lOW " 411 Z 1641
Motteber. sod Ima now say bac with the h/esato of . fakes
ufectoka erre J. t leg.'" bee Pumplike* fur full
DI SA.TRA.Iff DURDARD, of Stawfond, Cons ose of the oldest
end most resplos. phystetsms. ores sfilletee Z.Strr-Cess
pistol many !ream sod was perfreep r
namirs ru•
RI IfYIND Y.XTRACT. We amid owns of other Crew
olio cored.
No remedy oirMed to dm publk ltaa ever beet; 44/ xi aerate trod
Greekeee ix rietoriie &&& the Meidetaxl timireimet add triemiardas
of the rex, m Daurt's Pcutiox&mr &item It makes cm *der ,
moo wbethm the dentagement be mop/Imb% cores. or orb& rook
orn—it ILFARILATTA ALloby ]!le animesi, xemlist.
maecuittox. eM soothese end eassie9 SILItYO9II =MS MITI
or &a pamphlet&
Then the Otto the' teouree. and the tome. of Midi/4 aps—the aea
erure is enerenefet am? the other or prrideollp comm.* et to pre.
nottef4 sa(thelel4.4hethie hvgamatt Itnale il4p•Oll4ftell
loch eheoge.
. .
`Attics, Graeae Co, Fa%wary I. MIL
T.WALIACT. CO.—Gasamire was. for wrote thus
a year. &Meted tart atlases@ of Oe stamob.l cook, mit ea AM
Ild or Em my sohasttee abbe& rename meat part, aleir , sal
mutat= and was imatiastalty Meted arab a sear smarebt a *as
lakatPuldwat.trbiliewApeale 1 41111.40214AED1C011.
to my alter dlearpolnorteat, marl offid - rghowd Ai weal pais
I. I themfbre twat a semat(bargis:whieb has rompletely eared
thedl. n.e lam bow well sad hearty, sod can-eas shwa 11117
lbtar without bear pained, Maw atedieb hematite odd
•r. Wt 1.7=4" sperebent 41111:16
Hutu setriorm, tucutici, ice.
"Itivinit Gomm Co, N: Y. Oct t* Itte.
T.WALLACI k CO.l Sass ciao Ism wooer my
was became in debilltated Item the bets tworrassz and Nero
=l, „ akage t t r aad=o,,,,chad ra t r . tri;
zi,,, , *;=pr in iav deas edis= %Tem perati m datta „," tril i t l e /la
lw=t 016 *it iparnsigedt eat aninta.likege:t aka,
to more theft adglaydlei panels: bat by the time ebb had
takes Aar /stabs, she became perfadly wen. Tbe adolmPirZ
that she I. mar Molded to do all timesnary household wort,
wilted Wily paissibr habit kw weeks.
" roma truly. C. H. GALENTINF.."
The miller wilt Arne that Oacianat rya wleria
RN we am informadAly Tutu, tag.. ot s th a saw Nam. bar
odw dria itinisrvf ihricatir; colt/mot theooofrirrooporor
flops of CALOMEL Cr MtiCtlllr=or *dna TeStOIN tM
elailit*M l 4l l .loll4aftibrptuist 'to tMolg arfglld. *coon
, •
Mr. A. TiOLTSTAiiIiER, Ohertia, 3.ariais Co., fain,
Wren*, December 111.+1114..evieir ambled hem idre sebum
iIbeIaIDNARY BAL S A M Wei ellrerert the eery mr.ter rcike
Me' eine ele' t..l4mirrieeteeeidrreseel mraarrrs PLE
2. l4 , lzzein g a l= a
cirel SaVIGNIATS artreeobst I here ere, mea. l i e envy in
sea whore , ire brit veld •WiltAirlNC arEDrcner.s, , ari !mei
"nerd their diasq,as sittAt 'Astir Action."
..All-t RHEUM,
smd // lb" noon, are OM' S MO b
asuarrs =Tam?:
For sale by HUSTON 'dr PORTER,"l'inirinda'
C. H. Hirtirde, Athitkiv 0.-H.Hatfibene o Eaten ;
D. Potrichung.,. ilrawn-AAackwell4lioniwt.
I °9 E. W Paird,l'uounerOckl ;
oblong D • '& Son,lA;Rayaville ;1:s l'uniptry ,
Orwell; Maynard _
VV. tree*,
Uoryiall&Clalillerlingtotr; ii. &
Iwo TM. ••• - . d, Or? .• - •
. 6 c-All tellers and ' . erikrs nmai !!d_dresperl to l~l r ai.
& 100 'headway, N. V. 111
, • ;
1.. M. 'NYE & CO., would ra
'PeettlY infOrtn the citheni of Tose
itinilshey rd the prbreerezi e tty, that
Li gst! Ito orderlr Wash of . ,CA BIN El'
'FURNITURE, of the hi* - mate:
■ • in rhthe, and tivitikitritiehili thee ttiettlet
lAtiurpassed;inadaniontottisointal, coluatty-lholps, wn-esiithsviltl bandana
tuakplci,!inier SOFA; ot.various and asioit.apprpsed.
patierns ; Sofa Ifoching Chairs, tipholiterta Fn **nor
style. and fat one ilia ilinnof be siitremed
even inlar- largothies. Also, the half .Iwrisieftlifii
horsy- ssit • •
which never loser ite l atiastiegy e lipl finished with the
best hair seating. Writafteeritirsolves that Itasin
hatrtimch - eiiirtitteli WNW &rim's', Welfitt# Ntj
to satisfy sl t * lio'nilfkef.dakietkyl - te4alDhoili , :as td
quality . stsrpriticitni Ai stria littentio6Whinirrkis
hope tomtit find rooai.d thepatrrinitgenf
-• • L. 111: NY} &'CO: . -
Toarandi Hoge . f •
AT 8 jus" "f te * ll • oFrOtribe celebrate
' •lve, "
/tot Oaremilovelar,cbcor ‘
lot of rlolhiag,'a/ the new 4:l9tltiaq, afaliat r 1 jtT q ;
1 13/.ck Row : - IT. & eillticEn.
. inam-loat
r i
- — .3 - - i --- 7.17.-':- •-:,.--. 2;:,: - . - z - •- - • - . -- ....
miititat , munimmic stoic
...: •
z• ~ 1..,•,, t ,;, ~•.,,, ,- ~..,,,.. yr, ". .
-i' r tt rI WPi d p k - 04* 1, g ("14154, Real:
.V,...,ltiti** 7 4 l ol ll *v 4%44 Bek44ek,.
E tk0 103101 t, , R4 11 1;-C.i.iiI , 914km. Oiogno,"
tdas•liOngoltiliniq*... Nanner Pli6 ;o , 4
. 4 die. ifsei 14.5011r4, Wm* (014
Cliisisil iitinlii!io 141.*V. OdOws7i,j sail Cli es i wy,
,P l /0 46 4 13 0 1 e* IPAiiir, ..,Oinnuin, _ 400 es
• ''''n: - illeinjas. ken
7 A-101 4 i? ' : 4 ,..
Ltpinietii - ''• . 4 4 °' '• - / • -
. .
'Mahon (pes iltepiiiitiOper rirter, 4 so
' ll4 06
'''E ititifiMatoiood- rittireirk _ . 294
Ai', roinitiatirictiogidoneekt.,on the pi tik ,.
it,,Yne*Wdie 4ltrre
shigskied. anitthentibertifiise, wilinnitedditimirelawse,
-Toaryipaarlittly,witr , studio the Engliidi briod iek
, ibirlerno liflimnidng-aith• of tbe-sbowe.beineirs,o,,
pwalennien . . ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' $3 Oe
. l owskint , --difr-Osiimr, • • 4 oil
.Unit of flame; •.: - .-' .'1 . 7S
Diftwincaind painting-in-wager Colors. including •
thou's or midetiwilionnebtas,titnnwing piivest,
Pligo 4, Pulcill4Ake-i -, •, = , - • 400
0111tmotMigota possimg.. , ,ti
. P 4 1910% trii!PPCMOI 10.84...~ . . aka 4% 11004h/in .
the oupplt of rooteriaLr, iamb ' -,..-. 404
' Y l n_ 7 l. l 4 l o ll ,liMea Mel ? *dk and ye4P4slef
1. ' kaif7flimlirem,...... - . ',- . • .- :. -: SOO
GirAng "I , OIL gm*, dee. „ do. 309
Wntlloweri;„Ar iter ,
.., • . •
Pens and tli,
fl . ,
.;' ' . - ,''4 De
,5 1
Vidiling. , " - .
. . 2tt
I tortiinil e j''raeattOrss,i 00 per week, •
' feltiettsikiAdoWneniedtolh e Waite Winn
edßlPPlN L lting!iiinton, o,rooliw c0 .,- . Pi Y., will it.
~ ... .
em , it prompt ollmttiorp. , '
• •
.4/ 11 4
. • ..
T ann W. 11011k0X m
7 Ins ?eoted his md b it , h.
Meal° the s betivern Kingstery's and B an .
totes stares.-sad 'where be- still solicits a Awe et
public. patreetsfee- He intends, by a caref u l te l ec o m
of . Week, and by attention to the interests of bis casco.
tners_to make.aa wet led durable wink as ewe be ma.
nufacturesi in this pad lot the country.
ila will keep constaney on hand, and nwatif o o tto
to co 4, &roam. Calf and Coarse Boas sad sh oo;
Ladies . - ,Gaiters; Mora and 7* . ps ; Ckildrat's do. ;
Gepes Callas curd Pumps, 4te.
fa - tountry Produce, of most draeriptieso, bl ot ,
payment tor-work: at the market price, •
Towanda. April 26, 1660.
Iva - 0 Witi=7; 1311
et F. HARDER rtsp;ctfully wishes td inkom th e
V • citizens of Towanda, and the publit-Ast bi h
commenced the •
to Towanda; on Mehl 'street, a lies. doois Awe Bride
street, where he will keep eaustimtly on halal IN Midi
10 010 J Plated and common Harness, Trunkt end
Trunk Pofices,and alt kinds of work in his line. CAR.
to order. Prom his experience in the business, rid
punctuality in attending to it, be hopes hems, mein
a abate of puldic piitrunage.
03. A 11.41114 of work may be had at his shop cheap
aer than at any other shop in this enmity.
Towanda, June 12, :860
Remoied to Honk side Public Square!
W 4. Chant tecriin,
I% ll As just returned I/milled , '
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Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fro.
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Gold Pens. Keys, etc. A lao, all sorts of Silrersie.,
and any quantity of Steel Beads—all a which he offal
for sale exceeedingly cheap for CAelp.
Watches repaired on abort notice, and tranolui
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Towanda, April 2R, 1860.
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Also, Iter sale, the Greafertbetig Manual of Wrath t
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of &sow 300 paper--price, be Cents.
N. H. A. Family Newspaper:will be given,fat
charge. for one year, to all who purchase Gractnelli
All commimications most bo alibi:lowa to P. C. br
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Tuvtaty.l.), Maul 9, 1919