Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, June 01, 1850, Image 1

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&moth witajttrAManyfbroaroa,
b a tkat fait' M01MA..534. 0 0re4s
,When you beittledwofr bfdal vow..
'Joy wove lilkoltoigler tOitsiittis-round us:
Peaceuollieol.4 . o44teMomiling train; -
Mirth in hisoWtagincleAmtind nx„ • ,
Whenq4ll4o , e4l4,ippiGrief and Pain,
Ye1f, 11 ' 10 0 4r 5,..,...k.14 my - Kathleen.
Sint* yen bretnniliottrOldal vow.
fropesniiiding o'er as. tolt.o_
0 G o d, to sce mite -
Toter. your eyliirtfriinz. waning.
.p see your hrovi - 50:seam.j with pain,
4vsee !now ifungerotaired tooth draining
- The life-IdOod'froniiirth throbbing rein !
Fair was our first-bonyAttbleen t
As it hung upon your breast ; • .
Oh! seep not. weep not. Kathleen.
Why mourn its speedy rest !I.
And tell me not its smiles would liehten
The partgs that revel through this heart:
Bar- bow ;Mild, simile. its young cheek brighten,
While Famine struck with venoned dart!
bur ivt. our youngest Kathleen ;--
Foreire this strbg,rting
D 3 sinking cries, my Kathleen,
gins ever on shy ear.
0 God. to bear its plaintive teeing'.
To see your look of dark despair,
, %'hen the mother's fountains failing,
Its lips conifulsiite drank but air! •
tett on Lith tinsorii„ Kathleen—
:, All. save your lore: is fled !
lla.what-my_ wife ! my s3,hleen !
Fiend, Tempter, ihe's nor lead!
ewe Witlohute eyes so blindly,
Fan me with thy gentle breath.
speak' even riiihtlycir unkindly—
Kathleen, Eatipecn, is this Death
722 221.032711,DZ EMI
. i‘ a lonely mill, cloFe the liule
hamlet of Utlorf, near the Rhine .hone. between
the rillazeA of Hemel and 1.7re1, on the left hank
below Bonn. 'nth% mill raid to have been the
amine of the following, Oory
It was on a ganday tirminit;" Ages long: ago"
era a e miller of this ttiill, and - his whole him ily,
rem fotth in bear the , hoixstpass at the neare , t
thumb in'the village of tie:rel. Tile mill, which
was also his re.idenee, war left in charge of a t et
rant girl named Hunnehen, or Jenny, a 'teat heart
ed lass, who had long lireit With him in that ca
parity. ' An infant chili, of an age unfit for church
:a•-lett in her (lame likewiSe.
The 241 was busily employed in preparinir tlin•
ler for the return of her master and family, *hen
who should enter all nt a fauhlen hot an old sweet
heart of hers, named Heinrich Hone!or, He VC as
ttn idle. •Z-rareiess fellow, Whom the miller had for
bidden ho hi - mar -Aug whom Jenny, with Ike amia-
Ne perversity peenlinr in her sex, Verily like 1. per.
ba,14,41 the better, bersinsie ruloWs :are him no
coantenance. She was Wad to see him, and she
him so too: and aithongh in the midst of hey
in . " l / 4 , Ole not only ant him isnmet:iln2 to eat al
tore btr, :114.0 Tonna lime to Pit tlncrn 'eh him & . rtkl
care a zro-ip while he despatched tie food she
re' before him. As he ate, however, he let fall
tni , e
"Pick that np, my lass." said he, in a joking
tray to the Rood-natured girl.
'Nay. Heinrich," she replied. "yoni back should
zmre tku Dle Than mine, for you have less work
to ease it still., I labor all day long, and you do
ocr:4: 1 Bat never mind! 'twoold go hard with
•41e, and i refused to do more than that for you, bad
be r
ass spoken half sportively. and ball in
good earnest ; for, kind-hearted as the girl was,
and much as she liked the scrape trce, she was
too honest and indnAtrions herself to ' enconrage or
aPProie of idleness and a sn.rpicioterconoie of life
marry one else. however dear to herr, She stoop
ed down s aeernlilingly. to pick op the knife. As
Us was in the act of riNing. however, the treacti
tuns villain !raw a dazter tmrn under . hit coal
rut caught her by the nape of the neck. irOpirre
ar.throat firmly or ti his fingers to : previlint her
creaming the while,
Now, lass. he saki. sirearirm oat a had +salt a;
'§e tame time. " where is maser's money ?
Ore that or yotir lite; sti take vont choice." ..
The terrified girl would fain have parleyed with, bat be would hear nothing she contrt
"ifister'e.thimeiy or : your life, hoe!" wits all
the &mike; he vacitakei miter eiiioeuiieesuici ad-
Pra! , ' , f , 4 a Choipoe awe," was the citify eller
-4.11e he ntirted ;-er; "'he :race or the zoldr' there vire< no hope of-merry at
- 4. I.: anti. stiff Few it. her Retire re . .etti'l•••3
he: tl L w the Lteiteraht% a her
n 1 fear 41 her : rt ,hr ; , ,Nr 1•1..„1 ( . .011-4Y
(4,111: 41t1 Anfl•••1 15111".1 her o.nti!
1,..0 u , 141.• t‘liou ei,erg.'-
1'"0 .47..111 , ..e.i kn WI% .• ily.n r•'
fe‘ 4....ce ever .1.. PI Ca Ali 1.1 el*
:rt.' in pre•-e:CO' .1 awf in 11.4 , 111 , %•••A V
t'ret y emetgi'llsey, mite 141 , -ur.).-.e.r.ed the tearev
t.t conies* teen.
- well, well. Heinrich !'' she rrsitnedty,
is niti-1 Le. But if you take the
4 04ey, I eZtail • even go *long with ye. This mll
111 home for tue any. iTlO7.e. Btu sae your_ripe
cf rr.y neck - a scieet4e r. 4) hard; !caul
Ita.e, you ho_ me twist. And Ff I e.iii't sin. you
.get the inottey Oe know. Be
s&., time presse.s; and it itheitorie at att. it most
tx h one quAly, s= thehousehohl aid ehartly be
tea from BerseLn
The ruffia n relaxed his gripe, -an& flaunt, to ge
' 42 ISOU Her reasoas were ill cc em with h.. 1
e ciaiilr •
~. 9 t~~
1 1 113 L 18 110milli, f 5A7RDAY, Ai TOWANDA, *LAD
- -------
B ‘,Come," she sai,d , 5
, g quick ! quick t—no delpy.
The MeriWils'iblitistei's bisiliiiiiiii."i - ' . •
..., She ifilietityo s;44 11 1 1 0144, lkieflt,fhet A:Ilion:-
al closely atter betle.: Abil.led thissesiy into Ili t
master's betfirtioni,'-ittt lifolmett . obi' the - boaii in
OA Ns 'tmer iiiai seEuFed. ' —.' ''-
~. ii Sem" Ejset saisl,,yeaching him an t, is which
lay ittircornar oCtitwsonm, a this will wrench it
ifrodnat once :'add. while t oh- are, tiring- it op,
! tewllpl* IS lap npAtairtt to my own aparnnerit, soul
get a few ihin i p ready faucet flight, as : well. as
my, own saline for-the last five years."
The - Tufillui was'thrown' nit his itanl'lsy her
openness anti iippalint anii e ty to mpini: him.
ifilic,*otists, he deceived-Wit ' , when self
deceit was toast certain to his riemnanien.
a Gn, - (agsr.". wail all he 'raid; bin be not long.—
Thisilob Will be done in a twit.Eling."
She dieappeared at ;hese word. He inneediate
ly brake opisn the 4Fliest, mid trao soun, engaged in
rummaging its tvntents.
As he was thus employe*. however, absorbed
in the contemplation irisL prey,. and eagerly oc-
Ciipied •in
.4tetiop, 'the - .brave
hearted girl stole down the stairs on tip toe. Creep
ing softly along the passages, she speedily gained
the door of the chamber unseen by him and like
wise unheard. It was hat the work of a momet
for her to tom the key in the *ants and lock him
in.' This done, she reshed . forth to the outer door
or the mill and gave the alarm .
" Fly ! fly !" • s'ie shriek's., tri• the Child, her
m'aiter's lime
.boy, an infant fire • years old, the
only being within rdglii or ..tound of her. 1 -fly ! fly
to lather fly fur your life Tell hire we shall ad
be murdered tin he haste not bark ! fly !"
The child. %t'ho ws at play before the door, at
once obeyed the energetic command of the brave
girl. and sped as fa.. 4 a. his tiny legs you'd carry
him on the road by which la. -knew his parents
!rebid tVttim from church. ti.macheit cheered
him onward, and hispirited his little heart as Le.
•‘ Bletis thee. boy! bless thee 1"/ she exclaimed,
in .y. f te glailness of her heart; ,; an mater arrives
in 1 o ila offer up a taper on the aliar of our
tiles.Aeti Lady of the Kreatiberg. by Bonn."
She sal down on the none -bench b the mill
(loopy) ease her over excited spirit• and she wept ;
as che,tiat, at the thoi4hts of her happy deliver.
'• Thank God! she ejaculated, a thank God far
this escape. Oh! the deadly villain"! and Iso fond
of him. too''''
A sti4ill.i.t from the waled window of the
chamber iv which she had shat up the ruffian Hein
rich. caught her er. and made her start at once to
her (q.t.
f.hei tieartl him show,
" catch the -child, and come hithen ! Bring the
hny here. and kill the girl !"
She glanced Isastily up at the casement from
which the impritinied vitlaiu's hand beckoned to
sortie One in the iliStaiwe, and the., looked anxious.
ly aher-her infant enii-Aary. The little inft‘serrger
liehl en his way unhdtmeil, however i and Ehe
thought it herstqf that the *lam was alatte win
rai:Lett to excite her fear, and overcome her resolu
timt must : howeier as the child retched a hub
low 4 spot in the iic:it field—the chaotic] of a thal3t
al drain, then (try wi th the heath of summe rile
.aa• another rnliiati start up from the bed f
()vain. and. catching high in his arms, hasten tow &ifs.
the mill, iii accordance with die directions' of hip
acetimplite. In a moment more she formed her
future plan 'of pmeeedinf Retreating into the
mill, she donble-locked and bolted the door—the
only apparent entranre lo the edifice, every other
means of obvious access to the interior being bar
red by means of strong iron gratings fixed against
all the windOws ; and then took her post at an op•
per casement, determined to wait patiently either
her master's retort-, and her consequent delivery
from that dangerous position, or her oeu death, it
it were inevitable.
Never," rani 'Ate to hens% "never shall I
leave my roaster*s bonen a prey to Barb villains, rir
permit his property- to be Ferried off before my
eyettby them, oldie 1 have life and livreorb to
lend it,"
She had barely tinte toe' are herself
o-ben the ruffian from u Mink tinkling the hap
child in one hand, and a long sharp knife in
the other, abPailed.the door crith kickf y did cuiFee,
and ernprerarinto nf, ihe most dresalral etieraeter.
-‘ Con fiinpil thee r, he erferi, applying the Innk
rst of whicb the free-epeaking Tectonic
langna;ter. ere Fo copious i " open the door, or
4 4 If you can, you may," Waa all flu, unble
replied " God is venter %bait yen, spa 03 iliza
pcu cnyr trma."
Cut the brat's tirmitr' stared :be impri4nnerl
rnikan alien e: -‘ than will have: ler to reapcn "
II aron-hen wit.. tie ..;41a3l
rd c ice,. For . a ih.-nseal her
I^-4 .44/.:. :I, aiereii ta I: arc pal} a niiimriri
,ieath rev-alai if r•Le all.
V•new 1.17.3 her ma-•.
Irrv.J7.! tr rt , t , t , ea Flit. h. 1.1 nn :I.44ret . it. hare
r+'.•., the ide t:ie N‘r„ie.l t‘y
/11.1,.6.• n , ••. !.‘ 64: as a..;401.-.2. volta9-1
2ust. Toneeiiiie:ll:y !teat i.e , t t.
her re,lice to abuir !die via. a lwe trfe ft-taunt
ed, or til a.4.51-t.tace rdiettlif reach her..
Ara 3e °pert not the door, - bi.outed the tilla!:t
train irrthout, acrotnpanyatz his is rails iruit the
abtse, and the fien.-ell imprecations, - 4
fiat OIL. trhelp's lirn64 to plecL44 with my trite.
I and then buni Abe mull
. orer your least . be
'a-merry blaze, tozoc."
I put my tre.o-in Gad," replieJ the rlanntless
, nerer 341411 ye set Ellot Within the walls
tyLile Itste 'We to present ye
The ruffian laid•the infant tot a maateat-on the
sward as he iscaqht oho= for consbe-Obies where
with ns execute big - #xter Ibtrat. • In this search he
esPle4, PeA', ale only prit2eTekm4eilie
tracce the buildirL. •• or, z ve.nzrz it.
wall, communicating with the great wheel and
-thifi other machinkry of the mill, aid was a point
entirely unprotected, for the Wilkie that Mo.:Simple
ascripints had never Supposed it feasible for any
one to seek adatikdon through
_such a dangerous
valet Elated with his discovery, the roffilan re-'
turned to the infant, and.tying the hands and feet of
the litUt : innocent, threw it on the ground even isa
butcher will fling a lamb destined lei the slang,h 7
egc to await his tinie,for slaying. to then stole
back to the apertnre, by which be hoped t effect
an entrance. All this wgs unseen by the damndest
girl Within.
In the meanwhile her Mind was bailed with a
thousand cogitations,. She clearly. perceived that
no means would be left nrtried to effect an en
tranre, and she knew that on the exefusion orher
foe depended her own esistetice. A tboUght struck
"It was Sunday." said she In herself; the mill
never- works nn the Sabbath : Flippnge I set it a,3n.
ing now! It can be seen afar (a: and haply mas
ter, or some of .his neighbor i, srunde7ing at the
rieht, may haste hither to know the IMMO, 4A lucky
thought," she exclaimed; "'its God Seat it to
me !"
No sooner said than done. Being all her hle
accustomed to mill was but the work of a
moment for her in set the machinery in motion.—
A Sri-k breeze which sprang up, it were by the
special hi:ell:cc-it:on of Providence, at once set the
sails tlyinz. The arms of she hisie engine whirl
ed room! with fearful rapidity; t4to peat wheel
sluwfy revolved on its axle i the smaller gear turn
ed. an.! creaked and groaned. accoolut as they
came into action; and the mill was in Cull opera
it was in that rely' instant that the ruffian Deitts
er had succeeded in squeezing himself through the
aperture in the wail, al 11,1 Zetting safely !edged in
the no el lo: of the great &rem a heel. If is dismay,
linwever, was holescilltabte when lie bean to he
whirled about with its rotation, and found that all
his efforts to put a stop to the pnwerful machinery
which sea it in moin.n, or to extricate himself from
his perilious sinia:inn, were Iruidess. fins crier ,
weremost apps:; jog : his shrieks were truly fearful;
his iinprecatlon.s were horrible to hear. Ham/rhea.
hastened to the spat. nett sttw him caught, hke a
reptile as he wa , , in his own trap.
It need not be added that she did not liberate
him. She knew that he would be more frighten
ed than hurt, if he kept within his rotary prison;
and she knew ; also, that unless he attempted .to
escape, there was no danger of his falling out of
it, even thrtnith he were insensible and inanimate
all the while In the mean time, the wheel went
mund and mund with its steady, nnrea.4iftg motion,
and round and round went the ruffian along with
it, steadily and-unceasingly, too. In vain did he
promise the smut hearted girl to wort her nn harm;
in vain aid he implore her pi - y an his helpless con.
dition ; iu vain did pray to all the power! of heat en,
and adjure all the powers of bell to his aid. She
u-null hot hear nor heed him ;, and, unheautl and
unheeded of them likewise. muttering curses, he
was whirled sound and romm in the untiring wheel.
until at-last lerling and perception tailed him, and
and he s.iw and heard no mare He fen seeseless
on the bottom ol the engine-, bat even then his in:
aviirnate lady continued to be waided roam!, and
round, its before; the brave girl net daring to trust
to - appearances in mtet:inn with such a villain,
and being. therefore afraid tosuspend . the workii
of the machinery , or stop the mill-gear and tackle
from running at their fullest speed.
A loud knocking at the door was shortly after
h=ard. and she hastened thither. It was her mas
ter and his family, accompanied by several of their
neighb'rs. Theitnaccistomed appearance of the
mill sails in full swing on the Sunday, had, as she
anticipated, attracted their attention, and they had
hastened home morn church for the purpose of as
certaining the cause of the phenomenon. • The
father bare his little boy in his arms; be had cut
the cords wherewith the child was tied; bat fie was
unable Ip obtain any arzonnt of the extraordinary
cinitrastances that had occurred Iran the talk:li
ed innocent. • -
linnnchen. in :Crew eentdc; told all ; and th . en
the spirit which had sn- - tained her so Inn; and en
well while the eraer;eary le.stel. fiaricink her at
once a 4 it passed sitar she fell sewage,* lek.
the arias of the milteetc'eklftl son. and Watt with
:seat cliiiyutty rerovere.t.
The machinery 451 the 'mill wag. at owes ?mopped.
and the inanimate mien dra=ed fer:h from the
=feat Wheel. Tae (after rothali itra.4 brod;ht down
from hi, papip, both were' then hound,srui I , ein
off to Boma- to a safe; aeon, and, in doe
ems.; came ender the hazuls Uf the toirri• execu
It %TA. not Hannvlirn Nvii'nura
1 , ..i.40zrn0m vilk4 Wien bait fim
ho.r. :071,1 well, 0 , 14 1 r! , Prer , AaS
. 11 , , , ,vettns! • 1.-sipt:7 In
h.t. many var.. n,.1 .1 al a :saki itqe
~trrmtvOrft tn. a 17,, ,, uNbi",•• tr,ett T. the
'tt.ur nr her kir, tai, hr4ce-lit,trienl vrettpan tror.4l
-teul.der she Itirs.t CLe ta:e (.1 her ( .1 4ti ,;,en, amlh er
deli , crate e.
C the e of a z-rnT enni:4l!!:gi.
a kl I memo ,
y : rit a critt:gitatiriti treweb.-
o'.moirlF that r never Lena,' until it bremtg.,:
of of a mentors . *!iat- rec-ollerts the pleacurrf na
getiirtg tlie.gain‘of getting sober.
A cler2pnan pm) itc: at comp meeting in a mast
fervent manner tor Itte. Txmer of the !dent to be
cmtailed, a teali:mt ofa neve fondly exclaimed.
Amen! yea s bless fie tor, cu: he taabixiack =woe/
A eery tan elan was in tin wasuts of Bohai a
few days Giros. An old lady, who admired his
untie statue, addressed him : Mister, ware you
large when you were small r
- Yes. mum, I was coasiaeree, big ?Item I m•
Talk riot to Me of future bliss, : l'L''; .
Talk dot to me of joys gone by, , .-/ .
For us the. happiest time is this •
When Jove bids time to fly ;
.Though futurere, doubts may overcast -. ~_
Tat shadow Hope's young bitow,
Oblivioa's veil may shroud tbeirtals ,
The itMappiest bawls now, , 4
Though flowers, in spicy vases irrowti '
I i
&bps. ciders yet exhale,
Their Oagrance, when in air 'tie be . '1.%
Breathes sweeter ofl the gate ; -7s
I.ite faded Sewers. each Parted b ss
Let mehiciri keep. but how i I I
Can by-gone joys be like to thit!
The happiest time is now. t:
Unmarked our course'before as lies
On time's eternal foie,
As soon the sparkling ripple dies
As o'er the waves we glide t /
Like birds which weary of the wing,
$n genilly on the bough.
Then lef as gaily sail and sing
The hippiest time is now.
A Tasket In a. Sltowei Bath.
Kind reader, did you ever take a shower bath ?
I mesa a nght cold one, and in cold weathers If
ynu have, you will know how to appreciate the
feeling of my friend, Tom C— upon the motnen
trras occasion of his firA shower bath, in the city of
80-ton, and month of 31ateli, 184—.
Torn C= hails from a long tray " Down
Eat ; " or, as he u-ed I::m.elf to say, he "was
brought up as near to sun-et as he coold get widow
burninz. and where the woods were so thick the
moon eouhritt rise without help" He stands six
feet two natural ; and six feet when he stretches.—
Ms breadth is nut quite in propoilion. tittliongli has
bones were goneo up fora glow. Hail they been
fairly cm ered with flesh, he would hare been val
uable to " Barnum " -The truth is. Tom was very
lean indeed, iutd airs leataries. autioed him ex
ceedbezly. tits clothes would be open at The el
bows and kmles ire half the time of th^se of his fal
ler fellows, and Tom rowed to get fat ; if only for
the sake of eclonoroy.
Some Lind friend recommended the Grua:num
i 4 likely to tat beneficial, and Tom forifirtith en
rolled himselliat Shelidan's. It was there I fir!‘t
met him, and is right good fellow, wnh a plenty of
lan and w,t inj him, he proved to he, Invite of Lis
unpromising exterior,
Among the gymnasts, Dr. 'W—tvas conspicu
ous for his sk k all atite!elic feats, but al .tor
bis beautiful ; 'compact form, and superabundant
muscle. When he " peeled," his arms and chest
looked smooth as a woman's, and yet as muscular
as I ore of a " po;:kei Ilerrnies."
'low our friend Turn envied the Dr ! Many goes.
lions did he put to him about regiment, exercise,
&c.. and their efiett in pmilut-ing tiesh!,on human
Lame. The Dr au ri bu led his tedundaprp to p!eit -
ty of exercise, pfetity to eat, and abov4all, to the
daily use of the shower b.Ai:
Waal,'' said Tom one day, with his inimita
ble draw!, " shore I've skinned up and down
these ladders and ropes lung, eiiuff; as fur eating
- taunt to be expected that one man can eat entid to
taiten suck an ahired skeleton as mow. I •vish I
may be darned tt I daiik try that shower you
tell so much akout it."
As Torn and I were as thick: es two such thin
men couLl be, I volunteered to show him where
he could ebt one in short order. We accorilinzly
- .Started for the United S. 11.itel, then called Texas-
Fu the basement s.ory of tins hawse were a large
number of badiang rooms tined up with hot, cold
and shower baths. The latter was temporary box.
es C.:Witting on end, with l thmrs btil:ing on the in.
ride, arid a very capacimis showering apparatus to
the top.
I Went to take a :sorra bath, whiTo Torn intde
ready fur his cold one in the nest room. As the
pant:ions were very thin I heard lust soliloquish
mg something slier this fashion—
f Wall ; now, that upwright coffin with holes in
the bottom, and a sieve in the top, may pass tor a
shower bath Isere, but I guess if wo had it down
east,'lssroulds't be long afore we had at sot (tweets!
—Blst the dng! wonder how it works! fiord
you So-an, Sally, what's your name I" calling to
the .errant girl, •• just come here and show me
how the crater works. I don't see uo shower."
Oh! ray !" erred the girl, ‘• don't )00 tune•
how ? Why ! 'll.* ea 2 ,5 clad ! Yoli pull oil. :.Etc
mrio t 2, acrd I sous yinfil WAS a bhower, awl feel it
Tam, who Atonal . outside, hoed of the
artabefote the girl 4.-obid kite:lose, gave it a
ilwateudoas pug %rhea tioixo came a delugoof wa.
tot, vattoring them, real sachnomin; the ca:pet.
Three, now you !seer' said tao 3rd andvraot
ly. •
Yor, t see note,'' replied Torn eery cooly..
11•: Lui_• aril u.-cal n.e G tuhjerat4r, Lat.' :Lail a pte
pvnfincent that the trot tcsn 1,0,
Tbrz, a.'i,mme,t w I:3t. C:It• other f•rde• r f
,;41„e, v t ~c.cpvt. Br
lutes lulD h.4l4 , die:! re 4 . to elder It.. wa.
! mit ul thme 44 , c,,e‘l A l hati - beet!
In for r‘oeig an cicra
Fq...1-114 tutn:rwi4of tlszcuLti.c:rc. act:,,lebcea but:.
Wonder what there is aherat t!!!'z to fatten - a
Neter Lewd Noah was rely f.s!„ acid he
took one far hull ' I L ) ... 41,11,;ray. sm.Lll place to
*tut my earesss tab,. G. three t MLA:
danger el the water ckbermq, up ltzgit etton4h to
drown me. - u ab),Ling,. as that
hlssiej Lis! tiown Bazh last summer."'
bowsmi oaas Lweplang tutu 14s, chew, m e
door, w'sieh he carefully bolted; anti theneat
els there c..see a erashlng keg" on tie
or that matle the house shake, fa;:oweti by tLe
most terrific screams and shoets of "Oa : eh' ch!
Lent ! Oh ! oh ! Thander anti lighl,nisq: 31Prder
- Fir!! Water! Let nie out! I'm d:ov.:14! RC?
fat-W f . Sakti ea 2L4 by
- "
43.4 77 . 7 6 7 . 70 .. ,_47: '
~4 ..4, ,•.,
~.).0 •Ci; ."', 1' • • . *,:".:,,,,
..• !..k i . - 'i , ' ) .`
'N '. -; '
W';:A , V
.. , ..t.‘
' krijr;tl
, .
~,, 1 . , ,„ '4.-•:,:-
~... .. j , ..-.,
. ~ . 4 ,
1 : .. 1 '- q ; :..' '''' -• ' `:' . '
. . '.
""..,..: .
, f
every servant and
- and female, Were.
in the room. Although he hid not erased shooting.
nothing was to be seen 91 Tom, but in the i.entre of
the floor laid the shower bath, door downwards,
and the whole tifluienicsolutelyjamping from Tom's
superhuman efforts to relieve lumself. lie rolled
it over, the dm: flew open, and out tumbled the
moot astonishing mast °limas:. teas, and body ever
presented to the asonishing gaze of human eyes;
One moment was given
. to astonislinient=the
next the Woman scampered and then mortal tisibles
could stand it no longer.
. . •
We rolled on the floor iri tittle short of cancel- .
sions. Tom raised itinisell up, too happy in his.
escape to 'be very angry at us, but still
Aently trying . to assume some dilMity. Dignity
in such afigurf, in such a plitf ! We roared
lon.ler than erer,an
l d Tom fintling it was of no use ;
joined its the chor / us, until we were compelled to
stop from sheer exhaustation.
He then—having hrustled rnt o, Fart of his gar.
mentr--answered oat . repeted imitates of
.'° hoot it
yon see, when I got into that inferrial
man trap there, I bolted. the door, and then 1t took
me some time to screw up my courage. 1 knew
it was all tired cold, and so I thought 1 would bring
down the shower a little at
. alume. Waal, you
see, I pulled the raring-reonsatit it—kinder sofity,
about an inch tu once. - I had my shoulders drawn
up, my head down, my eyes and teeth 'slap, and
oi-it it :mintier little pull, when kerchousel came a
hull ocean of ice water, right slap on my head,
blinding me, taking away my breath, and fairly
quacLiing me. I made one jump for the door, but
the pl.tiny thing was bolted, and over went the'
tiny win to machine ktrthip on the floor! Then
fir.;:i•er:rd. and thnn4ht I u - as drowning shore
cond. May be alidn't sing ont and try to strike
not, but %warm Ili use. 1 tilled the machine to
fiat I could - ill stir etull only to knock all the skin
oil my knees and elbow*. Just then you came
and :et me ont, and you know ad the rest: Pia.
_turaattod take the s.hower bath ! I would'ilt take
anc:lter tf •t ea. to make rrit: as fat as aaaldy Lam
Nor has poor Torn to this day, bat remoir..s a
perlect Calvin alson oa a mammoth Y.
Spurr of Lie Tnes.
Old time mythologies and modem novels, the
fictions of the heathen heaven and the fancy para
dise of earth, all torn upon the love passion. Court
+hip and marriage are the staple+ of imaginative
literature in eve:y age, and tins is the reason of
our loves are our the interim-steal is
the hqiiest and noblest of them, and marriagt i.
mutual completeness in each other of the parties
to the union. Two do not become one ; bin two
ftaginent natures, in true marriage. become one
complete human existence. The unity is in the
adjusted combination of realated variety producing
entire, fu ly rounded, and perfect being.
'The love of Caurtshir is the only vestibnle to
mart:age ; and it is one of the greatest faults of
hishiosiab:e fi.:;ioli, that it drop:: the curtain upon
1 the drama at the th:&.latild of the conjugal relation,
anal leaves wedlock w c;pnt representation or rea
-1 e:alion. 'The marria4e sLve is treated and trusted
as if it was a sore enough heaven to all that enter
it, and its long substantial e:ernity is left Id fashion .
itself out of the froth of an overloud faith. The for
tunes and the fates of streathearts, their, agonies
arid exsiaries, are made as exquisi:e:y distrft-sing
as the wit of authorship caulinvent, u inch the rea
der is sirerqiliene.l to sustain by the instinctive as
surance that there is a delightful defiverance in re
serve in the . last chapter, for the parties whose in
terests are the lantdcia of the story ; and, accordiim,-
ly, justice is vindicated and happiness is dtsts ihar.ed,
to we heart's Content, in the denouncetnent of the
tale. Van the great misfortune is that the post-nup
tial history is not traced ; the long limbo of an ill
assorted, passsori-blinded marriage, with i s bard
teatured realiies concealed by a sketch or two of
the honey moon exstaries., and the visionary reader
left well supplied with that sort of couraze aid
istithu.susem whi-h willitvly barns down Le house
in prospect of litiirq most delightfully inthe garden
It is but a bonfire ar.d they a bciwer of I.lliss: Buss
ness with-Its per t ilesiti&s,.ttables and werni meth
cute.; Ili 3 price of marketing aral the fat iii the ti e
generally, make no figure in these fancy pictures
of the ;attire. '• Gtod tr: e, pa;ia; the threatened
distresses wit! only be del.turosly roma-wit: when
divided with the man of . cuy heart!' And so it is
settled, for they love each Other furiously on moon.
Ithr evenings, and that mast Insure all the banuo•
area o 1 ra-nt and, faith, and work and life; and they
are launched ;ink: atloat in a plea.ute boat 1'1.1.41 a I
shorensas sea! But buariflati with broken witt2 s
ar3 n•rt t.t.t.jeets for amusement. The j
is sad to mate i! sacred.
Thrre is .t., - • iber fa: rn of 'the f/1114. - hivf, the TC:1;,e ,- 1;c vf al. ilesie..ii exirJra,zakm-e, il Inch
...,,, ! •Ani d.u,i4mg,r r:ie n":ll..gire sm . ... 1.11 h tile,. t.!
t .,
..: . i l ..
_., ... —.l : .. 4 II:e Cdlius.L.,•,e,:, f t ellinUr4ed re :Z.
:coil, —Le et172:1:11PF.... !...`f -p.i.t..:t .41: ticii i ,..--;h a . a•,_.
tlci.f.urn tieniews :tax
flat :, ! ;kwrs tile
I ist! rt . 4 non 01 ti - : Intl IS 61. e :ydweirf g.rrrus...d tut the
s•:ctl.urr 4ee aril it does not
berorrit the:: tiro:he!. Me cifi•tne an.l
the imaZlll4:l4Ml 1.1 et lame lliOnlet:1
I I to too tt.e t - tatt xty other depit::;nect of our educe
.; itOo. It is :here taw the mop dese;oped or des
oyed ; out of the .boar. are the. issues
el read tog and speculation stacks are O:Ay (Later,
not rne.hods of t,lui,ging ituruy. There
Z other 1 - are , :es of sem:mew:ll been-
• z:on.nfts; an 3.4 very sz . :4. 11e ; *amt., very pru
den: ; and ..1.! d.szqernes resift:Svc
ways- ihr• diEereat 6a::, pa.7s very 'ee
i vereiedarnenta Cil eb.. - +: ce i es; tr:isaan; 'sees Ibenr.
ar. very cloxh mite. iseep yew head c:dar, yeast
: yaw iza4cts be vi.: u 3 jx~
I lb.; 17ar. * *.. as-110 s< r MAY. :."
:~`F?+t'"e~','iii=.S-~.i.:~;Tasl'~~°~~._..-`sa"~"+`—~'''".~ ,^'~~^?`~h
a-~s~. •AMR d~ +i. V'-
• - '
rvri..4 - _, •
70.1• V
••••d• •
• - •
Anwhic West.
Some three months since a romantic aid ' non
sing. incident occumed.On Ward the-cplenifid
'met "Gen. Lifayeue," MI her fiintia,' Lou
u'stha to. New Orleans. W j thinit it it least worth
The boat was crowded :thlidittU arigerstkimen
from every part of the cannily, some on pleasure
eicomidner, others on business. All seemed bent
on enjoying thetnrelves, Every p F t o r t h e boat
wastfled with pamentterS, and especially the La
dies Cabin, every State-fit:tom and betth being oc
cupied 4 merrier party never rode the "Father tit
• Nothing oat of the usual routine occurred ducting
the first two or three days, Every evening as is
usual on boats bound for the . "Sony South, " card
playing and wiping 4 the.light lantaeticloe" was the
order of the progiamme.
' About nine o'clock on the evening of the fourth
day, a siznal light was discovered. Waving to and
froon the distant shore. The boat soon . " - rounded
to" and an individual, enveloped in a cloak and
closely veiled, stepped on tiartf. Oar passenger
proved to be a maiden lady of some thirty sum
• Where shall we "mow her,"' was now the en.
All of the ladies' berths taken, the clerk
was obliged to Dive hera state-room in the gentle
men's cabin near the ladies saloon, and which was
occupied by tt,tallislauk countryman, on his may
"tomb" with acargo-of."nolions!! Re being on
the hurricane deck at-this rime, -was not aware that
he would have to give up his quarters, for a fag
male; the officers of the boat by some oveniivits
to apprise him of this "new feature!'
The dancing tracing ceased, the "small hours'
of morning being at hand, all now retired to their
state rooms ; with the rest our unsuspecting mai
den friend—she 6 turninz in" the ‘1 lower berth,"
tit the room ; while nor friend the countryman was
fast asleep in the upper, doubtless dreaming of the
dimes he expected to pie* up. on his speculation.
Neat morning the hell hiving innotinced break
fast; our maiden filet d prepared to rise, when 10.
and behold ! a pair of thick burls and a-lot or an-.
mentionable," greeted her eyed
At Mt. moment our country friend 'atm opeoed
his "peeper:." A lot of female apparel was the
fird than; that met his horrified vision. Tie truth
flashed ecru. his mod!—lie had got into the
wrong box" piNuts ; but that could not be, as
hts‘,4 l duds" were where tie had placed them-seve
ral precious. Both were fairly caught ! Who
shall mate the that move!
After much hesitation our friend in the upper
berth ventuted to look below--a pair of - large eyes
trere staring him full in the face ! After playing a
regular game of Loci-peep . ' for some ume, our
country lrieutl vrith all the gallantry of a geutle
sue;:estetl the propriety •of her just covering
her i yes d: momeut until he slipped on
inexpressibles." She did so, mid he vamteed
like smoke.
Hr.s first busintss a-as to find the clerk who had
placed him in Each a L . ridiculous fix" Apologies
were made, and a hearty latch enjoyed at hii ex
peti.,e. He agreed to treat all hie fellow
passencters worn'. keep cool.
All notified that Johiiiithan paid his maiden friend
great attention during the remainder of he trip
Several overheard him telling her about' his pros
-petits in life.
We writ simply add that we last saw them. en.
ding their Way. don IsChorres street, ensuiring;'for
the nearest magistrate. II proved really a case. uf
love at first sight." -
MEDICAL USE OF SALT.—In many carer of disor
dered stomach, a teaspootthill of rah is a certain
core. In the violent internal aching, termed choi
ce, add a tea-spoonful Of salt to a pint of cold water
—drink it and go to bed ; n is one of the speediest
tvtiediep lit.own. The same will retire a person
who seems alumt dead from receprirq, a• very
heavy fall, it=
In an .apolec:ic 11:, no time Olio-aid be lost in pour
ing down *sh and water, if sufficient sensibility re,
manito allow of tirt allou mg; If not, the head tricot
be sponged with cold water, until the *ense return,
,4 hen salt art puipletay testore the patient from
h.s imhato.
I n a fit, the feet should be - plieed in wirm
with mustard added i and the le2s briskly rubbed,
all bandtnes removed from the b e ck., an d a .,, z00 1
apastmetti procured ii parible. In many cases of
s 'Tens tieeding, at the longs, and When other reme
dies hi!, Dr. Rat.ll found two teaspoonfuls of salt
completely stayed the blood.
In mows of from a mad ;In, vrtsh the art
vrith stir og brlne for an (war, tbeu bind on Bowe
%air with a rag.
b .toothache, Icarnt falt-and Water field to the
part, and re :rwe.l rx.l or tf.ree time!, welt "rehere
i:t alosreas,es. If ille gums Le afiecteil, waigt: the
rnmrtiw :b brine : 4f the leech be covered tt nir tar
tar:- as-h :Lein ttcwe a 0..1 with and rt-ater.
In surefire! 1:er1:'. wash -the Bari with, bane, ant
ake in we, a r3 .lay outd tared,
S.ah ex?ri womts, it use., in the find in" a
mt.der,ite e:egeee, and a,d4 etittestinn Indetait meat
t 3 liapliioCs et,rei mia h
A trewt:ernv.eian lemz ty- a waz. "if a rxig
aegis two handed pounit.l., tiow moth wal ‘Leti
a larie ha.; I ' jump into a anct
will kell you i.nryle.liale:y.'l
very fool knows how often he has been a ro7t, te,
but every raitur does not know Low often pe ;,as
he= ofool.
Them ..ere Imt this itorhl TV, es the
teen 'when I.caal this bats Lzughte; et We'
- •
Tags iscirgs make no, spoonfplef hoc.
wkh =mt. more fLes theca a plicsaof rizers4. --
'4+sacry is uss:tp . -: - . 1.; A= ti4witiorstalt
- • •
a t, hal ,„
- -