Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, May 18, 1850, Image 4

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"'Ciiiiivatiiiiricairrpts.. •
The soil best stilted to this crop is a sandy loam,
though it flourishes on molly varieties of deep seils,
and in preparing the land, therefore ) care should
be taken to ameliorate it thoroughly; and to facili
tatethssiis the'carrot - delights inn deep soil, sub
sciil pkiughing is highly nece,sery. - The ground
shook' be broken apes early in the spring as 11 e
aeason will admit .of; the manure (a compost of
ashes r leavesr street sweepings, ifcc ; also, well de-
Composed barn yard manures are the best fertilizer,)
should be spread over the surface before ploughing.
Alter ploughing, the ground should be well liar
vowed and Made peilectly level. When you are
ready to plant, which in this elimate is generally
done from the Ist to , the 10th of May, the grpund
should be marked out into drills,. eighteen inches
apart; the ssett, which should previciusly be sh
ed with some moist rand mould, or powdered gyp
kiln, which prevents- the beards from adhering to
each other, and- hastens germination, should be
dropped in these drills and coveted slightly with
an iron rake, say about half an inch in depth.
The seed of a preceding year's growth should be
planted, and if sown in the drill twopounds of seed
will be sufficient for an acre. After -the young
plants appear above the ground they may be thin
ned out to within four inches apart in the rows,
and if in some places the - seed hale to come, the
ground may be advantageously occupied by plant
jpA r Ultllvmr . r . !ri the barrel:l ,3,4 l%ll i
cootzus.e " to hict maturityth o ugh
the same time with theearmts.
During the forepart of the season the plants rt.
quire frequent hoeings and %realties, as it is in the
earliest stages of their existence, that they demand
the most attention, for let them but once get a good
.start of the weeds and they will need no farther
care till the time for harvesting them arrives.
They should be harvested from 'the latter part of
October to the middle Fer November, and instead of
digging them - with the itspedes, the cheapest and
easiest method is to - rho a one-handed sub-soil
plough directly under them, which will not break
or otherwise injure them By this process hey
are not disturbed from their original upright po
sition, but are loosened so that they can easily be
taken out either by hand or with a fork. The top;
should then be cut off. within an inch of the root,
and instead of wasting them they hhoutil be fed to
the cattle, who relish them extremely. The final
process, if they are not marketed immediately, is
to bury them in beds of dry sand, and in which, it
properly constructed, they will remain tilt spring
uninjured by the frost. .Carrots lieqUently succeed
various crops without any regular rotation, and 'it
has been proved by experiment that they may fol
low each other for several years without any very
apparent exhaustion of the soil.
The average yield per acre is from four to six
hundred buSliels, though not unfrequently they has e
been knownio produce a thousand bushels...
The best variety for field 'cultivation is the 0.-
Rage. though. the Belgian, or White Carrot, also
yields well.
The carrot is next in point of nutrition to the po
tato. Hogs and cattle, especially mulch cows, do
well upon them, and for carriage horses, mixed
with oats, there is no food equal to them, they
keep the ;Animals in good spirits and are of value
also for their medicinal properties, but for work
itorses'they are rather too light tood.
Raising Potatoes.,
A correspondent of the Dollar Newspaper gives
the following description of -his mode of planting
and raising good potatoes:—
. " I have farmed in northern Illinois for the last
ten years, and have never failed of raising. a good
crop of Potatoes. True, every crop has not been
alike good., for much depends upon the season;
but I have never had a poor crop. Id} , "plan is this:
plant the seed ends of good sized potatoes on
good ground, but never manure them. ,If the
ground is not naturally rich, it should by all means
be made so, but this manuring should be attended
to from one to two years before planting of pota
toes. That the seed ends are as good as whole
potatoes, 1 Kaye satisfied myself my repeated eg-
Perirnents. I plant two *ads in whit!, the rows 5
- feet apart by 21„ furrowing my ground one way
with a light plough, then drop my seed across the
furrows, which saves marking my ground ode tray
and plough them in. This .saves three-fourths of '
the lithos of covering, (no small matter,) and leaves
the ground in a better condition-. Do not put them
in when the grottett is wet,. or pay any attention
Whatever to the Moon—that, depend Open it, is all
ssostfa? at Plotet deep and fine, making your
grouit as Mellow iv-possible, and put in your po
tatoes in good season, but never stop to inquire
whether it be in'the new or ofd, light or dark of the
moon. As soon as the shoots are two inches
above the pound., rum a double shovel plough
through them each way, and continue do so often
heir and loose* until
billing them; indeed I - trernsakove the plan of
them, but pull out the weeds, if any are.liTtlrne
WI, by hands. Not that pretend that hoeing,
stirring the ground about the hill, is a detriment
- --„,even of no benefit, but that I can keep it suffeientplyt
14,14 ox. B• 40.4••• eiseve/d bed
as the vines dead and nog clig ?
-as son„
A , • a
tro before. In digging
a las , e t
bursa plough, and commencing
trgesigbt_hand side of th.e field; run my plough
throokt)tht; centre of the first 'rows, and back in
like Mallet' on the second, (two smart boys will
pick th,em.‘p,)ihen turning back again, on the
gime roor, throw the othei half towards the fin**,
sell thenAsek on -the first.' I have then to win my
too; or
„bowhopk,`'it. ll , is better, thangh the
boss ~rrowal6rdaCn eic b y t h4jai . ch, and recov
er any 'scattering potatooslh at In as ,
it, & the ivork,.is dam) at one ball the cost of if igging
wilh a hot and effectually done too. The bun
tato, the potato*); which is left after taking off the
seed, is filly pen cent, better for cooking through
the summer, than. when.not cut. The seeds should
s -be cut some ten-days before planting, and may
"'sooner. I,arn.satisfied, from experinaents, ilia , by
seeding Ma nigh, you will be certain to'have small
patatees. _
- ertio e %„I*zige
;. O
7` ---,-"lnutz Or iitss 0..
g uils r t tY 1 Orito
10 01.0 11 ; 16- AtOle4Ou'ai
4 iilea
A. firi . I Woes :',"*N4:.tikird -ratbiiiitaatiblim
Arm . I blkek , `. 1 - 11jaiii i l c a nto ? tiri seo i t
_ i atel,. , ..-„&- . › -,-...":-- •
."7 . 5i ,
.-o,PAY'll'imirrerig-orl 411--Isties
r ,°•.- 1 07:,,t" 41113 mknekile144, - 4:f 1 - • t
~..".. c „ .- - • ~, ----
•-•,-,,,,,, 1. ... - I
tl bitat.
-p• - •
Dr. liaises. lAtbivtal
cuss Tatum' *vinis • -
MORE PROOF orra,,Ery.lcAcy OF
E) sti.Eomrs
Compound' Syrui4l Wi l ChOrry !'
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis. lAver Complaint,
Spitting Blood, difficulty of Breathing, rain in "
the Bid* and Breast. Palpitation of the Heart
Irillitenza, Croup, broken Constitution.
Mon Throat, Nervous Debility;
and all dilemma of Throat.
Breast and Lung; die' -
most effectual and
s pe e dy cuts
Mown for
any of
above disuses.
Dr. Swonie's Compound Syrup of Wild. Cherry.
Jno. Milton Earle, editor of the Worcester Spy.
Mass., was attacked with a severe inflarnation of the
lungs, accompanied with • distressing cough; after
using various other remedies with little or no benefit.
by the use of one battle of Dr. Swrytte's Compound
Syrup of Wild Chevy, to was restored to perfect
health. ' •
W m: Montelius, a respectable merchant of St. Clair,
St\buylkill county, writcs,January 30,
ed I send you a certifleate of Win. Beaumont. a eiti
inn of our town. His case of consumption is well
known here, and ot f loug standing; be attributes hii
core entirely to Your Compound 'Syrup of Wild
There is but one genuine preparation of Wild Cher
ry, and that is D•. Swaynes, the first ever offered to
the public, whiCh has been largely throughout the
States used', and some pans of Europe; and all prep•
arivions called by the name of Wild Cherry have been
put out since this, tinier cover of some circumstances,
in order to give currency to their sales. Each bottle
of the genuine is enveloped with a beautiful steel en
graving. with the likeness of William Penn thereon ;
also Dr. 3wsyne's signature end es a timber security,
the portrait of Dr. Swayne will be added hereafter, so
as to distinguish his preparations from all others.
"A safe and effectual remedy for Wolin., Dyspepsia
Cholera Motbus, sickly or Dyspeptic children Of adults
and the most useful Family Medicine ever ofrered to
the public."
Tbis AENZDT is one which has proved successful for
a long lime, and it is universally acknowledged by all
who have tried it to be far superior (being so very
pleasant to the taste at the same time effectual) to at y
other medicine ever employed in diseases for welch it i■
resnmmended. It not only destroys worme r but it in
vigoratesi the whole system. It is linnet...sin ks ef-
fects, and the health of the patient is always improved
by Its use even when no worms are discovered.
Mona Goon News von rue SICE.--Anderstown.
Indiana.—Dn. SW ATlllt —Dear Sir: Ally our medicine
sell well, and gibe good satisfaction. Your valuable
Compound syrup of Wild Cherry has been the means
of restoring some hopeless cases in this section.—
Your Pills are most excellent. I want you to send a
good supply of them. A man purchased a bottle of
your Vermifuge the other day for his child, and by ita
use it discharged 63 of the lamest worms he had ever
seen. It is somewhat difficult to get the people to try
it, as they have so often been gulled by nauseous and
worthless worm medicines. Yours being so very pleas-
ant to the taste, at the seine time effectual, I shall he
able to dispose 'of j large quantity. Respectfully,
yours, &c., Towsseen T. Suanr, P. M.
To Dr, Swerve, N. W. eotner of Eighth and
Mace sta., Philadelphia.
Q 7 Remember ! the genuine is now put up in square
DR. Siveirtrit's Sena* Co \TED SARSAPARILLA ARA
EXTRACT OF TAR PILLS.--The virtues of these Pills
can be appreciated only 'by those who have used them
they are,adopted to assist nature in carrying off morbid
matter, obstructions impurity of the Wood, &c., &c.--
They two a gentle and effective purga‘ive, correct all
t b o yo n etion s of the liver, and as an alterative in dmp
ideal affections, they are very valuable, and should be
in every family They -have an outside coating of
pure White Sugar. whereby everything disagreeable
to the taste or smell is entirely removed,'svithout in the
least affecting the excellent qulities of the mndicine
Remember ! they arc DOW put up in boxes, turned out.
of the solid wood, covered with a red label, bearing the
signature of Dr Swayne. None other is genuine.
The above valuable medicines are prepared only by
Dr..SWAYNE, N. W, corner of Eighth and 'Race
street, Philadelphia.;
Hamm & Poni El, Towanda Pa.
Chai. BatbbOrie, Canton,
Bridleman & Brown, A
thane valley.
D. D. Parkhurst, Leßoy. Kinney ft Salerlee, She.
C. T. Murphy. Centtesille. shequin.
Daniels, Burlincton. - M. Bullock & Co., East
8. W: & D. F. Pomeroy, Smithfield.
Troy. , 22y „King Az Vosbarg, Troy.
AVIIETHER Internal, Estonia, Blinder Bleeding,
Scrofula, White Swelling, elcers, and Ulcerated
Sore throat, Canker Sore Mouth, Rheumatism, Cuta
neous Diseases, Nercuriel AI/Polon; du. Also for
Scalds, Bums, Cute. Sprains,Bruives. &c . We feel
justified in proclaiming HE FACT TO eTHE
WORLD that of rat medicines ever brought before the
Public, NOM: have ever been mote benettOol to af
flicted humanity titan "Myers' Liquid Cure." We
know that this is sayto k a great deal, but if Wet were
to write volumes, we cony cot sap too mud in praise
f this
Hundreds, nay tboutands, bleu the happy
.hour when
Grist they were acquainted with its transcendent viewer,
and our present purpose is to inform other thourands,
how and where they may obtain that relief, which they
perhaps, have long sought for n vain.
The superior excellence of thief preparation over all
Oho' medicines for the speedy and permanent cure of
is well known to all who •fisre tested it. It hr °et"
puma} io thousands of inaanoa., sod has
Vrr a ta PA! RD
to• ewe dm.
and we we confident it
t 3
iuer vER WILT,. - FAIL
length of time according to directions.
a" a - newt of our entire confidence in its efficacy, we
anus. all Purvis/era that, if.after a proper trial, it prtive
ineffectual. At Money paid for it will be Returre4
• The " Liquid Cure is an effectual Remedy for
Rin.^.fccenia, Bits , Piaipks.. Barbers' Itch, Frosted
Lln'b., Chilbroins, Salt thliretrnt+ Muntsii°
Stings of Poisonous Insects, fe.,.and for Cutaneous
Diseases of every deeer s iptior t .
It isrbotb-sefe and effectual for
giVing i!nmediate and
now naie44.
/To .ptvparations now before the Public can stapes.
the ezcellenee of the " Liquid Cure "foe &skiff, Burns
Cuts; Sprains, &Uinta, Swellings, eke.
Its effects Of •
Erery Family in Me Land
strulnwirvide themselves with thit Invaluable Prep'',
anon, the cheapness- of which places it withiin the
reech of all.
Ful4 Dimetinns accompany each bottle.
PaMphloss • containing copies of cert;ficates from
those wh3 have tested the "Liquid Cure." may be had
Gratis of nor auttt,tsts e d a gent ..
" Myers! L0q.14.1 doers' it prepared only by
J E Ri.t..llf; C0.,-21 Spreve Street, New York.
For sale by HIS To veandh agent for,ti*
county; and . 4.v 0,41. kurrielc ii ie
itiiirleurttit El
TA2YI-41113 Fbi n ne yi*OnnitiortC.lfertr?: Gibbs
.Onvell. •
~ • •ti envy
. 311-lina .'t f:
• be bept on bend- a large assortmr 6 101
• te-ordeeen alueleploliceemitkelootiow
be prodtseet et eoy;othetlptemeheleiechr.
.. s beim who are iintlei the .°a* !r of pto.
; ieleolibell be
i satimipth-, , tfriptot •,,t
:. merlis uriiimatidanisiebeet
el, 1110 ' .1..11f. DlVMilitti" -
- ,
.. . . .
• . - . -.. . -
Dl* 7tiui k
. 4 u 4 41- 4 114.
hearse mai
•• • .
Brown & Rockwell, Mon
C. H. Herrick, Aiken&
WEE- I===P
. • ,
thAst. ;
elemassera ef iratbsifArsfirib• Ostaielb.49lllll4waitfillt•
korras gnaw le ebit lasiiif 4a Iry sii4u, emu%
trwiftiPiiiiWaiiejltadietse ta die Claim trw1147440/6
be Warywatraftle *Wag esadialOpatlarlltlie Meekbow sablett
biewsbawlert aeseibtedosal filwitew-441114-644,41141
Maiicbutta entry I...preCti .ad then btabiamisas sire,
mat earn affected, that ONE BOTTL4 ntitnomainkamain
eirtue. and owl ; Was 444 Wear
t° A'syr Mao or or ittracier stalltbse
tkat kw rear heeettreted fee bale, undouttediptost
ht yemphleta. that by tha use of 411 ffiNlittifik4 ?WPM.
they thaa wen Ihwia yet rtinthee that - PM* sad
CILIPPLZD can now-Wain—they that were- Phset, eitaewurma
andwienelbe diseased. bawl bow Ilwalis samtCasEra •
Who hawrbsed Dwart's Mtn's& alter hints)) wird self Wed
Au. the ainspoillaaandotber medicines reecausawated to Oise
Wood dbewea, hare dtewlat tbas—
Brat's is the Cheapest, •
beams dos Fienfa of It has agars mourire millfalr
and. Ia erinmestence, crone UM dean In WWI kit lank thin
an. bane of any ether medicine.
IC then. 038 Bade of En aar's Pram= will cure POfl
713f1t$ more dimaaa them ono bank of sereapareta. "Rna/Pea
Penman." would te wax, at four dollars a nada, ae Olaraapo.
rate at rera dollar. Eat HRANT'd PURIFIER Is sold - for only
ONE DOLLAR • bottle and mi e bads of It AM eared. and
oasoldo of coring, lbw Thais an touch dames u as bade of
oaraaporillo, therefore ennaparille,a ammiquence of tie forr poor.
er and Lim medical efficacy ehmild be Auld it ma mare than
Ow Dollar. alum on? bottle, m ha am damp se the Pearruta at
One Dollar's Worth!
now tenth Csaman—how meat STFlrrilibovranieb Ikea.
lota—will Oise Dollar's worth of Braids PGRIFILItcure t Swat
this t a ming meement. wretch 111 a vectored% of its power
This Is the ems of a WS/ sus who get Ness. Ile arcs cured
at a worse case of Scrofula. by only Tacks Beats of Brant's
nobler. than ever was cured by the one of Twelve Galley of
the bat =e that was ever made. Sareaparito has sot
se deist
,ocoiraio effect the ears of such a reeldiu it i,
case. t 7.1. Ifarrne of Mew Oxalis Clear. Y.. hid Scrofklag m .
pews—was cenlined to his bed the fast year—he was so winch
diseased and debilitated as to be unable to raise his band to tea
hood. Ile had the boa medical advice—bad used all of the fad
seremertilas to no good effect—goterOrsitand Wm; and was cute
ddered to he in a Dyffig State and could DOI live tooniglow
Moro limier, whin he commenced using BRAIIT'S PURIFIER ,
His mirk was ram aserfy off, nIMI 007 to ate—a hole wan eaten
through his wieldy/pr, under his chin, so that be breathed through
the bole—his ear was so eaten around that It could be Oita op
out of IA place, it only holding by a head piece—the use of axe
ens was destmged by two Ulcers—an Ul wider the arm Se
la as a rnan'a . 4end. bad nearly ants, through. bill side late Thus he was afflicted *kb watt* such putrid, acrid. odes..
siva Ulerre,on various parts of his mom For farther and full
particulars, we our Polisokle.s.
Duct. TIMSAS WlLLtkom, one of the moat skilful physicians
of Rome, was celled to See neskln the day Wont be commeded
using Brant. Purifier. Duct. W. exambunt him. and then told .
him that all the eiedfchme In the world could act curt him—that
his case was
Worso than litopaleas !
Row bear Mr, HASKINS statement of MM.. IT., raid: Mr
wife procured one bottle of arbunrsPf7RFFlT2Co XXTRAC7
-THAT ■orrc.e enablnl me to get off wp bed—tie semen Lot.
Us enabled me to /pet out of the kown-ono may enabled me to
yea two soda. and when I bad finisbed wine Mite Potato iIte
iNTILN out of tenni Ulcers bad healed up, and dine booby more
effected a PERFECT cERE and rebored me to good kaotth.
Tie above feet. ere eertißed to by DOCTOR T. WILLIAMS.
Id.. O. IL 4tROWN, of Irmo Rowse Hotel, Mem". BISSELL &
LEONARD, Dfugglata, and ELEVEN other raprenal. mattsesaan
et Raw
Mr. 0 E. KI NI:EY.„ merclimt, Clinton, fkoeida comae. N. K. in
Sinned a. that it cancer-doctor ID said CroD•7 U - 11.1 rfleKg. , lz won.
derfal corm of Coact us thro%th the etticacy of r.n INTS P CHI.
TYING EXTRACT. A cancarsiortar in (Imene c0...1t5. N. Y.. ti
MAO using said Pinortat. Mr. A. It Berme, drugs ... oi our -•o.
bane, Montgomery county, N. V. has infcramd us of an imlioi mit
acre of a CANCLi of ling rand= •, which was milior•ed on an aged
lady of that place, If, therefore. dila Premix rune renovo by its
purifying. bed mg power, what impure 4.10.1440 of the Wood gum lr OOt cure I Seven years' experience and triumph sia)• there are
none but what It wdl cure.
The Rev. atcHstui DL . G. Pastor of the
drench, Adamelleoin. Monroe try, N. Y. wrote to ea i"I hare
Jam received a latter from M mann= Murmurs, relative to the'
nee of his reverame. You demnd on whet It stater, for
e i O ad = a 4T, XL% x .'" d e . ~, t i = l ,7l le: "'" ' Removed to north side Public Square!
ig. a Ireverecm. The other leg being now affected, and about
se I recommended Reairrs Incinarez. Reed the
mit a° tfi a i tab t i. i terse and only TIMEX sormbe of BRANT' • J r 4. asamberlin,
MEDICINE. !placed ALL WITT, from poor none ial
Medeelse, and I can we esi thatorith the blessin7= it. Put , • IT Ad Jost returned from the city
Odd a cime of we kg.'" See Pamphlets for full pa:linden. •- - /P-. 11 of New Turk with a large
~ ilk supply of Watches, Jewelry and
i 1 o' yr/ Silver were, comprising in part,
I ::: - .1?",. the following articles:—Lever.
Di. NATHAN HUBBARD. of st... L rme. Casa., one of the oldd
end mom respectable physicians. wee stelMod with Lerm-01
MlNllman ears, and was perfeedy rend by snag BRANT'S T c --- \ ....... L'Epiner Yid Phiiio • Watches, with
l CT. Ws wad Dirri DDlDltriall Cli . Other cm/ \,..) \ - :11 1h... • 4
~_... .1 . , ~,,„ a tompk4e
assonmeot of mod
mho cured.
FEMMEJewelry, such as Ear Rings„ Fin-
WEAKNESSES AND COMPLAINTS. l eer Ein pi, Breast Fins, Bracelets, Lockets, Gold chins,
No remedy caned to the public has ever been half es meek wed d Pens, Rey., etc. Also, all DOHS of Si/ vet wer.
sheet in mes.. 4 .t ALL the incidental "... 0 * aud fr 'TlThloeld. a any quantity of Steel Beatle4:all of which he offer
or the es Bader's POLIDODAILY Bateau. 'Makes no d -
sae the dermgemeet he inguiresom, mccra. or other ode exceeedingly cheap for CASH. .
ens REGULATES ALL, by Ye ammo,
Su maccharum. mad emelessfeammt e esteem taarriett. Watches repaired on short notice, and warranted
or See pamptihrea. /0 run well, or the money will he refunded , and a writ
e HAN 0 E OF LI FE, I ten agreement given to that effect if require&
from the yid to the worm, and the ....., at middle N. R.—MAPLE SUGAR, and Country Produce
ato i
ena change. re
awe is assdovasd, =a ter °then' 10 paeibtalt, l as to taken in payment for work ; and ale i„ learn now, and
yummy of the/Wel dimmer that frequently arise in come": fottr, that the Proertzed must be paid when the work
. .
is done—l war against credit in all its forms.
Dyapersosia—Bout Stomach ! W. A. CHAMBERLIN, Agent
' "ATTIc A . Gropes Co, Feoroary 1, Ista‘. Towania, April Cel. 1f144. -,
M. T. WALLACE ilt CO.--Unitinera . I was, for mete the
a year, afflicted with a Cense of the stomach. I coon tali t eat of
ht or greasy sebum:me without canting peat pain, damns, anil,
vomiting, and was continually afflicted with a mar remark. I. as
an erpenmern, tried one bottle of BRAN - T'S MEDICINE. which.
to my utter disappointment, meet ernd relieved the mead pain After
esti, I tbereftme biped a second Male. which has completely mod
the dismay. I em now well and hearty, and can mg aimed any
thing wit hout, u being pained. or Me stomach becoming ear.
ur msromfully, T. n. WiLCOX"
Yr. Wilcox is • amemiemerehatt of Atria.
" ft nee, Or Co. N. Y.. 001.1 e. ICC
" Meagre M. T. WALLACE & CO • Some time lam winter my
wits became so debilitated from the erects of Lreorrlere and A'sr.
her San MeeMi that she could not lift bre chUdor pmfora any bum&
d labor. F ier medical treatment was railed accord to the
advice and prmeriptions of the most eminent physicians, eattl yew
skin wee exhanamd in escheat drone. She became in, ogre a anll
toe, that at the time she commenced taking Brad', Meitinve she
eradOed no more than eighty-five pounds; fat by donee she bad
taken/ he Mr bottle; she became pertimilyerell. The curet. sopa - Pc?,
that s DI now enabled to do all nereseary household work, and
eland thirty pain& of dam Istow weeks.
Your. only, C. Ft. CIALENTLNE."
The reader win observe that air. OALICNTIA, r lune "our AR ILI. "
Re, we me informed by Z. S. Timm, Esq., of the same PION bas
studied medicine.
numetrpsaz. DISEASES.
BRANT'S PURIFYING EXTRACT' is a perted ca.gthareroa and
India re ali tile dices of hlcitcurr, or any of the ration prepere•
dans et CeLOMCL or Ifeiltecar.=:l eyeldon; oath ressoree the
&teak scan , and ad the park to their original, matron,
xr. A. EfOt.73?Altittr.R, meretisiti. Medi* 1."46. °llll4.
December 19, 15411. end alter baMag stated bow Ilte arbor*
NAAT BALSAM had offectod.ribi-eure of Ids otAts
consumptive con Ant. odd: "I bare personiely aged RDA s PU
MP VXM4C T, for itssimil debility of in 1 17 0,1 k wid
bitlritation.tit loylec that It 1.• the beat medicine to emirate
end tarmatiasrs nm wrest that I bare ever ord. In reser fa.
stems tidier., me bare iota BRANTS bizracirrigs. Sam
struset 116,1dr gamey, ea ohm the semi sciimrscrran.''
rairrnfri 4
xt mi cAir an. 1 """ D ' s r " 1 " 71 ., Card by
For sale by HUSTON fr PORTER. Towanda
C. H. Herrick, Athens ; C. E. Rethbene, Canton; D
D. Parkhurst. Leßoy ; Drown & Rockwell, /donne
ton; E. W, Baird, Rummell/0M ; M.H. Weller,
awing; D. Railer & Spn, Leßayaville; T. Hanathr*.
Orwell; Maynard & Woodbritn. Rome; it, 8. Tracey
Smithfield; Coryell & Gee, Burlington; I. & E.Bun
yon, Troy.
o:7` All letters and orders moat be addressed us Wa
are & Co., 100 Broadway, N. Y. 13y
mow •.re.shc..Arec:3
L. N. NYE e CO., orooldre•
'grimily inform the citizens of Tow.
ant% and the public generally,that
F:.. go. ; they have on hand & manniatong
111 to order all kinds of CABINET
;4;4 FURNlTririr -
~.-,---..., . .-4*.i. - :-. .•
va board and tokm;Aeleyiti g (hili d i n ili y. R e ad.
... ing Writing, Atitheigikalgthfilißoulamping.
Eniiiik.QPlß llll44 /afeteue. - CNnpoikkie,iotragrettfil.
I Tee id the Globes.MineralcOvNitiitalit!iles4biaoid
Astronomy. a(11111.11WAtes of e islet appinitaile Wale
us:ethos* suarses,) Moral Philisephy• lihd- Obassii,
payable ristarterly in veltsocai er annum, $lOO 00
Day scholars, perquarter, 400
sorsa onstneinn
French, per quartet, . ' $4 00
Latin. " 4 00.
Spanish. .c
.- 4 00
.„ ..,
Music. (on me prino,) per quieter, : 10 00
Embroidery and - cug work," 100
• Arry yenuglady receiving instruction on the piano,
:ii privileged to learn rug-werir,or any anit-orthe above
enrages, and the astrslintaitilatieteddiltienalabirge.
ITO a young lady: re , .... , .„,...- .• ' '''' .4-.' -
' the terms of learning - I.` 3-, • :", ..' .%:', 'n - iiii
per quit"- ~: e -it 417. _. -- ;;-_ , r- $l l . '
Instructions o ; tbi GI ' ''';- 4 00
Use of ' ;; -' .'',,•.' . 16
Drawingoint 7 ""''', inter colors. kteluding I'
the sae of artedals. such as drawing paper, '
pain pencils, Ac. . 4 00
Oil painting on canvass. " 10 00
Meting , transparent window shades, including
i the supply of materials, each - 4 GO
'Formula painting on paper, silk and velvet , per •
twelve lessons. & 00
Gilding on silk, crape. &c, •do.• 'S 00
Wax flowers, per quarter., 5 00
Pens anti ink, ". 50
Washing, . 150
Board in vacation, $2 00' per week
Letters post-paid, addressed to the ?kisses WHITE
&GRIFFLN, Binghamton, Broom co., N. Y., will n
ectar pronipt attention.
..i ...
• il l .
sdh... `.,.,
. ~-;.?..
. _ .
Tour W. WILCOX, has removed hi. establish
'', Met to the shop between Kingshery's and Ban
lett', alum; and where he still solicits a shrie - of
publicstronage. He in:ends, hy . a careful selectbsh
of a , end try attention to the interests of bin custo•
mere t make as neat ir d durald
e work as can be ma
nufact in this part - I the country.
toc c
He ill keep constant'y on hand, and manufactnre
to old*, Morocco, Ca/f and Coarse Boole and Shoes ;
.goadiel Gaiters, Shoe* and Slips ; Children's do. ;
Gears Gaiter, and Pumps. b.
CYCoantry Produce, of most descriptions, taken in
pal , rot for work, at the market price.
f ..
' soda. April 28, 1847.
. •rs.3 , —
a F. rARGER respectfully washes 'to inform the
citizens of Towanda, and the public that be has
.. enceJ the
T io
In wands , on Main street, a few dom. above Bridge
at t, where he will keep constantly on hand or make
to dvr, Phded and common flatness. Trunks and
ik 1 atite:4mnd all kinds of work in his line. CA R
trailer. From his experience in the business, and
plictuali:y in attending to it. he hopes he may receive
a iar of public patronage.
j MI kinds of work may be bed at hisshop cheap
seihpn at any other shop in this county.
rowanda, June 12, :84$
. 6 ,.. ,,36... m c The Celebrated Graelcnberg
,-" -- fl -d cry Vegetable Pill*
:, • - N. were introduced into the U. R.
'':-.! i . , ,,, -4,, e - t - in the year 1846. Their ex
. 1 .....-:: . :.=.• traonlintry virtues, and sou.
1 -.., ';'•.c' l. "' . limit; over aft ether FILLS
V '* A known in this country, has
..;: -, i' , o establishir! them u the stand
ar' • d Medicine of the day.
elri f t .
For sale, together with the
oar valuable preparations of the Graefenberg Co., by
*ton & Porter, a} H. Mix in Towanda, and ' by:
appointed in each town in the county.
an, for sale, the Grrafertherg Manual or Health, e
ertirlete HAWD nook for Fain' ies, containing informs
tieielative to the. treatment o almost every knot of
of base ; 300 psges—price, , o Cents.
'le. A Family Newspaper will be given, free .0f
ei. foi one year, to all who purchase Graelenberg
Akemmunications must be addressed to P. C. In
ger/lElmin, Cbanung county, N. Y., General ttg't.
Or Dare's Pain Destroyer, noditemedy for Disease
ryts Extract is • pure liquid. free from every.thing
.Lrieoovenient or dangerous. Asa pain extractor
thin' calcine is 'ripener toevery thing yet discovered;
an an application to eeduceinllarnation; the skill of
*Kind is challenged to equal Nature in it. It soothes
ArNtryotte System--heals woundirt br sea. sprains,
l cleanses nieces—reduces all manners of swellings
Antiwar and cures Bummer' Complain Dysentery
donde Diemen, Female complaints, - most of the.
Onary Fatally Animas. •
After what I have stated. you will not surprised
at tie declaration of my opinion and fine conviction,
throttle liquid prepared by you is oat or rut wore
ens wince t—and that it will prove a most effectual
rernaly for all nervous affections, and a cure for intim
matione,erste and chronic, when seasonably and prop
erly applied. ruriher observation and experiment will
be Deemer, toletermine the best m o l e of its applica
tion, .whetberdntlmallpor externally, and the quantity
to be ndmin
t el.ialli
Your ob
The above uredicity
cies for the soled IW - xicraia
eines, in the cimileijilViar
m:l3 717,ATr1 ED7
Linn c. eritnenw.:
nd It dl the Aron-
- • — --77.011
THE subscriber--rhaw retooired
to hi 4 new shop, a few rode ibove
his frrrowribeadon end en theop•
lieeite side of the weft. wham he
cantina& In Illiatiforture and
zriltlß,conAtiond; •an Wide of ran;
end wood seat CHAINS; end
iiiETTEES Si various - kinds, &
BEDSTEADSof every-theeri
tios"vellieb low for
'lmo or Clisrijr Titiettip riore l vdr
ad for wort; ~TinnM'amitip
• ,WiNtiCt,r, •
1 94ejorAmiktioa vim ilkwhe!it
—l4 : ll **AWleorc. •
4 ilat
'-‘• • ".0a , ,,.--strt
- - •••~4 , - 4%4 1•7
aluablelithontsiptic. Bropi4:4ln innlinnd--Fetiaall
Catoplaintsorising from obstructions atifintsiglaiods,'
peedily reittoved by their use.
tree Espectortation from - the lungs lie =Wiled by
theouse of ii"6'right's Indian Vegetable .Pillivihns to.
Pulmonary Complaints, such arAatbma. Brow
chidealoreness and Tightness of the breast: Coughs,
Sqii•Anzin. &c.
By 4firr ection on the Stomach. and Bowels, the
Pills carit Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint; -Palpitation of
the Bregi r rlatulence. Costiveness, Imes of all- kinds
Pleurisy,libtaidache,. Giddiness, Dysentery, and ies, an
all diiordeni brohe intestines.
Token in psmiall doses. Wright's Indian Vegetable
Pills become an Attentive Medicine, of great searching
efficacy. for the cure - of iSoree of all kinds. Tester,
Tumors, Joundice,A,owneas of - Spirits, Neuralgia,'
Bosh, Patna in ibe Bones. dec. • •
These Pills also tharoughl7 hem& up infinertga,
in which complaint , therm* extremely - Valuable.
In fame Complaints,thme Pillmemertim a complete
mastery. Hence Fever ant( Ague issapeedilymited by
the use of them. In the Weetentand . Btiuthern States
where this disease mostly pfeigaile, these Villa go like
an avalanche. While-hey am cheaper than the (evil
•and ague remedies iii generall,AV rights Indian Vegeta
ble Pills have been pronnuneed superior to all of them.
Indeed, it mould appear that if there is one complaint .
over which these Pills have more power than another,
it is Fever and Ague.
For destroying and expelling Worms, no Vermifoge
to these Pills. Although we hare not taken pains to
make this feet public, the merit oft the medicine itself
has acquired for it an estenake reputation and sale for
the removal of Warms. Alamlniatered to adults or
children, the effect of the Pilheis ritually radical and
decisive, All who suffer from. Worms should, by all
means, use I , Vreght's Indian-. Vegetable Pills.
In feet, no one can go amiss in the use of this meth
doe. They are natural to the body as fond ia. , A thin
will convince the skepiical thatAVright's Indian Vege
table P. 11., far from being a " quack nostrum," are
decidedly the most valuable medicine. ever • offered to
the public. •
Remember, that the original end only genuine Indian
Vegetable Pills have the written signaturit of William
Wright on the tup of each box.
The genuine is for sale try MICINTANYES & Co.,
sole agents for Towanda; and by agents in all other
puts of the Mate.
Office devoted exclusively to the wale of Wrirht's
Indian Vegetable vvholepale and • retail, 169 Baer
ed., Philadelphia, 288 Chtenwich at.; New York. and
198 Tremont, Boston. 29y
& Co ) . . -
If. Jt Dr. E. L. Soule )1. irly
!, ./".•/. . 1 :kW - -t .4` "-.,?:2 2 ,1447'
(4111. -- - "--. 3 .
Ni 0 other medicine has ever been introduced to the
IA public That .has met with such unparalleled -suc
cess, as DR. SOCLR's Oriental Seriereiget. Balm
Haring been but six years before the public, and the
advertising small, rompaiect with most other medicines,
set they Italie worked their way into every state in the
- Union and Canada.. They haVe itbsidlitelY - become
the Standard Medicine of-the day: . They are, purrly
yegerahle and an admirably rompoanded that when ta
ken in large dopes they speedily cure the triostdelicate,
nervous female, and have raised numbers from their
beds after all other remedies hid failed.
All diem are spurious Pill• itt.virculationralled
ental nr Kmereten B‘lm. be .ore to see beCo;e ion buy
that the nano , of Dr. E. L Sault 4- Co.!' to on the
fare of the Loxes. Note otnt rs can be mnutne. M'e
are not 4,..a r e ,hat Ally one arhreis tnakine a etArilme
article has y. t .'a-ed to make use tif•onr name ; but
some of them ha•t. 1... , therriptiden er. t o
boxes and copy our C , rcultirs..GMtificittes, lrjr.lesr
the public are careful when they purchase, they twill
be deceiver!.
0-3- The genuine SOVEREIGN SAT.II PILLS ran
be had wholesale and retail or Dr.. E. L. Soule &
Euclid, N. V., and in Towanda by HESTON & POR
TEE, and by Agents in every town in the country.
To the Victor belongsi the Spoils.
ALTOUGH many preparations in the farm of •"Awn
fire Medicines," have been before the public, claim
ing to give relief, and even core the most inveterate
diseases, yet norm have so. well aniwired the purpose
as Dr. Sherman's Medicated hozempaa, They are agreea
ble to the mete, easily administered, and from the tm-
Erecedented success which they have met with, 'and the
remarkable cores which they hare performed, may
justly lay claim to the title of Congwerin- over the di
seases for which they have been. recommended . ; D,.
Cure the most obstinate came of Ciatrib in a few hours.
They have cured a large number at persons who havii
been given op by theirphysiciashiand friends,-antrtnany
srho.have been reduced to thirienrs of thergrave by
spitting blood, Consumption mad Hectic neer; by their
use hallo had roan of health' erstored to
,die haggard
cheek and nhw liverto speak'forth tils pease of this
invaluable medicine,- Dr. Bhermsrfi
Have been proved in 'flat than 460 - 000 cases to be in
falliable, in fact the ?Dry' certain Worm Destroying
Medicine *ever disorpired. - Children will eat them
Then they einnot to_(`.reed to take any ether medicine,
and the benest derivfil from the administriition of medi
cine to them
i n dileform is - great beyond 'conception.
When the ) . .h of the child becomes olfereipe, and
them is picki ' :of the nose, grinding of the notte.grind•
ining or ihe '.
__ dining sleep, paleness about the lips
th 11 . Its, bleeding at the nose, headache,
drowsiness; starting during sleep, disturbed dream.;
awaking Oh frig. ring screams. troy,Sesome cough„
reverishneibt thirst, voracious appetite, sickness at the
stomach and bloated stomach—these aro amougritiht.
many Mit: . ninent symptnnin of worms, tog ies l a i s N'
relieted by these i icomparabh. Lezeo irea ,,c," ' h ave
never hit4ti known to fol. De.jihermile i r
LY ) " C.i/dPELIP . I.OZEINGf,pp .
Relielint tdritHitehe, nervou s ii , ek headache, palpitation
ofiditheirt and sickness in a few minute. They cute
', liliii of t • Pitioearal , orkrence. Witness. conic, spasms,
, - mpseor the. stomach, summer nr bowel complaints.-
`they keep. up the spirits, dispel all the .distressin g of a
dissipation, and enable a person to undirgo great men.
tat or hodly toil. Dr. Sherman's
a l i
Is acknowled ed by all who have fiver used it to be the
hest strrrigthi g Plaster in the world anti a sovereign
rrinelli fi.r. 11 in. and weakness in the back. rains, side.
' , meat. neck. imbs; bents, rhOuntatism, lumbago, .6,.. e .
One 'Million st year . w ill nut i Supply 'the demand.—
Caution is neeessa-y. as_ there are many utiprineiPled
persons who ir l irlif.fornit a Spurious article upon the
commehity. e careful to'get Sheiriin's. Poor Man's
Plaster. with'a "fee iinsile.' of hit written same °tithe
back.....aamis othersare..genttineisinttwill demote hurt .
thigtgpid:, kitolil in T u o randalyAVSTON .lt POR. -
TER, No. 1., Prick Row. •- - - • Hly
alriAHAAGood palleras eotanutor 124
eta. st my 33: vox's.
(curs Indian
tPills are dia.
- 444bitiitor t tbeirper.
• adaptation to the
body. • tin their
ion, .11%4 do ex.
at,rtatnre does.
onibigg more'—
, Upon the limp,
Idnaya and bow
fence their pe.
lwer over di*.
Ilk. free .from
tersmigillt ,11,11PbqtrAk s ,
—l lBlll 4 1 4 1 Celi l il an 14414 f 01 41
. lid Dr: Jacob Tryouritt'st'mmimtzwa, adaa
Thirkimotari*. &blabs*.
‘ ,11114)aall OTOS V/49 , 9 00 3 1 ) 4 / 1 1Slitsibt Years.
vommbig firishatills, olitsk follooh . aml doi
sad se imitiOrr .tliguiewse•tbik Ltalcimlb iitahrogod E p
pars of di•immid••tiro .14 bah% fuorsious.
This laCiSid dab espidity'orautaihiMprhatiphatuat.
on old mim; Oho has lassologutel a peddring cho fie tio.a p
tar a u tuber cot yeased,'7/4* Ens', mane I. I
Topluied. Zs applies& lox onitlhat of men mg. e l
mot. or to; seittimasa hilts am m o
earsepatillsovatioir therinsgo sales sad s..kad
pearled M advartillitt as as ladViesilatal to a s h ' i 6.
bashihm. Among ot, en, he applied to Marks Wan*,
1314. &Hum of tins itiosalu Former, who co net ■ Pas
po s sii sss . ANDILILINS. forataily sac of Me P o ,
primers or/d
itfir, formerly Cashier and Financier of the bream ' s ki
Mum Bank at DellytUm ft.. JerneY.4ollN SRILLBAq
ga d wILLIA ll -TIUODPdON, &Alm the name of
80N. SKILLNAN CO.. taro employed their ehl sa a . ud
wood, srirtiarbarstamt.toitity ammo dollen p c ,
foe tior.mmi of his name. Thar moo hare tmeo
ass) 11.01h.g as hi all pbotbu [mum, In hops-bs sotad aatlp
thus: Mid Mut bring them sad their decoction ice a an a i ,
tora-por pebiem liefdi apen•tha amuse of thatelowert ese
• troziorablo Mai
fliamret their Trick..
lily Yyytt Mu Townsead'a Sattatazilla man end fs
i s Calm; as Wa bass kept tt Monte, dm raw.
JAMMU Ni. Offaaaa, Tow. Mexico. suit South Asoulas.
14shl aho facL the older it crow s , to, b uy .,
jll Woymni• aGm bout. by ibba..bp, syr,bg,
- s"" This Its regretted, and r_srhotret
•inch hoeident will Dew, occur .tats. 14•7
attesiptedl tit maker *great story of, met au ) that al. Its,
of aa;hrv- ?on?. bea IL Wry arc a.m. thaWry pa -
promoting per
m;,.they break up
lughs: Rhea.
iptions„ Pimples,
TO D-R U S •
or ori►rs. who men aoy Barraparin a Ow the aria
final awd gasman. Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla labels
who well s o w.p. r ill a , which is wrappeal io en•el•ap os that ow
tahs libels on oar Saraaparilla s we shell bold responold s
the sane.
Dr. 8. P. Tevresend bats paid the Press io tb. Canal Shwa/
within the last five years, scream 1000 000. o:osry are tor
.4.l.avorint 30 reap the salrantatit sad tisoofit or hi. wire s
using, by publishing that, them. tbe original Ur. l'W•w r
garaepariev. and that owe fermews, sours. fic
these; are base Caliashoode and grow and «. .hall be
ender the necesaityrd bokliwg, publiaCP,3l responsible say
thisaage that may be dour oub to gtv log circulation to three hal
reports, which are well calculated to injure our
PROOF:: 01600 F!!.!
Ware lacono/ conclusive dist Dr. P -Toirawhx,
rHL is the original. The foil,. we is crow soon of : Ue la°.
respectable and influential Papers io Swot,
Front lie 41.5we1y. F.reniwr 411.•
There priteatity has Dever been 00 0101.1 rpW
lent 1111ruhuine, ' as Dr. T0WW,41.1 . 1,1 Siir arills , a ht.., n
orig i nally, and continues .o manure r t
first 6y the Doctor himself: and after-ear s far se.,
and to ihe present time by Clapp .lo Towns. . ,
propriettirs, Singe the partnership .V 0 farmed, the O n e te
bat resided in New York. • here he keeps a stor. and sttc
to the business that accoutOlates at that point. Tan rnhautar,
tart. is in this 'cite. and is entaurtml i.y I'.e Junior partner, Mr
Cistui--here all the m•dirine is otantoaettiral.
Few of our citizens hare arty ties of the amount of the
medicine that is mannfactured an 1 void. Be.i les Ito sge.,
in the...gauntry, it Is shipped to the ( - snails., W•st . 1 , ! , 1
lauds. Santis America. and even ea . F.u.ope,
quantities. ' At the msaufactary lacy employ a steam eu;is.,
besisiee a tarp, ntagsbn•.or men. women I,ld girls, in Or
paration of the medicine, risking hoses, printims„ de ter,
sad tura out. ready for shh.tnetit. over 400 dozea per day
or nearly, 5000 bottles. This is an enormous quan..dr.
The crest sale. the mellicioe has acquired, has to - cseed a
,umber of men to get up toots:Must and there Mat the pr..
rent time. other medietnes for ewe. that are called
Townsend's Susapariil..." •fyite in [articular. started a tirrt
time eye in New Veil', is cube', Dr..lactib Tow...en/ r
Sarsaparilla," and,appaieutly *nth a view. by dint of adre i .
using nod the Lotsal adeuidea pa...led to id such efforts, to
appropnato the same of Dr. - Sr. IP.:Towasend'i great remit ty,
am: taus gam 54 the advantage ressulthm from the pi:matins
of the snout whieh.h• has arquirea for p, by Years ofoitric . .t
and expensive labor. Dr. ft P Townsend, formerly o f is ,,
etre. as to well known Item is the inventor and orizinai ere
prwtor of the medicine known as -Dr T0w000..1 • Sir
saparilla.."' and we think- those per.con wbn are
lag to sell their Sena.. as the original, should be exposed.
Fiore at Near York rwrt'y Saw.
Towsszteo's eatraordiosry sni.-a n o,
repro. AU entire page of the St•zi, will rot ..rape
Dr. & P. Teweeend, who la the oncinntproprietri r of Dr.
To. osenire Sarsaparilla. and whose Mike is uett -- dMN
aura. arhere•be has been for scrotal yea". is .loin.': an k•
11. 0 31.0/ busI•0•11. Ilereeeiyes on leas thee fpm hunt' -r.' ntzaa
Of Safttparills per day. sod even this eaurlll3.• s quarn,ty does
eat supply the demand. No medictze tier f 4.004 a 0,00
• 0 0 00101t•rfly as his preparation of the Slartapari. •
non of Almanacs for 1549 ro.t VA end ha hes pad tse
Nes York, S • 111 for advertising. in aim 1 . 1 for Years. flirt
$1C.900, and Inc ark toWleitres t4at., it
Ant he hair Mei aisne. This tneitieine i• et,orted to 'Me
Etairsdiss, West Indies, Booth America and En-ops to cow
. iMitirable quantities. sod is coniung into general use as lases
etoubDiff, AS well as hero.
From lie Gar,. R.),
The Did Fellow. paper Insintshes the tonowinz:
Sessatamt.t.e.—AMOl, the, numeroa. extra. is of doe
highly AregiirluAl root , Brblier Town•end • b—or, t!, palm of
antperierity. hi. indeed an excellent fano'y rrreillriet sae
hating used it on our own family tape decided easitatsr, as
COO fcC01101.0•1241 it with perfect bUCCOOa.
la our opinion. Ralf brogi b mit or •hernkeen, • he would sen
the Spurious. Sarsaparilla, becattse they din goalie a greater
profit by it than th ey cad by .clang the , urine. aini .dI a
far the ' or iginal and genuine Dr. Townsend. Sar,rtnila
and deceive their customers. woold' comma ear 'rand fm
money. Inch we. hare no boner sod ithoutd nut be travel
Drarrieta er other, that sell Slarsspari3s for r'e 1:•711:3
and original Dr. Townsend's S'arsepanila. that'. not n.-ont
be $ tairisiatts - a fraud: and n00..k, tn. , u
writers. Men that would be rriilty of otlel :so. I ; o.
OM any attar Itaud.e.and CO firer:l.l of r0t0.a...:: letociiic.24l
hat knows that eancia tiff only itslitniis.
Pown people rho are sot well,.. ,r i n ..• rt..' Ind
tbn paper., and not seen our adverti•em.-nt. !•r • bent rd
to tAtelrO•ra, that because these men 114,6. .tail al
old JiieoS Tosnsend'a" that it now. nf ..n,•• Luc .
sisal It I. leas than one year &laic they row .n,,,,, 64 Noss
their lIIIedIeAMO. Ours baeberea ie the mark' //Peer to , eat.
Jitney think the above language is too pl., .. or .roar.. it
is the truth ; and we would leave it to the Joattosst of any
teir•ounded men, if they dotted deserve at. We nose :rt.-rest
(Or years, and expended hundreds of thouthin, et no..ars to
establish the reputation of our medicine. These men aft as
deavoriar to appropriate the profit. to themselses..
They are ondoevorm; to palm off uu the putil.c to a old
Physician. &e. Ho is not a replier educated Phyid ies ttl
never allsohpled to Musouratetuni a ruedicitte; until thrse sal
hired him for the use ono, mita.. They say th.yd.. 4ottoii
the people .to behove that their Sarasparilla is ours. or nos
seme- - elhes the better to deceive the publte, thee at the min
'noel amen that theies la the Old Dr, Troinse . ruPs. and as
original; mid endeavor to make the pimple believe - Oat lb,
stuff they manefacture, le the' Dr. Townsend's Soriararria.
that bad performed so many , wondertel cures for the put
ten years, and which bat gained a reputation which to outer
medicine" ever enjoyeilewhich la a base, villain... esi.a
tripled falsehood. We barn cottneenced suite turning tofu
we for damn... We obeli be understood. that the old
titan i. oo relation of Dr. Townsend abater,. Ist their ad.
veriisements and chculars, they publish & number avast
Alseboodairespecting Dr. Townsend. which •e out not notice.
Our opponents have published io the papers. that Dot
P. Terminated was dead. This 'they sead to their spate
about the country. Who report that Ivo bane gives ep bus
was, Ee, Lc. ' The public should be on sir gtfrtt'as‘
out bi deceived by these unprincipled'men.
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remedy fur the tikes...m.4cl all are different in tnetr efieta
and results. And it will prove bare as in /torpor.. that st
least twoßtlrds of all eonllcated eases die-oundthst it is a rot
that minuet - be controverted: that-there is to /more reacia
for. dis•fatal scourge. One physician says that it u manly
cupid, by .mild eviculests; 'anotheivsys that it reennerrs••
art t cathartics; otte,-thit bleedinato faintness, te the early
remedy • °them maiutaill blood-letting is certain to was
plryitielaits avoid all' smdutintir: acd , othere .ay that IlletAlY
la eartaut to cure; whilst the Quacks declare disk Pille
care the Cholera Inany of its ettigee--o hick' would. d taken
as prescribed, be certain to kill any man or beat. The
Cholera seems to be sent by Providsoco to force the people of
Os earth to be Measly and eirtuoisk Thom are the sal) great
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the most wamtlartlii, beautiful and deleste mecum end
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4* .THE urr,.THE BLOOD,
Thimmdt . ,diffN, Firmest* Must bd rare. A man titlt
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shocked 'or disoub-d l.r phusie. at .1 u it•lv
Dn. S. P. Tp.WNS:E.NIYS t
will do this effectlintly. It not only .drearth•
en. the •syetcoi. but trent,. rich •114 pun., blood.—the Letter
of Life. _W that udo not say this Samsparlda a ass
Choler.. but prerent it. au bnr hr r• •vr,ordi
nary and wonderful' ettlertaarp...db m .," z "„ f d
' .aver nearly onmtisle of the elate, that in it. 111 nielard.
It always earn and beustirini to the alelt as.i er..l it
peeled!, neceissity'at thits'partieclar pale, to parent are
Palpitation of the Heart.
Dr, P. Tow.oond't BarbapariPa cur,* the wont aver
or the reptuition of the nun, 11,11u4s tur ulearect ter
timer. .
i • Dr. S. P. Tahrnsen....e. West Nikon. Saratoga Co., Dee 9J, 1913
Dear Sir Freitag unner peetthar ohlivailone in inn the
hew it I have rccetred from 00t... invaluable Sarvavarilia.aad
'thittkinginy teattinoey may tuttitee obera to try it fur +mil°
complex - nu, I hare burn Wooed to Mahe ibb.eoinareilicatioa
fur the gement-0f thou.a ho are afilictek . a. I hare been . he taking y oar sanaparilis rine trouble.l wry ' 4l
*kb palpitation oftbe heart, so aseeh ilia; Inu 0 • 'V I
to ley cable all hurinnaa ; from recommendation I teat loduerJ
Wiry your Saienparilla, which has eitirely cured ate •
Very truly, Your..
• • kRASTUS rtrum.
2 rotitt c antawill.—Alter the drat of Sepeamber, 1•649 Dr
P. TO Art New York °Mee will' be 11 the B ' uth
tldo4 =Pio. ett Nassau streot, *kick is nor toulerrialt
- t champ, anti dortfor dot better acautawir
Nap quo*. aid the -
4r Towanda.
14. 4,74 , 7r4
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