Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, February 02, 1850, Image 4

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Timm t.. Bnreaparilla.for ask is die dillareet omesiolled •
es the 10116114 kn. Tide Dilatiel4. - "De.Tetwes.
nand Pm vspendird over INICCOOD the bat eight YelbsaZ; s i
vrtisiog 14. SaisepseiGa. which has obtained •
wod repanitlen .theoegheat the Halted fliansh lost • ypWIW
eir pt the world.-else isle being eannwoe•
This ex=ited, the gepidity of ceitsid inspriselpled •1111,
an old mall.'whw lane hiss in poildilee idheasl eib len
heaths.. kw a sumberodries; Miatebeeniesse is
Townsend. He applied to • OfelaVer of wee to get employ
Meat or to sell the use of kw seise as pet we Dr. Wiswisebra
Itarsapartlta, Stadee the bop voles and some we hid en
punted in advertiaiugove so bebseeensot It• embark la the
irides.. Amos; others, ha apl4d to Charles WalroSs,
Lei- Edits., Of the Jamas" Terawr, who seamed week • pew
position. Mr. H. Q. neWHEWS. formally ass settee Tro•
HOT, formerly Cashier mid Financier Of the broken Maw
Monet , Wink it Bethne, New Jamey. JOHN lIIDLIAIAN
end WILLIAM ,THOMIPAION, ender the rinse( Tllosl,-
101. OKILLIL•X & CO.. hare employed this old eevb v 4
screed. as we amiarmand, topsy him sever &liars pet week,
for the elm of ha muse. These sea have Wow torsultiee
mid libelling ea in eo possible forma. la hopes we would not's,
them. and thus bring the. and their decoction into swims.
Let ib. papa iimOds epos the worm of these UMW end
hecorabte men.
One tbelr Triebou
They say that Dr. Townsend's fh~Lrilla Min end .Ib.
nonts—this is false; u we have kept it through the whole
year is NowLorloson, Tess., bleak*. sod Doe*
eat the Welt ladies.—in feet. tbeskier It the Water
it bootees. We mule a few bottles by miw k e. tent Spring.
thlt This we swelled, sod exchanged as Man Si
paeoble ; such an accident, will aerie ineerapla. Thie they
attempted to make a pent story et and say tam Hie *We
- . that they
of oer
• fuer
Dragoists or °there who *ell say Sarsaparilla for Ch. ori.
Omni antl canaille Dr. Tosrusaud's Saresparilla, libels es—or
who mil Sarsaparilla tallith ia wrapped is envelope. that eore
taia libel. rid our Sarsaparilla, we shall bold respoomble far
ikhe MM.
Tr. S. P. Townsend has paid the Press the United States,
within the last five years at least 11300.000. Others an now
enlpavoring to reap the advantage and benefit of his Oyer
*inn, by publishing that theirs iv the original Dr. Tows-
Sarsaparilla. and that ours Carr/oats. sours. A.• ;
these are base &Ischia:id. and errant libola and wa shell le.
under the ne,ssity of holding publisher. naponaibla for any
damage that may he done us, in fit ing cireillution to these tales
sports, which are well calculated to injure our bite:ern&
P ROO 1 1 :: PROOF:::
Herr ie peon( ennelneive flint Dr. B. P. T. auturs &grasps
rills is the orieinal. Vb. Thilpaine V fForonanne of the name
teapeetable awl influential Papers in this Suite.
From thijAThemy EeritisyrP/as.
There pipit...ably has . been so popular a remelt, or pa.
trot medicine. a. Dr. Townsend'. Sarsaparilla, which wag
ortitinally, and continues to be manufactured in this city, at
first by the Doetor himself. and afierdards for several years.
and to the present time by Clapy St Townsend. the present
ton. Dolce the partnership wan formed. the Oman'
as resided an Sew York. where he keeps stone, and attande
to thelausininns that accumulates at that runt. Ths man
tory es 10 this city, and is coati acted by the 'Gator virtue:t e r
Clapp—here all the medicine t. manumetumil.
Faro of our citizens have any idea of the amount of this
mPilictne that is manufactured as I sold. Be.idee the mire
ati tnu country, it in shipped to the'Cnnada., West India le.
lands, South America. raid even as Europe, to coendiderelile
quantities. Al the manufactory they employ a atimen• eagle*,
lmodes • large mother of men. women and Birk, in thir_ptc•
pnration of tee medicine, making boaes, printing, dm. he..,
and tura out, ready for shipment. over 400 dozen per day
or nearly 5000 bottles. Th. ts an poonnoun quantity.
The great sale the 1110.114,111.• hes acqiitrini, ban indeeed a
• T.“ 111111, of men to :et up imitations and there is at the pre
sent time. other medicines for ate. that ire culled "
Towarend•• Snrimpartlin." (hie in oarticuler started &abort
t then ago in New York. is call-a -arid Dr.ioroli TTownsend'
* Sarsaparilla." and apparently with a view hy dint of silver
wing and the usual area ie. resected to in smith efforts; to
appropriate the name of Dr. S. P. Townsend'. great remeiy,
and thus gain al. the advantage nsolUay from the porialant•
Of the name. winch he has acquired for it, by years of patieOt
and expatiate, labors. Dr. II P. Towneerni, remotely of this
city. as in well known hem is the inventor and original pro.
meter of the medicine known ho "Dr Toiroxind'• Sat
riaparilla." and we thank those pencil who are attempt.
log to sell their article as the ortgtn.l, should be exposed.
Prom aka New Peek het y Sun.
Dix Trriessuretris ermowilinary siverusement. Which the
rapies an entire page of the Sen. will not escape entire.
Dr. S. P. Townsend, who is the original proprietor of Dr.
Towneend's Sarsaparilla. and whose omen is next door to
iminsarbere he hes been Aar several years, is dt tying an im
mense business. He receives no leas thee four hundred dazes
of Sarsaparilla per day, man even this enormoi a quantity does
not supply the demand. Ne medicile ever stigma so great
• populate, •• ht. preparation of the Sarraperille. His
Uoe of Almanacs for 1849 en.t 5.111.100, and he has paid (h.
New York San for adveritiing. to the Ise four year; over
$lO 000, and he ark towlinlees that it is toe cheapest adverti
sing be bat ha I dens. This medicine is eamarteal to the
Cenulu, West Indies South America end Europe in co. ,
'Womble quantities, and is coating into Scone ] use is times
as well as here.
Frei Me GolJrn
The Odd Fellow. papa. pottiishew the follow int:
**ASAP AJLILLA.—Asuoag the utsinerou. • sent is of this
lushly medicinal root, Bru her Tow ut.ttlid's hears the pairs 4
sopanorrty. It •.. indeed an excelleat family 'medicine. aid
having used it in our own family with decided ad, wa
cao rsconanantul it with perfect success.
IP 16111945 T S.
to our opinion, any Druggist or shop-keeper who would hell
the spurious Hareepardla, because they eau make a greater
profit by it than they cu by helliattlia gsoutoe and sell it
for the original and genuine Dr, Townsend's 8;r/imperilla.
and deestret thei. customers would commit any freed for
looney. Such men bare no honor and Should not be Inbee
Drl2.7gifill or other/ that sell Sarssi.ardla for the MOMS
and original Dr. Townsend'. Shrsaparilla, that ni not orrice
by 6P. Townsend, coolants a friend, and null.. tin COO
towers. Men that would be putty of each an act would eon.
tau soy other fraud—and no Druggist Of common intellagenat
hut knows that our. is 11l only genuine.
&awe people who ere not well Informed. and hays not read
the papers, end not aim our adverusements. have been led
Is suppose, that became these men advertise their star es
add Jean Tarawa's," that It must. of coarse. be the ors
ginal. It is lea than one year wises they eenuereeced tone**
their medicine lbws ha beam a the market over ten years.
■nay Mail the above laagtraga as toe pieta or sever.. h
the truth ; sad we would lease it to the jedrii.nt of nay
fair-sainded owe. if they do not deserve it. We have limbered
Or paw; and expended hundreds s( thousands of dollars te
establish the reputation doer sodietee. Thew men ere ea
asetrorin to appropriate the protits to thanked... 2.
They are endeavoring to palm off cm the public as an old
Physician,. dtc.. Ile to a resales sancatod P►7eiciaa. and
viewer attempted to manufactory a snodiciue, until those man
hired him for the use °this muse. They say they de. wet erieh
the people to believe that Abele Sarsaparilla is aura ar the
sere--het the better to deceive the public, they at the i.e..
rime assert that their'• is the Old Dr. TowsisemPle mid the
eirginal ; and endeavor to make the people believe that the
oust thry umaufactore, is the Dr. Tow wiend's Sarsaparilla,
that boy performed so many wonderful cures (or the past
ten years, and which has gained a reputation which no other
medicine ever encored—s; luch is •hase. villainous. 'reprise
elided laleebood. We have commenced sorts &gaunt thee*
men for damages. We wish hto be uoderstood, that the old
man it oe relation of Dr. Townsend whatever. • la thew ad.
vertisamentr and circulars. they publish a number of gram
•isekoods respeeting Dr. Townsend, which we will net nowee.
Cher appellants have publithod in Os papers. that Dr S.
P. Teerasead wee deed. This thermion to than wow
sheet the omintry, who ?apart that we him given op bats
twos /.e. Ike. . The public eliceld be au theft guard. Red
sot _be deceived by these reprtneipled was.
This disease, at the present, is regarded with intense imams%
em It is acknowledgfti to be in mar immediate •
11/1 in Europe, almost every physician has an inf=
remedy for the disease . yet all .are •
different in them affects
and results. And at will prove bare as in Europe, that at
least tweihirds of all confirmed eases die-eand twit it ie &feet
that cannot- be controverted. that these is no Moon ressuip
for this Mal setturge. One phyeisian says that it is easily
. cured, by mild suramsents ; another seri that it requirsipow
z said cathartics; one, that bleeding, to faintness, is tise only
remedy ; others maintain blood-letting Is certain to kill . some
physicians *void all smtiulants ; and others say that Braady
as curtain to care : whilst the Quacks declare ttoir Pills to
ears the Cholera in way of its stages which would. if takes
as prescribed, be certain to kill any man or beast. The
.Cholera seems tabs wit by Providence totems the people of
the earth to be decal, and ominous. Thema an only pun
It is acknowledged by all, that oar streets, yard., cellars
and sinks should be cleansed, and that par.eaal elosedissens
ts indispousabbt—inat to inners Way, W tatersal system.
the moat wunderfid, beautilui and desists siseliime, and
The seat of all disease must be kept para. A ass with
clean. well blood, ceursist la his wait wisy lamb tut th•
Cholera, DT at disease. Tits system wed eel be reduced,
shocked or disturbed by physic. but quietly cleansed.
Iran distbie ellieetarally. It sot only cleanses sod strength.
ex. the mystent„ibet creates rieb sod pore blvd.—the lagoor
of Life. We do not say that this Sarsaparilla will cure the
Cholera. bat primal it. This medic:his ban by its eafrierdh
wary sad wonderful eilleete epos dineset gained . reputanoe
war nearly eackhalf of the globe. that is itopree.dented. It
es always oh and bene fic ial to the sick and arid is es,
t .=l necessary at tios particular time, to p lbe
Phdpiessies elf No
Dr. IL P. Towssaarfs Sarsaparilla cares Ow win* was
of the Palpitation of tits Heart. The following la disiet tear
West Mites Duelogs-Cs, Doe. iht. ten.
Dr. S. r. Tennumm.— _ _
Deer Sir eeling enemy peculiar obligations to you •Ibr the
benellt I hero received from your invaleable Sarsaparilla, cod
tbialling my testimony may Widnes others t* try It Ihr similar
complaints, I has* boas induced to maks thiatememaisatioa
for the base* of times mho ere allicoad.aa Italie been. Pre
aims WAS.% your Sarsaparilla I woo MOM eery more
• with palpitation of tie heart. so much MI. that. I was °Wad
wilily and* all business , ; from resominatidithat I waa birlimest
sots" your Sensparilia. which has entirely eueeilmo
Set) sink, 2.•Frk
litstittvf Iteisseeie—Mtsi±.64l am of ND Dr
D Tosrownid'a 'Kew Seri- O&ce wiS be 11 6i 111611 b
bevel, No.llll Naseanatram„ whiclais aim mile gait
gh than" and will beWed for the baser mammas
IMO, alba praperwrare and the eublh
• J. IUNDISSERY Jr. andill;STON a TORTES Arent'
In 'Towanda.
IM 7 I
- TART ORGRAND , JUMORS 4fFli fin ,rebirlaq
.eerm';.lBs o .
4enik-twao- 0001 1r EdelalEheM.
4)orliagtoli—M D Ingalls, Job Money. •
einlon l 4ohn Lindley, Seth K Porter. J 0 Randall.
Durell.—JonathaitSsevrsito t• • t
Gmtvgle—E A Bailey.
Orwell—N W Morgan. •
Pike—Simeon Brink. •
SbesheqoinMerritt Beemanddertialkogers.
spiingfield—Jehial Beach, D B Smith. . --
Springhill—Morrison Motivating.
Smithfield—John W Miller.
South Ureek—A H Thompson.
Standing Stoney—Alanson Taylor.
Troy twp.—Thos I Strait. •
'Wyalusing—N It Atwood.
Wiodhani—J S Anthony, Daniel Gardner, Patter
Athens Boro—Jay Carner, A F. Lyon. C N Ship
Asylum—Moses Ellenberger.
Colombia—Cornelius Furman, Curtis Merrittplip . w
ard Taylor.
Durel—lli ram Gilbert.
Franklin—Stephen Lattiman.
1 Parker, Harrison Ross.
Herrick--L D Goodwin.
Litchfield—T 13 Merrill, Daniel McKinney.
Monroe—Wm Bowman.
Orwell—William Cowles, Geo lit Gorham.
Pike—John' W Brister, Geo G' Grans, Sherman
Ridgbery—Asa Farnsworth. Vincent Omer.
Sheshequin—F Blackman Jr.. Wtn J Dttpeorh,
Obadiah Gore, R-Griflin, Benj Smith, BC Fought
Smithfield—lt Laird, Ephraim Simeon.
South Creek—Cornelius Haight, '
' Springhill—Cyrus Shumway.'
Standing Stonet-i ohn thinnest'
Towanda Bore—.l Francisco., A J Trout.
" Twp—Stephen
Troy Boro—i E Goodrich. '
Twp—Nathaniel Kingsley, Ely, Loomis, Fred
crick Williams.
Warren—Wm M Chaffee, B C Coffin.
Wyalusine—R D Clearland.
Wysox-1 P Spalding.
Wells—Orr Smith.
Asylum—James Foster, Nathaniel Terry, Ben
Alhany—Daniel C Hall, Benj Van Dyke.
Athens boro—E R Overnshire.
Burlinuton—D M -Alexander . , Andrew McKean, P
B Pratt.
Durel—Madison Decker.
Franklin--Stewart Smiley.
Leroy—John Cole, Juhn Simpson.
Litchfield—Henry Cooper.
Orwell—lsaac Lyons.
Pike—Chandler W. Brink, J K Bosworth.
Rome—Peter Allen, 11 Gates.
Ridgbery—Warren . Callen.
Springfield—Alexander Bone.
Standing Stone—Alexander Ennis, I R Vannest.
Sheshequin—John Griffin, Hiram Ladn, Nathaniel
Moody, Thos Minier.
Springhill—Kerney Henry, Milton Lewis.
Smithfild—F A Williams.
Troy twp.—Zina Case, J A Pierce, James Ward.
Tu.vanda boro.—B F Powell.
Wyalusing—lsaac Middaugh, Win Camp Jr.
Armenia-0 D Fields.
Asylum.-Edmund Horton.
Alhany—Franklin Meoardi.
Burlington --Plyme Phelps.
Xsmon—Hubbell Manley.
Franklin—John M Martin.
Granville—}(envy Saxton'.
Herrick—lsaac Pratt,
Leroy—Squire Riggs.
Monroe--John Hanson.
Pike—Daniel Bailey, Isaac Pra:t, Wm F Robbins.
Ridgbery—Miram Comings, Wm J Fuller,Bianonser
WOrlii I y.
Smithfield--B K Adams.
1 -Sheshequin—Daniel Brink . Jr., Daniel B Culver
Hamilton Dickinson, Wrii7 Lent, G W Vtuoent.
Towanda hero---Wyllrsßrownson.
" twp—Juhu M Fox, Geo B Taylor, Nelbon
Troy born—Wm Morgan.
Ulsler-,John Gilmore.
Wyainsing—A P Biles. Benjamin Brown.
Windham--Wm B Dunham, J B Vliebstex.
Wells--Theophilus More, Lorenzo Wing.
TOTICE is hereby given to all persons interea
.11 ed that
The final account of Arunab Wattles, survivi se
administrator of the estate of Matthew Cannon de
ceased, late of Rome :
The partial account of Joseph Hornet. adminis
trator of the estate of 1. 8. Warn, ded, of Monroe:
The final. account of James Lee and Margaret
Erskine, administrators of the estate of John Er
skine, deceased, late of Herrick :
Have been filed and sctiled in the office of the Re
c.ster of Will in and for Bradford county, and the
same 'will bgi presented to the Orphans Court of
1 aid county, on Monday, the 4th of February next,
for confirmation and allowance.
HAvrNa been appointed an Auditor by the Or
phans' mut of Bradford county, to meridian
sets and distribute the fund raised by Administrator's
sale of the personal estate of Jacob Place, late of Wya
lusing township, deceased, I wilt attend to the duties
of my appointment, at my office in the borough of To-
wanda, en Saturday, the 2rl day of February, 1850, at
10 o'clock, A.M., when and whereall perm us interested
are required to present their claims, or be debarred from
coming in upon said fund. W5l. SCOTT,
Towanda. Dec. 24, 1849. Auditor.
TN AIT2II.SIi ivions--rwe
H. BLACK, Register
Register's Office, Tow.anda, Jan. 9,11450.
MBE esbeedber baring been appointed an Anditor
4- by the Orphans' court of the county of Bradford,
to marshal assets and distribute the fund raised by the
Administrator's sale of the zeal and personal estate of
Joseph R. Beechen, late of Wyalosing township,
deceased. will attend to the. antica of said appointment
at his office in the boroug:s of Towanda, on Saturday,
the 2J day of February next, at 3 o'clock in the after
noon, at which time and place alt persons interested
will present their claims, or bt debarred from coming
in for a share of said fund. WM. SCOTT,
Towanda,, Dec. 24, 1849. Auditor.
THE undersigned baying been appointed by the
Orphan'. Court of Bradford County an Auditor to
distribute monies raised by Adinimistrator's Rids of the
real estate of Patrick Cummings, late of sail county,
deceased among lawful claimants, hereby sires . notice
that attend to the duties of his said appoint-
ment at his office in Towanda bore. on Wednesday,
the 13th day of Feb'y., A. D. 1850, at 035 o'clock P.
M., of said day, when all'persons interested are request
ed to prisent their claims before him, or be &barred .
from coming in for a share of said fund,
Dee. 2T, 1949. HENRY BOOTH, Auditor.
HE undersigned baying been appointed by the Or.
pban's Court of Bradford County. an Auditor to
ffistributemonies raised by Administrator's Sale of real
estate of Jams T. Stream late of said Co., dee'd.,
among thaw legally entitled to-tbe Name. hereby gives
make that he will attend to. the dance of said appoint •
meat &this office in Towanda ho. on Wednaiday the
lath 44y of February. A. D. MO, at one o'clock. P.
M. ofsaid day, when all persons intaiestsd are rogue*.
ad to present their claims before him or be debarred
from contra' in upon said fund.
WATKINS, /indium
27. 169..
FLOTIR.; 7 •111) bhh. LOUR L for ilk at the P.
plea Vier, 'No: V, Main-atilbwaada.
Jan. 2, 11155. D. LORD.
C"ORPI.-1080 bash* cORN wllliact et the rte
pis Berm tie. 01, Ilain-et. Tweak.
Jen. 1, 1850. 1 "D. LORD.
~: •'
• !names
1 4 17-it ia EtilftYntiiinal; liktanslallind
' saferts; Whki Mak ind viemsma
Row thin; Canis* Sof• thigulatiii; - 141a
-6116011 Dimino*. Hadoeid A *tiel* ag• 444 10. fx
Cuts, Sprain., Bruises; fie. We
ratified in peterisiming_ THE it THE
WORLD that diallineedieinsie ever bine:gig Wont*
,P.ublic, NONE lutes ever been wore' byteficial to if
dieted lunnanity thanliquid 'Cure
knop that this la 1414 s mat deal; hot 11 - Wi wits
to Wrineynlurnes, wa could ndf a, t 0• sod I. Prii"
thlten-usarsatso• Ltrz-nosoirstars
Hundred*. nay thour i alds: this tbe happy hour when
Snit they wets stipulated with iti tranimindsto aid*
eindour present purpose is to infirm aim thoneugrhe.
heni and where they stay Obtshi that titiit; she!
whip% how* km( !ought for' nailn. -
h. superior eseellerees,e‘ r operation . over all
other nsdidnue* tifiVrind pennattent earl of
• ,
is well known to all Who seS• tested it. 4 less been
proved - in thatianirs ortnafetriew, and hoe
1 '1 1 441T bitSTLVATE CASES,
tioesii r
And we Ira came 4_, j -- r
1 . • 5.
16 . 1 L, rA IL
it used 4 p g of according to directions.
As a proof oroor . entit* canflitinett Wits efficacy. we
assure all purchasers that. if steed • proper trial, it prove
ineffectual. the ihmerpaidfor it aril/ be Rehnucce.i -
Tile **Liquid' Cone ' is an effectual Remedy for
Hi:ix...dorms, Piles, Pimples. Barbers' Ikh, Fronted
Limis, .cliillaaims, .bait Aram* ..illsoguito Riles.
Stings of Poisonous Insects, tj-e., and far Cutaneous
Diatoms of every description., . •
•It fa both safe arileffesuel for • •
giving immediate and permanent relief.
-Pio preparation, now before the -Public eaid surpass
the excellence Odle " Liquid Cure " for Scalds. Rums
Cuts, Sprainr, Bruises, Swellings, Are.
Its dreg:tom o . ..
......:1 ( j'ErefilFiiiraili. In thiJond- ) ~' -
shcruhrpecorfhe thtmiselies with this friealifikile 'Pieper
'lion, the cheapness of which plain it within the
rerCh of all.
Full Directions accompany each bottle. -
Pamphlet, .contaioins copies of cottitleatos from
those who have tested the "Liquid Cuie," may be had
Gratis of oar authoriseil agents.
" Myers' Liquid Cure" is prep /red only by
JEROME & Co., 21 Spruce Semi, New York.
For sale - by HIRAM MIX, Towanda, agent for this
county, and by C. H. Herrick, Athens; ..Rufus King,
Troy ; James H. Phinney, Monroeton ; Henry Gibbs,
Orwell. , i, . 51 eowy
Dr. Swayit's Celtbrair4 'Fatally Malthus:
cram VOLLOWS cram!
Compound Syrup of Will Cherry!
Cello, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Complaint,
Spitting Blood, diligently of Breathing, Pain in
the Side and Breast, Palpitation of the 'Heart
Influenza, Croup, broken Constitution,
Sore Throat, Nervous Debility,
and all diseases of Throat,
• Breast and Long; the
most effectual snd
speedy cure
known for
any of
Dr. Swayoes Compolvd - Ify rap of Mild Cherry.
Jno. Milton Earle, editor of the Worcester Spy,
Mass., was attacked with a severe infilmitiots of the
lungs, accompanied with a distressing cough ; after
using various other remedies with liule eir ue What.
try the use of one bottle of Ur. Bvroynee Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry, ke was restored to perfect
WM. Montelims, a respectable merchant of Bt. Clair. I
Schuylkill county, writes, Jimusry 30. 1849 :—Encloo•
ed I send you a certifiesie of Win. Beaumont. a
izen of . our town. HIS case of. consumption well
known here, and of long standing; be attributes his
cure entirely to your Compound Syrup of ' Wild
There is but one genuine preparation of Wild Cher
ry, and that is Dr. Sirsynee. the first ever offered to
the public., which has been largely throughout the I
flutes used. eml some parts of Emote: and sit prep
ergions celled by the name of Wild Cherry have been
put oat since this, tinier cover of eaten circumstances,
in order to give currency to their Weir. Each bottle
•of the genuine is enveloped with aillicautiful steel en
graving. with the likeness of William Pena thereon ;
also Dr. 3wsyrie'• signature and as • farther security.
the portrait of Dr. Smyrna will be added hereafter , so
es to distinguish higptypenidens from all o here.
" A safe and effectual remedy for WOlllll4 Dyspepsia
Cholera Morbus, sickly or Dyspeptic children OF adults
and the most ensehil Family Medicine ever oared to
the public."
This isessany is one which has moved successful for
a long time, and it id universally acknowledged by all
who have tried it 10 be far •ettperint ((icing so very
pleasant to the Mete at the same time e&ctual) to any
other medicine ever employed in diseases for which it is
resommended. It sot only destroys worms, but it in
vigorate* the whole system. It is bemires in its ef
fects, anti the beeltitof the patient is always improved
by Its use even when no worms are discovered. '
Moue Goon News roe ens fines.—Anderstown,
Swann—DearTndiana —Di. Sir: All your medicine
sell well, and girie good satisfiction. Your valuable
Compomiddycop of Wild Cherry has been he means
of restoring sothe 'hopeless cues in this Melina .
Your Pills are Meet elespent. I want you to send a
good supply of them. A min purchased' • bottle of
your Yeitnifuge the other day for his child, and by its
ine it discharged 63 of the largest worms be had ever
seen. It is Noniewbet difficult to.get_the people to try
it, se they herb so idbrii been gelled by nauseous and
ermthlitei witrarspigihinits4lfoure - beitag so Norpker
itat Ili thilsite r iitiiiiiirlat.4late berretta.: lA - IMb°
We to Amon . of o huge ; quantity. Respectfully,
youre,,dr.c., Tow assail T. eaver. P. M.
To Dr, Ber Ares, N. W. Cotner of Eighth and
Race ate:, Miladelpbta.
Grammar ! tent!ittais soir‘4lut tip in square
or tall of these Pills
can be appreciated only by those who hire used them ;
the, ere adopted to lad nature in ca ins off morbid
miner, obstructions impurity of the blond, &e,
They are • gentle and effective purgative, correct all
the functions of the liver, and as en alterative in drop.
steal affections, they are very valuable, and should be
in every family They have an outside coat* of
pure White Muer whereby everything disagreeable
to the taus or smell is entit.4 removed, without in the
least affecting Atte a:cellist qafitlik,of the mriiiicine.
Remember T they and hew put rilk - bmtes, *erne¢ out
i d the sad wood. covered Willi a retflabel, bean( the
missals?. sir Dr filwapbe. Nose other is gestehm.
The above vebrable medicines are prepared only by
Dr. SWAYNE. N. W. cones- of Eighth &Ed Rime
street, Philadelphia.
nurrcrs & P Toe/ands Pa.
Chas. Eschhona, Canton, Drawn EarAlffen, Moo-
Beidiernan fr. Drawn, A- melon,
ibis. 4414. C. R. Retrial, Athens.
D. D. PiShrrst, Leßoy. Kinney & .liltitstAee,
C. T. Murphy. Centreville. ahem:dn.
1, Daniet4 Budiagton. M. Bullock & Co., Es.,
8. Vt. &D. F. Pomeroy, Bmithilild.
Troy. sty Kiss & Vesimarg, 'Troy.
- Imammtratremnarem• •
INIMbe letAin hand *large alsoitinintiAand
lit to order on Ander nothwaid Swims nsia.
ney &m em be ykallored at any other eatablidunent In
thy lend. ?boys who are ander the annuity of pro
entire that 'ankle 0111 and 'ball 14 addled. A good
heanwand rday de had In attendinee when &aired.
September I, 1647 I.: M. NYZ do CO.
. en
rOR beard ampatiatt,,koelolll,4 _ cletbegespby.litief
b; :N.Olifili ,4 9o l e. - Air bra y' l44 7 ll.l " lo
tallish Gremaimer. utetat a Mit politica; freapaphy,
tits 49,16haa.1000002y. !eland PaikW,Plo AA
limrionemy. (with thenea of a aim' d'vpitiatro to MO
ttem thoismailesi4 oral . FtlikaiTky sad - Cheiniiwy,
ahhtlpiertinj M 'Winnee2 -er a n n um, $lOO 00
4 . . .
Dry Tschßirmiqe! 4,ader, 4 00
trier titaness.
1 ibrnci,i, Perlamitiig • . Ft 0 0
Lb. . w 400
r .4
4 00
. asas:(on the pieno4per gaiter, . .10 00
;mbeewyriutijog work." ' 2 00
A'iri :young bay. , receiving bestmetket oil the piano,
s ptivilesed to leant mg-work, or any one of the above
imitates, sad** setae tuse;withoot additional zherr-
To a young lady who studies the English bimeheo.
the terms of Mennagemmikef dm above launches. ars
_ Rer rafter. 14, 0 0
tnetruetiona oh the chills!, . . 400
Um of titre, 15
DitWhier sad Italian in water eolors. including
' the sap of materials, each ss desiring paper,
Woo; pencils, Be. • 4 0 0
Oil ?tinnier oh teatime. 4 10 00 1
Paintiitg trestiparent window shades, including
the supply mettirials, each 400
Formula = . l on paper. silk 414 velvet, psi
fwetie 15 DO
Gildiog on silk. traps, ike. ' do. - 0 00
Was dowers, per quarter, '6 00
Pens end 'ink, 0 80
Washing, 2 50
Boat in 00 per smelt.
Letters post-paid, addreeiStlto the Mises wit=
&GRIFFIN, Binghamton, Broom Co., N. Y., will re.
ochre prompt attend".
liiiLd ll4l
TORN W. WILCOX, him removed his establish
ment to the shop between Kingabery's and Bart
lett's stores, and where ho still solicits • share of
public patronage. IFte intends, by a careful selection
of stock, and by attention to the interests of his cushy•
men to make as neat ud dur4ble work u can be ma
nufactured in this past +1 the Ountry.
lie will keep constant'y on' hand, and manufacture
to order, Morocco, Calf and Coarse Boots and Shoes ;
Ladies Goiters,
Shoes and Slips; Children's do .1
Cent's Gaiters and Pumps, 4-r.
(13. Country Produce, of most descriptions, taken in
payment for work, at the market price. •
Towanda. April 26. 1847. •
UT AV :MB J. • E 4 OMArateltlAM
THE subscriber still continues
to manufacture and keep on band
at the old stand of Tomkina and
Makinson, all kis& of eine and
wood seat CHAIRS; and SET
TEES of iarious kinds, & BED
STEADS of every description,
which I will sell low for casb
or Produce, or Pine or Cherry
Lumber, or CI air plank, will be
received for work. TURNING done o order in the
neatest manner. Also.
make and kept on hand, or made to o er, im the hest
manner. JAMES 14 KINSON.
Towanda, January 4. IRO.
New Arrival of Jewelry, Clocks and
JAMES P. HMl...respectfully informs the citizens
of 'rewinds and vicinity, that ha has lately return
ed from Philadelphia.. and May be found at the old
One door below the Bricic Row, in the room for
merly occupied by iklercur's Hat Store, where be offers
for sale a large and splendid assortment of 1E W EL
RV, consisting of gold and silver watches, gold, fob and
guard chains, gold and silver pencils, gold pens, breast
pins, finger rings. &c.„ cheap for ca...b. and every snick
warranted. A large supply of CL 'C KS, of the latest
improved patterns, !tinning from all bows to 8 'days
and a moll*, with one winding.
Qj Pittreular attention paid to repairing CLOCKS,
WATCHES & JEWELRY, of every deicriptioa, and
from the long experience which he has had in the be
, sinew, work left in his ears will be done in the test
workmanlike manner. Old gold and silver taken in
i exchange. Towanda, October, 20, 1810. y
Remoyed to north side Public Square !
. w .411. Chas Mlle.
s. AS just returned fromthe city
if: IA of New Vogt with • lairge
.114 supply 'of Watches, Jewelry and
5 Silver ware, comprising in part,
, the following ariieles :—Lever,
VEpitieared Plain Watches, with
••••a ceitnpTete tasortnient of Gold
; Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin
ger Ring, Breast Pins, Deseelets, Lockets. Gold chains,
`Gold Pens, Keys; eta Also, all wino of Silverware,
and any quantityof Steel Bad e—eril of which he offers
for smile exceeetlingly cheap for CASH.
Waschee repaired on short notice, and warranted
to run welt, or the money will be refunded, and • writ
ten agreement given to that effect if required.
N. IL—MAPLE SUGAR, and Country Produce
taken in payment forsrotk ; and slat. kern, now, and
/wrier, that the Produce must be paid when the work
is done—l war against credit in all its forms.
Teemed*. April 215. lA4n„
CF. HARDER respectfully mattes to inform the
. citizens of Towanda. and the public that he bas
commenced, the
m Towanda, on Main street. a few doors-above Bridge
attest, where he will keep constantly on hand or make
to order: Phdcd and woman Harness. Thinks and
Trunk Valiens, and all beard work in his line. CAR
to order. Prom his experience In the business, and
punctuality in attending to it, be hopes homily receilM
a char- of puldic patronage.
ccr All kioda of work- may he had at his shop cheap
ow Abed at ieji othy shop [1164 couoty.
- Towanda. Jute 4 12 .1 8 0,' ly 1
Or Delores Pus Destroyer, aid needy Sir Disease
rinses Extract is a pave liquid, free from ineri thing
A- inconvenient or dangerous. As a pain extractor
this medicine is superioe to every thing yet discivilind ;
and as an epplication to seduce inilamation, the skiUtif
mankind is challenged to equal Nature in it. It seethes
the Nervous System—heals wounds. bruises. sprains,
and cleanses ulcers—reduces all manners of swellings
and tumors; and cures Bummer Complaints, *watery
Infantile Diseases, Female complaints, and most of the'
ordinary Family Ailments.
After what I have stated, you will not be surprised
at the declaration of my opinion and firm conviction,
that the liquid prepared by you is nix or Tax MOST
eau TIDOS ;--and that prove a mow e ff ectual
remedy for all nervous e ff eefints, and a ennifor inflam
mations, mate and chronic, when seasonably sod prop.
erly applied: Farther obseriation and eiperiment will
bewitinmery to determine the best mode of its appli es .
tion, whether intentally or internally, and the quantity
to h. adminietered.
?set ab'l servant. Joni C. Elgatem
Tbe shoes sedleine may be found at all tha . Aisa
cw gn sale Of 44 calebtapd Grashuberi Medi
amm o in do eninitiiiiroinw.d.
PALIN MA? HAI*. just meieed end for gabby
ititi It; B. KINGSBERY & CO.
E 212
Wutiatit ewer rhult? - 441" . .'irs
-111Crillfrtid Otherililleffi - 311111M1111011 I
Th e - Inereistlifqicise
iliPinrro di.-
iidy; 'hi their
11 ' reon .
kidneye "pa bersr;
Hthee their -06-
.peerer over die;
The ortion'ortiteliblieYe ls Mich ingi to Make them
a minable litbenbiptic- Dropsy. Grevel;AMP'Pettisli
Complaints, mishit from obstruttleat Mismtaitipeifods,
are speedily.remosed by their We:. ' " " '
A nee tspettottation from lbe knee -embed by
the use aq W.rightliandian Vegetable .Pills; . thus re
moving Pulmonary Complaints, anehits Asthma, Bron
dlitisitolenesa aed'..Tightaims Of the breast. Vettlhs,
Sore Throat, &c.
Hy their action mi the Stomach and, Bowels. the
POlicure Dyspepsia, Um Cortiplaint:TdlPitation of
the Heart, flatulency. Costivenise.Pmere or Ariia dt
Manly, Headache, Gjddineis, Dysinterj:lPiles, ins
all dieardere - of the intestines. •
Talton in'arnall doses, Weights Indian Vegetable
Pills become an Alterative Medicine; of great searching
efikeer, for the cure of Mores of *IV kind*, Toter
Tumors, Jaundice, Lowness. of Nikita; Neuralgia,
Rash, Prins in the Bones, &e. " •
Them Pills Alm thoroughly break up:liiiirema,
in which complaint they are ortnernoly valsable.
In Bilous Complaints, theme Pills exercise a complete
mastery.. Hence Fever and Ague is speedily cured bb
the use althorn. In the Weetern and Southern:States
where this disease mostly prevails. then Pills go like
an avalanche. While they are cheaper' then the fever
and *Rue remedies in general, W rights Indian v ege t a .
ble Pills have been pronounced superior to all of them.
Indeed, it would appear that if thereto one complaint
over which these Pills have more power than another,
it is Fevej,and Ague.
For destioying and expelling Worms, po Vermifuge
to these Pills. Although we have not taken pains to
make this Act public, the merit oldie medicine, itself
bag acquired for it an extensive reputation aml sale Mr
the removal of Worms. Adriunistered to nihilist or
children, the effect of the Pills is equally radical and
decisive. Ail who suffer from Worms should, by ell
means, rise Wright's Indian Vegot;le Pills.
Id fact, no o n can go amiss in e use of this medi
eine. They a:e natural to the body is food is. A trig
will convince the skeptical that Wright's Indian Vegge-,
table Pdlls, far from being a w quick "nostrum," are
decidedly the most valuable medicine ever 0 erect tq
the public.
Bale AIM * CIT SC13•11 COATILTI CorWTEll ZITS !—.l.
Remember, that the original and only genuine Indiari'
Vegetable Pills have the written signature of William
Wright on the top of each box. •
The genuine is for sale by .IdONTANYtS & Co .l•
sole agents for Towanda; and by agents 'in all other
parts of the state.
Office devoted exclusively to, the sale of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and retail. 169. Race
at., Philadelphia, 288 Greenwich st., New York, and
198 Tremont, Boston. . 39y
• -
QV E-RE - .1,0N 1-1
4 11 '] B. A .-1
Dr. .L.So de & Co,
Nt 0 other medicine has ever been introduced to the
I.A public that has met e►ith such unparalleled sue
refs, as Dn. Soctes Oriental Sorereirt Baba PILL'.
Having been but •ii years before the • public, and the
advertising small. competed with most other medicine!,
vet they have worked their wly iuto every state in the
Union earl Canedes. They have absolutely become
the Standard. Medicine •o 1 the day. They are purely
vegetable and so admirably compounded that when ta
ken in large doses they tipeedily cuie the most delicate,
nervous female, we have .raised ,nornbers from their
beds after all other remedierhad' failed, .
BE Wake OF 0 11 UNTERFETT6. 1
As there are aporiousiflills.itileireolation
' , Mal or Besereign Balm, ea Rare to reetafore yofibuy
at the name of .".D.C. E. L. San& 4. Cu." is on the
race of the bozea Nova other, eon be genuine. We
ate not swore that say IMO who is making a stivrias
snide has yeiderod to mike. -use of our -name; X6O
some of them haws had the implitlesee to imitate, oat
hems and copy our Circulars, Certificatea,4e. Unless
the public. are careful: when they porthole, they will
he deceived.
be haJ wholesale and retail or Dr. R. L. Sonia &Co..
Euclid. N. Y.; and in Towanda. by HUSTON & POR
TER, and by Agentsin every town in the country.
Ve the Victor belong. the -.poi's.
A LivraH many preparation s in the form of " Prrpti-
ZI. ktr 'Miditin is," have been before the public, claim
ing to give relief, and even cure the most inveterate
dsseases, yet none have so well answered 4h perpose
as Dr. Bherman's Medicated Lozenges, They sefagrees
ble to the taste, eerily edminiatered, arn4 front, the un
precedented success which they have met with, and the
remarkable cures which they hove performed, may
justly lay claim to Merida of Conqueror river the di
seases for which they have bare. recommended. Dr.
- -
Cure the most obstinaleceses Of Cough in a few hours.
They have cured a large number of persons who have
been given up by theirphysiciena anti friends.and malty
who have been reduced-to the verge or the grave by
spitting blood. Consumption and Hectic Fever, by their
use have had me pf health teamed to the haggard
cheek acid now Alie to speak forth the praise ortbis
invaluable medicine, Dr. Bfiennan's
Hews been prated is' more tbsn ocoock cases to be in
falliable, in fact the onlyr certain Wenn-Destroying
Medicine ever discovered. -Children wilt eat them
Then they &Moot 'bp - foileist to tabs tidy etilktr medicine,
'enOreareasleeleed from ihicadiaiheathriti Radar
tintstaThelian thMorm 44yolt4 i cerwep6iii.
When the brie& of the ebild- becomes otfeesiety and
(betel* picking of the nom, grind*, of the noes, grind.
ing of the teeth daring-sleep, paleness about- thW lips
with Sodiedwbedia, bleeding -at thsnese, ,
'drowsiness, slatting during sleep, disturbed dreams
awaking with frightsting scream, tmehkesemeough,
feverishness thirst, transeirme appetite, sickness at-the
stomach and blasted ' stomaeh.:4lwee wee among the
many prominent symptoms of worms, and can be
relieved by these' inemnparahle Lozenges. They have
never been krktwn to fait. Dr. Shernisn's •
Relieving headache, nemen s ski headache. IlalPillation
of the heart sod 'sickness in a few rninutist. They Mare
lowness of spirits, deepondeney, faints's*, conic, spasms,
cotigps of the stomach, summer or bowel complaints—
theiticeep up the spin's, dispel all the distressing of •
dissipation, and enable a person to undergo great men.
tel or badly toil. Dr. Sherman's
Is acknowledged by all who hooey?? used it to be the
best strengthing Master in the world and a sovereign
remedy for pains and weakness in heck, bins; side'
breast, neck, limbs, loints, rheumatism, lumbago.• &c.
One million a year wifl not sapply the 'demaid.—
Caution is neeessa-y,'as there me many ' enprineipled
persons who would forte a sparioat Snide' upon the
community. B. outdid to get ?Indian's Peaelgitn's
Plaster, with • ufre ilinrikw hii - Writien moo oq the
beelltistie others 'sat gettniee. ilid lip
.do tame hurt
thin' good. Bold in Towandabtlll7BTON . FOR.
TEX Mo. I. a rid Bow. •
(ITSGpAIMILAIood patterns and god colas roi
V e15..1 Ing,3 o
:.:-. .. - • .., 1. 4. 1t*5. , . - FLLIA.
1 i
' tr ifinilleak Of OM. if dial/Mi. COIMPIAPIsah. d4 l
,—. ailigilme etkon4 - 4 4 4 *al 111110011riUr qt/4/41%
mita use smote a Illfsficf. Com e ouch DU,..
Ikk Oaf Prilrfelkt jlerffrillik imiturrisor fa 06 Ilaiksievii i j
km subdued mai asenirsi asch•lis din it sugumuji.
ie moth • e
Jinfidm, be own ettypet t end Alit itelsint pm(
rsme mom Witched. NW ONE Earifl i E. of ih etotalas sem
MIA* yirtne,snd twetimfleWer, theta to m
min i erl i t Pier &Aka Of ear nereeflet aft! Mir maim
time beg tilt? kortlaic Theta freer
be um penwdees, that by the Me of fhb teem intina Polk
they OM. were' Ihrieri yleh Itei&4lty Ibit Mate Lew
Onertawo wiemsw Wrdt—Abayligt wens Som. hlthlemum e ,
who bun used limuts Ponotta. leer brawl seed teal my
414 the eetlitParatfama
blot kdiiise *rya theit—;
BZ/ine 1 s 04 0 . PIK
banner one seism of it sae JOIOMMiI. Mile; MOW II ti
rid. In conettptence, awes eon 4is itieth be lisd, d es
stasholthi of my ottaer twedieite. • • - •
If. then. ON S4fwele of .IMatres PIMP= wilrenee 10D11 •
Timmy mom
.dairy Mau ma beak pene=4,-Baaw a
Phriomerefould metespat &lbws se ammo
Milo manssioalw.• -Nat SEMITE' ManrirA Ia WA is frify
ONE DOUAI. obottba ; sad i st • bottle of Whim Mad sae at
ospahla curing ,' "kr Thew 'se methlitimimM ens beak oft
IMOMpIeakthOMIOM OIONO. earinvilhar arbiter prw.
er and few, medical Obese,. Mould be add at Ise MOM Om
ZootWlho Caw per battle„.le, be as Ow! nelles Poston at
' Ow Peatr.
Ono Dollar's !
flow much Citacti—how much itertitto--how mach k ee ,
sous—will, Ose Dates wird of intathrlDNlMit curet teed
tbs foilowingatatessent. which he legiabeherfetd Paws ,
Ms le thecme of-s "Dyhagrieli who p tiro. He MO Cord
d i e t swam ewe of flerollses. by only 'beim bitfies al Brawl
r elmw ever wm ettAtd by sir me of Th eirs OM*, st
the deet e that iras imer made. &reaps:Ma has .4
piliainu mace drat' tie tore of sorb • nwitialcy
' V . '. J. B. Smut. of BARS OluirkiCcar. I. had demdmfm
slllOrv—irali confined to his bed the Lit yew—be was to week
dimmed and debilitated es to be mate to miss Whaled** bit
bead. 'debut: Ow bac medical adyice—iesd used afttlf the kat
sanwprrailas to no good effect—got oversewed tow, and wee eon.
stdered to-b• lie • rigiv awe. lad calla not the troop=
holm longer..whes be tommencea ouImg.BRANTS
lits mob WM MOM MOWN 0/, from tar t ter--a hole most esten
through hii sihdln'pe, tinder Ids' chin; so that he *tubed throagh
the hole—hte Mr was pa eat® seared that it could be lifted ti p
wit of Its= t4 .ii mly bolding by • mitt pleee—tbe we of we
am was dumped by two Ulcers-1M Me under the ma r
large as • man low& imitteerly teem through hilt dab hue a
holy. Time bowels Witted withinseamwmb MOW. writ ellts.
sire GUM CM MUMS parts of his Dersote. , limber and fat
particulars, see wir Poispkids. - ' f
Doet. TIOMMI WILLILMIS.toe at the Most sbilfut prim e .
of Rowe, was walled to me klasklaathmtip ih•dwil be commetrat
using &Mai Purifier. Doti. W. ,aeilr bias, end then told
bite that ell the staikines lathe mate-could am cam hint—thil
to CMS MOO . .
Irompting 'per
theybresk up
ugh.. Me*
Now hear Mr. lIASKINIS ataiemerit :
wife procnrod cow bottle of BRAIR7BIITRIETTNG EXTRACT'
—Tim? norirboemablcd me to get okay: d--the neon° but.
the enabled trityo eel qf 4e ho —efeitillSH ID enabled mete
math nee at op when 1 had thdiaMd uebg Niue Bottles err.
twrass out of twenty Myra had healed ,and thaw /mats mere
effected • PERFECt GIME and tailored me . geed A
1 The above facts inn Certified to by nocTc.S T. WILLIAMS;
Mr. G. R. BROWN:of Wen Row AAA N al
EximAßD,DruggiAii, sad ,ELEVEN abet -• •• Matema
Lt Rome.
' " •
Mr. O. B. VlNNNYOnerelnalbairotra, Geoids touato. N
farmed that it canceedoetor hi raid emintv , Mll eferrot:
derfai egret of Omeccesthningh .the eYeWcy - of BRANDS' ?rm.
DICING EXTRACT. A mnera , dector In Greene county, N. Y., ur
also ming-NM Peatrttn. Me. A. B. Stmt., dram*. et Camp.
• harts, Montgomery crap, N. Y., Mu informed us W en imprison
are of a Casseto of leerg anueltdX, which was erected on a wed
thtly of that place. IC dameNber,thie ?cameo cane Coma. by as
portfying. healing , ja: , ,vetust hap disease of tbsi Woe* cm
It noti Seven experience and triumph "aye thee in
emoted what it cant. .
The Rey. TLICHAILD D ?akar of the Priebyeri•
church. Adams Basin. Mcmroe councy. N. z., wrote t° ns: • 1 Woe
Just received • letter from Mr. C wwirM=slgll,4, *14111,0 a (MP
awe of his Iresenacne. Tamar ace shat it 11114W4terb.
a • Christian roan and an elder an Amreh., Same years sacs
sa had twhare sae of hit legs eat of,to sere hia life, in otinweinnes
sf • Iresersore. The other kiebeiag saw Warted. and Own
SS SZollailass4 fcmmmm. Saiierfs.SLinicurt. Bend the w.
nrlt-De says: herrn wet only TARIM harm= of BRANTS
MEDICINE. I pawed au siorzarmrpoir rweamalatioa, *Sat
Medwiar, end. Lon now may that, righ the hhissing of God,it ha
ti.epa a mere wintry-I' . See Pi onSitio fbr full particoAra
Dr. NATHAN DUBILMI.Merfc...;.. are orthe cidoS
awl most respectaLle ithysiciere l / 4 Wa 4 a 6li cte d WU/. ""..C...
piiirnt tram,. min* and wv relied* poiiry BRANT'S I'II.kIENING TATILACa'. We could pars
of other pq .
also cured.
. ,
No remedy tamed to the peak he. ermarbeen heir rep arrtais
Orton( M reaserie' at.a. the tocideand.reablease end irrongaress
of the sezz,, ea Beam ' s Pct.monnae . }ULU'S. It nukes no ddr...
the' themzumment ad sampresTros. asses. or ocher not
ems—it FLEWS/AXES by strafigthouvpfae strarca. arodatee
Its necrt..eetost, and aiethiert sued aflutter nareoes ntarrsartnr.
lir Sae pamphlets.
from the Oft the women, tad the gems et *Adds
taw Is eceslienietared the other ea greabssiftg . pa , p.
rent soy of thajostal dies that frequently maleaqueent of
each change.
ti;n tilour fitOnLa •
. •
. ,
• reciossopiacuw.raw.v
U. T. WALLACE fs CO.—Gisassios: "M. for roomOss
• Teo; salmi *lb .'ttoltsmodt. I could ex so of
w ria li tt arli t ta rget t rzt pain :t rietsers, l nd
on exprriestor, trloLuMlosleM of MOM_ 1 4r4
to my otter disoppotatmeat,.. ei =l Peor,r l = l Pie P r. " "
tberellsre used is SOW* los eoettietety wed
the masse. I tm.tawrouroll sod houty„ cot' cam eia Omit ay
thi44b ! 'lng te s p ec ts u n r *n"4 , eIt I MOX'
. Mr. lytiscof aseigoosiOsomoehsat of Attio6
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