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TO the Editor fltlie tinier/I . . •
Having spoken to-day in the House under much
excitement, and, in the confusion which preiyirgid i
r eaming uo cor.ect ierfoi/ of lay remade' vvip . b e
f u rnished, I salt s in Justice to myself thaiyott piabia
this c ommunication.
After I had received '53 votes for Speaker, en
Monday last, and after the House had adjourned I
wa s sent for to go to the room of a member. When
arrived there, I learned that it was for the purpose
o f having a conference with Mr. Wilmot, of Penn
sylvania, who soon after came into the room. He
informed me that' they were satisfied with the po-i.
Linn of Mr. Potter, of Ohio, and had been . ready to
vote for him, if the time had arrived when their
votes would have made a choice ; that they were
willing to vote for me it I would agree to give them
fitir committees on the District of Columbia, the
j u diciary, and on Territories; that neither himself
c rii the gentleman from New York (Mr. Preston
bi ns ) desired to be upon these committees; that
all he and his friends ailed was,
that the ablest
men of the diflerent parties, and both sections of
the Union. might be selected; and they asked that
they should impartial and Imprdudiced upon the
question of slavery; that their fears *ere, that I
might so constitute these committees, as to stifle
what he regarded as the radic sen.iment of a-ma
unite of the country: I slated to him in reply, that
I, regarded his request as reasonable, and that, if
elected, I should constitute these committees affair
impartial men; that whatever might be my views
upon any and all questions, I would not use my
power as Speaker in such manner as to prevent any
important question from being rully presented and
discussed in the House. Mr. Wilmot appeared
satisfied and left me. in a short time I received
!Ecru him the following, note:
Dear Sir: In the conversation which I had with
you ibis evening. you were free to say, that if elect
ed Speaker of the House of Representatives, you
would constitute the committees on Territories, the
Judiciary, and the District of Columbia in a manner
that should be satisfactory to myself and the friends
with whom I have the honor to act: I have commu
nicated this to my friends ; and if, in reply to this
note. yoti can give them the same. assurance, they
will give you a cheerful and cordial support. '
Respectfully youri, b. wiLmor.
Hon, Wm J. Brown.
I knew the reason why I wn.4 interrogated. I
had always been regarded as entertaining feelings
more friendly to the South than a majority of the
represen'aliveli from the North. As a member of
the 2Sth Congress, I item aivocated the Texas bill,
and had voted agaitint,the application et the hints
oun Compromise to ihe Texas bill, and had voted'
against application of the ordinance to the Oregon
beeau-e it was north of that line. For hair
rearsl had been Assistant Postmaster General ; and
had nether voted at an election, nor been a mem:
her of co;ress.and had no opportunity of recording
inv vote upon these exciting questions I did not,
therefore. obic,et to Nark; my verbal declarations
odon revon I. I immediately addieaseil to Mr.
t :lig Itiflowing note:
WASHINGTON CITY, bee.. 10, 1549
Dear Sir: In answer to yours of this date, t will
rare t h at. should Ibe elecietf Sq
i aker of the I - louse
,-riepre , entaiives. const le the committees
ra the District of.Colotnbta, on ,'erritories. and on
Jiiiiiciare. in such manner as shall be satisfactorrto
v - our , elf and your friends. I am • representative
fr3m a free State, and have always been opposed' to
'he esien , ion of slarery, and believe that the federal
government:should be relieved froth thii,responshiliy
slatery where they have the constitutional power
David Wilmot.
ill had been elected, I feel ecafident that I should
rrr_auiied these committees in such a manner
as no Southern man. Democrat or Whig would have
..omplatned 01. I intended to constitute them of
r.i,• ti impartial men, who would hare thorough
;y Investigated and reported upon all constitutional
questions. without regard to sectional or party bias
I wasiiiterrreeated by a number of Southern men.
r' ad ol whom I said that I had always been opposed
Wilrnot Proviso. I watt a friend and suppor
'sr oliTeiwral Cass and in my canvass for Congress
'•;i1 oiiprised by a IVilmot Proviso Whig of the
lii or school )- was called a Calhnim Southern
In do—ad vacated the doctrines of the Cass N icholson
le:ter with the exception of his views as to the con power of COngfeas to legislate for the ter
ritories That pa*er I have never doubted Congress
pas•esse.l iltit i was in favor of leaving.the ques
..tln of the institution at Slavery to . be settled by the
peldle ‘, Ito might inhabit the territories. In other
surd: I was for itet.irderlerenre. Whilst thesetwere
my vtea., and while I Was willing to let the pen
•,.ie determine this queltaiort rat themselves, ender
• , ornennistarices could I vote for a territorial bill.
:at tn..; in it a provision to establish the institution of
•.avery. I
have repeatitily said, that although I,l the Proviso as inineces•sety and oseless. I
should have no objemirin to see a bill with its prov•
'lts presented 'to Gen. Taylor far his :4ln:flare,
a• at the North he has been regarded as favoring
nt-asure, and at the South opposed 3o it. I
several southern gentlemen. thatrey mind
'V." not clear as o the constittnitral peacei to abol •
i-ti a avery in the District of Columbia. I was ails
t•ets, if that quesiipri was to be af,iitathil this win
ter that a report might be made from an able com
mittee of legal gentlemen. Mr. Van Bitten believ
ed that Congress possessed that power:'and yet the
South voted for him. I hare always taken the
open ground that Congress should net interfere
. 40 the institution of slavery in the District of Col
ombia without the consent of the inhabit:nits. If
[(ingress possesses the power to abolish Slavery
et the District, and the people Consent no one alrouD
, lbjem. The question of the power of Congress is
judicial, and not a legislative question. In writ
11 , g Ulu letter I comririned ad error, but I have
made no declaration to these men in relation to
:'te committees, except that they should be fairly
sonstauted. I made n 9 declaration telitputhem or
: 1 northern men but what will be fully &stained by
t-lv votes, if 1 . have an Opportunity belitiMongress
lijourns. I have been consistent. tails my future
:tibiae shall prove it. I desire to see the House,
nrltinized and am ready to vote for any democrat
~,,h nut inquiring whether lie lives in the North or
St•rh—whether he is for OT awiinst the Proviso.—
) te - thing our southent democratic friends should
.. member—that in the Nan)) the sentiment against
the extension of slarery is almost universal • and if
Ire are required to become the advocate* et it* ee
!elision, oar places will be filled with whip. In
his correspondence 1 consulted none of my friends.
lone am responsible. I made no private pledges
any .one. My letter wits foondOd on a verbal
lersation with Mr. Wilmot, which is fully sus-
mid by his epeecAl. W. .1. %owe. '
tWishington Dec., 1846.
hum Tam:toy ter bloen.c.—A letterfrom Mobile,
'es the folkiwing particulars of the dnradful ha
me which took place in that city, recently
'Your ofd acquaintance, Gen. Thomas Holland,
ve'sterdaq ?n the street, by Ti!. C. Mc
„,ork. • Mac was a clerk in Holleod's employ,
ki the latter boarded with him. Areclintnek had
wife and - several clithfreti. Circumstances led
aim lat e l y to suspect too Close an intimacy between
'l' Wife and the General, and on Moinlor be made
meth' sure of a criminal mtriaee He instantly
In obtain a div‘ea, and sent his wife' and
Oren away. ; and yesterday-hooted up
s°,llll the declared pi:rpme of taking hits' fife
met near the corner of St. Michael and Roy
`tyeel. n- t far from the tTheatie, after rfmner—
Zhatnek with a donbleid harreferl Min t , chi rged
11 buck shot ; Holland, t hear, had a pistol; but
.sot !line indraw it. acClintnciigave him one
large whirl% entered his heart, and a second Odell
thianeh his throat and came oat at the back
h e neck. killing him instantly. McClintock
e no e a . ” te ,
pe tint stalked down' and
'endered himself to the authorities.
Six Monk* died of cholera 00 Beard of a yearn.
near St Louis lately. They vrerefrons- Europe
b)rind for !erne Catholic nuaitution out West.
11116 " Wei -aria
•We home learned with either
,inen the
hands in the emp til y of the siiite hilkeitlWeng
shop, on the Ceturribia railroad, turriee-iiut la t e
Thureday, atraiereeid to work on liteeeditt of not
having rereiVed their pay for tromileetiths. Du
ring the lest tlession Of the le.. s ielaterei-lt; will be
recollected, sais the' Keystene,lhat CoL 'Peones,
after si considerable eontue, succeeded hi :getting
the legislature to make, what was then Supposed to
be, sufficient appropriations to pry on-41174e old
debts of former years, and to sustain a • monthly
system of cash payments for all labor and materi
als duting the fiscal year just closed. The proprie
ty of this cowee so abviuus, that the legielanne, in
the end, made the appropriations wititgreat unan
imity; but notwithstanding this, , the - payiumente, as
designed-by the legislature, have not been prompt
ly made.
On the 30th of November last, the . alike of the
fiscal year, there was in the treasury a large
amount of unpaid appropriations for the expenses
of canals and railroads for the part year, while the
creditors of the stair, and persons employed in re
rious capacities, remain unpaid, to the amount of
more than than two hundred thousand dollars.--
There remained in the treasury ou the 30th No
vember to swell the aggregate balance in the
treasury on that, day, of the appropriations made
for the Columbia railroad and Portage road, the
sum of $178,599, which is due to the creditors of
the commonwealth, and which should have been
drawn and disbursed long since—to wit : 8103,1195
belonging to the creditors of the Columbia road,
and $75,704 to. those of the Portage road, hi con
sequence of this grosi and culpable negligence,
which must rest on some or the commonwealth's
agents, the credit of the state, in the purr-base of
materials. has been seriously injured, and her la
borers and creditors compelled, in order to secure
the necessaries of life, to subrnit to thepayment of
e;travrigant prices and extortionate shaving. This
disgraceful in the highest riegite to the character
of the State, as well as prejudicial to her interests.
The treasury, ever, since the payment of the in
terest on 1.4 of August, has at all tiniest, had an
abundance of funds on hand to meet at all de
mands on it, promptly Why has it not been done!
Has the treasurer wilfully withheld the money
which be ought to hare paid out to the superin
tendents and rurpervisors, to swell his balanae at
this end of the year t Or have they been neglect
in., their duty, while th e laboring bands and cred
it:rd have-remained unpaid anti been compelled to
make serious sacrifices to obtain the necessaries of
life! This seems to us to be a matter worthy of
serious enquiry, and, ought to engage the attention
of the legislature as soon as it meets.
This we do know, that we hare, daring the past
summer and fall, frequently seen supervisors and
superintendents who have stated that they had
come for money and could not get it. Their com
plaints have been emeriti and numerous. We
have heard Colonel Esnmen of the Columbia mild.
complain very often and recently. on this eubjeet,'
It is due in the public that the saddle should be put
on the right home. If the !tate treasurer has imp
properly, withheld the appropriations from their
officers, it k the duty of the canal commissione
to ascertain the facts and to ;ore them, anthe m'
tie and reliable form to the public, and if their own
officers have been negligent of their duty, they
should be promptly dismissed.—
Dzcznsta 10, 1849
THE Ctrotcru.—%Ve are informed that . some
time last week the Cholera •broke ont at CopPeras
Creek 'Landing, in this county, and tbat some eizht
or ten deaths have occurred. The firrt victim was
Capt. Rice, a trader in produce on the river. A
day or two after his death, John Snider, and Benja
min Ravralt, who were proprietors of the ware
h"iuses at the landing, were both stricken down by
the disease, since which time some five or six oth
ers have died. All of the iridividnals above allud
ed to were men doing businea or laboring at the
landing —Felton (Mo.) Republic •
Fiaons oa TM. rr sue.— Since the virtues of the
GargfindOil have become so extensively and favor-
ably known to the Farmers of the United States and
Canada. as a curative oil in diseases of animal*, and
as a consequence, its demand becoming great—
there has not been wanting those whose cupidity
has suggested to them,that if they could CONCOCT
something as nearly resembling in appearance as
they could twigs, with anything for a name, they
might urge it upon unsuspecting customers as a
substitute for the true Gurgling Oil. The proprie
tor would therefore caution those who purchase, to
be sure the name of G. W. MUCHA:VT is blown on
the sole of the bottle, and in his hand writing over
the cork'. AU others are an attempt Lit imitation
and are therefore an imposition.
see advertisement in this paper. A pamphlet of
diseription may be had gratis of the agent.
To those "friends" whose visit on The 11th, af
forded so much pleasore to the heart, and whose
bounty contributed so generously of the things need
ful for the present late, the undersigned hereby pre
sents his grateful acknowleegmedt. That they may
never lack means to realize the truth "that it is
more blessed to give than to receive "=and that for
carnal things" so kindly afforded, God would abun
dantly bestow upon them "heavenly things," as the
prayer of their much obliged and sincere friend,
items Posvaa.
Parsonage, Towanda, Dee. 13,1849.
(jam We are authorized to state, that Drs. Burros
&. Parrs', are the Agents for Mr. T. E. Gridley—
to deliver all of the Magazines t free of Postage—
at their Store the first of each month. They will
receive subscriptions fur Magazines, and fill orders
which will be furnished at less than the publishers
prices. The attention of the public to the above is
respectfully soliehed, They Will have the Brother
Jonathan, tor the hoilidays—alsoextra Magazines.
DO`NATIOPiI.—Tbe Mends of the Rev.
J. N. Butowa, will pay Rim a Donation
visit, at the residence of MIL Lirake, in this Dom',
on Wednesday, tbe 10th day of December iist.—af
temoon and evening. The public are invited to at
tend without farther octet, as no cards will be is
sued Dec. 1649,
firVAlL—The Ladies of the" the Sewing
-Circle " for the Wachs of tint Episcopal
Church. in. this borough. intend .60d ins a in' of
useirtl and fancy articles, at the Court House. on
Christians Ere, ifec. 241, 1149—which the public
are respectfully invited to attend.
Refreshments at any time through the afternoon•
and eveningd,bupper at. IP o'clock.
DBRINK & hays opened a sifllfe at lIICRIC
. BROOK, with a'aideodid lot of
Hertheere., Arias ind CON the . Scc., M wthfietf they
invite thireitigeng n( Bradford county to cams and hinit
for thernselvev. Ifs 40 . beie no rent to ploy, We get de
termined to' seltgegen right—;:vie shall ikevre it to tee
people to judge.
Horniniroh, Mr-ember R, 11149.
ebilereigned baying been Repainted en -Auditor
By die Orphee's roue of the twenty of Brimfield
se A editor. on eteeptiens tiled to the edmintettation
swoon, of 11: von Kihipihety, edininisteave of the relate
of *Wenn Sp*Mow. &esti- Will wend to tlw &Niue of
'hie apprtionment et the W ■ rd Home. it, Taunand'ei- it
I delodr itt tn. eiterantar of the Isl troll of Anne)) .
next, , deed Htfl.l.ofit.
Al Mnlirtiio , fdt, silliorolittitd'atktwittuVerfif
eft, wooli Psi ...ittitiottl, mita
Usti, att
or ble Ito. ego 'ltTrkft,
Palle IVocks.
Ntin itibettisotents:
I¢lll.Y Xtietisa of airril'of Tend. Zips. iianed aid o•t
. the Coari of Camisole Pleas of Bradford chan
ty. t o the directed. I thiell 7 expthe he' public se* al
the Court House in *glom of Towamdt; 011
day. - the 14th day of 7 tintearfi'l9llll. at I 'o'clock;
P. Mr the todowiag pleee or parcel of lard - situate
in the tosraship . ot Dore% Wooded and described
as follows, to wit showings*. air* by-butdsof Bar.
tile 'Holden and a tract of land-know. as the Marsh
Morrison tract, on the west and south by lands be
longing to dm estam-'of Matthias Hollenback de.
ceased, and on the east by the Elesquebanna River.
Containing about four hundred and thy acres, be
the same more or less, about one hundred and eigh
ty.ures improved. more or leas, one framed dwell
ing house. three plank or framed dwelling hooves.
two (rimed barns and one other framed building
formerly occupied as a saw mill, two apple orchards
and other fruit heel thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John
P. Mums' use. vs. Bela Payne.
ALSO--The following described piece or parcel
of land situate and being in Booth Creek township.
and bounded as follows, to wit: On the north by
lands of Peter Miller and John Dann, on the Canby
land of .1. Gimes, on the south by land of Alonzo
Ross, on the west by lands of James and 0. W.
Quick. Containing about 90 acre% more or less.
with about 40 acres improved With a framed hewn
and barn and orchard thereon erected.
Seised sad taken is execution at the suit of La
ther Gates vs. Denj. Quick.
WM. ft MIMS, BM.
Sheriff's Ince. Towanda Dec. 14, 1949.
Retailers of Foroiga hierehandize.
T IST OF PERSONS 'egged in readiagnreifin
Goods and Merchandise in Bradford county.
classified and arranged according to law for 111
year 1849:
. Nears. Lille's... Chun. Alia.
Asylum. -
John Horton. -. no liq. 14 117 00•
ElMer Horton. " 14 7 00•
Athens Township.
Bidleman it Brown, " 14 700
Wirings it Gardner, " , 14 700
John Watkins " -14 7 00•
Athens- BorovgA.
Wm II Baird. " 12 12 50
Wells it Harris " 11 16 00•
Hti Comstock ". ii 10 00
J H Wells At Co. " 13 10 00
G A Perkins. 4 13 10 00
Phelps At Walker, liq. 13 15 00
C Park, no liq. 14 7 00•
Coryell h Gee. liq. 13 15 00
A & 8
.H Morley, no liq. 13 10 00
I V Daniels, " 1443.360
Job Motley, " 14 700
E Ovenon, - " 14 700
Newman & Co.,
C E Rathbun,
U Moody & Co., no liq. 14 7OM
0 Debainberlin, • 14 700
A /Ostia
“ 14 700
liq. 14 10 50
J W Hamar,
E Hawley,
" 14 10 150
no liq. 14 7 1)0
Ballard & Presbo, ... 14 700
L H Brownson,
Holcomb & %eland, " 14 900
Parkhurat & Co., " . 14 700
I J Warford, lig. 14 10 50
J H Phiney. • 14 10 50
88&.1 B M Hinman, " 14 to 60
Rodger Fowler, no lig. 14 7 00•
J 11 & 0 Smith, " 14 700
Alden & Coolbangb, " 14 7- 00
John Hanson, " 14 7 00•
Brown & Rockwell, " 14 7 00•
Brewster, . • 14 .7 00
Theo. Humphrey " 14 7 00•
1 Pike.
A S Smith, - " 13 10 00•
Gl4 Little, "i 13 10 00•
D Balky & Son, "' 13 10 00
C Murphy, " 14 7 00
Calvin West, •• 14 7 U 0
L 8 Maynard, " 13 10 00
8 F Washburn, " 13 10 00
P W Maynard, " 14 700
G Nichols,_ • " 14 700
Wm Campbell,
Kinney & Batterlee,
Lyman Dorfey, liq. 13 15
M Bullock & Co.. " 13 15
Eti Tracy,' no lig.. 13 10
Hiram Spear,
Puke & Bennett,
w r Daly.
Enos Hubbard,.
Lucius French,
Standing 'Stone.
no liq.
H W Tracy
E W Baird,
Ilteans.tltorra & Co..
Towanda Borough.
H 8 & M C Mercnr,
Montante & Co.,
J Kingsbery,
N N.& us,
Daniel I.ord.
Tracy & Moore,
E T Fox;
Kingabery & Co.,
0 D Bartlett,
Elliott & Tompkins.
D C Hall, (Domestic)
8 8 Daly,
Tiffany & Kingabery,
Hiram Hit
Huston & Potter.
H W.Tracy.AssiteetiCared, no lig
J P Doll,
W A Chamberlard,
H O'Hara.
C Coleman,
W is Dr Posierot;
Baird &Stephens,
V & Rini /on,
1' Maiwetl,
Tiatt & Fottieroy,
Z F BCF Ballard,
Fitch & Ballard
M W Joues,
8 W Paine, atemestie)
Guy Traci.
Wm Gibsbd.
Peckham & Mattkr,
Wells &
Benj %Moroni
Hobert Cooper?
1 YTaykw,
If al A Lewis,
drown & Avert
MN Wells,
/adorn Hoktnahi
D , ab li
*gave paid their iticebaes. *
Towanda. Dec. !PM. Oft • J. K.' PICK.
fritrn"* 6141 00110Whin! Leans and Min.
ads rimer., tangent. leaf.ifinatiOrit!. Color&
- inionenan' and di•Mairged
dinrrlit..Ga , sap 0411 Oink.
WhlMESi—et eidifi r inar; re
**At by iffrAtrrt &its
ORTellMair 11110=1..
BY a'!,•O l 4T dix,l2lpliasis' o Sesdford
40 ti be exposed to publics sabt st the prem
ise*, io .B hashegain, lowaslupiDnidfsed to. PI.. oa
SATUIDAY the , hilt day of - J , avinalgrldid. Id to
eeDielt. 144, all that piece or paliie: Wag
*Ad bidig saidlownship. and boaidedasfolloinu
on than Orth by !adds belonging'to die taupe of Dieh
ard IL Xenon deed, Seojamis Sinitb, Colvin Smith
and Reuben' Yount!. on the env, by. rands of Syl
vester Horton and Jobs Tompkins, on the south by
lands of Datrid Horton and Burgess Barnum. and
west by lands of D. IL Moon. Containing about
6lty acres.
Also. OA the same Jai. at 2 o'clock P. M. on the
premires. an equitable interest in the undivided half
of nne other piece or parcel of land situate in the
same township. bounded as follows, to wit: begin
ning at the north east corner of a lot - contracted by
Avery Gore and Joseph Kingsbery to Rice W. Trude.
thence one degree east '2B 640 perches to a porn.
thence forth we-t 110 perches to a post on the
east line of Harry Smi th 's. lot. thence south 1°
west. 211 and 6-10 perches to the north west corner
of the said Trude Lot. thence south ft° west one
hbndred and forty plebes to the beginning. Con.
mining girentpfire acres and fucr perches strict
Attendance vireo. aad terms made knowa on tha
day of sate. CRAB. CaiIIITEE.
Elbesbequin. Dee. 12th. 1849. ' Administrator%
r , ark* AM.
E7ON di PORTER am sew notiviag. at No.
11fielt Rows, a late addition to their tomes
stoat. ecosisung of
Oruro, IIeaICIMIES, Cramerles, Liquors,
01Is. Mate, Dyestuffs. Fatty Cab, It.
which will be sold at anownefty low rates. They alsv
offers far sale the oplenthal sad genuine Tease( the PE
KIN TEA COM PAN Y, fur which they-are scents. sad
whirl they do not hesitate to recommend as helm so
prviorto any other imported. They have also the we
e, of m oat of the genuine Patent Medicines natant.
Toands, November *9. UM .
SPKU sad Tallow Candles. by the boa or pound.
riRRICK'S VERMIYUGE, by the damn or vial at
.dl HUSTON & martins.
DEAD !SHOT. for taxi bap, at the Dreg moat of
No. I, thick Row. H. dr. P.
ERAIVE BnA P, for mncnring tar, rants, oil*, &e
warranted. in dl H. dc. rat.
1Y WATER, Colognes, Hair Oils, and Patfoate all kinds. at Nn. I. U. R. H. & P.
liq. 13 15 00•
" 13 16 00•
rlßCialtlEB of all kinds, for sale at low prime at
V the brag Store of dl H. & P.
IDAINTEI.:OiIs, Glare sad ny. Staffs. for rale at
1. No. I. Brick R.,w. d I H. & P.
SUPERIOR Wines and Liquo r s-30 bfits. that ru
perior WHISKEY just received at H. &P.
:LIBRA:ft& "SeXIM kV:B.IOI9M'.
rr HIM institution *sunnily located in the village of
Leßayavilla Bradford County, Pa, is now in suc
cessful operation under tha supervision of Rev. H. J.
NEWELL, A. M., Principal, and Miss Maria C. tine.
pan!, Preceptreay.
m 14 _ 700
Primary studies per quarter, 52 00
English branches, class commenced, 2 50
do riq de advanced, 3 00
Higher bnglish branches. 3 60
Languages and Higher Mathematics, 4 00
Drawing and Painting, each extra, 1 50
Incidental expenses, per quarter, 25
riEO. H. BUNTINU, respectfully informs the pub
‘ lie that he is just receiving from New York an
a- ointment of ready-made Clothing, to which be in
vites the attention of purchasers. Among his stock
may he found
Dm, Coats, Sack Costs, Business Coats, Frock and
• Dress Coats, Cloaks, Paula/clone, Vests, Round
abouts, tc., in all styles and all prices.
lie is determined to sell his Clothing at unusually
low prices for Casa, and believes he Can make it the in
terest of thews wishing to purchase to give him • calL
0:1'. At the old stand, between Bartlett and Kingir
berry's Stores, op "lairs.
Cutting and making up. done as usual in *be most
faihlonable maitre?, promptly and•to order.
Towanda. October 20.,18401.
E. T. FOX,
1.8 receiving, direct from New York. an eseorteernt
the public are requested to cuff and examine:
Towanda. October 16, 1849.
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Jost itveived by
fityt.ll, 1849. • H. 8.8 M. C. MERCUR.
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Against the Weill t•
Tiler RECEIVED a splandirl wwwwweet of Goods,
bielat subscriber. /4 lie. 11. Brick Roy, which can
hi Neil wall boom sod will be sold at the lowest pri•
cid. Our Mende still please fa*ut Ma with a call. as
left: We will charge ype obthargi (w looping an
Rips if ye, bey. We Weed Iresphig essisteatly
OW Wad • law awartawast of
Mpaccad. {style,.
'‘..assireares. Wanted diaries:l/tripes
&Maas. Room
Tweak. W rit
Veadege. Ealers i tud%,
Detrital& Spialga
Altw. Mawr. *c
m. largeLsaampept a( Cope:hal, •
WAI.LN BULL. Ite. 2, Mick &wt . .
" 14
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22 5 0
15 00
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12 a 0•
15 50
20 Cgr
10 00•
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10 00'
to OW
0.11.4 1 111 Itsysetraltrafersille tbs
**he, niat ha Ms use ihrditla at his STOR.
a postal cud chases saustaledu of netts. a t
tiara Skid palms. atlitelibilipecOaftl sewn el Wok.
sits of Ma i er "change lot coastal eadocs aissullte
iamb seastlittlialethig taw.
Fat atom. 'bestirs% septlitril liaises, blt issort
mast is ceielpleut Be mums Ms duitsks ald
esitonewto oboe. and the PIA° . be Me " 141 4" -
tatin' ti he give , blia a call before paebsibig
&eh asittat Lie reaticabsi HA LlAlaredi
side of the Public 1* Matituarts Shah. A
07 Time tip me, are booby I . l ennad We
T bitty elisfut tia‘ si al Vr sals ea:
lawn*, aut sink 1114 irill ik A., as;
r*df* t ieses.. C. SALL.
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fltenl6.ol awl kid ilk.lsoli} ,
aid elk
kW ass show Om* peed* sloe lad edam" .
ti*v TOrt '
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7 rill
First Quarter commences Sept. 5, 1149.
Second quarter commenced Nov. 21. 1812.
Third quarter commences Feb. 19, 1850.
Fourth quarter commences May .1, 1860.
CO - All bilk most be paid by the end of the quarter!
JAMES HODGE, Prat. of Trustees.
J. E..DULLOCK, Secretary. 27. f
81RA1D743 JEW
• b. lIALISCVII4. •
4. .44 •
"Urge token *is WOG' Lows Haut;
Dl:dseldi alien li. &low Is en Weill hiesile; ied
meet hippy to tone oew sivehasessere; It is his Ivo
orgilog. mad will be !Ili goods= sill, giye
ited isavoitere such reception se be ogre to• give'
retire esteiduction. Re respectfully eulicks this palms.
age old* puttliF.
Tolsrada. Nov. 15, tali.
'PRE rtilweriber will sell hie rteck of Dry &orb.
ifinTlicars, .r..
,rt their ACTUAI. etitYr; for
wady pay. W. 11. LlAllitt.
Brick Maw. Arbon... Nov. 23.110,19.
Commabobble, Provision tied
JDOANE brit opeawd o store its the Wick tiork
. mood by Illsonnoye end abet% *bens be intriteis
those who wish to divot, of do* norples Provisinos
and thew who wish to pc:chose the at emetics of life
ID roll mad snake solidarity, harping.
Touren/by Not. 2d, 1849.
atilaCe EXl.llKii
HAS removed berth', to her new place of residence
in the brick block owned by Stnntanye sad others
abese she is prepared with Gsads. Patterns anti Pas&
ions tam enceenamaiate bee caatowers.
ao. Two or three 'apprentices will be taken. •
- Threads. Neweantrer
TOHN E. GEIGER respectfully informs the potlic
a/ that be has teetered hi. Shop to Main mom, west
ewe Wm. Watkia's, and ■ few rode above the Ward
II where ba camilaues the bowinces of
aliestadorieg and Repairing Gnu, Pistilli, Le
After hie long experience in the bbsinem, he is con
fident he can perform all work entrusted 'to him. is a
satisfactory style. . JOHN E. GEIGER.
Towsada, Nov. 17, 1819.
• 2 1 :11:11 MEE ULU - DLL/Oa
UTOULD again inform the Ladies:4: she has Jan
V V received the largest and hest • ment of
Millinery Condit.
ever brought to Towanda, aml to wbsch *be would par
ticularly invite their attenion. A fine selection of
Flowers, Flumes, Ribbons, Velvets, Watered Wks,
&tins. Belhr, &e.
Milliners supplies! with Ribbons, Flowers, or any
othilr Millinery articles which they slob.
albn would also inform the Ladies that she is prepar
ed work at the shortest notice and do it well, and
in alfashionable style. Nov. 9, 1849.
Nl:g.ortindintreinatrahthlee "ta t
bl or 78 ;A:7
SUMMER GOODS, which will .he sold at-very low
rates. Business at this establishment conducted upon
fair and honest principles. You have our thanks for
past favors and we hope for a continuance of the same
es we are bound to sell Goods Cheap.
Towanda, July 4. 1819. N. N. BETTS.
NOTICE is hereby given that the enivartnerehip
heretofore existing between BRISTOL & SMITH
is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The accounts
of the late fins will be settled by L. Dri
Sept. I. 1 849. ' I. H. SMITH,'..
L EVELING, Laying out Rosy and Lots, Dividing
Estates, Measuring hi:dewy, Ernhankmenteo de.,
seeurately dotto Ly E. Za. NICHOLS. Rome
Dradlotti comity, Pa. Persona at a di,tanee. needing
bit services, shall by writing him a line • few days be
forehand, 1t... their dopiness 'promptly attended to.
G. W. MereitantfiCellebrated
'Whisk Is also a Calmat Family Fabrocatba for
liseaSes of lks Emma Flab.
rrllfs end experience have folly proved dug attain
JJ FRSAL REMEDY hes not not ill equal
an the fist of.popnlai med?eines, baring been snort this
14year, before the publici
Testimony of the Most clisinielested diameter of its
wanderfol effecte on the minisl woman, is iihnost
ty prep/ sited td the proprietor.
A young man in the ben of Wilson. *base clothes
were blunt o6t of btre. was Vestened twidavdt sphering)
by rite (Inlay us of the Mt • •
Numerous Os the unsolicited statement of Wiesen
theraelelm Ind *hers who hare mad tlie IC4I. of cures
which in dramatics appear retnarietti ' bat they et
ap interested is a pmfthry.point; they could hardly
have hem entailed.
The %Dewing diseases-a% Teton, many ethers in the
edit elf *hi& this Oil has beep completely esernisial
40d fa vitilei Gibes bad entirely failed:—
thisemY: 'WOO" W iedalls, Pell BA% pa.
loud, Cracked Bede, balls of ell kind.. Varremess.
Trash Worals; Sprains. Braises. Send Cracks.
r.tokind net; Scratches. or Grease Nang*, libel,.
ntathst. Menet Asthenia. External Poienes. - Paiehl
Nemo, AM:diens. Pest Bites. Boils, Co* Whit.
lowa, Barns and Seek's. Chilblains. Moped hands.
Clump, Contractions of the %wise. threeings.
Weakness of the Joints. Caked Bresset., /gni
Bowan of COUNTERFEITS. sad let saw tbe sane
of the Sole Proprietor. GEORGE W. NIARGIVANT.
LOCKPORT. N. Y., is Morro la the tide ef the bee.
*Noe is Ids head writing wist the ea& /facet br
Omani to take any Sauget.. with the groom it it
prria let zted. •Thit is pnwtiss 41 by dais vo
• deniers whose eopstitikt tiffl distal Mut
Baia Rr bier. sad who ere oft kindred spirit of Sow
is 001 r forgo cities. wheal flotation* pesetitis bass so is.
mai, bell exposed to the 'Won' of Coignes.
Those Mat suerapt toCosaterfeitthiJweds stare
frrred at the low of New York only, 11115, by which
it Mg Its mesh that ' pima teseilliat in thaw
assamerfitte is akar* io l mein, hapeisomestet. sad
A *deo solliat aid of ids obis. Wall bt lighlo sow
mai Wheal to the gat; .6d also to Fs Mkt a a mitoses
bought sf or ma Aw.
All lllndsio oddment Ea tiipapftst Ma l Nsaspen&
sd to
Get t pansrplik of am Alettli t t hos *hit weilidet.
anw modOods'plredied by fiod 14 et • spediabia.-
Bold by, Ampertabis dieuhrsludieraNy it die MOW
Sodas and Canada.
Per Ws by utlarrtix&Pcrrzlwrm!.ll4il).
Weak Lawienatilth, Edwin Tfyii. Cosiaose, Abel
Tynyir. *yam*. *oor& kinisy. Ramos. lawki
ma& i
l & Ca, Orb Sim g. g. gaga rib liesisa.
aes. 15111 oft ea4l.
DAM LEAF HAM Jost viesebred owl he Web"
4 'My It B. UNOUTERY a CO.
' 2- •
EiBIER bee mamma hislinifi iim ili••••111
comer sObe , Pub* tompimi br
$: *s mot Wilting 11•14 , kis
ass \al
added to bit former•••••mtat • IiFIV %mil
/WIZ§ &km, - xl.l • r
Willow k - Wood's irate, Gloisirarrjhblei Tackle,
Fmk/ Goods, trilowityetee
N. ti tweet for stkoet of the value le
MEDICI:NIA of asy. 'latish ono be pc.' . of
hint with a certainty of praiing Return*
ate, *its t CANTON T A ;COX
PAN I of Now York. who*, Tees hare ettele . ediver4ll4.
•Pfelld rePutatiatt for :Insular:arab* and their low price:
An examination of hie stook br tiltith he Write, tbe
attention of the public. will midi ea e iy one that it
him been 'elected with • vim of procuring the.,* On t 1
moat desiiable artirinvets& ,joarchased. la 'the Vienna
ramm, rnsittiaik. 2111 re
'T EA ID : •
TMPECIAL, Tenn *roil, * gen 4rld'a Millet*
1 Tees of stephisi &sor t Cut sale at iiiiros,dial kik
silk judges of the ink*. ai meictmor.
011101toralli31 . It& 174Attilllikk a
11 1 1 FF.% NY rt. KiNcissert inform' the pohlle
1 • that they are now receiving direct from leer-York
and opeuing in j the atom lately occupied. by H. Maw
.10. r mob of B. Kinpbevy . of Co:, • large ands postal
assortment of
ankee Notinis, Cialltaniary i te: I
to which the monition of maks.% Ps &ilia° their
M u.
assortment of Moe/ries end Liqooili 111 ' ' rod
will be sold at unusually low rat& tat
. 1.. W.. Tr P •
Towanda, June It 'IL D. L itisosucir.
. . .
WV. A. CHAMBERLIN has last returned (rota
WY New York with a einirreir selection' of Jewel
rp, and Fancy td which invites attention,
as it will be said ehe.p forßeask•
Towanda. Oct. 21, 1601 •
.1.4 sod Englirh mi[aK kalif new shaße. Worn*
childreus 16, sloe Reim Ant zOO% akin Thiestt
my 23 • ; Potts:
_ _
JV. WiLLCOCK respeethely idea, Om brie
. thatbe has leased Ms well -kaolin. Asia
_. do
village of Monrcwron , later, emeopied gtoitlV awl
Woodruff, where he will be happy to receive Mr Shahs
of the traviling community. The house haiintt been
greatly enlarged and improire, shitt toting wiltidinish
ed, id now capable of secommodaGng X 'Pedantry favor
him with a rail. .
He assures the public that his tlridiepted cafe and
attention will be given to their eornoirt..abd 6e !lopes
to merit and receive a share of business.
Monroeton, Sept. 10, 1819.
SUMMER CLOTHING .- 4 large aiaortaahlit rof
Goad. for Mena' and Boys' bummer CLAIM now
°firming and for sale at ip2o MERCURIr.
FCR for aate by the Darrel, or in 110041.11(1111
tint the pnrcheser by L: tfrr.otyd.
Towanda. Oct. 29,149:
T tti DLORDS & Groce_ry-mens, The Notice, that
1.4 pot) will find the beat article article wf krone
Beer, in the country for sole by etto barrel at
Towanda, Oa.. 2g, ; 49. TIFFANY'S
Late of intg.ego, N.
LTAS petinenrntir located Ulnae! hi.tonrontle.—
11 Office in the Unien Block, over Ellectra cake,
nett to the dredferti Here!. Oct. 15,1849.
New Arrival of Jewelry, dial' dad
Watches: •
JAMES P. BELL respectfulliinhitinar the citizens
of Towanda end vicinity, that he hag iiitetj return
ed from Philadelphia, and may tvt kin at the old
stand, one door below the Britt the ;oil for
merly occupied litettur'e lidt thote, Where &sierra
for sale ■ large and splendid' assortment oreWEL
RY. consisting bf gold and silver watches. go fob and
goanl chains, gold and silver peireo4, geld pens, breast
pins, linger rings, &e., cheap for cash. ma every article
warranted. A largo supply or Cl.; 'MK ot the latest'
improved patterns, tanning from 20 Wire td 8 :days
and a ukritth, with one winding.
Perticniar attention paid to icirdiring CL()CES,
WATCHES & JEWELRY, of every time - ription, a nd
from the long etperience which* he has hid in the bu
siness. wolf' itt his care will be done in the best
workmanlike,manner. Old gold and silver taken in
exchange. Towanda, October, 20, 1849. y
TB°B-E. GBIDLEY, of Orem N. Y. will. dale,
er personally, or by Express the Mowing Midi:
lies. at the Publishers' Prices,
Godey's Ladies Book, Democratic Review;
Graham's Magazine, Amnions
Seguin's Union " • Nair Attini.
&mak National
Knickerbocker,„ . • Fortin Bevinriv
flortiaunist, Wedge's - stele
Litters Living Ags. North Britbh • . 4
Hoidens 'Magazine. Edipht, ”
Cielmabisa " - N. Y.. Pillaileipble aid
Blackwood's " Boston Lase BMWs. -
Through his Correspondents will ridee fres dim*:
am Brie. Litimigrapils. Works of Afi. sidaedid Gift
Books, Norehl, sad all Likrei of Bimini and Liteesry
Moor for doom who any phasi band him theft, of
dem which . will he dhlisseed promptly. 111sessio
mega with dm iiirmary somber for 1830 ;
kavt.'s Offeting. let tungidesi to order.
NO: 17.1819.
S. arum;
. . ...
SI73IdZIOFI. 1 0 31V6 . 1,6%
Of 74sy;Bridfitid imanly. i i ii,
DM: BEB aiskiegi :gosiriiadiell Ade at tairibilr
1 during the •seirie4 4,1 rim aloft lk aimo to
kma :tub heads al. B. Cram coseetseing as Oat
11.1 of Iceptembef. Ramon eau be bat fraorritay pen
of obor owns,. All lima worrantswl. in Slit
truss of CO, .re ado day nearingLP. ttoia tiro' Taft an olaenoioo aloortainn of
0001)41, *deb niU b. sold nom* low for
CaII. sad soy.
Towanda. ed.
IF 18 1116531/' A UM IS Mir
1.11.111 AT
1116 - wroovve ; mums,
BT the Keg, Coo. Quest or odarosior r ir oirprillor
pity. **mike. ps M and Opfer shops ,
Plitt Tornio's. Nor ,11. NIL
iiiukt 'NO MONEY - LOGY
'ME Wallet of the amble:Ott. as Awl maillme-
L day Diem of last waeA.. gontaintax seven dol.
73rs .in money. sadintpori of an valet. to asv . one
hnt me. Any person who will testis said Wallet
anti pipets.' is 'imilootae to Aka ntOime,...sool so
questions asked. • JOHN CARTEL
Tnertada. Nov. 26.
pONfiglis AND BMW TRIMING—.IPhreer.
.a..Pedithen¢ and Ftemeit- lore Beseete eed the
test eseretsetitatitUene newer; white. Mieh. VON
Me. mei Wow ear Wise sad elope is bet everimkg
&sizeable in the shore.' Illesnet Mimi. at Fop.