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Oforb alpovta.
Free Soh, Free• Speech, Free Mehl
Freedoms for Pm. Territory.
Towanda, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1849.
Terme et tlisp.eperter4
SS 50 per annum; if paid within' the year 50 irate will
be dednetel , dash paid actually in adiautr, Ii 00 will be
Anyzarrrnatearrs per squire of fen Hues. ill seine for the
Mu, and 25 cents for each subsequent insert/an.
iLT RUFUS H. MASON is authorized to meows and n
oir (or monis s due to this erns.
Appotattwilit by the Ciaal Cessmissionsers,
EDSON ASPENWALL, Esq., of this County, has re.
eeiveti the appointment from the Canal Commis.
eioneti, of Suporinieudeta of the North ikaocii eay
- This appointment, which was asked for by an
partiesin this County, gives universal satisction
Mr. A. possesses the hi4heet qualificaticins twee
lacy for the discharge of the duties of this responsi
ble and important station, and while the interests
of the Commonwealth will be, with fideli
ffand zeal, his gentlemanly eportinet;t will make
im a popular officer. The Canal tommissioners
deserve credit for an appointment khighly proper,
and so in accordance with public,abntiment in the
Th. Lotting.
The late Argus, has a characteristic article in re
gard to they Canal
,I..etting. a Bich contains some
assertions so palpably manufactured for deception,
we cannot let them go unanswered.—We estract
the whole article, that our readers may see the ii.
liberal and unfair tone in which it is written.
CANAL Lyr-mr,a.—Proposals for the completion of
the several sections advertised in tbe locufocu pa
perso-mrere received at Tunkhannoek, on the 12th
init. It is understood that the bids nave been sent
to Harrisburg for the avowed purpose of being
opened and alloted by the Coital Commissioners;
but. w e e have heard it hinted, for the real purpose of
being Inspected and passed upon by Jesse Miller,
who is understood to be the chief fugleman of the
majority of the Board. It is now nearly two weeks.
since the letting took place—a su ffi cient time one
wo"ld suppose, to have you along With most any
amount of shuffling and packing of the proposals—
and yet contractors are in suspenee. as to who are the
favored individuals, Of course the pay of engineers
&c.. goes on as regular ss though they were engage
ed in staking out ground for the workmen. All this
bodes no good for the future.
Our information horn' Flarrisburg, in regard to
the allotments is, that Mr. Foarra upon arriving at
Harrisburg forth" purpose!uf egn.tering and prepar
ing the bids for the action •of the Canal Commis.
'goners, was taken ill, and was obliged to return to
Lewistown (now a short journey by the Central
Railroad) Mr Gamble accompanying him, and ta
king the bids with them; for the purpose of prepar.
ing them. When they ate completed Mr. Painter
"with dr. Foster would proce"dlo Philadelphia for
the purpose of securing a meeting of the board to
dispose of the matter.
We also understand that a large number of bids
have been received, from the most experienced
and responsible contractors , in the state, oflering tq
do the work at kw prices.
The fling about " the pay of engineers, &c. go
ing on," is as gratuitous as uncalled for. The edi
tors knew, as almost every member of our com
munity was aware, that as soon as the work was
surveyed for the letting, the engineer corps was
disbanded, and their pay *stopped--though they
Were to be idle but 'slew days; a caress Which kt
seldom adopted and which nothing but "an earnest
desire - for the most rigid . economy on the part of
Mr. F l osses, could havedictated—the pay, at best,
beiog, barely sufficient id defray the expenses. A
portion are now en g aged in surveying a pan of the
line below Tunkhannock.
Such attacks and iuuendoes as the Argus has
here employed, "bode no good for the future," for
.the Canal. They certainly look like anything else
titan friendship ter its speedy completion. If the
interests of the state are' outraged—if public confi
dence thatthe work will be economically conduct
ed, is abused—we shalt be the first to "cry aloud
and spare not." Every friend of the Canal owes it
to himself and the interests of Nolhern Pennsyl
vania to see•that there be no such transactions as
disgraced the reign of Stevens, Ritner, & Co. With
the officers now in charge of the work we have no
fames. Mr. Forrest, beside being a high-minded,
honest and capable man has an interest in tne coin
pletiOn of the Canal at the smallest possible outlay,
which is a guarantee that not a cent will be squan
dered with his knowledge—a feeling in which we
know his Assistant. Mr. GAXIIIIC, folly participates.
The Superintendent just appointed, has the full con
ftdence of our community., as a man whose busi
ness habits and honesty. are unimpeachable. The
-citizens of other sections of the state nave a guaran
tee in such officers liras their interests will not suff
er. it would be fortunate for our Commouwealth,
if every post in the State wee thee filled..
We caution the Argus that such ill-natured anti
. cies are calculated to do much mischief abroad.—
Rene, they are powerless, tieing passed over as the
saarlings , of narrow partisan feeling. But in parts
of the State; not favorable to the North Branch they
will be caught up, and commented upon as argil
merits against Its completion. We hope to see no
more of such : let us rather put our shoulders to
the work, and giving credit to whom credit is due,
forward its completion by every honorable means
in our power.
Globe says that it is now ascertained that Gov.
Johnston, oT Pennsylvan ta, will be. the recipient ''of
the very honorable and lucrative' - "
appointment of
Consul at Glasgow, Scotland. Ti -is a station which
Lad many competitors, in conseqne:nce of its em.
alucacuts, being some ten thousand dollars per year.
The Governor's-particular attention to Gen . . Tay
lbr while travelling through Pennsylvania, be ore
the eleition in that State, Undoubtedly was the
means of obtaining the General's favor.
PROPPING A BANE -. , 8y Way of bolstering the
eretlit cif a notorious shaving e.uricern- the Erie Bent,
the Stem Treasurer of Penacylvania; truhron J. Bail,
has issued ecircular to the Colleetereen the aisle
finprovements, inthorizing ttiest to receive the
Wes of the institution in payment of toll*,,
t t I
.4 Th. MIMS" et ifiekketh Meth ere be gin.
"ialXl—tl;_!;'•iogi'oc.fiias kW, It
- swisitimm *ie.: It sioets, - Wlti - ilirectOrppesitlrm
the propomlain for 410644 til oprbon -- " o 6 Sb.
'epewig Idr n llllolll44oa die members of Itie
Legislators " who have the finishing of this great
work at heart to hold the state firm in its present
policy ufree* any and every attempt to change
the state of affairs as they now. exist." It backs
up Mr. Ball's report, that the next year will give
the Canal some six or eight hundred thousand dol
We have no doubt this is to be the settled policy
of the whig party this winter in milord to the North
Branch. The specious promises made in regard to
friendship for that work will be forgotten—it will
be made secondary to other movements calculated
to advance the interests of the Whig party. The
sinking fund,'which has begun to pay oft our state
debt, must remain in (operation whether there is
money left in the Treasury to apply on , the North
Branch or not-=because to meddle with it would
risk the popularity -of the State Administration in
some of the anti-improvement counties. Such is
the language of the Argus, which we have no doubt
is an echo of the mouth-piece of the adMillielte
don. •
We rejoice, u any'renrutylvarnia should, that a
syloPP bill been ,devised which will pay oil oar
enormous state debt—but we fins that its operation , "
will interfere seriously with the completion of the
North Branch. It so, we trust a Democratic Legit.
.latare will take the_responsibility of suspending its
operations until a work can be completed which
when once in operation, will materially aid its ob
ject. We have before us a letter from Harrisburg,
giving us intelligence which can be reliei on that
instead of the surplus promised ns by Treasurer
BALL, that a loan will be inevitable to meet the
February interest. This may be, however, and
will have a surplus m August. But we begin to
fear that the present law is insufficient for our wants
If so it is because of the abstraction from. theareasu•
ry of the amount devoted to the sinking fund. De
lay its operations, if necessary, is the true policy.—
The attempt to link thricanal with any project for
"iinkering the currency," or connecting it any way
with Banks, will meet with ml favor with the Lew
islature, nor would it be acceptable to the people.
Sullivan County.
We this week publish a cornmuni=tion in rela
tion to the removal of the County Seat of Sullivan
County, and also the proceedings of a meeting
held in that county in relation to the same. Hav
iug upon a former occasion inserted the proeea
dings of a meeting in fever of a removal. justice
seemed to require that as should give those op
posed to removal from Laporte, the same opportu
nity- of presenting their views to 'he public. The
question is one Iwhich bids fair to keep the citizens
of the county oiSullivan in commotion for some
tfille yet to come.
Tne Passim:re' 11l cssAct —The lettemcriters
have had a peep at the Message. One of them
writing to the Boston Atlas, says :—" Two promi
nent features in the President's domestic policy will
relate to the Tariff and Internal Improvements. In
regard to the Stet, a moderate system of protection
will be recommended ; not a large increase of dit
ties, bat a system of laying those do ies which shall
put a stop to the tillanoos evasions and enormous
fraud practised upon the revenue by foreigners; by
which the country is cheated out of a Very amid
erable portion of the revenue justly due, and our
own manufacturers defrauded of their just partici
pation in our own trade."
Lorr.s M. Powca, the present Whig Cam I Com
missioner of this State, hits been appointed ehrnr d'
affairs at the Conn of Naples. Mr. P's time expi
res it 3anaary next, when Mr. Gamble, tikes his
place. His health for some time past has been
very feeble, and we trust the more favorable Climate
of Italy will restore hire to health.
It. is seldom we have to record a more self sacrifi
cing and philanthropic sprit than was exhibited at
Shepherdstown, a few days since, by. Mr. Bowers,
the gentlemanly and arcomplihsed architect of the
Maryland and Virginia' Bridge. A free negro, in
the employ vt Mr. 8., was engaged in blasting
near the top of one of the highest cliffs on the Po.
tomac river, and a sand blast having "blown out,"
he commenced redrilling in the fissure of the rock.
He had scarcely prciceeiled more than six inches,
when the unbent% powder ignited, and the blast
went on with a tremendous explosion, tearing the
rock into a thousand fragments. Mr 11:, whb was
near by, attracted by the noise, ran to the tep of
the cliff. and perceiving the negro dreadfully woun
ded, and in the act of falling nil, without a nu).
ments hesitation, leaped some 15 feet, to the bench
on which he was stitngling, just in time to save
him: The escape of
,Mr. B himself. was truly
wonderful and miraculous. Had he wrack leo
inches farther from the bank, he mast have lore his
balance, and heen precipitated, with the negro, 250
feet. to the water's edge !
Taking into consideration the humble eharscter
of the rescued, and the thousand chances to one
against Mr. B.'s being ab:e to maintais. his gravity
after a tall of 15 feet on a shelf only six inches
wide, we may in truth say it was an act deserving
the highest commendation, and worthy to be writ.
tea in letters Of .gold.—Cioar/eor.tra (Va.) Free
the very gentlemanly cossincters on the Erie Ail
road, none is better known for his ,poltteneas and
humor than Mr. Ayres. Not long fine, an old la
dy from the neighborhood of fimtbarnton on the
upward train 'deans, when They had passed Co
cheeton, and were upward of a linndred miles from
Pkermoot t suddenly missed her umbrella. "There!"
she esclauned, dolorously, in a voice that attramed
the attention of all in the ears, " There t Ido de.
crate rie left my umbra aoard the steamboat
down the Pierimmt,rf and continued bewailing her
great lass till Ayres entered. She repeated her
great . grievance and sorrow to him " Rican you,
madam '
" said he, " that all 1 We can put you
alf, right in . a minute. Send fbr it by telegraph,
ma'am" and se saying he reached np his hand to
the belt vope that paisedtbreogh all the cans, and
jerked it once or twice and then went to another
car, where by a wiser manageffient all articles pick
ed up on the boat are carried alb% With thelndir.
lie returned a maaenratorwankreektrtherdadieel- .
la. " I.6rd amasay !" exclaimed tine old lady in a
fever of delight and astonishment, ." I knowed lbey
sent letters and newspapers by telegraph, but it's
the first time 1 ever heard of feuding an ambrel.".
--Jeanie of Comm*
Damien% brims Accumar.—We leant from the
Pottsville Emporium that a tearful accident occur
red to ihrr Northonsberiand Sake, at theicrwit . of
Ashland about 13 mite" from Pottsville, in • ,w hich
several passengers were saliently injured, an Kea
day lbw. 11 appears the horsos_anachedlo the stage
took fright, and struted off at lull'speed, and intern
tug on angle in the Mad the stagewaseapsized arid'
all aboard mote eetidarittjotwd,.weveraffether sere
. _
• - - -
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...., ... ..
..,....ftimicadow, . „ 7 —...-___..
: ramie Giataii*--to the last *Alla*
'Erf atitti• MOW " The neurnisl4 ool4l
igiee iiimOiess of do rood s!:0.04 1 0
tie einial.'--4.Thelilimrs bass their iiw Amin
the report of the State Trimmer. I take the hberz
ty to say that the report reined Wink Made in
ignorance, or a wilful intention to deceive the pub
lie. The State Treasurer says in that report that
s we may- safely calculate that not more than 9300;1
000 will be required by the state works the tam
ing year: It you will turn to the annual marts of
the state Treasurer for the three last years, and see
what that expenditure has been !or Mob year of
that thee, Too will readily seethe noblemen of
that remit. For the year 1817, that expenditure
was 97112,087—fer the year 184&9990,575, and for
the year 1819 9819,922, for the present year that
expenditure will be over 81,000,000, including the
debts that should have been added to the three
yeah, 1847, 48 ar.d 49. 1 aver that the present.
law, will not finish the canal in less than ten
yews, for under the present revenue there cad not
be a surplus above the ordinary expemdiuma.of the
state, the specific appropriation mid the payment
et stale interest, of more than 1111111,000 a year,
and probably net reach that.
Under these mate of facts, what should be does I
There is but two modes left to compile the canal
in a reasonable time—one to borrow the mono
and the other to suspend the operations of the law
creating the sinking 'bind. I ask any reflecting
man, which of the two should be adopted. The
Ra we r will be, that the sinking fund should be
suspended, and the canal finished as speedily as
possible, and the revenues of the canal go into that
But the Argus men think that the enemies of
the canal, are the ones in favor of the suspension
of the sinking fond. May we here a large majori
ty of such enemies in the present Legislature, for
we ill boom that its suspension will complete the
canal in three yews.
These Argos mmi in their party real to head the
Democrats, and to go it blind for the favorite
scheme of the present Administration, appear to be
willing to sacnfiee all the interests of the canal.
Look at the insinuation about the appointment of
the present Superintendent. They could have
saved themselves the trouble of that paragraph. by
referring to the law, and they would have found
that the Commissioners were obliged to appoint a
Superintendent. -
Also look at the article where they say it has
been hinted that the late bids have been sent to
Harrisburg to be alloted by Jesse Miller. This
coarse of conduct is calculated to do great injury
to out best interest It can do To good, and why
continue such slang.
It will be found that it will need all the united
exertions of the the friends of the canal of both
parties, to finish it. Then let na go to the work like
men and not like snarling boys.
num, Sullivan Co., Nov. 20, 1249
To die Editor V tit Bradfird firporter—Sut: We
ti nware 'the midst of excite produced by the
removal of our County Seat. i .
At the last - session of the an Act was
passed appointing the Bon. tn. Jessup. John H.
Brodhead and declaim& Irish, ommissiouers to re
view and, if necessary, to re-locate the seas of
justice of this county.
The third meeting of the Commissioners was
held at this phiewon the fink and seemi days of
this month. Those two days wets occupied in ar
guments and statements for, and against, removal
of the seat of4estice from Laporte. The state
ment however, made by the correspondent of "the
Star of the North" that a vote was then, or there,
takei upon the question of removal, is incorrect in
fact. No vote war taken. There were occasional
expressions of opinion from some of the members
of the audience, as they happened to concur with,
or dine: from the sentiments, of the person speak
ing; but no question was pot to the people there
assembled, nor was any vote given by them
,Judge Jessup was in favor of no removal from
Laporte; the, other two commissioners decided
upon removing it to Mrs. Fairchild'. The action
' of these two constituting a majority ~.has dissatis
fied nine tenths of the people of the county, and
they will never rest satisfied till it is removed back
to Lap One.
Although we, of this township, thought that the
county seat ought originally to have been located
here, and that if removed from-Laporte, it should
by all means be fixed here, yet we infinitely pre.
fur that it should remain where it was originally
located, rather than have it where it has recently
been. located by a majority of the Commissioners.
This last location is within about three miles of
your euu:.ty line, and will be the means of impos.
ing great hardship, an& unnecessary expenses and
taxes upon as. 'lt is berieted that the united and
concentrated voice el a large majority of the cid •
zero of the county will not be unheeded by the
next Legislature; but that they will rebuke the, in
justice which boa been done us--that they will re
establish it at Laporte, and thus relieve us hom
heavy taxation and give au impetus to the settle.
meet of the uncultivated lands of our county.
We need peace; and quietude, to induce settlers
to come in 'nowt as, and assist in clearing op
oar lands, and in paying the necessary expenses of
the county organization, but there eau be no - peace
nor tranquility, while the county asat remains at
Mts. Fain:hit* It cannot remain them perma
nently. I AMU.
Ter Weecanto Bausor..—Considerable excite
ment has prevailed among the boyineas men in
Piuvberg, for the boats on the river not being able
to- pass tinier the. Wheeling Bridge. On the 10th
instant the mamma bleatenpr sae Hiberniawere
prevented from passingand the_latter had to trans.
fer her passimgere to another boat, end has entered
-snit for darner,' on account of the detention , .
The Wksidatc Genutte, on the-other hmedi-says
the bout seold.easily have paused ender the bridge
huct sfie dead the dmrirlis for lowering her pipes,
which had been erected fOr the purism lumber
came was the coy high stage of water in the riv
er which, backlit. Idles abaft three feet en Toes.
day, the Blibesmammed underage bridge without
trouble--rhos proving that the bridge presented no
nal obstruction except for a day ortwein the high.
waterer ho
eat waie
to a wof the Swim Boast, 'stab' Gene.
cessarily tall chimneys.
tobeerWay* To 'err OLD Desra—llik W. R.
Welker; ropmeauttive to the Alabama Wets,
tote from Tenterekhao gives notice ihat . he will,:
nod pie. the, immosott,briat forward a : bill '
th!ftattiostechaes oat hatated -*ma r tabs
seerieVidißomia Wire* in tlii 10h1 - taboo; sod'
the proilifeitibek tab alo bir deemed' to
• swot of4heyebeic• dobt-of , JUsbaulai-' - • - •
711111-o * ---- 461111.
4 *maw ti
1.7 A z ' l4 )'
,•- • isi Pg.
lb* lotit itieeboat
lilt *Alf wok plactakihis oleurTed_oool
cotiock isa Ps,a l
loaf Lcuilana, was potibig out fruit' the - Wise;
bound to St. Louis, jest as the sameness Storm and
Bowes were coo usgF ID from above. The boats
were aide, the . decks of all three crowded
with passengers, at the moment when a tremen
explosum took place on board the Louisan—both
Wilms hiving bursted, shivering the boat literally
to attoma—ripping and tearing the other two boat?,
and carrying upwards of 150 human Whirl to their
last account, without a moments warning. Simul
taneous with the terrible caplosion came a-wild
shriek, which sent a thrill of horror to the "stout est
beans. As the ',coke and steam cleared away,
new,ecene wasf presented to the eye, of which I
can scarcely lotto a conception. The shattered
boats, the shrieks Of the wounded, the stmadea of
the drowning, and the groans of the dying, appal
ed, icid. For a moment, paralyzed all who witness
tt. Hemet arms, legs and heads wore scattered
in awry direction, and dos levee was armed with the
dead end the cl4fiag t
In a short time thousands of persons were "col
lected in the "vicinity at the melancholy scene, and
nothing was felt undone to &Boni relief to the on
fixnmate suffer ra.
This Matting the laves isetowded with our citi
zens, and am is being made to recover
the bodies of Chore blown into the river. Already
fifty dead bodies have been recovered. It is sup
that at least one hundred and fifty lives were
fort b this dreadful iw rt alg U umbera : man d and sculled in tlLe e man ne
I have not been able, amid the confusion which
prevails, to obtain anything like a reliable list of
the names of the killed at wounded, bat will en
deavor to tend you a despatch containing more lull
particulars, this afternoon or in the morning.
The I.ouisana sunk a few momenta after this dis
aster. It is unknown what led to the explosion
It is supposed mat the engineers and firemen were
killed, as they have not been seen since the acci.
One of the officers on board of the boat stated to
us, that there were about ft cabin passengers on
board ; but as all the cabin ttbe wheel-hoose was
uninjured, we hope many f them were saved.—
One gentleman informed us that he assisted some
ten or twelve mostly ladies, from the wreck.
Accounts differ as to the number of persons' on
the boiler-deck and forecastle, at the time of the
ex plosion.
The boat was about starting for St. Louis, and
had rung her last bell, but was to
: haul along-side
of an emigrant vessel, for the purpose of taking on
board two hundred deck passengers, who providen
tially escaped being involved in the dreadful ca.
The steamer Bostona has her upper works greatly
shattered ; and Captain Dustin, her commander,
who was severely injured, it is eered, will not re
The steamer Storm, which was lying on the
lower side of the Louisiana, was mire Injured than
the Romania. She bad just arrived, and bad not
made her lines fast when the explosion' occurred.
Several persona on board the Storm were killed.—
Fortunately there were no passengers on board.
The force of the explosion was appalling. The
glass on the finnt of the levee was shauered, at the
distance of one thousand feet from the boat; and
the 'bock was sr risibly fek at the farthest materni
ty of the city.
The forecastle of the Louisiana sank in the mud ;
but tae stem being in deep water, caused the bow
to slide off with•it.
A Crrmor
The persons who were saved on board the Lou
isiana, and were relieving the sufferers, had to dia
rist in Order to save their own lives. They Were
some twenty or thirty who were obliged to swim
for their lives: and the whole wreck slipped into
deep water and disappeared.
WoImDCD.-11 W Buchanan, Marcus Milnor,
Samuel 8 Smith, Arthur A. Slave; Thomas klerri
wether and Samuel Cooly, all Irom Kentucky ; Jo.
seph S. Wilger, oils. ; Isaac Miller, of Ohio ' • Mr.
Wolfe, of Memphis; IV. Tooke:, J. Tucker, John
L'Barber, Thomas Hanson and L. 0. Read, all
from Mississippi : Capt. Hopkins. of the steamer
Storm ; Capt. Dustin and Hobert Price, of the Bos
ton, and John Mason.
Kim= The following bodies.have been fonod
Mr. Knox, Andrew Bell, Levi •Premoit, and Ben
oler Bocknor, of Memphis; Mrs. Woody, wife of
the Clerk of the steamer Storm, and IL McMeekin.
Mtostao.—.l. W King, of St. Louis; Mr. Elliott
and .1. Mewing, of Cincinnati.
Many other names of killed, and wounded, and
missing are given bot most of them belong to New
Orleans and foreign countries.
TIM CALM/MA Purr.—The Philadelphia Led-
ger, a neutral print, in an article on the new Con
suution of California, has the following paragraph :
g , We are amused by the remarks of partisan
journals upon this act of the Californians. Some
say that each of the political parties, for the purpose
of prirchasing-Southern votes, had defeated the ter
ritorial bill of the last session. and were intriguing
to bring California into the Union without any con
stitutional provisicitisagainst slavery. We do not
undertake to decide between them, mutual crimina.
lions, but have very little doubt about the existence
of a plot to stitrotium slavery into the Territory.—.
Several politicians of both parties went to Califor
nia immediately after the closedt the last Cotigrese,
and made themselves very conspicuous on the
stump. Knowing that an express recognition of
slavery was entirety out of the question, they en
deavored topnrsuade the emigrants to a crmstitu
lion that should be silent -on the subject. While
they were thus at work, several journals in some
Id the Southern States argued upon the right and
the expediency of int roducing slavery, and the
practicability of holding slaves n. the territory. At
the same time, journals in the North, protessing to
oppose slavery, were arguing to prose that, with
out any express declaration upon the subject, by
Congress or the people of the territory, the intro.
ductrin of slavery was both lega ly and prachicalfy
impossible. But the people of California' hate de
feated all these intrigues, and defeated them by
that process for which the white population from .
all parts of Ile Union, excepting politicians and
large slave owners, are always ready, express pre
hibition. This settles the question for all territory
excepting New , Mexico, end will settle it there
when the American popetatien shall be numerous,
enough for a State government, Congress do their
duty in the mean time."
So far the Philadelphia • journal. The truth
1 that it Wits idle to deny that a conspiracy was on
foot to bring California mkt the Union with a con
stitution from which all mention of slavery had
been carefully excluded, as it is to deny that an
election took place in this state last week. As idle
is it, on the part of Abe Northern journals, alluded
to in the passage we bate copied, to deny . thatthey
were accomplices in the conspiracy..
Lou Aknerus.—The Aseenblee Ifitiburl, wader
the title ," New Pluses in the Life of tots Man
tes," says r " A private letter from Tortosa, (Cat
alonia?). informs no that Lola Monies has had i
warm dissuasion witlrher young hustind; which
ended in heretabbing him with a . dagger! Mr
Heald, not satisfied with so poillied arnadt of con
jogal immediately his wife, who now
remains in a iatel it Truism, destitute of manatees
and has been obliged to, apply to 'the &Wei Can
A Cedar Rena.--The New York Cameo el;
of lam evening says: .
There is *senior kr toWn, we' emieneend, bin.
frog—retie► more than hinting—at the probability,
that - 110 Clay may memo the pest: of Inseretary of
State, before beg, Mr. Clayton retiring; •
The halmleymee.Prietear of &atm enitk unan
imously, oicEstaniay u for. their, sew scale el:
prima Most ot:the employers have_eatet led, to
their demaidi. *hem threaten ki abed obt spinet
the eitahs' of pricer/ ' • '
isAtOtilto have atvivllliiTiaglitd,
*ad Amin* haspa)bably attivediefilmAis
was ureter to arrive tt
.Bdttlas e!
rd Peeissedie sad Oriesial Col eteivil
er . Arrii*eaieril
Arere 41dat;to glee tire Mistrimisdikfp a ma*
Tom. 4eettnunr.—On Friday last, while mime
of tho..worittnaw Maployet ,ia ths.eoppei 'WM, Of
Messis. - Ityan I Co., near Shannonville. Moolgolls
my comity, were engaged in sinking a shaft, the
earth's° dobbs from its moisture. gave way. and
hulled one of the bands, from . which he was not
takes mil the vital, spark had Bed.
Gas' Breese Teryclemes , Coarse to idoirr,—.'
The Norristniew *ahem= has seen a specimen of
Piesoaspro, (Blacklomialloandott the proven, of
Re*: Geoge Wick, lii-Whitpaio township. The sam.
pta gois been tiadined . by coMpetent judges, and.
pronounced to be veryrich. '
A Large irepotiatioli of Australian Seed What.
of excellent quality. bad been wade int% Liverpool.
Thema, vessetalso brought Stay tons of flour,
grown and made in Australia.
Dr. Gobor Naphogi o tate - physician to dig Dan
prian *imp atd now an exile, is now in Washing.
Trinity Church. of New York, is in debt to' the
amount of $400,000, and cannot raise the funds
to pay.
The Washington letter miters are now contrails
tins the rumor which they started that Mr. Clay was
about taking charge of the State Department. 8611
they insist that a dissolittion and reformation of the
Cabinet is inevitable.
A Motors Strascatasa.—The Easton Argun pub
lished-at Portland. Me boasts of hawing a subscri
ber, named James Ros7l, who has taken that paper
forty-Ave years, and paid for it regularly, too.
The train of cars from New York last Saturday
were thrown from the tracknear - Elmira by running
over two cows.
A lire occured at Carbondale on Thorsday morn
ing last, which destroyed a house of a Mr. Mullins
and most of its contents.
A little girl was drowned in a stream at the glass
works near Honesdale on Saturday week.
The Honesdale Bank bas declared a dividend of
Si per cent far the last six months.
. Half a million of dollars worth of gold dust was
received at New York from California a few days
Females are employed at setting type in the Bos
ton Printing offices, to which some of the journey
men of the other.sez are so ungallant as to object,
and refuse Working in the same offices:
A young man named John Casterline in Wantage,
Sussex county. N. .1., lately fell from a tree and 011:119e
or dislocated his neck.
A woman was tried and. convicted lately at Read
ing on a charge of being a cosesserateekL The pun
ishment for this used to be dad,* but some other
penalty must probably be applied in these days.
The following remarks in relation to the etiqiiene
of a dinner piny. appeared in a fashionable Lon
don journal: "Married ladies precede the single.—
The lady of the house is the last to enter the dining
room. People who are engaged walk in together.
Ladies do not dine with gloves on, and are not ask
ed to take wine by gentleman. There must be a
salt-celler for every two persons."
Recent letters from Algiers state therasoldiers
of the garrison of that city died of cholera.
An English capitalist has undertaken to raise
hickory in large quantities in-Ireland.
A whale, has been captUred in the 'him's. It
was 611 feet long, and 341 fesikround. It got aground
on a shoal, and was capilice4 by some laborers.
Gen. Don Manuel Rincou. well known for bis
valor at the battle of Churubuscu. lately died in the
city of Mexico, highly respected aea soldier and a
citizen. He bad successively filled the posts of
governor and commandant-general of many differ
ent States of that republic.
On Tuesday evening of last week Mr. Daniel
Byerly a native of Germany. employed in the pow.
der mill of Messrs. E, do E. Hammer, near Orwis
burg, went into tha dry-house with a lantern; and in
a short time, from carelessness or mismanagement,
the powder, some six hundred pounds, was ignited
and exploded with terrible effect! The building
was torn to atoms, and poor Byerly thrown to a
very considerable distance, where his mutilated
and lifeless body was found. •
According to the late report of the Dank Coraiiiis
sioner for the State of Vermont, the capital of the
twenty-seven banks in the State amounts to 41 4 ,-
820.395. No one bank- has a Targercapiial thanslso
000. The amount of bills in - circulation at the date
of the returns was $2,321,808; notes discounted $3,
544.081; specie 6120,811, deposits in City Bank
Dodge Parsons. in Philadelphia, has just settled an
important principle, by fining a gentleman who
drives a pair of fast horses MOO for running into a
family vehicle in that city, Ind injuring a gentle
man and his wife, almost occasioning the death of
the latter.
The foreman of the press room of the Richrobod
Republican, on Monday last, shot a colered carrier
because he would not cross bis bands so as to • tie
him, for the purpose of whipping him. The
entered his thigh, causitig a painful but not danger
ous wound.
Major• General Scott and suite came down from
Saltimori to the steamer Georgia, and landed this
morning at Old Point.
The Staunton (Va.) VindiCator states that . Mrs.
Polly Hell. widow of Francis Bell, deceased neni.
Long Glade, in that•connty. has liberated all her
slave*, 33 in number, with a view to their settlement
in some of the fretrstams. These slaves are priti
cipally young, and deign locating in Ohio.
lt•is proposed in England that the mails onboard'
of steamers shall be assorted by a clerk, and be
ready for delivery on their arrival.
The Empress of Amnia recently ordered of a
Parisian milliner StO bonnets, for the use of herself
and the ladies• of her court.
General Twins is about to establish a line of forts
across the peninsula of Florida. to the Atlantic.—.
The plan is expected to have a beneficial effect in
intineldaturg the lenfiatisr. •
large" eat owl measuring near four feti from ,
tip to tip of the wings, was sbbt in the eke of Cite ,
cinnati on the 3d inst. Its bead was' semi) the
size of a men's hit.
A man named George Townsend was killed in s
ight in the township of She Meld. Csoada. on the
train Van; two* brothers aimed' ltentiedy Were
arrested on the charge. of committing the marder.
sad sent to Cuestas jail. The constable soared
them to go at large and,they made their escapee..ov
The authorities have offered a reward of $2OO for
theft nilapprebeheim.
I tea plant is' in 'bloom in 8. C. ft was set
oat two years ag- .
Five persons recently fell victims to the poisimi..
one gargeserated is $ sewer in Pienliei". London.
Prince Metternich is at present at Brinsels.
where he intends spending tie winter.
A diem ant tine has been lately drilled ashore
ow the island of - Valentia. near Kerry; another proof
that the Gaff stream, after.
after running along, the Amer
etas(; sets ae the Atlantic.
A young man fro Ilaltimore.named Smith. f ins
killed`. few days by Wing tbrpisgh snip di; or
' -
at' Clarkesvillei Va.
The amount of milky diPosited in tlyr saviap
blaks of Great *learnt; is ewer Slll,OOOOlOO otter.
The Kieft (MO' Jlimodeser. objects lb the es
•pieriont et shiees is, master ulteasies. gad' is the
eours• of its arPliente. !makes the following neck
deg edinipions .
,veTy atteispe; dhtttl)r cie iediiittfy; lb el -
him ea as equality with the whim aro k , - 17
thitrWriudaogers the institution of a lt
itF distiajelsbitd •stalermaa has said duu
ideas which treobtaia are derived f r .
-ritar tit tout ebciat Mom/. an e
ibiom - +erp.properlreitelede the b eg ;
fru. the inquisition Of book.knovridge.
iidice hull as* master workman. in a position t+
be is compelled to think and *here he can sor ra&
acquire information I - exclude . hin from—
drug*, pefalidirldii to have ch ore
of workshops, where' he gimmtfactare iteaps,
of death it pleasure t
The revenge of all the Hailltaytt ii Great B r *,
amounts to:abOut 1160,060,000,
The Bishop of London recently nihnitted t wo ob
lives of Africa to holy .orders.
•-•4 The Obeelfaliesth .sAr .
in' male stadisit 5a9 4: 114 feimskt—in all •
ins the last yelir: •
Thor grantbiem Sere:m*4o ill et. Louie es IL.
10th 'tilt. Thy — {he am' de
slakes lyiltg on the tibia.
The Bible_ coatainv 3sl6ofiertletiers ; Wo e
worth; ; 34,17 e *ekes; I lee 'chapters and 60b 0h h e.
The word • and 'occurs.- efoirr ernes. and th e
word •• Lord" 1945 time, 4 .•• reverend " oalv co o.
and that in the Psalms: Tim Iltb chapter of th,
eebbolt of ktegs - ind the lifth claret of Isaiah m
alike. The Mat record of a burial in a cods
Joseph, is Genisia,,Setk chewer and 39th ten t ,.
No where except is the Ist elta_p w r,of -114_,Tism 7
is the name of ogrant.mother" raelleoled y
partienlaty fine chapters to read are kbe 2d chap*
of Joel and the teikr chapter of Aces: There are le
words in the Bible of more thew six syllables.
There is a rumor prevalent in the Upperism
inc., that the Governor General intends very sh am
ly to dissolve the Parliament. If sn, the Midas,
have taken the last step towards their o*n &sou.
lion. •
It is announced in roe Washington papers
t h e President will hereafterreceive visits of cosines
between the bears of twelve and too on Tuesday !
and Fridays, indtbat the President's lipase will h,
opened for the reception of company from eight
to ten o'clock every Friday night.
Counterfeit St bill on the Fall River Bank are it
circulation, and the public should guard v it t
It is said the Colonization Society Wend sesha t ,
out three hundted colored persons to4Ableriai , s th e
packet which is to leave Baltimore, Llecemberl a
The Mammoth steamer Empire state, which lea
hereabout midnight Thurday, for Buffalo, had seer
*even thousand-barrels of beef, pork and floor Th e
beefrid 55 cts. frieght per bbl., and the flour t?
This is the largest cargo ever taken down the Leta,
Several workmeava the ship Caledonia, os rte
screw Dock, in Baltimore, were on ilia 6th iont
badly injured by the falling of the scaffolding.
The Beacon Hill Reservoir in Boston is nearly
It is stated, ways the Pittsburg Di+patch, that &
vast !mantel of the counterfeits on the Harsiibpg
Bank are in ciicalation aketag the canal. 14430 d
the hands and others on the canal boats are 'emu
lateng thenv. It is reported that • one man took $3O
of the vile ttash in payment for' a pair of valuable
Natives of the elate of Maine. resident in Bowl
are about getting try a dinner festival. A met.*
for that purpose_ was held on Thursday evening Int
An - aeeident occulted on. the Camden and Amber
Railroad on last Friday, near Beverly. N.J. II;
loComotive was brokeis to pieces and the •nemter,
fireman and brakeman were seriously injured.
A farmer named Bowlsby. near Bath. Straw
Co., was so badly injured,on Wednesday by a tai
Without horns, that his life was Considered in lu.
Fres Minim
The N. 0. Pitaiftne bus teteived files of lifer,
can papers of the following dates: City of Metre
to the 29th utt ; Vera Cruz to the 2211, and Jalapa.
to the rid all inclusive. We gather a few alba%
al items of intelligence,:
A Lieut. Col. of caitilty named Don Fautia
alva, raised the standard of revolt at Comb, nor
proclaiming Santa Anita General-in-CIO
of the ret , erierstit g army °Mexico. He badly
fifty s6ldiers with him. fie was attacked by Ge
Palacios, his party dispersed and he made prism.
Viltalva was to-be executed forthwith.
The Monitor says that a rumor is current az
speculators in the funds of the Republic harem.
nipted some ofthe Membeat of the Chamber ti
Deputies. This , is apparent from the - apathy du-
PlaYed l hY that hotly when the report of the COM
miuee ou,Public Credit was to be dii-eusFed. 01
that citwasion 22 Members were absent,.and then
being no quoltim the report_was not - brought tot
Mr. Dubucq, a celebrated French ecoriornisl,
who distinguished biinself in the colonisation cf
A I,geriai has stayed in Melico. /le is abnat fate
ing a college at San Chri,..tobal, in Chiapas.
?he 4spacliCis are .ad tin murdering. and
in the State of Durango. Tee American guernh
party of thirty mere - attacked them nn the tsit_
killed four and recovered the plunder they sae
Robt r i are as eter in all parts of Eleict
at the capital they had become unusually daring—
The Governor of the district ten Anayp, latci
gave in his retsignation •on the plea of ill hue,
although the - Union says the daily a
proaches made it!gainet the authorities - by the pro
ortaixtbunt of the inefficient protection to like
property, had wri.doubt contriboted to his Ito'
men t.
Cootenek Ttis Muitneasa.—The Batton to
haa the following extraordinary paragraph, mask
by the editor of the Antedate Union front a kmse
reiident of Maine.. Thin letter is Ailed- Short Be
30 mile's Roth Colciata, Sept. S t and mad be . to
ine or tit*. ' '
" Yesterday morning there tame up here MI
strangorSfrom Sacramento City one of whom 1 Te•
vtgnMed as the eorforieus Dr. Valorous P (WO
formed:) , of Waterville, Me. the alleged mordr
of Ed. Matthews. CoeM} liemistalren ± How else
he here I Has he (*imaged hanging I I knew Cook
eager well at Waterville, and at this is no: him, 6 1
I never saw the man. His beard was very th
and OatterreCtirer his thin narrow lace, but girl
grown oat two-or three inches in length. lie [te
ed here foy the name' of Wilted or Wilkins Rs
eye I coukl not mistakes He appeared well brag
no other way altered, daVo dart he WM MONO
dressed' and' looked is Hide harder than initial, I to
belief to W. and the obit morning Coolidge
gene. Where he has wandered t cannot p.ueo-
Impt I feet store that it was hint% Ifyou ever el! .
tell me what this caa.nrean. Or ausl deceived"
to many of our citizens that Major RANTLET cf.
Broolnecounty N. Y , hats already completed auto
excellent road from Binghamton to the State he
on-a mete allrtolt leVel, vroi.dlng any thin" de'
yang tha . nadie. of a' hill. It has long been ell
kn°hilly7etip"illintlytherialit'aldZitfecittentl""theranecleY le. el for ti
to withinalei l
atilettot.this place_ gicerm a y 4n. persevering
leimarsof Chia gentleman . , (Maj. Hawley.) whb Ehe
aid of r soied or our hwn enterprising, citizens. *limey of a room from ihelo•
mutation of his road et the State line, through SI
ear Lake and Bridgewater to thisplace, w le f `w
taken- Sy WM. Wentz, EM. ; Surveyor and £n
neer of lYinghamton ' and we are enabled to say tc .
our readers that the grade is'almost aupprising
ay all thd way, , and even overcoming what is co
thLthe Brewster. hill near this place. which has 0
way* presented the most formidable obetade
the whale route with grade not eieeerling. r
Miseries' he Plicr Avenue from Searte's
the i,..ourt Honairini this place.. The Reporeul Dt
W.,le i -Whichi will appear *hi I
r4l-Y, will enabler s
to give a more detailed-account of tho route.-- 31 °
fidihanna. Regiartr.