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'Vire - 11Iniadr COIL
. P . . •
At a meeting of the board of canal etimmission
e , l a st week, at Philadelphis t Wm. B. Foster, Esq.,
was appointed Ongineer, inpaystettneeet,the.act of
last session, lifleocCettme 'neolliewniticonitoorib
B r anch canal., Mr. Footer is the iingirkeiriaicami
charge oftbe 'Work 'wbetvit wits esupenaed, at
widdilreigniit) the
which time fie estiMalq . .lbatit
guilt D (11,277,0 0 0 cOafiletifiellfitettiiinem;
her of the canal beard,lieletated-,itleng the whole
line, in 1844, and was still of the , ripsnied, it could
be completed agreeably to the original plan, for his
estimate. Again, in the beginningef the year 18,47
the instance of gentlemen` who wertf making
effort to have the stock taken in
.the company to
• wlazh the work had been offered, be made a care.
f a t examination and estimate of the whole line, and
wa s then of. opinion,Jhat by"making some altera
u„ns i n the character of some of the work. and die
periwig with every thing oroarnently and costly,
not essential or .atslolutely necessary to utility, it
„do l t be put in Operation for 51,106,037.
The intimate knowledge, therefore which Mr.
Foster has of this work, will enable him to place
it under contraet sooner than tuiy other man, not
familiar with it, possibly eoeld, and to eendect it
to completion, with greater raptlity Ind more
economy, than any gentleman, an entire stranger
wit. The high character which Mr. Foster en
joys, for integrity, skill and care in his profession;
is a guarantee to those t mmediatel intered, and to
the people of the whole state, that this work will
be completed for a sum not exceeding his Original
estimate, provided sufficient funds are placed at
his disposal to prosecute it with proper economy.—
His appointment, therefore, by the board, to take
charge of it was peculiarly appropriate, and will
meet the a pprobation of all, who have the comple
tion of the work and the true interest of the state
at heart.—Kcystone.
The Journeymen Tailors, who have been "on
the stiike for higher wages," marched "threugh the
i t y yesterday—not through " all our principal
streets,' as is the custom with similar pneants, but
through all the streets. They marched in process
ton two deep. and we should think about half a
mile long, af the lowest calculation. Tbey were
tto less than twenty banners in the procession,—
The mottos and quotations oil some of them were
very,..expressive. For instance, the followeig teas
inseriNNl on one: "By the sweat of thy faire shah bread," "By the sweat of thy face shalt
thou not mill ICY bread ?'' On another, " Thou
shalt not mule the ox that trearleth out the corn."
Timm again. Never Surrender," and "The labor=
er is worthy of his hire," grc. were devices on
ethers—Boston Courier, 18th.
RORERT Fames, Esq. the sequestrator of the
tt l it i a riispr ri and Elrrkira Railroad, advertises the
ma,l r , r ' , ale, in pursuanceof an act of the last Leg-
Flamm. io take place at Philadelphia, on the first
Jar of October. He estimates the value of the
road. as it now is, at 5700,000. This road will
ticsilde , :•!,4o into the . hands of capitalists who will
finish ti to Elmira, and place the whole road in
•,zOO,l order. This will be a variable road when
itni-i.wd, and will•grea(l,# increase the _business on
the West Branch Canai and on other, State Works.
ENTICI SLAVES AWA Y. -A ' reimsylfaniatr
caLlrn Himself Wm. Edenboy, who pays that be
halls from Sloppeinitionzh, Cumberland'enotity, ums
cotannitted to jail at Rockville, Md., on die sth
mst elm ± chaig,e of enticing nhrces to fun
'cu-sre.nverrs.—The city of St. Louis is filled wit
trit .eagles, quarter eagles, sovereig ns,
11,71.ican dollars, halves and geartem, five francs
from Napoleon to Charles the X all of eliffereisr
(0- Lieut flayfield, an English officer ; hag been
for thirty years engaged in surveying die Ff. Law
rence nver, firini-the gulf to the head of I ak t Su
penOr; and iii still at the same wont., He says
there are 2,b0r1 islands in this liver and the east
emu waters of Lake. Huron.
(:EN. Behooves's Wftictr.—Ditr.Balaw in,o f w
ark N. .1., fits pluchaserl a watch Which was once
the property of Gen. Burgoyne. It has the Genet
-4l's name engraved upon it, and I's quite a large
Seel -Jo nes' has been nciminated. as the Independen t
candidate for, the Mayoralty, of Philadofpflia. He
ha* accepted the' nomination.
Tf AS CosrEl—Mr. DAVID F. ICAUFMAN has been
returned to Congress from Texas without opposi
tion. Ile has been re-elected, losing only about
3titi votes out of 11:1,00,0. -In the other district, Mr
Pal:mayfly has been defeated by Mr. VOLNET Ho
w %RD ) (both deMticrats.)•
THE EnrtnocriAt. SP/RM.—The Telegraphic re
nrt' from N. Orleans of 'the 14th instant FOyS.
The Equinoctial Mom commenced yesterday it
the Gulf, and was so severe that a number of yes
sels were unable to go to sea.
Conatablets Sales ./it I &chit Executions,
.. . Rec eipts, Ir. ze ela it leas,
A ttwohnaests, . Deeds. •
4 umainesas. ' Mortgages,
81818paesm88, . Mote*, *re./ -
Printed on superior paper, for sale at this' alike atisil - o, of
every description, printed to circler
n Rome. on the COM inst.. by, Rev. Mr. Brriwnson.
WN. A. Roczwistm.of this botoagh, to Miss Mars
Nice°Ls of tte further place.
n Cbeinting, N. Y., oir the' i lloth inst.. by : ften.4lfr.
Beers, R. C. pAutits, of the " Ward House," to
Miss llnliSC4A rovi.ns, of the former place.
i Vele Mtivcrittonents,
A wzlie Aspouriwirr
Just received by
H. 8. & M. C:NERCUR4
sept.2l; 1849
THE: undersigned hating been appointed an Auditor
by die Orphan's Court of the County of Bradfad
to Marshal sawing and diedribme the funds raised•by the
sale of the real and penional estate of Jeremiah Decker,
tate of Monroe township deceased, arill attend to the du
ties of said appointment we Vir once in the Borough of
Towanda. on Friday, (he 2d• Jiy of November 'nex4, at
O'clock F. M., at which Erne and
,place all persons
interested, will please present their claims, or be dfbared
from coming in for a sham of said fund.
'rowan& Sept. 20, 184 p. WM.SUOTT: Auditor.
Auon - ciws NancE:
rp HE undersigned having been appointed tut Auditor
1 by the Orphan's court of tlso county of Bradford,
to marshal assets and distribute the -fund raised by the
sale of the seal end personal estate of Jamas tioniow,
deceased, will ahead to the duties of said appointment
at his office in the twroug'a of Towanda, on Saturday,
the 3d day of November nest, at I o'clock in the after:
noon, at which time and price all persons interested
will present their claims, orb, - debarred from coming
in for a sham amid fund, WM. SCOTT,
Towanda, Sept. RO, 1849.. Auditor.
Bradsord Com.'Pleus—lki.nen 4r Rodkwelrs use es.
En. Lewis. Vend. g.t. on 11 . 0. 43, Dee: T. 1846.
Tx* undersigned haviairbeen appointed en 'Auditor
11 the Coon of Gammon pleas of •Bted6owl Caw
ty. to' distrtbute the food raised by the //110 of mates
tate of Timothy H. Lewis of Monroe township, will at
tend to the duties of said appoiatmeat at hie dim an
the Borough of TOgralliik; 1 1 01 VI tomb_ 2` 11611 li tt a Lt .
November nest at cotaro:Aiaelatte:„.. El o17" — ;
time and Ate fterimso in Pa It
their claim; Ot bithtlitiiii4 from e
of raid fund • • • • W$ SCOTT,
Towanda Sept. ;tl:llkAnoka'. ,
1,1; i . t I
• • e
Irstkrisse dia ** eau*** 4 ,6 5(1444141i'
reiotti 'gives 17 Melt 14014 t IUUor tie seer 'Of
•14*Getrego 7'; Celtvey b - ebier: tit the dist
of Mer vest, se I fibre Neeelvastormi
I shall notliej. iremkoftempelled ; •
Don II September 21 11141/:".- ' WM: Aoa.
A LL person toe hereby continued *anti purchasing .
two notes given by me itr Anguit fist to George T.
Cote, or bearer. One being for $lll, payable by the
tint dim* next the other for 611.75 PaYstds by the
first of 'June 1851 . 'hare received no rale fur
the rantr,- lshall not pay tham enters compelled by 6w.
Doren, &pi. 21, 1449: OEM W. 4ttIiBIOUT.
THE partite/snip heretofore twisting* the Boddie
apd Harness tusineus. between E. tiIIUTH & CO.
is dissolved by manta/ consent. Those 'indebted ire
hereby notified that immediate payment must be made,
or their demands will be t in a come nrcolleition.
Tess basiriews will hereafter be carried owat the old
at:tinny SMITH & COliP. Sept: 17. 1849.
laraellbrd Comity, Ns.
rre sabseriber takes•the liberty, as it is a free wan
try, to inform the politic that they need not be 1111.
posed upon longer in Towanda by alga high prices.—
Only look and then think what prites yon hare paid.—
Here are my prices from this date oolong as I stay in
Towanda end that may be a lung time, viy. r
Shoeing I hope - 80 eta.
Single shoe and set • 20 cti.
Setting shoes each 8 cts.
Setting Wagon tyre 25 eta.
Mowing osen all new, . 1,75 cta.
Log chains per th: 121 cts.
Ironing two horse lumber Wagon from Pa to 15 00.
Sleighs - do. • 11 3to A 00.
All other work in proportion for cash or ready pay.
Crcilit will be•gireti on usual terms. My paces 'are
filed and I make no promisees which will not be strictly
complied with. Usll and judge for yourselves. Horses
shod by the'year on reasonable terms•
All kinds of country produce received in payment
Towanda, September 15, WAS. TROUT.
WHERLAS, my wife Lorin& bas left my bed and
and board without any just cause or provocation
forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my ac•
count, as 1 shall pay no debts of her contracting, un
less compelled by law. BURR CRANDALL.
Wella p Eteptember 10, 1849.
T HE uniformed Volunteers composing the 4th brat.
of the lit brig. 9th dia. P. M., will meet at the
house of HUGH HICKS, In Rome, on Tuesday the
2d day Of October, 1849, a 4 ,10 o'clock, A. M., armed
and equipped as the law directs. fur parade, isvieer end
inspection. B. WHITNEY, Liettt. Col.
.Rome, tiepterober 9, 1819.
AITHEREAS. by so act of Assembly of the Com
elt :niciewee th, entitled, " An, set, reining to the
elections in this Conlynonwralth,“ it ts enjpined upon
we to,give public.notwe of such election to be 101,
and also the eaunieration it. such notice,what• &Score
ore to-be elected, I, WM. 8. DOBBINB,4IigIi BberAT
of the county of Bradford, do hereby Rake - known
and give noticelo thtelectors of. said Coanty , that a
,General Election. wi be held in said a aunty. on TU—
ESDAY, the lith , day of October in.thetsevertil districts
in said county, to wit: •
In Albany at the school house near Daniel Miller's.
In Asylum at Jacob Plowboy's.
In Athens boro. at E. 8. Matthawasues,
In Athens tarp. at Julius Tozer's, -
In Armenia at iota N. Becker's.'
In Burlington at Addison McKean's.
In Canton at Benj. Coolbaugh's. •
In Columbia at James Morgan's. 4 -- -
In Buret] at the school house , trailed centre
school t ouse near 8. Dears&
• ,
In franklin at Wm. Theereits.
In areal', at the school house No 1, at Oninsille
corners. - \ -
In Nerrillild the sawed house near N. B. Weisner's.
In Litchfield at R. Ifirk'a. '
1, In Leroy at the school house in Leroy.
! lu Monroe at J. P. Smiels,
lln Orwell at the house formerly occupied .by I. H.
Rost. •
In Pike at E. DeWolf's. .
In Ridghery at S. Harman's, .
In Rome at L. H. Maynard's. -
In Sbeshegoin st D. Brink's.' ....
In Smithfield tit A.. 1. Gerould's.
. .
In Springfield at T. Wilder's.
In Standing Stone at Simon Steven's.
In South Creek et the school boo= near An Gil.
In ttpringhill at the house of D. D. Black.
In Towanda bore' „at the house lately occupied by
George Mersentau.
In Tottrstda twp. at the school house near A. C.
In Troy boro. at the Eagle tavern. ,
In Troy twp. at the house of V. H. Long, in the
borough. of Troy. . '
In Mater at S. 11. Holcomb's.
In Warren at R. Coopers. • '''.
' In Wells at L. Seely c.
In Windham at E. Hosserrit (drooped)
In W yalusing at the house of J.IL Black.
In Wyse: at the Academy. At which lime and
place the electors aforesaid Will elect by ballot—
person for Canal Commissioner of this State.
One person to represent the county of Bradford and
Bogs in die Serrate of this Connuobwealtb.
Two persons to represent the county of Bradford in
the Noose of Ifepresentatives of this CoMmonweith. _
J One person for Commissioner of Bradford County.
Otte person for Tieasurer of Medford County. .
One person for Auditor of Bradford County.
And in and by said act, ram lumber direr:terra, give
notate.? ar.that every person etceping Parkes of The •
peace Mho shalt hold any office of profit and trust un
der the government of the United Staten, or Of this
Mate, of of any incorporated distritt, whether a com
missioned officer or agent who is or shalt be errlpfoy
ed under. the Legislative or Etecufive or Judiciary De
partment or of any incorposated district. and also that
eimry-member of Congress and of the State Legisla- ,
tar l eg s / the serecr and common o ,eounreil of any idly..
or . iscronerb of any hit erpolletl district is by jaw
incapable of bidding Or remising. at thafriaroe thee,
the office or appointment of Judge, In s pector or Clerk
of any•election of this Cord:non - mei& fa and diet no io
spectiir or other offixr of any - data' elortrOb i shall fa
then eligible to any office to be voted ior. .. 1 -
By the 4th section of en riot paused the rtith day of
April, -1840,it is provided " that OM nth sec on of
an act passed July 2d, Illfft,"entitJed "'A A Et relating
to the elections 01 this C'ommuntiresdth,`,ihall 'not be
so ainstressi, As tri - pnreept any milt ice* ? host set
sin as judgii. inspector or cleat, at anygetaiit(tri Teo
dal election or this Commonwealth.
. ; ,3 . '.
In alts' 6lst *than - of the Oct fiat sbeetonnittoZ
it is enacted :het evetyltetthal and speclatelortien I
be opened between eight and ten in .the f. ;Waiter.. and
contintie without interruption or idjournitent alita . 7
o'clock ip the evening, whep, the pone shallha.elosed.
By the itOth section or the'icr pesied Web. 1848,
yid admit be lamfol for thictinspeetors and judges of any
general or special election which skirl hereafter be beld
in the Artnisrib election sfichief,ofilliadforacoolitto
L s
close the pollsirf suchmlectkon id 5 o'clock. P. bt." :.
It is fur th er directed that the Aucetipg.of the. J
ragthe Court Noose in Towanda. to poke out the gapes
rat return. shall - be on the 'ld lay law the Altaic,
i letactivvin be entire lath drymf 9cletaf•- • • _ --- '- '....
- Willi S. DOBIII6IB. sheriC
Sheriff' Of6ce.TemendiarSept4 1...igeff. , ./ .-
SALT fur plied TWPANY
lieptember 18, 18411:
laBB .
• WOIDLO• infpra ibe L=IX bat sir hos Nearstok
how asseimaint of lila cossaitias abrawrie
of On and * good , assolummt: at "me..
gi m p. 10 is, Av g . as l• a :,vinisty sirlll6lllolllollll - Yt
wham' 411 of boeferef atle#
Toviondo, ' • '
_ _
yfr,',•-:;:i. 1 , 4.• -..,•:, ~ Li:: 'Ai; k47: - fliii.4,z', , -a ;; , ..1 . 4 4 4 , :-4.--,
__• .4.,.•••••,..:, ....,,„ • .•:,,.......„...,....„: " .14,-A
-' " .' - ' ' VARIETY.- ST9RE,,,, :. 7vl: - ...,; ,;•
rirrAii.Y& tIitINOEIBERV.inimm flun'imbile'
. •JI. that alarmism taltifing;direetfromfilow York
aml Arming ise 'hosanna lately.mumpis4llll•Mis•gate
dor/south of B. Kingsbery * Us.ortscp acid general
assortment of ..,
, .
• lizukee Notimair Celifectionary, 4c.
to which the snenMm of purehasotujo nailed. , WWI,
esuntment of Groceries 'Sad' Liqoonols complete. anal
mill herald at unusually low rates. Call litlikeZallithle.
• . L. W.--TIFYANY 4 .
Towanda. June I/1. '4 . P. 11. L. KINGSBERY•
CIROCERS & Landlonls suppiial wish Strong Dori
by the bhl. Tisr ANY & OCINGSVERY. .
Jib. 11, Brick Row.
TTUSTON & PORTER are now receiving, at No.
LI. •I, Brick Row. • large addition to their former
stock, consisting of
Drags, Medicines, Grocerles,liquers,
Oils, Points, Dyestuffs. Posey Goods, te.
which will be sold at enumally low rates. They alas
offers for sale the splendid and (strains Teas of the PE
KIN TEA COMPANY. forwhich they are agents, and
which they do not hesitate to recommend as being su
petior to any other imported.
Gering been appointed egret for most all the grenw
ine Popular Patent Medicines, we assure the public we
will not offer any that are counteafeit, as we will not buy
or accept an agency from those -speculators, wbo, by
Paso, imitations impose upon the country with their
spurious Drugs.
Towanda. June'lB. 1819.
/071111E0 1 111P117.
E. T. FOX,
IS now accaitaing a full supply of SPRING AND
SUM MER - GOODS which are offered far sale as
low as the same can be proclaimed at any plane this aide
of the city of New York. Thankful for the eery libto.
ral Patronage extruded to him heretokars, 'ha would
respectfully elk wall from ell who wish to porches
Goods cheap *alibis stock is to be disposed of at the
lowest matila„ please dont neglect to call and dent forget
the place.. North Store corner df Main and Pine-d.
JusT opening a apkoded assortment pf fashionable
1311gB8 GOODS consisting of Worsted and Linen
Bareges, Silk Filmes, Linen, and Chamigehle Lusters,
Osgandies end Printed Muslin; Scotch, Frenek.and
American Gingham, Charnbra's Small Figured Blue
and Green DeLanes and the Prating assortment of
Prints in town at i FOX'S.
G -
1,01 , 50 dozen Kid silk, lade .tbraad anal ast
ton gloves of every possible size and color at
tay23 FOX'S.
30 DOZEN more of dime linen HanketelneN at 124
ctn. in niyi? FOX'S
H Ali—Muleiskin. fur, silk, coheir! and White Meal.,
can, wool, Panama, Leghorn, pedal .and Palm kit
HQ*, on hand and for sale at MERCURS'.
CAPI3—A good assortment of Iden'a and floy'leaps,
floe 12 i mate op, for sale M MERCURIO'.
za. H. ErtAivr,
svnemen XIV X
Of Tr..y, Bridford county, Pa.,
PROPOSES making :periodicaLsisiie et Towanda
during the sessionipf every court . Ha may be
found at the boom of J. B. Cross, commencing on tbe
3d of September: Reference can be bad from any pan
of ihe county. All work warranted. on Bm3
SUMMER, CLOTHING.--A large 'assortment of
Goods for Mena' and Boys' Buttoner Clothes. now
opening and for eels of sp2o MERCURS'.
BONNETS -A large aPsartment of Ladies and Ma.
sea Florence, patent, lace. gimp, pearly Coburg.
Neapolitan and Leghorn Bonnets. 'Alio. wreaths and
llowtra, for sale at. ap2o E RCURf3'.
Jcasows TOOLS.—A good assortment f Bead.
le:adios and - Bench PLANEN, grooving ploiru
and other Joiner's Toot; just received from the men
factory,, and for sale low by O. D. BARTLETT
ONE Male. and two &males. to teach the Common
teboois in the borough of Towanda. Schools to
commence on the 6th of August, and condone Sew
month*. By order of the Echoed Directors,
July 17, 1846. WM. SCOTT. Eleentary.
Now opining at the above establishment a very'
large snd dr.orable assortment of SPRING do
SUMMER GOODS, which will be sold it Awry low
rates. Business at this establishment conducted upon
fair and honest' principles. Tou 6ave nor thank' for
past favors and we hope for a continaauce of the same
as we are bound to sell Goods Cheap.
' Towanda, July 4. IS 19. N. -Nt BETTS.
FOR the transmission of Mowry, and all kinds..
Merehasdisa. leaves New York daily at b o'clock
I'. M. Offiecli at the foot of 1! tisane and 7 Wall it..,
N.Y. AK orders or goods left et out offices or with
our agents will be attended to wilt despatch.
11. MI await, fowanda; & 80N
°wean- 21119
MINS lustititioa bevies been placed is charge
JL O. R. Kassa , and 11. M. Herr. A.R. wilt
aimmenca oa Mouday the Stb day of Octabeg wt.
The Ara/teak:al year wilt amble( four, taloa .
Of eleven weeks rich: Coiamenejug..nispealvely A .
October:2th. ,IMP., January, 2d, 511 we,.. It 25th and
tune i•riti, fsso:
• - • Taillatia iper Tertali- • •
Counnon'English atalliew. including 'Geom. •
- raphy and liluntat Arithmetic, ' 0 co
game with rogllhlt ettiattilltar • ' and Admit!?
Atith static. • oci
Higher Beglith branehat. `l am Identali
Moral and Intelleotaulacianiett, • 4
Algebra,Cioinetty. titirveyingolle, `
4 60
Latin, Greek and'reeicirlangtages, •-•` 6 00
Foelylatalld 2 0 41 Drakisr • •r. 06
Board can be obtained in p rivate families on rck
• nottittde [erns - ' l * • -
I D. Witneriwire,Preet.'
C. %. WARD, dlee'y:,'Or Boar& of Trieste - ea.' - •
Towanda-, Dept: 1:18 1 E " -5-
• G 0 ILO E RT;
Paper- Illogisp-k
A LARUE hoortmolpot ;ind
ZIL Gerriali'Praper Itattgliegfr, with bob 'a to Mow%
hr sob to any rootkvi at thi'lowilet ' ll O l O Ns" —
nottbootrusalplo folthit , ho city of lifitor -Yak - ion
ottpetktopowtbiar. elk* brtog Ilia at thib'lorria frt.
an Sy soneßag issetiplip, of style owl loolitissi: Oil
bortiode etslosolcute litoolkom,
YortAippt. 1, :*
:'. , tq ~ • •
- -7-- - L:141)«. • ' , . ,
trIXON.' ~ : •:- ,
N-artet libelebY#4l that- es fe & aith
i - linleibmisisdatbitedia DRIMSIPOt. e
i is Mb jai &Wind by sestosi coaniti; ‘3liiiiiistiali
at Ililif tali Wit Weeded iiirWiliiiisofoo i 1
. 9 ; -,, st, ..1. ~,.. 1. , 1 : ; i:1 " :4 '''', 'AO , Millirftk i l'
- 81411. I.' 449, `: ' 1,- ':` • -, d'''' - I. 1 111410111 MIL "' '
, S .. 4.47.;•,.,..&-„i, HIM& . • .
• r } •
• ,7
'filtrhis removed his Nig &ant 1a `the iOndi
seceue-ef o the Publie'Bo6steilasely.oecipitd-by
Janielif. %lyre, sod..hivieg fined up his sloe% has
added Whin homer issonfneut a ler supply at
32,1176i1 .01g35%. nizazanagraish
Willow do Wooden wit!, Otoorteri; no)* Talk
'B~pt.~'~~ ; terh~cq;~lK..
Hein agent:or most of, the . valuable •POPNIAR
M LIMAN ES tif.the day, which can he purchased of
'bias with a.certainey of procuring uessusue-artieles. •
He is also agent for ibe CANTON TEA VON
PAN Y of New York, whose Tees have attained a wide
spread reputation for jpeneinenewi and their low price.
Ao esiuniriation (WM, stock, to which he inviumuthe
acclaims of the public, 11011 satisfy every roe that it
has been 'elected with a view of procuring the best and
cant desirable articks, and purchased at the lowest
rates. Towanda. May I. 1840.
G. W. Slerchauitts telebrated
Mid Is also a Universal Family Embrocation - for
Diseases of the BUM Flesh. •
Tl" and experience have fully proved that that this
1./N1 FItSAL REMEDY has not not its equal
on the list of populio medicines, having been more than
14 years before the public.
Testimony of the most disinterested character of its
wonderful effects on the animal etainomY is almost dai
ly presented to the proprietor.
A young man in the town of Wilson, whose clothes
were burnt off of him, was restored (without suffering)
by the timely use of the Oil.
Numerous are the unsolicited statements of patients
themselves, and others who have used the Oil. of c o res
which in themselves appear remarkable : that they it
all interested in a pecuniaty paint, they could 'hanlly
have been credited.
- The following diseases are among many others in the
care of which this Oil has been completely successful
and in which others bad entireiel coital:—
Spasms, Sweeney, Ringbone, Windgells, Phll Evil, Cal
lous, Cracked Heels, Galls of all kinds, ' , Lameness,
Fresh Wounds. Sprains, Bruises. gaud Cracks.
Foundered Feet, Scratches, or Grams Mange, Ehetr-.
matipm. Bites of Animals, External ['Garvin*, Painful
Nervous Affections, Frost Bites, Boils, Conte, Whk
lows, Burns and Scalds, Chilblains, Chapel hands.
Cramp. Connections of the' Moselle., Swelling.,
Weakness of (he Joints, Caked Smote, &c.
Beware of COUNTERFEIT sod be surethe name
of the Bnkt, Prop/trios, GEORGE W. MERCHANT,
LOCKPORT, N. Y.. is blown in the side of the bob
tie, or in his ' hand writing over4he cork. Don't. be
persuaded to take any thing else Osith the promise it is
just es rod, Ara, be. This- is premised by these on
principled dealers whose conseemes will .stretch like
India Whiter, and who are of a kindred spirit of three
in our large cities, whom neferionepsectieies hews st;
family been exposed to the action of Convert*
Those who attempt to Counterfeit this articlHe are re.
fared to the law of New York, of May 184/Y, by which
it will be seen that every person meddling in these
counterfeits is subject to indictment, 'imprisonment, root
A t person selling out of this stet i ll Wide Mat
rest ferhen Wilts state, and also 'to be held as a witness
against those be bought of or sold for.
Ali Orders addressed to the proprietor willberespoed
ed to.
Get a pamphlet of the Agent MOMS what wonder.
are accomplished by the use of this medicine. ,•
ElnlJ by respectable dealers generally in the United
*Odes and Canada. -
For sale by HUSTON & PCRTER,Towards,E.D.
Welts. Lawrenceville, Edwin Dyer, Corinth*. Abel
Tureen. Montrose. Pomp & Ifiospy, Easton; Lewis
Smith & Co., Allentown, 2L. B. Deffin.South Easton.
Oct. 15th 18411`. n 2041. '
J. A. bane's, Clothing Store r Elmira
Conte listen now while I retie, •
.4 tale I'm hound to tell. i
Of clothing sold at such a rate i
That none Call underit 11, „
... .
(Inc day leaned on John A. Kam)
A suit of clothes to buy, ' „
They Were mu &rip thay I would fern •
Persuade:lmb all to try, • . . .
' Ilurra fcr Jobb A. Kane. Harrafor /An I. Kane!
Vl'ell buy oar clothing •all of aim,
For beat him no one cab.
Nis Sioek consists of every kind,
And piled, my eyes! Kim high', •
You certainly can't help but find
The thing to - strilyonr eye. '
There's baits to 'suit all nom of serf,
For Wedding Mitch. or Shop .
Tberes Pants,-Vests, thete's Cloaks , . •
. Of.Coate it tbisaan n' lot
Fluffs fos John A. Kues, Burrs lb/ Y. S. Kum.
- Idols* .yon- her a suit of him
' 'you're sure to call again.
. , There's Wens amd Back, end frock Costs too
. ,Of Cloth ibe tiny hoot. . '
. There's ander Clothing, orevets ton
Bilk, Wool and Satin Veda.. i •
• Asa sue biting to a tit • . .
• f need not bate to tell, ,• . i
. KM clothing on each man will set SW' rate—
sane- better-4o - r bamicittetill amines the telling
thpertment. and baa bia.goods midis in the best
. roaemer.sted. tbe beat style. - I -`..
• . Thaw for. Jobs A., Kane, Burrs f *A. Kam
rot when I,wantir *nit lige fit, ~. -!•-. . •
I'll Cell on Itimitgaim . ..
Sane other Moon IA yew ater
But this befixel clam,. ._ . . . , " , .
,ife Yea on hetattioir in the Stove 1 .
A am& of brit Ma clothes, - , ' -•_
' 8. ehea you have alittletime • .-
,L And cab en bawl irksome. ~,,.. .
~.... loutembea that-yen% slirers-fitsa ..
_, •
Johot,A, Kane ready to give you'd, Moths!' pier
Slimy at No. IP, Water Stseet, - Alth dese-west of
• thebridge:
~ ,
Wird fot lehn'-il.'llitrie , Hem ite - Jk ft.;'liaatt
Well biy our clothing *Wont*,
oilbeat him me inneaM•r- , '•"_-' "' - '
. binds all Medi of nog, Immed i ate. l i
IY. ,- • - -Jour(' AL'KANti; EtwitioUtir. at 'is. '
faim s suir Teas.
Ventrorliiedginl Gaiety, Pe:. mktg.
LV'esi vietite TO frANDA;yeeleblieg Arm.* ets Ida
days. sesseader fth of !fay niele4 ; ; Wittfie heed at
dier IkedfaiillteieLP • ,;
fiellifietiay-tefreseis sot 7 riederstelii*is. Teeth
• iifiebtok Innefeifibi INAIW eve r t; setwar esilfilte- he
finite& es veil mina hi alibi
The Wilma., liifteges WON
T, aoie. AthoWivroy; Worm.
tiouvaint be frwriefe ib if! tee
flipeireerosi hy Wei! - 4pay
141/1 Nails, eat* oil 7'7 =5; l ,
by the iff COW ICA' ir:S-k •
tviatcatat—ideipsotueseiacmiiiiL**" .
N-1 - 1101 iall oak 114111911 WY
sAz%iihise. l ir Igoe
. 4w r • ate
leake - ialeaear !Alia ' 4 0 1 :1;:a0
dare MK* *tits idiom* iVaijatiPea•
iiiset !balder mikes' kaki Ix settUfteni •
LL fidilesd to dts risiete4f.lol3RPll:RL
n. LIOTT demise! lais Wieliiihig impish* are
hereby requested to make payment eitbesi arise. mod
thaw hieing eleimilamidimi„, said imbue war phew pis
sed them duty autbeedeiled MUtement
RRY gLUorr,
WYshisms• Executers.
A Dm trii*ir Rll. 4 1 4 0WW:411 011 C
ALL Pima' adebted es, tbiriaate of S. HOL
COMB, sleceisahlaiirat die brruship of Leßajr
are bend 7 legnested to
and diinuelbannig either aphast:l94l - intaiii. will idiom
prism tbratstolyisothastijiMfd , lot
, 1849.
, .
ALL 111)
N. HO !; ,aseessodaite etSbrebequjni
ire bersby.req to malte.psyment willieutdelsy. and
thus huincetskes sorainst laid estate will please pre
sent them duly-authenticated for settlement.
1 - , JAM. N. DEMONY,
' , D/I AT I'
131sesbeguis. Sept. 10. 1049 1 Administrators.
A LI. persons IndetpteJ to theestate,of SMITH PIN
BLETON. deceased. lam or Ridgbeem township.
are hereby requested to , make paynient without delay,
and those having chtimalegainst said estate 'wilt pease
putout them duly authenticated foe settlement.
BiLlgberry, July 260949.
Inn. IL Overton vs. Lockwood Smitk-a4o. 159, se
T. 1818—Fi. fn. No. 97 &F. T. ¶slB. - • '
HAVING been appoi'ated an Andhor to distribute thill
balance of moneys robed by the Sherif vele -in.
this ease, not paid outA i will attend to the du& of
appointment, et the Court House; in the borough of
Towanda i on Baterday,'Oet.2o, 1849,-at c'clodlr„
M., when and where Nll•perw or interested- mosequired
to present their cbriens, or he debarred from miming in
upon said fund. ADDISON M'ES'AN, Auditor.
flew/ember 18.1849. •
By True of writs of Vend. Esp.: initted i otit ofthe
Conti of Common Pieta of ffradfred'etniitY•end to
me directed will be expand' to public sale et the Mart
House. in the boro. -of Towanda * on Saturday. the
19th day, of October, 1849; at onen'elock,
followiog lot plebe or parcel of land situated in Me
township of. Smithfield, bounded and described as
follows to wit ; 1711,tbr* ninth by lands of Ctuunplon
G. Brown West fly lamf Of W. Brown in the South
by lamb of John Syliester and Enoch Smith on the
east by land in possession of WutiCourtney. Con
taining tOtracres more or less, about 60 acres un
proved one lug house one small framed.bouse and
one frarired bbn and apple orchard thereon. -
Seized and taken in execution at the ant 01,Silas
Betts vs. John Holt.. '
ALSO—The fOilowing pie* or parbehuf land
situate in the township of Windham bounded Ind
described' as ibllcres north b 3 land in possession' of
Silas Wootton and Peter P. Merchant east by find
of OliverTisylor, South by land of o.Carereand
lon the west by- land of It. Doable CobWaribg '65
acres aril 40 rehear about 7 acres improved. •
Seized and taken in exibutionitt the suit of G.
Carpenter's um vs. B. 0. Taylor.. • - •• •
A piece or parcel of land in:Litehfirld,
beginning at a-post north-west corner of alrarrant
now,elaimed by War. B. Clymer; thence no 'l°
east 59 4.10 p to a post in the east and-west road
running from Bush's thro' Litchbeld,thencteaster
13i. ir'eurding - to the several courses or said road as
run by %. rioters, when he lotted not the land * of
the:said' DeCatet, to the north-west corner of the
Daniel Mallory lot, no. 147, thence south 4° wait'
38 4-10. p to a post, thence south 12° east 94 p to a.
pest o3' the north line of said warrant lot. thence,
north 89° west 192 pto the beginviss. Cohantnag.
89 aerewainit•Fliegeheir; stria measure r ' Itt item
seized and (after' in eiteentott at the suit of P.l.
DeCater et us. vs. WM. Dermot.
wm. n botimNs. %T. •
Sheriff's Office, Towanda - Sept..l2, 1849.
B the Neiti.York and:Erie Railroad.
ICINGSBZRY4 CO.. are tiow receiving a large
. avid woes desirable stock of Goods.: Having bran
Purchased at she most reduced pleas, they tin -Cad'
deafly , say to the 'ciuutios of Bradford-County, that
they will not be undersold. • Their 60301 1 mU posi
tively sold for torah, cbeafier than they can hi bought
at tiergo, Minks or Ettoghemtoti. Tome. this cell
and double', our goods ond Hats. , Among our Dry
Goods may be fouud the foiltre(iogr
amertimprs DRESS* GOODS,
Soper neei French black, Blne. Oliva gnieri and
brown Clots; deleithle Beaver. French , Doe.flkin,
and fancy Caledonia; 7*ectla, Settinets, eat lin
cloth , Worsted and Silk Santee; Satinceashillara sag
a great variety of Vestinge, plain and plaid
French and American Cloaking; &mob, French. ned,,
American Tmghanss: French plaids. changeiblik AID
and. plaid Alpacas Quemei Lustre embroideiedirkibet
Cloth, Bilk and Satin Stripes, Plaid:- plain Mohair: -
Basket, French and Long Bbierbp dm' pliii,nadlina
Banners of the latest style, Cashmere. Hantiltathenith•
echo. Maunsi,lsge blue and *bite orange and, Mit, and
Armin every; variety of English; Ainericanand Troia
Piiistrychangsabte Oribmx, black erode Rhims,_phln
and plaid Bilk. aisdpotton va!et„in . ipbeitlf
book. Swiss and liidiof LAMM Brumels tam, plan
and figured Bobinetts, cotton edgings nod inssrtinge;
POr• Tdeanthilßoatons ; Large miaow
merit at ribinds, liner ladies' midis seethed
cuffs, French collar% Ws capes, anti. mitt*. leosha
abase.% rte. •
Alai-aimari and. Ifiliiichee' inmate brown and
biorditsti Elodlamis;-.6anglse:Cardr. add%) eadi imbed
sad. Flannsliiiiintin Monk brawn all bleach
ed Smile cintassi - Flan*, cotton yarns, bat* ite
shottOilianakever, avec* *As Pg . ;kends hoe 14 atia.
. A lwe aimmene . set t er-eirdety flew the' best teinie.
irectini • . boo. Naile. Pit end Gimes awl; Aloe
es. co.N.illbereele,- We, erese , eseerel woedfileete, post
sad b_eekik!ei;'eset, vireo* aid Ines . Mitts, doe&
and it teal* Ikailles Dietidem Chieek Augers,
Beim ssJ Sees of tie beet: qesfey. Weesebes; Bekte
Germ* eitrr. a* lad \ Iron Table, elaa .1 . 011
81110001 e . ' • =l lauds of leeks, ! .!. ! i.
fkup;(oll6, &e. - . • ' , i
-j • - -
.. , ,Itte • Nee, kbe &ONO etbill'eetts Week pin.'
' , • -rattail!. Prsio sad iPet7 14 6 1 6 is We
. ,
hoe ~ , -i . 0461 4
.. . ' iNX)111" AMP
'The kgesiliell meet fe4rbrebte Ageortraret et tor
nm eas
dise:sea Ifiepieflikeres. ' B tad to elippent. to be
heed Ibis ''..if!liew V Gates! .4 Boyef,Beeee
Mee iesarreceo `.Ltotegitaiiiiit• -- ,-,
sTi, Chierest Grietrieskonbe haat,' -'-' 4. ' ' l',
iis-TkunKlay hole, frktlise
ac'Pjirti<l:l44mo •. f g INN .161 git Wont :PK "01111 W . !
'Waft - Oetabsi.T • 'Art' Indira
for lirmoor. olorp,oit WONoroirlhotirporrs.
• 4' • s OLT VZI ZUMWOM11;::
Glv o-4401---
• 1 01,. , •'! , :--- sugs• - • , • - • --,,t,4-ITra-ati
TT104 4- e - ANE s ''# - '•
g I Alp. A tilt,'
7 •5 at' —1 ,13 II 11111111Pli
• i9 4 2# . 4;#4. OD* filo fr* "
4 4 1 0 6 .** ottnitkagratitlArkooli
aisitinsot of &NMI* . 1 .414;
Prilettril*leattaty Of, floe and .eiretia - ottoilkiz
*Wel ale esobkd to otter opt* aa fintutabia*As as
house is the trada...,ll!eteo r itoyolfatakt,Wo thick
and ktio'itosta Drairagwireileshinelitilmil. Pads at
the toixert rata... ; z ;11•10.1174
W A RCP, litOU E.
T'ltitalathaft reipoetfally: anaotna to the fulkt
lie. that tie" hate leaeod -ebb OM , sod iplaste.
Hotel;: l etta Alt hr now . open_ rot tliti'r" . :_i:so* otfiblr
• Tti•• . /14w 4ea. famished- , tkith
thmottitelitithi Persooll whaling: TaatiettfatAihiat oil
towline* GO Aram 'Sod *16444'14W location.
end it jt a the Jeiertaittaiko of the yirintrikitott tbiltorp
mitt ati estabffielaneat , 'es yettrahre etlety attWeelibee,
they respectfully solhFit the Eatdie to Ott diva a Call.
!Towanda, Aug. 27 UHL it. C. HAL.DWIN.
200 BUiiii.BgEDVIIZAI7,I•OO 7 -64-161 /
every Writ M 4 the per w.beirtifielf the all
by i. Id WW01110:
Mooreeresti ICai+Ye 27, leak-
I M T ri fis. t*r of t n; tain talfrtr t s f ir t
er tk
i in IINI
9 =
gun judges 4of the 'Mae at IMERCUREP.
D. 8. BROW
fl VIZ t r. .1.05r . 4 1 11 r Sr
LEMING, I;ayinig out and Lots. Irniale
1-4 Esnaes:)disiatini lifaaa - Milientatenta. dke. 4
accura6l, dale by E. G. Nfeli9l.B. Office at Rome'
litadlard toaney,'N. ' 6n413.
SONTIT7.4'6O - 8.1
11:781' received at FOV alma' IST* Of liktiseire
f Goods, which Wig ti sold ars* eine-
Whig of he ersida,iiiiiStS of Clods;faiesimersealese.
mer stielrs,-I;ioetio, , ldines Re rages, artieili Unloose%
'Plankleonoe Elbrlettlotre.dri. Joly
.• •
LAW d 45-P ART - NE R644.1P
—7-- -
AVE this airy entered into . etilitartnetship in- the
2..Lpritetice. of Law. wad they Cake - this stethitil ofin&a .
mine the public of the thet;. .
Office—No. 3 Row . (op stairs) where wee of
theoa can at all thdealit &eat. - •"'
' E. w. BAIRD'. -
Towanda. Jana E. _ F.lll/NNItYi
OttPitNit BING . .. ahltICEBB„ fitior - Er4
• • ,LY..
Corning, Elmira net , &Malin.
- oLi
the season,- in the following orira :
Leave ::-Titeetteye, SAO. eclat:l4,A: )#
Lea*, etunhti...-.,..Wediles44l;:it I eelockON-111,
Leese .111hviteas - • .
Tow. Down Seneca Lake on Friday, a:reeking "of
Big Strew*: Searlkey,lodi,•Dresdeit, riarkhkr.Genero,
Waterloogycl Seneca Falk, on Sotanhir.
Leave Bute fie Elmira and Corning,every %tun*
Morning. Lairs Rocheatarevery Monday.
BOAT CORNING„-..-.. ..... Carr. A. M.:l=
BOAT ELMIRA... , .. .. • - eare.44l o :llPairerse
BOAT 8UFfAL0.......... , .. e.Ctiori. - - E. lEL Caiany'
Par freight et Paategge apply . tb Ills -Ciptlitili oiV
`bran!, kr to the Mowing Amu:
wad i
W. M. Mallory. Coming. Price & Holly, Geneve.
8. B. Strang ok . Co. Elmira Hastings & YUkti do ,
J. Wintermuit e lionra ' J. Miller, Sesteesralts.
E. 81.0introgr,frlairanna. L. Boaterlo,MOratsainia,
I. G.Towneenikhig Stream 11-, L. 'Fiah. Roeltsitar."
Woodworth! & Post, Lod i.Niles & Wheeler,Eaf&lb:.
•Garieligreig,fWaterloo. .. . - :AgrOAS, Mt
• • 4 16. 1111 ..... 11 /Wr 4 .4 11r1.117110,
WILL ,""" kep t an land law- essaninept,' exit
made-toxiieroa shorter anditeand'lhrpai odor
'ine7 than eleo hii,pwelaced a ah 7 oth4tratikbliattnerafiik
• the Those who IT, under' the neeessiti of - .
that Wick will td stiell tie satiated.
hear* and pall mate Sad in surnames when &wiped.
Baptet6heiT. iti47 . L.' ht. NYE' CO.
MIS•1101R 111{1 . V,13'0. 1 & itip:Asiosirstrt-oir,
. a COP -
- .
!whicb were plithstseitsinee the late redooliteritt ptioesl,
'they wilttherebee be eokl. unninalli - cheep: . -
Towanda; Jens lb, tBs9. ~ -,, -. , ...,•.,. ,-, -!.. .
T BITE. .black, blue and greerrworkadlkaai Vain
VV- also wratiglis add , loadilaeleol
lan a apleatiiii lot o(. hay lhadlett Pads. alai "bite
goo Bon= s tenet fronts: knew and.o jaw.
lAN * *main ildeiaip.sadipaarbaHrielmisp
at my23' • "- • • FOX*-
. ,
nr - \ - ,
MID 'll
1 • GOODS; *
paretimaleittee iittc late.tille itissj
,reasarkably four. .,;
1y 13. 1849
which him
sad Min* A
KEY-40 Ws. Old Vast ay, jut te
A ND•.I I :ALIt tiE/10
*aid At* ships;llllllll,eind
• vats iildiraile
lied E
J.l gradford
hereby given to tbe seTeiticalhilee
Camay. that the Ceeertiesieeeiettillet.-
. Twiny* ow I llieledier. era
221 drys :e.tertift.; sue wit
• heek tbeic Degauss eijitiameendi
I Eit INS et which tuns they wiewiipeeal
to owed • semi ley-. bait dsia - Wow;
tthra office
SOcielay. Ilse
mike ex
Gesittjr •
die Boer&
oast of dais Coeusiiriasem
g. a 0.11149 C. S. SIMSELL COG
wik RY, hawk" kA;ity - bed ene boar&
hel "T Panama dakeany. besiamo
wale,* . ier am my memmt, width arty- paw
gicrioes wlk pokes tolor setilitikheritaliffoor 1
ab eels emethiema by• IRO Mi-StrimmB2ll
ohm thm Ask.. ,
Albook, August 2, 18491 , -
NICE CRAi7r..BIIAW Le. ow, be- foiu4-,ak-illi•
.1.11 atiorad :11; IKINGSIBER
L . ~. _...„..... ~- ,, , , n , _ -!, - ,›
,T,,if wnixocK totoilkirr,iihmolltifiabac
J : that Ms km liietritbili trialtiiitlii‘ staiW 41 Misr
gamer ot bleatitinOW 'kW setivitirty %Me tisi._
Wootbuit, whom Weil to tafejtiltesies*r Air
!ii Its totwailt'stemeesily. TieWiwi amballak
Vaal illibritel didAiilmeat labill - wakeuil&
A, islisto orbit, tot milpispiri*?l, alkll.o6l7_,Ofir
Mei id* ii ) ittiL .f ': , :. ' 1 " ..' - -‘•: -, `:4-i
-lir voitia•tb. - iltialic-_:;kii-bis;, l +ta. 34ll i
11 i1.0 0 -ty., loll iii t ti g- 110 =o. l =-1 1 0 0 , 9 1 1 0 11 '
AS, millikar , . eibm of
Intstftwllept:* ISM -; ~,,, '
~w. •. .