Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, July 04, 1849, Image 4

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The meet extraordinary Medicine in the World I
Criraut iu put wp in Qx*rt Reties • it is six tette
0419167, pleastuarr. snit wroutetl ouptriur is
sup sell. It cures without neatitiag,
psulsing. eicksosise or &bin.
gaging Ike Patient.
The great beauty end superiority of this Staletterahl
Wier all other medicines ill. that While it eradiate the
diessee, it invigorates the body. It is one of the very best
ewer known; it not only purifies the whole system And
strengthens the person. but it creates lies, pore and rich
Mood ; • power possemeil by no other medicine. Aad
is ibis list the fraud secret of it. wooderfuf slier.. It
has perforated within the last two years more time 100,000
owns of rouses of disease ; at - least 1.1001 were
emendated incurable. It has saved the fires of more than
10,000 clindrea the past Lag serous is the City of Now
IDA.. esteems( DesterOl Debility vied wool
ern energy
Or. Townsend'. Sursspnrilla inviroinles the whole system
permunently. To those who liar., lost their ininicular Mien
cy by the effects of medicine or iudiscretion . corainitted in
youth or the excessive indulgence of do pusvions. and
brought ou by physical pro oo nn of the nervous system,
lassitude,want of eurtiliniii, (aiming seusaiiiiiis premature
decay "Ind decline basteuing towried• that Niel di
Consumption. eon lee entirely restored by this ideas•
set remedy. This Sarsaparilla in Cur •liperior to any
Im•igoratiai d'erdinl.
A. II Cr,,,.. and oleo the • gives ertirhy
is the loolto pool to the utueeular system to
swot eatiaordiehry degree.
- ,
C.o.owr4ieo Cored.
Oletbee•eel Strengthen. Consamitttoot rats be erred Pt fel.-
4hitta Orms.mpteole, (Aver Camp/atm, Odb, Catarrh
Ctanchte, Asthma Sptifing Bleed, c in the Cbeet,
/Pass Fleet. Nteht Sweet's, tiding lt ter Prejner
lfecteraUea, Pane in the Side, 4c, have bees and can he
1111. ed.
Male Pork, April 29, lan
.DL TOWPMEIeII.—I verily believe your Rsrmalmrill•
has urea the means, throngli Providence. of saving my
ife. I bare for severs' yean bad A bad Cnovh. It br
omine eerie end worse At last I raised large yield.-
tie, of blood, hod night •we.ts, anti eel greatly drbilita
tail and reduced, and did not expect to live. I bare °sly
well your Sar•apardla a short time, mid there bas • won.
derfoil change loom wrought in me I am now alite to walk
all over the city. I rinse no blood and my eough boo
left me. Ton eaa well insamine that I ate thankful for
thaw results. Tour obedient servant.
'WS. RUSSELL, fls Cathartic at.
II Isr.m a li.on
This mils an. °rotors lino four Itionenll4 e1...M0t Rheu
matism that Ur. Tow ii•ea•fs Sarespnrille. Th.
revere soil chronic Cll.. are -a enkly eradicated by its
astraorilinary virtues.
c, on • eur ,.. F• 1.. one or the ne.ktrintik in the Lena
tie Aselom, illarkwelf• 1-land, I. the 'gentleman spoken of
in the following letter.
RI A w. 1 1 .• Won& Soni. 14. I Ql7
D r Town...not —Doonr Sir: I have mirrored terribly Ow
mow venial with the Ithroonatiain entrosileraltle of the Wile
II could not eat. elemi or walk. I hail the abet divtrevvicit
paint and onv bosh. .0 • terribly I Mire ward
four of p.m Sarimoarillv and they liner done ine more
than a thoomand dollar. wonb 0re.0.1, i nun • nitleh 1.440 r
Indood lam (towel,. reliet ed. You are at liberty to isn't tlllll
fior the benefit of Ito adlirted.
V "tor. re. rwri 1 %II FA Cll3l Nil
Fever and %zae
Dr TO .f1i4M1.1 . 41 Sara...l'l4 14 osatsrusAlled so of the
ChM,. and Frs.., atut Asa• Toe r011...t0/lett, i. only
no. of huct.lre.l• flint are have rccs (roil from the South awl
Weat of like charactrtr.
Dr. Townsend : near 14,-1 poinf..• 012 ribtwo
bottles of•iniourilla of your %rent Mr McVpir. of Koila•
riinzoo to try it for the Fever and Ann^ Delo-el hod fini.,ll
- the first bottle. it •poeare.l to W•riti the lihmsd. soul every
other play when the Cl,!!.i 20.1 the F,ver sposars.l they
ware lees vinleut . not I. •fore sit • Nast liaisherl the bottle
she well entirely relievrol. avail she was touch batter that, she
heti lirtioi before •hr took the A.m.. A holy that had been
eon rick with the Chille aO.l Fever. but had broke them
w lilt (jumbo.. must 14,11, left 111 a very week and do-tresPio;
ante: pool troubled etcroolst,lv w ith the Azite Cake. seeing
the rffeet it had on Inv wile. phe peat mud procured a few
hottle•, tool ti thzatltell hero a Iris Reek. to roniplete
health Your Sarsaparilla is itholit iloaltt ailettualled in
dierris. s mettlest to the We,t end if unit think that this yowl
motile. 1100 will be of use, )i.itt are ut !then) to use It a 30a
Female Medicine
IN.. Tow noen.E. to a •fil eretrie tool ap.....11.
awry for iiiriiiirvit Cooffuloption. Itarreime.. r ro i. r ."
loanOh Falhug of the 1.% . 1., efrti.PO.,
rho or or White• fhlf Memornsorm. In'
c 00000 sue im• of I'. - y
or itirollsolory discharge tleereo(
end-fn the generot proetratma of the ayatetu—no matter
%Kettle, the 111•1111 of otheresit woe or ram. produced
by irregularity. Ohm.. or acculmit Noillifig ran he more
tool g than it. in. it:orating effert• nu the loonan frame.
Persons of all wealine....l from t•kuip n al
woce het c 01..., nod full of merge under its isollneure.
It immedwiely 011 ti t e noel the nen folesene. of the female
frame, which is the great i - 0110 , 1 of Barrenne.. It will
not he expected of to., in caves of no debrate a nature. to
exhibit certificate. of core* performed, but we ran assure
the afflicteff, that Ifosndreflo pare been reported to
Or Thouranda of cares where (mottosa bare been without
children. after loons a few lowiles whin ossaltiable llll4/i•
ewe, hare hero 1.1..e.1 floe. healthy offspring. It
ha• hero prepared to ref.-more to female coin.
ptriota. No Seisial• who hn- reatma to .nppoae she to op.
prom-hint that Cf utrul period. Ti.. tarsi of bfie."
•linteld next. t to fake it. ar it is a certain preventive for
any of tbe nuttier°. and horrible downs. to 4Shoeh females
Tow foiblert at tho time of life. Ti,,. period way ha lio
lotyrel fur *earn,' year. by an/y lA,, inreficiar. NOT IA
it le. raloatile for those WIIO are appruachine wtonsie
hood. rit calculated to aasist %attire br nuirkeido=
th% b lOllll end the system. lisflooftl, this made
rum m t0ta1...1.1e for ail the delicate dismows to Sloth
lemur", are 1.419ret.,
Great to Mother. and Chi
It is the safetra and most elTecteul inetticlun for purifyinc
the syrarint. awl relies .7: the itullirt togs etteatlusit neon
birth ever thrativrat.d. It uretraniess 1.4.01 rile ninth., awl
chili!, prevent- p.m and ilorara, increases and runic:he, the
r,...,1 Um, a I n . it 01111 k is
Mthly useful tenth le owe and titter euttfteceoted a: it prevents
di. attendant intent cludllartil. to reetileiteen.
Cretin a, Swelling of the F ee t. Le -1 'envy, Ilearalturn, Pain le the Itack nil Loru.. relse iLos lienmr•
rhu end iu the See,ll.ori• ant etpie t tintnit the
eirrele•ina n lies no The erect !scanty of thu. medi
cine Si It in aillia)• aide, anti the Laura doliClitil tae it Witt
Y - 1,3, f • . '
. 'V r .•
Mcrae ...lit Cowell.
Tlti. tOrtll6l4to 0011 1 11111•1•01 V prows. that 'this liers•partl
• ha. perfect eootrol over the mo.t °lodinate dne•aes of
the Three perimur cured 10 tom house is uoprec•-
r Three Children
Dr. Townsend : Dear tstr.—l hare the pleasure to lafone
you that three ..foly lur e been cured 1.1 the gene
fide by the hee of your ereelleni inrolietne. They were af
flicted very severely a ith had sores, haVe taken lour bat
tler; it took them away, for which I feel myself under
great obligattou.
roan, rn•prrlfallr,
ISAAC IV. CHAIN. 1011 Woosteual
Opinions •f Phy.felooo.
Twornspn.l t. nlenn.t dotty rersivitqf order, from
Phseutiews to sittfereto perm of 14, I liel.trg,
TII3I e• to serttly *hit we. the osotersigned, Physic/see
of (leo cdy or Ati.oy. here ettmesons Iw...erasing,
lir. Toonsentre Starsepsmlle. end believe ot to be owe 01
the most vslooltle properstoom to Om mint It eL
I. P. 1 %%ALSIP:, M.l), It. R. BRIGGS,
M. M. P. E. ELMENDORP, M ' Albany, April,
Owing in the great oUrrr•ol no.l innriensw sole lr Or.
Town.en.f• li.c.aparilln. a motel., of men who were for.
Merle one Aenteb hare entitmenceil Intik one Snrimpur,lls
Extrert, Ettatr. Itto,r, Extract. of fellow Ilnek.
iini'Lnoterall 1.01 0 the owner 9 , 1"A1/et' bottle.. sod
:porno 'of theta %olio stolen owl eopie.l nor 111.1YoflOOMOOl,
they ewe only worthier , . . sml ehotild be avoided.
Nome genuine utiles. ingurel by S. I'. Townsend. •
Pirineirvil (Mee. 118 FI'I.TON Street, Rue Readier.
N. Y.: R.. 14 0 & Co. PI Stair etreet, Bosuns ; Deolt
Scare, Illtl North Seernol .treat. Philadelphia
. S. S. ll•nre,
Dniite:et. Zullionoe : P. II Cohen, Cherie:ton VVriebt
& Co., IM Chartr. Street, N. 0.: 105 Routh Pearl Street
Albany ; 1,..1 I.y . .1; the prinripo l/ruggieu and War
chants gor•vallv throughout the United States, West lad*
me the Crudes.
• Maid in Towanda,' Pa.. by 1117 S rt)v, & PV
TER •n' by
o.wezot. Oct 21 IRV.
A man by the name of CLAPP has engaged with a MM.
'sows of the name of 8. P. Townsend. and use his name to put
up a Sarsaparilla, whiCh they call Dr. Townsend'. Sarsaparilla,
deamninatlite it ORXOINF, Original, ere. This Towered is
au doctor, and never was; but was formerly a worker on rag
roads,caeals, and the like. Yel he mouses the title et gr.. be
the purpose of plaing credit fie what he I. ant. This is to can
tina the public not to he deceived, and purchase none hat the
GENCINW ORIGINAL 01.13 Dr. Jacob Towasemrs Sane
wills, having on. It the Old Ws. likeness. his (salty omit id
lam, and his signature mamas the gnat of anns.
Prisstqat Office, lel Naa•ar st., Ness York alp
. THE IGI AI. 1194.,0VER ER 01 , TIIE
- •
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
Old Ile Townsend is tiosopliont 111 t ears of :est. and has long
been known en th e
.4 1.1 , 1///B ER of the; (41 1, if - .Vs H.Y.IPAR IL
-1.4." Being pine. he was compelled lAD Irvines •nufactore, by
which means ti h heeit kept Deg{ ..f iii,rkrt. rind the salon
tans...fined in thi.e only is ID.. 14.1 proved its worth. and known
it, value It had reirtiool the ••rii .of tunny. nevertheless, as
[hoes persona who had healeil wf viper di-ease., end saved
Gum death, . r. crl.rnecnod wonderful
Knowing. wintry vrare thiti h whnil. by his skill. science
and experience .belied nu wilirlo which Inceletr
iiiisanuice to mankind w hen the means would be for
ti. brine it into univers-11 notice. when Its inestimable
VlTttle• willellll be know n and appreciated. This tame has come,
the means are supplied :
O 11.4X11 NI PR R 1.4 R. 4 TIOX
a , a aa a ,orat on the i .rest scale. and is exiled for through
not the length and lire.tilth of the hovel te•pectelly as it is found
lee/gelid , . of deCepeettese or detenorntion.
Unlike young S. r Tow naenir.i. it ...proper, with age, and
never chances. hut toe the letter; beranse it is prepared Mt eeltele.
tific principles by a sctrnt,fic 0.111. The highest knowledge of
Cher...try, and the late-t di.oseries .1 the art have all been
seincif. no. ..pikttion in the itiarinfo-tnce of the Old lik's
g eree r ie r,li ze . Th e riareeer role root. it ts well known to medical
men. ninny Illedzelpel properties, unit some properties
which are Ine rt air airless. and which if retuned in pee
"i y,
nt it ~pealnre freer-eta...a and end. which I.
lueious to the Some of the propertim of Sarsapartlla
are ail no'nei lint they eDoIDTPII ellapeenle and are loot in the
prepuratton. if they are not preserved by a protein.
known unit to those experienced in its mantiNctioe. doreover
these manta, principles. which fly ninth vnpr, or as an exhilla
Sinn. under brat. are the eery 'smelts medical pmpertst4 the
per ',hie.. -tee •• all .1• e-Ott,
Any person can boil or stew the mot till they get a &Armload
liquid.. which is mom from the coloring matter In the root than
from any thing elm; they can then strain this insipid or vapid
liquid, sweeten with son, molasses. mid then call It ••SAlt
SAPARII.F.A EXTRACT or SERI:P." tint such it not the
&Melt knower es the ,
This Is to prefaced. that ail the inert properties of the Par
sapanila mot i.e. first removed every Miter ratable alter:omM,
acid or of fermentation. is extracted and selected; then every
particle of medical virtue in secured inn piste and concentrated
form; and thus it is rendered incoipahle of being any of Its valu
able and healing properties. Prepared in this way, it is made ale
most powerful agent in the
Cure of innumerable diseases.
Hence the reason why we bear cottonseed:twins on every side
.n its favor by men, women, and children. We find it doing
wonders in the core of
PLA tier • not in 11 itEfl.if.l Tf.a.Al. SCR OVVL..II. PILES,
COS TIP EWES'S. nil et 'T. IX?: fl IS ER ('P TI VAT, )'/.11-
ELKS. BLOC - 7'IIVA. and all affections arisinr from
It prreseases a tharvellou•raicarV in all ouniplaints arising from
frofirres ree. f ei roc Slowark. from unequal tinpla
te.. deternmet nem of wood o the . head. palpitation of the heart.
cold fret sod bands, raid chilli and hot dashes over the body. it
has ant its equal in Cads nod Courits ; and prionssitini easy ex
pectontion and tenthe, relaxing stricture u( de
' thrnnt nod every other tort.
lint in notb Tic is its /An lir are more manifestly men and IC
knee lidged than in ell kinds and singe. of
It works wonders in cases of Freer .411kes or Warted. nibv
the Womb (Ifistrarted, Samereseed or Private/ Messes. terepeihie
erg of the menstrual periods, and the like , and is .s effectual
In curing nil the forum of /Colley Thee...,
By rem,.inq oletructiore, rind deutating the general dr
tem, it dives tone and strength to the whole body, and thus
dues all forms of
Nervous diseases and debility,
and thus prevent, or rebesss a grewt vaneti of other maladies,
as spored trritars•a. Xratralgia, 51. Vitas !/arse, Sterirritorm
Aprdeptst Fate. Casralstaxe,
It demusei the blood, exrues the liver to healthy action, tones
the stomach. and gives geel digestion. relieves the bowels of
torpor end con.intotion. ails, ingenoinition. (singles the akin,
equrtlisett the circulation of the blood producing gentle warmth
ettnally all liter the body. and the insensible perspinition , re
lates all Ozirtures Spud Dribbles,. rennoes all riliattuctiona, and
invigorate. the entire nervous system. In matte then
'The medicine you pre-eminently need I
Rat ens hay of them things be said of S. P. Town-end's infs.
nor eruct.. r This young neri•s mould t. not tn
berause id one tr it AND F that the one is INCAPABLE.
while the other DOES . enscrrep, frriederirp, and Memel Ma
berries roothinint It into !pigments , the sons, acid liquid explo
dreg. and damaging other goods ! Must not this homble coot
pound he poisonous to the system 1 — /Prim ' pet acid iota a
eyeing already doseaged rad avid What reuses Dyspepsia bat
and I Dn we not all know that when food enure In oar mien
ache. what mischiefs It powder:eat dotuenre, heartburn, paid
tenon of the heart, liver platilt. diarrhea, d 3 rentery. cold,
and romiption of the blood 1 What is Scrofula but as add
humor in the body 1 What produces all the humors which
bring on Eruptions of the Skin, scald Head. dale Rheum. Err
gimlets. White Swellings. Pester Sores, and all nleeratloesln
ternal and external t It is nothing tinder heaven. but an add
substance, which sours, and thus spoils all the fluids of 'bib
body, more or IC. , Whet causes Rhentnati•rn but Spur at
acid fluid, which Insinuates Itself lemma the joints and elm
where. writs bag and inflaming tid delicate tissues upon which
It acts 1 sot of nervous diseases, of impunty of the blood, of
demigod circulations, and nearly all the allenenui 'which WSW'
human ordure.
plow Is It nut 'zombie to untie and sell, and sakestely ~se
So use this
and yet he mould fain have it understood that Oh, In. Jeri*
Too is...lM's tifl.Vlll, Ortginal Sarsaparilla, a an liiirrATlon
of his inferior preparation '
Heaven foriod that we should deal In an article which would
*ear the most dist Ant resemblance en P. P. TIMIIIMPIM'S artscial
and which OMNI.. t0f11.6 itosn upon the Old Dr. such a mnuntain
had of ennipla inis end cr.mmat.nns from Agents o tin have cold,
and purr to. sers ono bus e used : 1 . P.Ton siscud's &WING
We with it understood. because it is the a6s..latr murk that
B. P. l'uticosend's article and teld Or. Jacob Townsend's Hal-
Angier - din are hearice-irolii apart, and tedairely ds.•.1011.1"; that
they are libidos in ever) penicillin., having not one single thing
in C 01111111111,..
As M. P. Townsend is no dortnr, and never was, Is no
chemist. no pharmaceutist—knows nn more of medicine or &s
-erum t h an 111.1: tither 1 , 1011111.111. 111111fiefItilif.111.1Mg*mogIK..... note,
what aranrantre con the public have that they are receiving •
genuine NC movie containing NU the virtues of the
artiern used in prernring it and which are incapable "(changes
ts ho Rt night render thrisi the AGENTS ut Disease instead of
Rut rwha els e shout.' to (mm one o h.. knows note
ing cump•ra ii' medicine or disease ! ItlmPtires a ... I, :ttn to conk sad tgeffei up even a fgtllllll.ll decent
ti teat. How inure impoimet is it that the persons who wan
ufacture medicine, designed i.e
should know 'well the medical imperils, of plants. the best
'manner of securing and concentrating their healing virtue*,
alai an extensive knowledge of the venous douses which.nNect
the human system. and bow in adapt remedies u. those diseases!
It is to arne.i Ir:outs upon the inifnrtuti.lle, t.. pour balm Into
wounded humanity. hi kindle louse in the despairing bosom. US
restore health and bloom, Mtg. Vtlttf mt. the Crllslll.d and bro.
ken. and to banish infirmity tliai 111.11 airs.J 11'141 TtAYNNIF.Pi
• has fiUt.*CitiT and Oil M) We opteinunit) and means to bring
Grand Universal Concentrated
within the rent+, and tar the kmmledse of all who need It, that
they may learn rind know, by
_metal ei.perience, its
ranscendent. Power to Ilea].
ea.Javoll Tow nonsin, New 11548-
BIR :•-.4 in the tlith of July, !Pr. I was ngoin •uncked with
rheumnfism. and continued, tinder wiring% prescriptions. to grow
Wotan , for at lineal trio the. I became entirely helpless,
incapnble oI free. .4 wprelf, or turning In bed or helping myself
tiny way. In this state I eon tinned until J nnUnry. t 544, when
I began to mend a little and Improve gradually till the Ist May.
This amendment was only MI tor an to be nide toped evolf,
though stall incapable of rotting in or not of bed or even rerun/
remai n ed in this emolition. with little of no change,
until I fairly dropnired of getting 'hoot r , :nin this season. Oa
the .21st July. I was Induced to tryyour Swrnrepartila ; On the
94th. three day. after hiking the first dose, / It OMR I.M HEIN
In hick I had not done before in ten months, and in less than a
week, I
WA 16F-1J .frnnss rur
with the aid of crutches. Shier then. I hove walked in the street:
have g,,00 alone from 99 Spruce street to the Park; thence to
loveioy's 'Motel and hick I have been to P:i Nassau-street
two dlirelielit Linen, and nin now ri-itinn my neigh
bors; During s 9 this tine. I have tauten but taw auttim of Old
Dr. Townsend', lqnr , intotrilla I ict 4. I prnenred another bottle
(sth Oct 1 and I walked twice n, rims tLe door is ill the aid
of crutches. I have also Dearly recovered from obstruction of
water. which gave n.e great distress. The pain in nay back kale
likewise left me. I and my faintly bare no enrthly reason to
am:loe my recovery in any other cause but tn
OLD DR. J.ICOR TO WifSF—VD'S 8AR5A1".41211.1.4.
• ALEX. WELSH, XI Spruce-p-
T. B.—Serrersl able physicians despaired of my ever walking W
even taising myself from my bed nun.
Principal Office 101 . Nassamtreet, N. T. City.
Sold wholesale and retail. in Towanda, Pit., by HI
RAM MIX, agent for Northern Pennsylvania. 34y
Sold also in Troy by Pr. Pufus King ; Burlington,
Coryell & Gee : Orwell, C. 6. Gridley.
I . ) ALM LEAF HATS, Leghorn Illonnet, Ribbons
L 4:c. at FOX'S, Nu. 2. [LIZ.
♦ POSIT! fa
VIT HET ER Internal. External, Blind or Bleeding.
V Scrofula, White Swellings, Meese, and Ulcerated
Sore Throat. Canker Sore Mouth, Rheumatism, Cuts :
neous Diseases, Mercurial Affections, &c. Also for
Scalds, Burns, Cuts, Sprains, Bruises, &c. We feel
justified in proclaiming THE FACT TO' THE
WORLD that of all medicines ever brought before the
Public NONE have ever been more berieficial to afflic
ted humantiy than • • Akers' Liquid Cure." We
know that this is saying a great deal, but if we were to
write ratinges, we could not say too much in praise ol
Hundreds, nay thomands, Wreathe happy hour when
tint they were made acquainted with its tranicendaul
virtues; and our parent purism Is to inform other thou
sands, how and where they may obtain thet relief,
which they perhaps, have long sought for in vain.
Thn wuperto, escellence of this preparation over all
other meolicines for the smedy and permanent cure
is well known to all who have tested it. It has been
proved in thousands of instances, and has
Pi EV Elt FA U.EL)
to cure the
and we are confident it
if used a proper length of time according to directions
As a proof of our entire confidence in its efficacy, we
assure all purchasers that, if, after a proper trial, it prove
ineffectual. Me Mane?, pgid for it unll be Returned
The '• Liquid Cure" isan effectual Remedy for RI se-
I•1 , 111/1, CU I LULA P, SALT Rusum, Muriel /T 0 BITE*,
Stioes of Pois.ineus Insects, &c., and for Cutaneous
Diseases of every desenption
It is both safe and effectual for
giving immediate and permanent
No preparations now before the Public ran surpass
the excellence of the" Liquid Cure" for Scalds, Burns,
ruts, Sprains, BrniAes, Swellings, &e.
Its effects as a
Erery Family in the bind
shonlil provide themselves with thin Invaluable Pre
petal ion, the cheapness of which places it wi hin the
reach of all.
Full Directions accompany each bottli.
Pamphlets containing copies of certificates from
those who have tested the Liquid Cure," may be s had
Gratis of our autherised agents.
" Myers Liquid Cure" ia.prepared only by
J E ROM E & CO.. 2l Spruce Street, New York.
For sale by HIRAM MIX, Towanda, agent for this
county, and by C. H.lHerrick, Athens; Rufus King,
Troy ; James H. Phiuney, Itloureeton ; Henry Gibbs.
Orwell. 5 teowy
Silence that Dreadful Cough !
THE Lunge are in danger, the work of the destroy
er has been begun, the cough of Cunsutnption has
in it a sound of death.
. you a 3lother . 2 Your darling child, your idol
and earthly joy, is now perhaps confined totter chamber
by a daneerous cold—her pale cheeks, her thin shrunk
en fingers, hell the hold disease has already Icained upon
her the sound of her sepulchrel cough pierces your
Young roan, when jest about to enter life, disease
sheds a heart-crushing blight over the fair prospects of
the future—your hectic enugh and feeble limbs tell of
your loss of hop". hut von nerd not despair.—Thee is
a balm which will held the wounded lungs, it is
Mrs. A Wee, the wife of Win. H. Attree, Esq. was gi•
"en up by Dr. Sewall of-Washington. Dr. Roe and Mc
Clellan of Philadelphia, Drs. Roe and Mott of New
York. Her friends all thought she must die. She
had every appearance of being in consmnoior and was
so pronounced by her physicians--Shertnan's Balsam
was given a id it cured her.
Mrs. Garrabrantz. of Bull's Ferry was also eared of
consumption by this Balsam when all other reme.lies
failed to give relief -she was reduced toa skeleton. Dr.
A. C. Castle, Dentist, 291 Broadway, has witnessed
its affects in several ra ea where no other Medicine affor
ded relief—but the Balsam orerated like' charm. Dr.
C. also witnessed its wonderful effects in curing Asth
ma, which it never fails of doing. /spitting Blood.
alarming Be it, May be, is effectually cured by this Bal
sam. It heals the ruptured or wounded blood vessels,
and makes the lungs sound
Rev. Henry Jones, 109 Eighth avenue, was ru•e.l of
cough and rat a rrha I affections of SO years standing. The
find do, e gave him more relief than all the other medi
cine he had ever taken, !Dr. L. J. Beals, 19 De'ancy
street, gave it to a sister-in-law who was laboring under
consumption. and to another sorely milli-tad oirith the
asthma. In both cases its effects were lakine.liate, wan
restoring them to comfortable health.
Mrs. Lucretia Wells, 95 Chrimie at, arffered from
Asthma 42 years. Sherman's Balsam relieved her - at
once, and she is comparatively well, being enabled to
subdue every attack by a timely use of this medicine.
This indeed is, the timely remedy for Coughs, Cold s ,
Spitting blood. Liver complaints and all affections of the
throat, and even•Arithme and Consumption.
Price 25 rents and SI a bottle. Sold in Towanda,
by HUSTON & PORTER, No. 1, Brick row.
The •bove medicines can he purchased of the follow•
ing named agents: Leßaysvillo. G. H. Little; Orwell,
Henry Gibbs: Rome. U. M. Wattles 4 Ulster. Peck
ham & Co.: Milan. G. Trarey ; Athens. C.H.Hereck
Smithfield. E. S. Tracey ; Burlington, Correll & Gee;
Troy, G. F. Redinaton; Canton, Charles Raibbotte ;
Monroeton. B. Coolbaugh Standing Stone, Wm. R.
Storrs & Co.; Wyalusing, C. B. Fisher.
Boot and Shoe Shop Removed !
msToi, & SMITH have removed their shop
I/ across the street, a few doors above their late lOCa
tion, in the room lately oci•npied by B. A. Smith's
I'lnthina Store, one door north of Herder's Harness
Shop, where they will be pleased to see their customers.
Towanda, May 1, 1849. .
CD•11 tip _6' IL owl
L. M. NYE & CO., wouhl re.
spectlly inform the citizen■ of Tow.
mole and the public generally, that
they have on hand dr manufacture
to order all kinds of CABINET
FURNITURE, of the best male.
3MIN '••
riala, and workmanship that cannot
be surpassed, in addition to the usual
assortment in country shops, we will keep on hand and
make m order SOFAS, of various and most approved
patterns ; Sofa Rocking Chairs, upholstered in superior
style. and fur ease and durability cannot be surpassed
even in our large cities. Alan, the half French Ma
hogany Chair, beautifully upholstered, with curled hair,
which never loses its elasticity, and finished with the
best hair seating. We flatter ourselves that' having
had much experience in the bnsinsas, we shall be able
to satisfy all who may feel disposed to call, both as to
quality and price, and by strict attention to business
hope to merit and receive'the patronage of a liberal cum
munity. L. M. NYE & CO.
Tovrtmaa, September 1. 1947
C 111.4*ET U ILI' IT I; R E
MAY BE, HAD at our shop much lower than it
tuts ever been mild in Towanda. 'Goods are
cheap, and wheat am lowered, and that is the reason we
can afford all for to do it. All kinds of prodirce will
be received in payment. Also, T.O ITDF . II of all kinds.
Sept. r. 1.. M. NYE 4. CO.
art tvc '3 .11:1\f 2311i0B`,,Veif1_tkc_O
THE subscriber still centimes
manufacture and keep on hand
t the old stand of Torok - ins and
gakinsrm, all kir. ds of cane and
'nod seat CHAIRS; and SET
'RES of various kinds, . & BED.
"TEARS of every description,
thich I *ill sell low for cash
Produce, or Pine or Cherry
Lumber, or el air plank, wiil be
received for work. TURNING done to order in the
neatest manner. Also,
make indltepton hand, or made to order. im the heat
Towanda, January 4, ISI9
F1 . M711
Great & Important Chemical Discovery.
Chemical Combination from. the Vegetable Kingdcim
to repel Disease.
Dr.G UYS 0 TT 'S
yELI. 4
IniACT 0
tut rr
• . ns
g II
Villt asl-
The Most succeyfid Medicine in the World!
it does, Yellow Dock, so 'highly esteemed by
the faculty—with other vegetable produ:tions, is one
of the most important discoveries of the age, and far
superior to all simple sarsaparilla preparations in use.
Although lees than two years base elapsed since its
discovery, it has already effected over 15,000 cures.
The unrivalled power disease which this Syrup produ
ces may he attnhuted to the fact that it is composed
purely of vegetable extracts, each one basing a direct
reference to some internal organ; consequently the
whole eystem is benefited; and the fact thit, in Its
operition. it occasions neither sickness nor pain, and
can be taken under all circumstances without reganl to
business or diet, and by the aged and the infant with
equal efficacy, is certainly a consideration in the history
of Medicines. This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles.
arid is the most highly concentrated Syrup in use. It
is offered at the low price of one dollar per Bottle, the
object of being to give the orient an opportunity by
the purchase of one bottle, to test its valuable medical
properties and its power over disease.
This compound Extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsa
parilla is ■ positive. speedy, and permanent cure for
Consumption, Scrofula or King's Evil, Erysipelas, Solt
Rheum, Pimples on the face, Rheumatism, Gout,-Gen
real Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Spinal Af
teething. Female Complains., Ulcers, Syphila in its
worst form, Affections of fhb Bladder and Kidneys,
Bilious Colic end serous Looseness, Bilew, Costfireness,
Colds. corrupt Humors, Asthma. Dropsy, enlargement
of the Bones, Fever and Ague, Giddiness. Gravel,
Heads - hes, or every kind. Impure blood, Jaundice, Loss
if Appetite. Leprosy, Mercurial Diseascs,Night Sweats.
Nervous Complaints of all kinds, Neuralgia, Organic
Affections, Palpitation of the Heart, Painter's Colic,
Piles, rush of Blood to the Head, Scurvy. Swellings,
Siek Headache. Stiffness of the joints, Exposure and
Imprudence of Life.
It extracts nervous disease, purifies and ennehes the
Blond, and invigorates the body more effectually than
any medicine hitherto offered to the public.
In the Vegetable Kingdom. an All wise Being has
deposited such plants and herbs es are congenial to our
constitutions, and adapted to the cure of all curable
diseases to which human nature is ineicent. tall this
Compound Syrup is composed of all those valuable
plants, some of which have lately been discovered and
used, arid found to be certain specifies in thousands of
diseases that before defied the best of medical skill.
This is to certify that we. the undersignel Physi
cians of the city of New York, hive in a very great
many cases prrwriked Doctor Curates Extract of
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla. and ore fully assured
that it has nn equal amone the varied Syrups and Sac.
saparilla preparations that have, over been sold. Octo
ber 10.'47.
John F. Strd,bina, M. D.; F. R. Thome*, M. I).
P. 8. Maynard, M. D.; Jarr!ex E. Morgan, M. I)
Samuel T. Wells, M. D.. 8. M. Johnaon, 1).
lirnre'.leNtimnny in turn- ehr super. of Dr
Guy‘oll'ir Extract of Yrlimn Dock and Sarsapard
la orrr all othrr simrlar ,ernedirs.
Pv.r.l ! Read ! ! F..rta sicts rf OW( rereired.
Ws.riowrowsr, Jefferson Co., Nov. 4, 1847
Mr. 8. F. BEA RTT
Dear Sir—l am at a loss to express with words what
has been sad in praise of your Compound Extract of
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla ; all who have had the
pressure of using it speak of its marvellous effects in
removing diseases, with so much feelinz and heartfelt
eau...faction. that I am confident now that no medicine
in tie can boast of its superior qualities. Many who
have been complaining for years with pain in the side,
horning arid pain in the chest, dyspep.ia. general debili
ty, loss of appetite, chills, sweats, wilt rheum,
scrofula, in fa. t all the diseas es that we in this .climate
are heir to, fail in the Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla,
all that is requisite to make theui what they were in
their dvys of health &c.
We have had twelve dozen bottles in three months
and find we are nearly out. Please send an equal
amount, and 0 lige your.,
Sr. 10,17 , 5t - 11.1J.. Montgomery Co. Jan. 3, '4B
S. F. BENNE - re—Dear Str—Some four weeks since
I was induced to try yolir Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla
for Dyspepsia; haa beer; afflicted about 40 ears, most
part of the time unable to eat anyrthing without suffer.
ing intensely from its effects. I have used now only
one bottle of your intllll"We metlicurie, and consider
mY'self entirely cured solely by its use. Can now eat
a hearty meal, without the eltutdeet itiennverdence,
Very truly y.,urs, ANTHONY' DEEKMAN,
The mild alterative properties of Dr. Guesott's ex
tinct of Yellow Dock and Marsaparilla. render it pecu
liarly applicable to the slouder and delicate constitution
of the female. It is unrivalled in its effects upon such
disesses as Insipierit Consumption, B arenness„
corrhoca or Whites, Irregular Menstruation, Inconti
nence of thine, mid general Prostration of the system.
It immealiately counteracts that distressing nervousness
and sn common to the female frame, and im
parts nn energy and buoyancy as surptising as they
are grateful.
We cannot, of course. exhibit certificates to any ex
tent in this cla.s of eonnolaints, but the two Iro l l o % tog
extracts of letters recently receive'', indicate sufficient
ly the grant virtue of the medicine t as a remedy for the
disemies refered to.
Mr. Bra .rri-r—We take pleasure in stating that
your Yellow D. , ck and Sarrapenlle gives great salts•
faction in every else. We shall try and send you some
A very respectable gentleman informs us that his
daughter was troubled with difficult menstruation. and
other discuses peculiar to her UM. She had not had her
regular menstrual discharges for • long time but by
the use of Pr. (.uv2rtes Yellow Dock and Sancapindla,
was radically cured. If od used Townsend's and
others'. without receiving the slightest benefit. He
had one daughter die from the same cause. Please
send us an additional supply.• Very respectfully yours,
J. E. TRIPPE & Go.
There are counterfeit medicines afloat; therefore the
reader is particularly cautioned not to allow (himself to
be imposed upon.
Beware how you buy medicine put up in square
quart boric*. Be very sure and ark for Dr. ! Cup-nes
Compound Extract of Yellow Dock and Satrap:villa,
bearing the written signature of S. F. Bennett. un
each outside wrapper, written with. black ink ; and do
not, on any account, he induced to buy any other coil
cle—as it is this preparation only that is performing wick
marvelous and astonishing cures. Take no mans
word as persona having the counterfeit medicine and
not genuine, are of course desirous of making their are liable to buy worthless
trash, unless you examine for yourselses,
(0- Remember. Dr. GI YSOTT'S YELLOW
Prepared at 8. F. Bennett's Labratory. Little Fail.,
lietkimer county, N. Y.. and salt! at wholesale in N.
York City by Trippe, 128 Maiden Lane: atm by
Tracy Beadle, Elmira, 1.. M. Berton!, Binghamton,
b• L. Pinney. & Son, Cargo, and by the principal
druggists end merchants; throughout the Mates,
Week Indies and Canada.
.•• Nene genuine unless put up in large square
bottles containing a quart, with the name of the syrup
hlream in the glass, with the written signature of 8. F
BENNETT on each outside wrapper.
Solid Wholesale and Retail by •C. H. HERRICK
lIIJIAM MIX ,Tuter: 141 y
NEWARK. Jan. 25th. IRIB
FOR board and tution,including Ortbography, Reid
ing Writing, Aritmetic, Algebra, Book-keeping,
English Grammar. Ebetotie, Composition, Geography.
Use of theGlobea.Mineralogy, Natural Philosophy and
Astronomy. (with the use of a good apparatus to illus
trate those studies,) Moral Philosophy and Chemistry,
payable quarterly i n advance , per annum, $lOO 00
Day scholars, per quarter, 4i 00
French, per quartet, !, s4 00
Latin, " 400
Spanish, " 4 00
Music. (nn the piano.) per quarter, 10 00
Embroidery and rug work, " - 2 00
Any young lady 'receiving inatruetion on the piano,
a privileged to learn rug-work, or any one of the above
anguagea, and the same time, without additional charge.
To a young lady who studies the English branches,
the terms of learning each of the above branches, are
• per quarter, $3 00
Instructions on the thiitar, ' 4 00
Use of Pianos, - lb
DraWing and painting in water colors, including
the use of materials, such as drawing paper,
paints, pencils, &c.
Oil painting on canvass. • u
Painting transparent window shades, including
. _
the supply of materials, each
Formula painting on paper, silk and velvet, per
twelve leisons.
Gilding on silk, crape. he
Wax flowers, per 'quarter,
erns and ink, "
Board Ira varation, $2 00 per week, 1 ,
Letters polo-paid. addressed to the Misses WHITE
&GRIFFIN, Binghamton, Broom co., N. Y., will re
ceive prompt attention.
eadh.. .404
TIMEX W. WILCOX. has removed his establish
.; ment to the shop between Kingsbery's and Bart
lett's stores, and where he still solicits a sham of
public patronage. Ile iMends, by a careful selection
of stock, and by attention to the interests of his custo.
men to make tet neat d durable work as can be ma
nufactured in this pact the country.
He will keep constaney on band, and manufactnre
to order, Morocco, Calf and Coarse Boots and Shoes ;
I.aditst Gaiters. Shoes and Slips ; Children's do. ;
Gent's Gaiters and Pumps, ¢e.
o:3b Country Produce, of most descriptions, taken in
payment for work, at the market price.
Towanda. April 26.1847
dl 0, 00 0 AZSITLEI.3 :11'04.1t.
_i►ercly for the ?rant of cheap Clock-s. Watches and
Jrircley! Great Rosh at th e
JTAMES P. MIA, respectfully informs the citizens
of Towanda and vicinity, that ha has lately return
ed from Philadelphia, and permanently located in To
wanda, one door below the Brick Row, in the room for
merly occupied by ?tlercur!s Hat Store, where may he-'
found gold and silver watches, gold, fob and guard
chains, gold and silver pencils, gold pens, breast pins,
finger rings, &c., cheap for cash, and every article war
ranted. A large supply of CI. , WKS, of the latest im
proved patterns, running from 30 hours to 8 days and
-a month, with one winding.
(ri• Particular attention paid to repairing CLOCKS.
WATCHES & JEWELRY, of every description, and
from the long experience which he has had in the bu
siness, work left in his care will be done in the best
workm a nlik e manner. Old gold and silver taken in
exchange. Towanda, August 16, 1848. y
Removed to north side Public Square!
Yr .4. Chamberiin,
ww TI AS-just returned from the city
Ak -1-1- of New York with a large
supply of Watches. Jewelry and
2 , Silver ware, comprising in part,
* C the following articles :—Lever.
. L'Epinc and Plain Watches, with
a complete assortment of Gold
Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin
ger Rin ts, Breast Pins, Braceleis, Lockets, Gold chains,
Gold Pens, Keys, etc. Also, all sorts of Silverware,
and nny quantity of Steel Beads—all of which he offer
for sale exceeedingly cheap for CASH.
N'a•chcs repaired on short notice, and warranted
torun welt, or the money will he refunded. and a writ
• regiment given to that elTect if required.
• B.—til A It,LE SUGAR, and Country Produce
en in payment for work ; and alai. learn now, and
orerer, that the Produce must be paid when Me work
is done—l war against credit in all its forms.
W. A. CHAMBERLIN, Agent. April 4 211. lnsß.
n .7h I.IIV IT I.
V7._TE 0 I - 9 5 r ri'r, ,1.1.11t11:3I1 ‘l7.9:_f)
CF. HARDER respectfully wishes to inform the
• eitizemeof Miranda, and the public that he has
commenced the
in Towanda, on Main street, a few doors above Bridge
street, where he will keep constantly on hand or make
to orih-r. Plated and common Harness, Trunks and
Trunk ranee., find xll kinds of work in his fine. cAR
to ordcr. . From his experience in the, and
punctuality in attending to it, he hopes he may receive
a char of pul.lie patronage.
i rr All kin,} i of work may he had at his shop cheap
aor thin at any other Phop in this county.
Towanda, June 12. :8U I
What me yon about here' Arn't ye Yes, t guess so
TllO t't.3ANDS of times the question has been asked,
Where on earth are all the Boots cud Shoes ma
nufactured that supply the continual rush at the corner
of Main and Bridge streets? O'Hara answers that this
is the place, acid these are the things we do it with ! •
• • Seveog-derennorfashions
ertry two accontbq
Put OM Ike Steam!
Hear ! hrar ye! and understand, that O'Hara, at
she corner of Main and Briduestreetii, will sell at retail
this season. 39,781 pairs of Boots. goes tom Brogan'',
at a less pike than ever was or probably ever will be of
fered again in Towanda.
The Ladies' Department in this establishment is
richly furni-bed with fashions; Ladies',
„misses' and
children'a fancy and common hoots and shoes, even to
the extremity-of the latest fashions. Mistake not the
place —Corner Tif Main and Rrid,ge streets, the on%
Shoe Store in Broolford County. Half cash and halt
trade for Butter. H. O'IIARA.
Towanda. June 16, £R47.
Completion or the North Brandt Canal
HYIN formed a co-partnership in the tnanufac:
tare of BOOTS dt SIMI>, et the old stand
three doors nerthrof Rridlze at. would reepectrullY inform
their friends and the puhlie, that their will carry on the
business in all its [wenches—keep on handand make to
nnler, everything in their line in the rattan manner and
in their latest style.
Beleiring that they can do as . gnod or better work
than can he had elsewhere they would say to those wish
ing good article in their line to give them a call: and they
shall be sati.fieti. Repairing-done on short notice.
Produre of all kinds taken for work. Hides
wanted in exchange for Boots and Shoes and Leather.
Towanda Dec. 14, DM. B. &
_ _
13AINTS, OILS . & f 2-STUFFS , alsoldateoh
by the grins, at No. 2, B. 12. rwczti.
philabelybia bvertistshents
ti s h e d tb year. ago, by DR. KIN K ELIN:Th okt ,
esr,surest,and best. hand to cure all forms of rec ret4.
ease, of the akin, and solitary habits of youth,
DR. KINKELIN, Northwest corner of THIRD
UNION _Streets. between Spruce and Pine, a Ilips te.
and-a-half from the Exchange. Philadelphia.
There is:a habit which boys teach eaehother the A N
emy or , College.—mt habits indulged in, when by h„,
self, in solitude, growing up with the boy to manhood ;
few of those who indulge in this pernicious pra tkt
are aware of the consequenses, until' those find l y,
nervous system shattered, feel strange and unaceo 4
table feelingr,- vague fears in the mind. The. iodin e ,
feeble, he is unable to labor with accusto te i
vigor or to apply his mind to study ; his step is t a t
and weak, he is dull, irresolute.
Is continued, the procreative power 'is destroyed,
marriage rendered impossible, a long train of n e ,„„
affections follow, the countenance is downcast, the ha
without natural lustre, shamefacedness is apparent.
attention of those similarly
Be - conscious of the cause of his decay, and gait it,
suffers under those terrib'e nocturnal and involante,
emissions, which waken and shame him prod uen ,„
mental and physical prostration. If he emancipateriU m ;
self before the practice has done its worst, and ru n
matrimony. his marriage is unfruitfnl. and hiss es „
tells him that this is caused by his.early %office.
Let no false modesty deter Jou from making fi r .
case known to one who, from education and rap ed
bility, can alone befriend you. He who places L z „
self under DR. K I NKELUN 'S treatment, may religu u ,
ly confide in his honor as a gentlenian, and in
bosom will be forever locked the secret of the patie u .
Thousands have been restored to health foam three.
vastations of these terriffic maladies, by 1.4.
German Physician.
Packages of Msdicines. Advices, &e., farerardoLb
sending a remittance; and put'up secure from In v
or curiosity.
Post paid letters answered forthwith. • rintat
4 00
10 00
4 00
5 00
3 00
5 00
2 50
second edition, just publirlied. price 2 cl,,
A Treatise on Affection, Love and Merriam r „ . .
the Disessis of Youth, Maturity and Old Arm
Lights end Shades of Married Lifd, (its infeliu:s,
and enjoyments.)
" To be or not to be, that is the q•testion."
(With curious cases, illustrations, 451.e.) -
There are morethinas %wilt heaven and earth. Flor, 44
Than are tlieamt of in our philosopliy. kit MAIL
This book should be in the bands of every vo n;
man or woman contemplating, NIARRI•GE. Ern
school-boy, and indeed every man or woman, 11',arm
or single should read with care and attention, this tr,
useful work: as we consider it well adapted to aWilleq .
attention to a subject more blighting to body, mind at;
soul, than any other v res.
Youug or midde aged persons, suffering from D,,
peptic and Comumptivesymtams of long staang, ,
careful pernAal of this most wonderful w..rk,,
the. cause of such symptoms in the baneful hist hr.
cO - Any one sending twenty-five rents cnelcseri
letter, will receive one copy of this look lv mail
five copies will he scut for one dollar.
(T2 - Alt. letters are ocrected to he rover r uin. et-'K
those containing a remittance, and addressed.
UR.,WM. YOUNG, 152 'SPRUCE 'Street. Ss.
ween Fourth and Fifth, PHI LATICLPHTA. " 1,34
Warranted under .a Penalty of 5.1.000, (ere
Mercury and other Mineral Substancts!
77w (July Original and Gcnninc Indian
" EVERY day a
lebrated me! .: e
ading the s , here ;.
efulnem; ;-
.3Y to the p f i•
talogne of mune ,
A Mit:mos
di4ributed nnnta=
ItliOUt (Li: c met'-;
le demand ! For 5. 4 .
'Me pa,t. the . a l es
yen Ittmteti, Folett. it., Of
P. Truly. this FI
tiyrnal rrimtly ! to
araldetl, the,e
ound their way nac
ote,t• flamers of :a
Untoit. every w"ere proving Ow title ‘lt Tit) Pot
For a trifling sum, every intii‘idua! and every facv
may have WEALTH INSURED 10 diet:. la e n gldeacti
period; and what is life without, but a misa
tile existence ! •
It i too precious a• boon to be tarnpp-r.l
ing alt sorts of experiments upon u. Tic sici.
use those meilittues only which experience has lass
to be the best.
[From Catskill. Greene County. e w York
Dr. W. Wright—Dear sir : I h a ve fmmd ra.r fad.
an Vegetable Pills a valuable remedy in ea:R.,: of G , Tr.
ral Debility of the System and of all thihm , th4c , dml .
I am also in the habit of ricommendinz I. L.
males in peculiar cases. I observe them t.. ovrvt
the eptem, without producing debiltty or run, Ins
it in a heal'hy condition. • JOHN DoNNE )LA
frrom Norton Hill. Greene County. N,tv
Mr.' Wright-We have used and sold pier riss . .
Vegetable Pill for three years past, and do not
to recommend them to our friends and ru , romer ,
best family medicine in use. N. &1.. R ‘1 , 111:11
The following to an answer in reply to rr n, tr • - sz -
our agent asking Dr. Bouton's opinion of this
• Tva - kuiN:vock, Aug... 29. it-It: 7
Air. A .Durham—Dear thr : In reply to v our tsosi' i :
yesterday. I would state, that I have;trhot ,.
It convenient to use the various Poirot 1.',11, sea
at the shop,: ; and while I am unwilliitc, am: • 7'
to depreciate th'e value of others, I am trey to row^ . r .
that I consider Dr. Wright's Indian Vegeta!,e
parlor to all others with which I am acquaiwel. 1 -$ 1 "
used them for many years both in my own fam,.y
in my practice generally. and they have Unnoruo:-.
certain and safe in their operations. The ran' v :
skill with .which these Pills have been hithertssiv ,
fiteturetbare, in my optt l i 111 l , a sufficient guaran:;!:
like good mantis in future, Very respectfull. B
. .
Dr. B. is a practioner of toov, expoimee.vv . ei: kar . " 4
in and even beyond the lines of NS' voniji , g 9
is a graduate of the University of Penn' aria ! '`'
highly popular with the peop:e among whom ere
n [From Preston Kitt3, N. Yrr•rk:' •
Dr. V. Wright—Bear sir: I was, a u jic iai wok•
vinlentkpain int my bead and rush of blood on the IU
which confined me to my room for six wrek• , .art
/fie Night of my eyes. so as to prevent me tram
with it, and left the with a dizziness in my heel
about six months. By taking three orfour h.tri
your Pills. I was restored to health again.
June.l:t. 1848. PETER VAN WA ;NO . ,
lisse Ann OP Sup AR COA:ran COUNTVnirri ,
Remember, that the !original and only - genuine 196 '
Vegetable Pills havelhe written signature of stmt
Wright on the top of each box. •
The genuine is for solo by MONTAN YES 6 . k: "
sole agents for Towanda; and by agents in at! ot`r
parts of the State.
()thee devoted exclusively to- the sale of Vt . rit 7 '''''
Indian Vegetable Pills. wholeside and retail, io r , ‘"
Philadelphia, 288 c;ieenwich st., New 1 e , k.
198 Tremont. Boston.
WI. M' 11f47.!011.111k7
rVILL be kept on hand a large assortment.
made to order on shorter notiecan , :
ney than can be produced al any other establisinne o
the land. Those , who are under the necessity ,01 . Pr":
curing that article will and shall be saMfied. Ag*
hearse and pall maybe had in attendance when ileses.
September I, 1847 L. M. NYE &
HllT itu l . tc , li k, n b e lu n e w an r and green
t or F ked
, i? h en i l a i ee V rt o:
tars a splendid lot of • Ivory Handled Fans, also whir
sun Bonnets, Bonnet fronts, linen and cotton 1 16 '
swiss and jacouct Muslin edgings and insertine• rtg i i
at my 23 Ft