Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, April 11, 1849, Image 4

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The alma extrattntiaary Yulioire is the %vadat
VI Rserrei es pot op is eteari &fetes: it is si. times
c a. s p e r, sad agereusteel amperes, is
,sar sold. It cares isiaksat essaiiag,
• porgior, siekesisit sr dibilt
istisg lac Petit/. . •
TO great loony sod sopiSriority of this SeesePtleine
offer all other medicines is. that white it erotical.. the
isseitorates the holy. It te oes of the very beet
emir keenest; it oast only purifies the whole system Berl
striestious U.e moos. het it ereahus sew, pure and rich
j s power poseseeit by ou other ine.lieine. And
in this h.., the mind wseret of Its sonelerfel socr•.l It
his performed within tirelest two years more thew ton,uori
owe! of. 111.4.tE eases or d 0.0.; et lent 15.1efil were
4r...twittered iourable. It haa wired the b.,/ or more Chao
MOM children the pot two mosso io the City of New
fork aloe.
110,000 ewer* of 47 . I Ovilll7 war swtrt
11r. Tnarillienirsloviviratrs the .le
To those elm home lost !Leif 101loieuhir moor.
figy by the ogranta or Isoltaeratioo otioialitted la
pied! or Om axcomire imlrolcsoc• of the pa•eiirnue. Mot
bloat:lit era by pI steal prostration or the iterrotio eyetale.
trissitsolic anon of ambition, fainting ..nausea proomtioro
ilreay amll Jetting hastening toward. that fatal dim..r
thinaniiiinfoic fee Ito, outiralp. reolUrail by thislrmo
911 ralsitnit. This' Sarsaparilla i. tar superior to any
issrligerstilsist Cord - inf.
As it Weilel•r• eel Use aysionc sires asitritil
to tkQ 'ohs, aaJ strength to the inasenlar ololcul to •
Maid *alum...Snail degree.
~4~/i'wi"s' - - -
Illass.usasplioss Cosresis
Chasse Vvressumpiros, ram be erred. Rnllll
- Otitis Ceee.okriieet, Lire, Complailei, 0.1•111.
thstem. ittition Spaling ItiorISCIS 114 th• Most,
Rettig . rusk, ifigki Aussars. Mffirssit
raw - M.0.., Pain 1 Us Sae, 4c., awes Sewn Assad can is
lipittfug 114riaid. ,
See rurA, elpr ‘IS let 7.
11a ToititiMerti -1 r • env !wiser! ).mar M•r..itewitte
% b , . , 1h. means, Ihrongb rrnerideuro, of serum my
I hams fin mmeral 'ears had a Wel Cenish.
*mom anise mad worse. Al List I raiand -Imre queers
tier of 61un.1 , liml night ane•ta, sod was
44W and redge64, mod did not rarest to hie. I heel, ninv
groml your Sarsaparilla a •huil time. eel Were has • en-
Jarful change been its in. IM. noir •Ide to w milk
'Ludt wear the cite 1 raise no blood and my eftn:l4 hn
ma. Vint ewe dint I mw Wm g kful fnr
skew ra.olia. VOW abodenl sei• aut.
1931. RVM.II.I, 63 C•iliarMe
3 V
tow. 1.••* I 1..••r•vo n•I It 'I-,
111644.11 the Dr. Torh>wu•B. SlreaparotA r T. o.ere and rl rusttr. C..ascs aps reltiy rra.hcatri by its
Joon* O.m-oaM. KM , eine of ttr, ii..t•tants in I.ll**
Ay .r4ra lsian.l, ta the ge,11./.1.3/4 f1i.16,1 . Ur
it. the follo*lo.l
n; 104 ut0.11 . • 1.1.11% I, Aop, I I Ir. 4
Sir • 14.. c .wrlsre.l
'nu. ‘..r. nell 14. 11 ' 1..13 otsul •ru...1.-r.t.S . 1.. e 1 ..•
• 11 , 4 ne • 111 11.4
p a l.. sp.' me lamb. tot rtl.l, tun ta.«.l
1r0.14 b4tUr• el j SA• SAO i• Ai 111 it • 1...10.M .
I; IA 1 •.41'1 ! . •.. I -.12 ••• t. A ••• A. I 1 nott• --
-ie.l.Feht I Is - r, , •0 6,,, 1r •i Voss It • It f,1011.-l:4"
Irei lA* tte Omni 011 is , :
1.••••• I'l-\l\ll\ i+
Fever nadl %Zur
, at I. t. .•
raiit. ad.( An.. T., t•••••• • •••: l•qt , r
We,W iei t f* I, L. 1411 .1, LI,. II Csi Gum Lb` SJ./I:. a I I
Wc , l 10.. e easraeler.
n, Sir tear - ran-n.l ft, ton noire Inn
bott : n. of 4: trnmnrsll t %Coat. Mr. lar ' insr. ai Knli•
li, II 1.•• An I 1.•• 4- 11•4 n • 1 hel ti.1 . •••1
al thit fir 4t Apnootro I • agar•ll art,
.tatter nay . a lanil in 1171...1.. an•l ihe Appear.. they
-e. 6 -.e etilleat : a.l nt • h t•I o.sinh-.1 the lenttie
arta vat, et.tte;..e r.• - set 4,1 na I AI • • 1 11.i •llOt Otani inn
k'n 4 l ftrrn hefeee . 4 4. hrn - A Lade th tt had been
nielt we* tit- Cnilln an I Fn.,, hot had 1ar4.44. th..,a
taa, *a* lea in a very oritak add dint/v . l.m:
pint, inntsil•ln I rt.rne•littzl. dtt Lae Afue Cake. "rein*,
tfrect it hat: ant usia iin -Se .not and 1..4 - arr.! aki••w
Mau.:, sad it trained her in a few *eel., 14a eetatplete
1.-alth 'cave - Sarnartarilta rithrtot drnalit thaNsitalle
. d to
tocaloot tie. 14Art-t and if you think tan! the. etnnae
.tan dots a ill a? sr pas sit at Isloirty to no: it if 3or
Female Medicine.
b... Te4.0t5.1 . • Illar..pardlo tel • POI ft.Rif. •eol speedy
corn ihrt beetriere leastsanojeusse, Itorrooory.s. Pr.lopeee.
111..rb.brIFilliseeler I. Womb, Costiveseso, rile., Les
rho' - Slab, c.hstrearted err delis-telt 1111eneerantsoa. In
r. jjjeeeZof Urea., or Inwedoetary di...charge thereof.
...It the...getearol pro.trolleon of the etyytese•-•-•• mailer
on ee
,the rroatt of ealontint rawest oe cameo prodesee.l
hr leceradarity. Mites. er aterideat. Sedan else be neor•
.... 'ilitiorille3iftellyaliatik alfiCiaca the lemmas frames,
reriiesa anal iiteladieso i nada
.hooltilda, from tallier it et
oe.a. - lienioto tallow mad falittif energy loader rte irellawase.
4 ...wit km 4, coonterta.ts the 111, , eteswee. of the rest ate Orr. ' in the peat ranee of Ilarieasent. It will
•••• epi as. to =wen of se delicate a matters. to
et " c oiaiciddireatt cotes pewilmeoed. bat s lore eels nolo •
I rV lisa
the 'esirlat. - d. bantitedaer eseore. bane bee* r e po rt
. ed to
so ' libass• cjltatio Mistr - lb -isgve Lefts wgtioot
ch1id..440 , - ttilra 4 feit lyettleo 4 Oils kifeafirelde a...h.
g a.......4
rim" -haws . .stet Coo. inemitlay ../.priest. It
jos. Jun Pr t ibrepsly preim:redlin reforeseee to &voila eons
jethilltid . Prie tart' oho b a n ritetsore to soppolie she Ls op
leroarletag that cement per...l. . Ti. taro of lift .-
otoool.l tovleet te tote it. ave it Is • entente prow...tete for
nay Agoe samemeroes mud barrels/ daseseas to wheel fouratas
.•ro. ialejort at thi, hate of life-. Time period wag he de
• Inkeid Ane. *nand yew* by osier tie. elediriat. Nor ts
dc leap treleatele for thoeo Wire are •pprencbiat Immo.
hood. as et t. cateenheted to ...sat nature by notches:tint
the .lehood awl Ant :rondo.; the se•tens. lodord., this moll
vim , fur lierolitable air an die delicate &meow to •itice
Weans aes ealleca.
r . Moms altesolure Oolllotitere soil Ileildrom.
, I. to the.milest and moot effect...ll medicine for rowdyism
sense, Irletem mid relierism the setteseg-. attendant upon child.
Iblrdrerer discorsred. It otreinctleers hods the mother as.,
alt.',presents rain and disease. increases and enriches the
those Whoa hag* asej it think it. is It is
inefill both before and alter confinement, as it peevents
t'lia w
ottsiusbust wpm childbirth. In Cestivesese nes,
eransi a, 8...4141 of the Feet. Despondency. Ileartbarn,
lip■siing.e.i. sa the Back sued Loins, False Pains. denesr.
Ante, sod is regvlstior the Ssesninsons mid equalizing the
Modsets leak he. se eesid. The wrest beauty et this ow.*
plaa is. Is kialsayi safe, awl Ow sou deficits as it wog
.O=Sseefer z y., •
.asp• 77!..4 - '.,
, - ,,, - , l 7__T„
.ffersirala Cored. 1,„
TU. rertilesis eeselowireei proem that ILI. Beessportt.
s ~ 1 ....f...4 (*.lna over ilia mast oh busts diseases el
1/011.14. TM". peoloss send rows boos • sareco
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ICAr '1 ' TIM" Inallalress.
Toosiseed : fleet In, —I hare tie- plesemee be la:farie
Yam liiaTtlieswiair my Stakes lame bees eased oldie tkes ,
flesdoeilovor arms ameidlene inediciase TM, aarli of.
.. _610.41 . ..*1X111R with bed owes. hers lakes four Iwo
Na l. • leek iu,,c21...i7; tar elads 1 hal MOOS swiss
, ....-6• l•-• an -, , ..f50n. essiosetrellt. ...... • '
taiiic W. Clt. , Ylll. 1$ Weodorol
21 'so" II 'St c4 , -.. ,{ ~' •
Pidailheilis of Playsicione.
Ds. Tesito" , est is atrted 444 y. recaisiag iPiChii Areas
ps!,daa a essuisteseet 'potsoftie Menses
' a;lipa inpa esertillY, silissAuf, do redenteed. Plireaseme
oft 01 c. 0 ,1 of Atilmsiy. have is monsoons y, eases preas.ideat
q••••••••40frs -91avaperatif sad heirless it es be ass et
Osologitillsiehde rnoeirsaisms,f• Um. wicket
U it rrl.1,111,; II 11, J. W11..5.01. MD . It ti i1t1164111.
11,, Ua .11 r.s ft 12.-
`a. thoar, tr. Lk albeAsi, Arra], 1541 -
TS da*" . ...... r.
1111111L.Ula A ~,, 4'lll WIN OM.
Oei,- to dm gees Menem : sant . laaaaaaMlP sale at Or.
kiiivra .4ei.e. itaa.ararlitta.• a eacaber at se-. elan Isere Ws
'' Ai , ' , lttitahii 'leo - 4 .roreeopeaad. mak* , IlLerffinwille
IrAtAlets. r4mi... 1%.11”.. Iltatrawto et- Tease luck. Le.
--12Stenwily.„p o ai. sp te the seam *sped beldam , and
r be,. ',Ad.", seal eaple4 ear wheilliiii
(bay ass erWit.hribll.i. imilim4s...; say sholldloseeided.
IleseOulise seiestosook Is; 4. P.,festaeons4. •
vi iti s it=474.l.% IflX9..,l ste ,4 Streor. !mi ., =t t ,
limiltrAt4kti* , 5ft....4 fin ,, s , rt ! iiedaysti m t ti. 8.. 'nonce.
Pr t Ol t rlstrs't 11;i ii
as i giv 4 se& the jinsiarei , lttnegyht. :004 all
chmdto 7 cfnm4ly Leroesia.a tbi Ussird Sisal*: Walt iaZir.i:
'*!*Stilioiregraaih. -Pa•tvy .R 133 row = ae.itOß r
TBR•imiItydir..ICISGSBEUIP',4IL--- ,•• -• • •
re:174147V- It 4111(. S et.
. 1 10rUtrAt&-lirrizai ..l N
ti IEI
. ,
A mom by die mune of CLAPP hos esdegs:d with a reel
we or the louse e'e. Townsend. reed use. Ids mute in At
op s earsapanita, which they; bill the. Tinensnod's thaniapari*
dettortitnaling it 0 FJt'OFXP, thljlaal, etc. This Towesead
eb doctor. and never was: but wits' fnruictiy ► Worker us tali
roculs,enhals. and the like. Yet be unloose the tits &UI., An
the pdrhose gaining credit fur what he is not. This is to me
t:lon the entitle not to he deceived, sad purchase sane the
0 u mrp: 0/t/0/.ritt /. 040 tir. Jacob Townsend's amrs
p.rilla, hoeing on it the Old likeness. hut Gamily cost it
seins, said his tore nemes the oat or amts.
Princval (Viet, ICU N et-, Ncie Tor* cis'
Geonint Townsend Sarsaparilla.
Old Pr To. 'send Is nose Orel 70 yenrs of wee. and has long
been lowan a. Elie AUTHOR and MSC:OVEN EA of the
it.let'r.VP. Oft t(t.V.l/. TOWNNI,ArI) AIICSAPPARIL
1-4." Itleing poor, be was compedled ht htisit its iroteufartioe, by
• hich toe sees it bas been lent mit of mallet. end the sales gig
tagmactthed to those only who had preyed its worth. Red known
Its value. it had reached the ears .4 many. neverthelesa.
Pomo persons who bad been heeded of sore and saved
(tom death, poet-4,5 itkI rd i
kLINOts evrellenee
POWER. and ea nodeeful
Ken. leg. wean years uto. that ho had, by bin shill. selects
and experience. des era! an nructe • hich aught be of intaietn
habit ad. notate u. nanntond when the wane would be fur
ot.lted to Icing It into univeasal notes, • hen its Inestimable
vertexes mould be know} nod nyettrectated. This time has cows.
the mese. are suppled : chit
121'D .1-VD t*.k - FiZrnff.f.ED PR IrP.eff.eT/OAP
netnetatinzed on the tamest reale, end is called lug through
eh t the k n elt, a nd hotadth of the land. especially as it is found
incapable of degeneration ..1 detrgioratom.
Unlike prong P. P Townsend's. it Emperors with age. and
never chasers hut for the baiter :betAtave It es prepared as wow
ttsk prseplee toy a stErs.Wic 'egg.. The hlithett knowledge of
flew .try. and the lette4 derroreties -of the art. have all been
reronele. no. respenteteen en the et enufscotre or the Otd
Sarsator The 'Ma Pad, et to well Anon a to nsedeeal
gren r ..1,1111 to env tnethede el prooeritmt. and wormy roperhas
tvMen re inert of Inefeas, and "then. which of reta nee! in Pre -
Bering et he are, prnonre and sod, which is in
tormu• to-the -u-tn tonic .4 the porgies-tins of tlarrayersela
are , ,it a to•it t 4 •y et.hreli evecteritte and ens lint in the
pre i neattrot, if they are not gliggleg•Olt by a aneattga ggsiergl.
a eerie 4. lig to it. te....Martit a. Morr , et
tyre noLetala neater:a:ea. which Ily tett in v , peo, .sr as an att.. Ia
tin. under brat, are the s cry essentoti medical ersepretou of the
erne wag-re vie, in u all Its valve,
Any person ran boll or stew the mot till they get a dark enlaced
iftlynid, • bleb is more frau, the es lonng matter in the root thou
from any 'tans else: they can then strain this Iwlptd or vapid
11411.4. sweeten nth mwr noalaaes and thee rail t - SAE
tlt *RI LI. EXTR -r or e V r.- Rut such es not the
seeele karma as the
a an prglinfrli, that nil the inert pr...Vrll4rs of lb. tier
leperella • 't. not amammal every thine , los toe ofheronontt
of or of fe:mentatton. t egthseted and ra,atted, then every
nu-trir teetedic-t , t weir. is termed in a !Mee and roarentreted
; and thus et e• tendered alCapahla of homg any of ID Yalu.
able and la.lita. proterroes Prepared In Iles as). 11l to made the
must tanner - MI egret in the
Cure of i merable diseases.
the eel-son es-he we bear menutandatin• nw rent site
en tut feeetr by Men, women, and children. We find it dotseg
• antlers In stot rare or
r t .111 P 77f OA I. TrPFPrr.t, and 111 - ER
•rat a 141 F t -11.97 /*X. NC okri PftES.
t I's I'tt K.V) - ttr. all C i-N't t t S kt'lr 7, t .1175,,,,P1.11-
rtrs, ArLorTHFQ and 1.0, mreem•a•
It usseeses a Insnret.ous eisc..%team u nwl.sttd from
bed ‘ , .tom. from 4or .I.ame, A tom 111111111 l an am
t.., rteternonalton to the helot ;m11,11311.4 of the heart.
4,61. c fret and b..eada, colel chills sad hot Quake. onnr the holy. It
los not its esita.r4 to Leta wad Ca. 'A. . sod footnotes eaay es
yetorntioti Lard gentle,str,ti.4l, alsAing strxture of the
lung.. thnot and every other tort.
but .e ...Moo Is its 'eseii Mace owe mantlealy men and ae
Laois .. kat Sao In all tool, tool stare. .4"
1r radon to r of Kr*, davit or Whiten. rd/rte
de it' , rim (Ortstrttnt. Sorrrourrd. Patts.fal .driver. Previa."
up of the tees...wig parnats, and the aka ; suds as edEctual
la airing ail the fortis of koiare 11.sestes.
Ry trad.Virly otstroctums, red irrolatirr the freers' sat.
tau. It gives tom and sue:lgal" to the at boi• body, and thus
cures all limas of
Nervous, diaealies and debility,
bed thus peeves's or reties-vs a peril sarietv nt other maladies.
-‘M•at irrttmeas Nee-Mira, St. i'das' /Aare Se aril.
Frit , prnr Orvaressem. tee
Itcleanses the Wood. excites the liver to healthy action. hates
the stammelt. and gives good thirst/on. relieves the hovels of
t.eiwr eampetioss, altars tadammatoos. panties the Mos.
ecitalisres the etrrulatlon of the bead. producing genie _warmth
finally all over the body. sod Me insensible persiurstion ; re
late. an strictures sad !thine.. eassoyete oil obsumnuons, acrd
illol , lllo* the emote nervous system. Is not Um then
The medicine you pre-eminently ;teed T
Rat ad any of these things he aid of S. P. T.:mm.l:l6'a *di
rk* ensile? This yams wren's threAd h, red u. ihe
hneateee of one f;lt 4ND FACT, that the it.. • INCAPABLE
whle the other De Mt? ; marts, , fianestree. cad 4/10010f LSI
h.rtie.r c•rot.r.nader Ft Imo fnynents ; the oar. said Matti espio
&mg. and danariag °Mee &sods Leto ant this !Imelda cote
mead be poi-oat/sus to the system I— West ! pot sal ate •
'Write Already disettrod with aitt! What mar*. Dr , pedrer eat
and 1 Ho ac as all kOOOll that when Mod soup is not suet
' ache. what mialtielh it produces ? dateleme...kmartbusn. Wig
ludas of the heat. liver complaint. darstent, dmatery.
and corruptioa of the Mood ? What is itesesfela hot me acid
humor to the boy? What prahrem nil the blames whilteh
bass on Eruptions of the Sim. ..Oak! Head. Solt Rheas. Key
'peas. White Serellialm, Teter Seas, and allsoloreatiens in
terns& eadAziersal It is nothing trader heaven art se mid
eabstasee. w Melt Imam aad time spans all the den& of the
Imity,' more se lsm: What tomes illareaottioao bet qt of
arid elitch Mammas Itself bearer* the }mats ma air
%bele. ireritate oaf ludas:Mesh do delicate tissues apes which
it sets ? ea .4 nervous domain, at implants, - of the hdood id
deranged circulations, sad hearty all the esiaesats which abet
Memo mum:
how ts u sot soothe to make and sell, sot itipitery Immo
10 WS the. .
sod vet be would No love It oademond that Ole Dr. Jacob
Too noierh Omaha Orieiest 510 . 71,1114114, is Mt IMITATION
of his inferior pn-paratont
Ileasre fort rd that we should deal At anartiele which mesa
'Far the snort darDMlresemboace th S. P. TOIIO.IIOITS article 1
and which. shuoid Wag rhos mem the Old Dr. stab s amused*
Mad of ecauplate head cruniantious fawn Agents who base sobli,
andperebasers ho have used P.TocrusearsTElLllt.Nruia
We svh- u trader and, bemuse It is the absorwle Man. that
S. P. Towasend's snide ad Old Dr. Jacob Tennessean Sam
saparilis are Mao& ride spat. ad afield, Jissisilp i that
they are tot* to every parucidar, bahiag amens single OW
- 1011001111011. I
At S. P Townsend Is an &rim sad sever was, is as
chemist an pastrinacattist—tunas en mare of metheitte or ells-
Moe the, say ethet cosmos. anseleatw. toprotembewal
what .gasessitre caa lbe ruche hare that they am receivtaa a
groans seseattfle medirlae. atomising all the virtues of So
artleitm used tad Which are tempatite of 01410.111
sib oh might mules them Gre AGENTS of Duresse imumnoli
he- It&
But Mira else should brespeeted Gam roe who Mimes seth
la easossuatively of medarbos or Josue ! It netartie. a paws
of 011 elm-fleece to cost sad 101110011 0110 111 13.1110100 4101111
1/0111. 11111 011001, 101110 impertaet is it that the palms who stn
of:amen medsdoe. delaimad Ger
should bow well the medical parental of abeam the
maser of wearing set esacenuatusg their Oman* .??? 1 • 01 4-.
Mesas execs/gm kesenriedto of the various demon whieb agate
the Mama system sad M. to aka reoseshce to Soso disomital
It is to anost Mods ups Uvranformaam. ta mat bidet pate
• needed bassuottys w tame, have lu tbe Zehtniriag lowan. be
health *A4 Worm NM meow into the menthol sad her
tea. sod tr. basambihemeritv that OW 1114-lACIlit
has SUCGST atel rouhu the anomie: t; and means to hang
his— •
Grand Universal COsionatrated
within the rench.otlgo thnloasaledge arra lobs mad *Una
they erly, teach tad Mime. ti jrirfol &yammer. its
Trtnistend.etil Power to
Da. Jame Meiwirtato. - • Melt V .ast. Oet.lrl
Ora :-4.10 she - 102iNot.3rifriSiT. I oar scook stacked widi
rheum:Sr* 'AroliwaGoardrurdirr Yana' s preacriptoosass pow 1
Weirs* VW at leasehme - waswebe. C beramet hairore. Napier*.
locapstec alferedlire inesaff. tcritios Is tea or hophormorial
Noy vary. l• dualism. imetessed and Jamsam.. /6413, Whoa
hegas meal a Mlle Mat *bras& gradually 'MI the lit
Tbss tusesidemto tab Solt sitifer St to be tae toPerf se
slat 41131CaplArilColdlidsg is di eat abettor tame
sr livaulkiea is this etwailisicl, altlmilttle or, so
us al t fsittrdeepotigeirtiog alien artia 'emoieste7l& "
the 21st twira try psalt Sisommitila : as the
Bich. Mare days abg4lattisehtlio giattiose. I JAM /C - SX•MED.'
which I hail sot i lbeGif& la Uhl Ittnii*Ohnili use tbai N •
.pet t -
• Adis -tasicas rive AOO.ll
with the_
eircratektes. Moon tiara. I bore teethed 131 the street :
mire plea Mein &Zoo 3t; Spramatoraa ao ibt Pelt: thump
IprtJrs'lll4l64 aad and.. lama Saba m ;Samar weal
tar. laa. ao4 aas..asqf Ireaqinalrataitaa fete!
War . Ow* atlehte etimet_LiesetteAtta tett am hattaa of Olt .
Pt. Thmalatoal , S p.fFtl r!ci- t 1 procami impanel' axial'
(Sib peo anal welted twat afrai Eta ihaa• willastithiraiit
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craw salting _
owes Wrist
.Itllkfiusaimartrt. L T. City.
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1 -. . SINDA If SCHOOL . ••-, -
pi. 1 1%4 - A P"e i rti a ilku'"
voloe. ott4fri f:e.. Opot 10, Atritie
'to s:th 1 — ; : iirn -- ' - 1). D. - RARTLETt. ""
fTft nce 904_Dreallful,Comigh
Mpg iLiongit nr+ 411figer, tbleWol oft the dettroy
ertbss been*gon, 1s cough of tocisuniptieo has
in it • sonnil of death. c•
Arc-yesko Nether 1 • Your darling child, your idol
and earthly jdy. itf noir perhaps confined Usher chamber
by a dangerous cold--her pale cheeks, her thin shrunk
en fingers, tell the hold disease has already gained upon
her—the sound:of her see!lehrel cough pierce* your
Young man, when just shoat to stilts li 610111110
sheds • heart-eteshing bfight Over the fait prows* of
the future—your bectie rough sod feeble limbs tell of
your loss of hope, but you need not despair.—Thete ie
a balm which will heal the Wounded lungs. it is
Mrs. Aimee, the wife of Wm: E. AiUee, Esq. was giv
en up by Dr. Sewall of Washington. Dr. Roe and Mc
Milan of Philadelphia. Ms. Roe and Mott of New
York. Her friends all thought she must die. She
had every appearatee of being in consumption, and was
sn .ronounccd by her physiciantherman's Balsam
was given a rd it cared her.
Mrs. Garrabrants, of Bull's Perry was also cored of
consumption by this Balsam when all other remedies
failed to give relief this_
was reduced too skeleton. Dr.
A. C. Castle, Dentist, 281 Broadway, has witnessed
its affects in several ca es where no other medicine affor
ded relief—but the Balsam operated likes ebarm. Dr.
C. also witnessed its wonderful effects in curing Asth
ma, which it never fails of doing. !Opining Blood,
alarming as it may he, is effectually cured by this Bal.
cam. It heals the ruptured or wounded blood vessels,
and makes the lungs sound again. '
Rev. Henry Jones, 109 Eighth avenue, was clued of
couch and catarrhal affections of 50 years standing. The
first rkee gave him more relief than all the other medi
cine he had ever taken, Dr. L. J. Beals, 19 Delaney
sweet, gave it to a sister-iu-law who was laboring under
consumption. and to another sorely Billeted with the
asthma. In both eases its effi-cts were immediate, soon
restoring them to comfortable health.
Mrs. Lucretia Wells.'9s Christie st., seffered from
Asthma 42 pears. Sherman's Balsam relieved her at
once, and she is comparatively well, being enabled to
subdue every attack try a timely use-of this medicine.
This indeed is the timely remedy' for Cough•, Cold*,
Spitting blood. Liv.r coMplaints and all affeetionsof the
throat, and even Asthrmt and Consumption.
Price 25 cents and 1.1 • l■arks. Sold in Towanda,
by HUSTON & PORTER. No. I, Brick row.
Let its Works prattle' it
plete remedy for Bono.. 'Scalds, Cuts, Swellings,
Bruiaea, Sprain.. Salt Rheum, Pile.. Fever Sores, :time
Chal•ped Honda, Chillblains, Scald Head, and al
kands of Inflamed Gores.
Prr•ons in alteonditions of life. are at times lialile to
be afflicted with the above complaints. It therefore
the duty of heads of families to pnivide and keep on
hand, ready for any emergency, a REMEDY that is
capable of rrmosing thAtuffering attendant on those
very trotilik.nme companidns. Those who have used
need not be told that it is a complete remedy, a master
of pain, and the most speedy remover of tnliononntlon
ever discovered. Tte experience of such persons is suf
ficient in prompt them to keep it alwaya on liand,Anow
ing that mai.y valuable lives ha.e twen saved, by thia
Mcgicaf Conqueror of indynsed and other sores, burns,
scalds. &c. it. Meter:try stops .all pain of the severest
kind, and prevents scars. No family should be without
it, as an immediate application of it in rases of barns or
scalds, would do more good while waiting for the doctoe
than he conl.l do wh, n arrived, besiiles'preventitig long
hours of the utmost sod: ring which might pass before a
physician could be obtained.
it possessei control over the severest injuries by fire.
over mortification. over inflammation, and b 5 its com•
bined virtues it act. as ,zor;-sepfir. ?term ne. an'i-spos
r. anodyne emollienl and healing and is the most
complete external remedy in use.
houtnt nth , have tried, and thousandsTraise it. it is
working its way into public favpr with a rapidity un
known in the history of medicines. All who use it, re
c.rnmearf if. Again we say, no family should he with
out it. The agents furnish the public gratis, with books
deecribing this ointment.
C,::; , • Each box of the genuine Torsrr's 1:7( I VIRSAL
Olvxviss-r has the sixnat we of S. Tousey riTilltit on
the out-tde label in black ink. Never purchase e box
unless this signature can be seen. Pnce 7.5 en in per
box or five boxes for $l. Prepared by Exxicrry & Tor
liar, Syracuse. N. Y. Sold in New York at lln N*l.
corn street, and in Towanda, by HUSTON Sr. POR
TER, No. 1, Brick Row. 5y
Cllekitees Vegetable Purgative Pith, r
ARE ..ttic :twat and only medicine ever ducoverrd that
will yrirsitirefy cure Headache, Giddiness, Pile*.
Dyspepsia, Scurvy . :Smallpox, Jaundice, Pains in the
Back. Inward Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart, Ri
sing in the Throat. Dmpsy,Asthms, Fevers of all kinds
Female Complaints, Measles, Salt Rheem, Hcart Burn.
Worms. Cholera, Nimbus, Coughs, Quinsy, Whooping
cough, Consumption, Fits. Liver Complaint, Erysipelas,
Deafness, Itching, of the Skin, Colds, Dieracto Com
plaints, and a variety of other Diseases arising from im
puritir • of Indigestion. .
It has been proved that nearly every disease to which
the human frame is subject,mriginates from impurities
of the Blood or Derangements of the Digestive Organs;
and to secure Health, we must remove those obstructions
or restore the blood to its natural state. This fact is
universally known. hut people have such an aversion
to medicine, that, unless the cave is urgent, they prefer
the disease to the cure, until an impaired Constitution
or • fit ofsickneifs rebukes them far-the folly of their con
duct. Still they had some excuse: for lures fire, nod
kit a , in almost all its fortits, was nearly as disgusting
as it was beneficial. Now, however, the evil is most ef
fectually removed; for Cfickener's regcfabk Purl:Win
Pills, being completely enycloperlCrith • COATIN - 61 Or
may IWU/Tr. sting (which is distinct from the kernel)
have no taste of ' - . but are" s easily swallowed
as bus of candy. Al Tel they ti', oak nauseate or
gripe in the slightest degree, which is occasioned by the
,fact that are compounded on scientific principles and
,operate equAly on all the diseased parts of the system,
instead of confining themselves to, and racking any par
tiCular region, (whit' b is the great and admitted evil of
every other purgative.) Hence ,they strike at the roof
of Disease, remove all impure humors tom the blood,
open the pores externalty and internally, promote the
Insensible Perspiration,' obviate flatuleiery, Headache,
dic.—separate all foreign and obnoxious particles from
chyle, so that"the blood, of which it is the •eigin, must
be thoroughly mare—secnre a free and healthy action to
the Heart. Lungs and Liver. and thereby restore health
urn when all other means hare failed.
i 4: 'AI. letters of inquiry or for advice must be ad
' dressed (post pall) to Dr.C.V.CT.ICKENER, N 0.64
teary-st., New Trek, or his authorized agent, through.
oat-the errantry- For as in Towanda, by
HUSTON & PORTER, No. I. Brick Row.
DiT: R. Remember. Dr. 04.%%..Cruienerla the inventoi
of thigir Coated' Pik andthat-nothing of the sort was
eves hamlet—until lawinuoleced • them in Jana. 1 1 443.
Purchasers should therefore risk fur 421elkeerea•Sttgar.
Coated Pills, and take no other, at they will be made
• tha vietline of a intuit. • 6Y
Sparipus tirliciesgoriP
jettflel la your valuable
LT-I- Y*l4
.Itll.l•Eki and 14 the Velfit < edi t .
lie, we liatelty cehilyitbat we hits Void your) lin
ler in ocir Families for yeant„-for many of the diseases
foe which it if rimPlarnitnideit 'sad we deem it the hest
Family 114utoratise ia,tuc . end.woukevitT,
(wily te.krepa saptiymi fle asuddee
cress orse&eit.
Rev. Aaron Jackson,pator first &enlist sherch,ithsec
," Wiliam Conan; Peach Orchard, Tompkins Co.
Rachel %Vilisoe , - limes Clark.
Ann' tiedley, • Phillp Caw,
W llastins,„ .. Ann Teem,
A Baker, • .; Bower.
Jobs I:Wade, Ai 64 - aim%
Jahtei 3 OstK, C
Never pbriiie-itte Fide Cdller witbdiet tkur written
divesture of J. Andrews bel of each bottle, in
Sold by , TONI & : PORTEIR,:Iincf
HIRAWMIX sink matratifitTeviansls. = . •
For‘fiattliei Omission asombertisement is smother
column.. - 47—ty
', jOTIV A is herehy given that tha, stagianageship
IV bentafne existing between OfIAMBERLI111:( !ft
PORTER* Efoggists: ike- rielltis tli7 titealeiii f by
bonne,* wi ll
...001 7441
ibutift 66.4 qt- The lier ' - en itr
Ilsi, . - A rl. M.ltt' l 4 4o ligi oll tiesiti i. 3 * fiLk
hdi isimik: - ; tisauds. 1:m.5 . tail, . ~
Great ki Important Chemical Discovery,
Chemical Combination .frog the Vegetable Enrico;
to repel Diaase.
llltucr 0
• . Trii
liftmen '
Illt MI.
ne Most succesgfol Medicine in the Woad!
1 it does. Yellow Dock. so 'highly esteemed by
the faculty—with other vegetable produ:tioas, is one
of the most important discoveries of the age. and far
superior to all simple sarsaparilla prepafations in use.
Although less than two yews have elapsed since its
discovery, it has already effected over 15,000 cores.
The unrivalled power disease which this Syrup pnxlo
- may be attributed to the fact that it is composed
purely of vegetable extracts, each one having a direct
reference to some internal organ; consequently the
whole systeni is befiefitted; and the fact that, in its
operation, it occasions neither sickness nor pain, and
can be taken under all circumstances without regard to
business or diet, and by the aged and the infant with
equal efficacy, is certainly a consideratuto in the history
of Medicine. This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles,
and is the most highly concentrated Syrup in use. It
is offered at the low price of one dollar per Bottle, the
object of being to give the patient an opportunity by
the purchase df one bottle, to test its valuable medial
properties and its power over disease.
This compound Extract of Yellow Dock and Sam
parilla is a positive, speedy, and permanent cure for
Consumption. Scrofula or King's Evil, Erysipelas. Salt
Rheum, Pimples on the face, Rheumatism, Gout, Gen
eral, Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Spinal Af
fections, Female Complaints, Ulcers, Syphila in its
worst form, Affections of the Bladder and Kidneys,
Bilious Colic and -serous Looseness, Biles, Co,tivenese,
Colds, corrupt Humors, Asthma, Dropsy, enlargement
of the Bones, Fever and Ague, Giddiness, Greve!.
Headaches, et every kind. Impure blood, Jaundice, Moss
of A mei it.% Leprosy, Mercurial Diseases, Night Sweats.
Nervous Complaints of all kinds, Neuralgia, Org-anic
Affections, Palpitation of the Heart, Painter's Colic,
Piles, rush of Blood to the Head. Scurvy, Swellings,
' Sick Headache, Stiffness of the joints, Exposure and I
Imprudence of Life.
It extracts nervous disease, purifies and enriches the
Blood, and invigorates the body more effectually than
any medicine hitherto eased to the public.
In the Vegetable Kingdom, an All wise Being has
depo-iced such p'ants and herbs as are congenial to our
constitutions, anti adapted to the cure of all curable
diseases in which human nature is inekerit. rill this
Compound Syrup is composed of -all those valuable
plants, some of which hove lately been discovered and
used, an.l fount! to be certain specifics in thousands of
diseases that before defied the best of medical skill.
This is to certify that we. the undersigned Phys . '.
riana of the city of New York, have in a very great
many cases prescribed Doctor Guysott's Extract of
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, and are fully assured
that it has no equal anion; the varied Syrups antl.Sar
mparilla preparations that have over Wen sold. Oct°.
her 10.'47.
J 9 tua F. Ste!shin., M. D.; F. R. Thomas, M. D. ;
P. S. %layman!. M. U.; James E. Morgan, M. IL;
Samuel T. Wells, M. D.. S. M. Juhnsou, M. 1).
Mn," tr./hymn/ in feror of the supericiii 7 of Dr.
Kt-trot-I of Yellotr U•uk and Sarsaparil
idorer all other siotilar remedies.
Rfadl Rtid!! Extr i ! rf Idlers rireirrd,
WATERTOWN, Jefferoon Co, Nov. 4, 1847
Mr. S. F. 11 czr N c-rr
Dear Sir—l am at a loss to express with words what
has been said in praise of your "Compound Extract of
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla ; all who have had the
pleasure-of using it. speak of -ifs marvellous effects in
removing diseases, aiith so much feehng and heartfelt
satisfaction, that I am confident now that no medicine
in use can boast of its superior qualities. Many who
base been complaining (or years with pain in the aide,
burning and pain in the chest, dyspepsia. genera l d e b r ii.
tr, loss of appetite, chills, night sweats, salt rheum,
prlortilz, in fact all the diseases that we in this climate
are heir ko. fin] in the Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla,
all that is requisite to make them what they were in
their days health. &c.
We have had twelve dozen batiks in three monthi4
and find we are nearly out. Please acrid an equal
amount, and 0 Ggeloonc
ST. I oIIIEBT 11.1.1. Montgomery Co. Jan.. 3 , 948
8. F. Rims wrr —Dear Sir—Some four weeks since
I was induced to try your Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla
for Dyspepsia ; had been aillticted shoot 40 ears, most
part of the time enable to eon arrg thing without suffer
ing intensely from its effect,. 1 Ism used now only
000 bottle of your invaluable medicine, and outsider
myself entirely cored solely by its use. Gan now eat
a hearty meal, without the slightest inconstnience.
Very truly yours, ANTHONYBEEKM AN,
' The mild alterati•e properties of Dr. Guysott's ex
tract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, 'Tilde it pecu
liarly appliciable to the slender and delicate constitution
of the female. Its unrivalled in its effects upon such
diseases as Iniipient Consumption, Barrenness, Leo
corrhoea or White+, Irregular Menstruation, Inconti
nence of Mine, and general Prostration of the system.
It immediately counteracts that distressing nes - sousness
and lassitude so common to the female frame, and im
parts an energy and buoyancy as surptising as they
are grateful.
We cannot, of course, exhibit certificates to any ex
tent in this class of complaints, but the two following
extracts of letter& recently received, indicate sufficient
ly the great virtue of the medicine es a remedy for thei
diaereses reknit' to
Jan. 2Stb, 1848. I
Ms. Drissarr—We take pleasure in stating that!
your Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla gives great satis•l
lacuna in every case. We shall to and send you sown
A eery raspeetable gentleman informs es that his
daughter was troubled with difficult menstruation. and
other &seam peculiar to heroes. She bad not had-her
regular menstrual discharge. for a long time ; but by .
the use of Dr. Gu3rant's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla.
was radiesily cured. - Had used Townsemrs and
others?. without nioriaing the slightest benefit. He
had ono daughter die from the same cause. Please
send us an additionalaupgdy. Very nespertfuny yours,
3. E. TRIPPE dr. CO.
There are counterfeit tnetheinessifloat4 therefore the
reader is portkotaily catnioned not to allow himself
be impaled upon.
Brwerefrow sett boy medicine- put- up in agnate
quart bor les. Be any suiti and ash for Dr. Guysoe'r
Compound Entail a 'fame Dock and Sarsaparilla.
bear% it the smitten signature of el P. Barnett.
each ocasidumpper.. written with- black ink; and do
not an anyaccoeut.-he induced to him any other soli
ck—as it is this preparation only thatismeefamine nisch
marseloos and arannistring cures. Take tto moss
mond; as paeans haying the counterfeit ao.lieine and
.net genuine. are of course desirous of makirsc their
priofins.--eansequently you we liable to hey wortibleos
trash. unless. you examirio tor yoororhoo,
'Crßelnirl br. orYsITI - rs YELLOW
Power! at !. 4 .. P. Eterrostes Lebratkeir, Little Fats,
'Herkimer county. Y.. rind isitri et isiroteseto in N.
Y or k Crp by .J. E. Trippe. Vie MaidrilLsne r'alos by
They Beadle, Elmira. L. IL'Rialord.l Itingtremreer.
b- Is: Forney.* Hen, Owen,: mot by the principal
ampeits. and merchants sumocout the 54220 i.
West tisliessod curiae. • -
• • Mire riehtline unless put up in term spine
. ronteksins cisortA,.reitir the neon ef.thesyrsp
b;0 1,0 i n. d w4Wit w isb-lbe !linen Aroltiltre s. r
sr.xigtryptk«.4-41044=ympper• •
'....4 3 vh0kcf*a5;4400.-ta.- SERILIO _
41 4 0 E/ 1 . 1 . 1 e044.44 iritcanda; ".
14-1-10 ck
t 5 : E m e — - • e 1 I 1 w - ,
SOT Arai Street, SulTale, A% r.
Dr. C. C. Taugha's yegetableLlittentbripie Mizturt.
Tiflis celebrated remedy is constantly increasing its
fanse by the many cures it is making
it has now beocane the only medicine for family use
and is particularly recommendesl for
all stages of this i•omplaint imtWediately relieved, no
matter of how long standing. 4.e prunphkl fur leali
and all diseases of the urinary organs; for these dis
tressing complaints it stands ahute; no other article can
relieve you ; and the cures tesUficti to will convirice the
most skeptical ;—sce przsapykl. Liver Complaint, Bil-
(ions diseases.
To the great wer4 especially.-and whenever these
complaints prevail this medicineil offered. .
no dekteritytts compound is spirt,. 4 this mixture, ti
cores these diseases With certainty and celerity, and
does not leave the system torpid. Sec pamphlet.
a complaint of a most painful character it TMMEDI : -
ATELY RELIEVED, and a tans follows by a. f-w
days me of this article : it is farkfore any other pre
paration fur this disease, or for any other disease orig
inating from impure blood—See paraphirt.
weak back, weakness of the Finney', &c.. or intlsma
don of same is immediately relieved by a kw days use
of this medicine, and i cure is always a result of its use.
It stands as a _ _
for sue% complaints, and also tug 41eraagementa of the fa
male frame.
painful menstruation'. No article has trey been af
bored except this which would this deraagments,
It may be relied upon ass sure and effective remedy
and did we feel permitted to to so could give
Is proof of cum in this distressing class of complaints.
See pamphlet.. All broken dawn, debilitatedevastitu
tirm.frons the effect of mercury. sill find the bracing pow
of this stuck to act immediately, and the poisonous
mineral eradicated from the system.
will find the alternative properties of this article. PURI
FY THE BLOOD: and such diseases Bons the sys
tem. See pamphlet fur testimony of cures in oil dis
eaves, which the limits of an idvertisment will not•pei
nwt to be named, here Agente give them away' ; they
contain :r2 pages of certificates of high character, and a
stronger array of proof of the virtues of a medicine, ne
ver appeared. It is one of the peculiar features of
this article Mat it nerer fails to beivfit in s ' any ecue,
and if bone and muscle are left to build upon let the
emaciated am! lingering invalid hope °mans! keep ta
king the medicine as long as there is an improvement.,
The proprietor would - caution the pnblic against a num- .
tier of articles which come out under the head of Sara- :
p rnllas, Syrups. Itze.„ 35 cures forDropvy. gravel:dr c.:— '
they are rood for nothing, and connected to gull the
unwary ; touch them not. Their tinventors never
thought of curing star h diseases till this article hail done
it. A particlar study of Me pamphlet is solicited.
Agents and all who se.l the arale are Oad to cirep;• l
late gretutioudy. Put tip in 30 oz. bottles, at $2 ; 13
cls. do at SI esch— r the larger holding C oz more than
iteir satall bottles. Look out and not getimpossd upon.
Every bottle has 'Vaugn's Vegetable Lithontriptic
Mixture," blown upon the glass, the written signature
of '• G: C. Vaughn" on the directions and ''G. C. Vaugh
ill. Buffalo," stamped on thetnrk.. None other are ge
nuine. Prepared by Dr. G. C. Vaughn. and sold at
the Principal Office, 209 Mainstsreet, Buffalo, at whole
pale and retail. No attention given to letters' unless
post-paid--orders from regsalarly constituted Agents ex
cepted : post paid filers, or verbal communications so
liciting advice, promptly attenced to,
()theca devoted exclusively to the sale of this article
-132 Nassau at., New York city: 225 Essex st., B . alent
Mass.: and by the- principal Druggist throoughout the
1 United States and Canada, as Agents.
,STORRS ./c CO., Wholeiale Agente, Philadelphia.
HIRAM MIX, Towanda. I T. D. Spring. Lareyville
C. H. Hernck, Athens. •A.Durtians, Tunkhann'L
C. B. Fisher, VVyalissing. I
E. Dyer, Covington.
G. F. Redingtort, Troy. April 12. 11348.----y
_ _ _ _
Mat are you about here Arai ye Tes, I gurnso
H l - 8..1.1 4 i DS of times the guestionlas been asked,
Where on earth are all the Bootle and. Shoes ma
nnfactuved that supply the continnal rush at the corner
of Main and Bridge Arens! O'Hara answers that dila
is the place, and theseare the things we do it with !
Seventy-eleven nbr fashions
every Iwo sfronds!
Put un the Skean !
Hear ye ! hear ye ! and understand, that O'Hara, at
the comer of Main and Brisige streets, will sell at retail
this +maims. 39,781 pairs &Boots. Shoes anti Brolraws,
at a less pica this' aver was or probably ever will be of
fered again in Towanda:
The Ladies' Department in tbL estahfishment is
richly faini.hed witb fitstdons. Ladies', misses' and
children's fancy and common boots and shoes, even to
the extremity of the latest fashions. Mistake not the
place —Corner of Main and Bridge Streets, the only
Shoe Starr la Bradford Cooney. Half cash sad half
trade for Butter. K. 011.AR44.
Towanda. ions IS, 1847.
• 4 , 0 3 '0 . 01:1 10:51!
Merely for the aunt of cheap Mocks, FR _
Jewdry t Great- flush at the
TAMES P. DULL respectfully informs the citizens
of Towanda and vicinity. that he has lately return
ed hem Philadelphia, and permanently located in To
wanda, one door below thearick. Row, in the room for
merly occupied by kleretter Hat Store, where may be
Mend gold and silver watches, gold, fob and guard
chains, gold and silver pencils, gold pens, breast pins,
finger rings. &c., cheap Merest'. and every ankle war
hatted. A large supply of ICKS, of the latest 413*
proved patterns, numing,frons3o hours to 8 days and
a month; with one winding.
Cr Particular attention
.paid to repairing CLOCKS,
WATCHES & JEWELRY. of every de-criptinovond
from the long experience which be has had in the bu
siness. work left in his care will be done in the best
aimiemanlike manner. Old gold and silver taken in
eietrange.• TOoranda, A ugnat 16, is trty . •
TOHN W. WILCOX. hes rem bit establish
*, met to the shop between Kinc.twety's 'end Ban-
Irv's- moors. and where be dill aeticits - • share et
public pateartsce. -41Ie tocenets, by • curets! selection
of stock, semi trs sitientioti toohe interests of his mite-
metes* note es &sit and durable wort WI dal be ma
itufsettirell in this punka' the <iitate,.
He will keep cort** l .i y nit:hind sad manefleinre
io enter, Morecee, redf and Coarse Boar aid Shots i•
Lathes' Gaiter, Sloes and 'Slips : eltikirores do. ;
Gears Goa** and lattatp4 - 4-e- - •
0:0 0 ConstrY Pashtos;
r orroast derriptinns. taken in
payment hit troth, the inati price,
Towanda. Apia - •
_tratpwAß.,E,: s cpa.sissostament, incieuting lowa
1 -1 -- theit, Silas grSo. H.R. • rox-0.-.
13411cibcyhia lbucttiscmcnts
I fi s h e d ; leafs sgo, by DR. KIN K RUN. Th e s e
.es4stirest'sna hest ,hand cgie-all forms of seem it s ,
ease, of the skin, and solitary habits of yo ut h.
DR. KINKELUV Northwest corner of THIRD . as i
UNION Stleeta, between Spruce and Pine. a squ at ,
and.a-hslf from the Exchange. Philadelphia.
There is;a4iebit which boys iamb eachother the A t e
emy or College.—s habits: indulged in when by hi s ,
self, ingolitude. growing Vixen* , the he, to manbc e d
few of than who indulge; in this pernicious p isence
are mermen of the epassipsemes,•untill those find the
nervosa system shattered. feel strange and onsee ssi ,
table feeling*, vague fears in the mind.: rbe indOi s q,
hecontes feeble, ho is unable to labor with acclaim . *
vigor or to apply his mind to study ; his step is t an !,
and weak, he is dull. irresolute.
Is continued, the procreative poWer is ileatroyed, ar i d
marriage rendered itnposaible, a long train of Berri, „
affections follow, the counten i n ais downcast, the err,
without natural lustre, shamefacedness is apparent.--
Tessa ass everyone WHIM MOULD awszsz- the - k;
attention of those similarly *Midge.
Be conscious of the cause of his decay, and quifit,ll,
suffers under those terrible nocturnal and involuntary
emissions, which waken and shaape him prodocitt
mental and physical prostration. Übe emancip - ate4ta
self before the practice liar ,done its worst, and ewe"
matrimony. his marriage isi tinhoitfni. and his sew
tells him that this is caused by' his early wiliest.
Let no false modesty deter you from making your
ease known to one who, from education nr.d respe ct , ;,
bail, can alone befriend you. He who places him,
self under DR. KIN KELIN'S treatment, may religio lt ,
ly conMe in his honor as a gentleman, sod in
bosom will be forever locked the secret of the mums
Thousands. hats been restored to, health. fewn it, t ,s„
vastation• of these terriffm maladies, by .I:tr. &der;
German Physician.
Packages of Msdieines. Adsices, &e., forwarded, b j
sendiort, a fen/Atom:s r - and put.up secure from damn s
or curiosity. •
Past paid letters answered forthwith
MAIM' E„ &c..
Second edition ; just pohlt=hed. prico 4 25 cu.
. A Treatise on Affection. Love and Marriage. and
the Dinensis of -Youth, Maturity and OW Age or din
LightS and Shades of Married Life, (its Infeliciltei
and-enjoy atentk)
To tic or not to be, that i,, the eaStsCon." ,
(With curious cases, illustrations. Qc )
There are morethingt't wait hew:Tit:and eanh, lioratia . .•,
Than ate dreamt cif in our . philosophy:—Sa
This book shou'la be in the hands of every yin at j: .
man or woman contemplating at tag ans. Ev ert
schonahoy, and indeed every man or woman, maniel
or single shillala read with care and attention, this crab
useful work as we consider it well adspied to await; !
attention to a subject more blighting
soul, than soy other VICE.
Young or midde aged perso' ns. soffering from D.
peptic and Consumptive symtums of lonzstand.n! ri
careful pernral of this most ironderfdl w, rk , will 6 . 4 5,
the caner of such s?mptcnns in the Lane :u1 habit Ear
described. •
tO - Any one sending twenty-fire cents sncicsel ins
letter, , wat =tire .me copy of--this buoh by mail. a
Gee copi( s will be sent for one dollar.
(0 4 1t1I'letters are enacted to be ei‘-r r Lin. emit ' 4 .-
those containing a remittance. and
WM. YOUNG, 's2' SPRItE zatort.lio
weeo Fourth and Fifth,. PLIMADEL/Ul 1 - 627;
- 0 , 5 via e 4_ soil mbf---jil
- ,
~..-n-r:,__. L. M. NYE & CO_ wooli T . "
spertlty inform the citizens of Ter.
'.--,- - ,-,- ,- --A . - 1 - ..",."- anda and the public monk, tur ',.;
§ ,--( they bare on band & inharfarem
gE = d. 4 'to order all kindr of C 0313E7 -.l'
.. 7 _-__ _ ,-__---:. ' a .-._ FURNITI_TR E. of the best ter.K. `..;
;111 1111 . •
t nalr and :wort mrn.t.lp that rerg . '
Le surpassed. in oddment° the tau 'F.
assortment in country shops, we will !rep on hiushal.
matte to onter SOFAS, or various aml most ipproc-I
patterns; Sofa Roekinglettairs, opholstrohl in ,inprro
• style. and for ease and durability cannot
even in our large cities. Also; the half Fn-rid
itsans Chair, beautifully upholstered, with cursed
which never lases its elasticity, and finished isai th
best bait. %grating.
had mach esperience in the businass, irt„Fhall be &le!
to satisfy all who may feet 'Reposed to c-71, both a: s,
quality and price. and by strict attention to .bosioro
hope to merit and reeeive the patmnore of a bbnal eoa
I:. M. NYE #1 CO.
Tram's, September 1, 1847.
AIfAY ILE] HAD at one shop Much lower ihas
11-1 haw ever been sold in Towanda. — Csooh re
chesp, and wheat am cowered. and that is the moot
can.afrord ail foe to do it. All kinds of prolate aii
be received in payment. Alio, LUMBER of sfl Us&
i. L. M. IN YE 4 CU.
CA4IIF' 11117
WILL be - Cept on hand alarge m
made to order oo slumber notice and for Ir mo.
ney than can be' produced at any other etaablisherez
the land. Those whO ate under the necem.ity of ro
curini that article will and *half; he satistied•
hearse and pall may he bad in attendance when Seek.
September 1,1847 L. M. NVIE o'.
Removed to north side Public Sqaare.
0 .4. C7tansherrist, •
T 1 inlb - HAS joss returned from the ' - .- 1
:OR; ' of New York with a it
, \4,
( i."'wo..
~,,t g ,i supply of Watches_ JeSrelry .
i _ -
,47 , Silver sale, comprising in Py . •
~ ,; t_ the following articles : —Lew--
,----,, 4 4
~ .,i< L'Epine and Plain Watches. l6
V.....9h, - : - ...L. 7 - - - , v' a complete assortment of- G'
Jewelry, such as'Ear Rine PI"
ger Rin ;a, Breast Pins, Bracelets; Lockets, Gold rest ,
Gold Pena. Keys. etc. Also, all sorts of Stiverer ,
and any quantity ofSteel Erads2—all of which he oie
for side exteeedingly cheap for CASH.
lA'mchea • repaired on short notice: an& Ir•Tr - o''''
to run well, or them:airy will be refunded. and a los
ten agreement given to that - effect if required.
N. IL—MAPLE SUG AR. • and Country P r ods. ,
faker, in payment for work t and,ldsw. kern r"" -, - 4. ‘
&recce. that the Produce nn4s . the paid when Oa rot
is dune—l ?rat against credit in'all its 1:01171.4.
Tr.gramia: A pPii 25.. Igo'. •
U.LLIMUS I- 1.1 4 i
• THE Subscriber.respecer"
ly informs the ammo of T.
wands that he ha. off. a
Market is the n !pot_
one kiate d"3r l (ba w armt egi :i f a l t % ory ."'" ; ?1.1 ;
will endeaaOr to keep constantly on i nn d, a .,
those who wish the means of geed tiring "
and Fresh Beef, Mutton, Lamb; Vest, Pork. dafP
finestlnatity and lit the besi orter,
- Candles & Soap by the boa or pound. cotter'
ly kept on baisland for sob. oft low fair,.
Towanda. Aar- 9. IBIS. A. IA E
CvT ai loan - fr Esiabl is II 111 •
..Vo. 2, " Brick •ovz- rise sore ,y E T
third ctnrat
.2T . ..2 .1 12 •
SaESPECTFULLY Miami. the ciiiwns of Toair .
k da„ and the publie generally. that he hoc rero , "" r
his Tailor shop to No. 2 4 Back Row. awr' :be fia - a'
E. T. Fox. third story. where he solfwas flows
of Tailoring; to giro hint Wean.
Hali " twen employed in the most fa.asi rt'•le'y'a'
li..dirnents in Ptribnielphia and elsewhere, ant. twir;;;
tertnined to - spire no.pahis to pkwo-. eu<amerc "•:-"
depend upon - biaing thtir work' d•ow po'n"I‘ 1. !"
a good sty te as can be bad at any shop in town
work watranbed asell.stade and - to - fit.
(C 7" Cutting-Aims cheap. and waisted. •
• V.,l"Conntr -- - : c taken in Pay mcia :or sworz
We ewer oersetres that hat*