Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, February 28, 1849, Image 4

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RL Towirmuni.-1 verily Wham )oar Sars.p..lll.
M. Senn the woos, Nowalt 14+mM...we. of Naas ay
We. 1 have for amoral yeses lied a bed Coach. I, he
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WK. P. 1.1011110.4 GS Catharine it
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hale wily ewe of more than bar *tweeted awes et Ilium.
lutetium that Dr. Towaseed's Sarsaparilla hr eared. The
sumo wrote awl chromic eases are weekly eradicated by ite
entraerdinery Wrier%
James Commie" Zel.. ewe at this assistants le the 1.11111111.
tie Anima Staab weirs bias& is Ow dentlswlta apokaa a(
in the following fewer.
Illackwalra WINK Sept. 14. ISIT.
Dr. Teweeinol--Dear Sir: I have willFered terribly for
eine rears with the It banistatiaw bussidensids of the now
I eould sot at. sleep er walk. I had the sweet rtietnissing
pains and my limbs were terribly swallow. I hays awal
bier bottles of your Sarsaparilla. and they have dean me more
th in ■ thousand dollars worth afraid, I wows aweli. better--
in.leed t top entindy reliseedl. Tawas, 114 liberty MI wee this
far the benefit of the diktat
Tours respecifelly. JADES CUJILDINGA
- -, lever wed Ague.
Dr Triemenod'e farinc, e it rusequened le emu of tire
Cain, and raver end Tee tigleahar letter i. only
111114 of hundreds th at we ve received Den the Solidi end
West of like character.
Dr. Irownwtad : MST eics-4 pyrrhic...4 fee say wife two
bottle* of Der.aparilla of year Areal, Ik. Metlei', of
anea to try it for therervor nod Area, ma...-. I h.. 1 fitoe!..
stl the Ant Rattle. it appeared to warns the 1.1.....10.14 every
other day when the Chills , and the Fever oppearei. tio'S
want logo violent : and before she bad finished t , i-• tenth.
the wee entirely relieved, u 1 she was tooth h.ttvr :hate she
tacit the Arne. A lade that bad been
very Niel. with the Chills sal Fever, het hs,l broke them
rah tatlinine, sod was left in a very weak awl th.te,astos
aters. cud trashiest eye...dist:ly with the Aloe Cake. Issas;
the effort it had ow ley wife, .he erat, and prlllellrrri e few
bottles, and it festered-her in a few welsh* to complete
health. Year fierseparills i. without clenl4, aa. s m-41.4 m
direst. a iweidret to the West mid if tow (Intik that thi. mire
Meek.. tioa will be of aise,.you ere el Oen) to Mee it a en
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D. Townoirrel's Sarreporibla I. I wavorelto mob ersoully
eery fur bleariest Ceeirsomptloo, Ihrsoriewoo. Proberoan
marl or Falling of Ow Wroth, Coatiteoesa. Lureewe
rhos. or Whiten, abstracted or dillienlt • sleunirentool, la
eatatiaeure. of Urine, or enrol...err Ai/chars. tteereor.
and for Ike general penetrations of the rynteno—tor wetter'
• healer the result of inherent tans* far Pan.. tfraeliitaal
hy hr./Warily. Moons or affreilfailf. N.akiut ran he woe
...uprising Owe its invigoration erects ea Ow Whams
l'oronns wf nl4isnobro6 am/ inanitude, Alan tablet it al
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iasurediarebe conatersets the Malnafiarssufas of the female.
Imam which in the roar caus of !Kerr a. It will
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Sikh realities., of i•ftlatil retforalial • tumor rain asset.
•ffif. araieboll, that leireidreJs Owes hare In.. nerewteel In
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eine, have Innen letenwed with lion. hanl 's,. oil:print. ft
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piniurn Na fewole who hen reason In., garrote she in ap
pro.:low . o w critic-at period. Tills tars of life:.
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auy or east horrible M./weft in which female.
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tared few s•veral gears by' using Ilia aidfillif age. ICIor
It lawn talw.hir far lawn. whir ere approarbial eassaro
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bee 1.10.w1 asal ilrifirmailisir the synteric Inalerdt. thin naafr
rfaa imniont4o for all the delicate tlinceros w aiklefi
lawman at. Siabje42l.,
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traretat lileeeing tr .111•411wrce era thilelrea.
11 t, the lee."( reel meld eferinal needirine for plirjr% j,or
the rletwan. mid sedirvirg the etilleromp attendant llpne
birth ever diresprered. 1. .trangtheee but. the mother earl
child. presents pain and diekroc. learerseer.end enrwhe. dee
teed Anew who here used it think it is iserlispeesalde. k
bight!' 0. 4 . 1 1.4 h berme end eller enefinenteed. as it 'rw.nt a
dieeeees ettendnet .upon childbirth. In Coetheitera, Pibti
er.rei 11, Sweatier or the pe.t, Deorniedeuer, Ilearthrirti,
limed. Ng. Paln in the Sark end Loki., Palm. lei.. Ilnesw
te.ce.erd be regulating the tierretinns and erirebeir: the
....vela.. ion It lan. Ito The irreet beauty a this ini•db
e 5.... in. in is ntere3 • cite, sad the twit delicate ale It meet
1 2 ,-'• if:
Nem&la Cerra.
Tl.t. ee.llMaU ron,thrivAy protef that tl.l . Nen"Vial.
etion;Lirret !Igo swrf &rains IPdikesw.... .4
itio o L.: Tl 4 6o,4or4oCeireAriLissilissiiir is aosires-••
Three elhilarein.
ltr Toire.eitel View Atr,- , 41 Imre the pleseuei isieferie
,on ifv.t thrp• mg chddrr•es have tweerated of Ike,. Weis.
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st 'wash thaw etrely, :fee 1 het ety.if tedet
veal - sblipains. • • • • •••
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Ailr.•pferillx, s nowt.'" of tn.n .he twool;
iturerty A:wut hap atuompored outlawry lbsr.mipoirill.
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n.s.• Cthen. 11.9111 '14.40a e.. 1 triiStd• tour
and doubt litorsibed
aboto gaiibare .61•611 *NW by IL V. Iremasubd.
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11,14 II morons; by-HIISTO's 1 roe.
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Jt~~.Aci'~a',.ax.aaz ~•;y,..di~raa...vei•,o{ ary~
ewers, lIDA.. net. U. 1917
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Wilk: bill/114i 111/44 die Old wi. likhee. hie heft
Mr. estbsul4lllllllll4 wines it mom
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
fle.Toirmewl Is PIM shoot 711 years of am, sea has low
hens tames we the-ef UTPION ad MSCs./VICSI I / 1 Air lb.
IR/ICSTJUric ORIMAtt roar." AXI, 8.411M0411111;
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which towns it has hate kept toot tie casket. awl the wilm Oil
Ilalstattlbild to Clues only who had prom' Its meth. bed Moors
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Mote pmews who had hee• Welk of was Seer rind
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obtula would he knows mid lewmelosei. This time Ms owes,
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Unlike pens S. P Toweseed'.. it Ismowes wilb me. and
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weearstios. If they are we mooned by a stand* pares&
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Cure et inemeeeruble diseases
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It parastmen a marrillkomedleary In wli complaints aridly *m
holinertion. Onus Audit, efqr Stismari bum imennal eimada
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rectandiall and Mae Peenetatinm relaxing arierns• a Ida
land, throat and arm other part.
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knowicdsed truth in all kinds and sum. .4
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the Weak. Olikeseteil. See Panifiet .Vow. freeralene
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N roaring all the Ilene in k•ularly Macaws.
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Servesss diseases and debility.
s.d tima porienta or erliast I • peal Variety d other etalt i
IS Ap.mai irrytation. .frevretria, St. !Vitus Aimee, liorwsisg,
F.piliotir Mts. reeentanes. &c.
bl rlevoses the biped 'sews the liver in Webb, meting, bon
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list qui say these Wags he seW of 1 1 .1P.Illeirassad's Msw
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T.Mstsn of ofs• Cluing YACTe *at We hoe i. UIitLIPABLIt
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Thwrirotad's Pennine Orneisof Surewpwftl6 Is as IMITATION
of his lufseine casino
Meares &chid thm woe should deal la as souls widdi would
'seer the mot distant teseusblaree to P. P. Trotroorerr *Wide
and whirh should brie' d•es a spew the Old swim sometats
Toad of rAmplrin a ~ r d resniastamw ChemAmhi who harp 0014,
sedyntehasers who hare used O. I%Tovi usiVad'sPERIIILVIMiI
We wish 41 undrr tuna became la the alrelate arra. that
Fr. r. Townsend's senirie ■ai 11 1 114 Ik. Jsrtb Tarrasearrs
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MAWy bona and Mmes. tutdi Tien ,nott the croaked Mali kap
ken and to h tahh tothnitty that 11141 Wt. JAMS TOWNIWAD
has dllthalre sod laUlltrilt the eppwrutuitp not terant to lodes
. Grand Viairetial Ceicentrated
Resoled* .
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P.P.—Perm' obi* plirsicatio err, saw at
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Mm. Mime, the wife of Wm. N. iiture. Et* wasps
en opt" Dr. itewall qi Weshinitsm. Dr. Rom led kle
Claim of rilibeeeirbis. tors, Roe and Meet of New
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hail every iOrressise of ham is reneeriettili. end was
prontoosteed by hes physticiasta—zbenoon's Belem
was given a die prod her.
Mrs. Gantilkanti. at Dutra perry was aim ratite of
"emmoonotion by Ibis Baboon when all other rrnerelies
failed to give relief-4r wow rarleeed ins odothion. Dr.
a. C. Cowls, WWII', gel Broadway, has witnessed
its strew in several es es where soother mediaeval.*
ilea relief—but the Dales= striated likes chant'. Dr.
1:. also Witnessed 1. wonder'sl .*d. is swiss Astir
no, which it never had of delfts, briniest Bled,
of rains as it may be; is effectually eyed 1 , 7 this bob
sam. Is heels the raptured or mounded Mood veseela,
and makes the longs WNW whs.
Nei. Henry lows, 1011 Eighth ammo% was mad of
cough sod emsnluol Offeesinsta of be proremanding. The
first dare gave him woe whet' &so all the ether moli.
eine he had ever tales, Dr. LJ. Beat, IS Wage,
street, pave it to a sissevirt.lser who wee lahowilot Noe
tvinsompibm. and as soother sorely ellesid with the
asthma. ht both mei its 'Sets wore immediate, moo
wanting them to eserfartoble heath.
lbs. Lucretia midi. a., wined from
Asthma 411 years.. 81wieweellsissor relieved her et
once. sad she is emmisratively wet Wine •u blvd to
subdue Piety snarl by • timely see of this medteme.
This must is the timely nommly for Gnash., C.,014...
Spitting Mood. Li., r compleint• sod all affections of the
throat, anal eves Amhara sod Cesosemption.
Price 45 eras and 111 a beetle. Hold in Towanda,
by MINTON & PORTER. No. 1, DOA nor.
. Let Us Werke praise II
pleat remedy for Ramo, filraide, Cato, tgorillis.e.
Rflaiara.l4preiste. Salt Rhesus. Pifer. Free. so.,
Lips, Chapped Hens* Chilltdaina, !held Heed, taut e t
kinds of L. arced earn. -
Promos in all median's if Sfis, are at time. - Haw.. •••
be afflicted with the above complaints. It is eh.-r.. 6.,.
the duty at heads at finetilas to proeide and lot •
bead, ready fa any etnengeory l a REMEDY .6. , i.
capitols of renaming she .at ersqe aur..dont tau now
very treaMeeante enatpanisao.' Mow oho taut peed
need not be told duo it is a cool& it. e 1..", • mood.,
of pain, and the moo spredy toittots,slb;n
!SIT illiSeo,lll4l. The exporirer. ,st .1,
Seipp' nt to prompt thrush* keep it
int! that many valuable lives have Npn
Ilegical emperor of and wt..
scalds, ate. It instantly mope ell nem o•
kind, and prevents semi. No family .h. .bl.l rr r •It,
if, SS SU ittIIDNUMIP SpplieSlintt ..1 a 1., h,..
orulds, wapiti do mow Rood whit, w,t•st,•
dun be could do when orri.f.l, he 401.,
boors of the utmost suflittsx whirl .ru
Optician conk! hr obtained.
It possesses Control aver au . •
over modification. over ino■n. , . N.! I
biome! virtues it acts um inti relp/ c
woke, anorlyno,es•ollieni and be.slu*., at,*
complete evince - remedy in use.
Thousands have PIPE and thousands rah:, Ti is
working its way into public favor with • rapiZity Q...
known in the history of medicines. AU who tar it. re
emaisterd U. Again ws say. no family should be with
out it. The agents famish the public gratin, with bu**La
deseriling this ointment.
Ca• Foch box of the genuine TOENItIe• U
norrstase bas the dtputturs of 8. Tottery sr:ream on
rite outside label in black ink. Never purrhsse *
unless this signature can be seen. Nee tfi re t*
brut or Res bases for $l. Prepared by EhLorrt 6 'tic.
sty. Syracuse. N. If: Bob in New York at at 111.0*-
"In °Welk and in Towanda, by BUS rON & POR
TER. No. I, Brick Row. -
Cliekineras Vegotobie Purr..lllli
ARE the Ana and only medicine ever datrover..ltitai
Win positively cure Headache. Gliddhor....
Dyasieraii,Searay. - 111nsallpux. Jaundice, Pains . in the
Hack. Inward Weskaoss. Palpitation of the Heart. Ri
ming in the Throat. Drip". Asthma, Fever. of all kind
Female Cemphaints. Measles, Salt Riwem, Heart Horn.
Worms. Cholera, Mortn, Cesgha, Quinsy, WhonVini.
mesh, Conaumptkin, Wits, Lwer Complaint, reysipetas,
Deafness,itchings of the Skim Co' Nem e • tsom
plaints, and a variety of other Diseases orisine; from ~n
purkii s of Indigestion.
It has been proved that nearly every disease to which
the human frame is subject. rmiginaws fro,. imput 'SIVA
of the Blood et Derangements of the Digesti ve
and to secure Health, we must ,emote
orseetom die blood to its natural nate. nu. fact IA
universally-koown . hut people have such an aversum
so medicine, that, unless the rase is urgent, they prefer
the disease to the cure. until an impaired Constilution
ore fit of sickness rebukes them foe the folly or thetremi
duct. Still they had some excuse. for Iseretafare, mrd.
Wine in siniest all itiforins.wee nearly as usting
as 1$ eraa.beneficial. Now , however , the evil is atom ef
fectually removed ; for Cliakener's Vegatakk Purgative
Pak Whig completely enveloped with • • COATING or
crag entree seext(whieh is distinct from the kernel)
have no taste ef medicine.. but are es easily swallowed
as bits of candy. Moreover Oley do not nauseate or
grille in the slightest degree, which is nerwrioned Icy the
fact that are comporimlid en- scientiGe principles, and
clever. equally on in litetrucubsed parts of the system,
insteid of enniainethrimeilverlo. anti reeking any Flu.
dollar region. (width is the great and admitted evil of'
every other puwienigaj•-..llence.they strike at the rant
of Disease, noon ottimpure. ham era from the blood,
open the pour enormity sad hmersolly, promote the
Insensible Perspiration, cbeiste Illoutortte.
ikre—reforsto all foreign and ohnosious prides Gwen
chyle, too that the Hoed, cif whit& it Is the e:gin, must
be thoroughly pure—secure a free and hoshhy votive in
tito Wart. Lamm rood Lim r. rod thereby remote health
area when on oder ammo Use failed.
Z`' . .%.1 letters of inquiry nr &vire Erna In a..-
.aneroid (post paid) to Dr.C. V .CI.II.:KENER. N 0.66
Temiret., New Yoko* Ida atabasited germs through.
out the meaty. Parable in Tolosa, try
HESTON it PORTER. NO. 1. Brick flame ,
N. R. Remember. Dr:C.V. Clicberserk theinwenaw
of Boor (;.Meted PillR sad that maim; d the mart was
me beard of. until ha iatieJated them•ia Jew. lan
Patehtweee should *terms ask for Clielwares Bagas.
Coated Pills. and tube as ether, Sr they will be made
thiisiethis of a fraud 6,
Toing W. wv.co7 . um. ofsp,ihia-iiimhx ,
..."K to., the shop Notwett iesshe.i'• .and Bart•
kW* itotroomid litters be otgl .&kit. a sboat
public plrissmw Re in.eselo, .by • tiorrot oriesino
if meek, NO by Mope* lo ibe botoreoto bis mew
mars to mots oo sem itatk doable trot swan be ow
DONA Ibis pro # slo! oomooty.
H. will Itini mothott ions Wit. - ismiftettoo
order, Nontioti. Coif wool terms's', sail Shen
Liao!, Voitero, .8/11to sod 8004 cAilliote# alas
Ga s e s Ookra sad Austio4if•
co mimeo, Prim elf ewes aleOpiiiimbesui i■
poptirot Got work. at Its 'lidos pilot; •
,TOitsitith Ap i51i.1847
4.l_hunuiture HAIN
.insiodeg aseuriee , CBERLIN &
Pmerpt, ookvighth isj , Hlis 0.0.01
email ineserit. Thicsmin: te fswe•• by
H. C. PORTER, seVeirilt 1111011 la iletellall et the
lete fires. Teueeds. Jim 4, Ilk&
JEIO4aL, * t‘:
ro :•
WhiILOWSI4/ 1 " 1011 0M -'
abornioi Coolittatios from Go' Vegeta*rit:
to repel Disosio.
The Moot succerfelMainior it the Wadi/
it rises. YAW. Deck re liribly ereeswed
tbe faculty —with ether wotabie is Wee
of the most important diva verity d the art, end fir
roperiar b all asereperille wepwatime in ale.
Abbasid% less t h an two yeaisliave elapsed sinee its
discovery, k bee dimly AIWA over 16,000 ewes.
The nniivalkid power digress vibich this Syrup prole.
ter may be enribuirri to the, 6.1 that it is elespeaal
.pon4y of vegetable ratter% verb ens basin direst
referrnee to wow lowed awing commownsmily the
whale mars is brariltlmi; an& tbe fact that, in its
operation, it wearier. wither wawa war pain, sod
can Ur taken neder all eirestamalsneas without nerd to
bosienta ~r diet, and by the aged and the Wait with
smell efficacy. is censialy • ti simbhattrat ie the hammy
of Ileffrekar. This Zither% put up in Quart Bottles.
ad is the mat highly earrandesual Syrup is rise.
is akad st the low priori of mit dollar per ibiale, the
dies of being la give the p lent an spamaseity by
the pseebase d are bottle, to teat its valuable medial
Peollities and impairer ever disarm
The compoerad Bitted at Vella Beek and Seam
paella is a pada, speedy. and permanent cam for
Comemptinu. Serials or Mat's Evil, Erysipelas, Bak
Rheum. Pimples net the kalillievliodiolt GM. Gee.
Debifity, Dyspepsia. Liver Congdass, Spiral Af•
fretless. Female Complaints, Ulcers, SyggiM in kip
lowa Finn, Affrisides of the Bladder see frlneys.
Bilious Colic and wow Lowreassa. Bihar Caelveeess,
Colds. corrupt Hansom Ambles.. itelwrgetnetat
of the Banes. Fever and Agee. =new Grad,
Headaches, ni every kind, Impure bkied,Jamorter, Loss
of Appetite. Levenity, llferewrisl Dimeacs. Night Swats.
iVerao..s. Complaint.. of all Utah% Beersliki. Organic
Aff..etionf. Palpitation of the Heart, Corot
Piles, melt of Blare' to the Head. emery. dwellings.
!Sick Fleiolarlie, Stiffness of the imints. Bayonne ad
Imprndrece at Life.
II strait. recreant. diseeoe, paean seal enriches tbr
tn.l intiennota the lady mere effectually than
any rnrdkite hitherto offered to the peblie.
In ti•a. V. e. table Kineaton. so All vise Being has
depo-ived eneh Vents anti herbs as are commtnial to our
....nat.tetiona, and adapted -to the rme of all curable
t.. which heaven nature is inckeht.
'verven is roropoewl alt Mom valuable
cant. which have lately been discovered sad
('urn! to he rennin ecifica in thooemds of
i t. 0..0 before defied lbw beat of medial skill.
t r . r rify tt,,r ,e,. the uodereigned
thr city of New York, have in a very greet
prrsrrillecl Docr..o Goysotets Extract of
Dolt and saroapanila. and are fully assured
it ho. no annul afTl.ile the varied Syrups and Sat•
lareparations that have over been mold. • Ocio.
J h” F. -410 , 1,tn.. N. li.; F. R. Thome*. M. D. ;
M. hiVT)Ttf , i. M. 1).; J 3,... E. Morgan, M. D.;
• •tko•ri M.D. S M. Johumin,llt. D.
E T TEsTrmoNv
iore !.-rt;mor'y• in fi. rrr of the superiority of Dr.
G•cywlPs Extract of Yellow Dock gad Barsaparii
to za. r all other similar remedies.
Redd! fleod I ! Extract* of Idlers received.
WATERTONVS, iffre•s.•n CO" Nov. 4, 1847.
M. S. F. HENN trr-r:
D...r Sir—l 4,n mit a iosta to express with words what'
h 4,. tw ..;, pr v.. t :ompoutbd Ettract of
y,11,,,, IV. k and sareapatilla ; all who have hail the
Opmy. it speak of its marvellous effects in
o,rth flinch 'reline and heartfelt
sit •n neat .nn r"ntid.:nt n•ore that. no mearcino
of It. votprmor pirolniteg. Many who
have hr. n romphnitm,r for yours with pain in the side,
hivning slid pain in liti•• ilyisperns ceneral
loiia rtf appetite, i chill,. night sweats, salt rheum,
in fail all 'h e tinTa: ea that we in this climate
are heir to. tini in Or Vain* , Dock and Sarsaparilla,
al/ that is requisite to make-them what they were in
their ;Ilya if .health
We have had twelsr dozen bottles in three months,
and field wr are nearly out. Please send en equal
omoun., in-I II lice your.,
nvzirErsl CFIZEt OF' Y'Rs sTAN DING.
KT. i. , 11N % LI.E. NUNiCOPIIIRTy Co. Jim. 3, '4s
F. Br , : sr-rr--Dem. since
d was induced t.. tssy )our Vel{ow Dock and Sarsiparilla
for I)yspeteri4; had beer. afflicted about 40 ems, most
!Ism of the woe unable to cat anything without suffer.
ing inten•r►v trom its effects. I have used now only
one L,.nic of your insalpit•lo medicine, and consider
my .-If coitoly cored otokly by use. Caul now eat
a !Imola 'newt...About the sitahte.t iwonvennettee.
Very truly vnur., AN !!Ill\ V BEEKMAN
h \ i 11% N
The nubd alterative to.perhee of Dr. . "' ec•
tract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, render it pert,-
!lady applorable to the slender thud delicate coostitutinn
of the Innate. It is unrivalled in its elTects.rpon such
dismal' a* liwipient Coniutoptioni 1 3 - arefittels. Len
earthier* or White, Inegu r Menoriation. Inconti
nence of Thine. and grime, Prostration of tbe system.
It jmneadiately cooniatacta at disowning nervousness
sees lassitude so comintin to the female 'frame. anti tie
pins an eulogy snil buoy ey as surfeiting as they
are grateful.
eationt, of caters, ex i • Aturtifit' toes 10 any les
merit in this class of ern • to, but the two following
extracts of hetet* recently 'revived, inelicate.endieleet
ly the vest vienteef tha essilleies as a estuntly fist the
therests wheel le.
Nirvana. Jas. ILSrb. 1848.
Mr. Beavere.—We take pleasure la stating that
your Yellow Dock sad Samaperilla Oral pest retie-
Swam in ewe, ease. We shall ay sad seed yore Mae :
gratiVilin l " 11 1 4 ,;
"t hl uehk l4 ***P*o l 4llilkailihiCarearal
',oaraigaslii Peels — liar to brisk? 191milarlitit ittirj her
regular menstrual 11ineharare For a long time ; but
the w' of Dr. Guyant's Yellow Dock and lilinegritilla.
wee radieally eared. Had deed Tanwerenen and
where. Without rec.:Mali the ilighteat benedt. He
had One. dwagbrer die foray the arere 'maw' Plump
rend um a arlirnianalsatoply. Very reapertfahji yaws,
Theo see enanterait antieinot itatr 'eateries the
water it pseticetittt eauloial net te•011owlf to,
be initialed - urn. '
- Beitarelaw son iniy 'tip - in ajosie
iliort Milk. 4;it-aire /Ala br;
Compound Ezuoct of Yellaelieekilla.
aiming ;be taineonteinotait . of 8. F. illoonett, on
Sett °Qui& irnipOr - , mime tomb Wick ink ;
in'eny avant. ineloend lareifeaket ;44.,
jile—icit a Ain aelaneasaaly don is podosodai meek
_inciations ied anonikint ewes: Tokio bb' - Mani'
anoi; iiPima book* the aetniairp4.iteakinened
Dot gonnineoar nroneroo eainno if loskieng NM*
'p+.•t.--gattperetlp yns see 11.14. taker
lush, milnierme maim far yaienstee,'
itamember; De.„ eitrtilmyrrs YELLOW
PnyeeCti(ll. Betemeti's bikeein4,findlo:Patle,
Presitimeenonnife. N. T.: sill liallioit*reireeie le N.
Yeekc* J. &.T e. Ilk MAW' ." ilia l~
'racy Bindlo.liknkn.. L. M. Itesioni, BOO?
h. I. Pinney. t Sao. threitn. «a IT itio
ani n ies• awl Asieghtnia. *moos ,d 0 taw;
Clunk - '
411414mie : 01 " .14 "* 1 . 1 . 1 1 0 11 11 ".
ea,: waft*" a 'gnat T ildi 1140
hlaiat Ilitkolikee, akirda .
'MIiNIVETF am* ketiiiie- •-•,, /La -
Soil Wiaielairnia - R=VALABRIIICI
Mins, HIRAM MIX to)
Westent N. - York College of
mpg Aimee lioviC . p : 111 Dim
Orl C. a Tuglis's %gable 1110MMIpis IIIIaN
inarbraw tweally is shish' imetesehtir it.
.1 . ; isle by the eiesky elms it is tembiet_
• ALL OVER THE ‘woni.u.. •
les sew bosom Lk wsk eiterwiai jai vie
SW is prikeillierly sessesiewbei fat - •
D ROFRri, - ,
ell Alms of this- toweisist hestilistely oefeetwi, es
mew of beer ks sesitts. - ileepeeepitialorlseti•
esa eN temieromf the wrieety wpm; for theme Cow
iteseise eselptsiets it stash ohne; se ohm article ems
wheys yew ; siol the ewes wailed se will eseviews she
semi dwetital trete lieswyjatf. 41eetipta.
slimeeies. " •
To the Rust ova eseethdly. sea wimierter thee;
stmaillsisem prima this stealth's is eilknol.
ns fkkftrivia issimati4 is siert of Ail stirhwe.
estesibros thesesse with onselity sea celerity, ieJ
times mot hems the system pewpitlet.
• amtliglot of • :seat piled &mew it IMMEIIt~
AMY RELIEVED. and • eats follows by • Oar
isys ass d Ibis Betide : it it ftr befre nay other pre
ps...Ow for this drone, at fir say fiber dims. stir
imustiog front Wpm bisol—est peophiPt.
week beet, weakness Otte Ike.. es Whim•
dam d mew is immediately suAr by at feis dye sae
of Skis neetruine, sod a ewe is dove o week el tee ere.
It stied, se •
*wall; ► eICIUIPIUMN sod oleo for foromposolosof dodo
solo frame,
paiafel mensuaritioas. He elide has mar been of
fered weep. this which wand cure this derwagaseabi.
It may be Mind wpm as a etere sad isfiretivis remedy
east did we Awl permithal to do se mak' give •
an proof of cures in thin iiistresaing clam of eimmidesta.
eft pamphlet. Alitlinsisa Alin. dedditlefedamelien.
tionfroas the sled of saeressry.uillhad Are beweing pow•
titbit article - to act inimediesely, . and the polo:Dom
missend eradicated front the
will find the Amami... penpeithe Odds odd& Pelt
FT THE BLOOD. and each dimes from the eye._
tem. See pamphlet isr testimony of cures in all dis
eases. which the limits dm .avert ement will iurt par
got to be named. here Ageats gins them away i they
captain a puree ofwirs• m of high character, and a
ehronger array of model the Mittens of a medicine. ne
w eppemed. /l is wee of the peculiar feehmei #
this article that it never fails la benefit uk say asse.
and ifbone and snuck ere left fabulist upon Id the
easacusted told liwriiky inesiid hope on, and keep ta
king die Medicine as long as there is an impwereasent.
The proprietor would mut* the public against' num
ber of Wickes which cow out under the head of Seer
pease, Syrups. he.. is cans for Dropsy. gravel,ldr.c.:
they are podiar nothiagourd connected to gull the
unwary ; touch them not. Their assentors 'never
thought of coring each diseases till this article had done
it. A partickir study of the ptußphkt is aribeibii.
Agents and all who eel the *wide are glad hs eine
late grattitiously. Put up is 30 em, Medea. NMI; if
ea. do aft! each—tba knee balding 6 rm. more. than
two Bunn batiks. Levkas' (admit ,get - . wpm.
Every bottle has oVeares Vegetable
Mixture,ndown upoiktbe glom the written signature
of - G. C. Vaughn" on the directions and "G. C. Vanish
„in, Buffalo,” stampedes's/2e ark. None other are go.'
ovine. Prepared by Dr. O. C. Vaughn. and sod at
the Principal Office, 2011 Main stautet, Buffalo, at whole
ode and retail. No attention given to leueri unless
post-paid—orders fiorn rvolca-iyeenot dated Agents ex
lawful: post paid totem, or verbetconte so
liciting advice, promptly attuned to, gratis.
Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of thiriartic!e-v.
132 N 4544111 at., New York city : 226 Essex at., Salem
Mass.; and by the principal Druggist throoughotst the
United Suites and Canada,"as Agent,.
RTORRS At CO, Wholesale Agente, Philadelphia.
HIRAM MIX Towanda. T. D. Spring. Leceyvale.
C. 14. Herrick, Athens. A.Dorham, Tanktrann'k.
C. B. Fisher. Wyalusing. E. Dyer, Covington.
G. P.,Redington, Troy. April 12, V RIB.—
Removed to north side Public Square!.
' H .4. Chamberlin,
A. A 1.4 jute returned from t oe city
iiP.;„ H of 5' eve York with 4 a large
• • --' •-....; . ..i1k aupPly of 'Watches, Jewelry and
j - 0 , - ...ww Silver were, comprisinf in part,
I - ~,- . 2 D, the following articles : —Lever,
"--:-. , • i - L'Epittearid Plain Watches, with
, - 4 9 c. k .-.
r‘a ' „t.,.. z- , - ... : ~... a complete assortment of Grad
Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin
ger .Ain go. Breast Pins, Bracelets, Lockets, field chains,
Gold Pens, Keys, etc. Also, all :art. of SA yeti% are,
and any quantity of Steel Beads—ail-of -which he offers
fey sste eximeedingly , cheap for CASH: . repairerii" on short notice, and turirratifrol
to Toll well, or theantiney will he refunded. And a writ
ten agreement given to that effect if required.
N. 11.-3,1.4p1.E SUGAR. and Country Produce
bkeri in payment for work ; and alai. Porn nom, nod
co-eper, Mitt Mc Prruhrer muss/ irr paid adtka !h, work
ers dons—l war against credit in all its Anne:.
• ' " W. A. CHAMBERLIN, Agent.
Towanda, April lA. NAIR.
• talkies afloat!
MR. J. AN WB.. is jamas to your valsable
J.LI PAIN HILLIR, sod fat dm henget of.tima
he. vie tiorripy eeroly that we have need your-Paha Kil
ler is ear Families for rem it Emmy af the ilipeasee
far which it is misaineemilad, awl mr damn it the toes
Family Ilaftistive is slim sad mould smommeed every
family to k • simply os band, is ems of midden Ri
ms= or wi den
helmamitaaar lino Baptist elimek. Mara.
" WilGril Cossaatill.a& Clitkinl,, Tompkins Co. Rads+ Jam, Clirk.
Ante Hoißey. ; Pkrip Cone, •
fiasisgs; . Ass stay • A Baker A Rawer,
Joke 1/;401*;
JAR d Ounme;• , • hheas,, N. Y... 1148.
Igner yrtreksotes Pais Hiller - witlboat. tbo•writtes
signaling of J. Aialimin w en ilia labs* of steh Muir, in
black ink. Said by HUSTON & PORTER, and
,mtants Towards. Pie hotherproislineslanivoitinesima in smother
fokimmp. ,—, • '47—ly • .
I.9.ool l Ararras litoste -
Iterelyisr ANSI IV% diel it e, wad
t 611311 P. IDULL trifeetteliyinistake-the
VPlrereettie•eisii ^vicinity. ithat - he has iselt Isters '
ea kens Phileiielphis. arms perimitsiedy WNW is VI
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By Dr. llpbati'll Vegetable Electurr,
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A comason conaegotoce of this affection is a lied •
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stracuaticn, Ginning what is called Prolapses or filhai
'of lb* *Vela ; this is the Akita long continued im•
tenon anti weakness of that orgtin, lu some names
the patient experiences neritous pains, wh ch are hull'
cribehlo,-end-knownwals toltur safeier, which pau
myna itMadiatety after so Ono:ration, and continue
frotn,thietrininutes to several hours; these Penalties"
are trip' annoying- and enenrtintes• very distressing.—
. This disease; when of long continuance. is attended
pain and weakness it:lWe back. irntation of the ki‘i,
siert mid bladder, and other organs in the ~ teutity, pan
and nuriihnesa in the legs and feet, a sm. ,
ness about the chest, Oa unnatural fullness of
domin' al anemia, accompanied wali pull itat. n of
howl ant! °ppm..wino, Ptperimr.
'previous wan- attack of the Piles, symptons deantni
great derangement in Me circulation ; there s r ant*
of weight and preseum in the abdomen. a ith realm
Acting of uneenitsees in itielloweln constipation of pr•
rincium, attended lath - pain is the heck and bias tat.
ipso, and slight pains in the atentseb, pale enontensace.
confused sentistioni in the head, weanneas, and ink+
bk and titsratiterited state of the mind, and a sine of
fuariero and oppression is the negioo of the steseit—
The circulation on the oafs= is feeble. and thearma
of Moist determined inward and downwards. nu au
or xesmitorx Ana rourt.atare.
llpiEurs %noble glethrnry,
Cures Effectually andlkirjore prevents Part
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Hen Is. T/ecriulwer !I, lgis
ea { :ITS. —.l haw. used Dr Upham's \'eert:.,:;e P-
Eteenisry %;.hirti I iinrctire:ol of you. ,! ti ...';
the best rnetheines in use f,..4 the piles, 241.1 11.^ , fa. ,
billi;nis 3}3r.q l lollS, arising from 2n ithwire ptalr ni th'
s} - siwo. Yours, Sze.. E. „I. C[..1.14., Marble !Wet
liirr-rw.D.STATts tit nufgm % elk
New' York. Dec. 6, 1617.
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Esses. Wv %Ty dr, Krreirot--licralemea
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Or - Uptrames Yeetahle Eloctuan. for the out
Pike, I have deemed it my duty to voluntary a wow
toredation in behalf of that invaluable' metliciaa I
have hero sfilieted fir ntany year, with Oleo, and hr r
tried yttrium remedial but with so heeefteial elleree. l
baton le consider y-ease latterly; hopeless. But dot
the drat of eptesbr late. I was prevailed upon 1 1
friend to make • trial of the above nomad eadieata*
tank hies there eta rejoice due I ate not ojily relitw a •
but. as I. belie... Perfectly eons& 1 mist eitarah
reettemoold it to all who wag •Itaint the asiof atom ow
!Lod with that aratoying end dassereea
Very ropeesfelly. year ob't suralut,
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neriphins Co. (Na)'sn Nes. 29, 1847.5
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DR. CRAPiam•
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