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Free Re% Free Speetk:Frtie Mc 1!
irreetileas for rr.W Illerritergh •
Towanda, Wfaimilm,l44o i 8 1849
T lll l 11"1,1111.AL„C,
In our liporr r ithin lirotk;Nell•he band the toll
proeneLlitgs of lbw Legislator% in legoil to the
North Sta6eh. ; • - -
it wilt be seen - that the rote Wren on the 2 IA ;
imesteconsideted the next 'day, so do the bill re
mains in mach the Paine ailleform*
• ?be gentlemen who virited Hanish:fly; 'horn this
I►laee; mneh confitienee that after some
meteors shall be adopted • previrmrdterneemary
revenue; s bill vrill berptesed authorizing tbe spee
di completion of the North Branch.
-We 'shall take re.,asion, after this matter - has beett
definitely settled, to give due rvedit to shop who
Ita`ve so tibe ally and zealously at m, fie rights 'of
the North, and hold up to t.e attention of the pub.
lie, those who througlsother motives have opposnd
this most necessary work.
The last week of the XXXth Congress, renders
it certain that no busiless of public importance will
be transacted. The various measures, the adop
tion of Which . are so necessary for the public wel
fare of a portion of our country, will be laid over
for the inc timing Administration, and the next Con.
grew Except some few acts of local importance,
the present sessidn hat litterally been a useless one,
and the people might as well have been spared the
expense of their meeting.
V. I. Senates Areas Otto.
' Both branches ofthelegislatnre of Ohio met in
Conventirin, tin Tuesday bst, and proceeded to the
election of a U. S. Senator, in the (lace of Mr: Al
len; whose term expires on iht 4th of Atarth. On
the fourth ballot, Samoa P. Ciisse. Esq.; was elec
ted, having received a mlijority of four. Mr. Chase
was a prominent meml'er of the Buffalo Concern
lion, and was supported by the Five Soil members.
His electihn will undoubtedly create a sensation in
the ' Sunny South."
Fara at Willlaatarekt.
On Thursday morn`tng, .15th ii:rant a tie public
house of Robert E. Hughes, on the corner of Mar
ket street and the Canal, and therdwelling house of
Mr.Dotinell, ad . ioinittg. were destroyed by fire.--
Both pekrsons were heavy sufferer:.
Onto •oa Faau > Soir,.—The following Resolu
tions were introduced into the Ohio Senate on the
13th inst., by Mr. Blake, from the Committee on
Federal Relations, and were adopted by a vote of
26m 9 :
Resolved. by the General Assembly of the State
of Ohio, That our Senators and Representatives in
Congress be requested to use all honorable means
to secure the application , of so much of the Ordi
nance of 1187 as relates to Slavery, to all Territo.
rites belonging to the United Slates:
Resolved, That the Governor be requested to for
ward a copy of the foregoing resplation to the each
of our_Senatt4s and Representatives in Congress.
MELANCHOLY Acanwrr,---A young man by the
mune of Northrop, was- accidently shot by his bro
ther, M Canfield'sAim% in Standing &me, on
Friday last. The two brothers were preparing.for
■ bunting e xcursion, and while in the bar-room,.the
gun was discharged, the entire load, consisting of
duck shot, lodging in the side and stomach of the
youne it Though terribly. wounded, hopes are en
tertained that he may recover. This is another de
plorable caution against carelessneatia handling
TII E Paoviso IN WISOONSZN —On the 25th ult ,
the Wisconsin' Assembly passed the Wilmot Pro
v:so iri/ , tructions by a vote of 57 to 1. On Tuesday
''. \ the 29th eh., additional resolutions were passed in
the Assembly, by a, vote of 45 to 15, against the
Slave Trade in the District, in the very faugta►ge
of Mr. Gott's resolution. In the Senate ou Friday,
the resolutions, as amended, on tho.motion of Sen-
aior Boyd ; were ,Idopted hy a vote of 14 ayes to 2
noes. A-resolution was also carried in one of the
_Houses recommending that Mexican territory be
sot apart for a Colony of Free Blacks, and a portion
the public domain be appropriated to furnish a
Lund of linkman ity to all who liberate their Slaves
and'emul thew to We'Colony.
" DAILY lan. "—Binghamton now boasts fife
the Iris being mewed daily, by its en
terprising publisher, Mr. EVAXB. The first number
1, decidedly the best looking daily we have seen
published in the country, while its editor, Mr. Sim-
Inv, is an able mud graceful writer. We wish the
proprietors the success they will unquestionably
merit, is Muir somewhat hazardous undertaking.
Estri R.ricaosvd—The - bortiness on the Erie Rail•
road since the opening to Binghttunon 'has lbet
quite equal' to the espeetations of tie public, and
Ica have no doubt it will continue to 'Netted the
the estimates of most of its discreet friends. The
heavy tosses, however, by frequent coBir4ons, and
the terribte destruction of poverty, is a serious
driwtiaiek to the immediate prospects of the mad.
Pmtworr PoLis Herutipit:',Fr.—The National
„fotrHigeneer says: " leaxy that the 'resident
a of the United States intent', tocasnee the EscFnive
anausioq on i or.ahout the let of M& eh. He has en
. _
no* fith, his foukily mitil.aftey of=
,theek. TR3lc. aftfir.whichAtsy will itikm„tligir depot,,
_ ,
.12'"fitticintThe Moues of Represent Nita! Or
thirilitukoxi -Fridaylast, rip - turned - 11* Charter' of
• the de and Ohio Radraeddleis Alkdk.--Boreesti of I
Pie to Olkie Statei•liney.erhick Ants gnaw& ink
• ,Tbei - "omen Alem-..tepealrecee: fiXAMO 52,
r. - -Nayi 32.- Ttke4leinkseiked•presioeely-pleeed this
- • e 4 3
a a 13 0 1,46. 111011r110.
r jri n A i , 'Aji c ijtAr'a
• latilVit Veiledithiliql*Tie
Wise of Visric; wig laid befiirdiAb of
be Leliiitatece on the 2013.
hug at us outset,
eol wi h.Me teirttowledgmeole of the milleteter
Oeprecate the farther extension of cur grew nation•
al evil, it is a matter of astonishment that it should
have passed thromdt such vicissitudes, to the glo
rious termination whiff
ing ground from which no Northern min slim
i wbo arrinferelidittiolopegming - Savoy, should
be able toloamatiti wit iiiarsviewskigebilit woe
time, evrelfripiel . jivettes gloom the gaieties gees.
Lion of the day, elaitidefatt and the client .row o'
its frii a is weaiiii itioolawk xgt 6*, die
ease—end it was,oely the l'reettiewl.t a he
North became intakenedie a troweessiot the
question. and arpefejj . 6)4:twewletyte er the'oa - h
f irer which ihreatepiektli t eahihatiheywarelniheir
majesty, and by their melon the •eloods were dis
persed, andlikpAtteifditaf the Wilmot ` Proviso,
aseerteds-AARMitYOFh must 4 "d14 11 be re "
From the letters of the llon. ba i l WllFT.arcatTut
which we published last week, some elueoen be
gained as to the nadirs opoundi of this resultosfike
dangerous to our instiunioils and disgracethittour
country. Broached in no spirit of pasty—impelled
only by a love of liberty and patriotism, with ,the
wish to secure to Free Labor and its monk; a
prieelms inheritance in the New Territories certain
to be acquired, the Wilmot Proviso woronnmon
around, upon which envy party and sect iu the
North should have smiled. , That they would have
done so, but fur certa'a poles of which we • shall
speak •is certain. Had flies done so, this question,
the agitation of wb eh is falsely laid to the friends
of Freedom, would have teen settled long ago, to
the entire satisfaction of the South, if ire may 'ex
cept a small portion who bold slaves. That they
were ready to acquiesce in its provisions cannot be
denied. But, unfortunately, its passeo was pm
vented by Senator Davis, and it was deferred. until
the next meeting of Congress. In the mearoithe,
the South—or that portion whose property was in.
vested in human eliattles, and who looked fat new
and profitable markets to be acquired--sit about
the task of defeating any measure which might be
adopted for the purpose of restricting the furrier
spread of Slavery, Against those, then, who have
attempted to third!' the well known find mipressed
wishes of every Fret State, the charge of danger.
our and unimely agita;ion, is good. The. cam:a
which they put forth, in • open and flagrant opposi
tion to the principles of one free institutions, has
raised up the only danger which has threatened our
peace and the safety of our Union.. These efforts
have been too potent, and have stayed for a time,
but not defeated, Abe passage of the Wanicit Provi
so. They have engendered, by a factious and Un
timely course, a feeling in the North which would
otherwise have remained 'dormant, and by unpro
voked and angry discussion, hastened by year., the
downfall of their " peculiar institution."
But we complain, piuticululy, of the machine!) ,
and the influence which was set to work, to crush
the cause of Freedom at the North. But a few
months before, the country had-wituessed Cie most
severe and trying struggle for the Presidency since
days of the United States Bank. Out of the fiery
ordeal, the Democratic party 61 come triumphant.
Pennsylvania had added her twenty-six electoral
votes to swell the majority; and the Fanpire Stater,
akr witnessing at' the Be:timer° Correution, the
immolation of_ her favorite son, at the , bidding, of
the Sonny Moloch, maguanimousky forgot hergrie-
Maces, for the , cause of Derr ocm% and cast her
vote for theism:omM caudidate. ,
'lt was hardly to be expected then, that the kit:-
ence of an Administration, elected by the votes of
Freemen, should be enlisted in this unholy work.
Yet it was so: and thin Administration, for which
Magma vast Boats fell,—for which Smas Weimer
I threw into the cottbel, the weight •of his many
virtues, his unsullied reputation, and hisßeat name
--m elevate which, Freemen had sallied wi th zeal;
and endured a stormy campaign, was one pi the
first influences ,tnought to bear against the Canso
and the friends of Freeecnn. Its
. immenot hand
powerful patronage wenset to work, and all *heap
pliances which,appertain to povrer and place, were
enlisted in the unholy crusade. Pensioned and
hireling presses, hanging like leeches upon custom
houses and post offlem,were invoked4unl a torrent
of abase and icvective at once opened, to crush at ,
one blow both the measure and_ its author. The
superannuated driveller of the Washington Union,
with, the digger in his hand, with which he bad
endeavored to injure Jozsea, led off in the work.
The whole pack apened,in full chorus, white will,
which, against any leo righteous cease would have
been certain annihilation. Recreant, to the lute. .
tests of the North, was a nave passport to favor s and
1 the edict was. openly promulgated, that friendship
to the Proviso was no recommenthaion i at Court , "-
The baurg proscription, was accordingly placed
upon •its friends, and they were cut off front the
smiles of the very power they had labored so as
siduously to elevate. It is a wonder to one tiler
has not an abiding eoefidarreeritithevegenstaining
power of RIO, that the mighty intimates brought
to bear, here not•entively overdo:ma the ProSise
end its Isether. , Sat.** , Fiery.Coom of Sentiend
was not 'tome misseeloittin itreikteta.., The Free.
men of the ttth Compesikasel I Laid, wen•lmer
and bonvit men, end they tweed to defand Abair
Champion. A inniority of four dimmed, ginrea in
theist* of eireunramsom which mud *are tiostiat.
ed any other• man, vindicates, Diva Wainer *am
the aspersiatrof tdrelings, and oar District front
irretrievable diagram. _ .
A new phase is now pressman is this matter,
whi c h renders ttill • tuttni grtlximy °ki d dT nni l d :
*Ur l e I:. If - w . h r , LI A , 7 t e "..^ e n, N o!), ,
heaktf svd . .px Th, rcrssd.
~ et refer to
saeoe -11 A 0 S-P I AI r,ear;:***ippiklntir
:110„... tthgrl9lol4P IP %NW"— Ili `Zi a l i tAi i o c4ll
, . s gr o Awzragns, 01, &Omits io a arieh
, V .4 'MA . ~fVF . r " "";>. ,
•"',.. . 1 -tYrhML" &A" 'kV; ,W° take,' e re'
post from le itelegoiliCoinicrePTAdieliatrt==
'.. r .•••5 '"'', • ..14; ...'i R'-?.
a Slip, itlrCtilleltipa. obtained the floor
—brit Mr: Wirier coming iir.endleatilitly deite.
inghlit 11W yiekt it - white fit a towniatem‘heciii
sesseiland Nov% sakommilisl profound
nitgeticAt„,.nakin A Illailk disuse', and , impressivt
marines', to tiake - thafulreelit - g;pathfistreVeledea rz
l ' i 'illirll4lieittuiraliiiheoliviiiinalloi ifitiet
bele - INN Inifiritirtisilltieslfeith~rmitith sf.
walk HAW Illiedusiontile eciplainivahjiti the
But arsaimatthe bmitAmgrese, kited lattathutal
the Proviso in an importantoppropriation bit. it
did net pass the senate. At the second session of
lions .ed to pas.
Wale should tv able to morel
thought age of ouch a bill would excite hos
ilk jealousy in the Mexican "people sad ; render it
on!y more didlimilt for their own Gloremtnent to
manage ths qnestion and conclude a peace.
°The Prupident 'mid he, had better information
' elm lir. d fe he V i s Alk int
that. with this money, the peace cook hi'Proc red:'
beaten: same parrot, Mr. alma sa • t
he eared for visit - to get** exPieitsiow of opiximsept ,
ste She risotto* es the part of die House and Opp.
alt•ladireArveldjum akplillingli v _have it, in any
other form.. He, would be as matembri bathe 1t in
the form of a joint resolution. -
The 'President at •obee mmearrad iethe.idea.
He m id,.t.bna g ji is at snort"• Be-assured Mr .W 4
that each.* resolatioa would not be unpopular even
la Mississippi. was favorable to' ir. Mr. WI
supposed - he did not natio Tainessete.‘ boss se be
wished to adduce an example, of *Mate ~ia ,which
the feeling ist favor of slavery was strongest. ,He
meat on to assure Mr. W;that he did not desire to
extend shivery into any;Serritory to be acquired .
from Mexico. -.*-- - • •
-eat did aftahink sub a _pommy 4positpapt a pits
the streark:and safety of the urination where it
now existed. There was no privacy about this bet
versitibn. The miniserof ate President was kink,
eamakt sad decided. • He had.mentioaed. the sub
stance of tbskponvemation 10, Mr Woodward. of
Elgoth Carolina. at the time, who bad &skid' him if
he tarifa Mike public use of it. Ho •bad dies de
diet- d. beemewhe did not desire to mpge asthma
time in anything like a.personkl controversy. .
N Ile had since spoken of it to the gentleman
from Georgia, Mi.etepherci,Vat bid not atritteired
him to speak'of it it debate. 'Salt ma farts Ratko•
ted his responsibility. be did Dot regret it. Before
God, the feats he had declared and the words be
had peered. were strictlftrue."
By this it. will be seuthat while the Soot were
goody to, submit to its proyisiou% Mr. President
Polk, himself, albrisel the introdnction f of the Pro
trim I How- despicakielaicome...the attarks_of those
who have sought to drive. Mr.,lNT,drept.from 'die De
inoeweicr,porty.cra occount, of, this nine Proviso.—P
We.kuow PIS which the most heltriq to detest,
the duplicity, which afterwards chnrecterixed the
course of the President in regard to the matter, -or
the abject , debasement of the minions who did 'the
dirty work. : It is no very curbtable revelation in
the history of an administration not distinguished
for fair dealing with its friends. The same hand
which repaid SHAM WIUGH'en friendirip with the
assassin's dame; would not delay a moment to do
DAVID wiutcrr an injury at the bidding of the South.
This is a lamentable exposure ; we could wish it,
were otherwise. We have no desire to pursue ie
further, at this time.
The following article from the New York Even
ing Pest, will show in what light the matter is re
garded by the independent portion of the press:—
(Prom tie N. Y Evening Poet, Feb. esi
Ma. Wir.xore'sfersvutarry..The statement made
by Mr Wilmot on throrday, ip the douse of Repre
sentatives. of which Or reiderweill find a brief tele
graphic report on the first page of this-sheet is a re
suitable one, but %weariless that we read it with
oat any feeling of surprise. The disclosure made by
Senator Tappan and Mr. Blair of the Washington
Globe of the breach of faith committed by Mr. Polk
in violating a solemn and repeated promise to con
duct the negotiations Sor the annexation of Texas
according, to the wise, politic and safe method poin
ted out in Mr. Benton's resolution on the subject,
had fully prepared es for any act of doable-dealing
in regard to the annexation of California.
The statement of Mr. Wilmot which our readers
will see is to the effect that, in the session of Con
gress previous of the last, he bad • eonversation with
Mr. Polk on the subject of the appropriation of a
sum of money by Congress to secure a treaty of
peace with Mexicoi that Mi. Polk then expressed
the wisb that a priibibition of the introduction of
slinrery should normake a part attic bilfigrastiagahe
appeopriatios timid assuring Mr. Wtlmul that Übe
would latroduce a joint resolution, containing the
proviso that slavery ahoold ant exist Is say territory
I which might her Enquired from Mexico it would be
aeeeptatileevea to the state of Mississippi. be w
ired iiimitojiresentibe measure *Jut form. We
repiember to have beard, at the time when the "three
million bin" srii first pro Posed—it was ' the two
rallgoa , till then-.when it so readily passed the
House of Representatives, just ,as tbesession was
. a b out to close, and would have putted the Senate
also; it Mr. Davis, of lifaintehasetts, had not talked
'abed it suit kwU too late-to pat it to the vote that;
Mr.. Polk iwais ad, hostile . to the proviso inhibiting,
iligiveri in pie new.territory. The statement of Mr.
W~lmol—which is that of an Molest man, and
worthy of lierfeet coalidenee--gees still further,
sad-shows ilbat.not oily was be not advents to the
measure bat that he actually Welled it.
It appears, therefore. Mr. Polk was as original
free soil man, ardor the party who now resist the
irruption of slavery into free territory. He saw at
that time no objection to the proviso; it was then
no invasion of the tight of the south ; it was not a
measure at which -even the southern tapitalistat
'whose property was invested is black men and wo
rnetamoght to take umbrage ; it was a incisors
which be thought would be agreeable even to Miss
issippi. tn.thii we have little dirobt that be was
right. if the proviso had not met- with that aura
sosible obstruction ibe Senate. if its: postponer
meat to another session bad not allowed the south
ern politicians time to get' up in opposition to it on
the ground did it'endangeeed the enprentiey of the'
slave states is the government. id immediate adop
tion we have ao4ouht wouldhaee peen perfectly
satisfactory to every part of the 'eounifY, and the
prohibition of slavery in Califorod and New'Mexico
would bare been considered • perfectly just and
ressonable Measure. _ •
Sine* the agents of slav,eurners
..cenAtell, an 4
elsewhere have, bad time to form • party ip peow
dab' to the iseatiari at int 10 viral) tatisled by
M'tC Polk; be lbuitosuglit at to change his ironed..
and desert the friends of free soil. ,Wwaiiiiiionice.
etellikapoolacy, bat what shrill we say to hie per
*nation of dime Atha con tinue to think 'as 'be at
*tin ttiaaryt
What .idwdl we say. to blamed's; in setting the
newileleer..e4 l o l * 4o4 alliskor;k4s Onus's-
Ration at Iltrashington, to, derma - wee !Mr. Wilma; in
the - 6%iiiest terms for pergeverieg be Course so
'whisk be ioriginallY• advised , ila. Wag it , as
elm.; that licabould sibandoa both. his creel and
his disciple,
.but must he_ . delimit.° that diguipk,
whose only; Crime is'eousianey *ibis OM peolisii.•
lamas aihnagies• adematirwe, a -tailor, w arta
whose only object is misc hief sad egmfeskegl _ ,
Whashall we say to his eoadott in giving it to
be andenuootArougla the sameorgar; that au one
wbodlas Alp friend of free_saikrui to be marked as
the enemy, or. Xr. Polk's administration. and' treated
—aWbat *balm say Whis•removiag ,lesinnsia
*fluderfroakthe il6ge 4 4llnited 4,3tates A}tricy fat'
doiriliembritrief °Wen; York; foe the crime of
7 411011 1 14n,J,
14 dipagindaybefoire Gayest" Bider be ,
was indebtrd..farAnote_than_to_any other individual
made /I,i,p2,lresident 'or
U,nited - Statel at: I' period wise , e mehllude
to " arty Maei Who,
N:gibeeld be Woad Uhler "'etch-toed emseratier:
,pbrlyed.loceisfal. llTalllaPlas- 1 11 1, Praia r•lithiliiV
istration i Could Ilitr.Polk's zeal for his new Creed
be shown in no manner so to hil - ogra
ersaseieace ..
is imtefactor. an
o , ,biefziribjelite,W Men ;Ore - Mngig*li' bed to go with
'kr mbettudvaufagi to die` publinf. -- " " •
zr•Alfiupirieeer Worderievessiiace lila 1111
011 rigek 41 4r4041 . 41 1 4 1 CtSitt Aikemigt:
cause which beat first espoused, tlin,t,be,tbeila
rest an inquisition into the opiigiOns - 'Ol gibs&
postmasters, and order Cageblinscm, his Postmas,
.6 deal
At most !Wept jurrafo:utom. , Io the last century.
before the Tirks were iffeeted by the influence. of
European toleration. a Cnristian who took the tur
ban andacknowledgedMahommedas God's prophet
tieat ea s t o beads of.alt who would
Pigs of the Pen's Legistitiroi
IlawsigK9, Feb. 17, 13•111,,,..;
11m3ff- was? PPS, M 137
the Re*. 111 r. Winebren • •
'OW Maine of Mr. Coop66*e bill for the mint/
pledgee of the North &melt; Qmal was taken up,
ptioding,the •asagatimant-Pecriitliolltlbto oll *-
onli. of that part of theminal henpalw he •fipade.,,
shill be' pliiifod leythe inr.Vitibill 1.1001110:
IMlettby die ' -
bir.4lsebt f •beingentidedtm thw Boar, mama
and ooncloded,hia marks in fever, of the bill.,
bir. Cooper,addAssed the Hoes* in its favor. in
the tonne of his remitas he Waded' to the Mixon'
made by him lion Weidoendat UM; trelatife-to
Nort:v Bregad4fand thwinincority•neport , made by •
Ur. Birldle. , • ~
blr. Cook saki QM. reenrtetade,by himse lf
it is true , not submitted in a meelmg of tho't
mitten, tot to all Ml6° -gentlemen 6fthe Chnintit.'
tee, exceptene, who was actin hissentllr. Coop
er said holed beep told that it went intothetleunla.
of one member of the Committee, and that he did
not depend clots own judgment but it was tamed
to - the Gove rn or. He (Mr. C.) was ; end if
(len. Taylor had not and &mita en-altra Whig,•he
"hookl say be was as ultra .IW. C. said he.
had always oppmed
° Executive diciation. The EN
ecutive should bd sepiratetl Binh the Legislative
branch. "s • • • ,
'Mr. Biddle rose to make some remarks by way
of explanation, bat took his awl: intending to reply
after Mr.,Cooper shoulelsonelmle hi s ?Peed' ,
Mr. C. resumed and said, he was beyond thetttt
nre astonished when he beard that a septet bad
been sobmined totheExecutivek It astonished dm
Speaker, that a member of a committee should so
far forget what is due the Legislaiare as to consult
the Executive.
1 11.r.•Biddle then rose, and said he could not per
mit remarks of this kind' without explaining- and
suiting the facts. A gentleman. deeply interested
in this measure, (01 the completion of the 'North
BranCh,) came and brotight him the report. lie
(Mr. B.)' read it omit he got to that part thnitting
the whole responsibility of the measure upon the
Governor, when he objected to it./ se4 be said-to
the gentleman, "if loa ge with.rati to the Ea
ecative„ and he say it is agrt Of his policy.i will
withdraw my
at;liaid W. 8., *is
the proper mode which any friend of the Gover
ner ought to adopt, or any one attacked inn covert
way M . . • ,
Mr. Cooper said he never made cover! attacks.
lie repeated, anriesked every meatier •on the - floor
whether what had' been edmitted bad. not been a
sacrifice of Legislative dignity.. V)
• Mr. C, said theleliolvespoesibility wee:tot-cast
on the Governor. •
The Committee 'said that the pro fi ts, etpected
from the completion justified the reopened expen
diture; they hal almost insuperable ebjections to
an increase cif the State debt, and referred to the
language of the Governor, which it quoted is the,
report verbatim et iirenitim.
- Mr. C. did not wish to be mistaken. Re was not
making an attack on the Executive. ,Mr. C. then
quoted from the ,message. of the tkivetrior, and ask
ed was not that a recommendation of this work
Was it not in as strong terms as langttagri could
make it? The Executive was wise. •He (Mr. C.)
could not believe that he would misom Mend one
thi::g in his message while in his hear the was op.
posed ip it. The rep,it of the minority, , irbich de
clares that he is not in favor of thii improvement,
Mr. C. said, he hal done great inkistide lei the Gov.
mom He (the Governor) never believed- that
thatliee, ninety-kw miles ion, could be complet
ed without money. Pe understood ha : too wet,
the means wenee ultim a t e ly te were tolre
derived tomorethim vompeesite for the expendi
tare, sod came forward, ea a Wise and staensain.
like man, and. recommender', ii in his message..
Mr. C. asked lithe gentleman would be satisfied
that the Committee 'hail not erti4 the - responsibility
. on the Governor! -If they .
&Me vo, it would
have been no more than the Governor -desired.
Mr. C.„said be hopea hereafter 'every member
would act for hipmelc without ask i ng suooer de.
partment fin its Wince.
He, however, charged no went of courtesy on the
gentleman from the city; it was done-byoverlook
ing what was due to one branch of the legislature.
He (Mr. C.,) would be wanting in the discharge
°ChM duty, if he did not denounce Executive dicta
, lion.
After some further tetnadui on this subject, Mr.
C. said:
He might have gone timber and said that an
other branch (the Senate) had interfered and rec
°amended a minority repoit.
Mt. Riddle said he ought have been satisfied
with making the explanation he had almady male
Acting without reference to the Governor was the
favorite course of the gentleman from Mama, but
that gentleman must excuse him if he could not go
.with him.
in oxsord . to the - majority report, it mu read to
the. astonishment of eve member of the Commit
tee, except besides t he
gentleman from Adams
It-was handed to biro - (WA ) as a part Of tr re
pcn and a cyncpsisbf what the report , sraa to be.
sir. 1 1 - mid, 1 1 1,cooremies with bialliendeas. In
the North . Branch, he understood it %rococo to be a
party cptestiifn; and - that attire next session we were
motto beirthat this srestr'Whig - Ineinufe, add that'
the-people were taxed for It by _a Whig admission'. :
gen. And Ode said,,Mr, 11.- k _vre, arcto
make this understood. a report eras made t t we
wonfd bin de it, ifrirere notibeiri:CoVitte ! Gov- -
1 enter, said that othealmostionmeribledhiseimis"
dibi; Committeeto aninctems• of •the State debt, i
-Wee , overcome by plc ftwestneade!iett oftbeEz•
ecutive. Mr. 11 said he was not goinglo Jet 4!•at
tan stiffixtb*Witheitil'eldisultitig the (4oreino - r: - Ile;
Mr. 8., merely Mietalb know irhiftgentemended
additional taxation bribe completion otihe NM*
Blench Canal- , FM Oidantstandthere, Mr- Boatid,
to thwart the Executive, but he Toted for tunl :hon
ored Mirk and slinild'alaityit stand by hirri, wbeth
.Mr..ll: ' bensale - thaminseq . report at this
wit ilaMiNatialk. HP , 044 , pet P 9 fitc,et *le the Jac(
reppyt no by the genileteßt . from Ad,
ittne, wits eat sVtied . bi one of the majority ofthei
Conti/Mee: ' ••• - '- r ---- • - 9 ‘ -
Mr- Hohleinairtherseddressed.the .n 0064 1 -41 .-op:.
Poeitei to thebilicaudltapteattoot tibulftnnal wean
sap, tctshorrAltat taltingthelrhple.of h,trgetper c
,the Cermet - Was nOt in fitcifeTifeeb ro pletion .cif
'the Werth'Braiteh -Pt the trey' pthiMiet — ltti %Whitt.
~,.. Mr. Cooper NM, time. one had ., soide. e'er:.
pressiee,•O:seve me hum my frierithlP twill lake
care:Katy enemies.?'. said ,it certaiuly,ris, a . prise
saying. ife reed - the message viten &Wired,
andlnadi up hudgtnent as trrAtis .itinimenda
tieniot therttr a j eentive•them, and he liberaral him for.
die M3tdia4lllllB with, whickhe presented; hie- views,
,oit.tbie, and other tneattures, lie had: erweried_
math the friends _ of this mess* and Ike friends' of
the doieritor, arid ertitY" onethiskittrit 'a, *am
.. 4 dine. • ' ' ' '‘. " .. 4 ' 44 ".
' '-.
dr:Cooties then prateeded feebly that the. Gov ?
wet ,
ell9 l :Alt , kie cam. leMe. lbsllPF°.".
' fli tt °II I iltiok, ll l9l* le Mali Aiwa,: in
. ' - _Virstr Ae'firo and.atiffett ' ',Whale
"'. . tithe`,
.itariii~ oiiiii4y.
. ....
ing the demagogue . He (the Gerremoirila reo--
al t iZ I
. nil
ally; it was low tfrie mum
sho r eld show their' repiat
jority had done so, and they had. die mom
perhaps it was be cause the minority had the less
power, that they thought they might. throw courte
sy torhesr.
rI ra cminesy implant
ea 1;18 aixth alcoortes h
y i 7 sc. ,
PLOW to 'treat o ,ers; en . er,.sa s' r... was pre
pitablii tit aiesiatterterittienceolrconiteriYirhietstitint
ineweshibib, , He hoped sheathe goatleautai .frata
the:cilt Wuladiewat,by.therpletkol thrt,tpuks,vl,lo
Ail "artery, if he hall' it in b a elm, ,
Mr Still dienapokiiiibligniaftifilitibliptitition
- Mil Little - eddressed tbeHossiireits favor, ta.,
king outwy able atilttld liew:9 l 4he i reitOus•
1114 bylaw qtpulutling, .theltricedsof email.
ore were itnsioni Vs hive itivitte taken oh it. '-
Mr. Telbo'mbil•ll that - tha *tnhei-iisaideratitin
of theshbjetebe postponed for•thes-pnotait4 'when.
-Mrpoialephesittaaki barPlzsidllTO 4Fir,• l . - /
ipg incompa? ~if he dittnpt thank the gentieman
born AiTanis or ibeiessUit lii' had - read 'Cara'
slementatt tales mid itiurtitly. , -'biri'Briaitlp
ftertorshould always „consider , them sts.the,
t impermm,.. .0E allAungs, **IL gadiaatelliarYi
t 'an
d•spciat, courtesy hall, elevated the gentleman .to
e Simile if the I.Yriited , elevated
Td reiard ' to the
itinfityleroott, Mr limstrid;'his showed ir mull Oar
'Woof the Com roitiseswha werein their seat ' ,
.a moots: orawlmarAmforeit;wap,ceact_ „,.,,, „
Mr._cooper,nt his sost, l The gentleman is tin r ,
der no Obligation:'r
Mr. liVeirich fteitimitin 'tsited thelloiso, - bot was
interrupted by thalhour of adjournment. ~•-••-: .-
. `, • -- Ilsnassovia, .Feb. 21:
The Howie was again ortiptgsaidoringthrt greater„
portion &Otte morning tr b o the hill , providing for
the comPletion'of the No 'Diana Caput. lt-vras
opposed by Mr. Ealdent - of Llncastei, and rap.-
ported by Mr: Fisiterfof this same - roontyi-at -Gen.
siderable.iength. ~ . „ / , . . :,. ..,,-,
Gpn. Packer then * took tlat floor, and litlroml the
Home with a most A an t argtitnerit' m anppciii,
of the bill, urging inIM rate action, He 'referred
to the terribleiesponsi • • Whiotseotne•snerntaria
feared to incur, atxtd • that if be wished :to
he thought ef hereeitm, - e Aroqltl, hate ikiuseribed
in capMs that he vote 3 in favor id . tl'e comPletioW
of this iniprovement . I th ere vas nayrlierwhieti
could - confer Immortal' y',. it leas ibis. The dia.
twlxldsd the valley. 0041 whictsibe canal , would
pass, were more priceless than the gold of Sacra
memo. - ,
- Pd‘s the"biltiiid therheinitible Speaker in coil
clusion,-and-yea srill.tiee -our hills leaping like
lambs,our Silo& ciappingAtatit ,bantis, sadour v 4
legs rejoicing _togeth er.
The discussion was furthe r by Mesita.
Laird, Filler 'and Btirif, andlift Cooper at 4ength
obtained-the Hoar. His-speech in favor-of the
wall One of die most eloquent that has ever been
breathed from his lips.,
Mr. Cooper was listened to with brealldems at
tention by the body 'irbiebhiiwad immediately ail
dressing, and-by the throagingmultitode which fill:
ed the -Lobbies and Galleries of the House. It is in
rain to attempt to do justice, to his remarks in a
,dbrief notappice like.t is
his. H eloqueoce, to b e picp-
tiy recied
- The Hodes at be , kl - tuliflemoon *notion to-day, re.
miming mod continuing -the- discessiorr..-apon -the
same bill which had occupied their aftention do
ring the morning. About five o'clock, Mr. Rill
submitted an entirely new bill as a substitute for
the one under cormderation. The previous Titra
tion vrascalled, and - the amertihnent rejected by a
,vote of yeas,33, nays 63,, Th e . rt. was then then
up ori the first section of the anginal bill, and it was
negatived trY , "a vide of yells 46, 'nays 50 ; as fial
,Courtucy, Dig4l, Quiresn4.,.F.U.4t,..Emety,
Fisher, Frick, , Fuller, George, Gilletpia, Hastings,
Hen.szey, Herring, Hoitz,'loot7., Little, Luckenbach,
M'Clrunont, Hugh ,M'Kee; lcihn 'Meek,
Mp Poercem Porter,,,- Pratt, -Bak Roberts,
Schoonover, R. B. Smith; John Smith, Seeder, Steel,
Stockwell, G,l . 'hob!, !Ntdtots,Wittlea,
Vikox,Zeiby and Packer, *arbr---46.
•• ' Nsys . Massis. Baker, Salk- Belles, Biddle;-Bole,
Bon o :Corny* lilablemnse D, DIMON H. 8: Byers,
_WIT. Even% Fewldrvi f190,--giafvi
Greye, Hairpson tr lttne s i. Xirk, Laird,
Lamberton, am h , `
rig, .111Tarniey,
IMPrallochr M'Dartglifitt; I Martiti; -Mori, - Miller,
Morrison, Nickieson„.Notde, Duty...Redick, Bose:
berg* nullieloßelherfnos , Armao,
net, Wm. Smith, Siiively,Stutzmay.Swartzwelder,
N..rhOrn p Werra, Witithers=so:
TntrAttaf,' Feb 22.'
Prayer - by the Rev: Mr: 'COW: '
me. GROVEuxived that Ale -House reconsider
tba vote given yesteniay, .iftentocui pyi. the bilL to
complete the North Branch canal, when, the yeas
nays being required, are as fcilloiv :
Yess.Meisirs. 'Sol& Cart, "Oxipert Comyn, '
Cart, Couttney, Diehl , Dimean, Emery,. Felon,
Fisher, George. Gillespie,-Grove, klattAings t Hens-
Hemag f Hprtz, Lille , Luckenbach, John 11'-
1 Nee, Meek, Morrison , rixere; Peak* Porter 4 :Piati.'
C Roberts , Sehorniever;' Shaffner, IL - }r: Smith; John
r smyth, Smiler Steel,-StockwelL. S-rortztirelder,l
-TuAart, G. T. ers, Wattles ,W ilcox, Wilco .
Zerbey and Packer. Spe aker -43. -
Mits.—Mese/C*lM Bet is, Piddle,' Bull; 'F.-41-
leman, David Eienns,*: Events, remold, Vegely,
Gordon,Orittinger;HampsonvHirg, ings,Kirk, Luitd,•
Lumberton, Large, Laubach, Lewis, Leng,.M'Cart
npy, knaughlin,Martin,lslar.u, Ot
to, Redick , Robb, Rupley, Hyman, Seibert. Shirp, -
Suively, Stahl* Sunzlinin, N. Thant Withal
and Witmer-39. - •••• .
So the question witedelerrained•itt.tho raffirma
live. . - -
The bill being again
TLE movidirlifmtialite'the beihifletiitiltioration•
of the biltforthe-preeeer; imhirh Itystapeed
Mr. LlTTLEoiferied ar reeoletion.that the bill
Prf fclftfhe-aPPnintinF9l.9ll"cflll44oM9 to
angers the damn done by the riptiitcomeetion
ofthe NortElliknehliftriarbirnAte the 'ipeetal or
der for fleirnderiest whirh.twas aorvreed to.
,Csuipant min Six‘Err,-R-lire copy, frpmthe
Wailiington.alcibeoryesteklay i a letter from Capt. Fame tirMajor Geherat Jetisuki; dated" Stan
eiseeitieeember2s, 111411. lltmre.. a `very " nnifat.
teringaroups oftherontlitionehhinw in that coon.
. 1 73r,, , 5ad bY.e,ejettent-agrega, i
Vitt Mr. A lbeftee'e.
statement oz inerou orer turf quiet n ibe ;alit
'counlyy. "Tbia ihsetiPaiiey`intiii by
. seppeasog that Mr. Aiheitoir,' alismehant and land ,
beldectie leleividettin. !tiring -thief most favorable
,accogq;sof calikaa l sllita caft-Foltqn, a, g?'-
errunencethee, it,eqriallyintere4lits representini
inbiety 'to be'ilisortgamied . anti diegrossest - 4Yeesse
'es committed. its order to Mare the govern Meet ter
41e:tin itsambocitria afipoinshir.proper-rithrers
nevein-ihf c9en..P.-Wa-AlaW l 10k trriscile,
such ditterent Statements, coming ,from , thb same
place rind refeiving to iiitibe tine: '
P/ 1 9 1 U 11 7 1 0 3 *SIA , A* ALMWEVID 637 , — . 4II
irootodioto !al extra maim of the ffitstattrd:of
Miseratippi dentaidetf* the 'citzents Hail I
eiriLiceoraitt; in that Stair; for the puiffgait kit 'etrire:
gitt -*mkt!. S lust Pram Saab-, Pe‘
wail" theAtivernor t thay marmot that_toe :Sores
of Uai-jillid2 'Virginia, Kentikkt, - tuirrltiirro - arl, 4
where alitert barforiatiefftorbe flrofttitA ttie
'onceittio tenon,' ithiekrlaves are - held arennow
.throwing:an klaxon.* black popolotiOrt Ortthe
3140 )1 0 1/ 1 4 0 _1)4 4 1# 1 1004 itO•minerl loylSmesri
01 1 1*KII*1 1, A2R19 ITO "'id this result
totopabilttaispd-the iithhieretirthe'ilavie'
_States to retain their slaves whittle' , • •
, Wrders. -
trut confidently predict, be atiLantilt-iiinif
szru tore of the kind in Europe ; and that is raying
a great deal, when you think that the credit attach. ,
es entirely to American.-skill."
The ar. Loris DTxr, etet,lt seetnr, from the
ltot had their iroirblie l nkjal. -Theatteciefim by
Si. Clair Cireisinldrt Morterid fetrefrsed by the
Supreme Court of Illinois. and the uljwwlion atraiis
Oat Aix
Ombitikli,nsp~4Marile d itiMiPit•
ort trtito tee 0 mp=oreu, Ms!
ends the contest; et jeast,po fiias the present pars'
lies to are_meeritet thelleNieg of del
-Truxieceenrate Viaseiria:,—Thearliel, of 04.
trig ti4khemafter the govemo& sc l alktrom_ i timd
to ,
appopir 60 Ifohhilitiii* "int lii - Vivine
Prornieir •
49eik +4 4 c4 Vltrm DatI A .Dee—MlSinnril im m•
inalel oire.electintrit ongitiss'br th Free Soil.
:etfi ortliPllrdsDiiirieroflilartliirfitAittbi lie had
pieviessly \beeirnernisteted;by.lbe-Whig" s.
t .• • • • "44 ".• •
0::r Gen. Colts - 11.cpos rupg . to a teltr=ra. phic
patch 'friith *ftilio lintrilhafbßy Tor Wash.
ington otethe ikeihinst.• r. • =
4sPto *ma-
/177-44 1 ,11Firt, 4!7. 1 !!s Allfyitied r nsc,lpktg. with Z. s.
GOODIE/JCR /b. s'ON, for aulakriptioit to the Brakhrd
.fletitart er! Or gii*-itlaiiijeOtijetbirtilir; re the 10th or
Ikceinber. 1817. are hereby notikedithattlisikokaaratad Ina
lOU be ,1111. ys,ql.4.kuttieeffir the kaice for tcatßoicui,cort the I q
of lVarekt nex t. and isdittersaintate praseratioaa corranteted
tritbetliatelY ihaiekTei; bait bait
eased mon than a Telt; assisespi
tlearmt: ll 94 drAProl. cant= Jeliky.
FebEnati 708113 / E. P. GIpOIIOBICIFI k SON.
qtr'Afi A ieailbe siotheiltitiffilti•Othidis, will be MA
enutAlusi !:!, 1 9 4. 11, 1 4 t hem
s b rom zi f i rv ii celeaceiven. esd
be one whole desirous ohicquiregg w diem*" knowledge 4
• ?raw otheviteed hptil 1 'Feb 19.
• 191 1 -L e i t r ic ra PRQOF
Of pie . power. and' nf :Dr. Thomson's Cam
pound'Syrup 'fir Consumption.
a • • Tffitailatatntt. Matelel,
1 hereby cert. ty ;hat iia epearynllSe.ol Mantled and art
leCted 'COWL I
lay dnar fireman." ortsfy affeeted. end for a
low Woe 1 iiimoktGreikm*horiegigq.paiaLin the breaat.obau.
nate copgh,and diffieutt expertoratitm The symptoms daily
eviekeneot.lbop weans lo.vseialgeemeedies,
used ThompacroGyrtapoutid Syrup of ray, alma
Areeirel•lierieit einailiefokel fraffiskettlaree books
E EVAN-S.:Fayette , low lard
- repared - onlir at ilia . - edrani - din - ft sod 'dyruee an,ßAX AU.X...Tortedatax. •
' I no,
Wordill-pednips barer Mnall:eitiaista• tar the ravages of this
dreadful dtr.sor in a single rem ; then told the fearful mo
lt:lke of hene'eut *Why Mtarotn auea of the Lamm Helms
thaw., Asthma. Coughs, Inane.. Rea, Baniehmis, and other da.
miser of the Lungs arid Liver.
Motobe list armada poi:waren tologialDiorpiroofc4 the fatality of
thaw two c4wwies apt il : lll#llroniust to know tioa
neatly idt of tiois dread Tame of tkomiao!_jifc might have boo,
preventedWirt .
• .1
lir new benabefims the public some cgia
Team and is the Miffing preparation Wins the Wild Chem
Teri. -4. fts reputation its I remedy iarllonglits, Colds. Elnisvis
andL_Cosynactionnf tM Lane hasentemirely moo nam.
triasie Inerns, owes but Mile to inflated newspaper pita
Those who give 'a trial. being benefited by it, morainal.,
it to thhir neither", anitaim - yreadtintly and safety hn ,t
gamed nn eeratile reputnaisn'nntS worked ha way informal
use. chin Male note: Li* to con a recent Cough or CoLL ,
while with suit attentions tn.the directions that accompany
'inch bottle. its - riseln - Thinunnity diseases of longstanding and
of thlr owillrollilieiVig I:ibis:aster, *always given nelieE sni
inve,ry7 many insMoce• has elkeled.sainpletit and permunti
Deanne Of the wOrthinsar "Illtters." .rWnw
,4krc., us they contain none atlas niMwislotthe original lame
. .
.T4e t iorth!lal.4ll4lgemalir.wyekt bbgtiepared by Dt
ANE:saine;Cdeakbtand Race streris; Philadetphia. and
Sr sale bf *Him fief* parteattiei Vetted States, and
1411•441bearr. , ;
DNA*, vrbszles‘lp t asid AwsTON poRTER, TO.
:slum* and by C. ti.,i,1f4219C,
e ODIMIA 1114-4astiral*lmilbaleAs *Mime of mankuld: Some
0 . 1 sfuso.oloi cop4ort, opjc . ty corm* Rr s osponty whits when,
coustaptly stroisie Willtintsiirtatiie . aittersity. Poo.
hoetii"eiortoktilit iroitiirthfie-tliiiierie. ems; thorns' logllm
Thethileseateerinems impious/ON% bilttiol-is nom the less
ei;oo% . ,Mtx not *Ate of the Ira
of Itirc two {imoyed, aqd should w OiCAtivoi elidortror to MOM
•th 'ei it s` ,- ; - * 10 , 1 , tv,
- Dr. Ittersoaltritstmet of Yellewilleolkaird-Sersapannaten
.r.ollullreSoll ,l 9PCOrcli.!rf , a/Mtle se r txotton an equal fatter those who wow seem more ktrtunate. Go Mr. MM.!
Virithk' Vri` itahirtoti will war b*
Harr ea , - •
At Wvalosmg. on ibe Wu by the' Red. Samuel P. not
. At Armin/04'W wukaaamsettliesliAßN
gal M the same &tee. ,_
Jn Shrshequm. on the e2l inst.,lo-tbe Rev St. .T. Villmn. V!
'l6-"Cmilpvilta.'Thorsist - ilNAM.sienbis Ma/A. by RV/ P."
' kl f ay D. D.. Mr. ?LATHAN P. CAMP, to Ms* HARRIET
-fl t 4 11.-s, . .
„ ,
..,.,. .
~..., _, pied, .. ,
In gite'sit;i lu in,ll - inu4 "Gilrorgitisiii4itivii. cArgr.t.w:i
..,otarie talaßahualltißialiealklike Pit Nun -AA - her age, la*•
mg a lair merrol'uvradro - tooarn 'ter depanure.
V it'' -i' Sth '
41 Elmira. N. n on thi l mo Hugo tne I_ iost., N. I allsr . IS,OC
- • 'BALDWIN?. if 4 h.romobildailawf..,
~ ~ , -Nentabsaimicmcips.
11,11Tikt r— .4311 - 78 - 77ticiiii:i. --
,( 41.44,4 trafiliisilo k thi 'Waite of Hon
'..M. - IFUTTLIIIA iittesiethlwittetf Orwell toenteLP.
wiwberelw.iftquestmksceftells...peyenew, etithout de ll !'
soil - kivae„,§pliox e t letiutettst,saii4, estate will plow
'Pre,ele r .p,l, itlfequi f y, Tithesoleaulfor epidermal. .
' ' ' 4l NNEHO:t BARNES.
~ omairehmityitiol/4111: • •.. Adreinisuiter:
' PARII6OLAIit' 11C E!
L :::1
1p VERY person indebted to me. tw note We etherwir•
'11 . '14 itisettj*Wilisdthst ierweedists , pjawat mew zr ,
Axibeadmermiktrey subjected teas 0 11, 4 11 1 veek'e" ~'i
I .iyeu-,eoileetiori. !gui l t ibis modes wit be:ADS:We g
without putting tile io the weeerwity of *cirri my 111 ° .
titbit& iri thilkuthle of et titagistraWhir huliserimbelf
pm atone., ,• ...34elthil. - - T.D.-C. , HALL
aA.llllOlw - attllvisr- man
icor oilier*" 4tradrad
•la wilt be exposed to be preedso,i
MsalplowislopOltiodfoolLasiAls m sts BATURDAT
2/ 4 4 141,7 PCAPRiIa.-1549. at two o'cite i lt, P. Pal,alitha
"c:ernn . piaci dried Ifintlialleitig to said townstifk
fatikYiektita imea, telineet di
Val* bylowillifit.Wotd, Immo ily hinds of Soo
.o?NittowNll:o3 of Woi.,Mortiooir, Welt b 1 ;,•
41 *b Orryilleto ' Try. Coataisig
7Adlitioassiorlilaeri; nod tams lime ikon's. 111 11 °
Alaska - C11A0.,-,DRANE. Administrator
k 049. of Win. Knas.3o.
F•¢ vs , .., -,,,. TAKE- NOTICE! • •
-,64 'LL Peon* .iteieted g to' d sobsdrihei. sitter b!
pei tek
44 "- balk :IPeeentotost. settle the same blth °
lit lin O. ee, eai,kes sestiiiSill . bi leek withost R
.a 04 11,0 ''.
' ---
httMf ''' B. T. IFlbt
Ti.ilarkrkold„as:tokalow_the 20 th jail ' mu.—
Prolv.,;selanolh th is hydro
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. • ..114111sriaRkaintaariosivedini -
Ansley, reb.?"-1849. AIOSBEIL