Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, October 04, 1848, Image 2

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Towanda, Wednesday, October 4, ISIS,
Gen. LEWIS CASS. of Michigan.
Gen. W.O. BUTLER, of Kentucky.
roa myna:inn.,
M. LONGETRETH, of Montgomery.
TOR CiNA T. commiwtoxr.rt,
ISR'L PAINTER. of Westmoreland.
ion. DAVID WILMOT, of Bradford.
' Main TV?.
EDSON Arr.:l; w ALL, of Welts.
VIRGIIIrriII AND ittVelliftlll.
lIORATIOr BLACK, of taster.
s. WIIITM CE, of Standing Stone
' • MAO:IES,
T110:11.1iS J. INGHAM, of Asylum.
Clenerts/ Election. Titesday.oaober 10.
Presi dentin!, Tuesday, -rorember 1.
If the Freemen of this Coatzres.osional diAtint jo
not exhibit through tlie: I ballot box, at the cumin , '
e;eetion. their scorn anilrklete , lation of the imperti
nent interrned.llim; by ;lie otiiee•hohlers of other
states. in the aff.iirs of this 11i , tr let - e -%% e "shall be
greatly tlu,appoiidttd.
IVe hare once before tietil :I , lvertPtl to t l le late
of I-aac ILII, of New 11.imp..liire; to this.
•. and his treble and far-tetclied episode in re.
;.;:tia to the movement*. and opinionA of
Itz.-10. The truth is--ant it cannot be concealed—
the real object of Lt. -a,lvent in Bradford county.
was to urze on—perhaps ARRANe.E—the notable
N-lieme now in opeiation to iles.troy 71Ir. Wihnot.
11'e ,hear the oc,ly publicly avowed object of hi‘t vt
t here - tea.. to -ee an a•zed relative residing in
Sus,inehanna! Wheti at Owego. he wac some
rodri-wi. - er the object of his tiri al mi—sion. than
w hen he reached To;ianda —and, daily dileer
public corrtevance from the former, open for his
accommodation! Strange. that llis F.xceller,cy,••
a. Mr. Cash fnison - ,el) styles him-in the correspon
dence got uo on the occasion--chould Kr travel
some forty miles out of his well known mute, to
stay a day or two at Towanda! Then too. how
deep and burning mist have been his anxiety to
behold his aged relative once more this side of the
grave, when he could thns tarry by the way. con
cocting political schemes, and fulminating missives
against Ir. Van Buren, to whom this same Isaac
Hill owes moat than to any other living. man, ex
cept it may be to John Tyler! We intend no re
flection "upon several worthy democrats amongst
those who united in the letter to call out Mr.
political reminiscences; because we ° know well
enough they intended no countenance to any schem
iniagainst David Wilmot. But we think the real
motive of the visit cannot be' mistaken and the
pains taken by Mr. Cash too, to revive the defpnct
title. "Hi Excellency, - is so democratic! Like
Gratiirto in the play,
We thank thee, Jew. for teacivar as that ward."
" - His Ercellercy. 'mar ! How paid it sounds
—and how it will make the Democracy of this ills-
trict stare !
We (urn nor, to, pay our respect+. as in duty
bound, to the distinguished Senator from New York,
who so feelingly lamented on a certain occ a sion
that he was not born in Virginia. Almost the only
thing, by the nay. in which lie has the sympathy
of his constituents. We are informed, upon what
we deem reliable authority, that the late edition of
the "Ow e o Gazite. Extra," of which thousands
have-been circulated in this district. was got up un
der the supervision of, and the expense of printing
probably rand by. Daniel S. Dickinson, Senator from
the state of New - York. His Southern aspirations,
tastss and opinions are so strong as to lead him to
disregard all sense of propriety in this traveling out
of his own state:and attempting to defeat the re
election of Mr. Wilmot in this district—beeanse he
has resisted to the last. the pro-slarery efforts of
Dickinson and his compeers.
Not only have we traveling emmisirie.. hot the
mails here. liar months past. have teemed with docu
ments sent into Ibis district Imm abroad: of a char
acter evidently intended to mislead the peopte. in
regard to Mr. Wilmot's position on the Free Soil
question. There i+ no mistaking. the plain purpose
of 'all this. (1:::r There u a ride ?read. runlikssarn.
Tirary to destroy AIM, at any'rnt, and at (Ivry her-
Nom, :re make no objection to open. fair and
manly opywoeition. \ Let SPnater Mekinson, haat-
Hill, or any other-of the mamma of power coniein
--tothe Di:tract, and meet Mr. Wilma face to Ems*
argument before the people, and dien convict glut
if they caw, of Andoning the rights anikinterests
of his tsscstituents ! But this creeping abotittooder
false and hypocritical pretences--striking by stealth
ter stabbing the dark, in the name of all that is
h - onorable anil 1 d r we picag azsina. lie it now
on his trial betore_a generous and free corwitueri
cy: and sure we are, winger& may be their final
verdict,. they will never tolerate such ignoble and
skulking efforts to stake him downr-by the tools of
power in " high places, - or by nelaS2ll4.l =Lissa
/ism from other states.
Coot, Test,—The Bullheads at ilottets cart
their candidate, ledge Brewster, the rqttiar math-
Rnylar ! yes, reptar is oppeatioe so the
ttorninatiost made by the Deleptes of theedersexua,
to patty. Btf.l and Paton support entdareomma.
ho w , ! The lardy r•rulatity we have kaorro ablaut
shernfor the last four years, n, that they are
°peck:ea to Jims!ticratac uusuirtatiew :
:The, Ire 7 - -
~... • firalrinmber DIA 1.
Ili i
. Sail Abey !.. lirales :
„... 7 ..,,
rat sh C. Tl, e . '.'.. . , , t . ~' .. *
te blv 1 Twat.: , e -. . I _, s . , f -•-, B
1.413 it fact -2:, 4 - • u ; O n e
hylifte on 1 t).. .- .Y.: . n. ola , the (
DAL B ly , on, 1 W."• ' • i . and ot ,
before their a eyes. A large space of the first num
`..i.,.,ts itgyoted too ition slam! anttlebuse of
lion. D.-IVilinot, t e r,egilar i — tier . iC can ia .-- .
fur Congress. So open and barefaced is their nppo
•tilion, that they hare placed at the head 9f their
paper, the name of Jonah Brewster, who WAR brO' t
out for the occasion .byithe, #a?Faaizera, vol . ely
',Or the purpose of cliTidingilie derpotritk4ote, and
lipaasiblarelectingiimiafedevala •,- .
Akjiml:ste4.4a*,-99 if Irma Alft slwhilr 14 a
nomination. Thipretended letter of the Conferees
of Tioga county, is Armen op by the Tioga Banner,
as a FRAUD and I FORGEft r; and he will receive
no support other than from those whose sole object
is to break down patty organization.
The men who surround anti control thopirarical
paper, openly declare they wilt net support Mode
moor:ilk candidate for Prothonotary. How many
other Democratic laminations they wiltoppckse, re
mains to be seen. 'Wok out-for them, '
Factlon and Faliehood.
We understand that E. W. Baird, &t., since his
abandonmentof the Democratic party, embraces
every occasion to abuse and traduce .some of the
candidates on the • Democratic ticket. His venom
tis panicutarly directed towards the Hoe. David
; Wihnot, but occasionally he opens his vials of in
de„mation upon Dr. Cranial, the candidate for Pro
! thonotary. We are at akw to conceive what ex
case he can render for this opposition to Dr. Cran
; dal. but we understand full well - why he opposes
Mr. Wilmot. It is his nature to envy everything
good and valuable--to malign and abuse evelytme
above his own standing, and to, detract from the
reputation and fair fame of those whom the people
have elevated to places -he can never reach: Per
animosity, with him , kuovrsno bounds. His
motto is rule or ruin, and his conduct and coover
j sation go band in hand 444. his passions.
: We have been told that in his recent speech at
Wellsboro . , his malignity towards Mr. Wilmot was
unbounded. He reiterated all the stale and on in
' futed charges which hail been made on tanner cc
ci,sion, by Mr. W.'s. enemies, and reached for
their correctness. although he had pronounced them
tales over his own signature. We need repeat but
a solitary instance; one on which Mr. Baird dwelt
with much apparent felicity: as- certain to convict
Mr. Wilmot of everything false and treacherous.—
allnde to the charge there made by Mr. Baird
that Mr Wilmot entered into a conspirar) in 1838,
• with the enemies of Judge Morris to defeat his
election tar Congreas and procure that of Mr. Wil
Ha ' &r. Baird torgonen. that he had on a former
occasion r3luntarity giren the lie direct to such a
tcharge. over his own name: anti that his denial was
on record to disprove his present allegation! Use,
we will refrta.b his recollection by calling his atten
tion to the following card publishedin the Bradford
Reporter, Oct, 241, 1344 :
The solecribers Democratic citizens of the Boni
of . Towanda, recollect distinctly that on the day of
the General Election in 1833 David Wilmot, Esq.,
took an active part for Samuel W. Morris the De
. mosi-.litic candidate for Congrass: and further, that
we have no knowledge of any attempt by ?dr:Wil
mot to east off the name of Mr. Morris and foist
1110'61 William Willard at the head of the paper
in the place of the regular nominee, and we whol
ly discredit such an imputation.
! '
(KT Ephraim is joined to his Idols--let him alone.
„ Fadteirallua wa4l►Aistisa.
The Bradford Attu, is engaged in %sold yera.
tiott of vilifyirq, and misrepseseritEat Mt. Viffnuit„
the Democratic eatulidate forCongresi. theintle
pendent and fearless stand s' gentleman
in Congress, upon the great questions of the age;
has secured tot him an enviable distinction, and -a
deserved popularity with the whole people of thi s
Congweeional Etistria. Knowing that many liberal
minded Whigs ate disposed to sustain Mr. Wilts ot
against the powerful influences broveht to bear
against him from aliniad, the Argus commences
the work of abuse and misreptmentarrort A mean
attempt is made to Ilium doubt over Mr. Wilmot's
position, and, to Ore plausibility to its charges.
open falsehood is resisted to. The - Avon and its
coworkers, Bull and fiance, seem to have a per
fect uriderstandirt,T=while the Gilmer charges Mr.
Wilmot withal:Rising the Whigs, pcstirq wordsend
sentiments in his mouth which he never anew*
the later with equal disiegani of troth, charge him
with .playing, into the hands of that Party. Mr
Wilmot's character is too firmly established before
the people of this district and . indeed, leftise the
whole country, to be effected by the misrepresents.
lion and fals.ehoods of his enemies. Honorable and
high minded men of all parties, at Some andahroad,
vmpect and admire his Bailees and noconsproceis
im support of the great principle with which his
name and fume are indissdubly associated, The
etiona M his enemies:and Amide= teschteets.-to
prostrate him, and with him thereakmthti
hews his name, yr* prime friridessaesi vassailit;..
Faction may esnitiplytestoflideMilignitstiimprete
tee shall betoken frenteiveyflownslann iistbedietii*
and yet hisetapaimwiljnikimpithant oyes them
ail.: The -tgreat.impulserimmotis afatillthlMlL-11*
EteederwautiLibm manse mil--sailyanmeuni mid
sastaiwirins, as the bold and isuriegiahanivisa .a/F
their ri g hts. --.9.4„rs
• A Dorwrir
soo to scdpect,* said Mr.
re and to as article in a certain newsraper.)—"thas
I received that stab in the dark from El—, or
" Mate yourself perfectly eas on that teiwi t nsaid
Ifs f lend " I can prove most legicarry that ybante
wrong in youi s¢Ticion.•." s' How tor h Why
firihey-nre teflows win troalda r f stal at a, Wig
Dixtumu. litioroax Titer—lba hewing -an
the nomination main the ..Naaienal itchument
din county; . .
Repreakitiece—Gmes DsWes" of Pike.
JiMICIDLAH Hess, of Leßoy.
; • *ylif : —Vra. S. tkixaccs. ofTtn.
ProtEriv`Arly-44,tri'SfeRras, BeiTivorr.
ReriAter"egoilboxrden,lnt. GM/MA of Spoithfiell
Comenassism",ja mr ix.suos, at Wes.
111-ffioiria% of l'ae.
co -, ..uer—Frentrs Li.I7IXORE. of Froarm.
iii r ~ .., , _--~
r". °mewed 41 .1
UM" OU -m
I foil , •
to serious
'c friene
ig four
ing to thi
fee oftile Demmimic party ipon .
date il a -Congrelbe r for the enacting election. We
the ruwa Banner, proving conclusively that the
pretended nomination of Juke Brewiter is h bar-
faced find upon she party, got up by a few faction
istedlodi dtttorgat4zer.s9l.,ittAdford ,and Tiosa,mhich.
then am r stiettnisting *III tiff 'upon fliiio tioiteiivg
thq,fr!lfrakg-P .nomination of Jattge MTstsr was
never made, even by the cMfireeis'OT Tic va, but
Tat the whole thing is a fraud , and/ raspy, concoc.
ted sod carried out by a few disorganizing spirits
who have been opposed to Mr. Wilmot in every
campaign in which his name has been before the
people,—who are opposed to the principles and
usages of the DeMocratic pasty, and who have long
been seeking an opportunity to accomplish its over
throwf—men who have lost the confidence of the
party—who can gain nothing by its success and
lose nothing by its deft,--who have gone such
length in their opposition to the naps anotregular
action of the party baretofote ; as to have nothing
left to hang a hope upon but its otter prostration,
and the hope that upon its ruins they may build up
another which they can dictate to and lead. Any
thing is better for them than the position they now
occupy, even defeat is a victory in their eyes.—
They cannot desceud, in the political scale, and
they, lope, by defeating the Democratic ticket, to
extricate themselves from their . present dilemma,
by bring others as low as themselves.
The undersigned, Conferees of the counties of
Bradford and Susquehanna, in the Democratic Con
gr, eseional Conference, held at Towanda, oh the
sth ult., having seen in the " Tirrea Eagle" a state
ment in relaticn to a part of the alleged proceed
rugs in that Conference, purporting to be made by
the Ticga Conferees, (thora.zliwe have good reason
to believe it was published without the prior know.
ledge of those gentlemen, or at least but one of
them)—which statement is so utterly at variance
with the truth, that we deem it our important duty
to make a plain expose of the proceedings refered
io, exactly as they occurred in the Conference, that
the public mind may be dieabused, and the mis
chief intended by the misrepresentation ; prevented.
TT 4
We proceed: Instantly a ft er the organiza ionythe
Tioga Conkrees presented the following lution :
" Resolved, ,That the Content,* of this meeting
concede the candidaie"of the 121 Congressional
District to Ticrja County."
This resolution; and the object of it. were discus
sed freely and at length ; and there was a ftdl and
frank expression of our "opinions upon it. We :old
the Tinge. Conferees that we looked upon it as an
attempt to tie our hands in advance, and competes
to vote for Mr. White who was the candidate of the
Whigs and bolters at the last election for Congress;
in this district, and whom they were instructed to
present Because, said we, if we adopt this reso
lution and would act consistently, we shold have
to follow it op by voting for Mr. White—that we
knew they were instructed to support Mr. White.
and we befieved they would obey those instruc
tions. That knowing this fact we would not be en
trapped by snrh a resolution and orr. d them to
withdraw it until we should See what names «oo ld
be presented to the conference, and darn the merits
of the candidates presented could be murrassecl—
that we could then art understandingly, and do
what should appear to be right—that h seemed to
us their duty would be fully discharged bypresent
itm Mr. White's name and doing what they could
for him, without such a resolution in advance—that
we did not presume to dictate to them—we only
wished 'to give them our views frankly in the onset
that we might all act taderstandirgly— that they
would of course judge for themselves what course
they should pursue, under the circumstances. We
simply claimed the same right, to lodge for our.
selves, if the resolution was to be precsed omit is
at - that time. They insisted upon a 'Vote, arid asthe
'only course left is, it was laid upon the table. (The
Bradford Coriferees, ii will be remembered. 'were
ender onanimorm botancrions to suppo t Mr. Wil
robl) -ft was then moved to proceed to !minim
tioco, and no objection being made, we didso.—
Mr. Tandemook nominated David Wilmot. of Brad
ford. The Tioga Conferees. 'Messrs. Bacon and
Ryon, then held some conversation, saying they
doubted whether it were ben for them to nominate
any one : but after talking the matter over between
themselves, finally said they were instructed to
name Robert G. White, and would di so. One of
them then nominated Robed G. White, of Title
Some further conversation then cm 'wring, the chair
man at length remarked it was growing' bte, and
asked if any ot!ter nominations were to be ofleied;
and if the nominations were through. No elkers
trere mai or offered. it was then moved that the
nominations be Considered closed, which was adop.
led, no one voting naliast it. It was then moved
that we proceed to vote upon the noniinativem be
free as, which was also adopted, no one Objecfing.
The vote was then calle4and Mr. Wilmot laxly
ed 4 votes, and Mr. White 2 votes—Bradford and
.Stisirktranna votirm . foe Mr. Wan:Mt, and Ticga for
Mr. white Mr. Wilmot having a inajo" rity Of alt
the votes, was then declared the duly; eon' mated
• for'Cititrmastf the 12th (P
Boole genetalttilli
resiiredrdulingalileh "•Mi. r ityritbirorofit s
aegis Motisti c igifesitigeilielaMM9lllPWlfidot:
acts. asked that it be read. TheWnifiq'teitifilitt
fariefAlliefelqienint. Barer#meahlisirdeelir.
• twebereed p4110414-144toicalft irate intrados:
roPenitheirhiekeetilitiltor: s ieminenime
ki 11)1106fliOeetrof — Sillkodeilivilseldwita
the paper reinasted, that it resole the bold writing
ce Gen. Patton, a notorious disama . niter and oppo
ser of the democracy of Bream I county: This
made istr. Ryser, rather fidgety, and he coadesome
contused - remote tame liming asked 'some one to
draseep the paper. Mr. flacon will disclaimed ex
pfiritly bitv" ism any knowleiLoe or approval Olt=
Met Reece oho - said; abdut the same time, that next
to Mt..Wliile, he thbi;stit Mr. Wilmot UM - choice of
Tuve county, and that be would take ff Writinfle,
there under almost any einory stances. An ad
joorrimele was then - mined and carried, no one
objecting or voting *PaituEtit. Mr. Ryon then 'cal
led br the - protest mid Prait in his pocket. " .-
The proceirdii4t were all fairaild 'delibenne.—
Th -re was no haac tfte conference ;ern-
:ion, as is usually required by our county conven•
the proceetlinps, were all through. We ore,
fore, in justice to ourselves aolLthe Denrocraci
—.- ... t au:ranee, rompeffeL say,
the preteate4..neut of the Taiga Conferees--
that they gave us notice they should present the
names of several able and distinguished democrats
;of *lmmo
[ trnatt!eb , unrami
Mr. Ryon was out of me morn several tiniesdon
other " maiden ? " and may tiol..recollein the cir
cumstances distinctly.. Tilt. Bacou will not,
[ Mink, on-reelection, deny the truth of the preceding
statement It will be seettattiglaace that the Tie.
ga Cotiferees_placeil upon us the Ithernative of vot.
ing either for Mr. Wilmot oc R. Gs White. No
sound democrat now pretendeAtat we ought to have
voted for Mr.- White. Herbed recently nzn as
the candidate- of the Whip- and Bolters in direct
[ violation of the - 44 sage)' about which so much
[ bluster is made by Tanga now. Where was his
wonderful attachment to usage tben4 Boum-el the
most violent opposers' of Mr. Wilmot itowsuppirt
,ea Mr. lYioe thee. They wets venue Mr. Wil
mot.thes, and they are seeking his *mad now.—
They were disomanierus thm—they Ire atthe same
game now. Under these citcameleOcee, we could
not hesitate in our choice. We embraced the elan
waive. We earniested DAVID Wiesen. And now
oucopurse and the circomstancesattending it is be
fine the public. Conscious of the cominimion of;
.po purposed injury to any party, wei have - no re.
piaings—under like °itemisation* our conduct
-would be the same, and without apprebenaion on
fear we await the verdict of our constituency.
J Mark the Naftali
We have repeatedly warned ger Democratic
friends who are at work to break dollen the ' , viler
Democratic nominations of thiscounty and District.
We know their unscrupulousness, i and that they
will MOP at nothing, however distufwrable, to der
feat Mr. Wilmot. The same men who opposed
him in 1833; and 1816, are now at work at the amine
game. Col. D. N. Bull and Gen.',William Patton, ,
were then the field o ffi cers, and had the entire evirn
mprid of the squad, Since then, a, few who were
fighting behind the bush, and secretly giving aal
and comfort " to the luetrillas, have come out from
their lurking places awl joined the dmerters.-r.
Among these, the most prominent are E.W.Bainl,
David Cash, Guy Tozer and Constant Alathewsoo,
who are now fighting with all the zeal of new con
verts against the regulaz candidates of the demo
cratic party, to which they hypocritically profess :0
belong. So zealous - are these deserters in the cause
of opposition which they have espoused, that each
has been assigned, by their field officers, Bull and
Panon,, a special command of a platoon of hollers.
and each is vieing with the other to see which can
perform the best service in breaking the democratic
We have the most reliable evidence that a con
clave of Bolters met in tins boron,A on Sunday
last, to consult upon the most effectual means to be
employed to break down Mt. Wilmot, and that the
principal qu es tion, among them was whether to
vote fix the Bolter candidate, Judge Brewster— r or
the Federal candidate, Mr. Tracy. We are not,in_
formed of their final determination, but, from facts
which have come to our knowledge, we boldly
assert that the expediency of voting for Tracy, as
the most effectual means of defeafting Mr. Wilmot)
was urged by the leaders, and a disposition mien
quiesce manifest among their compatriots in this
disorganizing movement.
West,. again, mark the Bolters ! They will flop
at nothing to break down .Mr. Wilmot, and with
him the party orpnization of the cottnil•l;e7
will sea. Case and
_Butler to buy_a vote against
mot. They will sell any of tLe candidates on] the
ticket. They will wit
,fur tie Federal candidate
thealseira. ,
B■sgatham Comdf—The leselL
It is staled kw effect metely, that Jonah. Brews.
suer will receive a huge vote in Sesquehattna anon.
ty. This is-dose in order to keep up the coinage
of Ifracyinsa, in this same spirit in which. Pat* on
has mum front Togs ootatty a few days since.iteld
a leading .Whig—a now,. (sti& Patton) - o:,tyon
lea a gtodelitacenflidechao. yaw Ereadidatet" !We
are well advised of thestite- of feeling in pis.
fneoi east
banna 4 and es assure our ' toast sineeiely.
that 111 r- W ihnotirill - weekly at l istrothousand
majority in that county ; and it. inareven exceed
that tiaanteir. -
• ••
We hare never decked the ancire Of ibis able,
steering basinesiknan, Sem the Gni-moment tif hie
nominalent. "Let any candid run lever
in his own mind; theconipiraEvelipuiliticatioin of
the-two eatulidates for Sheriff, in thistet
him fed in all theirttrapet !night the rmtpotisibi4
littes irlM3 belcsky-to Weer: niembet of facie'' y;..
his obligations to 'pitirtioteorder, amid mtit,
aadlti ti ' terotirhoirt inenkt - any %dirt
finacieelsayf; e 5..." and- het ammo" hesitke
tb ebditie - nentieen Ednait
AWfiarr a .
%vs • ••-• ss. • • k•
gnalinniFer-tli4eXatuf.inanent diek o P-
Pßlo oB o°l-ida.-Wiimak » bayed 11 1 1 9 1 . 1 4 0 n.gfnawd.
thatatikaalikvaPrott4e:PaL3Fipitnof=4W-. 141
ministration, la nkykessaka4l4!imil.made,klip rak
or a cc 44 , tbeF 440 ,_ipmaki - .**llanaggsaratAA and
",ttreasivognencienanAo deAgior , lPF , anna-Wa4
They daze notassett that air. Cam entenaistadif,
ferent ("Mints ou great democratic principles tram
Mr. Wilmot. They dare not, and cannot aasaii a.
single position untamed by Mr. -Wilmot, palms
they -itg, in opposiitom to the extension and props.
gmadierti at shivery : mad ea this goestiou tams*
they time um say that Mr. Cam favor
A Court wcyr.—Soine one, rer :roily, wits Or
prfte.iin a doubt whether the mind Orli
diric~Oal. was of " Ister4 ca/i6re to eceld , nd a
parr warted . tae Deinocrat, arose} ` f?t ihe
porpose of" build'mg, up a new party in ford
county. 1 . tio:ctl tieappretenOve about .1 la&
bre depend Pro it bis "Om *l bed 2 z y.
we find him Fore enoggli"—was the rompl roily
Of a bystander
our midst, we feel constrained by Is sense of duty
to the democratic party, sad people `of this district,
10 exposelts deformity, and warn them against - its
"e141"AllII1111111DO,1 Ltz
very , T
the " D emocrat " is
spread wide to the breezp..,lt t no, orly withholds
its support trenSthe iegriar i nieminigi or Congress,
) bitilionts the name of Jonah Brewder, an izrytilar,
brgus candidate, brought out by the ovroerwof this
new paper, ,I3r the very purpose of foaling war
upon the Hon. David Wikuot r whie ia anailed thro'
incnumna with wiorreukof wadi and malignity,
such as could ouly, Ammer from such a source, and
through such a channel.
The publication of this Sown print s wifl teraind
our Democratic friends of the famous, " Bradford
Settler," which was pubSshed by Gen. Patton about
two yeam ago, for the-whole space-of two weeks.
That Patl9lle4 to belublished at Towanda* and
support Democratic principles, while in fact it was
published in Col. Lash's-office, at Montrose, and
opposed Mr. %Varna*, the regular democratic nomi
nee for Congress, and run tip the name of Robert
G. White in itestead. Just so with Col. Bull', new
paper. It purports to be published here, and to, be
a Damara', while-in truth it is publishestat the Ga
zette office, "at Curcio, N.Y.--opposes the reg
ular nomination for Congress, and has run up
the name of Judge Brewster instead, who has not
even the semblance of si nomination by any party,
not even aA respectablenumber of the disorganizers.
We caution our Democratic brethren to beware
of this last, desperate effort, of Bull and Patton to die.
trac' the / party, sod break down its organization.
They have no claims to the sympathies of demo
crats. They have long since forfeited their stand
ing in the Democratic party, by their hostility to its
measures, and opposition to its candidates, and hate
ibotis tern formally ditxbrogect by lechlic resolutions of
aro Dentoratic County Conorationr. ,Having grown
restive and desperate underihe merited and severe
flagellatious they have received, they are resolved
on the overthrow of the party, as their last hope of
revenge; and the publication of - this Bogus- Demo.
czar is the Monument by which they are to seems.
plied their purpose. They openly assail part of the
nominations, and we have no doubt they will sell
or destroy any ether portion to aid in their schemes
of destruction. They are reckless in their opposi
tion, and will be reckless in the means to be em
ployed. Let Democrats beware ! Let them boon
the look out for Schemes of corruption and fraud.
Let them be prepared for the publication of some
infamous forgery just on the ere of election, when
too late to be refuted, desr'lned to defeat the elec
tion of some of the democratic candidates.
Our Prospects.
The information from every portion of the coun
ty is of the' most cheeringcbaracter. Notwithstand
ing the open rebellion of such Men as 8011, Patton,
Baird, &c , our majorities this year, we ver il y be
lieve will etceed what we have ever before 'real
ized. Bradford will do . her duty, notwithstanding
the bolters. Susquehanna may be relied upon for
an unprecedented majoritY" for Wilmot, and little
Tinga is good for a majority for him, over any
otheicaiklidate. "'Mark that. We know thai Buil,
Patton, kird & Co.; are endeavoring to 'deceive the
people by their faliehoods;in representing in Tio
ga that Ur. Wilmot will be beaten in Bradford and
Susquehanna. When here they cliim a great ma
jority for their %gni man in Tioga, when in Sus.
quehanna they give it up and bony home as fast
as possible. Cur Pernocratie kiends abroad may
rely npi!on the election of Mr Wilmot as certain as
the dam' of election Soars, awl we believe bid
majority over any one canttidate gregerihan was
ever rendered toini othetinanir, the distriet.-L
We believe ftiither that 'he will bare a majority
over every oppoir:ag convot+te: . •
Edward CraadaL
The camel Dr. Cranda: appeals strongly to the
integt dyendgood faith of the Democrats of old &ad
bad. He was (with the exception of Mr. Wattles)
the only candidate which the Eastern part of the.
county presented ; and be was urged by our East
ern. friends with more than mos' unanimity. b
was these circumstances, we the well assnred,
which eftected his nomination. iVe ask the Dem-
ocrary f of the west, and along the river, by all that
is fair and faithful, teallo' local feelings. or
personal considerations, to prevent the snceess of the
colitis *het We are.tokl ills the secret purpose
01 Bull, Patten & Co., to strikti down Dr. Crindal;
hat E. W. Baird, who wears the most open mouth
of that' concern, has declared this intention. As
Allen IllcKeoces Domination by both the National
Reformers and the Whip, strengthens somewhat
his chasi-Am of succem--we preiome Bull & Co. by
ituripiti; on behind, think they will have-a chance
to say they did something, after election, il NtKean
should happen to succeed. We trust they will be
disappointed. .
04si litErstra Lars—*e tmilerstand that Henry
Tracy, qtei,vhig nominee for Congress, has late-
IS lame in favor of exemptieghometmords ham
eventi49 !, "Vetter late than never : bta tbia #s
tin face or the taqustair t and scores
of other poor men ; wlxisebtinirads otry t orlate
ly or iLised a portion . of the 'braid acres” is O y
Norio° of *s. Tracy.
The st
lent ag by
0 1..., : net00.., Da'it
th4 1444,-4 . ,demi;rat; Maj. La
parte: 6 ftialiescly commented In Mi. Tracy's pres
ence, on his "nevily•adtroed theory, had a deep -
meaning in it. If the rich, in their abundance ; da
not " netnetttbet the poor"--the poor will be very i
likely to remember them.
serer *big gentlemen were `conversing rpm the
prv . t.peets of mamas [Sr 11E4 candidate for COO-
Btfr-ltE2O I*. litacT, Lig. One of them re
nuirkt43 thiil fir,' T. iris a drew business Man,
and, ketistaise, well ipiiififaaki,c Representative ip
gets.TUthis anotheitittbe company, also a
rT assented; adding that *void be be so
rade */ to get tii`ltaabit‘i n ,' , z he would be very
lady to get a intim on the city bane he lett - Jr. — ,
We'havc no you ine to maie.
pirate paper quotes' the hillotri n ,,
Reporter, of Sept. 1846, in just::
the; Bolters to the regnlar nominations
• deo
ember of the party, each individual has
Us privileges, and to participate in all
ems for its auccess. Eel who would
hypocrisy and treachery' of that member
lerate th,l
the election o Delegates for the PSEPet , tr
nominations, andessoormilitepotnina
". made, turn round'ind eiferininCruitsl)i
. the common enemy to defeat the eanei.
break down the organization of the pally
he belpnge. None. He repudiates h,
11: turns pirate upon the broad sea of poll.
cipate i,
of maki
racy wi
dates . I
to whir,
and goo
him and
. .
alt to its members .abrirA; to
disayria iheAreaguariek •
1 - #
ly ! And what we then said ice repeal, -
'f,,: wh iliP-iPt,' "z - 4 1 01/Y)... 'IIIPROPPI and
ce in the election of delflrMea for the pH-
I . m on ak s ix i zi er iAM ttik„ ag,
t an to
p l ea ti .e ie
icular alawker Certain wqmid-be dictators,
ad and combine with the:common enemy
the .candidates, and break dews the of
panici ••
pose of
the p ,
turn ro
to defer
sea of
vow thi
of party—tarn pireas,:a apcomugel mo d
titica r and the party ewe it. to ahavaelies,
e andgood . faiih to disown then and disa-
r ireadrOLL
are qie roes Olio Ara new-eppeeing the re
-14(2 and preeirely eushiltek attitede—they
ated in cbooeing delegates to the courny
tioisoml brlught all their artillery to
Mt. Wilmot ft aid flailed to procure a single
;aired .bint. :pay had their day fully and
y e t they ester into an apes conspiracy
enemy to break down thitioaainationsai k i
ize the party. The party will again tbs.
7 utAtioas and disavow the trauma.
Moirollse Will (Nat t
G ai l
orgarn I
her in
Billy Pattoni one-of the leaders , of the din
• . and a principal supporter of the new
paper, approached a whip with the first nnm.
hi s -hand and with a smile on his conme:
congratalatiag him with.
the remark alai,
prospects were now very lair for the e
,thewhig candidate for Conqmss, (Mr. Tra.
lion o
t. proves etrelwiwely, what we hare all the
nown : that the ulterior object of the convira
to defeat Mr. WihnOt at any eacrifice, even
/- ion dun "ultra wh4." They care nosh.
, r Cams and Butler, Lonstretli or Painter, or
1 1 ,
of the county tieket,:no they can defeat
lls:not. They care !lathing, for Judge Brew.
.rther than the use of -his pane aia pre:ext
• ?Ur. Wilmot. We have heard it intimw
• 4elieve that many of them, espiteally the
, will, on the day of theelection, drop Brew.
vote directly for the Federal candidate,--
mg is victory to them so they can prevent
'ilniot's election. They fraternize with the
fully and completelY, and will resort to any
o accomplish their purpose. Bat their rare
*ter •
is a
1 , .rt one. They ate dstoesetito die Most dis-
Lai overthrow ever visited span opera barefac
wilfm treason, by an indigdam people.—
are lurown. Their schemes - are well under
and the verdict rendered at the Belbst-boi on
ay next, wilt .coup*a them to their proper,
• and theravierthihey witl only be known as
Mates among the whiga proper. .
by (be Regular Ticket.
d in doing so you still stand by the Democrat
' y and Democratic . principles. Let nosub
or sophistry alarm, or induce a single voter
1 1, thhold his vote 'front the allele &het as p/tt
by the Dernosratic Convention. Each and
it candidate is itqoally• entitled to the votes of
tie democrats They are men selected by the
tee from the sitierar townships, for their
alts ev
ri probity, competency and sound democratic
pfes. Let nodfmoarat falter or hesitate- Co
rcrei . t i Ary one ;he cherishes the
iples of Democracy, and wishes to pre=esTe
nization of the . Democratic party. anbrot ai
antarnethed, witl manifest his eineerity by yr:4-
or every man on the regal:arty nconakated De
tic ticket.
o De
and I
•hers and disoTanizers are expectea to vote
of the regular ticket—the balauce to Or &cant
een )Vhigs alai spurious candidates.
finsqutelistsna Conspirators.
e referred laAt week to George Fuller. who
es eye of the political firm of Bail, Patten.
..& Co, and i• of the Susquehanna branch of
. An able coneyxindent of the “Mon••
Democrat." serves ont Mr_ Feller in aslminn
eof some length. Tothis is appetufed a copy
e prospering fo Fuller's paper
.issued in the
of 1832. We mate the Ssrkwav l ez)ose of
Fuller's Democracy'. then, and com Mend it to
attention of his compeers Of this coanty, and
It probably is 2enerally ' , recollected that during
contest hr the nesideneyin 18211, 1 was con
, in the pradimaion of_ the Sommebanna
s, and advocated the election of Andiew
i on, Should it be asked why •1. am -now
mg him, I reply. ihat Ise has tong ago abandanof
P riaf ifiletTlina "'eh seas on ge/r"/:
deded to tarnothing of his ei4rantand htt
attacks npactlhe indefiendeuesof Coekgrem
Naikmal Judiciary and the Constination_ 31y
-ition to Geri. Jwkson is not of a recent date—
declared k immediately mice' his being
minced as a candidate for re-electiork
1.-bladoet wrisit It wilitAlistianillimr.
_ei Jsuk 1,
tam is itimamesiwaneerketimfbistotimmiar of
Bers, , Riehand Barham, whieladlowsisissras told
t by Sir Walser &wads ttm who
dad wearr-Dmxise, moon air • • w set
inrkwisks—Aiiinawye mkt baetheea.: l wmpsad,
hat sett - or a fiattlitwas that swallowedijonah!
dins, ye may think it was a shat} ; na, Da- INT
&ma, A was nae shark ; or, aiblim. ye may thick
a saamon na, my brethren' it was mss
mon ; or. aiblina, ye may think it was a
in ; na, na, my brethren, it was nae dolphin '
Here an old woman, thinking' to help her pre.":
t of a dead lift, cried - nut, Aibrins„ sir it six. a
I er"—(thevot t tar name of a species of la
1131130T1 to the Scotch ascr) ,
tackle, $ - e*ife an mild Fr:47h; for tak.l.:' •
e drord o' the' Lord oat .o' . M) month;" was ,he re
p y of the disappointed thedorician.
We are inclined to the opinion, that after demon
a new theory wit be started in "these ducts ; ' in
, t Joir . ah. ft will be. (1;: loud lrus 4.4
• •
.figipr.l .:P!