Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, August 30, 1848, Image 4

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Aorik -- m.x 6:Lc/I
Wesi ern N. York Col Ir of II
Int •ittit,/xt Art.rszl. nyrlTale i r 1 1 %
Dr. f. G. Vpiehn's Vcittni,c Lithouthriric Xi XI It rr,
eriebraica rern , t.moly increfivug
tartie by tl.e InZ
cr,.[:i? THE It 41K1.1>. •
hi. , now r•:, 1 • .'le' f+e* f
4rllir p311111:dr . ) r, uum
I I 1 -`r •
11 1 :1)1 ) : , i :
oil ,tizrq of thin rorrylairrt immedi34telv
utitter of how tong ,tari.l; ,, .g. Ncr pimr.ll!‘t
and a l; of the ;trio I , v org.:11)::; .r Ihr r
trrg-ing complaint.; AlriNti•
relieve you ; mid the (.1.,r, te..06; d ; ; ;API :rev
most A11;11C..1;—,.., /1(1.1e, ' t
1. /.1%11(.:0:11i41..1111.
lious ilisca*eA,
FL:\ F.ll ANT) A (:1' E.' '
To the gr, INI a;; I t , !,..rse%er
comploiutl ih:-
NO ‘I, .N(il:
7H eitificrimiA rum )n7: r• pm/ it
ellreS ‘s dud ,
doe. Mg luarc Cat! O,.Lori ("yid, ZS,:t.
1'11.1.' 4
rt of i mr , ! I! Al. rl,l ractor i 7 I%l\lEl'l
RELIEVEI). an.. a rni?, I , v a 1 vt.
u•;‘ , rit Jrtide f tt it „Ili,'" fir.--
rorarwl f,r • (f:•1(, . 0 1 1.1/ a! 1) rrlu r dis,t'u
mating fr,.m irtl n r t , too0.—s•••• , p‘titt hL t.
1)EBILITY (11"i'llf:
weak ',tack, weako,,s of ;' , e r 413
flail of ,aoo• dreth / tt i• )d• ri c / • le
01 . 1/Lis up dirint • add a cut, I. of He
It stain's as
('ER I' 11N 10:N11:1) Y.
' for StIC . I complaints, and cleia,lg , n;(iitsoFtlie
male frame.
painfur mrn.triratimr4. f, r , • bre?,
fared t.rivTi lb,v rlt yart:: fa ',iv
It may he wo.lo I m as a suro aq i Ili. ettve rmued,
and did we ii•td perrnated emdd
.k Til()I . SV\ll \ I\ll
AS proof of COTPS of oorovi,,; o 1
cca Turrtp!,lo. .1 o ,
h'oirfroto !b. , „ nrn o I MA-
Or thiS ii11.11, , 1i.111 . !y. an I ili.• pl.Kon,y.
mineral era,!irn:.;l foot% Ow -tom.
Fitt - I)ISEASE`%
lintl i!le altrmatirr pr la il,i• article. Pr P. 1.-
FY T 111•131,4 n)1 >. an I 41,44,4,,•= from t'o• ,s
244,r4; Irelt . 1.11, ••., of . r ill :di 4'l.
eases. whir the !nails of al v, ill t •
loaf to Le n , t. r - er r.•••. ‘ •
calif um .2 1,., des Of CI rt:6•tt s 441 14121 i 4411.4r,t4.Th r, 411 I
birunger arr..l3, of pr.. 4144 014. .41, W. 44 4I :! i;” W, 111 -. .
Vet lipin . .ol • ll. 11 . lA ' Jr 141 . e• 11,
ac/ thr.:l it /nil' I.) Lon r..
rurrl ij A innir rod 1;1 rm 1; l 11i4:
runedthel riDri rin:z in, ~1 ‘i ~n.., d 6. t p ta
king Ow in is int , a. 1:4,•r4' t, 411 1 . ,,i
The ropl - 1 I•.r 31 I 010 Hi! • i:11•1 3 10.1/,
'ter Of 2.111.11 , 6 tVIII.II ft • Pn• . out DJ/ f../ ll,Ll• 1 - 4 : , ar,
virilLisi, syrup., &C . ., .0 , 16(4 S C.1,%\•,
/hr. , / aye cortiovt, d to Fu::
onmary ; ton..-11 them a .t. Their in,c1.1 , ,r. t c‘ct
thotwtit curing, such disea-.s tO.l ens :ink!, h.
it. :1 plrticl
Agp ilk and all .who tlie aq.4•le an- gl.ol t.,
entlution-ir. Put ni, i :;11 •a t 5.2 ;
1)7.. Alt) a: '5l r . ,1 , 1,-01 , I r mote t':•in
two I
'eery bora.- II • Van:2.ll'r, 1.11!,,;oi .1
Mixtitte.”',doun won' t the eitas. the Uri/1 , ,i
G. t. V. 11.11111" •!,r , •ci! and -.ti. C. Vail:4:l
- BuiLin,'• dllnTerl ~n Uu rea None other are
P•epared he lir. G. U. Vaottl , n, and sor!
She Principal Miro, 11M) Si• TPA at tv:lle
sale and retail. No attt ntt nt n, a to I. 'lris mars..
f. , a• , ' C.
rept ed PO,t I. liti
liciti ;oz. ad , ,
KOMI CV ;10 . 111 II . .1.
devot...l to the a 71..••••-
1.111:. Nassau st.. \ :
Maas. : an.; hr the pri.n..i..d t'oro. ,, tl;; . .otst
United States and n a:
8 WI: &‘t zr. ”. Ph!!
3 . B.FoRn, 1,.4 ;
c. Ilerrick, Atli. /S. 1 A.1 1 1 , 111,7).7 . 1.t.0)at,n'k,
C.B. vai4s;n:z.
Cr. F. I2ediri . . 2 .tnn. Tr , v. A , 10.—v
, -.1.: ; .-3 --,'a rms c-f-t`r%,
'l.O • 4 i.gfc I': !.ic• i 5 ff.
f i1ig , ,, , , , :---------,
t .,
~ ,( Dr. l, 1 . :- • f; 1. lc , k•. 4 • jr . 3- 7 r"
i t .--)v.,%,:....-. l,
l'il . . k , :.. 7177 1 r ": .i75 - ii'i '" I 'S .. ' ' i !
:• : ,:iiii,i, ) e-.."!%,- 4 '
„1' , , , t,„...';''. ' 4 ..m.n. •li._".•lLm :24 .. - •
A - 'oo.rt n.rd;cirre ha. ever heen tb e
/11 pii sic that his in with =i,ett nnrAra:rll.-d
ISA Dr. S•4l . IC* 141 4 .11 , . I 3 1..N1
heen but six year: before the luihlir, and !lie ad
vertising small. yet they have v, otked W4V i4 , le
every stale in the [(Hon nth' Canada.. have ab
solutely been The the Stand.ard Nhalp- the the
They are pur e ly V 4 .4 2 41. 4. 41,441F1,.:1 1.71 it t' r"•
ed that. whcri taken in lir:, d •ve. it !icy cure
settle di -else, on the siro. , :ze , t ennsintil.ra 4, .11,11 a s
ioua dist agf.c, and tl hen t',l•y are tal,e , t In -twill 110 , teS
they operate 111 4. a eh., rl I.• 111 • , 1 deneate, nt.r•
vous female, and have raised ninnhei. !corn their bed.
after all others retrualtrs 11.11 httled. We here Peter t o
but . f t , of the inane Irnraculou4 curer; eliccted tin
else of geld Pdi,.
n ha of Ihnihin.l..lrti.ra.
N. V.. wt. cored, aher •hc ha 1 beho L., It. •
5 years, wilt) 5i , 11131 dleie use and A hri•ss of the Ain_.:.
The bill nf her rec,,lar ‘ I I ~ .I,,htistin, oi
had amounted in • ? : , ;00, r;-. Jar,.
Nrloril h,.. • ra of I
Clay, N. V.. was cilia ,1 of Di stic i .sis, 1:9 Dcinii , )
and Selolll l lllol of the head, after .hr had been
confined •it, months, and alf other tried ir or had I Ile.),
entiz/i ow/ tootplmrf r urs,l. \Vat. Itctitiv. of
Picketing, C. ‘V•. wa. Cured 'lt a CC , ere rim h atiri hr
ihad been confined In his bed for n bins; ti vr, ;Ohl was
Riven up by his pheeir,,ins. lie. had of the
enovizh Medicines of the day, nll . l W. 14 loy
friends and physit.ana, f,, he to the laatt , tazes.
Dvapei.ita.---A". 11. F. trio-by, irt raruse. N. Y..
scat, coriht of it vsiirpsia au oeuvre arilll.4 to be aide to
wink for Iwo year,
Wm: limn h. I irecovrich. en,an.. wan roved of if ‘ , P.
' , premise of Dysiietioa:Cornivi was and Nerreff. Dche
lily of two years :4.C:dale, .('lre I' large puma
of mouey purpose, s,
&vete ( - tor of I'dr,-I.,hri Bolton, of Hortvidi, (U.
newt co., N.Y., ant. cored of a seacre caue of nes and
entntme coati. elms. of Ion:: and painful derati,o3. 11 t o )
would not sacrifice a few .billings folic rt heved bons so
dtstressinc a complaint
The above ate all ca-ea in wh'ich all other remedies
failed to cure nr ulve relief. Many of tlitaa.ame charac
ter might be tioidished if we had apace. For part , culare
wee Botanic I tuantoie, vrtuch can he had .4 agents
D aw ., sl or (:I)t:NT ,, Vi ITq.—As there are spurious
Pills in rte, u! &on rill, d 14 . 14.1431 or 6,,vercieri Balm,
be sure in .c.• hufkre vou buy - that the name of" rtr.
Sole C. 1,. el, the late of the t...xt.s. None others
can be goisumr. We not aware that an'77 one . iirho
making( • spurious snic:e has. v't-t dived to mik e use of
nor name; lot 'nine of them hate 114.1 the impudence
to imitate our hoses slid copy our circulars, certrticak.s,
One. Unless ihe pubi:c are careful vt het/ they purchase,
they will ho dire era.
The annuuor• ran 'e had wll.. l .earile and retail of
jk. E. L. sot •LE & co Et,. :ht. NN.
Sold in Towairvia. t , v J. B. FORD, and ;HA VEBER
LIN dr. POI( t'Elt ; (leo A. l'ea!,,s, .Altlen• t (n•man
Dui fee, Smitldi p iti; A. tie S. I. Morley. Buingi. m ;
L ev vr a yl or , (.; ran. 'He ; room! S : 44111. 1 . 1.11/6111 Z A .
4,1101 , 111.411‘,, 11 .nroet.,n ; :porgy Ns.-I.n/ f?,.0: 1 , e; H . z .
Orwr.l l , ; .1. ' Bullock. 16--(.10 •
- 'elbtlittistment4.
- -
, - AFTLit.:TEr.) REJtII
JL bet - 0110 years ago. by L)'R. KINKELIN. the
oldrsi,„rureit, and be-t hand 10 cure all forma of sorrel
ttieekiii and military habits of youth,
Ir 11R. KIN RELIN. N. W;roilier of Third -nd .Ettion
iwiwerci S i race and Pier, 1,1 Nuarrs from the Ex
, k haogr,
Yaoth o bo have injured ti.. cite. Inca by a crrtaio me
` ace fr.titlciat) tmlkilgeti to—a habit freyamily learned
rwnevAl or at school—the (Alecto of which
11 • 2',1!) telt, tVVII V 6 la i:airep. ss...ldtatral both mind
turn -dtately.. IVeakreaa atal
immtdia , cly cured, laid full vigor
ed. Ail Irt!ers pant paid.
rahie your life or„ your hraltb:trrnenibee,' th e
del id a month, hey, even a week, may prove your ru
in, 1•:•th of '1.1)4 and Wind. Bence let ao foist. ruodesty
defer pal 1,012! mal,itp; Leo.wn your ra-e to oni:
ft- , tei education nod re-rtrt.ti.i;ity. cal •
He e. 10, 1J ter. hi , n•elf under Ult. fiI.SK.EI.I.N . Z; treat.
!Lew, rosy refigiol.S!y c-rifide in his honor us a gentle.
wan, ttht•ee lios..tu will Le f.roer socket the et ,
ri.t I.3tieht.
II)//,h Ihry at hug the tercet ti) Olt ir ow Il
' ,/,t) cure Ihrti; , 4' . .% IP. A%. ! 1... w often ts
1. 1 416 . 1u - I , n. at.t.l how n.any a itr . ttuttot:g )oung man.
Ito mitt t.t ht.ttlt alt orttouttitt Lu ttouety, has Litled
it 0111 the earth.
11:1.'jri:tv, it inrcuten7.t.t app!ica,ion.
rvt, I.y staling their rum- ex 4,11,1 0 ). together with all
their ~)111.:(All.a. (per letter. iv•t•1.4.1,) 1.4%e fi•rwasdr,l
rhea Dr.
it d
I'urdr•_ra forotaoltd to any part of the
1 . , S 11l a uoui,:td. topo7r. r:.:9
I' , •:r Pitt , 1/r r , n: , :n',lr,rt,ctil to Dl'. 11\118-
1,11, ot:i I e prnnq,t c aft , ,„4,1
A ISTOit lof ihi hevo/ini•bn. and Live 4 of the
iho War of indepeimlenie. t o LE,
.1. Pt.rr.ft:•,or. Ovetint volume, vii•h IS fine steel
vtates , ., and ticarlv lyeautitul twud 11. 1 1 1ZraV11.2S.
nil. IS .1 i•ldendid hook. A addition to the
itt.looric Lin rature .1 our country. %1 r are touch rm.:.
t A,•,, it it t 1,4, rxnk With the corks of Irving
GIP) 1 . 1 OW : 2 . -- Frankfort ilprfild.
'• surva,s4... any work Jet of to the
It 6‘• proprrty considered a popuiarizvd
I,t•l'•ry lie Urvottoi. , l,, rttronwl) Will and
" I he pr, .ml Murk uu Me Hr rot ution twit its herneo,
It 61111 111/ 111. /a 31111 ,1 , ,40,?1, to tiny Militias
v cow,' tiiii!rt our tioticc."— r.
"A w 11 curinet.ted triatury ul that t. enttul period."
JJe ide,l;rll.e moat popular history of the war of the
- nt‘d its heioes, that has let bt en peen to
.I(;ENT:.') wanted, to cativass (<•<- Ihe above ete
.<nt t.ok. to < ;cry county and tcyrn la the l'hilvd
v loon the lifs•CJl thentA wtll be
only !i,o,t-i.a
r(' El:„ r! ,rti . ,-,"ly I,IIOIA n
11.4. I, sit.l 1 ,
t 01.,r 11::Nt)V.VITI) and
t:N I t•-• 1 i I:D. nil n bow rt- tdy t., ...rcoalinod d i e
;to• friend-, air! ;110 11 yr:l , g 1.1.1 1 .. he. lii. , rtle.MK nye
Brran. 4 ,l ;11,1 lum , -h, .1; Li , TalLe and
rleu sh:01 ;IA ih.' 1 , 0.1 , 1', It ,ifitrid l.'
t!nsul.r •,1 1)1.1111 1 1 I. I,lte, 111 id .111 katicr
~t,J yui. t 111 ill , 1.(11,4” 55111 t c t•trit try LII! , -CrN I'd, :lilt/ eve
y att.-fit'em lie•;:ivel; to rt - rttl“ the rt.ty c ,, torortable
and atzrreakle, 1., 111.) , v tsl.n ~.11,1,,c to hi- house
11. it 1,,,i0e asi•it to tllts ?».Al4l %fflige, at
charge- CA- twist reae.o;7:ll,?e,
E!inira. June 31,
r•-•`: A y t -
n4 , c;..!
it.Cc:ol,lo , ll, 11,41 me I, ,1 f• c
of ,he t: ut. 1t e our ( It,: 1101 'Ol uor
but 1,1•1' aid 1.01,11-
'l,, an 1 wt• have t0np1,,,,d I" r I . 1 •011 ou r
• tl-1,011. rs. 50 as to lose all o: pultUidt, 10 take up
Ibelr tit: a; or e11!ler of file ut.) J:11;) 's,:, reeetse /00
10 . ), and a I to apply. V e Lope and trus
us.• b 1,311 not lie oLrnzod to I :ace a larur 'tit:Lieber or our
holes irn 111, hinds of Iltegimr,tt,„. ;Nee, „.
eity, buss l'‘er, comp. Is U. to Mahe e 0 1 . 1.1 . 110U5.
~f on.l ab.naTowarola, that lifts(' unt
%%CI t , l . good 111.411 s 10 cull a„+l
eb,fte:l Up.. Tile tet-tue,s In rearOr w/11
C01.111.111 . .1 r lite limn 11;1h1:y1 .0i & I:o.
Totv.: , .d.t. ion;
Ter lE C. 152 72 -.7.1.M5i
L. M. N 1 Eat ("i ).. oti 1.1 re.
totormli,es .tizt t,s tit I.ow-
. _
k-: t0m.:.......... -Wanda nun the puhlii izenerally, mut
1 Ii : - I they have on band r'.: nritibi.aiire
. .
- - 1;i:-ZIP.::h ._±. to order nll kinds .) , L CA BIN IIT
';....i.1:' , 4.-_,-...1: - ..-_, .I'l H . :11'1'1'1:E, of ,ihr h es t uth i e .
tif.._ I t " 1, rtid , , and taarl,nrired o itii thin rantiot
--.1 he nurpttnned,in additiotitnthe teni al
a , norttnent in rottritry idlopn, we sill kra p on hand . end
Make Io or ler :4( IV '.:S, of varionn inil innnt approval
patterns; Sofa Ilin hiii Chnia, tillud , tered in ..uperior
.dyle, and for rose and iturtihility andlot it surpannal
esen in nor I irce adieu. AI-n, the I, ill rienr' t NEI
- Char, beautifully stiirrlntered, null ended hair,
whirl) never b2-es its elaw(l4 etc, and tiNi.fird 511(11 the
/..e.l hair rieattivr. %Ve flatter Ottr4viv,p that Navin_
hal anirlt ex perience in the hi t si n .,,, y,,..0,,i1 b, able
to saitsfjt rill alio Fitly h-el ilininered to call, both n. 4 to
(o,ooy and price, and hy %liiet tittetitinn In Ine-inen.
hiiiie In ineiit aril recelve Ow patrons!, "1 a libet.l I ram
111 , 1r1IIV. _ -1.. M. N rl: et; CO. '
C.: It f;
- Ili; ut tn,,th (otter than ii
. 0. 1 ,2 has est.( IWV1) Stri , / /// / 1 /14:‘ , !.1. ( 1,0 0t1; HIT
and ehl/at .1m Itmertd, att,l rot t- tltv rt•tt....n Ise
cart :ttrord C.) lb, tt. All kinds ,t 1 t,t(tt,!.,t•t• iil
p Went.
Stow . I. 1.. M. N'," ('li.
E 77,711,1, he krl t on hand n a—ortment. and
made to order nn shoitrr notice and for le.a;
ney - than can be produced at any other e<tahi.hine•nt to
the land. Tlin,e who are under the lice.-ooty of pun
riirit:z that. arnele will and shall he satndied. A ctood
hearge and pall rod; had in:wend:trier r, hen desired.
N.l.n.inher P: 1 , 17 1.. M. N 1 F. et CO.
What are you about here Aral yP Yes, I guts%
II( )1.-:4. , ,N I ):-; of times questhin has been asked,
_L ierc .)11 e.sttli are all 1.11.. 1.101)1.: and shoes
natetl.M.l that supply the r01)111).141. rush at the et`rner
of Main and Blolge streets! (I • HJra ftn,iver s th a t (h is
is the plice, and these are the things we do it with'!
Serroty rlrrrnntirift-hions
furry two sr - colas!
Put on the S. c u !
•oie~~cec+`arc ~mm„
Hear ye ! f;elr ye! an-1 nntler.tancl, that O'Hara. nt
the corner nr .in and 136.1 c e . iv. will -ell tit raved
'49 paira of Brn , is. 51).4. RIO nr.)7.lnv,
at a 1i• , 4 mire 1471F1 ever Wet& nr puibahly ever will be of
fored all II it-,,1.1.
:Ite Ladies' Department in thi.t r<l Ment
riohty furni,hed wtth and
e:dtdren's fithey and common t.ola and 1.110116, even to
the ext.ern;ty dt the latest laAtdunit. Nlimake not the
;dare -Cornet of Main and Bridge streets, Mc only ,
Nhot Sian i 0 Bran:l4d County. 13617 ca-h and half
tr. e far Butler, H . 0 . 11ARA,4
, Ton anla. June IR, I q 4 7 .
11101 CE Drir GOUDZ,`;.—Alvercag, French
tau, Oregon idd.JK, mouslin dc Mines, CuttnubtAn
plaids. eolehates, , :f all .:eser;ptions, &r.. tte.. at
10. 1.1:16. Raw. i
1:0 G MEN
\VA'. A. LE 1.1: V.
No. 15, or th Seen h,l-1-t 11)114,1'n
Es.MIP.A, N. y
NE 11 - I,',"7:IIILISHIVEIO'7'
Septrml,r 1., I°l7
t' . /. sli 1,1
TII. J, AN RE WS, in jmatce t.t y"Uf valuald.
PAIN KILLER. and lor the benefit of the
he, we Letehy errttfy tlkit we have 11,1 our Ptun hil
ler in nur Fautihrs tears, fur tams!, of the discs.,
for tilt', It it i. recommended, and wa deem it thel.e,l
Family Itestomtt.e in use, amdsamold ft4:ol iiiii en.leYer
lamtly to keep a supply on hand, In ease of rml len 1!;-
tic-, or act
1:;v. Aaron Jack-on. pa.tor iirgt , 0.t ch•irch. larion
•• Uoraitic, lharh 0/11/.),!. Co.
.1 otieg 1 - ,ark,
Inn l'a-e,
W I lastings, Ann Tctcr,
% ihittcr, A Poo, f,
John 1.1 INi-cwt. Ithaca, V..
N. ver i.urvitaFe the Pain h;llve Isiihno the iv ?alien
siimaitlne 01 .1. A n , lrevv.4, on- the I. of edeli
Hark ink. 8.)1.1 I v 11BEIZI.1.X POI{ rcit.
an.I,IIOIN r:,'v agent% for Towanda.
Degth In PUIII : 17:11' . 1 to 1:11 , ,•.1 brqi , i, t, the freak •
.4 I,,tba rwild pr lhr jr.S,dr h
i. an entirely V egclli'ile Compound, comp „Fed
1 of twenty l fiverlarkrent ingredient., and is on li,ter
nid and exicirmil remedy. Put up in bottlea, varying in
price from '25 to 75 rent., each. Fur funher I , 4ritco-
I pamphlet., to he had of every neent gran, c-o
-tainine Ai lirief history of the origin and di.coorty . of the
Pain Killer, certificate. of ewes, direction., &e.
CA e-rinv.--Earh isot/e has the written sienottire of
the prorrietor, .1. AstirtsWs, on the label. end without
it none are genuine. Beware of hawkers and p' lies
•ellitic twin hour to house, representing it to be the
lienuine Pain Killer.
K,ltl wily ity the following regular appoiuted agent
in fill% county :
John B. Ford, Towanda.
('hamh•rlin & Porter. do.
Er&ri, Italian!, Troy
S W & IJ F Pomernc. do
Sold in all the principal towns' in the Unitetl: , tates
Canada and Texatz.
Wh,4es.ile ngen , a in the city of 'Sew 'York and vici.
nitv: 11.1yd4rt. (7 ,, tlic-= it: to.. 218 Pentl-st.;
& Ketchum. 121 Futton..t. (4 , 1et4 rvidreowil to ti l e
prnpri , •l,r. or f;. W. Schuyler, port paid, will inmt with
prompt nttention. .w .
__ • _
TT OR SALE, two new f.3I:(3GIES. in ennp!ete ord, r
1 for running. They are finished in n ~ t tperior man
ner, made of gcs d andtint materialo, and will ha
sold at a great hargsin, for r ,sit only. They miv 1.,
seen at Esenwinea' shop, in the !mver part of Ow 1A0r;,.,
Mae 24, lg4n. J A. 17 41 r,NN1'INF:.
1 - LGHORN EcoNNETs arc law—if any doul,t s
.1 let them step into FUN'S, and te,t the 1-1; a 2 , 41 , 4
tootorttnebt of Floreu.m head, .11s1. new and fazilional to
floweis and leise, of No. = Brick Row no 21
T UNIDF.ft '11:.1(a)N. fir $.3 le at the New 111r1
1.1 wart. 1.111:11.
Itlebfral rlbiiFitU 44 ' 4
1477.U.5•L •Stk LITLFINAL :
By br. Upham's Vegetable Electuary.
A`\ INTERNAL UT:MEDI% which, if used se
ll- cording to directions, a core fora) illgnaninteciL
A common consequence of this affeetion is a kind o
ft - peanuts. or healing down Remotion, og it is familiarly
nulled ; there is also heat, t ension and throbbing in the
part, varying from a moderate degree of these sensa
tional° the most exernciating suffering ore
roused by the great flow of blood to the parts. Some
times the inner coat of the honer protrudes at every
et acuatirm, firming what is called Prot/nisi°, or baking
of the bowels; this is the effect of long continued) irri
tation and weakness of that organ. In smite instances
the patient experiences nervous pains, iash ch are Mai , -
erihable, and known only to the sufferer, which coop
mmire immediately after an evacuation, and continue
from thirty minutes to several hours ; these sensations
or,- very annoying, and sometimes very distressing.—
This unease, tthen of long contitturulce, is attended by
pain and weakness in the bark, irrttelion of the kid
neys and bladder, and other 0/2311S in the %trinity, pain
amt numbness in the , lees and feet, a sense of Ftraiglit
nes< about the cl - est, and unnotor4t fullness of the ate
diuninal viscera, arroinpnnied wish palpitation Of the
heart and oppression, individuals semi:titers experience,
previons to an attack of the Piterr. symptorts denoting
treat derangement in the circulation ; there is s sense
of weight and pressure in the abdomen. with a INTI:li3f
her hog of uneasiness in the bowels. constipation of pe
ritneurn, ottendol with pain in the back and Lois., nail.
sea, and slight pains iii the stomach, pale countenance,
confused sefttatitlnP in the hlud, 0 cordless, end irrita
ble and dn.-contented state of liar mind, stud a sense 01
inflates+ and uppreceion in the rtglon of ilie stomach,—
The circulation on the surlace is kettle. and the current
of 1.1.)od deterntitted inward And dtIWIISAJIAA. 1 , 011. ALL
Mr 1116 AL.% 111•1.•fil 4 , 11 C.IMPLAVcr,
Dr. VT:stable EtreWary.
/:/red,?aiiy p r r rt, 1 . 1111.1
1iE.11) Tit fo?.Y.
111 . 11 ,, 0N, r)rctiidrr 11, I S 1(1,
Ct N - r+ .—r have used Dr. rphain'a Vegetable Pile
F:lerot.ary which I purchased of y ou. and fird it rytie of
the be.t medicines in liar f.o the pth.a. and also for all
billins or. e , tons, ari.iD e from an impure ~tale of the
Nratein. Youra, &c. 1:- Cui.e., Marble Deal, r.
Net- York, I)e,. fi, ii
?il rqsns. WY ter Kart rt t.l—Gentlemen :—l'n
lerst,inding that von are the general agents for t!sie sale
of Dr Vezetalde Pei -Marv, for the cure of
Piles. I have deemed it icy duty to yolonteer a recent
mewl:mon in behaff of that invalitable medicine.
hive hem) afflicted for many veara with piles, and have
tried various renteffles but with no beneficial effect.—l
began to consider my ease utterly hopeless. Bin about
the first of September last. I was prevailed by a
mend to make a trial of the above named medicine. I
took Ll ' a a Nice and rnjoice th it I ant . not only relieved,
tut, as I believe, perf , rtly cured. I mist earnestly
reeotionend it to all who roar has,. the misfortune to he
afflicted with that nioloying and dangerous iluense.
Ver) 1 1 2 , 111..1:t1011 . , yuur ot.'t
r W
Delkeliite ( Nov. 1",17.
W tar r Kt. r, At.: For Ciirtv
rears') hate beret any:x.l with ;:ett.•ral deln'.ty
and tollantation, eaubing tutnois and prolatums of the
howel , , and w flick liad the medic d treat-
ITIVIIt Dr. U 13 1 ,111311 and others could eke. lie laNt
three years of that tune my swr,tittg. defy desc6pti nt.
I on-. confined to hot, unahla:to help Inv., If, and at ,st
given t.p by my phi.iciatts a-,1 ti i. /ids in de-pan of es -
er g iit2 l / 1 2. In) health; in fact , 1 . 1 , r
tad. cnt.ttely spe, and toy burial doll.. uric.
inu le. But under Providence, and the a=e of Dr. Up
haul'. thoUrll an ut.o m AN I I have the !leas.
ine of stating the etc r to the public that toy
now and hope to use many veer=. if it f;od's
wlll, to trri,e known the virtues of jr.t. Up!, un's t.
miry, and it) recommend it to my sfflicted fellow crea
tures. it 'helped tne hevond the evt,,ectat ionst.fall that
knew my ea,... and I only say to others that it is, in my
nointon, the be-t medicine in Ole '
~ther ,lisease of the hawels; and it they oil it
eordina to tile ctios,a, 1 wtil r0p,..11 warrant a cure
111 e'er y site.
uUt,, a ita 1.1.1 e Utmost eXpty,..ion of t'vr:lo.dineq4
P.G➢ANuNT, Lark. Cl 1., N„ v . 19. 1 -:17.
TL.• ,•• rw.; •.t • 1..1- In I too'
ry of 3 , ) , 1 r. ief. , a(n!•i h, l.h ,, .,i•tan au,!
vs)the-:, in the rase, l'eheerrully
MITI('} —The Penuine hl%
I , ll , ten t.ioatt:tr. 1119, I 1)A
Ihe ham', I, ~ : one done ti,.0.1 a pen. Ire: ,• j 1 x I ‘X.
SloM V , 11.1/I . Rah• and r, t ,rI. hr S'l'T' dk•
K Frrr if AM, 191. Fri!l,m 4., N. ..
grnerinv , r,, ,, ,tzlint the and
)I{N li. FOR D. Towandi. 1 , 1. 4 7,.•
LCIU/i OCT FON ►'.ttx
Fer funtler psi-tic:air; see odserti-wment in another
Bullock & Co., i4ini,htlel4l
P. (111r.I.VN
Benrre POI ) , C inv, A then.
.1. 1. linntneton
Rathl,nne. Canton.
Corvell !it Gre, Burlington
lTlljCabastii . temtitts
• \}ol74i.'ir:'- 4 % .---..- ,„,,,,
f .,Et - ,. : i --• _ ..-....... I, : • . . .
_ - .7 3 ,•'. ; .;?-
1" - '"'
,;. -••- 7 , ',! •^-- • . . -
. , 31-4
1 -7 ' itif -- - T 4 0 - :Ctl ti .
. 4 -
'.ifliii - A 4- ,=. - : e , -.-- ...,...,-,.: •
‘,...„, _ , r - ,--- 1, .........:„
- - .4510 Kg : i - '.. !.; ` 1: '.- I .a ' . 'T .
, ~ i. ..,..1-; . ..-- .:.-- , i., - .. ... A-, .1 - ..zielriz. ' ..n...i ,
• < 2. ,1.'
'.i-g-.-t*,.':,:-.-,i1',.-...,-.,..!g•-:- c-
i..r:, 4
, -4 . .4 1 . : ; 4 ;-4 1,.
• •
i.; -:®:\
Wondcr 'tad bleseing tf the Age
It L. workl Tins Extract is put up in Quartilettles:
it is SIX times cheaper, pleasehtir, and warrantid tripe
rior many sold. It cures without vomiting, purging,
sickening or debilitating the patient,
Abe great beauty and superiority of this Parssparilbr
ovtr all other medicines is, that while it erveliewes the
, lISC S Se. it invigorates the body, it is one of the very best
Ever known; it nut only punt. , . the hoh, rp•tetn, end
strengthens the person, but it Creak., htzt , pure [Ma
rub Mural ; by no utlicr Li/v.14 . 14.
Arid ill ilas lies the grand sestet of iLt; %vomit:slut ••tiX:.-
cer.s. It has perfori:‘ed iuht Etc moire
than 100,0 t.,0 cures (At st.ere Lusts. f tliseJse ; at 14.0,4
13,00 state cwtrt,leted incur de. Lt hes raved the
h., s of wore Wan 3,U1,1 childre.i during the two 114,4
! I j.1 , .)i I 1,1 tr 1,1 Elo. ' .
Di. 'l' Wril.efliee 6dlNepa,(ll.l IgurAles the r hOh•
in p. riumenily, Tu ilrose thrirr
muscular energy_
- by the effects of 'brilliant , or indiscre
tion committed in youth. or the excessive indulgence .of
the jras.orns, and brcught on a gene_ralphymeal prostra ,
twit of the nervous sir /11. lassitude, want of ambition,
fainting FClt.nlicit,,preribiture decay and decline, hale,.
ing towar.:a fiat f.tat, cut l'e ato
tirely restored by this ideas - oil remedy. This N.ll.:4kpor
ills is far buirezrur lir airy as it
renews and invigorates the Ply 1.u% es acti.ity to 'the
limbs, and iitrength to the muscular system, in a taper
eltiaur,inar degre.e.
clean,c and Strenglheri. Consirrolrtion earl be, qtr.
ed. Bronchiti-, t'un:Alinption, Li% r 'innirlai id, C. dd.,
Catarrh, Gruglis. Asthma, Spitting of 1.360rrd rrerwss
the lit-clic Flush, Night ats,
err Profri•e 1; iretorarron, Pain iii the side, IJUSe
been and can tie cured,
SPITFINc; III.(101). •
• • New York, .‘pril r2g, 1'417-
i/tr. Tow [KJ:ND verily beliese yourN.irsaparida
has been the moans through Providence, of ..avid; iny
life. I have for several years had a bad eungtr. It
became worse an i worse. At 10-t 1 raped large quanti
tir, if I loud had night swvatg, and was greatly deli Pita•
ter! and reduced, and did riot exi ret to lie. I have
only used your t , arsaparilla'a short time, and' theredias a
wonderful elringe Ireful urrin g hi in ro e, l am n o w L od e
to vial!: all r:iy. I rape in blood. and my
cough has I. ft me. You can well imagine that I urn
thankful fur Omer: reroi4..
our 0h4" . .:11. - ut servant,
• Vs . M. 111 . :Nl",1:1.1., Catherhr-st.
ji on/t• emt. more Votit f cur thowoind rages of
Ithr urn-Rusin that Dr. Townsend's Stu,sp.siilla ha. cur
ed. The In , lotesere awl chionte cases are wceisly Lr
adleated by its ..straordinury virtues.
JUMP, ( . 1.111111.111a5, our nl tl.e assistants in the
Lou qtr Asy :urn, Mat lissrP's LI.A.d, is the gent
of in the h.llosving I, tier:
bland, Sep. 11. 1 -I 7.
Dr. Townsend— Dear Mr ; I base cur red ternthly
for nine yrars w ith the Rheuiriatism; runsh:er.shle of the
tne( could not rut sleep or walls. I had the utmost
distre4sing 114.11:t, all were
I 1.1.4V.` lthed lour bottles of y ..ur and they
Late done Mr n, , re than one 11itn.11 , ..1ft,: Itt , i!are
40. A. 1 ant so touch better—m.l,rd, 1 ant eat le
hes, d. ale at libel ty to use this fir the Leoelit ol
the resiec,fe:l),
JA\li'' I;I . II\fINGS. •
Bel., 1 , 1,/ tt! another child iiaVt cl. Dr.
raved dit• Lt, , i.f awn
401ilivt t-i li/li..r. It. 1 . 41` I. .4111. g. two Cellitletlttli ate
.eiett d I. till a Lititti!.4g ret . l.l,ed litre week.
a• lil7.
Dr. T•..vii..4 , t1 : 1) ar t",r—llrie of ins chi . ..treat was
itTy %Vt. ,‘ lilt 111 1 . .1, .1/: I Thrqdt
trr:ded WWI art at dt•ttitti . It 0.101 , tit'a , 4!) iag. I
lain.) some of t "Ur t•Xl"t•lttOt 1114•4:1‘ .11e, anti it etpe..l it
~t.ektt), for m.hto:i I , IShllll.. ) ,, u 1 'I
LLIZ Fll )VV 1)1 . .11r0 4 5Q
1 ' 11x! I ' l . 1
T , •A NA. r..., ! tr.teti 111. 4 :` . ..•,11.11fi11.t
I r n• : e I il.
i41 , ..11 to 104, ‘t. Ow I •tl.nytti.;
F.11111.•1" tll V 4 4,ol•llt,ter I % , ‘,11 , y :
1)r T.., , 1• 1 —1 V. Ar : I I..sse 4 1/:; e _+f) eeet
e.l of nee. %Nip , 1 , o• - veral t , :the , t tl Nl'l
Fr.; Ile 11.1%.1.ut
so. r, ;at last al,liouJt Ito rr,“11111.
hull tor ..
, Ze I.; •L••! , , %%t• ::tve het j• que
Wdi in V. d
ci,„l it Hof
r, -tor, rl lu r r, ••!. •I, o. Ite/11(16
14r Fr, I.• ol,r 4to: r Si ,,, to fa-1
irecuLt.frig, a n d hearty for'. loch la gratetul,
\aura. e (fully, .1(11(N Li: 1 LE3t, I t .
ri , :m AU:
11, tr..i. te;,: I P. 3 ..sVer , ll.;rl 311.1 Sf•f ... •
4:re rotpolity, tr•n,
I I' ~ n ; ..t the ‘VooM, ( ',on%
eon:. Olt"-, teti or difivoll Men , ro.
a . loft, e [low, or InVoilllt.,ty rlnoltar4,
ll,erolt. pod t Ltelier3l ' 1.1. nit Ile q )
11.1 alt r xt!, 1,.r rt •.
cd I.y nr , ,2tflara y.
mar, tt,,r :1; • 5- ^L I;le LlA
rtvol frame. l'r t.1•.1.1t
U. at -r t.;;••••• ‘‘r
te•siie•ii of the I; Amt.. h ;; •he :zreat e!
ll.irrenee•<. It %,;;;;,• Tlef / I ear. 0/ 4 ,
to rrrt::i •err ,it
.I(l.;—nr.• It; • •,11',.rt;•,1. th fill'ltirtik oi
11.I‘. .1 to -. 1 , 1 P. 191-4 whin
hiredies levee b en %%anent thilares; alit r u...lng a lov.
' Wttles This iroaleahle medicine, lid‘e tein blesAe.!
I.:Ntrßei, of :- ,, ,,rs.l ; kard a h... la ell t pre•
pared to ten retire to lemaie comi :en. de
%h., has reason to .Uppost• //,.,/,,ICI,I/11;41:.11 11 it
i; a; period, 6. The n‘l ta take
it. ro. a I. a ct mutt pre,‘e lot .1 ! 11 ' : 1,1 1 ,1 1 1 I . 11-
nt,,l I,trittle de.-ease.. to l hi, h fete e ::re soli . :ect at thn.
tittle of hie. pethsl inny r. s .If. s e .‘.rerun
yeges train !: ll:r.. Mr dor:loP. I, rt h .. 1 4 V ,1 111111 1 4'
f“r 111.0. e. who are ripiiroriehil.2 Wor , ll/lboto P. at, it b , cal
CUlatell In assist natl./re, by (in eke, rr:s the blood and
invigorating the system. Indeed, this medicine is in
lalualdc for all lite de liClitc dirt2ll,Cd to which wolll4 n
are suhject.
It beams the whole system, renews permanently the
natural energies, by ream, ing the !input it les 01 the body.
not Bo tar strinulating.lll4 to produced etlLSequeLtt relay
anon, wid) is the ease mint it,.•hems% taloa/ f.r.
Tale weakness and disease. Ily rising a tesa bottle] of
this med;citse, many -were and paiuiui burgical opera
(tons may be tee%enterl.
OM\ i()N 1 1 111:-.;ICIANS.
Dr. Townsend IS almost daily ref-via ing orders from
Phy,acian, in dill: - rent parts of the Cratott.
This to t i cerr ay, that we the I rlden:ienerl , Physicians
of the city of Albany, have in numerous Clir4 pre .311 1 -
ell its. Towto-etors Sarsaparilla, t lieve it to he one
of the most saluablu preps. in the tomil:er.
If. Y . .Putts:rt. D.
.1, ...v., M. D.
Ilttint.s, 'I. D.
P. E. 111..ntscoottT," M. D.
Owing to the great `tlert•Si and immensti safe of Dr.
TIM 17.1 1 1/tra S.41'11&11/11 , 11ia a ottod,r of nwii wto were
f .rnirrly our krentg.haire erailllnttleoal 11"1"1 ' 1-1r11.7 Sdr.nimr.
ills Exttaets. I:hairs; Diller-, is of l'ellow Durk,
lire. They generally put it ui; in the sarnt't shaped li, t•
and some of them base aldell and copied our all
sertissmenis, y are only worthless itrittatitaig,
14) ,, t):1 Tvd.
Albany, April 1
Principal (rft,e, Fulton S•rert, Puri fluilding. N.
Y. J. IONG: 4 111::RY, Towanda, Ph., only age)
Silenrit that . Dtoa far co ne,ts Z
THt I:tinti are in danger', the atoll hf the de.itroyt.
has.h i ern hpuci ts the to!iish of (ii.ithutppU ml l l , 4l
in ita .414 uota l i*
yauli /1/traei Ygue [Luling e
chrld,%yo6 r ;14
and earthly joy,is now perbapireonlineJ !ober chamber
by a dangerous r .to ale cheelui, i her l thin,shrun
eq armitra,
tell the halCilaseass has AllestiyAsinerip R ot .
her—the sound of her sepulchre) cqugh pierces your
Young man, when jug itt;p»!,
enter; life, disease
sheds a heart-cruehinu pit o; fair proeveas of •
the future—your hectic rough'and 'cable limbs tell of
cur foss of hope, but you need not despair.—Theie
a balm whiA will heol the wounded Itmg`g, it i
,hi. Attire, the wife of WM/ 11. Attree, Beg. ziv.
on up by Dr. Sewell of WAPbincran, -1)r. Roc and Mc-
Organ of Philadelphia, trra.• R.,e ant! Mott of New
I'm*. Her triootbs alt thought she must die. Sher
had eseey appe.anittre of hurtle ih consumption. and win:
so pronounced by her y siciuns--Shesman'o Dalsain
was given aid it cured her.
Mrs. Garraltrentz,, of Bull's Ferry 'wig also cured of
ermsutur,ti,m I , y this Balsam when afl other rettiellies.
fatted to give relief atewas ridered to a skeltflun, Dr.
A. ('. eastle. D.•nti+t, 281 Broadway, his witnessed
irs effects in Several rti 4 es where no other medicine
dad miler—but the Balsam operated likes charm. 'tr.
also witneisetl its wantletiul effects in curing Asth
ma, %bid) it never fails of doing. titining
alarming as it may is ;fret-Wally eureti by this Hal
sor. It heals the ruptured or wounded Lfuud vesse:s,
and 'nal:es - the lungs sound
Rev. ll.•nry Jones. Ins E; avenue, was cued of,
cough and catarrhal atlectious of 'SU 3 ears standing. The
first dine gave him muse relict than all the other medi
cine he had it taken. Dr. L. J. Beals, 19 Delaney
Puce', gore it to a si.tet-iu•law %Go was laboring tinder
consumption: and to another solely talleted with the
u••thma. In both capes its effects were immediate,- soon
legating them to contfortigle health.
Mrs. Lucretia Wells, 95 Christie st., Farered from
Asthma 42 years. Sherman's Balsam rehevud her at
"Lee, owlish,. is eempsratiyely well, being enabled to.
.ntidue carry attack Ity a tilOOry use etf this
This tteired is the timely remedy fir Cough.,
spitting Hoed, Liv. r complaints and all affections-of the.
throat. and even Natlyna. and Consumption.
Price 25 cents and SI a Little. N)1.1 in Towanda,
by 11 .1%1 BER'S IA & PORTER, No. 1, Briek ruw.
1..1.1 ifs Works Prais _ e
ploe rruu<<lt for Burris, Hi-aida, Cute, Bwellings,
Bruises. tipr,uns. Salt Hheum. Yties, Fever sures, Seri.
hys, Ch-ipped Hands. Chilli)!dins, Scald. Head, and al
{ob.!, of li.ll.imed sorra.
Per-ons in all (sandal ms of life, are at times liahleln
he Milli-tea with the above complaints. It is therefore
the duly of loads of fitnillos to protide and keep on
hand, ready for any etnergeney, a REMEDY that is
capable ul removing the suffering attendant- nu those
%try toluble•none cornpaniong. Thom. who have used
rapt lot lie told that it is a romplele reinedy l a f e aster
it pain, and the moat sp-edy remover of zofiiroldr,.,l,'om .
cree l discover: J. '11:e peri , nce of such permms is suf.
fi et eirst to prompt them (.. keep it atways on hand, t 11,
Ino that many valuable lives have been saved, by this
rdn•-o.or iit int:Limed and ii , her , 'Tr-, )111(
.c 31,15, &c. It instantly sops the
kind, and pre , cio , scars, Ni f ah: , 11! I ht. Without
it, ns a n immediate appliealion of it in ease,: of burns or
null ,!., more g o o d o bite traitiritz fir thi• doeta•
than he r mold du vihrtt arrive!, preventing long
hour. , of the ni-mst still; tin; nide!' might pass beture a
pbysirisn rOula hr .adtaatiea.
I. troavesra control over the severest injuries by nee,
over tooruntnoron, over mil nor - nation. and by ira com•
honed .4 II 1m a -r.= ai ;,..1.0%-x n r
, plic. er,, , te. art.1,71,1,z
1 , , , , , 1 r. cri,i fns rw/trtit and'healing and td the most
co:oilier, remedy in rise.
Thou , nnhis e tried, at.d thoit , .andq raise it, It is
working itsi way into public favor _with a rapidity un
known in the history of medicine , . All rchu use it, re
,,,,, me wl . Again we no taimly should be with
out it. The amuits famish the public grans, wish books
descnbine this :niitwent,
rr . )--I:Acti box of the genuine Tur•sbr's UNlN'tna,st.
(II N't 4 I S r It w OIC 01 rousey We. iirfr utt
the out-141C irbel to black irik. NeN;l;f purchase a h
unless this sic•rattire Carl be seen. Price tents per
tits !rrisr•-• Prepr•red by ELL/ urr & Tot:-
N. Y. sold to New York at Intl
.orert; and ut 'Towanda, by Cli 11181 IU. N &
PORTEN. No. t. fltic.k Row
• - -. •
Cliek nee's Vegi.l alit ,
• .
A 1; I. the 111,4 unit ..t.l) tut .
s - 1 INA( 1 , ...t:rr1d rurr lie_
11.,spe o
r,ta, stiff 5.1,1'.1.., .\. J,....1,11,.., PAi.,.... i., lire
Llsel... f:tw .1,1 \\'. A.m . -, Palpitation of the II• - srl. Ri - •
emu in the I ' looat. 1);..p..y...1•110na. Jr vrr. of z.!11,,:1 ll
Female l ' emplattits, Meseta+, Salt Rheum, Fl , art Burn.
\V-r..,.11.. lets. ,l ' ffortots, Cough.. , (2,,,,,,:k% 1,.„, 1 i t , ,
m_ll, C . •.T-1.:1•; , ‘,Ion., Fa:4, Liver c.,,..pi . , ~ i: , ,,,,..1.,., I
IC ~..,, • 1., 1,,,..- ,if I ' s .' Sloo, C.... 1.5. Net , . , •li: V olt,- :
I .11 , .':, ol 1 .1 1, .1:let1t . of ot . 1..),,, att.::o4 L - .....; on- 1..
~..,,,,,... ot I r,,lizestion. -
It has neon pr. wed I hzit mutt eve se to which
the humst. r rsmo I. schteet. 0r1...;:n v. , . fro n im.... - rties. i '
the fit,„, I or It. r 111 . :..;;Ietit - 4 ,- rf . Om If 1......tve Or.: .n-; 1
Itl!t•lstecutre If eatilt. we mos.t IA; .veth•ese o ' eortio.isns
or ta.tore the h. 00.1 to its natmli (tote. Th , s (ter. 1 , . • 1
untser , a ' ly kr•own , too peorle ti eve ...rh no a.erstot.
„ ~,,.,;,, we, 111.0, tr 00 5 .... the ol.e i: ur2opt, they prefer
the . 1 : - .... -. . • to the cur.', not.l art tali firiNt Con - titott....
or a tit t , f etekto - ss thetn for tt.e fully of 1 ,..e,r con
duct. Sun they hut 4 , 111 e excuse. Crs )4 , fic ' •fi.r.. tr.... 1• .
toine in almost oft it.. fortu.., was nearly as di5v.e.4: , ....; I.
as it w 3: hellt'llt lat. NOW, however, the . vii is , port et. , 1
f..ittai ' y rt Ft...y.(1; for rtc4.estr's 1 " ,...../cl,:, j t ,,,, , ,,;,...i.
1 ' ..U. ', ., in , n;; completely eov,•:ope.l wifit .1 Car% rt• t. or
et at. sea' / i .-I. t. I 1: s ' .... hut 1 , 1 - elf - tinot trom t1.e . i... n . I) i,
usso no ; .-... of toe :::lie, I) A arc as es-tiy ew sitowt.l.
i .
a - his of cso.. 2 v. Mo ~.
ro.r thi .. r . , not thz:;,, .;! t .- ~Ifi
Z 'll ,, lit . .11 -44,.1t , t d. Zree. w I , his oce3:10!le,1 I O!, Otte!
net that no eouti•otool..l ~.1 St'.t t;::".1, - i.rin. 1•:o
.1... este ....ivally on all the d. - .e.....t , I [1 . 01:: or the - , ,t-t . ttt,
ioStt :Iti 01 ColitinfieZ, r , e;111.4 . !1e: to, and to' t,tia, .env fir
tirmlsr leg...rt. (a hi. h ie the great and ...l...ifte.! rvd of!
el.• Iv other pur,zati%c.) li.lio. . i het ;4/. 7 .. ot Ih - r.,,4:
. 1 ' 1 )::, ,;•,. remove all irtipo • .• huntor• front the I too , ll
. .p . m the pores etteriftoli, and intero.fily, promoto ;lie!
1 1.-...t.- .' .1.. Pers; it ,ttots, obs:ato Ilstulettcy. ll.a I sche.
,‘,..___,.1,,,,i, ;01 1.......2n mol ohnov...os par , :el.s from
ei, to, so that ese blood, of whiefeive the teittlfl. 11::i
he , thorou.:hly pule--ecore a I. t e mod healthy action tii
the I lesrt, 1,11(142% nod loser, and 0.. re - v res:ote licallti
rren tr.: en oil uthcr iniftt.7r hat'. liz4.(ml. •
.% I letters of tiemure or for a !Vol` most he tIA•
.1re55....1 ;p•est paid) to Dr.C. V .t...1.1(;1;..C.N1:R. No t' If
Cr-, ......t., New York. or his authonze.l ag r mts through
out !be etotifiry., For a•,!,. In To“aliciti, toy
I'll kMISEIiLIN A:. POIZTEIZ. No. I, Brick Row
_. .. _
A. 1.01,1 la. 1,47
11. U.. Rein. tuber, Dr. (:, the
iir PAls, ihut ihri•sort wus
ever herd nt. until he introJuerd them in June, I
Puri b,-er. should thentlure n'k fur CiscLener's Sugar
laled POI, arid take ou‘other, or they %; ill be male
it k Of ft fraud.
.1 - 1. dr ELMIRA fot Itl IFFALO, every week during
the season, in the following order:
Leave Corning, ...... at 10 o'clock.
Leavy Elmira. Wednesdays. at 2 ii;elork, P. M.
Leave Ha v :111f13..
•I' NI.
Tow Down Seneca Lake on Friday, tow e ling at Big
stream, t 4 t.rkey, Lodi, Bresderlit Geneva. Wa
terloo and Seneca Palls, on ts*turilay.
Le r‘e Buffalo lon Filitrira and tornitia.P;PrY fielue :w
Marninz. Leave Rochester every M inday morning
Bi) t•OIZNING, ('arr. A. NI. Tay Loa.
131)A I' 1 1,111r.k. Carr. 11. NV. Tun'. r-n
BO NT BI FFA Id) Carr. .11. C B
For Freight or 1-assitirie apply to the Captaii.a ou
or to the fdil.nsing .bongs:
W. M. Corning. 'Price & Holly. Geneva.
S. I , irrinz A lb, & Field, rl.i.
J. Wino noun , II orse Headsli. ILaer , 4ene ci Falls.
$. Blinn in, Havanna. 11.. !Laded.), Nlniitezi a r l ia.
I;.G.Townsvial, Ili 1.. Flidt, Roche:4er.
oniworth tS Po.t. Lodi. !:Ailey eit Wheeler, Buffalo.
(lay dr Sweet, Waterloo. I April 12, IMS.
uoo-r6 colored and Ilk
gliter.. slips, and walking shoes. eriit's row hide,
uip..rolfa k ui Feel hoots and Ithqe9, sud eliihlren's do.,
rdling low at the ':cots! st.;re. N. N ET rs.
t itirbtoil 90itM1imante
Thi; and Sheet Iron, Brass,
0 11, 4 01 4.141 Z . A.X 210 3. 7 1'4.1 L.
DC. HA 'is now receiving another large supply
i of the aho-ve goOdi; 'Which he is prepared to-411
at 'jll iessfe or retail, to snit purchaser!. et the most
redne dpriees, for naafi, lomber.or grain.
Sto e ond Altmoreivrittg-'Eitfdblishorent,. on the
corm. pi Main arid' ridge streete,osrbere mil be Gum(
the la
_gest and hest assortment of 'Stoves, this aide of
the a y br Albany, such AS . .
Buckeye cooking stove.-arranged With a rota- [Nos . ,
ry op, and !Mt air oven combined, 1,2, 3, 4
Itoch lacy Empire hot air oven, 4
• Universe, " •• • . 4
Fulton, " ,' (improved) 2,3, t
Coniress tight, air'COoking,. -2; 3, 4
; Knicllertorlter, '' H 2 3
i-Albany El-'v ot e d Oven, ' -2, 3 , 4, 5
•• Premium, 2,3, 4, r, rt
I'll:Icel. put. Self-regulator, air-tight parlor,' 1,2, 3
i'. Hoc' -hrsicr air-tight parlor, ... -.. ' 2,3, 4
U.ongte...ecki. Alhani,do: t (toasters.)
1 41/,.,1.y Fancy wood pantos., ' 11, 4. t,
jN. ' . tin- -.• .2, 3, 1
, parlor &Cal stoves, 1, 2
rroninon cylinder do, 1,2,
I Large quantity of Slott Pipr, Elbows, Tin, Brant.,
Dipper, Japanned & Britannia Ware, Zinc, &t.
which he. WIII cell as above, at whol,,,sie or retail Sletel
.:Cia, Bram and Copper Rork, made to order oa
Shunt notice, awl warranted. Perrone wristling to por
ches° the ahove•articles will .do well by calling at the
above eture, before purchasing elsewhere, as Alte propri
etor la bound not to tx• undersold' by any thving man.
5000 SLIEST PELTS wanted, for which cash will
be paid. Towanda, June 14, IMB. 6ml
A XII wow IT !ft,
Wlrt) 2818 :18.1".1.1 Tit; i 77,9 '1) ?
rtt F. fIARUB regpecttially wisher to inform the
eitizewt ofTostanda, and.the public that he has
corlmenced the
in Towanda, on Maih street, a few doors above Bridge
street, where he will keep eonstantly on band or make
to or&r:l'laird and enninuni Harnen, Trunks and
TrUnk Valires, and all kinds pf work in his line. CAR
to Order. Prom his experience in the business, and
punctuality in attending to it, he hopes he may receive
4 char of public patronage.
C - 7: All kinds of work may he had at his shop cheap
• than at any other shop in this county.
"oirsn la , Jane 12., 7144 R. • Iv I
11. & DAVIS, TAILORS, (late frnmike
F • Cil yr f London, .; have opened ; a shop, in the
secind story of the new Brick block, ereeted hy,Buiton
liing'sbery, on slain :diced, where they-are prepared
exieente all orders in-their ime with accuracy & despatc',
iriom then d'inu and Ft...forma instruction in the art,
aril their exteroore experienee as Foremen, in - the heat
shore in London, they f'a- perfectly competent of being
a! to tu, please the taiis fa.tictions taste, and to ex e ,- 10 ,.
their ti,,rk in such sulinantiat noi s h e d , styl e , a , - t „
gac sati-la:tion to their cuz!urilerg.:
. .
. . .
14d" j' Culling done to order, and warranted to fit it
uperly made up. . - G. H. DAVIS,
'Towanda. Oct. E 2. 1.417. yll3 N. DAVI:3.
ME"' -11 k. 2‘11117 IE :IST 41G1
. . (4. alliTag
1 1-.) P •TEf;TFULLY informs the citizens of Town and the pubbc generally that he is prepared to
execute in the neatest style all descriptions it
Mittre. Nif.rll. Conch or f'or - rierg.e
Trimming ; and errry rdriely of Fanry
from his hfig,fixo-tkence and llae many specimens of
his priiductions 11:3W I:1 sae, he entertains a tititwriiio
that by close application to his profession. and
Seine prompt to order he may' secure a suitable share et
tn . •s?er. lie ma) he fiiiind at all times at
'hair Factei•y of Trimkins & Makinsori • where he ei
attend to the calls of those who may via. •
PA PE H A N6ING done on .short tits
terior manner and reasonable terms.
lA_LX C. A , i: f.lf3 1.1,I.) .; )). :. ;L ) ?3',_L' ;. ;Z: 1 );3,
'l'l I li sulascrti•eis still co.,t tier
1 rya -
1 li / - to at in tL a t i t i r u: ;i iiil i: t f :: : d f Id•
all keep l : l,.,l
, O u il i 1::: :
1 41 I . and wood. . stnt CH A IRS ; a;,,
s Ern: ES of tarious kinds, •..
• - .ItIEV . ' . -?' -
' , ""‘t 4 tc• • TIFII/STEMES of evert- dc••••-r - -•
it tiu , n h , whi
or ch we , will s i e l ll: i l , • . - uv r f . , : t
e,i.e."2:- lumber. White - woxl. Pas. w. ,- - , ".
rr .
or Cucumber d air plank. or I',
I t.-eantitnig 13 feet 4u:4—either Ituttonwoiiii,,
or Nlapie.lwill also he rocii‘ . ‘l.l fur our work.-
'luriiiii4 , r . done to order in the neatest manner.
JANIlis M.-11-liliSSuN 6: 0 1 . '
Towanda, iiine f. 12, ts 4 ' •
_ .
New -Tailoring a ishment,
- E't I,l*-
la X. 2, lii•Lk over the avre (I E. T
thlrd t ru.•
EsPECTFULLY infoiro. the citizens of l'owv•
tla.atiti the public , generally, Olathe hasl - color!
ht 4 Tatior tr,h.o," to No. g, Brien Row , over the .4,1 c 0:
I:.'l'. Fox. third ,tore, wheie he aultctt. those b
ui "I:.rikrunt, to give Ion)
Ho . .tr,g been enitrl.n ed in the itio.t. fashionable es:a.
tti 111 l'hilatic:pitia and rkeva here, and hying ,le
te: tinned to ;pare no pains to plea,e, cu-tottnirs 10. 0
1 , 114 111.11 11.1611, tio.(r work don e promptly at.,!
Ltooal st. ke a. c:o, la h,ld at 'any ,hop in town.
r d a:, I 10 ill.
(. IJII// 7 14 41-114 . Cit , .4., at,d warr utted.
l'otintry I'ro.l ;tee 1., ken in pa) inent lot tcurk:
Tata an.:.!..llnzu-t :l(). 10,17.
co. 1.,
,Brick Field!
..c:: 11 0 5 :; 1. 0: ( 1 : 7 A l ::: ::l l j ,s l :2l e s be : ,,, r v i r t l u i ,. :ra i r i et k . : ,i f : r ..i oii :b: th :l ::: : 11 .
4 0 -'l-* ' 5.-7' . ";t i i i ,l e i r ). er - e ".4 c l o vi n;:i: l i: e i i t r i Y p ',l t ' ll
i t • l ', . ,/,,,,
~.1 I. E i .we and Phiti, Nl,: t .hes ; . t, a!,
`,„-- - n complete assortment of Roll
( PR \
Jewelry, such as Ear Rings. rin.
ger Rin ts, Breast Pius, Bracelets, Lockets. Gold cha;a-
Gold Pins, Key s , rt e . A 1 5 ,41. all sorts of SilVe M ure.
and any quantity of Steel Beads—all .:f whichhe off t
rot ado cxecer,:dingly cheap for 1'.1:!..H.
Woches repaired on short notice, and trarriud• 1
to no well, or the money will he refundel, - and a writ
ten agreement gi sell 10 that -effect iPrequired.
N. B.—MAPLE SUGAR, and-Country Produce
taken in payment for work; and alsl. from now, di, :
forrrrs.llnn . the Produce lIII2SI be Arad when the toot ,
is done—l war against cretin in all its fauns.
W. A. 1: if .%:11 BERLIN, Agcnt
Tc,Tatuln. A pri I !ZS, 18-IP.
I}IN . %CON. has removed hi., cza. , ' .
• mem to the 'shop hetireett Nitrisherv's and
left',: st.iretg, and wl , - soli. lts a
1 , 1114ic pntrntl Ige.. ffe in:enris, tit— a earecni
lof stOCk, find be attention to the interests ul hts cu.!
iners 1.1 Oil I' II: neat and tivrable work its er r, Iq.liiet•
11111:1C101'411 111 this part lhe contorv.
ne wit! "wi , roNs!uit'y 911.1 inanutiffir ,
o oiler, :11,/,p(TO, ('arrest 6,u t a nd
$, Ch,lar,,,. 5 it
/ant's. G s nod Pump', 4 - r.
Country Produce. of .11)0A description;, taLcutir ,
Tutvirtent for work, at the murky( {owe. •
I TOtratil.l,
lierellancons 22inertisements
Oa .1144