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Abirkf for ititc-araut G r e a t _ 4 th
IVatdics mid
iewelry! Rash n 1 the
A.IIES P. BULL respectfully informs the citizens
lofToPhiladel wanda and vicinity, that
enhe has lately returno
trom phia, and permantly locatal in T
„ m ac one door below the Brick Row, in the room for
merly occupied by Mprcur's Hat Store, where may be
buhd gold and sikeratches, gold, fob and guard
cha i ns , gold and silver pencils, gold pens, breast pins,
unv , r ings, &c., cheap for cash, and every article war
,„ te d. A large supply of CLOCKS, of the latest im
proved pa tterns, running from 30 hours to 8 days and
a mon th, with one winding.
~•17- Particular attention paid to repairing CLOCKS,
WATCH ES & jP.WELRY, of every description, and
f r om the long experience which he has had in the
a m e as, work left in his care will be done in the best
workmanlike manuer. Old gold and silver taken in
ra diance. Towanda, August 16, 1848. y
V I'di 17_6
_(i . (0 11) 0:
ET. FOX would most ri.spectfully inform his old
. friends, and any one else who is in went of mer
chandise, that lie is receiving and will keep constantly
on hand a good assortment of all kinds of Goods usually
kept in a country store :—Dry Goode, Groceries, Crock
ery. Ilanitrarr. Boots 4. shoes, Hats and Caps,- Fish,
y a i nf , an d Oils, Dye Stuffs, Iron, Nails, Carpeting,
We will consider it a favor for people to let us
how them our goods, as we think they cannot fail to
,u.t. It is true, I cannot boast of as great a number of
sear; experience in purchasing goods, as some, yet I
trust the good people of Bradford have not forgotten
thetr own dear bcught experience in buying goods of
these same old e.rperienced coons. Look out for them,
or they will stick tin their usual tariff! I will sell as
cheap, if not cheaper than any other live man. Please
c:re us a call, at No. 2, Brick Row
• Towanda, May 24. 1848
THE only Universal Remedy is at last discoveredin
the shape of Cheap Vouch, at FOX'S. ft is a n
an external remedy; but if applied by the subscriber, is
. sure cure, and nosuistake. If a man feels
your or had in the region of his puiterbook, the most
eiTieient remedy is to call at Fox's, and buy what goods
he wants, as he can buy more far less money than at
any other•place in town. For anything like dyspepsia,
the safest, plesantest and best remedy is a quantity of
that fresh, delici MIS Tea at Fox's, from 3T to Cs per lb.,
sweetened with some of that nice ful Sugar. In fact,
there IS hardly a disease that flesh is heir to, that a reme
dy cannot he found for at 7 my2t FOX'S.
A N ACT for the benefit of the People of Bradford
Co.: Be it remembered by all good citizens, that
a man can buy as many Pry Goods and Groceries as he
can carry home, for a mere!rille, hardly worth mention
mr at No. 2. Briek Row. mv24 FO
TOH N 8. - FORD has just received, at his Drug store
J one door lielow : K ingsbery's store, in 11.Kingsbery's
errs brick block, Main street. a. large addition to his
tarn, assortment, which he non% offers to the attention
pilAir. His stock now Xotnprises every Wit
ri,0..) . ? kept. among. width may Ire found the follow in:
.I)ouni, ( - ream tartar, camphor, c as 4 le soap, liquorice,
proo, rhubarb, jalap, aloes, flowers chamo
vole. gun) aiabic, castor oil, quicksilver. magnesia, roll
J :o! d ,or refided'and crude borax, calomel, red
preespitate, corrosive sublimate, aqua ammonia, tartaric
epsom - salts, laudunum. serum. sulphate quinine,
al of the essential oils, gum myrrh, cantharides, gum
trasacanth. . corks sarsaparilla, gamboge, litharge,
inrpcniine, rotten vtone, umber, terra de sienna, salt
}wire, annis seed, isinglass, cubebs, annotto, &c. , &c.
Crushed, loaf, and muscavado sugars, cheaper than
can Ire bought elsewhere in town ; black and green tea;
saberrtus, pepper, spice, mustard. pepp-t sauce, raisin:,
• nutmegs. cloves, mace, Rio and Java coffee, starch, gin
fer:olls, Idaekiitg, castile, brown, variegared and fancy
..111111:perm and tallow' candles, tobacco, at.gars and
magi: matches, &c., dec.
_ Cognise, Otard, peach and American Brattily ; St.
'min. damsels and New England Rum ; swan, lion
and Jlaltimore Gin ; Scotch, Irish and Monongehala
Whiskey ; Maderia, pale and brown Sherry, pure juke,
Port, Tenerille, Listron,- Malaga, Muscat, claret and
champaigne wines, alcohol, 4k.
Bay Water, lavender, colonge and rose water, mac
ca,:sar and bear's oil, otto roses, on marrow, pornatum,
rouge, pearl powder, handclinc, flesh, tooth, hair, nail
and clothes brushes, feather dusters, calf wallets. boy's
belts, combs, pins, fish hooks, pencil points, playing
cards, percussion caps, ink, steel pens, Ace.
Western Panacea. Balm of Colum ia, Pink Syrup,
Nornstock's Vermifuge Hay's Linim t, Mother's Re
lief, Pain Extractor, Acoustic oil, I tr dye, Andrew's
and Mrs. Brown's Painkiller, God rey's cordial. Adhe
sir e plaster, Tow nse itra, Webster Wood's and Shep
herd's Sarsaparilla, Lithontripie mix ure, W istar's Bal
sam. Hungarian - Balsam r:4' Life, i'phani's Electuary,
M . A Ilister's Oinrment. Shepherd's, Komstocks, Orrick's
arid Fahnestock's Vermilug,e, Brown's celebrated Lotion
for Consumption, Sovereign balm pills, sugar coated
Pills, and all the most popular medicines of the day.
a - j• The stock is complete, containing everything
kept in the largest establishments, and is 3fTered at the
bravest possible prices. •
Remember, that Ford's Cheap Drug, Grocery and
likuor Store, is in Kingsbery's new l;loek-
TowanJa, June 7, 1845.-
But a Grrat Fall la the Prier of Goods. at th,
( 1 NEED, the proprietor,- is now receiving a large
• assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, which
arc selling so low as to astonish even the " natives."—
The selection consists of every vaiie:y and . style of
ta•bionable good.i fqr the season, a catalogue of which
would be entirely too numerous to mention here. Sam
7ples will he shown with the greatest pleasure, to any
one who 'will have the goodness to call. and we will
.4.0 w them that goods can and wilj be Sold cheaper at
Oir Savings Bank, No. 5. Brick Row, than in any other
establishment in Bradford Co. C. REED.
'Towanda. May 30. 1818 .
_ .
Goods well Bought are tialf Sold !"
3 now opening a large stock and extensive variety of
.I tit - 1011S, selected with the greatest care, and bought
water great advantages in the . cities of New York and
Plaladelphia—taking advantage of the favorable condi
tion of both markets—and having in stew the motto
Ake.... has so bought that he can and will sell on as fa
terms as the rest, and will endeavor to show to
corn...unity the advantage of buying from those who buy
w.II. Towanda, May 33,1848.
9 1.431,11.hi 1 / 4 1 by the American Sininiay
ri.wol I and fur alle in 9u ironies
Apt mirehaiairl: Fn. '.!'t 0. D. It AHT I'.
T `_ I i
t t ." . tttt tir..(t . -- ItEl.ll !WI V u•r. to OW people a
t , • ' 1 • I Init.:.
•. 011 , 1 111 Al Pm • r•r ' a Drug A.. , re, No
iron well anti cistern pumps. war
' - • In draw water from thirty to sixty feet for
.t 1 , -, Now Hardware Store. D. LORD.
I I R W RE, a good assortment, including Iron
I Nails, &A% at No. "..t, B.R.
At the Corner of Main and Brige
JKINGSBERY, JR. is now receiving fr .= New
• WA and Philadelphia, • large and cheap stocker
Spring and Summt r Dry Goods
Alan, a general assortment of
Grocrries. Hardware, Crockery, Family fifedicinee
Pools od Shoes, ( a large rariefq)
Also—Leghorn, Pedal and Prim leaf Hats; Angola,
petrel. cassimere and silk Beta ; Florence, Chiria-pearl,
Neapolitan, open work and lawn Bonnets. Books and
Stationery, Wall paper from 10c to 50c per piece, Win
dow paper, &c. Musical lastruments--Flutes,
nets, Flageokta, Fifes, &c. J. KINUSBERY, JR.
Towanda, May 17, 1848.
CLINGHAMS.—We have a large quantity of small
patterns, very handsome and desirable ; French and
linen gingham*, of eiceilent
may 12.. • KINGMBERY &CO
T A W NS.—French, American and Organdie Lawns,
-LI a beautiful assortment ; also, plaid aad figured silk
wool barages. my 17 KINOSBERY & CO.
riALICOEB.—A choice selection of Merrimack, or
ange and blue, pink and all other kinds, small fig
ure. Two shilling calico for nine cents; call and see,
bu• mind, the only place is KINUSBEIIY & CO.
BONNETS.L-A choice selection of Florence, lace,
China pearl, Pamela, Leghorn, and other fashion.
able stylei of ladies and misses' Bonnets, very cheap;
also Bonnet ribbons, artificials, wreaths. &c.
An Utensil's Assortment of Heady-made Clothing
MY stock is large, comprising a full assortment of
-1-V-1-eSummer Clothing of every kind : such as Tweed
CrOton, Queen's Cloth, and silk mixed Grecian Sack
and habit cloth. linen and cloth dress COATS.
E. T. FOX -.' '`l
Also. PANTS & vEwrs, of every kind; cravats
and handerchiefs, gloves and summer hose,, all offered
cheap—so cheap that I ‘bink it will pay for corning and
looking at my stock.
Also, A good assortment of Broad CGdha, Comintern
and Feelings, TWeeds and Kentucky Jeans, Linens,
&c., that I will make up to order, and very cheap. I
pledge myself to sell as cheap as can he bought any
where in the country. L. BATCHELER.
Towanda, May 8, 1848.
JOINER'S TOOLS.—A good assortment of Bead,
Moulding and Bench PLANES, grooving plows,
and other Joiner's Tools, just received from the manu
factory, and for sale low by (1. D. BARTLE rr.
THE subscriber has opened a CLOTHING Sroat, two
doors north of. the Public Square, on Main street,
(nearly npposite the new brick tavern now being erect
ed by C. L. Wind, Esq.) where he will keep constantly
011 hand, and for sale at the lowest possible prices. •
large • and general assortment •of READY MADE
CLOTHING, such as
Collars. Stocks. Suspenders. Gb)res. lloserry, Drawers;
He has also on hand and is constantly receiving, a
large assortment of
such as Silks, Satins, Marseilles. &c.. ail of which will
be made up to order on short notice and on reasonable
terms. 'l•he subscriber having been a practical' Tailor
for the last 15 years, in the city of New York, flatters
himself that tic can give satisfaction to all who may •fa
vor him with their patronage.
His Clothing is all made under his own inspec
tion. and he has therefore no hesitancy in recommend
ing it to those who wish to purChase.
o. CUTTING and MAKING UP for persons who
prefer :o furelah thmr own materials; and Cutting done
for persona who wish to have their garments made else
where—all of which shall be •done with neatness and
'The subscribe, l also agent for A. Wheeler's Report
of Fashions, which he can furnish to such as ar t s
ing. on reawnable terms. R. A. SMFTH.
Towanda, June 6, 1848.
p ESPtCTF CIA. Y announce to their numerous
AA. friends and customers, that they are now opening
the largest and most general assortment of GOODS,
ever before offered in Towanda, embracing almost every
thing wanted by persons of every claws and condition.
,41,1 1 1 those wishing to puichase Goods for cash, will
find it for their interest to examine this steck.
Towanda, May 26, 1849.
If Vitittri R Robimsrm, e tin Itansison No. 141
' De ik 47, is BralY/Ird COI/WWII Picas., Ltbd
11 , nirrre
O I'IIILENA ROBINSON', defendant in the
1 afore cause : You are hereby notified that
WILLIAM R. ROBlNsWyour husband has filed
h-s pet , tion for a divo ce from-the bonds of matri
mony. And an alias subrnna has been returned,
and proof made that you a•e no, to he found in said
county. You arc therefore, hereby required to ap
pear at the court house in the borough of Towanda,
on Monday. the 4th day of September next being
the first da- of September term of said court of com
mon pleas. to answer the said complaint, and show
Cause if any you have, why the said William shall
not be divorced from you.
3. F. MEANS, Sheriff.
Sheriffs. Office, Towanda, Aug. 1, 1848,
VOTICE is hereby given to ail persons /mammal,
II that
Henry C. Allen, one of t 4 e adininiatrators of Benijah
Allen, deed, late of Warren township ;
Henry Russell, one of the administrators of Wm H.
,Tupper, Jec'd, late of Windham town-hip ;
Nathaniel Flolrer, administrator de ',Ones non of the
estate of Alanaon .11, Shaw, decd, late of Ulster tp.
E. R. Myer. admipistrator Se bonis non of the estate
of K'm er, deed, late of Wysoz tp
lead Stevens,- administrator ;31 - th? estate of Samuel
Stevens, deceased, late of Pike township;
A ;ba Tuttle, executor of the estate of Joel Tuttle,
deceased, late of Standing Stone township.
C. 0. Spencer, one of the executors of the last will
and testament of J. Wither. dee'd, late of Canton tp.
James Merritt and Roswell Dunbar; necutors of J.
B. Marritt, dec'tl, lute of Granville tp.
John F: &Menke, executor of the estate of William
-Bertrand. dec'd, late of Athens tp,
Have severally filed and settled n the office of the
Register of Wills, in and for the Co.of Bradford, the ac
counts of their several administrations upon the estates
afresabl, and that the same will be presented to the
Orphan's court of said co. on Monday the 4th day of
September nest, for confirmation and allowance.
L. E. DE WOLF„....REgister.
Register'. Office, Towanda, August 2, 1848.
Cheapest Goods ever sold in Towanda,
PRINI; AND St WORM GOODS of every des
crption, for old men and young men. for young
dnd old ladies, for the high, the low, the rich,
and the poor all can now be ar+oinmodated, A few
irtielen in the line of Dress Good, which are going off
wiih a perfect rush, we can here intention. %nth as Freh
liwn gtngh ins. Berk and light gine illy. linen [mitres.
r la • as, herages, and a great ae "omen' of Prints
now selling lower than the lowest at No. 5, 43 R.
.. June 14, 1848. REED'S.
4 " 15. • irk
ONNETS, mod Bonnet Trimming*, of every des
-13 rripuon, suitable for the season. may be found in
abundance, ar.d very cheap at 5, B. R. REED'S.
WANTED, any quantity of Butter, at th e market
pricer, at the Central 6_ttire. N. N. NBTTS.
intrrlmbir,- It-c.
Gloss, Pcinis;Dye-iiootk, Fixh , krc,
JP's! received at L. Balcheler's
ThinnrlrwlerAtrix. hc.. he
H. S. & M. C. MERCUR,
Inerttanbile, IC-c.
XI %! /D cl
At Wholesale and Retail.
Air ONTAWYES & CO. are now receiving -Fre+
IYI from New York and Philadelphia, the moat dew
rat& lot of GOODS, ever offered in thil market • and
think that an experience of twenty years in the selec•
lion of goods had ought to enable them to purchase as
cheap as the cheapest. We invite public attention to
our stock, and think we can offer inducements worthy
the notice of most close buyers and amateur* of de.
cable good's. May I, 1803..
NOW receiving almost daily/ at the Central Brick
Store, (Cheap sideof Main st..) fresh supplies of
which we are selling at unusually low prices. If you
want cheap and good Goods, mark the Central Store.
Fur particulars, see Reporter neat week
May 29, 1848
IWOULD say to my old friends and all that wish to
buy goodA cheap, that I am still to be found at the
CENTRAL STORE, where my arrangements are still
to partially take charge of and asaist Nr.N.N .Betts in
the above named establishment.
I would therefore be pleased at any time to show and
satisfy you that it is not always a fact that those who
make the moat noise in the world, or hate the largest
stores, that seli goods the cheapest.
Respectfully, yours,
Towanda, lune 6, 1848. A.D.MONTANYE.
fILOTHS & CASSMERES.—EngIish, -French
and American Cloths and Cassimeres, and a large
assortment of Foricy Casditneres, selling at very low
rates at the Central Store. N. N. BETTS.
LADIES' GOODS.---Lawns, gingham', -raw si:ks.
and silk and linen ginghams, (new style of goods)
de !sines, white dress goods, of every variety, at the
Central Store. N. N. DErrs.
PPRINTS-1080 yards on hand, which we will sell
to cash customers at cost.
. March 22, 1848. MONTANYES & CO.
GROCERIES—Good young byson and hyson akin
teas, at 371 tad 50 cents--and sugar to sweeten
it at fil and 8 cents ; all other kinds of Groceries in pro
portion at the Central Store. N. N.. BETTS.
XPECTED in a few days, a few more loads of
New Goods, at N. N 13ETTS'.
This is no d isgusting. nauseating pill, potion, or
mixture; nothing that produces pain or rritation; but
a medicine that is at once pleasant and agreeable in its
application, affording immediate relief, and will cure the
very worst cases of painful, itching or bleeding Piles in
a very few days. Call at Casa immix & Purrca's
Drug Store, No. I, Brick Row, Tawantia, and you will
not go'hornewithout a bottle.
lITORSfED DRESS GOODS.—Plain, figured and
V plaid, black and colored Alpaccas; black and co
lored French b. erinoes ; Oregon Maids rich French
and common Cashmeres, Del.ainea, &c., a great variety
of styles fur gale at sep2s • fit
ROADCLOTHS. Cassimeres, and Summer Stuffs
—and endless variety, to suit all tastes and all (las
ses of people, welling extremely low at REED'S.
QuEETINGs AND st-HRTINus —if you will el-
Li amine our stock, you will be sure to huy, unless
you should think the price so low, that there was some
thing wrong in it. KINGSBERY Ar. CO.
T-, R hoard and tuition. including Orthography, Real' •
ing. Writing Arithmetic, Algebra, Book• Keeping,
English Grariunar, Rhetoric Composition, Geography.
Cue of the GlRies, Mineralogy, Natural Philosophy and
Astronomy. (With the use of a good apparatus to illus
trate those studies,) Moral Philosophy and Chemistry,
payable quarterly in advance, per annum, $lOO 00
Day scholars, per quarter, 4 00
French, per quarter,
Music, (on the piano.) per (planer,
Embroidery and rug work. " '2 00
Any yoting lady receiving instruction on the piano,
is privileged to learn rug-work, of any one of the above
languages, at the same time, without additional charge.
To a young lady who studies the Englis branches, the
terms of learning each of the above branchei., are per
quarter, ' 153 00
Instruction on the Dakar, 4 00
Use of Pianos, 75
Drawing and painting In wider rotors, including
the use of mater'als, such es drawing paper, •
paints._ pencils, &c. 4 00
Oil painting un canvass, 10 00
Painting transparent window shades,. including
the supply di materials, each 4.00
Formula painting on paper, silk and velvet, per
twelve lcarono,
Gslding on Bilk, crape, &e
War tlovverit, per quarter,
Pens and ink,.
Board in vacation, $2 00 per week.
Leiters, post-paid. addressed to the Misses %V BITE
& GRIFFIN, Binghamton, Broome CO, N. V., will
receive prompt attention.
C[j' The nest session of thisseitablishment opens on
the first Monday in tleptember.
Binghamton, Acigtist 9, 1848. 6m9
a(!). oia
RE now receiving a new 'ripply of GOODS from
ANew York. Aldo, one ink load of SALT;
rowlinds, July 12. 1848
AvILI. pay his next visit to Towanda, in October
next, sad Amy be found-at Woonscres HOTEL.
His - friends are invited to ion. July 12, 1848.
DANIEL LORD takes this method to inform the
inhabitants of Bradford Co., and the surrounding
country, that he is receiving at the old stand of J. P.
Kirby, a large and well.selected assortment of
1113 AIL 31:01 1111 MT -AIL ANL 3IE
Consisting in part of the following :'_Mails, copper, tin,
sheet iron bar and sheet lead, lead pipe of various sizes,
anvils, cotter and staple vices, crow bars, spades, sho
vels and forks, mill, X cnt, circular, panel & web saws,
Tools, House Trimmings of various descriptions. -
Latest improvement. Also, the Self -Regulating Par
lor Store. He will manufacture and keep on band
Copper, Tin, and Slicet Iron Ware,
of all kinds, and at low prices. All persona wishing
to purchase Hardware, will do well to call on D. Lord
before purchasing at any other place. His stock is en
tirely new and fresh. He will sell as cheap as-any oth
er establishmen within 100 miles of this zplace, (no
mistake.) All kinds of Copper, Tin and 'Sheet Iron
W are, repaired and made to or& rip workmanlike man
ner. Towanda. June 26, 1848.
n R. fiIIYSOTT'S Compound Extract of Yellow
If bock ..nod Sarsaparilla, an efficient and certain
t i e
remedy fu Consumption, 'scrofula, cutaneous diseases,
rbeuesiatis ii, gout. general debility, dyspepsia , bilious
dis..ases, mole complaints, headaches, coughs, colds,
freer and ague, and ati chronic affections arising from
the abuse of medicines, for sale at No. 1, Brick Row,
DANA SOLIS & UMBRELLAS, the Moat extensive
1 and splendid assortment em two% into Towanda,
may be !Mind at No. 5, B. R. REED'S.
GREEN PABASOLF3-0 few more of those splen
did green silk and Turk satin hinged parasols and
shades. ju,t _reed and belling %ery luir at FUSS.
Hurrah! Hurrah ! Hurrah ! Hurrah!
ricatiL edam ! they come! those NEW COODS
anziowly ‘,l for by the public, which Ire
are now prepared lo sell as kw as ever before offered in
tlsis market. This late arrival consists of
of u great vartety, and which will be sold very low, by
July 14. EI.LIOi'T & T(Ysoctris.
SHAWLS—a great variety ; also Scarfs. Veils, Gloves
and everything usually kept in country stores. by
July 14. . ELLIOTT & TONIK
COl./N ERPA N A few very choirs ones jos
teed by ELLIOTI' & TOSIKINS. •
BtlNlCETS.—Florence, straw, pearl straw, and lace
Bonnets ; also, palm-teaf and Irghorn hats, by
CLOTHS. --A guod variciy ; French and English
rassimeres of all kind*, and SAinctts, which will
lie gold low by 'ELMO r & TomKtNs.
IRON AND NAILS, glass and sash , leather, rope,
large and small, drugs and paints, of all kinds, kept
constantly on hand by ELIA° rls & TONIKINS.
Dr.RsoNd purchasing goods will do well to call and
1- examine our goods before purchasing elsewhere,
as our stock' is large_ and well selected, and purchased
when the good. are lowest; so that we have a considle
rade adv nttige over those who purchased earlier. We
can sec° mildate our customers with almost everything
they wis from a coffee mill to ii corn libeller.
Jluty lit. ELLIOT l' & TOMKINS.
, -
DILLOW'S ) ' ' ' .
l/ I
/ .0 1 1 - CURE,
For sale at No
FOR K• LL nr
CHAMCERLIN do PORTER, No. 1, Brick Row,
who keep constantly on 1 and a full assortment of
genuine Drugs and its, Dyes! offs,
Groceries, Fancy orb' cll.; err. }n: •
Alebasi's poor man ' s plait. Trask's magnetic ointment,
" tooth ache drops, •Pousey's Universal do, the
Eliink'ff health restorativ:e, • Master of pain,
Ctickener's a. c pills, Wistur's bola. wild cherry,
Bailey's pain extractor, Buchan'. Hung. balsam life,
Fahnestock's vermifuge, Andrew's pain killer,
Gridley's 'Salt rheum ',int. Davis' do.
GFTPlenberg medicines, Harding'. sticking s.rl
Hobensack'a worm syrup, l'eleg White's do.
Ingoldsby's pile specitic, Ellis' ad. pla kter cloth,
Dr. Jayne's meslirincA, Extract of I%a-ahoo or bur-
Jackson's pile 4 letter em. ning bush, an Indian me-
Sherman's medicines, theme for consumption,
" poor aim ' s plant. diseases of the liver, 4c.,
Merrick's vermifuge, Thompion's eye water,
Worislell's veg. res. pills, Weaver's worm tea,
Dr. We-tim'a female " Brittis• oil,
ball. horehound, Drant's Indian remedies,
Moffat's medicines, Ward's lininient,relieves
ro !gees Olo'uonian, rheumatic and other pain,
Phinney's pills, Webater•ii et. sarsaparilla,
Pocahontas do. Harlem oil,
Porter's tooth cord's', Carpenter's do.
Soule's or. POW. balm pills, McAlliider's ointment,
Swayne's syrup w. cherry, Tin:iv:l/m . .1 balsam life,
do. . vermifuge, Balm of Columbia,
Smith's a. c. Ind. veg. pills, Bateman's pectoral drops,
Scarpa's acoustic oil, Codfrev's cordial,
Wright's Ind. veg.pilla, Bullard's oil soap,
Oriental - do. Indian vegetable elixer, •
Brandreth's do. Jew David's plaater,
Webster'a bilious do. Cheeseman's Arabian ball.
Phelp's torn ito do. Cooper's corn sale,
Dr. Rush's do. Mother's relief,
Lees' do. Gelatine capsules,
Post's poor man's do. Cephalic crown snuff.
With many others, not enumerated. The subscri
bers are agents for most of the above medicines, and
warrant every article genuine. July 19,1848.
--- - - - -
$4 00
4 00
4 00
10 00
VtTOULD respectfully inform the inhabitants of To
wanda and vicinity. that they have opened a
GROCERY & VARIETY STORE, in the corner
building north of the public square, on Main-s t- where
may be found all kinds of
Groceries, Preserves, Pickles, Fruits,
Tubaoro, Sniff. l'ir,ars, Candy, Crackrrs and Toy, of
rrrry droriptioa. Bas.krlx, Pruoms, vary,
r.: Sperm and Tallow randlfs, liar •:nap,
rines.rar, Pour, Turk. thing,
all of which will be sold cheap for cash.
Towanda. July 3. 1848.
itYO (0.1 1 . 1 . )
DURSUANT to an order of the Orphan's Court o
Ilnulfonl menu", will be exposed to public sale on
KI/N ESDA Y, the 16th day of August, 1848, at 3
o'clock, P. M., upon the premises, a piece or pateel of
land in Troy township, late the estate of Wm. Mitchell
bounded on the north by land of Samuel Allen,
and Lucius and Reuben Stiles, east by lands of E.Long,
seuth by, lands of Henry Greenough. west by lands of
Lucius and Reilben Stiles. Containing about t 37 acres
or thereabouts, djout 35 acres improved, :with a frame
dwelling house and small frame barn thereon. Attenj
dance given, and terms made known on day of sale.
The above stands adjourned. until Tuesday, the
29th day of August., 1818. at 3 o'elock. P. M.
5 00
3 00
5 00
2 50
Troy. July 19, 1-848. Administrators.
OT.EUMLIZ C P 0CL11.8 71 1 1 Q.41.1.141Ei
ttY en order of the Orphans' Court of Bradford en.,
will be exposed to public sale on THURSDAY,
7th day of September 1848, at I o'cloe%, upon the pre
mises, a piece or parcel of land in Tow.inda born'., late
the property of Truman Kinsman, dec d., bounded on
the ,'orth by John Wilcox, on the east by William at,
on the south by Division at., and west by main street,
containing about twenty-four square rods.
Attendance given, and terms made known on the
day of sale. L. W. TIFFANY,
August 14, 111t8. Administrator .
- 4 1
5 AT ( .11 ArAciiiiCADlT. ow,
THE proprietors of this long-established Line, stil
continue the business of freighting merchandise
produce., lumber, &c., between
Binghamton and Jfitto Fork,
and solicit the continued patronage of their friends.—
They ate prepared' with increased facilities to accont
module the public, having
which will enable them to despatch a boat direct from
New. York to Binghamton DAILY during the season,
with 'AV 0 TRANSHIPMENT'S on the entire route.
Ca• They invite a aill . from their friends before shipping,
os their charges will be at lowest rates.
_C. AFKINN EY, Binghamton I
!AGNIITII : JESSE 'HINDS. 7 South-ff., At. York;
D. A. REXFORD, ' "
The subscriber still cominut s the business of Sto
rage and Forwaniing, and may at all times be found at
his well known storehouse, where he keeps for sale at
lowest prima, Floor, Salt, Lirindstones,-nopes, Pitch,
Oakum, Beet, Pork, dre.
0:7 Cash paid fnr all kinds of Lumber and Produce,
delivered at the SVorritorsac. C. IWKINIC EY.
Binghamton, April 21,1818.
received, and for sale by the single barrel or load,
CLOTHS & CASSIMEREB, Vestings, Overcoat
Cloths, such as brown. olive and gold mixed Bea
vers will be sold very low at , SAVINGS BANK.
by the ;,ros., at No. B. IL FOS'S.
intrchanbilc, £-c.
• , Ecgal 1 ^Atancrtiscalcnts.
A 1)1 . 11 .. Nr i ; BATOR'S NOTICE.
t i ht
t taitb tte of Metrilla Hum-
ALphrePay.dec'tla, I te " of Orw el l t a p. are heaby requisite
tad to make psymenit withnut delay, ' and those having
claims against.said dale gelid please present diem duty
at.thenticated for set lenient. C.U. GRIDLEY.
_Orwell, July 1: 1848, 1 Administrator.
A".persons inclabted to the estate of FREDERICK
BR A DLE Y. deed., late of Litchfield, arc hereby
requested to make 'payment without delay, sal those
having claims against said estate will please present
them duly authenticated for eetilement.
SAMBRI. DA V-IDSON, ' Executms.
iilelifield, June 14, 1445. . •
Pl' virtue of surnhy writs of vend. expo. issued out
II of the court of Common Pleas of Bradford County,
to me &vernal, I shall expose to poetic sale ache house
of T. P. WondrulT,i in the bre-fleet/of Towanda, on Mon
day the 4th day oI:SEHTEMIIER next, at one o'clock
P. M., the -following piece or parr-el of land in the
township of Ridgebery, and bounded on the north by
lands of Perrin Boruhare, on the east by Israel Burt,
and south-west .by Howard Burt., Containing three
acres all improved, with one framed horse.
! • Seized and taken in execution at the sun of Cool
baugh and MeAlihne vs. Wm. Johnson.
ALSO—The defendants Interest in the following
piece or parcel of land situated in Springfield township,
and bounded north by lands of Charles 1.. Wells, east
by Alt in Tormenter, south by Wood oil Berry, and
west by lands of iliornel and Seth Sherman.. Contain
ing about one hundred .n.l tarty acres with about thir
ty acres improved, one log house, one framed barn and
an apple orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the soil of Edwin
Dyer vs. John T., Page.
ALSO)—The following piece or pareel of land, situat
ed in Moms tovinship, and hounded as follows, to wit ;
north by the Tovranda Creek, and east by the Asylum
company lands, : south by land of C. L. Ward, and
west by the SChrildtr Branch, containing three hundred
scree, with fifty ricres improYed, with one framed house,
one framed tram nod shed, a small orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution! to the suit of Wm.
Watkins to use Of Fred. rid: Watts vs. T. It. Lewis. •
ALSO—A piece or parcel of Land in Rome tp., and .
bounded east IT Danford Chaffee, south and west by
Venus Branmer4 north by the public road. Containing
14,136 feet, with one framed house, and a few fruit trees
thereon, all improved.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Henry S.
Mervin, vs. W .N. Lent.
Al. .s 0 —A pe or pa reel of land situated in Wysox,
and bounded North by the main -noel, Plat by Daniel .
Coollough, sorb by the Susquehanna, west by Sheph
erd Pierce. got:staining' about 48 acres wilts about 40
acres improved 'with two framed dwelling houses, one .
barn and shed and apple orchard thereon.
A LsO—Onevother lot situated in said township
bounded north by land of Oeorge Scott, east by said
Sy 11, south by llatol Lucy -lturn's and west by Stephen
Strickland: Containing about thirty acres.
Seized.and taken in execution at the suit of Alexan
der Ray, vs. Harry Morgan, Executor, &e.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land situated in Sheshe
quin twp., bounded' on the north by lands of Samiiel
Hulce, south mist by Archibald Schuler, south-by David
Evans, and went by F. Is. Jones. Containing NI acres
with about 12 saes-unproved, and .with one log house
1, B.Row, hy
— LT; alut Portrr.
Seized and taken in execution ai the suit of Storrs&
Jones vs. John Farmer.
ALSO—The following piece or parer' of land situat•
ed in Armenia township. bounded. and described as fol
low+, to wit : North by land of Alfred" Ripley; ea-t by
land iii pos.,ei.aion of John Benson, on the south by
land of Riley 'Hawkins, and on the west by unseated
lard. Containirig ore hundred acres with about eighty
acres improve4l, with one double log house one framed
133111 a small apple orchard thereen.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Peleg
Peck, now to the use of L. Vandercook, vs. John Ben:
ALSO—The following property situated in Sheshe
quin and bounded North by James Brink, east by Sam
uel Marshall estate; south by. land of Lemuel Kings
bury and went by Samuel Hutta. Containing about
one hundred 'and 'sixty acted, one log house and log
barn, and 3 sere improved.
Seized and ;taken in execution at the snit of Francis
S t Ayer ' vs. Thomas Marshall,
'ALSO—By Sundry writs of I,evrari Facies, a tract,
of land situated in Granville toaruship, beginning st
dead pine tree sout4 treat corner of lot no. 199 on war
rant lot no. 11537. the-ice south one hundred and forty
two perches to a dead maple, thence west two hundred
and sixteen end 8-10 perches to a chestnut oak for a
corner, south • eat corner of lot no. 181, thence north
one hundred and forty-two peeches to a post, thenetseast
two hundredand sixteen and perches to the begin
ning. ! Con taining one hundred and ninety-two acres
anal sixty-sill perches strict measure. -
Seized and- taken in execution at the suit of R. B.
Davidson aciministra or of Wm. Davidson deed., who
survived Timothy Paxson vs. Joseph Cairn Simpson
administrator of John Taylor.
ALSO—Another piece or parcel of land Situated in
Burlington :township, beginning at 3 poet south-west
corner of lot no. 49 on warrant lot no. 1477, thence cast
one hunt and one perches to a post. thence south
one hundr and fifty-two perches and 7-10th to a post,
thence west one hundred and one perches to a post,
thence nor.h one hundred and fifty-two and 7-10th
perches to the beginning. Containing ninety-six acres
end di xty-tt ree - perches strict measure
Seized and taken in eiecution at the suit of R. 13.
Davidson .administrator of Wm. Davidson tteed., who
survived Tixnothy Paxson vs. . Joseph C,Simpson ad
ministrator lot R. Sweney dec'd.
A LSO-4A II that certain piece or parcel of land with'
the improvements thereon erected situated on Bentley
creek in IN: township of Ridgebery, bounded as folloWs:
Beginninglat the seventieth Mile atone.and runs thence
along the Pennsylvania line, 45 chains 50 links to a
sapling, thOce southerly three chains to a stake, thence
thence weiterly 45 chains 50 links to a stake, thence
northerly 43'chains to the beginning. 'Containing 150
acres of land, be the same more or less, it being part of
a lot of land of 200 acres, •originally. conveyed by Fran
cis W Johnson and others, to Elijah' Depuy, on which
said lot - Thos.' aldvi:n and Elijah Depuy erected mills;
excepting. however out of the said lot one acre, hetet*.
fore sold, lying on the south side of the same.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel
Rexford 'and A. & S. Willis' use, vs. David Brewer, ail.
of ArvineClark 2d, with Hepsey Clark, widow of said
Arsine Clark, 2d., and Stephen Harman and George
Fishier, terre tedants.
At the came place, on Friday, the Ist day of Septem
ber, at 1 o'clock. I'. M.. by virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa.,
a tract of land in Monroe (Li., hounded north by lands
of Robert Shewell's warrantee, east by Ephriain Mc
Adam and Wm. 6.11 y, south by James Latiley, and
west by Sam'l Wallece. Containing about 600 acres.
shoul 30 acres cleared, 5 small framed dwellings, two
anvil barns seal one saw-mill erected, also an orchard.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Hiram
C. Fox, to the use of C. Hiney, vs. Nathan Northrop,
administrator of John Northrop.
Sheriff's Office. Towanda* July 5, 1848.
Sarah A,H 04figilit, by /,.r unit friend, Eli Gibbs,
r'. Patrick (111itgan. No. 51; Irk icrut. iS4s.
hr Braqforfl Coal. Pl - eis. Libel' for Dirorce
T O PA TRICK Olt AGA NAefendant in the above
cause: You are hereby notified thht Sarah Ann
011agan, your wife, by her next friend, Eh Gibbs,
has filed her petition for a divorce from the bonds
of matrimony. And an alias subpoena has been
returned, and proof made that you are not to be
found in said county. You are therefore, hereby
required to appear at the court hottse in the borough
of Towanda, the 4th day of September next, being
the first day of September term of said court of
commoMpleas, to answer the said complaint, and
show cause if any you have, why the said .Sarah
Ann shall nut be divorced from you.
J. F. MEANS, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, Aug. 1. MS.
INOII A MS, new styles, and monstrous cheap ;
Lawns, of every description ; Organdie - muslins,
embroidered mohair. and in fact all the Most destral;le
styles of Dress Goods in ..aarket,with trimming% tomatch
eheaper than any other goods in town. at FOXi3.
. ,
lontitain Scots,
.7PI k. al 3, al cS,t/
- ETAS removes( hia office to D. Cash's new office, on
isseond street, where ho will be pleased to see those
who nerd his profebsional services. Dee. 29, 191.7. y
Great & Important C . /hew:leg Discovery:
Chemical Combination front the ritretatie kingdom
to, repel Disease.
P .— i '•;.
'RU t T B t D
taTRACT 1 5
• owns
plus[ It
P i t 2001.
77u. Mud soctev4ul the,Wo►ld!
CIiF.MICAL COMPOUND, containing alt.
it dors. ti chow. Dirk ;:so• h 1 My esteemed by
the farulty —with other vegetarde produ:tions, is one, •
of the most Shift:waist discoveries of the age, mid 'tal
.superior to all 'onside santaparifha.prepritstionst in liner
Although less than two ).tfais hare elapsed •Oinal its
discovery, it has already firer-twit jiver ! 5,000 earns:
The unitvalled powet dureasse victich ttsis Syttip
era may i.e the c.f.t that ills compostri
purely of vegetable extractis. each due hating attired
rerenmce to some internal organ; consequently the
whole system is Leto Pored; and the (act that, in its
operation, it oreasinns neither sickness not parr. Mut
eats be taken unrier all rirrionstances without rived td,
business ..r_ diet, and try the aged anal the - infant with
epos! effirary,-is certairily a ronsidetstion in the history
of Medicine. This Estrart is put up in Quart Battles,
and is the most highly coneentrited equip in
is at thertow price of rune dollar per Bottle, the
of ject, of being to give the' pa lent an opportunity by
the purehase of nine Isatilel, to test ha raltrahle medicali
prdfrerties arnl its power over disease;
essososukd Ex mei. of YellUw Block anitSarsa
parilto is a positive, speedy. slid pemement cute fof
('onsumption, 'escroful t or "King's Evil. Erysipetai. Said
Itheum,-Pimpicson the ft et , , Rt;eumatifmr,tiont,, Gen
f . ' Dchil: y, livsrpsia, ;lister Comptairarc, 31/pitfall** •
frrti. rs , renraie Comfit, in's, 'fleets, .Slpliffa ih its
wont form, Affect . ..our f the Bladder :snit Kidneys;
Bilis;us I :olie and serous ...srserielars Bites, Costiveness,-
C'o' Is, corrupt Humors, sthina, Dropsy, enlargement
of the Bones, Tr rem an Ague, Giddiness. Onset;
Headache,, ad o,ery kin4l, Impure Food, JaundiecAtiss
or - Appetite, Leprosy., Mirlcurial Diseases, Night Streaile,
Nervous Corr pits'its erf.4ll kinds, Neuridgia, Organic
Affections. Patisi ation ejf die Heart, 'Painter's CoEre;
rush of Blond to the Read, Scurvy.. Swellings,
sick Headache; ts:illfocsaof tae ESPostne and
imprudence of Life: I .
.ase; purifie:s anti etmates the.
e- lirsly more effet tnally than
ileiJ to the public; •
Glum, an All wise Belt% hart
Ileitis as are congenial to ouf
Ipti to the eitreaof all curabt
• l i itsture is inckctit. s.ll this
i nposeJ of all those valdablt,
ave lately been diweereetell and
tain ppecities in thousands
the best of meAlical .kill..
It entracte rieryouii
Blood, aid invigorates I.
any medicine hitherto
In the Vegetable •Ktnl
depo-ited such pronts an
constitution., an d wimp'
discuses to which hutna
Compound rup is co l
plfints, some of which II
used, and foulid to he ee
disease's that before• defo
This is to eciftty I ha'
riot's of the city of N.
many cases prescribed
Yellow Dock anti Sirs,
we, the undersigned Physii
w lurk, base in a iiety grad
Doctor Guysott's Est:net of
parilht, and are fully assured
i llog the varied Syrups and Sur
at have over been sold. Octo-
that it has no equal sin
aaparilla preparations t
ber 10:47. P. Stedvidrnr,
P. S. Maynard,• M.
S:amuerr. %V er.s: M.
3L,rc:_t , :t;many iri f
Gurvo .s.gli.r - Extract . 1 , 1
- 11140 er all lithe,:
. PC ! it , 11(1! !
AT EIVit)W...N,I
Mr. S. F. BENS ET T :
ror If the superiority of Dr.
Yellow DLO acrdSarsapgrii
/or remedies.; •
tiaels. of letters r ‘ er„eired.
ERA L . DE33ll.rry, &c.
Jefferson Co., Nov. 4, 1847 r
083 to expresstaith words Irina
of your Compound Extract of
rsaparitla ; all who have had the
yak of its reervellone efiectsin
so mach feeling anti heartfelt!
!mil - Went now that no medicine
superior qualities• Many Wei.
for yoirs with pain in the. side ;
e chisi f dyspepsia..genend deka/-
hills, night sweats; salt thane,
es that we in this dinette
• Yellow , Dock and iiansaperdhis
make them whit they Weft in
Dear Sir—l anti at
as been said in- prai
Yellow Doak and Si
pleasure of using it at
removing <Ramses, wit
satisfaction, that I am
in yse can boast of it
have been comphrittin
burning and pain in t
ty, loss of appetite,
scrofula, in fact all th
are heir to, fin.) in - th
ull that is requisite.
their days
~ ) f health.
!Ye dozen bottles. in fiztee ttionths,
arty out: Please .end an. egad
We have had twe
and find; we arc
amount, and OY.
i^e yours,
nogomery Co. Jan. 8, '4B
r Sit—Some four weeks since
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla
%filleted about 40 vests, most
ein anything without safer-
As. I have used now only
..table medicine, and consider
solely by ifs use: Can now est
the slightest inconvenience,
S. } 4 .113r5 .•
I was imlueed
for DysiMpsii;
part of the timi
mg intensely
ono bottle of
myself entirely curet
a bearty meal, withoi
Very truly youn
e properties of Dr. duysotes et
and Ssrsaparilla, render it peed-
The mild alterati,
tract of Yellow Doc,
batty applicable to
of the female. It i• unrivalled in its effects upon such.
diseases as lusipien Consumption, Barrenness, Len
corrhgeri or Whito., Irregular Menstruation, Inconti
nence of nine, an eeneral Prostration of the system.
It innuediately con terivirethat distressing nervousness
and lassitude ao co !non to the female frame, and im
parts an 'energy ant buoyancy es surprising as they
arc grateful.
w r cannot,
,of ceur.6e, exhibit certificates id shy ex ,
tent in this class oCcompLuuts, but the two following
extracts of letters recently received, indicate sufficient
ly the great 'virtue the medicine as a remedy, for the
discas:s refered to.'. '
;kE.W A RE, l an. is4s.
Mr. TlEtv vtake pleasure in stating that
your Yellow Dock ,aud Sarsaparilla slyer great aatia
faction in every ease. We shall try sad send you some
A very respectaille gentleman informs Of that hie
datightt7 was tronOled with difficult menstruation and
other diseases iteculhar to her sec. She had trot had her
re4ular menstrual] discharges for a tong tiara;- but hs
the use of 1)r. CiuYsitt's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla,
was radically mired. Had used Townsend's and
others. witlidut receiving the slightest benefit. He
had . one daughter die from the same cause: Please
send us an additionaisupply. Very respectfully yours,
These are (-nonfat - en medicines Aunt; therefore the
reader is-particuWly can lotted not to allow himself to
be imp il upon. ,
De r how you buy medicine put up in square
quart j mcles. - Be eery sure and ask fur Dr. Guysciteur
Compound Extract of Yellow Dock and Sersapirills,
bearing the writien signature of S. F. Helmet, oat,
each outside wrapper, written with black inks:- and riot
not, on any accotint, be induced to buy any other cnl.
de— as it is this p eparatjon only that is performing au l '
marvelous and stonishing , cures. Take no . mania
word; as person having the countelfeit veterans and
not genuine, at of c mrse desirous of making their
protits—consequitntly you are liable. to buy wentiless
trash. unless youlexamine for yourselves,
,c 0" Renietnhei. Dr. Gt7Y3oTre I r ELWIt
Preirrred ¢t S. F. Bennett's Labrainfy, rata;
Herkimer cotmti. N. Y.. and s.)fil at'wholeassie he N.
York Ott by J. E. 'Flippo, 128 Maiden Lane:. 'tabby
Tracy Beadle. Elmira, L. M. Heaton!, Riteuttaton,
J. L. Pinery. & son. Owego . , and by the• principal
druggists and merchants throughout -the EL States,
West Indies an ( 4 1 , 1 e an ads.
• g :mine unless put up in hinge wpm.
bottles containing a quart. with the mimeo(' the arup
blown in the On, with the written 'iguana. of W.F.
BENNETT on each outside. wrapper,.
Soh! Wholetiale and Retail by C. H. RERRIOC
JOHNI B. FORIS, Towanda. •
D.; V. R. Thomas, M. tit ;
;. James F. Morgan. M. D. ;
a. M: Jubmion, M. D.
sletulet and delicate constitution