Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, August 23, 1848, Image 4

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a.i the laoor of the country ; in order to inuin
taiu li)e-vaiuc of itaitivestmems. Sou gem capital.
)nresle4 in slaves. ilernamls that free 14therehall by
drift...ft from its r;:.:ititi! Bald rf enterprise, in tinier
to ,give value to that species of property.. The one
tleninntiell a monopoly of the sale of mantifaaortxl
italt , , the other tiernanas a rrintiopoly of the
The matturautttret reCiuned that foicifin compeutiou
hr eNvlnded, that he might have a wider market:.
Nlavettuldevinsi-us that flee iattOr be espellecl ,
ort our Tot titorie.. that the field may be eulargeil
wltirli he c.ri an..l o i wall his slat es.
1;. , :lt art- ajke intent en tin* own interet. and
alike the 1 . 1h . 71111'S Ms labor. With 'minter
ill the true Democracy fratertiii.o, but
the timust P.VICHOIIS 01 bOlll.
Mr. Chairman : 1 entertain no hostility to the
'or to the men of the Smith. 111 know my
-eft, I Wow)) be a. etottoets out to 'invade their
rights a:s . l would Le firm in the.amport of my own
To insist upon your otr'n. i- , to upon no
. man's ezlit- , . T,) dpinatrt that -Livery shall not in
vade the field that ut right belongs t free labor, is
not to make warthe or the imaittaions
„r th e. ,truth. section of tlie rilitm the
Democracy of the Nlvrtil have et er been just and
liberate We cle.ire to preserve our fraternal retat
boil:—our ata•leilt WO time lionorel associations ;
with the I tem ovi.try rho ::::outIt. We will rally
around ilr• nl l 5ta.1.1..r. twat do battle utalei our
old prirreipb,. IVe hold to, and will maintain int
i•lytire I, ..,Yr) . ..irtiele . , , of the faith. A Bidet eon!
struelion of the t;ons'ilinion, and a faithful Libber
vunee of all i's jealous re . ..,:tant
the ri g hts of the S!a;e—o)zpr,.ittuit to a National
liank--Jo the di-tiil,ution of the pioceeds of the
public all eNtrmagant and corrupting'
scheme= of internal improvement by the General
Goverpincilt. and to pii‘ilege and monopoly in all .
its forms and ii,triiise; support 01 Veto Power, a!,
the only set only of ilte p,•nplo against hasty, eot
, rapt. and uneottAilational lei-lotion— , of the Inde•
pendent 'freasury. as the only safe and constitution
al mode for the c;olleetion and disburs,ement of the
public moneys—of a just an 1 equitable systeM
taxation and revenue; which shall di;dribute as
equallt• as may be the burdens of Govenunent upon
all. showitt7 fa vn:s to none—and of a reduction in
. tha price of the piWlie lands, to the actual settler,
limited I❑ andr . o reshictedas to avoid the
aecumurron of lame bodies of lands in the hands
of riu let tdividual , and homilies. rpon this broad
and liberal plafform: did radical Democracy of the
North are to stand and do battle, leaving..
our territorial acquisitions in the state and enutlitiln
IL fl‘ticl them neither contracting rim enlar4ing the
154 limits of slavety. If upou tills just ground our
Sumheni brethren us. we will move °if, a
fratmoilinus and successful party If, on the oil ier
fi'ami, it is expected and required of us toaiJ . or in
zny , vray to countenance the propagation of slavery
over ihi con , inent," thew I pronounce a separation
inS•evitable : and the con-equences will abide . witfi
who inuke the eNtension
,ei ela7ery pura
inormit to all other censitleratious.
We were vvillin nay. we were anxious, tn
moye 1111.3 vestioo from our national party atil/tes.
We wish to eorifine it to the several COngressinnal
dish I\'e did nut 'ask the novae/elicit of the
Executive in our behalf: NV/3 desire to leave it
with the p"ople. actilurthroo , 2)l their representatives
nn this floor. We required no committal—Nye de-
Fri:inded no pl-dges. We would cheerfully have
vaned in the stimiort of any sound republican, whit
would have left this qnestion to the unbiased ac
tion of the people's representatives. Out Southern
hvethern were warned of the consequences of for
eiTTLT this issue upon ns. Our wamintrs were dis
regarded. No respect was paid to our feelings' or
wishes. We were arrogantly told that the. South
would oppri,e ; as one man, any candidate not
pldzed to the interests and views of that section of
the Uniott; and we are now told, by leading men
of the ? , tolith, in both branches of Congresi, that
they would nppc'6 the nominee of the Baltimore
Convention. it they entertained a doubt that he
would promptly I tile any bill which Conacess
might pass. prAihniicr slaVery in the territoNit.
Wlrtt can we do under sitrit eireninstatires ? The
ties of patty are serve.] bY 'Tit-South. Disregarditc:
nor the faro of our earnest re'.
monstranee: the issue has been foreed upon us
11' , 1,z , ..1,1(,1 ir. We ninst stand by our princis
' , to's. or lias , ly sin/ender them. Tu doubt our ac.
1111.44 4nelt circomstanreg. would be to On
'Peach nun iu e,ity and our manhood.
pecnociaey of tiic 12throngresstonal district
rennf t ylv.wia have take') !brit do.libPratc stand
»Pri ?h. , Democrat , of that
di , ttict t o II I Balitittot. nomination %VIII go
to the pot! , ;: I,lel the kiriner of firo lerritory
,I .lllltl 111(1,1' 111‘1111H - r^' I”!S , jel' , . , !`f.ll, VOW/1 iri , !
elaitu ir; ilia , -treiystill tw., that their
rlertion wa. 11: , t,1,4111 , •1ate ri,Ltittetil of 11 - n?
Fwedrno. and in fai - or of Slay.
e;y, they will pi 13:Inner ruder whit It they
vt,:od. and .•iatnt !hat VDe itt:kvibeti d upon
it In* ri.-Tri•tr..l NV liether theirylaito tvill be heed.
anitd,i C:),• :Lib] !-lintif, of the :sl a v e
rower, I leave tt.r Client ioeon , ider. NVitlithe is.
ane (-km- and ili•ow, t, onewlnurassed hy party
machinery. I :171 per. ,, ladol that the State of
l'onn zoi.l P:anklin •son',l never !_!/Ve.14.1 voice
111 f•IVQr 01 the e \ten-ton oJ - G werytover sod now
free, kun - Inirt-rerdirt, it will
orianittiou- in tit-qr of Preetlont. She %t ill 11,•ver
Ihe ! , .. 1;o0 of lior hinader, that loan of jus.
; ! ..e an d pexce. S'le•, remain taiiiitut to her
In iho torrnory uftier not , lr sonß
She has phit•rd opon an enth.rtog record her sol
emn :1.2..k014t skyrry, natl it von rornain
t:r rr riftrove -qrd nryi rr
r•hly a. 17C0; he;l ILc sniterin4s ietcl triols
of the Revolution were twsh in ;h.:. rerueuibratiec
twt tbn.e who had borne a conspicuous. run in that
et-nail! strw2-.11r : Prmv.)lrania brOught to the altar
ght ul4.r,:titusle to Almighty Gud for her
liverance 'rum the hoods 01 the vows -or. That
otter:fa : , «.L. cum-two-At for the dbohtion of star.
r V. pre..trni.,]•• doservel to be writ
te.r 4,,Ll—to_ be perpetuated upon
11l 'm o ver, 01 brass and of stone, will read it:
Vi"ten we contemplate our abhorrence of that
coudit,on 1,, wh,eh the arins' , all,l tyranny of Great '
11,01. n were exerted to reduce us: - when we look
back upon the varlet ) , o f itantzers to which we have ,
Leen exposed, and frie itehverance wrought, weal
Itivartalv led to a sa , n,,rp; and greatful seuse (.4
alb manifold whieh we have undecerved-
Iv reee,i PA from the hand of that.lteing from whom
. very good andperfect •.zitt
the e ideas, we conceive it to be our "duty and we
TrllJern that it tc JR our extend a portion
of that Fret , imn to others Nt hfrh bath teen extend.
10 Ii e ••••., 1; ai .. nl,at-
10 us that we are : etfahle4 tin* day fir add one more
pep towards universal civiljzation,:by removing as,
mnih air passible thetiltfirolvd: 4Llhnkp wile, have
lived in deserved bondage: Weaned )49 , bra
course of experience from, thc, narrow prejadicell
and.partialiiies tee had imbibed, we Arid onr.harta
enlarged with kindness andlienevoleneelo all colidi
tania,and eatiens.;, and we conce i ve ourselves
apowbOhe - Weavings Which-are balm nom:Anil
to manifest the - sincerity of our professions, ana
give ta- aut,Latantial Foot of our gratitude. !ulna
tire, therefore; tcelhitse who ate deprived ()Mecum-
moss blessings to which by nature Itme-are etuttlett
and'r who lumina no pmapect before theirs inhered)
they may test their sorrows - and thrir hope,have no
reasonable inducement to render that service to so-
ciety which otherwise they might, and also:in grate.
ful commemoration of our happy deliverance horn
that state of unconditional subiniaa t oa re which we
were doomed by the tyranny of Great Britain: Be
it enacted," &c.
With this record in view, is it to be expected
oldie people of Pentrylvania to lend their mesiatatice
to inflict upon onions the curse from which our hi
nters relieved ea? having near seventy years Igo
abolished slavery within our brawlers, we are now
called union to ends-ark in the work of its propaan
lion over the tree soil of the Republic. In this
wed., the pmplcof Penney ?arena will have 'no part
or lot. That great Commonwealth will carefully
abstain fnim any Interference with the institutions
'rif her sister Stales, *bid will not hind her powerful
influence for the enslavement of lands now free
I ler children will not Nerve thus ungrateful tor the
blessing* they corny.
Sir, :who are we, and in what age do we lire ?
Wl' are free and Christian people—lie ion iti the
middle of the nineteenth century, with the Bible in
our hands—familiar with its precepts, its obligations
and its terrible sanctions. tsitnot a reproach that we
should sit here debating a question of Freedom or
Slavery ? Not of the abolition of slavery .but edits pro
pagation and extension. We have obtainoil, alter
an expensive - war, from tour weaker neighbor, a
fair and fertile portion of her territory. It is free
from near° slavery, and it becomes a desperate
and doubtful struggle,Vhether we can preserve
it flee or not. Is it not a. national shame and re
proach ! So help me God. I would as soon vote for
the revival pi the foreign slave trade as for any law
planting :4ascry upon territories now free.
' There is no force in the argument so often pres
ented that the *tension of Slavery does not add to
!he number of !slaves—that to - plant n in our Terri
tories would be to diffuse, not 'to increase the.
evil. It is a 1,41 r of population that races anti na-:
tions increase ill proportion nrthe means of human
stitisistence—td the extent they occupy of fertile and
productive sod. One square mile will sustain only
half the population of two. - If you double the pro
ductive territory of a State, it is certain that in time
its population will be doubled. As you extend the
tea over e hic-h the slave population are to spread.
jest in that proportion are their numbers sure to
increase, In the old and thickly settled countries .
.ot - the world, population is stationary or on the
decrease, while in new and sparsely populated re
:lions, other circumstances being favorable, it ia ra
pidly increasing. There is no increase of Slaves
in Cara, although it is well known that the foreign
slave trade is carried on to a considerable extent
with that Island. The reason is apparent. There
is nn rcnim for them to spread, and the market is
fully supplied with laborers, Slaves are like any
other stoz);., Of which merchandise is made.—
Widen the' market for their sale, and you stimulate
the pie '.uetiou. lucrease their value, and you pro
long the years Of their bondage. The extension ,of
Slavery, and the increase of slaves, are identical
and inseparable—one and the same thing. It is
the influence and etfect of this policy upon white la
bor of which I especially complain. It gives up to
the Cupidity of the slaveholder, and to the tinproduc
tire tillage of his human cattle that which of right
belongs to free labor, an:l which is necessary for
the support 'and happiness of our own race and
people. k brings dishonor and degradation npOn
the poorarbite man, who is brought in close con
tact with the servile labor of the black. It mars his
manhood. It destroys his self-respect and dignity
of character.- lie feels a sense of humiliation,
when he looks np to the vast distance between
himself and the lordly planter, in the shadow of
whose aristocratic possessions he lives an inferior,
if not a dependant. He livei in the midst of a so
cial system,• made up of lords and vassals; and it
lie cannot rise to the condition of the former, he
must sink to a level with the latter.
This is the policy we are called upon to favor,
anti for the advancement of which an effort is made
to eoutml the action of-the Democratic party. The
rights and interests of free labor arc to be trdd
dim under foot-the grunt mission of man's el
evation abandoned—the march of civilization
tented back—thii hopes of the pan lot and philalr
Ginn-4 disappointed : and all this, to satisfy the
demands of a few 'thousand slaveholdersrwhose
pecuniary interests are promoted by the extension
4 , ,Lavery. The name of Democracy is invoked to
carry forwardaltis work of barbarism 4tu of bond
age— a carne Favred - tn progress and human - ad
vancement. 'Sir. before the time-honored name of
Democracy in thus desecrated, there will 'ho a
and mighty struggle m the hind. The young
and ardent. the noble and '4-If-sacrificing, wilt tight
a tattle against sellishttess, and patronage, and the
power of istrty machinery, that shall shake this Con
le2eritcy from its centre to its circumference—that
shall tear down old organizations, and vets:instruct
parties anew. They will strike for the intergity of
their party. the purity of its principles, and the
honor of its ancient name. We know we are tight
in this contest, and we do not mean to surrender,
so loot; as there is art inch of ground upon which•
ice taut and do battle.
Mr. Chairtnan : It would seem as it a studied
elfint were made, in certain imarten., ,to create
alarm for the t•atety-ttt the 'TlieTnion r.
to no iliinger. If there are enenin.s of IN peare
and perpetuity, they arc to be found among ther-e
who, recklixis of all else are intent only upon the
propagation of /Inman shaven - .• ‘Vasi_it for this tha
the [llion was firmed? Is this the hood that uni
tes ns ? When oar fathers severed the tics that
hound them to the mother country, they felt called up
on by a decent respect for the opinions of mankiwLto
declare the causeithat impelled them to the separa
tion. The declaration of Independence, records
the history of the wrongs and injuties iidlided up-,
on the Coloaics by the tyranny of Great-Britain.—
It appealed to the impartial judgment of the world
and to the justice of Heaven. What would be the
character of thait declaration, upon which our South
ern brethren would declare the Union of 'these
states dissolved ? What the record of their wrong',
upon which they would ask the judgment of a can
did world ? If it spoke the' language of truth ; it
Ii Would set forth , " that People and Crovernment of
the rn;fed States having, retired to aid in the ex
feeling - that our wrongs instiponable, we
do exoelaise Oil Union rid these Statei at 54,,
eadoknA-4, iscaide....tbatt bound-A, 1416er jilji
qne peopitt,tetr , lrsFrexed and disstiVvd." l Whose
hand; will , pen stteke declanition 4 wiSfil4 peeat
with the- rem and execration of, inankgid. lit
vreakiehook the amid sense of thereivilimtworkt.
Hernialhi would shudder and tyrants' extdlin ' siteh
. .
I . Sir; vhis-erref ()isnot° . n.awasidle art -the nursery
odeeeilhiebiefrreiiildtee ale frightened into obedi
ence. •We laiii.e heard it before. The-. 4 'deaditinal
eroakingittie pa nriearmighl catfofPlitei- 1 VIIY
',tmid they be ever sounded in our esti'? Is it an
aPpeal to our fears?, Are we so weak,,or so timid
as to be frightened freim - itiM principles and, our
purpose ! Are we so ;permit of thlh relative
strength of the two great sections of the Union, as
to fear tars the safety of our homes anti ; our firesi
des ? i have no patimrs with-those wireo lt re con.
(Molly soundivrthe changes upon these discordant
notes. It seem to me to imply cowardice trpen
the part of those to whom they are addressed. It
does net convince us that me are in- error. It is
not an appeal to our lessen and sense of justice
and right. It must, as it seems to me, be intended
to intimidate; mid ; if so, we are bound, as brave
and free men,tospum the indignity. Our !madmen!
to the Union is deep and abiding. We do nyt per
mit ourselves to calculate its value Or to talk rightly
of its dissolution ; but sir, we do know, that we
enjoy no monopoly of its advautages or its hewn.%
Its profits are not to tel alone. Theo why 61101ild
the spectre of Disunion be ledd up before u. .r If
it ever becomes necessary, which God forhid, to
eninemplate it, terror will strike no. deeper to the
Northern than to the Southern heart. Sir, let us
have done with this talk about disunion. This
controversy is nut to be settled by appeals to the
fears of either the North or the South. Reason and
justice mnst decide between us.. The fight must
prevail, and the wrong must give way.
Mr. Chairman: I have spoken with that frank
ness and earnestness that I believe dim to this sub
ject, but with no disposition to impugn the motives
or the patriotism of others, with whom it is my
misfortune to differ. Believing, as I do. that this
question is nue of the first magnitude, I could not
discharge my whole duty and say less. Would
that I cculd have said more. Would that I were
able to present to the country this momentous sub-
ject, in all the length anti breadth and depth of its
bearings upon the happiness of the People and the
well-being of the Republic. Its settlement deter
mines for all - coming time, the character and insti--,
Haloes of this Government. If the friends of Free
.dom are overcome in this contest, it. will be the
last struggle ever made against the advancement of
the Slave Power-41 power which will then over.
shadow the country, and bear down all opposition
to its will. Holding in its iron grasp by far the lar
ger aruf better portion of the soil of the Republic,
the great resource of the tattering man, it a ill tram
ple at pleasure upon the rights n; the manses, and
in the end deprive them of their just influence and
control in the Government. A triumph now, a'.
cures to slavery other and larger reonquests. It will
move on like a resistless 'current, until it shall
spread over the whole continent to the South. This
is a certain as that time and the seasons will roll on.
If the events of the fast few years will not arouse
the free laborers of the North to a sense of their
danger, then indeed, will all the acids of their
friends upon this floor prove fruitless and unavailing.
Give to sla very one half of our recent acquisitions
and it Will have added to its dominion, within the
last three years, a territory laiger than that of the
entire free states of the Union. Extend it to the
Pacific, aad it forthwith takes up its match to the
South. The history of Texas will be the history of
every Mexican province, until that Republic shall
be overuu from her Northeni boundary to the
isthmus of Panama. Deretreminatc and unresisting
population will be exterminated or enslaved
Slavery will riot in the extent of its possessions a nt i
power; and then will glow up at the South the
the mightest Oligarchy that the world ever saw.
illebiral Tibucrtisintents.
or( tclry afl n al l
MR. 3. ANDREWs, in jostice to your valuable
PAIN KILLER, and for the benefit of (he pub
lic, we heteby certify that we have used your Pain Kil
ler in our Families for years, for many of the diseases
for which it is tecommendeil, and we deem it the beat
Family Restorative in use, and would recommend every
family to keep a supply on hand, to case of sudden ill
ness or accident.
Rev. Aaron Jackson, pastor firm Baptist church, Ithaca.
" William Corms; Peach Orchard, Tompkins Co.
Rachel Willson, James Clark,
Ann Dudley, Philip Case,
W Hastings, Ann Teter,
A Baker, • A Bower,
John Doolittle, M Collina,
John B ()wens, Ithaca, N. V., 184 R.
Never purchase the Pain Killer ithout the written
signature of J: Andrews, on the la lof each bottle, in
black ink. Sold by CHAMBER IN & PORTER,
and JOHN 11. FORD, only agents for Towanda.
For further particulars see adver . sement in another
column. 4 7 I y
Denth In Pain: relief to the ...irk : health to the rrrak !
A Who; tnr thr irhnlr hnnern acre. to
I'rlHlS' is an entirely Vegetable Compound. composed
JL of twenty-five difTtrent ingredients, and is an inter
nal and external remedy. Put up in broth's, varying in
price from 25 to 75 cents, each. For further partreti.
tars, see p.tmphlets, to be had of every agent gratis, con
taining kbrief history of the origin and discovery of the
Pain Haller, certificates of cures. directions,
Caeirio%.—Bach bottle has the written signature of
the proprietor. J. A atna wY, on the label, and without
it none are genuine. Beware of hawkers Dud Ticillary
selling from honk to house, representing it to he the
genuine Pain Killer.
Solt' only by the following regular appointed agent
in this county :
John B. Ford. Towanda. I' gorge A. P.•,, Athens,
Chamberlin & Porter, do. J.J. Watford, Monroeton ;
F fit 1' 1. Ballard, Troy, C. Rsthbone, Canton.
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l‘t Bullock & Smithfield.
Sold in all the principal towns in the United States,
Canada and Texas.
Wholesale agents in the city of New York and •iei
nity: Ilaydork. Corties & Co., 21R Pearl-st. t Wyatt
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.addressed to the
proprietor, or G. W. Schuyler, post paid, will meet with
prompt attention. tJy
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for running. They are finished in a superior man
ner, made of good and substantial material'', and will he
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May 24. I/448. J. A. ESENWINE.
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G _
LIWHAMS & PRl: l 7B.—Plain and twitted (l ing.
hams, MlAs!' and American Prints, a . beautiful
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Illebtfai AtiveititrOltititts
.- - -ffe
1,1 world ! This Extract is put up in tluart Bottles :
it it Oil times cheaper, pleasanter, and watrantrd supe
rior to any sold. It cures without vomiting, purging.'
sickening or debilitating the patient.
The great beauty and superiority of BO! Sarsaparilla
over ail other medicines is, that while it et:silicates the
disease, it invigorates the 6alg, It is one oftbe . r .. s . r7 best
Ever known .4, it nut only purifies the whole system, and
strengthens the.person, but it creale4 nue pure and
ririh•ldeod f a power possessed by no other medicine.
And in this hes the grand secret of its wonderful suc
cess.. It has performed within the last lieu years, more
ifian 100,000 Cores of severe Crises of disease ; at least
115,000 were consideted incurable. It has need the
lives of . more then s,oll(kbildren during the two past,
/0,000, ty . nei-re:l Dehilitynnd want n( Fjner.oi r r
Dr. Tornevnit's .iirsaparillst 4 invigorates the whole
system permanently, T. those who have lust their
muscular energy Ly the effects of medicine or indi.cter
tion committed in youth, or the excessive indulgence of
the passinns, and brought on a general physical rostra.
Lion of . the nervous system, lassitude, want of ambition ? ,
fainting aensations, premature decay and decline, bastes
ing towards that feud disease. Commuiption, can be en
tirety restored by this pleasant remrdy. This liarsapar r
ills is far superior to ally Ineigoraling Cordial, as t 1
renews and invigorates the systeml, gives activity to th
Ileitis, and strength to the muscular. system, ha a most
extraurdiMuy degree.
Cleanse and Strengthen. Consumption can he cur
ed. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Complaint, Colds,
Catarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spitting of Blood Soreneas
in the Chest, Hectic Flush, Night Sweats, 'Metal,
or Profti-e Expectoration, Pain in the aide, dtc. , ha4o
hems and can he cured,
61'1171NC 111.0()D.
New York, April 28, 1847-
Da. Tow iSts :—I verily believe your Sarsaparilla
has been the means through Providence, of - saving my
life. I have for several years had a bad Cough. It
became worse and worse. At last I raised large quanti
ties of Mood. had night sw, ate, and was greatly debilita
ted and redwood, and did not expect to live. I have
only used your emrsaparillan short time, and there bass
wonderful change been wrought in me. lam now able
to walk all OVICti the city. I raise no blood, and My
rough has left me. You can well imagine that / km
thankful fur these results.
Your oliedien4servant,
W St. Catherino-st.
This is ordy one of more than firm thousand easel! of
Rheumatism that Dr. 'l'ownsend'a Sarsaparilla has Cur
ed. The utmost severe and chronic cases are weekly er
adicated by its,extraordinary virtues.
James Cummings, }hi , rune of the assistants in the
Lutistic Asymm, Blackwell's Island, is - the gentlemen
spoken of in the following letter:
Blackwell's Island, Sep. I I, 1R47.
Dr. Towngentl—Dear Sir: I have suti•red terribly
fur :tine yr ars with the Rheumatism; considerable of the
time I could nut rat sleep or walk. I had the utmost
distressing imams, and lily lirnh; were terribly swollen.
I have used Lour bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they
have done me mitre than one thousand dollars 'smith of
Rood. 1 nun so much better—indeed, l sin entirely re
lieved. You ate at liberty to use this fur the benefit of
the afflicted. fours, respectfully,
Below i, an account of another child saved. Dr.
Twirtisend's Sarsaparilla has saved the lives of thou. ,
sands 01 children. the following two certificates are
aeleted from a great numher received this week.
New York, April 1, 1847.
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir—One of my children was
very sick with it Canker in the Mouth and Throat at
tended anti great debility. It CaMe near dying. I ob
tained wine of your excellent medicine, and it cured it
directly, Our whiob I assure you 1 WI very grateful.
renTectfully, •
1:1.17. 1B F:Tlf Ft) Yk . LEH, 17 Desbrosses-rt.
11 . 1 . :3 FITS ! Fl'l's !
- .
Dr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsaparilla in
cases of Fit,', ~ ( course never trcomniended a, and was
surprised to remise the following from an intelligent:and
respectable Farmer in Westchester County :
Fordharn, August 13, 18.17.
Dr Townsend—Dear sir : I have a little i in seven
years of age. who has been several years &libeled with
Fits ; we tried almost everything for her, but without
success; at last altbough we could find no recommenda
tion in our circular for cases like hers we thought, as she
was in very delicate health, we would give her some of
your sarsaparilla, and are very glad we did, for it not
unft iestnrud bur strength. hut she has had no return of
. Fus, to our great pleasure sod surprise. Shc fa-t.
becoming rugged and !warty, for st.ieli we feel grateful,
Your.. rrsueotfully. JUIIN 111 . I•LER, Jr.
1 . 1:11.11,E EI)I(ANE. •
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla fs a sovereign and specs
dy cure for Incipient Consumption, Barrenness; Prolat.
sue Uteri, or Palma; of the Womb, Costiveness. Pile.,
Leueorrhaea. or Whites, ulritiumed or difficult Nfenstru
anon, Incommence of Urine, or involuntary discharge
thereof, and for the general prostration of the system
Illtl matter whether the result of inherent cause.produc
tal by irregularity. illnerat or accident. Nothing can he
more surplising than its nisiguraling effects MS the hu
man frame. Persons all we.ikness and lassitude, from
taking it, at once become robust and full of energy un
der its influence. It tnun.whately contracts the berve•
testiness of the female frame. which is the groat rau-e of
Barrenness. It will not be expected of us, in eases of so
delicate a nature, to exhibit eerttfica•rs of cures perform
rd hut we can assure the afflicted, that hundreds of cases
have been reported to us. Thousands of eases where
families hive b. en without children. after using a few
bottle* of this invaluable medicine, have bee n blessed
with fine, healthy offspring.
This Extract of sarsaparilla has been expressly pre
pare.) in Idifelife to female co•npluilllv.. No feorale
who has reason to suppose she is appronchisig, that giit
lent period, •• Thr turn neglect' to take
it, as it is a certain preventive for any of ihr numerous
and horrible diseases to which feroiles are sobjeet a t th is
time Id I:tc. Thi. period /wrylie delayrel for ..terrral
years +iris turil,ci, , r. Nor is it Irss valuable
brr ihose oho are approaching worn inhorst, is cal
culated In assist nature, by y u Arming the Hoed and
invigorating the system. Indeed, this medicine is in•
valuable for all the delicate diseases to which women
are subject.
It brares the whole system, renews prrmammtly the
natural enerews, by mrthiving the impurities of the body,
not so fir stimu!atitio,.ag to proditord sltbocaptent relax
ation, which is the rase of most medicines taken for fe
male weakness and disease. Dy using a few licatlei of
this medicine, ninny severe and painful surgical opera
tions may be prevented.
Dr. Townsend is almost daily rcriiii%ing orders ona
PLr•oeians in different parts of the I 'nion.
thil is to certify, that we the tinilermaned„ Physicians
of the city of Albany,
..have in numerous rases prearrils.
ed Dr. 'Townsend', :sarsaparilla, and believe tt Lobe one
of the must valuable preparations in the market.
P. PI: Linn, M. D.
J. WI t..40N , M. 1).
R. B. lintems. M. D.
P. E. ELmzsounr, M. b
Albany, April 1..
Owing to the great success and immense , sale of Dr.
Toww.end's Sarsaparilla a number of men who were
fmnerly our Agems,have commenced making Sarsapar
illa Extracts, Elixirs, Bitter., Extracts of Veßoty Dock,
Etc. They generally put it up in the same shaped bot
tles, and flume of them have Aden and copied out ad
vertisements, they are only worthless imitations, and
Should be avoided.
Principal Office, 126 Fulton street, Sun Building, N.
Y. J. KIINtl8BF:11Y, JF., Towanda, Pao only Agouti
for Dradfuld county. -
alcdical abdcrOsaututa
811100101111MIAL Dreadful Vona" t
, : ean E
h t. ty ula:s a x: :L m n ila ositi nge e r: con e : w ork of
to he lhe:es ainbe trey r .
' ...i.30.1"0 1911 4 , Inkulliti_M, Tough of Conaumpti mi l mi
sit it a
dem. • - r . 3 .734
;fiv'you ilifotra,P Your darrmg efilltl;Tinn air
' y a pas grO.i* 1 eirifitHielhArerif vhollfiliP, tiiriltfilltitihrunit
=, ieli„ke holt 'disease bas ilinay ;tailed upon
almialtuber gleinik4Fel gegigh AIMO. )11ny
1 6asda ", -,. 61 1..- ~ ; , , t .tr §..;! (..'5}'..4:605,1%, 3'4 L
.1 Young ism Wiles jusLat. ` At, fo l gpfor s itfig Aulejev,
i l amdesannfocrushint blight oIV I 4 II W-Isifirri , i4.3*
the futuro--your bectimeinagboodleet4elittan KO 1
yourlosa of hope, but yourmest not despair. —There, is
a balm which will heal the wounded lungs, it is
Mrs. Attire, the wife of Wer.M. Attlee, Esq. was giv
en up by Dr. Sewall of Washington, Dr. Roe anti Mc- I
Cleilau of Philadelphia, Ins. Rue and Mon of New
York. Her, friends all thought she must die. She
had every eppearaace of being•in conomnpUssi, and was
so pronounced dry her irhysicianhernian's Balsam
was, given and it cured her.
Mrs. thmibeants, of Bull's Ferry was also cured of
consumption by this Balsam erben all other remedies
failed to give relief—she was reduced toe skeleton. Dr.
A. C. Gamic, Dentist; 281 Brqedwilly, lies witneased
its streets iii illesden! cases where no otter medicine effirt
ded telief—but the Balvarn_oyerated likes charm. Dr.
C. also witnessed its wenderful effimis in end,* Asth
ma, which it never fails of doing. Spitting Blood,
alarming as it may be, is c&ctually cured by this Bel
ram. It heals the ruptured or wounded blood vessels,
and makes the lungs sound again. .
Rev. Henry Jones, 108 Eighth avenue, was cured of
cough and catarrhal affections of 50 yearestanding. The
first dap gave him more relief than aU the other medi
cine be had ever taken,. Dr. L. J. Deals. 19 Delaney
street, gave it to a sister-in-law who was laboring under
consumption, said to another sorely minded with the
asthma. In both cases its effects were immediate, soon
restoring them to comfortable health.
Mrs. Lucretia Wells, 95 Christie at., suffered from
Asthma 42 years. Sherman's Balsam relieved her at
once, and she is comparinivel, well, being enabled 'to
subdue every attack by a timely use of this medicine.
This indeed is the timely remedy for. Coughs, Colds,
Spitting blood, Ildv.r complaints and all affections orate
throat, and even Asthma cud Consumption.
Price 25 cents and $1 a bottle. Sold in Towanda,
by CHAMBERLIN dr PORTER. No. 1, Brick row.
i V ,
Let its Works praise 1t
plete remedy fur Burns. &aids, Cuts, Swellings,
Bruises, Sprains, Salt Rheum, Plies, Fever Sures, Sore
Lips, Chapped Hands, Chil!brains, Scald Head, and al
kinds of 114114Me1l son-s.
Pernolls in all conditions of life, arc at times liable to
lie afflicted with the above complaints. It is . therefore
the duty of heads of families to provide and keep on
hand, ready fur any emergency, a REMEDY that is
capable of removing the. suffering attendant on those
very troublesome comptinions. Those who have used
need not be told . that it is a complete remedy, a master
of pain, and the most speedy remover of enfianlmalion
ever discovered. The experience 'of such persons is suf
ficient to prompt them to keep it always en hand, know
ing that many valuable lives have been saved, by this
Magical Conqueror of inflamed and other sores, burns,
scalds, &c. It instantly stops all pain Of the severest
kind; and prevents sears. No familyshaull be without
it, as an immediate application of it l it etiaes of burns or
acalilS, would do more good while waiting for the docker
than be could do when arrived, 'besides preventing long ;
hours of the utmost aulliaing which might pass before a' t
physician could be obtained.
It possesses control over the severest injuries by fire,, ,
over mortification, over inflammation, and by its com
bined virtues it actin as anli.apas
m_adir, anodyne, emollient and herding, and is theanoet
complete external remedy in use.
Thousands have tried, and thousands - praise it : It is ataataa co. sill-11120
working its way into public favor with arapidity un- j pESP 1 cT FI : LLY informs. the chitlins of -rowan
known in the history of medicines. Att 114,,0 use it, re: i%Lk , da, and the public generally -that he is prepare) to
con:mewl it. Again we say, no family shin.dd he with- execute in the neatest style all descriptions of
out it. The agents furnish the public gratis, with hooka House, Sign. Coach or Carriage Painting, or
desrribing, this ointment. Trimming,. ;.and every variety of Fancy.
Vs, Each box of the genuine Torarr's UsirEnau. and Or»amental-Painting;
Orrry %vv. has the signature of 8. Tothey written on Front his' long experience and the many Specimens of
rho outside label in block ink. Never purchase a box his productions non; in use, he entertains' • flattering
unless-this signature can 11P peen. Price .25 cents per
hope . that b y c l ose application to his profession and
box or five boxes for i. Prepared by & Tor- being
ti prompt to order he may secure • smtable snare of
sea, Sync ire, N. Y. Sob] in New - York at 106 Noe.
public patvonage. lie may be found st all thrive ot the
San street, and Towanda, by CH t?iIBERLIN • &
Chair Factory of Tomkins Makinson, svbere will
N 1, Brick Row
6Y - be nn hand to attend to the calls of those who may want
Cllrkner's Vegetable Purgative PIM,'" hiaserv.ces. PAPER-HANGING done on short - no.
A RE the first and only medicine ev e r discovered that j Lice, in a superior manner and reasonable tetras. will positirely cure Headache, Giddiness, Piles, ' • Towanda, July 4, IR4R.
D.l'sfw,'Psia, Scurvy Smallpox, Jaundice, Pains in the
Bark, Inward Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart, lb-
sing in the Throat. Dropsy, Asthma, Fevers of nil kinds
Female Ccmplaints. Measles, Salt Rheum, Heart Burn,
Worms, Cholera, Morhus, Coughs, Quinsy, Whooping
cough, Consumption, Fats, Li ver Complaint, Erysipelas,
Deafness, Itching, of the Skin, Colds, Nervous Com
plaints, and a variety of other Diseases arising foam Wiz
purities of lodigestion.
It has been proved that nearly 'every disease to which
the human frame is subject, originates from impurities
of the Bloat or Derangements of the Digestive Organs;
and to secure Health, we must remove,those obstructions
or restore the blood to its natural ,rate. This fact is
universally known ,iiut people have t ruch an aversion
to medicine, that, unless the case is urgent. they prefer •
the diseaSe to the cure, until an impaired Constitution
or a lit of i.ick.ricari rebukes them for the folly of theircon
duet. Still they had saute excuse, for heretofore. med
icine in almost all its forms, was nearly as disgusting
as it was beneficial. Now. however. the evil is most ef
fectually removed; for etitkesice's I:egeiable Purgatire
Pills, being completely enveloped with A coariao OF
ryas writes i.erilit,(which is distinct from the kernel) ,
have no taste of medicine, but are as easily swallowed
as hits of candy: Moreover they Jo not nauseate or
ipe in the slightest degree, which is occasioni9d by the
fact that are compoubdtil on scientific iirincißes, and
operate equally on all the diseased parts of the system,
instead of confining themselves to, and racking any par
ticular tegfan. (which is the great and admitted evil of
every other purgative.) Ilence,they strike at the rout
hi.faw, remove ,-i!! imr.ure hunfor4 from the blood,
Inn the pores externally and internally, promote the
In.ensihle Perf-piratien, obviate flatulency, Headache, a t ell foreign and eimrixions pan i cles from
chyle, no that the ht.,0,1, of which it is the origin, must
he thoroughly purr—secure a free and healthy action to
the Heir,. Lungs and Liver, and thereby restore health
peril when all other menus hare jailed.
;-• A I letters of inquiry or for advice most he ad-
drenoiesl (post paid) to Ltr.C.V.CLICKENER,No.giI
Vesey-st., New York, or his authorized agents through-' 4 "
out the country. For sale in 'Towanda, by
elf -IMIIERIAN kit PORTER. No. 1, Brick Row.
N. R. Remember, Dr. C. V. Cliclener is the inventor
of Sugar Coated Pills, and that nothing of the sort was
ever heard of, until he introduced them in June, In-Ch
Purchasers should therefore ask for Clickener's Sugar-
Coated Pills, and take no other, or they will be made
th.% victims of a fraud
Corning, Elmirn, and Buffalo Line.
& ELMIRA for BUFFALO, every week during
the season, in the following.order :
Leave Corning, Tuesdays, at 10 o'elork, A. M.
Leave Elmira, • Wednesdays, at o'clock, P. M.
Leave I lava:ma. Thursdays. P
Tow Down Seneca Lake•nri Friday. touching at Big,
Stream, Starkey, Lodi, Dresden. passing Geneva, Wa
terloo and svnera Falls, on Si tiirslay.
Le•ivc Buffalo for Elmira and Corning, every Saturday
Morning. Leave Ifisehe_ster every Monday morning_
Bum' CORNING, CAPT. A. M. TATI-011. *
BoAr ELMIR A. CAPT. H. AV. Tnonesos.
For Freight or - Passage apply to the Captains on
hoard, or to the following Agonts :
W. M . Mallory, Corninz.Price & Holly. Geneva.
S. B. Strang 6r Co. Elmira.lHastings & Field, do.
.I.W intermilit. Horse Headsl.l. Miller, Seneca Falls.
E. S. Hinman, Ravenna. IL. Boatedo, Montezuma.
1..G.T0u-nSend, Big stream H. L. Fish, Rochester.
Woodworth & Post, LeidilNiles & Whieler, Buffalo.
Gay & :Sweet, Waterloo. I April 12, ISM.
BOOTS SHOES., ---Ladies' color& and hik
gaiters, slips, and walking shoes, gent's cow hide,
kip. calf and seal boots and shoes, and children's do..
aching low at the r . s .cntral•st.. - oc. N. N. BETS.
Coppef TiCatdr Sheet INN, Brat
wiseLseits=ificag 7 in„.
„ •
D. c. HALL is nowreceisinginother large supply
of the go** trobditihntiltillte*prod to sell
at wholeitrileor Mien, 411:1weritioilen( it the most
reducell 'pike% ,for casb,lONNWiegrdlihrL -
Store .and on the
corner Ur Maitierat Bridge- lltfeits4 Witte ' t ipsy be found
the largest end best assortmenroeStionei, this side of
the city of Albany, such no
Buckeye cooking stove. maned With • rota- [Nos,
ry tirp. and hot air oven combined, l, 2,3, 4
Rochevier Empine hot air oven,
l'oiverse . ,
•" Fulton, (improved) 14
C onzrisa tight air Cooking, 4
" *
Albany Ektvated Grew ; 2, 3, 4, 4
- 6 Premium, 3,3,44,4,*
Race's pat.-self-regulator, air-tight prior s 1,2,
Rocticefer air=t ight parlor, - • '2,1, 4
Congress do., A lbany n , y (rosters)
Fancy stood
d parer, , ,
N. \.city 2, 4
." parlor coal stoves, • ' 1, 2
Comoro cylinder do. • 142; g
I Large quantity of Stove Pipe, Billows, Vs, fienas,, ,
Copper, Japanned is Britannia ware, Jive, kt:'
which he will sell as shore, at wholesale or retail. Sheet
Iron, Tin,Brass arid. Copper Work, made to ordin On
short notice, and warranted. Petrone- wishing to pip
chase the above articles will do welt by caißng w the
above atom, before purchasing elsewhere, as the pooprie
etor is.bomel mit to be undersold by-any living man.
5,000 SHEEP PELTS wanted, for which cull will
he paid. Tqiieritia344 : - 6 eel
apn Peer
'WHO %WU= grxitclienD?
• .•
CF. HARDER rest:wife* wishes nifnform th e
. citizens of Towanda, akikthe public that he has
commenced the
in Towanda, cm Main street, a few doins a Bridge
street, where he will. keep constantly make
to order, Pla4d and common ilarneert, Trunki and
Trunk ralicee,and all kinds of work in his fine. CAR
to order. From his experience in the buitinesit, and
punctuality in attending to it., be hopes be may receive
a ellt r! of pul.lic- patninW
All kinds of mod? tney be bat) at 'his shop Cheap
er than at any other shop in this county.
l'otran*:rone 12, :84R. I I
& R. DAVIS. TAILORS, (laierrons the
It—Ts City ni London,) have opened a shop, in the
second story of the new Brisk block, erected by Burton
Kingsbery, on Main street, where they are'peepared to
execute all orders in their line with accuracy dc despatch.
Fiore their long and rigorous instruction in the art,
and, their extensive experience es Foremen, in the best
shops in London, they fed perfectly coMpetent of being
able to please the most fastidious taste, Mid to execute
their work in•sueh , oubstantial and finished maylle, es to
give satiscaztion to their customers. •
ccr Culttng done to
.ordor, and warranted to fit if
Properly made up. G. B. DAVIS,
' Towanda.' Oct. 12, 1847. ylB R. DAVIS.
31E, NIT 7111:" 1 lIIIT ilGe- •
11T LAB ttinalt33,
THE subscribers SOB continue
to manufacture and keep on 'hand
at their old stand, all kitals of eane
ind wood meat CHAIRS', also
SETTEES of various kinds, and
BEDSTEADS of every demerit,-
lion, which we will lull low for
cash or Produce, or . Wake Pine
lumber, White word.: Baas weal,
or Cucumber ci air plank tie 4 by
4 Scantling 13 feet long—either Bottonweett,Baaawood
or Maple, will also be received fat our wont..
Turning done to order in the neatest manner.
JAMEt 11 1ACK1NSi..."(1 & CO. •
Towandh. June 2:. 1848.
New Tailoring. Establishment,
In .No. 2. Brick Role. orer the, store of E. T. 1.;..r r .
- third slont .a 3 .
1) ESPEV7'FL'LLY informs the citizens of Foam
' da, and the public generally, that he has removed
his Tailor shop to No. 2, Brick Row, over the stereo(
E. T: Fox. third story, where he solicit, those in want
of Tailoring, to give him a' call.
Having been employed in the Moarfashionadde estah.
lishrhents in Philadelphia and elsewhere. and Iltiting de
termined to spare nopaine to please, customers may
depend upon having their work done promptly and in
a gdod sty le as ran he had at any shop in town. ..411
work warranted well made and to
Q:l7' Cutting dope cheap. and warranted.
tP,id• Country PrOduee taken in payment for work.
Towanda, Aue :tp, 1,447. -
No: 1., Brick how, again in Mr
07. .4. Chet
_. AS just returned from the city
of New York with a larve
supply, of Watches,. Jewelry and
fn , Silver ware, comprising . in pert.
, t
the fallowing articles:--Lever.
4 ) 4 t`i L'Epine and Plain Wstches,.writh
th, 9 = a complete assortment of Gold
Jewelry. such as Ear Rings, Fin
ger Rin ;a, Breast Pins, Bracelets, Loch/13.001d chains,
Gold Pens. Keys, tic. Also , sorts of Silverware.
1 and any quarititynf Steel liesilis—'4ll of whiCh he offers
for sale e‘cecerlinely cheap for CASH.
Waulles repaired on short notice,. and warranird
to run well, or the money will he-refunded, and a writ
ten.agreement given to that effeet if 'squired
, N, A rt. r. SUGAR, and Country Produce
taken in pal-Mein foi work ; and ale,. learn nolo, wad
l'brcrer ' flint the l'rotbere neat be paid when the Work
is dune—l war against credit in all its forms.
Towanda. April 15.15.3.
~. `~~ .~
TOITIV W. WILCOX. has removed his estabits?",
!LI ment to the shop between Kingtbery't and Bart
kit's stores, and where he still solicits a share of
public patronage.. He intends, by a careful selection
of stock, and by attention to the interests or his ensue
merit to make as neat and durable eroik us can be mei
nufactured in this pat t of the errantry.
lle'will -keep constant' y nn hand, and manufacture
to order, Mornaro. Calf and Coarse Boots and MAikes
Lathes' Ca - jeer", Mors end
.Slips ; Children's io..
Geat's Gaiters and l'amps, Are.
Ty Country Produce, of most descriptions, taken Is
payment fin work, at the market pries.
Towanda, .%pril 26, tut?,
e Field !