Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, April 19, 1848, Image 3

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    Dr. Chiltintois
Some 4:4 Dr. Smith's opponents have circulated the !rpm*,
that the astonishing cures these Pills have made, are attribute
tile to memory, but the. atm ebemist mtient York, *her a
tumult chemical examination, gives3be following :
• ' l have analyzed a box of Dr. Smith's Sugar Coated Indian
Vegetable Pills, and hid they do nm ernotdit inertury in any
J. R. CHILTON, M. D., Dentist.
Ne w -York, ' 5
, my 29,180,
Srara Or Nose-You,
City and Codnty of New-York, ss
Pessonalh appeared before me De 0. Behleelitiamillt,
end made oath that the statemens of Dr. Chilton dhows Is true,
lad that these Pills do not contain any injurious substance, but
4they are entirely composed of vegetable properties ; and fur
. 'her that he is the invent of "Sugar Coined Fillsfi
Sworn bed:iron* this 13th day of August, A. D 1843.
W. F. Haallassvga, Mayor.
• • . The above celebrated pills for sale by
Montsnyes A Co., fimends. U. Moody k Co.. Frenchtown.
Pt. W. DF. Pomeroy. Trtiy.`D. Brink, Hornbrook.
leorycli 4. Gee. &tat lineman. J. C. Adams, Runt. creek.
Wm Gibson, Ulmer. C. Rathbone, Canton.
L. S. Ellsworth, Athens. W. Campbell, Sheshequin .
Guy Tracy, Milan. I. I..Warkird, Monroeton.
Principal office and generil Depot, 100 Race St. Phil's.
Optaloa at a Rapala; Physician.
This eertifies that I have recommended the use 01 Wistaes
IMMana o 6 Virlyt t herry for du
infcases or the Lungs, for two year.
pest, and man tiles to knowledge have been used by
my: patients, with beneficial results. In two .caseit where
it was thought confirated consumption had taken place, the
'Wild Cherry ailrried a cure.
E. BOYDEN, Physician at Ereter.Corner
No QIIACIMItY - : "NO DZCEPTION !—MI _publlsbed statements
of cures performed by this medicine are, in every respect,
The unparalleled & astonishing efficacy of Dr. Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry iu all the diseases for which it is recom
mended, curing many cases after the skill of the best physi
cians was unavailing. has affected a large and increasing de
mand for it. Threfact has caused many `unprincipled counter
feiters and imitators to palm 'off spurious mixtures of 'similar
name and appearance. for the genuine
.Be careful and get the genuine DR. WISTAR'S BALSAM
OF WILD CHERRY. None genuine unless signed - by I.
,strrs. Address all orders to SETH W. FOWLE, Boston,
The genaine signed I. BUTTS- on the wrapper; Sotd by
A S: CtiA M BP.ITLIN Towanda.
DysPrima —Thu; distressing complaint Is a weakness of the
dtgestive organs, caused by trapunty of the blood. The gas
me, nice, a Bind peculiar to the stomach, when secreted from
Mid. blood, is deficient in those solvent properties which are of
such importance to digestion. Consequently the food. instead
of being dissolved. often becomes spayed or put riled in the
stomach ; hence bad breath, sour belching costiveness, pains
to the stomach, colic, dysentery, and other dreadful complaints.
the original and only genuine lainAtt Vanirrattic Pu.ta have
the sernten'aignature of WM. Vk RIGHT' oh the top label of
each boa.
Agents for the above Pills kir Bradford Connty— I
C F Redington, Troy ; A S Chamberlin. Towanda ;
C H Herrick. Athens; Houston ir. Ladd, do.
E Norman. flpringficid: N I) & C Watford. Monroe ;
J E Bullock. Leßaysville ; 'Ff W Tracy. Standing Stone
.J lloleorab. W yaps : Ils MI ay na rd. Rome;
II B Van Gilder, Pike. H.Gibbs, Orwell ;
By the Rev. Samuel Fjshir Colt, ,on Wednesday,
April bth, Mr. WILMOT Como's, of Springhill, to
Miss NAMCT A. Lawis;. of Wyalusing.
At the residence of Buirim Kingsbery, in this bore',
- on - Monday morning last, of congestion of the
legs, All Gautasa,aged 19 years.
At Athens; in this county, on Monday evening, the
10th inst., Ct./ataxy:. son of the Hon. D. Wilmot,
of this borough, aged 10 years, 6 months.
• For one saYriungi the subject of this notice corn
bined in an unusual degree, all those endearing qua
lities which interest, engage and captivate the mind.
Gentle in dihposition, modest in deportment, and
kind and sulmissive in his manners, he had, uncon
sciously and without effort won the affections of all
who knew him. He was the favorite.lof his play
mates, and the admiration of those ripened itLyears.
in the expansive 'brightness of his intellect, and the
manly qualities of his young mind, his parents saw,
in prospective, a field for consolation and joy in the
society of the son, as'he ripened into manhood, and
hope and comfort from his protection in their de
clining years. But he is gone—mit down in an
hour, like the rose-bud that expands in the morning
and withers before the - setting sun.
He had been placed, by his parents, of school, tin
der the charge Of the Misses Robb's, in a retired
spot on the bank of. the Susquehanna, a few.thiles
above the-village of Athens, where be was believed
to be more free74rora accident and danger than he
could possibly be in-the tumultuous and busyscenes
incident to village; and where he was enjoying
the best advantages in the .progress of his studies.
But none can .ft - ifesee or divert the inscrutable ways
of Provideneell On the afternoon of .the day on
which he died, being permitted with his playmates
to stroll into a field for a few moment's recreation,
they found and ate of the, eicuta or poison hemlock,
• the effects of which are Itnown to be a deadly poi
son ; convulsions ensued, and in less than three
hours the spirit of little CLARZXCZ took its flight to
a better world.
The sudden and awful manner of his death came ,
with peculiar severity upon his parents—his father
being at Washington, and his mother here—both
resting'in conseiours security that their.boy was as
safe as the prudence of paternal affection could pr&
vide. The news Was telegraphed from Owego to
Mr. W., and he arrived here on Friday last, in time
only to gaze upon - the marble features of his son,
and to be present when his remains were consign
ed to the tomb.
la Le Raysville, Bradford County, Ps., on Tuesday
afternoon, April 4th, 1848, of Pulmonary Consump
tiotSraller a r protracted illness of one year and
nine months, Mae. MLIMAIIIII.T W., wife of Jesse
E. Bullock Esq., in the 32nd year of her age.
'the deceased was born in Sharon. Conn., A. D.
1816, and in a little more than one year the family
of which she was a member, removed to Bradford
qounty, .Pa.; where from her strict integrity and
high moral worth, she gained the affection and es
teem of all who knew her. About nine years since,
she was hopefully conyerted to the Saviour. Dur
ing her protracted illness, she had all the attention
that kind friends and medical aid could bestow; but
it could not do : death had marked her for his own.
But for her he had no terrors.—The faith she had
in her' Saviour conquered all fear. In her death
her husband has lost a faithful and affectionate wife;
her child, a devoted mother, and society a member
whose loss cannot be repaired : but what is. loss" to
her friends and relatives, is 'her eternal gain. 'Ano
,, ther has been taken from earth—one more has been
added to the bright hosts of leaven. Her virtues
are her most exalted eulogy, and will be held in the
M the most lasting and endearing remembrance.
One by one love's links are broken,
' lOne by one one friends depart.
Voices that have kindly spoken.
Heart that thobb'd to kindred heart:
Thanks to god, this parting, paining.
Weans the heart from earthly ties:-
Life's night of sorrow, darkly waning,
Will break in morn beyond the skies
Weep not over hopes departed
Seek not here the scattered band ;
Soul of mine, muse up! look forward
To the glorious spirit land!" •
At Troy todruship, of the kink — of - a - horse, on the
36th tilt., Cit/aLes 8. Mousy., son of Capt. Solo
mon Morse, in the 19the year of his age.
Few deaths have produced a greater shock in this
community than the death of this young man. He
lived only about 30 Wours after the accident hap
pend. He has, been a very remarkable young per
son for his industry, sobriety. soundness of judg
ment, discretion, peaceable disposition, and respec
ful treatment of all wiih whom he associated. A
belt& yi7oung man cannot be found in this country.
His acquaintance may mitigate their sorrows by
the remembrance of his virtues. 8. E. S.
At Alba, Bradford county, on 25th March, Saul
-14),11,14k,,wife of Col Irad Wilson, in the 4th year
of leer age.
Mrs. Wilson *as beloved lay all who knew her,
and his left a kind companion and a large family
to mourn their irreparable loss. May the remain
ing parent have grace and manly fortitpde to sus.
lain hts - severe loss, and to train np his children in
the fear of the Lord, that they may all meet again
in Heaven. The funeral was attended on the fol
lowing day, and a large conaoorse, of friends and
neighbors _followed the departed christian to the
grave, who deeply sympathise with the bereaved
She had a true religions soul,
• To ploassporpose given,
With which she always ',asset! alone
The road that bads to
.I._ -1
Exeter, Me., Sept. 30,190
Nm 9lbecttioements.
T -
HE proprietors of the above Line are th ankful for
the patronage they have received from thew friends
and solicit a continuance of the man.
Their arrangements are such, that they will give
despatch to the forwarding of Merchandise and other
Property, and svaidall re-sbipment of Merchandise des
tined for BINGHAMTON, end the other ports on the
Erie and Chewing° Canal ; thus Merchandise will be
taken thtough to its destination by the same boat that
receives it in New York.
Ty Char.s as bto as any reeponseye Lime.
0:' The Baas of the above Line wil leave Pier 2,
East RiverAtiear Booth Ferry.) daily thro' the •INIMPOO.
IC. WKINNEY , Binghanston t
Aesirrs : JESSE HINDS , 7 South-rt N. . York t
-D. A. REXFORD, - 46a16
Treasurer's Sale of Unsalted Lauds.„
NOTICE is hereby given, that agreeably to an slit
of General Assembly of the, Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, passed the of March, 1815, ea
titled 4An act to amend - the act entitled an set directing
the mode of selling unseated lands for taxes t and for oth
er purposes," and of an act passed the 13th day of March
1817: "a further supplement to an act entitled an act
directing the mode of selling Unseated lands, and for
other purposes," the following tracts of UNSEATED
LAND will be sold at public vendde vo the 12th day of
JUNE next, (being the second Monday) at the Court
House, in the borough of Towanda, in the county of
Bradford. for the arrearages of Taxes due, and the cost
accrued on each lot respectively :
No. of j No. of .r. wliship .. I W_arrantee Aitioont
War% Acres.
-same'. of taxes
294 All any,
220 '
100 "
100 . "
120 "
250 "
418 "
175 "
266 "
400 "
82 "
400 "
300 "
Abel Pierce, 17 19
Anne's Bradley, 906
Nathan Carey, 13 58
Daniel lilhepard, 5 85
John Knight, jr. 5 85
Henry &ark. 702
Caleb Carmak! 40 87
George Lowman! 68 67
Adam Wagoner, 8 40
Thomas Bradley! 29 59
Frederick Castator, 12 00
Peter Benson, 4 57
Joseph Anderson, 12 00
- John Barron, 9 00
200 4 & Asylum, Chest. Bennett, 1t 70
400 4 .. Thos. Edwards, 23 40
184 Asylum, Y Chnstepber Avery, 10 53,
100 " sally Fish, 5 85
99 f" Township committee, 579
200 la Thorns, Jackson, 11 70
200 'la John Sherwood, II 70
1512 1000 Alexis, Chas. Carroll, 19 50
1494 Sil Buiiintton, do. 168
1493 195 1 a do. 381
1486 293 ; 4 do. ( 572
1498 104 r, " do. 202
202 Canton, Frederick Betted,' 11 82
200 " ' Henry Beek, . 11 72
4 . 134 " George S. Tale, 23 98
402 " John Barron, jr. 23 52
264 " Thomas Atmore, 151
68 " George Guest, 3 97
179 " • William Lewis, 10 48
211 ' 1 John Vaughn, 12 33
31 " do. 1 83
202 " James N. Barker* 33 02
210 " William Austin, 12 28'
100 " t, Stephen Maxfield, '5 85
260 " ' George Tracy, 15 21
73 Franklin, Samuel Bryson, 4 29
343 a Henry Bens, 1031
343 " Joseph Betts, 19 57
300 " Samuel Nichols, 17 65
343 4 John Betts, 19 57
343. " hints, Betts, 19 57
400 " Henry Bryon, 22 90
375 a . Samuel Cooley, 21 39
343 a Peter Edge, - 19 57
400 a Samuel Edge, 22. 80
343 . " Samuel Priti„ 19 67
400 a • Simon Hardy, 22 80
375 ." George Moore, 21 39
400 " Joseph Seely, 22 80
400 " -•- Henry Seely, 22 BO
400 " Peter Temple, 22,80
400 " George Temple, '22 60
400 a James Hardy, 22 80
400 " Jonathan Hampton, 22 80
400 " Nathan Hardy, 22 80
400 " Peter Nags, 22 BO
400 0 Paul Moore, 22 80
400 0 Andrew &Woos, 22 80
400 " Joseph Sidldons, 22 80
400 " George Siddons„ 22 80
343 ~ 4* George Edge, 19 57
400 0 Paul Hardy, 22 80
400 " George Castator, 22 60
400 0 Joshua Cooley, 22 80
400 0 George Hags,, 22 80
400 " Nathan Haga, 22 80
400 0 Henry Hardy, 22 dM
400 0 ... Peter Seely, 22 80
400 0 James Bidden, 22 80
400 " Peter Siddons, 22 80
410 " steph Hollingsworth, 22 80
400 " Samuel Haga; 63 60
400 •s' . Samuel Hardy," 63 60
400 e . Bamuel Temple; 63 60
c 400 " Samuel Sidiksis," 63 60
400 ",,, Andrew Hard'- 63 60
437 0 and Monroe, Win, Gray, 29 40
; 237 Monroe, John Stevens, 13 89
4374 " Eph McAdams, 25.59
434/ " ' Thomas Hamilton, '25 38
419 " • Isaac Millnor, , 24 53
203 " Jacob Downing; 33 60
109 " Jacob Smith, 6 36
400 a Samuel Anderson, 22 BO .I
400 " Harman Curator, 22 86
400 a Jonathan North, 22 80
400 " Peter' North, - 22 90
400 " Frederick Schott', '22 80
400 " George &hone, 22 80
400 " Mary Ellis, 22 80
'448 0 Ann Harris, 23 73
230 " Mary Wallace, 12 97
400 a Joseph Castatoe, 22 80
400 " Peter Hampton, 22 80
400 " John Moore, 22 80
400, 4 James North, 22 80
400 ~ . Hannah Woodruff, 23 13)
400 4 Robert Hampton," 63 G
400 4 Peter Schott.,' 63 60
400 " &morel North,• 63
1518 1188 Ridibery, 4:haries Carrell, 57
1507 631 a do 10
1515 160 « do
1115 60 Smithfield, Robert 3
1486 100 “ Charles Canon, „ 6
1467 150 " do
1492 860 • " do 42 07
1491 184 " do 10 75
1490 929 " and Athens,' do 63 47
216; Springhill, Peter Guinnep. II 68
5688 1100 Wells, Johnson & MUM" 64 35
6689 1030 " do 69 87
6691 • 964 " do 156 43
5692 128 " do 448
6687 1100 " & South creek, do 64 35
'To those Insets muted with a star, ( 6 ) are added
the taxes kw years previous to tel
JAMES M. PECK,Treassuer.
Treasury Office, March 27, 1848. •
NOB-1000 yards jus opened and for sae
\Oll4/4smi SOW,
110 El TO le .5. ,
HAS removed his office to D. Cash's new aim, on
second street, whey kelvin be pleased loses those
who need, his professional services. Dec. tril, 4847.7
and Light Gingham., have been treeived at the
Sayings Rank, and are selling twenty -bye per cent.
eheimer than . jyT C. REED..
HORSE BLANKE T S.—If you want - a good oud
cheap article of the kind. call at BAIRD'S.
DAlNTB.—White end red lead, Venetian red, Ope
-1 nigh brown, cord gum; litharage, chrome green,
jpr °ate yellow, carutsh , &c., At BAIRD'S
linenbaabir. fn.
(VEMPTO with pest sting:limp it the Cub Si.,.
vv of MONTANY6'B & CO., No t wen street,
when rim be Sewed ell of the 11111111691111191.1ia wise
Trade. Lutheran don't Awes oe, we hare the Ark
Rope the it right, end the Pork th et is far Deb= thick
'IWO Tar Eisittitaa's Wm hisaimmi imp. jag vor•
.L. Maud, at MONTANTES & CO.
20 BBL& KEW PORK and a hw koohod of
Homo oo bond. at MONTANYKS & CO..
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Pod Mee
at TOWANDA. March 31, ISIS.
Agney Witehington Loughlin Mary
Bishop Win H Myer H C
Bowman Daniel Mom George
Buelet. st Morgan H A
Ballard Alexander Marvin Jno G
Brandy P MeLoghles Mary
Bennett I Miller Wm 0
Billings Ezra Wehrle Martha
Beardsley Sarah Noble C Id ,
Bump Addis Nobles & Co 4 '
Brigham Amanda Northrup Stephen
Croon Abner Owen 0 W
Carman C Potter Joseph
Carrick Frederick Paine chines C
Constable High - James D Perry
Crowley Bar* Pool Semite!
Chase Matilda Porter Nathaniel
!Dunlap 0 F Reynolds Stephen -
.Davis David Robinson Ellen
Doramay George Shanahan Daniel
Etheridge J D Shelp IV m
Flandga Harriet Sauniera H D - 2
Ford Henry Rev '? Shuart DaVid
Foster Jane E 2 Stockwell 0 H •
Fitzgerald 'Santee Wm
Fulton Slocum George
Goff Humphry Stowers Andrew
dianteer Eli Tayoun D
Gregg Harriet Taylor Matilda
Hall Jacob Taylor Jerre
Horton William Vought Caroline
Hawkins Margaret Wood David
Jeuninp Thomas Wilb Wm
Johnson William 2 Warner A K
Johnson Joseph Wilson Ira •
Kelly Sophia 0 White 0
Kinpman I P Woodruff I F
Kipp Mahala Miss Wallbridp Samuel
Knappin Ann* Walborn George
Kite Mary 4, Zintnan J
Laporte B - E. W. BAIRD. P. M.
NA7'OULD respectfully i nform hie Meads and th e
public generslly, that ha has snored his
Office tad Lodgings I. Ike Issrsetn Hotel,
kept by J. I. %regard, where be may at eli tunes be
found, unless when professionally engaged.
Masterson, Match 1, 1848. 38-4 w
Hair Dressing and Bathing Saloon !
IL cooper if G. Jackson,
:RP, ESPECFFULLY inform their friends 'and the
JLIk public generally, that they have fitted up that large
room in the New Brick Block of B Kingsbery, Tomo.;
da, in a superior style, where they will take pleasure in
waiting upon their old customers, and making new
In addition, they will keep constantly on bend a
good assortment of FANCY GOODS, such as Be.,'.
Oil, Maccasser's Oil, 01 Narrow, Cologne, Victoria
perfume, Hair brusbes,Shaving and Tooth brushes, and
Comtbs. •
ALSO—AII kinds of Ladies' curls, Bosoms and
Collars, Cravats, Suspenders, Razors sod Strops, Amen
can %someone, for mle by the bottle, for reaming
the hair and preventing the accumulating of dandruff—
warranted to keep the hair from falling off if used ac
cording to directions. Always kept on hand • fresh
supply of lined and composition hair. Dye warranted
to change the hair instantly from a red or gray, too
beautiful brown or black.
Gentlemen's Coats and Pants cleaned or colored and
warranted to give satisfaction. Razors booed on short
notice. Boots and oboes blacked to ardor. Call and
see for yourselves. Feb 9.
raff@lMO E3MIIOOI.
rrHE subscriber respectfully informs the Ladies •nd
Gentlemen of the Borough of Towanda and its vi
cinity. that he will commence reaching a PUBLIC
the 22d inst.. at the NEW HALL, belonging to H.
S. &H. C. Mercur. New Is ginner*, as well as those
who wish to improve in the science of singing, are so.
limited to attend. He flatters himself that from his expo.
'Wrier) in teaching vocal music, he will be enabled to
give satisfaction. Terms made known on the first
evening. R. S. BASSETT..
Towatah4 March Id, 1848.
TUESDAY. P. M.. the 7th inst., between the
Bank L.
, and Methodist Church a GOLD PENCIL.
a very heavy one, with a yellqw stone. The under will
plerise leave it et this office, and ths7:lhall be liberally
rewarder. March 15. 1801.
BROWN BHEETINGS.--Aboot 41,000 yards of
Brown Sheeting*, just rec'd at BAIRIM
VESTINGB.-Bain, silk, satin stripe, silk velvet
and other Vestings, for winter or summer, IA or
spring ; a great assortment at BAIRD'S. No. 1, B.R.
HARDWARE, a good asootiment, including Iron
Steel. Nails, dm at No. 2, B.R. FOX'S.
PAINTS, OIL* & DYESTUFFS, also Notches
by the roes, it No. 2. B. R. FOX'S.
UR G00D21.--Gentlessea's for eaps. Ladies' sod's,
dm, a goad esanteseat at BAIRD'B.
SAWS.—MiII saws. End 8i feet and 8 foot crow cut
sows. at BAIRD'B. No. 8. Brick Row.
HATS& CAPS . —A good assortment .ilk and far
Hats, gent's glazed caps, with capes, (a great ar
ticle for downy weather,) men and boy's cloth caps.
cbikhen's velvet caps, &e. You will And all tbess
kinds, and many mots, at al° HAMM
LADIES!—Do you -kn ow where to God the nicest
Preach Lear Capes in town!—the spot is at
Nov. 10. BAIRD'S, No. 3, Brick Row.
J. N. Sinner, M. D., Dentist,
IXTILL psy big neat professional visit to Towanda,
VV in - JUNE next. He may be found at Wood
ruff' Hotel. jy4
DOOM & 8110103, consisting of cowhide and kip
LI boots, harm' and miens' grippers, gaiters and half
gaiters; children's shoes ; also an elegant assortment of
Hats and Cam are now opening at the tilarbnp Dank.
sep29 NO. 5, H. R.
Positively the lost Notice !
ALL persons indebted to tbe subscriber, ale lbereby
notified that seukmatt most be made immediately
without fail. A jumbo attendance to this cell, will
ewe him the disagreeable neserity of resorting to we
miss to compel payment. D. C. HALL.
Towanda, March 49th, Me. •
Matikll4lol Caradantino
CALICOEB AND DELATNES, • goal assortment
--else some very pretty GINGHAM % selling at
eity cost. Abu, a wriety of other goods selling at even
loss than first cosi. No mistake about it either. The
balance of the winter mock most sod shall be sold at
some prim. Pkese ealland me, at - FOX'S,
• Towanda. Man* IC% 1848. No. 2 Brick Row.
"DRINTS-1000 pin& on hood, 'whirl aro wilfsol
1 to cask customers at cost.
Ilan* 22, 1848. MONTANYEB & •
NOTICE is hereby given tbit I left m y accounts
tor Prothonotary . fors,-in. hands of N. J. KEE.
LER, for collection ; and that are in .mull,
will me cost by canine' him and settling the sane
inunedbitely. U I purer/thy be Grand at the Pro.
thorium's , I also` tendir my grateful acknowl
, ,• , , all dune' who bays famed we by swift
and ng the denims& I had against than.
larch 6- 1 ,348 , AARON CHUBEUCK.
f,spl glbscitisentaus.
DT Altai of sundry *des of yd. amp& Med OS
of the court of Couresea Pima of Bradford Cosety,
to ere directed, I shall expose to poetic ale at the house
of P. Wadi* in the borough of Towande s es Mon
day the Ist day of MAY next, at one eekcit P. M g the
following pines or pared of land in the. Orwaship of
flprinehilL and bounded north by land of ehn Bow
0r.... and L J. Labatt, sod by flamed Owner, sank
by E. Lamy. and the wad of D. P. Ludy. dee'4l. and
on the woo by lead et Therupron and W. Mel.
lavish. Containing 110 scow with about 6 3 am in.
proved, with one framed barn and ono framed hand
and one apple orchard thaws. '
Bsins . d and taken in execution at the mit of Daniel P.
Lacy to use of C.C.Wright vi. Robert Melbuielt.
ALM:I—The following piece or moil attend situate
in Armenia tp., Bradford Co. and bounded and described
as follows, to wit: north by land of Alfred Ripley, east
'by land in possession of John Booms, on the south by
land of Riley Hawkins and on the west by. unseated
land. Containing 100 aerie with about 80 acres im
proved, with one double log home, one framed bens and
a smell spit)e orchard thereon.
Seised and taken in eremitism at the suit of Peleg
Peck. now to Meuse of D. Vaudercook ea Jchn Benson.
ALSO—A piece or pa eel of lend in Burlington tp.,
bounded north by Marcus Loomis, east by lends of Jas.
Vandyke. south and west by Nathaniel Bennet. Con
taining 96 aims, 80 acres improved, with two plank
houses, and one framed barn and-apple orchard thereon.
Seised and taken in execution at the suit of J. Wal
lace, to the use of Jcb Panneter, vs. Neheudidi Bailey
and Joshua Bailey.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Athens town
ship, bounded north by E. Wolcott. east by Thomas
Lane, south by Lyman Ayres, and west by John Jack
son. Dontaining about- 70 acres, with about S aced
inutromd, one framed house thereon.
Seined and taken is execution at the suit of Omit
Stone vs. Dania Harris.
ALBO--The following piece or pateel of land skint Monroe township, and bounded as follows, to wit :
north by the Towanda Creek. and east by the Asylum
company lands, month by land of C. L. Want, and
west by the Schrader Branch, containing three hundred
saes. with fifty acres improved. with one framed house,
two log bosses, one framed barn and shed, a small orch
ard thereon.
Seised and taken in execution to the suit et 0. D.
Hanka vs. T. H. Lewis.
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Wyalwing tp.,
bounded aid described ae follows : Beginning at a post
and stones, on the west line of a beet of land surveyed
in the warrantee name of John Showman, adjoining cer
tified land, and running thence south 86° east 62 per.
to a post and stoma, thence north 9° east 190 per. to a
poet and stones, thence south 77° west 67 per. along
the said certified lot, N 0.31, to • portend scones, thence
on the line of John Showmen, south w es t 169
to the plain of beginning. Containing seventy-two scree
and twenty-five perches, he the tame more or less.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Mary To.
land, et al, vs.Tbilip Sullivan.
MSG—A piece or parcel of land in Leroy, bounded
north by John Kelley, east by land of Truman Merry,
south by George Whipple, rend east by Seely Crofut.
Containing ninety arms, more or less, 'with about twins.
ty.6ve acres improved, with one framed house and one
framed barn thereon.
Seized and taken itt execution at the snit of ?Alward
Overton vs. Ira Crofues administrators.
Al.Bo—The following property, to wit: situate is
the township' of Wyalusing and Tuscarora, beginning
at a sugar tree, thence by land of John Locks and A.
Guinnep :moth 4° east 385 perches to a corner, thence
by land of Henty Toland and by land of Henry Locke
south 894° west 308 perches to a birch, thanes by other
lands north 38+° east 499 perches to the beginning.—
Containing 349 acres and 100 perches, and allowance.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Mary To.
land, et al, vs. Jonas I sham.
ALSO— A piers or parcel of land in elptinghill twp
bounded north by lands of N. C. Meteor. east by load
surseyedin the warrantee name of Peter Lowry, on the
south by.lands of 91. C. Mercer, and on the west by
lands surveyed in thi waft:miss muss of Pater Gulansp.
Containing My arms.
Seised sad taken in execution et the suit of M. C.
Mercer, to the no of Charles R. Brown, vs. Locum
ALSO—A piece or parcel of land in Ansonia town
ship. bounded truth by land of Wu nu: east by N.
P. Cue. south by Andrew Monroe, end west by Win.
Crandall and land in.pouession of Casper Webber.—
Containing sixty-three acres and thirty-four acres, with
about 2 acne improved, with one framed hones thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of C. Paine,
to the use of N. P. Case, va Luther S. Potter.
ALSO—By virtue of a writ of Lovett Facies, a tract
of land in Bradford county, called " Sidney," surveyed
to George Biddons, beginning at e —, thence by land
of Andrew Bidden., iamb 29° east 424 per. a—,
thence by land of George Bags north 81° west 160 per.
to a Pod, lholo by land of Pkgs . &Mons south 29°
west 424 per. to n post, themes by land of Paid Moore
and Joshua Cooky south 61° east 160 pro. to the be
ginning. Containing 400 acres, and allowance.
ALSO—One other tract of land called "Stanhope,"
surveyed to Andrew Siddons,beginning at • post.tbenee
by lend of Peter Haze, north 61° west 180 per. to a
birch,tberme by land of George Bidden, wrath 29° west
424 par. to a post, thence by land of Joshua Cooky south
61° east 160 per. to a post, thews by laud orPeter See.
lee north 22° east 424 per. to the beginning. Contain.
kg 400 sues, and allowance.
ALSO—One other tract of land called " Lirespeal,"
surveyed to George Hag*, beginning at a birch, thence
by land of Peter Hags north 29° east 424 per. to a poet,
thence by land of Andrew Ladle . north 61° west 160
per. a post, thence by land of Joseph Bidden*. south
29° west 424 per. to • post, thence by land .of George
*Wilms, south 61° east 160 per. to the beginning.—
Containing 400 acres, with allowance.
ALSO—One other tract of land called " Fairview,"
surveyed to Peter Hags, beginning at a post. thence by
land of Nathan Hoge north 29° east 424 per . to • post,
thence by land of Hugh Laity north 61 e
west 160 per.
to a post, thence by land of George Hare south 29° wept
424 perches to • birch, ant thence by land of Andrew
Hoidens seuth 61° east 160 per. to the beginning. Con
taining 400 acres and allowance.
ALSO—Ong other tract of land eared " Walnut
Grove," beginning at • sager sapling, thence by land of
SemeelHapr, north 29° east 424 per. to a poet, thence
by land of Hogh Laney north 61° west 160 per. to •
post. thence by land of Peter Rage south 29° west 160
pet. to a pest. and thence by hind of Peter Seek, south
61° east 160 per. to the beginning, 'arrayed to Nathan
Hags. Containing 400 acres, and agowance.
Seised and taken in execution at the suit of emunel
Ashamed. Wm. A. Budd, Abraham R. Perkins end
James 8. Pringle, vs. William Ravels and Joseph Trot.
net, surviving Truisms of the Towanda Coal Company.
JOHN P. MEANS. Bhenff.
libeeirs 011ies, Towanda, March li, 1847.
A LL moms - betiebted to tbe estate et MYRON
11 :BUTTON, duel.. Ws of Colombia towuship,
berg" requested to make paysest witbsot deky, sod
these baying claims spina said Mao will pines pre
sent theto duly autbsadeated far settieseot.
RUSSEL aurrom
Coleashis. Mareb Ith. INS. Adatioisosoir.
NOTICE is hereby given to WI parsons istsysstsd,
twat Mihail Wood, as s liaaedian of
Matilda and Altera Alarm ;
and J. B. Hinman, Guardian of
Sereha Wilcox,
minor child of Rowland Wilcox. late of Albany town
ship : and Aaron Knapp, Guirdian of
Calphena, Charles and Alonzo Crofat,
minor children of Ira Groin', deed., late of Leroy twp..
(harp Kinbey. surviving executor of the 'stabs of
Samuel Gore, deceased,
We of Shodisgoin township ; J. D. Goodenough, of
Towanda,esseutar of the seam of
Lucy Beeler, daetiond, •
We a Tomas borough ; andA. L. Cramer and
H. Ball, windniaistraiors of dal woe of
Jacob Ansied, Sweared,
late of Monroe, base Ihnl and settled is the office of the
Resister of Wills, in and for the Co. of Bradford, the se.
coasts albeit several administrations sport the roams
afeesesid, and that the sem* will he presented to the
Orphaa's.conit of said ea on Moseley the Ist day of
Kay wasi, for easficatetios and allowance.
L. R. DEWOLIP, Regirest.
Register's Office, Towanda, Mandl 19, 1147.
2999 YDS. SHEETING, (heavy gosik,).B6.
hi id 11 mod casts yard, et On Cop
d 22 N.N.BETS.
tral dere
Civil Wog/nig/scuts.
I. an saner of the ft/Oka/ion Spar;es.
and odors, of die i F' . East meefing hotter wed
burifisiCifrosnd aers/p." February Ten., 184$.
MOMS is hereby; gives, that Stamm Squirm. Its
G. Hill, John H. Pim!, Pieria W. Surshata.
sad others. base pemented to the mid court an Woe.
meet in writing, sod the objects. strides endesminione
met forth lad matained thumb appeariag to them lawful
and set injurious to the eammunity. diesemd that said
writing be 814 and that Mies he gives in sme mew
paper printed is asid-tansy of Saidfard. fee ec Wet
three waste before the nest poet of ernaneen pleas of
said county, setting forth that an application has been
made to mid court, to giant mob an art of isearposation
sounding, to abs act of Assembly is melt awe made
sad provided. A. 1111[ZAN, Prot.
Prodwantery's 0111 m, ApeM 1, 1848.
ht the matter of the appheation of Abraham Jones.
end caters, of the "First Baptist chunk and sone
' iy of Smithfield. ' February Tenn 1848.
O'llOE is he given, that Ab raham Jones, Bo
.LII muel Farwell, Jonathan Hall, William Phelps,
and others, have presented to the end noun ate instru
ment in writing, and the objects, articles and conditions
set forth end contained therein appearing to them lawful
and not injurious to the community, directed that said
writing be filed, and that notice be given in one news
paper printed in said county of Bradford. for at least
tines weeks before the nest coon of common pleas of
acid county, setting forth that art applicatiiip has been
made 'e said coon to grant such en act of incorporation.
according to the act of Amenably in such eases made
and provided. A. WILBAN, Prot.
Protbonotary's office. April 1. 1848.
In the matter of the application of John F. Long and
othere—" Trustees. of the Union Society.' Feb.
Term 1848.
NoTicz is hereby piven. that John P. Long, Abet.
)Motley, Jibing'. Long, Sail Nichole, Win. Coryell,
and others, have presented to the said court an initro
went in writing, and the object*, ankles and comlinons
set fonts and contained therein appearing to them lawful
and not injurious to the community, directed that said
writing be Bled, and that notice be given in one metro ,
paper printed in said county of Bradford, he at keit
three weeks before the next court of common pleas of
said county, setting forth that an application has been
made to said mart to grant such as set of incorporation
according to the act of Asarco* in such eases mole
and provided. A. MICIr.AI4, Prot.
Protbonotruy's Office, April 1, 1848.
In the matter of the application of John Yandyike, and
.of the " First Presbyterian duntk and con=
iteration of Canton. Febrtiary Term , 1848,
0' ICE is hereby given that John Venyka, Ttio•
Nos Manley, Dr. C. T. Bliss, James 0. Randalk
androthers, bane presented to the said court an ixstre
teem in writing, and the objects, articles and conditions
set fonb and contained therein appearing to them lawful
and not injorious to the community, directed that said
writing be filed, and that notice be given in one newer
paper printed in said county of Bradford for at least
three weeks before the next court-of common pleas of
said county, setting forth that an application has been
made to said court to grant such an ad of incorporation,
according to the act of Assembly in such cases made
and provided. A. M'ILEAK,
Prothenotery's Office. April 1. 1848.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of GEORGE
HADLOCK, deed., late of Litchfield twp , are
hereby requested to make payment without delay, and
those having claims against said estate will please pm
mitt diem duly mnhertacsted for settlement.
Litchfield, Match 28, 1848. Executors.
017tiliNT SALTA.
- DußetrAisT to no order al the Orpbao's Court of
./. Bradford county. will to esposed to pubbe was on
8A TURDA the :PM day of April, 1848,5 t 1 riciorA
P. M., upon the premises, a piers or pineal at land io
Wyalusing township, lets the estate of Ilembry Brown
deceased.' and bounded aid described as taws s—On
the north by lands of Sally Whiteley, ea lbs east by
land* is tbe possession of W. &own. so the meth
by the reed leading from Brownian. to Illterryall.oe the
Ord by lauds of Noah Allah; deemed., Coma**,
about two acne, all improved. wi th as apple orebard
Attendance givao,aad term undo blase ma tba day
of sale. JOHN ELLoOTT,
April 1, 1848. Ale of H. Brown, deed.
011111 0 111=M 9 4=lW C.OL4 0
PURSUANT to an order ef the Orphan's Court of
Radford county. will be exposed to public male en
FRIDAY, the 28th day of April, 1848, at one o'clock
P. M., upon the menses, a piece or parcel of land in
Wyelosing township, lets the estate of Hsaphry Enron
deceased, and bounded and dereribed es feints t.—On
the north and sect by lands et William Morrow, on the
south by landed' Jebel Elliott and Harry Elhott,on the
west by lands of Elias Vaughan, jr. C2otaining about
foggy acres, about one acre thereof improved, with a amen
log house thereon greeted.
Attendance given, and teem mods brow, on the day
of sale. • JOHN ELLIOTI',
April 8, 1848. , AJ9 of H. Drown. deed.
NOTICE is hereby gives drat we the undwsigoed
commiesionere of the county of Bellivan. by ow.
orty of the act erecting mid comity. have designated
and procured the Evangelical Cburch t neer Jobe Be.?.
in Cherry tp, county aforesaid fie the purposed oyes
mg and bolding the several courts, in and fetaaid noun ,
ty of Sullivan. until public buiklinp may be erected or
appropriated for said county. We have alai peocilehd
at said place a temporary JaR, and suitable rams,
wherein the revers' officers of the county are to help
the Public Records—er.d transact their business tithe
county until county offices dtc., may be erected or op
pmpriated for said county.
First Court to commutes en the Filet Mendsy in
June A. D. I Mgt
JACOB HOPPA, Conmassoi -
JOB. MOLYNArit. of
CaerrY, Sara 27, ISM
ALL prams indebteed so the estate of JOSEPH
H. BEEMAN, deed., late of Wyalusing towtohid,
are heieby requested to make gagman without delay,
and tholes hating dame against said edits • will plass
present them duly autheatiltated lot settlement
Wyo Ming, Fob. 9th, 1848.
(1124011111 (11a INLORDWiIn
HAVE the satidecttos of annossebigsw their numar.
liens blend.; end the pribbe that they havejeate
in the new Brick Block of Barton Ninphery, when
ail who wish to indulge in the beelthfol aril invigorat
ing nacho of a Cosa or Warm Bath r ian at any time.
be accommodated. Call and Feb. 9.
The price for Bathing once. 25 cents. To those
who bathe by the month. hi cents.
CLOTUS ! C LOTHS ! !— Every bait Winks that
the cheapest in town us to be baud at the Cen
tral store; all and see; no chute. Rot showing ;goods.
Murrn !—Theme &reed animals an to be bad at
the Central slate. from STi meta. to $l3. Mirk
the Awe, if you want sea cheap. N.N.BETtS.
PRINTS. of every variety and style. fa and do.
emestie, wow opening $ whelamale and retail, at
GINGRAMIS & PRINT!!. —Plais sod Wild Gins
ham, Idsgbah sod Americus Prints. a %waifs
assoltmest at sep2s NERCURNI.
V CUT AND MILL SAWS, boo& oni wood do.,
.21 subs Central otoci. ass N. N. BETTS.
WEITE LEAD, No. 1, emus, thy sod mood io
oil, at the Coodral atom N.N.DETTB.?
C) 11/ . 1.LN8 BROWN SHEETING% &Map,
.40 Amine. oriekiegOoaddieg.boalgy. muse yore
and anon warp. cheep as floe cloaares, at Ne. I, B.
R., as oeyts 'Tors.
IhriMAIL All* tlTU4Ltituarapares
By Dr. liphanes Vegetable Et
A ii NtriiiitAii REMEDY, Which.
111. eseding to directions, a care fur lA, is
synrionir ire Tors mew&
A amble' billesnesorh Of die affectioit
tansasas. et Wang dowirameetiolt, as A •
WWI ; theft b slob bent. Ntlitiowsod th---. --
paw, waging bens e medeteis dimes of the se. us
doss to the jean entersciathm nig* ri--thees are
caused by the stem Sow of bleed to the pats. Boas*
times the inner east of the tined protrudes at shit
evacuating, firming what it nulled Probpsia (* . falling'
of the bawds; this is the effect of lowPtied irri
tation and weakness arfthat organ. lir us e r ancri ,
the patient experiences nervous pane. We me India
cribableyend known only to the sufferer, hit* emit
immediately an evacuation. conlitue
from thirty minutes to several bows ; t sensations
are very annoybs mid sometimes very lig.
This disease, when of long continuance, • attended by
. pain and weakness in ttbecli, irritation of the kid
rays and bladder, and organs in the • 'city, pain
and numbness in the lets and feet, a of straight
ness about the chest. end unnatural fella cif the ah
, dourival viscera. accompanied with pelpi doe of the
heart and opptesegow, individuals armed expetiener.
previous loan abet of the Piles, sympans • - denodllip
rest derangement iii the eirealation ; there Is i sense
of weight and pasture irk the abdomen. with e peculiar
feeling of uneasiness in the bowels, constipation of pe
rineum, attended with pain in the halt anti lures,mita
ara. ami *light pass in the stomach, patelemiliternmee,
confused sensations in-the heed, ',carioca. end labe
l* and diseentenad state of tee mind, and a sass of
tunneler and oppression in the region ofstionack:
The circulation the is feeble, a d the current
tl s
lof blood determined inward and downwe . eon Apr.
1 Or Tellt,•1110VS 111115•110/ AND COITIPLAIOWIre
Ir. Cpiaa's Vegetable Mecum.
Cora Effedually and therefore pentads Pile&
Beason, December I I, 'MO.
Glees . -.4 have seed Dr. Upham s' Vegetable Pile
Electuary which I partAtelast of yam and- fine it one: of
the best medicine, in use be the' piles, it eira be all
bilious affections i eriang AVM OTT Wipa4 mai of the
system. Yours, den Z. b,. / Cotz, *Me Duke,
Dorm Sevres Ilastiatisiderrea, Z
• N New York, Dec. 8. 1817. 5
Mitaifte. Weave & KirreaAw—dinner :—lin
derstanding Met you ate the generalatm for the male
of Dr Dpberes Vegetable Electuary, the cure of
Pills,' Mors deemed it my duty to uroltniteet • nom
menda6otrin behalf of that invaluable medicine. I
have been afflicted for many years with piles, and have
tried various remedies but with no beneficial effects—l
began to consider my case Utterly hopeless. But *boot
the first of September last, I was prev i l l ii i p upon by' s
friend to make a trial of the above na medicine. I
took de advice and rejoice that I am not only relieved.
but, a I beleve, perfectly cured. I Mod earnestly
recommend it to all who may have the inisfottune to be
afflicted with that annoying and disease.
Very respectfully, your ' 1 enema.
.11401-7111. WASOilialiON.
aerkahire Co. (!Menu) Nal. 2g, 1847.1
Maoris, wrArr & lirreNAN--Genti: POT thirty
years I have been afflicted with piles, ,general debility
and mfiamation, calming tensors and twolapsos of the
bowel., end which bad resisted all the medical treat.
Went Dr. Chapman and others could give: The last
three years of that time my sufferings *fy dleseription.
I was confined to bed, tumble to helpeirsffr and St last
given up by my phisicians and (*citadel to despair of ev
er pining my health I lu fact f. 4 three days lichee.'
was entirely speechkse sad my beam{ clothes were
made. Dut under Provident*, and theellse of Dr. IIp•
ham's Eketuary, though an ma wee lave the pleas
ure of stating the ?art hr the public at my health is
now goer', and hope to Ate many yeas, if it is Cad's
will, to make known the views 5 Dr; Uphem's Elect
may, and to recommend it to my alltated fellow nen.
titres. It helped as beyond the ex Wog of all that
knew toy case, and I only say to that It ts,ht my
opinion, the best medicine in the wire for Piles, or any
ether Armee at the brander and if day will use it se
nstil!' to the dissalons,. I will myself waiters a cure.
Yours, with the utmost 'mewl* o thenkfilltwaa.
Eananent. Beth. (
. C0.114111141N0V. 111, 1841.
The above certificate tells a simpler truthful ego.
ry of Naming and relief; of which, as physicist and
witness in thecae', I cheerfully end
PIOTICE..—The genuine Vp 'a Electuary has
his written agates, thus A. Ipinnn; M. D.)--
The hand is atone done with a pen. Poieesl a bet.
nor Sold whole wile end task by WYATT &
RET'CHA K,' 17 1, Poison NG, N. Yl. end by Demists
generally throughout the E. S. and Canada.
JOHN B. PRD, Agent he Towanda, Pa. .45y
noose/ that they are now i sad by the Le.
ithtute of the thee of New York, CAPITAL 0100 r
000 egreeebb , le the *Mowing Celt dieete (tom the Bee..
emery of State.,
l i k , it tary of New Ifeelt4
's Meet 5
I certify that a Cettibeete at • Ideotpolition at
"The Graefettberg CettipettY: " dew of the nth
thy of Peboary, HIM was this day filed in this ethos.
Athol, M. 20, 1040, Dep. See. of ewe,
This Ws p perfects the orgenisubm of the Oompatty,
pleciog a pram* the Institutions cif the days Minuet
i l
objects of Incottheration *ere the owing i- - -:.
lel. That we might the come cettaltely protect the
pcblic spinet spurious articles w ids the tepidity of
merineopled men tee, treats* to lentodneel ender Ike
lathe el . the Oraefenberg Medici •
fd. that !be *SA sthottot of 'neer done iii eho
Dempsey might be pistol Undo the venetian et Magi&
i tiz i teltentni. and be thereby in o th l wd w i t h h e ap.
securing to the public Iroams needicioes.
tiwiittie it hair nest et band when the diseases of
what end sturoner will make their appearance. If sow
the Greefeeberg Medicines be imnedoced. thousands of
lives VI be saved. Medical mew who have become s&
outlined with the merits of those celebrated nemetheo,
am laying in a supply brass in tieett own private peed.
I lee. In /7 1
itiLLlous kEit u orts.
a•Tochnqe, and theitpreed value. Vied as
cording* inclines. a person blame be bilious! nos
maltarbow althly the reentry oe pest th e orposore.—•
I,Mtlis West freely see them, OA bilious diadem
jaeb t o
will allllll,llllll, hem those fair -
The Mamie Glessindent does mit patomis
that ens teediehis can cure all It is. idle nod
impulsed to. dent such a Itt dm him rif an in
telligent community. It isthe of quacks and
premodern , But lo the series of 'cats offered by the
theshotherg Commie", ;..
will dud its sawlike& The PIL .8 are soversigo he nil
*lions, stomach, liver, and is complains& As s
Cathartic, they ere perfectly alibi, thorough end smear.
thening. The Fever and Ague Mt seemingly core
Fear and Acne, Dumb Ague, 1 Ague Cake. end the
like. The Health bitters renown the tone of the eye.
tem .clear the complexion, came the monthlyascretione
of feenalee. dtc. The Bereepordla is the bee in dee
world ; and le to powerfully coepeentrated thee it is tall
times cheaper theta any other. The vnildten'e Pane.
eta is a most estraottlinery non n 7 medicine and 1".
adios& •Tbei Eye Lotion bee 141, equal for ell forme of
indentation and washrooms of t eyes. Thy Omen
Mountain Ointment is the piece* ointment now us.
ed. n o Drentary Syrup is tearrented to now dee
went arm of BloodyFlusiDysentery, Dyarrtmea,
Cholera Ma th es , Cholera In t am , &c. . The Con.
• sumptive's Bela hider only on ' inn tweedy Menu.
ccr It is thiretint that theme be a Greefraberc
Depot la every neighborhood the Vatted Melee. at
which the Cosspeny'e ensfeciet may be ben&
U2'• The (31seeml Agent f o r Mo.
ir% is P. P.C. C. Ines
sets, to
wheatsets, application agencies may be ad.
dressed. . EDWARD lARTON, Secretary.
11,E'S f
a kind of
iir tba
jO. 4.