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I lebtisPotittilla sense.
A Prue Essay, by EL Cox, roruhnsedfront the Journal
of the *Royal ifgriftriturai Society ofEngland.
We shall attempt to give only a brief abstract of
thisessay ; though we ate inclined to give more, in
4asmuch as there is a genets' accordance of the . I
views of this' writer with our own, as our friends
and readers will observe by comparing it drab
Ake' we have said and.written during three years
in -which this purred has been published. We hare
-la4evir, only slight attachments to the theory here
in maintained, and are ready to embrace any other
when its merits are batted od a foundation suffi
ciently ktbstantiat: ,
:The author Commendes by saying, that the fail.
ure of the potato - crop in .1845, bas gWel rise to
many d eories as lb its calve, some imagining that
it was a futigus, while others contend that it was
caused by atmospheric influences; this latter is the
view the author maintains, principally on the
ground that many other vegetables were affected by
a'similar disease at tlicsame ume, citing in tins
connection, the ash, oak, poplar, hazel, the vine,
ripple, pertt and plum ; but particularly the walnut, •
the Frond; bean, mangle wurtzel, carrots and fur.
nips. In She case of the walnut, itgave out of two
bushels of fruit not a single nut, but that 'exhibited
signs cf disease. Its leaves also exhibit4d thesym
toms of disease. All the earlier varieties of turnips
decayed la the top ; the Swedes were affected al
most CO witch as the potatoes, the orange globe
mange, wurtzel were affected in the proportion of
one in five' carrots at the tate of one in eight. Mr!
Cox then proceeds to state other facts in regard to
the dikase, and shows that certain varieties Were
leas subject to it than others, and especially...flame
which were nearly mature at the time whi3ll the
supposed cause begt,'m to operate, and cites the
ash-leaf kidney, which was dug'the first week in
August, and no symtoms of disease appeared in
them. On the contrary those which were a month
or six Weeks later, and were dug earlier in Septem
ber were nearly lost.
Ia the first week of April, our atithor planted a
piece with second early kinds, called prolrftc and a
few china orange potatoes. The rows ran north
and south; one end running up a steepish bank,
the other decending into a damp peat. The higher
parts of the field were poorer than the lower; the
potatoes on, the latter grew luxuriant and -rank, and
edveredthe ground, so that no air could circulate
ampng them. Now the
. rate at which the ends
were affected, was as follows; those upon the upper
and-poorer soil were affected at the rate of one iu
. twenty-seven : those at the lower end, in the rich
ground at the rate of four. The affection is first ap
pears in a brown spot where the tuber is connected
with haulm. To ascertain which were diseased,
the author sliced off a portion at-this extremity from
which a practical hint- is given : viz., 'to save from
, loss, ascertain in this way the part of the
diseased condition, and use them before they have
affected the tuber to any important extent: by select
ing for keeping those which are diseased a great sa
• vine is effected, Of the cause of the disease in
1845, Mr.' Cox believes that the cold damp weath
er in die latter part ofJuly and first of August when it
is usually dry, and. which . was succeeded by hot
sultry weather, had much to do in causing the 'die
eaie-of that year. The disease is considered as sim-
ply a decay which began in the stalks' ;
The author next proceeds to consider:
1- - To choose dry ground which is not over-rich ;
-Ahis precaution is regarded as one of great impor
3. Choose manures which do not ferment readily,
as charcoal dust, peat a.shes arc. An experiment
detailed at some length, shows the great advantage
of charcoal and peat ashes, over guano, cow dung, 1
• horse: dtmg, Ece..
4. Give plenty of room- that air may circulate
thrpugh.the crop.
The - antlibr decidedly discouratis autumn plan
tilig, atillerbeen recommended by some writer*.
Taking storing.—Let potatoes be harvest
ed in dry - weather, if for planting they may he three
dayston the ground ; but if designed for eating, they
should not lie longer than three or four hours.—
They should be pat in a dry situation, as under a
shed, and if they tie'thick shotild be turned to pre
vent!fermentation, and while here the diseased ones
are picked out. The potatoes should afterwards be
stored in a dark and moderately damp place, so
damp at least as not to generate any dust on the bot
tom of .the store house. A store house expressly
for their preservation is recommended, where they
CIEI be eriamined, ventilited and the poor ones re
ScAixorc Altur.—ln Devonshire, England, where
dairying is extensively practiced, the milk intended
for the chum, or for cheese, is scalded as soon as it
comes from the cow, This process obviates most
effectually the natural tendency of the milk to sour
in warm weather, endwhen iutended for butter-ma
king. secure the advantage of sweet milk for family
use, atter the cream iSremoved.
STLAMING GRAIN.—The fact ought ever to be
bomb in mind, that grain of all kinds, when inten
rnestie animals of all kinds, may be steamed to
ded for feeding !Mel or for fanening pouhry, or do
great advantage. One half the amount of grain pre
pared in this manner,- or by the ordinary process of
boiling, will accomplish as much as the whole
fed in l lan torprepared or raw tstate.-- - Maine Farmer
SET/ OUT TaxEs: 7 A single tree in front of your
house will Niftier the following,benefits: ft will in-
crease the value of your estate—lt will afford a shade
for the children to play init will be grateful to the
passing stranger—it will invite the birds to its
branches, who will repay yod in rich gushes of free
music—it will add to the city or tory;l—it will prove
you to be, a person of wisdom, taste, liberality and
public Spirit. Will you not, then,' do the simple
deed which secure these benefit? Now is, the
season to prepare for it ; to purchate your trees and
select your positions.
To Dews AwAT Axis. —l saw in your paper, a
plan to drive away aids by feeding them with bacon;
..: but the foltskig will beat that ; it; is to drive away
-black ante : When they trmble your align box, &c.,
just roll up a small piece olcamplor gum in paper
- -.,.d Put inside the box, and it will soar kill and
dbpense all these intruders; sage leavesoluown in
to thcilu torto ay iis also very troublesome to them.--
• Ohio . `C • r. .
Pow/wo Ye .—Two middle sae boiled potatoes,
add a v pint of boiling water, Mod two table spoon
fulls of sugar. One tint of hot wittier should be ap
plied to every , t►a`.f pint ofthe compound. Rot wa
ter is better in warm, weather. This Yeast being
mode without dour will keep longer, and it is said
be muck bcUer than any prewiumly in use.
• •
Death. tit Pain • toiiif to the sick ;keabh to the rook
Agra is Pant;
for- the Wok Amman rote, in
FMIIB I. la whelp irupitsite Compoon4 essepased
.L of tweety-lierdietrout initiogitsto.ood tok_ llll4
nil and external trimly. Put up is bottles, worn la
price from 26 to n aids. en& For further particu
lars, at. peutphlete, to be had of reify suent rads. ow
raining a brief history of the origin sad discoesql of the
Pain Killer, audacities of ewes. direction!, &e.
(runoff.--Beeb beak has the written signatrue of
, the proprietor. J. A seas we, 110 the label, end without,
i k it none me genuine. Beware of hawkers sod pedlars.?
I selling from borne to honer, repreeeetieg it to to the
I genuine Pain Killer.
Mold unly by the following regular amebae' *gents .
• in this county :
A.Sitititatlierlin. 4 lNwsnile. O. P. Ballard, Troy,
lieorge.A. Peeking, Athens, L.* B.' Runner, do. •
1.4. %irked. ilifonroeton ; 41E. Rathboue, Ceylon.
Kahl all the principal towns in des United Mates,
Uariada and Tease.
Wholeaide agents in the city of New York and e*i.
airy :_floyduch. Conic. & Co,. Peart-aL %Vystt
& Ketchum, Fulton-at. Orders addressed to the
proprietor. or G. W. Schuyler, post paid, will meet watt
prompt attention,. •
18'1' OF VERSO rugged in sending Farign
14 (iost.'s and Merelistidize it Bradford county. clas
sified and arraosed according to layr for 'be year 1847:
Residence. tisanes.
Athens barti*—tamte Friteher.
C Park,
H 8 Comstock
- I; A C Perkins,
L t 3 Ellsworth,
H A Phelps,
H Herrick.
Welles &
I Athens tap.—Juba Watkins,
Asylum.-John.Hottno, jr.
Elmer Hato*
A W litenslow.
Burlington--A &.8 H Motley,
John V Daniell,
Coryell & Cite,
Edward Overton,
Canton—Chalk+ E Rathbone,
Newman & Brown,
Durelt—U Moody & Co.,
0 D Chamberlin,
Coothangh & Batidnuy,
Franklin—J W Merenr,
R K Hoyle",
Herrick—Wm. Angle,
T. Humph'',
Munroe-4 J Watford.
JBkJBM Humus'',
John Hanson,
G Smith,
8 C Niggles,
Coolbsugh &Bai.bury,
Orwell—T 8 Humphry,
Henry Gibbs,
Pike—D Bailey,
A 8 Smith,
.1 E Bullock,
Romeh-'4, 8 Maynard,
Ridgbury,--Asapti Coltman,
Maks F. Wilma,
Sbesbrquiri—Kianey & Batterlee,
Talk & Whitlock,
Wm Campbell,
E Durfey,
M Bal'oek & Co.,
E 8 Tracey, (ao liq.) 13 15
Standing Stone--. 1 C Adams, " 14 •7'
Mix & Stoats, " 13 10
H W Tracy, (liquor) 1$ *l5
Towanda boro'—Haston & Ladd, (no liq.) 14 7
H 8& M C Mercur, " 12 •124
8 8 - Bailey, • " 14 •7
Burton Kinpbery, " 13 6 10
Elfiott & Tooth's's, " 13 •10
.O.D Barden, " 13 10
Ail Chamberlin, " 14 16 7
W H Baird & Ca, " " 13 •I 0
Testy & Moore, a 14 •7
J lanpbay, jr., " 14 •7
N N Bette. " 14 .7
Morainic, & Co., " 13 *lO
Hugh O'Hara, " 14 7
w, 'lam rrixt, P . " 13 'lO
; I V Regis " 13 *lO
Troy—K & E,Runyea, - (liquor) 13 15
CIP Rsithogton, 0 11 224
8W& D P Pomeroy. 66/ 11 '224
0 P Ballard; 66 14
~ 104
Baird & Stephens, (no liq.) 12 124
Meer—Guy Tracey, 6 ' 14 •7
Peckham & Mather, " 14 7
Wm Gibson. " 14 •7
Winos—Judson Holcomb, (liquor) 14 6 104
Wells—Jemeri Taylor, ' (no liq.) 14 7
Wyslusing—E & A-Lewis, a 14 6
4.1 B Fisher, • " 14 7
MH& 0 H Welles, 6, 13.10
Warren—R Cooper, 66 14 •7
B Buffington, (domestic) 6 " 14 34
M Tyrrell, * 14 7
•Harmpeid their licenses. 1. REEL, Trimmer.
Treasury Office, Towanda, Nov. 17, 1647. _ _
Atis~tlisptoa~ ~~•
Mil "Mr ICS lar MEM IS IN •
Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron, Brass
VTOL/Alia A><m .11STAIL.
D ' C. HALL is now rewiring 60 tons of the shoes
. goods. winch he is prepared to sell at wholesale
Or retail. to suit purchasers, at the most milked prices.
for cash, lumber or grain. The most liberal prices will
be paid for w .eat, oats, ma and lumber.
&ore and Manufacturing Establishment, en'the
prima of Mein andliridge sts., where may be found the
largest and twat assortment if stores, this side the city
of Albany, such as
Iluckeye 'inoking store. arranged with a rota
. ry top. and , hot air oven combined, 1, 2.'3,
Rucbeerr Empire hat air oven, 4
" ' Miasma, 4
" Fulton. " (improved) 2,3, 4
Congress tight air cooking, 2 1 3 , d
Knickerbocker, " 2, 3
Albany Elevated oven . 2, 3.4,
" Premium 2. 4 8 , 4.
Race's pat. self-regulator, air-tight paler, l, 2, 3
Rochester ur tight pador,, 2 . 22 , 4
Congress do. Albany do. (roasters")
Albany Fancy wood parlor, 3,4, 6
N. Y. city 2,3,4
" parlor coal stoves, 1, 2
Common eylieder do 1,2, 3
A Large quality et SlaTe Pi*, Elbows, Tim, Brau,
Copper, lipoid iE Maga we, ie.
which be will Sell as above stwhidesele or read. Shad
iron. Tin, Bran and Copper Work. muds to older ea
slaw entice, and wanentid. Pampas wishing to pre
chase the above articles will do well by calling at the
above store, before pothering eimerbere. as the peeped
ear is bound sot to be onderseld by any living sees.
6.000 SHEEP PELTS wasted, for With cash will
he paid. October 27; 1/347.- ' . lba
The • Saddle lad Harms &minas
8 continued by BLICANAH 816TH, S. CULP
&C. T. SMITH. under the raw' of Elhanali
Smith & CO.. at the old stood Minh aides( the Public
Square, lettere will be kept eanetently on hog Best
Plain and Qtrate? Bot Wat, Mated and Common
Harneas,all kinds of Tnneke, tartan, and add other
work in their line. '
Carriage Trimming ;Military work
done to order. From their expedience and puneuutreir,
they are is hopes to receive a dune of public patronage.
Work cattle bad at their shop se cheap rat any other
shop in the convex of the MOMS 41111litir. May 18.'47
- FitVire Wilellifi.
itIT sow being the um to in it
T the subsailirs would say, is thew
wilds; to warm. t h at at tam, bud
bal•wido doe eli*sit nit in dor only eau it dark Ninety *Wpm.
New .6 , issfr. , t ' ?T. T. WISIIIIAN.
I` LOUR.-30 aid; of kit nit door jam reiminal
sail rut sale at BAIRD'S, NO. 3, B. R.
liii Cili'llet'i& lifk
Ivey ibesald bens sell Mt mg Om ink
Tabs., intsmitazao COMPANY bitchy seas
thee P. C. INGERSOLL. Maim hr Cho
meng,Tempitbre.Csyvp. 841111121.01011114
Yates. sad tisabea counties. N. Y.. end for Bradford,
Wanes. Crawford. This, Potter, WlLina, Mot, Clis.
ton, Center. and Wyoming counties, Pens.
The General Agent is folliympired NorP•hl Nth.
Apple wherever there is no branch et the Compaq ;
either on personal akdiestion. et by mull, Pod.—
The rapid sale of these celebrated pills the exam*
dinary cereethey Sr. eonstently offectiug, tender them,
by fir, the most ?order pill of the age. Aa Agway
will consequently
The Gree6oberg Pine ere iseenesieehly superior to
say aver before discovered. I. ell bifions osurpluists
in general derangement of the system , in all disorders
which result from a bed state of the blood. these pine
aria werweign °
remedy .
aweless die.... celled chronic. the Orstaksiberg
' Pills achieve their *heat triumphs. Hers thi7Aefy
all competition. to wring within the hidden trews
of the system, they quietly bet surely parity the blood,
root out disease, and give - tome end vigor to the body.
Cures ameoestantly elected by these Pith, in caeca
where every other means bad completely failed. The
moot abundaat proof of this could be given. but • trial
of one box will convince the patient. They erm be or.
tiered and sent by mail. at trifling expense. The price
is 25 cents a box. Where two dollars worths,. order
ed, and the money vaulted, the Company will pay the
postage on the pills. itessixtantes at the Company's
risk. Wherever there ie no agency of the Cowpony,
they can be ordered by mail.
These Pills are taking the piece of all others. and
no sick person should be without them.
Al bilious complaints, bowel complaint., conetips.
Lion. dyspepsia, fever sod ague,beirdschs.- jaundice. li
ver coniplarnta, rheumatism. all. alemach complaints,
Veen shinies, doe.. he.. yield at arm to these Fah
They purge sway offensive humors, Stied the pogrom
of disease, and at the same time testers tone and vigor
to the system. In eases of panel derangement oldie
health, they are sovereign.
Dy their ore, the-weak will become strong ; the pale
and bilious complexion be restored toe perfectly fresh
and healthy color; all the bad symptoms will, rams by
one dieeppesr.
In short, theme Pills are an inconceivable advance
upon any other medicine ever beforeoffered to the pub.
lie, A trial will satisfy any one of this. •
In additi in to the above. may be found st ; the nu
merous depots pf the Company. the followhig ' inane
parable medicines, viz
The Graohnberg deresperUia Compound;
66 •• IF ye•
" " Fever and Ague Pills;
" Children's Panacea;
" Green Mountain YegetithleOintment.
Liquer. Class. Am`t
(Do limp) 14 *7
" 14 5 7
.6 13 10
" 13 . 7
" 13 40
" 14 "7
" 14 • 7
" 13 'l3
" 14 '7
14 • 7
" 'l4 '7
(liquor) 13 •15
(no liq.) 13 10
" 14 7
a 13 10
" 14 7
(liquor) 19 °IS
" 14 :104
(no liq.) 14 •7
" 14 '7
" 14 7
14 •7
" 15 7
14 7
14 7
I, 13 10
(liquor) 14 104
" 14 104
(no Liq.) 14 7
" 14 7
" 14 7
" 14 T
" 14 7
VI 14 *7
" 14 •7
13 .10
14 *7
" 14 7
The attention of those suffering lima disease, are pr
tientarly invited to examine and deride for tbemselvei
The following named persons wi duly authorise
agents in Bradford CoriWy, for. the sale of the above
medicines from the Greeferiberg Company:
N. N.• Betts. Towanda ; Daniel Bailey & Son. L♦
raywrille ; D. B. Cotton. Litthfield ; J. V. Daniels. Bur
lington ; S. M. Edson, Wells; David Gardiner. Athena
Theodore Harding, Union and Canton ; A. L. Merritt,
Wells ; Mix & Stows. Standing Stone ; C. T. Murphy
Ifidgberry ; George Nichols, Rome; T. M. Pike, Ul
ster ; Rogers and Friteber, Athens; Henry Rummell.
Windham; Stacy & Tozer, Springfield ; B. Buffing
ton. South Warren. toy
" 14 7
(liquor) 14 •101
" 13 15
(no lig.) 13 •10
" ,13 10
(liquor) 13 •1b
" 19 IS
CITLAX6 AIME) ETAlaZtele. k m -
THE subscribers still continue
ossoufeetuto sod keep on hood
. their old stood, all kinds of awe
god wood Beak CHAIRS; also
tETTEEB of 'ratio= kinds, and
IEDSTEADS of every deeerip ?
dos, which we will sell low :for
cash or Produce, or White Pine
lumber, White wo.el. Boar wood,
or Cucumber-el air plank, or 4by
4 Scantling la feet long—aitherßuttonwood,Saiowood
or Maple, will also ba received for our wort.
Turning &net* order in tba neatest manner.
Towanda, Feb. U, 1847.
IP" AIL Jr BM' 7E' 31( 11117* Ma- •
ESPECTIPULLY inform the titled's at Tom.R
da, awl the public generally that be le prepaid to
execute in the neaten style all dearriptiabe of
Howe. Sign. Coach or Carriage Painting. or
Trimming; and every eariet# of Fancy
and Ornamental Painting.
From his long experience and the many specimens of
his -productions now in use, he entertains a Battering
hops that by close application to- his profession, and
being prompt to order he may secure a suitable shim et
public patronage. He may be found at all times at the
Chair Factory of Tanking & Makinese, where he will
be en hand to attend to the calls of those who may want
his onyxes. PAPER4IANGING done oweiron no
tice, in a superior manner and ramenable terms.
Towanda, July 11, 1847. Iy4
A Woolen Factory at. How.::
HE HE subscribers take pleasure in announcing to the
citizens of Bradford county and vicinky, that they
have leased for a term of years the building situate in
Wyalosirryt township, and known as Ingbato's Tertery,
and which they are now Wog up with nerehinery mad
apparatus for the manufacture of brood and narrow
cloths, gunnels, Are., in superior etyle.end on the Mai
amenable terms. 'those wishing to have wool mann-
Gictured upon shares will find it to their advantage to
givo them a call, as they are determined that no paths
shall be mead to give the most perfect satisfse tion.--
They work Wool into Brood or renew dressed cloths
for one half the cloth. or if prifened, they will mane.
thane by the yard as follower—Brood clothe for from
$1 to $1.25 ; Narrow cloth, from 44 to 60 as. Other
articles manufactured fix proportionate prices.
Wool carding and cloth dressing will be done en
short notice and amenable terms. Ther will be pre.
pared for business door before the Bnt of oat.
Wyslusing. April Kb,1847. HALL & HILL.
THE subscribers are a Side lam than meal this
spring with their extensive stock of iperchluarees;
bat what*. good people of Bradford county have lost
by our delay. we will now endeavor to mike up to theta
in the quantity. quality and price of Our goods.
We are now'on hand with the LARGEST, BEST
AND CHEAPEST stock of goods in Towanda. bought
exclusively for cub. and since the groat reduction in
prices. Our 'wet consists es usual of
Dry Goods, Groceries. Crockery. Hard.
ware. Drugs and Medicines.
For further putieolare look AWE *nigh the piper.
We seed .not,say Call and exastioe sur Gawk" for
we kno4 that every body was cell at No.*. Wise
parrhadiug eloswbere. WM. B. BAIRD &CO.
Jane 16. 1641.
Conan' of tifolos sod arias* Mmes.
TUST OPENING, ettits estior, of Melokik Elides
s wellueinsed ageodinest of nor and fob
lanais DRY GOODS, which Will be meld easenallp
low fir vendy pry. Tbo stotolt,enseists in pit of
Satinet% Saone, gusgboos, alpeese, dee ebespest lot of
prints in town, edgings, hmathegs. !Wise awl cow
brio meshes, Nosey, tsetse lannsl, *Meg,
tiesehed and brown toosno, '(not to to
saysesed) Peking, dolt, minium •
tenon, wool sod beek;gleves,
cotton bow, nespeedont,
Gomm beoddrebro,
t meson and pongee UM, r
gingham creirsts. plaid sbawkr, -
wool coutkortets, cotton tapes, posit
timed, sewing milk, cotton bells, poke
pins, noodle, spool cotton, books sod ern.
sooPOstass. Alit and motel bottoms, with many
et anidies, nanally found in a stans,.-Itot ostetioned.
Tbs poke are inwited a call end examine the stock
bases ponobolog siontboro, es *my - 1M be sold sleep
et dun at w! char eggialiuma is brunt.
Towanda. New. t t. H. O'HARA.
Girzart3, in tee ossauy. era he embed wish
l ankles in their lift. es the us* potte
tense, at jele Na. 1, BRICK ROW.
ft L Nit7so,6 A I 1 L,N.
" 4 "
.• •
illeasAt 1
: 111 4411 1
10.40188111 1 1 , 1111-.
. • -
DOR the cure at DEAFNESII,..pdoi, and the obi.
theme at ostler from thews. Ahn an dosed*
leresibis sounds. like thinning et ILONA% filing of
moo, whining of Ono. Le.. awe wink are War'
tome of appieschieg dinfimies. met doe gewerally derw
dant with the diresew Many posse who have bees
dad for lon, Shiss. - sitel eon twenty Tsai% and were
abhpd to use ear trumpets, have, slier using an erne
bottles, throws wide their trimpsek Ming eon perfect.
ly well. Amnion sad Susgesos lushly neemmend
to new
Tbe soy great norebersr, happy menhor that love Si.
lowed the use OSCAR/ l A'B ACOUSTIC OU., have
bees truly astonshing. And what is wonderful, soma
who was deaf from birth, have bees so inch freprired
es to best gown eorrersation voy_torMy. .
It would be the bight d pressoption warren •
cure in all eases. bet in dm ewes out et our ef nowt
date, there is a cestenty net the nosh. will be west
happy sod eatisdatory to the pliant. The uplinks
of the at princes sopeinbut ea the osetroy en egret. -
able and plosion& emotion The recipe for this midi-
Moe hoe brew nand from an Awrist of poi impute.
den, who his found that &doe" in neon* eons sat
et twenty. nu produced from a went d sena II the
nerves of blaring. or • dryings in the win- his 'object
the:Ours wee to Sid something which wo uld create a
I healthy &the in thou pots. After a bag series of
esperimests bL drone were at last crowned with ese.
Dees. in the discovery et this poperadoo. which hes brow
TIC OIL A long list of certificates might be given
but such is do confidence in the medicine, gad so high
bee been its reputation, that but one of them will ,be at
present published:
MINITE2IIII.II.I/1111 1 / 1 111T Cons!--A toly in Smith.
Add, Bead. Co. Pa.. and now about eighty yews of
agee had been r;raduelly getting deif fa more. than 40
years, an that h was not to impowibk to make bones
convension in the loudest tone of voice. Gist winter
else Was induced to to a Soupe's Oil for Deafness." It
is onlY incessery to add that she used two bottles, aud
io perfectly restored—obe is cured. Any information
in regard to the ease may be obtained at the sloe Dr.
Jayne, 'No.& South Third street. Philadelphia.
For sale by A. B. CHAMBERLIN, Towanda. Pa.;
only agent for Bradford county. 211-2 y
4 Vial/ /important Contaisamicatton
At dl sinus.
I IF YOU AR SICK; pt cold :if watt. employ
nseseures to continue so. Vet, tadividaal indulges
in habits, which moss, to a gram as Maw extent, di,.
sump the admirable and intricate coastinatione which
ham the sputa, sod consogoently
should pewees some mild.yet efficacies'', au* sod so-
credited spat foe ineraviag an the halftime lithe body
will achieve this result, and should be in every family,
and in the hands of every pampa, who by business, pro
fession or minima coulee of life, is predisposed to the ve
ry many little ailments that render life a curse, inroad
or a blessing, and finally result, in their surevUed eon
dition,is the muss
The Bidets hers 'Deadened are compounded by a
man of greet skill and imperially. from the lapis Ne
ter, presents to those who care to Sod them, and whiek
are the poly reliable antidotes to the poison dilemma
The chid' ingredients are the universally-beloved &tr
i and the Barkof the Wad Cherry ne e , w ith
s= i t il b j e red men of the keen ewes nearly every dn•
ease of the internal organ. These materials, though
powerful in their action, eta, as common seam teaches
and premed as they us hem, ass of tbe greeted aaii
eal opendism in die inhabitable globs. By taking
Mess styrene, the imorsidnie may be teetered to been.
ty. sad maid the Amp knife of tbe swipes ; for they
not cob eradicate pimples and tumors, bet ovetoome
Whoever is subjected lode borrows! Cumulation,
shawl' at oboe purchase this sum remedy. hi the train
of Costiveness fellow dreadful keel congestions. odes
those insanity. very frequently atones or hypochondria,
violent trardordes,pa/pitations, and other affeedone of
the kart and rkerametie swellings. Dr. Wood's Can.
pound is one of thalami efficient medicines in rooting
the complairds, and their fountain bend, that can poesi.
bly be proeunsd.
From being confined in dose rooms, and from taking
a smell medians of exercise. numerous Femme daily
are made to depkee a kw of easel ile.putinfelheadadies,
weakness of the nneseles. languor. ward of energy
solicient to permit shah to seek recreatien, &c. &.
Thew ?mom soy for yew, that they " don't feel cry
weßr If they do not employ • asetbal by which they
can "feel norm tom, they trustualllt4k nude, a sr
sera ik of Mew and are
only by a missal', and own than the lased. ketil.
ter end mime! have left thou sow ahattand halm full
of aches and corrowa. and not only a pow to tliontodytts
but a Doom of &wpm and annoyanca,to all with whom
they coma in contact. MI them
may be avoided by an early I,ov:snout of the rinses of
Owes firrreas. For the math of this.. the proprietor
piolims his word sod horror, sari in evidence on show
dies of =daubed cettlikates which 4a bar received. on•
solicited from ell moisten. He does not, however. ask
the iovslid to sandbar. his mitigates.• but his Brrrses,
and is willing to stake ell he holds dear an with In fs.
vow of their worth.
lo 'Wier s modified e..r ere fe ,waiklerill disappear be•
tom the quelitir of Dr. Wood's pioperstiso. and the
cure may be relied on es • pains/tad .we. "Did the
Brrraas pawn no Aim arcimusendation. it would
be one of the [nest vegetable compounds medical in.
since ono invest.; but it is squeal to the complete wadi.
mien of
in fray shape, and a rtery alirtion, minor or erratic,
of ths binary apparatus. Individuals who are constitu
tionally billions oughtregolerly to taks this mild wow
Me and euelient "este ass asinuare, es it will dif
fuse health throashoot evezy fibre of the Game. and
send happiness and love of kb *Allies to the bout.--
lreasiTrosought to kap et ow hand. •
Envy imam! a chest on board of ship Aosta also be
well stocked with this capital remedy. es SCURVY
cannot afflict those who take it, or long resist its vigor
ous sessults. Au tort:gamma or ens stoos-riniab
before it, end the old Mice of earlier intpoidenatinva
viably diseppeer, soon after being submitted to its taloa.
;Bevy amp/sine of the stomach is broken by it. Tim
Ems*. have in no instance failed of curing sausages,
esusi.o. ezatterrs everydiaorrithredivie of
nesiectieg the little inroad. mode 'men ib. latter
vest portion of oat fellow beings are nmedered extreme.
ly mieurable—so raiment* indeed. digit they Irish Sadie.
Erserfledie of "Dr. Wood'. flemaporilla mod Wild
Merv, Bitters," eestains • ersdiemm ofjoy mid Oratemt,
ft* each of Ibises anxious and impudent offerors. Re
member that en injedkious um of meneury fa inevitably
productive of mans evils orbit* are pet to light by this
&does aird imempposble compound ; end Alit
times which ere
way speally ad eddy besbuilhei airtime& Ms ogee.
Cy. As a amiseise Which wait bead&
ion the 11111311 PU 41111 Call to 04 comes AIM PM
PAIMINII MAUS. 00 sigarkis to be found he it. It
would be wen to hear in mind that provoke is in&
allay ewe eatable that awe sod that Dr. Wood's
Stwagrarlas sad Wild Cherry Bitters ARE . ROTH.
Pat up and sold in large bottler, at $l, by WYATT
& KETCHUM. Wholes& and Retail Agents, 161
Puha& Et N. Y, HUISTON 4. LARD, Towanda, sod
by amid generally throaghost the U. Q. 6
and the Green illosaitaisi Naha Oadavent, for
oh by the siONetther. only eyed hie the tome and be
teg& of Toireads. 02 N. N. SETTS.
T unser I aAy, LADIBIS ! ! It yea Iwo umuls
.I.4ltup your Wads to buy a miss ems. desk es shawl
this imam iiiret so at No. S. Sri* fr.. mbar*
use isms had the assi,lissialml elhomoust sdiebisla that
lissohat is *Wm lawiribuidewallkimis sit trismairop.
Rausasher, coil it . 101 l • BAIRD'S,
C•41111.11C2" ArmArtriuss
MAY BE HAD of our sinjo Emit We dna it
Mr 11110, - bolo sold in Tonnumis. Goods ire
cheap, sod tidiest us knissed.oad dist is this noses no
can afford all for to do it. AU kinds of godson wilt
be 'naval in poyanet.. Also, LUMBER of all kinds.
Sept. t L W. NYE 4 co.
bo as hued &large isserustrat, sod
toads to inlet ea elterter modes sad kw has ma
oey, than can be predated at a o th er eitablielussatia
the lead. Thew who ere Nader the aeceseity of pra
curios that article will sad shell be wished. A good
borne end pell_may be had is surnames when &eke&
Illeptsarheri. 18111. L. S. NYE It CO.
h`l- i 1 23 I 113 IP VPP 0 It
'Er M. BASER sispectfully informs thu-pnblic that
Ile be has coannoseed the GRAVELSTO?fe buss%
nese, in all its branches., st Towanda, when will be
ready at all •tianes to attend to all calls in his Gne.
Monuments, ronek-tables. Grerve-stemeit. ox
every deseription,le,
made to order, and furnished as cheep an; WORK int!,
MARBLE of the suns quality our be obtained at any
shop in the country.
He invitee the public to call and easunine his weft
and materiels, hoping to merit their patronage by strict
attention to business, said by superior wortnnusabip sod
LETTERXIITTING done with neatness and deo.
patch, in the latest style.
Shop on Main street, next door to T.„..illiott's store,
and three doors above Briggs' Hotel.
Towanda, March 17, 1847. = 4Oy
COSTIVENESS, base giverftbsir eertikates.of ones
made by its use, when all other rump% hate failed, and
'ha pwitriMors are now prepared to offer
to any persona afflicted with Piles, and all diseased of:a
simile' nature, or which ate Wand in conjunction with
th• Piles, if • core is not affectal by the me of
it is en I ' Ranger. net an external applicatWo,
and will cure any case of Piles, either bleeding or Wild,
intermit or external, and the only thing that will. Th re
is no galenite about it. It is a positive cure. speedy
permanent. It is arse a convenient medicine to !!,
and improve the general beehb in a remarkable
now. his very mild in its opperations, and may balle
t= in cases of the most acute indatnuistion. without
danger. AU Wennl applications are - in the highest de.
gme disagreeable, inconvenient and offensive ; and from
the sere nature of the disease. temporary in their (*cis.
This, medicine attacks the diocese at its source. and
remOring the canes. maderi the cure motets and perms.
Although the Mortuary wai originally prepared for
the cure of Pile% yet it boa proved itself to ba a medi
cine far superior to all others, in all diseases of an in
animate, character. with a determination of blood ro
any particular part or organ. In Inflammation and
Congestions of the Liver and Spleen ; Inflammation,
filtwernue and Ulceration of tits Stourriche. Bowels,' Kid
treys and Bladder.: Inilammatory and Mercurial Rheu
matism, it is the beet medicine ever discovery&
For all Impurities of the Blood. griming Rom the in;
proderkuse of Mercury, or other causes ; ‘or all die.
eases of the skin and scrofulous affections ; in all cases
where the blood is powerfully determined to the head.
reducing di:mines, and distress, Dr:Upham:4 Elecusary
is entirely unrivalled.
Married ladies ane almost invariably subject to that
painful and injurious disease. the Piles. with Tesequent
inflammation of the Stomach. Bowels, and Spine, weak
ness of the Back, Sow of the blood to the head. /cc.—
The Electuary is perfectly safe for prempant.ledise and
this atom useful Cathaniwthat eon possibly be seek and
it will not only remove the Piles and all inflammatory
diseases without pain or irritation, but will enema an
easy time. a safe delivery, and a mound
the orepriog.
RUM/r, Jane 16,1847.
I hare been &filleted for Veers with the Pile,. and
bars tried. without anything he. permanent benefit, al
most everything assuming the skits of a remedy; I
bad. as a MUST of emirs, lost all confidence in Medi
cine. Under this feeling, I was induced...not without
telordance. I ausfsse—Leo use "Unk,s'a • Eserrnsur."
and hewing used it for about three Wedis according
the directions laid down, I find; to my atter surprise as
well as embittering', that even symptom of the. dimes
has left me. I think it due silks I. Dr. Upham'and
myself to make this statement.
G. W. NeLEAII, late of the V. S. PL
DR. UPHAM—Data Sta.-.-About five yam ago I
was sainted with what was called Clank Dysentery.
I hate suSered with it ever sime, and physicians base
told mit that my fiver was affected. and ;bailey bands
were ulemaied. for blood and • pus...atiended with a me•
eufiarly putrid men. were the frequent discharges. A
slat time sume I made a visits is lhasachusette, in
hoPea of Waal Irma a change of P . M but maned more
severaly than ever before. While there a physician of.
farad to cure me for $4O, in direemonths. Happily, in
the mat of atom pat, ocoulonally relieved by laud-
MOW I sow in the mapper*, your Medium,. perieet
description of my complarat,togetha with many certifi
cates of curer.' This gave me reel cmi&lence i n the
enedieins, sad I purchased a boa. and nine -doses of
which hes cured 010, end I am prepared to
say may is ke fate, or reader any miry= I can
to limeanity by subsenloing to he arks.
2 g7 14Y(*"..
DENJA7; PERCITAL. 41 South Siath et.
11311 WbOleedeanditetailby WYATT & KETCH.
UM, W Fukien St. N. Y., HUSTON & LADD To.
wands end by bimpo generally durongboutlbe U. 8.
Pries $l. • bet. NO CE.--TM genuine E*duery
this (a 7 A. Upham M. D;) The hand in id# dose
with • pen. • _
Ni. 1, Brick is *ell
. A.! elliamilbeiliss,
1101WA8 jestretanied lions *city
AL-kl- of Nei= York with b large
„.ft supply of Watches, Jewelry and
1 7Silver ware, comprising in pot,
• L the following snicks :.—i-Lever,
'L'Epine and Plain Watches, with
3 >L _ .4 complete assortment of Odd'
Jewelry, such as Ear Rings, Fin.
gee Ries pt, Breast Pine, Bracedete,LocketsAlold chains,
Gold Pena. Keys, etc. At•o; alt sorts of Silverware,
and any "mantis of Steei Beide—all of which he offers
Ise sale es cheep far CASH.
Warcites reprisal on abort notice, and warranted
to ran the awmaymill be refunded. and a writ
ten agreement giros to drat 'Nem ifrequired.
N. B.—MAPLE 8110 AR, and • Country Produce
Own in payment for work:. and arr.. kern new, and
tarner,tikd the Produce swat he pad oaten the work
our• clone--I war a/pima milk in all lia.finme.
TowandO, April SB, 1847.
Shah,: Condi t ±? Ahilds
Irreprimom of tbe above Line will amino* to
.L a.. Line of Pemage Bests Memos =OBRA.
CORNille sod BUFFALO, for the seormaemkaj ou '
of Bedposts and Familter , nioving_Weet. affording fa.
While est timmeiore ofkned le the -Mmipost, boa tbie
motion of New Yak, Psnasylossis.
The Bests- of this Line area the FIRM CLASS,
Susi sad litasioked with sll the eariowsience sadsc
oommodetiesslPACHETll, commearlei by esporieun
d Copmisa. and towel by relays .of Hans. •
Daring the .mmu of asset the shire Basta
w ll leave
order: Corning and Bimini Puy week in lbw foi.
loing. .
Costs., *wiry Uneasy stinst,!i, at ti . o'clock, P. M.
Famiaa, every Monday easmag. it i.fdori. P. M.
Towing down Senses Lakp...Thanolly_awini.
ing tonehing at Big ittream. •ad
kw*" Basin for Caning HMOs, gamy Wallow
1 day morning.
FOR FREIGHT OR PAIWAGE.oppy t. Civilian /
en Board, or to
Wm. Mallory, Cernia.„
LB. Strang & ca,
Wisiionnote & Tutde, Hamtheeds
- A. Nash. / t.
L. G. Townsend, Big &MOS.
- Woodworth & Lodi.
Prim &
Gay & Sweet. dabs. •
Bkomnaker, .
Baker & Ras, rms.
Wright, Roeihreler.
H. Niles. Bob
The erect extensive Chilliat po W n ardease thell.R.
R—OPEN FOR WIN' HR. 10:1.400 gamma
on band and ready kw d* I; Molest& ¢ Retail.
Ter premise we would 4171 thee having but one prier,
Ito* who I o not understand the real valuation' price of
gooks, will have an opportunity of purebosingOarrireato
as low es professed, Judie"; Jobbers end dealers in
reed,ads Plothing , ems plenish their stack" for the
winter, and we guarantee largest estab li sh:tient in
Philadelphia toy select frogs: We attend peremially to
the packing of soak, and silo that a good assortment of
sizes and well-made artiekri an put up. Single suits
forwarded as per order. 1. s .
• cr Oar goads ow for sin 'only et the Wipe building,
128 Market st.. sontheartaorner of Market and Fourth,
sta., Philadelphia. C. HARNESS.
Philadelphia. September ) , 19, 1847. 30116
New Taiiorini Establishaesi,
In No. 2, Brick Row, over the store of E. T For,
third story.
RESPECTFULLY itOitaia the rams of Tommie
de. and the public generally. that be .haa removed
hie Tail or shop to No. 20frick Row. over the store of
E. T. Fox. third story, where be solicits thole: in want
of Tailoring, to give tarn a mil.
Having been empl4edlin the most fashionable earth
lishments in Pbiladelphiri and elsewhere. and being
terminal to spare no pelvis to plemie, customers may
depend upon baring their work done promptly and in
good style as can be bad at any shop in town. All
work warranted well made and to fit.
13:7 Cutting done Chet*, and warranted.
Couniry Proctor* taken in payment for work.
Towanda, August 3O 1871.
JOHN W. WILCOX. having purchased the hire
rest of hi. We poOser, rosPowstuk jusuolo , oherob'
lie that hit may still be fuand at the old stand, near V.
P. Woodruff's tavrtn; where he still solicits. glare of
public patronage- I careful I intends. by a selection
of stock, and by attw lion to the• interests of his .ceito ,
men to make as nee and durable wink as can be me ,
nufactured in this part of the country.
ll* will keep constant y on hand, tend issesfsetess
to order, Morocco, Calf and Coarse Boots and Slam ;
. 7
Ladies' Gaiters, and Slips ; Children's do.,
Gent's Gaiters and amps, fe.
aj• Country Prod ore, of most desciiptions, takes in
payment for wink, a the market price. '
Towanda. Augustl 30. 1847. _ _
M1E=7. 7 1=21%.
The lethal Faculty ii Ansel •
Dr. Carter's Infallible Remedy for Hessts.
Time of takiilg and size of doses eidirdy
at the option f the . patient !
TE abisvo rued - na eon bi mond at all times it Ito
new establish at of CARTER & SMALLEY.
r t a
together with an a tire new sad fresh stock of GM*
CERIES, comp sing every thing in . their line, arch
as Tea. Collet, Su 7. Tobacco. Pepper. Spice, Chaw
late. Cocoa. City° 'o, Figs. Raisins, &c., ruin so endless
variety of other a isles " too numerous to mention r
all of which will be 'sold as low as the same am be
T runal
bought west of Empire city. We also ofkr the
most splendid t of French. English and fire
man TOYS. eve before offered in Northern Pennsyl
vania, together se a full aamortment of Nuts, Confec
tionaries. Yankee Wong. Fancy glasswate, Ste„ which
moat and will aa i solo quality and price.
Oct. 12. 1847. CARTER & SMALLEY.
GG. H. & R. DA VlB. rola O.IIPA (kite from ?h
• City of Landon.) have opened e shop, in the
i t
second story of t e new Brick block, emend by Barton
Kingsbury, on IN in Street, where they are prepared to
execute all rah e in their line with ocean & icy despatch .
From their I rand rigorous; i nstruction ht the art.
and their extras' e experience as Foremen. in the best
shops in London. they •ferel perfectly competent of being
able to please ma nowt fastidious mate, and to execute
their work in auch substantial and finished style, as to
give .satisholonjto their customers.
p7' Cutttog i rone 'to order, and warranted to fit if
properly made p. . G. W.' DAVIS,
Towanda. rt. It, 11MT, yls R. DAVI3. •
Nit here!. ira't ye! In muss;
1 : or times. the question has bees asked. .
eatth are all - the 'Boots sad Shoes am
! .suppty the continual rush st the cornet
i ridge streets I O'Hara *misers thst this
these are the things we do it with
What are yea
rP 011"8 AN
noractured tba
of Main and :1
is the place,
lerrnslof the Bradford Repoflir•
. _._. mitf
Two a ars a nd filly cents per annum ; TIT"
Iledoitted ' said within the year; sad for CASH Ow
41110'12'W . One Douro will be deducted
Saban at liberty to discounters at soy lime , 1
Po p in a gee. Moat kinds of Constar .
nowneed i pigment. at Ille market Ore' two
Ad • ts. not exceeding a A spen cl .
Gees, foray cents ; every subsequent insei*
twentpft scents. A discount made to featly nirrui rb
kii. r a yews, of twerp description. newil 'D i 111
exocuted on new austlesbionsblellr •
on tiosinem pertaining to die .---- --f ""'
we of . ,fo SWUM attention•
,enity 7 devet netrfasliiovi
every boo 'mond , :
Put on the Swan!,
nd understand, that Olisno 1 . 1
3ridge streets, will +el at rend
• of Bacsta, Shoes sod
was or probably seer will be of, in -this establishment to
fashioss. • Ladies', mind 0 1
"mon boots and shoes, even to
habions. Misters sot d*
and Bridge streets, hie rok
pointy. Ilidf cash sot tau
417. -