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Wanted, to Peddle Jew(try!
VVANTED, &Tee maitre, Imelllgrom, young um to
VV. peddle Jew eki dierf Peary goods, on kot.
j o y ou nimets, who can mums well recommended,
6beta enco uragement Will be given. Perrone desirous
T e n m i n g in the busiWe as, will please cation the sub.
cram, at Mrs. Delpewch's la Towanda tp., on the n t h
oth or 30th of November Ind.; or on the 14th or 15h
D e cember nm. n 2 EPH.KIDDER. -
VD 1i23391=14111250
VOTICE is hereby given m i
Retals to - of Foreign
A Goads and Air rehearse, who isive•not paid their
in „ es for 1847, to all and pay up immediately.
Noven*/ 4, 1847. J.REEL, Transurer. •
'r.l7C OCo 614
TOE lamest and most extensive assortment of NE W
GODS, gettable to the semon,eeleeted with great
pre, and for dabs cheep as the cheapest, for cosh or up
?roved credit jut opened at
Towanda, Oct. 5,.1847. O. D. BA RTGETI"B.
11. S. 84' M. C. MERCUR,
Now. atcziviso,
( . .vzsiing of more than their usalit variety, which
l'far to the public of their proverbially law prim.
'Towanda, September 25, 1E147-
OILS, Faints , Varnishes and Dyestuffs . of almost
every kind, at mep2s . MERCUR'S.
ril,O c AssIME RE 8 & A TTI N ETS, &c .
--French, Englisl, • and Amerman Cloths ; plain
plfancy Cassimeres and Saftinetts; 'satin, silk, valen
' CIA and worsted - IN . :stings, very cheap at
leP25 . • MERCUR'S.
- _
-WORSTED DRESS . GOODS.—Plain, figured and
• 1,1 .plaki, 'ditch and coloied Alparias ; black and co
kred French Lerinoss; Oregon Plaids; rich French
amnion Cashmeres, DeLaines, &c., a great variety
1. 'el Ayles for wile at • sep2s MERCIIR'B,
. .
IRON & NAILS.—A large assortment for sale, at
5: I , acp2s"
ter _ERCUR'S. •
repra - MERCIJR'S.
- - - - - - -
iII2AI.ISI'EII'S OINTMENT: 7 A new supply of
1 this deservedly popular article just received at •
M E R'S.
•ep2s ..
ARDWARE.—A very large stock of Hardware, of
every description, just rec'el at MERCUR'S.
L H.
Tbibet, M,Derraine, Stradills
L I end Shawls, a large ass't at MERCER'S.
l0p0(1TS & SHOhS, consisting of cow-hide and kip
1) Waits, ladies' and misses' slippers, gaiters and half
porn; ; children's , shoes; also an eleganeassortment of
Ent; anti Caps, are noar openiug at the Savings Bank;
5449 NO. 5, B. R.
ricrrroN r A RN, carpet warp, bat ts wadding. wick
,ing, brown and bleached sheetings and shirtings,
r‘ir be found at • bargain and very low at the Savings
Cml•, . ' sep29 NO. 5, B. R.
`Olt THE. DIES--a large assortment of wt . )*
I goods, sticti as 1r144 linens, cross barred.and sniffed
jsconetts, swiss wasting. &c.; also swiss m. 11,
cl,l anoint edgings, tbnimul and cotton edgings, bobbin's.
-di 'range and buttons, lace buttons, patent.wbalebone
Jvt•, purse twist; in short a great variety of fancy
, of every description, may he found at.,the
I.IT OF PERSONS enßaged in rending F..reign
•,(:..o and aud Merehandize in Bradford county, etas-
Anil and rranged. according to law for, she year 1847:
Names. ~Liquor. tine.. Aml
Athens boa—James Fritcher, (no liq.) 14 $7
C Park, " 14 *7
' •11 8 Comstock " 13 .10 II
' GA C Perkins, . " 13 7
L,S Ellsworth, . 13' to
. H A Phelps, " 14 •7
1; H Herrick, " 14 7
- . 4 4Velles & Harris. " 13 •13
Athea% twp.—John Watkins, " ,-. 14 '7
Allem—John Horton, pr. " :14 *7
.. , Elmer Horton, - "r . 14 - •7
A W Renslow. • (lignor) - 13 •I 5
Carlingt.ln—A &S. II Morley, • (no liq.) 13 10
John V Daniels, - " 14 7
•':_( Coryell de Gee,' . " 13 10
.. • .- Edward Overton, " 14 7
rinton—ClArles E Ratlitione. (liquor2,l3 *l5
_Newman & Brown, " - 44 103
Durrii = W MiAly & Co., - , (no lig.) 14 •7
O 1) Chamberlin, : ' • " • 14 •7
' Voolliaogh & Salsbury; - ". 14 7
fraoldin--.1 . W M ream . t".l4 •7
• R K Hltty, ".- 'l5 7
Herrick—Wm. A le. - • . : .q4O; 14 "7
T. Hum hry,
"- 14 7
lionroe,l .1 Wa ord. . . 13 10
J 8& J BM Hinman, (liquor) 14 103
• John Hanson,' " 14 103
1 .JEt & G Smith, . (no liq.) 14 7
.1,.. - 8 C Masks, • " -14 7
• Coolbsugh & Salsbury . , . 14 7
81.& .R Fowler, " 14 '- 7
nrviell--T 8 Hurriphry, • " 14 7
Henry Gibbs, " I'4 '7
Pike—D Bailey. -,_ - " 14 •7
. ' A 8 Smith, " 13 *lO
'.l E iltillnek, ' " 01 •7
Rome—L IS Maynard, . 1 ...14 7
ialgbuty—.Artaph Colbum, " 14 7
Charles F.. Wilson, (liquor) 14 *lO3
liesheguin—Kinney & Salterlee, " 13 15
• ' Talk & Whitbeck, (no liq.) 18 •10
Wen Campbell; " 13 10
gmittifield-1; E Darfey„ . (liquor) 13 •15
M BuPock 4 CO.; " 13 15
E 8 Tracey, (no lig.) 13 . 15
-14 anding Stone--) C Adams, * -6 " • 14 • 7
' Mii& Storm, , " 13 10
H W Tracy, -(ligior) 13 •15
Towanda b.oro'—Huston & Ladd: . .(ito,lig.) 14 7
- . . H 8& M C Mercnr, " 12 923
8 . 8-Bailey, I x ~‘" " 14 •7
I . Burton Kingahery, " 13 *lO
Elliott &Von:duns, • " 13 *lO
' _0 D Bartlett, " 13 10
• A 8 Chamberlin; " 14 *7
'W H Baird & Co., " 13 •10
k• . ~ Tracy At Moore, " 14 •7
. ;.1 Ringsberyjr., " 14. •7
N N Beta. ~. 14 *7 -
Montanyes dr. Co.,- " 13 *lO
' Hugh O'Hara, , ° 14 T
E T Fox, • '4 13 •11t,
C Fteed, ii - " 13.10
-E Runyon,' (liquor) 13 45 -
Badminton, " 11 224
&D F POtneroy. • ' " 11 6 224
' Ballard. " 14 104
lel & Stephens, ' ' (no liq.) 12 124
.17 Tr a p e y. " It •7
'ecialset-dc Milker, .., 1 7
vTs %boa, r. 14 *7
Wan Rokonsb, ' (liquor) 14 *lO4 .
Imes Taylor, (no liq.) 14 7
I—E & A Lewis, - ". 14 6
C HPiaber, ." 14 7
~... Irl H& G H Welles, .. 13 •10
-3 - Coope r' - . " 14 *7
B Buffingtirn , ~ (domestie] "' 14 . at
AfTyerell, ' " ' •14 7
' dn! littenies. J. REEL. Treasurer.
Oates, l'lmanda, Now. 17, 1847.
Scott in the City of 'Melia!
another l&rge stock V' 00..94 just received al
IN TA N Es dir CO's STORE;
• te-‘ll,carefutty scleeted for the Fail Trade.
aGli et i invit e d in all i ' en d ennui). their
of Dry
Goods, Groceries, Hardware and
Boots & hhoesaista do Caps, and everything
Of - staples, suited to the wants of this region
Which him been purchased exclusively for
at the lowa* Ali in the market. We Mate,
frinale-i not. -forget to give us e call, as sir
ulkelitijact for them todu IQ.
agust 18 , 1117. •
etchanbig. &T.
ArtARGE end well "elected aosortioneot of Fagged
Winter Goods, just veceivod. sad for ode by EL
LIOTT- & TOMKINB, comdating-of
DF GOODS, GROCER'S& 1111=1111, MUM,
lieN, 1111L8, kC, kC,
Amongoor goods may l L• found, French, English
and American Cloths and assimeres; i- good as.
eminent 14 Fancy Canimeres and Tweeds, sheep's
gray cloth ofd
sattinets; also, a gued emortment of
Over cost Cloths aril Cloaktogs.
For the LADIES, we have any quantity of Ging
hams, M. Detainee ; Cashmeres, alpaca's, of all colors
and prices, both cotton and silk warp ; Shaw* of all
kjpds, dress silk, black and fancy, with trimmings to
awrespond. '
Also—Bonnet Silk & Bonnet Velvet with trimmings.
MUFFS—a large stock.
New Arrival at No. 1 Brick Row !
B. Chamberlin,
Ts new meiving, and offers for sale at the ?DRUG
DEPOT, No. 1, Brick Row. a large addition t, his
former stook, eonsisting of every variety of
Groceries, Drug:Aid Medicines. Dye stuffs, hints,
Perfumery, Fury irttaes kc.
which will be sold at wholesale or retail, at unusually
low prices. Terms CASH. Towanda, June 16, 1847.
PATENT MEDICINES, e v er kital now in use,
can be found at the Drug Depot; Agent for JaytO
Smith's, Clickenees, Moffat's, Pain kiUer, and varimal
other medicines. A full Rod general supply always on
hand jets ' No. I. BRICK RQW.
THE old firm of iVM. H. BAIRD & having
1 been dissolved . by mutual consent, and the subscri
ber being disposed to keep OLD N 0.3, (who is always
light) GOING AHEAD,wOuId now onnounce to those
who like to buy goods cheap, that he is now daily re
ceiving from the city of New York,. new and splendid
assortment of Goods; which he is bound to sell aacheap
as they can be bought this side of the city of New York.
My assortment consists, as usual of
TRUCK CARTS . . &C.. &C.
Now, Mr.and Mrs. Everybody, just continue your
old habit of dropping in at No. 3, before purchasing
elsewhere, and if I don't sell you goods right, "don't
buy them." I have accommodating clerks. who will
always be happy to wait upon you in cue you don't
find the Old Man constantly on hand himself, and I
have tt r doubt but on pricing the goods you will be glad
to buy.
I feel thankful for past favors, bestowed upon the old
firm, and it shall be my aim to merit • continuance of
the same. nov2 E. W. BAIRD.
CE.' FOOD.—Codfish and Mackerel, any quantity
for sale at . 010 BAIRD'S.
RO W N SA EETINGS.—About 43,000. yards of
1.) /Mown ,Stieetings, just recd at BAIR fi'S.
VESTINGS.—Sstin, 'plllr. satin stripe, silk velvet
and other Vesting*. for Winter or summer, fall or
sp!ing ; a great assortment at BARS, No. t, B.R.
CHOICE DRY GOODS.—Alpaccas, French Merl
no, Oregon Oils, monslin de laines. Columbian
plaids. gingham,, of a I descriptiona, &c., &c., at
Nov. 10. , BAIRD'S. No. 3, Brick. Row.
Fuff , GooDS.--Gentlemen's fur caps, Ladies' mak
&c., a good assortment at BAIRD'S.
SA WS. —Mill saws. and 8} feet and 8 foot crosscut
LIM'S, at BAIRD'S, No. 3, Brick Row.
HArs & CAPS.—A good assortment silk and fur
Hats. gent's glazed caps, with capes, (a great ar
ticle for stormy weather,) men and lay's cloth caps.
children's velvet caps, &c. "oDu will find all these
kinds, and many more, at nlO - BAIRD'S.
HORSE BLANKETS.- , -If you want a good and
11 cheap article of the kind, call at BAIRD'S.
_ _
DAlNTs.—White and red lead,',
nish brown, copal gum, liotharage, chrome green,
chrome yellow, tarnish, &c., at BAIRD'S.
habit buttons, and all kinds of fizin's for trimming
ladies dresses, at BAIRD'S, No. 3, Brick Ross.
LATHS.—French, and English Broad Clotbis and
Cassiineres, Sattinets, sheep's gray, a good assort
ment at nlO BAIRD'S, No. 3, Brick Row.
LADIES!—Do you know where to find the nicest
French Lace Capes in town ?—the spot is at
Nov. 10. BAIRD'S, No. 3, Brick Row.
T A DIES' CARPET BAGS, a splendid article, at
Nov.ll. BAIRD'S, No. 3, Brick Row.
-• .-
MILL, Monrok s• Sept. 23, 1847.
C) REWARDltrayed or stolen from the sub
-10.4.4 scriber, residing near the centre of Litchfield tp.,
Brad. co., Pa., alout nine weeks ago; a dark brown
STAG, heavy bodied, horns mostly black. A reward
of two dollars will be paid to any person who will give
infqmistion where said stag may be found.
Oct. 26, 1847. LEONARD DEMA REST.
_ .
Another Great Victory in Mexico !
THE news was received simultaneously with news
that there had been another great arrival of New
Goods at the
.Ted caused a Tremendous Excitement ! !
The present proprietor, C. BEEP, takes this oppor
tunity to return his thanks to his former patrons and
the public generally, and also of informing them thathe
is now receiving a very large and general assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods, of every descrip•ion, which be
pledges himself shall and wiil be sold as low u at any
other establishment within 100 miles of Towanda.—
The public generally are respectfully invited to ail and
examine to satisfy themselves at No. 5, Brick Row.
Towanda, September 21, 1847.
7 2 2 3.12110M.L17/21. TlAZtalil2.9
At No. 7, New 'Brick Bleck,
IS now in full blast, where the public ceo be accom
modated with-CRACKERS, at wholesale; SC ALL
Claea, by the hundred or thousand, will be furnished
et prices *Web will make it an object for Grocers in the
country to eve us a
CO' Csa ral;of every description, for public or private
parties, furnished to order on the shortest notice.
COCOA & CHOCOLATE. genuine and fresh, by
V V tide, put up in wine vinegar, expressly for fami
ly use. 027 CARTER & SMALLEY.
WINDOW GLASS.-7 by 9, Bby 10, 10 by 42,
10 by 14, 12 1718, 12 18, 14 by 11, all of
good quality and in excellent order, for sale by
October 19, 1847. 0. D. B A RTLETT.
To an Indebted !
Tentscriber, having toady new amngements, is
I- very_ desirous of settling up his old accounts, End
requests those indebted, Co settle im mediate/Y.17 giving
their notes, payable in the spring, if they ere not able
to square up now. Immediate attention is requested.
L _
variety, compri , -ing all the latest styles and most
beautiful patterns, just received and for sale very low
b. ul9 O. D. BA RTLETT.
SUMMER SHAWLS, a beautiful assortment of
Baas* 13e Lain and Brocba Shawls B AN K be found
at the SAVINGS K
MR& D0.4.1rE.
CONTIPIIIES to carry on the above business in all
ha branches, at her old gaud, corner of River and
*ridge streets, where Bon;a2ls and L'aps can be pur
chased, and work will be done promptly, fashionably,
and at satisfactory prices u usual.
Towered', r ktober 27, 1847,
rii 411 ,, Tif 41041 p oii
;Jut Received at No. 2, Brick Rim" •
Oceaneof New Fall it-WinterGoods,
-txrioff must sad 'wilt be . sold.M. very
the 'loers ' st
•V T notch for Cask or Ready Pay, arm person
who may went UOPD sad CHEAP Pods,
fully invited to till sad examine this steak. Don't
fail to call as it casts nothing to look, and we consider
is a favor to show the. goods, mid will try to make it an
object rig thous wishing to bi
I 40 Storting/I, wicking, wadding, batting, cotton yarn
and es4pet warp. Asap es the cheapest. at No. 2, B.
R.. at ,; scpls I FOX'S.
GINGHAMB.! GINGHAMB!-30 , pieees new tx!
meat spkndid styles, decidedly the teeniest ewer
in market. Also, Oregon Plaids. Silk Plaids. and all
the new styles dress foods all at No. 2, Brick Row.
Aoki rresy lowest possible prices at FOX'S.
HARDWARE, a good assortment, inclqding Iron,
Steel. Nails, &c. at No. 2, B.R. FOX'S.
nilAthits, OILS & DYE-STUFFS, also Matches
1 by the_groaa, at Na 2, B. i t. • FOX'S.
- .
SEALED HALF SHEDS, on hand and for Dale
ait fin . PDX'S.
Cooking and Parlor Stoves.
TUBr received at KONTANYES 4 CO'S, a large
41 lotr.--Also, PIPE, and a few second-hand stoves, aU
of which-will be mold cheap fa pay. Sept. 7,1847.
Stock of Goods in the Savings Bank.
TN consequence of the great rush at the Savings Bank
1. for Cheap 'Goods, the proprietor bas been induced to
replenish with a splendid assortment of SPRING, &
SUMMER GOODS,.wbich are now opening. and sell-
ing at greatly reduced prices. The proprietor. Mr. C.
REED, pledges himself to folly and amply sustain the
credit of the institution which it has hitherto borne, t.e.
for selling goods cheaper . than rrny other establishment
in Bradford co. Persons desiraus of testing this, have
only to call at No. 5, Brick Row, and satisfy themselves.
July 7;1847. C. REED.
and Light Gingham., have hem" received at the
Savings Bank, and are selling twenty-five per cent.
chestier than ever. jy7 C. REED. '
BOOTS & SHOE/3—A large and exhaustless ae.
sottment of coarse and fine boots and shoes, ladies'
full and half gaiters„kid tie., buskins,•French kid slip
pers, children's cloth end morocco shoes are now selling
very low at the Saaingit Bank, No. 5, Brick Row.
.7 - 11111 CM WARTia
if!IT now.being the lime tolransplant Fruit
Trees, the subscribers would say, to those
wishing to purchase, that Peach trees, bud
bed with the choicest Fruit in the country
can be had at their Nursery in Wynn:. _ ,
Nov.B, 1841
Greenwood, Nov. 10. ''lBy 8. OkAGLEE.
. aram taitcOalLtto ZitWM &Mao
BKINGSBERY & CO- are, just 'receiving, di
. needy from New York and'imening at the new
brick store, recently erected at B.Kingebety's old stand,
a large assortment of Fall ty• Winter Goods, comprising
Brand cloths"; Cassimeres. -Sattinets • Alpaccas, of eve
ry description :Freiiih 8 Eng-iis‘ Merinos ; Mou
se/jot DsLatites Gisighmits, a great variety;
Casirniere k woolen Shawls ; Domestic goods,
jk,i ( ry !and Glares, of ercry description.
Groceries, l'ivckery, .Hardware, Boots if Shoes. Sole
oval upper Leather, Freoch and common calf and
hip skins'. Nadi, sipiare;round ano Suedes
Glass, Hats and Caps, 'T'ul wad Stone Ware,
Paper Hangings, litijia4,robes and hlup,
Mar:keret, Codfish, Shad and Herring.
• The attention of the public is respectfully invited to
our present large stock of goods, which are now exhibit.
'el fur sale at the lowest 'pries, for needy pay. They
have been selected with unusual care and attention, es
pre ly for the accommodation of qor customers, and
we believe .offer inducements to purchasers no where
chilli to be met with.
o:7Rerhernber, before purchasing elsewhere, to call
at 8 .Kinpbery's old stand, and examine our goods and
prices, as we are confident they willuteet the views of
the closest cash buyers.
Oct. 12, NO: - . W. F. MENARDL
This Waif for Bargains.
STITFFS, selling at coat, at FD.X'S.,.
- i
OILS' PERFUMERIES, a apl •ndtd artiettof Kai
• Bruabra, Thermometers, and Fancy .koltrAciOn
male at jel6 No. t, HMV"
Pair Warning Red the Lest Metier!
T HEREBY warn every person indebted to me, that
unless immediate payment is made, they will be
rued ! ' This notice is given without respect to persons
and all persons knowing themselves indebted, will save
costs, by giving prompt attention.
Towanda, Oct. 12, 1847. 8. HATHAWAY.
SAY! JOHN ! don't tell any body that we will pay
the " ready John Davis i " Rn 100 bushels Chestnuts
and 500 lbs. Lard. CARTER & SMALLEY.
A LARGE end extensive assortment of School, Clew
Weal and Miscellsneons BOOKS; also a large
stock and great variety of Papal,.including note, letter,
cap, folio, post office and wrapping papers; together
with a complete assortment of Bleak Bomb, railing
Cards, Enudopes, ae„ Est. f all for safe cheaper than
the cheapest, by 018 O. D. BAR rLETT.
.Vias GritMs,
WOULD spin inform the Ladies that she has just
returned TrOVEI New York, pith the latest and
most fashionable style of Hata, Caps, and Head dra
ms I also a .- large , sni choice selection of Millinery
Goods, consisting of Plush Velvet:JAl/a and Satins r
a. large assortment of Ribbons, FloMers, Plumes and
Laces. Also French embroidered ebemiallargimps,
fringe, and black trimming kee all of which will be
arid at as low a price as can be purchased elsewhere.
Towanda, October 12,1247.
WIYWA. BA lrEtrirft.
THIS lostitutien is now under the charge Of Mr. F.
W. (Julia, a graduate of Yale Coll*, assisted
by Mr. O. H. Pa.tirT, of Cone. The Gat term cour
mepced on the 15th of Sept. ult. The second will
commence on the 6th of Dee. Pupils are admitted at
any time.
Tuition per terns of deven weeks;
Common English studies, $2 50
Higher English dtmies, 4 Oa
Ancient Languages and higher mathematics, 5 00
Extra choir. (Ist and 2d terms) 25
Arrpngements will be made to azure the services of
an accomplished Preceptress in the spring.
0ct.12. J. D.MONTAN TE, Precidea.
TXTRERE AS, my wife, LAVINA DUNN, has Lett
V V my bed and boird, without any just cause ot
prov,gation, this is hereby to citation any person from
harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay
no debts' ordemsnds of bet contracting.
Rome, Aug: 2, 1847. PATRICK DUNN.
ri APS! CA PEI 1-111 en's, Boy's, and Children's
vet, plash. cloth and for, and for trimmed cepa.—
coettprising the greateet variety ever sem in this place,
just received and for sale very low by
October 19. 1847. O. D BARTLETT.
GINGHAMB h PRINTS.--Plain and twilled Ging
hams, English and American Prints, a beautiful
assortment at ser2s . MERGUR'S.
E. T. FOX.
7 =IV r
• •
Thomas Elliot & N. '' C.. Tonkin%
LTAVING associated themselves ivedser in, the
1111 Iteramtile business, hope by elms applieition
and strict attention to business, to merit a sham of pub
lic patronage. They may always be bead ready to
attend to any person who wishes s oomodebons in their
They will imenpf the old stand of Elliott & Mercer,
and as it has jam been enlarged and made more sped .
one and convenient, customers will find it very plea
sant to do business us. ELLIOTT & TOMKINB.
May 27. 1847.
New Spring and Summer Goods.
18 now opening 1 new and splendid assortment of
.1 staple and fancy goods at his store, (situate on Main
street two doom below Bridge street (west aide) nearly
opposite Montanys's & Co.) embracing all articles
generally kept in the country, such as
My Goods. Groceries. Crockery and Glass
ware. Hardware. Nails. Iron. all the
varieties of Sled. Glass. Paints
Linseed Oil. Lamp Oil 4-c.
which be offers is purchasers at unusual low prices for
Cash, Produce, or approved credit. And would re
haretfully invite all who wish to purchase to call and
examine Ins goods and prices before purchasing else
where, a he is confident he can offer good bargains.
June 1, 1847.
----- - - - -
PRINTS, IK. De Lamas, Ginghams, Lawns,
The Ladies will find a beautiful assortment at
June 9, BETTS'.
AGREAT variety of shawls seeds, parasols Ladies
and Misses' Bonnets very cheap at BETTS'.
BLACK & BEAVER CLOTHS, black and fancy
Cassimeres, and all ante of Summer stuffs, a large
assortment, low for sub et BETTS'.
TITINDOW & WALL PAPER, a nice variety and
V V cheap at BETTS'.
"[TARNS & BLOODS' thaw 'scythes and scythe
anatha ;also Harris' cradle 'scythes at BETTS'.
- •
colored. plaid, and changeable area
S Safi also, white and colored Bonnet Salina, at
wp 24
TA RE:3B GOODS-100 Pieces now opening at the
1-1 Savings Bank. consisting of Fiend) Merinos, plain
Align:am, A bysinian amps., cadaver plaid s, cashmeres,
mowing' de [aims, plain and twilled gingham; &c.,tic.
all of which will be *old low at REED'S.
CLOTHS & CASSIMERES, .Vestings, Overcoat
Obit's, snob as brown. olive and gold raised Bea
vers will be mold very low at SAVINGS BANK.
USTRAY.—Broke rote the enclosure of the suhscri
.E4 bet. on the 26th of August lad. a RED COW, 8
or 9 years old. The owner is requested to pore pro
perty. pay charges ard take her away.
Troy, Sept. 27. HOWARD SPALDING.Sen.
PRINTS, of every variety and style, foreign and do.
tnestie, now opening at wholesale and retail, at
■upetiorstyk and finish, an!! at prices to suit those
who wish to purchase cheap.
atill 8 MONTANYES & CO.
SHOES --Ladies' Misses and Children's, a large sit
net, on hand at jc9 DF;TTS'.
The Saddle and Harness Business
If! st9ll continued b, ELKANAH SMITH, J. CULP
&13. T. SMITH, under the Finn of Elkanah
Smith & CO., at the old stand North aide of the Public
Square, where will be kept constantly on hand Best
Plain and Quihei! Saddles, Plated and Common
Harness, all kinds of Trunks, Felice', and all other
work in their line,
Carriage Trimming 4- Military work
dope to order. From their experience and punctuality,
they are in hopes to receive a share of public patronage.
Work can be had at their shop .ca cheap es at any other
shop in the county of the same quality, May 18, '47
STS Aw. is), •
Copper, Tin, and 86W-iron. Brass
wvommatas /IND
C. HAL-I,:is now receiving 60 tons of the above
1 D. goofs, which be is prepared to sell at wholesale
or . il, to suit purchasers, at the most reduced prices,
or cash, lumber or grain. The most liberal prices will
be paid for w .eat, oats, corn and lumber.
Stare and Manufacturing Establialanall, on - gte
corner of Main and sBridge•sta., where may be found the
largest and best assortment of 'loves, this side the city
of Albany, such as
Buckeye cooking stove, arranged with a rota
ry top, and hot air oven combined, 2, 3. 4
'Rochester Empire hot air oven, 4
" Universe,.
". t 4
" Fulton, " (improved) 2,3, 4
Congress tight air cooking ! 2,3, 4
Knickerbocker, " 2, 3
Albany Elevated' oven " 2,3, 4, 5
Premium "2, 3,4, 5, 6
Race's pet. self regulator, airtight parlor, 1,2, 3
Rochester air tight parlor, 2,4, 4
Congas* do. Albany do. (roasters,)
Albany Fancy wood parlor, 3,4, 5
N. Y. city .. 2,3, 4
parlor cad stoves, • I, 2
Common cylinder do L 2, 3
A- Large quality of Pipe, Elbows, Tie, Brass,
Copper, /aimed k Britannia ware, Zile, ke.
which be will tell as above at wholesale or Wail. Shed
iron, Tin, Brass and Copper Work, made to order on
short notice, and warranted. Persons wishing to pur
chase the above articles will doorell by calling at the
above store, before purchasing elsewhere. as the prripri
etor b bound not to be undersold by any living man.
6,000 SHEEP PELTS wanted, for which cash will
be paid. October 27, 1847. 6m
Another Large nod Splendid Lot of
Ready made Clothing!
STORE. Here Lathe place to get cheap clothing, at
least 60 per cent. cheaper than at any other place. I
have all kinds to suit customers. My stock is large,
consisting of Cloaks, Coats, Pants, Vests, &c.
Elegant and new preirium styles, ante at astonishing
low prices.
Cloaks, flier Coati, Brown, Drab, Do., business
Costs—all hinds, Black Dress (Moats, French Dress
Do.. Gold. Hiked, Do., fletinett Pants, Cassimere Do.
Black and Green Monkey lockets, Fancy Elwin Vests,
Black Do., Cashmere, Da, Double Breasted Do..
White Maneilk Do. Also—CantOkFlannell Draw
ers. Shirts the sanit k and some splendid fine Shins.—
Also—Blue end B Cloth, Drown Do., Coosimerea,
Plain, Fancy Do., Vesting, of all kinds.
,crj•Cutting and Mending done ,, ebescp and making
Oct. 9, '47. • Clothing Store.
Fourth of July, et No. I, BRICK ROW.
SALT—IOO Mils. Salt just received and for sale
at BAIRD'S, N 0.3, B. R.
FFLOUR.—bO sacks of first rate flour just received
sod for sets at BAIRD'S, NO. 3, B. R.
111.111 L 72311011173 ,9 0 41113107: 3
(IMO= WO UMWI/3a2:30
Lair of the Cheraseertt House, Towanda,' Pa, said,
was destroyed by fire on the 12th of March fast,
HAB leased the old stand, on the west bade of
. the
public square, lately occupied by Willimn Brigp
sign of the Tiger, where he is prepared and mill be hap
py to wait on his old customers and thepuldic generally
iris bones is in grad order, and his facilities for at
commodating travellers and visitors, such as will enable
him to give ample satisfaction. rhargra moderate.
' Towanda, Oc'ober 20, lea r.
NOnCE brherebitimoimai4pairi con,. pi OW.
man Colvin. Cyril!! Fairmoo.lllirani Farnsworth,
end others, have resealed to the achievers an instru
ment in writing, and the objects, articles ani Condition's
eat forth and contained therein appearing to them iiwful
and not injurious to the community, directed that said
writing-be filed, and that notice be given in one news
paper printed in said s erranty of Bradfonl, for at least
three weeks before the next court of common pins of
said county, setting forth that an application has been
made to said court to grant inch an act of incorporation,
according to the act of Assembly in such eases made
end provided. A . Meic_EAN, Prot.
Pro't.'s Moe. Nov .l, 1847:
In She malteroftheapplieation of Eli flaird,andothers,
of the "First 1 7 .'ryierian air eo
ch and ngtegalion
of Troy:' arptendor term. 1847. .
is hereby given, that Kb Bahl, Ebetrezer
Pomeroy, Sol. 114orse, I D. F. Pomeroy, A. Lona.
and others, have presented to the said Court an instru
ment inventing, and the objects, articles and conditions
set forth and containediberein appearing to them lawful
and not injurious to site community, directed that said
writing be filed; and that notice be given in one news
paper printed in said county of Bradford, fur at least
three weeks before the next court of common pleas of
said county, setting forth that an application has been
made to said court, to grant such an act of incorporation,
smearing to the act of Asseinhly in such (-slim made
and provided. A McKEAN, Prot.
Pro Vs Office, November 1, 1847.
tty virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni 'Expanse is
-1J sued from the courtof common pleas of Bradford
ceunty, and tome directed. I shall exposed° public Ale
at WOODRUFF'S HOTEL, in the borough of To.
wands, on Monday, the 6th day of December next, at 1
o'clock, P. M.„ the following described parcels of land—
A piece or percel of land in Springfield tp., bounded
north by land of Salisbury Cows, ask by Geo. Grace,
mouth by David Brooks, Chauncey Guthrie. and Chain;
cry Houle and -west :by land of W. H. Westbrook.—
Containing one hundred acme, more or leas, with about
eighty acres improved, with one two story framed house,
one framed barn, one framed shed, three apple orchards
and a variety of other fruit trees thereon.
elnial giant*stinents.
n the signer of Me iporteation of Ezekiel Clary.
aid others, of the 4- Fioot . Clujiatiaa .ekteeeli iw the
towtuhip isPradfint min*" &p.,
timber terns. i 8417. 4: - a I-
Seised and taken in execution at the suit of Wake
man B. Hubbard u•e, vs. Milton Brooks. •
A tso—A piece of parcel of land in Wilda:ling tp.,
beginning at • post and stones adjoining lands of Isaac
J. Labar and Ellicott H. Brown. and running thence
south 3° west 149 p. to the Susquehanna river. thence
by and with the same west todbe line of Certified
Springfie)d, thence by and with the same, tier* 13° w.
157 p. to a post and stones, adjoining lands of Squire
Millso6ence south BS° east 133 p. to the beginning.—
Containing one hundred and five acres and ninety-nine
and half perches, be the same more or less, with about
fourteen acres improved, with one log house with one
body to a block-house thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Mary To
land, Margaretta Toland, Elizabeth Toland and Julian
ne Toland vs. Isaac Everitt.
ALso—A piece or parcel of land in Wells tp.. Brad
ford county, and Jackson, Tinga en., Pa., bounded north
by Joshua 0. Spencer, east by land of Joseph Stunle
vant, south by Zenas Roberts and on the west by Clark
Stillwell. Containing seventy-4xs acres more or testi,
with 450uffilly acres improved, rfith one framed house,
one framed barn and an orchard o f grafted fruit.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jonathan
Owen vs. Lawrence L. Aweigh.
A tso—A piece or parcel of land in Troy tp., bounded,
north; emit, south and west by lands of Ezra Long. Con
taining about one acre, with two framed dwelling hou
ses, one framed wagon abort, one stone blackimith shop
and a few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in °aeration at the suit of W. H.
Purdy to the use of S. Pierce va WI: Lowman.
A—A piece of land in, Winton tp.,.beginning at •
hemlock tree, it being theatioth east earner of said tract,
running north 120} p. to ir post by • beech tree, thence
west 88 p. to • post, thence south 153 p. to the Tristan
da creek, frorwthence following the windings and turn
ings of sitiecreek to the place of beginning. Contain,
ingejghty-seven acres, be the same more or leis, with
airiut fifty acres improved with o e framed house sod
framed biro and a small orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph
D. Drinker and Israel P. Pleasant., administrate,*
bonis non„-of Henry Drinker deed, vs. Chanel Thome,.
A LPO-A piece of land in Troy tp., bounded u fol
low. to wit : on the north by vacant land , on die
east by land of Jess newt", on the south by Noah Ler
nerd, and on the west by Robert Chain, containing fifty
four acres all improved with two hinted houses one fra
med barn, one law mill and an apple orchard. thereon.
Seized and taken in exeeation: to the suit of 0. P.
Ballard vs. Beriah Pratt and Stephen 11. Stiles.
A LIO-A piece of land in Albany and Monroe qrs.,
hounded as follows to wit t north by OWen M. Can and
Charles Diffenbaugh, on the east by Edward McGovern,
on the .oath by Daniettleverly, anrion the west by 40bn
Flings' land, containing. about four hundred and eleven
.Scres More or less supposekto be about twenty-five acres
improved with one framed and tog house and one log
ham thereon.
Seized and taken in execution to the suit of Hugh
Riley vs, Thomas McGovern and Daniel Mowery T. T.
• A Lso---A piece or parcel of land in Wya!ming, Be
ginning at a post and stones on the old Springfield tp.
line, (certified) adjoining land of Johnson Palmer, and
running thence north 86' 3 west to a corner of land certi
fied to Humphry and Daniel Brown'. heirs, and thence
by and with said certified land south 24° east, 00 per.
to a corner on the southerly line .of a iot in the woman
tee name of 'Thomas Shuman, patented to Henry ,Tol
and, dec'd I thence with said line, south 88 ° east, in the
fins of certified Springfield ; and 'thence by and with the
same, North 18° west, l 232 perches to the place of be
ginning, containing one hundred and 41 acres and 34
perches, be thesame more or less, with tt five acres
improved, and one 'banter thereon
Seized and taken in the suit of Mary Tolstoi, Marro
retta Tolstoi, Elizabeth Toland and Juliana Tuland vs.
John Gartland.
Al,BO, a piece or parcel of land situate in the town
ship of Burlington. bounded at' billows, to _wit : begin
oihcat a white maple, N. W. corner of lot No. 182 on
warrant lot No. 1724 , thence west ! Minh] warrant line,
100 perches to a post, S. E. corner of lot No. 287sthen
north 81 perches to a post ; thence east 100 perches to
a post: thence south 81 perches to the beginning, con
taining riftracrei and 100 perches, strict measure: it
being intended for the south half of lot No. 277, on war
rant lot No. 4436, with about thirty acres improved. one
log haise, one log shed and one other small building
Beivd and taken, in the snit of -Paxson .& Davidson
to the use of Abram A. Mace vs. George Bennett.
ALSO, a certain piece or parcel of land situate in the
township of Albany, bironded and desabed as follows,
to wit Beginning at • post and stone corner, which
stands north 31° H, and 200 perches from the north end
of lots No. 79 and 80; thence 8, 59° East, 106 perches
to a post and stone corner, thence north 30° welt**
perches to a post and stone corner, thence north 59°
west 106 perches to a &mut corner thence west 31°
mat, 80 perches to the beginning, containing fifty acres.
ALSO, one other piece or pirate of land situated in
said township of Albany, deseriled by survey as follows,
to wit I beginning at the south east corner of another
lot conveyed to Andrew Jar:kerb. and thence by the same
oath 31° east 80 perches to a post, thence south b9°
east 106 perches to a put, thence south 31° west 80
perches to a post. thence by land of which this isqa part,
north 59° west 106 perches to the place of beginning,
containing fifty acres which said tracts of land are part
of tracts no. 79, warsntee name " John ' Moon" called
" Moonfield." and no. 80 warrantee "Hannah Wood
ruff." called " Monmouth" and patented by the com
monwealth to Simnel Wallace.
Seized and taken in the suit of Josiah Jackson a.
Andrew 8, Jackson.
ALSO, a piece or parcel of land situated in Wells
township described as follows, to wit: beginning at a
post, thence by land of John Strong. east 252 3.10
perches to a post and stone, thence by land unknown
south 269 3-10 perches 40.1 hemlock, thence by land
of John Hail, west 252 310 perches to a post, and
thence by lands of Wm. Bali (now owned by John
Brownell,) north 269 3 . 10 perches to the beginning,
containing four hundred acres and sibilance fttc., be
ing a lot of land granted to Alferd Seeley by t‘arrent
dated the 30th day of Jelly 1831 * the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania : excepting & r ipss lot surveyed and
deed to Charles Seely from the north east earner of said
lot, containing fifty acres, and one other lot, surveyed
and deeded tb Alfred Seely, nut of the south side, con
%sitting seventy acres of land; fin boundaries reference
bring mule to thid &Redact Wao.Seel7 to Maria Sc..
ly and Athol Sealy, will,woro folly discloser.
Seized and taw in ithauties 96 thossi6 Athos C-
M . , vs. Mery jEL Shama.
ALSO-The foils:twin pima of bad thwart in Ma
n* and bouwimi north by the Towanda oath awe by
the.daykara Co. land. swath by C. L. Wirth alai troth
by the tictusier Branch, containing 300 acres with Shy
acres improved, with ono fraosed 1101WIL ewe lag bra
one framed barn and a wall orchard *mon
emitted and taken in execution at Ow wit ad O. D.
Bartlett. vs. T s H Lewis.
Atso--A piece or parcel of - lend in Maw twp.,
boonardworth l Towanda creek, east by Asylum Co.
fund*, south hy lands of C.L.Wasti. weft by Ow tiebno
der branch of the Torras& creek. Containing dile@
hundred acre., with fifty acne imprved, indiums blew
ed house, onefruned been and shed, and antailtwebard
Seised and tatin in ',tampion at the oil cif !raring
Watkina..tioar to the uee of Pret!filet Watts, vs. Tim
othy H .I.rark.
ALSO—A Int of land in Armenia to., homed so
follows. North by the highway, west by dash of Henry
Furman, E. C.Olivey, an the; south, and to, !sod of
Henry - Furman. Containing one hundred aeres..witb
about fOrty metes improved, with two log bosses thereon.
Seized and liken in execution at the slit of Long
Thomas, to the use of Whiukwey & Rohinsoa, ea. N.
P. Case. , •
ALSO--A piece of land in Leroy tp., boended sisith
by lands of 1). Perry, east by Harry Holcomb, south by
Sterling and Cyrus Holcomb, and went by land of J.
M. Farr. Containing forty-three acres. twenty we.
improved, with two log houses, and one k bark and
a small orchard thereon.
Seised and taken in execution at Utensil of P.H.&
W.H. Titus, vs Ogden Streeter.
JOHN F. M E ANS, Shalt
Sheriff's Office Towanda, Oct. !7, 1847.
IDOUR . aIUANT to an order of the Orphan's Court of
-1 [Mulford county, will be exposed to public waken
Saturday :be 23d day of October, 1847, at two Ads&
H., upon the premises all of the following &genie •
clime of land situate in Shedrequin township, Brad
ford county, Pa., containing thirty-nine saes or there
abouts, adjoining-lands of John Btink on the weal; J.
Marshall and R.GrifEn on the north; lends of nom.
sod Samuel Marshall on the south; east by owners -
known ; being the farm lately occupied and owald by
Benjamin Briuk, deed. Terms made known on the
day of sale. DANIEL BRINK,
5ep.„ . 27, 1847. Ex's of Benj. Brink, deed.
The above sale stands postpaned to the 4th Dee. at
the same place and time of day.
A LL persons indebted to the Estate of Aboolant
fa.Wilcoz, dec'd., late of Leßoy township, are here
by requeo.eil to make immediate payments; and -all
persons having demands against said 'estate ire requee
ted . o present them immediately to the subacriber for
settlement., AMOS W. WILCOX, Adm'r.
Leßoy. OCt. 19th, 1847.
A LI. petions indeUed togme estate of Isaac Wilcox
la. late of . -Leroy townehtp, - deceased, are hereby
requeated to make payme4it without delay, and those
having claims spinet' said estate, will please present
them duly *gaited to lbe subscribers.
Leroy. November 2, 1847. Administrators.
NOTICE is hereby given to 44 perilous iniermaa,
that A. 6. Matthew. and J. D. Hunsphry men
tors of the estaie Of
&mad Matthews, deceased,
late of Orwell ; George Fairbanks, administrator of the
Samuel Airbanks. &Teamed,
late of Colombia • JuGus Pratt, one of the oduriaistrir
tors of the estate of
David .Pratt, deceased,
late of Canton; J. R. Irvine, one of the administrators
of,.the estate of - . , „
Noadiah Cranmsr, deceased,
late of Monroe; Mial P. blade, administrator albs er
mac of
Jonalom B. Rade, deceased,
lair of Columbia; Joseph Allen, J. M. Creamer sad
Polly Craomer, airministraton of the estate-of
Stephen Cranmcr. deceased,
late of Rome, have filed and settled in the office of the
Register of Wills, in and for the County of Bradford,
the accounts of their emend administration apes the
estates aforesaid, and that the same will be presented to
the Orphan's Court of said county, on Monday, the ith
day of December next, for coagulation and allowance.
L. E. DE WOLF, Register:
Register's Office, Torcanda, Nov. 3, 1847. '
T' 18T . OF . JURORS, drawn for December term and
14 sessions, commencing December 6. 1847.
Durell--Harry Benjamin, Simeon Decker;
Leroy—Addison Brigham, Aaron Knapp;
Ridgberry-8 mith B. Brown;
Springfield—Wodoard Berry ; ;
Bmithfiekl--Stephen Ca/iB, W. P. Farnsworth ;
South Creek—Eben Dunning; '
Merrick—Geo. W. Elliott;
Athens tp—John OriMin ;
Wyalusing—Charles Hornet;
Shestiesinin—Wm. Horton. 241;
Windham—Parley Johnson Jr ;
Burlington—Wm. Knapp; •
Rome—Freeman W. Maynard ;
Athens boro-.-Cleo. W. Mathewson ;
Troy tp—Rufus Rockwell, Reuben Stiles;
Franklin—J. C. Ridgway ;
Canton—Benj. 8. Smiley ;
Monroe4-Freeman Sweet;
Albany—Rollin Wilcox;
TUAV-Xll l ll 7CR011114-..-191111T WZICK.
Pike--Richard Ashton, Simeon Taylor, Aaron Wood;
Granville—Elan A. Bailey ;
Franklin—Wm. Mike
Wyslusing—lra Brown ;
Ridghetry—Howard F. Burt, W. B.
Warne-Calvin Buffington,Ratutiel Lyon.B. Wheaton:
Bpringfield—lassc Cooley, Paul Furman, Jas. U. Once;
Burlinwon—W . Campbell, C.'T. Many:
Rome--M. C. Cannon, Ames' Forbes;
Orwellr-Eli Fletcher;
klbeshecin—Alfred Uwe, J. K, Horton, Henry Kings
bay •
Towanda lions-:D. C. Hall, Cyrus &oleic;
Bmithfiekl—W. F. Kellogg ;
Troy tp--James Merriu, Alonzo Monte, 8. A. Taylor,
Chas. Williams;
Towanda tp— David Rutty ;
Litchfield—Aaron Stan
Leroy—Ansel Tillotson;
Herrii.lz—Abiscr Taylor ;
Standing Stone—F. 8. Whitman ;
Wysoz—John W. Whitney t
Ulster—Wm. Walker ;
TA/ T MST IL" 11101113 --I [EON II V ISLE.
Springhill—Demon. Ada, Jerome Green ;
Orwell—Lyman Winsome= • i .
Wrol — D• P. Betlleth Otittla Frisk;
Windham—Simon Brainard, Henry Dunham, Lranial
Gardner ;
arren—H. B- Bowen, E. L. Stephens;
litster--Daniel Uhubbock ;
Granville.—C. Churchill, Joel Packatil ;
Hemck—E. Cans Thos. Jones;
Troy tp--,Wor. Clifton;
Pike—S. Chaffee. Myron Sleeves, H. Stevens;
Durell-.. , -Wilron M. Decker;
Rome—Smtth Forbes;
Springfield--Wm. S. Grace, Geo. Sergeant;
Sheaberprin—Jeremish Kilmer ; •
Colusehis—John H. Furman, NM( Peck ;
Burlington—John David Roes;
South Creek—Benj. . Quick ;
Troy, boro---G. F. Reddington
Litchfield—Elijah Wolcut ;
Franklin—Ohms. Stevens;
Athens tp.—Geoige Walker ;
Rid g b ar y......,lobn Wallace; •
Athens borough—George H. Welles, J. K. Weight. ,
DLERS will find it to theit'advantage ao elitist use
I. Dtug Depot, where they can be supplied with eve
ry article desired; tech u phials, essences, on the
best terms. jet 6 No; I, BRICK' ROW.