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% . grinilturat.
• Apples liar Farm Stock. -
_ ..
To WeStern Merchants.
The laws of strict economy requilre tlMt eve ,- , r .
edible and tmtritive substanceproducedon'thelands gi- Iv *° la 31 ill Al aDa
September IS •11.
of the ; firmer be rigidly economized, and appropri• ' ~,,,,,v „ rni r ',„,,,..4 met h
', B6l4 . loSCltittt profitable use. For several years back,. ; : I- - citior' . lV B m C v 1 - "Ork:a c tarl t l tte s' in li t e o c ate na Vl Hi ml t r ri n i n ' ts is ges °r I ttf . . he
. tan-d .I.i the country pr. es, to tante known theft businees and
*i r have been hi the habit of f feeding apples to• v.: ..." , " - rut ttott dalwir rts- cfn , s or merchants, oho w2sh
rim) s kind o f farm stock •t—lioas, ctvws, horses *1 '''.1;7"."3"..,'PY nn ries in the'rlin .. .
w.r.1.1g , It.. p 11,11111 1 .11111 the eec.-rui brunches 1.1., 0.0111. 0111
steep--and the result of our experience is a firtn %S t./01111 :1•. - 11.1 11.:0 on mous shalt la• sparest, oa °or pan, to
1 Irmo . Loth MO man. w, monomers.
conviction that few of our farm products are ID ory• 1
A .
truly intrinsically_ valuable, or better adapted to p r ,;+ 4- 4 „1:.7, 7 1 i. t . N .( 7 1 .
. 11. VMS:ALE Avb me r e [ [. rt crrrinvc;
sr . : 'fry . rhill 11 ... 0 10vT 01 Nn.,male. An rummage
mote the health;.and eneure the thrift ot farm „L0y14,,:_/ ~,t * - 1, •
t ~,,• “,,....,,./,:.- l;.(ftli teg al Wit e 0,, 1111.1,1.
generally, than apples: whether street oViroir? - -.. -A I 1E11)1.1:WARD & CO., ti11..1: AAI3 FANCV GOODS,
. . : r... • .! ['sari ~.t.
It was not ; however, without some ruisgit ing
that we-commenced feeding them to our cows, as
we had previously imbibed a very strong prejudice
against feeding these useful animals on "anything
exeept hay and grain; but this fallacy was soon
leafed lar experience, although we Were repeatedly
mitigated by several of our wise neighbors, that such
food inevitably .cause 'them to shrink their milk."
if indeed it did' not engender sickness and per-;
haps diseases we might find it difficult to e u r e......
We have no &Met that under certain circumstances.
this may be in part true; for one of our cows break
ing into a neighbor's orchard-, "fuel partaking freely
-of the immature' droppings, cr " wind falls, •'• she
became ill, with slight fever, and for ohe or two
milkings there was an obvious, though slight dimi
nution of ri ilk, (prebaby), as the results. .Ind the
same, admitting the green fruit to have been the
cause, would have resulted, bad she broken into
our friend's clover . , and gorged herself on his alier
math, as repletion : when the food taken is of a suc
culent at llertnentahle quality, inevitable tends to
produce Ifeter. The economy of digestion, is im
peded, or, fora time arrested, and lactescint orgaf hs.
like all the other parts of the system, are sympath
etically affected, and diseased.. In order that we
might have the advantage of reliable data front
,tvhh to deduce our inferences, we selected a cou
ple of cows, and fed them exclusively on apples.
wittithe exception of a very slight fedderiug of hoc
or meal rooming and eight, for two months: and
we never made More or better letter from the same
quantity of milk, during the same period, than tro t it
the milk drawn from the two cows thus fed, or as
some would say-' starred,"
• Reasoning from analogy, the corollary streets on.
avoidable, that ripe, well matured apples are better
for fcsOd than those that are crude, or but partially
ripe. •In both the quantity offitice is not, perhaps,
materially diflerent, but the juice of the ripe is more
'perfectly elaborated, and less likely t - ; induce dis
eases and ohstruetions in the udder, as is eetnetinies
itte case, vie are confident, when animals are
fed lavishly on apples in their Crude or unripe state,
As to the quantity necessary for a medium sized
cow, we have found from a peck, to a half bushel—
varying the quantity of course, with the variations
of the animal's vie* for them—to,answer all the
purposes of the most litteral feeding v its hay and
grain. We are glad to Perceive thtti the practice
of feeding domestic animals on this kind of fruit—
instead-of making it into eider, which at best, is a
great .waste of a valuable article that ought to he
approprated to a better and more profitable use—has
already' become quitecommont, especially in sec
tions where it is raised in like quantities, and where. '„
from the benign ratlienee Xislee is shedding upon
the paths of-the toiling Jets*iiito.a.n, improvement
is no 'longer regarddT as sacrigtge, or crime.—
Tweney years ago, go one 'reamed that animals
could exist on such Aocl, and the' writer-whorsit - euid
have reccominentted . ;apples as
,hlfnotl for any kind
Of stock, would have been regarded as a dunce, or
perhaps, afoot. We hope thaithose 'of our readers
who have large orchards and who can'easily satisfy
their doubts on thts subject, if they any longer in
dulge any, will diake ; the experiment, and test the
value of apples of theacHves, We have many
more facts In communicate, all going decidedly
and [post ineontrever4ly to prove the position we
have assnmed, brit as our article has already . been
spun out to a Lunch more tedhiu.: extent titan we
intended, we shall reserve them till a mune num
ber; hoping in the mean time, that a subject of so
' much importancelo the; .the farming coma-ninny
will be consideredWithcandor. and fa‘ored; with
the attention it so eminently deserves, by all.
PtionurrioNs OF TliF: UNITED SLITES.—The Pat
ent Office Report .11,inlishes the following important
in : •
cheat, oats. rye, Indi:m corn, potatoes, hay and
toliceo are raised in "every State and Territory in
the Unioa.
" Barley raised in all except Louisiana and.FloMila.
Buckwheat raised in all except Louisiana and-FlO.
New En;datid. New York. New Jersey, Penn
sylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, to not
raise cotten..
Tne.Statesithat do not raise cotton. together with
- "Maryland, Delaware and Indiana, do not raise rice.
Every State and Territory except lowa raise silk.
Every State except Delaware makes Sugar.
. New York discs the most Batley, viz: 1,603.-
Nev York raises the most Potatoes, t ix ; 21,901,
'553 bushels,
new York, raises the irst hay, 4;5933936
Ohio raises tbe mu:4 wheat, viz : 10,7R6,705 bush
Virginia raises the most tlai and hemp, viz: 34,-
Kentucky raises, the uncut tobacco. viz: 72,3.2,-
543. •
. •
Georgia talks the mgt riec, : 66,892,307
pounds.. '
NEW IssEcts..—The dafflaged Indian corn which
has-,been introdred into Ireland to meet the wants
of the petople, is likely to cause far more serious
and lasting njury to the country than the mere
bringing Utto s cotisumption an article of food deleteri
ous to the public health. In many instance the' in
dian torn which whs heated, teems with swarms
-of little reptile's-or insects of different varieties'solge
shaped like ants, others like diminutive beetas,
which make their way intd'ell the houses in the
neighborhOod or corn stores, and have proved an
excessive annoyance from their numbeni as well as
witrqbe venom with which they bite, and mischief
their inflict by. eating plants and leaves in the gaxdeu
However interesting it may be to entomologists to
examinethe structure, and classify and strange the
new and varied forms of those strange insects, it 'is
an alarming fact that, in addition to our local and
indigenous vermin, we should have had Introduced
amongst us other of a stirt,ging destructivecharacter,
Which are likely to propagate their species, and to
teedlipon leaves and seeds of plants and vegetabl e s,
so as seriously to retard and injure vegetation.—
cork Exemiod.r.
New Vatic 2tbacrtisentents.
Floor Oil Cloths.
110 VT lc' Co., Mlookiariturrs to Floor 0.1 Clod., 12
Jolot I:usr cuolsiuutl) oil 4und ta general to,rlanvio•
Cloth House.
WI.NON G. 111.71 4 Vf& CQ , rl %Valium Atr-el, ol Maid
ru I an...
A1.1)1111'11. lI.XFISTOW t CIL., i'orpri Warr/am/A.. N.. 410
Alm%tictrrtor i.s. t'hnrtmutt.ln W. 0.14 nu l l Al°.
hawk Volley ;vorks, loth nu AniAtorduto, N Y.
:+A\drEl. mni-NE. (stsereicsar rn 14.11 h Flown,l wholeortlr
drst)or in Drugs PA'IIIA rind slyr!nice, Nu. P• 9 Jobs,
tn..m re u all. am wail C:s.gsi Arrvic -
S. k tv tt 000, %. luena le Book...wilt:Fß and Sumonters,
2til Pearl erect.
Account Rooks and Stationery.
RICH A. LovritELL. to 4:04 kr wrath of
Cedar Importers and Monotiwtorers of Munk Rooks
Matt-enl.l letter writer., Cops ti, Inks mut all
I. WI, I •!. SIM On' .
r 1.: DOUBLF:DAr.Doricts and vk
(irrinnit aMd Amerjern Stut,"..r % —AI,"
~/ amount Ix.Ja , AO. l 0 Julia 24.
11...tt5 ,, ./1 )A . IEIIIIII taml
& 11IT:11DI(K. DruTi,t cot. Nn. In fkdd • a 1..,
A tor.cycral 1'11 , !nd..11,1 1 •11 elnlnicul Ina ntnacinr , r., and
list au cen•naise inaltntuzfitrcr of dtc AVOnlig.
Torpedo ltragileilc Blotchines.
Dr. SALIM'S Point:tan Torpedo Magnet.r s ar
rillati-d 1 , 111.e11111 to tin) 10 tin. rititett States tountinieter,
NI, 197: Brand. ay%
Snuff and Tobacco.
PETER LOURILALIV. Snott and Tobneeo ttttt ntrtheturer,
virn.liarn FL Nen . York. oiler,. for sale Alnetiotot. (rho.. tin-
French, Rapp..... Scno , ll and other Sumo..
rvt cla•wing awl omit:ing name, it, and every - art:de in hi'+
line. of the very lart nonlity. Doter., putiettiall.
tu, and lull urea ruin-a 3 rent 1.31 adds - 1:00u% u.. ulso c
-- Iron—Safe Depot.
nut 1.0 Waier ointitlinette
i"1 Ow origund dd. a pinuine double and angle hale
aYnalrt 14/11,..
o Adam►' Fancy Bazaar.
\V \ n•tirs: Jewelry. AC•'onlroua , I 0)., Farr) he
NO 19- Chatham Nunn,
I )OT & CHARS lot moon clot. lose for croji. N. R A...
rou sulr I•VrIf) 9'a.-sany at halt punt n n.• .N 1 J“,.1
❑u . cardh system, and sate tO Or 1.5 pc rit at A D
twat . John.
tt. serr...t.
Salamander Sates.
Rh •11 & -Cr, 'ls listprovrtl pats-re glonble and cites. Salutuander
Safrit, warrants,' In, mnn stntsspurssr—is d.-essb•sl tosipso‘ss
-11. nt on the (tr.ginill asicr's (b•sos lie Paw " ftri - s,•
rm-s- ss stpwnroi,eit Issinsirs•st in,rlsrost. iss.siker, nod
or - rsr who havr ftreb it MUICS w flee. ror -air. b y A
S Marrsa. wrars-r street. New 1 ork. llgt^/11. lor Ow ma
b) Raymond Cbbbol & Co, Ch.eago . 1111.)
is) I Irs:..•satan & Lowry, st. Loess.
Saddlery, Harness a nd Coach 'Hardware.
"V. J f;I."CK. exisso‘sve ruansefaciumr sand iturresttrr si.r the
supply of Inrgr slealt.rts.`,36 Pearl mires.
-Wholesale Crockery Sore.
r W. Or ;Slit - aV, No. jiri Courtbuids sat.. New lark. Carritt:
pirs4s,ng and low Armco/.
rot :11)N:8 IJ, ago T
_1311724 07 lIERRY CLAY. 2 V01%.-111A10 , -
I ,, KL.Ws (aye ov thoc. Sc.erv, I vol. The above are full and
notlirtitic ‘corks. Ott..LESCIFfS .M.tirCAL 07 ROAD ACAKI7O—
bo..dr for al: nverealed nt The nelprovr•fro•nrof road.
P.obloo(l II) A. S. BAR-NES A. Co., 51 John *trees.:
Maelesil Instruments.
ETAV RD HAACK. sl Fulton. cur. (:old, All:mon/claret and
Importer. keeps constantly on linnd the largett nererrinvern 01
Nlo. rub Inttrotnento of ever description : Alto. WI kinds of
ocuerni ittereltnotlite eon.. I) on hand.
J. 11110 W NF, Itnitort , , not ma nnfurtnrrr* of rniftrovt..l
pa t Amino. isslion l kg,. si mar .10., c. pitnitcw. d r.
I inrl, t 2.10 to IWO &Ain rot. Estubloshrti Ir.lo—Nu.
I tr,tntto n . Nvw York. and Lonilon
C11.1111:ES All.lllS, rrl l - sstar et., Imparter and Dealer in Combs
nuJ •,r). itesyrii,tion of F . :llglish. Freneh sand (;erdinit
ru-sts. (lotions. Prewar r). Soaps. Brushes. Bos:ery. kr
CII.IIII.ES 1). 1111(1111:S. itst Prnrl ntrr,•t. Ni.ur York F/1111';
mid 5t211.1 , , Hardu - ary, Bemis, thintrs, Hnttnn• turd finish,.
.1 II & .1 \I PRATT. Ma§§§§§l§§ourer,rool intoon:•rf of pr, r . r
ffl§§§2 , §§2.§. Borders., anti fv,:§• \VindowCnnam Paper, N.
I. -Pearl §§treet.
India Rnbbber Goods.
P. !If nrriAl.l N. Alnoutaeorrer and Deakr :§§ ail 1. of f§§§:
Irobfe•t tfooflp Warchnose No 27 :gruffer§ eor Nr§§§,l§.
.India Rubber Shoes.
If I 112.1513 TE, Coninto , §.§ro tlearf-r §r§ all k.§§§ls of 12§.1§1§§ r
Slam, and manotifeturwe, lor Gootiyear'§§ reld§rated
patent Aline, rend Procidance shoes...Z.lo Pearl r§t.
Manufacturers of Sheet and Roll Brass.
NMI'I If & JAMBS. ll:. John at.. New York. A1.,0 tor auk.
olq It ets. and Ilras,and Copper Tul,.tog and S:a.t. rod,
AU kinlo, of 13mtts and Iron lied. 'ruble and Nola CAsrOßs.
for by the EA( iLE etoMPANY . Mice
Stout and ♦lard.
Mint3;:tr.k.v.r. nod cclwlrnuic dralczn to MOOTS S. SllOll. ,
1 , • , r It. I Ow only patv••••1 Arr - rh:ne in the roaarrY
f r .., ! phe hull of oak !aathrr. and irnin
fly Wort purl gt the poly. 11.011111irill) Int. it. ikt•ti
aUtt n a l‘..ted Milt warranted 1,, r,,n
aY and Ti. ,e aat . stnrt)an Order. faldre‘aed to Ow
, rota:tt 11: 01i M hl Al
:r.l Ferry .11,c1.
Leather and Finding Stores.
M. ARMS - 11MM; k soAs. No 64 at.. nu.i -
ry sl I
loroorlerS "bIII . 11,1 - o , a+l, JiL.t gailoort• t•
F.: l . ) t l "Aft[Jicii)DFßlßs", itnoorier, of :.•;hoc arul al
I•r 111 3.4 /•• rimoruilriur,r.. art, IV% 1111 I cry d. rro, N 4,
t". P ,, e71 \r.ll. York Art , rterv,ve I..i.ortrorru of gul
loons 810 •fll,boor,
I . *AT4AN k CO. manotbruirers Mairlirs nod
Illriel,tte, pin lip in um w•nnirn and paper boxes nod all
Jo•• wLI by us urn 34"/Irriimell cliniair lot
In Th. mislMlHrturf,l Mid., the eharg• of Mt
Jni-iii• Ita•'k• 6qr rhrnita for A I Isiorld Xo . 2ial I'mol
sit•••'t. enrilt•C rit)11.11 silent.
H. A- H LEE'S : marminetory Intel ‘s-nrerr.nert.: of flours awl
4'1.11 , 11.1 Puouturr, It F. 11110,1 be% /NM lkficau.,
Otlotamn, Ace,
INSLEY'S IN fl DAG Ul- - .121r - 4 iT ftwoolway.
r.•drtr street. lopposn.• tir.• ra) Fluty). N "r.) orr• ce ,
1.1 rut..l th . rotaghemit th.• world. fur tloor tres!otty, ditratoloy,
211.1 I' rrtrie rhenpur•ss.
Hagler@ Celebrated Cola Pens
A "(1 & co.) 4/ I•jrwolvray, (up stror.lmantriarto
r.,x ni thri r es. r pointed gold pens owl pet0.,14. The trade,.
• tpid, Ant tlo• lows rata..
I). : 4 ‘‘ 11.1.1.; MS. wholesale dealer in lints, rapt, u
Ipcd, te 1. 1 ks•.. g 4 ntul parst..)x. 391 P,,
f•• I „+rll ,• r I.nile LosverLl inn rket priers.
PLA•I-r tint sit, favorer. told I knlcr
torrien and pr r .Tnr., „tr A .
1 , ;41 r •ri Robilt.on at rvet.
Cu.% ,-t;.‘tm inantifnettirrr of gine. hair whips.
!•a:r, n•-ntA foot prl. lte.. ate., N 0.2. Platt Are, t. Ali
111/ band SUpCIIIO, 1111)...
Lamps t Lamps I t
Ilen..N't , I`,•rmtt Sait.tu iJorrom (ILA., Fot. - x - r UN CA 'III . IIENT.
f •..41-.. i 4
~- • They • I. woro•I AO tilt lolWl, . manufacturcd h)
.1 (I. t . ,. , 17i ulion .tror•t
~ .E. S. TI inpsonlan 4:, Botanic Depcst.
IL;WLN t' II Es' EIL tip- John 0.. ••• holosah• ticaler in Thom
+oh, n tint? Hot:tine tnedtemcn, Shakers herbs. tnedtcal books
iihko,t %,,in.. .yclaavnt. d i stt I I escl unit-tic, .. r t rm• 1 1... 0 111LITICUL/ 1 .
;ty ruts and t, tic rand?) of n mph-and comi.ftuoot inell.t.corp:
it. 1a II kvio ili 14010111 C .100,1 Th.. trad, ..nippl,t4l at 111 e
1001 . 10 011114,1 pril,ll,
Titc,m.ts rn-:.% F GrtnO„N:F.. Importer of And irlruler
I A 1,111111) a n d Pnn..r and Ale, 1..4.01 / I Al. and
Clurarrpagne lirondava).
RI:V ti I f 'HR.% frs vtarr atm , . Prt.t.a---Priro la. 2a. and I',
r hnl. retail Oriii•la (ene.loaini. email j and moo to Tamaoli)
•IL 1 ' 34 D-. 96 Jl. l lll br, will prompt attention.
H E:RI EX C IA W. wholesale dealer to woolen ware, bas
ket, broom. mall., cordage. twine*, Nik info op, matches. &C
orbsvare arid Antercati neat*: No .1," Fal st.
. Browns L Wooden Ware.
r SMITH. has rinoorial tiota Ms old stand. 19.
to No 25 Fulton. eorner W airy *taro. Eh* old
PU/Iti tr Lett/ by ill. W. Smith. in the name of - South a:
For rilellp,
lOM doz. Panned 11X10-nests Tabs, ectlar nod painted.
limonetiaisse'd. 1101 doz. Brushes. assorted
Al al a lulre assortment of all - Si:Ms of wood and *editor-
Myttle. logs. ate. Also. anent liar the sale of
curled t *al, at uuounacturer's poces. at lei Fulton, coo XV ate r
NI Wll.l-11113. ran Chatham. corner of Mulberry. otfera far
Fait. an A,. orate roma* en excellent and extenikan wort
mein otl./edis, Redineaja Feather*. ate. 411 A
Premiums Awarded to, Levi Brown,
By the American Institute par Cold Peas.
- •
TN 1840 r—A Silver Medal for Soperior Gold Pens.
1 1841—A Diploma fen GuM Pens.
1842—A Diplonva for nosheateold Pens.
• 1843—J1 Diploma for the best Gold Pens.
1844—A Diploma for superior Oold Pens. .
1845—A Silver Medal for lbe best Gold Pons.
1846—A Silver Medal for the bon Gold Pens.
This in to certify, that the above is • true copy front
the reionis of the American Institute 4
Foos Rec. Net. of the American Institute.
The Graefenherg Vegetable 118,
Twenty thousand boxes sold each and every 'Week I
- .
notice, that P. C. INGERSOI,L, Elmira, for Che•
mutig, Tompkins, Cayuga. Beneat, Ontario; Allegheny.
Yates, and tteuben counties. N. Y.; and for Briulfortl,
Warren, Crawford, no rm Potter, MlCeen, Erie,-Clin
ton, Center, Ind Wyoming. counties, Penn.
The General Agent is fully prepared to appoint sub-
Agents wherever there is no branch of the Company ;
either on personal application, or by mail, post petit.—
'The rapid sale of these celelvted pills end the extraor
dinary cures they are constantly effecting, render them,
by f ir, the most popular pill of the age. An Agency
yi 11l consequently he very valuable.
The Graefenhen3 Pills are inconceivably superior to
any ever before discovered. In all bilious complaints :
in general derangement of the system . in all disorders
which result from a bad state of the blood, these hitb
arc a sovereign remedy.
In the lass of disease called chronic, the Graefenberg
Pills achieve their highest triumphs., Here they defy
all competition. tra Wring within the hidden recesses
of the gystem, they quietly butenrely purify the blood,
root out disease, and give tone and vigor to the body.
Cures arz constantly effected by these Pigs, in cases
where every other means had completely failed. The
most abundant proof of this could be given, but a trial
of one box Will convince the patient. They can be or
dered and sent by mail, at trilling expense. The price
is 25 cents a box. Where two dollars worth are order
ed, and the money remitted, the Colippany will pay the
postage on the pills. Remittanceirat the Company's
risk. 14 herever there is no agenty , of the Company,
they ran he ordered by nail.
'Mete Pills ore taking the place of alkolliers, and
no sick person shonkl be without then). "
All bilious complaints-, bowel complaints,' cons:tips.
tion. dyspepsia, fever and ague, headache, jaundice,
vercomplaints, rheumatism, a ll stomach complaints,
green sicknerat, tcse.: &c., yield at once to these Pills.
They purge away offensive humors, arrest the progress
of disease, and at the same time restore tone . and vigor
to the system. In easce of gencral.derangement of the
health, they arc xorercign.
By their nse,-the weak will become strong; the pale
and bilious complexion he restored to a perfectly fresh
and healthy color; all the bad symptoms will one by
one disappear.
In short, these Pills are an inconceivable advance
upon any other medicine ever before offered to the pub.
lic„A trial will satisfy any one of this.
In addittm to the above, may be found at the nu
merous depots of the Company, ,the following incom
parable medic
The Gra
The attention of those suffering from disease, arc ru•
ocularly inv4to examine and decide for tiletriselvet
The following named persons are duly authorize ,
agetitA in Bradford f'oun't', for the sale of the about
medicines from the Graefenberg Company:
N. N. Betts, Towanda; Daniel Bailey & Son, Le
raysville ; D. B. Cotton, Litchfield ; J. V. Daniels, Bur
lington ; J. M. Racial!, Wells; David. Gardner, Athens;
Theodore Harding, Union and Canton ; A. L. Merritt,
Wells ; Mix & Storrs. Standing Stone ; C. T. Murphy
Ridgberry ; George Nichols,' Rome; T. M. Pike . , Ul
ster; Rogers and Fritcher, Athens ; Henry Russell,
WindhanyrStacy & Tozer, Springfield ; B. Buffing
ton, South Warren. toy
THE subscribers subscribers still continue
to manufacture and keep on hand
at their old stand, all kinds of cane
end wood seat CHAIRS; also
SETTEES of various kinds, and
BEDSTEADS at every descrip
tion, which we will sell low for
cash or Produce, or White Pine
lumber, White woad. Bass wood,
or Cucumber cl air plank. or 4 by
4 Scantling 13 feet long—either Buttonwood,llasswood
or Maple, will also be receiwill fur our work. ,
. Turning - done to order in the neatest manner.
Towanda, Feb. 22. 19f7.
Y'" -16k_ •JIL iti "11.7 AL ARV 4131...:1- •
2 ' 331 ' 2 ' 2 I.2l‘laV)
I:SPECTFL 1,1.1 informs the citizens of 'rowan
da, and the public gencrally that he is prepared to
execute in the neatest style all descriptions of ,
House. Sip), Coach or carriage Paintikg. or
Trimming and et.ery variety of rani!'
and Ornamental Painting.
From his long experience and the many specimens of
his prbductions now in use. he entertains a nattering -
hope that by close application to his profession, and
being prompt to order be may secure a suitable share of
public pautiniagr. lie may be found at all times at the
Uhair Factory of Tomkins & Makinson, where he will
be on hand to attend to the calls of those who may want
his sere ccs. PER-11.ltir:ING dime on short ;to
lice. in a superior manner and reasonable terms.
Towanda, July 6, 1547. ly4
A . Woolen Futon at Home,
subscribers take pleasure in announcing to the
citizrns of Bradford county and vicinity, that they
have leased foi a term of years the building situate in
Wyalusir" , township, and knownas Ingham's Factory,
and which they are now fitting up with maehitiery and
apparatus for the manufacture of broad and narrow
cloths, flannels, dce., in superior style and on the most
reasonable terms. Those wishing to have wool menu
factored upon shares will 'find it to their advantage to
give them a call, as they arc determined that no pains
shall be spared to give the most perfect satisfaction.
They work Wool into Broad or narrow dressed cloths
for one half the cloth, or if preferred. they will manu
facture by the yard as follows:—Broad cloths for from
$1 to $1.25 ; Narrow cloth, from 44 to 50 cts.• Other
articles manufactured for proportionate prices.
Wool carding and cloth dressing will be done on
short notice and reasonable terns They will be pro-
pared for business on or before th@ first of June next.
Wyalosing, April 25, 1841. HALL (St HILL.
/VIFIE subscribers are a little later than usual this
spring with their extensive stock of merchandim;
but what the good people of Bradford county have lost
by our delay, we will now endeavor to make up to thee
In the quantity, quality and price of our goods.
We are now on hand with the LARGEST, BEST
AND CHEAPEST stock of goods in Towanda, bought
exclusively for cult, and since the great reduction in
prices. Our stock consists as usual of
Dry Goods, Groceries. Crocker:4, Hard
ware, Drugs and Medicines.
For further particulars look along through the paper.
We need not say •' Call and examine our Goods," for
we know that every body WILL call at No. 3, before
purchasing elsewhere. WM. H. BAIRD & CO.
Juno 15, 1847.
Canter of alafst and Bridge Streas.
- 11_45T OPENING, at the corner of Main & Bridge
street, a well-selected assortment at new and lash
ionable DRY GOODS, which will he sold unusually
lois for ready pay. The stock consists in part of
Satinett, flannel, gingham, alpacca, the cheapest lot of
prints] in town, edgings, inserting., Swiss and cam
bric muslin., linsry, canton flannel, drilling,
bleached and brown muslin, (not to be
surpassed) ticking, chock, cashmere,
cotton, wool and buck gloves,
cotton hose, suspenderi,
• Getman handdrehrs ,
cotton and pongee _ hdkf's,
gingham cravats, plaid shawls,
wool comforters, cotton tapes, patent
thread, sewing silk, cotton balls, packs
pins, needles, spool cotton, hooks and eyes,
suspender, shirt and metal buttons, with many car
er articles, usually found in a store. not mentioned.
The public sre invited to call and examine the stock
before purchasing elsewhere; as they will be solilchear
er than at any other establishment in town.. ,
Towanda, Nov. 11. H. O'H A RA.
ROCERY'S, in the country, can be supplied with
ki all articles in their line, on the moat reasonable
terms, at je I 6 - No. 1, BRICK ROW.
Alla Compound;
,tion ;
nd Ague Pills;
' t •
- ass
dlltiltPLW .
111. MUM
FOR the cure of DEAFNESS, pains, and the dup.
charge of matter-from the ears. Also all those dill
agreeable sounds, like the buzzing of it sects, falling of
water, whizzing of steam, &c., 4e., which are symp
toms of approaching deafness, and also generally atten
dant with the disease. Many persons who have been
deaf for ten, fifteen, and even twenty years, and were
obliged to use ear trumpets, have, after using one or two
bottles, thrown aside their trumpets, being made perfect
ly well. Physicians and Surgeons highly - recommend
its use. -
The very great number of happy results that have fol
low& the use of SCA RPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL, have
been truly astonishing. And what is wonderful, some
who were deaf from birth, have been so much improved
as to hear common conversation very readily.
It would be the height of presumption to warrant
cure in all cases, bot in nine cases out of ten of recen
date, there is a certainty that the results will be most
happy and satiscfatory to the patient. The application
of the oil preknces no pain, but nn the contrary an agree:
able and pleasant sensation. The recipe for this media
tine has been ootained from an Aurist of great repots.
non, who has found that deafness, in nineteen eases out
of twenty, was produced froln a want of action in the
nerves of hearing, or a dryness in the ears; his object
therefore was to find something which would create a
healthy condition in those parts.' After a long series of
experiments his efforts were at last crowned with sue.
eess, in the discovery of this preparation, which has re
ceived the name of SCA RPA'S COMPOUND A CO LS
TIC OIL. A long list of certificates might he given,
hut such is the confidence in the medicine, and so high
has been its reputation, that but one of them will be at
present published :
Most Ezr114011111:11:CJIRT Ccnt;!—A 14.1 y in Smith
field, Brad. Co., Pa.. and now about eighty years of
age ; had . heen gradually getting deaf for more than 40
years, so that it was next to impossible to make her hear
conversation in the loudest tone of voice. Last winter
sho was induced to try .• 'Scarpa's Oil fur. Deafness." It
is only necessary to add that she used two bottles, and
is perfectly restoreil—she is cured. Any information
in regard to the case may be obtained at the store of Dr.
Jayne, No.B, South Third street, Philadelolxia.
For sale by A. V. CH .A 13 Ell LIN, Towanda, Pa;
only agent for Brafford county.
.4 Very Important arnerntenication
Al all rimr. .
1F YOU ARE SICK, -get cured : if well. employ
-"measures to continue so. Every individual indul,res
in habit., which tnuat, to a greater or les , er extent, di.,
arrange-the admirable and intricate combinations which
form the system, and consequently
array INI/JVlPL
shou!d possess some arthhytrt t u.. and ae
cre-dtted agent for pres.n‘urg all the functions oldie body
good orier.
will achieve this result, and should be . in every family,
and in the hands of every person. who by business, pro
fession or general course of life, is predisposed to the ve
ry many little ailment, that render life a curse, lowest]
or a blessing, and finally result, in their aggregated con
dition, is the cause
The Bitters here mentioned are compounded by a
man of great skill and knowledge, from the simple Na
ture presents to those who care to hod them, and which
are the only reliable antidotes-to the poison of disease.
The chief ingredients.are the universally-beloved Sar
saparilla and the B-irk of the Mid Cherry. Tree, with
which the red man of the forest cures nearly every die.
ease of the internal organ. These materials, though
powerful in their action, are, as common sense teaches
and prepared as they are here, one of the grealr4
np•,-alitra in the inhabitable globe. Hy Wang
these are - ryas, the srraluktix may be restored to beau
ty, and avoid the sharp knife or the surgeon ; for du.y
nut only eradicate pimples and tumors, but overcome
Whoever is subjected to the horrors of Cwiniatia,',.),
should at once purchase this sure remedy. In the train
of Costiveness follow dreadful local cong,cx:a.ns. ”fren r
nines insanity. very frequently ~.ania
violent headachnt, palpitations, and other affections of
the heart and rheu tootle swelling". Dr. Wood's Com
pound is one of the most efficient medicines in routing
the complaints, and their fountain head, that ran possi
bly be procured.
From being confined in close rooms, and from taking
a small modicum of etercise, numerous persons daily
are made to deplore a lncs nfapprtilr,painfulhradarhrs,
turalmesi — of the muss Ica, languor, Irani of rnergy
sufficient to permit them to seek recreation, &c. !It--
These persons say for years, that they `'.l.on't feel very
well." If they do not employ a method by which they
can feel quiTc. WELL, thty eventually sink under a se
vere lit of illness. and arc
only by a miracle, and even then the tuned, kerb, GIL,.
tee find ralotnel have left thecri mere shattered bulks, full
of aches and corrows, and 'not only a petit to themselves,
but a source of disgust and annoyance to all with whom
they come in contact. All these
may be avoided by an early application of the virtues of
these Birraits. For the truth of this, the proprietor
pledges his word and honor, anti in evidence can show
files of undoubted certificates which he has received, un
solicited from all musters.. He does not, however, ask
the invalid to swallow his:certificates, but his Brrrsns,
and is willing to stake all Ile holds dear on earth in fa
vor of their worth.
in either a modifier] or serer fm In, will disappear be
fore the qualitie. of Dr. Wood's preparation, and the
cure may be relied on as a permanent one. Did the
BIT-rens posse's no other recommendation, it would
be one of the finest vegetable compounds medical sci
ence can invent ; but it is equal to the complete eradi
cation of
in even , shape, and of every affection, minor or giksnif ic,
of the biliary apparatus. Individuals who are constitu
tionaily.billious ought regularly to take this mild agreea
ble (and excellent -roam •tn A PT.R I L as it will dif
fuse health throughout every fibre of the frame, - and
send happiness and love of life thrilling to the heart,--
Families might la ,larp aon hand.
Every medicine chest on board of ship should also he
well stocked with this capital remedy, as SCURVY
canitpt.afflict those who take it, or long resist its vigor
ous asaaults. Au. imPIALITI LS 0 F TILE auxin vanish
before it, and the old relics of earlier imprudence is/va
riably disappear, soon after being submitted to its action.
Every complaint of the stomach is broken by it. Tun
BITTlue have in no instance failed of curing J AUX amt..,
OLSICIIAL ILLOILITT every disorganization of
By neglecting the little inroads made upon the latter
a vast portion of our fellow beings are rendered ca.tleme
ly miserable—so miserable indeed, that they wi-h to .lio.
Every bottle of "Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla and Wad
Cherry Hitters," contains a ta.,thetua of joy and content
for each of these anxiJus and imprudent gull - cress. Re
member that an injudicious use of merenty is inevitably
prodnetivo'ef many evils which are' ther! by this
glorious and unsurpassable eon pound ; and that afflic
tions which are
may emeeday and safely heshuiiled ntriticough its agen
cy. As a medicine which must benefit
from the SINIPLT delicate to the ercsrisso Aso DES
VAIDINO INVALID, DO equal is to. be found for it.
would, be well to bear in mind that preventive is infi
nitely more deskable that cure and that Dr. Woad'*
Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry Bitter* ARE ROTH.
Put up and sold in huge bottle*, at sl,.by wyArr
& KETCHUM. Wholesale and Retail Agents, 121
Fulton St. N. Y., HUSTON 4 LADD, Towanda, and
by druggist generally throughout the, U. 8. 5
and the Green Mountain Vegetable Oinlme,T,for
sak by the subscriber, only agent for the town and bo-
rough of Towanda. d 22 N. N. BETTS.
LADIES! I SAY, LADIES! ! If Yott have made
up your minds to boy a nice dress, cloak or shawl
thi s season, don't fail to call at N 0.3, Brick Robs, where
yon can find the moat,beat and cheap* articles in that
line, that is kept in town, besides all kinds of trimming..
Rememlwr, call at not t BAIRD'S.
c ... 3 / 4 tzwr - -31
,_ ‘...,,.......!..4, . . - ; 10 .
___l i NYE de CO., wouldre
-1 "--hi:_ - ! - A - -• .. spectl inform the eititens of Tow.
\ i , zo4
7 ;- -- -n. -- -- - `-' - -....."-W- . antra the public generally, that
r,.......„ Ithey haste on band & manufacture
at . -I f ; . Ito older all Made of CABINET
744' 4u sir - `-,...,.... i i m t
... _' ' FURNITURE, of the best mate
a NB nals, and workmanship that cannot
be surpassed, in addition to the usual
assortMent in country shops., we will keep on hand-and
make to eider SOFAS, of various and moat approved
patterns ; Sofa Rocking Chairs, upholstered in superior
style, and for ease and durability, cannot be' surpassed
(teen in our large cities. Also; the half French Ma
hogany Chair, beautifully upholstered, with curled - hair.
which never loses its elasticity, and finished with 'tbe
best hair seating. We flatter ourselves that having
bad much experience in the business, we shall be able
to satisfy all who may feel disposed to call, both es to
quality and 'price, and by strict attention to business
hope to met it and receive the patronage of a liberal com
munity. . . L. M. NYE & CO.
Towanda, September I, 1845,
-- -- - - - - ,
MAY BE HAD at our shop mach lower than it 1
has ever been sold in Towanda. Goods are
cheap, and wheat am lowered, and that is the reason we
can afford all for to do it. All kinds of produce will
be received in payment. Also, LUMBER of all kinds.
Sept. I. 1.. M. NYE 4 CO.
: elf://Z3" .11i_4` . .11f .191116456
tlyll .1. be kept on hand a Inge assortment, and
made to order on shorter notice and for less mo
nerttuin can be produced at any other establishment in
the land: Those who are under the necessity of pro
curing.that article will and shall be satisfied. A good
hearse and pall may be had in attendance when desired.
September 1, 0345. - 1.. M. NYE & CO.
,t I C A:a - ,f3 . _r. 78 : : :: 1 A •(i T OA7 1 ,
In Towanda.
HM. BAKER reipectfullyinforin• the public that
• he trait plinruenctul the - tifiA VE-STONE but.i-
Ress. in all itafie*nchea, at Towanda, where he will be
ready at all times to attend to all calla inritililine:'"
Monuments, Tomb-tables, Grove-stones p , of
(Ter!, description, 4-c.,
made to order, and furnished ax cheap as WORK and
MARBLE of the same quality can be•obtained at any
shop in the country.
He invites the public to call and examine His work
and materials, hoping to merit their patronage by strict
attention to business, and by superior workmanship and
good marble. •
LETTER-CUTTING done with neatness and des
patch, in the -latest style.
un Main sireet. nort. , door to T. F.,;ltutt . 7: store,
arrd'airee 13, i 47, 5. 11041.
Tuytantia,,,Nlarth 17. 1117. 4(?).
FEN T 4)1 - .:sA N 1) l'Elts( 0;:;
rr If 1T HAVE USED DR. 1:P11.1M 4 : 4 EI,ErTr.
1 A It 1" fur the PILEs. CHRONIC.DvsENTA RI.
COSTIVENESS, have given their certrticates of cures
made by ita uae, when all other rernedieshave faded, and
be voprietors are ROW prepared to offer
to any persons afflicted with Piles, and all diseases of a
similar nature, or which are found in conjunction with
the Piles, if a cure is not alkected by Ahe nye of
it is an INTLIOPA L REM apt, not an external application,
and will cure any case of Piles, either bleeding or blind,
internal or external, and the only thing that will. There
is no mistake about it. It is a positive cure, speedy and
permanent It is also a convenient medicine to take,
and improve the general ;health in a remarkable man
ner. It is very mild in its opperinions, and may be ta
ken in cases of the most acute inflammation, without
danger. All external applications are in the highest de
gree disagreeable, inconvenient and offensive ; and from
the very nature of the 'disease, temporary in their cflects.
This medicine attacks the disease at its f aiiince, and
removing the cease, renders the :mre certatn and
. perma
neut. .. •
Although the Elerituary was originally prcpared tor'
the cure , orPiles. yet 'it has proved itself to be a (mat
'rine far superior ro all others, in all diseases of an in
drounat..ry character, with a determination of blood to
ally particular part or organ. In Inflammation and
Confections .0i the Liver and Sp!, en; Inflammation,
Soreness and Ulceration of the Stornache. Bowels. Kid
neys and Bladder : kpflammatory and Mercurial nett
matisan, it is the best medicine ever discovered,
; For all Impurities of the Blood, arising ftomlhe't m
prudent'use of Mercury, or other causes ; for all
113SCs of the skin and scrofulous affections ; in all cases
where the blood is powerfully determined to the head,
producing dizziness and distress, Dr. Upham's Electuary
is coirely unrivalled.
'l'l4 TA RRIED LA DI E:3,
Married ladies are almost invariably subject to that
painful and injurious disease, the Piles, with consequent
inflammation of the Stomach, llowels, : and Spine, weak
ness of the Oar k, flow of the blood to the head, &v.—
The I..:eetuary is perfectly safe fik pregnant ladies and
the most useful Cathartic that can possibly be used, and
it will not only remove the Piles 'and inflammatory
diseases without pain or irrigation, but will ensure an
easy time. a safe delivery, arid a sound constitution in
the otTspring.
RAH W A 1", June 16, 1847.
I have been affixted for rears with. the Piles, and
have tried, without anything like permanent benefit, al
most everything assuming the NAM F. of a remedy. I
had, as a matter of course lost all confidence in medi
cine. Under this feeling, I was induced—not without
reluctance, I confess—to use A "I'S ESECTI:• r."
and having used it for about three weeks according to
the directions laid down, I find, to my utter surprise as
well as satisfaction, that every symptom of the disease
has left me. I think it due alike to Dr. Upham and
myself to make this statement.
G. W. NcI,EAN, late of the is S. N.
DR - .l4'HAM—Ds i a Sun.—Arent five years ego I
was afflicted with what was called Chronic Dysentery.
I have suffered with it ever since, and physiciani have
told me that my liver was affected, and that ray bowels
were ulcerated. for blood and pus, attended with a pe
culiarly putrid smell, were the frequent discharges. A
'hart time since I made a visite to Massachusetts, in
hopes of benefit from a change of air, but suffered more
severely than ever before: 'While there a physician of.
fered to cure me for $4O, in three months. Happily, in
the midst of intense pain, occasionally relieved by Mud
annm. I saw in the wrapper of your,Electunry, me perfect
description of my complaint, together with many certifi
cates of cures, This gave ma great confidence in the
medicine, and I purchased a box, and nine doses of
which has apparantly cured me-, and I am prepared to
say every thing in its favor, or render any 'service I can
to humanity by subscribing to its merits.
Respectfully Yours,
BENIAMENT PERCIVAL, 89 South Sixth st.
Sold Whokimle and Retail by %V\ATT&-KETCH
-I'M. 121 Pulthn St. N. Y, HITSTUN & I. %DO
wanda, and by drugges-t generally throughout the
Price $l. a brr. NOTWE.—The zettuitio Eleutuary
thug ( . ;:r A. Upham M, 11.) Ili hand ta'alsu done
with a pen.
No, I. Brick Rw r again in the Field
t...tla I_l AS just returned from the city
...Fie- . -LA- of New-, York with a large
( . ~....1 1 .. ii p ,, , ,, ,i t y w o a f re Wa c t o c m he p a r , i Jewelry
g n
Dt the following articles :—Lever.
,--.--„, • ~-;:. L'Epine and Plain Watches, with
.• -
.3)b h , ,-- , --., a complete assortment of Gold
Jewelry, such as Ear. Rings, Fin
ger Rim ;a; Breast Pins, Bracelets, Lockets, Gold chains;
Gofd Pens, Keys. etc. Mao, all sorts of Silverware,
and any quantity of Steel Beads--all of which he offers
for sale excenedingly cheap for CASH.
Watches repaired on short notion, and tvarrarded
to run well,'oi the money will be refunded, and a writ-
ten agreement given to that effect if wired..
N. B.—MAPLE SUGAR, and -,
onntry Produce
taken in payment for work ; and alyi. kern now, and
forerer, that the Produce intssite p p d when Me work
is done--I war against credit in all iti forms.
W.A. CH .A.M BEttLIN,. Agent.
Towanda, April 'ZR, 11417. .
Elmira, Corning - Buffalo `Line,
.Ftni 11947.
THE Proprietors of the above Line will Continu e to
wan it Line of Passage Boats between ELMIRA,
CORNINGteini BUFFALO,. for the accommod at i on
of Emigrants and Families, moving Westeaffording fa.
allities not.benaolirre offered to the Etnigrant, from this
section of New York, Pennsylvania,
The Boats of this Line are of the FIRST-CLASS,
fitted and furnished with all the convenience andei
commodation of PACKETS, commanded by I:aperients
ed Captains, and towed by relays of Horses.
Duribg the season 'of 1847, .one of the above' Boats
will leave Corning and Elmira every week in the fol
lowing order:
Conatao,every Monday evening, at 6 o'clock; P: M.
ever Monday eveningi at 6 o'clock, P. M.
Towing down Seneca Lake every Thursday morn
ing, touching at Big Sweatt", Lodi, and Dresden, and
leaving Bnffalo for Coming and Elmira, every Wednes
day morning. ,
FOR FREIGHT OR PA* SAGE, apply to Captain
on Board, or to '
Wm. Mallory, Corni.
8. B. Strang & Co, Elmira.
Wintermote & Tattle, Horseheads
A. Nash, Havana.
L. G. Townsend, Big Stream.
Woodworth & Post, Lodi.
Price dc Holly, Oenero.
Gay & Sweet, Waterloo.
I. Shoemaker, Seneca Falb.
Baker Sr Ron, Montezuma.
H, Wright, &chafer.
H. Niles, Buffalo.
Elmira, Corning and Buffalo Line ,
2. 2 . 1- 11 E W,1141Y0
- 1 - 2oAT ROME, CAPT. H. W. THOMPSoN,
13 connected witfilbia line, (see advertisement in an
other column. will leave Elmira on Tuesday, 14th inst
and on „every alternate Tuesday thereafter, during tl .
season. sepls .
New Tailoring Establishment, ,
Corner cl Aria and Bridge sts. over H. (11115 t....
t ' : Boot .mod Shoe tore.
:1 F: S PE(rPFULL Y . informs the citiiens oi TOtrafl
-1 11 , da. and : the public generally,' at he has commeric
eil the Tai(oritt holiness, at the corner of Main and
Bridge sts., in the shall , recently occupied by Mark t'.
Arnoht, where he solicits those in . want of Tailoring,
to rive hin-4 rill. r
!laving keen employed in the most fashiorrible eetai..-
h-hments I h Philadelphia and elsewhere, and being de
ti riniimil to spare no pains to please, customers mss
depend upon having their work done promptly and in
s iz-iil style as can he had at any shop in town. Ail
work yr:of - awl:4 wen made and to fit.
iii' Claim! done cheap and warranted.
Towam:a. A iteust 30, 1 IR i i.
~ .~
TOMS" , W. WILCOX, having purchased the inte
rest of his late partner, respectfully inforrnalhe pah.
lie that be may still be found at the old Stand, near 'F.-
P, Woodruffla tavern, where he still solisits a shore of
public patronage. He intends, by a careful ;election
of stock, and ki attention to the interests of his casto:
mere to make as neat end durable work as can-he ma
ndfactured in this pit of the ce.nntry.
He-will keep . constant'y nn hand, and manufarttire
in order, 5 1 1 , ,rocen, ('elf and rloCre BlwiSll,ll
Ladies G al' frtf Sha.s and sl.j.Y ;
Gent's Gaiieru and-Pumps, fee. , •
in- Country Produce, of most ileseriptiiins,i4ti in
payment for work, at the market price. •
Towanda, .Btiaitst 30, 1847.
f,D , `; - • ; -
t -1- •
Tlatt 31tdirnl Farutiy in 3rins l , -- -- •
Dr. Carter's tofolii.blc Rfiimly for
Time and "tize bf 1i0! , ,r cab . rily
at the option of the patifid:
THE above medicine can be-tound at all time. at tNe
new establishment of CARTER k S - NI:II.I,XY,
together with an entire new• arid fresh stoekof 1:110 9 -
CE comprising every thing to their hne. such
as Tea. Copse, Sugar. Tobacco. Pepper, Spice. Choco
late, Cocoa, 'Citron, Figs, Raisin.. &e., and an male.:
variety of _other articles " too numerous to mention:
all of which will be sold as low as the same can
bought west :of the Empire city. We also offer the
moat splendid assortment of French. English and Ge ,
man TOYS., ever before bffereti in Northern
vania. together with it full assortment of Nuts. Confer
titularies:, Yankee Notions, Fancy, glas.wam
must and I.\ suit wit° quilllv and pri e.
t)rt. 12. 18-17! CARTER &
r& R. 8AN ... 15,'
NJ • City LoNcion. have opined a sh,p. rn 111: 4
second story of the new Brick blocl., erected by Barlett
Kingsbery, on xtirel, where they are prepanil to
execute alt orders in their lisle with accuracy & dc,.puch,
From their long and ricnrous instruction , in the an.
and their extensive experience as Foremen, in (h a ' ts-st
shops in London. they fest perfectly competent at being
able to please the most fasudion. twin% and to execute
their work in such substantial and finished style, as to
give aatisfaction to their customers.
(rP.Calting done to order, and warranted to fit
properly maide up. G. H.
Towanda, Oct. 12.1;417. t 3 IL DNVI.-;
What are you about here' Aral ye; Yes, I guns so ;
TNOUrr•ANDs of times the question has twen askd.
Where on earth are all the Bal)11.7 ii I Shi,rs
nufietured that supply the continual rush at the isorr
of Main laid Br ides. streets O'Hara anse ers tht t't s
is the plain, and these are the thiflizs vie '
. e. . .
• .
. "Fiellpr?:, , -•••-,..._
% ' 4 ", i '.•' -•
. '
• -:-...i - - -4.3:;•."7.1• - Screutu rltren 0 , ,,-1%) ,1 5i
tvtry Iwo m - ,,•1: , •••
a t e,. - --
-7 . -7-;; ---,-,,
Hear ye ! hear ye ! and understand, that 0 . 11u.50l
the corner of Main andßridgesirects, will sell at ft 1A:1
tai' " 1 " 41 "- 39 .7 31 _paiif Boots, Shoe-:,rid 13r 0 C 3 r ,
at a less juice than ever was or probably c‘er pill la ^ l '
lured again in Towanda. - • . •.
The Ladies' Department ,in this est.iblishitaint
richly furnished with fashrOns. Ladies'. m iss , 0 1
childix-Ws fancy and common boots and sIX - 3. e" 9 1.
the extremity of the latest fa6hton4. Mistake not tl! ,
place —Corper of Main and Bridle btreet,a, th , ''', V
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trade for Butter. 'll . ff. 011.11Z.1.
Towanda. June 16, 1617.
Ai T. A if( E at.ortment of 'Broad, Cloths..
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Towanda, Ndv. 3. Iclo. . •
FVGES h GINLPS, a all kinds . ; 130 '7
and other tritnintrigs fur .11dies .
Terms of the Bradford
Two 'Jailers and Ally cents per annum Fr err ern °
deducted if paid within the year ; and for CA S)1 actu
ally in advance: Osra bOLLAIII Will be deducted
Subscribers at liberty to discontinue at any lime
Paying arrcarages. Most kinds of Cot-True I' moat r
received in payment, at the market price: t.
Advertisements, not exceeding a square. of twel
lines, insertedfor fifty cents ; every subsequent mm'
twenty+five cents. A disicounttnaile t: yearly ailretr 6lls
Jos , Pats'iltrri, of every- description. neatly st,d
!seditiously executed on new and fashionable tyre.
Letters out Inisinees pertaining to the Alec mu.stol
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