Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, November 03, 1847, Image 4

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WMZIT: I ;/../TO thtdill marsotta:SitAidaWd
41 0 1 U04144.0 wheat, we would •t .o*ititifjfii,
si o xf*Absysiaulabeiliniduit,gbq Imo
per' focrototirot pnivediationarfixo , ihey-entunlit
Iheir:sied to it. :There - is 11:10' . firlelitritiV:ettenit.
cioeilltet may not bercauea t 9 a e
fepnated used of the roller andhartow.: Their ?Ted
living i n geod order, no tithe stiaidd lin iota in rowing
the : for tlia prrixtrationYthi stet, qeaeityy"
seed-per nocantLereey Ottler particulou. relative to
tho=propor seeding of wheat we bewto refer id our
remarks 'and advice •es Oigained bet 'Month's
ijonmals, ,
Rve,..- - We Mist every man who intends to. groW
Ain last iruP and flourishing: but if there should
be any who lame ueglected to, ut it in at the right
time, which is Augustrwet wash' state that ire Mice
raised a very good erePOf Rye from 'a' field, which
'e sowed on the 24th of November:: Thp day. after
a n intense frost mune.ariti froze the earth. our rye
was ploughed in 4-inches deep and did not - make
it's- imearance Until the 10th day of the. following
March. We Mention - this fact to show that Bye may
be seen es late as the resent, tusdlater; not to en
courage any to delaydeing in October what should
hive been done in'August ; for we maintain that no
ifartner can prosper who loses sight of, the impor
tance of the, ride of doing all things at the right
'time .' 3
Posts .-.-Be carefi l . to gather your pumpkins
before they are injured by' the frost ;put them as-;ay
in some dry place where they can remain good wail
used up by your milelyeows and hop.
B a a s AND Sastraz......We mention these in , con
nection, las anion,g the - hest manufacturers of manure
to be found are hogs. As your pumpkins are now
fit to feed and there are lots of fallin apples in the
orchard; which will afford a supply of food for hogs,
• we would advise you to fix urfa pen to accommodate
your hogs at night. Haul as Many loads of loam
and leaves from ttis woods as will give you at least
a foot in depth.of such material over your hog-yard.
In spreading it, do "soas that centre is the lowest
point. • Canfine your hogs therein of a night, give
th.a good feed of pumpkins, refuse apples or
an other vegetable matter ,- and by the time you
be ready to commence the process of fatten
' ing l them, they niill have converted 'every load in
the-pen-yard iota good manure, so that you may re
move it, replace it with other raw materials and
set there to work anew.
' - CATTLE ANTI MILER C0W1 , 4611 that your cow
' yards are well provided with the raw materials to
be converted into manureihro ) the fall and winter.
Now is the time to commence the good work.
Have your raids 'Covered with some 2 or 3 feet in
depth of earth or mould and /eaves, so arranged
as to absorb the liquid • void ings of your sits k—in
every gallon of which there are the eletueitta of a
bushel of wheat.
Gnus.—Have yoUr grain threshed out at the ear
liest convenient time, in order that you may be in
a position to avail yourself of the rise of the market.
' We make this' remark naw in consequence of a
farmer friend havingtotd us some few weeks since
that he had lost the chance of the late high prices,
in censequeuce•of not having,fris grain, 1200 bushels,
ready for market. So meat for not doing things
at the -rigl t time. The difference between 'prices
now and r hat they Were in June last f would buy
his groceries and school his children for a year.
Farrwasto Hoes.—No one should delay putting
up their hograo fatten beyond the time when they
may have eaten up the acorns, as they take on fat
much faster when the weather is moderately warm
than when it is cold. Let no one failtoprovide hill
pen with good, warm and dry sleeping apartments.
Fame Taws.--Examine them, scrub them down
with a' brush dipt in weak ley, and:then give their
trunks a painting with a mixture made as follows;
I gallon soft soap, 1 lb. flour sulphur, and I quart
lama, to be - thoroughly mixed together.
_ - trostarso Srce or lat inns.—These' must re
,, wive additional feed and care, not forgetting that a
goodeerrfirre is equal to a quart of oats.
Morns° of OncuAans.;--GroUnds 'intended for
orchards should, •beaides being plowed, be sub
soil plowed. These operations being performed,
if the gronnd has' not already been limed, ifshould,
have from b 0 to 1001nreheli. to the acre spread on
it, when it will be in a condition to have the trees
j set out on it. The best manere to put in the hole
with the young tree would-be a compost made of
loam from the woods and the k scrapirgs of the road,
each tree to have about elation a'ashee spread on
she surfaciafter thelree is planted...
Surxr.—lf you hate not already denescr, provide
your sheep with comfortable ; sheds, and see that
they are suOlieti,:with dry beds throth the winter:
' Bccuwetter.—See that your buckwheat' is cut be
fore the frost takes it. Save the straw as yea will
need A before"the winter ie over , or we have been
greatly deceive& as to the quanity of hay 'that
been made.
. ~ Yorse . Sxoce.—These must be.,, cared for as the
rasTe3 get shcht. - . -
Roars of every kind must be gathered and' put
• away before any injury is dorterta them by the frost.
Coen STALIM—Make your arrangements so that
you will be- able to spare the time ae soon as your'
soar is gathered, toeut down, haul in, stow away. cornstalks.. lu them should your hay be defi
cient, you will End an excellent substitute.- If cut
ide inch pieces and esteametithey will make a very 1
good feed for cattle.
- Fescia.r-Examine and repair these r sts good fen
ce* keep up ther friendship between neighbOnt-
Chrnemets • of' every denomination should be
thoroughly cleaMed and - white-washed.
Fazz.. arm ,WIWTEIt Purtriner--Any stiff lands
thai you intend to put in crops next spring should
be ploughed through the fall and winter. You
must seize the tapper -t me to plough which is
what the gfornad" is neither wet nor dry. When
. plangbediin snchreonditiotrthefrost will benefit it
Ibtanuno.- r -.:111 stiff, wet, tenacious lands should
be drained, and the present is a good `month for
sneh• work. .1 main open drain 0143 feet in' depth,
en either side of a field, with coyoted drains at in
termits-of feet,ronneetA with the main drains.
would convert a.stiff, intractable, wet ctay • into a
friabierloami at save the expense,* the Increase
and quality of the•crop; the. very finst season,. be
sides which, it Will make the soil much earlier and
render it more - cosy to• be' worked.
GOOD Baacattro.--Pat one gallon of vinegar into
a moue lug ; add one pound , of ivory black, well
pialverised;halfa pound of loateugar; - balf an ounce
-of . , oil of vitriol, and one ouitte-of arrest oil in=
corporate the whole by ttirring.' Tat if stdacking
of a very great repute.
•Agepteaegierodm OZTV
eft.46.44Noilitimiti smaiiinipeetv , et lilt DIINDIDI
lereoll *Alm mok.4"
,apprit thigit
Idea**. at.4 "*lea et!
napenetieseai k'r P 4 O . sit)
uadait fully prepared in the aereralbraneilea. we anweapwr
written! friend& that DO PD:ALI A!! . . 100 TPSAIh IMPUkkliti tO
plrate'butli !Mind new eneglnilm •
-• • •• - , 4 44,41Va4,6,- , o'4 . 4 114
• EVE' P4'N tilfhatotA 14 'IIrIPr.aRTAILAILCPfIIIIIP I O
;13 John sc, r enter*
,Nainglak , 4ll,llWebrille
stook pi:seasonable daubing . 11114 1 .
1 Al tit 1111 , 121iynith SIL K axe
I ; l l'eaft •• 11.611141 . :'
ALTWO• HON'T 3 CO,,,Plann:ketureia of Floor Oil Cloths. 72
in g.
John st., have eulitilrot hand ti. general moment of
these jonels. • •
r• CUM 1106esette - ,r.. , . 1- .. ~ ,-1, IL
WIRO - N c&usvr & co, tg -. l . 0.4-
ALDIEIeI 1.. BAASTOVVA CO. CalOgt rchc :ll "r•
. 7.- :"` /-,•it , ,
Pearl street. Minoteektrlei • Chttelan tlnd Wirdu . katidikth
hawk Valley works , both at Abut thtl#ls N..1(.....- . - ,y;( 1 %
SA %TtEI. DOISAIK tettedeadr se ' 4llo44.wPl Vr icsair'
dealer, ht Dro^ Paints. and dye. StuKsyrlts t S.I luta,
between William end Gold streets. t•
. '
, 1
" $ S. k W • WOOD, tirliobtiale DietWelle" to - kad Star:one*
SD &art street.. , . . .. t
Atioassat nooks anti AltiatigaNSltrol -,-"
RICH k LOUTRELL, 61 eslikautslites4,ose door st 'lsAlli 41(t'
leder et. Imertets and Ittanstreedatbre WINOS DoOks. Pa.
wr:lllantbM kuerwriters, Copyist . preeere: lASI all a
Atalleot sAstisisterdv ,
U. r. & E DOUBLEDAY. IntForter4ead leehdeellitileiurs
hi Stench. Engll. Demon and American Stationery—TAU°
Manufaettners aft =Perks aced books,-No. 41Jeksit in.
detoseau William and Neetspt9 ' " t
UASKELL k MERRICK. Dnainpos. No. ap Gold a.: also.
Actin ker several Philadelphia chemical mAaafeeterets, end
Amm an emotive intrattietiret ofdyf mar /se.
'lraispedie itedra•tissimisbAssa ,
Dr. !MTH'S, !renown Torpedo Magetce idaehines .: was.
tad elven or to any In the Vaisedlketest olionstartaly
Sio 497# &oath/ray.
lissuf and! Tolsaac*
PEflat LOIXRILAR D, baud and 'Tobacco unuftdbefarar, 0
Chathanrat. New Work, Wets for side Nages). lam Oa ,
mired) ?Melt Ropes. scotch and other Ntinifa also. fns
Os thawing and smoking tobacco, and ovary anwle la, his
hair of the vary best quality. Orders yottnentatty atteaded
14 and fun proNs earnest sent by addresszogas above.
' Iran Sitar Dopitt.
sll::Aft ttEliftlitiO. Nos VI and he Water st. manufsetn
rcr of the orlgtbol wilder's genuine &obis and Woe* Sala
Miasma , Taney ilasaar.
wATCtini. Jevielry. Aecordcons, Toys, Fa.ney Goods, tlit,
Nol9B atadtansslattacc.
BOOTS 041140F3 on c0t:12024%d. tow br sash. N. N Atte
don taltmvery Tuesday at hatz'pan tonc o'clock. A. M. Just
try tbaralh ayatent. and save 10 or 15 per tent. A.D.OALE
tN7 Fair! tot._ncat dobn.
A. Co. 51 %your strect. • ,
Salamander Sates..
RICII k Co llmproved patent double and sidgle Ilisdarnander
Saks. warranted free from Asespneso-qt doeigifimstre
ment ou the (hi loaf Wilder's Genuine P Iffilefet.
ewe to I*w:tailed nerdy* Inordeed mere-bans. and
others who have Rich is Co.'. Mrs in use. r sale by A
S Maryut 13Fi water street New York. emu kir thu Ore.
=dilemma. Also try. Raymond Olbe t tS, Chicago; and
trcoiem h
oted ✓ . Lowry, St. Louis.
8 Morn Harness and Comb lissnewOrdo
. RUM extensive manufacturer tad importer for die
supply of large dealera.lllB Peed .
Wholesale Crockery Store.
F. W. 0133SITRY, No. ss Ooonlanditn.,New York. distal
.peching and low prices.
COLTON'S Ufa einkTance or Rrore_. Ciao. 2 sot blaar
••••1 Las or Moe doorr.l vol. The above are fall sad
d'ao •ratle watlu. •,Orza.amea Meroei ADAD
lost the book fin interested in the
Publiabedby A. S. BM/241E3i Co. 5t
• Musical bastritaiesite.
EDWARD BAACK. z 1 Fithan, tor. Goa met and
Importer. keeps constantly on hand the largest r tuiscisunent of
Mama! Instruments of terry descripton ; all kinds of
musmal merchandise constantly on band.
J. F. BROWNE, Importer and manufbetarers of Imposed
double 'lmmo Harps. single do., more. Mine. &c.
from 250 to /000 dollars. Established Iblo--ha BB
Broadway, New loth, and Landon •
CH A RLPS ARMS, 51 Cedar at., importer and Dealer in Combs
and every desenption of Emig*. Freneh and German Fan
cy Goods,,Buttons, Perfume ry, Soaps, Brushes, lloslery, ke.
CHARLES D. RHOD2M,I3o Nail street, New York, Fancy
and Staple Hardware, Beads, Combs, Buttons and Brushes.
• .
J. H. de; M. Pal" llanahietiliTtaliiiiiiiporters of Paper
Hangings, Borders, nrid'wide liVindrow Curtain Papers, No.
138 Pearl street. s •
D. HODGMAN. kliamiketarerand Denier in all kinds of India
Dabber Goods; warthouss ft Maiden Lanai COL Nam!
M. J.. FRISSIE, Comminution. dcalenin all kinds of Robber
Shoes. and mitnnfuctutet's agent fat Goodyear's celebrated
patent shoe, and Providence -shoes, MO Pegti
amzdaturerA of
. 11liest oaf . 11 111 Tsis.
spictiiiciAOciii,iteietWei.:ite;ri - otk. Also for sale
Copper Rivets, and Brasilia Capper Tobingead Stair rods.
All kinks of Brass and Iron Bed. Table and Sofa -CASTORS,
in site by the EAGLE COMPANY ; &See 2112 Pearl U.
sad Ward,
Mannfactarere and wholesale - dealers in BOMB & SHOES,
No. %3- Pearl street.,
(stretched on the only patented machine in the country.)---
These handsare made fromthe butt of oak leather; and from
the heart or solid part of she side only, thoroughly stretched
and cemented , and tiviuni together. and warranted to ran
sleight and to give buishetion. Orders addressed to the
subscriber will meet prompt shalom WM .[UMBEL,
Patentee, 211 Ferry wort
Leather lad If Ilatifiag Stores.
M. ARMSTRONG & SONS, No. 64 Testy at , and' No. & Fer
ry st. Importers of calfskins. oboe thread, lasting, galloons,.
EDWARD GODFREY, Importer of Shoe nadir'
er in shoe manufacturers articles of ev
WI Pearl at.. New York. An este asee
boas and ribbons.
LEWIS PA'p • rilr. maankienners of Matches . aad
. Blacking. an tin. wooden and paper boxes i and all
Matches-so by us are warranted to keep in an c lim ate for
.5--years. as they air manufactured under the e of Mr.
Jamb Bakes. late chemise* A. flash . Sold No. Front
street corner Fulton street .
D. A W. H. LEE'S Manufactory and warerooms of Clain and
Cabinet Furniture; £5B Paton at. Sofas, Divans, Bureaus,
Ottomans, Ac.
corner Cedar ktreet, (opposite the City Hotel. N. T.) ere re*
b•brated throughout the world, for their beenty,trrability,
and extreme cheapness.
• Sealers Celebrated 0.14 Pass
A 0. EIAGL.EI t C 0... list Broadway. (upstate) naanufacto
- rem of their ever pointed gold pens and permits. The trade
supplied at the lowest rates
h S. WILLIAM% wholesale dealer in Ham, Caps, Muffs
Butalo robes, Straw goods, umbrellas and parasols. 121 Pearl
street, corner of Alexia' Lane. arLowest =eke: prices.
PLATT MUSH, wholesale Grocer; and dealer in provisions,
teas wines. foreign and .dermeatiethemors, segars, fix. Ac.,
MO West corner of Robinson street.
CH.% =Ea CUMMING. manufacturer of glue, hide whips.
curled hair, netts foot As, he., N 0.2, Platt street. Also
conetantly on band superior mom
Lata• r tailor*" f
lionahlsereier Some Bona GLOM Focxraxtc
They are superior ao all others: manufactured - by
J. 0: Fri', Halton tweet.
U. S. Tkraaposida& 4 ea toady Depot.
It. WINCIOMTNR. £B5 John at.. wholesale dea/erin 'Mono
mina arid Botanic medicines. Shakers herbs, medical books
glassware. *yawn distilled waters. ears a, ointments.
syrups. and every variety of *mph lava colispound medicines
moody kept in Botanic. saner The 'trade applied et the
lowest market prices.
THOMAS DEANE GREE4E, Depetter of and &mkt in
• London - and Philadelphia Porter and Me, Seeds Me and
Chartmalpm Oder, LW Broarlfray. .
REV. B, lIIBBARDS Vnorrsran.j'ami—liriee %oust 4e,
pir box. retail Orders (enclosing cash)iired sent la Timothy
R. Halberd. 14. DOS John at, will Meet prompt MaMos.
=THY a ,LATF, wholesale dealer la Wooden wars.bae
, kete, broad. mats, ratage. twines, trekking. matehe Ac
Jananned eta ware and Americas seem; Nos ream sot.
ariftire & W 41110401111 Ware.
SILAS C. warm. has rerocrred from. his ofd stand, No ID,
Fulton sweet, to No 25 Fulton., corner - MI elm street. His old
stand is G. W. Smith; in the name of " Path &Can
For sale
1100 den. Painted Palls lllMeneste Tube. eider and painted.
MVO . Brooms. ass'd, 1009 dot. Brushes, mama
And a tatge assortment Or, all kiwis. of wood and . Dillow.
ware. cordage. twine . Matt, Ac. Alsont far the side of
- curled Sisal. at totintnigtureeirorlees, al Id age Fulton, eorWater
M. WILLARD. Litif Chatham, corner of Mammy, offers for
sale at ti3s ware moms. eireseellent and extended asson
uu-nt of Bet's Bedsteads, Mattresses. Feathers. &e. dad
Toeec J`iita.
India giebbber Goods.
Premtaniss Awarded to Levi Brown,
Sy ais Marital Institute fir Soli his.
1840-4,Biltrer Medal he Super . to' r Gobi Peon
4. 184 1 —A Dirolormfor , P te;
1812—A Diploma for the beettilebi Pens
1843—A.Diplotoa for the bee Had Pent
1844—A-Dipitootfersopericer Gold•Pene
1845—A Silver Hoist for the beer Gobi. Perm
• . 1844—A eliverhiedsii beitGoldleter.• •
This is to certify. diet die uoe copy Um
the mods *fibs American Institute
163, - Rec. Sec.of.the Amnion lamtkore.
law , - .le 6 hei - , - _- - _--
~,_ nge l 34 - P1ii , ; 64 . 1 4 - - ir*.lkta . . krirfri;*l4 , -
. Cirid W P i4ng igoil'ies‘W ..,-„, ~A,
4 Wo,o lll ,iielifisrPlii= l ile rra MeOlt
aithitOt app
4t*Mtd boKem it jitittitiil4
11 1 '4 ll o * ailwa r ei4 l o l o l: *,
da.., coreathey ate coustoady ' , iisoitsielos,
trfw.tbsiouttiiiiiernirPiltitaiiio -1 •A l l AO,
vie emsemootly.bmmy ::
o„Tvalmid‘J- •,: -. .
nTtie Ciradetalets Pinsirrebowitibb owlidils
latufeesrlefote disixoered: lit alrbiliots eemphistal
m_pniFil denotement otthe 444433 t ill Ai , 4 01 •
iFWOOliliktill lilmir,.*" 4 4.-0, ' 6 ,1? 64: 00 . 1 4 0
in: 15si - )isMiln temia.l. - q , - •,
In ibiaipiotrisimaiiollea'eikko*Va,qta4 l ;evii
Piniactirtrio their higliesetriuotp&s. Him dog iWy
ell congitetitkut.'i Itiratiemgoithin thel Eiden tratestes
of the'systron, dies melody butenrely miry -the Weil,
root, our)isestee. Old give to end vidlte.loisbittiootk
"Vnieti MX iMmitithlitefkcietbi has r ir l M r "'
where ever, ,other mows' bstrearitoliteWhilie !nil
•SD I M skoo4 ol -1 1, Plidefthis Atiolik kw :tigeist Intl tthil
of sae box will minvineelhkP!Oiniv AbSfAsembe
&god sod scut by mail. at trigew expense. - Tier pries
'is `t:s egoist bet. -- Wiwi:Om folfah'wettfiarit militia
rit.lieid the money remitted;the Company will pill fhb
postage on the
,pills: : Iltemithences at ihe Company's
risk. Wirinho thin i+ igeitey of the s Cuktrilb
, *ey omft anima by noil. • ,- . • , - f
1 Tbete,Pins eta taking the place d ali ether 'aid
no sick person abouldbe without them. •
1 Alt &runts complains, bowel emphasis. entotips
' lion. dlgivimii. freer oaf *gm. beedeche. jatmdice. li-
WI ***kg* di e..
Eli - 8190.,4 1 0'leolnktoinus ,
am &
en ilthress, e.. ike.. yield at ones to these Pitts.
They purgeowey aliensies hentursoerrest Ithe prairie!
of then" and at the same time restarsione and Am
to doe system. In eases of enema dermseasset gibe
health, they ars meereign. •
gy Mirk nsa, the weak will become striskgrat pale
and bilious complesitartie restored too potbelly fresh
and healthy eel°, ; •all the bad, symptoms will e 0 by
one disappear. •
In short, these Pills ate an inetineeivable advenee
upon sag other medicine ever bekoinerred to the pub.
lic. A trialtrill satisfy any one of this.
In additi* to the above, may be found et the ih a i
moods depots of the Company, tha , following hum
parable toohones. vim:
The °mambo' Barerpoilla Compound;
or " Fye Lotions
0, Feverand Ague Pills;
0 Children's Panacea 1 , ..
" Green Menntain Vegetable Ointment.
The attention of those suffering from disease, me me „
denisrly Joshed' to ezamine mid decide foe themselves
Tbs. following named persons am duly authorise ,
agents in Bradford nettrey. fur the sale of the above
medicines froid the dreeferibere Company :
N. N. 13efti. Tomandst , Daniel Bailey & Son, Le
rayaville ; a a-Cotion. Lifebfrehl ; .1. V. Daniels, Bus
lingtorr; 31 IC Edon, Wells; David Ordner, Atheint:
Theodore fisrding,tUnion and Canton ; A. L. Merritt,
Wells; Mix & Stermetanding Stone; C. T. Murphy
Ridgberry George Mato's, Rome; I r . M. film Cl
iser t Boone aM Metter, Athens; Mary Russell,
Windham; Slue & Totter, Springfield ; B. Buffing
ton. South Warren:
r Al= Marmeteltde.M.
?HE subscribers still mantle
fo' ifianniartote and keep en hand
at their old stand, aft folded atfes
and wood seat CHAIR/ ; also
StWEVS of sat** kinds, I*
BEWITADB of see* &scrip.
Lion. which we wig meg love for
cash or Produce, ce *bite P*
lumber, White wo.d. Baas woo&
. Id Cicamher air pranfr..efiti,
4 Scantling 13 feet long—eittser Bottonarria&Emewood
Of Maple, wilt also be received for our aro& . .
Turning &mete order in the neatest manner.
Towanda, Feb. n,1847.
AP' AIL 21111".110 3K MIT 111 SW.
eGb &20121W1)
ESPECTFULLY intones the citizens of . towen•
de, and the poblie generally that he is pitiontif to
execute in the neatest style all description* of
House. Sign. Coach or Carriage Painting, or
Trimming; and every variety of Fancy
and Ornamental Painting.
Fran bin long stperieneit and the many specimens of
his production* nosi in use. he *stamina - a entering
hope that by close application to his profession. and
being pronipt to order be may aware a suitable •
public patronage. He may be found at all ." et th•
Chen Factory of Temkin &Makin he will
be on band to attend to to who way went
his sere ces. PAPER- t ING done on short no
tice. In • sops:kw amdmmonable terms.
Towanda y 6. 1847. - Iy4
W Prw i Woolen Factory at Dave. -
THE subscribers take pleasure in announcing to the
citizens of Bradford county an 4
,vicinity, that they
have leased for a term of years the building tatuate in
Wyalaring township. and known as Ingbam's Factory,
and which they are now fitting up with ansebinery cud
apparatus for the manufactrue of broad and maresu
cloths, flannels, ate.. in superior style end ow the 11101 k
reasonable terms. Those swishing to have wool maim
factored upon shares will 6nd it to their advantage to
give them a tall, es they Moe determined that no psius
shall be spared to give the meet perfect satbfaetion.-..
They work Wool into limed or narrow greased cloths
for one half the cloth, or if pesierred,they will menu
*tore by tbe , yard as fialltmso--Broad doths for from
$1 to 6135 ; Narrow sloth, from 44 to 60 Ms. Other
articles manufactured for proportionatikprices.
Wool 'carding end cloth Stressing Mill be done en
ghat static* and nummabie Meats. Thee will be pre.
pared foe business on or berm the first sallune neat.
Wyslopng. April2s, 1647. _ HALL at HILL. '
iiption, Nu
, of gat.
THE subsaities L am a tittle later than weal this
'springg with their eztensive stock of merebanorme;
bat what the good people of Bradford county ham loft
by our delay. we will now endeavors° make Op to them
in the quantity. quality and mice of our goods.
We are now on hand with the LARGEST. BEST
A N 0.0 BE ArEST mock of goods irt Tweeds, bought
inclusively fur cash. and sines the gnat reductioa in
prices. Oar stock ~Ms es unit of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery. Rad
ware.,,Drugs and Medicines.
Fis further partierdari look' along through the paper.'
We seed sot ay *Ca sad esaisive our ander for
we know that ever/ body irrsi can• st NS. A, berme
porr_toiebrg elsewhere. WM. B. BAIRD & CO.
Jame 141; 11147.
• NEW - DRY GOODS,—; -
(wiser . Of Valhi am; ArAtites
TOOT . OPENING, ati.eaea etof Maio Bridge
el itrest. s wellootecitd Noortment of ttiw acid fedi
Wag& DB Ir GOODE, Weil will 1» *a Itravi'
low for reedy pip TIM' Obeli cretins in
Satinett, Mind, tuntilonr: oliwees, do thaw* lit of
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brie mweriwili knse,, canton Amnia &Wag,-
bleacherved brown mast* (not to la -
stirgiond) coshmork•
• canna; wool Ind tont gloves,. -
=turn Moe, =smoky'',
deo* sodiportue bdiorr.
• Elligitsse dusts. plaid atiswilv
wool ermenetur, cotton tapes, pout
thread, sewing sier, cotton bolls, peeks
pins, needles, spoolleottoo, books ea yet;
sospendir, Ablaut' litetal boos* with many Gibb
er ortieteg annuli bode in a ettst. oat owstionedr.
The pub& are Invited to call sad suntiottimrstoelt
before purebitehoriiiewiterr. u fby will lot mid den
or duo et lay othereststiliduories is town.
muds, Noy. I. H. OTHA RA.
riactitint't im the country. an he implied
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an the Irsit •
tams, d joie
Nip. 1, RUM lOW.'
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isigmatidittile ot Arms:
,Ike4StOt.' *WI We"
Noisiii*prisechint diermalttEl
40014aititlhir ireaw. - IllsityloraMM , Whir We
deaf litristeifisfik
obliged fp ass eV111111161; 114412.01eSiOilit
*dee, MOMS iddiribrirtimhl ,Itift readt - Pleeet -
OritillfitPlAdibintimillirgesfl4 lo l Maiduwad
byx.l,4 , +1 -Z. .T • ;••.. • 4
r't 1118:40,141/1M011414 4400 sessile gitielieriffil:
bored the has of SCARPAII ACOUSTIC OM Drew
401Mierelyz iiseersirbiet. Andisrlute - hr Iroothefu4 Mate
*be stem deaf front birth. baoirbststen sitteirridln - Med
es bilseeitientiMM 'Mailers** spry readily ?
It would • IMAM Iseighi rowitiptisis to waiting ■
cYatltllWaite' enies'airt et here el
date, there is a estiell#l4 the Meth will he Most!
klIPPI•Aod:ii -ThkaPPf
- "
or*. on riOsitio pa,* im 011 ileatiartil •
itbleMid c phieworsenestimi:: rearm-kr this $
clas billient:eetalnef Preis so AAA 'of. 010404
ilonotifiti - hallesed that deepest, is nineteen eases
of twenty. was produce:4lnm d want of action in
Derma othripeint. 04 o tPllwall in allllors: frier obi
'hackie' was mind something which would emote
bedthteriarlition hi than parts. • After a long eeriest
osperimmts bis efforts wen at last crowned with mot
am" la, las dimmer, of this preparation. which has ter
ceipedtbanormi of SCA RPA'S COMPOUND AMU*
MAIL. A bag list or certificates 'might be gist* ,
bet se -6 is the eenhiessoe in the medicine, and soh mtli
has bred its reputation. that but one of than will be it
resent published: - 4
Vonlrarlia . olllllllWlT CV*
field. Brad. C0.,'5.. / and,siow - Mghttleirsef
age, bad been i;nidtmly getting deaf far more than. 40
years. so that it was neat to impossible to make bar bear
consemetion in the, oudest tone of voice.. Last winter
she was Induced to try Scupa's Oil for Deafness.", It
is only neaseary to add that she used two bottler. and
is pirfecilymatared—abe is contd. Any information
in regard to the ease may be obtained at the stonier Pr.
Jayne. No. t. South Third tetra% Philadelphia.
for, sal* by A. N. CHAMBER N . Tinned.. Pot
Mit ogent for Bradford county. ' 118—ly -
st fiery .. important Commatication
•-. Ai all 'kiss.
1r You ARE SICK, get cured : if well; employ
meeeeree to continue so. Every individual indulges
in habhs, which inust.lo a rester or timer extent, die.
amp the admirable and intricate combinations which
form the system. and consequently
ssset isresstausi
should possess same mild,yet efficacious, simple and ac
credited spa for preserving all the - functions of the body
good mks.
11/111S1P/1111LLA AND WILD c•c••T lITTTDIII
will achieve this; result, and should he in every family.
end in the hands of every person . who by business, pro.
fission or general coarse of life. is predisposed to the ve
ry runny lulls ailments that render life a curse, ins rod
or a blueing, and finally resuk. in their aggregated con
dition, is themes
OF DtATii.
TIM ikon here mentioned are ceeepeended by a
Asa of great einil end linowledgis, from the simple Na.
muumuu, to those who care to find them, and which
are the only reliable ertillotes to the . poison of disease.
The OW istrnifiente ars the universally-beloved Sae
separrna and the Bark of the %Vila Chary Tree. with
which the red limn of the finest cues nearly every cis.
rue of the internal 'organ. These materials, though
pciereffid in their action, are, as common sun leaches
I us.
and prepared as they am hem oae of the greoleat medi
cal operatita in the inhabitable globe. By' taking
there presses, the at:tofu/ow may be marred to emu'
ty, and avoid the sharp knife. or the asfitiod foe tfiey
sof oat, truncate pimples and tameri, but overcome
Whoever is etilteted to the hoAcresof Cerintinpfion,
&wad at oath purchase thi. arm remedy. In the train
of Ceativenese follow dreadful load congestion., often
times insanity very freimently mania or hypodro
violent keaducheriphipitatiorrsood other ions of
the Atm+ end efienesertic meant . h " ood'a Com
pound swan of thermos@ @Scioto ", Wines in routing
the complaints, and their heed, that tan roe&
my Beprocured.
Erma being in clove rooms, sad from taking
, a small of exercise, numerous persona daily
are to deplores kin ejappetitcpwinfulheadadies,
ess of the ennules. languor, want of energy
suffitieitt to 'permit them to seek recreation, Se.
Thesa pentane say foe years. that they • 4 41on't boil very
well." It they do not employ • method by which ihey
can feel worn; withs,thory eventually sink eider a ea
were fit of Mama. sad are
anti by a naraelei, and even then the lanai. latch. Me
ter and ealangE.l have left them mere shattered bulb, fell
of aches and aitenors. and not only a pest Co theni..6.-
bet &source of sitarist and annoying* to all with nsbote:
they come in contort. All thnie
may be avoided by an early application of the virtues of
these Idirrices For the tru:h of this. the proprietor
pledges his word sod honor. and in evidence can show
ales of undoubted certificates which he hos received. un
solicited Runs all gasoline. He does not. besieger. silk
the invalid to willow his certificates, but his Hs -resits,
and is willing to stake all Ise holds dear ow earth in fa;
vor of their worth.
in either a mod fled er metre 'Pm, will dkaPPestr be- 1
fors dr qualitits of Dr. Wood's prepatodims, and the
cure msy be relied on so a pennant/r! one. Did the
Dirties pomp" no other recommendstion, it weold
be one of the Snag reigetabhi compounds medical sci
ence eon invent ; but it is equal to the complete era&
cation of
in eery ahspeottel ofenroty eiletion. minor orgientic,
of doebillasy appwatie: lodividuals who ere it onstito
deatellibilhoveronen regularly to take this miltforssse-
Me end excellent Toxic ass ersatere,as it will dif
fuse health throughout every fibre of the frame, and
mend happiness and lore elite thrilling to the
Families ought to keep it on hand.
Eery medicine chest on board of chip should also bo
well stocked with this capital remedy, as SCURVY
cannot staid those who mho it, or long resist its vigor*
sue assaatts. Au. inettunias of els oleos* entail ,
befogs it, and the old erica' of earlier imprudence bleu
viably disepmr„ soon alter being submitted tb i s sake.
Every compAdot of the stomach is broken by, it. Tas
Dirrsas have in no instenee haled of coring reasstes,
tetanal, to state? every diaorgootis of
By neglecting the hafts inroads usedi upon letter
a vet portion of our fellow beep are re6and extern..
ly neseable—so miserable indeed, that they wish toile.
Eery bout •of I% Dr. Weed's Suesperille mid Wild
Cleny MMus," goatee a misficam alloy end content
fin seek otthesseuxioue end imprudent suferees. Re
member that so injudicious two of mummy is inevitably
poduative if may mils which aro put to Vght by this
glorious soil tmesrpeasehis compound ; and that sac
dens which. ant
any speedily sad gaily tarabaglad affthrough its ago
g.. As a malicim which must book
frost the at delicate to the coartetea aers 'kw
ramp. MAUD, no equal in to be found for it. It
would be well to boar in yawl that preventive, u infi.
Lnitely tooridesiratiN that cure and drat tbr., Wood's
Sanaparilist and Wild Cherry Bitters ARE, BOTH.
Pakup end sold lb late* hotiles, 2 141 ; by vityATT
dt.lLETCHtlitt Witoltualit . awl Retail Agents, 141
HEPTON * LADD. Towanda, and
by-dtuagist generally theteltihnot the U. ff. 6
etrace Crewe Meuntain Vegelabk Ointnient,gx
.isle by the inbeeriben 'iffy neenirfor the town ind bo.
'mat orrewelida. dtt BETTS.
T *Digit! 1 BAlt, I! If ytet have
1.4 np yout.maioda to hop lattice draw, dasher shawl
this sews. don't fail to call altlo.L Brick Row. where
'yes caw led the smat.beat sod agape* loth:Win that
hoe. that it kept in -tam besidayallldads atatiommiose.
.14earsober, east malt , BAUD'S..
,esewie,tohr. Auger Also, the itallr.,lfEtsek
ully upbetstersThi, with curled hair,
"bleb stesileity; hod finished, with tb
bait flattif - otirselietlittitt,' Imprint
hid eitieriettes in the biteitiese.'We 'shill 'l O able
wieder" all wheallreel disposed te..._call; birth as -10
quality issi priseol by strict ettentiort SS, Wee**
itopitio-tostit thspetronegesf One.
monity. t. M. NYE _4 CO.
Tinned& Eipterithetri. OWN. - •
1111 AY, BEA ectilhop ttnYcliierceill
V ein it
ITILAwa stet fleets .ofd ilt Toinfieli:
cheep, sea ithestiOn loweeed.aod tli this mime we
esn magi stl. forte deft. Ali kitWle of: esdare 'will
be ilVlDeilis Mak ttilitlEg otan OA&
Sept. 1. L. It NYE 4 CO.
ft ker on ilea a large, sesoduient. sad
made to cyder on shorter notieeand for less ors
nay Swims be 'Naftali at any other eitabliabineit in
the land. Thape u ro ars multi the deemeity of pr . -
curing that skids will and shall be saidaded. A good
beano and pall ybe had inittegdaniii whew desired.
' September 1,145. t..• IC Pitt 1 Ca.
XII IR 313 IsAAAVT ®.ll_l a
}to iimandes.
HBALER !olPeetrulty Infants the veldt that
• be bat eittiatienceil the - GRAVR-ISTONE bpd.
nem, In an it. *lam ; at Towanda, Where be win be
ready at an dates to attend trail calls in his new I -
Monument!, trona-Wee, Grave-atones, of
every deeMp . lion, te.:
made to order , •)A furnished as cheap as WORK and
MARBLY" ot ths same quality 'can be obtkined at any
shop in'ths eamitry.
He invites die public to eon and essmine his. work
snd twateriab,laming to merit their patronage by strict
attention to bmMa •
nt, and by superior Workmanship and
good marble.
LLETTEMOPTTING done with neatness anti der
patch,-in the latest style. -
Shop on Main street, next door MT. Elliott'estore,
and threrdooM above Briggs' Hotel.
Towanda, March 17, 1847.-- 40y
COSTIVENESS, have given their certificates of cures
made by its me, when *Bother reasediea have failed. sod
be proprietori are now prepared to offer
to any persons affljeted with Piles, and MI diseases of s
similar nature, or which are found in. conjunction with
the Piles, if cure is not effected by the use of
it is an Isz!a.CL haaninr, not an external srplicalion.
and will crab any case of Piles, either bleeding or blind,
internal or external, and the only thins that will.. There
is no mists* about it. It tea poeitiVe cure, speedy and
permanent./ it is also a convenient medicine to take,
end improve the general health iii a remittable man.
ner. It is pety mild in it. opperetions, and may be ta
ken in cases of the mom acute inthaminaffoa, wit.. ,•
danger. Au external applications are In the high -
gree disegMeable. inconvenient and offensive • od from
the *try ninon of the disease, temporary • their effects.
This medicine attacks the disease its mime, and
removing the cause, renders the re cattalo Mid perms=
Although the nary was originally prepared for
the cure of • . yet it has proved itself to be a medi
cine fa wrier to all others, in all diseases of an in.
character, with a determination • of blood to
any parimular part at organ. -ra Inflammation and
Congestions' •of the Liver and Spleen ; Inflammation,
Borenesiind Ulceration of the Stnmactie. Roviels, Kid
neys ant Bladder : Inflammatory - Mal Mercurial Rheu
snetisin, t is the best medicine ever discovered.
For a# Impurities of the Blond, arising flora Wert ut•
prudent Was of Mercury. or other muses for id &m
-esses otthe skin and scrofulous aftertiuos ; in all eases
where the blood is powerfully determined to therhewl.
pioducieg dizziness and distress, , Dr. Uphatniir Etcauary
ar aittirafy uttrisanelf.-
Married ladies are almost invariably sobjbet to this
painful and injurious disease. the Piles, with consequent
inflammation of the Stomach. Rowels, and Spine, weak
ness o f th e Bark, flow of the blond to the heel. dee.—
The Elecrnary is psrferdt sulk Air pregnant ladies and
•tfik most useful Cithanic that ran pesibly be used, and
it will not only remove the Piles and all inflammatory
diseases without pain or irritation, bus_ will ensure an
easy time, a saCt delivery, and a sound constitution in
the MT:tiring.
I have been seleted for veers with the Piles, and
have ivied, without anything like permanent benefit, al
most Swathing assuming the salts of remedy. I.
had, matter of course lost all confidence in medi
cine. r Usidey this feeling, I was induced—Pot witting;
reluelhnce, congers—Oa cis/ •tErnait's
dbd Ihning used it for shout three weeks according to
the directions laid down, I find, to my utter surprise as
well as satisfaction. that every symptom of dui &ease
has Ikft Me. I think it due alike to Dr. Upham and
min* . to make this statement.
G. W. NeLEAN, lite of the U. 8. N.
DR. UPRAM—Dasa Sts.—About five years ago I
was;dieted with whit was caked Chronic Dysentery.
Iha Soffe,red wi th it ever since, and physicians hare
tokl,me that my
_fiver was affected, and that my. bowels
wan ulcerated, for blood and pus, attended with • pe
culhaly putrid smell. were the frequent discharges. A
ahort time since I made a visite to Massachinetts, in
hopes of benefit from a change of air, but suffered more
sevindy than ever before. While there a physician of
fer* to curs me for $4O. in ifiresmoaths. Happily, in
the midst of intense pain, occasionally relieved by - laud.
*rm. I sew in the wrapper of your Electuary, $ perfect
deleripOon of mypomparnt. together with many certifi
e4tcures. This gave me great confidence in the
and I purchased a box. and nine doses of
which his apparently cared me, and I am prepared to
mi eery Airing in its favor, or render any service I can
to humanity by subscribing to its emits.
Respectfully Yours,
i BENJAMIN PERCIVAL, 89 South Sixth et.
'ANA(' Wholesale and Ret'ail by WYATT & KETCH
UM, 121 Fulton 81. N. Y., HUSTON dr, LADD To-
Pr*and by druggest generally throughout the U. 8.
$l. beg. NOTIOE.—The genuine Eleetuary
thins cry A. Upham N. D.) The hand ie also done
with a pea.
No. 1., Brick Row,agaitin the Field!
w. 4. c,
- 'LT A 8 just returned from the city
jp - -Li of New York with a large
supply of Watches. Jewelry and
silver ware, (*mined' ng in part,
the following articles :—Leier,
L'Epine and Plain Watches, with
- 1 )11.. -.. ' /
--'''' a-Complete assortment of -Gold
- - Jewelry, such as Ear Rings. Fin
ter Rin rs, Breast Pins, Bracelets.Erets, Gold chains,
Gold Pens. Keys. etc. Also , all of Silverware,
eany quantitfof Steel Beads— which he offers
sale exteeedingly cheep for CASH.
Watches repaired on short notice, and warranted
Ito run well, or the money will he refunded,- and a writ
hes agreement given to that effect if required.
N. - B.—MAPLE SUGAR. and Country Produce
taken in payiwnt for work"; and ale". learn now, and
tamer, that Me Produce must be paid wheedle work
is done—l war again* credit in all its forma.
Nir...i A. CHAMBERLIN, Agent. 1
Towanda, April 2.9; 1817. ,
.. /r
et ..
Ranwar, June 10. 1847
- ail s Bak Lin,
hope= Etaint A ,
occliatnniede s
Ween, Arni* ye. -
Eneigrese, few
A evesie.• .
ale of dee • CLASS,
111 dee convenience no w
wasided by expellee
of Halm
40,A m. TAYLOR.
'47, tem of lb. above ,
'esony wick in the 111
wdi iettt .
anti" wro7.
ELIGISA. evert
14. Ijititicigar
siley, loot ,
7011!, F#l
ots kook of
evening, K. 6 o'clock, P.
evening, a 6 etkid. P. M.
Lakercety Minds; an.
hi tm • g a, Loth. and Dresden, mid
thniay s evay W.
;0* PettSBAGE,spply to Cry
4 4 'raids, Horseheads
aitaised, Big Strewn.
with &Poe, Lodi. -
lat. Palma.
;bay for . Bargaim!
would respectfully my to his di
I the"Ptiblie• geneisllp, that ht hr
cosnufsciont of Chairs, eta., it Lis
th side of [fridge street, in the build.
" House." He beeps toe.
of WHY &she to bidet, nee mo
tweeter in his line as cheap ss tto
riends an be sorplied with
old "hop on
ins known
mainly NI I
datable et
triad COMM/it thairs, of ditit
-itellees:RotAing &bits,
Wren's Chairs, c.
.---leditelds sad Tables.
me at my diop on Briars sure{. ail
a that ion esti boy reasonable.
bito rood, Cucuniber 'and • %smog
in exchange 6:4 Abair! noreuonsts
20, 1947.
Cali and.,
viiir satiidy '
N. D.—
plant, roan
'WEND!' ft' ' edhadentry welled
. ii erinfidentfy asserted disf.
there awes' as a medicine . which ha given such uni
form and styli inlet' tatisfaetion, al:
-They his stood the severest trials, by curing when
all other rem les failed. and have established a repute.
tion in theYa . -of the envious slander' . which have been
raised *gains them
• BMUS ,'StrlielilEtt, FALL AND. WINTER:
Each proflu , by , their variations of temperature, peen.
liar effects u ' the human bo3y. The heat expands,
and the COI co ntracts the volume of the eirdulating lla.
id, ispil wh changes take place soddenly, • the effects
are often serious. Wright's Indian V . :eta& Pills coon.
teract theef if influence of sudden .:' riges, by purifying
the blood, , and keeping the sto ~ . and bowel's in s Diu.
ral and healthful conditio ,
Thin scourge of t , est. 'NV right's Indian Vegetable
Pills sten. u ' ailed. An instance has never come t o
our know ige of these Pills having been taken, without
eff .'. g a complete cure. In Chills end Fever the liter
i bits functions are chiefly disordered, superindu
ced by g t physical debility. When The symptoms
first appe r, no time should be lost brfoie resorting to
.these Pill . A few doses will give such manifest relief
that no pe uttsion will he necessary to continue the me
of them. ,
bdian VegetalltMills will be found ter!
In this dikeaSe. the gastric juice is weak and
in quality. Conseqa.mtly, the digestion is4o
id the health impaired; Thhie Pill, remote
ions the stomach, restore its tone, and improve -
deficient •
perfect •
the bile i
the di
Indian Vegetable Pills areannally well aka.
remov.l 'alibis complaint. As they opens
; one general and uniform principle, of dens.
tomach and bowels, purifying the blood, sh:
g the secretions, they smear the cause of bun-
I of all other disorders.-
uld be di ffi cult preciy to till to which of the
es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills hive hero
trait blessing. But his very certain that thew
ve given health, and spirits, and a good complet
hundreds of females, who would. without them,
hi their . .;graves. A box of Wright/ Wien
ble Pills is an intstitnabli medical compaction st
presence of pain in any part, indicates s corrupt
0" the blond. whichitature is striving to mrrert.
! dames of Wright's Indian Vegetatle Pillikscl' ,
ng to bed will be certain to give relief, if the duns
11 possible.
ALUABLE AN rt-Bitiors mrutctsv
oteilviatioi 7 s accompany ing livcr'complsint lie of
eat wretched description. -Habitual drunkenness
*role brought on by liver complaint. • A paint
g from this disease, should not be mocked with .
led cures: yet the're are very mrairirics that Er
fa straw in fire removal of this complaint. Cala.
is hi heito been the chief 'Mince, but the reme
premed itialelf Worse than the pease! Whit
sh'all be dole 1 We .sy, give Wright's Wiwi
table Pills a trial. if they; o not exceed yea
thine, wt art wilfingab bear all the opprobrium al
re Mid lie say to all,
Th4ne is no risk run—no money thrown away -- you rll
ce in of benefit. ~
Vhen yocrhave; found that Wright's Indisn..,Vfo:
ble Pills are a " fettle" tire best medicine yoa i t: 4l
h rd of, STICK TO THEY ! Don't MO after eel tIR . ,
Ina t Remedy, which attempts to bluster itself into cow
rily. Above all
of i Wright'. Indian Vegetable Pills. Precious c t s e
int uction of this medicine, Indian Pills were tre:
h nl of ! Now what hosts orshcm; And die r . ll ;
w at are they, but miserable imitations of the orito"
m mine ;no more like it than chilli is like ft ,
0 e man advertises; "Improved" Indian'
T is - would be a capital joke, if it were k
w re of all such.
• There is no safety elsewhere. The cot
i g with counterfeiters, both of money int
ot which is worst? Is not the counter;
ne Nit little better than a robber and
uy of the regular agents only, vve say
ioAgents in Bikalford county—illpotan;
sada ; A.ll. Gaylord, Canton t B. W
roy, Troy ; Coryell & Gee. East Bur
ibson„ Ulster; 1.. 8. Ellsworth , Adieu
Ilan • U . Moody & Co., Ftenchtown;
rnbrook ; P. C. Adams, Rummerfield
Rathbone, Canton ; W. Campbell, SIIII"
!Afurfeed. Mcnroeton.
upon th
ing the I
rectify% ,
two se
the g
Pills h
ten, to
on gti
be et
le f
the .1
Pk ,
i A LARGE' assortment of Broad Oyu
41- sad Sattinetts, which we have WI.
For selling good and cheap, now chapel
pind upon which we challenges the WOTV
at O. D. B
Towitok, Nov. 3, 1846.
. of the Bradford
Two dallies and fifty cents per annum
deducted if paid within the year; and fc
ally in advance. Oxx will be dt
Sabserftiers at liberty to discontinue
paying arrearages. Most kinds of Cori
received in payment. at the market mice.
Advertisements. not exceeding a tol ,
lines. inserted for fifty cents ; every sobseq ,
twenty-five cents. A discount male to yew
Jos Pashas. of every description.'
Le executed tat ciess and fssbionai
Letters on business pertaining to the of
ree of postage, to ruse!. atteatioa.