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811E11 I'F'S. SALE. - • ,r l'
Tri ifituifet siliidfyiiiiti(aliriaaittOnt Er=
JO sued fromlite.cmart-erf erunirrin putter
il l.
aun ty, and ware directed, I abaft' eipotiii z tO publ . ialii
et WOODRUFF'S HOTEL, WAS befougb a 4 O.
arida on Monday ! fith'iiq 'of December oelti! '1
; tw o: . p. td.,- die following deserihqfault* ortilfi'd -,-
. A piece or parcel of land in flprittglield tgi.',llminided
ge t * by lend of Sidisto4 ty,see t sag b OWN GOO,
exi m by David Brooks,ChinneerCuthijciiittlibtrii
ery Booty and west. bilrid of IT., ;it' W i l e /w o w_
Containing one titoOlred gaas, morir_Wr tali, with shout
- eighty acres improved, frith inise . twoistory framed hosts.,
one framed barn, one franoio alai, threw ripple orthirds
an d a variety of other fruit trees thereon. •
Seized and taken In ezetintiOn id - the Snit of Wake
man D. Hut:thaid uiter, es: llfilton'Brooks.
Arao—A piece or point Of ; Wrilitilnretp.,
beginning at a post andiatonei- squirting lands of Isaac
1. Labar and Ellieotb Ibd running thence
south 2 ° west 149 is.,,to the Susquehanna river. thence
by sod with •sainii west tn.the line of Certified
Springfield, thence by and with the same, nnrthll3 ll w.
p. to a post and stones, adjoining lands of Squire
Mills, thence south 88° east 1,33 p. to the beginning.—
Containinglone hundred and five acre. and ninety-nine
and a half perches, be thetime more or less, with abOut
Isurtien acres improved, with one log house; with one
body to a bloyk-houtie thereon. • •
Seized am' taken inn exceutionst the suit of. Mary To-,
lan.% Margaretta Toland, Eliiistreth Toland and Julian
ne Toland vs.-Erase Everett. •' •
Atao—A 'Peee or parcel of land. in Wells tp.. Brad.
ford.county, and Jackson, Tina co.. Pa., bounded north
by Imbue G. t4pencer, east by land of „Joseph Stunk
raht,Foutki by Zenas Roberts and au the rest by Clark
Strliweik - ICOnnaining seventy-one acres .more or 'less,
%%Rh about 'ldle Imre* improved., with one framed house,
o ne fratru4 born anion orchard of grafted frail,
seiertrkal taken in executien afitite suit of Jonathan.
Owen vs.,Lawnence - L - Aineigh.
Auto l -41 piece or parcel• of lane in Troy tp., bounded
potth, east, south and-west by land". of Ezra Long. Con
taining about one acre, with two 'framed dwelling hou
ses. one traps.] wagon shop, one atone blacksmith shop
and a' few fruit trees, bereon.4
Seized and taken in tozecutfon at the suit of W. l l - 1.
Purdy to the use of R. Pierce L. Lineman.
A r.r.o—A piece okland in Croton tp.,'ming at a
henJ .ck tree, it being the Roo th east corne rsaid tract,
„ olz n,rth 1201 p. to a pose by. a beech t thence
we,t Fii p. to a post; thence south IF3 p. to the owan
.i.t.creek, from thence following the windings and torn
ug. of said 'creek td the place,of beginning. Cowell:k
-m; acres, be the same more or less, with
sb,ut _fifty acreik improved with o e framed - house and
ironed barn and a small orchard thereon.
smut! and Liken in execution at ,the suit or Joseph
D. Drinker and larael P. Pleasant., adatinistrators de
iwnit non, oflicnrieDrinker tlec'd.. vs. Chester Thnmets.
Atso-.+-A pinerof land in Troy tp.. bounded a. ktl!
;•two to wit !mi . the north by vacant land • on the
! a'tt by land .of.Jetis Beaeh, on the south by' Noah Leo:
hinl, and on the west by Robert Clatlin, containing fitly
four acres all imprinted with two framed houses one (re
, tarn, one saw. mill and an apple orchard thereon.
ktzed and taken in execution to the suit of 0. P.
1 1tIla - rd vs. Beriah Pratt and Stephen H. Stiles.
A iso—k piece of land in Albany and Monroe Vs.,
' , landed as follont. to. wit : north by Owen M. Can and
charltni Ditrenbaugb, on the east by, Edward McGovern,
a the south by Daniel Beverly, and on the west by John
flings' fend; containing about four Inindred and eleven
ores more, or less supposed to be 'about twenty-five acres
inproved with one .-framed and log house and one log
at n thereon.
! ,,, ,":zed and taken in execution. to the suit of'Hugh
itiiey vs., Thomas McGovern and Daniel Sluttery T. T.—A piece or parcel of lend in Wyelu:ing, Hr
:tieing at a post and stones on the old Springfield v.
rv, (certified) adjoining land of 'Johnson Palmer, did
3311ing Iht nee north 86° west to a corner of land certi
-1... .1 to Homphry and'Danietßrown's heirs, and thence
') and 4ith raid certified land south 24° east, 250 per.
•11 3 r •rner on the southerly liwinf a lot in the warren
••l name of Thomas Shtitnan, patented to Henryol
..,:i. deed ftie
; thence with said lint, south 88° east, ' !
:n. of certified Springfield ; antl thence by and with .
::are, N outi 13° west, 232 pert:hes to' the place of be
:. rang; containing one hundred and 4 t acres and 34
• lerchr., beAthe time more or le* with !tbout five acres
.xprsed, and one 'bootee thereon
.t.ittud and taken in the suit of Maly Toland, Margo.
'Poland, Elizabeth Toland and Juliana Tuland ae.
7.7- I !in Gartkit.d.
•A1.;'?,1, a piece or parcel of Ind situate in the town
, :tip of Buffington. bounded as follows.", to wit :
ng at a while maple s N. W. coiner or lot No. 182 on
lot No, 1724, thence west ,on laid warrant line,
prrches, to a post, 8. E. 'corner of lot No. 287: Men
•-•11S es 't st ; thence east Ioo,7perches to
1 • th 81 per Chis to the i heiginnine, con
-Ling Fifty acres and 100 perches, strict Measure: it
intenddil for the south half of 277, on war-
E.t lot Ni. 4436, with about thirty acres improved, one
house, one log shed and one other mall building
4 srim,l 6 and taken in the suit of Faison & Davidson
;he floe of Abram A. Mace vs. George Bennett.
1 ALSO. a certain piece - or parcel of land situate in the
instrp of Albany, boundeaYand described as follows,
1-';n: Beginning at i post and stone' corner, which
sp.!, north 31° E. and 200 perches from the north end
•ioi s No. 49 and 80; thence S, sc r East, 106 percher
.s post and state corner, thence north 30° west 80
, •'l,es tola post and alone come(, thence.-north 59°
...: 106 herches to -a chesnut corner thence west 31°
:et catipere z hes to the beginning. containing fi fty acres.
Alettl, one other piece or panda of land situated in
te.: township of 'Albany. deecri!cd by survey es follows, '
sit: beginning at the south via coiner of another
'..nnveyeikto Andrew Jellison, and thence by the same
lli 41 0 east 80 perchereto a post, thence 'south 59°
:106 perches to a postp• thence south 31° west 80 ,
- heri to a post, thence by land o' . which this is a part,
••:.ii 59° west 106 perches to the place of 'beginning..
~ .aining fifty acres which said. tracts of land are p a rt
"acts no. 79,.warantee name " John Monti" celled'
kl‘nnfield." and nil: 80 :warrantee "Hannah Woo&
eaffed " Monmouth" and pattented by the coat.
[-"'vrrallh to Samuel Wallace. ' .
`-mrsland taken in the sucioc Josiah Jackson vs.
e.,,,, :,Jackson.
I•SO. ei piece or parcel of land situated in Wells
.1-hip jeaeribcd as follows, to. wit: beginning at a
^: thence by, lind of ,John Strong. east 252 3.10
'Tex In a post and stone, thence by land unknown
' 2f9 3-10 peri•hes to a hemlock, thence by . land
• ..n 11411. west 252 3 10 perches to a post, Ad
' , e1,1 lands of Wm: Seely (now owned by John'.
''t•'l.) north 269 3 10 perches to the beginning,
:clan g four hundred acres and allowance &c., be.
11.4 of land granted to 4tlfer .41 7 Seeley by warrant
the 30th day of July 1631 by the Commonwealth—
'l,l.; Ivania : excepting always a lot
t'^ qarles Seely from the north east earner of said
'attainin g fifty acres, and one other lot; surveyed
•Itedeil to. Alfred Seely, out of the smith side, con
rit seventy acres of land; for boundaries - reference
CI inelle to said deeds of Wrii.Seely to Chirleis Be..
Kid Alfred Seely, will more fully disclose,.
,Snail and taken in execution at the suit uf AMID :C.
'4. George H. Shepard. • •
• • JOHN F. AMS, Sheriff.'
%stirs Office Towanda, Oct. 27, 1847.
' 4-.2 11 \ 4 •MiLiZMks z.inturs4aP9
• •it O. 7, New Brick Block,
. •
now in full blast, where the public con tie . meow
stet! with CRACKERS, at wholesale; Seats
by the hundred or thousand, will be furnished
which will mske it awobject for Grocers in din
r t 9 glee u s a ca ll..
.. ,
'-', Es, of °Very description, for public or piitate
furnished to order on the shortest notice.
>126: .
- .
5( .L1 & CHOCOLATE. kenbine and fresh, by
AT INDIA PEPPER SAUCE, a splendid sr;
t'cle• put up in wine vinegar, eipressly,for fang
INDOW GLASS. .7 by 9, 8 by 10, 10 by 12,
1 0 by 1.4 12 by 16, 12 by 18, 14 by 11, all of
`,lutlitylnd in excellent order, for lab" by . -
'11441 0: 1647. , -
REVFA RD !—Strayed or stolen (rota tbe sub
knber, residing . near the center of LitcbArkl tp.,
PE, about nine wee. ago, a dark brown
° I , I bodied, horns mostly black. A reward
14, 1 will be paid to any penmen who give
w herekaid slag may .be found,
y. ~..~
ZUNSINNDOW '4 4l ' 'lt
ritsJeant -
i f lizsa6l s s isisr.sPel", of
i4s: I St alike "W.& aervattliiivtifillitilleilii.
itock it ND ,It! GOODS. catitony solociiiit with h
view triamit 4hu market a—entbracint a ISOIS
iiMGOtitia t :ekocaioh.bsti;^ ooh
~- annirairat,irdik Raw, Pvity;;Oiliani Pa*
Codjisk Mackerel, *am cod raw Cos
i-lack I) Yeoffs, de., etc -I etc-
Alao—a great vanity of Muirtand Bark which ,
will positively be sold at pima that will tire satisfae
deo to parchment. J. FINOBBERYWC "
• , s, I +min * few days. receive the 'Mee - eaten:
alas tai4laina or ROCKS . # grAno.Negt. iv# ,
oireria fix sale id'thlintaritet, which will hi ENO at se
duced prices.... • • • weal
VIEW italtvaillo
~ .. • .
Tif f,
E !Meet and most eztenaiposeemolt-NEW
o , ( ADialiAgol,,_,• WA" sesl96,llle!ted ifitb great
care if fir de - cheap the j;ifiliii. eliding gyp.
pro;ad.eiellitjuit opened nt- . tii -7 1 "
Towende, Oct, 6. 18474 .0. 1. PARTLVTDIt
11 W --- 41 ( 0 -OM GI
Ain sowCtiVlllo
AILL 000118,
consisii4 of more than their itinal'aariety, '144
they offer Yo the public at their pro v erbially kw prices.
Trteramia, September 25, 1847.
(AILS, Paints, 'Varnishes min! Dye+talfs. of slincrit
k_4.l every kite!, at- 1005 MERCUR'S.
1 INGJIAIdS PRINTS.—PIain and twilled Ging
l7 hank, Eyalish and American Prints, a beautiful
assortment at sep2s MERCUR'B.
—French ? En lish and American Cloths; plain
and fancy Cassime and Eattinetts ; satin, silk, salsa
eh; and worsted V 'rigs, very cheap at
sep2s MERCI7W2I.
V plaid, black and colored. Almelo; black and
hared French lherieoes; Oregon Plaids; rich French
and common Casleberes, DeLaines, !he, a great variety
of styles for Weal , . *4)25 MERCUR'S,
IRON At NAILB.—A large assortment for sale. at
sep2s MERCUR'B.
.ep2s MERCUR'S.
MCALISTER'S OINTMENT .- A - new supply of
this deservedly-popular article just received at
sep 2 SMERCUR'S.
TJARDW ARE.—A very large stixdro of Horduxire, of
every description, join reed at F MERCUM
SHA Virl.B.-4Broche, Thibet, M.DeLairie, Stradala
and Woof skawls, a large sat at MERCUR:a -
10000T8 4V41140E8, consisting of cow-hide and kip
1.-) boots, ladiee and misses' slippers, gaiters and hall
gaiter , ' ; childrefi's shoes ; also an elegant assortment of
Hits and Cap4are now opening at the Savings Bank,
8(.09 : NO. 5, B. R.
COTTON YARN, carpet warp, batts wadding, wick
ing, kown and bleached sbeetings and ahirtifigs,
may be found at a bargaiikand very low at the Blimp
Bank, • sep29 NO. 5. B. a
FOR. THE LADIES—a large assortment of white
goods, such se Irish linens, cross barred,and striped
muslin., jaconett., swiss muslin., &c.; also swiss mull,
muslin edging., thread and cotton edgings, bobbins,
silk fringe and buttons, lace buttons, patent whalebone
akin., purse twist; in short a great "eddy of fancy
goods of every description, may be found at the
hie ;post extensive Clothing Warehouse in the U. 8.
- DE—OPEN FOR WINTER. 100,b00 garments
.I.VOn band and ready for disposal, Whoksale Rdail.
To patrons we would say, that having hot one price,
those,*ho t o not understand the real valuation price of
goods, will have an opporttinity of purchasing Garments
as low- as professed jridges. Jobbers and dealers in
ready made Clothing..-can replenish their stocks for the
winter, and we guarantee the largest establishment- in
Philadelphia to select frlon. We attend personally to
the packing of goods, and see that a good assortment of
sizes and well-made articles are put np. Single suits
forwarded as per order. •
o:7' Our goods ere for sale only at the large building,
128 Market at— santbeast corner of Market and Fourth
its., Philadelphia. C. HARNESS.
Philadelphia, September 29. 1847. .3mlll
MILL, Mx:woe. Sept. 23, 189 7.
Another Great Victory in Mexico !
q E news was received simultaneously with news
1 that there had been another great arrival of New
- Goods at the •
dind caused a "TrOrrondous Excisemen
The present propriettitr, C. REED, takes this oppor
tunity to return his thanks to• his former patrons and
the public generally, and 'No of informing them that he
is now receiving a very large and general atsmtment of
Fall 'and Winter Goods, of every deserip'ion, which he
pledges himself shall and wiil be sold as low as at any
other estabashment within lOU miles of Towanda.—
The public generally are respectfully. invited tticall and
examine to satisfy themselves at No. b, Brick Row.
Towanda, septemher 21, 1847.
jj E DIX R 8 will find it lo tbeit 'advantage to call at ttie
Drug Depot, where they can besupplied with eve
ry article desired, each as phials, essences. tk.c., on the
best terms. jelB No, I. BRICK-ROW
riIERKERE SHAWLS a new and rictr • •
1 also, drab, and mode colored CalbsneStradilla
m aid wepotteifiGela, ma , and in abundance,
soil extremely low at
.fnather Large and Splendid Lot of
Wady made Clothing I
STORE. Here is thef4ses to get cheap
least 50. per cent: cheaper than at any other place. I
have all kinds to suit customers. My stock is "lame,
consisting of Cloaks, Coats,. Pants, Vests, ske.
Elegant and new premium styles, ant' at astonishing
low, prices.
. Cloaks, Over Coats, Brown, Drab, Do., business
Coats—all kinds, Black Drees Coils, French Dress
Do., Gold Mixed, Do., Satinett Pants, Cassimere Do.
Black and Green Monkey Jackets. Fancy Satin Veda,
Black Do., Cashmere, Da Double Breasted Do.,
White Mancillc Do. Also—Canton Flannel! Draw.
era. Shirts the same, and some splandid.One Shifts,—
Afar—Blue and Black Cloth, Brawn Do., Cassimeres,
Plain, Fancy Do., Vestings of all kinds. • •
o:7'Cutting and Mending done cheap and making
Oct. 9, '47. r• Clothing Store. •
General Scott in the City of exico .
Arid another large stock of Goods just received at
which have been caret/11y selected for the Fait Trade.
THE public are invited to call and examine their
stock of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware and
Crockery, Boots & Shoes, Hats & Caps, and everything
in the line of staples, suited to the wants of this region
. coriotry, which have been 'purchased exclusively for
Cast, and at the lowest ebb in the market. We hope
our old friends will not forget to give us a call, as we
can mete t an Object fie them to do as
Towanda, August 18, ' 1847. •
COIL CHAIN for boll wheels to saw ail s , dcedita.
just remised pad fig sale by.
.oetober 19, 1947. ' O. D. BARTLETT.
IT •
• •
.... z4 v
:CAVIFIN6IIO/1 taktidernismot
4614161. 17 11.
wort' TOPE' 0; 40 - ,eilesisti4
nu, 1 4 11 0,
;ad mobi
imam" Pi Tim/
gray sloth
Over rust
geed.- neeek
move old TimWe s . almemle
; Wok • psi
"mid Cledesee.
VIElt/f we bees umeipmeelliej el. Mir_
0061 •Wee4allMillels
amen and Mk Imp; thaw* air si
*meek, Arlselkeolha . ey r imithieimmimpt to
Ales-414;sum silk & Herwt isiva id&
175—is large -
8 0 1 . • : t1;
• Fat lb.
**o f
and w.c.-7-
Cerait jail- hinahighie•
- •IPOlLVtaterci
vtoxr xOME, ceAt'r; 111 . IV:1.8 "/" 114
4- 1 'coulie!ell with this Thu. 'O4 adnamaiumnant in as.
other' ealumn.rU *k . Elmira iait Tasidsr, 14th WI,
and a ivory Tassday theniit* t iorias ami
onsint. aept6
What ire yoi abest.bersi Ain't ye: !WI-IMo
MHO MAN Di of dunes *a goads* bap breiralosit
1 When ea moth are an dui Bow auf SINN us.
riofiletared that supply the coatiattal rumbas die Wu,
of Main and Bridg. streets 1 O'Hara tuesurias *titbit'
is the else% sad duns are the **ciao is it with t •
Seventy- &vets newfitp/siowt
every two seeonitel
Put en the &mail:
hear ye ! and understand, that O'Hara. at
the solar of Mint and Bridge streets, will sell at seta
this semoti. 3h,f111 pairs °Moots. Shoes sod Dragons,
at a less price than ever wasp' probably eme will be ed.
fared again in Towanda.
The Ladieif Department lit this establiaboaerst is
richly furnished 'with fashion& Ladies', misuse and
children's Caney end COMO= boots and shoes. am to
the extremity of t h e latest lesbian. Webs PSI OM
place —Corner of Mein sad B ride smot* Eke 04
Shoe Store Bradford C immHalf ark and half
trade for Butter. 09BAILlt.
Towanda, June 11, 11147.
New Arrival at No. I', Brick Row!
4.8. ellidusisierilis •
Ts*ocw noising. and offers kt . sale at the DRUG
DEPOT,' No. I, Brick Row. a Isms addition to his
former stook, sonsisting of every soniety of
Groceries, Drags and Medicines. Dye Staffs, hints,
Oils, Perfumery, Pam Irtities ke.
which will be sold at wholesale or wait at uniteuelly
low prices. Terms CASH. Towanda, Jogs IS. 1447.
Fourth of July, at No. 1, BRICK ROW.
PATENT MEDICINES, ertry kind neer.-ht use.
can be found at the Drug Depot ; Agent for Jerse's
Smith's. Clidener's, Moffat's. Pain killer. 101 *arises
other medieinea. A foU and general @apply drrays en
hand jel6 Na i, BRICK ROW.
First Arrival of Goods from New York.
Illifirtoss Kingsberg,
Ts now receiving a general assortment of Spring fed
I Bummer Goods, which will be add cheaper than
goods were ever • offered in this piece before. Hie
friends will find as they mount the seeped bin door that
prices go down: CaU and examine for your
goods and prices will praise thanselvea. Yee will
find a large and general amortment dwell variety et
Dry Goods, Grocerics, Hardware, Crockery, Glad,
Nails, boo, Btiel, Paints, Oils, Dye Ikea, penis, Sheik
Hats, Caps, Codfish, Mackerel, dtc., die.
My friends and the public generally are tespectfelly
invited to mill and examine my stock, es I aereatiefied
I can offer them goods cheaper than at any other Stem
May 17th, 1847.
LIST OF LETTERS, remaining in the Pesti:lam
at Athens, quarter ending Sept. $O, 1447.
Hansen James Ott John
Brown Simeon H O'Caon John •
Brown James Gen Park James N
Bloomfield Thomas Pries Min 8 M
Clerk of the Ciradt court Patera Mrs Elisabeth
Crane Robert Palma B W
Curry E Ekl Rowe John
Demoreat Nicholas Richards R M
French Samuel Rogers Elizabeth H
Griswold Mary 4 Reynolds T
Hendricks F, Keith Joseph
Havens Fanny Stanley Ann Ms
Hide' Jam 6 Smith John ma
HavensEabes Swartwood Gee K _
Horlen John %spud Jab I -
Johnson A C • Beath Harriet lit
Lyon C B Titus . M H. -
*Loodoem irons Vanneckes H
Lamb HIIIMINDO iterommos J.
Lane Thomas Atelier' A '
McElwain James Wilson Bradford
Maxwell Thomas. - White Rebecca
Maxwell Wm Werner Miss A P
Wier Frances A , Westield BIM •
N e ,b et , Mrroaret Winship Hmayi
Nearing Ann York Levies
First lot of New goods is Towanda.
MONTANTEfi & CO. sae remising
scornsl assortment of Spring anittlrion
which will be disposed of at wtt -
&iced prima. April 20. 1134 j
gra R L CUM 0 1 921311.
,KINGS B ERY & Co, on just readviag, di-
Ireetlyy from New York sad opening at the new
brick ;tote, recently erected at B.Kingebely's gluten&
a large assorunent of Palls Waster Goods, comprising
Broad cloche, Carina's, Satinets; Alpacas., Vete.
Reim!? NOW' Menses;
,i.ainat; Crsagiouise, ag? sandy;
Cashmere 4. woolen Shawls ; Domesiie . gowts,
Mowry and Gloves, olevw3 doins i gioes.
Groceries, Crockery, Hardware, Boas am, sob
and tipper Leather, Ranh mid cameo wy and
.ams, Nada, square , round au &oaks bony lGlass, Hats andQ7 Il i , arid &one Ware,
Yap. , liansiongs, alio robes and Mob,
Mackerel, Codl i, and Herring.
The aUentioo date public is ruepsetfelly WA& le
our present help stock of gonia,whieh eta arm MAR.
ed far sale at the lowest prices, for Nay pay. They
have been selected with unusual cars aid smeaden, et
pronely for the accommodation of oat costimoms, aid
we believe offer inducements to pardoning 710 when
elm to he met with.
olj" Remember, before parchasior elegerhios. to WI
at B Kinpbery's old stood, sad omen* ear goons aid
prices, se we see coafideos they win meson views of
the closest cook bayou
Oct. VS, 11147. W. F. INENARDI.
REED'S, B . R.
lawitutien is new under the charge si
W. Guar,gisavate of itaile College, ewisied
by Mr. 0. H. PUNT?, of Cosa. The first terte
mewed as the 16th of Sept. eltj The sewed will
eotarsence on the ith of Dec. Moils env admitted at
'ay time. — sums:
'Alain per tow of eleven tick.:
Comma English storm, $0 00
Mem English sliding, . 4 00
Ancient Lenllualtee sod Mew maibunsties. 000
ExtnZ ie llst and 2d Units) • ,
won -ale -• 0*
A - will be In& to ihot i nstr et
an * bud Pntsiptrassia the sping, -
Oct. it. J. D.MONTANTA Premidant.-
- . .
t• • .
- isivio - oHtagi
_, .....,,.., --..........• ~ :- .3..
-- , Aut mood ei NO, e, Dittk Ito., _
Oita if N*- Vitt- Wiateulbeilii,
' ' ' ..:gtie Nil at tbo woe* loiuOit
uprEICH most owl _, „ , .
WY sofa foie Cast or Am* /W. • Elroy poem
wbOpq vow ISOOD int CAMP 110 1- * 4: lO Pd .
- We stock 'met
Allrinviii to ad_ mod again" ,
W iiitiolfai it=ioati sidliftlo NA. ai4 IKten ii.. _
6 a talimeigioliadie gook sal litullyternike 11 8 11 1
- tor' dila "Wog le WY or - - - g• 11 *
• rex .
Ilk - exult
O'SALZ111111011VN;4111111111TINCIIIi , dating"
L4O gifting% weilim*llio Moe .ien
ea& vows my ; tiny estis Asepsit, Ma It; B.
aworq-! , - , - '; • ;,•1016—
001 0 1115 I - CISIMANISI-311. pins itoo lad
%Jr Red*Mad styli; awilkolly die ' *Wool IWO
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DAMPS, OILS & DYMITUM, ohs Udell.,
Sy *swank at No. S. B. 111.
SEALED HALF BUSHELS, ...bed midfirrolle
At, sep 111 . FOX'S.
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July 7. ISM C. REED.
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cheaper *anon& jy7 C. REED.
BOOTS t SHOES—A lore and othisowisso
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LIST OF LETTERS, ramairriag br Se Past Ofiks
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Baseett Cheese Kilmer Josiah
Bea Temetby Kirk Miebsel -
Slims Robert Lewis Willi=
lisaaalk Legraad Lawrence Jabs K
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Berm* Elijah K Lem Desist
Bailey Jeissaisb Laughlin Lobo
flawless David More Mrs Barak
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Cams David Myers hums
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Mime& Anibal Wecidnalt Jamul
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A: e. enementily; P. ii.
The Paddle aid listlessßanns
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alb tr. MTH. emir the Firm of ?Am&
Smith & CO., at the old gaol North Ake( the Polak
aim% "heft will he kept oweetastlk bs Irma Doti
Ptals at id Quasi' Winn.. Plated cod Cease*
Harem; hie& of Thrall% Felice% Sod all SON
work lb Iheir hoe.
Carriage Trimming 4. Miliniry
dose to Wei. Tres their experisoce sad posidellity,
they are ia hopes to receive • there of public patron le.
Work au be had it their shop to cheap a. at say °that
shop is the county of the ems quality. May 1!1.'47
This Wisp fir Blesressisss.
sTurrs; man at are. $ u.
nll.B. PERFUMERIES, a spl4 • *- -di Rai
kJ Bream, Thensometers, and y Mikis% km
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The podia is gins without mince to person
all woos knowiss dmosseoliot indebted, will wws
uses, by OW. preempt sustaloa.
Towanda, O. if. 1847., M. HATHAWAY.
'or retail et re.
Si'" JOHN ! don't tell any body tbat we will pay
tbe . "readyJalin Direia." fei 100 beads Chnenate
and 500 the. Lard. CARTER & SMALLEY.
A =DISC di glirtarialillinan
LARGE and exesembeasaa*nant ad Wed. Claw
tied sad Niaedlannesa BOOKS ; duo a Imp
stack end vest variety d Papers. iaeladiai nolS. War.
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with a complete aseartammt d Week leeks, Midair
C"d 4 BosekPcs• *c-• tr- r an for mak cheaper than
tM ehispeit. by elf II D. BARTLETT.
JEW GraOhs,
TirrOULD spin Wens the Lack, that she has Jost
Vl' roamed from New York. with the ham sad
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also a largo sal choice 1109116011 of lElEwerip
Gads, eassistiag of Pisa& Weds. Mesa aid Satins ;
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Lam Ales Peas& eatireatawl u tes b gimps,
feints mei Medi eriaisaisqr lees ; a 0 et which walls
amid at as lew a pies as eat bipataisiest elsewhere.
Tasseled', Odober 11.157.
T IBT OF myrr.Ra t noseisieg in the Pot 01See
.1.4 et Teo. vow swim Sept. SO. 1847.
Avery e Willies Inms Mobs* Mies
Alveoli Nathan
Sony Marry Prat.
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Mr/ 17, 11417. '
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New Spring and Sassier Weds.
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fteptltallha oxpentry, sack or
Dry Good Groceries. Cll:Oehery and Glaris
.own. ifordurere. Nails. lroit.lall the
vari_didirStet4 Glass.
Oil, Loy Oil Ate.
Aids he earl to poothooses at unmonl low'prieri fir
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Jim 1.117. - •
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The Ladies will Ind * besedisl wastes
jam 9. • Byrne:
AGREAT; mkt, otsbaredionesoilinrsh
sod Mime Boonsto fealty cheep at itIETTB'.
BLACK & BEAVER CLOTHE, Wick awl fancy
Casinmes, and all eons of klumnisratoSe, • lit*
aegionalent„km fix tea at - BETTIS,`,
WI(DOW 1 WALL rAPER. a alita mini/ and
ebnap it _ • . :11,E11W.
ARIUS SLOO Areydies aied L l
H ass& ;aim Hank?ari, *Ow at BETTS'.
ealarad; plaid; aikd changeiblearnan
4.7Bipu r alto. white and ealared Bowleg &dint. at
aep24 It RCURII.
DGOODS.-100 pietas norproconing et the
.1../ ?Wimp Bask. oinsionnig of numb *winos; plain
Alpanno, Abyainian snipe, endow plaidammlimeno.
maosalin a. lanes, plain and twilled giailiassa.
sU of which will be 'old low at REED'S.
Claim, suet as briwin, olive wild Old mired
vets Will Ise sold issy low at SAVINGS BANK.
BTRAY.—•Broke into the esciosorsof the subscri
ber, oo eM Itoth of August lost. *ED COW. 8
or I yams old. The *woes Is recvaisd to prows pro.
perry. pay charges and take tier sissy. ,
Troy. Sept. 27. HOWARD BRALDING.EIea.
PRINTS. of a w a y Twiny . sad wyle. flwArn and dr
sande, now opening at wholeoals and retail:At
or 18 - MONTANTIrB & CO.
DBINGES & of all kinds ; also, Buttons
and other trunatinp for ladies' dresses sad risen',
by sold MONTANVE dr. CO.
CLOTHE. CABBIMERES & vEBtll 4 l6B - of very
superior style and finial, and at prime to suit these
Min wish to porthole cheap.
511088..-Ladiss' Misses and Mikhail's. • large ea
tie* enatiand at jag DETTIV..
root witeot haying, pa:Chased the lit*
net of hie late Fenner, respectfully inforuis the puh•
hie that be nay still be found at the old stand, near T:
P, Wei:Wl-ars Walt, abate h e stall *licks a shame of
pebfac.patroitaiw He intend s, by a crefol selection
of most, sOd.lby.-adintkki to the*aeon rb of onto
eters to note ea Mot and dent* Wort es can be sr
nufedsued in this pot of the canary'
He will keep tiOnittintl.ob baud. Wad tnene6ctare
to order, Morecar, Calf end Coarse loots and Shies
Load Gaiter*, Mors and arqrs: Childrciel yeei .
Cases Gaiteri and Amp', 4a, -
(Cr Couittiy Produce, of waist distedpe , t kea in
payossit for Work, at the mutat prick,
Tineeelia, Aiwa ao, loft
New Tiller's tetabilelument,
Corner of Main • Bnirke .cis. IL Olriara's
2t SP at Uic
• - PECTIPMILY naming !be ' Of toimini.
. tit' pitioree generally. that has carensonc
iba Tailoring hestnesa, at the minter .of Main and
Bridge eat. in the Asp recandy orcupad by Matt. C:
Ante*, *hate he solicits theft in want of ?Mot*,
to give blis ealL
Haeing been Calpioyed in the most eashionalde thMiti•
Belmont. in Philadelphia and elserrhino. and being de.
terminad to spare no pains to piesaii litlattnieere may
depend open having their ansrlt does promptly and in
a good style as can be bed at any shop in town. AU
work wananied well made and to 'St
03 . Cutting done cheap, and wartipted.
Towanda, August 30.
?VIE es-partnesabip beresofore ethiling between 60
.1 subscribers in the mercantile business. was diseolir
ed on the 10th day of A egust lam, by mutual consent.
Those indebted to the firm will make immediate pay
boot to E. W. Baird, end thins Burin f demands again
the bun will resent the same te Wartime settlement.
August 1847. B. W. BAIRD.
I shall - 4R until the Monday slier Reptember.court.
(whirl will be the 2(Ptli Sept. 1847) for payment of
all debts due the aboye him. Debts tiot then paid. *ill
be wed, wit dienieninetion or favor. Do you un
derstand 1 au3o W. BAIRD.
III" are 11110:131)72017.
Tie Meal Faculty le ilees:
Dr. Cluler's Infallible Rel for Mama
of .
nose lanes , 104 size ;doses entirely
etl Alt option of th e patient,
HE. above Msdirine ear, bitlotthdliti ell times at the
ither ertablahment of CARTE* & SMALLEY.
together with ea cadre new and froth oath of GRO.
CERIES. comprising every thing II their line. suck
ea Tea. Coas. Sugar, Tolerate. Porter. Bpith, Moos.
isite 6 Cocoa; Citron, INgs, Raisins. &4., and an enamel
variety of other articles " the WINNOWS to meotioq1 9.
ell of which will be sold ea Seidel are rest he
bought west of the e also oiler th e
aunt arse& ireseunent of French. aglisk sad tier.
men TOYS. sew Wore ei s t=osibers Peeasyl
yeah, together with e hall of Nuts, Confec
tionaries, Yankee Notions. Fancy eimpr i p ars . & c , w hi c h
ovum and will writ sate quality and Prim,
Oct. ta. ISC!. CARTER 4t, BIIAI.LRY.
. ; Raw
i s,
GH. &I. wink TAI . LO rlsteffelattio
a City of Union.) have a shop. la Mrs
nom .
.149ey of the new Brick block, by tattoo
irtatebely; off Main week rebore a n petard 11
exams an admits their lino with nay & dappatelb.
From their lons and Arrow insulation hello an.
end del, ihnegivo mode* as Firemen. in,the bast
obeys in Landes. they feel poefeetly4apesent of kin;
obi. sr Awe the most feetklioni . • and en meant
thafraost in and solatential • ad illitiaboa - sty* lIS 'to
giviiateibms to their ennemain. i ' -
P Caly Culling dose' to wan, trortaitsa. to it a'
tepttauk- fr. H. DAVIN ,
T./two* Oct. 12, MT: 712 IR, DAM.
lid %woad Illtnitail off tbi meth:: eb-
Wag the four Well oesipild
Agenjunia 1141.16, deed.: Temp i 440,..
. JAMEtt
'We eirßenj;
The alowaskretasile . - pailb . hled .
litter„ P1!“.4.4.1 -
rfasoanba In order of the of
at Md.,* will
1091 ;t ail - ? `A'. ?it itePt4"A'.l9: , :litttiaililin
'etporlmll lo AO lot pniolta • of Oral- di
mimed. on•t ltitidaf. ttioltaltdift of :Donbas' anateei *
o'clock,,P.M.. the tottoniintiniptibed of inert
drith lui'opristenaneel, iilkstne h tlse Odigh of lag
Tinaarida, and bounded win - tif.ttebedi • onnialals
it beenii4 north bitbe-OPperrot at . ar. Waking'
lot ;Aloe* by U.L. Ward's lok-on Hilts! lent
ie ended: Kali ion by *bents ea 4 of
bt that heats Main it, by hies.lo4Y-•'*higiCatif
foidierliiii len oxtspinoy of er tle
Bank's repent.' Tb. Osmond .• *, •lot. *Link
twins 74 tenni& oo 2d at., east LAT,' - p . allot( An
acisidi - imd Dora lines of %Wane and ard'a reiria=
tint lotOirillbe said is - tb.piscir • late NW*
Dettronni deed, .Tetnnieside - born • 'dot of
Sep. 29, Wt. -Ad'. of ism. Del dell, dog: •
A LI. persons inilebteil to the imitate
OLAGGETT. late of t
hereby requested to oaks payment wit
thaw basing claims against Asia estate,
Not thins duly attiowd to the subscriber
ORO. W.• CLACOETi', it
apthigbill. October 114 - 1g47.
A t. persons imilehled to the Rao
latrat Leßoy tow
by teitmeated to make immediate pay
M.raeo_ • lievitig demands, aphid mid e
Ord •• present them immediately to the
aeuleimeat. AMPS. W: WILD
Leßoy. Oet. 19th, 1847.
BY .4:w of stindry welts of Whditioni tomtit fisfinl
sot tithe court of wenn* Oleos . Bradford ett-i
to,nos directed, I shall rime to public at the emelt
Of THOR P. WOODRUFF, in the bop .0 of ToSiarr
de, on Saturday, the 13th day of Salem . r nett, it d
o'clock, P. M.. the following piece or pa - I of Mt; 7d
Springhill. and bounded as foibles, to wi : on theme&
by land of J. C. Lary, east by base , south - 6y
Samuel Chasms, and west by Geo. Smith , (=wining •
about eighty acres withabbutilfteen ears Itnproted elklo
ewe Lag Hoeft and.ene saw Kill therwm.
Seised and takeorin the suit of-D._ W. anomie the 5 ,,1
use of Nathan Blithest*. Jr.. wt. jam L. North. Nl'
ALSO, a peke or parcel of laud sittiate3 in Rik '''-•
• township of Monne, sod bounded u Atlbirei to wit .1 1 .- - r- :
Beginning eta White oak on the warren thence 'Unit I
the'said line, bath 684° west , one ha and twenty t i
a t
percher to a pat, thence 171 and of T racy, north ',I
40°, tut 87 1-10 perches to a pb ea by UN ef
Jared Woodruff, north 614* etliWrty es to a /bol t
diem* by lend of Abealunt Coolbeilgh, sloth IP th at pi
perches to the south nut corner of sa Cottlbtueis
land, thence north 64° east,2B perches t a post, &WM
south 50 ° east 87 1-10 perches to • ino, amain of
Ronson Fowlers Ist, times along said Fowlers fine
south 48!' east 128 perches to the of s leitz
awaking ninetrone.serse and ibrty-iii
allowance be the muse more or Ws, itrebt7t. BO
actin improtred, wilt one Log House onelsej Barn
Baited 441 taken in the suit of E. H.
.„. J ssioe. nal
the lose oe P. Maui and I. M. Gregg
PaY• •
ALSO, iiy sundry write of Pi: Fa:
tl ar penti bf land, situated in situated
ite county bf Bradford,
' bf the MAN. eatapsns
'Bootee L Stage, On the •.
wok Land on the sent'
;naiad. bra the
shop. one Ink
tenting --*
i . • sliz
• I
_ , ' • ,ip °away
edi t ' the mirth by
A • the " 'by Medi of
by hinds feshei Gail;
you the Towanda creek, A he:
i • ening home* one and snort
_.., ill Mid Ms apple ii
feirite acres Mere br lent
• • sod taken in the mike,' M • itavoity is.
• ,W. Fellows and Joseph Fellow -
ALSO, the following piece or peke!
intrlster townihip, bmndad and &writ'
wit t beginning at a stake oh the Mehl
road running triretigh Ulster village in
thence tooth. 21° west eight perches to i
tooter, then& horthelt° *est lb pains
I earner, donee north It. elm 11 "
stake. i comer Of lot ne. 3, thence
perche.►p to the Ohara or begintiing. torita
and biking lints no. 4 seal 5 oh the mein
liiii oat by &pima Phinentbeing the se
esyed to flidney 8. lisit and Milton
Holcomb by died dated 11th day of
'11139. all intpeOrtid with one small hoe
Suited and token ill the`imit of S. S.
Sidney 15. Bailey end Milton Dailey.
ALBII-.By virtue of a writ of Lima
. and directed to the, one undivided third
teeming. piece or parcel of lend'ailitated
M the tewiterdp of Franklin county of
Penneylvinia, and hounded so folio
ning at a post corner (being the sou
thence by lands , in the warrantee name
roe twenty nine and s half *trees
terenty•litt perches tea hemlock.
In the warrantee names of Simnel Sid
Healy, north sixty degree* west di
tire* perches to it post. thence by
hisMames ofi/oseph Lailleymorth tweb
*gram east two Modred and twenty
maple. thence month •ik'ty degrees
abd twenty *thee to the begining, con
deed and fifty sees, being die tract of I
Peter Ledisy. en a warrant dated the
of February, 1194. One half sae IMF
boom and two coal openings thereon.
Seised and taken in esecution , mt the
Weston, vs. Nathan entah.
Sheriff's Aim. Oct. it, tut.
order of the Orphans' court of
the will be ex peeled to public sale
1 'O'clock is the aftrinoon of the 4th d
nes% a weft of laud situate, in Ridgbe
lands of Morris ititepheni en the' mood
Des A. Gillet ott the east, north and au
three scree, or thereabouts, all imptov
framed hones, end • saw-mill theme%
of the Male of Albeit A. 1h
Ridgben7. September 21, 114 1 1%
r t
GISWIDI Vco Ma 34.116
late of the t'lltiestent flbuse. . , re., tikieb
wee &heated by fire en Me I tea March tasS.
HAS heed thiraid &Rad, 6a Ow 'pia Was tithe
public. *pore , lately eerupiea b Winkle Vigo
sign at the tiler. Where he ii p ' and will bebop
py to waft es h s std &Women well riblieltumerilfty
lils Mow i in Toed weer, end li . heilitbs fits •se
casuiciastitur trasiMen $&I visitors. It us wil l unable
him to give smile satisteetinu. tit weleroti.
Thwitak Ora w&sn. Int.
- -
UTITERtXR, my wire, 'LAVIN.
V V my bed tad board. Withgtit
plehrolitikmahle in booby to esotionl
andeirklug Or trilling her on my seen
no debts or amend. tot bet contrami
I Rome, Aug. 2,1847. PAT '
VIILIFFB—• great variety of e
VI 7 bentiful—just reeeivedimd
by 'D. D.
vet. plea. cloth uollitr, aria fa trimmed caps.—
comprimiai the asesteet Adiety ever -a io this p"ce,
jaw maim! sod Ilbe oak 'my bw b
October It 48:1 1 1. O..D.IBARTLETT, •
• 0.4
E 2
p...deest,7 It%
4! plesorr•-
of ASsisfok
ape Atil
"a 4iiCas
sAlreirsfiii fiit
I I X. Aar%
land. attliated
" follows, to
• • township
• r deka.
I , • inotberitakt
, • to another ,
th 89° east
tine 80 parches
lor said reed u
- magus tom
ail? by Jempil
eh nlaq. A. D.
A. Re*, VIA
Nam, Medea
• 01v:engin
i ra Y df i cwi t :tsta te lmitili ein t of
to in .
• wit corner)
• Peter,Limileh
• two hundred
"" by Nada
• Nadas
tsdadred and ,
In the eaten.
-ninsind I ball
,perehes tea
three blinked
%ins &when.
nd surveyed to
easy Arend' day.-
. une block
soft or john Iv.
',AN3 b %oriel
patakawai of an
raiNcrd cipeicy.
thePlMt list a
I or N .
i tY adJuinini
I , sad by- badge(
- Cantaisiot
, T l ith a ankall
de genie unn
CM i
teU NS', las lilt
tiy yma.eaos. rn
any -"man 'from
nt. -ea twillisy
omits, penis ve
sale Wry 161 k,