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    - Ni. s edboationnento,
OME is hereby given to all persons interested,
d ie t Babriel King and Solomon C. Wisner, sir.
a im of the estate of ,
Asa Klener, deceased„,
um 4 go t s . townsbitit and Benjamin . Buffington,
adm i n i si lor of the estate of
Prescreed Buffington, deceased,
bas of Wan= and . Geoige W. Shattuck,
administrator of t h e estate of
. - garbed, Maynard, deceased,
we of Troy township ; and Eiihn Case and A. D.
Spalding, administrators of the estate, of
Chimarey Morse, deceased,.
k m of Trortovrnabip ; and John B. Parcel and A .
goat, administrators of the estate of
Nickolas Parcd, deceased,
d a te of Rkkbory township; and William H. Overton,
administrator of the estate of •
William B. Swain, deceased,
kte of Athens townihiii; and David" Palmerand H.D.
Freeman, administratore of the sstate of
, 11. N. Ward, deceased,
lee d Trey township r..atbd. Davit' , Brewer, surviving
a dministrator of the estate of
• Amine Clark, deceased,
We of Ridgbory township; and Johti Vandyke and
Modelans Walter, adininiatrators of the elute of
Peter Walter, deceased,
late of Leroy township ; and Anson H. Bo‘re, admi
nistrator of the estate of
Matthew Schemerhorn, deceased,
late of Springfield township: and A. Webb and Ga.. ;
WWI King;adminiatrators of the estate of
Henry C. Smith, deceased, •
late ef, Sheshegain township ; and Merritt Osborne,
Guardian of Celfnda' Hunt,
m iner child of Benjamin Hunt, deceased, have Sled and
settled in the,rolfice ofxbe Register of Wills, in and for
the county of Bradfold, ths.aceounts of 'their several
a dministrations upon the Writes aforesaid,*and that the
ama will be presented to the Orphans' court of said
county, - onllonday, the 6th day, of September next, for
confirmation and allowance.
L . E . DE WOLF, Register.
- Register's Office, Towanda, July 28, 1847.
lERE AS, my wife, LAVINA DUNN, hes left
my bed and hoard, without any just cause or
i ll
prmcation, this is hereby to caution ay person from
harboring or trusting her on my ammo as I will pay
to debts sr demandeof bet contracting •
Rome, Aug. 2, 1847. ,PATRICK DUNN..
FROM the enclosure of the subscriber on the night
of the 29th of July, uh., TWO BAY HORSES
4 years old, with Mkt slides and tails". One without
shoes,. high4lfe add a good traveler, but not broke to
-tide. The ate with shoes, has the off hind foot white.
Wells, Aug. 2, .1947".. MARTIN FRIES.
vaasitutt o.oacm g , .
lit IS Al PO Ild kW,
OFFICE over 1 6 . mutt Foe , No. 2, Brick
Row: TOWiruli, July 28,1647.
0: IWILXOT,' • 0. • .011.1{W.
liniVitihntee of an order of the • lirphan's Court of
Bradford *conniy, fi eld at Towanda on •the
doy of May 1847, will be etposed to sale by _.-Public
-mattie or outcry,, on the premises, on Thursday the
:4th day or August neit, it 1 o'clock 'F. M., the follow.
inidescrdied lot of land situate in the townlhie of Troy,
Ind bo u nded tplloars ! Ncirlh by land of 4.. Ward,
t ut by lands of James Dewitt; south by land of Wm.
Monism, anti weft by the' highway loading: from Gran
ville to Troy. Containing one hundred acres or-there
lawn:, being land of which Wm. Knox, deceased, rate
of Troy township, died seized. ,Terms made known on•
the day of sale.; CHARLES DRAKE,
July 7,6, 1 - 84 h. Ad's of Wm. Knoi. dec'd.
This Ihsg ter Bdirif4ins.
1 - STUFF'S, selling at awt, at FOX'S.
Ott iianFe of /1. eke* of the Orphan's Codrt of
Bradfotd field al' Tdwanda; ih end for said
ity, on Bre 14th day Of Miy, A. D. 1847, will be
(posed to isle by public trtnolueror outcry on the pre
fers, oil Weiitieidiy the 28111 day of July, A. 111847,
t 1 o'clock P. M., the following piece of lend situate
the towbehip of Springfield, bounded north by the
twiny toll telling from Troy to Tioga Point, and by
beds of Sylveiter Leonard, east by lands of Oliver Oates
tad hods of Paul Sbemway, south by lends of Stephen
het, and west by lands of Daniel Bartlett end J. W.
Meteor and lends of Lemuel Faulkner. Containing
We . hundred acme 01 thereabouts, with a two story
tamed dwelling house; a framed barn and other ou,.
tourer theterni erected, and so orchard thereon. • he
now will be meld as the property of Bedjamin M'Airee
deed.— ; Tetms Made khotin od the day of folic
• .4 . BENJ..): M'A FEE,
lone 23, 1847. Eiecutori of Beoj. M'A fee.
BONNETS, of every style
. bought cheap for augh—
do, lot of PARASOLS will be sold at coat to
thee the lot , at No. 5 . , Brick Bow. C. REED.
Al' ?tit 13AtIAGii ANK Mai be found the
clieipest CROCERIEB in town. A few articles
DI which we still. etiutderite; —A i r superior article
of black of poi:ldiom; tea ; green tees ef all prices and
quantities; Old Jaya, Rici and Lagnirs. coffee, crushed,
Powdered and tiiuscovada sugar; molasses, sperm and
Mould multi* lithp end linseed oils, iaishi§. fish, &c.
July 21, • 240. 5, BRICK 'ROW.
.O . THB, CASHMERES ft V ESTI N Gs-- a l s o
striped check and-btown linens, gembroons, sum-
IS, lamed'. of . allpficit and qualtities, may be
at the Savings Bank,..No. 8, Brick Row.
my 21. C. REED.
Samuel Cooltraugh to theatse of D. F. Bar
now, el.. Willard C. Green. ,No. 210, Dec. T.
1848. Bradford Common Pleat?.
undmigised, hawing beeniippointed auditoito
dkaribute moneys rabid by virtue of execution is-
Rol in the above suit, will attend to the duties of his
st*Vattheat it bis office in Towanda Borough, on Sat
tillsy tin 4th day of Sept, next., it two o'clock in the
I * . , mit at Which, time and place ell persons interest
', anrequired to pieedit their claims before him, or be
ftbai cotnin' g. in upon said funds.
July 20, 1847. WILLIAM WATKINS. A 'Attar..
mad', Tim.
BE io-i'sitnersitip
heretofore existing under • the
, tuns of BOHAN EY & C 0. ., et Shesbequin, sr as
iwased by aims l consent on the first liay . of Jdne
l 't The Books Mid a.m. qpts Will be fOuned at the
allal open end taidy for rement;
- l<
Ilkwhegnin July 10 1847. N. C. HARRIS,
L _ Ail persons knowing themselves indebted - to the old
....," C a" walk up toths Captains, office and not only
'NIA pay up or casts will be made gum sixty days
taca—no indolgeneiesgraqied.
414 daaptin July 101e47. H.IONNEY ik CO.
ul C maißUts,
atity of New ,Goods ' . . I
it and&siglied bawl rotated themselves into a
partnership at the old stand of ji.KINNEY & CQ.
under the name of KINNEY & BAT
dLEE "ri me they may at all times be found ready
li *sit on their customers with the good things of life
e lwaf as they can be had in Bradford County.' Hard
igid fortemibiw alt kinds of produce . taken in ex
• An quanilti oT bitter wanted at the largest
!`ct eichange for good,. H. KINNEY.
luin.ltiy 10 1847. E. BATERLEE.
' Awn lad Children's, I large va.
Cilhatidat je9 HF:rrs'.
E.& L . INERtUR, life removed their
G00 1:1 1 8 to . the Store formerly occupied by If.
I Boas. north side or the ' public square, iv here
4 2 Pillared to supp)y their customers as hereto
irisadiciguch 17, 1847.
rl abB tron.lirone Shoe, Rooted Band; Nsil rods
uwaliptoe Nails, Steel of ill kinds will be sold
increbanbile, -
What are yea about here ! Iraq _ye Yes, I guano !
T HOCHADS of times the question has Wen asked.
Where on earth are all the Boots and Bhoes ill
nufactured that supply the continual rush at the corner
of Main and Bridge streets ? O'Hara answers that this
is the place, and these are the things we do it with
Seventy4eleven new fashions
every two seconds!
h S "
Lei an e team .
• -
Hear ye ! hear ye ! and understand, that O'Hara, at
the corner of Main and Bridge streets, will sell at -retail
this season. .39,781 pairs of Boots, Shoes and Brogans,
at a less price than ever was or probably ever will be of again - in Towanda.
The Ladies' Department in this 'establishment is
richly furnished with fashions. Ladies', misses' and.
children's fancy and common boots and shoes, even to
the extremity of the latest . . fashions. Mistake not the
place -Corner of' Main and Bridge streets, Me only
Shoe Store in Bradford County. Half cash and half
trade for Butter. H. O'HARA.
7' wands, June 'l6, 1847.
Tk't• subscribcra area little later than usual this
spring with their extensive stock of merchandizo ;
but what the good people of Bradford county have lost
by our delay, we will now endeavor to make up t 1 them
in the quantity, quality and price of our goods.
We are now on hand with the LARGEST, BEST
AND CHEAPEST stock of gccods in Towanda, bought
exclusively for cash, and since the great reduction in
prices. Our stock 'C'onsists as usual of
Dry Gobd4 Groceries. Crockery, Hard
ware, Drugs and .Medicines,
FOr further particulars look along through the paper.
We need not say " Call and examine our (nod,' for
we know that every body WILL at No. 3, before
purchtising elsewhere. WM. H. BAIRD & CO.
• June 15„1347.
JUST received at No. 3 Brick Row, an extensive
assortment of rich and desirable !dress goods of the
latest style, such as striped Tarlett;ni, embroidered mull ,
lin, Cherry lustre, M. De Leine, Gingham Lawn,
mourning organdie, Bals.orine Gingham Robes, Ladies
striped dresses, together with all the new and fashiona
ble fancy goods that could be found in tilt city of New
York, and will be sold clieeperAhan the same goods
Can be bought at any othe:eitablishment in the county.
Remember this, and before you purchase stop into
u - Ars—The largest and best selected assortment of
1..1. Su in mer Hats. consisting of Psnama,English straw,
Dunstable, Pedal, PalriAral, &c., for sale cheap at
BONNETS—Florence, China Pedal, Straw and
Lawn Bonnets, all of the latest fashions, at
BOOTS E4—Men ' s Calf and Morocco boots,
and Congiusa gaiters, and Ladies shoes of every
description at 114IRD'S.
PINTS & OlLS—Linseed, Lamp and Tanner's
Oil—White Lead, dry and ground Venitian Red,
and all kinds of Paints for sale at the cheapest store in
Towanda. BAIRD'S NO. 3, B. R.
T . ; ISll,—Mackerel, Shad,.and Codfish in great abun
.l dunce at BAIRD'S,
G!WORRIES.— The best article of Tea Coffee Su
gar, Rice,Tobacro, &c., can be found at BAIRD'S. •
nRY GOOIM.-Everything in the line of Dry Goods
usually kept in this country, di ever wanted for
nee. can be found at No. 3. The said goods were pur
chcsed in New Tork after .the great rush was over, and
when there Was a gre. depression in the Markets, and
consequently were bought cheaper and shall be sold
cheaper than any stock of goods in Bradford county:—
Thisis true, if we do say it ourselves, and if yon don't
bidleve it, just drop in . st No. 3, where the children cry
re.come ! and you will ~b ecome convinced that goods
can be sold cheap in TotOanda.
'ALT-100 bbla. Salt just recrived and for sale
1~7 at BAIRV'S, N 0.3, B.R.
Lot R.-56 'tacks of first rate flour just received
.1. - and for sale at BA/ RD'S, NO. 3, B. IL
New Arrival at No. 1, Brick Row !
• • .4. S. Chdmberlin, •
TS new riceiring, and otTers for sale at the DRUG
I DEPOT, No. 1 . Brick Row. a large addition t" his
former stook{ consisting of every variety of
Groceries, Dram and Medicines. Dye Stuffs, Paints,
Oils, Perfumery, Panty Articles ice.
which will be sold at wholesale or retail, at unusually
low prices. Terms CASII. Towanda, June 16, 1847.
rIROCERY'S, in the country. tarsi be supplied with
VA all uncles in their line, on the most, reasonable
terms. at • jel6 No. 1, BRICK ROW.
PicToßi a. BROHER JO'NATFI AN, for the
T Fourth of July, at No. 1, BRICK ROW.
. _
TIUN B A R'S, Reeve's, and a splendid article of Int;
. I_lP ported SiIGAWS, at No.l. BRICK ROW.
PATENT MEDICINES, every kind oda in use,
dim be found at the Drug Depot; Agent for Jayne's
Clickener's. Moffat's, fain killer, and various
other medicines. - A full and general supply always on
hand jel6 No. 1, BRICK ROW.
©II S, a arilentltd article of Hair
Brustiics, Thermometers, anti Fancy Articles, for
sale at jet 6 No. 1, BRICK ROW.
EDLE RS will find it to their advantage to 6111 at the'
Drug Depot, where they can be supplied with eve
ry article desired, such as phials, essences. Sze., on the
best terms. jel6 No, 1. BRICK ROW
Q 0 D A Fol_7 NT A IN, just erected at the Drug Depot,
kJ to which the attention of the public is invited.
TH F.: Subscriber offers his new stock of HATS
'AND CAPS• at the first' building south of the
Brick Row, where the hat manufactory of Mr. Thomas
was formerly kept. Those who, wish 63'pm:chase for
Cash, will be accommodated at very reduced prices.—
Fur Hata from one to four dollars ; Silk Hata from one
to three dollars; Wool hats from thirty-seven and i half
cents to one dollar; Caps from eighteen cents to one
dollar—according to quality. HENRY MERCXR.
Airily 27, 1547: ' •
.118. & M. C. .MERCUR have just received a
.• good assortment of Gingham* Lawti. summer
Shawls, Elowets, Wreaths, &c. &c:,Which will be sold
cheaper than ever. Towanda. May 3, 1141.
New Arrival of Goods, by Express!
HAS just received from New York, a beautiful as.
aortment of Lawns, Gingham, Bennetts, Palm
Leaf Hatts,sVc... &c., which will be sold very cheap.
Alai? Caps and Parasols and a variety of other goods.
Call and see the *reduction from last spring's prices,
and if you should want any thing in the way of New
Goods. yes? will be sure to buy. April 28, 1847 s
First Arrival of Goods from New York.
livirtitit litagsbery,
S now receiving Weneral assortment of Spring and
Summer floods, which will be sold cheaper than
.goods w. re ever offered in this place before. His
(friends will find as they mount the steps at his door that
prices go down. Call and examine for yourselves.
My goods and prices will praise thernselves. You will
and a large and general assortment of every variety of
• Dry floods, 'Groceri,s, Hardware, Crockery, Glass,
Nails, Iron, Steel. Paints, Oils, Dye Sruffri, Boots, Shoes,
Hats, Caps, Codfish, Maekcrel, &c., &c.
My friends and the public generally are respectfully
invited to call arid examine my stock, as I aqi satisfied
I can offer them goods•cheaper than at any other Steal.
May 17th, 1817.
BAIRD'S NO. 3, 13. R
"WM. & CO
Liittdymbile, ‘-r.
• • T. VOL
TA KEB this method of informing every person who
wants to purchase GOODS, that he has opened an
entire stock of NEW GOODS in No. •2, Brick Row,
formerly occupied by C. h E. Reed, one aloor bekrii
the Post Office, where he wouldAsi happy to show any
one his stock who will favor him with a call ; u be is
determined not to be undersold by any one in this or any
other Town this side of New York. My stock is very
large, iiitisi4ting of •
Dry Good's, _
Groceries, Crockery,
• • Hardware, Boots h Shoes, 4c.
A large assortment of Dress Goods,
Such as Scotch and Linen Ginghams, Ging
ham Maxims, Printed and Argandie do., Oregon
Plaids, Chambrays awl Lama cloths. Also,
A great variety of French, English
And American cloths. Cassi
meres, roatrims, Croton
Cloth. Tweeds and
Summer Stuffs. -
4.r. iS•c lac,
Don't call, as I will sell for the Ready Rhino
• little leas than any other live man.
Towattrla, June 1, 1847.
JUST' received 12 Cheats Fresh Teas, selling from
37i to 75 eten 'per lb., warranted good or no sale
at • 4 FOX'S. NO. 2. B. R.
COME one 11 and see the best and cheapest Su
gar, Coffee eh' Molassce in town at
june 1. FOX'S, NO. 2. B. R.
AFIRST rate Rot of Gents kip, seal and coarse hoots,
fine medium and coarse shoes; also Ladies' fine
kid B. B. Ties, Buskins, Gaiters and half Gaiters, and
an endless variety of child's shoes at NO. 28. R.
cine, with Hemple's Domestic Physician. Also,
few Hull's Laurie at FOX'S. N 0.2, B. R.
(ROCKER] 4 GLASSWARE, • first rate assort
meat at jet, N 0.2, B. R.
i O DOZEN of those cheap Parasols left, which ore
1 selling at reduced prices at NO. 2, B. R. •_
LEG HORN and Lawn Bonnets; also Leghorn, Pearl
braid and Palmleaf hata, and a great variety of Caps
et jet NO. 2. B.
THE Ladies do say that the largest and prettiest
assortment of Dress Goods, Ribbons, Partisla,
Gloves Hosiery. &c. in town, is to be found at FOIL S.
Call and see them, as they are selling from 10 to 25
per cent. cheaper than at any other Store in town at
june I. NO. 2, B. R.
a20(1 PIECES Calicoes, the prettiest in town, scl
ling from 5 to 15 cents per yard at
june I. NO. 2, B. R.
AT an annual meeting of the direct Ora of the "
wanda Savings Bank," C. & E. REED were
elected in place of G. E. Flynt & Co., whose term
expired May, at, 1847. It is the intention of the new
Calihiers & Co., to sustain the credit of the institution
by putting goods low down." to pay ufieustomeys.—
We therefore invite our old customers and the public
generally to call and examine our stock of New and
Cheap Goods, just received, and convince themselves
of the tru% of the old adage, that " Goods- have, can; ,
and shall be sold 'clieapet at the Savings Bank than at
any other establishment in Towanda. No. 5. B.
May 18, 1847. C. & E. REED.
R SALE, a TIMBER LOT, situated in the tp.
of Burlington. in this county, containing about 157
acre*, on which is a good mill site. For further par
ticulars enquire of J. H. HAYN ES, at Hawley's store,.
Franklia. July 7, 1847. 2m4
- _AIL AL 'IW 71E• lIIIT 1111 Gr: •
UtW237 Cho allaatc,
10 ESP ECTF LTI.I.Y informs the citizens of Towan
da, and the public generally that he is prepared to
execute in the neatest style all descriptions of
House, Sign, Coach or Carriage Painting, or
Trimming; and every variety of Fancy
and Ornamental Painting.
From his long experience and the many apecimens of
his productions now in use. he entertains a flattering
hope that by close application to hie profession, and
being prompt to brae( be may secure.. suitableshare of
public patronage. Ile may he foUnd stall times at the
Chair Factory of Tomkina & Makinson, wheri he will
be on hand to attend to the calls of those whO may want
his sera ces. PAPER-HANGING done on short no
tice. in a superior manner and reasonable terms.
Towanda, July 6, 1847. ly4
IF la
Stock 'of Goods in the Savings Bunt
IN consequence of the great rush at the Savings Bank
for Cheap Goode, the proprietor has been induced to
replenish with a splendid assortment of SPRING &
SUMMER GOODS, which-are now opening, and sell
ing at gr'eatly reduced prices,_The proprietor, Mr.C.
'REED, pledges himself totaly and amply sustain the
credit of the institution which it has hitherto borne, i.e.
for selling goods cheaper than any other establishment
in Bradford co. Persons desirous of testing this, have
only to call at No. 5, Brick Row, and satisfy themselves.
July 7, 1817. C. REED.
and Light Ginghams, have been received at the
-Savirigs Bank, and are selling twenty-6.e per cent.
cheaper than ever. jy7 C. REED.
BOOTS & SHOES—A large and exhaustless as
sortment of coarse and fine boots and shoes,' ladies'
f and half gaiters, kid ties, buskins, French kid slip
pers, children'a-cloth and morocco shoes ere now selling
very low at the Savings Bank, No. 5, Brick Row.
-LL DLES. grain and grass scythes, scythe smiths,
rakes, and Quinebaugh whet atones may be fonnd at the
Sayings Bank. No. 5. Brick Row. C. REED.
...Proceed, Gentlemen !
rage„About these clays, just up there at* No. 1, Brick
Rrow, where you min find Aristocratic Cigars. Gentle
m en's Fancy touchei. and every thing in our line et the
Drug Depot, uncommonly cheap, wholesale ; and retail.
July 7, 1847. 4.8. CH AMBERLIN.
I 28T OF LRTTERS remaining in the Post °Mee
14 at Atheni4 . Pa., quarter ending tune 30, 1747.
Abbott C .. Mott Alvah
Andrews C. P.'.. Mill: Jane
Aldrich .14thrr-C - ---- .. Murray L 8
Arnold 0 - -{ ...liieDole John
Brion . planri ! . . • Merchant M a • ,
Brooks Peter: Olorbury T 8
Buck Joseph . - 2 'Mallory Henry
Brown • Arisinas Palmer John •
Bowman A ' Raymond Elias
Chapman Cll 2 Iteifield James 2
Caramel H Smith C B
Carrington J Y Steward B M
Drake Francis - Shilp T ."
Durphy Tlingit Snyder Maiy A
Dilden Robert Swartwood Geo K •
Edwa.ds A Furman Nicholls
Fabron James Tracy E 8
Gartner 1. A ' Wilco: Elisliti
Hyatt elder L 0 Weaver Jos
Hawkins A West Wm ,
Hyatt M R rs. . Wooley Wm
Jackson So in Watkins Mary
CrUm elder $ Warren Wm
Kniekerbacker Addle York Lavine
Livingston 1. C. H. HERRICK, P.M.
__ „ ---=—
First lot of New Goods in Towanda.
Ai ONTANY Es: & CO. are receiving a large and
-dila general assortment of Spring and Summer Goods
which will be disposed of at wholesale or retail at re
duced prices. A pril.lo, 1847.
T ADIES can find a supetior assortment of DRESS
ilterrbatubi;c, &t.
'Thomas Elliot & N. C. Tomkins,
trAvING associated themselves together in the
1.1. Mercantile business, hope by close application
and strict attention to business, to merit a share of pub
lic patronage. They may always be found ready to
attend to any person who wishes accomodations in their
They will occupy the old stand of Elliott & Meteor,
and attit has just been enlarged and made mote speci
ous and convenient, customers will find it very plea
aunt to do business na: ELLIOTT & TOMKINS.
May 27., 18417. •
JUST received and for sale a spinidul assortment of
Spring and Summer Goods, which will be sold as
cheap for Cash as can be found in Northern Penn's.—
Customary will find it to their advintage to call and ex
amine their stock before purchasing elsewhere.
ANY quantity of UINGHA MS, just received and
for sale by ELLIOTT & TOMKINS.
LA WS of all varieties; also Gingham Lawns very
low for cash by ELLtorr & TOMKINS.
BOOTS and Shoes, the largest stock in town and
cheap as can be bought in the country by F. & T.
SHOES, Ladies wear rd . all kinds—French 3attin
Bolton Gaiters, fie. tips. Buskin., kid slips, Lest.
ing Gaiters, and a variety of all kinds by E. &T.
COTTON Yarn, any lfuant4y—also Carpi warp
white and colored by E. & T.
L OOKING GLASSES, of every variety for sale
-- -- -- -by je9 • E. &T.
-r— ,
IRON of all kinds, English and Swedes, together with
, rolled and hammered ; GLASS as cheap as the
cheapest, and a large stock of NAILS, by E. &T.
OD Labia Nail Rods, a very large quantity as cheap
as the cheapest, & a.variety of.mill iron by E. & T.
A SPLENDID assortment Parssols of all sizes. and
la. of every vailety of Umbrellas by E. & T.
BON.NETS, a good variety Lthorn, Straw, Lawn
and Coburg, cheap as the cheapest by E. & T.
L EG HORN Hata of all sizes and descriptions, to
r ether with a. cood,lot of palmlcaf by E. &T.
A GOOD asiortmeht C.dicoes. In fart, we have
u good an assortmenCof all kinds of Dress Goods
as you can find in any store in the country. Also, a
good assortment of Cloth.., Usselineree. and Summer
wear of all kinds and descriptionias cheap for cash as
the cheapest by E. & I'.
SEETINGS and Shirting s, both bleached and un
bleached cheap as thercheapest by E . &
200 BARRF:LS Salt for .ale at
New Spring and Summer Gods.
Is now opening a new snd splendid essortment of
staple and Taney goods at his store. (•ituate nn Main
street two doors below Bridge street (wept side) nearly
opposite Muntanya's & Cu,) embracing all articles
generally kept in the country, such as
Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery awl Glass
ware, Har(luvirr. Nails. Iron. all die
varieties of Nleel, Glass. Points
Linsee , l Oil, Lamp Oil 4-c.
which he offers ta'purchasers at unusual low prices for
Cash . , Produce, or :proved credit. And would re
spectfully invite all who wish to purchase to call and
examine hta goods and prices before purchaiing else
*hero, as he is confident he can offer good bargains.
June 1, 1847.
PRINTS, M. De }mines. Ginghania, Lawns, &c.—
The Ladies will find a beautiful assoitinent at
june 9
A GREAT variety of shawls scarfs, parasols Ladies
and Misses' Borincts very cheap
,at fferrs'.
BLACK & BEAVER CLOTHS, black end fancy
Casslineres. and all sorts of Summer itufF4, a large
assortment, low for cash at
VTESDOW & WALL PAPER, a nice ß r E ar . iN s !nd
cheap at
TJARRIS Sr. BLOODS' Grass scythes and scythe
snatfis ;also Barri,' [-none scythes at BE fTg'.
0. D. Bartlett.
HAS the to inform his friends and custri
mers and the public in genersl, that he is just r -
caving a large and carefully selected stock of season -
hie Goode, which, as beretabire, he is prepared to se
lower than any BRAG(; A It r
Towanda, June 2. 1847.
PER H.l NG lA'G S.
WHE largest and most lwautiful assortment of Pa
. per Han sings ever brought into this plate, just
reertved and - fik sale cheap at 0. D. li. RTl.Errft.
Dry Goods, Boots and , Shots, '
Groceries, Hats and Caps,
Hardware, Bonnets,
Crockery, Books and Stationery,
Iron and Slra, Popetof all kilich,
Painla nu f Oil Gla4.! and Putty.
NEARLV every variety of each of the above kinds
of Goods on- hand et the lotvest rate at
0. D. 1.1.4 RTLETrs.
• c6ii,
BEST tested coil chain for Hull wheels to raw milk
and other similar uses just received and for Rs le
A F plpnditl . assortment of Leghorn and straw Bonnets,
latest style just received and for safe very low
by 0. ti,.13.412T1.F.TT
11'001, 11.1NTED!!
T.IARTLE r r etchartze cloth or other
. Go.iils for Wool on the best terms possible.
Tosvands. Jove I. Isl 7.
Asuperior lot
_of Lawns, Summer Gingham, and
Monterey anew article for dresses. A Ise,
prints of all patterns, which arc selling extremely low
at he .
A.large and extensive assortment of gonneta, con
sisting of Leghorn, Albert Braids, China pearl,
Straw gimp,.English Straw,&e., together with ribbons,
wrraths, &e. to match, are now selling at
reduced prices at the , SAVINGS RANK. ,
SUMMER SHAWLS a beautiful a-mortment of '
Berage, De Lain and tirocbe Shawls may be found
et the SAVrIVGg BANit. •
D ARASOLB of every variety add pallt rn. Alan,
UMbrellas, are pow selling eitrenn4y low at the
Towanda, May 24, 1841. SAVINGS BANK.
AFFW pounds BUtK W H HAT mom:
in 50 lb. sacks;superior article, received and
for -sale by ref). 1.'2. 0. D. DA RTLerr.
Jiw fee - cive d a larrfuani ynt Fine' and,ConArnod
Harries. Also, Plated and Jarrin'il Hanrces
mints at ; , FeR. 22. Ikt Flirt 'R'S.
IV_L-111.1/ % ' . :114.a1 r .D,
LT.As• just re4irett the larcesi assortment of NEW
1.1 GOODS_ ever brought auto Bradford co., which
he terra in clciaange for
I,l!lffiEß. rr
Mono ton. May In, 1847.
_ .
of E. smith & Son is this da'y dissolved
by mutual consent. All accottout. &r,.. due the immediately paid. E. SNlrrif..
Towatlida, M..y 12, Ixl7.
n y 'kite of sundry writs of venditioni exoonot issalted
out of the court of common pleas of prailford co.,
to me directed, I shall expose to public sale at the house
of THOS P WPODR HFF, in the borough of :rowan
da, on Monday, the sixth day of September m xt, at 2
o'clock, P. M.. the fullowirg piece or parcel of land, in
Ridgberry township, betunded Muth by lands df Perrin.
Barnhart, west by lands of Howard F. Burt, south by.
land of David Burt, and east by lam] of Buckhart. and
Mills Carr. Containing fifty acres, shout twenty acres
thereof improved, with a small orchard, lig house' and
Fog barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the legit of Mark A.
Burt vs. John M'Dowell.
ALSO—A piece or parcelof land in .I,them: township,
bounded north and eaat by 'land of Isaac. Shepard south
by lands of tsrgel Mead, amd west by the post road lead
ing from Athens to Elmira. Containing about- I acre,
more or less, all Unproved. wi;h one framed lota*, and
one shed thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the'suit of H. M.
Partridge vs. A Imeron 11. Toter. •
ALSO—A certain piece or parcel of land in Buding
ton tp., bounded north by the township linr.betwet n
Burlington and Springfield, east by land of Henry 1..
Ross, or E. S. Tracy. and on the south by Shack
leton, and west by Isaac Sturges. Containing one hun
dred and thirteen acres more or less, about thfity acres
improved, with :one framed house, one log house, and one
framed barn, and a few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of E. S. Tra
cey-'ve. Samuel E. Dickinson.
ALSO-114 sirtue of a isrit of Leeari Facies, the .
south half of all that piece or parcel of land in Smith
field tp., Beginning at a stake .and stones at the north
cast corner of lot no. 12, and the north-west corner, of
lot no. 13, thence east 26 chains and 50 linke to the
north-east comer of lot no. 13, and the north-west 'cor
ner of lot no. 14. thence south 40 chains and 75 links
to the south-cast corner of lot no. 13, and south-west
corner of lot ho. 14, thence west 2.6 chains and 5U links
to the south-west corner of lot no. 1:1, and south-east
corner of lot no. 12, thence north l 0 c.hains.and 75 links
to the place of beginning. The whole tract above des
cribed. containing one hundred and one acres and thirty
two perches.
Seized and taken in execution at the auk of Richard
S. Stuart, trnstee of Mary Caton, vs. Witham Claik and
Silas Beata, Terre tenant.
JOHN F. ME IN4, Shertff.
Sheriff's Offire, Tiiivanila, July ?I,
Of the partition of the eat ate of Dae;il Pratt,
late of Canton towaship. (tee d.—b)t the Or
phan's (Curt of Bradford cotaityi, of Dee.
Term, 1846. .
THE heits and devisees of David Pratt deed,. to
wit:Ebenezer Pratt, David Pratt, Asa Pratt,
Jonathan H. Pratt, Win. Roberts; Betsey Roberts, Jesse
Griffin, Rachel Griffin.Jultus Pratt and Cheater l'ratt,
are hereby severally notified that the Orphan's Court
of litatltind county on the Bth day of May 1847. did
grant a rule upon them to contr. into said court on the
first Monday of September next and elect to take `or
refuse the estate of said decedent at the valuation made
thereof. 'and to case they shall refuse to accept the
same, to show cause it any they have, ully the same
'shall nut be sold. By the Cinnt.
June' 7, 1E1471 Clerk of Orphan's Court.
- -
Of the partition of the estate of Beo . janiin
Brlnk. rire'd . laPe of Sheshequin to:. reship
the Orphan's Court if firwlford comi
ty of Mi.. 7. 18
THE heirs and devisees of Benjamin Brink aced.
Id wit : Danl. I Blink, Drink Smith, Alpheus
Tozer and Calista his w ife, Charles Smith, Johtf
Daniel `math, Orson Smith, Valentine 'Smith, James
Smith, W in: Smith, Rachel Smith, Theodore W. Brink,
Ifetiry Noiiiintiey and Amanda M'Ktnney his wife,
and Delilah Brink and John Brink and their guardian,
Orison Rickey—Orris Brink, Elizabeth Brink. Charles
Brink. Julia Brink and John Brink. Jr., and their
guardian John Brink—Elizabeth Benthey, Jaws Brink
and Hester Holmes, are hereby severally notified that
- the Orphan's Court •of Bradford county on the 1 lth
day of May, 1847, did grant a rule upon them to Conic
into Court on the first M inday of Septeukber next, and
elect to take or refuse the estate of said irecedent at the
valuation made thereof, and in case they shall refuse
to accept the same, to show cause, if any they have,
why the shame shall notlio sold. By the Court,
May 22, 1847. , Clerk of Orphaja.COur.
DE r.s•
- 1011URSI:AN 1' to an order of the Orphan's Court of
Bradford, county, will be exposed to pnhlie slit: at
the house upon the premises in S - hesher.ftlin toveuship,
Bradford county, Pa., on Saturday the4tMday of Sep
tember, 1947, at one o'clock ail of the certain
pieces, iota or parcels of land lyino * and *rag in said
township, known as the Richard Horton farm, to be
sold as the property of Patrick Cummings, dec'rL,
bounded as follows: Beginning at a corner, thence by
lots No. 94 and 101, south thirty degrees and !Si - mi
nutes, 82 perches to a corner, thence by parts of tots
No. iol, 102 and 163, south 59 degrees west, 184
perches to a cortler, thence along the Sbeshequiri road.
north 64idegreds west, 22 perches, north 63 degreesl
west, 78 percheroo a corner, and theme by p Arts of
lots No. 91' and 192, north 59 r„logrees east, 238 perches
to the beginning beingpart of lots No. 92,93 and 101
in the old township of Claverack, one of the seventeen
townships, Sec. Centaining 92 acres and allowance,
with a ftmed house, framed barn, and out houses, and
a large apple orchard thereon. •
ALSO—AII of the two undivided fourth parts or
shares the whole into four equal parts or shares to be
derided Of and in all that certain tract of land being an
Island commonly called Norton's Island, lying in the
Susqudhanua river. jusCabove the mouth of Sugar
Creek. containing :n the whole. by computation, filly- I
six acres and ono-hundred and twenty-five percher., be
the same more of less., The other half belonging to
Stephen Newell and Frarddin —. Attendance will
be given at the time and rleccrof sale and terms Made
knaves. • HIRAM MIX,
Legal 32tvertisancuts.
May 24 : IAI6. Adminstrutor de looniv non
prisons nalet.ted to the estate of BEN AH
ALLYN, late ot Warreri tivr.,dec'il., are hereby
rilue- , ted to make payment without delay, and - those
having claims against said eatate. Witt please presettt
them duly attested to the Fulwriber.
Warren, May 3, 1847. Admii.istrator
A LI. perann• indebted to the estate of JOEL.
.471. BARNES. late of Orwell towriahip. cleced., are
hereby requested to Make paytn.ent without delay, and
those haring claims against said estate, will please pre
sent them duly attested In the smtwerilvr,
CYPRIAN BARNES. Administrator.
Orwelliene 10, 1847. With the will anneal-4
ALT.persons indebted to the estate of TR U MAN
KINSMAN ' late of Towanda borough deed., are
hereby requested to make plyment w thout delay, and
those hss'init claims against said estate, will please tire
bent them duly atter•ted to the subscriber.
L. I'. TIF F V, Administrator
roaranda. June 15,1817..
person's injebted to the estatc of J. B. Merritt,
A. late of‘llle t.gren.hip, Jt','d., are equest
ed to make payment, without +-ley. ant those h3Fetng
claims against said estate. will please pre-gent them du
ly aitebtedou the sukcirdx-r. •
Troy. May 29. I Ft.l7. Adminhalrators.
The Saddle and, Harness Business
F( still conttnord by ELK A N II SMITH, J.
& T. SMITH, under the Farm of Elkatiali
m o nth Si, CO.; at the old Mind North sole ol l'oldie
Square, where rioll Ice krpt roostatitly tat hand Beta
Plain and Q whet :saddles. Plated and Con)))))))
Harness., all kinds of Trunks, Valices, and all other
work in their line.
Carriage Trimming A• Military work
done Warder. From their elpenenee and punctuality.
they are in hopes to receive m are of public patronage ,
Work ran be had at their shill; as cheap as at ;any other
shop in the connty of the :atm. Ttaltty. May II q, •47
. .
k'eul Work 3bncrtii
Premithasl Awarded ' to
By the . Imerhu Institute
IS4O—A Silver Medal for . So.!
1841 . —A Diploma fat Got! Pe
I S 12—A Diploma for the best
1843—A Diploma for the best,
1844-A Lhplorya foisuperiOr
1843—A;....;.thiei Medal for the
18.16—A :tiler Medal' fa the
This is to certify, that the above .
ache records of the American Institut
Rec. tier. of the A.
• . A Woolen Faclory
.TnE subscribers take pleasure i ,
7 Cnil,Cllle , of Bradford county an'
have leased fer a term of yrara th.,
Wyalusing low rWliip, and know-n
and ia filch they are now fitting up 1
.aptraraiita for the manufacture oft
cloths, 'darnels, &e.. in superior st
reasonable terms. Those wisbing
t,ctured upon shares will find it ti
give them a call, as they are deter' ,
shall be spared to give .the most pc
They work Wool into groad or nit
fi,r onejhalf-the cloth, or if preferrii
facturelby the yard tts follcws:l3,,
1 to El _b ,- Narrow cloth, from .1
i o
article* manufaCtured for proportio
Vl'o !carding and ctotli iltessi .
short n ties and reasonable terms.
inued f , r business on or before the
Wyslui4ligoll prii 25. 1847. 1.1
Corner or .Tiain arid'
UST OPENING, at the come
•etrert, a well-aclectet! assortxn
ionalde PR,Y coops,' w•hieir vi b 6 sold ti#inialft
low for ready pay. The stock con bus in gaff is . '
Sennett, flannel, gingham, alpacca the . cheipest bit of
prints in town, edgings, insertini... Swiss and !Ann
brie muslins, lin.ey, canton annel, drilling; -
bleached and brown muslin, (not to be
surpassed . ) ticking. cheek cashmere,' .
cotton, wool eud buck gloves,
cotton base, stisPen*es,'
ricrrtisr:' hanildrctifs;
• Cotten and pongee krs,
gingham cravats. plal shawls ; , ,
wool comforters, cotton t s, patent
thread, sewing silk, cotton halls, packs •
pins. needles, spool cotton, ooks and eyes; .
suspender, Shirt and metal butte s, with many oth
er iiiticles, usually found in a store, not pecilioned;
!Pita public ate nviled fu call anal es:amine the snick
before Rotchasing Isewbire, ss tbey will be sold cheipf:
er than at any ,oth i establishment in town.
. I%m-ends, N.ov. j. I. . H. 0' H A R.-1:. ' ,
Tlll.l subscriber arc . for stile on ieistiMl.
alto terra, the valnaale.FAßM form' oily
owned and row occupied by Joseph
en. Esq.. Auate one 'm k north of the bore
of 1 uwondu. The lot c,iotainsrlFTY sties of . g0r3,1
farming land,. fie:arty all improved, withlirge
commodioUs dwelling house, tweihisrne, an apple or
chard, antra variety of other choile fruit trees !hereon:
For further paillculars, .dpply to the sub'ictiber atil his
ofF. , .•?e in the boroUgh of Towaruhi
June 28.1647. WILLIAM
11.LWELL, Agent . .
TlBl' OF LETTERS remaining in the Pied Odite
_. at Troy, Pa., guaiter ending June 30. 1847..
Ra-vsett R S. . McStr ird Daniel 3
Bassett A B Merntt Ai Mir thias
Beasley Dtias Assort Siaphronia Ma
Brown A R . Parkirat D D
Bonfocy C 6 ' Pierce Luna Misi 1
Cheater George 2 Proairl Wm
Chasit Wm R . Parkh rat Daniel
Comfort Lovina . Peters Alpheus .
calkins.Sarah T Mid Rollin Arnim
Evans Wm 'l' • Robbi s John W .
Fisher Philip 2 - Rims all 0 L Mitai
Frank Nnthsn 3 `3 Rock ell A Mi., .
Flab Martha E Mrs . Silver rill If A Misi
Bustin Wm A • Shar Mr
Hallock Caleb, - . ; :held n Julian Mild
ftwhion Barbra' .; S'imm ns.A
Kitr John . . Thorn Chester
Kingman eassihaei Tay lo Chandler
Kinyon Joab " Town Susan Mize
Lamb James B Whi de G 1. ,
Linderman Jacob . Willi ms J 6 - .
Miller Henry Rev 2 Wile. Polly Mimi
Moore gairfohl . ' Woe Thomas
Shaving and flair Dressing:
Shaving ,
IVrons, that having been oblig
mer stand oh the afternoon of th
permanently located on 'the w
square, two doors north of Bri
for past favors, he hopei bj supe
to merit on incitaan of patronage
He will always keep op ban
rsences, perfumery. and whatevet
at greeable finish fo his nperati
palms in his ehdeavors to adapt hi
ing tastes of his customers.
ALSO- ; —gfianipooning for res
ventaU-c to keep the Hair 'from
gray, for a beautiful head oChair
Towanda, Pa.,- quarter endi4
A Noway Wm' Jone,
Briggs Francis Jo rc,
!Bak,4les E T 1 R ifle
Prown Wm Kelle
Brown Alice it Ws Loop
Beardsley 1) .1 Lee '
Ca-s M .entiJoseph
Carpenter Edward Lun Evaline
, Colharn Asoph Lear Lo Mc •
Cummings Stephen Mc overn Thomas
Cooper John Mal John or. 1) Lucas
Chindler • Mei if Michael
Devine Frances MI( a Asa Jr
Douglas Wm Markakef i losoph
floltin Patrick Marshall C larissa
D.alson John Moran Pat
Etheridge Isaac D I'obLe Orrin
Ernich Leonard . O'COnners David
Fr , mt Aaron Overjpeck Catherine M Miss.
Footer Luther F • Pipet busannah Miss
Foster Mary.. .-Sett Hannah Mni
Fisher John , limit -John'
Firer Jane Miss Tho as Asaph A . •
Darthwait • Tic r Aaron
Harkness Lucinda Miss Titu •Jermam • ' -
Humphrey Theork.& Ja's Vin nt - Richard
Hcmley Joa W. b Andrew
Henri Heolar Val h Thus and John
Hut Daniel N , VI h James
Howland Malirfda A Miss Wil a Jane Miss
Ball Robert We ten Henry
Hall II t Yet Sanford
A. ,S. Cl! MBE-111,W P. M.
_ _
ra-pattriet-hip hetA l
C. ti l E. AThisd.
enneent. The seirOUlTlS,'Afllee,.
kit to FI Charles Reed, Ne." 4,
Towanda, May 21, I $l7
subsenhent Imving me : with severe loses Iry
/ the late tire in I owatla, .s vvejkas (ilk! losses,
earnestly request that those tvll l l Ln@rit thcroselvci(in
dehbYt will mate every effort lite.sible to put as in tun t lir
that we may be able to mett our holiest engagement@
and continue our business. •
,e 4
i s$
IiI4)NTANYI:'S Ar (•I 'l. linvit remoretl their business
Lituat inn, a few aonrt below fltnlge sliret where they
iti end tni acrornino , Lue their cleAoniers on then usual
ltheval Iry ritg• We have now on h an d n fair sop pl o f
t;oorlv adapted to the spring trade, Which will b ilia us
ed e l at greatly ;educed prices, compared voth thee, eat,
mi,enci• of Good,.iii the (ii y. I
7thrrh '22, 1 [ 7 . •.! .
1 Insuter
evi Brown;
bold has.
'rsi 945- Peds.,
old Pins: •
Gold Pills:
3old . Pens. . .
Jest Gold Pois:'
Jest Gbld Pens.'
is o true copy froi -•:.
I nerii•ati
at Hattie, •
L annotinfisit to tliti
I vicinity, that they
building agnate in
vilh mat:hinery and
hroad and nerron
lo end on the moat
is have wool Spann.:
their adymitate
iried Aft 46 pairia
meet aaiiafritirm.-=-
Irow ercasesl Fdotha„
they will mann
nad cloth?' (iat'frPni
4to 50 Ma. (ltbef
te ,
1 g will We done On
They will be pre
rat ofJune next.
ALL dr. HIbL.
fare St Mithd
of Main aq Mpg,
of new waif fish
is old friends and pat
! • to abandon his for
. Utit ult. he is now
I• ' •
side of the public
lgs' tavern. brateful
for AM and attention
in future.
;upply of oils, es
necesioiy to give
and will spare no
le to Sat the vary
°mg and a sure pre-
ailing out, or turning
a powerful auxiliary.
litng in - the t 4 0
z June 30", 1847.
(gage 1) Rcv
:1 J.
k Mary Anii
D J 111 • •
V in
fore, existing between
7 dissolved by manna!
due the firm
. R. for collection.
tlp WARD REE 4.