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(From' ott.lon ran d/
• Pine Weather and the Crepe.
Warmed into life by sunny shuwerc,
The forest trees their buds unfold;
The meadows gleam with cuckoo-flowers,
And brizht marsh-marigold:
And the dais , springer', up
With its sister butter-cup.
On hyacinth and cowslip Wild
Feeds daintily thr luiney-ber
In thicket and in genre the Child
Plucks the anemone: 4 :.
!Mom and, vciditre every whrre,
,Cheer the eye with pictures fair.
all that's beautiful and bright •
Ar'orind us. not a vision sweet •
Can match that truly charming sight,
Tbe`g . rowink crop of wheat:
Talk not Of the flowery dell!
Wheat, My bucks; is looking well.
Fair is thy prospect, blo ming May,.
This rather late, 'but lo ely spag, ;
Fairer the prospects of th hay— ,
A more important thin • ,
• How the mange! wu zel grows!
Never mind the opening rose,
t The young and tender turniftslee:—
. (Ohl how delicious are theikgieen!)
They are healthy Its can be:
Behold yon thriving beans, .
Fields of clover, oats and peas,
What arf spangled meads to these?
The Money Market may be tight:
But gazing Nature's beauties o'er,
I feel that all will soon be right;
The rate of discount lOwer:
Coupled with improving rents,
Scrip, Bank - Stock, and Three per cents
The fond conjecture I will risk •
That business *ill again, ere long,
Becoing like vegetation, brisk,
,yonder skylark's sow , i' :
And my hope has found these props
In the Weather and the Crops.
Like Causes prolitice Like Etirecise
All writers on the subject of the decline and gill
- of the'Roman Empires concur in the opinion. that
it was the extigetion Of the Urban or agriculteral
flortion of the populati'on which produced her down
fall, For it is stated that while at the period of her
greatest decrepitude, whin she was unable to raise
an army nfover 150.000, with which to repulse
the- hostS of barbarians besetting her on every hand
—this army itsel f recruited from the barbarims hurts
on her contines—theritie-i and great towns o f thy
Empire exhibited the Oiliest wealth, luxuriance,
and prosperity. This condition of things---the pros
petty of the great towns on the one hand, and the
decline in agricultural population on the other,
accounted for in various ways by theNtifferent a ri
,,ters. The most eminent —anion them, Gibbon
and Mirhelet—ascribe it to the onerous taxes int
:posed for the support of Imperial splendor, and
the want of confidence felt by the rural poi lation
in their personal security, arising. from insulation,
and the. cage and impunity with which, in rouse
(lllCllCe., they were oppressed.
There are other reason.- equally prominent which
may be adverted to. The motive to industry was.
taken away from the agriculturist,. and the same
cause destroyed'his - solieitmle in the prosperity and
stability. of the State. He saw himself subject to in
cessant labor. , This labor to him yielded no suffi •
tient reward. because goverrunent exactions depriv
ed him of its fruits. He saw the inhabitants of the
towns, enjoying. the beniqit:.;.of L r,nv er nme r n expen
iiitures. Greater consideration was also extended
to them, as well as exemption from equal taxation
becau;e, collected in larger bodies, and animated
by sympathy, their discontent would become dan
gerous to the government. The comforts, elegan
cies anti luxuries of life, were likewise monopoliz
ed by the people of the towns—their leisure was
greater and the character or their toil less trying,
titan of the agriculturist. -These contrasts discoura.l.-
ed the rural population—led them to abandon their
life of hardship, and congregate arncm7 their more
• favored fellow citizens of the towns. Thus Rome.
lost her producers, with them lost her stret gth, and
like Sampson, shorn of his locks, perished amidst
her enemies and her own convulsions.
The fate of'that empire—thus produced, should
aet as a warning to Our Republic. The teachings of
history go to show that the agriculiiiral pOpulation
is the vital strength .of a country.. When that.
perishes, the national existence is at an end. The
fate of the Roman Empire, is not the only example
going to prove this fact. The' Valley of the Nile
—a tract of country of a few miles in width, and
twelve hundred long, at one time, contained
twenty thousand cities. Its agriculture ;ca..: des
tmyed, and clown went the whole fabric of splen
dor. leaving an utipeopled waste over which swep
the sands of the desert
.We yield to no man in our respect for other pur
• suits, marmtactures, navigation, and the meelianic
arts. But as. in agriculture, a State must look' for
itevigor and power, especially under disasters, for
the recuperative energies wherewith to restore its
prosperity, so to that pursuit, it should make all
others, if not subordinate, at least proportionate. It
should, as inuch,as possible, be the standard and
measures of other pursuits. The 'questions arise
at once, how can this result be produced. The
answer is ready, the means plain, and if - justice and
fafr dealing, could take place, easy of accomplish
ment. Let the iciverament cease by its influence,
to operate otherwise than by a measure of strict
equality upon a' y- and all pursuits, and the result
would be speed ly attained.
Left to itself, oriculturre at all times and in all
places, would p eponderate over all other pursuits.
But in Rome, the taxes' paid in kind, and drawn in
grain and other pnxlncjions of the soil, was distri
bated-as a peace offering to the inhabitants of the
cities, to keep them- quiet. We have the same
system through the influence of our government in
operation among us—the same syStem exists ift
France and all over Europe. Not directly it is
truethere,,,is no direct distribution of products
among the people of towns and cities, but the ef
fect of our system of laws and govemfnent, tend
to precisely the same results', as did this distribu
tion system of the aricients. The system of taxa
tion among us, both practised 1 ) y the National:
State and rn4iiieipal Governments, is, mmettrousl •
»nequal; aeirfalls at last directly apiia the land
The profits realized in all pursuits, in trade, in
martufacture4, and the arts, in all the professitnis
the salaries elm' perquisites of office—the !reale/n
-(10ms taxing Ogle of itinAing—fhe maintenance
of cities, towns, and vilLlghe erection of the
piles of brick, mortar and wand. and all the profits
of the ten thousand miihifariqus pursuits of life, all
faltin the putt, and of a certainty, upon the broad
shoulderu of die producer:: In n s the soil. There is
outlin.; more obvitnu , „more plain, or more true,
than that 11u, i, the, tueiltable rc.,ult of our whole
sv..lem, both of goti and soei or,, , anization.
And the result uttlmts eet-reeted M ti e,ia the end,
will be the same as it was in was in
FAtypt—as it is now taking place in Fiance, inihe
extinction of the agricultural papal:pion. A day
may not accomplish it—a thount or two thousand
years on a virginsoutinent like this, may ; not see
the elid. . .
The very s i 1 tre tread upon may have seen re
peated, octet', this very revolution. - But dud it will
not come in cote dad , is no rt•a-....0u why we shout&
not see that it will come eventually. Nor should
iptly by and witness the entellinposbions
n hivh %t ill to the end tletrOy agrietiltul.., and is
now sowi,ll!, liroa..l vast the ' Seeds of ittlet-ay ; with-
aiCatterii,)t at their eitrrv.eth).i. The firm mmir-
re, ol ini-vhief that should he nNudiril, Are our go
vvrnitio:lts. Nut in seekin.l. the federalists pro
-11,T,e in dn. t} u means of still further - exactions from,
wzricultivr, throntth the imposition of will. heavier
I.nriben , upon it in the shapes. of Tariffs—nor iu
the I..lartmont of additional laws, etm:ially favor.--
isiLt navi.zatioil as the, rominential clitss'eA , ,i.iesire.—
ifu, in a thOrou tit revision of the whole sylSletta of
Stine iota na...ional rule. which slotil leave everY - -
wrest to its own resOurces and to depend 'Too it-
To use a homely expression -let et cry tub
stattil on its own bottom. - a.7rirtilture, as , well as
ilk.' Iv 1. and the result is certain. If is not
eventual consetitwuces are before us.—
wltilt• things remain as they are. We sec
the ac!iiiiitz ;toil ruinous effects alum that pursuit
which oath ,Ii have foinul the true source oT their
streir_lll. and 16;19e—unit itt the extinc
lion of which, ti,ey have kind Iheir grave:4.-
I . lV] umi,k1).1111;F: FARMER.
.Lt Mt:—n6 all the blessings bestowed on the has- I
bandman by the henitieent hand: of an allwise
Creator.ilf•N t 10 pure u-aterperhaps should he placed
lime. it has been well observed that those sulistan
yes most essential - to the life of man have, by the
goodness of a divine Providenee.lX!en distributed in
the greatest alam.lantie, and over the greatest ex
tent of the glohe. This is certainly the case with.
water: which eoversa qeat portion of it. & without
which mail could Ilett long exist. SO with Jime,wluch
terms whole chains of mountains; it is aeon - I(llunit
part of all soils; is! a cons!ituent part of most grain:
enters essentially into the formation of maa„ as well'
as the lowest grade of animals. do far as ohenti
cal science It: developed the ifnirees of the nature
of lime, it is the only article that can give
permanent fer.ility to soils, and from the most ay
curak e periments that have - been math', on very
fertile soils. they have been found to contain' at
toast one-tenth part of lime. in a soil containing
the other essential ingredients of Alex alumina,
:old vegetable matter in doe proportions with one
tenth lime, as above stated nothing can be - e a si er
on the part of the _nod hushainhmm, than to
keep it in a state of fertility, any given length of
Wom,.—The history- of the growth of wool is
a•ery curious. F•itiy years :Lo not a pound of tine
wool WZIF , raiser . in the United, States, in Great
Britain, or any other - bountry except Spain. In the
latter country, the l h x•ks were owned exclusively
by the nobility or crown. In 1794, a small flock
was sent to the Ehr•tor of Saxo.iy,..Wl a present from
the King of Spain ; whence the entire product. of
Saxon wool, now of such immense value. Beftire
tfitrbreakin7 out of the last war between this
tr}' and great Britain,.Col. Humphrey succeeded in
golfing a few merino sheep brought out of Spain:
then their exportation was prohibited under penal
ty of being sent to the galleys for life.
In 1809. during the second invasion of Spain by
the French. some of the valuable Crown Bricks
were solfl It raise Money. Our coisul at Lisbon,
111 r. Jarvis. pumhased fourteen hundred head. and
sent them to this country. Previously, however.
Mr. Livingston obtained a few sheep of the Spanish
breed, as a present, in 1792. A portion of the
pure unmixed merino blood from these flocks is to
he, found in Vermont at this time. Such was the ori
gin of the immense flocks of fine wpoled sheep in
the United States and Great Britain.
Tim RED-Roo m.—The bet-room on7lit not he heat
ed. bin on the contrary, to be kept cool as is con
sigte•nt with the feelings and health, and means
nu letalways to be taken to Secure a constant
change of air in it. For these purposes, either the
-door ought to be left partly open, or windows open
ed at the top. No fire ought to be all Owed, unless
under very peculiar circumstances. if the room is
not unusally lame .and evenlhen the fire ought to
be a small one. The curtains of the bed ought to
be of as light a texture, and should be a- little
drawn as possible. the lloor only in pit carpeted.
•and there should bO only necessat chairs, tables
Ece4 • .
Furniture, to a remarkable degree , prevents
vcntillatiu.i, and all woollens, as carpets, absorb
the ruoistnre, whether from breath or in damp
weather, and so render the air less pure. and more
relaxing. A light should not be allowed in a bed
room. if it ran be avoided, if it is neeeKgary let it
be put into the tireplaee. Gas ought never 'to be
burned in
f a bed-room.
TURNrps.—Whi.n mik h COWR are fed
with turnips. the milk frequently h a s a disa t! r e e a .
ble flavor. To eradicate the taste communicated
by the turnips. different sufstmees have been re
commended to be put itt th'e milk. such as salt
re, chloride of lime, ect. Mr. Mclntyre, of this
city, who is in the habit of feeding his cows during
winter 11 ith both turnips and brewers' grains, in-1,
forms us. that while . ho the•-e ankles are used, no
uhpleasaiit tlste is given to the milk. 11111 that if the
grains are omitted, the flavor of the milk is affect
ed by the turnips. His mile bas been to feed each
c•ow about. half a bushelM Swedish turnips and
half a bushel of grains pt ,day, and it Was been
repeatedly nntiQd that when the turnips are stopped
t h e Milk is coilsidembly decreased in quantity,and
the cows appear to be less healthy.—Afbany
d,ir. • .
THE ME MAN.-S.4y what you will, the meari
man i- as tool -erable While he loo k
at Ille'prosperi , y of his nei•glibors. and rearets that he
is wretched His benevolent brother never has an
envious thought, and is therefor' contented. What
iietzi of nii,er) some piutt weave : into which
they at last boenme entritl, and perish by their
own Iduals.—Portbrild TiOnfir.
SYMPATHY. tt not always in our power to
comply with' d solicitations of distress; but it is
never out of our power Ito to refuse the supplica
tion, as not to cause the tear ofiroynderifrdino to
glisten in the eye whose htstre is ttheady dirlimed
with the drops of sorrow.
rAbotrtilentents:- •
inff.lolia =LS
JT. a E ADLEY, EDITOIL---6—The Mageaboe,for
• formerly under the care no. ktes‘commenaits
Fourth Volume under. the editorship of J.'l'. Headley.
author of ...Piapoleen and his Marshals,"" Waskington
and, his Generals," "-Letters from 4c. &e. We
hazard nothing in saying that this Magszifie is &alined
to fill a large place in puldicestimation; that it will not
only maintain its present enviable reputation, but earn
to itself a. far higher popularity. anti become the com
panion Ottnany a circle to which it is now a stranger,
gladdening by its presence, while it exerts an influence
pure. elevating and healthful. The editor will bend his
energies to make this the most popular Magazine of the
day, and while availing hitpself of issi-tance from the
besi writers, he will draw freely from his own e.thaust•
less store.
It will continue to maintain its high morel tone, and
nothing will be adrOted into its columns which will
minister to the corrupt passions and tendencies of youth.
or which the author " dying would wish to blot."
The design is to offer the public a Magazine contain
ing all the attraction and interval of the lighter periodi
cals, while it moves in a different path, and is not es
,posed to the same objections. •
It is issued monthly. commencing with. May, contain-.
nag 32 raged :of original matter, printed on fine pmts.
m handsome covers, wi th a splendid Steel engraving , and
calmed Dower, in each number, with occasional music
and is got up in every respect in the best style of the
Orl, N i tc noking a yearly volume 01344 pages, full
Alps at.oris, and f..rmirrg an elegant ornament to- the
parlor rake, or a rich and valuable present to a friend.
Hick ti hero and %whinier-always no land.
Price only per year, if in advance. 3 copies for
R copies for "S 12.
The Press and the pubic are daily awarding us the
very hizhcst te-timonials of the editorial ability; of our
Magepne, and the beauty and taste with which it is em
belli4cd. placing it in the very first rank in every re
ripectameng the thousands in which we select the (-l
"Mr Headley . .. lively and ernuttile pen is admirably
fitted to give a charm to a work like this."—Neto Ynsk
" ruder the editorial charge of .1. T. Headley, the
most popular writer of the agr, we predict a still stronger
itocrast will he taken in thus already weft-known and
raluable Magazine. Th — if. name of fleadky alone is I
sure guaranty of success."—For mer and Alrehanie.
" The new editor his utilised that intense and absorb
ing interest into Its pap 11 for which his writings are re
markable. The work has gainer! in the power which
enchains the sympathies; Red rivets the attention, with
out losing anything of its former chaste and elevated
morals and sty le."— Windham Co. Democrat.
" We wish this Magazine much success unsierits pre
sent guardianship."Adrocrife and J.urnal.!
The editor is well known as one of the mast brilliant
writers of the day:"—American Igrieuturist.
" The:r motto is to mingle the beautiful with the
goo , ' . N. E. Itcr'ru•.
Mr. Headley contributes to the present May num
ber liberally in his usual pleasing style."—N. 1". Tribune.
" His talents will add greatly to the interest of the
pubhc+t• and hare great influence in extending its
ci mutat ion."— ch riga ian Infellibreneer.
"This arty neat montlify is gaining ftrt, wfming the
rwighnes4 of life. and tilesaing the family arhete it alights,
"This is unguestionahly the hest Magazine of ita kind
in the eettntry."—Naltitsckrf Enquiorr.
Gl• A few good responsible Agents wanted, to eircu-
Igoe this work, to whom the belt inducements will he
off•red. E. E. MILES, Publisher.
It 1 151 N mac, sl.,N.Yotk.
Vermitagr, Sarsaparilla, Cough pettily, sod FEW
and Ague Pills.
THE l'EltivilFUGE, nothing more need be Paid
1 than what is said in the following certificates of re
sidentt of Luzern county
I card Shepherd's Vermifuge for two of my children.
It operated well, and expelled a quantity of worms.
can recommend it as a valuable medicine.
Issat Cuirrnionir.
Tows Hitt., Jan. '26, 1817.- -John Koons, Lsq.—
Dear Sir,You will please send me four bottles more of
Shepherd's Vermifuge. The three bottles purchased of
you i short time a4o have hien Used with the happiest ef
fects. They were given to three of my children—in one
ease 65 worms were expelled, in another 164, and in the
last 67. lam anxious to,Xive the rest of my family the
benefits of this medicine, rind therefore order as above.
This itrdecidedly the Best article for destroying worms
that has ever been in this pert of the country. 1 have
tried Orriek's, Reakist's and several others, but without
any good effect. ' Yours, with esteem,
'Price 25 cts. per bottle. B.IIIIUSL M. 83 TIMM.
Shepherd's Sarsapariga, for the perhaanent
cure of all diseases arising . from an
impure condition of the blood.
Viz :--ticrofula, in its various forms, rheumatism, pim
ples or pusruld on the face t eruptions on the skin,
blotches, ringworm or teller, cancerous affections, chro
nic sore eyes, scald head, enlargement and pain of the
hones and joints, lumbago, dropsy, dyspepsia, chronic
diseases of the lungs, and diseases arising from an egerar
of mercury, also all ',chronic constitutional diseases on—
ma lily. yield under this preparation.
When the lungs are diseased, as is often the case,
Or when pimples or pustules appear on the face;
The former will vanish, the' latter give way,
By the use of Shepherd's Sarsaparilla.
The under consideration is • compound pre
paration of Sarsaparilla, and from its containing ingre
clients %holly vegetable; which it is believed are in n.
other preparation of the kind, the most astonishing cure ,
have. been effected by its use. Price, 75 eta. per bottle
German Fever and 32 -, e Pills
Ferry AN I) Ante,—This intractable and debilitating
complaint, wnich prevails.,to so great an extent in many
parts of the country, and which is so liable to terminate
in serious organic visceral disease, is now entirely cured
by the use of the celebrated GERMAN FEVER AND
AGUE PILLS. These specific Pills never fail to drive
the disease from the systetb, and restore the constitution
to its original healthy condition. Europe, as well as
America, can testify to their wonderful efficacy. 'Thou.
sands of boxes have been used, and nits' rly as many in
dividuals restored to health.
For sale by HODDER CO., Proprietors, No. 39,
North Frederick street, Bidtimore, and by appointed
Agrnta. Pri,e $l , per_box.
Shepherd's compound Medicated Candy,
For the core of cough., colds, asthma, catarrh,,brosschi
tis, hoarseneo, sore throat. croup, spitting of blood, and
all other complaints of the throat and cheat, and those
arising from a disordered condition of the Lungs, and for
clearing the voice, Are.". Price 12) cents per package.
Let those who are troublid with hoarseness of throat,
Or croup or broncbitisloget not to note;
That it can he cured, an that they can llnd rest,
Or when Seized with catarrh or complaints of the bresat.
The articles composing the Compound Medicated Can
dy have been selected with the utmost care and attention,
and entirely from the Vegetable kingilom—tharth,e no
fear need be apprehended of its producing even the slights
mit injurious effect.
Ay imra--MONTAN YES' & ea, Towanda; I. C.
Adams, Rummers&eld creek; Mix & Storm, Standing
Stone; Sherwood, Rush, Sus. eo.
A New thing. in Old Wymix.
-DR. A,
J. COLE would respectfully inform the
tens of Wyse: and vizinity, that after tiiligently
prosecuting the study of Physic and Surgery in all its
various branches for better than t tree years under the
in.mediate carelland instruction of Nathan 8. Davis,
M. D., of Binghamton, in addition to the attendance
on a full and thorough course of Lectures at the Medi
cal College of Geneva, N. V. He feels a full confi•
deuce in assuring his friends and patrons that no pains
a ill be spared to render himself useful in meliorating
the sufferings of his fellow man ; and on all occasions
will be found in readiness to give prompt and careful
attention to such businesa in his line as may fall to his
hands. Dr. Cole may be found for the present at the
residenceofD. E. Martin. Wysoz, April 21, 1847.
- - - - - --------
A LARGE assortment et Broad Cloths, Cassinseres.
and Sauinetta, which we have long 'men famous
foi selling gOod and cheap,' now cheaper than ever—
aria "upon whirls we challenges the world. juist rirceivred
at . 0. D. •ARTLETT.
Towatsia, Nov. 3, 1616.
DR the cure of DEAFNESS, pains, and the dul
l' charge of matter from the ears. Also all Anse dis
agreeable sounds ' like the buzzing Of ir sects, falling of
water, whizzing of steam, &c., ike., which, are sytnp•
tarns of approaching deafness, and also generally atten
dant with the disease. Many persons. who have been
drat for ten, fifteen, and even twenty years, ii.nd were
obliged to use ear trumpet., have, after using cintivpr two
bottles, thrown aside their trumpets, being made?lerfect.
ly well. Physicians and Surgeons highly recommend
its use.
The very great number of happy results that have fol
lowed the cove of SCAT PA '•§, ACO tISTIG Of 1., have
been truly astonishing. wonderful, some
who were deaf from birth, have bear so much improved
'as to hear cominon convenntion very readily.' •
It would be the height of presumption to warrant a
cure in on cases, but in nine cases out of ten of recent
date, there is a certainty that the results will-be most
homy and satiscfatory to the patient. The application
of the oil produces no pain, but on the contrary an agree
able and pleasant sensation. The recipe for this medi
cine has been ootained from an Aurist of great reputa
tion, who has found that deafness, in nineteen cases out
of twenty, was produced from a want of action in the
nerve; of hearing, or a dryness M i te ears; his object
therefore was to find something which would create a
healthy condition in those pins. After a long series of
experiments his efforts were at last crowned with suc
cess, in the discovery of this preparation, which ha. ,D
-erived the name of 8C A R P A'S COMPOUN D A COUS.
Tic on.. A long list of certificates might be given,
but such is the confidence in the medicine, and so high
has been its reputation, that but one of thero will be at
present published:
SALEM, May 17, 1847
. .
-.4 . 74turitsw
: • 9\ ACOUSTIC - OIL!
• - MI SUE no.
Moyer Ex en AnnllrNA CCRE!—A I may in Smith-
Geld, Brad. Co., Pa., and now about eighty years of
age, had been graderady getting (leaf for more than 40
years, so that it was next to itniafesilde to oaks her bear
conrrsation in the loudest tone of voice. !JAI , 'winter
she ,iivss induced to try -• Scarpa's 011 fur Planless.", Ir
is oily necessary to add that she used twbAsottles, and
is fleetly moored—she is cured. Any Infortnalion
in regard to the rase may be obtain...ll at the store of Dr . .
Jayne, No.o, South Third street. Philtdelphia.
'or sale by A. N. CILIMBEIII.IN, Toilmiirds, Pa;
only agent for Bradford county. gs— I y
I 'fru Important CWanniunicolion
TO ALL 14.11.!to IN ALL' PLACES,
Al all limns,
I F YOU ARE SIIIK, get cured: if well. employ
measures to continue so. Every individual indulges
in habits. which must, to a greater or lesser extent,
arrange the ailmiraWs and intricate combinations rov,hich
form the system, and consequently
abnnlil prWitirss some mild, yet ellicaciuus, simple antisic
cnilited agent for preserving t , ,fooctiotis of we boJy
good orJei.
Dfr. W1)O1Y8
SASISAr.III/1.1.4 •`4l) WILD ell&MIT rtITTF R 9
will achieve result, and vh.itild he in every family,
and in the hand+ of every peraon. who by hm iiicß., pro•
feasion or general courae of life, in predisposed to the ee•
ry many tittle ailotertiv that render life a curse, ins end
or a blinotitia, aria finally result, in their aggregated con
dition; id the cause
The Bitters here mentioned are compounded by a
man of great skill slid knowledge, (non the , airnide'Na
lure presents to those who care to find them, and which
are the only reliable} antidotes to the poison of disease.
The chief ingredients are the nitiversally-beloved Sur
',aimed& and the /I ,ek of the 117/4 ('berry Trre, with
which the red man of the forest cures nearly every,dis
ease of the internal organ. These mateiials, though
pow. rful in their action, are, as copraion sense trachea
anti prepared as they are here, one of the grenfe4 twili
t* opera! it rs In the inhabitable globe. fly taking
these 11ITTEI14, the Ree.4114/43 may be restored to beau
ty, and avoid the sharp knife or the surgeon ; fot they
not only eratheate pimples anti tumors, but overcome
W lies•ver is 'ill iliVeed to the horrors of Corista mitt ~,,,, ,
should at once purchase this sure remedy. In the train
of Costiveness follow drerldful local congestions, often
times ins ‘nity. very frequently inanitfor hypochondria,
violent headoehcs,flidpittlilollX, arid other affections of
the heart and rho no ic gratis, gs. Dr. Wood's l'oin
pouud is one of the mosOellicient medicines in routing
the complaints, and their fountain head, that ran 'possi
bly he procured.
From being confined in close rooms, and from taking
small modicum of exercise, numerous persons daily
are made to deplore a foss 'of oppc/i/e.painful ketatachrs,
weakness of the In useles, languor,. want of energy
sufficient to permit them to seek recreation, &c. &.
These persons say for years, that they " don't feel very
well." If they do notemploy a method by which they
can feel txelex AF.It, they eventually sink under a BC ,
ere fit of illness, and are
only by a miracle, and even Then the lancet, leech. blls
ter and calomel have left them mere shattered hulk., full
of aches and
. corrows, and not only a pest to themselves
but a source of disgust and annoyance to all with whom
they come in contact. All these
may be'avoided by an early application of the virtues of
these BITTZILI. For the feu% of this, the proprietor
pledges his word and honor, and in evidence cart show
files of undoubted certificates which he•has received, un
solicited from all quarters. He does not. however, ask
the invalid to swallow his certificates, but his Ih:retain,
and is willing to stake all he holds dear on earth in fa
t(/' of their' worth.
in either a niorbfied ur serer(' font, will disappear be
fore the qualities of Dr. Wood prr - paration, :and thre
"core may be relied on av a permanent one. Did the
Birrans possess no other recommendation, it wiiuld
be one of the finevt vegetable compounds medical sei
snee can Invent ; but it he equal to the complete eradi
cation of
in every shape, and of every affection. ntinor-or r,;gant;e,
of the Wier, apparatus. Individuals who are constitu
tionally billions ought regularly to take this mild agrees.
tVe and excellent Toxic ENO Areal ENT, as it will dif
fuse health throughout every fibre of the frame, and
wend happiness and love of life thrilling to the heart.—
Fu in ;lies ought to keep it on hand.
Every medicine chest On board of ship should also be
well stocked with this capital renjedy, as SCURVY
cannot afflict those who take it, or long resist its vigor
ous asaaults....". Au. in et; i11T16. , 6 oli TOE II LOOP Vanish
Wore it, and the old relics of earlier imprudence inva
riably disappear, soon aftiir being - stibLuitted to its action.
Every COOlplaint of the stomach isprolten by it. T r oia
BlTTLitehave in no instanee'failerydf ruling .1 it: Noma,
GENERAL DEBILITY erer-,0 diNinzailiz,ztion of
i h
By neglecting the thug
a vast portion of our fellow beings re rendered extreme.
inroads ode upon the latter
ly miserable—so miserable indeed at they wish to die.
Every bottle of " Dr. Wood's S saptrilla and Wild
Cherry Bitters," contains a medic m' of joy and content
for each of these anxiJus and injpepdent "sufferers. Re
member that an inpdieious use o mercury is inevitably
productive of many evils ,which a put to fl ight by this
glorious and unsurpassable compo nd ; and that affEC:
Lions which are ,
II Elt E DIT A •
may speedily and safely .beshuffl off through its agen ,
ey. Ash tnedibine which must tamefit
EVERY 801iY.,-, - ; a
from the Ins eta. 'delicate to the t,ros'ri sn AIM DES..
,PAINING INT•LID,1110 equal is ta be found for it. It
would be well to bear in 'mind that prem./sire is infi
nitely more d es i ra bl e that cure *id that Dr. Wood's
Sarsaparilla and Wild Chrrry infra ARE 110TH.
Pot up and sold in tante haul at $l, by WYATI•
&KE rcHUNI. Wholesale • a Retail Agents, 121
Fulton 81. N. V., HESTON 4.
...ADD, Towanda, and
by druggist generally throughout he 11. 8. 5
GET - ABLE 8iLf.1.4
and the Green Mountain . ...etabk Ointment, for
sale by the subscriber, only age t for the town and bo
rough of Towanda. d 22 ' N. N. BETTS.
- - _
T ADIEB ! I SAY. LAME ! If you hare made
14 up your minds to buy an i dress. cloak or shawl
this season, don't fail to call at 1.3. Brick Row, where
yon can find the most, best and lwapest articles in that
line, that is kept in town, besid all kinds of trimmings.
Remember, tall at awl
nviEmitiar - 11Lisilift-110111=11thaiiiii•
' -. ~ L. M. NYE & CO., would Dr
. —_,:-....._ sped* inform theoitiseuitof Tow
''''`i :._
_.* '7'::: ` .:
a i ve d " in p hri b i l tr4rma li ?! l ia i ct ih reti
lg., I§4llo ~oh o Oei . 01 'Linda of CABINET
• - 1 :--- -.. 'ruaNrrtntg, - of the•heat Mitte
l., , 1., rids, did workininshiplhatamoot
' ...11 be surpoieed,inaddifiditothettitial
assortment in country shops, we will keep Oil hiederld
make to order 80FAH, of various and mod approved
pattern,' ; Sofa Rocking Chairs, upholstered in superior
style, and for case and durability cannot be surpassed
oven in our large cities. Also, the half French Ma
hogany Chair, beautifully upholstered, with' curled hair,
which never loses its elsticity, 'and finished with thea
best hair seating. 'We flatter 'ourselvei that having
bad touch expe,pence in the business, we shall be able
to satisfy all %Jib May feel disposed to .call, both . its to
quality and price, and bY Strict attention to business
hope to merit did-receive the patronage of a liberal com
munity. .- L. M. NYE &110.
l'owarida,' tember I, 1945.
31AVRE HAI) at our shop much lower than it
has ev been sold in Towanda.,Goods are
ebsp, and whet am lowered,. end that is tlefesson we
can afford all for to- do it. ° A Illtinds of produce' will
be received in payment. Also LUMBER of all kinds.
Sept. I . ,1.. M. NYE 4 CO. ,
411 C 4111:11111_110 - "JU`31C.14111715$
WILL be kept enViand a large assortment, Sod
made to orderon shorter noticeand fatless mo
ney than cup be produced at, any otheeestabliabroentin
the land. Those who are under the necesOty of. pro,
curing that article wilt and shall lie satislied. A good
hearse and pal/ may be had in attendance when desired.
Beptemher 1. 1845. NYE de CO,
1* :11 :13 riA. 1 0
\ •
HM. BAKER revectinlly inform: the public that
• he has commenced the GRAVE-STONE busi
tict,s, in all its branches, at 'Towanda, where he will be
toady at all times to attend to all calls in his line; •
lionn Tonib.-taldes, Grave-stones, of
every description, 4-c.. 4-e-,
made to order, and furnished as cheap at WORK and
WARDLE of the same quality CAD be obtained at any
shop in the country.
lie invites the public to call„and examine hie work
and materials, hoping to merit thcii pittronage by strict
attemiern to . bnsitiesit, and by superior workmanship mitt]
good marlde.J
ET-r Ell-CtriTING done with nei4nmis' and des
patch, in the latest style.
Shop on Main street, nest door to T. Elliott's store,
and three doors shove Briggs Motel.
Towanda, March 17,1047. 4oy
BOOT & tclllo}.. MAKING.
, .414
j I 1•1 OX & A“ E lave associated the:rousse%
in the Hoottind Shoe Making business, in the
borough of'rowanda, and may be found at the old stand
of S. liathatatay.lately occupied by Elkanah Smith. neat
I. IP.Stephens Eichange Hotel, where they solicit a
share of public patronao., They intend, by a careful
selection of/hock, and by attention to the intetests:of
their rustomers. to make nik neat anti sl mettle work as tip
he marmfartu►ed iniihis portion of the eorentty.
They keep consitintly on hantl, - and 401 ournefachire
to order, morocco, calf .and coarse boots and shoes;
Ladies' Gaiters, shoes and slips; children's do.; getit's
.gaiters and; pumps, Ave., dce. .
".Towarla, May 14,184
I't VENEKS; have given their certificates of cures
wade by its use, when all other remedies have failed, and
'the proprietore are now prepared to offer
to any persons afflicted with Piles, and all diseases of a
similar nature, or which are found in conjunction with
the Pike. if a cure tiEnot affected by the use of
It is an INTFIKNAL Rt'sinv, not an external application,
and will cure any case of Piles, either bleeding or blind t .
internal or external, and the only thing that will. There
is no mistake about it. It is a positive cure, speedy and
permaneni .his also a convenient medicine to take,
and impOve the general health in a remarkable man
ner. It is very mild in its opperations, and may be ta
ken in cases of the most acute inflammation, without
danger. All external applications are in the highest del
tree disagreeable, inconvenient and offensive ; and from
the very nature of the diabase, temporary in their effects.
This medicine attacks the disease at its source, and
removing the cause, renders the cure certain and perma
Although the Electuary wes• oricioally prepared for
the cure of Tiles. yet it has proved itself to be a medi
cine far superior to all others. in all diseases of an in
tlimniatory character, with a determination of blood to
any particular part or organ. In Inflammation and
Congesttons of the Liver and Spleen ; Inflammation,
Soreness and Ulceration of the Stomache, Bowels, aid
neys and Bladder : Inflammatory and Mercurial Rheu
matism, it is the best medicine ever discovered.
For all Impurinei of the flood, arising ftom the% m.
prudent use of Mercury, or other causes ; for all dis
eases of the skin and scrofulous affections ; all ca-es
where the blood is powerfully determined to the head,
producing dizziness and distrerrs:Dr. Upham's Electuary
is entirely unrivalled.
Marne() ladies are almo+t -invariably subject to that
painful and jejunely; disease, the Piles, with consequent
inflammation of the Stomach, Bowels, and SpMe, weak ,
now - of the Back, flow of the blood to the hcrad,
The Electuary is perfectly safe for pregnant ladies and
the most useful Cathartic that can possibly he used, and
it will not only remove the Piles and all inflammatory
diseases without pain or irritation; but will ensure an
easy time, a safe alelivery,.and'a sound constitution in
the offspring.
- Rsawst, June 16, 1847. •
I have bee'naffltcted‘ for years with the Piles, and
have tried, without anything like permanent benefit , al .
most•everything assuming the eta is of a remedy.
bed, as a matter of course lost an confidence in 'medi
cine. Under this feeling, I was . 'induced—not .without
reluctance, I confess--to use "Uensm's ESLUTt'•IIII."
and having used it-for about three weeks according to
the directions laid down, I find, to my utter surprise as
we ll as satisfaction, that eirery.symptom of the disease,
bits left me. I think it due alike to Dr. Upham and
myself to make this statement.
G. W. NcLEAN. late of the V. S. Y. .
DR. UPHA IVl=Dssa Sta.—About five yeeis ago
was aMicted with what was called Chronic Dysentery.
I have suffered with it ever since,, and physicians have
told me that my liver was affected, and that my bowels
were ulcerated, for blood and pus, attended with a pe
culiarly putrid smell, were the frequent discharges. A
short time since I made a visite to Massachusetts, in
hopes of benefit from a change of air, but suffetcd more
severely than ever before. While there a physician °f
reer] to cure me for $4O, in three months. Happily, in
the midst at intense pain, occasionally relieved by laud
anum, I saw i in the wrapper of your Eteetuary, a perfect,
description of my complaint, together with many certifi
cates of cures. This gave me great Confidence in the
medicine, and I purchased a box, and nine doses Icif
which has apparently cured me, and l am prepared Ito
say every thing in its favor, or render any stroke I din
to humanity by subscribing to its merits.
Respectfully Yours,
BENJAMIN PERCIVAL, 89 South Sixth st.
Sold Witedesale and Retail by WyArr Sr KETCH
UM, 121 Fulton St. N. .Y., HINTON & LADD To
wanda. and-by druguest generally throughout the If. S.
Price $l. ate e. NOTICE.—The getfinne Electuary
thew (•rj- A. Urt)inat 41. D.) The hand is also dour
With a pen.
13 MNingsvi_
WE subscribers Pr
still om s ,
manntietute and Lel *hey
their old stand, 'yids Oiler
wood seat 'CHAIRS ;
ITTEEB of swiessietiaos,
,1 1: 1 84TAIIIII of every , tk
,b, which we wilt sell- low
cash or iProduce, or' %her o ,
„tuba, 'White woad, b it*
Cucumber el sit pink,. b y
z_dther ottonwoni, Bar i *
.-reeelted lot ont mitt.
- in the nested enstaer.
inis' way for Bargain',
'mac giviscribe/ would reglectfollf say to hi, At
./. cage era and the public generally, th ot h e
Te-commen the manufacture of Chai m , 0 ,,.. 41 : .
old shop ots the north side of Bridge street, i h t h e h i: .
ing known as the " Yellow House." He e e p oo.
stantly on and, or will .make t° ' o rder , O h
n 4 414 t ay
durable sty e) all articles in his line- as cheap loth
'cheapest. Hi friends can be gist ped w i t h ,
Finley, ltinsor and Common Chaircof Ar e ,
• en, Atieros—Setteei. Rocking Chain
(Children's Chairs, sc, 4.c,- , ,
•1 , Alie—i-liedittids . and Tables.
COI said see Inc at toy shop on Bridge mod alld r
will satisf . .. you that you can buy reasonabk: .
N. fl . whi k , wood, Cucumber and Rasa*
phink, wanted in exchange for chairs on
terms. . ' JESSE TAYLOR,
TO9fillltS, Jan. 20, 1847.
No. 1.,1
ow, again in the Ficil
1 i
lir. 4. Chainberths, •
• I
--, :••• I_l AS just returned frantbeeity
•.:011!,; 11 of New York with s lags
ewwai . ~ aft supply of W . atehes,..l . ewelry a i d
Silver ware compr ising re p o t
I 1 ~, .)7.i c the following anieles;-1,,, ,
i•*- C. L'Epine and Plain Il l sithat,aith
4' ai - rit ‘c: real i t : Pi ''' na ja , e ; c° r e ace lmlryP k etau ts e l ag :oc ii k rilline eta, Ear gnig ßa°l4l ,: rit :
la, Keys, etc. Also, aR sorts of Sheeran' s ,
quantity of Steel Beads--all.of which he*"
ixeeeedingly cheap for CASH.
lies repaired on. Abort nyder, and tgarreakil
roll, or the money shill be refunded, waigmin
r me nt given to that effect if required.
—MAPLE SLG AR, and Country. Paskies
payment for work ; and als), kora rune, ad
hat the Produce must be paid reheat/le nor&
-1 War against credit in all its forms.
• W. A. 'CHAMBERLIN, Agent.'
ger Rill r'o
Gold Poi
and any 1
for enie
to run
ten ag
N. B
taken in
is done
11E1 1 .10 RIIIIOIDS, OR PILES, ills diseam probe.
ed by local irritation, purgative nine.
!ants, undue determination of blood to the heenonheidel
vessels be eacessive riding or walking, or a canfalltal
state of the liver, and peculianty of the constitution WE
It is usually considered under three form, m vow*
as follows Blind Pile ,'White Piles, seal Meeting! iler
This trto•qt.e is so common, and 'so very well hairs,,
that a description of its -symptoms. is not deemed wee.
eau. -
The sueeess that has followed the use of theEmh►
cation hi the cure of this disease, has been tralyyitositi
hrg: Phiy-icians nWI advise their patients to try i 4•
the only Pile Medicine. • .
In adtlititin to its being a positive remedy for the PI
it never fails to cure that INTOLERABLE ITCHIt,•
which is so very common, and has its location is AL
alum parrs as the Piles. ;•
Read the following, from the eifitoral Gin= tal
slider's Weekly. Messenger :
Foes AT Lswr—A Sy nr. Crttf. TAM Tae Pius!
—Physicians and Chemists have long been *nom ts
discover a medicine that would cure one of des wit
troublesome diseases, the Piles. Success has st Int
been the result- Dr: JACKSON'S PILE %Min
CATION not only stops all bleeding, allays pint al
inOemation, subdues that into lerable itching, bat elk*
silly cures, like a charm and in a very shot use. i tr•
sons whose lives have been rendered misgable fisyeara
Only a few from the great number of cWfificates ad
be published. Read the following :'
New York, 721
N. Broadway, ..September 1814
i i ,
Dl. . JACIESON--rDear Sir : Will you ale is
sta bottles of your Pile. Embrocation : lir the
rent to keep myself, and part for a -legal genitalia. II
friend of ;nine, who has found grat relief in traps
from my bottle two or three •times. toe - rentertiet,
when in Philadelphia, I was suffering drestlfslty ha
this terrible scourge. 1 only took one borgelisarlan:
I have not used it quite all, and'am now pedwilY ri
As you triny suppose, rproclaire the virtues of yea
medicine : wherever 1 go. I tell every friend gala:
and it is singular to perceive how many ate ram
in this way-1 believe half' of my acquaintances se
more or less-afflicted. Let me tell you that yea as
sell here as fast you choose to make. When yang
a certificate from me. you shall have it, and you we et
libetty to show this letter if von wish. *
Respectfully yOurs, I,EWIs P. ASHFOIO.. *
For sale by A. S. CITA MB Eli L IN, Towendaltea
only Agents , firreßratlford County. Mit •
Elmira, Cornine and Buffalo LA ? '
Fou N iisiT.
THE Proptitiors of the above Line will confiner*
-IL run a Line of Passage Boats between EL,. M'
CORNING and BUFFALO, .fur. the areo lf =a
•ot Emigrants and Famihes, moving West.
clinics nut heretofore' ofii-rfd to the Emigrant, (11351°
sectio of New York, Pennsylvania.
T e,Boatm of -this Line are of the FIWT CLAM
-- e ta
fitted a I furnished with all the convenience 11 1 . 1 ° .
commode; ion of PACKET.;, commanded by mar
ed Captains, and tow'ed by relays of Horses '
130 AT ROME, Capt. H. W. THOMPSON.
" ' 'q MP Et7iT, Capt. • M. T.IYLOI I .. '
'Poring tile season of . 1R47, one of the ishevel:
will leave Cmgligg and Elmira every week irt tilt
lowing order: : 's 0,
C .. mt SIX 1, • every Monday evenina, at 6 o'clock,r• .
EI.MII!s, every Monday evenin g . it 6 delocli.P. P
Towing down Seneca Lake very Thermion:
ingootielting at Big Stmant, Ho di. and iltesit 6 ',_
leaving Buffalo for Corning and Elmira, every Ne d'
day Morning.
• FOR FREIGHT OR PASSAdt, applY C4lll.
on Board, or to •
Wm. Mallory; Cerning•
8. B. Strang & Co. Elmira. • •
Winterrnute & Tuttle, Ho-srhictex
A. Nash, Horano.
• L. G. Townsend, Big Sircanp
Woodworth Si Post, Lodi. •
Price & Holly, rivrtra•
Gay- & Sweet, Wid•rlon.
'J. Shoemaker. Nrnern Frills.
Baker & Ross, Jlimirzunia.
• H, Wright, Bwherltr.
I) RI N TS—SOO different sty les, bought in n t l
New 1 - ,ork. by ,the ease, on the -(m.h'dorrillih
and will be sold accbrdingly. BAIRD &
7errits of the Bradford Re,porW'
'O O
Two (Wars and fi fty (entailer annum; i rr il et e
deducted if paid within the year ; and for GAS"
ally in advance, Ott Doti. sa will:lir detr aciej
Subscribers at liberty to discontinue at any lit o ,
paying "201,- Most kinds of COCYTIII Poor
received Inpayment, at the market price.
o f we
Advertisements, not exceeding a Mo te 00 00,
lines, inserted for fifty cents ; everyallbool tre , /51 _ 1 . , 0 01 1 1
twenty-five cents. A discount miinletnynan.Y"' _ t o
Jon Par v-surn, Of every description, mall:.
peditiously eveented on new strd fashionabk glrr r '. o o
loiters on business pertaining to the okce.
rce of postage, to cnsuse. attcation.