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TOILS 17811219
bkbnel44ll MMUS!, Use 28, 1847.
A flambee. eon.
i .
VT ',AVM 11111011~,
lteinember, love, who gave thee this,
When other days shall come s
When she. who had thy earliest kiss.
SWF'S in der *arrow home.
Remember 'twas a mother gave
Tilt et to one she'd die to save.
That mother sought .a pledge of love,
The holiest for her son;
And from the gilts of above,
She chose • goodly one.
She clmie, : for her belOved boy,
The source of light, and life and joy.
And Lade his keep the gill—that, when
The Toting hoar would come,
They might have hope to meet again,
In an eternal home.
She said his faith in that would be
Sreet incense to her memory.
And,shonhi the.seofrefin his pride,
Laugh that foci/ faititta stoat: -
And bid him east the pledge aside.
That he front youth had barite.
I:hi• bade hint pause, aad.ash his breast.
If he, or she had loved hit besa.
.1 parent's Messing on her see.
(hies with thi*,holy thing;
The lore that would retain the one
Most to the other cling.•
Remember! 'tie to idle toy,
A mother's gift—Remember, boy!
.1 Panther Mast LeywheelL,
. .
A new county was formed by the last l%idelitni
of Pon,.<lovania. out of the *nib-western portions
of 4rwoniing and flop counties. The name of
Sql•rnn.ih lninor of Mai Gen. Sullivan of revolu
tt., memory, has been given it. This a ugments
the . number. of eounties to sixty. A wilder dis
tort of COUtitry Call hardly be found in our nett
er Slales.,than some partit of this - tegicin exhibit-'-
ti has always been a zseat resort for bears. panthers
anti wolves ; laid. if I am not greatly mit4aken,
4 , nte of these rarutints still exist . , Thin seat ofjas
nce v , contemplated at a place known as -, Seek,"
the resit Mee of the family of thar - name, classic
;...7,1uul i onve crated. for seventy Ites or more to
like' ch4--c. and the bead-quarters of did Stek.—in
In: inc aDs ercat and 'Original as Boone or any of
ih •,..I, , rious old hunters ofthe west. i
r. , nrad Sock was one of the old er\tlers of the
D .rth branch of the'Susimehanna, in one of its wild
r4 feetilLs„ and in Nis time has killed more pan
t:,.•: r. and bears than usually fats to the lot even
, i pioneer?, The following is an account -of one
• ,1 hi. panther hinds, taken down from his own
hpc. - ' • ' .
4•ttlermsut en the mountain here is 'verr .
and there are, no inhabitants for a con-
.11.1 e distarwe hack of the road. I heard that'
-91 had hunting, and said that he bad
throe panthers ; upon which . I called on, him.
t9si lie told me t that at.a ce rt ain place, on Spring
ten miles from this he had 'come
rer‘Ks three panther* and had tried to fire at them
ht, c.,ni,l not get hi. ;run to go off. I thought the
n a, a coward. that only out of Ins story was
t-ur, aitj that-he had been afraid to fire at them;
knew exactly the piner - which he deseijto.
t•lihn. I had been frequently them on hunting ex
nt-,ions) I thought I world go and see whether
lbrry had beenaity panther there. So I started off
ro'rt morning with my doe. You know What a
10-rll4e thicket of laurel. and spruce. ,, and hemlock
• 1-,.l1!•ott here well. tt is as b; : id all the way
hi d r pie c e were the leilvir said he Saw - the pan
vters. Al tay however, r got to it, and sure
rtottelt the panthers had been there. There was
urn the menu& and ii found when
ley had killed a deer. and eaten past of it, but I
that alhrr I had been at the place, they would
to bark to et again for a panther will never
1. 4 1 , =stew a sier•nrid time, if any dims-ism has
at it Ss. I marked 'which way they
- went, as
raw 'days Anne they had been there, and,. I
no; know hoiit long I might be in the woods in
si diem, I thonglit it would be best to go
:et a, supply of -proristrins for a good
'l4.twee and theitetakle a fresh Asa. Bat it was
mzlit I stmek a tire -and ldid down WI
As soon as it was light; I *timed otiftak
:: z.') lock - nark to go home, and got Anna half
14en, behold' I twine right to the panthers'
t'%' llrec . had ceed the path I had made in
ei” . „dov before. I knew they had eves
' = tive ,lay time: for had been warm arid the
aa.i melted a little, and I could tell,
had coward nir track, before ntid• SO
R',4 es - the track and followed if until
"e4."5 "lien I saw a liett place lathe woods, and
eito I funnel I was oa a road about. three
s '' born home . I then ocinehaded .it weak! be
l 'h.•l way foinre to gn home that night; and get
kra,-Krk of provisions as I bad intended; fO . l
know hut what the devils might keep hie
'Jan them a whole week; and 1 was de
tt t rare ;timed there, to gin. them se
-"st kiu game, as long as I could see to
L a. Lle tt . let them go where they weal ;end
Trey led 0.1 an infernal long chase. -
i s ' . * ur I 'meet. filled my knapsack with pm.
q E ' meted 'mu With that dog, that is lying
~,,%1 3" thete--not the 'white one—the spotted,
a 20 , :1d fellow , for a panther, and likes
vs well as Ido Well, es I triad ; as soon
nay -light next morning. out I went, and
71 ,..1e ' 41 4 azam Where Iliad left it the elireW
arhi illiknrell it all day , long, up one
down another, over. has and throegh
ekle. tusk before *Uwet, when lenme
: which die panthers had killed and
.41 ft and which was still warn.;.. They had
ta . bere be lay.i He had never got uP--
b " t eflN I,ehma a large headlock tree,
Mown down : and it .apfared by the
tittow a, if they had smeleltho;ellnel"
1 g_a_.„,:,..,, 1 1,.....„ ..„, , . ,
. :':'':''''''l:4;_.-.:e:.,-.::..._:.1::..:'4.:;'.:T ''5,....::::...:_A-r.,
*.,...,t„t4:.,,,,.- 7 i .0,,...ip ! , : - ••••) ~„,, , f., ~...---: 1-1.. v, lE , ' , - 4-q4 ,. .i.:-..5i. , ', - 1 , ,c ; .7,; ri••-i-1, t'",, : „i. - . i ,
=•,; i ~1. .1 , ..-3,1-1' ta. ' • • _ - • •
. . !
, .
. • , . ..• ...
.. .. r.„-... ,--, ,-,,--,. ~, ,-_ : - 1 - ••
.: 1. •,-;,„ 1 i , ....?:••,,,...- - , ,7 , •! ; •,...-.. - OT, • •;: ;', .-,, 1:„. ...!:'-"..r .
- • ,•:.•
• - ..„....„ - . ~.,.„---- ~,.....i..... . .- .4.. ~“ ~ - ' CT.
s.::- -.4 • 1
• - -.
- • -.*".",
. -..
. ,
.. . , ....
..; ' .-... ~...sp' -r, .-r4.•-• ‘••••• • ^,-..., '4c,-, •._
..... i .
- • -
:‘- . :!.. : 't-i-,:.• ~.... . -...
.. . ... _....
": .1 •-d •
...,, - 1;,.... ,
i . . .
. ; '•-•':',..!:. ...P. L ...: '..; : 4-:. ''''''' .......' '..7%•'.....,f; i • ...4„-... -•!
..-, ....7 - ~
. 11 . -.
...f . • . •4 • •• .•
• ' '••
I - . ".... , -,.."". I-4'p", , .
~.. .....-. •
.. . - , , •
• , .. • , .. ,
. ..
H .
" ..
_: ,_ .. •
........ • : . ~ • •
ed Up Close lo hint, imaged over the tree and unti
1, ed his in hit bed. They' deep-take their pmt
by entpriie. They Wryer nuke more thatewro
three jumps altar it A .- if it rhea eacepsi, they. tern
pit ano the r way. They had mesa as lambi at 64
Wished Wilhe be* and eller getting their billies
full, they appeared' to-hare been in - tritely good
humor, ' for their masks showed where they had
played about, aid they had jumped sp and down
Atte small trees around. They did not know
who was after them. I had \net'expected to ea
on them so aeon, and had Pelted ahead without
any caution, so thutthey head trty mites* and I
ewe forted by the Nopeploceibt thitigspliet lney
must hare started away just at I came up; for in
stead orkeeping together as they h$ done all day
bekwe, they started off is different directions. I
thought it was Mint and tlut4 had better encamp
where I was; for they would hardly euennbisek. in
the night to claim their beck cbui first, 3 tail* I
would look a little mote around, to *lb whatt\track
it would be best to knew
,ia the morning; ankee,
just went a little way' into the mart", which *its
close by me when, - only think! one the curses,
had been trLching all the time, sal heard him
start within - ten rods of me! but. the lased wan so
thick that I could not see. him. As soon as he
started, away went the dad after .him, fall yelp.—
Well I stood still and there was a glorionsthrealing
among the laurels; when an at once I heard . the
panther take up a tree.' I heard his nails nett the
bark the first dash he made. It was. bassuldid
will evening; and I said to -myself, 'I Italie ow of
Iyou any way; and I ran as hard as/ could through
I the lairelsp, anti I came to - where Toby • was, bark
ing arel .jeniiiing and looking mightily fielded, at
one of them up the tree. .
Well, I soon saw the panther lying at his fall
length on a limb- T it was en a eery late hemlock.
I did not know well what to do; for it was now so
late that l could scarcely see the forettiOttot in ride
rind, I could not roe the notch of the liadsighitar all ;
but as ( knew my gun, I had better vesture a shot,
rather than keep watch at thetree an night; and so
I drew up, and took the beat aim I could and iced
away. Well, the devilish rascal never seined: I
said t. Myself, I am slue I can't have massed you.
In a short time 1 saw a motion in his tan, which
hung over the limb on which he lay, and toxin after
I could hear his nails gritting on the bark, and 1
maw his body bqin to slide roofed the limb till at
last he slang fairly ander it, suspended by his
claws, and in a minute, after he let go his hold mid
down he came, sense! so neatly died that when
I ran to keep Toby from taking hold of hire (for
they are a devilish thing to fight and Iran tear a dog
to pieces is no time) found him unable pix aback
out a claw. I knew that I void' find the place
again. and so I just let him lay where he fell, and
I went bi;rir to the bock, mid made a good fire Ind
laid down them till morning. But Brut I cut some
good slices off of the bucked mated them for sup
per. He was a fine fat fellow and kalicAl as nicely
as a butcher could have killed him. I doillike
to eat part of a deer which has been killed by
solves—but itiituther in a&Anent thing.
Well, the next ramming staiied bright and ear-
ly and soon came on the tracks of the nther two
panthers. It appeared as if they had been Cueing
about separately, and had kept ;mond the swamp
nearly all night; bat at last they got together and
stetted off. As soon as I got on the track I followed
it bri:itly , tiff aboat man, when I darted them
afresh; and letting otreTohy they and be, and I,
all ran as fret as ire could/ bat they got 11 a
Taster of a mile ahead of when dash! one of
them took np a tree ; which 1 roan bye"w• by, the
manner of the doles herb*. Oh! said I. Pro _
another one ! When I came np to the dos, 1. -
sore enough, wie a - parther up a tree, shaking his
tag and looking jowl lice e eat when she is Amato.
jump on a, mouse; .bit, says I, my *Haw,
put a stop to yoor jumping. So I ups with rifle,
mil down he came, as dead re If be bad Never
been alive. I ell,l skinned him and famemed law
skin in my knapsack. ad away I seined abet go;
other one.
The Isst fellow trid not like •to ttavel withal* his
companions. I tiondered what had In
comeof-thetn. Ile kept dodging about, that mie
way then another as if he expected them to (mune
op with him : bet he had another kind of comm.
ioa homing for him. Well as I said, alter I skinned
the seemed one, I started alter the third, and in
abets two bourn I roused him from behind a leg,'
and Tetryniid he had a fine am for about ten'mi
nuass. I stood MIII for I thought may-be the pan
ther would take acircuit to hunt for the other ones, 1
and se he did ; bet the dog was so ekes to him,
bethought it ben to use ; in oilier. I suppose, to
see who, and bow many were after him. As soon
as I knew, by the twain, he had hoed, away I
are, and soon got• the neck. I took notice of it
on a leaning tree, which I ran peeve the Ike, who
was about ten rocs bother, looking up n a large
hemlock, and making a great tartket. I looked up;
but I add seem *Sher. I irestaa bestehen
I could see evitry berth ; but the devg a pinthereas
there. 'Why; eat I, this can be no ghost, to vsmiiii
in this way, he , mutt be an some of these trees.;
but le as go wherel last new theersak. So twat
back to the leaning tree, where I bad hie seta the
track. It was a pretty large hemlock, wlich had
fallen spies another ; and looking tap, 114 el
the . fellow slue enough, cranking r in the
where the leaning use by acmes the ether,
close down, so hobbit by the limbs and green
leaves of the hemlock, that I could see only small
part Ohl body. In running eider dog.' had gene
right under him. Ahhough I could see but bine at
him from the place where l mood, yet se I was
ewe that what I saw was his 'Walden, I did net
wait to see any more of him, but I a lair sight
and drew my trigger. Well, be did not budge ! I
looked at him for some time, but 'he did net Mr.—
I war nee I had alms UM thro'--t thonebtit a pity
to waste any more lead on him. Ihstin hemmer
the crotch of the large tree, and theme -as another
Lieielhiskipew oil elate bolisseteb, end Nem*
I would dumb op the fide tree, ens to cants leis
lad aud i os*_vdishat he was deed or no; bet just
as I was about helf way Ime his te2 bogie to
leave, a9ll betar t could to the gioesi, Lie
head, and inputs did over the aseb, and down
be ewes es demise &downed. $oI ekinnedlis,
mad wed to the sail had that, and Singed bin,
and at base that night. &One woed alba
fellow who saw theta by the SOK bold, that if
be would come to se I would show hies the shim
of his these pothers.
Ennosse.--No man loth tnemated all power
of kindness; ke it is botridiees ; Opines loth seen
its death, for it is eternal in all ago of the iwodd,
in every Anon amoneevery kind, it bath ems
out a bright and besmithl tor abeiming ghat ?. Utak at the ease et Sod aid Divid. Biller and
darting jealousy filioLthe him of Foal, i and "_he
mai*so hated
thliiiithif tentOife." With hellish
hats he himed hiakeven to that dens and morsel
the meth But Davaionsituertfd his enemy-.wan
the proud spirit of the haughty Saul he humbled.-
And howl Not with mind and 'spear -not with
hush words andeneto cantamely, kw these never
died tottekthehesit .with geniis influence. No-.
Ilt " iitt a weapon, s imple as the eheplond's sling,
yet as the snow of death. Twits kindness;
This lic ar rattlf ,
og hatred, and lea Sod to live
' And w it had done its work, Baal mid muo
'D 'a an more fishbowl than I, for thou
halt re me good, whereas I have rewarded
thee mil"-
41 T i ot bete & victory, tame glorious,
more gall - hate, Wellington ever knew.
Gone father wa in the erotkre history and
tell me, of what of all those spoken 'by the
u meek and lowly - - the 4 g Prince of Penes,"
the " Savior d the 'I was ben caleulated to
soften and eebdue the beam of his pentomors l
Are we no asked tolitte\to die soli sweet tones
of'" Father forgive them ! ' o,bete is kitchen.-
l; Im
A BLetiort. Asorte..=;- wash:dal ques
tion chains" Mien ask, and w equity warder
fed answers do they rometimesM . What can be
more touchiag than the fell Owing toectiose which
we find in the New Yolk Organ :-'
A hiend of ours ?dike ritessi4l , a\very young
child, a few days inikr, paid-in rather ail isaptitient
tenel.-Ag You are soh a lump of a shape, it is ha
poesthie ,to make anything, ht yen I" ,The tips of
the child quivered, and, looting tap, it said is a de
pssciag rime-o God lade erne." (tar bleed
was rebuked ; and the , tittle lamp was kissed a do
zen times.
u God made use r Had the wise men et the
amid potideted en a Siting, answer to such careless
remark, for a emitmry, dePy ramid not have band a
i i
beset than flawed y and • apowtaneomaly
from the wounded head the &N. " God made
met, mother ; it is ant pa fault that 1 ans what yon
thus seem oat to a lints leap : God
made me?" litem ea thy Ito:meet head,
sweet ebdt—"ct each are the kitgLtiom ci heaven?
A Weans "Ws leis. or Mauttoon.—Ali
dianapolia laser 'lgniter relates the fo&nring dia
logue bekl with a Homier boy 7,- 7 " I ma a
aparendy about twelve years old, and hailed }Me
with, " Illy tide man, wouldn't yen hier'tri go
to Tema I" "I am going," gad ) " Why
what are you going at do r a Laio going to be
pipet toy, and wait miaktlli eerie and help
eel." " Are yea goiniii eartil,put, No,
Waal luny and wee to HI eau Med
iian,-and if a chance I " Does your
yea are griagr " Yes. air ; and
me to go. She warred me to see the
world, and it utigli make a man of tae ; and al
tar Jose year 1 shall tarry a rameket, and if I can
aely bat fifteen Illexieens, I *A ease back a
Tea Lunen Fievrea.--be OM Dr. Arnold dis
close/od, in the Wand of Sennitni a Bower Which
he named Anwa', aad which an author
has called with junkie the megnieseart Thin al
the vegetate" iriploes.." The Main mind has
indeed -never conceived see* a Bower. The eir
eindirenee of the fan expanded flower is nine feet;
its meet:non is eaindated to laild nine pines; the
Pied . .., ate as huge as cone' hares, and the entire
• weight of the tdospeans is ceenputed to he lateen
Smisma Clurearm-.-Idr. Irlheadd, i big tea.
them& Swede% says: " Timutchlldran, hos
die ups at see, is diet et eighths, meadia, are
wrapped up in buadages, hke cylindrical wither
Whets, which we contrived; se as to keep their
=1:124011 ialms lll % lunch with their
They are impended from pep in die.'
wall, Or laid in any conreniani pit of the room,
withoit muck Nicety, where they exist la pee a.
team and goad !enact. I bare not beard Awake
of a child mince I came to Sweden."
Tii Perstaso—Alat p 6e paioser," mid 6e
ceptaia dat ship, as bar get Woo the bow, to a boy
wise was imponsis d the tens. le lowly 6e boy
rea al, where owl the sailors was employed cm
a Pap paint' jagless seem rued let co, the topes by
whisk it war hold. Tbe agooia, swpsised at
bey's deb*, cried ow. “Yea lay de& wtey emit
yes bet Robe pm r pew, pod midair
said the bad.
A ewe eant.—ftme folkowitti is about the UM
diet ii the amsodose lime we dye wee
As Wee diet beat asked iris "bits et a emit
of Madatia wise preseited se We Weal dicer,
said to those* the jaw was eletaced frets we
sese's sangess and liens' beans, for lam Ise Atla
s bode et it he could tent therm and
. figle the
Qrata Cair:csaTross.—The saw of the tail
kee Blade, says Ssisid be a curios eight to
see 4 the Win' e is the Muted Sires, maw Ave
yews old, together; tho 7 Intel& sake aproley col
leitias of 2.,Sthketto! Whet a swat thews mid
semainion saust awv estartia."
Midi dame fir "hike due petaidly resin
Their when busty sewargstha &nein skim
Ala swats; Aar*. -Them ars
Wrought a bold earigraia. while Whim- sib
Mb liale mos with_ club* awl resiosase
Megaikd Ike we.
• "Boy. toes veva sees
leek liforkm tretw•,elai wiles toed giaai teaks
ran. hp, w the ins earth grown. hem* that
The mighty river ea whose breast e sari
arreebiy•Arys *toward the Bettie, lea
Casibrerbthat,, ear owe Collsectiest
cmerial simme
°rather. the brook
That Ili Mir door west siagag. whet t hisacird
tiny boat with all the sportive boyi.
'Wiles Ached was o'er, is dearer far to me
Thai all these deep broad waters. To my eye
They are as swaggers. Mod those liedevrees
illy mother pleated is the garde, hosed
Of ovard . ind Avast. from wbesee the fragrant, each
Fell is to ripening sold. were fairer mos
Than this dark forest abetting oat the day.*
"'What, ho i ay Ii de girl."—aad with light my
A fairy creature basted sowanis let vim
AM ming dowa the basket that moaned
The aooses repast. Inok'd upward se his LIM
With sweet madding souk.
• See. isareosi see
Tea loci& wined poi mies. sad bear time Kam
Of the givetl•bied echeiiag navaigli tbe trees,
nab assaie. Daft thou ever bear
Is fair New Naglaad sae* a aselknv tour"
NI hid a minim that did take the tenable
Daeheaight sad morning, and his antrum voice
Did make woe joyful, as I west to teed
My saow.drops I was always laughing dive,
Is diatjirst Mew. I *Maki be happiet now
Methinks, if I coola led awes these dells
The sane fresh violets."
• Slow eight drew oa
And round the rode hut of Emigrant,
The wrathful spirit of the anima stores
Spate bitter things: His wearied ehthirea slaps.
Aad be, witlrbead deelial, sat listening keg
To the swore waters of the Illinois,
Dashing'agaiast their shores. *Otani* he spate
• "Wifr! did I see thee brush away a tear I
Bay. was it se! Thy heart was with the bath
Of tby nativity. Their swirling lights,
Carpets and sofas, and iring gnats.
Belt thee better than these rugged walls
Of shapeless logs, and this lone hermit-bowie."
—.MI! AU was so still aroaad. onslaught.
Upea say e th at echoed hymn did steal
Which `mid the church where erst we paid our vows
Bo tuneful peard. But tended thy woke
Dissoled the illusion :" the geode smile
Lightly' her brow. the food Canna that soothed
Her waking Waal, re-assar'd his soul
7 mberemree the pave fereetieffe &el
And strike shaaddjuinst. u dappissem
Firaeid and grateful, to his rest be sash ;
Hat deems, those wild magiciaussorhieh do play
Inch'pranks when Reason slumbers. tireless wrought
Their will with his. . Up rose the busy man
Of his own satire Mir. roof and spire
AU glittering bright. se Fancy's frosbmork ray.
Forth came remembeed forms; with curving meth
The steed his boyhood nurtned. proudly seigh'd—
The favorite dog...milting mead his feet
Frisir'd, with shrill. joyous bark t rhodium doers
Flew oyes—greeting heads with his were ink'd
is Frieadship's grasp—be heard the trees debate
From congregate& haunts, where mind with mind
Deth.-blend mod brighten-40d till morning rov'd
1161 the lord scenery of his fatherland.
and besiatihd Agana and modes of masoning that
the universe in which we dwell has othaded ha
the illumation of the I. that is within as
of a life bored the tomb, dote is none namajoems:
tihd aY Muriel* dm I know of, tits that which is
derived from the chew of the seassmis—ima the
second life that banes forth in opting in objecet ap.
poranirty dead : and fins the shadowing forth, in
the renovation of everything amend is 4, of that
tiny web Divine Revel:diem calk upon mr faith
to believe shall yet be oars. The rim' that have
fled and remained duk and gray thrteet i the
long dreary lapse of winter. clothe themselves again
with green in the opine sunshine, and every hoe
speaks &life. The bads that were trampled down
and faded, buret firth once more in famines ad
in beauty ; the enema break horn the icy chains
that held them, and the glorious sun henna causes
wandering horn a far journey, giving reammer, sad
warmth, and fertility, and magnificence to every
thing around. All that we lee, breathes the some
hops, and everything we see, rekindles into
• Vince Ann Tim—timer i evarythitqg that ie
ugly and ammo& *Ai to din individmb etthe
imam me" teethes in meisity ; e every
thing that is injurious, to them. The grimiest
mes are thole whirl FROCISte for man the mat de
sirable and solid alvantnes ; the gamest vicesare
dose .-bleb mast disturb his tendency 111 hen*
nem, and most imerropt the necessary alder aiso
ciety. Ths simians am is be whose actime tend
uniformly to the welfare of his fearer ale stmes.—
The Mins ems is be whale camthitt tads to the
osmosis* at *me with whom he lives; hem whence
his emit preens minim man earnmordy nitate.—
Evenething slat perennes for man a tmer and per
manent hapinese ressonalle ; wrelythire that
disturbs his inerividnal fetkity, at ih of the Icings
eneessery to his hakyiness, is foolish oresuemosm-
He. The man wise injures others is.wiefted ; the
man wise ionises himself is an ingsmdest
who neidrar has s banniledge of new% of his awn
;neither intermits, nor of trash.
Emma axe Astexa.—Sir Fond , lisakerbig
ded a toey as , erer breathed"
eamitaitin the ow
maid with the aid, says that " the lieereee iee a.
finitely higher--the dpi hies:-4he ekieassoeuti
ter—theak is Gerber—the cal it imenor—lite
mom looks lager—ibe amazon buiOsse-rabothille
det s loader--the heads.s tividee—the wad
is stressre—ihe ram is havise—the istwasiaams
higher—ea law beget—the feast& lierms—tbe
lieles baton ; ILAN% the gamma d besetifol
of da mew wagon= to twelated say weada.
idly' wilt Zia iseiessiv, klretective meets and
other haat (Sammie& width, tie tiessior,
tithe Mail* powet4 y been develop
ed ussatind." , •
IT **S. 11.113 ii. Z. ISOOMSIIIII.
ilium" Head hers 4 Wiishischisi ad his ifiris,tels "I
1 . i Mania Idea.
Steal: en was fecesdric in his habits, frank, blunt
sail irritable, and alive espressod his sectinsentis
"wiffirlei regard to gaga or fne. Flaring silent his
life in loop, be was frequently rough in his tnan-,.
neer, aid whale .nested, tesh ass sorsa. SIM, the
soldis4 and officers krredltim, kw a gene pis net
woulifillways may a ridden wrong ; under that
sleep Mains* exterior, beet as kind a head 'serer'
dwelt ins human bosom. He was prodigal to I
halt, atod sat appesd to bis twofold's° he never
odd iesistensetpiently, :as - objects ,of clarity,
were *dal enough &Omar Revolution, . , 'wait
never lenq in postestio' a °gooney. I .' , - 'he
- had smithusg"to earth tabie wait' . .-. .' s of
&ea, and often with those of inferiorrank. '$ i ,
in some of the 'Wet eilari to twitivited
be aid " Poor *lows they have &Meeker;
stomichit, *idiom their pay or rations." Oa one
oresehni,•be sold pan of bit comp equippsge in
order so give edinner to some French officer, at
whose table be had often been a goest. "I( ran
stand it no longer," said be in his blunt manner,
" I will give one grand -dinner to our allies. should
I eat Rorp with a wooden spoon foreier ;ker. - -
Atter:oe *mender of Yorktown, he . ,t4 his horse
to be able to give a dinner to the thins' if Officers.—
Remy major-general in the army bad extend - adds,
eenoteity bat him, and distressed se the reflection
this neglect can upon his hospharity be pattedeidk
his hem in Order to mime the funds he itee&l,
Wy watch bad been pawned before under some
generous impulse, and as be could not borrow the
money, this was his Lass nom. When the tinny
was on the point of leaving Virginia he went to
Major North. who was lying sick with a fever, and
Ad ban that he was to be left behind ; " but,"
mid be, " the intrant_yoteare able. leave this un
healthy place ; I have left my sulkey for you. and
here (landing him a piece of gold) is half of *di I
possess in the world. God blew you, I can say no
more." Of the strictest integrity and honor hiel
he seemed meanness and treacherdb otherA,
and hence never could bear Arnold Mentioned
with' out an myrmidon ofhxlignatioo. Owe in re
viewing a regiment, he heard the name Of Senedirt
Arnold called in the muster roll. He immediately
()Menai the private bearing this detested Cognomen
to advance bat of the line. He Was a fine looking
know--every inch a soklierand the Been, after
Purveying him a moment, said, " Change your
name, basher soldier ;vett are too respectable to
bear the name of a traitor," " What name shall
take general inquired the yew man. "Take
any other. mine is at your service." He accepted
it, and iMmediately bad his name enrolled Frede
rick William Steuben. The Baron rented upon
him in return a pension et Are dollars a mouth,
and afterwards gave lion a tract of land.
W all this strict notion of discipline and sub
collation, he was prompt to redrew the slightest
wrong done to the meanest puddler.' Once at a re
view near Morristown, he ordered a Lieutenant
Gibbons to be &nested re the spot for a supposed
ergot, and sent to the rear. The latter was, how
ever, intermit, and he felt the disgrare keenly,-
The Colonel of the regiment saw that he had been
wronged, and waiting till Ilk Baron's wrath had
subsided, advanced and told him that the young
(Are , was Dot in nnik and was tildiefing keenly
angler the mortification inflicted ripen hi m " Ask
Lieasepant Gibbets to crime to the front, colonel,"
mid the veteran. He was brought forward, when
Sambre said aloud before the whole regiment,
" Sir. the fifth which was made by throwing the
fine into refire:shin' Might have been heal in the
presence of any enemy. f arrested you as its sup
posed anther but I have moon to beliete I was
mihaken, and that you were blemelifte- task your
pardon ; return to year Command. I would not
deal unjustly by any much leas by one ,whose char
acter. ars,an officer is so respectable." AU the pas
sed with the Bass's hat off the rain pouring 'on
big vienemdie head.
His arts of kindness were innumerable. In pas
sing kern Ne^ar York to Virota, on one occasion.
he beard a eatistate wailing in the fore put of the
vessel, and re inquiring the 'came, and being trild
that a little negro boy, who bail been purchased by
a soethem gentleman, was crying for his parents.
be immediately purchased him and canted him
back to - his home. Sdoei after the little fellow,
while oat ' , fell into the weer and was drown
ed. the Hama heard of it he evinced the
despot saying, I have been the cause
of his ; if be had followed his own destiny;
all wield \lutes been well"
The disbendim of the *may at NewleurAi was a
dimessing acne—offirent and men were required
to lay down their anus. and poor, unpaid and
destitute to return to their homes. Stake°, theagh
be bad no home nor relative in the =pantry and
was at reamer in an imprsretished land.Sittil en
desvoted to cheer tip the dwpoimlim orficeos, and
throw a elide soneliase on their *am. Seeing
Colonel Cochran stanilim alone, the picture of sor
tow, he-tried to comb= him, by saying that be_ new
times would come. " For myself, - ',plied' the
brave . a I can mind it. be my wife and
are in the pima of that wretched =vete,
and I ba d e nowhere to carry them, new eyes. money
to remove them. - " Come, come '' said the &r
-oe, wbme kind ;nature thiS reply bad completely
rommome, I will pay my =spectate him tech
van and year daagetlea4 if yea piense-." iced away
he steads to the twee ts. Ile was not skient Meg.
bet he left happy heists in that lonely garret. He
had emptied the entire meet*. of his pe=e on the
Me, thee hagened away to escape the itteara and
Umlaut' thy were tained,apon Mai. A4he ere/k
-ed tßeranio•the wharf, be came epee aipoor m
ite areliet, whom woes& mete yet unhealed, bi•? ,
testy lenuotieffihe he bed not the meats' wilt
which to petit New York. Touched with his ref
' fain", thollaton'a heed r=iiiteetifimely paned his_
Porkelyilet the lane vete had burn Idiio the garret :
re tannin to as odic= he boeromni, a dollar. and
.arropecA *4*
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ebild's at
Ft when
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when in .
of the land
don whees
we ewe
akin*. a ampiiatioafia coN 4 - -
Rights, atkeilSO
Amy and
The public- powers ought
Aar', always active, all •
Ortrpoee, they can never d
einnve, to the detriment of .
The laws ought to be •
form, to an the citizens
Law mnsl beimpaniator .
ish, whether it protect or d .
Law is the free and tool , expression of the
general will : it is the Name do ali , whether it pro.
test or whether it wi th ; it can ordain only that
which is just and to Society, and forbid only
that which is hurtful
The law is the general 'will, c by the
majority, either of the citizens or ort1::: ed represen
That which is not forbidden hy the law, may
not, be prevented.
!Collodi . can be constrain :to do that which the
law does not ordain. , , • -
The law should only dec punishments strictly
necessary, and proportiona‘ to the offence.
' The hiss should decree duly such punishments
as are strictly and evidently necessary : the pan
ishmett ought to be proixtrtiotane to the offence,
and useful to -society. ' : .
The law has a kilt to ,forbid actions evidently
hurtful to pointy.
The law should only col* vunishment shindy
and evidently necessary : and no man ran be pan
ishryl but by virtue of a laar established and pro
mulgated previously to the 'Offence, and legally ap
To give a rennin-tire poWer to a law, is obvious
ly= unjust and criminal j • •
The law has for its sole object the interest of the
community ; it cannot therefore grant e privilege
to whomsoever it pleases 4sll4ielteif Pftralleo
ought to be abolished immediately, whatever may
have been their origin.. i
No.municipal, or orb* change, elm be impeded
upon a citizen without his 1 or that of his
hi like manner, no man (*Onto pay any nation
al contribution but that which has been freely vo
ted by the representative~ of the people.
No contribution onitt to be voted; or tax impos
ed, except ky the public wants.
The subsidies (sight to be freely commented to,
and proportionately assessed.
Liberty consists in beirg lade to do all that isnot
contrary- to the tights °Cabers ; thus the mercies
of the natural rietta of ern* man, is limited ego
solar as to enure the esOoymeat of these moo
r4hts to the other membent of society. This limi
tation can, only be &term:Wed by the law;
,Liberty, then. has name Ifor its Pip e. itistice
for lie rule. and the law for lits safeguard : ire roar
al limit is contained in-Otis maxim, "Ib =to out
era as you would they sinnild do unto you."'
The primers-anon of liberty depends at tadmiti- ;
rim to the law, which is the expression of the gen
eral will_
The liberty of the piers, and •of even!. ether
Means of publishing thoughts. can neither be indi
ratted, suspended, nor limit ;-
The right of publishing • man's thoughts aid
opinions whether by .. --,. ofthe Aria or in any
other manner, the right of peacadily assemblirg,
and the free exercise of wad - (*mot be forbidden.
No man ought to be di.: . - = on account of his
reti ions opinions-
The flee communication 1 = thoughts and opin
ions is One of the morn . - , = . q rights of man ; ev
ery citizen, then, can steak write, or pant, freely; .
except chit he must - . - for the abuse of this "
liberty in cases determined by the law.
The neeemity of •declariSg his kilts supposed
either the existenee or the recent recollection of
despotism. 1 .
Liberty and equarity of rtes admit no &tine
**, of birth, no hereditary authorities. '
All the citizens may , and if ehmeri ate
adini&-ible, to all the public places,. employzeies,
and dutie.. Free peol4 e no other maim* of
.reference in their choice talesitsrind virtues.
As every citizen has an rtin to defend his
life. his honor, and hi. praipit : ., . no means of de
knee euL-4410 be granted to one exclusively of
' another_
If men are not equal in Meaim that In IGIM, is
ii4m4, in underAanding in/ in the eazions powetri
of body and mind. it does not fallow that they. are
not equal in natural and cir 4 tight&
Every citizen has , a right to the meet impartial,
exact and prompt *Air e, as well with regard to his
peL•en as his poverty.
is that prayer of Agati = Give me neither
poireny not riche,,'' there 1.4 an excellence of wit
dam of great pramiral yak* m all to considet.
Where. except in, the Bilk ; I cio we find recorded
ao Mange a prayer.
Hr that clothes the poor cliothes hi' own nit--
He that sweetens the cop oflafffiction mamma
own hoot. He the teed 11 1 4 i nargq . „ rea l,*
a tea mp& for Hem* Imre Isweet and •sefewhilg
for hurodelt than finery can fit-Ac. ter.
!immix= lo
=. l4e*li " .ll
- .,f.•:':': .
. , ,
kr: be lb coissestateid,
to *II their deOitsed
.frets' heir.: proper
• interest.
ear, Precise, •nd uni-
it reward or pert-