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    Patriotic people, will with one determined effort
hurt the traiterous miscreants from the places
they disgrace.—Easterrt-.Beget:.
...I I is well known that Mr. Whitney has pro
, mo lgated a grand scheme for a railroad across
the United States, to connect the, Atlantic with
the-Pacific oceans. It is also known that Lieut.
Willies has published and is urging a scheme
of a similar character.
Between these two projects the public mind
i s, and probably will be for some time, divided.
And yet few are familiar with the comparative
merits of either. To enlighten our readeni on
this important subject. we give, from the N. Y.
Gl o be, a succinct statement: of the nature of
ea ch proposition :
•.IWhiiney proposes-Ist.. To construct
the road, himself. and to start from the lower
p o int of Lake Michigan, on the eastern border
of Illinois. 2d. He asks the government to
relict a stretch of the public domain 60
mi l es in width, froin that point to the Pacific
ocean, whish he agreep i to sell to obtain the
Means to build the road. Bd. The road to be
long to him and his associates for the first 20
years attar its completion, and afterwards to
the government, unless his associates or their
successors" shall then conclude to pay the go
vernment 16 cents the acre for the granted
Wilkes proposes, on the otlier.hand ..let.
That the work ba national, and that it he built
and owned by the government. 2d. That its
c onstruction and control be confided to sworn
Commissioners elected by the State- Legisla
tures, or by the people of the several States.
3d. That it start from the Missouri river, and
run thence westwardly over the territories of
the General Government. 4th. That its re
senues and tolls be kept down to the measure
of its current expenses. sth. That it be open
to foreigners and their merchandize- on the
same terms as to our own citizens, with the ex
eeptuin of mere debenture fees on foreign
freight. 6th. That it be built out of the pub
treasury, and that no special allotment of
the contiguous public lands be made, except
in favor of the laborers and mechanics on the
rnad 7 -it being recommended that each man
alto has worked "
0,.e i ear upon it. receive, in
ahninrt to his esual wages. a reward of 80 or
Ititacres, a: a farm to settle on."
These are the two plans. They are both
for the si emit! time before the Congress of the
canon, and the people can take their choice be
tween them.
find in the New or;eans Times, an account of
the murder of the Lieut. Ritchie.
"On Gen. Scott's arrival at the mouth of the
Rio Grande, and assuming the chief command,
he (outlet ith sent despatches to Saltilln. address.
ed to General Taylor, or the commanding officer
there. When the bearer reached that city.
General Butler, the officer in command, opened
the dr,ithtvlies, the result of which was the im departure of Gen. Wool' and his dr
% 01011 for the Rio Grande.
The despatches were then resealed and sent
off la charge of Lieut. Ritchie, sth infantry, to
Gen. - Taylor. then on_ his retrogradjinovement
t, Monterey front Victoria. Ten men, belong
e.g et Kearney's company. of the sth. accom
pa.frd Lieut. Ritehie as an escort. They arriv•
id at Aloinerey in safety, stopped there a night,
edeil on their route to meet General
'f ,t lin' the next d.iy. Towards dusk Ritchie
retched ilie,Villa Grande, distant twenty three
fh , in Monterey. Meeting. just after his
2rriv.,l..y. nit an Englishman established in bus
-11,,s there. lie availed himself of his services to
'route r, freshments for himself and command;
A , the tint were crossing the plaza or, Villa
lir ,n,le. in furtherance of that object, a Mexican
.di lir...hark came whisking by them, when
saldenly he threw a lasso over Ritchie, put
ors to his animal. and succeeded in dragging
I'll heyr.ll.l l the town to a small creek in the
Here he murdered him, and after
rourr4riing his body in a horrid manner, made
elf win, the despatches. These are said to be
oft:teat consequence, containing a sketch of the
Om of the , forthettming' campaign, with other
unportatkpartieuharP. It seems as if the move
ment., of Ritchie and his party were narrowly
matched by the enemy, for during the night they
passed ai Montefey the arms of five of his men
uere:stolen trout them necessitating a demand
en the quartermaster for a fresh supply. Lieut.
Ruch e. we undeptand, is a nephew of the
venerable editor of the IV ashington'Union."
The Daily Keysloac. of Philadelphia, has been
dit.continued, and its subscription list added to that of
the Sp:rit of th'e Timex. •
Seneca Ca ES.—Thee is nothing more trying to_
the human constitution than sudden changes of atmos
phere. Heat rarifies the blood, quickens the circulation,
sal increases the perspiration ; but when suddenly
ebrcled, those humors which should pass off by the skin
an thrown ofrinwardly, causing coughs, Folds, consamp•
duLculty of breathing, watery and inflamed eyes,
are throit, fevers, rheumatic pains in various parts of
the body, and many Other - complaints, the usual symp
toms of catching cold. -
Wnght's Indian Vegetable Pills area delightful medi 7
rine for carrying off • cold—because'they expel from the
6 .4 those Rumors which are the cause not only of the
above complaints, but of every malady under heaven.—
Fvto Or fire of said Pills takedevery night on going to
bc , l sill, in a few days, carry off the most obstinate cold . ;
at the mine time the digestive organs will be restored to
healthy tone, and the blood so completely purified. that
Dew life via vigor will be given to the abote frame
• -7Brwial or Cou zzzzzz trs.—The public are can
.t,cled against the many spurious medicines which, in
w f , r dereiie.are called by names similar to Wright'
Induct Vegetable Pills.
, R emember , the only original and genuine Indian
"rtrtitile Pills have the written signature of William
Wntbt oti the top label of each box.
Office. devoted exclusively to the sale - of Wright's
Indira Vegetable Pigs, Wholesale and Retail,l69 Race
Philadelphia; 288 Greenwich N. York and
198 Tremont St., Boston.
.Agenta for the sale of Wright's. Indian Vegetable
Pat, In Towanda, Montanye's & Co ; for other agen
cies. see Oreitiarment in another column. -
Orphan's Court Sale.
Pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court of
Bruiford county, there will be exposed to public
ule stnie house of Moses Berman, in Ridgbery, at two
°clock in the afternoon of the 6th day of April nest,
the following tract - of lartillto wit :—A tract of land
Arne in Ridgbery aforesaid, bounded north by land of
o n - Mareellus, east by land of said Marceline and
Mitchell, south by land of Cummins David
tll Ptumn. and west by land of Malvinas Stevens. Con-
I tning about one hundred acres with about thirty acres
L% , on
sud barn the improved with w saw mill arid a filmed house
thereon erected.
ALSti—A certain tract of land situate to Ridgbety
67 bousileil north by land of Wm. Covell, east
land of Obadiah HxlLsouth by land of Wm. Cooper,
!thd a cres y land of. Luke N. Pitts. Cotainin about
!!!,t7 c with a framed house and barn n thenece g
Viet about twenty acres thereon improved.
Meth 9, 1847
1847. NEW YORK CARD. 1847.
T HE attention of merchants and others visiting New York
is requested to the kdlowing Cards._Those advertising are
determined that nothing at their power hall be wanting to en
able customers who cation them to purchase cheaper than aver.
Lee, Zs Brewster,
Have received and are now opening MO Cana Pion= CALI•
con. comprising all the new spring styles of American, Bri
tish and 'French manufacture, in market ...all of which an
now being exhibited and offered for sale,—at the ,
19&111)21 1 201019 0
.Peto Pork.
11. 11. Sehleffelln & Co., Druigtate,
. 104 and 106 John-street, N. Y.
Imponers of British. Mediterranean and India Drop. -
Agents of New York and Brooklyn Glass works.
White Lead and Tremanns colors at factory prices.
Agents for Swaim's Panacea and Vennifuge.
Varnishes, Irunruments, Snuff, Brushes, at factory prices.
Edward Black,
Manufacturer and Importer of Musical Instruments, No. 81
Fulton street. corner of Gold, N. Y., keeps constantly on hand
the largest assortment of Musical Instruments in the city, and
all kinds of musical merchandise.
Brown's Coffee House & Dining Saloon,
71 Pearl street,
Centrally situated in the busineas pan of the city, (facingCoen
ties!alip. between Hanover Square and broad ay The belt ea.
tablishritent in the city for country marchauta m get their meals.
GEO. BROWN, late of Lovejoy's Hotel.
Wrought Iron Pipes,
For steam. 4c., from 1-b to a inches calibre. Also, Ebro;
Brass and Iron Cocks, Flanges, &c. Manufacturers , and others,
sending a diagram, can have p ipes accurately fitted to measure.
T.H.NORRIS & BROTHER,r62 Goldwt.
Flushing Institute - , at InushLug, 1.. I.
1 Nine miles from the city of New York.
This School has been well sustained - more than twenty years.
Its present accommodations are not surpassed in the country.
For circulars, containing terms, references, &c, &c., apply by
mail or otherwise to
EZRA FAIRCHILD, Piincipal, Flushing.
Catapheao Solid Bottom Glass Bchatitala
' Lamps , '
Cannot corrode or become heated—they are superior to other
lamps: Manufactured wholesale &ad retail by J. 0. PAY, DB
Fultop•st. Also, Howe's, the best article of Camphene
I Stout & Ward,
Munufacturers and arholesaledealers to Boots and Shoes, Lea
ther. Morocco. &v. No. 953
N. B.—Stout & Ward are maitufactueng the finest quality of
Ladies' French and Kid stitched Buskins., Slips and Gaiters,
witch they warrant superior to any thing manufactured in the
City or Country.
Bullard and Ten Pin. Balls.
Turners and dealers in Ivory and Fancy hard Woods. Martin
gal and Napkin rings, Sand-boxes. Letter stamps, Wafer cups
and 'alders, Ivory Lhecks or Counters, or of all patterns. Dice
&c., l'aum keys, Cue leathers and wax. Orders solicited.
Carpeting*, Oil Cloths, &e.
The subscriber is constantly receiving by importations and
otherwise, full supplies of Tapestry, Wilton. Brussels, Three
ply. Ingrain and Venihan Carpeting., and Oil Cloths in great
varietA. coniprisng,a complete assortment. at prices satistacto
ry to the purchaser. Wholesale and retail by
R. E. PURDY, 442. Pearl street
Silver Ware Manufactory.
J. & L COX, 13 Malden Lane, New York, keep constantly for
sale of their own manufacture, Silver Tea Sets, Forks, Spoons,
&c. Also. gas Fixtures, Lamps of every description, Mantle
Ci.ks. , CliandelteraGirandoles, Table cutlery, Japsumery, Sil
ver plated and Britannta wares, tee.
Look.frig 01
JOHN H. WILLI/01S. SO:\ & CO.. Importers and Maaufac
turers of Looking Glasses. looking '..;lass Plates. &c., 315 Pearl
(opposite Peck slip.) We supply the above at such prices
as will preCludc-ilie possibility of being undersold, and of s qua
lity equal ti) that whirls has charactcrued our establishment
for the past thirty-seven yearn.
$01.0310N & lIART, Importers and NI anufacturer of all kinds
of Unholstery gcsads..curtrun materials and incomings, window
shades and paper hangings, wholesale & retail, 243 Broadway,
opposne the Park. The trade supplied on the most liberal terms.
Nankin Tea Company.
The Nankin Tea Company, =4' Pearl street, N V., dealers in
pure and fragrant Teas exclusively. By recent importations
they are prepared to fill up all orders for their superior teas in
packages for famtly use. Merchants and others wishing ua have
our superior packed teas on sale, will be allowed a liberal disc.
Iron Safe Warehouse.
139 %V ater st., N. Y.
SILAS C. HERRING. dealer 111 all kinds of Iron Safes and Mo
ney Chests, and tr. the only person in this state authorized to
manufacture or it , ll W.lder's Genuine Patent Double and Sin
gle Salamander Sate.
N B. Second hand Safes of other makers. such as have been
taken m part payment for Wilder's. Mr sale at leiw-than one
half of first cost.
Looking Glasses.
Merchants from'the country, who wish to porchase Looking
(user, direct front the inanufncory. at much lower prices
than they have ever done. ore invited to make their selections
from a most extrusive assortment at the ware-room of
H. W. MERRIAM, 130 Chothom-st.
Snuff and Tobacco.
The subscriber conunnes to manufacture and offer for sale the
following articles. viz:
Genuine & immt,on Maccaooy Scotch Snuff.
Snuff rose flavored, High Toast do. do.
Amer. & French Rappee snuffs. Irish Thant or Irish Black-
Detn:gron do. Am. gent do. guard do Put up in pound
And other kinds of brown snuffs. and hlf pound bottles, large
Put up to bbls. kegs. prs, and and small bladders, barrels,
lb. and half lb. bottles. l kegs and tars.
.Also„ Fine Cut Chewmg Tobacco, in large and small papers and
bulk, & sweet !merited Oronnko extra sup • in quarter lb. papers.
Fine Cut Smoking Tobabco. viz:
Span sh Canaster, I Ordinary and cut stems.
In hulk and different sized papers, and packed in tierces bar
rels half barrels and kegs. A full pr.ce current may be had by
d.recting per mail to
PE I'ER LORILLARD Jr., 42 Chatham-et.
The Book of the Feet
• 1111 0 1T0112 Or BOOTS AND %HOZ& -
With illustrations of the fashions of !he F.gypuans. Hebrews,
Persians Greeks and Romans and the prevailing style through.
out Europe during the mddle ages, down to the present per.od
—MAO. elms to the Last-makers and Remedies tor Conns etc.
by J. SPAIDIES HALL. from the second Imndon edition, with a
history of Loots and Shoes in the United States, B ographical
sketches o f
eminent Shoemakers. Anecdotes. Isc. PncesOcts.
per copy. or five copies for 52 by mail. Country merchants
can procure this work at the trade price in any of the cities
WM. H. GRAHAM, Tribune Buildings.
• •
Chas. F. A. Hinrichs ;
150 Brnadway, and 75 - Liberty street, New York.
HINRICHS & CO., 11 Kiihy-st. Boston.
Importers of French. German and Vancy Goods Fr.
porcelain Vases and Ornaments.' 'Toys of all description. Bo
hemian r eh cut. colored and porceln.n Glans ware, vases and
mugs. Colored sheet glans cut glass prisms. alabaster-statuary
and - Ornaments. pendules, engravings and lithographs, archery
and cricket implements, etc.
W ADAMS, dealer in %Vetches. Jewelry, Aeeordtans, Toys,
Fancy Goods. he. At. every article - marked in plain figures.
No charge for looking--eivilities is non•purehasers grass, at
I 9 Olathe= Squire, near the lluw•ery.
Coffee &. Spices.
TIIE STATE MILLS numuiarturr and offer in sale to wen
try merchants at the lowest remunerating cash prices, Mun
tenia, Cocoa. Coffee. and Spices of hest mater:als, packed and
boxed in the first style of neatness and elegance.
HENRY B. BLAIR, 178 Wishingtocmit.
,New Hardware,Cnt Wrought Nails, &c.
DENNISTOUN 3 DISHROW. EsiPearl. opposite Pearl Street
House, New York, are opening toe sale a very full assortment
of New Hardware. They keep conautntly on hand Cut and
wrought nails. anvils and vices, log and trace chains, mill, emu
cut and circular sawaahovela spades and tae•, scythes, sick
les and fad irons, &c. tcc.
Stationery, Blank Books 6 Paper.
RICH& LO uTREL., 6t Wiliam sh Importers pt Foreign Sta
tionery of every description.
Manufacturers and dealers in Account Books.; Papers of all
llculs,gold pens, letter copying presses. seal presses, manifold
Writers. Excelsior ink. and ell other articles sold by stationers.
Please call and sue us. Goods freely shown—prices very low.
riots v. aica. { 61 William wx. x. tourist.
Publishns of G. Brown's Grammar, New York Readers, Put
nam's Analytical Readers. dec. &e. Medical Books, a very ex
tensive asiorunent, all on the most reasonable terms, ter cash,
or approved credit
Britannia nom tea setts, coffee pots, castors. candlesticks,
lamps. pitchers, flagons, tankards, goblets. ladles, table and tea
ms.roasses cups. plates and cape (or s pittoons.
,gtec t um bler,.
at the lowest price. Also Bane. tin, Straits tin, antimony and
bar tin, Or sale at 6 Burling WV. by
LUCIUS HART, late Boardman & Hart.
The imbscriberi being the larva( munfuturers of Vmbrellas,
Parasol!. Parasollems end n-shades in the Unite Sulu,
and baying facilities which no other house possess, e n conse
quently sell goods cheaper than any other este/diatom ot
HOrGHTON, MERRELL , & C0.,48 Cedar at
Sailers Celebrated Geld Pens.
A. G. BAGLNY t Co. IE9 Broadway, N. Y. manufacturers of
their ever potnted gold pens, patent extention cues kir pea and
pencil, and pencil eases. The trade supplied at the knreursets.
. Wliblisigtos t Francla & Weida,
Coffee anit Spice Factory, N 0.7 Dula d., N. Y.
Have constantly on hand the following articles:
Coffee—Green, Roasted and Ground. • •
Spices—Whole and Ground.
Mustard of superior quality in various sired packages.
Drugs & Chemicals rotted for dealers in drugs& medicines.
W Mebane..
HINCIMIN & NEWTON, Manufaeonen and wbedesale
dealers. la Dress, Stay and Skirt Bones, of superior quality.
suitablvfor the retail trade, always on hand. Jobbing and
Couniry Merchants supplied. N 0.35, Cedar street.
Nan lb* rilimntscmato.
Spring Styles,
Adam. , Fancy Bazaar.
198 Chatham Squa e, New York
Samul 8. and William Wood.
No. 261 Pearl at., New York,
Brnava:Lis Ware
Neni Vock %beam:lents.
Pllatfbras Boaleo.
Fairbanks' Patent Platform Sales, of every desirabletrodifl
eation, Dormant and Portable &ales, kr stores. vrarebouses.
&e. Pay. Railroad, Coal and Grain Reales, ice, to War:Mts.
ed perfmtly and permonewly accents.
For sale by FAIRBANKS & CO.. 124 Water at.
C. P. bit. WILLIAM!.
Late Williams & Hawley,
Wholesale dealers In One Teas and Gmeenes, Invite attention
to their superior assortment, which they offer on the goat fa.
'arable terms in cash or approved math, N 0.192., Front at,
(neat Fulton.)
No. 7 Spruce street. Tribune Buildings
WHOLESALE and Retsil--SHADES of all do.
acriptiens, inel2ding superb and brilliantly
colored Gothic Scenes, of various sizes and prices ; al•
so the late style of beautiful Rural Landscape Scenes,
a much admired and desirable article ; together with
every style and description .of shade maw in use, at
fifty per cent, cheaper than can be bought at any other
place, Trimmings. at manufacturers prices. Sign,
Banner and interibr decorations dune in a style not to
be surpassed. BA RTOL & ORMSBEE,
9m2P Manufacturers and Importeri.
Premiums -Awarded to Levi Irowu,
By the American .Inotitate for Gold Pens.
T 1840—A Silver Medal for Superior Gold Pena.
1841—A Diploma foe Gold Pens,
1842—A. Diploma far the best Gold Pens.
1843—A Diploma for the best Gold Pens.
1844—A Diploma for superior Gold Peps.
1845—A Silver Medal for the best Gold Pcna.
' 1846—A Silver Medal foe the best Gold Pens.
This is to certify, that the above is a true copy from
the record, of the American Institute •
6m38 Rec. See. of the American Institute.
Eqpt %Innttisements.
Corporate . .rottee.
In Bradford Common Pleas. Feb. T., 1847.
.L others,
the matter of the application-Of T. Morgan and
others, to be incorporated under the style and title of
•• The Baptist Church and Society of Athens Borough,
county of Bradford and State of Pennsylvania."
Notice is hereby given that Wm. Morse, C. Bene
dict, 7'. Lane Jerome White, R. T. AP . George, G. W.
Plummer, L. D. Hart, sal Levi Morse, on the 10th
day of Feb. 1847, presented totha said court an instru
ment th writing; and the objects, articles and conditimis
therein set forth and contained, appearing to the - Said
court to be lawful, and not injurious to the community,
directed the said writing to be filed, and notice to be
given in one newspaper printed in said county of Brad
ford, for at least three weeks before the next court of
common please of said county, setting forth that eppli.
cation has been made to said court to grant such an act
of incorporation according to in act of Assembly in such
case made and provided. •
A. M'KEAN, Prothonotary
Prothonotary's Office,
Towanda, March 3d, 1847. 5
Orphan's Court Sale.
"DUBLIr.) NOTICE is hereby given that in pursu
ance of an order of the Orphan's Court of Bradford
county, held at Towanda, the first day of Feb., 1847,
will be exposed to public sale on Thursday the let day
of April.aext, at two o'clock, P. M., on the premises,
the following described lot of land situate,lying and be
ing in the township of Monroe, county of Bradford, on
the road leading from Monroeton to Towanda, bounded
u follows : on the north by Joseph Hornet, on the east
by Russell Fowler, on the south by the heirs of A. C.
Rockwell, and on the west by the above mentioned
road. Containing about three-fourths of an acre with
a large building erected and fitted fora tannery, together
with a dwelling house and barn ; to be sold as the pro.
perty of 1. 8. Warn, deceased. Terms made knoon on
the day of sale. JOSEPH HOMET,
Monroeton, Feb. 19, 1847. Administrator.
Orphan's Court Sale.
N pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court in and
for the County of Bradford, held at Towanda, on
the 11th day of February, A. D. 1847, there will be ex
posed-to sale, by public ',endue or outcry, on the premises,
on Thursday the 25th day of March, 1847, at one o'clock
in the afternoon, • certain piece or parcel of land situate
in the township of Troy and bounded north by land cf
-Ward, east by lands of James Dewitt, south by
land of Wm. Morrison, and west by the highway lead
ing from Granville to Troy,: containing one hundred
acres or thereabouts, being land of which Win. Knox,
deceased, late of Troy townshipidied seiz?d. Terms made
known on the day of sale. CHARLES DRAKE,
Feb. 22d. 1847. Ad's of WM. KNOX, dee'd.
Orphan's Court Sale.
I N pursuance of en order of the Orphans' Court, in
and for the county of Bradford, there will be ex
posed at public sale at the House of V. M. Long , in
Troy. borough, at one o'clock, P. M. of the I Othday
of March-the following tract or parcel of land belonging
to the estate of debt C. Taylor deceased, to wit: The
egosl and undivided half of a tract of land situate in
the township of Troy and bounded as follows: Begin
ning at a putt the south west corner of Alfred Rations'
lot, and the south east corner of • lot belonging to John
and Uel Porter and the north east curler of a lot owned
by John - Courtney thence east thirty-six perches and
sixteen links to a post at the side of the road, thence
south twenty-seven degrees west, forty-three perches to
• post, thence west twenty-six perches to a post titand
mg in the line of John Courtney, thence north filly-two
degrees east, five perches and seventeen links to• post
in said Courtney's line, thence north, twenty-four and
a half degrees east, twenty-eight perches to • stump,
thence north, forty-five degrees west, eleven perches
and a half to the place of beginning. dontain , ng about
five acres, after deducting one acre therefrom enclosed
within said boundary belonging to Danis' Dobbins.—
There is situate thereon • valuable flouring mill, to
which as appurtenances thereunto belonging, are cer
tain mill racerieading to said mill.
ALSO—A tract of land si..uate in Troy township in
said county, bounded as follows: Beginning at the
centre of the Williamsport end Elmira road, in the east
line of Daniel Dobbins land; thence - north along said
line, ten rodsand two links all stake and stones, thence
south eighty-one degrees east, eight rods to a stake and
stones, thence south ten reds and two links to the cen
tre of amid road, thence north, eighty-one degrees west,
along the centre of said road, eight rods to the place of
beginning. Containing about one half acre of land. ,
Feb..s. 1847, JOHN M'KEAN.
THE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Orphan's
Court of Bradford county, to make distribution
funds raised by an administrator's sale of the real estate
of Hector W. Strong, deceased, hereby gives notice that
he will attend to the duties of his appointmtnt at his
ofhoe in Towanda borough, on Tuesday the 23d day
of March next, at two o'clock P. M.,ovhen all persons
interested are required to exhibit their claims to him,
or be debarred from coming in upon said fundi.
Feb. 15, 1547. HENRY BOOTH, Auditor.
Michad Koons et. al. to the use if 1). P. Bar.
-stow vs. the Towanda Bank. No. 577. May
Term. 1842. Bradford Common Pleas.
MBE undersigned hiving been appointed an Audi
for by the Court of Common Pleas, to disnibuto
moneys raised by execution in this suit, hereby gives
notice that he will attend to the duties of his appoint
ment at his office in Towanda borough, on Thursday
the 25th day of March next, at two o'clock P. 51.,
where all persons interested oda required to make known
their claims before him, or be detente] from coming in
upon said funds. HENRY BOOTH, Auditor.
Feb, 15, 1847.
TAE undersigned having been appointed an Auditor
by the Orphan 's Court of Bradford county to az•
amine and adjust the accounts cite administrator. of.
Hiebeld Horton deceased. he will attend to the duties
of his said appointment at his office in Towanda bon.;
on Wrens:day the 24th day- of March neatlat two
o'clock P. M., of which all personsinteristed wdl take
notice. • T HENRY BOOTH, Auditor.
Feb, 18, 1847:.
BONNETS—A great easing to do Heads' of ob.
Nation." The Ladies will find it a greatening to
heir beads to call and purchase one of those beautiful
fitraw, Devon. Gimp; Florence, or Lace, Lila, Gipsy
Bonnets, selling so cheap at • sum.
Mg Sabo, Orouties, SR., &-c.
WINT E R ..G 1 0 0.11. g I
H. S. Br.M. C.,MERCUR,
HAVE just received end are now offering for sale at
A 1 wholesale or retail, the hugest rind most general as
sortment of Foreign and DoMestic GOODS. ever brciught
into Northern Pennsylvania., which will be sold ahem
tofore at prices - amidst:tory ,to the purchaser. Dec. 10.
Cloths, Cashmeres and Battinetts. '
ALL those weenies anything for Cloaks, Overcoats,
Coati,-Pints or Yeats, will find it to their advan
tage to examine the large stock of French, English and
American Cloths, black and fancy Cassimeres, Sam
netts, Kentucky Jeans, Vesting., &c. &c., at '
Dee. 10, le.& ME RC UR'S.
T ADZES can end ■ aupesior assorttnent or DRESS
Ur TONB IRON, American, Swedes and English,
1 • general assortment of hoop, band, scroll, round,
square. one and two bona wagon tire, bar, &c., just re.
mired at d 33 MERUIJRS'.
A QUANTITY of superior new Clover Seed this
-Eli. day reeeived.aod for sale at NIERCUR'S.
Raw unnwar, as wavy Ebezzgo
HAVE just received and are now opening a very
extensive assortment of GOODS, consisting of
almost everything every kept in a country store, which
they pledge themselves to sell u loci as the same can
be bought in any town this side of the city of New
York. Come one and all, and if we don't sell you
Gaon. Cisar don't buy; it will Cow you nothing to
look, and all we ask a chance to show our stock of
goods. Be sure and find the right place, it is the Old
Corner Store. a few doors south of Montanye & Co's.
The Slops are on hand and will sell you goods right
for Cub or Produce. Towanda, Nev. 9, 1846.
5000 i it era . g . - 347 0w 7I f N or GS S p Zig uoe. TlN b GS
WE HAVE • good assortment of De laines, repps,
cashmeres, gingham., (some beautiful patterns)
white dress goods, different styles ; fringes, gimps, cord,
cried" ribbons, bonnet ribbons, kid and silk gloves and
mitts, comforters, linen handkerchiefs, &c., &c., aU of
which will ha sold cheap. MONTAN YE 4- FOX.
WE HAVE a flue lot of Broadcloths, Cassie:lento,
Vestings, and some very nice Satin; Kid and
worsted gloves, suspenders, net drawers and wrappers
&c„ which we have pit' down to the lowest notch.
el ROCKERY—a good assortment, in setts or other
tab.., to suit purchasers, by
Noe. 11. MONTANYE & FOX.
A/rEINTS. kip and coarse boots; boys do., "mens' and
boys coarse. kip and fine shoes ; mens' ■nd boys
pumps; ladies' thick boots, morocco do., common and
kid slips and buskins; misses' Slips; gent.'s rubbers;
ladies' patent and 'buskin rubbers, misses do.; also,
first rate lot of children's shoes.
november 11. MONTANYE & FOX.
You may be Interested t
ALL persons that know themselves to be indebted to
be indebted to the subscriber fur Goods or Medi
eines. arc requested to call and Belle the same before
the let of December, however small the amount may be,
or they-may expect to pay cost, without respect to per
sons. nvll A. D. MI)NTANYE.
LIQUORS, a full assortment, consisting of Cog.
Brandy, American Brandy and Gin. Monongahela
Whiskey, Port. Maderia and Malaga wines, may he
found at tho NOVI Yoik Cheap Store, No. 2 Brick
Row of REEDS'.
BOOTS At SHOES—a first rate assortment of co - arse
and fine Boots, , Shoes and Nippers, the latter
French of course, just opened at
noir3 0. D. BARTLETT'S.
SHA Vl'LlS—guantitics of Shawls, nice-t kind. going
off fast and cheap at 0. I). BARTLET"I":3.
CAPS of all kinds cheap. besides every thin.; else at
JTINT received a large and splendid assortment-of new
Goods. bought entirely with Cash. during a great
depirssion in the market, and with the express view of
FLOUR, from the " Globe Mills," a superior article
also PORK, first quality, for sale by
November 3. FLYNT & CO.
MOIIE of those A. Na, I. BOOTS, and • large
quantity of LADIES'. SHOES. just received by
November 3. FLYNT tSt. CO.
Conner or River maid itridlgi sts,
A LARGE Assort-rm ENT of Cloths of all shades
./1 and colon, and qualities, and prices. Casimeres.
Farley and Plain. Sattinetta and a good assortment of
Vesting, may he found at GEO. E. FLYNT & CO.
CA:Vit . :to my enclosure, about the middle of Septem
ber,, a deep red yearling BULL. l'he owner is re.
negated to prove properly, pay charges and take it away.
Shasheguin, Dec. 29, 18•03. wm. HORTON, 2d.
X and the Green Mountain Vegetable Ointment, for
sale by the subscriber, only agent for the town and bo•
rough of Towanda. d 22 N. N. BETTS.
21 HEAD OF COWS and young cattle will sold
1 cheap for cash or approved credit.
Towanda, Oct. 13,1848. HIRAM C. FOX.
PRINTS—a large and beautiful lot of PRINTS. by
nov.ll. MONTAN Y E & FOX.
LADIES! I SAY, LADIES ! ! If you have made
up your minds to buy a nice dress. cloak or shawl
this season, don't fail to call at N 0.3, B ick Row, where
yon can find the moat, best and cheapest articles in that
line. that is kept in town, besides all kinds of trimmings.
Remember, call at net I BAIRD'S.
Cinto my etclusure about the first of last June
a light red yearling BTEER, marked with a mw
of warts on the back of his neck, and without any other
particular marks. The owner is requested to prove
property, pay charges and take him away.
Burlington. Jan. 1.1et7. JOHN HA YTHORN.
This may` or Bargains
THE subscriber would respectfully say to his old
customers and the publie generally, that he has
re-commenced the manufacture - of Chairs, etc., at his
old shop on the north side of Bridge street, in the build
ing known us thew Yellow House." He keepe am-
Mantly on -Multi, or will mike to order, (in a nest and
durable style ) all articles in his line as cheap u the
I:baited. His friends can be supplied with
Faney. Winsor and Common Chairs. of differ
ent patlerns—Sdtees. Rocking Chairs,
Children's Chairs, fe.. 4-e.
. Also--Bcdsteads.aud Tables-
Cal and sea me it my shop On Bridge street, and I
will satisfy you that you ran buy reasonable.
N. 11.--Whito wood, Cucumber sad Basswood
plank, wanted in etchings • for choirs on reasonable
Towanda, Jan. - 20, 1847.
11THEREA8 my wife Mary Aim has left my bed
T and board without any judos= or- provocatbm
DOW therefore I for bid any person or persona harboring
or trusting her on my account as lam determined tom
no debts of her contracting after this date. - •
Ridiprbitry Bradford Co, Pa. Dec: 6.18!8.
JUST received • large_guantity of Fine and Common
Hames. Also, Plated and ispued Hena' Trim
mings at Feb. 22. MERCUR'B.•
in 60 lb. tacks, a superior article, just received and
for Pie by Feb. 22. O. D. BA RTLErf.
THE COMMISSIONERS of the County of Brad
ford,./ hereby give notice, that they have fixed upon
the following places and days respectively. fur the hear
ing of Appeals of those who may think themselves og
grieved by the assessments for A. D. 1847, and are de
sirous of appealing from the same, to wit; •
Towanda township and borough—at the Commission.
er's office, on Tuesday, the 16th day of March.
Ulster.—at J. M. Pike's, Wednesday, 17th.
Athena township and borough—at E. S.-Mathewson'e,
Thursday, 18th.
Litchfield—at Reuben Park's, Friday, 19th. .
Shestieguin--at Daniel Brink's, jr.. Saturday, 20th.
Rome—at W. W. Kinney's, Monday, 22,1.
Orwell—at H.Z.Frisbie's, Tuesday, 23d.
Windham—at Wm. Sibley's, Wednesday, 24 , h.
Warren—at Robert Cooper's, Thuursdsy, 25th,
, Pike—at Dennison Johnson's, Friday, 26th.
Herrick—at N. B. Wetmore's, Saturday:27th.
Springhill--at D. D. Black's, Monday, 29th.
Wyeluaing—at J, ft. Black's, Tuesday, 30th •
Asylum—at James .DePuy's, Wednesday. 31st
Standing S l one—at S. H. Canfield's Thursday the Ist
day of April
Wysox—at Harry Morgan', on-Friday. 2nd
Monroe—at Josiah Lawrence's, Saturday. 3d
Burlington—at Henry Polies, Monday, sth
Smithfield—at A. J. Gerould's Tuesday 6th
itidgberry—at M. D. Herman's Wednesday 7th
'Springfield—at Thomas &nand's, Thursday Bth
South Creek—at David R. More's Friday. 9th
Wells—at Wm. S. IngalTs, Saturday, 10th
Columbia—at James Morgan's Monday, 12th
Troy borough dr. townships—at, F. Herrick's, Tuesday
Armenia—at E. Kira Wednesday, 14qt
Canton—at A. E. Spalding's, Thursday, 15th
Leroy—at Parley Morse's on Friday, 16th
Granville—at Levi Taylor's, Saturday, 17th
Franklin—at A, Hibbard's Monday, 19th
Albriny—st Horatio Ladd'a Tuesday, 20th.
Duiell—at Simeon Decker's, Wednesday 21st
At each of which places, respectively, they will attend,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A, M. and 3 P. M.
L.P. TNAM, •
A. L. CRANMER, Commissioners.
Attest—J. M. War -etas, Clerk.
Commissioner's Office, 'Towanda, Feb. 18,1847.
DM:OMo 1 Dattig.B I 3
WHOLESALE Druggists, No. 40 Market street,
(South side, below Second.) Philad.
offer for sale a large stuck of Fresh Drugs, Medicines
and Dye•StulTs, -to which they call the attention of
Country Merehants and Dealers visiting the city.
Coach, Cabinet, Japan, Black and other varni-heaf
a superior quality. Also, White rind Red Lead, \Vin
•dow Glass, Paints and Oils—cheaper than ever.
0 a• T. & C. are also proprietors of the Indian Vege
table Balsam, celebrated throughout their own and
neighboring States, as the best preparation for the cure
of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, dm Money refunded in
every instance where nu benefit is received.
Philadelphia, Jan. 8. 1847. 3m
-N - FOOLSEP'S REFINED SYRUP, equst in flavor
V to the best maple molasses, fur sale by
December 29. MONTANYE & FOX.
OLOTKS, CLOFILS—We wish the attention of all
who are in want of Cloths, Cassimeres, Sattinet
&c, to our large stork on hand. These clothe must
be sold. We never have been undersold. and never
will be. Call and examine. G. F FLYNT 4- CO.
91',& 1 112aC/MlliZf.' 6 . 8 S'AIU24'LIaIIIZZ 3
ii . Jr. mEorr,
WOULD respectfully say to the citizens of Towan
da, end the public generally, that if they wish to
have their work done in the moot fashionable, neat and
durable manner, and good fits, and as cheap as at any
other establishment in town, they will find it to their
interest to give him a call.
fl:r CUT lING done on short notice, and warranted
to fit, if made up rijit.
Shop in the next building below Brick row, up stairs,
directly over Brown's Grocery.
TowanJa, January 1, 1947.-43
New Fall and Winter Goods.
TNew York a,large assortment of GOODS suit J to
the season. carefully selected, and purchased at unusual
ly low priees, which will enable him to sell very low
for cosh, lumber, country produce, or approved credit.
His friends and the public generally are invited to call
and examine his stock before purchasing elsewhere.—
He feels confident that ho can offer them better bargains
than they have heretofore made in this town, or any
other in this region of country. In his assortment will
be found in all their varieties. Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hanlware, Crockery, Glass, Nails, Iron, Steel, Paints,
Oils, Dye Stuffs, Boots, Shoes, 4c. dc.
Towanda. Oct. 28, 1846, N. N. BETTS.
HE Ladies will find a great sanely of worsted
dress goods ; also, a beautiful assortment of prints
at very low prices at
FRES CH and English cloths, heavy Beaver and
Tsireda fur over coats. fancy Cassimeres and Bat
nouns, a great variety wilt be found at BETTS'.
MOUSLIN De LA INE, Cashmeres, Rob Roy and
Broctui Shawls, a great variety will he found
by dec 9. MONTANYE h mi.
Broad Cloth, Cassimeres & Sattinets.
ALARGE assortment of Broad Clotho. Cassimeres,
and Battinette, which we hove long been famous
fur selling good and cheap, now cheaper than ever—
and upon which we challenges the World, just received
Tow aruis, Nov. 3, 1546
Wheat., Domestic Flannel,
Rye, Woolen Socks,
Corn, Buckwheat,
Oats, Flaxseed,
Butter, White Beans,
in short, almost anything, for which liberal prices will
be paid at O. D. DARTLE CT'S
Towanda, Nov. 3, 1846. -
LOOKING GLASSES, one case of very nice, 0 G
fumes, West style, just opened at
novll NO. 3, BRICK ROW.
ALL persens indebted to the. estate of Patrick Bra!). ,
late of Ulster township, dec'd., are requested to
make immediate payment, and these having demands
against said estate, are requested to present them forth
with for adjustment. DANIEL VANDERCOOK.
Towanda Jan. 9th. 1847. Administrators.
Corner or Main and lerldge streets.
"PST OPENING, at the corner of • Main Qt Bridge
.11 street, a well-selected assortment of new , and (sob.
ionable DRY GOODS, which will be sold unusually
low for reedy pay. The stock consists in part of
Sstinett, flannel, gingham, alpacas, the cheapest lot of
prints in town, edgings, inverting 4 Swiss and cam
bric muslin., linsey, canton flannel, drilling,
- bleached and brown muslin, (not to be
surpassed) tacking, check, cashmere,
. cotton, wool and buck gloves,
cotton hose, suspenders,
German handdrchr.,
• cotton and pongee edkr.,
gingham cravats, plaid
wont cam footers, cotton tapes, patent •
• thread, sewirig silk, cotton balls, peeks
pins. needles, spool cotton, hooks and eyes,
suspender, alibi and metal buttons, with many oth•
er articles, usually found in a store, not mentioned.
- The public are invited to call and examine the stock
before purchasing elsewhere. utility will i3e aoidcheap
.Z.than>t toy eitherestablishment in town.
Towed); Nov. U. H.O'HARA & CO
JUST received from Philadelphia, a large and view.
did assortment of men'slcalf,kip and coarse boots,
ofrm $1 50 to $5 50; Wes do.; ladies gaiters and
walking shoes; also, fine ki slips and buskins, and all
kinds of overshoes; do. cal bootees and laced shoes ;
children's and Misses shoes! of all kinds, heavy and
light. suitable for every kindof weather, Poutit's calf,
kip and coarse boots to suit children from 4 to 12 year.
old. We pledge ourselves to give a better article at a
lower price thaw any other] establishment in Bradford
county. TRUNKS From 53 50 to SIB 00 ,
A forge ess.,rtruent of Cull:nous'le Hats and Caps of
every Ittud and description (or sele!very low.
Molasses, suitor, coffee. coilfish, No 1. and 2 Macker
el, best quality black and green tea, from 31 to cents
II pound ; pulverired and loaf sugar; nee tobacco, snuff,
sperm. dipped and mould candles ; raisins by the box
or pound, swell, soap, segars at 60 cents per hundred.
soil in fact all kinds ever kept in our lire which people,
oil find it their advantage to purchase and we will
;live you renqons for it :
A Lille Logic and Common Sense.
There are three things beyond disputet—lvt—lf a man
pays out much money, be must receive as mud].
2. e lf a man's expenses in business are Urge; his profits
must be large.
3. Therefore, the Grocery and Shoe Estoblishment at
the corner of Mato and Bridge sts, in a small plain
store, at a cheap tent. can afford to sell boots & shoes.
hats & caps, and groegit 5, at lower prices, and of,
better quality than any other store in town.
Now, if this is not sound logic, two and two ao not
make four ; but if it is. cmqq~ seri. calls on you to
come to us for your Heti Caps. Boots & Shoes &c.
See the contrast, and let yqur own reason decide it it
was not your advantage to g,ve tis a trial.
FINLINGSofaII kinds Constantly on hand. Thresh,
awls, bristles, shootder-sticks, kit and files pincers, all
kinds of binding. silk cord and straps for hoots, patent
pegging awls, skiving; paring and crooked knives and
flogs. H. O'HARA & CO.
Towanda, Nov. 17, 1846.
ALL persons indebted t!ci the estate of JOSEPH
GIBBS, late of Windham top., dee'd., are hereby
requested to mate payment without delay, and those
having claims against said; estate, will please pesetas
then; duly attested to the subscriber.
JULIUS RUSSELL, AdmiListratar.
Windharit, February 23 1847.
GROCERIES, of all descriptions, at wholesale or re
tail. Attention is particularly directed to their
aw:urtinent of Perish Teas ; (we don't know the differ
ent crimes of thelpaekers, but the " article" is C .K.")
noel I W. H. BAIRD & CO.
ETA ROW A IZE, Iron, NOld, Glass, Paints, Oils, Dye
Words, Dye stuffs, Medicines. etc., in genetsl and
large quantities. ns I I W. H. BAIRD & CO.
EATABLES !—Su perfine flour, pork, frehli butter
wheat, etc., etc.. coustantly on hand and for sale
C& E. REED would respectolly big leave to
tender their thanks to the citizens of Bradford
for their liberal patronage and support, and would in
form them they are now receiving a large end full sup
ply of FALL and WINTER GOODS, which will
positively be sold at even less than their former low
prices. The war to exterminate high prices is still kept
up—no compromise has been made, and they intend to
carry the war into the heart of the enemy until they shall
yield or adopt the principle of selling goods at small pro
fits. A nimble sixpence better than a slow shilling, is
our motto.
such as nails, area, shovels, manure forks, shovels
and tongs, sad Irons, knives and forks, pocket knives,
butcher do., shears and ticisbors, razors. cloth and lisit
finishes, shaving and tooth do., woof and horse cards,
colrea mills, hatchets, augers, wood saws, door trim
wings, steel squares. fl 'oh brushes. ark ropes, and bed
cords, by null MONTAN YE & FOX.
CIODFISII AND MACKEREL, a good artirle, by
noel l MO.NiTANYE & Ft XT,
TAPIOCA—a nice article—tar pale at
ALARGE quantity White lead, l, pure, gend
in oil and d rvo, biting, V eni tian red, chrome green.
Paris do., Prussisti blue, rose pink, etc., linseed oil,
lamp oil, coach an ! enpkl vorniqh, lagsvond.• red wood,
ea:mei:int], madder, achineal, annetto, etc. We canna
be undersold in an •thing in this line, al all. at all. '
november l I. , MON FAN Y E & FOX.
WE have on hand the largest stork of Drugs aria
Medicines in this county. including every thing
used h - the Physicians and people generally Weslaco
keep on hand nearly all of the must popular Patent
Medicines of the day. One of our firm (A. D. M.)
having bad a long experience in dealing out trAliones.
we flatter ourselves we ran snit all who may favor us
with a call. Prices can't fail to suit. Particular atten
tion wilt be paid to orders from plitaiciatts.
november I I. MONTAN YE a; FOX.
BET rs
BONNETS. velvet and superior Leghorn Bonnets.
Also, velvets of all colors, together with anilicials,
Bps. bonnet ribbons, Amway be found at REEDS'.
The Last Arrival of New GOods.
T N TOWANDA, are now being opened at No. 3
Brick Row. by Wm. 11. fhtird ), Co.. the filet Pio
neers in the cause of Low Prices and liberal barter es
changes. They do not hesitate to say, that they wil
sell Goods for cash or any kind of Merchantable pro
duce. at lower prices than any other establishment in
Bradford County, Owego. Elmira, Binghamton, (or any
branch thereof.) Call and ace. • Further particulars
neat week. November 9, 1846.
B Errs'
DOMESTIC COTTONS—Brown sheeiings, shirt
ing, and drilling; Al.; 'ottnn yarn, batting, wink
ings, and wadding, for sale by the bale or less quantity,
at nrll BAIRD'S.
D AN away from the subscriber, on apprentice boy by
the name of John H. Thompson, 16 years old,
without my leave or notice. All persons are hereby
forbidden harboring or trusting said boy on account.
as I will pay no debts of his confniciing.—One cent
reward for the return of said bey., but no charges paid.
Watren.Oct. 9,1840. 'CALEB C. TUNE.
ONTANYES' & CO.. are now recieving a very
/VIII desirable assortment of Goods,purehasell during
a great depression in the market, comprising Freneh &
English BROAD-CLOTHS, Cassimeres and Sattinets,
and the choicest patterns of Prints and Worsted Goods.
Grateful for past favors they respectfully solicit a gene
rous public to call and examine their stock, and think
can hold out sufficient inducements to ensure their share
of public patronage.
Septembor 7, 1846.
HORSE SHOEING dont, on short notice by
Toorsnda, Oct. 13.'45. N. H MINGW A Y
RINTS •00 pieces now opening and for sale very
low at REEDS'
01,113212..te1l UIIaSMMIEXISOO
EVERYTHING in the line, including. Elliptic
Springy, I ron Aleis, Mailable burs. Dash, Seat
and Btop Irons, Ornarnenta, India Rubber and Oil Cloth.
Lace, Tut.. M.s, &c. for sale at jle M CR. 'llllrik
u-oobEN broomsklArUßES, lenl pai law d
HATS h CA PI% a first rate int. of all kinds, descrip
none, colors and qualities, cheaper than ever by
november 11. MONTANE E & FOX.
IX/HE have on hand a large susek of hire FEE 3
I' V vs TEAS at ell kinds of pricer. But; we ha
just sruhruek a vein of 9s. Tca that is v;zit. - Call a
try it. -MONTAN YE 4, FOX.
NO. 3, 131