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Work forienuory.
Ere We venture to eall your attention to
these duties whieb should delta your attention
en the Farm. we would be permitted to tender
you our most sincere wishes that the new year
rimy find you in possession of health. prosper'.
t'y and. happiness to enable you better to enjoy
its advent—and that it may p'ease . Divine.Pro
videnee to bless you and tours , through a long
genes of years with all that renders life a plea
surable existence. and so direct your pilgrim ge
as-to vouchsafe a blissful stale here/ifter.
And while we would-thus speak of another and
a better world,. we would not desire to he con
sidered as wishing to deny those rational amuse
ments in which the youni! &Whit° participate.
and by' which the old may profit; for we are of
[those with believe that the human heart may be
gladdened anti Itixdriate "in worldly pleasure.
wt.!" regulated pleasures, without riving offence
to the Great i-tturee. el our . bein t .s ; and are.
therefore, never so happy as when we see the
juvenile amithe g ty giving evidetwe by wawa.'
marks. that the utind.Witi-ill is not only at vase,
but in the possession of those exquisite emotions
which lend a buoyancy to hope, and throw a
charm around the social circle.
‘Ve had 'mewled bioroly to salute ynit nith
the compliatroLs ell the stSSlM,,but we.fiud 11141
wt , h a v e liven reatlirt , + a ni,a;l
funnily. Nil must titer...him turn fro thal.
1 , 17,1 T rd tti time I. pr,p,ri• our in,,,,?1,1y , me
r .•ts of thing.; wil:01 :Day advantagroutoy
br Jima
uiN THE ri.r.m
Duties af the ..trOcaltarist.-1 , 1 this 111,,n1 1 :
f fens and sti , .W. II to •••••••vn I" the taprffi.l.
al Wm.-Fifer Vial 1 •I1{ l ' ;1111t PI
torot. but surly is tog Ilie fLel. II to try , that
erops ' i are all eamefrit. tom hist
tuarli•lett, amt vie pr ..e.•tls of tbe
; not the 6.r••eet - aand n0t...b4-
sot...hurt-1 It ,o to to - It In IN , !Id it, In J: s l llle 1 , 1
steam. r and storm Ile desires to pr•,-p,•r.
Lomas that. in vi , i',ltee e . o - . n - ..1.•1
r hts every Interest. alone th riels the s , n.
11.511 Ortils twit St•alloit ' S
Op, tattoos " . Ile sheu : ti
know too, as the tittles now go.
r :itize , l by a a Ise ce , rnomv and huqbamliva of
Lis memos thlt in :ley ii Franklin
w noel y observed, that a pcnny Qa‘..f is two pence
gained. and in 50 stynez t.e (lid mean to im
press upon his reader the value of any idea
conneeted with parsimony ur meanness, but
simply to enforee the necessity whirls existed in
the affiirs of all men, to avoid the rock upon.
which so many of us are wreckeil—prodigality.
To cave in the sense jits:ified by prudence, it
is the duty of every one, because in thus saving,
we do pot infringe upon that spirit of generous
hospitality which renders the home of the
frOgal farmer not only char to himself, but to
his friends also, as without the means to enable
him to do, many of these Mikes of good neigh
borhood which bind men together b} ties as
strong as those of kindred. must be intermitted.
In what this saving must or, -then, becomes a
matter of serious concernment, and that each
may more easily comprehend our meaning, we
will endeavor to explain ourselves. It is a
custon. more - honored in the breach that an the
observance, for farmers in easy circumstances
to confide to their servants the duty of feeding
out grain to the horses and cattle,' and henceit,
is that of ten in the spring s when the working
beast are Wanted to fulfil the labors of the road
and field, that they are in much lowereondition
than their owners had a right to expect them.
And why is this so? Simply because the
master, or his managers hal tailed to see that
his beasts really received the manger food which
he had alloted them, and consequently through
neglect much of it had found its way to some
neighboring groggery.
It is wise economy to keep a farm book in
which should not only beregistered at least
once a week ahead, every operation to be per
formed on the farm—a note made each-succeed
trig night what had been done and what omitt
.ed-the expenses-of the family of every kind
should be regularly kept, every sale of produce
note.l, so that at:the end of the year one may
- know whether he is really malting or losing by
his operation.
Every possible care should be taken to make
manure and preserve it from the deteriorating
influence of exposure to the weather, as one
load well made and thus protected, is worth
tvo which may have been left to waste its
substance under the action of each succeeding
rain or dissolving snow.
Grain FTel.lB.—lt should be the duty of all
once in every two weeks to have the water fur
rows in Lis grain, fields examined, and every
impediment to the free passage of the water re
not he injereil by liehiliellfoliT&nfo 10,1501 may"
bunhinee of water.
Fi re woo.l.—We feel that we eannnt ton often
~impress upon the minds of our brethren the
prnpri,ny of earls. attention u, having a full sup.
p'y of fire wool hauled into, and neatly piled
away in th-ir yards. as delay in this matter not
only suhjerts 1 / 1 10 . 8 family to ineiniveniegf i e and
disc.) nfort. hut imp isrs upon the beast Mr bur
then an onerous duty of haiihne over hid
• which wiahvbe avoided by timely attention.—
Wien we speak of a fug stflipfy. we mean
•smnoei to rarry us through the spring as weal
as winter.
Fer:ehz.-1!I the necessary timherl)r
Is.' regal n•ol drawn into the MU)
y tnl, 8.1 th it thy hands litsy he entpt.byed in
wet days in tile ha.. 11. when thry rntioot work
out of ti.mrs in .tsittl. elm pe in the r.sils and
.rtvirtteing the post holes. fur as itili.ti-ss 13 the
mother of evil. en 5i10 , 11,1 it he the ditty of every
master to ern th tt hit hands hare la b or when
the weather is i.ielt.mettt.
Winter Plbugki•t fr.-1s ',tiff' hole are iin•
explattre to Op, winter frrw.s every
nrip trtu , iiy. when su , fsrounl l my be in e..ii
dithrt. shoull be ttathrt.Trd nrgh the wiutei
to Wo!.01.
Stets fur Cattle.—lf vcriar cattle are without
shAls„ provide) thorn, althntt2h y may not
have it in sour power to !ire to, such sheds a
hatter roofing than yon,can make with straw,
-I.sprul E watt pine brush—ant - protect ion is 'ba
ler mh "mine.' soil 'the better that 'protection
um iy hlmitwfirdwr will your provender go.
Crai.2 in' the Straw.—Get all your. grain
which mar be thus situated 'immeshed nut, so as
sou to ty be in w co.:minnow to Avail yourself 'of
the rise of the marker,
Sore. !Lg.? atd ialng SR:Jr —See that
_these have atarrn dry Vdguiga and arc p'rop'erly
Illife l 4 . Cs/vs.—Feed these generous ,aniwiTs
ol they will repay your care with ten
(01.1 iit•tra.o.
rta!? Stnk.—nrsli kinds Amid be ear
ed for though
. it bad p they to gorge them.
they rhou:d receive proper quantities of long
feed, ha I.ept in a vowing condition, and pro.
!‘y %% arm eh •It. r n the weather.—
Their sheds should
,beteparate front'. those in
w hieh.Opld stock .are:liepii.". :
Implements. Theilif
he the duty of every.. careful husbatidenaM:te
keep every thing of this kind under shelter. and
once a week to examine them; i n order that if
any require repairs they tufty Veceive 'them.—
.All gearing should' be well - rubbed With a corn;
position of four parts oil or, ttpoty and one of
beeswax, before. being:- put away. It gives
elasticity to the • leather and consequently im
parts lastingness to it.
Sheip.:—Tor the management of your Sheep
we refer you to our niticle of last month.
Salting Stock—Stock of 'all kinds, are the
better of receiving salt twice, a week Tu your
horses, if you mix u idatheir food a handful „of
bukory ashes. finely rifted once a week, their
health will be improvild by it.
Manure ani Composts. —Let evety thing
which is convertible into manure be thrown on
your manure . piles, so that' your corn crops next
spring may have onnty of fond. Don't per
mit your soap suds to be wasted, as they cnn•.
lain a very sensible - trace of potash whirl: is
eminentlylnstead of permitting them
to be thrown away as is nio, often the case.
md,o vour wash woman, or some one else
throw them on your manure heap, or have a
kW 101135 of earth hauled near your kitchen.
and have tour suds thiown thireon. Every
er uashing of a latnily•of twenty will make
of ordinary dirt grad manure.
Grape rinee.—Ttwoe way he pruned any
: m y nu,e M J .iae OIL§ amatli and rhr tmxt.
Tenocious your garden rordaiw.
:my .off eta% ey brds, %%il, be hemtimil by
h,,,, l &modeti up. and IA unraked to the newt ,
h.fl‘e nee "I die (mat. •
Oar h', Twig —ll IlwrP.f Pvery th4Priplinti
;dr. ,Iv horn It 1
y 11:411,1 iie.-,:?thefican Farmer.
A FAnmErt's IlAtv , 3l::•ren —A writer in the
1 7, rmer gives dire,ti.;ll, n,l. making a
ri It. Ault!) lurch-lime the wr.wlter.
II t Ike., a sock fet I , tita and ait t..
the Kw raid id it a pl.tal. full of alt, of cuursr.
sr.) •u
-'ht. The stick to then sotitteltd: d
.•ize-o,tl ptisititri on 3 pivot, A% here 1 ,
a say on a thread ibrelpre
When a .tirn,til ie coming on, the air onisiti,, it
than 0..11 iu a phial ; of c ourse Ow ,
sinks :it'd tiltfirairs a chance in the •ttinospl:ere.
Such a trirotneter Ina; be made in ten inintitrr.
and mina of your yllllllg philiumphic farmers
will incline to have hart:mitt , ra of their own
AMDIMIN.— Man's =Linton is manifold !
It takes in a great variety of objects, of wayS
and of means. WOll3llB ambition is to find
man to accompany her in thts pursuit of gran
deur. The two then, are one. Tu tru:nt a
there are few or no gates of ambition open ; so
that she 1139 no inducement whatever in early
lira to think or to educate herself as man does.
Her only entrance to such a place in society
as she delights to occupy is through the door
of marriage. This. therefore, is the tirst and
chief object of her ambition : this directs much
of her attention to her personal appearance, for
she believes that it is chiefly by means of guod
looks that she must ulninately succeed. She
is, however, in this mistaken, and most fre•
quently disappointed. Mere good looks will
not retain a man long; and, as for accomplish
ments, as they are called, the best are= those
Mat are not taught at school, for school accom
plishrnents are so very common as to-be of lit
tle value. Many young ladies are so anxious
to sing or play music well that they spend half
their time in practice. What their motive can
be we can scarcely divine, for music is buy a
poor accomplishment compared with conversa
tion, which never can be interesting and attrac• •
tive unless well supplied with material. litoi
ing accomplished the object of their ambition,
the greater portion of the ladies abandon music
which shows that they really had no particular
genius for it. if conversation were more stu•
died by both sexes, there would be much more
happiness experienced in society: nut people
get tired of common-place repetitions ; and gos
sip is not conversation.
ing possible to man which industry and integri
ty will not accomplish. The poor buy of yes
terday, so poOr that a dollar. was a miracle in his
vision,•houseless, shoeless and breadless, com
pelled to wander on font froM village to Village,
with his bundle on his back.'in order to *cure
labor, and the means of Subsiitanee, has become
the talented and honorable young man 'of to-day,
by the power of his good right arm, and the po.
tent influence of his pure principles, held and
perpetually maintained. %Viten - poverty. and
what the world calls di-grace, stared hint in the
exulted r o ost d 'onward and
mid-4 of accumulating dieastertinnil
Let 'this . voung man he cherished, fur he honors
his country and dignift4.B his race..
THE OLD LADY.—NIy boy, cease laughing
at that old tatty. It is age that makes her bend
over. Slaty years ago, when she was as young
as/ you. else was as straight and as spry ; now
she is 11,16 n -a and ripe h•r the grave. Yoormn
sher. my is.nt. in a flew years rn.n• he as deereind
as this old nistv. and will you lau l th at her :sp.
pear.stee t This wouian has fn IA t% he lov e
her as you love yoi.r suodier. , What would he
your 10.4ing4 to see your prelit ridis o ed a.
shs isassed slirsuzli the so-s-ets. Thints,, and
erase y.eir laeg l iter. YOU WO. M3l; IV/0 to lir
old and infirm. You may loiter and besot as
you pass she streets. R. , soeUsiser sisis, and ne
ver ag sin in:llteeport of age sell mtiruity, II
there are persons we should respe•ei, more than
others, it is those wi;ise days are nearly end.
whose shadows .art. lengthened for the
A POPULAR ERROR. --It is -601 it all an un
common thing for even well informed peopfe
to consittetoue event the cause of another: : be
cause the: one has immediately precedeethe
Grier of time., ,A•curions ‘ inStance of this error'
occurred'in. - - Thu ' . .tast.oetitury.... — The, fish, on;
which m a ny, ittihn'AultaltlfatakqXY!*'.tic"
Fended forsubsistence,suddenly .yattislietrfrtint
their coast the:practice of inuctilation for.the
small pox' had lust then been introduced. Mid
was instantly dlett upon as the cause of the
calamity; awl - as the people itnisidere4: the
risk-of that disortlei alritle in Compatieon with
starvation, nothing could exceed their righteous
indignation . againsi.atr• who undertook to pre. -
vent their taking the small pox: • • -
HO-ti.THOSIA9 S. Bath.; Prrsident
~ Judge of
the Jaclitiat District composed of .the ekuntries
of Defalvaie and Chester, has been appointed.
by 64iernor Stiunk: Judge of
,the. Supreme
CoOr(Of this State, to supply the place made
vacant by the resignation of lion. Thomas
`:. w F-:
"Sugar Coated PllllP—Beware r *-
ritnE inereesing popularity of Dr: G. 'OEM.
,PILLB. 'has induced a i
number of persona to !mige something they call - Pits"
and coat them isith sugar, In order to st II them fur the
genuine, while they do /riot 'possess a particle 'oft
goodness, nor even aisimilate in- aPpcarabca to the •
original. Dr. Smith's Rills. In short. ttioy aro' an in
tended FRAUD upon; the communiti:A minister
who at firm bail an into cal in, an imitation i3ugar Coat.
nt Pill, inanufacturcd in Albany, N. , 'F., has given them
up. us he says, on account' of the miserable ershuneat
parties concerned in dennfacturing them.
,The acme
party are now industriously circulating reports
to injure Dr. Smiths and it effect thu reputation of
his valuable pills; hat rather than notice there in public,
Dr. Smith is about t 6 institute legal proceeding• against
them fur their slanders, as he has in another cue against
a similar party, in which lie recovered a large amount of
damages.'These miserable imitators base to resort to
the most abominable means to palm oil their cootthrfeit
Old, as the public know that Dr. Smith's are the original
and genuine. Several instances hare-eome to public
retire in which life hasbecn endangered by the unfolte•
rite use of the counterfeit's. It is Dr. Smith's Pulls
that are cluing so much good in the car .tiy—as the
following plainly show. -
. -
Use and Recommend Dr. Smith's Pills than all others.
'Phis is, to certify that I have owed The Sugar Coated
Pilia manufactured by G. Benjamin Smith, of Now-
York, for some time, and believe, them to be a good
medicine; and also, from inquiry. in that city. I am
persuaded that !leis the original inventor, and thetefore
is entitled to tho benefit of the invention.
Pastor Ist Da . ptiat Church, Ilittsburgh.
From the Blue Chiehro, ( Die. )
call the attention ot our readers' to the certificate
oi Rev. S. William. 4. Pastor of Ita ?I,ll.tist thdrch.
l'itbl.uuh, in reldtiott to Dr. t4lllith's ''Fan
mitt. 1.. v. bear ter.tintooy to the excellept, of fibre Pillr.
,ate of to , having used than and experienced great. ',lie
tram theta.
Th, suave it the best po; r in the State of Delaware.
'Re .4 ix? ans. ED !DUI !gi V 4,3 ETA !ICE p. 11.1.3." (S.lg
C.,..0.41.) age crrlainly ilain,4 11111011 0/.1
•, try, misd are htghl. r atg c °et!, it ma:
p, awe vtd 43 2 , 'll.ey are .1 e 7.1
11l 1411-er operatiari Ina, all like tU ul, tho a lti it ofth
Stile JOlrrig gi., (-Fog 0! the I.iigc.t tr..) lmy
pai_cts it. the State at :S. V.,) is ntea s> lom.v*:
li'atertutott, lay 3 i,
!Ir. G. Ileatj. Smith—
Dear z•br. I tval 1.6.1 up u 0.1! some t,m
-lure my return from N. Y.. ottl &tin:, my illness
tipple 4;111 at your I I. and 1 mu-" say I found theft
.They are the best tru.diripe for the iturpett
they err utterpieJ, ttptt I base yet seen. I St.! 1.. m tsk
but I tUutel yours rut rely free" from ill.• objeetr.P
to which other pills ate li hope Cary will ,tptin.ur
to be a !MIN.' 01 i .r..51 to yon, a. I doUitt, not :bey
he tat:t.ttrs of r.l,cf to the afil.tite.l on a lure 4c-410.
Yours truly, J.
Tuaawa::dd, Set, 19 1910
Dr. G. Benj. Soi:th—
Dear sir: Your agent left with me. a 1.. t of v~nr
Sua.ta CotTzu PILL', and I have but a le.: I. ? aes kft.
Every lies I have sold has given entire saiislnetion. I
have taken them myself and I consider the in . the hest
pills I have es cr u•el, anl I sin not afraid
recommend them to the puldic. I ni-h a further :ripply
at once. Yours respectfully.
Huntingian Ind., Jig= 21, 1618
Dr. Smith-
Dear sir: I am. most out of your lamas Vsocraoi.e
Stoat COATED PI LLS. " and find them wiling so fast
that I Mink ou had hever send me two grog immediate
ly. They give such general satisfaction that People. at
least twenty miles for them, and as it is generally known
I am agent for then', 1 would be very sorry to get out.
Yours respectfully,
• ki.kllL f MOODY: & CO.
If G. BENJ. SMITH, be not written with o pen on
the bottom of the box, ell Sugar Coated" Palle are
- - - -
Principal Office 179 Greenwich Street, large brick
block, N. Y. Price 25 cents a
FUR the permanent removal of all such diseases as
take their rise in an Impure Blood, Impaired Di- I
gestion, Morbid state of the Liver and Stomach, Weak
ness of the Nervous System, and a Disolded habit of
Constitution generally.
Dr. Wood's Saisapstilla and NVild Cherry Bitters
have already, by their substantial excellence, won a
degree of public favor and patronage which puts them
beyond the need of recommendation. Being foithfully
prepared of the most excellent materials, they can be
folly confided in by all in need of a tonic, .aperient or i
alternativiremetly. ' •
This preparation will be found on trial to be a sure
and speedy remedy for the diseases enumerated above.
They purify the blood, secure regular digestion, promote
a beaky action of the Liver and Stomach, and strengthen I
the nerves, at once securing health and eager to the
whole system. In all eases of despondency,
from indigestion or nervous irritation, they hove been
used with remarkable success; nor are they less useful
as a remedy for lieadache,Tlatuleney, loss of Appetite'
and a general pro4ratam.of 14r;/deal. At the same
time it must be stated that they are neither violent nor
at all dangerous an their operation. eecuring as they do
the desired end, by a steady, regular and easy influence.
Taken daily, in dosesprecribed; they will be found to
operate in that gentle and salutary manner, which is. in
fact, their highest recommendation. That prejudice
usually existing against advertised medicines, would
not be merited if lterstow..l,,Atois.. Th o wondorlul
cures tt m erited
perronnetrand tne aza - rier t i,
or my CfMalklaCIITS, should at 01/Ce climate rYS
it to the public favor. ,
Mr. Philp 4ilcns, Neer Brand. was entirely cured
of a ninfirmed cancer -or the t.temeeh.-th rent and mou th,
and h:s general health much improved by the two 'of
only one bottle. Col. John If rylies, lidetor; Maw.,
has voluntarily certified that he was owed by the
13itoirs, ofJ a undiee, Indigestion. Ilestiaelie and Vertigrr.
1. P. Peil.tis. tag., Nee/ Bedford, seas clued of un
eruption of the flee.
Dr. W. H. Miller nl7l. Y., testifies the twiny of
his patients hire been henefitte , l by the use of the Bittern,
and in every case they have gin.° the most perfect
5.1,1 IA holeasla aria 11.1 ail by 'WYATT 4. 1 4
I(ETCHITM. 121 FllllOll Y.. HUSTON' d.t.
LADD. Towanda. and I, dra) , :zi..t ga.nerany throu - zhant
the U. Priro $l. Lfrk.a bank.. • 6..122
gI A '1 L s: MUNI 11 "ti 'r* 4
ESPEC rFITI.LY informs Ids ftiends - that hr has
leased the above Houme,' mutinied or the sifulti
side of toe public square. lim;ly actinvied
aud.havina.incls entiridi arrangements.- - now
reliant& tietlie reeeptinn of • imilors:: Presenting. his
coinidimerits to his friends and the „tiblie gentian?. and
,as=uting them no pains of expense will:be' spureil tp
tifen=le his guests, he - respectfully sollcitsAlublictatron
age, Pledgimi hinatiett' that tile' istahlighment
,mitler,hil'contilot, is strallnot,heestMllidai,`,l63rin th'e
7 , 11
'( .th t roo e mia I.:CIAILEMOSIT , HOUSE.!_ere
:iireyeion: and 4iry. , antl - fiimished in the boat , • •
The Table will bu furnished. with every .substantial
theeountty can I:roduce. ,
;the Bar will be stocked with the best liquors in a
pure and unadulterated state. •-• , , -
First rats Stabling attached., with- r.ntily ana.faitbful
Ostlers always in atte..danee„ • - - •
• -
short, ,- nothh.g omitted: ahklt will sad to
the tirnnfort and conienience of customers, and; with his
facilities, he believes satisfaction will be rendered to all.
Towanda, Aprild, ttit46,; " '
lli fang Scott,-
A1 i n 4 .17 azt.V7 o
AATlT.L ; pr m i T tii and tinnetti,a l ly.tender tiis pipres
.llll. sionat, sei vices in, Aguices s : ! " Collations:" and
other matters in his pnifeissinn "entrdstLAto his Mire.
al' He has removed his office to the room over N.
N. Betts' store.
FMEROT.Sp,4,I.:,dik,S' 4 TO :cURE;r:
EtIORRHOIDS, OR PILES, is lis*aieprodtic
eded by local irritation-candy:epee's, purgative, stomp'
Lints, undue determrtratiokof blood to the hemorrhoidal
Vessels by excessive riding or Walking, - or : o." - congeslive
tato of the liver, and peculiarity of the constitution
It is usually considered under three form, or varieties,
las follows:Blind Piles; White Piles. ond Bleeding Piles
. This disease is sci - common, anal so very well-known,
that a description of its symptoms is'not deemed neces
. . The success that has followed the use of the Embro
catieu iii the cure of this disiose, haOwen trulyastonish
ingr Phy-icians tam advise their patients to it' , it, as.
the only 'Pile Medicine..
In addition to its being n positive reinedy for the Piles,
it never fails to cure that INTOLERABLE ITCHING,
which is so very common, and has its location in all..
same parts as the Piles.
Read the folio. ing, from the editorsl colums of Alex
ander's Weekly Messenger: '
FOUND AT LANT—A Spats vent TOR TIM •P/ins
—Physicians anal Chemists have long been !anxious to
discover a medicine that would mire one of the most
troublesome diseases, the Piles. -.Success has .et list
been the result. Dr. JACKS"N'S PILE EMBRO
CATIODi out only stops all bleeding, shays pain anal
inflamation, subdues that into leratile itching. but effertu
, silly cures, litre a charm and in it very shot : time, per
's sous 4%110Me lives have been rented miserable for years.
Only s few from the great number of certificates will
be published. Read the folloaditig a
New. York, 721 Brnaalwvy; September 8. 1915.
Dr. N. Jaexsom-Dear Sir : - .AI; ill you amid me sit
six bottles of yaltr Pile Embroiation ; I wish them
part to keep ii.vself, end part fui a Imp! go ..tlemsn, s
h ;end temine, oho hart found great relief in using
frorn . my bottle two or three tleaes. You fr,t1..111411,
in Philadelphia. I was stilf:rian; dreolf•ally from t..rril.le scourge. I only took one bottle Iron. you :
I brave not used it quite all. and am now perfectly well.
A.l year Intl V an ppiirz, I prodaim the _virtues of your
an alt.-ow - 0a !term,. r I mi: I tell every friend shout at
Ild It is s:rigllT ar to rreeive how tai ,'ry Sr.' carmine
in this - way--I believe 1..1r of; rny orgoilit.tritteca are
mare a less a.acia LI. Let me 'tell yob that - you earn'
Sa II liere'ss you choose to nwlie. When you wars
a ca riOcitte front ire, you almlldrace it. read you ow at
libr sty to glow this letter it` yob wish.
Reipectf., l '.y %ours, LEW IS P. ASH FORD.
For sal.? by 'aft rAIT %NYE FOX, Towanda. Pa.:
only Agents for Bradford County. 2Snif, •
4 # 64V-' asa
- • STARA, '4"
\,•\ ACOUSTIC OIL!) • j
the Cute s of DEAFNESS, pains, and the 'dm-
charge of matter from die ears. Al..r alt those din-
agreeable sounds,• like the buzzing of it sects, failing of
water,.whiuitsg, of ieb am. &c., Ste.. v-Iti ,ll are quli"
teams of approaching deafness, and a 1..," generally ,
lout with the disc:we. Many persons who have been
deaf for ten, fifteen, arid even twenty yearn, 'and were
obliged to use ear trumpets, hone, after using one or two
bottles, thrown aside their trumpets, being :node perfect
ly well. Physicians and Surgeons 'highly recommend
its use..
The very great number of happy res;olte that hove ro:
lowed the use of St:ARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL, have
been truly astonishing. And what is wonderful, sane
who were deaf ftom birth, have been so much improved
as to hear common conversation very readily.
It would be the height .of . presumption to warrant a !
cure in all cases; but in nine cases out of ten or recent
date, there is a certainty that the results will be most
hippy and satiscfatory to the patient. The application
of the oil produces uo pain, but on the contrary an agree
able and pleasant sensation. The recipe for this media
tine has been ootained froin on Aurist„ of great repute.
lion, who has found that deafness, in nineteen eases out
of twenty, was produced from a want of action in the
nerves of hearing, or a dryness in the ears; his ob j ect
therefore was to find something which would create a
healthy condition in those parts. After a long series of
experiments his ellluts were at last crowned with suc
cess, in the discovery of this preparation, which has re
ceived the n ame of SCA RPA'S COMPOUND ACOUS
TIC OIL. A long list of tertifiestes might be given,
but sucli-is the confidence in the medicine, and„so high
has been its reputation, that but one of them will bent
present published: ,
Morr Eirnaonniaraur MU. !—A lady in Smith
field, Brod. Co., "a.. and now alma eighty years of
age, had been gradually getting deaf for more than 40
yearn, so that it was next to impossible to make her hear
conorrsation in the loudest tone of voice. Last winter
sho was induced to try 6. Scarpa's Oil for Deafness." It
in only neressory to add that she seed two boules, and
is perk-city restored—she is cured. Any information
in regard to the case miss be obt trued nt the store of Dr.
Jayne' •No 8, South 'Phiol street, Phil idelphia.
For sale by NIONTANYE C. FOX, Towanda, Pa;
only agents fur Bra-third county. 28—ly
yr® atliq
L NYC & CO, tvouldrc
----specilly inform the citizens of Tow
" ands and the public generally, Mitt
o il Rtfilill i,.. llthey have on hand & manufacture
l W 144 Ito order nll Linda of CABINET
- 'FURNITURE, of the beet mate
rials, and workmanship that catinut addition to t u%ual
•untry shops, we will keep on hand and
make be on er • rier cost approved
patterns; &it'd Ifordang Chars, upbolitereirtrreae r .±...
style. and for case and durability cannot be-surpassed
even in our largecities. Also. the half French Ala
hogany Chair, beautifully upholstered, with curled hair,
which never loss its elasticity, and finished with the
last hair seating. We flatter ourselvea that hming
had loud' experience in the business, we shall be able
to satisfy all whet may feel disposed to call, both as . tn
guido) , and price, and by strict attention to business
hope tD inetit and receive the pattornige of a liheral corn.
munity. 1.. N. NYE & CO..
Tpav 3 min. Stitt ornizer 'I, h.
C.;ICI.1":1-;2^ l'fl_s ,VIT111:19
r it
cnesp. and wheat an/ lonered, and.tlini, is the reason ise.
can alrod all ror tO do it. All kinds of produce will
he received in payment. Also, LUMBEII of nll kinds.
Srilf ..1. • 1:.-14. NYC . CO,
~~~?T.Y_ 1 ~~ PS~~--
` ` - (MILL 1;1. hand large`Ossnarnent, and
tnede to order on shorter ilutire and for less inn.
neythari can he lirOduced at any -other o , l4.ti,!nnent in
tho ar'e.under_the neeerolity of lan.
CUrinuibit *1'606 ado nRd ehell he.satiale . 44 A good
haw and. pall, raiy,be: bastio rotpdsore
Sept , inl . oo• , • „1.., (;(?.
r r::
T -
. -
W,lLL_'o.X'ii . S.lGt in 4 tigisof ial tnemaccea
in the Boot, and Shoe :flaking the
horciunli of Towanda, and ,
may I . foutitrut.the oYd :slant!
41:44Iathaway,la tety occupied by Eikanali,Sinigl. Hear.
I , r ephen ? e,Eachinge.llidei, tinero theY.enliiiit a
share of public patronage.. Int.y intend.' by 'carefel'
eolent.ion,nl,idock ?
.unilny attention ,tialthe interegta of
their Make ea neat and gurable, n , cir ea eau
:he manufacturer/in igortiilnf," the COUntiy . , „
l'hey keep constan t ly cringing, ang;nsiiiiminiractire
to order,mnroev...calf. and; eoarfe'
Ladies' aiting. ahoes 'ehildre'ri7iigia.;! gent?*
...I „I ?-1 - ,.; ,„,
g f • JOHN W. WILCOX ?
Towanda, !day 14, 1815.
• •
-• RErviidcAyit*.of ; •
' ' '
The above Periodicals are -teprinteil in N . :et:N . :Yolk,
immediately en their arrival .by the British 6 teameni,
a beautiful clear type, on fine vvbite„payer,,iiiiil are
faithful copies of the originals--13xxce , woo's
Avec being an exact (tic-simile of die: Eiiinburg adj..
The wide-spread fame of these splendid Periodicals
revilers it needless to • soy , touch in their praise. As
literaty organs, they stand far in advance ol any work
of a similar stamp now Published, while the political
coMplesion of each is marked by a dignity, candor and
forbearance not often found in works of a party char
They embrace the views of the three great parties in
England- 1 A hie,. Tory, , and Radical.—" Blackwood"
and the " London Quarterly ", arc Tory . ; the" Edin
burg Review„". Wltie : and the'. \tiestunnister," Radi
cal. The "Foreign Quarterly "As purely. literary, be
ing devoted principlly to criticisms on foreign Conti
nental %Vorks.
The prices 'of the R c-rit Irma are less than one-third
of those of the foreign copies, and while they are-equal
ly well got up, they. afford. all that advantage to the
American over the Englieh reader.
.. .
For any one of tho four Reviews, $3,00 per annum
For any two, . do. 5,00
For any three, do , 7,00
For all lour of the Itcviesva, . 8,00
For 13Itelcwootrg Magazine, 3,00 "
For ISlacltw•uod and the 4 Reviews. 10,00 "
Four coidca of any ..r an of the above works will he
sent to one adtir.,l on 'Joy :new. of the regtilar t aub.scrip-
Lon for thwe—the Ln rnt copy being, gratis.
c_j• Remittances and connounicattons must be made
in at( edirs without eXpettEe to the pub i,liervc—The
earner trk•ty always.he done thr•rottit a Yost-mater by
la:in:1114111111 the attoOLMI to be reinated, inking his re
olot t•lt‘i-uthro; the ft ci•ipt by mall, rust-pa:d;
Ito. money may lie enclosed in a letter. Putt
ret-t....1 to I pobllsticrs.
I.3.—The Pm tsffe nn I'll these Pc riodic..!.. is ro
ittlet`ti I.y the I.oe P..31-olnce law, to about one third
the fin inner rah., trio!. rug a vcry lalpOttant 5.1 , 14 i, in the
ex pen,..• to t!o• !nail A•Ut mei
• . • In fili fix Fr.lic.p .1 c Lee cad Te:one grungh
out the Unzied .'lutes to tehn:/t there is a cl:,..te!
Road or W-tcr commun *cattort fie>. the ct Sew
York: these pet:laicals turf; be dclacred FREI: OF
SCOTT'Iz. CO. Ftfalishcrs,
lurel 12 Fulton t.. Nets , Park.
.M;Vi Bira Ck:11:1 1 1:iitg . 1:S1611:A1111CM,
Prim? 25 per'cienf. cheaper than hare ever
ber'n known in Norihern Penn . n.
THE sudseriher, linviiitt commenced the above lot.
sii.ess, taisra this method to inform the
tants of rowrinda and 1• 111113 . . that he is prepared to
do all kinds of work entrusted to his care in the m st
neat and workmanlike manner: such.asiromn4
cc, carriages, eleighs, kinds ;Ind:I-work I+.l
kinds, done a link) curer than at any idler shop in the
county, Sumo attention paid to EDGE TOtiL'i, to
till up cresiyis, and finally all kinds of work in the
iihove line (hurs,shoeing excepted) and will warrant
work to stand the fret. 'Pry me and if you do
not hind thing just right, then pet me down. From my
long r;sperierthe in the business, I flatter myself hit I
can ploage all kinds of people. You rail. find ILO st
all tones at my shop. a few roils south of Bridge strect,
known as old stand.
All kinds of Produce taken in payment for svork,und
a little of the ready. Jo-Davis will not he refused.
Towanda, May 6, 1816.—y
Dr. A. Upbam's Vrgetablc Blectuary,
-1 - 1 DR. A. UPHAM' a distinguished Physician of
New York city, is the only real successful remedy for
that dangerous aad distressing complaint—the PILES
—ever offered to an American public.
Mark this. It is dn INTERNAL REMEDY—and
flat an external application, and will cure every case
of Piles, either bleeding or blind, internal cu external,
and probably the only thing that will. There is no
mistake about it. It is a positive cure—speedy and
permanent. It is also a convenient medicine to take,
anu improves the general heal h in a remarkable mas
her. Each box contains twelve doses, at SA a dose. It
is very mild irl'its operation, and may be taken in cases
of the trio:A - acute inflammation without danger. „All
external applications arein the higheet degree disairl'sr,
able, inconveitio t and plrem.ive ; and from the very na
ture of the disease, inconvenient ill their edicts. This
medicine attacks the disease at its source, and re.noring
the cause, renders the cure cerla:n and permanent.
To Mee az ED Lam r.s.—Matried ladies are almost in
t:at-eddy subject to that painful and injuiions
the with cutteiptent inflammation of the ~tontrielt,
bowels and spine, weakness of the back, flow of blood
to to the head, 4-c. The Electm,ry is perfectly - safe for
pregnant ladies, and the most useful cathattic that can
po.silily he used, as it net only rerneves•the Piles and
all inflammatory 'diseases 'without pain or irritation;
but will insure an easy time, a safe delivery, and a round
cm,tiitnion in the otkiring.
The Electuary contains no mineral medicine, no al.
oes, colocy nth or gamboge, or other powerful and irritrt--
live purgative. No fear of taking c did while under its
influeng --no change in diet necessary, If, taken an:
cording to directions, a cure fur lfe is - guaranteed.
Sold wholcialo and retail by %I'EATT & K ETCM:n•
"General Agenti fur the Southern SLAVS," 121 Fulton
street, N. Y., Itus.roN fi LADD. Towanda, and
druggi i degencralla throughout the United States , Price
Ji, a hos. , - m2l:
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry & Silverware,
1411 A. CHANIBRI.Lj I / 4 h.a just returned from
V • the city of New York with the largest assort
ment of FASIIIONA 8 LE JE WELL! r, ever brought
to this place, such as Ft:Lam-rings, 13reast-pins, of every
description; Lockets; !bracelets, gold end silver p ncils,
gall krye,,s; silver span..,. sugar tbings, specta
cles, fn. sit ages,•pen pocket knives. (Roger's ma
nufaCture.) and Ir.,:any other ,rticles which de will sell
extremely law for CASH'.
A:I hinds of WATCHES; consi:ting of picot le-
L'Epine. English and Sloiss s% caches, tAartantett to
cep gimtLIIIIIC.
as clear and anqurstionaldo as our right to the
whole , tsf Oregnn, that Wx .A. CU-1.311111111N has got
he hrgest ant boat seleetel assortment'of Fancy Goods
•Vl.r l‘r.•ught into the bt:,mtnzh of Towanda, and that he
ad! cell his theaper (?'an was etur said by city
zunam Er!nz; being!—ftick a pin there ! !
N. 13. Watchea warranted toa runt well one year, or
he money refunded; and a wrinen azpreeuenn given
o that etrrat desire One. •
. „
a M PLE SUGAR, Wook'ancl all kindsof coon.
ryTroclude TtiCeivett in payment.
Titwanzln, April!' 22, .101.16. • ; .•
, • •
c-r2Lzomg , fullcornmuuion with
t h e ii rm orm—=, he in not prepared to ho of.
t lie largest: asiortinent JE E L V °Oaf :and
hUving rreief lairned:thei busintsi,—
he is not prcUrned to dd any work, in that lino; but
having seried'sk regukre crprenticeship, in the
watch. repairing busluesa; and the axperienee.of 16 years,
-has no hesitation in. saying that all work ,rtitioSted to
helium. , in u,workm o plike manner, promptly.
•areksecona lirnt to Anne west:Of that city from whence
carni!..thail*:%/!/.1/ bad.l4icelly
Now tnyArielids, in all your I.:envoi:a don't forget
.to.get.,yonr watcher fited'at - old No. 100 opposite the
two doors north of Briggs' tavem:',
" • A.M. WARNER..
Tetvanda, Slant 2 0 3; 1846. • - • '
4./" N. j!l6.le,n4selfio do' nirivork right:. All
;tv4rk;froiiafrjeil ornillear.antl the money telt - tided if it
acme not pcifinm - i'ecolding to agreement. Stick a P.O,
THEal t ; subscriber ham obtained the right o
gular ant flan Watet_Wheel, Called the-
which is tepidly coming into are througheat the Uri.
t e d States, for operating machinery of all kinds, R eg .
-led by water power, patented Sept. 27, 1845, by T . R.
Timhy, of Cayttgi * cesi N. Y. - The first glance et
wheel; involves the beholder in immediate doubt in le ,
Bard to its operatiOn.;-.lBut its construction Want 1 4,,
it receives three distinct powers of, the water to cas
charge Tlie direct or percussion cover,ga.
!Ile inclined 'plane or Archemidean power. 31 T h ,
discharging or reacting power, being all t h e pfterem..
twined in the massive weight of hydraulic present. T h ,
some cpristruction iv also perfectly adapted to shun,
all ditTicultit a of [food-trash, ice, backwater,
or any impediment or disaster to which water sixth;
general are subject,
A perfect safeguard against any impasition, b y ! L i .
wheel, is formed by a readiness in all its 'cadent)
warrant more business with less water than any othe r
wheel now in use, except the Overshot wheel anderhnib
heads. Manufactured at the furnace of Hopkins 21:
Leach, Elmira, N. Y. Persona wishing to reper their
Mills will gain py applying to the gained:Als, T i m m
proprietors of the county of Bradford.. All commun.
cations addrened to either of the .üb.cri! , trs
ceive prompt attention. JOHN BURT,
Ridnlerry:Jan. 4.1847. OUNSAULF.B.
• .
Expecturant ; Aterative
Tonic rettnifuge ; Curni;nute,
Sanative Pale ; flair Tunic and bje,
For sale by Mon(anye 4- Fox, Towanda,
Only authorized Agents f,,r
. Bradford county,
The following extract of a letter is from a very resp e , u ,
ble mercantile houso dated
Washington, Rappahannock Co,
May 26, tEI6.
Dear Sir—Our Mr. Jones has been in a crry lota luta
of health for more than a year; he has lad the 'silty;;
of the best nollie..l edviee our count-y atronic and Co
visited vour city .luririty the. past summer, but found La
relief. On the' I:rtl; of Ap;.l .e • purch...-1.14 41.1
alriett bottles of x:Olr VersittUar, arid a !ALI . L,
zen blineS of your Sanati‘e "I'Lr•Jh r 4h
in pirkint; Co: artid .5 I i a :Cy tax
Vermituze cc ra bi..hers. Mr . JO. M
the Pulls, are! aft , / taltath; a I - 0.3 d 0..., It'll
iMprO, newt.l'l.c three b .n 1
same to Imml, brot.i.zlrt Ira n • a. he
ttan ONE 'l'; lOUNA N
ro3nv tr.• re. U. e. now in letter tat nr
1,,n iu f.w 11/11,y amid 11 , }e a ra
your Ve,t0r:"1.L.,...1.1.1 A pl , ”1.1
All our IrE ire cntirvly I
Samuel Ja.-tt.,.....1,44 your c.ty nt the :.e%.!.
re..potiNtbdtty, ire trove to re er Me,r...
m„, r , Howe, ..Market at, r o ar
ord I in.:, ins & Ca.. corner of rala an ;
het str.•ets. Mr. loneA is m o ot ariSIOUS C , /
your Pdb and Vertnifuz,e, as 50. i as po,-ear.
28n1 -rtespeetfully. J. 13:JONEs& Cl.
.••;,!irrit 1 T
Siited to the Ii t 111 s inzet.lution. nr.d tutu I.; t!.eCtie
' Of EVel:, cu rub. ease. Will be taL,lla in
Ts riglc!'s India TegclaLL Elle;
or TO
North Arn'rfr.n Collrgo of Et al:11
These extraordinary Pill, are cetritio.ed of Went;
ollo•h ttroof stosrftammusly 1.11 our oar, rd re,
or ! to Our coristitiii:.i.s,V.r.M,
cin., con,ot and iron, foreign drugs. a. rtl Om
may he ror.oponrideil ; mid as V6 . l:lGlirS
EtiETAI3I.I; PILLS aro four.dcu tmon the linfn;:a
that the !Inman body is in troth
Sll3.lEerl"ril 13Fi I' (INC DISE.Viri.
namely, corrmot humors, anti that sail medi.ioc rani
this disease on ,
cleaning and purty_ing the I, rims.
fest that if tho constitution he tint entirely exhatmol.
parses-, ranee in their use, orcordin r
_f to directions. o at
izelt.tely certain to drive disva-e of esery nine fluid tle
When we wish to-restore a swamp or wears 'a
fertility, we drain it of the soperabundsot water. Is
like manner, if we wish to restore the body to healthoe
must cleanse it of impurity.
will be found one of the best, if not the very best.xed•
eine in the world for carrying out this
because they expel from the body all morbid and carron
humor, the cause of the disease, in an easy and .‘"dlie.
rot Manner, and wbilo they every May e n.'
pleasure, disease of every name is zenith) doada
the body.
following. highly respectable Store-to...arra Los
been daily appointed .Agents for the sale of 11 m. his
Man Vegetable Pilis in Bradford .Counly . '
Montanye's & 'Eadwandat ;
A. H. Gaylord, Canton ;
John 11. Furman. Columbia Fldtts ;
T. &S. ‘V. Pomeroy, Troy ; -
Coryell & Gee. Burlington ;
\V Gibson, Ulster ;
Lybian Durf...e. Smithfield ;
d..S.Eltswortb. Athens; -
Guy Tracy, ;
U. Moody & Co. Frenchtown ;
John Heaton, Jr., Terretown ;
E. Norman, SprMg,tivid ;
Storrs & Jaws, SheAll,quin;
Daniel Brink, lion.brook;
N. D.& C. Watford, Idrintocton.
Oflkea devoted exclusively to the sale of 1S r
Indian Vegetable of the North A men:
of Health, No. VS Greenwich street, New I*.c.;;;
193 Tremont st., Co-ton; and Principal Othee,N ,,
Race street, Philadelphia. ts'_
G DEPOTS ; awarded the Gold acid Stl‘cr
Four iirst Pieminins, and Two Highest llono,F,,
National, the Alubsachuseuty!hu New York, ia3
Pennsylvania Exhibitions, respectiveb:, for tho tog
splendid Colored Daguerreotypes and hest App rgo
ever exlithited, •
Portraits tat:en-in exquisito style, without rqsa
weather. •
Instructions given in the art.
A barge assortment of Apparatus and Stack arayr" ,
hand, at the lowest cash prices
New York. 551 Broadway ; Philadelphis. l36o.4
nut S.; Boston. 75 Court, and 58 Hann.rr ate: Dry
timore. 205 Baltimore St.; Wasliingtoo.
Avenue; Petersburg, Va., Medi my.' II 111
Ilan. Fourth and Walnut, and 115 Sbdn St :
Springs. Broadway ;Pa 121 Vieille Pee au
Liverpool, 32 Church SL-3y.
z.D.awl - sztam‘z . :ta,•_.?..aaz ..- r.. !,,,
Over Montanxe's store, next Jour
at the old stand of P.,vell ••••vean.
ADMINIS t'llA FOR S , t)11 1 t .
A 41., fier=inis Initchted In the est ite ..1 A. A. 8 ,6 '
la. with, !ate of Ilidgbo rrA• township, ilee'.l.. an' lls ' ll
requested' in wake linyinent without •lelay. °
laid estate. will tilricin Pr 1461 ,_ . ,
client duly dttested ibo subscriber, who will be
at the store 4t,L;l2..COi,lhaiigh.
nid2bc.rry, Rhe.rBIE:311(811.67111; Adent.istra •
" • • -
O_ROCERIE, Frtsh Cituvra,. I,: ,•...,•''. ,
'kJ - noc3 • :•• . = FLINT .k.
:t Ca _
IyFrS,IUPFS Tl:m.:fl , hi:in ll e77 d p ii
211es100:ingAuirsoutin:q,, n"' ST'S_
nov3 a a B.kltl'LE
Tains of the Bradford Reporte r *
.Two doilara and filly (fent: , per agnum: nrr fc6 :
deducted if paid within the year; and forSAtq l °
olls' in advance: Disc DokkAtt will be dcduc i " L
Suliecribers at liberty to discontinue at any
_paying arreanages. blo<t kin d s o f C o riTo%
• received in payment. at the market mice.
Advortieements.. not exceeding a e qusre 0. :
inserted for fifty cents; even' subs:quest inser.e•
'4.lday-five cents. A discount male toy early er
JOB PRINTING, of everydt•seription. [testi/ 3,4
peditioualy executed on now and fashionable tyr
Letters on business pertaining to the olf:tPT
ree of portage, to ensure attention.