Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, November 04, 1846, Image 3

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ID g o ne; ea Monday evoking, the nel init., by Item.
ix & pp" Hr. fliltit•lllf Cot:ham:ea, Rob to
gm 0.1. Sunray, all elliontee.
, Off ply meetingid - TO WANDA DIVISION,
03, of Me Sans of Temperance, ars Mild on Tues.
ay E ve nings, et A o'clock. precisely, in Temperance
gel, over Montoya 's at Co's store.
By order of the Division. C. S. RUSSELL, R. a
Retailers of Foreign Merehandize.
HE following statement of Retailers of Foreign
G oo ds and Merchandise, in Bradfotd county, hu
bees certified to me, as made in conformity with the 6th
redo of the act of March 4th, 1824, relating to Re.
milers Fcarign Goods and Merehandizs
Nam, cu.. Anintof Lieenre.
• I Paid. I, Uupaid.
sw e des, Welles I Harris 12 $l2 50
1, .4 Ellsworth • 13 li
Thomas Maxwell 2d , 13 (exonerated.)
G ea rge A Perkins 14
Chester Park ' . 14 7
c H Herrick , . 14
XIS norm • 14
if $ Comstock 13 1
job Morley 14
I ,h,,watking. - 14 (exonerated.)
Thomas Gardner 14 7
Elmar Horton 14
. 14
John Horton, jr.
A & $ H Morley
Coryell & Gce
13 10
Chyle§ Rithbone
Ulysses Mnody 14 7
ll U Chamberlin 14
Junes W Mercur Liquor 14 10 50
Hawley 14 7
A nee
RovN Finder 13 10
D c Sal,bury Liquor 13 15
I) & C Warlord 14 10 50
BSA Jll Phinnry •• 13 15
Benjamin Coolhaugh • 14 7
B& Smith II 7
flieopilus Humiiiry 14 7
Ilihry Gibbs 14 7
Smith & Rou
J 1; Bullock
Daniel Bailey
M Bostwick
Mowed & Wattles 14 7
tct ph Canon 14 7
ohn L Webb 14 7
'tam & Jones 13 10
I !mace Kinney & Co. Liquor. 14 103
Vars. Nichols &Co. •' 11 , 103
Liman Burke 13 10
Bullock & Phelps 13 10
E $ '7racy 13 10
E Norman 14 7
W Tracy Liquor 14 10 50
Nix & :Sens 14 7
in nit & Merrur, 12 12 50
41 D Barnett 14 7
Dorton Kingejiery Liquor 13 15
Cl - iarlmi Reed 13 15
Wm 11 Baird & Ca. " 12 18 75
Tram & Moore 14 10 50
11C Hail . 14 10 50
Mit, Carter 14 10 50
JD& E U Montanye 12 12 50
J Koigabery jr. 14 7
A D Muntaure 14 7
11$ &M C Mereur 12 12 50
11rerqe E Flynt & Co. 11 15
1 . 1 Bailey 14 7
A $ Chamberlin 14 7
Patrick APSIon 14 7
FR,linuton Liquor It 22 50
.awn Runyon * 14 10 50
)F& S N . Pomeroy tik: r:: O. " II 22 50
laird& Stephen* 13 10 _
)1' BAllanl 13 10
Tnnatin 13 10
Willy., Gutman 13 . 10
toy Tracey Liquor 14 10 50
‘Noliert Spalding Liquor 14 10 50
Judwu Holcomb ' 14 103
El ha Lewis -
.11 II h. H Welles
Cohen S3cara
11:1RRE N.
i:olrn Cooper 14 7
Tylrel Liquoe 14 10h
Buffitrron 14 7 '
All throe who have not raid their limner, will Call
awl ,euk the same without delay, and save cost.
.1. REEL, Treasurer
Trra4ry Office. Nq.rmber 3, 1g46. • '
VnTIVI . IIIIt;TANDING the rush at the Savings
Ilsal , ..forloods„ we are happy to state for the be
of Mr. - raw-down," that he can be acconnodat.
sah any quantity and style of goods, and new goods
, hat, and at.thedowest possible prices, as usual, We
to eatotottly adding to our stock all the new and fish
"'ble xtlra of goods, that none need pay the old
VT.... kola the fact that we have not got theta. leash
owliaser s need not be deceived, by those whose tote
'l , vao Im/them sway, a. we always have " • fete
""is• battle-sort left." Ile sure von are right—No:s.
Neetn.ber 3. GEO. E. FLYNT Sc. CO.
Prints Prints!
A NV yrantny of New ['riots, and eleiroble patterns
juin rerri,rvl by n 3 FLYNT & CO.
•••- - -
of all descriptions and pIiCCS, from four
- tfolltnes on. by o 3 FLYNT Jr. CO.
MORE of those A. No. I, BOOTS, and a I llfge
quantity of LADIES' SHOES. just received by
Nwember 3. FI.YNT & CO.
41)C ERIEb, Freed Groceries, just received, by
I nov3
FI.OOR, from the' Globe Mills," a superior article
a6O PORK, firit quality, fur sale by
!I...Tuber 3. FLYNT & CO.
NVV HEYTINO, Shirting, Wicking. Ballinc. Coll°n Yarn , lif at FLYNT k CO.
THE partnership heretofore existing between the
select-there under the firm of J. H. sk. H. 8. Phin
,s this day by mutual consent dissolved i all notes
srtounts due the late firm will be found is the hoods
" H• Phinney, who is authorised to settle all bust
rd the tirrn. J. H. PHINNEY Jr.
ihmrueton. Oct. 19, 1846. H. ti. PHINNEY.
6 ,, P. 8 - All tinselled accounts of the late firm must
, by note or otherwise by the first of January
""t• re thee will be left in the hands of some official
for collection. J. H. PHINNEY, Jr.
Positive and timely Notice
C -r ell evert that all tny accounts for costa have
.`"ml Pieced in the handset N. J. KEELER. for
This is to inform all persons interested that
Zl""'s• settlement is made by the clse of the approach'
a airrember Court, ese accoun t, will be left to the
s n h,42?_ 64E. ° ffrter, with icon/Woos to collect them
"`..Y. and without respect to personas
• on. I, 1
BIT 31EC 1171117 WM- lab alb 1110 iii
Great Redaction in Price !
T KINGSBENY /IL. would invite purchasers to
J • examine his NEW STOCK OP GOODS. as
be is confident that the great falling off in priers will
enable him to offer greater inducements than an le
pntsented by those who ponthayi their goods miler in
the mason. Towanda. November 3, 1846.
Orphans' Court Sale.
PURSUANT to an order of the Orphans' cant in
apd for Radford minty, held at Towanda, the
17th day of September, 1848, will be exposed to public
sale, en Meeday, the 80th day of November next, at
1 o'clock, P. M., on lb. °remises, all the following de.
scribal at of land situate in the township of Rome,
commencing at a corner on the public highway leading
from Rome village to Jolutan'o, in Rome township,
andrunning north one degree east two rods; Ahem*
south 89° east 114 rods to a comer; thence south one
degree west two rods; thence north eighty-nine degrees
west ten and a quarter rods to the place of beginning.
Containing square reds,with a framed house
thereon erected, being • lot bought of Stephen Clan
g:lM. now &eased, by John B. Taylor in his life time.
The above will be sold as the property of John B. Tay
lor, deceased, late of Rome township, Terms male
known on the day of ale.
Rome, 0m.31, 1846. Ads.of I. B. Taylor, deed.
THE SUBSCRIPTION LIST is now open forint
-8. Pamphlet Laws for 1847.
November 3. 1846. J. REEL, Tiessurer.
Broad Cloth, Cassiweres k Sattinets.
ALARGE assortment of B ro ad Cloths, Cassimeres,
and Sattinetts, which we have long been famous
for selling good and cheap, now cheaper than ever—
and upon which we challenges the world, just received
at 0. D. BARTLETT.
Towanda, Nov. 3, 1146.
Wheat, Domestic Flannel,
Rye, Woolen Socks,
Corn, Buckwheat,
Oat., Fla:aced,
Butter, White Beans.
in short, almost anything, for which liberal prices will
beepaid at - 0. D. BARTLE VT'S.
Towanda, Nov. 3, 1846.
nova 0. IX BAR rLETT'B.
rr HE'most extensive variety of Ladies Winter Dreu
Goods with all sons of outlandish names, of the
must beautiful patterns and lowest prices ever seen in
this country, just opened at 0. D. BARTLETT'S.
11I1CFF8, MUFFS--Tni most fashionable and ugli
ill est looking Muffs out, in any quantity, cheap at
nova 0. D. BARTLETT'S.
13 10
13 10
13 10
13 10
800 I'S & SHOES—a tinst rate assortment at coarse
and fine Boots, Shoes and :Slippers, the latter
French of course, just opened at
nov3 U. D. BA RTLETrB.
QHA W LS—quantities .FBhawls, nicest kind. going
IL-1 all fast and cheap et 0. D. BARTLETT'S.
CAPS of all kinds cheap, besides every thing else at
• 0. D. BA RTILE'I7II.
T ug" received • large and splendid asamtment of new
J Goads, bought entirely with Cash, during a great
dr pre.ion in the market, and with the express view of
"Sugar Coated fills."—Bewart Caution.
IFVHE increasing popularity of Dr. G. BENJ.
BLE reUGAR COATED PILLS. has induced ■
number of persons to make something they call Frees
and coat them with sugar, in order to sell them for the
genuine, while they do not poseess a particle of t e
goodness, nor even assimilate in apps arance to the
original. Dr. Smith's Pills. In shirt. they are an in
tended FRAUD upon the community. A minister
who at first hid an interest in an imitation Sugar Coat
i il Pill, manufactured in Albany. N. Y., has given them
up. es he says, on account of the miserable dishonest
parties concerned in manufacturing them. The same
party are now industriously circulating reports calculat
ed to injure Dr. Smiths and to street the reputation of
his valuable pills ; but rather than notice them in public,
Dr. Smith is about to institute legal proceedings against
them for their slanders, as he basin another mere against
a similar party, in which he recovered a large amount of
damages. These miecrable imitators have to resort to
the most abominable means to pahnoff their counterfeit
pills, as the public know that Dr. Smith's are the original
and genuine. Several initan, s have come to public
notice in which life belts-en endangered by the unfortu
nate use of the counterfeilt It is Dr. Smith'," Pills
that are doing se much good in the esuntiy—es the
following plainly show.
_ .
Use end Recommend Dr. smith's Pills than ■ll others
This is- to certify that I base used the Sugar Coated
Pills manufactured by G. Benjamin Smith, of New-
York, for some time, and believe them to be a goal
medicine; and also, from inquiry in that city, I ern
persuaded that be is the uriff:nal inventor, and therefore
is entitled te the benefit of the inveniMn.
14 7
13 II
We call the attention of our readers to the certificate
of Ree. S. Williams. Pastor of Ist Baptist Church.
Piusburgb. in relation to Dr. Smith's Pills. We ran
ourselves bear testimony to the excellence of these Pills.
one of us having used them and experienced great relief
from them.
The above is the beat paper in the State of Delaware
s The" 1311.1 large INDIAN TTOZTABLE PILLS, " (SUgaT
Coated.) are certainly doing much good in the whole
country, and are highly esteemed, if ene bailie true that
people write and say about them. They are so easy
in their operation that all like them. The editor of the
Northern State Jonrnal, Cone of the largest and best
papers in the State of N. Y.,) writes as follows:
Waleitina a, May 31, 1846.
. .
Dr. G. Benj. Smith—
Dear sir. I was laid up with a bad cold some time
since my return from N. V., and during my illness I
Made trial of your pills, and I must say I found them
excellent. They are the best medicine for the purpose
they are intended, that I base yet seen. I seldom take
pills, but I found yours entirely free from the objections
to which other pills are liable. I hopetbey will continue
to be a source of profit to you, as I doubt not they sobs
be means of relief to the afflicted on a large scale.
Young truly, J. GREEN.
Tonawanda, Pa, Sept, 18 1846.
Dr. G. Benj. Smith—
Dear Sir: Your agent left with me a Int of your
Scsaa Coarse PILLS, and I have hut a few boxes
Every box 1 have sold has given entire satisfaction. I
have taken them myself and I consider them the best
pills I have ever urea, and I am not afraid to
recommend them to the public. I wish a further supply
at onCe. Yours respectfully.
Dr: Smith—
Dea► Sir: I am mostout or your INDIAN VLOSTABLL
Baas■ Cl/Aran PILLS." and find them selling so fast
that I think you had bettersend me two gross immediate
ly. They give such general satisfaction that people at
least twenty miles for them, and as it is generally known
I am agent for them, I would be very sorry to get out.
Yours respectfully.
11G. BENJ. SMITH, be not written with a pen on
the boll of the box, all '• Sugar Coma' PIN are
Coo nterfea.
Principal Office 179 Greenwich Street, large brick
block. N. Y. Price 25 cents ■ box.
- L?CiIMI , I tibardasatvzsu,
Over Montauye's store, next door to Mercur's law office,
at the old stand of Powell & Seaman. oel
7 For cheap Motet Shawhs call on
October 15, 1945. B. KINUSLIERir
Pastor Ist Baptist Church, Pittsburgh.
From the Blue Hen's Chicken. (Del.)
Huntington Ind., June 21, 1646
NOTICE is hereby given to dl persons in interested,
Ow Thome Vaught Adminitrator of the estate of
Aciatiets Voughl. deed.,
late of Rome township; and Geo. Van Nee% Guardian
of Lydia B. Home; minor child of
C. Rome?. deed..
late of Autaylum township; and Wm Keeler, Ilse of the
adminialzatate of the estate of
Richard Horton. dec'd..
tate otBheshequin township ; and Jos. M. Piellet, mks o
the administraws of the estate of
Francis Dclpeuch, deed., -
late of Towanda township, have filed and settled in the
office of the Register of Wills, in and for the county of
Bradford, the accounts of their several administratiotw
open the tastes aforesaid, and that the game will be
presented to the Orphan's road of said county, on
Mondiythe 7th day of December nest, fee confirmation
and allewanee. L. E. DEWOLF, Register.
Register's Office, Towanda, 0c1,28. 1848.
& E. REED would respectfully beg leave to
•. tender their thanks to the citizens of Bradford
fur their liberal patronage and support, end would in-
form them they are now receiving a large and full sup
ply of FALL and. WINTER GOODS, which will
positively he sold at even less than their former low
prices. The war to exterminate high prices is still kept
op—no compromise has been made, and they intend to
carry the war into the heart of the enemy until they shall
yield or adopt the principle of selling goods at small pro.
fits. A nimble sixpence better than a slow shilling, is
our motto.
2000 LBS. Sole and Upper Leather.—
A Imo, plenty of Boots and Shoes may
bo lound at REEE'S
New Fall and Winter Goods. -
THE subscriber is now receiving from the city of
New York a large muortment of GOODS suit, d to
the season, carefully selected, and purchased at unusual
ly low prices, which will enable him to sell very low
for cash, lumber, country produce, or approved credit.
His friends and .the public generally are invited to call
and examine hii stuck before purchasing elsewhere.—
He feels confident that he can offer them better bargains
than they have heretofore made in this town. or any
other in this region of country. In his assortment will
he found in all their vanetics. Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware. Crockery, Glass, Nails, Iron, Steel, Paints,
Oils, Dye Stuffs, Boots, Shoes, kc.
Towanda, Oct. 26, 1846. N. N. BETTS.
THE Ladies will find a great-variety of worsted
dress goods ; also, a beautiful assortment of prints
at very low prices at BETTS'
FRENCH and English cloths. heavy Beaver and
Tweeds fur over emits, fancy Csssiinermi and Sat
linens, a meat variety will be found at BETTS'.
1 . 01781.1 N Ile LA INE, Cashmeres, Rub Roy and
Brecht Shawls, a great variety will be found
at Berm
HAVE just received and are now opening a very
extensive assortment. of GOODS, consisting of
almost everything every kept in a country store, which
they pledge themselves to sell as low as the same can
he bought in any town this side of the city of New
York. Come one and all, and if we don't sell you
Goons CHICAP don't buy; it will cost you nothing to
look, and all we ask is a chance to show our stock of
goods. De sure and find the right place, it is the Old
Corner Yore. a kw toots south of Montan}... & Co's.
The Nhoys are on hand and will sell you goods right
for Cash or Produce. Towanda, Nov. 1, 1946.
Mary Bradman vs. Thomas Brayman—No.
170 May 'l'. 1846, In Brad.-Com. Pleas—
Libel for Dirorce.
To THOMAS BRAYMAN, the defendant in the
above case—you are hereby notified that Ma-y
Brayrnan your wife, has filed her petition in said court
for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony entered into
with you, and that au alias subpena has been returned
and poor made that you were not to be found in said
county, You are therefore hereby required to appear at
the - Court House in the borough of Towanda, at the
December term of said common pleas, on Monday the
7th of December next, to answer the said complaint; &
show cause if any you have, why the said Mary Dray
man shall not be divorced from you.
JOHN F. MEANS, Sheriff,
Sheriff's Office, Towanda. Oct. 24. 18411.
New Supply of Fall and Winter Goods.
TENDERS his thanks for past favors, and respect
fully informs his old customer , and the public
generally. that he is now receiving from the city of
New York the largest and cheapest assortment of
GOODS ever pun•haved for this market, which he
pledges himself to sell 20 per cent, lower than the
same quality of goods wem eve, before offered in Tow
anda. This is no humhuggery. Just drop in and
prier my goods. I have almost every thing wanted by
the tanner, mechanic, and everyhody else, and particti
lady the Ladies.
lily stock of Cashmeres, M. De Lanes, Black and
colored Alpaccae. Calif, ~,,, a Plaids and Gingham,. aro
very cheap. With regard to Broad Cloths, Casstmereek
Sstmetts, Jeans, Domestic cloths, Vestings Prints,
I knock under to no merchant in this town or any
where else.
20ilf 11. BS. Sole Leather. Upper Leather and
111111 Call b'kina, lower than RaP. ever °Retell in
Towanda, he B. KINGSBERV.
W EITDS Iron, H o ne shoe, Round Banal, Nail to&
CY Horse Shoe Kayla, Stagl of all kind. will be gold
very low by 11. K INGSBERY.
ROUTS and SHOES, very laree'aseortroeni, and
unuettally eheap,at B. KINGSBERY'S.
1001"; T.
be llr o a w uti t f h u e l
m C a u r rte et ti v n:: ,. , p t . tv t o I ings per
ADM I /! , 4 iS l'ltA FOIL'S nu rice.
ALi, persons indebted t the estate of John 1.. Webb
late of Smithfield township, dee'd., ate requested to
make immediate paynient, and those haring demands
against said estate. are requested to present them forth
with for adjustment. L. BULLOCK,
Smithfield, Oct. 26, 18.16. J. H. WEEB,
hams, Rept Llelmins, Lamm,' cloths for summer
dresses, so Ion; looked fur by the ladies,lmee arrived
and may now he wen at R E
NEW Elll, GOODS FOR 1546,
11. 'S. & M. C. MERCUR,
HAVE juyt received, and are now opening a large
and general aasonment of Fancy and maple
Goods. embracing shoos' every thing wanted 17 the
Housekeeper, Farmer, and Mechaiiia, which were pur
chased principally for cash and at rates that enable them
to sell ■t much lore price., that it will be for the Interest
of every ono paying cash for goods, (regardless of all
*puffing advertisounis) to give Mein a call and examine
their stuck, at they mill adhere to their motto of "small
profits and quick sales."
Towanda, :leo. 30, 1846.
Ufa IA .1713 1E) CD iF LE
..tttorney at Law,
Ark FFICE in the north corner of the Brick now.d-
NUF rectly over the Pol. Office, Main utrect.ta Eu
trauac at the north end of the building.
MIT virtue of sundry writs of venditioni es pones is.
JUIP sued out of the court of common pets of Brad-
ford county, to mo directed, I shall enuose to public
sale at the bows of Ira H. Stephens in the borough of
Towanda. on Monday, the seventh day of Da:somber
neat, Mt. one plebe P.M, the hollowing property situ
ate in. Wyalusing township and bounded on the condo
by lands of Bu m*yr & Jennirrs„ east by lands of Jas.
& Ed. Vaughn, sloth by Michael Wildridt, west by C.
Bogart. Containing about 8Y acres. about 50 acres im
proved, with two &mud baud end a non orchard
Seized end takein in execution at the suit of John
Bunnell vs. Isaac Place and Wm. Place.
ALSO—The allowing planer parcel of WA situate
the township of A then and bounded on the north by
land of Abraham Basking, on the east by Watson L.
Sutliff, on the south by lands amid Sudtff, and on the
west by land of Wm. Rolf% Containing eight acres
and thirty six pembes, mote or less, with about four acres
improved, & one small fumed house thereon erected.
Seized and taken in execution at the sort of Francis
Tyler cc H. Williston Jr. assignees of G. A . Peritins vs.
Daniel Mills.
ALSOThe following piece or parcel of land situate
in the township of Litchfield and bounded on the north
by lands of Polly Parka, Thos. Evans & Jacob Camp
bell, on the east by mod of Wm. Watkrrui and land in
possession of John Campbell, on the south by land of
Charles Coragoek, now in possession of H. Paine, on
the west by lauds oflehn C■mptell. Containing 153
acre mono sr leas, with about one acre implored, one
lug house thereon. '
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Letty E.
Shepard vs Abram F. & Jacob Campbell.
AI.SO-111e following piece or parcel of land situate
In Burlington tp. anti bounded as follows: beginning at
a hemlock the et. EL corner of wanartillot no. 1723 ;
thence west 300 & 6-10 p. to a post an thence
north 64 & 8-11/ p. to the north line of said warrantlot
a post and stones; thence south 89° weal 300 & 5-10
p. to the N.E. corner of said warrant lot,. post ; thence
south 1° east 70 & 1-10 p. to the beginning. Contain
ing 128 acres 4161 perches strict measure.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Timothy
Paxson and Wm. Davidson trustees of the bank of N.
America vs. Frederhit Crofut, James L. Crofut, Israel H
Shipman & term tenants.
ALSO—The following property situate in Ridghery
to wit : bounded north by Ira O. Hill; east by Peter
Squires, south by land of Alonzo Wynkoop, west by
Handlin h Wynkoop. Containing 40 acres. two acres
Improved with one log house the property of C. Hover.
ALSO—One other piece of land situate in Athens
and bounded north by D. S. Brown, east by lend of B.
finAlner, south by Charles Jacklin, west by Niel Me-
Duffle. Containing ten acres, about eight improved
with one (canted house and framed barn and apple or•
chard thereon, evied upon as the prrperty of S. C. Clark.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Tracy 4 ,
Lockwood vs. Coinelius Hoover & Samuel S. Clark.
ALSO—The following piece or parcel of land situate
in Herrick, and bounded on the west by Oliver Gray &
Luke Deland, north by unseated lands and N. Rogers,
south by Bynus Rogers & Owen snow, east tiy R. De
pew lot. Containing 190 acres, shout 80 acres thereof
improved, with three log houses, two framed barns and
• small orchard thereon.
Seized and hiked in execution at the suit of Edward
()Tenon vs. M. D. F. Hines.
ALSO—The following piece or parcel of land'situate
in Sheshequtn and Wended on the north by Archibald
Forbes, on - the east by Harry Shaw, on the south by
Adelaide Delpeueh and m.=t by the Susquehanna!: river.
Containing sixty acres. fifteen acres improved and two
framed houses and one framed barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Theodore
W. Brink 'a. Wan. Forbes 241.
ALSO—The follow in piece or parcel of hula situate
in Orwell township and bounded on the north by John
son Cowles. east by Griswold Mauhcws. on the south
by Morris Woodruff & John Moore. Containing one
hundred and thirty acres more or less, seventy acres im
proved. with a framed house and barn thereon with Ra
Seized snit taken in execution at the suit of Reuben
Atwood vs. E. W. WaffllJ.
ALSO . —The following described piece or parcel of
land innate in Burlington and bounded on the north by
Wells 4. Perkins, west by Charles Scouton, south by
Wm. C. Hall. east by G. R. Haight. Containing fifty
acres more or less, about twelve acres thereof improved
with a log house thereon.
eeized and taken in esecutioa at the suit of A. I).
Spalding vs. 1.. M. Berry.
ALSO—The following piece or parcel of land situate
in Orwell township, and hounded on the north by land
of Johnson Coles, on the east by land of Griswold Mat.
thews,and en the south and west by land of Morris Wood.
ruff & Asa Payson. Containing t 2 acres more or
less, with about 75 acres improved with one framed
house, one famed barn, and one apple orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in esecutiop at the suit of Day id
F. Barstow vs. E. W. & Wm. WorGeld.
ALSO—The following piece or parcel of land situate
in Asylum township, bounded on the north by the Sus
quehanna river, tut by Chester Butler. south by Moses
Eilinghery, west by Mary Horton and others. Contain
ing 157 acres, fifty stirs thereof improved, smt framed
house ear log house one framed barn and shop thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of H. & S.
Stark vs. Aaron Ely & Daniel C. Miller.
ALSO—The following piece sr parcel of land situate
in Athens township and hounded on the north by land
of Hale. Itavidson & bfeEuen, east by lands of C.N.
Shipman. east by lands of C. N. Shipman, south by
lands of H. W. Patrick, on the west by lands rite
owned by Wynkoop, being lot no.o, as surveyed
by Orson Rickey. Containing 108 acres.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of D Paine
♦s. O. O. Welles.
ALSO—The following described piece or partel of
land shoats in Wye!flying township bounded and de
scribed north by the main ran leading from Towanda
to Skinners Eddy, east by Charles Ilendricks, on the
south by land of Fphraiiii Beeman and the Susquehan
na river, and on the west by E. Leine. Containing 37
acres, all improved, with a new two story tavern house
one store house, and two barns thereon erected, it being
the same property that was purchased at Sherill'a sale
by Philip Sullivan in execution against Jacob Cams
& others. .
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of I. H.Ste
pliens' use vs. Philip Sullivan.
ALSO—By virtue, of a writ of Levari Facies, all that
certain piece or parcel of land hutted bounded a id de
praihed as follows; beginning at a post thence south 80 °
west 363 p. & 6-10 to a pest; thence youth 10° east
101 p. & 3-10 to a beech sapling; thence north 811°
east 129 p. & 0-10 to a peat ; thence north 10° west.
13 pt & 1-10 to • post ; thence north 78° east 234 p.
to a cucumber; thence north 10° east 83 p. & 2-10 to
the place of beginning. Containing 200 acres & 1-10
of an gem with the allowance of six ter cent. for roads.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Alexan
der Baring & Henry Darling, who survived Robert
Gilmore; l'hns. M. Willing, C. Willing Hare. devi.res
in trust for the estate of Wm. Bingham vv. Sane' Kel
logg. Gordon Wilcox. John Doty, T. C. Kellogg and
Shelden Guernsey teem tenants.
A piece or parcel of land in Ulster, butted. bounded
and ilescribed'as follows: beginning at a post thence
south 80° west 363 & 0-10 p. to a post; thence north
10° west 71 p. 4.7-10 -to ■ post • thence north 80°
east 363 p. & 6-10 to a hemlock ; thence south 10°
east 71 p. & 7-10 to the place of beginning Contain
ing 153 acres & 8-10 of an acre with the allowance of
■ix per cct t.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Alexan
der Darling and Henry Darling who survived Thos. M.
Willing and C. Willing Hare devisees in mist of the
estate of Wm. Bingham vs. John Bassett. Gordon Wil
cox, John Doty, T. C. Kellogg and Shelden Guernmry
terre tenants.
J. F MEANS. Shelia.
Sberili Office Towanda Oct. 21 1990.
91 HEAD OF COWS and young cattle will sold
"s 1 chrap for c.redi or approved credit.
Towanda. Oct. 13, 1846. HIRAM C. FOC
11)111D DOANE, toy son. o lail river eighteen
years left my house on the Mb of August in-t,
evil out any good reason for doing an. mid I hereby
forbid all and ony penoin whatever harboring or trust
ing him on my account as I will pay no debts of his
contracting or vomiters lectured by I
Windham. Aug. I I th '46. JOSEPH DO A NE.
Ald. persona uttlelsed to the estate of Oliver Ainger,
/ate of Smithfield township, deed., am hereby
requested to make payment without delay, and those
hating claims against said estate. will please present
them duly attested In HENRI' PEET.
Smithfield, Oct. 13, 1846. AdutiuisUator.
1' 187' (IF LETTERS. remaining . in the Pert Of.
JU fice et Towanda, qatutifending Sept 30, 18 4 0.
Avery Rufus - Howland J P
•Ilush Wm 2 Horton E H •
Bishop Eliza 4 Herkimer Henry
Bingham Alias Miry E Hetrick Margaret
Ilanenft LG ' ' Holezmb J
Brown Beaty Johnson Nicholas
Brown Lacy Johnson C A
Burbank H C . Jones Robert
Benjamin Lotion Jones•Thornas
Bennett Chester Ketchum John
Butler Marvin • Lilley Mrs C .
Bramhall Miss P A ' Late Samuel H '
Bowman David Muttony Thomas -•
Bartley John Moore Robert
Bret* Wm MeAndrus Martin
Corning* A Imirm Morgan 8 H .
Campbell Wm E Monoghan John
Crowley Jno IWCunl John
Cornell Thomas Morse C A
Cagle & Hamilton McAlTee 11
Crams: J D Northrop Miss Mary 8 2
Coemeer M . Power M
Drake James C Phinney II 8
Drumlin, 1) Palmer Harriet
Duherty A . Phinney Gould
Davenport H Park 8 N
Etheridge Naze E Porter James
Ennis Miss M Roach Edmund
Fos John M Savage 'l'
Foster %, Bjr Hon 2 Sickler G •
Forest Benj , Sickle, Miss A'
Farnham John P. Sullivan Mrs Hannah
Fowler Rogers Shemin! 8 E
Gore Capt A Taylor Jacob 2
Gilbert John Tame Jacob
Holmes John Taylor Matilda
Thompson John L A. R. CHAMBERLIN. P. M.
Y virtue of a writ of reeditioni espartos in
sued out of the court of Common Pleas
of Bradford county, to me diverted. 1 shall ex
pose to public sale at the house or Ira H. Ste
phens in the borotigh of Towanda. on Friday.
the 16th day of October, the following described
piere or parcel of land situate in Wvalusing
township. bounded north by lands of Justus
Lewis, west by Station!. south by J. 11.
Black, east by the township line. Containing,
3.A2 acres, about two hundred acres unmoved,
with fourframed houses. three log houses. our
framed barn, one log ham, one spring , house.
one grist mill and the hall of a saw mill and three
small orchards thereon.
Seized and taken in exeretion at the suit of
Elisha Lewis vs. Sainitel Black.
JOHN F. MEANS. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, Sept. 16, 1846.
VIIIIE above sale stands adjourned to the 6th
I_ of November next. at the Caine place at 1
o'clock P. M. J. F. MEANS. Sheritt
(kOMee Towanda. 0.4. 24. 1816.
ORE 8 HOELNO'dona an Omit notice by
11 Towanda, Oct. 13.'46. N. HEMMING WAY.
at, No. 3, Brick Rosa. my 20 BAIRD'S.
Thou who wish to Purchase Cheap Gorilla,
WILL God it to their interest to call at BAIRD'S,
before purchasing elsewhere, a* we are deter
mined 4:kr!l at all hazards. NO. 3. BRICK ROW.
lbs. at iny2o N 0.3, BRICK ROW.
DRUGS 6c .MEDICINES. psints, , oils and dye
dugs, white lead, ground and dry, varnish, pills.
irgolder, copperas, apts. turpentine, guru copal, alum,
Venitian red, log-wood, red-wood, cam-wood. all for sale
cheap, at ma O. N 0.3. BRICK ROW.
MO the citizens of Ilradfonl County in general. and
the Borough of Towanda.. in particular: All
the judgments; notes and accounts of the subscribers,
will be collected according to law, without distinction
of persons, unless satisfactorily nettled within thirty
Jays of this date. Those whit think we are not in
earnest, will find nut their mistake to their own mi.—
:Mark that. W. H. BAIRD &CO.
'Towanda, May 15, 1846.
N. U. We would furthermore say upon this subject,
that we have just received a large stock of New Goods,
which will he sold very cheap indeed. for ready pay.
(1411EireaLame inatantacsne.,-,
EVERYTHING in the line, including Elliptic
Springy, iron ,A zels, Mallahle Burs, Dash, Seat
and Step Irons,Ornaments. India Rubber and Oil Cloth.
Lace, Tufts, Moss, ate. for sale at JIM MEM %UR'S.
IIIHE subscriber •antinues to act as agent (or the DE
Philadelphia, a stork company of good standing and re
pute do does Lushness on as fas..rable terms as any other.
He is also agent for the LYCOMINU CO. MU
TUAL INSURANCE CO.. a company which has al
ways teen punctual in the payment of leases and pre
sents advantages seldom found.
Towanda, May 20. 0. D. BARTLETT.
War against MO Priers and the Craft System
.11 the .iretty Fork Cheap Store,
No. 2, Brick Row. one door south of (he P.O.
THE Subscribers having entered into a co-partner
ship for the express purpose of furnishing the good
people of Bradford County with goods, wares and mer
chandise. et least one notch lower than they have ever
been sold in this market. racy are now securing one
of the largest and heat selected stocks ofspring stud sum
mer goods, ever landed iu Northern Pennsykuni.i:
:filen stock comprises almost every article ever offered
in i country store. Among which, we can only mini
Lion that there is • general assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery. Glass
Nuils, Iron, Bonnela, Boots and Shoes. Sul I, Tin
ware, Slone-ware, Liquors. 4c., ere., 4-c.
Their goods have been purchased mostly for cash
auction, and they pledge themselves that they will not
be undersold by any other establishment in this section
of the country. "ei3ple have only to call at the New
York Cheap Store,(Nu• 2 Brick Row.) to satisfy them
C. at E. REED
Towanda, May 25, 1P45.
ONN ETS— '1 great .sung to the '• Heads of the
1.3 Nation." The Ladies will find it a great saving. to
their heads to call and purchase one of those beautiful
Straw, Devon, Dirty, Florence, or Lace, Lawn, Gipsy
lat,selling en cheap at REED'S.
LAN I)Lt)R DS 11119111 M on the moat favorable terms.
Those wishing to buy good Liquor and &Tars 25
pore ent. below the usual prices cannot fail to find it to
your advantage -to call ou TRACY & Molt? F,.
CMM.:DES—the largest assonnwitt end politest
patterns, and Meanest CALICOES 4 to wiy
thing of Ginghaans, Lawns, &c., ever seen in this re
gion. for sale by trty2o 0. D. DA Ktri.Err.
THE undersigned Auditor. appointed by the Or.
phan's Court of Bradford county, to make distri
bution of fund. proceeding from sale by the Ai'minis.
!rotor of real estate of Wm. Myer, late of said county.
deceased. hereby gives notice that he will attend in the
duties of hie appointment at his Mho. in 'Towanda 80.
ruugh, on Saturday the 14th they of November nest, at
two o'clock P. M., when all persons interested ore re
quired to present their visions, nr be debarred nom com
ing in upon toad funds. H. DOOTH, Auditor.
Towsnds. Oct. 14, 1a46.
it'slute tf Patrick Brady deem:tell.
rl l O Lockwood oao of the Ad "-trators of
I paid state. .ake notice, 'lilt application hap Iceti
made to paid Court 011 behalf of James WAlidom.
Guardian of Janie,. Brady, to vacate your letter of ail
miniptration. bald application pet forth that you have
left the mate for more hen tote Tear last past, and have
no known place of residence therein. You are there.
fore required to appear at the next tram of said Court
in Deremberostul show show cause. if any you have,
why paid letter phmild not be vacated.
LYMAN E. DE WOLF, elk.Orphao . Coun
Oct. 13, 1816.
Health is one of the beat gifts of parents to their chil
dren. and without it, all the drainages of fortune are
but evils in disguise. Nature always admonishes the
pentad when aid is required. If a young 'Chill cries
much, it must be ill, for it is not capable of being glen
t.-d by any ideas, but those of bodily pain or pleasure.—
At such times mothers are apt to give their infants car•
doh, containing intoxicating or stupifying properties,
and thmgh this may answer their immolate purpose.
what is the result! The children either dial in convul
sions, or live miserable and nnhealtKpine in - their
growth, with debilitated stomachs, ■ -,:-7 1sied nerves.—
The food dedgnrd by nature for children is so dearly
pointed nut, that skis marvellous how any person can
he mistaken, the Wrest of the mother, or trend and milk
for infant., is so clearly adapted to the delicate state of
their stomach', that nothing can be enbatituted equally
nutritious and wholesome. It is at, the .critical p er i o d
teething," or when the infant withdrawn from
its mother's breast, in order to substitute estranger diet;
that those fatal diseases arise which sweep off so many
tens of thousands of- infants annually. Who can esti
mate the ravages made by .• Cholera Infantunr!" And
y. t there is a specific for it, which ha; never been known
to fail. when applied amending to the directions.-
-.JA VNE'S UAININ ftWE " is a reme
dy that has restored many a languishing babe to the
arm. • f the delighted mother, restoring vigor to the sys
tem, at the same dine that it eradicate! the disease.—
As men are but children of a larger growth," the sante
remedy will Ito found equally efficacious in Cholera
%Anis, Nervous or :Sick Headache, and indeed all dis
eases that arise from a disordered state of the stoma It
and tamely
partnership heretofore existing between the
subseribers under the finn of Carrier & Hulbert.
is this day by mutual consent dissolved,
P. M
Towanda, Aug. 10, 184(L
Great Attraction al No. I, Brick Row !
A K.
K. CHAMBERLIN i. now receiving:, .plerlid
• mum iment of Drugs. Medicines, Points, Oils end
y tittili.,; Oinl in addition, a lull and complete e.-
.0 rtnier.t of FAMILY 6 RIX klitl ES t—tbe Stock con
si,iting input ul the lollowing :
Alum, Alcohol, Aloe's. Amain', Antimony, Arrow
Root. Arsenic, Aqua Forties do. Ammar . ..Bottles, Isll64lii.
eel, Bears' nil, British Oil, Blue Vitriol. Bone, Bark.
Peru.. poly, Bath Bock, Balsam Copuira, Burgundy
Pitch, Camphor. Calomel, Caraway Seos,Cantharides,
Carl). Ammon ..Cayenno Pepper, Chamomile FloweN,
Cinnamon, Cloves, Court Plaster, Copperas, Confec
tionary. Corks of all Linda, Cream Tartar, Curcuma
Cube's, Emery, ass'd from No. 1 to 6, Epsom Salts,
Feesence Bergamot. do. Lemon, do Pepper' JJ ll t, do. and
Gif`Sprucir, Flor. Sulphur, do.BBelm o nt, Glue, of all
Linda, Gold Leaf. Gum Opium, Ao. Arabic, die. Copal,
dn. A saaluetiela, do. Myrrh, do. Tragacanth, Harlreen
Oil,theta Piers. Indigo, Spanish, flout do. Bengal, Ink
Powders. Ink, in bottles, do. Indellible. Irish Moss,
Isingiass, lb% Ointment, Ivory Bluck..lalap. Laudanum
Licorice R001, , d0. Ball, Lunar Caustic, Macassar Oil,
Mace. Magnesia, do. calcined, Manna. Mustard seed,
do. g d, Nora teg Bottles, Nutgeella, Nnimeg. Gel.
fill, whiter and summer strained Spet en, bleached, a ht.
and natural, do. Linseed. do Camphitte. Sweet. do Vit
ro!, do. Wintergreen, de. Pepper' ll ill t, do linseed, do.
Lavender, Opodeldoe, Paragoric, Pearl Barley. Pepper
Sauce, Perfumery. Pill MIN!. Pink Root. PrUP!$l3lO
Potash, Quicksilver, Rhubarb, it. & powdr„ Roll Brim-
stone, lied Chalk. Red Precipitate, Saffron, American
and Spa n ish, Sand Paper, Sal. Anatomise. do. Claufwr,
Saltpetre, Sensapasilla. do Syrup. Sealing Was. Senna,
Shaker's Herbs. Sponge. coarse and fine„Starch, Snuff,
Macciiboy de. Scotch, do. Cephalic, Soap. Castile, do.
Sharing, do Winsor, Spermaceti, Spts. Hartshorn, de.
Nit. Dale., Sugar Lead, Sup. Carl). Soda, Sulph.
Syrinfies. assorted, Tart. Arid. Tenter Hooka,
Vials, iwaortetl, Valerian Root, Wafers, White and Red
. -
Black Lead. Cassia. Chalk, Chrome . Yellow, do.
Green, (n al Varnish, Coach do. Lead. White, dry
arid in Oil, Lamp Black, Litharage, Platy, Paris White,
Spanish Brown. French Green.Spt.Turpentine.
Venetian Red, Verdigris, Vermillion, Whiting, Yellow
Red Wood. Nicaragua. Madder, Muriate Tin, Oxalic
Arid, Piumian Blue, Pumice, Had 2.4aunders, !buten
Nhate, Camwood, Cochineal. Ent. Lonwood, Pudic,
Crain Tin, Hatchwood, Lac Dye, Logwuud.
The great English remedy. Elochan's Hungarian
Balsam of Life. Sand's Sarsaparilla. Bristol's Est, dn.
Wistar's Salaam Wild Cherry, Peewit.' Honey of Li
verwort, Chreseman's Arabian Ba!sons, Pills, Oriental,
do. Dr. Past's, dn. Hooper e, do. Moffitt's. dn. Persian,
do. Branthrth's, do. Phinney's. do. Lee's. Godfrey's
cordial, Thompson's Eyesrater. Dr. Jay Ile. Epectorant.
Ten. Coffee. Sugar, Spice and Pepper, Starch, Rai
sins, Soda Crackers. CinOantun, English Currants,
Nutmegs, Ginger, Sem ref.Tamily Soap, Sper n Can
dles I.:beam-al Wax, lb. Tubsee• and Snug, 8.1 .I:Ma
tus. Pioas, Blooms, Pails, rupee, Refined Loaf Sugar,
Looking Gino* pliarii of all nizen, Window Mann. 7
by 9, 9 by 10, 10 by 12, 10 by 14, 11 by 15, 12 by It,
12 by I.
Fancy articles of all kinds. Alec—Fine Butter
Towanda. Aug. 4,1816,
ll4isr OF LETTERS, remaining in the Post Of.
fire, at Athens, quarter ending Sept. 30, 1846.
Hr Aria Avery K Jenks jr
Mr A v rev . JC & C Jenkins
C H limit: Matilla Jai kaim '
Joseph Bell liar hair Lehman
J 11 Burrh . li G Litzetiberg
Daniel Dian R Udell
SWUM LitrAgs Rev F Lane
E Eoflll . llllofl .l G Nfarvin .
A Dewey l'hoinvs Mounlay
E Dunham Sand Myers
C A Di roll Harriet A !Horrid
E Ilingee T Maas% ill
D Davis Ili W Nartinlp
Mr. Bmilley I) Playloot
P S Evymy 1 Pomeroy • l
It S Finch 2 Nancy Park_ _
S mind Finch. ' Park (Innkeeper)
I'l Gilbert jr ' 'Directors of the Poor of
Thomas Gardner 3 Athens and Litchfield
Illary 8 I iriaweiti ittansherra
Pheite Gray C 8 Park
.Levi A Gardner . It I. Poud
(1 A Hudson S Symonds .
Jo or 0 Hint:buin H I' Snyder
Mary Herne or Kerno II Rowlati4 2
.1 _ It Willt•tott
I. Horton H w aro:
W II Hunt l oft C VanDebngart
I ii. Jenks C. H. HERRICK. P M.
MOSTANYEW & CO., are now recietinz a very
&aura dr toomirtni`ent of dim.;
a great tierroinn in the market, eionpri-im; %
BROA 1/431.4 )111S. Cit-4111 Cf., nod Z•zatttoo.,
and the rhoirrod patle , nno of Prints and INetroed Gael..
tir.stelnl for volt favor they reapectfully Whett a gt
public to rail and Psnmitie their mock..oof think
ran hold nut entlivienlifoluceinvola to ensure their
of public patron:l.4r.
rteptembor 7. lOU',
Judy 7.
pEi HAS* 11,S, 3 4 GASGLI•FA's„stiN SHADE:
either Sill., Gingham, or Cot ttttt , mav he l'en n ,
At/ ;INTL!) 11INIEDIATF:I.V„ by the aubvrih ,
V a Journeyman Ularkam.llt ; also. an apprem
hi th. lllrc4emttLwg bu.inee,. J. D. RIDGWAY.'
A. $.O