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    New Wholesale and Retail Commis.
sion Grocery. -
Mal& subscriber would inforni the good people , of
Towanda aad vicinity; that be has opened a new
Groceryatore on the owner of Main sad Bridge
serceis,wshere he intends to keep sll kind■ of Croceriws,
th twil twit all kinds of customers. His etoek com
prises every article offered in his line, (Epos exzepted)
among which cart be found candles. James Hirer To
bacco, WOG . tea, colfie, 'molasses, figs, ground pepper.
would allspice. saleratus, cloves, starch, cinnamon, do.
crowed. lump sugar. bar, fancy and amity soap, com
as.• crackers. herring, by the bog or leas quantity,
neastard, codfish, No. 1. mackerel. Also. snuff, segars.
(half 'pettish at 50 cents per 100) cream nut., filbert•.
Witiends4 raisins, lepper•sauca, tomtit., and walnut
ketchups. lemon syrup nml carpet bags.; roini.a "fail
kinds. A large stock of CANDIES, of all finds tat
wholesale and retail.
Rats and Shan.
He bail also a large 'assortment of the finest and best
ankle of BOOT'S AND BHOEB, ever brought into
this market; being of Philadelphia manufact ore, •canals
tiog of Misses fine morocco boots; calf hoots, coarse do..
kip boas and shoes. A very large lot of ladies kid
slippers, made of the best matewal and workmanship..
Ladies half garters. silk dn., boys and children's morocco
mantes, children's half gaiters, boys kip brogans. all,
of which will be sold very low fur cash, or ready pay.
The highest price paid 1.4 any quantity of good
Towanda, July 1, 1846.
IHE subscriber takes pleasure in announcing to hie
• friends and the pnblic generally, that he now
seceising and opening an - entire now stock of GOODS.
(at his state in the borough of 'Towanda. situated on
the east site of Main street, three noon; south of Mon
tanys's & Co., and nearly opposite B. Kingbery's) eat
levelog everything in the line of
Dry G oods, Groceries. (the ardent excepted
Hardware, Glass Queen's !fare, Boots
anti Shoes,. Paints. Oils and l'ar
niah, Iron and Nails. 4.c...5T..
which he will sell as cheap as the cheapeq, not except
ing the Rear=for, or any of the champions of small
profits and rick sales. lle would respectfully • invite
these who wish to buy cheap to call and examine his
'goods end prices for themselves, before purchasing at
any other place. N N BET lb.
Towanda, May 16,1944.
PLAINTS, LAWNS & M UsLINS, a large amen
meta on hand and for tale cheap at BETTS'.
LWHOM doPALM LEAF HATS smi bonnets
will be found at my2o BErrw.
M OA *I DIAI ti ti MI 4
Of New and Cheap Spring and Summer Goods
Direct from the City.
BURTON KINGSBERY most respectfully in
forms his old customers. and the public in gene
thst he is now receiving at his old stand, a large
assortment of all kinds of goods, which he intends to
tell a Lillie cheaper than any other store in Towanda.
It is impossible to put in a newspaper all the different
kinds of goals that maybe found at my store. I have
a fall assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery,
Drugs, Medicines, Paints. Oils, Dye stuffs. Boots and
Slum Nai4, Iron, Hats 4 Caps. &c. Gall and price,
before you. buy elsewhere. May 14, 1846.
sold LAWNS, Muslin de Laines and Sum
mer Shawls, a very large assortment, which wil
sold lower than be bought at any other store. Cal
and wee. myl4 B. KIN GSBERY .
ONNETTS.J-Any quantity, from two shillings,
to $6, with beautiful trimmings, also Gowen., in
side sprigs and wreaths, all French, which will he found
at myl4 B. KINGSBERY.
NO. 1, 130DFISH & MACKEREL. I°F lel IC at
may 13. B. KINGSBERY.
extra cocoa. superior to old Java coffee, and a
morehealtby beverage, which may be found at the old
Cheap store of myt3 B. KINGSBERY.
Stray Slurp.
CAME to the enclosure of the aubwriber, shout the
6nit of June last, 20 SHFEP, baring no particu
lar marks, with the exception of one cheep ha rinz a bell
Towanda, /illy 25, 1846
THE subscribers would tender their thanks to their
customers for pest favors, and call their attention
to their New Stock of Goods, which exceed their cor
ral:: one imuantitg. quality and low prices. Their
pptr~esaeent stock having been selected with great care, and
bought low; they will endeavor to give their customers
better bargains for Cash or Produce than can be had at
as other establishment.
Their assortment being complete. it would be useless
to particularize articles, but would just say that their
stock consists of a full supply of Dry Gond., Groceries,
Crockery, Hardware. Dye Stuffs,Drugs, Hats, Bonnets,
Boots and Shoes, hcc., &c.
The above stock shall be gold at prices that will give
entire satialartinn.
Being satisfied that ready pay is best for all parties.
enabling the former to sell his produce at a better rate,
and the merchant to sell his gouda at lower prices than
be can do on credit, therefore will adhere to the Ready
Pay System. We do net ask you to call and see our
goods first, but examine others first, if you please, and
then oura, and we are sure you will purchase nine if
you want bargains. MAYNARD & WATTLES.
Rome. June3o, 1846.
r'm partnership htretofore existing between the
Subscribers under the firm of Elliott & Mercur,
is this day by mutual consent dissolved. All accounts
doe the firm will he found in the bends of Thomas
Elliott who is duly authorized to settle all of the busi
ness of the late firm THOItAS ELLIOTT,
Towanda. August let.. 1848,
' St No. 4, Brick Bow.
THE subscribersare now receiving and opening a
.L very large supply of seasonabl. GOODS, which
they am anxious to sell on the most favorable terms for
ready PM%
They are fully determined oat no one shall sell Goads
cheaper than they. Having taken much pains in the
selection of their goods—and u many articles of meo
chamlitre have fallen off in price since epring purchases
Well made, they confidently believe they can offer
tome inducements to those who wish to buy cheap
goods they will not readily find elsewhere, especially a
stores that purchased their goods early in theseason
It will take but a moment to drop in and examine some
oftheir cheap Goods. Such as
Good Brown Muslin, 7 cents per yd:
Calicoes. 7 do.
Very good Prints„ 10a12 &15 per yd.
Brown Sugar. 7, 8 & 9 cents per lb.
Good Molasses, 30 cents per gallon.
Green Tea from 12i cents to $l per lb.
And all other articles in proportion. They do not
like to swag) , will sell "cheaper" and "mare" "goods"
than any holy else. That would seem too much like
boasting; but they will say distinctly, they WILL :car
he undersold; and, will also say to their Lumber and
Froduee customers, that they hero the most entire con.
fi&nee that DO fault will be found with the price of
Geode. If they only bring in their Lumber and Pro
duce, they will find goods as cheacias where they sell
exclaims* , for CAWS!
They do not consider it necessary to enumerate all
oe any of the articles they have far sale. Suffice it to
say. their assortment is now full and complete. Call
and examine. fee yourselves.
Towanda, July 1. 191.9. TRACY &, 11tOt1Rfl.
11HAVING made arrangements to exchange Cloth
and other goods for WOOL, the subsmiber de
salts to gain theesnfideace and approbation of the wool
omen by giving them the very beat exchanges which
the esters of the market will permit. Call and
Towanda, May 20. O. D. BARTLETT.
111 BONNETS just received at the Savings Bank,
which we are offering' toilay as cheap as yestenlay.—
Call and examine. jet? G. . FLYNT & CO.
haute, Rept DeLsins, Lemma cloths for summer
/Wales, so loom looked for ty the Ladies; have arrived
am! rosy now LC NM at REED'S
51' REC'D the Largest, Best, and Cheapest
:at of Goode ever brought into the country
Printed muslins, lace =slim,. Limn gingham". mgandi.
print marquise. Canary litany cashmeres, muslin ging
hams a new article. tloretteo satin striped, balzarine, a
few pat. black balzarme, cherclital print reps and crape
detains, white dress goods, n large lot of prints rich and
beautiful patterns, curled and grins skirts, conkc de-
Nine shawls, plain and shaded do.. blk. cord stradells
shawls, barrige and net sbawk, satin Striped barrigs and
net long shawls. ladies polsa, fig'd and striped cravats
and lies. beauntid gimps and bridges, silk demiseits.
green budge, &c. _ _
Cheaper than the cheapest—Cipsey pearl braid, oorde
net lace, dorenee, gipsey devon .straw edged and plan,
Misses gipsey pedal. birds eye braid and demo straw;
spendid Bonnet I.ibbon.•, some very desirable styles;
tln doz. PardsOls and Suw-Shades, lady and cents black
and cord Karl Gloves, I.M.Combrie H tllds. Hosiery /re
'Twined "French. English and American; doe skin Cas
simere, light and dark Striped c reeked do. a great varie
ty ; golden tweeds, merino easdinere, Kentucky Jeans.
blue drills. A superior assortment of rEgTINGS
nuirsails. valentine, cassitnerr„ plain and striped satin.
10 bales Sheeting, Batting, Wadding and Wicking.
Such as Iron, nails. steel, log chains. halter and trace
do., mill end x cut saws. augurs and tiles. A largo as
sortment of Shelf Hardware. door trimmings. cutlery,
shoe thread, wool and horse cards, coffee mills. &c.
Blond's, Harris' and Wadsworth's Warranted Grain
and Grass Scythes,. smiths and sickles, a first sate article.
Ladies kid buskins and slippers. morocco and calf skin
Isms, black and fancy gaiters and half gaiters. children's
gaiters and calf boats. A beautiful article gent's gai
ters; coarse and fine Boots, in abundance.
A large stock of Sugar and Molasses: Lump. Loaf and
Pulverised Sugar; Fresh Teas; Coffee, Rice, Raisins,
nutmegs, indigo, tob ice°, fine cut and cavendiAt, , shad
mackerel and codfish.
A general assortment, in setts, or otherwise, to suit ens
400 Men's and Boy's Leghorn fiats ; 600 P. L. do
Cr Butter, Flaxsted, Beeswax, Egg. and Grain
wanted in exchange fur gorkls, ut cash prices.
Towanda, Nfay 20, 1846.
at No. 3, Brick Row. tny2o BAIRD'S.
Those who wish to Patellae Cheap Cads,
Will. find it to their intere,a to call at BAIRD'S
before purchasing elyewhere, as we are deter
mined to sell at all havinls. 'NO. 3, BRICK BOW
LMJZ. PATENT PAILS; 2 doz. Wash tubs;
7111 12 .'oz. Brooms ; 6 setts Wooden measures ;
h t No. 3, Brick Row. BAIRD'S.
lbs. at my2o N 0.3, BRICK ROW.
DRUGS & MEDICINES. paints, oils and dye
jsjl stuffs, white lead, ground and dry, tarnish,
madder, copperas, spts. turpentine, guns copal, alum,
Venitian red, log-wodd, red-wood, Calll-IVOOII. all for ask
cheap, at ma 20. NO. 3, BRICK ROW.
o the citizens of Bradford County in general, and
the Borough of Towanda, in particular All
the judgments, notes and accounts of the stibscritters,
will he collected according to law, without diAtinelion
of persons, unless satisfactorily settled within thirty
days of this date. Those who think we are not in
earnest, will find out their mistake to their own cost.—
Mork Mal. . 11. BAIRD &CO.
Towanda, May 15, 1846.
N. B. We would furthermore cay upon this subject,
that we have just received a large stock of New Goods,
which will be sold very cheap indeed, for ready pay.
akIL laaalLM MSZ=2. l l.a r C.!..•%,5 1
EVERYTHING in the line, including Elliptic
Springs, Iron Aids, Mailable Burs, Dash, Seat
and Stop Irons, Ornaments, India Rubber and Oil Cloth,
Lace, Tufts, Moss, &e. for sale at jIB
rpHE subscriber continues to act as agent for the DE
Philadelphia, a stock company orgood standingazuf re
pute & does business on as favorable Willem; any other.
He is also agent for the LYCOMING CO. MU.
TUAL INSURANCE CO., a company which has al
ways been punctual in the payment of losses and pre
sents advantages seldorolfound.
Towanda, May 20. - 0. D. BARTLETT.
War aping High Prices end the Credit System
the ./rew renic Cheap Store,
No. 2, Brick Row. one door south of the P.O.
/THE Subscribers having entered into a co-pattncr
ship for the express purpose of furnishing the good
people of Bradford County with goods, wares and mer
chandise, et least one notch lower than they have ever
been sold in this market. They are now reaming one
of the largest and beet selected stocks of spring and sum
mer goods, ever landed in Northern Pennsylvania.
Their stock comprises almost every article ever offered
in a country store.. Among which, we can only men
tion that there is e 'general assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Itirdware, Crockery, Glass
Nails, Iron, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes, Soh, Tin
ware, Stone-ware, liquors. 4c.,
Their goods have been purchased mostly for cash at
auction, and they pledge themselves that they will not
he undersold by any other estahlishment in this section
of the country. People have only fe call at the New
York Cheap tore,(No. 2 Brick Row.) to satisfy the:n
aives. ' C. &E. REED
Towanda, May 25. I R 46.
oIs.NETs—A raving to the 6 : Heads of the
.1J Nation." The Ladies will find k a great 'saving to
their heads to call and purchase one al those beautiful
Straw, Devon, Gimp. Florence, or Lace, Lawn. Gipsy
flonneta, selling so cheap at REED'S.
A NDLORDS supplied on the moat favorable terms.
Thosc wishing to buy good Liquor and Segura 25
per cent. below the usual prices cannot fail in find it to
sour savointsze to cull nu TRACY & .1110‘1RE.
T"partnnrship heretofore existing between the
subscribers under the firm of Carrier tk. Hurlburt.
is this day by mutual consent dissolved.
Towanda, Aug. 10, 1846.
CALICOES—the largest assortment and prettiest
patterns, and cheapest CALICOES, to aay no
thing of Ginghams, Lawns, &c., ever •seen in this re
gion. for sale by my2o 0. D. BARTLETT.
Just received at the Savings Bank :
• 100 sup. Parasols;
50 Parasollettes ;
; 100 Umbrellas;
For the "eplintere," we will pot them down'lont.
May 27. a E. FLYNT & CO.
either Silk; Gingham, or Cotton, may be found
cheap at REED'S
STIMMERSbands, Muslin Del.aine.iflrnbri Del.aine.
Plain and Emhrohlered &militia and Barege Shawls
suitable for summer, now opening at REED'S.
LEGHORN and Palm Leaf Hats of all qoal , tiee jolt
received nod for sale cheap at REED'S
AVID DOANE, my sen. a lad over eig,htecp,.
UV years left my house on the sth of August Mit,
without any good reason for doing so, and I hereby
forbid all and any person whatever harboring or trust
ing him on my account as I will pay no debts of hia
contracting or expenses incurred by him.
Windham. Aug. Ilth '46. JOSEPH DOANE.
B L LACKS3TITHS, and others wanting IRON OR'
STEEL, will do well to call and examine thelarge
assortment kept constantsy on baud at hiERCURS'.
nd make roan fur Me Sovereign Balm Pilln
It is now about four years since Di. E. L. Soule first
introduced the Oriental or Sovereign.lialtn Fills to the
public, and we venture many, that no other medicine
has given such universal satisfaction, and the sale in
crease so fast. for with very little exertion or advertising
the demand fits increased to cover
-1000 boxes per day.
They aro intirely .vegetable, and cause no - pain in their
operations, being perfectly safe for young or old, and
those of debilitated constitutions. and as a family med
ieine,:have no equal. They are an effectual remedy
ferdiscases of this climate,such as bilious diseases in all
their various forms. Fever, Old Liver Complaints Head
4hes, Coughs, Colds ,
. Costiventw &c. We have
warranted them in over 100 cases of Fever and Ague,
and have never known them to fail in removing it, in
from one to six days, when taken according to direct.
tiona. They sever lease the bowels 'costive, being
, very different from any other Pills in use, which leave
the bowels costive, and one dose only creates the necessi
ty for another. In nervous debility and female weakness
their effects have been truly astonishing. They have
restored a large number of such cases niter they had been
confined to their bell, and given up by their physicians.
The certificates a few of which may be seen in our cir
culars, which May Inc had of our agents gratis: They
qaiet the nervous system, and remove-the cause of ner
vous irritation. In short they strengthen and renovate
the w hole system. In cases of Dyspepsia and costiveness
they have worked Wonders: Thousands have been re
stored from all the horrors ditto above diseases, and a
number of them in Syracuse, and in this county...-
For particulars see circulars.
We have always taken great care in selecting and
compounding our medicines, which has been done by
1)r. Soule in person,, as may be seen by the following
We have acted as agents for Dr.E.L.Soula for the last
four years in purchasing most of the medicines used in
the composition of his pills.—Poring that time some
of the articles have advanced nearly an hundred per cent.
Fie has not varied his proportions, end has at no time
(red any but the best qualities of medicines. We have
also acted as 'agents in selling his Sovereign Balm
Pills, and from the universal satisfaction given, we con
sider they rank among the best pills now Wore the pub
lie. Pr.Soule is the person who first introdbeed them
into this country, and has continued the manufacture
of them ever since. T 131 .Frrc & Co.
Syracuse, February '23. 1840.
None are genuine. except thrum bearing the name o
Dr. E.L.Soule & Co. on the face of each box.
For sale by Huston A; Ladd, Towanda: George A.
Perkins, Athens; Lyman Duffer., Smithfield; A. 4. S.
H. Morley, Burlington; Levi Taylor, Granville; Saud
Smith, Franklin; A. Burroughs, Monmeton ; George
Nichols, Rome; H. Z. Friable, Orwell; Le Raysvflle,
J. E. Bullock. 12-3 m
saaaam M111322:1Qa
RESPECTFULLY informs his fi tends that he has
leased the above 'louse, situated on the south
side of toe public square. lately occupied by A .M. Coe,
and having made entirely new arrangement., is now
prepared for the reception of visitors. Presenting his
compliments to his friends and the public generally,and
asmring thetn no pains or expense will be spared to
please ltis guests. he reepeettully solicits public patron
age, pledging himself that whale the establishment is
under his control; it shall Out be excelled by any in the
The rooms of the • CLAREMONT if 0 are
spacious and airy. and (urniehcd in the beet style.
The Table will be furnished with every substantial
the country c.rn produce.
The Bar will be stocLed with the best liquors in a
pure and unadulterated state.
First rate :Stabling attached, with ready and faithful
Ostlers always in atte,.dance.
In short, nothing will be omitted. which will add to
the comfort and convenience of customers, and with his
facilities, he believes satisfaction will be rendered to all.
Towanda, April 8, 1848.
roFIE next,year of ibis In-titutio, will commence
on Monday tho 3lbt day of A ugust.• MR. J. C.
VANDERCOOK. Principal, tniss E. C. 131. A CK
MA N. Preceptress. The year viii be divided into four
terms of eleven weeks each. The first term will be fol
lowed by a vacation of one week.
The second term will commence November 23d.
The third term out commence February Bth, and be
followed by a vacation of one week.
The fourth term will commence May 3, and be suc
ceeded by a vacation of six weeks
Tuitwn,perterm qf cleren wcd-s,
For the common Eng studies,
For the higher branches, including, Natural,
Intellectual and Morol Sciences, 4 00
Mathematics and Lingtraires, 5 00
For the second and third terms, Extra, 25
For Drawing and Painting. 2 00
For Music, with use of Iti,trument, 7 00
" Without, • 5 00
Several literary and scientific gentleman, in conjunc
tion with the principal, have consented to favor the in
stitution with lectures on the more important branches
of education, free of charge.
All rtudent4 will be charge% for not less than half
term, unless absence 1.3 occasioned by illness or other
unavoidable causes.
The of composing and declaiming Trill he
required of every student, unte..s excused by the teachers
or parents.
The comae of instruction is designed to be thorough
and practical, adapted to the requisitions of business,
and the demands of an intelligent people. •
The Academy has one of the finest locations on the
Snequehanna,. commanding a charming view of that
beautiful riser, the borough of Towanda and the sur
rounding landscape.
From a confidence in the zeal, enlerprize and abilities
of the teachers, and the unusual prosperity of the school
during the past year, we take pleasure in recommending
this institution, to the favorable regard and patronage
of en enlightened, intelligent and generous people,
trusting that it will continue in usefulness, and the
consequent reser of the public.
HIRA M MIX. President.
Towanda, August 3, 1846. ,
•Owing to an errdr in manuscript, the date ofthe
hand-bills will be found incorrect. It is three days
too late.
t The late Preceptress, having left the institution,
without giving the. nrce■sary notice, we are under the
necessity of deferring the opening of the Female De
partment for one week.
MISS BLACKMAN cornea highly recommended as
a pianist and a scholar. .1. C. VANEERCOOK.
II 5.4 air. .311ERCUZi,
consisting as usual. of everything. which will
be sold al Ihc notch.
Toweal, July 6, 1846.. •
Prbsts and Gingham?.
VERY large and beautiful assortment of Print",
Gingham* and Lawns, purchased in :hem York,
since the late reduction of prices, just received at
July 8. MERCERS'.
WORINTED CALICOES-20,000 yds., finm
to 25 mtg.Ose wishing Prints had better
avail themselves of this opportunity.—they are selling
rapidly. G. E. FLYNT & CO.
- -
Othe Directors of the " Towanda Savings Bank,"
111 U, held at Tolwanda, May Ist, 1846, the following
preamble and resolutions Wens unaniriabusly adopted : - •
Resolved, That the, largest stock of GOODS shall
he placed in No. 5, Bomb end Btick ROw.
Resolved, That GEO. E. FLYNT & CO. shall con
nate., 'Ai sell Goods as wield—cheaper than any other
establishment iu Towanda. , , -
Resolved, Vhat the " Savings Bank "'regulates the
prices'of Merchandise and Eschtutge until our nest an
nual meeting.
Resolved, That the war Against Lumber—Credit and
High Prices, shall be continued. • -
Resolved, That the " Ready Pay System." is best
adapted to this atmosphere, and when 0 successful
'operation, goods have, can and shall be sold cheap as.
in the nett place.
Resolved, That pore goods and better, shall be sold
at N 0.5, (F. & Co.) for -the coming twelve months,
than any other establishment.
Resolved, That the proceedings or this meeting be
published in the " Btadford Reporter," and "Bradford
Argus," and two thousand copies circulated throughout
the county. GE 0. E. FLYNT & Co.
another Great and Enthusiastic
AT A MEETING of "611 No. 3 Brick - Row," held
on the 33d day of May, inst.. OLD BAIRD. was
called to the Chair, and Btabßiatto appointed a com
mittee of the whole to draft resolutions. After several
pathetic speeches by L• fen: and George, the follow
ing Preamble and Resolutions were unanimously
adopted :
Whereas, There appears to bee great desire . on the
part of some Merchants in the Borough, to come up .
along 'with No. 3; and Whereas .we are willing to
assist them in doing so as far as consistent : Therefore
Resolved, That such merchants have nut consent to
unite their several stocks together, as the only means
by which they can equal No. 3. '
Resolved, Thal the •• Sluroi tg.t Bank' . take the
right wing ; "Natal/ profits and quick sales" the left,
and "Nem York in Miniature " the rear,—a pike team.
Resolved. That we never before thought New York
was aticka looking place as • its miniature exhibits.
Resolved, That No. 3 always has, always CAN, and
always *VIM,. sell goods cheaper, better goods and
more of them than anx_store in town.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this. meeting he
published in the Village papers, and that one, copy he
handed to each of our competitors, and half a copy to
"New York in miniature."
May 29.1846,
WILCOX & SAE have associated themseves
in the Boot and • Shoe Making business. in the
borough ofTowanda, and may be found at the old stand
of S. Hathaway. Lady occupied by Elkanah Smith. near
i. H.Stephens Exchange Hotel,' where they solicit a
share of public patronage. They intend, by a earefil
selection of stock, and by attention to the interests of
their customers,to make as neat and dumble work as can
be manufactured in this portion of the couhtry.
They keep constantly on hand, and will manufacture
to order, morocco. calf and coarse hoots and shoes;
Ladies' Gaiters, shoes and blips; children's do.; gent's
gaiters and pumps, &c., &e.
Towanda, May 14, 1845
AY DE HAD at our'shop much lower than it
ha+ ever been sof,' in Towanda. Gnodi are
cheap, and wheat am lowered, and that is the reason we
can afford all for to do it. All kinds of produce will
la• received in payment. Also, LUMBER of all kinds.
, Sept. L. M. NYE 4" CO.
<1!C01:8)2E. - '133'XICMIT.I5
tarfl,l. bo kept on hand a large assortment, and
VW made to orderer' shorter notice and for less mo
ney than can be produced at any other establishment in
the land. Those who are under the neeessity of pro
curing that article will and shall be satisfied. A good
hearse and pall may be had in attendance alien desired.
September 1, 1845. L. M. NYE St CO.
1C1T=1111101117" 31P 21 .11M - ILIZIF
L. hl. NYE & CO., would re
• spectlly inform the citizens of Tow
'anda and the public generally, tbut
tip.* they have nn hand & manufacture
ii:; Ito order nll kinds of CABINET
.., ...v.-._ , FURNITUEE, of the best mate
! riots, and workmanship that cannot
"" 0 be au rpassed, in add ition to the usual
assortment in country shops, - we will keep on hand and
make to order SOFAS, of various and most approved
patterns; Sofa Rocking Chaini, upholstered in superior
style, and for ease and durability cannot be surpassed
even in our large cities. Also, the half French Ma
hogany Chair, beautifully upholstered, with curled hair,
which never loses its elasticity, and finished with the
best hair seating. We flatter ourselves that having
had much etperience in the business, we shall be able
to satisfy all who may feel disposed to call, both as to
quality and price, and by strict Attention to bosiness
hope to merit and receive the patronage of a liberal com
munity. L. M. NYE & CO.
Towanda, September 1, 1845.
CASIR FOR lIVOOL.—The liubs.ribet him no
111 . ../ objection to pay part or even all CASH for Wool,
at at high rates us the market will permit.
Towanda. May 00. 0. D. BARTLETT.
JI.Y NETS, another lot just received and for sale
cheap a jel7 REEDS'.
WANTED -500,000 Shinale
300,000 feet Board::
1000 lbe. Good Butter;
June 14. J.D.4E.1). MONTAN YE 4- CO
mod, Niro 4IM-•9 INEITei 3E O D•
Established flay 1845.
New Store, New Goods and New Prices !
G. E. FLYNT Si CO., the only Original Cash Store
Fin WELVE MONTHS' experience has induced the
Cashier & Co. of the " Towanda Savings Bank"
to enlarge the sphere of their operations, being well as
sured from the past, that the system of " Pay Iq-day
and trust 10-morrow," is well adapted to Bradford
county. Our stock of Goods surpass in quantity and
quality any previous stock, which will enable us to of.
fer greater inducements than ever. The following are
!a few among the many articles that comprise our stock
of Dry Goods:
French, English and American Cloths, French Cas
sinter°, Vestings, Sattinet, Summer Stuffs. Caipetings,
French Muslin., Lawns. Barages, Batzaiirru, Gingham
Gingham; Cashmeres, De Laines, Shawls
of all descriptions, such es Brocha Plain do Lame,
Ramp, Super silk, Rob Roy. and Merino, Parasols,
Sheetings.Tiekinge„ Drilling, Bagging, Wicking. Oil
Cloths, &c. 20,000 yards printed calicoes.- together
with our usual stock of Milinery Goods. Our stock
embraces almost every article usually called for. We
have just received a large invoice of Family Crocenes—
which we aro offering at reduced prices—time and space
will not allow us to enumerate. Also, a large stock of
Crockery, Glassware, Shelf Hardware, Nails, Steel,
Iron. Hats and Caps,Boots and Shoes, &c., &c.
We take this opportunity of returning our thanks to
the people of Bradford LA •••• c , unties, and in
vite all who wish to BM' GOODS CHEAP, to give
us a call, as we aro pledged to go for " The Cash Par
ty." We assure our friends that no compromise has
bee n effected with flu CREDIT OR DU:II9ER pri
ces, but we shall continue to huy . hao and sell cheap, as
long as there is a cash customer la : Bradford manly.
Our motto far the year to coure,is—" WE HAVE
cr Lila for the Saving. Bank, 11'o. 5, South End,
Brick Row. GEO. E. FLYNT & CO.
Towanda, May O. 1846.
SUMMER SHAWLS, Handkereheifs and Ribbons,
beautiful and cheap, at myllo BETTS'.
The republication of this valuable , work has been
undertaken partly on account of the high favor with
which it has been received in England, but chiefly in
consideration of its intrinsic value, analog from the
felicitous adoption of the plan to a want that has been
long and generally felt and from the judgment and
fidelity manifested in its execution. 'I he idea of giv.
ing in a single woik, of no very formidable dimensions,
a sutlieient outline 3f the world's whole history, and
similar outlines of the .history of every nation, is so
obvious, judicious and appropriate as to require no
eulogiuni. Every person who cares at all for the
acquisition of useful knowledge must desire to pesesa
such a general knowledge of past. events, not only in his
own country "but in all countries, as shall enable him
to understand the perpetually reaming tdlusions that are
found in almost any course of general reading; because
for want of,such understanding there is always a serious
diminution both of pleasure and profit even in the
perusal of such works as are design ed chie fl y far amuse
ment. For instance, most of Sir Walter. Scott's novels
are roundeld upon history; and abound with reference to
historal events and personages, a want of some acquain
tance with which detracts seriously from the interest and
delight they are so well qualified to awaken; and so of
most other works belonging to the better class of what
is called light literature. lint the difficulty has been to
obtain this general' knowledge without going through
many books, requiring a greater expenditure of time and
'flimsy than most persons are able, or willing to afford;
and toobviate such difficulty has been the purpos of Mr.
His plan has the merit of completeness, and is un
doubtedly the hest that could have been desired. H.
gives first a general sketch of ancient :and modern
tory—a rapid and comprehensive bird's-eye view, as it
were of the rise and progress of nations, the most im
portant incidents of their career, and their relations to
each other; and after this he takes up the nation's,'
separately, furnishing a concise digest of all that is ins-
taartatit or desirable to know concerning each, and thus
affording a sort of key to the changis and events that,
were more briefly indicated, rather by their•results than
Uteri incidents, in the general 'sketch or outline. Thus
the salient points of history are brottaht within a man
ageable compose; and an excellent foundation is laid for
more thorough• and extensive reading in reference to
any portion of the world or any epoch of which a com
plete knowledge may he desired.
In the execution of this plan the author has been very
succeraul.'.: His notices of historical events,though brief,
are lucid arid satisfactory; and he traces the connection
of effect and cause with singular acumen and generally
with most commendable freedom from partiality or bias;
thus supplying a very good idea of the philosophy of
history as well as of the facts which history records.—
In a word, the work will he found invaluable to the ge
neral reader, and,a very useful help to the student.
Complete in two volumes, large octavo, with engrav
ings, $4. An edition in paper covers, complete, suita
ble for mailing, $3. DANIEL A DEE,
Publi-her, ;07 Fulton -street, New Fork.
Elmira, Corning. and Buffalo Line.
MBE Proprietors of the above T.ine will continue to
run a Line of Passage Boats b e twee n EINTIRA,
CORNING and BUFFALO. for the accommodation
of EMIGRANTS and FAMILIES, moving West, af
fording facilities not heretofore ofTered to the Emigrant,
from this section of New York and Pennsylvania.
The' Boats of this Line are of the FIRST' CLASS
fitted and furnished with all the conveniences and ac
commodations of PSCKETS, commanded by experien
ced Captains. and towed by ruin.. of,
During the season of 1546, one of the above Boats
will leave Corning, and Elmira, every week, in the fol
lowing order :
ConaING, es-o,y Monday evening, at 6 o'clock P. M.,
ELMI MA, every Tuesday evening, at 6 o'clock P.
Towing down Seneca lake every Thursday mornin#,
touching at Big Stream, Lodi, and Dresden, leaving
Buffalo for Corning and Elmira, every Wednesday
FOR EREIGHT OR PASS kGE apply to Captain
on board, or to WM. Mallory, Corning,
6. 13. Strut:: & co., /:;, Air/7.
Wintermute & Tuttle, iluieellead.,
A Nash,. Havana, •
1,. G. Townsend. /VA. , . Sircem,
Woodworth & Po-t, Loll,
Price & Holly, Groratu,
Gay 4- Swart, Watedoci.
.I.Sb en kcr , S, urcu Foil,
Raker 4- Ross, 31matzuma,
H. Wright, Rorhe.sier,
li.. Kiln. iloirolo.
THE subscriber not being in full communion with
the firm of Ill—. he is not prepared to boast of
the largest assortment of JEW ELlil" out of Jnil : and
having never learned the Cabinet nitzka:g busi nese,—
he in not prepared to .16 any work in that .line; but
having served a regular apprenti-erh.y in the
watch repairing businyss, att.: the e. Inaience at 16 years,
has no hesitation irfsaying that all work entrusted to
him shall be done in a workmanlike manner, promptly,
and second best to none west of that city from whence
came that mighty melt of Gad Jewelry !
. Now my friends, in all your getting.: don't - forget
to get your watches ilird at obi No. 100 opposite the
Public Squats and two doors north of Briggs' tavern,
Towanda, April 2 , 3, 1646,
6.7 N. B.—!pledge myselftedo my work right. Al
work warranted one year and - the money refunded if i
does not perform according to nmeement.- Stick a P.O
there !
and afterMONDA V. MARCH 3Uth - IBM the
CP Passenger Cars on the William.sporl and Elmira
Rail Road will learn Williamsport daily at half past
five o'clock, A. M., and at two o'clock P.M. while the
watermen are travelling.
A doily line of mail coacher,. will I•ave Trout Run
for Tina County, i .inediotely after the arrival of the
Extras, will always he in readiness en the arrival of
the cars at Ralston. (besides the regular mail line,) to
carry P.agengfts to
and the intermediate places. The road rorditot travel
ing from Crandle's to 1 13lossburg is in good order.
Passengers - may rest assured, that every etTort will be
made by the company to give satisfaction to the travel
leg public, and that this route North, is t.e cheapest,
the most comfortable and expeditious in the State.
• RonEnT FARIES, President.
WillHammon, March i 3, 1846.
ALl....persons indebted to the estate of Joel Tuttle,
late of Standing stone township, dec'd., are reques
ted to make immediate payment, and thole haying
claims against said estate, will please presenOthem du
ly attested to ALBA TUTTLE, Executor.
Standing Stone, June 4. 1946.
A LL persons indebted to tho estate of James L.
/ . 1 Ennis, late of Standing Stone township, deed., are
hereby requested tomake payment without delay, and
those haying claims against said estate, will please pre
sent them duly attested to ASA STEVENS,
Standing Stone. June 4, 1846. Executor.
SUMMER STUFFS—By the Yanl, 111 . 1 e or P nek
oze, at G. E. FLYNT An CO.
flinflOE who base purchased goods at Nf.ontanye's
4- Co.'s store on a years credit, at as cheap rates
as they could have been enabled to do at other places
for Cash will do well to pay up, if they wish to keep
the pot boiling. June 17. 1846.
1 130CTU
.11torney at Lair,
OFFICE in the north corner of the Brick Row,
reedy over the Poet OfliOe. Min vtreet. Q 3 0
trance at the north end of the building. ‘33.
The Treasury of History,
Comprising a generatintroductory outline, of tiniverva
History, Ancient and Modem, and a series of se
perste histories of every principal nation that
• - exists, their rise, progress, present non
dition, ac., Ate., &c,
'Author of the "Tiesteury of Knowledge," " Biograph
„ .
cut Treasury," dm including
1187CIEDi'aiirTiL t''llM's
AND • •
The above Periodicals are reprinted in No e y
immediately on their arrival by the p r i t e, b stein., 2o,
a beautiful clear type, on fine White papa / , 1
faithful copies of the originals- Br . wood, 14::
zINE being an exact fac.simile of the Ediatarm
The wide•sprcad fame of these splendid Pe t i o e„„ L
renders it needless to say much in their praise
literary organs, they _stand far in advance of sa,
of a similar - stamp now published, while the ;,, s°l : 1
complexion of each is marked by dignity, e a Li m , -- 72,
forbearance not oftenfound in works of a p iny 4 7 ,.
They embrace the views of the three gnat • .
England— Vt . hig, Tory, and R r a - dica1,....." El ee k4
and the " London . Quarterly" are Tory; th e . E dia.
burg Review," Whig: and the" Westminirtee,^
cal.„ The "Foreign Quarterly ” is purely lit eele ;7 4.
ing devoted principally to criticisms on foreiga c e , 4
nental Works.
The prices of the EVPRISTS are lets thin Twilee
of those of the foreign copies, and while they in , en ,„,
ly well got up, they afford all that adviat ege
American over the English reader.
For any one of the four Reviews, $3,00 per ini4
For any two, do 5,00 .
For any three, do 7,00
For all four of the Reviews, 8,00
For Blackwirod's Magazine, 3,00
For Blackwood and the 4 Reviews, 10,00 . •..
Four copies of any or all of the above works IQ k,
sent to one address on payment of the regular subseor.
Lion for three—the fourth copy being gratis. • '
crf Remittances and coliimunicauons must beta s &
in all cases without expense to the pabilib en , T6
former may always be done through a Postgam e t e
handing him the amount to be remitted, taking hiir;.
ceipt and forwatding the receipt by mail, Pat-paik w
the money may be enclosed in a letter, Parri c id t i .
recital to the publishers.
N.B...—TheYostage on all there Perisdicdrin
duces! by the late Post-Office law, to about one4i6i
the former rates, making a very important sawing/odt
expense to the mail subscribers.
• ~• In all the principal cities and Totem liins.s
out the United Stales to which there is a dine! Zit
Road or Water communication from the city of iT ~,
York. these periodicals will be delitered FREE 0?
' LEONARD SCOTT 6: CO. Publisben.
lyear 112 Fulton St., New Yori.
. •
New Blacksmitiong Establishmeg
In Towanda,.
Prices 25 per cent. cheaper Juan hare oft
been known in Northern Pewee.
THE subscriber, having commenced the alm a.
siness, takes this method to inform the Wail,.
tants of Towanda and vicinity, that he is Neutral s
do all kinds of work entrusted to his care in the it s
neat and workmanlike manner: such as ironing esti.
es, carriages, sleighs, of all kinds; mill-work or 1.1
kinds, dune a little nicer than at any other ahop in to
county, Some attention paid to EDGE TOOL: 4 , ro
till up crevices, and finally all kinds of work in iSe
above line (horse-shoeing excepted)-and will item!
all my work to stand the test. Try me are; if yos,w
not find things - just right, then put me down. Freon r
long experience in the business, I flatter myeelf !tin i
can please all kinds of people. You can End Mr ‘:
all times at my shop. a few rods south of Bridge see.
known as Means' old stand. •
All kinds of Produce taken in payment for irerk.M
a little of the ready Jo-Davis will not he refured.
T monde, May 6, 1846.—y
DR. JANIES M. GOODRICH lis'ilocated Nca
at MONROE, for the practice of bin proten.z.
and will be pleased to wait on those requiring hiss:.
vices. He may he found at J. L. Jnbeson% tavern.
Reference may be made to Drs. ErSTON & 11..,0
of Towanda. -April 23, 1845.
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry k.Silyertrau,
.$T NO. I.' Biel& Rory
- - •
WA. C H 8E1314N Ihis just 'clamed (Ts
the city of New York with the largeeswr:
mrnt of F ASHIONA BLE JE WS Llb Y, ever brocrx
to this place, such as Flllgrt-rings, Breast-01Mo( ewl
descripti o n Lockets, bracelets, gold and curer NHL,
gold k e ys,o tIIIII.IIICS, Silver spoons. sugar tongs. qua.
cles, for all ages, pen riml pocket knives. (Roger'. A'
nufacture,) and many other articles which he salsi
extremely low for CASH.
All kinds of WATCHES; consisting of pentk'
err, L'Epine. English and Swiss notches, warrants:a
keep good time.
It is as clear and unquestionable as our right te6t
whole of Oregon, thht VV3i .A: CII.OIB I OLIN be
the largest and best selected assortment of Fancy Gol.
ever brought into the borough of Towanda, and thug
will sell his goods cheaper than snug tree -sold by cs!
human hying being . I —stick a pin there !!
N. 8.. Watches warranted to run well one yens
the money refunded; and a written agreement Pen
to that effeg. to all that desire one.
CO M A PLE SUG A R, Wood, and all kloilsof Cru
try Produce received in payment ;
Towanda, April 22, 1846.
~ THE subscriber. stil 'com
t to manufacture and keep on WI
1 ,,, j
1 at their old staad, all Lai if (
alf . Cane andWoodseatChcia
',.! also Setteesof carload ,
: -I7V i. 4- BEDSTEr2DS,offreru
\ description, which Wt iii 4
sell low for cash &product.
TURNING done to order.
Towanda, April 23, 1845.
zpqmataa <litiimitam. - 44aa223)
Over Montanye's store, next door to Mereur's lea
et the old staid of Powell & Seaman. 11
SariTil sox.
RESPECTFULLY inform that they sena:mg
the manufacture of Saddles, ftrilliea Bra
&c., in Col. Mies Minding, next door to ,l, C. Aaw
Law Office, where They will keg) constantly CZ
and manufacture to order,
Elastic treb, Common and • Quilted Sae ,
Harness, • Carpet Bazt,
Bridles, Trunks,
Collars, VUlibes,
Carriage Trimming and Xilitary 'Kok
• .
Mathanes. Pew and Chair Cushions made so"'
notice and reasonable terms. flee
The subscribers hope by acting their work y r '
by a stnct attention to businesi, to merit' ' ,
~j 7N ‘
public patronage . 8111TH dt Sve'
Towanda, May 21;1845.
Terms of the. Bradford .ileporkr
Two &Mars and fifty cents per annum:
deducted if paid within the year; and for CAS
ally in advance, ONE DOLLAR will be dedurtel
Subscribers at liberty to discontinue at any do'
paying arrearages. Most kinds of Cur sTos Poo'
received in yment, a the market price.- ,
Adv e ertiiem pa ents, not t
exceeding a square . I
lines, inserted for fifty cents;everv - subsmiu n,ti° •
twenty-five centa. A discbunt majo to youly 0 ,1 " 1 ) 0 ,
Jon PaiNTING. of every description, not 3 '.
peditiouNly executed on pew-and fashionable
Letters on business pertaining to the otrce taw 4 "
free of postage, to ensure attention: