Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, October 14, 1846, Image 3

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rsT FEC'D the Largest, Best. sod Cheapest
J Goods err,. brought into the country : 1
rnord mo ling, lace muslins, lawn ginghams, organdi,
ar o, Canary lawn, cashmeres, muslin ging
urn,: na'new article. florence satin striped, balzarine, a
black halzanne, checked print reps and crape
jelsior, pt.
white dress gwds, a large lot of prints rich and
utiful patterns. corded and grass skirts, ombre de%
wireais plain and shaded do..blk. col'd stradella
sho ls, liarrige and net shawls, satin striped barrigc and
pet log shawls, ladies polka, fig'd and striped cravats
soil lies, beadliful gimps and frringes, silk demiveils.
vea haute , Icc-
c to per than the c heapest—Gipsey pearl braid, °owl°•
nettear. florence, gipsey devon straw edged and plain,
gipsey pedal, birds eye braid and devon straw
,pendid Bonnet Ribbons, some very desirable styles;
.o don. parasols and Sun Shades, lady and gents black
and cord Kid Gloves
RO , AD CLOTHS. Lin. Cambric Hdkfs. Hosiery 4. c
Twilled French. English and American; doe skin Cas
sore, light and dark striped checked do. a great vane.
n; g olden tweeds, merino cassimere, Kentucky Jeans,
blue Jas. A superior assortment of VESTRCGS
valentine, cassimere. plain and striped satin.
10 bales Sheeting, Batting, Wadding and Wicking.
Seth 25 Iron, nails, steel, log chains, halter and trace
d ; i_ mill and x cut saws, augurs and files. A' large as
„,rtment of Shelf Hardware, door trimmings, cutlery,
,lice thread, wool and horse cards, coffee mills. &c.
31,,,d'5. H35515 ' and Wadswonh , er Warranted Grain
c G 1 s Seyt hes. .snaths and sickles, a first sate article.
I,tdits. kid buskins and slippers, morocco and calf skin
toots. black and fancy gaiters and half gaiters, children's
pan , and calf boots. A beautiful article gent's gai
ters; coarse and fine ß Boots. in
OCERIES ahundance.• .
A large stock of Sugar and Molasses; Lump Loaf and
p i j,erised sugar; Fresh Teas; Coffee, Rice. Raisins,
nutmegs, indigo, tobacco, fine cut and cavendibh, shad
aackerel and codfi Cß sh.).
A general assortment, in setts, or otherwise, to suit cus
400 Men's and Boy's Leghorn Hats ; 6004 1 , L. do.
rj Butter, Flaxseed, Beeswax, Eggs anti Grain,
noted in exchange for goocls, at cash prices.
Towanda, May 20, 1846.
lat No. 3, - Brirk Rory. roy2o BAIRD'S.
Those who wish to Purchase Cheap Goods,
ligrit.L. find it to their interest to call at BAIRD'S,
I before purchasing elsewhere, as we are deters
to sell at all hazards. NO. 3, BRICK ROW.
filiDOZ. 4' Cr ENT l'A IL'S; 2 doz. 1% . ash tubs;
al2 •'oz. Brooms; 6 setts Wooden measures ;
t No. .4. Brick Row. BAHays.
orroN V.AuN & CARPET WARP-1,000
lbs. at ; myl2o NO. 3. BRICK RO
DRUGS & MEDICINES, paints, oils and dye
stuff:, white lead, ground and dry, varnish, pills,
~,;;;ier, copperas. Nits. turpentine. aum copal, :limn.
brawn red, red-wont, cam-wood. all for sale
,rap, at M 9 NO. 3, BRICK ROW.
n' (1 U Z - 0 `' 0
Tin the citizens of Bradford County in eeneral, and
thr Barough if Totranda, in part;rtriar All
etsluttateenn., notes and accounts of the subscribers.
collected accorthinz to laic, /riffm•rf 11,t;nthon
Pf 0011 F. unless sattsfartorilv Nettled mann thirty
.11F nt this date. Those who think we are not in
, n w s t hell find out their mistake to their nn n
Istvanda. May 15, I R 44.
N. R. \Ve w,uhl furthermore fay upon thin vnrg••rt
owe have just received 3 . LUZI. stuck of .Y,lr
a..!) van Ie mold very cheep indeed. for rreillq parr.
• n."
VERYTIIING in •the linr. including Elliptir
Sprirx,, Iron xelA, Mallahle Bor,. Lash, Seat
er, crop Irons, Ornament+. India iti , bor and 081 Cloth.
Io Tuft., Moss. Rte. for gale at j 1.4 M EC' CleS.
iIE ad, rlln r •-ontono,:: to act a: nzrot for tile DE
LON AltE 31171 TA I. INSUR \NUE CO., of
anlelphia, a rtnek con[pny of good vfanding and re
& doe s bu,i ne . % rahle terms as any other
HP 1. aka anent for Lige LYCONIING CO. ND;
INSCIZANOE M.": a company which has al
him pundual in the payment of losses arid pre
1. 0 1, 111t1.1. S lav 0. D. BA re'r LETT.
T7.f Ipinst Ugh Prices and the Crtdit System
.11 the .S etc Chet ;, Store,
Ca 2, Brick Pow. one door south (if the P.O.
THE Subscribers having entered into a cospaitner
ship for the express purpose of furnishing the good
swple of Bradford County with goods. wares and mei ,
at least one notch lower than they hove ever
, ssa ,old in this market. They are now securing one
a . to e and best selected stocks ofspring antl.surn
mr goods, ever landed in Northern Pennsylvania .
Itea stack rompriseS almost every article ever ofi'erell
ai country stare. Among winch, we can only inert
that there ii a general assortment of
I '7 Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Croeleery,-Glass,
Nulls, Iron, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes; Sul I, Tin
mare, Stone-ware, Liquors. 4.e.,
Their goods have been purchased mostly for cash at
imam, and they pledge themselves that they will not
, t undersold by any other establishment in this section
dthrcountry. 9eople have only to call at the New
Tort Cheap Stare,(No. 2 Brick. Row.) to satisfy than-
Towanda, May 2.5. I&I G.
DONNETS—A great saving to the Heads of the
Nation." The Ladies will find it a great saving to
ctr heads to call and purchase one of those beautiful
Devon, Gimp, Florence, or Lace, Lawn, Gipsy
'"'.et;.elling so cheap at REED'S.
LANDLU (WS supplied on the mast favorable terms.
Those wishing to buy good Liquor-and Segars
;c rent below the usual prices cannot fail to find it to
call ou TRACY & NM./ RE.
T" partnership heretofore existing between the
tabsenbers.under the firm of Carrier & Hurlburt.
-+LL'I.6 day hg mutual consent dissolved.
P. M Hlill1.31;11T,
Ong. 10, la
ALICOES—the largest assortment and prettiest
patteins, and theapest CALICOES, to sac no.
of ti!aghatan, Lawns, &c., ever seen in this re.
br sale by mv2O 0. D. BARTLETT.
just received at the Savings Barth :
100 sup. Parasols;
50 Paresollettes ;
100 Umbrellas:
Fo' the " sphntent " we will put them dots-111ov.
Ilsa :7. G. E. FLYNT & CO. '
either Stlit, Gingham, or Cotton, may be found
‘ ll:llN lER§howls.Huslin DeLaine,Ombri
11Plain and Enahroideted Stradilla and Berme Shawls
tor snnitner, now opening nt REED'S.
l E GHoRs and Palm . Leaf Ilatsof all qualities just
"wed and tar sale hat
cheap REED'S
III Av IDDOANE, my son, a lad over eighteen
Pam left iny house on, the,sth of August inst.
t y ,,: i m 'my good reason fur doing so. and I hereb y
z , 44 all and any person whatever harboring or trust.
my account u 1 will pay .no debts of his
1 7 g o expenses incurred
t 'lhstra. r
Ang II th ' 4 6 JOSEPH DOA NE.
will do well to oth a wanting ILION OR
k,212:Ei., : t all and examine the latge
7 ' 4 ' (111 Lept comtantly ou hand at MERCUIIV.
Great Attfaction at .No. 1, Brick Row !
AyoB, CHAMBERLIN is now receiving a splendid
• assortment of Drugs. Medicines, Paints; Oils and
St ; and in addition; a full and complete as
sorttutn of FAMILY GROCERIES ;--the stock con
sisting in part of tho following:
Alum, Alcohol, Aloes, Annette, Antimony; Arro*
Root. Arsenic, Aqua Fortis, do. Ammot. Bottles, alisoit
ell, Beane Oil, British Oil, Blue Vitriol, Borax, Dark,
Peruv, pole. , Bath Brick, Balsam Copaiva, Burgundy
Pitch, Camphor. Calomel, Caraway Seeds, Cantharides,
Carb. A mmon.,Cayenne Pepper, Chamomile Flowers,
Cinnamon, Cloves, Court Plaster, Copperas, Confec
tionary, Corks of all kinds, Cream Tartar, Curcuma
Cubebs, Emery, ised froM No. 1 to 6, Epsom Salts,
esence Bergamot. do. Lemon, do Peppermint, do. and
Oil Spruce, Flor. Sulphur, do. Benton', Glue, of all
kinds, Gold Leaf, Gum Opium, do. Arabic, do. Copal,
do. Assafeetida, do. Myrrh, do. Tragacanth. Harkin
Oil, Hiera Picra, Indigo , Spanish; float do. Bengal, Ink
Powders, Ink, in bottles, do. Indellible, Irish Moss,
Isinglass, Itch Ointment, Ivdry Black,Jalap, Laudanum
Licorice. Root, ilo. Ball, Lunar Caustic, •Macassar Oil,
Mace, Magnesia, do. calcined, Manna. Mustard seed,
do. ground, Nursing Bottles, Nutgalla, Nutmeg, Oil,
fall, winter and summer strained Sperm, bleached, wht.
and natural, do. Linseed, do Camphine, Sweet, do Vit
ro!, dd. Wintergreen, do. Peppermint, do Aniseed, do.
Lavender, Opodeldoc, Paregoric, Pearl Barley. Pepper
Sauce, Perfumery, Pill Boxes. Pink Root, Prussiate
Potash, Quicksilver, Rhubarb, rt. dr. powdr., Roll .Brim
stone, Red Chalk, Red Precipitate, Saffron, American
and Spanish, Sand Paper, Sal. Ammoniac, do. Clauber.
Saltpetre, Sarsaparilla, do Syrup, Sealing Wax, Senna,
Shaker's Herbs: Sponge, coarse and fine. Starch: Snuff
Maccaboy de. Scotch, do. Cephalic, Soap, Castile, do.
Shaving, do Wieser, Spermaceti, Spts. Hartshorn, do.
Nit. 'Dole., Sugar Lead, Sup. Curb. Soda, Sulph.
Quinine, Syrinfies, assorted, Tart. Acid. Tenter Hooks,
Vials, assorted, Valerian Root, Wafrrs, White and Red
Black Lead, Cassia, Chalk, Chrome Yellow, do.
Green, Copal Varnish, Coach do. Lead. White, dry
aid in Oil, Lamp Black, Litharage, Putty, Paris White,
Spanish Brown. Prenrch Green, Spt. Turpentine. Rosin,
Venetian Red, Verdigris, Vermillion, Whiting, Yellow
Red Wood, Nicaragua, Madder, Mudge Tin, Oxalic
Acid, Prussian Blue, Pumice, Red Saunders, Rotten
Stone, Camwood, Cochineal. Est. Logwood, Fustic,
Crain Tin, Hatchwood, Lac Dye, Lagwood.
The great English remedy, Buchan's Hungarian
Balsam of Life, Sand's Sarsaparilla, Biistol's Est., do.
Wistar's Balsom Wild Cherry, Pectoial Honey of Li
verwort, Checseman's Arabian Balsam, Pills, Oriental,
do. Dr. Post's, do. Hooper's, do. Moffat's, do. Persian,
do. Brandretles, do. Phioney's, do. Lee's, Godfrey's
cordial, Thompson's Eyewater, Dr. Jayne's Epcctorant.
Tea. Coffin., Sugar, Spice and pepper, Starch, Rai
sing, Sods Crackers, Cinnainott, English Currants,
'Nutmegs, Ginger,St'm ref. Family Soap, Stern Can
dles Chemical Wax, do. Tobacco and Snutt, Sal Xra
tug, Pipes, Brooms, Pails, ropes, Refined Loaf Sugar,
Looking Glass plates of all sizes, Window Glass, 7
he 9. 8 by 10,10 by 12, 10 by 14, 11 by 15, 12 by 16,
12 by 18,
Fancy articles of all kinds. Also—Fine Butter
'Towanda. Aug. 4,1816. A. S. C.
IST OF LETTERS, remaining in-the Post Of
lice, at Athens, quarter raiding Sept. 30, 1346.
1/r t Bin Avery E Jenks jr
Mr Aare. J & C Jenkins
C it Brink Manilla Jackson
Joseph Bell Bar bate Lehman
I II Burch G Litzenberg
Daniel Boy an R Liddell
Mamma Boggs Rev F Lane
E Cornernan G Marvin
A De, ev Thomas Mouusey
E Dunhalm Sand Myers
C A Dfi-lcoll Harriet A Morris
E Dingee Haswell
B Davis G W Northup
Mr. Bradley D Playfoot
P S Evvner J Pomeroy
lt S Finch 2 Nancy Park
Simnel Finch Park (Innkeeper)
.1 T Gilbert jr Directors of the Poor of
Thomas Gardner 3 Athens and Litchfield
Mary S Griswold t townships
Phei,r, Gray C S Park
Lesi A Gardner R L Pond
O A Hudson t, Symonds
Jo or 11 H mchmen il. P Snyder
M.try Herne or Kerne H . Rowland 2
.1 Harlon:ln 0 Williston
I, II•mton I,ll,,Wilecr:
\V Ii Hunt OyanDeleurart
J.II Jenks e.. 14,11 E 'MICK, P.M
oNTANyEs• & CO.. arc now recieving a very
Li. desirable ass ortment of Goods.purchased during
great depression in the market. comprising French &
En.gli. , .h BROAD-CLOTHS. Cassimeres and Saltiness,
and the choicest patterns of Prints and Worsted Goods.
Grateful for ,past favors they respectfully solicit a gene
thus public to call and examine their stock, and think
can hold out sufficient inducements to ensure their share
of public patronage.
Septembor 7. 1846.
July 7. MERCUR'S.
11 %PI 0-(OD3t
THE trubscriber takes pleasure in announcing to
his friends and the public generally, that he is
now receiving a very large and carefully selected ad
dition to his stock of GOODS, bought for Cash, and
selected with the express view of UNDERSELLING
Towanda, May 13, 1846.
31IL SACKETI', whose system and manner of
the art of WRITING, have been the subject of
public approbation of late, will be in this place next
week, for the purpose of teaching a dam in the above
very ti:cful accomplishment.
All desirous of attaining the art well, are respectful.
Iv invited to place them=elve• under his instruction.—
:tat isfoctory improvement will tie gust untied to the atten
Terms, twelve days, six hours each, $5,00
Mr. S. does not intend to frighten the people of To
wanda with a display of beasts and bird , . as his profes
sion is that of a teacher of writing, to which he applies
his whole attention.
A LARGE ASSORTMENT of Cloths of all shades
and colors, and qtralitics;and prices. Casirnercs.
r3(11 and Plain. Sattinetts and a good assortment of
Vestintts may he found at GEO. E. FINN T & CO.
N oF JultUli. drawn tor biaxial Court, to
L. 4 I.4holden October '26, 1846.
Armenia—Alba Burnham
Asylum—Corneilus Quick;
Athens tp—O. D. Satterlee. James Pierce;
Bualington—Wm:Knapp, jr.;
Columbia—James Nash, L. N. Tinkham ;
Canton—Seth K. Porter;
Granville—James H. Ross;
Rachficld—Daniel Mallery ;
Monroe—Patrick Dunfee, James. L. Rockwell;
Pike-4mo H. Ross. Platt Wood;
Rome—L.Smitb, P. Pohinton, D. Tayler ;
Ritl,7,berry—John Kline;
Sheshequin—A.Bidlack, A. Baldwin, Joshua Horton;
Strutlield—T.24l. Beach, Leonard Pierre; .
Standing Stone—P. D.,Havens, H. W.Tracy ;
Towanda hoto—E."o. Goodrich;
tp—W. W. Goodrich, B. Goodwin ;
Troy—J. E. Goodrich,.J.Lindermsn, A. E. Thomas;
lilsiter—Edward Mills;
Wyoluiiing—John Elliott, J. Inghsm ;
Wysoxl). H. Owin, L. Trumbull.
i t ;LIH AIA LS, the largest and cheapest assortment of
-• Fall & Winter Shawls ever offered for sale in To
wanda; at MERCUR'S.
atavtaaaz lamm-5,1
Suited_ to the Homan Constitution, and equal to the cure
- of every cambia disease, will be found in
Wriihr 8 Indian
,Vegetable Pills,
North American College of &CIL
These extraordinary Pills are composed of plants
which grow spontaneously on our own soil, and are,
therefore better adapted to our constitutions, than Medi
cines concocted from foreign drugs, however well they
may be compounded ; and as WRIGHT'S INDIAN
VEGETABLE PILLS arq founded upon the principle
that the human body is in truth
namely, corrupt humors, and that _said -medicine cures
this disease on
by cleansing and purifying die body, it will be mani
fret that if the constitution be not entirely exhausted, a
perseverance in their use, according to directions, is ab
solutely certain to drive disease of every name from the
body; .
When we wish to restore a swamp or morass to
fertility, we drain it of the superabundant water. In
like manner, if we wish to restore the body to health we
must cleanse it of impurity.
will be found one of the.hest, if not the very best, medi
cine in the world for carrying-out this
beranse they expel from the body all morbid and corrupt
hunior, the cause of the disease, in an easy and Natu
ral Manner, anti while they every day give EASE &
pleasure, disease of every name is rapidly driven from
the body.
The following highly respectable Store.keepers have
been duly appointed Agents for the sale of Wright's In
dian Vegetable Pills in Bradford County.
Montanye's & Co., Towanda ; •
A. H. Gaylord, Canton ;
John H.Furman, Colombia Flatts ;
T. & S. W. Pomeroy, Troy ;
Coryell & Gee, Burlington ;
Wm. Gibson, Ulster;
Lyman Durfec, Smithfield ;
L.S.Ellaworth, Athena;
Guy Tracy, Milan ;
U. Moody & Co. Frenchtown ;
John Horton, Jr., Terrytown ;
E. Norman, Springfield ;
Storrs & Jones, Sheshequin;
Daniel Brink, Hornlirook ;
N. D. & C. Warlord, Monrocton
Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills. of the North American College
of health, No. 22 Greenwich street, New York ; No.
198 Tremont at., Colton ; and Principal Offitx, No 169
Race street, Philadelphia. -15 y
BY the undersigned on the 23 inst., at the Toll
House, nr near Mathewson's raven), in Athens,
a t) L allet containing $l7 in Bank Notei, and about
$2 in change. Also 1 Note signed by Samuel Niles de
two signed by A. C. Scutt, amounting in all to about
$9O and some other papers ; if the person finding or
having them will return them to the undersigned, shall
be entitled to $5 ; or any information given whereby
the above may be recovered, shall he amply rewarded by
Smithfield, Sept. 29th, 1846.
Administrator's Sale.
NWpursuant* of an-order of the Court of
Bradford Couuty, will be sold at public vendue, at
the house of George Coryell. in Monroeton, at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon on Thursday, the 15th day of October
next, the following described property, late of Nnadiah
Cranmer, dec'd, to wit: The undivided one-eighth part
of a tract of land situate in Monroe township. bounded
north by lands of A. L. Cranmer, east by G. F. Mason,
Sarah Care and Franklin Lyon. on the south by the To
wanda creek and on the west by lands of G. F. Mason,
Containing one hundred acres with about sixty acres
improved, with a framed house and barn and an appld
orchard thereon.
Also—the south half of a lot of land situate in Mon
to, township containing one hundred acres, bounded
on the north by lands of Josh Summers. east by James
R. Irvine & W. W. Irvine, south by W. W. Irvine &
*bleu. Niamey, and on the west by lands of Sebleus
Marcy and Sevellon Fowler. The said fifty acres be
ing all unimproved. Terms made known on day of sale.
CL Al 2 R ISSA CRAN ER, Administratrix.
JAS. R. IRVINE, Administrator. Sep. 9.
Y virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas is
sued out of the court of Common Pleas
of Bradford county, to me directed, I shall ex
pose to public the house of Ira It Ste
phens in the boron,' of Towanda, on Fritts),
the 16th day of October, the following described
piece or parcel of land situate in Wyalusing
township, bounded north by lands of Justus
Lewis. west by Staltord, south by J. H.
Black, east by the township line. Containing
352 acres. about two hundred acres improved,
with four framed houses, three log houses. one
framed barn, one log barn. one spring house,
one grist mill and the half of a saw mill and three
small orchards thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
Elisha Lewis vs. Samuel Black.
JOHN F. MEANS' Sheriff,
Sheriff's Office. Towanda, Sept. 16. 1846.
Arrival of the Great Western !.
At Towanda. August ISth 1846.
IN the Cargo will ba founds large lot of soda, sugar
and lemon crackers, Ladies lasting gaiters, de. Misses
Morocco hoots, eo. Mimes walking shoes, do. childrena
leather boots, do. Misses gaiters, and boots and shoes of
all kinds, which will be sold very low fat ready pay.
N.B. 50 Firkins of good butter wanted, fur which
half cash and half trade will he paid, and the highest
prire .ord the lowest trade at the grocery and shoe store.
The subscriber has been so long in the business of
hoots and shoes, that he flatters himself that ho can
furnish a better article than was ever brought into this
I want you all to come ana try.
If they do not fit yo need not buy.
Some toes are broad, and some are narrow,
If you want good shoes, come to O'Hara.
Towanda, August 18. 4846.
~?II1 ~I~J '~L°^J~iC~II~C~~
THE SUBSCRIBER would respectfully inforia
the public that be continues to carry on the above
business at his shop in the vicinity of I.eraysville, and
that he is prepared to furnish on the most reasonable
terms, WIRE; CLOTH, suitable for Safes, for Rolling
Screens, in Grist Mills, or for Selves in Fannine
4-c. Orders directed to Leraysvilli, Bradford Co. Pa.,
will. be promptly attended to. E. MARSH.
Leraysville, September 1846.
Y virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas issued out
Up' of the court of common pleas of Bradford Coun
ty, to me directed, I shall expose to public sale at the
house ~f V. M. Long in Tray, on Wednesday, the 7th
day of November next. at 10 o'clock A.M., the following
lands situate in Troy, Bradford county, bounded on the
east by the Sugar Creek and lands of Samuel Allen 4-
the Avery Road, and on the south by lend of Atari&
Ward, on the west by land of said Ward and Gardner
Seaman, on the north by the mud creek road and land
belonging to the heirs of Myron Allen and the Trey
and Towanda road ; containing about forty a cres more
or less, with a framed house, framed horn, and a log
house, and some 'smell apple trees thereon all improved.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of .1. Morris
Wattles vs. Adolphus Allen.
JOHN F. MEANS, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, Sept. 311, 1846.
OME is hereby given to call those Lfercharita
111 who wished to Compromise, and thereby raise the
price of Goods in Towanda, that we. cannot enter into
any arrangements of the kind. We are boot id to sell
gocids cheaper than any other establishment, let the cir
cumstances be what they may. Perrone desirous of
purchasing Goods at the lowest " notch," must call at
toe "Savings Bank" as usual. where the most goods
are giving for the money.
. Sept. '46. GEO. E. FLYNT & CO.
1 BATHER—CaIf 81am, Sole and Lippe leather at
THE next year of this toothed°, will cornmence
on Monday the 3to day of August.• MR. J. C.
VANDERCOOK, Principal, Phis E. C. BLACK.
MAN. Preceptrew. The-year will be divided into funr
terms of eleven weeks each. The &sit= will be fol
lowed by a vacation of one week.
The second term will commence November 23.1.
The third term will commence February Bth, and be
followed by a vacation of one week.
The fourth term will commence May g, and be suc
ceeded by I vacation of six weeks •
Tuition, per term of eleven weds:
For the common English studies, f 2 GO
For the higher branches, including Natural,
Intellectual and Moral Sciences, • 400
Mathematics Mid Languages, 5 00
For the second and third terms, Extra, 25
For Drawing and Painting, 2 00
For Music, with use of Instrument, 7 09
.. Without, • • 500
Several literary and scientific gentleman, in conjunc
tlon with the principal, have consented to favor the in-
stitution with lectures on the more important branches
of education, free of charge.
All students will be charge,' for not less than half a
tern, unless absence is occasioned by Shwas or other
unavoidable causes.
The exercims of composing and declaiming will be
required of every student, unless excused by the teachers
or parents. '
The coutse of instruction is designed to be thorough
and practical, adapted to the requisitions of business,
and the demands of an intelligent people.
The Academy bas one of the finest locations on the
Susquehanna, commanding a charming view of that
heautifuf river, the borough of T.twanda and.the our.
rounding landscape.
From a confidence, in the zeal, enterprise and abilities
of the teachers, and the unusual prosperity of the school
during the past year, we take pleasure in recommending
this institution, to the favorable regard and patronage
of en enlightened, intelligent and generous people,
trusting that it will continue in usefulness, and the
consequent favor of the public. .
• HIRAM MIX, President.
C. T.. WARD,
Towanda, August 3, 1846.
•Owing to an error in manuscript, the date of the
hand-bills will be found incorrect. It is three days
too late.
t The late Preceptress, having left the institution,
without giving the necessary notice, we are under the
neeessity of dcferriug the opening of the Female De
partment for one week.
MISS BLACKMAN comes highly recommended all
o pianist and a scholar. J. C. VANEERCOOK.
111M523 , 21 MMI-33A11t0
I[IID ESPECTFULLY informs his friends that he has
kV leased the above House, situated on the south
side of toe public square, lately occupied by A.M. Coe,
and having made entirely new arrangements, is now
prepared for the reception of visitors. Presenting his
compliments to his friends and the public generally, and
assuring them no pains or expense will be spared to
please his guests, he respectfully solicits public patron.
age. pledging himself that while the establishment is
under his control, it shall not be excelled by any in the
The rooms of the • CLAREMONT NOISE, are
spaciouv.and airy. and furnished in the best style.
The Table will be furnished with every substantial
the country can produce.
The Bar will be stocked with the best liquors in a
pure and unadulterated state.
First rate Stabling attached, with ready and faithful
Ostlers always in attendance.
In short, nothing will he omitted, which will add to
the comfort and convenience of customers, and with his
facilities, he believes satisfaction will be rendered to all.
Towanda, April 8, 1846.
11. S. ri JII. C. MERCUR,
consisting. as usual. of everything. which will
be sold at the lowest notch.
Towanda, July 6, 1848.
Prints and Ginghams.
A VERY large and beautiful assortment of Prints,
Ginghams and Lawns, purchased in New York,
since the late redaction of prices, just received at
July 8. MERCIIRS'.
MOUNTED CALICOES,-20,01.0 yds., horn
to 25 cents. Those wishing Prints had better
avail themselves of this opportunity—they are selling
rapidly. G. E. FL VNT & CO.
ING DEPOTS; awarded the Gold and Silver Medals,
Four first Premiums, and Two Highest Honors, at the
National, tho Massachusetts, he New York, rind the
Pennsylvania Exhibitions, respectively, for the most
splendid Colored Daguerreotypes and best Apparatus
ever exhibited,
Portraits taken in exquisite style, without regard to
Instructions given in the art.
A large assortment of Apparatus and Stock always on
band, at the :owed cash prices
New York. 551 Broadway ; Philadelphia, 130 Chest
nut S.; Boston, 75 Court, and 58 Hanover His.; Bal
timore, 205 Baltimore St.; Washington, Pennsylvania
Avenue; Peteriburg, Va., Mechanics' Hall; Cincin
nati, Fourth and Walnut, and 176 Main St.; Saratoga
Springs, Broadway ; Paris,l27 Vieillo Rue du Temple;
Liverpool, 32 Church St.-3y.
TIIE Co-partnership heretofore existing between L.
J. Batchelor &A. M. Corel is this day dissolved by
mutual consent allßersons indebted to said firm are re
quester.; to settle their accounts with L. Batchelor, who
will con finite the business at the old stand. I would
tender mv acknowledeements for past favors, and fur
thee solicit a share of public patronage. .
A. M. CORE!..
Towanda. August 13th, 1846.
NOTICE is hereby given, that a special Court will
he held at Towanda, in and for the County of
Bradford, by the Hon. Wv. leaser, on Monday, the
26th day of October, 1846, at 2 o'clock P. M., for the
trial of the following causes :
Alexander Baring et. al. vs. Almond Berry ; Eect.
Girard Life Ina urance Company & Co. vs. Edward
Overton et, al. ; Eject.
A. Baring et. al. vs. Ezra Allen; Eject.
A. Baring et. al vs. E. A. Ayres and term tenant;
A. al. vs. Nicholls Voorhrs; Eject.
A. Baring et. al. vs. Moses Chamberlain et. al.; Eject.
Chester Butler and wife vs. John Burnet et. aL ; Eject.
John Ackla vs. A Bowman et. al.: eject
A. Baring at. al. vs. Clement 11.eonard; eject.
A. Baring et. al. vs. J. Wood .4films. sci. fa.
A. Bering et. al. vs, J. Wood Adms. &c. ; eel. fa.
A. Bering et. al. vs. Stephen Wilcox; art fa.
A. Baring et. at. vs. B. Seely et. al. cci. fa.
A. Baring eLal.m.S. Bondy Ear. &c. et. al,sci. fa.
A. Baring eL al. vs. W. Gslushs et. al.; eject.
A. Bering et. al. vs. G. Harkness et. al. ; eject.
ADDISON M'E_EAN, Prothonotary.
Towanda August 22, 1946.
Wr3NU .LraM....4gret cl :lM l :SZTlo
.9. D. Montanye E 7'. Fix.
AV IL(; entered into a co.perinenthip in the Mer
cantile business, are desirous of reducing, the stock
on hang as much as possible before receiving their new
goods, and are willing to sell thcirold stock AT COST.
Persons wishing to purchaso anything in their line will
find it to their intercet to call and examine their goods
before purchasing elsewhere. Towanda, Sep. 14, 1846.
GLASS -7 by 9, Bby 10 , 10 by .12,10 by 14 11,
by 15. 12 by 14, 1211 16. I:by 18, 14 by 16,
l 0 by :0, this day received at jlB MERCIXBI
i • .
. - The - TteAstity 'of - History,— ...''
Comprising a general introductory outline; of Universal
. History, Ancient and Modem, and a series of so- •-•
perste histories of every principal nation that .•
exists, their rise, progress, present con- .
• dition, ske.,, &c., &c ,- : 7 ,
Author of the "Tmasury of Knowledge." " Biogrspbi
cal Treasury," Am. including
The republication of this valuable work has been
undertaken partly ou account of the high favor with
which it has been received in England, but chiefly to
consideration of its intrinsic value, arising from the
felicitous adoption of the plen to a want that has been
long and generally
.felt and from the judgment ant.
fidelity manifested in its execltion.. The idea of giv.
ing in a single work, of no very forrbidalile dimensions,'
a sufficient outline 3f the world's whole history, anti
similar matinee of the history of every nation, is so
Obvious, judicious and appropriate as to require no
eutogium. Every Janson who cares at all for • the
- acquisition of useful knowledge must desire to loess
such a general know:Paige of past events, not only in his
own country but in ali countries, as shall enable hint
to understand the perpetually recurring allusions that are
found in almost.'any course of general reading; because
for want of such understanding there is always a serious
diminution both of pleasure and profit even in the
of such works as ore designed chiefly for amuse
ment. For instance, most of Sir Walter Scott's novels
are founded upon history, and aboard with reference to
historal events and personages, a want of some acquain•
tanee with which detracts seriously from the interest and
delight they ar• so well qualified to awoken; and so of
most other works belonging to the better cuss of what
is called light literature. Bat the difficulty has been to
obtain this general !mowledge , without Ow , through
many hooka, requiring a greateceopenditure ottium and
money than most persons ore able or willing to ah:'rd;
and toobviate such dilficuhy has been the purpos of 11.:r.
His plan has the'merit of completeness, and is un
doubtedly the best that could have been desired. 11.
gives -first a genend sketch of ancient end modem his
tory—a rapid and comprehensive Mars-eye view, as it
were of the rise and progress of nations, the most im
portant incidents of their career, arid their relations to
each other; and after this he takes up the nations
separately, furnishing a concise digest of all that is im
portant or desirable to know concerning each, and thus
affording a sort of key to the changes and events that
were more briefly indicated, rather by their results than
then incidents, in the general sketch or praline. Thus
the salient points of history are brouaht within a man
ageable compass ; and an excellent foundation is laid for
more thorough and extensive reading in reference to
any portion of the world or any epech of which a com
plete knowledge may be desired.
In the execution of this plan theeuthor has been very
successful. His notices of historical ecents.though brief,
are lucid and satisfactory; and he trace's the connection
of effect and cause with singular acumen and generally
with most commendable.freedom from partiality or 'bias;
thus supplying a very good idea of the philosophy of
history as well as of the facts which history records.—
In a word, the work will be found invaluable to the ge
neral reader, and a very useful help to the student.
Complete m two volumes, large octavo, with engray.
inge, $4. An edition in paper covers, complete, suita
ble for mailing. $3. DANIEL ADEE,
Publi,.her, 107 Fulton-street, New York.
Elmira, Corning, and Buffalo Line.
/SHE Proprietors of the above Line will continue to
run a Line of Passage Boats between ELMIRA,
CORNING and BUFFALO. for the accommodatiOn
of EMIGRANTS and FAMILIES. moving West, af
fording facilities not heretofore offered to the Emigrant,
from this section of New York and Pennsylvania.
The Boats of this Line are of the FIRST CLASS
fitted and furnished with all The conveniences and ac
commodations of PACKETS, commanded by experien
ced Captains, and towed by relays of Horses.
During the season of 1846, one of the above Boots
will leave Corning, ; and Elmira, every week, in the fol-
lowing order:—
MR, eve r y Monday evening, at 6 o'clock P. M.,
ELMIRA, evr;ry Tuesday evening. at 6 o'clock P. M.
Towing down Seneca lake every Thursday morning.
touching at Big Stream, Lodi. and Dresden, leaving
Buffalo for Corning and Elmira, every Wednesday
on board, or to Win. Mallory, Corning,
S. B. Strang & co., Elmira.
Wiptermute & Tuttle. Horseheads,
A Nash. Havana,
L. G. Townsend. Big Stream,
Woodworth & Past, Lodi,
Price & Holly, Geneata,
Gay 4 Sweet, Waterloo,
.I.Shoemaker, Seneca. Fall,
Baker 4 Ross, Montezuma,
H. Wright, Rochester,
H. Niles, Buffalo.
gm/I=2g alglip
THE subscriber not being in full communion with
the firm of Nl—, he is not prepared to boast of
the largest assortment ofJEWELRY out of Jail : and
having never learned the cabinet making buoinesx,—
he is not prepared to do any work in that line; but
having served a re,zular apprenliechtp '(.,...) in the
watch repairingbusiness, and the experience of I 6 years,
has no hesitation in saying that all work entrusted to
him shall be done in a workmanlike manner, promptly,
and second best to none west of that city from whence
came that might rush of Gold Jewelry !
Now my frienlls. in all your gettings don't forget
to get your watches fixed nt old No. 100 opposite the
Public Squats and two doors north of Briggs' tavern.
Towanda, April V, 199 6.
N. B.—l pledge myself to do my work richt. All
work warranted ono year and the money reftinded if it
does not perform according to agreement. Stick a P.O.
there !
THE subscribers would tender their thanks to their
customers for past favors, and call their attention
to.their New Stock of Goods, which exceed their for
mer one in quantity, quality and low prices. Their
present stock saving been selected with great care,ind
bought law; they will endeavor to give their customers
better bargains fur Cash or Produce than can be had at
any other establishment.
Their assortment being complete, it would be useless
to particularize articles, but would just my that their
stock consists of a full supply of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Crockery, Hardware. Dye Stuffs,Drugs, Hats, Bonnets,-
Boots and Shoes, &e.. &c.
The allow stork dadl be sold at prices that will give
entire entiefertien.
Being aatisfitalxhat ready pay is best for all parties,
enabling the former to sell his produce at a better rate.
and the merchant to sell his goods at lower prices than
he can do on credit, therefore will adhere to the Ready
Pay System. We do not ask eon to call and see our
goods first, but examine others first, Wynn please, and
then ours, and d•e are sure von will /tomboys , erns if
you want bargain's. MA YN Alpo & WATTLES.
R ome, June3o, 1846.
JIV 1 ice.
THE partnership heretofore existing between the
Subscribers under the firm of Elliott & Merritt.;
is this day by mutual consent dissolved. All accounts
dun the firm will be found in the bands of Thorns.
Elliott who is duly sotto:inv. , ' to settle all of the bust
ness'of the late firm THOMAS ELLIOTT,
Towanda. August lot.. 1Q46.
Tiliitant Scott.
IFT al `ir '0 A\ 'SV
v - TILL promptly onil punctually render hie
YV sional ina vices in Agenefes, Colketiimv, met
other matters in hiA procession entreated in his care..
Crl• He haii removed his office to the room over N.
N. Bette' atom.
NAILS & SPlKES,assorted sues, iind of superior
qualities, f u r sale at jIB . MERetiRS'.
at jlB MERCERS'.
Q.ALT—a quantity just received, end for sale by
"G‘LOUR...-Superfout Flaw . , for ;are by the barrel at
• REPUBLICATION • Ot • .•; • 'Jt', • s
THE 1% EsTa4t.NsTER itEviEw,
• •
The abo - re Perindimila are reprinted in NrOmit,
immediately on their arrival by MeI:SARA moment; to
a beautiliti clear type, on .fines white paper, end. are
NUM copies of the originalff—lhictwoot.'n,MoA
zixt being, au exact fac•ritaile of the EdinliorTetti
tion. •
The teble,spresil faefle of these splendid Toriodleale
rernlrrs it overlie. to Nay much in their pr'aitte. A.e
litetary nrganw, they stand fur in advance nt oily works'
of a simslor rutty now published, while the pnlilicai
complexion of each is marked by a diinity*, etitoltirritni
forbearance not often found in works do party char
They embrace the views of the three great parties in
England,-Vt big, Tory. and Radical.—" Blackwood"
and the - London Quarterly". are Tory; the. Edin
burg Review." Whig!: and the" Wertminitter." Radi
cal. The "Foreign Quarterly." is purely literary, be
ing devoted principally to criticisms an foreign
'tyrant Works. ' '
The prices of the Rit-ettlitTa err Iran than me-third
of tho.e of the foreign capieA, and while they ore equal
ly tvell - got up, they Alford all that adeartscete tilt
America', over the E ith reader.
1 1 ERMS:
For any one of the four Reviews, 0.00 per annual
For any twc, do 5,00 '
For any three. do 7,00 ,' ,
For all tour of the Reviews, . 8.00
For Blackwood'a Magazine, 3.00 " . .
Fur Black wood and the 4 Reviews, 10,00 .
Four enpien of nny or all of the abate works will he
twit to one ruldrree on payment of the regular sulnscrip-
Lion for three—the birth copy being, gratis.
c:y Remittances and conintunimitions must be made
in all ca. en without expense to the pub ishers.—The
former mai always be done thmngh a Postmaster try
handing him the amount In be remitted, taking his re
ceipt and forts auling the receipt b y mail, Postpaid; or
the money may be,enelesed in a letter, l'ust "midi di
rected to the publial:ers.
N. B.—The Postage on all there Periodicals is re
duced by the late Past-Office law, to about one-third
the former rate"), making a very important swing in the
expense to the mail subscribers. • •
•.• In all the principal cities and Towns thrott4h.
out the United States to which there is a direr! Rail-
Rood or Water communication from tht dty of New
York. Am periodicals will be delivered FREE OF
I.CONARD SCOTT & CO. Publisher.,
lyear 112 Fulton St., New York.
Nem gAlacksmithing Establi.lunnt;
In • Towanda,
Prices 25 per cent. cheaper than - have ever
been ,known in Northern Penn'a.
THE subscriber, having commenced the above
sinew, takes this method to inform the inhatri•
tants of Towanda and vicinity, that he le prepared to
do all kinds -of work entrusted to his care in the m at
neat and workmanlike manner: such asironing 'coach
es, carriages, sleighs„ of all kind.; mill-wink of all
kinds, done a little nicer than at any other AO'
county, Some attenticin paid to EDGE TOOT.S,:to
fill up crevices, and finally all kinds of work in the
alcove line (horse.shoeing excepted) and will warrant
all my work to stand the teat. 'Fry me and if you do
not find things just right, then put me down. From my
long experience in the business, I flatter myself that
can please all kinds of people. You can find me at
all times at my shop. a few rods south of Bridge istretr,
known as Means' old stand. •
All kinds of Produce taken in payment for work,ana
a little of the ready Jo-Davis will nut he refused. _
T3Wanda, May 6, 1846.—y
_ - --
D 2. JAMES M. GOODRICH has located bitare
at MONROE, fur the practice of his profession,
and will ho pleased to wait on those requiring hiiser•
vices. lie may be found at J. L. Johnson's tavern.
Relefence may be male to Dra. Hottrux & Mason
of Towanda. April 23, 1845.•
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry & Silverware,
WA. CHAMBERLIN has just returned Rem
• the city of New York with the largest assort
ment of FASHIONABLE JEWELR Y, ever brought
to this place, such as noon-rings, Breast-pins, of every
description; Lockets, bracelets, gold and silver
gold, keys, thiohlt a, silver spoons, sugar tongs. specta
cles, for all ages, pen aid pocket knives. (Roger's ms
nufacture,) and many other articles which he wilrricll
extremely low for CASH.
All kinds of WATCHES; consisting of potent le
ver, L'Epine, English and Swiss notches, warranted to
keep good time.
It is f* clear and unquestinnable as our right to the
whole of Oregon, that Wm •A. CliAligtAILIN has got
the btrgest and best selected assortment of Fancy Goods
ever brought into the borough of Towanda, and thathe
will sell hio goo& cheaper Than was ever sold by any
human living being !—stick a pin there ! !
N.B. Watches warranted to run well one year, or
the 'muter refunded ; and a written agreement given
to that eiT , :.• to all that desire one.
(0j MA PLE S CG A R, Woad, and all kindsof Coon
try Produce received in payment.
TOsvanda. April 22, I S4G. -
THE subscribers aril lcontinue
4. to manufacture and keep on hand
at their old stand. all kinds if
Cane and Wood-seat Chairs
also Settees of various kinds
4 BEDSTE.MS, of eilery
description. which we will
sell low fat cash or produce.;
TURNING done to order. .
Towanda, April 23, 1845.
41 No. 4. Brick Row. "
T HE subscribers are now rzceiving and openingl. very large supply of seasonabl. GOODS. which
they are anxious to Bell on the moot favorable terms fur
ready pay.
They are fully determined Cant no one shall sell Goods
cheaper than they. Having taken much pains intho
selection of their goods—and no ninny articles of mer
eh-iodize have fallen oil' iii price since spring purchases
were made, they confidently lwlieve they' can olfci
wine inducements to those who wish to buy , cheap
Arwd., they will nut readily tind elsewhere, especially a
stnrex that purchased their goods early hi the sealant
It will take hut a mo nem to.drop in and examine sonic
of their cheap Goods. Such no
Good Brown Muslin, 7 cents per yd.
• Calicoes. 7 do.
Very good Prints„ 10a12 &15 peril!.
• Brown Sugar. 7.8 & 9 cents per lb.
Good Mel -vises, 30 cents tier 24110 n.
Green Tea fmm I'S3 cents to $1 pt•r
And all ether articles in pruigirtinn: Thee do not
like to say they will sell "clisuper" and : `inore""gotiffs"
than any body else. That would FPerp too indeh like
hanging; but they will say distinctly. they w5t.1..7-rr
he undersold; and, as illalso nay to their Lit wthei 'sod
Freduce customers. the they have the mo4t (•ittit.f;iaiu
tiden6e that no fault -will be found with the price of
Goads. If thee only. bring in their and Prn.
duce. they will find amide as cheap 48 where that' xell
exclusively for cane! .
They do not ern - 114:1er it tweesAary to enumerate all
or any of tho articles they have f r .ale. Sic it to
tray r their na,:ontnent is now full and completa.. Call
and examine for yoor,elv.N.
Towgrula. olv t. tout. TR\CV & unnßg.
A aL
" CHOICE affection of drew aoods ran Ile fauna
at the Stwinca•Bank, consisting of Ctsimeres, M.
Lanes, Cashmere Dresses. - -Plain and Changeable
Alpacas, Semeiklrains, Bomb:Q.4IPS, and n tined *piety
of ulei, Silki. nicv low 4 . G. Z. FLINT &(x.